Newspaper of Evening Star, October 3, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated October 3, 1861 Page 4
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y ??* !" I LVKM1M.' STAR. ME1K 151 RKIIMUKO j S*p? 1. 1W1. Enter Mffhn..en (ton Naith Carolina. j Mim?6i1i. 5lr>at honored rrttltirul of Ibtif Confederate *tate?. "Whose p? wer from ^urnter'a capture dates, "\Vr Wear the* n.'ws from Carolir a'? there, God grant Mke news we never hear thee more. ( J*rrER?o!i D. *1 y triwty Sontbrons, yr aw welcotnc here, Ye brave defenders of tby bome* so dear ; H by art Ibou dowucutHast forgot Mail Kun ' The deeds of valor by thy brethren done, "tYben coward Yankee* tle<l?as Rus?ell writer, * (For we wert- making for Manassas Heights ) Misiuem. That victory, sire, we sbail not toon forget, iAside ) Mora bitter pill I'm sure we never ate. lilt while we laugh. appears before Fort Hatleras Tbe Yankee fleet and stro'gM begin to batter us. JsrrxRso.x L>. Not s<>, my friends, shall I believe yoy, ^Kxews* mv trerabliny, 1 have (jot th? >"?ne,) xiii xtm a?a Butler tbus again appeared And Stringbam, too. juat there where l-aat I feared ; F it fcrldDid Barron fierce defend the po*t, Did he retain that key to all the coast. Without which Richmond ia aa good aa lost ' t. MKasx\axR<. Alas, for chivalry, when their ahot and nheil ?'*?r pouring dowu aa thick aa h?1, Oar valiant troops In dire confuaion sought Th* bomb-proof chambers of oar lurk'es* fort. And now triumphant floats the hated 'stripes and tars," ?. "Where erst ao proudly waved the"s*arsaud bars (Exit Messengers ) J EFTKBiOS D. What do I hear, la Hatwraa v??m ' Then fear 1 much my course ia ran. . , Would 1 were dead, aa Yankees cay I aiu ; Its no '.JSC fl^'htintf with old I!nel? Sam With troopTdepartinz, slsknesa. loss of tin, Sure what a pickle this poor child is in. (Retires to his Old Boari>on in disgust.) [ Boston Post. If/* The Chicago Tribune sail that the recent fc~.tvy rsin* have damaged the wh?*atcrop of Illinois to an alarming extent, and that a larvce am^n*it of the wbrat brought to Chicago is rejected. IH/"" In the Volunteer Naval Service there are 29 n-tiag lieutenants, 27 assistant surgeons. 23n*Vata .t pavma^t-rs. 'Zf acting masters, and *21 assis;ant engineers. Capt Jikhn Clark, of the commissary department. who reported himself at Fortress Menroc un Wednesday, has been detailed fur service at H."tUrss by Major General Wool. JC/^One of the Fort Hatteras prisoners confined Jn Castle \V 1111am died very suddealy, and was buried rn the Island on Thursday. Others are Mid to be ill. OC EAttBTEAMERB' SAILING DAYS K -<>M T'uM 1!S1T*I? t>TAT?S. i in*. For. Vnyr. GrratKaatern New York?.Liverpool?.Oct 5 .S?rr York. ? Liverpool. ...Oct 0 jJww!u.? ?. Uoslo". Liverpool....Oct IC ? ,N*w V<xk _ Livirpooi... ?