Newspaper of Evening Star, September 17, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 17, 1861 Page 3
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. * " * . / _ . .j?nLHaagggi I.DCAL NEWS'. ICT Tfcow?& TP! irnlfci >WH1 M?m firm ' c* ?oatb at Baltimore, lti edltloa H *o lsrg? K1 roqaif* It to W pat to preas it u oarl? boar, AdWTtlf?ii??4i, therefore, thonld be " eat la before 1S o'clock ra , otherwise they muf %o? app-*' Utu n**1 diTrioTTO.?PtOriet of Colombia AdYerttaeaMBto to be tn*rVd la the BiLTivait Sir* ? at ud forwarded from Til $ni OAce. DnrntATV Ewcofwt** ? S*ri<m* Skto'ing Cms*.?A> affray occurred In Georgetown j*Mrrday afternoon, about 4 o'clork, In wblcb Major Geo. H111, Jr., (D. C. militia,) wm seriously, perhaps fatally, wounded by Mr. Gilbert Vanderwrrkm The aflhtr created intense excitement, the psrtiea being well known la thtscltyaad Georgetown?Mr. Hill as a wholesale paper dealer, and Mr. Vsaderwerken as one of the proprietors of the Union line of omnibuses The affray occurred In Ikt wmnon Under the residence "(Mr Vanderwerken on Bridge street, north tide, a few doors wwt of tk? corner of Washington street. adjoining tlM residence of Mayor Addlaon. It )a well known to the friends of the parties that there had been a l*nd of several y*ars standing between them, which originated In a question of proprietorship of the verr premises where the shooting occurred. When Mr. Vanderwerken moved there some years dace it was to occupy the upper poriton of the hooss as a tenant of Mr. Hill's who bsd leased the property from the owner, Mr. Clsgett Mr. Hill retained the lower (street) floor as a paper wareroom Mr Vanderwerken claims to have subsequently leased the property from the owner, and in consequence of these rlvel claim*? rr>i ? aimrr wci ?ru h?tiux poeeewion 01 ine upper floor* and Mr. Hill of the lower one?many nopleasant altercation* occurred, very nearly lead log oo one occasion, a boat two rears si nee, to such a collision as occurred yesterday. It seems th-it Mr Hill went down to the wareroom yeaterdav afternoon, and discovered that a partition wblch he had put np In the rear of the premises had been removed. He saw a girl of Mr. Vanderwerken's ttere, and asked her who removed it, 1 and she said Mr. Vanderwerken She went np stairs and told Mr. V that Mr. Hill was below, when be called his son Chsrles to bring htm a Jiistol, and as soon as be got It he went below, ollowed or preceded by his son, who also, It seems, had a loaded pistol Both these pistols were revolvers, and Mr Hill was also srmed with a revolver. The firing commenced almost Immediately. Mr G. Vanderwerken seem* to have fired four rounds and Mr. Hill one or two, It Is not certain wblch. The younger Vanderwerken, it la believed, did not lire at all Neither of tbe Vanderwerken'a was Injured. Mr. Gilbert Vsnderwerkt >'* first or second shot struck Mr. Hill on tberlgbt bsnd, grazing the knuckles, the shot evidently being aimed at his body; tbe neat struck him la tbe groin, and meetlnir some I obstruction, came out juat above where It entered; the next ?hot entered the groin higher up, aid went through the body, coming out just above the hip. This wound Is a dangeroa* one,' as the ball seems to hire token a curved course and gone through the abdominal cavity. If It curved outwardly there la not much danger, bat if inwardly It may have ruptured the intestines, and may reaalt fatally Mr. Hill was eonveyed In a carriage to bis residence on Bridge at., between Potomac and High, where Doctors Snyder and Mag ruder were soon in stteodAnce, doing everything possible for his comfort and safety He baa a wife and a large family, who are thrown into the deepest distress by this unfortunate affair. Mr G Vanderwerken waa arrested by Sergesnt Newman, of the Metropolitan Police, and taken before Juatice Reaver, who held him to bail in the Sll m of a I 54Ml fnr hl? '? - ???v ? v ??? live ivi tuiiucr examination thin afternoon at 3 o'clock?Hugh Caperton, E?q , and Capt. C H Rodier Incoming hl? surety. Tbe revolTers have all b?*n secured. Four barrels of the elder Vanderwerken's were found to be diachargcd, two barrels cf Mr. Hill's, and none of tbe you new Vanderwerken'a. When arrested, tbe elder Var-derwerken tisd tbe loaded pistol on bis person, bis son having tbat which bad been fired. Mr Hill states, In bis affidavit, tbat Gilbert Vanderwerken llred first; wblle Charles Vanderwerken testifies tbst be (Charles) came down statrs before bis father, ana Mr. Hill fired at blm; and of tho next shot he doe* not know who fired It. Mr Hill seemed to be doing well when last Iheft'd from this morning Excitement was hlghln Georgetown last night, and Mr. Vanderwerken was re-arrested and taken to tbe guardhouse In that city, whsre he Is still confined. District Attornev Carrlagton will probably conduct tbe examination this afternoon A BiPl IV TW * M -- . . v w ? M. I IW Metropolitan Police yesterday morning arrested In Georgetown n colored man?bLack aa Krebua and aUlwart as Hercules?calling himself John It ass, who was charged with stealing a S5 Treasury note from one of the camps In that vicinity. After examination before Justice Reaver, be waa committed to tall, and given in charge of Patrolman Lipscomb Near the gnard-bonae he pretended to be tying np part of his clothing, when be suddenly bounded off, the officer, as soon as be recovered his astonishment, la close pursuit. Getting amongst the tall grass in the rear of the telegraph office, the ditrkey fell heavily. His pursuer wu now sure of hts prey, but just at the critical moment be too was tripped, and before be oould recover himself had the mortification to see his prisoner rise, look doubtfully over the bank (wblch Is there held up by a perpendicular wall) to the tow-path, 15 or JO feet below, sod then jump <'own Up leaped ibe patrolman, and,with some misgivings, shut bis eyes, ssid bis?prayers, and followed. He "lit" safe, and immediately started In pursuit of hi* prisoner, who had a considerable start, heeding up tbe canal. At this time Sergeant Newman saw tbe race, snd with one or two of his men started at a go- d pace to head Roes off In the vicinity of Ritter's (warehouse, above tbe market, the aarkey mysteriously disappeared, and his pursuers were tLrown off tbe track. After considerable search tbey found him secreted in a small outbuilding He was recartnred- hut ik? ???? -* - ??, ?