Newspaper of Evening Star, 3 Ekim 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 3 Ekim 1861 Page 3
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i LOCAL NEWS. |jy TVoagh T?? 9ta.* to printed oa the fastest tram pr+t la w aoutb of Haiti more, Ita edition is large u to require It to be pat to press at aa early hoar. Alrirtuemtnrt, therefore, should be aaat In before 12 o'clock m . otherwise thev mar may not appear until the next day. Ta? Citt Poet Orrtci ?Th? followtn? statement of the operations of tbe City Pout Office for tbe week ending the 86th September la doe to tbe industrious management of the office, and may not be uninteresting to many of our rendersLetter ? rtctived | Letter t sent Unpaid 34,4M Unpaid 89 6^0 Paid by stamps.. 17MM Paid by stamps. .14*303 Prse 59568 Free 68,571 281,5481 845 854 Averaging mere than 73,000 letters each day, besides newspapers Mace tbe railroads between Washington snd New York have been controlled by millUrr necessity, many failures have occurred In the srrl aIs at Wash Inn ton in schedule time, partlcularlv In th? train due at 8 a on To s-cura connec tlons the train for W ashing ton hu been detained at Baltimore one hour later. Yet, notwithstanding th? extenaion of time at that point, the mall from New York and Philadelphia has hi led to connect, and the mall within the put week has sot been received until 7.40 o'clock, Instead of 7 a nv A delay In opening the ofice for the delivery of letters received by this train rouat necessarily en. sue, snd In justice to the public it most acknowledge that a kind indulgencce and forbearance baa been exhibited No effort has been spared by the Postmaster and hia employees to distribute snd box tbe letters so as to cause ss little delay as possible. There are now one hundred ana eighty, five regiments, without enumerating the Fnde penaeni commicai 01 arunerr, carairy, mounted rifles. 4c., receiving and (ending from this oiflre their letters and paper*, Independent of our usual population Of this large body of men, nearly all are reading and writing men. The arrangement adopted by the Postmaster is to assort and box all tbe civil letters fir?t, so as to facilitate tbe delivery The military malls are then assorted Into regiments; this requires much time, owing to bad cblrograpby and Imperfect addresses, but the labor Is ususliy accomplished and delivery HTerted by 10 o'clock, If the mail reaches here at 7 a. m ?Inielligencer. How tut git it ?We occasionally bear expressions of surprise u to where the soldiers can possibly get anything intoxicating, the precautions sgainst tbe passage of the ardent through the lines being so complete, and tbe "right of search" so diligently exercised In oar peregrinations through the Metropolis, we see many things "not down on the books," and amongst these nay be numbered a few of the ' dodges" oy which the sentinels, tboagh ever so vigilant, are "taken is." For instance, in "the staff of life" may be hidden "the llfpu itself. or, to speak more to tne pstnt, yon see a sack of flour go into camp, hat cannot see inside of It snngly stowed away a dozen big-bellied bottles Instead of flour,It may be a sack of something else that contains these hidden treasures Again, a medicine chnt goes Into camp, looking very formal and unsuspicious, but every vial la filled with brandy, to be retailed at the enormous rate of fifty cents per vial. It is not necessary to speak of filling gun barrels with wbWkvand corking them up, nor of the "popbottle" dodge, nor of filling watermelons and cocvinuta with tbe forbidden fluid, because these are old jokes, and any sentinel wbo would allow himself to be taken in by auch shallow devices should be dismissed x service at once, as be is too grrf. to be trusted with & ahooting-ftick Thw Moxvmbxt Flag ?A lofty flagstaff has betn safely raised and securely flx<d upon tbe top cf the Waahineton Mooun e. ? I Mr Geo Dean, wbo was tbe rigger emph yed by the Society during the prosecution of work upon the superstructure To tbe top of the pole, which is about 23S feet above the surface of tbe ground, halyards are attached, which extend to tbe office at tbe base of tbe monument. Tbe flag, it will be remembered, was purchased by voluntary contributions collected through the exertions ef Mr Wlddicomb, snd was presented to the Society It was manufactured In Philadelphia, of the flnest bunting, and Is 45 feet long by 24 feet wide. It has not yet been hoisted, but will be as soon as the necessary arrangements have been perfected for BDDrODriato reremnnln on ths It l? hoped that this will not share the fate of a former flag, which waa blown to ahreda In a week or two after It waa raited. That wu, however, an old and tine-worn banner. Ttala la a new one, of atout material, and auch arrangementa will bs made aa to enable the watchman to hooae It in a few mlnutea, on the approach of a wind or rain storm. Mabkbt Taicvsa ?The petty operation* of market thieve* have been suspended In aome measure since the organisation of the new police, bat not entirely. Occasionally a dealer baa reported the low of article* of value to them durlDg the nights preceding market dava Kreauentlv prrtou have been taken from tbe market'by tbe police, for being fouad under suspicious circumstances In tbe merket-bouse at night. Some have been fined, tome sent to tbe workbouae, and others dlam 1 seed Laat night, tome thief, bolder than tbe common berd, atole and carried away from tbe stand of Robert Warren, huckster, a barrel of choice applea he bad ju*t received, to be opvned tbla morning It Is desirable that a force of police should be detailed sufficient for the adequate protection of property at tbe market at nil time*. Cbktkal Gcakdbocsk Casks ?Win. Walton, dniuk and disorderly, workhouse .to davm In MeLaugblln, do ; do John Evan, col , breach of the peace; Jail in default of (c^prity. Charles Brown, drunk; dism1a*>*d. Lynch McUarven, do ; floe and costs, SI ?8 Geo Hamilton, col , out after boara; do $158 James Hill, do ; dls iiiiaaed Jamea Bowxtr, drunk and dtsorderlr; flne and coata, SI 58 I. A Douzlaas, deranged; beid for protection Soloman Ball, col., drunk and disorderly; flned $4 91 Win Sleep r. do ; dismissed on bis declaring hta Intention to leave tbe city. H Naab, do ; fined 92 94 Ellen Dor* aer, profanity; do S3 94 Ferdinand Sands, drunk; do SI 56 Henry Snowden, do ; workboose 30 days Wip Shafer, drunk and dlaorderly; fined $1 94. John Do Ian, drank and Insulting ladies on the street; turned