>ct23 - .New York....Brom?a~?.Oat ?S Fr.ow SrRor* IMiAiiira. . Li verpool... Boston ? ?_ *ep* 21 1 A i??. . .I.ivett . .New ^ ?.rk . fept 3 lireu.^j. . . . S"ut!i i,:??(i...New Y?>rk..?Ooi S Th* Caiffonm ? *-.:! fteu.iwi !mv? Nrw Yo'k oa 'kr 1*1. |ji!i, nji i _l?t ? f 9ve" m^eth. rk? NOTICE. 1 Illi rvMitwiilup ; vtoi jIoi? ?mrif<l on by the ??!'Jt. { . Loci> A Co. vas diiseolvttl on the 1st 11 stent t-y tU.tvn iimi'aiir'u. Al! those O^t-n wwnU U> (mmI hrm t:a r?^uf ted to <attie ttio niriio * I,:IOG:. delay. sm UJ? K?oc" .#<Ti ate aux'"iis to <i csj td? b>? ike a>. t m.vV.a accounts a:aia?t the ?ii)Te exjiir?d -,r>p*rt?if>ra!;ip (i KO-< fiE XV. EAR ANT. Fit A NC!9 J Hvi ."fcKOtt, JO?>;JUA H. KINU. HT NOTICE-?f J ati-is-*. resp'otfuli* - mi r?i th->ir p*rr.>. i ???l t; o paWits general!/ <>i ti._u atvu?g lorms-i acup&rtueiaiitp to o>>utiune tf a busi--* ??, in >iJ! Nmncie*. as et. ;c-&=orii t>f tiie lac tinn of h. P. Lou ?v? &. Co. U??-ir biwki lor tha very libera- r\ r?tAiveO, to- * p txjge U> 89fi tiifeir #xertiOU? t~ :?ertt th*t> l labors. F. J. HKlbKUUEK ^ CO. faiMtarlo 11. V. L,<-u'ioj v. J Co., .Milita r and XaraJ K^rohiat T&ilort. F. J. Hk tzxau. J. U Kino. wei'S" C^LOrtlNtt -OUT CLOSING OWT! c_:nc.nd*l to eio<a n?t my eatire stock ol FaNO^ GtM?i?4, f hiv? rem vorf th* mti>~ to No. !i0 P?m sjlva a ?venue, l?HW-M>E *th aud 9th Toe<?, "?!iarf> 1 -Till oflV the entire ?toc ? at ?uch yrio** v. wiil i' jal?(? mj for mar cuaU.inera, ?nd the pal! <1 ame-v'y. to bu. tiie li-it olui French Fk^t G joj? st panic fricn. Nov ia tits tiiae to bat! N U ?AH por-ona havm* o'aima at mi: at me are r??a*-ttr> aroint the s&n9 for a?rtUm9nt; ar,d a l frr?>?a ruJ-^tetl t? m? are roquet-ted to niane ar!?.&?> van is t>? liq'niats then claims without further cotlca. Pr? nirt attention will ptrea'iT ot'uj. ne.peo fuify, K. C. STKVKNU. t 7-tf C^RIB, CKM'I.K AND BU) BLANKET^ / and CDiiMTl'.rtPANKi.alliiiiaisBi. qua.t ti-a, B*d Cc mfert*, rheetsars. Pillow L.iae?- and Cott. ra. Towe i, Napkin*, Table Cio'ha. Tiofcii'*!, l'ojr.i**, .lo. A:l at our p'overbtai-y low prioea, la-k-si in tliiu tcnru. Now eoiri*re, ?ir?>i?er?, aojonrn^rs ard oitiiens wi.i inspect onr c.<K;k at pleasure PERRY fc BRO, 2T-5* Penr.. avenue ar.d Pth st., NOTICE. Bmwmt&mswmt ."ADAMS' KXFRESS CUMPAMY " TU b Ojmp-tnj offers to tl;-" I ne ;ua'led' 1 r u,e Saf.'ani (?u;ck )? patch of Heavy Kr*igtit? Piioka?eii, Valnabiee, Money? 4o. An i to ai. paiu of :h? United F.xjreane-j to and froa- the No'th ani ,W??t doia a^d arrive in witbinttoi tw,o? daily. A I Kjt?r?i-?en are in charge of exwuntfd and reliat'.t .Meaat-nsera. Alt P?oVa?ea f>>r The Soli.ere earner at "oxx KALf" <.?> u?tai rata*. Ail Co- <Ia for the ?o-ca!!ed "Confederate Stated' and all Artioles " Contraband of War" will foe Asmara Ou I ?a pre we l?ave New York at 1.5, and 6 P. R.. arrivicit in Waakinfton at 6 A. M and 5.J0 > fcxarease* leave Philadelphia at 3j? A. M. and 11 IV M __ trrifitir in * * mn *? _ _ _ . ? ... ?? wwuiik? u av u i .