- e, ?v ?v wiHi-cii uiuca trouble, catching at everything, and requiring all their strength to tear him loo?e In tbe alley ear tbe market be got bis bead Into a small cellar wl rriow and caught bold of a bar Inside, and e men palling at his leg* snd arms could aot pull felm out. He was, however, "persuaded" to release bis hold by an application of brickbat to his knuckles, well lsld on. It then required tbe antted exertions of the tv? patrolmen, all strong men, to hold and tie thla ebony Bampson. He was at length, however, secured, and taken to Jail, aod when tbe kev was turned on hiss, was very repentant, indeed Qrua Casio* Rossxbt in Gxoisxtowb ? Yesterday evening about dark Mrs Williamson, of Georgetown, returned from s funeral she bad been streodlne to her residence-?? th? corner Gay and Green streets, formerly well known *t the mansion of Representative Rbett, of South Carolina tfbe proceeded to her chamber, and was astonished to Ind everything In Inextricable confusion, tbe drawers having been emptied, the wardrobes ramsacked. and furniture displaced Looking Into tbe adjoining room the discovered a stalwart fellow in sblrt and ponta She Immediately closed and fastened tbe door, and at oace rained tbe alarm. Herton.Mr. Joseph Williamson, of the Interior Department, wan out, and there was no one about the premises bat tbe female servant! Some gentlemen wbo were passing entered the house, and were followed shortly afterwardi by two member* of the Proves* Uoard. who bad been informed of the "tfBce Tbe door of tbe room waa then epeoed, *nd the burglar ro??i covsrea op neck and beets iu w?d with a pair of Mr Jnespb Wllltamaon'tpantton, ?iud the pockets filled with | bracelet*, lock* ta, bre ?tplr,s, and other valaable jewelry belonging to tbe ladiesof the family. He was ImmdiateTy taken Into custody, and gave hia ant as Thomas Mac key. a discharged soldier of company D, Sixty-Nlath New York Regiment He waa turaod over U the Metropolitan police force, aad confined last night la the Ooard House. Nae of the police force examined the premises afterwards, aad found two pair M pants belonging to the prisoner, and In tbe pockets of one pair was foo*d move jewelry?a pair of gold spectacles aad otter articles This moralag the prisoner wae committed to )atl by Jnstloe Reaver to answer (to charge before the Criminal Court. Pbbbt fc Bbothbb ? Elsewhere will be found several enaouncemeota by this well-known house of desirable goods salted to the market and tbe season Thelrstocksof autumn aad winter goods, ss sll their old customers know, are of the meat desirable qualities, heiar either carefally selected or manufactured expressly for them. This renr they bava laid ia a stock of goods specially adaptod to the wants of military men; aad we eaa assure soldiers aad oAcers who purchase there that they w ll not be victimised with anything in tbe .. - u .k- -> ->? ?? - vawwwj iic upra iue vurivo ui me rcny Brother*. Their beery goods for servants' wear ara of well kMwi excellence, and are eagerly MMikl far. la the way of Boarolic fhhrlca tt?e ateek of the Messrs Perry la remarkably complete; ad their csrpet department is a well-known '* nstttetlea" of the city The system of feed f.rleet adopted at thia establishment of course commends tseu to the Judgment of all cash ourcbasers. MmerauTti Poucs ?Superintendent Webb a ad \aaiataot Separlateadent 1'i.nmaa are unremlttlag la their exeitleae to briag the Metropolltaa force tea standard of excelleace which has tannic ton been cootldered uaeUelaable la thlt city. OmUIii tbtt tkry ar? Improving upon (bo mea, It tb*t they mm! tot be mm leefteg up? a tteemmMtlMWhcraw Um KtMto Any onr of it* pittoliH Men lwldltg forth o? the MiKt le ? greep ! tdslrlag Uttaaert, sot unrofcmoa U|kt bMiWon, win Ma4 ? good cIumc of be' agr Ml All |m4 eltiteat will mnww ttutt e?e> * t?v?/d? reform lag pellet outteri U it# Dlttrlct Bt tbs mut tf goerdboott entt It the U? yuttf tad ?dtf, ftttMWwmnXHf PftocKtomee of rs* CirrCoirnciLs ?Sept 16' Board 0/ Aldtrmtn ?A communication wu received from the Mavor. nominating for membera of tha Board ct Health. Ftr?? Ward. Dr. O W H. Newman and vVra.Wilann; Serond Ward, Dr R. K. None and Wiibard Drake; Third Ward, Dr. J. C. Hall and Sauuel Cole; Fonrth Ward, Dr M V B. Bojran and Jamee Y Dmvla; Fifth ward, Dr. Geo McCoy and John P. Ingle; Sixth Ward, Dr. F 8. Walsh and John E Batea; Seventh Ward, Dr George P. Feawick and vV O Flood. Mr. Brown urged the propriety of acting upon the nominationa at once, wtthou'. the usual reference. Tte Mayor bad made two effort* to aasemVtlo tha Rn.,!) Health A t ts> M .^>1,. there vr?a no quorum; at the second meeting it vu found tbe memtjjr* were not qualified to act aa a Board of Health, tbe law requiring tbe appointment of a new board anndaily There were now In one place 19 dead horaea. within a apace of SOU yard*, and tbe matter required prompt attention. Mr. Dort thought It waa a matter for the Metropolitan _P oil ce to attend to. Mr vrtwi al< tbey wutM tbe Board of Health to jUafere dead or diseased horses nuisances. ?T Mr. Brodhead, with the consent of the board, before tbe nomination* were acted on. presented a resolution that votes on all nominations to tbe Board of Aldermen be taken vtca roct, Instead of by ballot. Mr Bayly moved that, aa four members were absent, tbe resolution be laid over until next Monday; which was agreed to The nominations were then confirmed viva vsc?. A communication was received from the Mayor calling attention to the necessity of making speedy and ample provision for the procurement of wood to be distrlouted among tbe poor during the approaching winter. The Mayor says that '-the extraordinary state of the time* having thrown thousands out of employment, will necessarily greatly Increase the number of applicant*. and the fart that 'he river?the main avenue for traitsp^rtlug wood to the city?ts partially If not entirely closed, will greatly enhance tbe price; and a* it has been Invariably the custom of tbe councils to make some provision of this kind, motives both of prudence and economy dictate that It should be done as speedily as possible.'* Referred. A joint resolution was reported Instructing the committees of tlnsnce and ways and means to examine aud Inquire into tbe provisions of tbe recent tax bill passed by Congress, as to whether It Would be exneillent fnr tha rnrnnnllnn In the Mid tax with tbe mean* they now ha v for doing an, or to take no action In the matter; passed. [It will be recollected thtft the United State* collect the tax or allow States or cities to collect by their own machinery, and States orcltieaso collecting are allowed IS per cent discount.] Bill for conaiructlon of a wooden trunk at corner of Connecticut avenue and R street, and bill -- -? " - w?ivv??h? ?uc vpciuu^ ut au aiirjf in Bl|uarc Ay wer* wwd Bill to repair the gutter on K street, between Nineteenth and Twentieth street*, was referred The geneM^pproprtatlon hill rime bark from the Board olIKmmon Council with federal unimportant amendment*, which were concurred In, and the bill win passed Bills for repair of certain streets In the Fifth Ward were passed. Bill for repair of Third and Fourth streets east, at their