over to the Provost Guard. Nkw Jiun in PnmnTiini Taoors ? In the ranks of the 8th New Jersey regiment, which appes red on the avenae ye?terday afternoon, oar citizens recognized many familiar fsres. A very large portion of the regiment la composed of the exLit New Jorsev three-months' regiment, who appeared to be highly gratified at seeing their old quarters to Washington, though they were not now to occupy them. The 50th Pennsylvania regiment also attracts moch sttenMon, from Its an usual numbers and the fine material of which it la composed. bxaiaiTioN a.3D Coiiciir ?This evening the splendid eihlbttion sod concert of the Sunday Schoolchildren of St Aloyslus church Is to be repmt?d st that church, corner of I and North Capitol streets The programme promises sn unususlly rich entertainment, all the better for having been once given to the public. Thuaewho enjoyed It a few days since, will of course be on | a. > - * ~ mm, im iiw an immense crowd of newcomera, o that a right aharp lookout wtll be necessary to gat a good aeat. Don't fall to be on hand early. Pmoviaions ?Yesterdsy, our dealer* la northern and aoutbern frutta and vegetables were receiving and storing hundreds of barrels, bags, boxea, kc , containing vegetables and fruits for their customers here. Prom the great quantities arrlvlag. and the facilities for obtaining them as needed from the States where they are plentiful, we may safely predict no dearth la 1801. Tax AauMToi Cm Cotillow Fabtt, last night, waa fully equal to those of peat aeaaons The hall of the Fraaklln engine-house was in excel Wat order, the cosamlttee of management having spsat much time la 1U arrangement and preparation Ths even log passed away happily, and to- day we hear numerous expressions of g rati Ac a- ] dm by the youag folks who were present Nomas to Wm-Mr. Joha Barnard, (of the Iraa of Barnard k Busey, In Georgetown,) whs resides on the hrlrhti north nf that had about |H worth of clothing stolen from him oa Monday. Ho ilctpt la n cottui detached (real the main bat Id lag. aad the door having bees left open, his wearlag apparel was taken. The thieves have not jet been discovered. Kaizi Casi ?The Prize Commissioner* are at present engaged In examining the crew of the scbeeaer Hartford, aa scMUt of the capture of wblch, by the gunboat Resolute, wae glvea In the Stmt a week or two since No evidence has been yet adduced to prove that the acbooaer was engaged la Illegal trading Acciaewr ?Sergeant Lorenzo Rlflet, of theMth N Y regiment, d Lai orated bis ancle joint on Tuesday night, by falling Into the cellar of a house whlcn had been burned, near Reach's Mills, (oa the other side of the river ) His foot wae ampataied at the ? street hospital yesterday afternoon, aad the patient Is doing well. A Blvum*'The eeaeloatoa of oar report of the Barney earn In yesterday's Star by sums ubsc -euatnble mesas get astray from the reet of the article, and found a resting place at the bottom of another article Rocoi 9poit? ? Lm( Bights little ana occurred at the corner oi fcleventh ?(wt and the 1b which b young mu wm kaockrd iUwi i*4 hla hat. It was apoatftly q*l<u-4, however, bo4 the partial aeparated Oob't alaa fee MhrtalBant Bt Odd Fellows' Hall to-akght, aaa of tha haal of thaaaMM. Go sywu&r -? -** % Tbxatu ?The Theater wu crammed to overflowing, lut night. on It* reopening, ?nd the performance* went off In the most brilliant style, with the charming Miss Soaan Den In as the special card In the female department, and the favorite eccentric comedian, Mr Ben Roger*, on the male side of the Theaplan forces. Mr. Humphrey Bland, perhapa the beat '>old man" now on the American atage, wa* alao a Ural favorite, aa usual The aadle ice alio gladly welcomed buck aucb favorite performer* aa Mr. "E H Brink, Mr. J d Bovd, Mr D. Walton, and Mra Bland The atorm of requeata for a repetition make* It Imperative upon the management to repeat the unrivalled bill of laat night See announcement elsewhere, and note that the bewitching Miss Denin appears in both .pieces. Hall's Patbxt Dbixkixq and Filtkbino Tdbbs vox 96Cxxts bach ?Now that the'fell ralna are riling onr rivers and atreama, we would advlae all our military friend* to procure one of tboae Ingenious and practical little Inatrumenta, which no aoldler abould be without, aa It perfectlv Alters the water from lnaecta, Ac , thereby rendering it healthy. You can alao purchaae rubber blanketa, rubber coata, rubber legglnga, poncho*, rapea, rubber horae covers, and cap covers, boot*, ahoea, 4c , Jtc . at manufacturer's prices, at the India Robber Warehouse, No. 308 Pennsylvania avenue, between Ninth and Tenth ata. oe 2-tf Attshtior, Soldibb* !?Protect your health. No sensible man will leave theoity without a any ply of Hoi I array's Pills and Ointment. For Wound*, Bfuiaee, Sores. Fevers and Dysentery theae medicines are the heat in the world Every Kncliah "a r renon soidier uses mem. unijjs mow par box or pot. oc 3 lw Niw Dit Goom. Stick just opened at K B. Hall's old stand, 375 Seventh street. Store crowded with oustomets GooJs to ?ait the time*, and at pr -es to plea?e. s?31-eo6t Matthsws i Co., J75 Seventh at. Notic*.?Beware of counterfeits and unprinoip'rd dealers erdoavoring to dispose of iheirown and othrr a'f'oes on the reputation attained by ffrlmbold's Extract Butku, a positive and speoifio rem ?dy lnr d t ???? of the B adder. Kidneys, Gravel, D'opsy. Ao , Ao., Ao. Ask for Heir hold's. Take no other. See advertisement in another ool uinn se so Rbadix, have yon seen Prof. Wood's advertisement in our paper. Rom it; it will interest yon. an 2?-eoly Pnam. Persons desiring pennies will always find them for exoiianc* at the Star Otfioe counter. tf To thx A?flictbd !? Be sure to read the adveriseicent of McLean's Strengthening Cordial and Blood Purifier. in another column. tf DIED, On the evening of the 2d inst., of typhoid fever, RKBKCCA K.. widow of the lata Riohard N. Peake. in the 32d year ef her age. Hrr friends and acquaintances are respeetfnll. invited to attend her funeral, on to-morrow tFri. day) afternoon at 2 o'clock, from her lateresi. d?roe, E street south, between 7th and tth s's. Navy Yard. At Fairfield, Jefferson county. Iowa, on Monday, morning, feptember 23. 