*i? ?nu A.?. Kxf>re>*eoa >e&v9 litutiroora ai 4 2c A M. and 8 P. M , am.iig ib WUi innu>n at 6 A. M and S?j P. M. LapreMn* for ail poii U Nor'tt and West leave W*?iiia?ton at7 3? A . >1 and 23* P M.dMfjr. f?p??t?7 Oor.trai)t? for argc ?n?utiti'*? of Freigkt ai. ba *iM-!ox. %?pl?oauon to >n?* ? 'fftoe. All Good a sailed far and delivered /r<? of Extra hUTcM. E. W, PAR?ON?t, Pup't Adam*' Expraaa Company. VVa*l in*toj, August 2). !9ol. au 23 tf FE.MALE HOARDING AND PAY SCHOOL ALSlWrXfA. JA. Mm. 8,7. M^COR-VIICR. Prwcifa?., Th? wwrt'ert.h anr.aai of taia lzaLtutios ViU oonroonce on Tnaadav. September H' h, in the s? . * v jisdby Sfiroater Bood, Ea?., ?rrw n * nxv Tb* <*> ?? of pcr?aM wiii ooiajnseai; IB* Drsiioue* eiai-tto*.) ft thoroafh KaclS.fc l?<iac?^ os^*uU Msaxs Frea-'ih, L*Un ana i>nrict, ij I. ! t? Jty cho.i-e. Mm. Mci'-^i liok is ?(ppft"L?i tor?o?iT*? lij9?tM uw>b3rc? u pnK9?. w'nj. ooMOtattu & part of her ovn hm fi?,?itl !>oua>lor h?r ivamoCiitJ c&re Autl cupom ion. t*i>e will *ni**r?rm in; u fowitia.U; ?urrojQ'i them win iho comro.-u amJ kumLt inilu#rc? f Holij. Rtftrme**.?Rov.jOao. H. Norton,Her. Di. E'i*? fon, Ro?. D. P. Wit] tain H. Fowl?, L. U&r Protrden,Km., Edmurd F. V* iu-.#r ft: *&. i. LiAokiock k Marina.*. Mfl^rs. < or?e k'L Vn%r4, wiU TaUion in a. "the Cnglult Brarche#, T> :-v I'll umil mk - - aemi-anaBaii;, tr wfeaffss&f ,riav? A A f TIIE tll.D PAWN OFFICE. /Ov 476 6 4 Mut >?? ??<. <u1vmhjm m%Ue <m buU *??i iiv?r Watm**. iHtimu*. ,*. fiit ri. SUyar ira'?.C??KkUi.M"Wia?t*^kiwii of ii xefcaixii*. Bu?? a*( c * <.,<||| >m v.' '.' *x aod m> ?ta. npHfc ri aT!*?*kftyv Ekwui.* mwo?B J pgfcuv--1 b* w! .. XuaRM, Wio Will hereait*r ' A- ??23-1^ JtlttXCH * JtiCUBIhtN A VK Juct ;ro?TMtl(lli m't of Note I'*t?SFtt65*^tiF?3!? F v*th ar:l withwrf U??M?, ImfoMt to Match. ftir?f? TiitM Boom of ?v?ry catci pu-n. 'SWW.j'SSUl rifm 1,1 "^Ttfcc. * ricmTgS. ; m mmg ' m ? h?hhi % <? >.] ? CA"H ^OTIOK. I iN C?M*?mr4 ol war lariif bi p*r oM>h 44t mrerr *rtio:? of food* wm ?nrohiwo, w? ui faro* C?*U uc.aoririi . ti-'r 11*4' . Wi. * ?* *> .*"-i Iotb Sn !l * gPECIAL bargains "^7T- -. >4 H w? oat ?(2dM * SoZ.HS ' ' *4TOJUwHb t ,Tn > .* iwrTynST-* '>?? SUMMER RETREATS. W?:A BATHING AND ?AFK liKTRKxi, At Point 1,ook-Oct. Mautlanb. I Tina ce o at-1 iiatma* Place. mtuated at the <?f th?? Potomac River with the# t , A Ci?ewtj?a?lw Her, wili t>e opeued l?y theY|7T?i W nmJer?ien<vl <-n tiio 10th of June, ia th? I vary beet style, for a'l perione who may wish a* auiet rrtrwU, where they c*n nave the ! -n?-fit of t\? beet ?a't trsfer batting end enjoy the le.urxcic* of the w?tar, such as Fi?h of ail kinds, Ureters, *r?