Intersection with Pennsylvania avenue, was referred. Bill for relaying a gutter on C street north, between Tenth and Eleventh streets w*st, and for a gutter on east side of Fourteenth street, at lta Intersection with K, was passed Mr Richards save notice that at the next meeting of the board ne would move to reconsider the vote by which the nomination of Jacob K)?!ber for messenger to the board was rejected at the last meeting. Mr Bayly said such a motion was not in order. The Cnalr (Mr Dove) ruled that the gentleman's motion was in order. as _ a t ? * - ----- m r moure ?aia u wiu in oraer ir (be gentleman voted agaln*t tbe nomination Mr Richards nld be did vote against tbe nomlnation. , A resolution requesting tbe Board of Common Council to return to the Secretary of this Board a certain statement of finances, and tbat tbe secretary be directed to havesaid statement publlabed, wes passed. Bills for re-laying water mains on Twelfth street, and for construction of two water drops to sewer in Sauare B, were passed Tb? resolution from tbe Lower Board appointing the Mayor and one member of tbe Board of Aldermen and one member of tbe Board of Common Council a committee to suggest appropriate names for tbe public squares and reservations in me city, wu piased ; and tbe Ch*ir appointed Mr Moore on aald committee on behalf of tbe Board of A ldermen Tbe Mayor aent op a message an sweating tbat a bill be prepared under tbe alternative propositions contained in tbe pinion of tbe Corporation Attorney, allowing tbe Mayor to appoint, wltb tbe consent of tbe board, two persona from each ward, to attend to corporation fines and Judgmenta, aald appointees to be confirmed by tbe Circuit Court, to be paid by salary, to turn over all fees to the corporation, and to be dismissed by tbe Mayor for cause. Referred to potlce committee. Adjourned. Cmmon Countil?The following communications were presented and appropriately referred : From the Mayor approving certain acta; from the Burgeon General's cttce, accefptin? for medical 5purposes the u?e of the public school bouae on ludiclary Square, tendered by the City Councils, and calling tbf-ir attention to certain nuisances In the city; from Mcs?rs Kubl, French. Hallday and Davla in response to letters from Mr. Callaa in relation to the superiority of tbe tipper room formerly occupied by tbe Common Council to that now In ua** for Its sessions; from \Vm Ay its praving tbe remission of a fine; from VV T Smlth on In relation to tbe purchase of s school mom; from Justice Hazzard In relation to a certain voter In tbe late election; and from Joseph VV Nairn In relation to tbe condition of tbedrop in tbe gutter on Eleventh street near H Resolutions Instructing tbe committee on improvements to inquire Into tne cost of putting a new roof on tbe Center Market-bouse, and referring the rules and by-laws to a select commitmllt? fn. ?<-? J *?n ivvimvu, wrrc pam U A bill prohibiting the use of open or exposed lights In certain buildings, was referred [ I bis bill lmposes a fine of not less th >n CIO, nor more than S20, on every person who shall carry or use any open or exposed light in any s'able or storehouse where bay, straw, or any other like combustible material may be stored ] The bill Risking an additional appropriation for defraying the expens* s of supplying the deficiencies In the tax book of the Corporation, and a bill appropriating S70 to form two water drops to 'he main sewer In squars B. were passed A bill remitting a fine of 810 Imposed on John Glick. and reaotntlona instructing the commissioners of Improvements f?r the western district to examine into the condition of the drop In the gutter on Eleventh street, nesr H, snd in relation to a petition of Peter Mick, were passed A >1 u ' ?? tvnwiuiivu >ukuuiuiux luvmijor WJ call*** ioe upper room la tbe City Hall, formerly occupied by the Common Council, to be put in order for IU occupation, was referred. Adjourned. Govekhmkst Sale or Cohdkmxid Hobs?s ? Tblasale took place on Georgetown Heights yesterday, and was well attended. Several ludicrous incidents occurred in one case, a poor old wt.rnout steed was knocked down for 37? cents The purchaser, after Immense labor, removed bi? bargain to bis premises, when the old horse, disgusted I with the value placed upon him, quieUy laid down and gave op the gboat. Til Atltbrtllnn of ib? tunlTuMrv of tb? adoption of the Constitution, bv the Washington. Clay, and Frontier Guarda, takes place thia evening at the Thirteenth atreet Baptist Church. An interesting entertainment may be anticipated. See particulars elsewhere. Odd FtLLOw'a Hall has become the great central attraction of our city, and every fun-lover makes for Seventh street nightly with might and main. A new budget of comicalities to-night, rich and racy. Fmit m Obobsitoww ?Charles Ellis, a 4 feet white mat, and Charles Bontz, a 9 feet 4 colored man. got Into a row near the omnibus stand in Georgetown last night, but were promptly arrested by the Metropolitan police. Hciui rot Hcmpiiiti & Jubhrbmann !? Notwithstanding the amount of fear exhibited by the community with regard to the war now pending between Seceah ana the Union,we take pleasure In nylng that the plc-nlc given on Monday at Humphraya Jt Juennemann 'a waa apent bf our cltlsena with a treat deal of pleasure We therefore recommend all desirous of drinking a line glam of beer, aad otherwise enjoying themaelves, to give patronage to tfes a bo re Arm. f Whitbbctbst, 434 Pennsylvania avenue, fur. nlshes au perl or Card Photographs, aul table for sending In letters. See his llkeieiKi of dlatin fraiabea mn, view* of eampa, etc. PLoto^rapba n ell aod water color* a ad poetel, from miniature to life also. au 17-eolm Is IT roaaiBL^ toat any Soldier ran bo ao fooliah a,v to ie?*e ?ke city witnoet a uppiy of Hollovaj'a OmMUt Urf ttl!a / Who?v?ru(>?i ao will deep.'y regret ic Ihn m*dioinee ore the onlyoerti.n ouief for Bowei Coiuplamu. Ferera, Sore* and Scuht*. Only >8 coata per b>>> or yot. aelt-lw DICK, Ob the evoting ff the Uth iaat, CHARLKH WKEN15*, M th? ? h year of few age, a member of t:??l Young* EuanOMBT Cavalry. Hla fneoc'a and ihoaeofthe family are tea poet felly invited to attend hia funera . from hu 'aierea Uieoo*. 333 i's. arena*, mvhb Itb tad 7th at*., to-mormw trvaioi at I o'otook. (luwi) * la U?orf?(ovs. tbia Komiac, RANDOLPH TH OM a *>" lou of Brt*.. G?n*raJ TVuMu. U. ?. A '?? . in th*^>i ^a?f oMny* 0f i?MH Hill If I hi? AMUSEMENTS. O'D D F K L L O W 8? HALL! 8UCCP.?S: 8I'C?IW PUCCF9"1! 8PCCK88 rgnWDUD HOt'SF.8! CROWD D MXTH WKEK HXTH WKbK of ?he fAMPBFLL M'NBTRKIf*' CAMPHPI.I. M'NSrRKr,* ! I. VktlV MI IIubii a bt a. a kvfrymember a 8t*?