1881. LLEWELLYN i a vi ra --i ai .?i k# * j >vu ui i.m.aau .ti.4. onsD?r, agou nearly 2 years. * FLOUR, FLOUR !?75 bMa. Flour for sa'e cheap by J. P. BARIHOLOW, 00 8?lw 35? Seventh at. near Canal. ASHIN6TON ARSENAL. " * OCTOBBR 3d, 1861. Pkalid Proposals, to be endorsed "Piopocala for Fuel," Will be reset red by th* Aotirg Assistant Quar'ermnater at thia Arsenal until loa. m oi the6:h in??an?. for the delitery of 40 oorda btat sras<>ne' Oak Wood and IW tona beat White Aah Anthracite Coal 1 he above articles must be strictly of the best qrality; the wood to be etraif ht and cut in lens ha of four feet. Both the Wood and Coal must be delivered at the A ra?nai and trie Wood to be oorded and rn'naured by a aworu city wood measurer. free of expense to th? fiov^rnm^lit mill ? co'dorton. The contract wiiH>e a rarded to the lowed r^npociib.p bidder, who shall five sauafaotor* ounty. i*a> ment to b? male in Treasury note*, if the Go.ernmoat desires to do so. FR8. J. SHU>K, oc 2 td 1st. Lient. Ord^a^ce. A. A.Q al. WATCH REPAIRING, ENGRAVING. *o. Watches, Chronometers, Jeweiry, Ac., car* fully repaired. Also, Emraring in a'l its branches promptly executed. M. W.GAl.T* BRO., Jewelers, 334 Fa. avenu?. Four doors weetof Brown's Hotel. oe3 6t (Republican ) SEALED PROPOSALS, wi'l be reo*iv?d until O the 10th ins'ant. for the immediate delivery, at this office, of turelva thousand pounds of Red Ash Ceal.and one oord of nak Wood. Proposals s.ould be address-d to the sabsoriber and endorsed on the envelope, "Proposals for Fuel." MOKKI"* S. MILLER, M*J?r Quartermaster. 172 F at. hfttwnan lsrh tmi lOih Qcaetekmastsks' Office, Waslonjion oity, l). C., October 1st, 1861. o? l 8t Dr. m. kocb. CHIROPODIST FROM PARIS. And from 509 Uroadv&y, Wuw Vork Branoh off.o*?24? P^un?jlv?ni? avenue, between 12th and 13th at? , WaaJtug'on, U. O. Corn*. Buniona, S? >ft Corn*. Callosities. Club Nails, and Nails penetratinc the flesh, Ao ,cur- d withcnt pain or inoonvemenoe to the patient The Hoot or Shoe oan be worn immediately after the c p-ration. Hia trratnrnt la on the trio'.Iy rule of aoience, ai>oh aa all i^rgecns will ap? <) ?. Hi< ot>arces are quite moderate, triflinc m<1ecd, oompa-od with the relief and satisfaction he aiTmia th? ?uflt">rer. Refeia to the Physicians and Bnrgeonaofthia CltT. Persona attended at their rooma or rsaidnncea wi'hout extra charge, by ?avnig orders e.i 24<J Pa. ave . f)??t 12th an<i !3th tta o i 11m* 1'HK GKEAT RL'SII TO ARMS ban caused 1 5M1 ih to North and r<*p evish his stock of FALL acd W1NTKR CLOTH l_NU, which re uc?-r? im reruarsa :o low pnocs, at No. 4*51 t*ev ?t.nii;o?iU Pnat Onion. su Sn 1m (BLOCKS CLOCKS, t'.LUCKS.-A great van J tty of Clocks just received at J. A J. T. ROBINSON A CO.'?, se 30 6t? 349 Pa av , < ppo. Brown'? Hotel. CLOTHS, CASSIMERES AND VE8TING8. Now acd lares lot* of tbe beit things in vogue, for gent*, youth* and children. One price only, marked in plain figarei; henee no purchaser is dieoeivwl An inspection of stook solioltod; it inours bo obligation to purchase. Oilcloths, Curtains, Rurs, Carpets Ac , Uppfr Fltors. PERRY A HRO., Penn. avenue and 9th street, ?e?5t "Perry nuil'linK." ATTHKOLU PRICKS-We are selling al *a. oar YaJt too It of seicot Fmiot and Maple SILKS and oth?r fine UREhS GOuDSat the c'd prices. SHAWLS, MANTLES and CLOAKS, novelties in new Autumn Styles. 'v One pnoe only, marked in plain figures. AH kinds of Dry Goods for the current wants of :ARPET8. CURTAINS, OILCLOTHS, RUGS, Ao., Upper Floors. FERRY A BROTHER, Pa s n<1 PW m?W mi * ?* w ? vumv ami i ui?u *v.| se 28-<t ' Parry Bunding." U KADOUARTKRS F'?R CLOTHINO. HATS El and CAPS-At SMITH'S. No. 4?0 Seventh street. oo 1 1m Assignke'S sale.-?3 ooo worth of dres? Tnmnurgs, muit be sold. No 20, Center Market. ALEX. ELLIOTT, JR., ?e? at Assignee. ' | 'U LI PAN AND ELEGANTES i SEGARS. Al?o, a number of other celebrated brands, wholesale aud retail. WM GRORSE, Havana Seg?r Store. ee a im cor. Pa. av. and 8th st.. W aihington. (VIILIT1A FINES! MILITIA FINES !! Ill MILITIA FINES!!! Thia it to give notioe to all delinqnenta attached to the Third Regiment of District of Co ambia M>Htia, Col. Miehael K Bright, Commanding, tnat I hare duly constituted and appointed Francis S Kde in, a Count? Con?tal> e my special Deputy, to eeileot ail ioes imposed by the i.egionary Cou't of s*id Regiment, and that on and alter the 1st day of Ootober, 1161, you will be nailed .upon by said Edetio, for amoant of ssid fines imposed by said Coart, aad if not paid on pre?eatation he is folly impowered to collect the same scoo'ding to law. "See Sod volume of the laws of tu? United Statee. ehapter .'IS, section ?, p?ge 789 aad 77 >, pas id 1st of JttJy.lBli" WARD H LAMON, Mitt II H. MiLr.h&l n r. M,LITI4 TfiBtu FINES!?14 F1NE8" This ia to fi*a notioa to all delint mU attaot.ed to tha Firat r agimant of Distrust of Columbia Militia, Major W. j7McD< inald command inn, that I ha*a duly cotatitutad and appointed Henry v eatman.a County C natab'e, my apwcial Deputy to ooljaac ail &aaa impoaad by tha l.agionary Court of i aid R 't i rnent. and that oa and after tha lat of Octobar next, 1861, job will ba eallad oq by aaid Yeata?a for amount of aaid fcra* impoaed by aaid ooort, and if aot aaid on praaantation i>a ia (ally wnpow arad to oohoottbe aama aooordinf to law?aaa aeooad volume of tha Lava of tha Uaitad Statea, chapter IIS, Motion 4, pagea 769 and 770, paaaed lat of Jaly.lMJ, ^ WARD H. LAM?'N. ee 27 6t U ? Mara ha D C. TTO OFFICERS. BE CAMPAIGN ?A campaigning Wagon on tha Prussian principle. arranged for sleep- fry la* or to aot aa an Amhu anoa in ca?e of I nVniaa nr wnniula wilk a m*U r,..Z!kZH. _ a w m M m ^ w w v- w W > *- r? r^wmm ? \7\I 1*1 J \F I 1 ~~ 7,tor*? ud f roviiioai; light, wat?r-proof. mnd p?r olly new, having b*ea ja?t built to order by on* of Uk* ir?t aukara la New York, u offered for sale Itrwu, lod*r mU, long and *hort *l*er*?. Moornic* Khewle. ioag UfifMre. Fine aad median White F W* el? daily addiaf My aereiUee ia ftrst-elaee I D7>ni0fnoe>eafrl^tSJ'aefaal oaah atMdard Tale*. NHI r*.a?aaM?JNuith *C I m ? 