>>B,&o Every <t?seriptu>B of fishine tackle will be kept 1 for Hi a accommodation of xuest*. ' A fc::e it ?rj 8t?t> e kept on the Krtn A:?o, tec pmailejg and bil'iard saloons; with *!i r>tli9r imuaeinenta usual, y found at such plaors. fc The t^ble wiil he supplied daily with fresh veee!al>;es fio:u the garden on the premiers and from the Ha't?m'>re and Washington markets. The best Lisuora and Cifars will always be found attha bar. Hoard, ?2 per day; one week, ,?12; second week, 910; four w?ks for $34; children and colored servant ha!f-irriee. The steamer St. Nicholas leaves Washington Tn**1ay at 6 a m. and Baltimore on Friday at 4 p. ra The half past 2 o'cloo* p. m. tram from Washing >n will connect at Baltimore with the boats* reaching Point Lookout daily ; a so, a tn-weekly from Washington, by way of l.eonardtown Add'ess the proprietors, at Po.nt Lookout, Was!iin?ton. D O.. or Alegardria, \'a. ro n HRFLKHOWER Sc. CO . Prop'rs. DENTISTRY. Dr. 1'IMRLEft R. BOTELER, DENTIST, No. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. B?tween Ninth and Tenth 8treet? 1 aa ,\1 TEETH. iTl. LOO/IIS. M_ !>.. tlife inrrntor aad patented 1 oXtha MINERAL PLATi: TEETH, at r ter<ta pwaona !y at hi# offce .n tin* city.' Man* personanan wea' thaee teeth wiio*** ' 1 * taiiuut wear others, ac.l no person can wear others who cannot vear tiiefe. P^ iona ca'U: e at mr can be acoouimooated , with any at^e a^d pried of Teeth they may deaire; bnt to those wbo are partrouiar and viah the pureet. ' oieancit, at'nn*e*t, and mckt perfect dentare that ? art oan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Ri-cms m thia cr.j??*o. 3??? Pa.avenueLbetween 1 jut B.uu ii>ui 8.s. a.m, sui Aicn etrset, i'tii aiiel t ?hi&. oo IS tf } GAS FITTING, Ac. | Awm. T. DO VIS * CO. c k RE Nc-w ?reys,re<i to exeoate any erden -wttii irr-iCT they may t>e favored mth* ? ' s OK STfc-.AM FiTTIN# 1 btaiNKss. < (Zf Store on Ith stun.t,a :ew tloora north of Pa. aT?jH*. where t * 7 be fo'jrd a eomplete assortment of O'JANUKLIKa 1 otner ?Ai4, STEAMac4 < WA'fK" FlXTf'KFP- mr W a SNYDt:*, B. PLUMPER AND HAS FITTER, Has removed to the oorner or Twelfth and F sts. He>s propved to introuuoe kvater and Gas upon U<e most favorable terms, and cuarantiea entire a tie) actionHe i'M on huid a lot of COOKJN6 and other STOV? S, -jrh;an i?o will acll less than oo?t,as h# viji m wi <ei rid o." th??m. no 17 VI/ 6A8 FI1TIIKE9, ? I" Hav? in store, aal are 'a: y rei uvir;, ff.J5 fl XT UtiESoi cut INe* t'a'te'na and U?$ a?-J t'itutiti, sup*rn>'i j *'jn> t<? aiijthin* tieietuior# 9ffc? o i? thi? rcsrkot. Wo iirvite citizens centra' fr tr "J! r.nci examine onr rtneir ?f Ons an?T Water Fi* irn*:, fe^Ucg eonltdent that we have the b?et emoted stock in Washington. A.i Wor'iin the above line intrusted taeureai# will he promptly V>. ? SR3 A McfiHAN. 5*.r_l tf 3 i ft 0 ^rest. r\i ioa OF <)& AND &EALK3 M Oi fc* /;KR?. - <T:r.