< ! change or programme. change of prog ?t * mm e kvr?y night this wkek ! every night this wefck! Admimion 96 Cent*. ? ]7-1 w WAKTS. WANTED?A fnrniihM "OU'E, in l Mntrftl |oo*t'on. Apply ?t No. 339 O street hM?Mn 10th ?nd 1 'th. m> 17 It* W7A NTKf>?Within the D. C., wood t? out by the oord. and pay tafc'n in wood. Addr??? fj, V. C AII PENT Kw. City P??t nmca. ne 17 ?t? VI7ANTED-A rMpe?t?bl? WHITE WOMAN "" for itinera! housework. Apply immediately, Q19 P? AwAnnA *'* HAWET NURSE WANTED-Appy at ?M ofioe of Dr. W. P. JOHNSTON, No.46? Seventh atreet, bttwMn the honra of 8 and 9 a. m., or 13 and one p m. ae 17 St* WANTED?SITUATIONS by two reapectahle run' women, me aa housekeeper either in ko tel or widower'* fkrrny, tho other aa aeamatrere or o mbermaid. Addreaa for one week ABC, Star Offioe. ae 17 ? \J|7ANTED-To purchase at Whitehurat GlJ" lery, a nnmh*r or TENTS for field purpoaea; Whitehurat ia atill ennar?d id making view* of jnilitary encampments. Military men call and I^ave yonr orders ae 17->t* WANTED IMMKDI ATEI.Y-Oneor two furniatied I ODGING ROOMS, in a private familr, on high grontd. where there are few or no moeeuitoea. Apply at Pa. avenue n> U it' COTTAGE AVANTED TO RENT.-A permanent tenant. who wiU pay in advance. n.nd ha* no ohildren, wiahea to rent a plea?autly aitnated Cottage, of 3 or 4 rooma, within a ahort distance of the Treasury Rui'din* and tae Market. Add'eaa Box No- *4* Po?t Office. 8e 14-St* WANTKD-A BOY. Also wild ted, lots of Book*. Old Document*, New Document*. R?re():d Papers, Autographs, Coins?an; thine ourtons, unique, wonderfal, odd New Treasuiy Notes wan.ed, at ? per cent pr*m u-n. AI.FREO HUNTER, se 74-3t* Willard*' Hotel Square. WANTED-A hundred WOOD-CUTTER 8 to chop oord wood, for whioh per oord will paid Asplr at the Kirkwood House, or at Linthioum's Hardware Store, corner High, near Hridge St., Georgetown ; or, for further information, at the star Offioe. j se 13-1 w* JAME9 B. LEACH. WANTED-A HOUSE, with or without Furniture, central, moderate rent Address "Maris," I this offioe. se 11 6t* WANTED-A good WOMAN HOU*E-SKRtvANT;)also AN -8E K V A N T. _ Both > umiis wni rwumiiiiiDUBa. coiorea preferred. Inqnire at 4 S3 F ?t. ?e 9 WANTED?To have every body to call at SMITH'S. No 460Se?enthst.,oppnsit* Poat I Offioe,and paro*??e their FALL and WINTER | CLOTHING, TRUNKS, H*T3 and CAPS, at the very lowest prices. Give him a oall. au 30 1m WANTED. FOR THE CASH-AM kinds of SECONDHAND FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Person* leaving the city or having a surplus will do well to call immediately. R. BU<THI.Y, je 3 42* Saventh, between G and II ?ts. WANTED.?W* are now buyinr SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVE* and BED DING, for which we are paying the highest u?n prices, ranmi** WMiailf MtMIWync,Of havmi a ?urp!u? of furniture, will find it to their adTantage to cive uc a "all. BONTZ ft GRIFFITH, je 13-tf No. 369 nh ?t.. betw. I ana K ?U. LOST AND FOUNDl C*RKWAED.-liO?t on Saturday nifbt last, \ an account HOOK, cont%ininf bill?? receipts, Ac.. of no use to any one but the owner. The above rewa'd wrl He paid for its return to me at stall No 10 Cent*' Market sel7-3t* BERNARDGEIER, Fork Butcher. Sff REWARD.?Str*yed or ?to'?n from mr ' premises, on the 14th in*t.,a large white and red specked COW, fresh! etlvcd ; she has a white fane, red ea't.&Jb* (wi'h a holo id aaoh ear.) and the tios of her horns saw-doff Mrs. <i. W. VENABLB. se 17 St* No 400 E st. STRAYED OR STOLEN-Un Sundar, the 15th in?t, 'rom the oommons, oppo- fry site No. 434 Virginia ave? between 1?t and Sd streets, a dark brewn MAHE,^^ * with rourd ana fall forehead, eyee full showinr muoh white, windfalls on all four, sir.a'l soar on h*r rifht front knee and end of her tail clipped off. A liberal reward will be paid for her return ? ? I- HMuiiiinuua o"ucrrnin| nor wnero&DOUtf JOHN J. HALL at the above named p'ao?. ?e 17-8t* f OST OR BTOLKN?'Two Home*end Buggies, Li.hired on the 14th in?tant by Sergt Your* and Pergt. Soa Ion, of the 2<J'h Kegiment N. * . Vol.: One new top Bur- ]3*?1 gy, painted bla?k, striped red; a little tr bay Mare attached to bugir. Alto, a*****"" imirn\ hor*e, i^ut 14H tienis high, attached to a blaolc buggy, with ado* pain'ed on eide of buggy. A suitab e reward will be given if returned to me. or anr lnfofna'ion that mar l?ad to reoovrj of aid ho's-? and buggi'e. WM. C. MILLKR, ?e 17-St* ?.;or of Sixth and C sts. Washington. AN KSTRAY HORSE Taken up at the the Circle. The owner oan have him by proving property and paying expenses. se 18 it* C.. H. RK1STLR. ? OST?On the evening of the 12th of H??pi, a . it / ?? - - *-? ravitAwa omtainini: a L.ace *hawl valu*d at ?40 ; also, a Delaine D eas with fiv? liiao ei'k *. a pair of Galtera, and a child's Apron. T e fi'd r wi 1 r?oeive a liberal reward hy leavj. g tt.e-n at *96 D at to 16 3t* I08T-A COLT'S FIVE SlIOOT* R. in com-4 ing from the ArS'n>vl. fT.mjh 4K street, to Adarr.a Exores* \ suitable reward will b? paid, returrioK itto 274 B st. se 14 3t* ftnr RE WARD.?Ran away from the subsci'?)*? > her, about three weeksago. a darke rnpiMtiH) \KflRO HOY, about 18 yar?? f HT age, ramed Robert Bailer ; ha? lull blaok > ey*s, lisps in his speeoh. and h%s a out in the fleshy part of his right foot; had on when ha lei light linen farts and eloth oa?> The abr>ve reward will be paid for aaid uearo, if delivered to me or aeoured in jail ao t>>at I get him arain CHAR l.Esi L GARDINER, ae 1.V1 w" Near DuSeld, Charlea oounty, Md. LOST? $S Riw?iii.-lost, last evenir.c, a C"lt's 7-lnoh Navy REVOLVER. silver in wanted, marked "Mortimer Thomson, 1861." The altove reward will be pail to any eers-ti wl-o may retnrn the pistol to MORTIMER THOMSON, 941 K ?t.. between 13thand 14th ; or to Mr Chad, wick. Willarda' Hotel. ? ti.*f EDUCATIONAL. PLEASANT VIEW SEMINARY.?The dnti*a of this School will b? rMumed on the aocond Mondar In S eptem'^r Turma J160 for board and taition in the Kngluh br&nohea for year of ten moiitha. AddrMa MISS M KERCH ae 2 2w* Hyattaville, Prinoe Georne'g oo.. Md. L/A1K HILL BOAR DlN? SCHOOL, r FOR OIRLS, AT Sandy S?SI.NO, MD. This Institution, wHoh haa he#r. in anoeeasrul AaAra f i r? f??? t Ka -? * " V^VIVNWU IVI ?uw pvoo MU 3 "1*1 O Wl'l UU'IIIIIOUOC III i aai?f regular term on the lit of the 10 mo ( < ?otober) next. For eiroulara. oonta.niig further inform?uvu in regard to th* aohwl^applj to VVM. H'.VARQUHA R. au 31-eolm* Olney P. O. / 1EORGETOWN COLLEGE. D. C. Vj ATO08T.1W1. The exeroiaee of thia Institution will he reautned on the firat Monday of September. Terma for Soar 4 and Tuition per annum, #200, payable halfyearly. in advanoe For farther particulars apply to the President? au 13 1 meo JOHN EARLY, 8. J. 'pHE UNION FEMALE ACADEMY. The Twelfth Annual Sesaion will oommeno* September 3. For partiouiars inquire of th? Principal Mrs. Z. RICH fMtDS, - V7- lm Comer of Fourteenth and K ate. Dr. CHARLES E. BOTELER, JJJUiM -A'XB'I*, No. 338 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. B?tvMD Ninth end Tenth Streets an X-euSm DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE used for the laat half oentury ia the Hospital* of London and Peris for the onr*> cf Sttrtt IHPV Distant*. may now be had(at UPH AM'S.f^XSfc, Nu. 310 Cbesaut etr?et, sole aceot for the United States It eoutaine no morourj or other minerals, and wi 1 not harm the moat d?Iio?te constitution A spttdy curt iu area teed and no?hence of net required Prt -e 1 *cot by express Sold in Washington b? 8. CALVERT FORD, oorner l\th itreet end Penc?yI Tenia arenas. sepS-sol? UPH AM^S HAIR DYE '.?TO COLOK~BLACK OH BROW* On .y 38 oeuU e n- x. Three boxes for one doner Gray, r*d or flaxen hair oen be sbaaged ia a few seoonds to e J t bieok or brown, by d*io( UpLern's Liquid Hair Dye, the beet ?u-' in ibo ' unu. prvuuoiui, uie m*>n enr it la "rplifd. a nob uitural iimnM*. V.ach Box of UPHAM'S HAtK t)YKi? w?rr?nUdrooonUin