4 .. . " ' 4 ' ' WANTS. %X7ANTEP?At No 3?a D at, between 12th ud * * lS>h. a COLORED Gt R f?. about 14 rear* of ?f e, to a??i?t in general hop?ework It* UAKRR WANTED? A aecond hand on broad. E> A pplr at the corner of E eventh ar.d E eta. oc 3 ?t* A NEAT FURNISHED ROOM WANTED. A'lares* " W..M tbii ollioe, atating tarma,* h'oh ma at be moderate. it* WA^TF.D?Three I)RES?M AKFRat No. 3S9 Eithteenth at, between H ami I. IVme but ipod hand* need apply Steady work. A'*o, two Vourg Ladiea to 'earn the buai"eae * It* UARTERM ASTERS.?Wanted, a Quarter matter uierK or u : ynarierTn*?t?r'B t?erreant to write op a irt of *ooounta in handsome trie. Addraai J. F. BRIDGET, S95 Pa. ivnit, botw?n 4K and 6th ?U. oo3?t* ACLKKK WANTED ?The advertiaer wiahee to encage the aeraioea o! a youth between *4 and 17 j ear* o'd. Referenoea required aa to morality, honeatr. reapeotabliity, Jfco. Addreaa -'E. A. frf," Poat Offioe. It* \U ANTED? By a respectable y"S"g wnm?n.who " o?n oomi well recommended, a SITUATION aa oook, waaher aid iroier and to do the general houaework for a emal' fani'.y. Apply at No. 89 M at., bet?e*n 23d and 84th It* \I7ANTED?A a tout BOY, to learn the blusk* amithing bnaineaa ; one that haa been at th* buameaaone year preferred. Alao, a Journeyman, that anderatanda hortw-ahoelnr an 1 jobbing. Apply at the corner of 4K and M ate , Ialand. oo 8-St* WANTED-A moderate-?xed FURNISHED HOUSE. Addrej?"F. H.," Star Ofliee, ?tating terma, to. oc 2-3t* WANTED-A first hand BREAD and CAKE BAKER, at No. 533 Eleventh at., (Navy Yard,) between M and N. oc2 3t* /CARPENTERS.?Wanted. 3 or 4 rood Carpenvy tera.atonce. Af^ly to BALDWIN & BRO THKR*. oc 2 WANTED TO RKNT-A HOIi?E auiUhlefor otke bakery. Apply J. A1GLER, below?t?r Offioe. oca-Sf WANTED?DR E?SMAKERS and a MACHINK OPRBATIIH oc2-3t M"W1"lL1AN, 336 Pa av. WANTKD?A rood little colored GIRL, to take oareof a olnld and make herself generally uaeful about the house. W.*fc CHANDLRK. oo 2-2t* 504 14th at, between C and D. WANTED?A GIRL, to oook and do general housework in % small family. Inquire at No. 673 Ma-ylind av., between Mhand loth ata. White preferred. oo 3-3t* , Vl/ANTED-A young WOMAN, to aaaiat in " cooking and general housework. Good references required. Apply at 457 Twelfth at., between G and H st?. oo 2 3 .* U/ANTKD-Amiddlp-Htd WOMAN, to oook. "" wash and iron. To one well recommended | ^ood^wages will be paid. Inquire at No 381^ New I VI a BUT., Itrfcwrou Hill BUU IJVII in OO > 3t" INFORMATION WANTED OF TIMOTHY HEALY. ion of Oliver He&ly, Med between 8 and 9 years, who le't hi* home on Monday, 90th of September. Any person knowing hi* whereaboat* will confer a favor on hi* distracted parents, Johnston'* How, near New Jersey av., Washington. oo ? 2t* Vl/ANTED?An active LAD or yonng man, to " attend in an office. None need app'y but those writing a fair hard,(and able to op^n the offioe by 6X o'clook, having had their breakfast) Neither ne<=d applications come from thoie a'rain to cl?an an office or do anr thing generally required, Addr is, in own hand writing, giving name and refTence, to ''M." Box 10. Star Office. oo 2 3t LABORERS?Wanted, 4 good Laborers- The t high**' price paid Apply at J. D- HAIMMAOK'S Restaurant. 209 Pa. avenue. oo 1 3t* Clutter" wantelflriii at wall, ste/ I'HENS A CO.'S- 329 Pa avenue. se 18 \\' ANTED?A WOMAN, to cook, vuh and " iron, 'j o a satisfactory perron good wages will he paid. Apply at 420 New York av , betw. 13th and 14th >t* oo 1 ATTENTION, VOLUNTEERS ?Fifteen able bodi-d young men wanted to fill up Company K. 1st California Regiment, to its maximum number Pay and subaisteno" to ooinmence as soou a* enrolled Recruiting Office, 520 Seventh St., 3 doors above D st. I _se27 1w? JAMES E. WAU6H, Cart. WJ A in IH.U? lAlLUna, TA ILU tin ?50 rauora " competent tn work on military gooda. Apply Wall, Stephena A Co "a. He25 IVA^TEP-To have every body to call at Vf SMITH'S, No. 460 Seienth at., oppoalt? Post Offioe.and puroHai'e their FALL and WINTER CLOTHING, TRUNK!*, HaTS and CAPS, at the very loweat pricea. Give him a oall. au 30-lm WANTED TO BURROW-Piom ?'i00 to A300, for one year, for whioh liberal intoreet will b?gi?en.with ample security. Addreaa "A. L. G.,'r VVaahmgton City. *e 18-2aw2w WANTED. FOR THE CASII-All kind* of SECOND-HANI) FURNITURE AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES. Peraona leaving the oity or having a anrplua will do well to oall immediately. R. BUCHLY, je 3 49* Seventh, between G and H at a. I WANTED.-W? are now buying SECOND* 1 W HAND FURNITURE, STOVEs and bed ding, for which we are pajinc the higheat cash price*. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a ?all. BONTZ ft GRIFFITH, Je13-tf No. 3?9 7th at., betw. I and K ata. FOK SALE AND KENT. Furnished house for rent, on capital Hili. containing parlor, dining-room, three chambers and kite en, with ail the table and kitchen Kequui tee. To a responaible tenat t the rent ( will bo $a per n orth. None other neei apply. The key can be had at 306 Delaware av., noith of th? Capitol. oc 3-St* 1,'UR KKNT-The fi*e Cottage Frame HOUSE (krovn aa Fr?ncli Evan*' bouse) utlisted on the north side of M Kt north, betwe?npth and 10th at?.wr*t; lias 6,i*X) feet of ground a'taohed, with fine iruit of every description For terms appli to J_ COOK, corner 7th and B ate., I a1 and oo l-3t* Houses for rent-no. m and No. ar.on the south aide cf Indiana avenue, both of them very large and oonveniect houiea, with good atabiir.c and carriage-houaea. Also, the commodious and large Houae, No. 389, gn mo norm sine oi sirnei. Apply to THOMAS BLAGDEN, No 499 Seventh afreet. jy 17 Sawtf FOR RKN T?With or without Board, in a private family, three unfurnished front ROOMS, uitab e for married or tingle gentlemen. Ap^lyat No. 4"3, corner T<?nthandlists. se27-lw* TO EXCHANGE FOR CITY PROPERTY. OR FOR SALE-The beautiful COUNTRY RESIDENCE of rrof Page, near thscity. Apply to CHAS. G. PAGE, Patent Office sett tf I/OR RENT?HOU^K 40'i Pennsylvania a?? v over the bookstore of Franck Taylor?a plaoe for a professional man. se 4-tf UANDSOMKL7 FURNISHED ROOMSH rour haLdsoraely Furnished Rooms, supplied with *as and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490* Massachusetts avenue, north sida, between 4th and 6th sts. ma a EDUCATIONAL. WMR8. BURR ILL Resume her trench Lessons, in classes or privite y, on Monday, October 7. Apply at her retidenos. New York avenue, betwesn 13th an J 14th sts. cc 2 St" WASHINGTON ANDGEORGETOWN F : MALE SEMINARY. A Boarding and Dat School, No. 422 Fft ,btfu>ttnKtk andlth it*., Washinrtcm ; and Ao. 151 West st , Gtorrttotea. The duties of this Institution were resumed in September. Ciro-iiars may oe obtained at the book .4. ... k_ . JJ.. ... *.i? n : i unri, ur uy viurniiiii inn rnncipm te 28 eotf M. J. H ARROVKR. MUSICAL INSTRUCTION.?A Teacher o Music, wall qualified in his profession, wishes to obtain a olass of pupils in a private school. Reference oao be given it required. I'ern\? made known on application. Address "Music Teacher," at the Star Offioe, stating name and res denoe. _ se 23-71* OFFICE OF THK BOARD OF HEALTH, Wash'Sotos, September Mri8til. At a meeting of the Board ofHeaiib. held on this da*, the following were dafclared to constitute nuisances: Dead am mala, dead fish,offal of fish.and heaps of oyster shells. Offal from batchers' stalls, alaughter homes, or tan jarda. Stagnant water in ponds, marahea, aawera or cellars. Fool stables, foal oow-houset or oow-pena, foal privies, aud hog styes Decarin? vegetables and fraita of ever? aeacription, whether entire or thoae portions thereof not used aa ?ood which mar be thrown out. All ashes, rubbish .shavings,or refuse substances fmmaoy trade, oocuration, or businets. Filth, stable manure, soapauds in pools, drainage from dye-houses, eoap. ana glae factories. Horaea going at large with glanders, fiaroy, or anv other eontagious diaeaae.