*ror, Jnlr tMTWF IS iil.KEJit t.lYHf, Tnat.arreevW totr.a 9r%?".ni?ias iftUo ordi oft^s yvi&t? -i> f/jfo/''! .* v il. Jr?-, v r ui.-'&r^n-iorf >? B< w |)T>p-.r I, ""wjiseave? r?*?uired in writh e, ai d ju pr>r?VT' M' Prtt'D of fit* ocrtr, to ini?f?ct. ujt*ile?>. tt*<, ?.r?>. , &r<'asoer<JLi> tfaf aotraevcf r?|ir;?t iC ufj m '.k>?si >n uw;at!tuoKr. -y .. >* ,?. 5 .% or. *? ?viU l>e coiut?fnued *5d U>. ?.~'J III- ??1 C-i lri'8 Wtli t* is iM '' >" t>> b# MKsnia sn its m-v.t >?* *, . ..* ?!! .'?? ?c:o-o?n*Jy, ? . r . .-> { -; >c. fr-.rtnUi r rj?t,ise?r Odd F?l. wr Svi.) <;? ???o:n8?- !a.. CHAitL.^'5 W. CUNNlNvBAM* I Be*) r of Meters. ( WALL- STEPH KNS .V- CO, ..'22 FSn??Tl.VA.NiA AVJCSUJC. ' MIi.ITARV AND NAVAL MMiOlANT T&ILOfiB. < AND KKADV-MADK CMUIULRb, *.NJ)KXi \:? I V h I ! I.KKiJ IN GF.NTLE- ? . iea's kuknishin<; goods, \ reC-lf (!*'?' Jt Keok. ?.) 1-T Y^CT1 II I L L I .U 1) b I , rtT LM Tiia lover* L of Iho GAME OF BILLIARDS will find in ' FMRIOHS FINK HALL. Coraw o feantjlnoia avtuus auil lUhitretti 1 ' (south ride,) two of the m-jpt admirable 1 TABI.Bb in the tailed State?,with every oomfurt and oor. vOTiif-coe ^ , 4? 3 tf ior the player*. IV OFFICERS AND SOLDIERS llREOlNG Any lend of Fancy an1 H'apte DRY ??OODS for the folk* at home are solicited to in sped our va?tatuckoi New Autumn and- Winter I k abrie*. An examination of ataok implies no obligation to purcn&se. une prioa only, ma-k?din plain figure*; therefore, ijo nirchascr is deceived. i PERKY A BROTHKR. Fa avenue and Nich Rt, s? a> 51 if "Ferry Building " WATCnREPAIRING ANOSILVER WARE AiAN UFACTOR V. I have one of the best netabhsiimonU, and furnished witn acmFle'e sot of toot* for repair Iv in? every dMnniM or fin4 Watfiiioa ?jv1 maaJ purkeutar attention pivn to the suae, by tua orl) oc-npstent workmac.and a. work 5.14*31! tied A-ino. evury de-?mp ian ol standard SD .VF R Wx R li. p run and ornament*.!, rim ufactnred untie? ?j ovn eupei vision, n?r euttturira will bnd r aupenor in $u*lifi and firwu to norti.ern *are ?o:d ty i?^?'ers :a ce..era! aid repr.-seritod &.j their o<c nar.atact-i'e. H. O. HOOD, > i tn* p. . T1M,f ; h- ^ 11ROi*j?AN HOTEL, MP* BY F. X L.Ai*tlyii. bt :na roruftr oi Penr. Aft . A arorue x&i Elcvoatn eC-eet, nao been C*i lisjioveyi roc. _i!? .? ! now offere-^431,1 ir*atei I :fo?or:*r.ta for the patronage of oitixo.ia Hid atif-a; m* than auy oii?at pub;io bona? in th* euj, a>? prr.G3 bcin< i?sa l.anthoaa of ur other not7 .1 Pe )u a**uje, ard iua atco nmodaUona ' r >r-~ ?x*. .. orlranwaat itoarama t-.uexoeytinnabio. f" a Li. *?4 rtotaaraut arrantinents of the Piiol h?r? iJreA !y berime very popa a being ail t! at can bs deeired by the moaf faa wtia. 