M much hair <* ? tt nthara ?all for o$u de!lmr\ ?o^by9 C. UPHAM.StO"h?anatatra?t, h Udalphia. ud S. CAL.Vfc.flT FOMi), cor Mr lick atr?-ot and Pa. * ?. t*t fr-ao] jr^ tUa vary ban k km Thai o?ar?la ayaadt yHKri and afoot uaJIv, and banc 'U|ar-oo?!o ) era* no Duaw n tha moat doieatt' P3 * 0 Mk m. IM1 of ttaaa pills will prove ?n?cr MMuriti mmmr all Mbaa*a Price tint itnii-.r > 9 M 1 S Wrntmmmmmm 11 n ? FOR SALE AND RENT. FOR RENT-A two ftory BtICK HOUSE, ith km?No. 339 f* ineto^nth at., between I *rd K ?t?., Fir?t Waril. The locality ia rery h? 'hy. the neighborhood centre!, Uquire ?? the rr-m ??. m )7-2t# PiK SAI.K? A FARM. containing M urti of j*od land, ro the Gwoni'town and Rockvillo To rr pike, 9 nulea from the former plaoe, in a Rood renhrorhood. Location very healthy. Excellent wtter good frnit, Ac Inenira on th? pramiae*, or a4dr?M HErMRV BAIOHT, Rockvi l*. Montgomery county, Md. me_TMw PH)R RENT?iFurnished or unfmiiahed), a o??moiiou? BRICK DWELLING HoLSii. ntuated at the comer ol Twenty-fir?t and H eta. north. Apply on th* premUea ae II 3t FITRNI9HFD HOl'SK WANTED.-A nioe'v fumnhed H< oa* wanted, with all oonventeneea tor noua*ice*ein?, by a remanent tenant, ic a cocd location between the Capitol and Twentieth street, ne*r 'he Avenue. Address Box ?i5 Post Office. FOR RENT-The large threo-story BRICK HOUbENo 94. oen'aininir 12 rooms, with cas and water ;aieo. the adjoining Home. No. 92, with umilsr advantages. to be ranted with or without furnitu e ; alio, Hone" No. S3. Apply at No 99 Pennsylvania arena*, b?tween 2<st and 2Sd streets. re 16 St* FOR RENT-A BRICK HOUSE, on Eichth street,(No. 8T1.1 between M and N, snitaMe for a small family. Possession oo the 1st *t Ootober. Apply to J. KIRK WOOD ooraer of Fand Twelfth >ts. se 14 tf | A FARM OF NINETY ACRES FOR 8AI.R. rk. or exohange for good Washington City property. Crioe $2 ?00. This farm is located 6H m'les from the District of Columbia; has #1,000 worth of good oak timber on it; some of it la under cultivation at present. There ia no house on thepUoe, but 55 aorea i? enclosed by a good feno* For further particular* addreaa Box 835 Poet Office, Washington, D. C. ae 14-3t? Pl'RNlKHKD ROOMS FOR RENT, at No. ii 450 Twelfth at., east aide, between G and H ' Ira. The locality ia unaurpaased in t*ie oity, and J the rooms are an ong the moat oomf>rtahl*. No | children in the house. Every attention guarantied. Terms moderate. ae 13 lw FOR RENT?A STORE on Pennsy'raniaavenue, and Fixtures lor sale. Apply at this office. ae ll-8w* ITOR RENT?HOUSE 403 Pennsylvania av., r over the bookstore of Franck Taylor?a plaoe for a profeaaionai man se 4-tf HOUSES FOR RENT-No. as and No. 87,on the south aide of Indiana avenne, both of them very large and convenient houies, with good stabling and oarriago-houses. 1 Alan. ftnmmAiiinme ? -.-"I ? vwMiMtt/uivua I?U? iai|vaVHI7|IlU l)OC| on the north side of C street Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh street. jy 17 2nwtf tfOR RENT?The north HOUSE of the row of r new four-story house* on Fourth at., between D and E ata., No. 388, fronting the City Hall seuare. Possession Kiven immediately. Apply to WILLIAM H. PHILLIP, Attorney at-Law, No, 40 Louisiana avenue. ma 11-eotf Handsomely furnished rooms.Four handsomely Furnished Rooms, supplied with gas and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Office Departments, for rent. Aeply at 490# Massachusetts avenue, north side, between 4th and 6th sts. ma 23 GEORGETOWN ADVERTMTS The scholars of west georgetown J*nndav Softool will give a Vocal Concert on THURSDAY EVENING, S^pt.19. >961,at tne Church, oorner oT .-eveuth and tayatte bts, commencing at 8 o'clock precisely. Admission '5 csn's ; children 10 cents.' No tickets will be sold. Payment at the door, se 16 4t [\1 asseyt COLLINS k. CO.'s 1?I PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected this day. per steamer J. Jeromes'*) barrels xx DRAUGHT ALE, 40 do. xxxx do. do. 600 hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. Which on arrival will be for sale. Terms rash on delivery. ARNY ft SHINN, n7 Union Depot,Georgetown. IUST RECEIVEDJ 1A U?l. !?/?-*? D i ? U??f ? w 11vi11 yi iiio i IVICU OUQAAO UO bbls. Old Rye WHISKY, MO bbls. HKKRING and ALEWIVK8. 10 bbla. Crushed and Refined ?f6 AKB. SO bags Rio and Java OOFFEE, 1? hhdi.doir pnoed) MOLASSES. For sale br JOHN J. BOG UK. an It ^g0 INTERIOR DECORATIONS, PAPERHANG1NGS, ail trade* and prices : WINDOW SHADES, PICTURE CORD and TASSELS. GILT OVAL PICTURE FRAMES, *o.,at J. MaRKRITER'S, No. 4S6 Seventh at , 8 doors al>ove ae U-10t*if Odd Fellows' Hall. Headquarters FOB INDIA RUBBER GOODS. OFFICERS, FRIVATE9, TEAMSTERS. DRIVERS udotheri. Can find tho LARGEST and BEST ASSORTMENT of INDIA RUBBER GOODS that thsre fa in the oountry, whioh will be aold at MANUFACTURERS' PRICES, AT HALL& WEEKS' INDIA RUBBER WARKHOLsK, 308 PjiNHSTLVAIMA AvB.tTTK, E'twan Ninth and Ttnth Struts. N. B -SUTLERS and DEALERS iupph?l at lowrit New York Prices. ae '2 if rfcEPOT QUARTERMASTER'* OFFICE. \j Washi.nstoh, D. C., -ept. 9, 18j1. Skalid Proposal* will l>?* received at this offiea until 14 o'clock in., 20th instant, to furnish the troops in thia city and its vioinity north of thn fo viiino nvoi , wi inu \oi bto ninrs 01 me cuy 01 Waahington, with Won", for (6) aix m< ntha, oomm'noinf latdav of October, 1861, a?d erdinr on th* Slat any of Maroh, 1882 The wood to be of the beat quality of talc or hiokory, and to be deliv ered at the campa or quartera of the troop*, in tueh ?uar<ut:ea aad at auoh timea aa the Depot Quartermaster may direct Good a?ourity will be required for the ffclfclmant of the contract The bide to be for ao ranch per oord of wood, oonaiating of (13Q) one hundred and twenty eight oubic feet, and to he endoraed "B da for Wood," and the namea of the aeonrity to b? aUt*d in the bid* The underaigned reaervea to himae f the right to reject all bida that may be deemed too hich. Pavmenta to be made at the end of each month, by returning the oiiiera drawn on the eortrantor or nontraotora with reoeipta of the Regimental or Brigade Qoariermnatera of regimenta, brigadea, or-oorpa, endorsed on the hack of aald ordera for the amount of wood delivered. D. H. RUCKER. all td Quartermaster U. S A. WEALED PROPOSALS are invited till the20th C5 day of S^p'ember. 