Houses or buildings in a state of dilapidation or decay endangering the lives or property of those in th* vicinity. Privies oMnim into ikwati Co*l |ii tar or other refuM matter eio&pinc from (ki-bouiM or iu reiyroiri. All dead animals or parte thereof that are offea ire ?e H-felw WM.Q. FLOOD. BwrtUrr. filLT'8 FURNACE, LATROBE, RANGE, * RADIATOR COOKING Wtll Scrtentd btfore tUliwry. P*y> J*0 poondi to tk? ?m?HI HICKORY, OAK, PINS PrtfATtd or d*li?r*d C?rd length. Wharf Md Mill-Foot of 17tt BtrMt, Mot W?r Dvp&ftiruint Ofto*?SS9 Pcuwylvmate m?M, bHimllU Ib4 Itlli itvfiti* MJ4-? TEILMB CASH. ~ rrj- f ? GEORGETOWN ADVERTMT8 LIST OF LETTERS REMAl*l*e 151 THE post office, georgetuwh, d c. Fertile Meith eadiag Seyieaktr 30, 1M1. \U~ Pereou Divine for letters in *he followinc lt?l will plet*e ut thew a * adverttM-i; otherwise they m?y not reoeive them. LADIES1 LIST. Addiann Mri M J Gnaea Mri SarahC Phillip* Ahc* Au Allen Miaa M J HarprrYiaakm.t A Parker Mr* Ana* Ahem Sin Heiuht* Mr* Ryan Mn td? Autlreia MdlleKate Holt MnSS Rtchie MnAJ B rker Mm Rtb*e HopeweilMmGracrRaneom Mr* Brown Mm Nellie Jwit* Mr* May W 8ewell Mim Retina B'U*r*hr Mr* Jon** tlmkdh P 8hiff*r Mm Mary Byro* Mr* M P Jickiw Mr* Jan* R 8 mm* Mm May Beckei Mi** Sarah Kubue Mr* Chin* A Sulinf*MmMarun Bond Mm Marft Kennedy Mr* Mary Scheeier Mui MarBr ? eon Lesay Lynch Mm tha B*d(tr* Mr* Cha* L*w* Mm Laura J Snoemakera Mr* Boweu Mr* Bndret Lirht Km Martha L B*m Mr* McMebany Miaa Spmlduir MriMary Baxter Mr* Ana* Alita Sherwooa Jaue Brodhcad Mr* A C M*rl(* B***y Senta Mr* Altio BroderickMraAnne Mother*bau^h Mr* Thorn Mm Martha Colt Mr* Johanna Sarah Taylor Mr* A K Crown Mm Htari- Matt* Mr* D?Ka Want MmVirj'ia etta Michcll Belli* Wilhama YlmMaria Cole Mr* Barbara Mitchell Mr* Debo- Water* Mary Ann Colbsro Mia* A V rah Wei e Loniaa Caruirht Mr* laa- Miln Mr* P Wilaon Mr* M H bella l Moot Mr* M A W?y Mm Etlen A Dowlioj Mm 0*c>r- Mina Mi** Arra Wiltoo Mra&lnab'b {tana Mm Mary (of th* Witheron Miee EluDatroo Mm Snuii Paper Mil!) abeth FiUferald Mm O'Bnea Mm Loa- Wood Mr* Cha* Marian iaa-8 Worfleld Mm Gaoffhran Miu M> Piatt Mr* SallieMB Amanda Grave* Mr*M*nxJ Perry MmLuiy Young Mr* C R Grimes Mr* Debra Phemx Mi** J ? GENTLEMEN'S LIST. Abbott Wm Goodnov H B Naehman 0 Andrew* Obr*rian Guthrie Lt J J Nelaon Jno Auoton Jo* Gr-ffio Jamss-S Newbold Jo* B Ambler J W Ureeiner Jacob Nelaon Thoa A?fle Eli Gott Leonard M NnonWm Adam* Jeasis Godfrey Patrick Oiborn Luke AdamsJuo Gray Sewail C O'Conner Hufh Au*t*n Lt A S Oarrrr Wm fl O'Brien Denuia Abbott Capt W H Garter Wm-1 Pea body Lt A W Beckly Win G-i Haroinei*chley A Park* B 8 Brodhead Lt Wm Bro 8 _ PajreChas_ ^ oopp mr Mimii.i (1UI u-? fierce I.: w Vi Ba?ett Thos C A B Punt Geo Bell Tho# H-i Harper Wm A FtlmirGeo W-t Belger 8 B Hen wood A R Paasmor Harvey Biin R S Hodni B F Potter Chas H Burford R P-i Hyatt Chas S-S Pilfrax Lt H Butler Robt Hartley Charley Patterson Jot Bernbard Paul-3 Herman Conrad Picket Jno Betfirper Nicholas Hnffmu Chu W Potter ThoaL Bennett Michael Hubert K<aper Peterson Jno E Brown Lt M P Howard fc P Potter Jno E Babcock L Hyans Edward Payuter Jno H Bailey Lieut Hurt* Henry Parier Mr Brown Isaac Howell Henry B Prott Reuben H Bartram Jos Hancock G B Pearson Solon D Brown Jno Howell H B Phellpa V E Bartie Isaac Hanton James Pearce Serrt-2 Brown Jos T Hickman Jams* Uuinn Wm A-5 Brook Tbos A Huntington Jas C Q.uiou Patrick Brown Jas V Hardencurfh J D Uuantiu Frank Billmrs Edwin E Haucock Beuj Randall Oeo W BumcTi Jas Herheljr wlichael Robioton Alorno Boh John Heddsn Naihau Royall Capt Burr Jno B Harinj P R Royall Chas 0 2 Ball Jno R Hcrmansen PMr Rbeem Edw Brochus Jadjs Hunter Robt Kit u Geo Bryant J D Hmtoo Tito* H <J Robineon Geo M 3 Bradley Jo* Hill Wm B Runeey 8 W Ball Horatio Haydeu Win Robuesoo J at Batson He Ion Jackson Chas Rote Jno L Brown Geo W-4 lntley Oapt C R Roaa Corpl Jno Biahop Chas Johnsou D W Rots Jno Brown Adam Irene Dsnl Rota Joo A Bar ton Capt A O Irwin Geo C Roth Lor en to Bennett Ale* lody Geo Robtrta 6 D Bailey Chae P Jones Harry ? Ruaaell Stephen P Brumell Chas Jonaan Henry Robson Thoe R Bucker C H -2 Irwin Johu Rrw.ield Thoe BouBter Edward Jordan Jae-2 Robinson Win Bartlttt Lt E H Jonee John SmubBrirGeuWP-2 Bender Geo Johnson John 8te?ens Alonio T Cain Win C Jonee Henry Sulweli Alfred Carson Tbos lngerton John W Beater Alvin Caejtore Simon Jonee Nelson 8tnneLtCP Carr Richard Jorfee Phillip C SuIIitsu D Coltman Robt Johnson Richd Smith D J Carlton R B Inch Robt Bchuerraan Dnnl Cheetei Richard Jones Capt Thos-2 Shirey D R P-i Cunningham Robt Johnson Wm Sawyer Dr E P Carey Mitchel Jonee John W Shuhe Ed w B Cald well M J Kiup Ben) C Sartftnt P E Caldwell Jno M Kilmartin Bryau 6clunitl? Geo Campbell Josephus Klrnnann Chrie SylTert Gutiav Collins Jas KuowlesEdwd Stoddard GsoS Cbesney J T Keeth Geo W-2 Sprool Henry Csgwell Jno H Ketchledge Geo Stetetis Henry C Cooper Jno C Kingtbury Henry Sclmit Henry Chamberlin H D KuIhII HenricU Small J H Cook tieo KukJasT Kmithjas CoinberUnd S Kline John A Steer Prof Jacob Clcting Geo 8-2 Krout Max Von-8 Sanderson Joe Csrman E E-'i Kirk Michal St John Leander I'lxgget David Keleer Peter A Blunder* Milo CoauWmH Knowlea Psrcy Shipinm Mason Corley David Lonrley Asa Sampson Miliou R Clark Dan I SI Leavy D, U 8 A Btrog P P E Cady David Loueran David-S Slaren Patrick Carter C H-3 Lloyd Elemer Squier Porter CloesChaaS Lyons Fred A Steel Paul T-8 Clark Corpl Lewie Geo Rur Patrick Clark Chas Lawrence G F If Sheridan Patrick Coleman C Love Geo M StegarsJno Carpenter B <A Lyons Geo W Small Joseph Cochran B F i Lewie Capt Henry Seal John K', Crondi A B Loup Jereumh Sneider Jacob Cook A Lewis Johu 8hreeve H R L Collins C*ft A D Lanp John II 8tat>e 8 Christy Anthony Langhiand Jno-S Smith Siml Calloch D M Ludlow Jos W Simeons 8 G-3 DelanyCaptE LeierJohn Saupere