'impropriator plediea nnrcrsiKed attr nt Oi aed cuntinuixl :iber?i nxacudituren to gi to aatlu .!:,anrt tiiua rete-ra iu? tarnation ' ai> to *.?? the European H?t*i a nail. de 4-ti WCOAL, AND WOOD. K Have on hand ani e -natantly recoivin* )ari?e qcaiiine* of all kind* of Coni, -which we are a-Miing at :o v priced fo* ?a?b. We hare now afioat loar cargoea We w|;i sell it at & oenta per ton lead wlien taken liireot from vt use!. Aiao, Oak, Hiokory and t'ijie Wood, at low p-ivog WARDKIt i&TKWART, a* J'- ti Corner M & k! Two ftn ?ta. ^jjUN BOATS Quartermaster OtntruTs Office, I Watkinfiun City, JhI* lf:,.13Sl.\ Plans ksv SrscmcaTiuns for bulla of Gun Hoata for the Wexterti rivora are on exhibition at this oi&oe, ^nd at o.'P.oea of Q :iartPi mantera at Pirtanurg. CinoinnMi, Mt. liOnia and Alton. Ikdlltn " J " V.VWW WW *rv ?|V li*OI OU bV V> <k< i U. FHO I Id ' *11 id H0 tent to UutiWrniMM of the United States at WnniBiion, by 1st Au gust, at iioou. W G. MKIOS, _ Jt 13 llri?. Gec'l and (Jnartt.rmaster Geii'l. IfNlON HAPfcR AND KNVKLOPK?.-Twen J ?y <.'itfererit styles of Note and Letter Paper, wtlii Luve yjie* tv match. Views <>f Washington id the form of a Rose,and id Hook forui i also, separate Alt tuo Daiij a- d Weesly Papers ooa?tantly on hand. Hera.d, Tim?-s, ac-1 Tribune received every bisht at 6 o'clock. Pr pers from all vats of the oountrt. bevl.e's Dime Novel* ana Bong Books. A IresL supply of Books lor summer readme, cheap * Urje ?4sortinfnt of Juveuilaf-M&yne Raid's Books. RoHo Books, Abbott s Histories Ac. A di?oouut ol V vl 'jogr.a uooks ma g National H.->,>fcsti?r<-. 27* i'a'av MAI'S OF TuK aCATOF WAR.-A splendid l?l Map i f theS^t o/ War for only ?oents. Als<?t Pocket M\p<? of &Jl kinds. Soldiers' Camp Lr ??siux Case* from A3 ft to At, Blank Hooks arid hiaiionerf of all lunds, Fla* Facer au>l liivnuixte ~ I'lui. Banners ?nd Virvaaf Wwtanjton, Amftnoau auu F->r?i<u Majaiinet, Dh!t aud Weo*4? i>***r\>RKNCH & RirH?TFJN'S Nat??<tiv Hnokttare, ml (lntai. 6 B*mM *i)? P*. arecua. WW K OFFER TO MILITARY M UN a large , I ?*k?rtBient of Ci RL V a <1 BLUF. F LAN N i X OVKR-HH1KT8, WHITE PHIRTS. DRAWERS, CAMP BLANKETS, HaLF ilOSt.Ao., wh oa w? mnt* all e&afc purchMcra to examm* Cefora m&fcJBf Ui?ir wlwUoi.i. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., 32* Fa a*., b?tve*u'J h ana loth ru. ! Mia m>o?r ami K??uh icau.) ' JVKW VOLUME BALZAC'S NOVKLB.-TUa I A!che?i?t, or tae Homo oi Ciaea; from the , French of Honor* d? BaJs&c. Frea l.j mail. fl. ' . AiJkA Mwdm, Uw w?av?r of Ravetoetbr 6n. E io(t, Lh? aatkor_pf "Adam Bad* " Proa trt mil rlKNCH et RICH3TBIN, w| " The j go rl if tit to the Spot/' N8TANT RELIEF STOP \OUR COUtiH PURIFY VOUR BREATH STRENGTHEN YOUR VOICE SPALDING'S PURIUT rnwPECTinws 1 U ? V il X VV il * " V A A v/ U I ill WOD FOR CLERGYMEN, GOOD FOR LECTURERS, <iOOD FOR PUBLIC SPEAKERS, GOOD FOR SINGERS, GOOD FOR CONSUMPTPTE8. GENTLEMEN CARRY SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. LADIES