1861, for supplying the Arm; of ihe Potomao POiATOES. About 4<?4*? bushels will be required. in !os of at<out 8 000 bu?h*ls per week. The Potatoes to be of t ie first quality and equal in quality to the following kinds: Meroers (blue,) Hiok Eye, Meroers (white ) The Potatoes to be delivered <n Wash'ngton.and subieot to suoh in?i>eotion on delivery as the Subsistenoe Departmt nt may reguir*. and eavment to t>e mule in Treasury cotes, ff Government should desire it The Potatoes to be delivered in good, strong barrels, and eaoh bushel to be esti mated at 60 lbs. The bids to be diroo^d to Ca?t A. BECKwlTH. C. U. B. A., Wwhintton, D. Q. se 3 ' ? ATTKN riON, SUTLERS! 1 BE Gebat Relish or thi Campaisn, JOUSED TRIPS. AME8S. GIBdON'8 _ _ 8c lie's Depot. 833 Pi. itmw, ofpcsitt WilUrds' Hottl, Tbeomy place to find it pure. ?e6 6t* lUbKCKK POTATOES. ? PRIMS. RIPE, AND MEALY, at lowist market pbicgs. TO QUARTERMASTERS OK REGIMENTS. Y*>? want to kwr jour men healthy ; you cannot do this without giving the in good Po utoea. These yon oan jet at BUM A Co'a. Penn??lvani% avenue.oorner of Seoond atreet TO GROCER&.?You want to p!ea?e your out tomera, and induce them to ??lt aiain and r?onm mend jour atock to th?ir friendi Then oall at 8<eel * Co'a, and bay what Potwoe* you need, either for yoar own conaumption or tor a*'a. They 'TOHOTKL^1D*REST AUR ANT KKEPER8. ?>o job want to ple%ee *ue?t?,*nd uokle their palatea? Theu buy Potatoes of Steel A Co. By doing ao three aartiea will be benefited?the eeller, the buyer, and the oonaumer. Ohio, ladiana. and Kentnoky money in food **' J. W. 8TEKL * CO.. ASS Pennsylvania avenue, ocrner of Seoond atreet?(Old Sentinel Offloe ) a>?5 US. MAIL STAGE LINE Between Waab ington and Rookville leaTea Martin'* Hotel, oor.8th and D ?u &? EVERY MORN[NG (Sunday n-.BiJr1" r* lodmw;?i i <i o'uok maa i. u. uonoo? ?. our. ^i<n Uirotf k to Poglwili# ; Tu*<4*ya, "frhur^fcyt iii4 WW* Frodtnok; rttvniuMil dayi. BttWJ. OOULBT. BySBCKiBKtt)} ftBftPKCTPUi.LT MUution of tli? Amy ud hkhmkil % ' *1 * * TELEGRAPHIC NEWS Additiml Feretgo M#w?. 9t Johxs. September 16 ?The KtBKirwr paw ed the Pertta on the 6th tnat. The Nova Scotia arrived at Liverpool on the 4th. riuci. TU? f.lUu.1.,. Jl.l -?<- -i a u? avuvvoiug UI^HOIIMWC CO auKrm *T9 an I notineed : Tbe Doc < * Grammont la changed from Rome to Venice, and the Marquis Dslvills from Constantinople to Rome. A new pamphlet on the question of Rome hid appeared, sia waa attracting considerable attention. It wm regarded a* a daring imposition on the recent manifesto of the Emperor. The Paris Bourse advanced, but closed doll it 69f. ITALY. The resignation of Mlngettla, Minister of tbe Interior, hu been accepted, and Baron Rlcaaolt baa been nominated to the vacancy,with a change of the Interior to Foreign Affaire. Victor Emmanuel baa Informally received M. Benedict, tbe new French Miniater Additional auccraaea are roported over tbe Neapolitan brigands. It la alao reported that aome coUlalom have occurred between tbe Piedmonteae troopa and tbe ' Papal gen d'armee. AtMTUA. The draft of an addreaa to tbe Emperor baa been adopted In tbe Lower Houae of the Reicharath Tbe Poliah member* refrained from voting nHAiT. m 99 a*? - ? - ? " a bbduij u>s conanion oi arar* continue unchanged PAIM. President Jeffrard. of Hayti, bad paid tb? In- < demnity demanded by Spain. PkoaaiA. Another aooneaty wm granted by the King of Pruaaia to political offender*. i TVIKST. Omar Facba wai about to commence operation* against the Montenegrin insurgent* COMMERCIAL 1KTKLLGESC* Livkrpool, Sept 4 ?Breadstuff* ?The market cloaea qutet and firmer. The American advice* had no effect. Fiour firmer at an advance of 6attd. | Wheat active, the lower qualities having loj- , proved moat Sales at 9* 4dalOs 9d for red W?i. I era wheat; Usalls 6d for red Southern wheat; Us , fid for white VN eatern, and 1*ia 6dal3a for white Southern. Corn firm, and all quotations advanced to a trifling exteut. Mixed corn 2Us. 9da3us; white corn 31a34a. Provisions ?Beef dull. Pork quiet and steady. , Bacon la declining Lard steady, with a fair demand for fine qualities at previous rates, 48a49s. Tallow quiet at 45s.a46s 6d Produce?Common roaln 9s 3d alOe Spirits turpentine active, with an advance for all quailties, sales at 65s a#7s 6d Sugar quiet and steady. Coffw firm. Rice firmer. Ashes dull; pota 29s ; pear la 34s Thb Latxst via (^ukxnstown. I.1VIBPAA1 A TK? ?! ? m? w ? ?V. Mitva ui UVtlVU iur two days have been 16,006 bales, closing firm but unchanged. Sale* to speculators and exporters 4,000 bales tireadstuffk firm and unchanged Provisions dull. American securities are steady. Illinois Central shares 39* Farther Frees Kerape. Father Foist, Sept. 16 ?The steamer Anglo Saxon has passed here on tier way to (^ubec, with Liverpool dates to the 16ch Inst. The policy of working short time aa a precaution against the of the cotton supply, continued to make progress in Lancashire The Times, in an editorial, argues that enough 1 lias transpired to show that the subjugation of the South it next to lmpnsslblle and Improbable. All tbe incidents of tbe war thus fir have been favorable to tbe South. The editor aaya tbat the es? -* * ' laui BUUirin VI fWlflUIII, IDf* lUip^tltlOtl Ol ttf writ of knbtat corpus.and other kindred mea*ur?-*, all of which are unavoidable, m<ke traveler! find themaelvc* more at 11 berty In Venice than New York. The Time* alao doubta much whether America, after tbe war ia ended, will return to their old form of government, and think* that there must be two governmenta, and that they will be ieaa democratic, although the North will bear a reaemblance to the last Republic It la reported that Auatria end Spain have addreaved a collective note expeaalng their intention. In the event of the French troopa withdrawing from Home, to each place aonie regiment* it the dlapoaal of the Papal government .New* ha* reached Turin of the diaembarkation of aome reaction!