P Davis Win Little Johu Stoddard Thoe J Dotrow Marios Leonard Jae-4 Story Win H Dudkcou R E Li'erfnod M H Hewell Win B Domn P P Lifergood W Sherman Geo W T DiueryJohn Morgei.eteim L ShoopWm UickermauJ JI morrisou Win Smith V* u Durboran J N Vurrav Wm 8trang W D J Dandridge Jaa A Mack Thoe Sliekwortti Win Dellen Jno Moriartv Tho* 8uirue VN iu-3 Donaldson J R Monre Thoa Trunnell W H Douglas Hugh Miles 8aml-8 Thither O N Dean Geo F-4 Meckel l)r N B Truunell W D DeriuiiimertiH Miles Sainl A-8 Toruer John Doggett L H-'J McLean J B Taylor John Dour John Manghanner Jno Tobiaa John B Davis David A Mileer Jno W Thorp Jofau 8 Dade Columbus Mileer John Thorp James F-i Etana Richard McDowell Wra Thorp E D-6 Everijr James McAluue 'l'hoa Towusend E D Eager John McCullogh Thoa Tracey Ellis Evans John McClure Robt Cpion Hon C H Evans T F McGork Oven Veaaey Col W G Eaton Solou-4 McAbee Osborn Van Daniker John EchardGeoW-8 McDonorey Michl Woods Christopher Emersou Etektel-8 McCorimck J H-4 Woods C Ender Deacon MeKinle/ Juo Washburn C M Kami A McKemit Israel Williston Chat U Foster B 8 McKeanJas Walton Chas Fink Mr Jas Wooten Edw Fiiigerald Ed?d McGan Joseph Wowl?>(d E P French G L McFarland J L?< WaitGL h'ltzgerald Ueo F McWhur John Webeter G W Fitzgerald H M-J McAuliffe John-2 Walea Geo Filcheit Hainiliou-i McCoy llugh E-i Alfred F o* Henry McCre .dy Geo A Will HA Freeman John McNulty D L Warren Hen? Fay Jolm McCunnell Col W are Joaeph Fletcher Jno N McCunuCol WhilanJuoF Fletcher Lq<r> McMillerAlex W atkina leaac Fiuley Motti McCnbbio Tlio# Wallace Jia Fiuk Medler John-g Whipple J W ' "J 11-4 Mercan Jno W oribeni Arthur R Famurtoo ffm-J Merrill Loruif -a Waiarhan Joe Force W in Mitchell Jo* Water* Jauiea Frmell Wm Merrell Henry L-? W i.aon Jaa G Gorbajn A 8-9 ManjerHW White Jaiuei Grander Alex Matherabaufh D Warrtnrtoo Jno A Gjrfaoo Abraham Major Daul G Whipple M T Grant Cha?-8 Mitchell Chaa U W alter M H Gibaon Ch?i* Margolf Chaa A Warheld R H Go*d* Darid Mortronery A J Waltere Wm H GraWu Dan I J Muich A.bert Yonn r Cart R W Geiifndarmen D Nicholeon Ma) A 8 Young Geo W 1 Gladmou Darius Neieon Chaa-? Yatee Geo GnfTeth Ceo Neuae fcdw Zimmerman WmH-S Gormtley Geo INITIALS ?C. F. C7\All Lstteri (except "Soldiers' Letters") muat, in every lastenoe, be prepaid. Oct3 It HENRY ADDISON. P.M. Buckskin gloves. GAUNTLETS, Ac. We call the attention of Sutlers, Regimental Officers, and other* within* to purchase Bnokakin Glovea, Gauntlets, Mittina, Purses, Tobaooo Ponohes, Portmonnaies, L'fjins, Ac., at wholesae, to our extensive stock?all of our owu nmiintacture? at our store, 105 Higii ulnet, Georgetown. Our Gloves Gauntlets aud Mittens are of the best quality, of real Buckskin. Military Buff and White Gauntleta, BoxingG'oves, Buokskin S*hirt* and Drawers. made to order. RaMSBURG A BofKl', 103 High street, Georgetown, i) C. N.B.?A large quantity of so raps of Buokakin and Chamois for pohsbing guns, accoutrements, Slo., on hand. ae 2?-lm MAbSEY, COLLINS Jt CO.'S PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT. Expected thia day, per steamer J. Jeiome? barrels X* DRAUGHT ALE, ?0 do. XX XX do. do. 600 hlf.-bbls. do. do. do. Whioh on arrival will be for sale. Terms cash on delivery. AKN\ * 8I1INN, m 7 Union Csoniitnvii. I IUST RECEIVED? J 10 hhda. Bnmo Porto Rioo SUGARS ' Ifobbia. did Rye WHISKY, iff bbla. HLRRING *cd ALE WIVES, 10 bb!s. Cruahea and Refined SU6AR1, |0 bags Rio and Java COFFEE. 10 hhd?.(low-?riced) MOLASSES. For aal* by JOHN J. BOSUE. m 1> P~AYM ASTERS' CASH BOXES. Karor'a Patent Camp CoU, Camp Stoola from K e*nta to #3 SO each. Blankets. Ccmforta Pillow*, Iron U'dataada, Ao. For sals by JAS. C. MoGUIRE A CO , ae 27 iw Cornar Tenth at- and P? av. METALLIC -A.IFfc.IVOL On. OXXjv TOt ClrailBf. P*llikli|, tad Pr<TtitiR| Rait. Thlt ia iKMpiftr tr% *11 A>Wa* mI? U ?ka ftv --r? w? wii u?n?i v?"? in ???" w v? iu ivi the above purpose*, u wall m for mucninary and lubricating aie?. It? equally appHoab e to ganlook* and sewinc machine*. It it in hicb favor at the Government Nary Yard* for ordnance and maohinery. PrineipaJ Dtpct and irenerai Agent*, PHILHARMONIC HALL, Penna. avenue, sear Eleventh it UZF Agenta wanted vitk teems, to supply encampment a. MW hi T nR JS*aHMlM t? k(. fisctor j, making it now one of the 1 arr?it,, Mms, iq the District, where his fseilitt**ft?52sr^ for nMnlMtariu CARRIAGES 'is LIGHT WaG?)N8 of all kind* wunot be svr pa??*i, sua lrom his long experience in the busi? AJJ^IVu oTcirn^M sndS kept ?iyif EBPA 8 dOD*. and all orders "gSSiS^tir^ u..? .. far HWI. ANDREW J. JOyCK, d U tf sorssr of Fourteenth Mid E tts. 500,000 " t " * u*' *7 "T** . * ? tm. *? - a , >4 _ [ < TELEGRAPHIC NEWS LATEST NEWS FROM MISSOURI. Jirruioii Citt, Oct. 1 ?Mra. Fremont arrived tort from SI Louts tbU tftcrnooe, and wu received it the depot by the General and staff, and s detachment of sixty of his body-guard, and escorted to the ramp Gen Fremont receives numerous visitors daily, who d'tlre bim to send a regiment to this place and lnta the Interior. for the protection of Ualon men's property; bat he Is obliged t* disappoint all such sppllcants, as be Is determined to send VU? UW VIV *< nuit ?r>Uicii WI uuopi tu OC BUT* j rounded and taken prisoners Gen Smith, Adjutant General of the State. Is here hard at work ivuing commissions to the < officers of the State forces organizing under Got. Gamble's call. He gives assurance that the 49.000 volunteers called for will be obtained without trouble. Boonevtlle, Glasgow, 8edalla and Georgetown, < were reported quiet at the latest accounts; but It , Is not improbable that we mar bear at any time of a skirmish between oar own and the rebel pickets at the latter place,as Price's men are Hid 1 to be In that vicinity. i A party of sixty rebels from Lexington, plan- j derea the Lunatic Asylum at Fulton, Calloway . county, a day or two since, of five hundred blsnkets, all the clothes, and a number of socks, 1 giving as an excuae that the Asylum belonged to the State, and they bad a right to the property. sbcbssios or tub cbbbokbb ratio*?chibf i toss mitam irrrrmt rn tb* pnaim - ' rmi. < St. Locia, Oct. 1.?Rev. Mr. Roblnaon, t noli- | aionary teacher In the Cherokee Nation, baa arrived In thl* rlty. He re porta tbat Chief John Rom baa finally auccumbed to the aeceaaion prea- 1 aure On Anguat'JOth be called hla council to- i getber, at Taiequah, and aent a meaaage recommending the aevcrance of their connection With the United State*, and an alliance with the Southern Confederacy 