ARE DELIGHTED WITH SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. CHILDREN CRY FOR SPALDING'S THROAT CONFECTIONS. rhey relieve & Cough inst&ntly. rhffy clear the Throat. rhey give strength and volume to the voios. I'hey impart a deiioious aroma to the breath. rhey are delightful to the taste. rhey are made of simple herbs and cannot harm any one. I advise every one who has a Cough or a Husky Voice, or a Bad Breath, or any diflioolty of the 1'hroat, to get a paokage of my Thrrat Confeoions. They will relieve you luatantly, and you rill agree with me {hat "they go rirht to the spot.' k'ou will find them very usefa' and pleasant while raveling or attending public ireetings, for stilling rour Cough or allauns your thirst. If you try one >ackage I am ?afe in saying that you will ever af :*rvar<!s consider them indispensible. You will ind them at the Druggiits and Dealers in Medijhios. PRICK TWENTY FIVE CENTS. My signature is on each package. All others are )oui;lerfeit. A Package will be seflt by mail, prepaid, on re jeiptof ihirty Cents. Address, HKNHY C. SPALDINO, No. 4* CEI>AK 3TREKT, NKW YORK. ^icA. Jf- CURE * CURE <5NervousHeadacht: "4# JriSls ^ Headache. Iif ?r.e aseot Ui?ae Pi!i?the jenoito att*ek? ? Wtr?cM? or Su4 ri;*iia-Kt m?y he ."-evented; and I taken at tti* oommenooBieut of an fctiaok im?neltale relief fruit<! mnknws will obtained. Tkey aeidoiu fail in removing the ,V?n?? and Hfdeick* to wiac : fcinaio* are to aa)>j?at. They aot g"Dt r upon tlisLovoie,?remcvioj Cot I!??!/. tor Lil**-#?ry M<*. ...vJi*!', Delicate Femalee, all persona of wawtrary knbtfr, they are reliable as & Laxaitvs, improving the ?rP4H>*, gmeg on* ami e?*ef to the digestive oTgart, and re itoring the natural elasticity and c&retigih of the ehole ayatein. * The CEPHALIC are the reeult or long mveetigation and carefully oondnote^ experintorta, saving been in use many year*, during whioh time ih?y have praventod and relieved a vast amount ol Bain ?"i< ? n~u ?uu ui.niai iuiii neauacne, whether originating in the ntrvomt pyatera or from a deranged state of the tiomack. They are entirely vegetable in their oompoaltlon. and may betaken at ait times with perfeot safety without making any change of diet, mud ikt mbttut* <J any diiatrttcblt tittU rtndtrt it #??v i? udm-inistt ttum to cMidrtn. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS! The g?cuip? have fire aignaturea of Henry C. Bta'ding on each Box. Sold by Draggista and all other Dealem in Medi oinee. A Box will be cent by prepaid on reoetpta PRICE, 'J? CENTS. A!', erdera abo&M I- addrecsec to HENRY C. *PALD1N?, 4S Caiui StkXkt, Nkw Yoag. ft ' frtm tki Ezmmifttr, Norfolk,Tm, Opl.alto 1'i'Ia aooom?li?h the object for which thfly were made, vis: Cure of headache iaAil ita forma. ftm tkt Jftr/tUh They ba*e been in