*ta near San Elpledoa, in the province of Accoli The troopa or the National fcuarri In mmnlt Liverpool, Sept. 6 ?Cotton?Sale* of the week 78,1)00 bales Prices firm, at an advance of % on middllnga, and a decline on inferiors. Breadstuff* closed active?white tending upward Sales at an advance of 2s3d. Flour firm and prices higher. Corn steady. Consols closed at 93 Prm Oea. Banks Cslasaa. [Mail Correspondence of the Associated Preaa ] Dabrxstown, Sept. 14 ?A quantity of cavalry arms and equipments, which were recently aeixrd by aome of the soldiera at the house of Capt John L. Doflef, under the misapprehension that they were to be used to aid the rebel cause, have been ordered by Gen. Banks to be restored. It appearing from good authorities that Mr. Duflef has always been an unflinching Unionist, and that they were iasued by Gov. Hicks to sustain the Union cause in this county! Capt Dufief will return them Gov Hicks on their delivnry. There has apparently been increased activity In all the department of thia division during the pas: week. There are numerous floating minors that Johnson has been greatly strengthened alone the river Hue. On ooe occasion a regiment of rebel* cime In full view of our pickets ?t or tbe mouth of Seneca river, but moved off before our i baiterles could be brought to bea* upon tbem Col. Biddle, of tbe Pennsylvania First Rifle Regiment has declined tbe commission of Brig- I adler recently tendered bim by the War Depart* ment. but still commands the first brigade of i f?en Bank*'column Tbe cause of bis declension he states to be that he stands pledged to his con* stituents In Philadelphia to represent their interests in Congress, and should he accept s commlaf sion f.orn tbe United States be would be com* pelled, by the constitution, to resign his seat la Congress. He is, however, determined to expend his best energies in tb* field towards bringing tbe rebellion to a speedy and triumphant clone. Frsm Fsrtress Mnnrae. [Correspondence of the Associated Press ] 1 Foktrkm Sept. 15 ?A psrty of four teen ''contraband" slaves escaped last night from near Se wall's Point, and came over to the fortress in a canoe. They represent that provisions are very scarce In Princess Anne county, and that there are some 300 Confederate at Sewsll's Point. 1 The force there Is constantly changing The vessels composing the blockading fleet j previous to the Hatteras expedition are again returning to Old Point. The St. Lawrence has been off Savannah, but brlogs no news The 1 Dale and Albatross are also In the roads, the latter with a prise. We learn from a Frenchman who deserted the 1 Confederate steamer Yorktown thatahs is sctually 1 iron-plated, so as to protect her sides and upper 1 machinery. MlssDIx has spent the day at Old Point, ard , will proceed to-night to Washington She ex \ presses herself as highly plt-ased with the condl , tton of the Hygeia Hotel Hospital, which is now under the direction of Dr Cuyler Capt. Over, of the ordnance department, hss | been transferred from Old Point permanently to t Springfield, Mass. \ Later irta Texas. Boston, Sept. 15.?Letters from CapUls Lore joy, of the bark Illinois, at Vera Cruz September 3d, state that a schooner was then la port which had run the blockade at Galveston, and was bound back again with a cargo of coffee Tba captain of the schooner reported that the greatest distress prevailed throughout Trias Lata accounts from Mlnatltlan report that a pirate with four six-pounders had arrrived at that port. The bark Illinois was bound thither, armed with three six-pounder, one of which Is rifled, and would probably have a brash with the same pirate. From Ualtrlllt. Locuvills, Sept. 14.?From Indications perceptible the l?at few davs, It la likely the Louisville and Naahvllle railroad will be taken pos- ' sesaton of during the ensuing week In conaequence of this belief the brokers bare 1 have advanced tbelr ratea for the purpose of Southern money, aa It would be altogether uncertain when an opportunity would again be offered for transmitting it Sooth for redemption Sekzare af Cantrabaad Oaadsf ? > .? ? t I A 1 ?' ' A UUV iff TlbfaBi An iU? 01 ajCVlCIHTR lOtt soldier buttons, valued at ?6,U0U was ae! ted yeeUiday wLlle being smuggled eouthward j MaikfU New Voii, September 18.?Cottoo la quiet at at 21k een'a Flour baa advanced Sail) centa; sales of 19,000 bbte., State *4 <K*S4 70, Ohio at *5 25?S4 40, and Southern $5 ISaSS 74 Wheet, ( bo Id era demand an advance: aetoe of 330,000 baafaete,Chicago Spring at tl 04 3 SI Of. Mlivaakee Club ?1 0G,*i 10, red Weatarn tl 14*1 SI: white Kentucky St SBiSl 31. Cora haa advanced laS centa; aelee of HA 000 bushels, Bind at 3ta 53 x centa ; yellow M cents Pork la Sna ; aalea of?,lM) bbla , Meaa at |14i|14 SO. Lard la quiet at 8aS ceSta Wbteky cteeed Srm at t? ocate Rlrels Srm at ?^i7 centa. Sugar to Sna ; telei or IWW1MI Porro Kleo at 9te\ cwits; Nnco. ado ccata. Coffee la Ira; aolcs of l,M?b?Mltloatl9x erato Raola ala^dr ; aal? ?<l flW^Ma att4 j> F>oigfc?af q?lot toessxhier- w*.Air ?fl ?V *? - ' .T? T* J< 1 I SECOND EDITION THREE OHLW I P. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. IHI Fl*: Be AUOVt. II'. V .. a- ? ? " v u?*w irjvna w mj Q( tA *' or Mr Kiwtrtli' Kerry yltrdif iAmmm, la wbleb the U 8. troops are alleged to h?o* token two ctsnoa. The whole story growa out nf considerable artillery firing m that Ti?*alty. which wo toko to har? been "practice." aod nothing Mora; at there la aothlng whatever known of ao> atnlr occurring there yesterday, at beadqaartora hoM P1IIOI1M TAt CM. At aa early boor this morn tag two or tkroo prisoner* were captured by oor troops oa the ether aid* of the rlrer aad aoat bar* (or ezaaalaatloa. Tbcy were found lurking near oar oatpaato, aad were doubtlea* there aa acoufa or spies Aftordao examination they wore aoat to the rmpticli far oeh ainoted parties tbb Rim air lane noaaa Thla IhummIibI h?Mm* * * w ? ? ? ???? mm uy Id www VVTB. It wrni to be np?M that It will proceed to weed the actlre-aerTioe llat of every ?toa who, from age or 107 other caoae vtatover, to mow unable to perform all er any doty leeideat to bla rank In tbe nary. I'nlraa that expectation be compiled with to tbe letter, tbe operatlooa of tbe Department are deatinod to be aadly emberaeeaed. If not to be wholly defeated la met lmportoat affaira not long hence to bo iwajit, la a naval way. LATE LOCAL NEW8. Polick Co?iuioniii ?The Board of Metro polltin Police Commissioners met yesterday afternoon, In the Aldermen'a Chamber, City Hall, and bad tinder consideration Uw appoiatneat ef patrolmen to fill existing vacancies. All of the appointments were not acted on,aad It was agreed to withhold publication of the names until all Um vacancies shall have been filled It devolves upon the board, under the law, to provide a place of confinement for witnesses la criminal cssea unsble to glve.bail for their sppearance (such witnesses have heretofore been placed in the county jail), and Mr Gideon was appelated a committee to obtala rooms for that purpoas The Mayors of Washington aod Georgetown and Mr. Brown were appointed a committee to take Into consideration certain questions as to the jurisdiction of this board In Corporatloa matters, and to define the limits of authority of