9 ( The council approved of the recommendation, j and appointed commiaalonera to make a treaty of , alliance with the aoutbero government The Confederate Commlaaloner aaa'imed the payment of the annuitlea heretofore received by the Cbero- I keea from our government. I The Creek Indiana have ralaed one tbotiaand men for service In the Confederate irmr, and the Cberokeea have formed ? home guard 1,900 strong. It appears that the troops s?nt Into Arkannas by I Ben. McCullougb, after the battle of Springfield, 1 were posted on the border of the Cherokee nation ( to intimidate tbe Council and force John Ross to yield to the demands of the rebels I C*1 St. George Cooke, of the Utah force*, ar- < rived to day. His regular*?six hundred In number?will reach Fort Leavenworth In three or four days. Fraas Earape. , 8t Johns, Oct 2 ?The steamer Niagara paaaed , Cape Race thla morning with Liverpool advice* , to the 22d. The cotton market closed firm with small sale*. Breadstuff* closed quiet. ! Provisions cloaed dull I Consols cloaed atS3^a92j(. Tbe new iron plated frigate Warrior had made a successful trial Ulp from the Thames to Portomouth. 1 Tbe Times,in arf editorial on Secretary Chase's , sppeal in behalf of th? national loan, says If tbe interest offered is s sufficient appeal to patriotism, any argument as to tbe safety of the investment Is unnereeaarv. If it ( Ininwlimf would have been to Increase the Interest Instead | of appealing to considerations which, rightly viewed, amount to little more than a confession of weakness The people would be more ready < to believe that a nnfficlent provision will be made 1 for the payment of tbe interest on the war loans when thev see provision made for bearing one j farthing of the expense out of the income of the year. A Turin dispatch of tbe 20th says that the user- i tlon that Garibaldi Is not going to America Is most positively denied. It is reported that a Spanish expedition against Mexico is being organized at Havana A force of a thousand infantrv wlil be disembarked early In October at Vera Cms, and thence march direct to the city of Mexico Six ecrew frigates, two steamers, and numerous transports will be employed . Marshal O'Donnell has directed the Captain General of Spain that if a slave touches the soli of Porto Rlro he is emancipated, even without the consent of his former master. The Queen of Greece was recently fired at In the public square by a student, who has been irrested. , Massachusetts Republican Csavcitlia. Worcester, Oct. i ?Tbe Republican State 1 Convention convened here yesterday. Gov. Ao> | dr?w was renominated by acclamation, there being but one negative vote. Tbe other nominations were referred to a select committee of two I delegates from each Conzressional district. Resolutions were adopted declaring tbat the t maintenance of the constitution transcend* any , other auestions, and demands the life and property of all citizens; expresses a desire for the union of all the friends and Vpen enemies; declares that no rights secured to loyal citizens shall be endangered, and tbat disloyal citizens bare no righta adverse to thoee who are loyal approvers or the acts of the administration; recognizes the devotton of the volunteers; endorses the action of Governor Andrew, and recommends great csre In nominating the aubordlnate officers The Hon Charles Sumner addressed the Con- < ventlon favoring general emancipation as the strongest blow that could be struck at the rebellion The following nominations were then made: Lieutenant Governor, Edward Dickinson, Bell and Kverett; Secretary of State, Oliver Warner, republican; Attorney General, ex-Judge Abbott, democrat; Treasurer, Henry K. Oliver, republican; Auditor, Levi Reed, republican. The Kentucky Lrfiilalirr senators bbxciirkidgk awd powell XXQCKaTKD to xxs1gk. Frankfort, Ky., Oct 1 ?At the afternoon aea- I Ion of the Senate, y?ater<lay, Senator Whitaker offered a reaolu ion requeating John C Breckinridge and Lazirua W Powell to real^n tbetr aeata aa Senator# In Congrreaa, aa they do not represent the will of the people of Kentucky If tbev decline to comply, tbe Senate of the United Statea la reapectfullv requeated to Inreatigate their conduct, and If found to be in oppoaitlon to the Federal Government, that they eipel tbem from their aeata It waa patted by a vote of 90 yeaa ta 5 naya, and aent to the Houae, which adjourned without action. Tbla morning the resolution came up aa unfinished bu*fne*a In tbe Houae, and a aupenaion of tbe rule* to conaider it waa refuaed by a vote of 40 agalnat 30. Frana Fartreaa Maarae. Fortress Mo* rob, G:t. 1 ?The at earner 8. R finanMlncr Kaa nM p?itivn?^ ! _ let, but no serious fears are yet entertained of her safety. Several ahlps of\rar and gunboats yesterday left Hampton Roads for a Southern destination. A flax of truce to-day conveyed to Craney Ialand a number of wounded Confederates, made prisoners In Western Virginia There is a flag of truce almost dally between Old Point and Norfolk, and a large number of ladies avail themselves of the opportunity to reach their frlenda either North or ^outh. Americas Board *f Foreign nisslass. CLavELANO, Oct 1 ?The American Board of Foreign Missions met here this afternoon. Judge Strong, of Pa., was elected president. The annual sermon was delivered by Dr Stores, of Brooklyn. The treasurer's report shows the total expenditures of the year to have amounted to 8L/u,uuu, wun a atncu 01 irm man y^,uuj. Fria ( air*. Cairo, Oct 1 ?The troop# atatloned at Norfolk bav<> been ordered to retire to Bird'a Point There are reporta circulated to the effect that Gen. Polk, with 80,000 men, la taking poaaeaalon of Mayavllle, Ky. Things are quiet nere and at Padacah. Diaattreaa Efftcta tf the 8?U. Buffalo, N. Yu Oct. 1?The damage by the late atorm In the Cadlatoe and Allegbainy Taileya 1? lmmenae Houaea were waahed away and blown down, and thecropafor mlleaand ml lea were proatrated. OQQ JOHNSON * NAGLE. QuQ 60a No. SSI Piimmmu Atuui, aOtf Between Ninth and Tenth ata.. aoath aide, IMPORTERS OF WINES, LIQUORS, StOARS. PICKLES. PRESERVES, ?ARDINE9.FINE GROCERIES AND SUTLERS' STORES IN U EN ERA L. Juat arrived the foilowinf brand a of ? ? CHAMPAGNE*: ? , , 9 H. Murom. Piaer Heidatok. Moet & Chardcn.Cartler i Co., Barat it Fagot, TnaraM. U> 1 ?2 -1 It'BIVHVj RUJW UI pr, Whioh w* offer at New York P-icet?freifkt added. JOHNSON * NAGLE, 8-9 Penna a re c se. LIQUORS, for Camp, Medicinal,a ad Famiiv mm, oonetantly on hand and eold at New York Price# by the Ca*e. At JOHNSoN^AljiAGLK^, PICKLES, Pepper and other BAUCEsT'Tpo MATO CATSUP, by the be r rat, rallon. or dosea. from th* o?>brAt*4 nAavfietorr of KohrnUrk fc Co , Nrw York, At Mtonuhiasfr low prioM. At JOHNSON 4 N AGLE*B, Also. PICKLRDF'O PERT. LamV/WD BEEF TO.NGUK8, TRIFK.Me., by U? b?rr?i Of balf-batfl. ? 1* A B319NEE*8 SALE.-BtovW ?attr?sU?k of t\ Fsner OoodB. BonnoU. Ribboni, LMM.DlfM Trimming*, Flowero, F Aor?, A?., at* new b?ll| >ff?r?4 At Aod Mo. aotaa! totl ynow., CAll s^tsisr^s.s^^' 0*^Ss?S S2a??*la6 r, . * }. gg?1 SECOND EDITION. THKKK O'CLOCK f M OCTR MILITARY BUDGET. MILITARY trrotlTVUTI XADB to-mv. BrtgtuU Smrgt?tu ?Dn Uuld T Crawford, Tboa Aatlaell, J ok a McNulty, J. H Taylor, U. 8 Palmer and Oilman Kiabali iiiuMiJ Adrutmmi Otmrmlt if Tlimmttrrt.? Cap*. J. C. P. Smith, for Uoa. Hancock's krl(o4?Lieut. Col Goorge L Aiditwi, ?4 aaoaod Hm*:kuaoUa eolnatotra, to Goo Baaka Ctft. tldl'i r. Aucbmuty, for Gen. More 11'a brigade MUM. We regret to bear that Geo Jaa Sbtelda kaa 4o:lined the Brigadier Geoeralablp to wklck be wao sot long at nee appointed by Proaldeot Llooola iron ad received la the Mumu war, to mm 8m tince removtd from California la MmU, la H?aco, and Is oompaUed to remala (tore for tto time t>rlng. Such are hla raaeoaa offered Ibr docJIalag ? re-enter the aervloe at UU time ALL (|CIIt Our Information, by telegraph, tma ail tto :ampa of oar llaea aa tto attor aide of tto river U to t p m to-day, aad aim from General Baaka'a Headquarter* op to tto aame boar, wtoa all wm inlet la aad around lb em ; then being ao atfaa hat the enemy propeae to attempt aay forward novement, Important or unimportant a ransiTaTioa. Ib the courae of to-morrow i stand mt to law ? lo be pmtnled to the ttk NfW Jonty nglnoat, n the Dame of tbe ladies of New Jeraey, tbe dsinra At the nme time, we hear, It to likely that Sen MrClellan will rerlew the brigade?G*n. Kearney's?to which tbe ?th New Jerarr la rtached. mw rmrotMi. We hear that General McClellaa has adopted fc lew uniform for his staff. In which all lta menoera will shortly appear; it being necessary that they ahould be thna made distinguishable, at a glance, from ottcen of the line aad other oAcer a ?f the army under his command amiss alom? TU LOTBS. [Special correapondeace of tbe Star . J Nm P^lla Cinci. Oct. J?M4u* St+r: Oar line* ire now extended to within half Mil* of Fails Church, and oar pickets are op as far a* half a mile beyond Fall* Church, np the L? burg turnpike. The acouta of the enemy are, however, noticed prowling a boat in the wsode between Fall* Church and LewtnerlUn, and within half a mile of Falls Church Itnelf About 11 o'clock this morning some 40 or SO at the enemy's cavalry made their appearaaoe Item over Barret's Hill, between Falls Charch and Vienna, about a mile oat from Falls Ch^^^ Part of a company of Union cavalry siar^^HB to meet the enemy, and the latter pat ep^Wb their bones and vanished over the blUa. This hill (Barret's) Is a commanding point, and will doubtless be occupied by our troope This hill das iooi" Historical notoriety, iron Ute ttcta or ita being the burial place of three British oflcera of the war of 1P12. Aiiong tbe houaea burnt in this vicinity la that of M aj N utt, (aeceah,) and for the firing of which the soldiers reaponalble for the deed urge the following "extenuating circumstances First, they allege that It waa through the treachery of Major Nutt In sending for secession soldiers at Falla Church, while detaining la friendly conversation at hla rraldesce a couple of Ohio aoldlera, that one of them w*a shot aome time alnce. Boo* ondly, that Major Nutt,on the recent withdrawal of the accession troops, left a number of poisoned hams on his premises, designing to poison oar troops. They say that what at first glance appeared to be salt upon the bams, on analysis proved to be arsenic. The house of Mr. Chas. E. French (Union) was burnt under the following cli^tomstsaces: On Sunday, by order of some of oar ofllcers, the stars and stripes were raised from the house as a safeguard from the outrages of some of our own troops who were committing various misdeeds la the neighborhood. On Tuesday night aome of the secessionists who had noticed the lag, crept up to the building and fired It. thx battkbiks at runs tori foirt. AlixaRDRIa, Va , Oct. 3Editor Stmt: Wo nave imormauon urre mm ute gnu uva Of IM rebels at Freestone Point, aod which were Mat do-vn from the line of tbe Orange and Alexandria Railroad, have been withdrawn, for fear of their capture by Federal troop*; and that the tea ma of Mr. BjbII Brawner were uaed to haul them away. Tbe Potomac is now fully open for navigation, and the number of vesssls coming up la unprecedented. LATEST NEWSBY TELEGRAPH. LATER FROM FORTRESS MONRO! Baltimobi, Oct 3.?The Old Point arrived thi? morning, and brings tbe foUowlng Intelligence : Fob rata* Monaoi. Oct. t.?'The steamer 8. R Spaulding r? turned last night from HatteraaInlet, bringing tbe latest intelligence and the remnant of the Naval Brigade. Col. Hawkins atlll command* at Hatteraa Inlet. A few people were atlll coming la to take tbo oath of allegiance. The frigate Suaquebanna bad taken two prise* which bad unauapoctlnglj approached tbo laWt TLey were bo<b aeboonera, from tbo Weat Indloa, and were loaded wltb aalt, sugar, Ac. Tbe gunboat Cambridge came up this morning for coal and water. 8be baa been making a bl k kade of Beaufort, N. C., and baa takes four prlzeo?tbe Loulaa Agnes, from Lunenburg, wltk a cargo of ftab; tbe Revere, from Yarmouth, also loaded wltb flab; tbe Edwin, from Barbadoea, with moiaaeea; ana tne J una, rrom m. joum, with tin, medicine*, Ac The revenue cutter Henrietta le at 014 Point LEA * PERRIIH* celebrated Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by 0 EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS H of ? Letter ? to be the II MUMi "?? RA at Mtdru " ONLY GOOD ^u|Mk SAUCE." M Woroeeter. and apjlioabe to - fall Ry#TfcEVERY 7.V??U S&ag I 1,'V a. a^iTS VARIETY iBp my ?>'uo?. theaao.t OF DISH. TktalxmHADCE ta u->t??lTtfc*BUT??d moat pore la* cowdi m uft known, bat the moet teal, m a I'w UroM "> Smv Oravf. or with /Ui, hot and oo'd /emu, ? ?/ Sua*. UBf*rt ao axqaia seat, which ?prtmemm BMW wmM Butarirri hivf in ?Rin AEkdatro'eti to ifitufi "To i^rwitU tk* >w?wi of Uu* <WitK3KS?H??5& ' a jpriiii mixtar*. . ^^Tff^,JB8ar?Sr *-P ?lT.?o SCIENTIFIC AND PRACTICAL OFTICIAJT, 44 Pma*a?T.,<aArtk iui?,) WCHUmA Utt ate. ji^ny^isu-sysx'ss FI*?T OLA* MILITARY riXLD-VLAUX*.