the Metropolitan Police la relation to nu Issuers? Ac. The committee on uniforms hare screed to recomtnend the nnlform of the New York Police, which Is tastefully made of dark-blue cloth. A sample of cloth will be selected sad purchased, and the uniforms will be made 1a this city. Dead ?Mr. Char lee Werner, of this *117, eo well known aa a reataurant keeper, end more Intel v aa e member ef Capt Genry'a company of Kentucky cavalry, died last evening from the accident fklck of a bona) noticed la the Btmr aome ween* ago The Injury wm iwelwd below the kner, the bbie being badly broken and apllntered, and mortification finally aet In The f unrml will take plnce to-morrow, and the company to which he lately belonged will parade en the eccaalon. It la a lingular fact that the favorite borae ridden by Mr Werner, and which be commended to the particular care of hia com panv on being taken to the hoapital hlmvtf, got ita leg broken juat below the knee, and died about tbe aame time with Ita master. Capt Geary, in accordance with tbe request of Mr Werner, who waa a general favorite with tbe company, bad cauaed every attention to be paid to tbe borae, but ita fate aoemed to be to perlah with ita maater Cisteal Gtabdhockk ?a8M?Ellsa Maboney, drunk; workbouae 90 days Michael Roo nev, Cbaa Rodders, drunk and dlaordeMy; do. SO djva Thomr a Hlggina. John Wroe, disorderly J^ I-? *? -a ?> -? * - uuuuutl, ihbiuiis'u. r#avira tuw, do.; Kim idd cast, SI 58 Leonard Bart. Geo Drexlla, fighting; S4 M earh. John W Donaldaon, drunk and diaurderly: SI 94. Robert Jamlaen, lounging In the market; 91 be J S Finch, drank ud 41a orderly; 81 58. John Tenley, sleeping In tb? atreeta; dismissed John Whalaa, drank and disorderly; SI 45- Wm Burch, do ;SI 43 Stephen Waabburn, do ; S^ 94. Jamea Tbumpeoa. colored. profan'ty; woikbcuar 00 daya J Lackner, drank; SI SO Harry Whitney, colored,do.; workbouae 30 day*. Cornellaa Nrwmaa, disorderly; SJ M Geo D'exlla, disorderly (second offence); SI 94. Henry Tinkler, do ; do. Sawter Adams, colored, out after hours; work bouae 30 days Pat Clary, dlaorderly; dismissed Tbos Swift and Jane, bis wife, loitering around the ram pa; dismissed. Mary Griffith, a young woman 25 years of age. Intelligent, and not bad looking when sober, was brought la drank. Bhe had a pretty, Interesting cuua. moai in momu oia, wblcb vu taken from her for the night, and nuiwd by a lady near the market. Thi? morning Mary was sent to tb? workhouse for 9u days, and the avemed to be bo way averse to the farm She says she has a husband In California. The Putkim Ranges. ai> tbb Laihm ?Yesterday afternoon an Interesting ceremony took place in the Armory Gronnda In the shape of a fldg presentation on the part of the ladies of the Island to the Putnam Rangera The presentation waa made Lb behalf of tke ladles by Gen. Burnett, of New York, who ex pressed blsgreat pleasurest placing this beautiful banner in the hands of men who bad already served with such bravery la the presen- Internecine war?men who bad freely volunteered their servlcts when others bung hack The act was a further gratification to him from hlsacqualataaco with Captain Thlstleton, whom he had seen on many a battle Held. Capt Thlstleton replied in feeling terms In bebalt of bis company, and assared the fair donors that the flag should never be diagraced by tbem The presentation concluded with the singing of the "Star Spangled Banner" by the ladles prsarnt, and by three times three and a tiger" for the Union, the Putnam Rangers and the Island ladles. i Hnowifu uocmi wasb ?uravaon waiter ?u arrested yeaterday by Capt L F Whitney, for eipreaalng treasonable aentlmenta, la Howard connty, Md Capt Whitney teat I led that while he waa on a recruiting tour la Howard county, a few days ago, a number of Union men there declared that they could not conaent to the practice of the Government employing aeccaalonlata la the aervlee, and if It waa not dlacontlnned it would prevaat their co-operation, fbey mentioned th? prisoner aa employed by Mr. Lakemeyer In the Quarter maater'a department They alao eta ted that the prisoner aaid "if be got a cbaon be would potion Lincoln and Gen Scott 11 The prtaoner waa committed for fbrtber beerl ng, wbea the wltneaaee can be aummoaed The prisoner admitted he aaed the language Quoted, but t>nly in a joke. He la not employed oy Government, but waa looking for a place A VSET rLATTEKlSG COMPLIMENT from tbe Ufllea of this city s waits the First Regiment of District of Columbia Volunteers. Colonel J A Talt commanding?s public-spirited lady of Capitol Hill having recently conceived the Idea of afford ing to the citizen* of tbe District, and more particularly to the ladies thereof, an opportunity to testify their spprovsl of tbe true patriotism manifested by the officers and men or the above regiment In completing their organisation at ae early i day, hy presenting them with a superb stand of colors. The matter was so quietly concocted and promptly executed that the colors b?ve already arrived In th'scity and await presentation, which, no doubt, will take Dlace In d ue form at an asrlv day Good for tte District boy*, ud better ettu for the ladiee! Committbd-?Fanny Cook,.a Haiti aura law, ?rai tolly i umiltlw U Jail thla morning for Healing a watch from Mr Vaanl, en Tvatflh *r*et 8be waa engaged at a domeattc (w charitable motlree on we part ?f the family, aa4 piked r.n a headache, laid down la a rooaa whew [here were two watehee?en? belonjrln* to Mr. v Meal, and one Is aa army oflccr. Oaa of tfceee wlihea (a galvanized oae) ahe tonk aad eold to a - * r.moo #Af mt ? committed to Jail by Justice Clark to awrnit bar trial, and warraats bave boss bawd for tba arrest of Mason, who Is at a camp la tfes vlclalty. Taa Aaaast or Amtiii Inwurti PostKUTii ?a p alma slur at ms of tbs Nov York regftbenta waa arrsstod yesterday msralag, sad coaAosd la tbe camp of tbs reglmeat. m tbe charge of parietal a* mo?y from letters la tbe mall of which bs bad charts This ts assthsr evldeace of tbe fact that the post oAoe ts freq aeatly charged with tbs fall are promptly to dsllw letters, which ts really attributable to tbsfset (bet ployed aa poatmaatara by tba Cun ikfoei Jcinci Domi Yeaterday Cb?a. Beacber ?m arrertad aaaptcloa at ataaltog * nmrf BOMfftM a.Uinrli Altar ta mami nation at all tba arldeooa tbr caae vt< di*m:aa.-d Jacob Artb, for aeUlng liquor to aoldlm, w? lard CSS. Ad drew Macacnai. tor a Uk? offeaae. w?a Ih4W _ ' ^ f iBHH ?Tkll morning Livi'Mt Fm,* th<- S :t Infantry, wh take* to ifee oil M of J ?! ? 2SfcS&ri wttafa traa John CM??r fit na ooairtVaZ to Jail to trial ct tha Dacaibar tern of M# Criminal Caort * M4MT W?*elw> Kaq-, pt*** mtfWry of PMWBt Mm*, it ?W || MMbML f!> I'Jjry.".!..'.?': 1'"** """* ' f. WU? ta "OrH ?

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