more than atknwu euu, with entire succeet. From tk* Dtmocr+t, i91, Oltmd, Mimm. If you are, or hare been troubled w ith the htadaohe. tend for a box. < O? Pills ,) so that yo? iuaT bare them iu ua?? of t attack, *Ve?? tk* W$utm H. R. Hmatitt, CkUag*, IU. We bearMly mioxv* Mr. Spaldin*, an< his l?nrailed Cephalic Pills, Pram tkt S<nttk*m Pmtk >t*d*r, Atw Orlmms, La. Try tnim ! ron that are afflioted. and'we are tin lliat your taatiiroDy can be added to the already cnmerouB list that ha* received Uenshta tut no other medicine can yror.noe, From tkt Atfitii, l/*9t/ip0rt, Jrm. Mr. ^patdinjr w<'nld not oonneot hUm.wt with au article he did not b*?tt Ic real merit. From Adttrliur, IVmtuUnm, M. J. The Cakhaiic Pills *.r? ??iH *? ?. r?.?? nTeotiv! renir<djr for the headaeae, aod one ef the ?orf b?4t for that *err freo?t whion haa ever been diaoov*rwl. Frtv* tie Si. Levis Dtm&t tt, The itnmonee demand for the trtMl* (OajkjUte f tile; ib tap; lly imirwMia*. From tht Emm?wX* Y*lUy SUs, Kam*vA?, To, We xza aurelhat pcrxcna a*iTennx with the heac ache, vrho lej tltom, w;li atiok to taen. FVCB4 U< iifvrtiNr, ?THUMM, A. 7. The teatimcrr in their favor la strong, frene the moat reapectab'M tnartera. From tit Dmily JVnei, Ntwr^rt, *. /. Cepliaiio Pilla are taking the piaaeofall kinds. From tk* Commtrci?i BulUtin, Bottom, M?i? Said to be very efflcacioua for the headaohe. From ik* Commtrtiml, Cinevtmmti, Ohio. gtitforint UnmaoitT can now be relieved. Iiy A tingle bottle of Spalding's Prepared Glue will uvt ten tiinei its ooat annually. SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! SPALDING'S PREPARED GLUE! BAVE THE PIECES! KCONOM Y! VIS FA TCH IE7""A Stitch in Tim* Savw Nik*." As &ooidenta will happen, eren in well reculatea r&knllns. It is desirable lo have some aheap indVonveri^nt way for repairing Furniture, Toy* Crockery, ko. m d a r nriu/na b u i.- n - n ? - ? V1 nui/jiivT u x ULtUJS bm?U all nob and no boaeeboid oa HR>rd to be witiiusl U. It u ready, ind lo the iUokiui point. "UBKFUL IN KVERY HOUSE." N. B.-A Bruali aooompaaioe eaofa BoMia. Prt? * A HKNRY C. SPALDING, No. 48 Cedar street. Now Yort CAUTION. "'I Aj certain mnprtaai^led feraoaa aroatt?yt1?tig ; ^ * ' PAWrtN^f PEBPARKI) 8L1E-0 r"*r^<?TT^ m# ? f / ? ' I r*" (W. Himwut. M/332!K te2!"?.,r_?frr Hmdtnt d+Mk * ' fu'iil'lMiUatl <* *> ?rm(*tiu, yulLUIMij t Catarrh, CUmr mmd nn wHSHHQF nrm?tk u> Uu v?tc? af ^GjiiiRSr PUBLIC 3PEAI KKB ^ ARB 9IN9EKS. ?F?V are aware of the importance of ekeokiEg ft Oongh or "Common Cold" in iU first iUuituI which in the beginin* woaid yield to ft aula remeil*, if net lecteri. soon attacks the Lungs. "Brtnm'i Brcmri,iii T^ockt" containing demnloent ingredients, allay Pulmonary and Bionohial Irritation. browns MocHEB ~ ?RsvimaeBIOWN'8 "1 recommend their ase to Pnui Bruuu." VKOCHE8 REV. B. H. CHAP1N. "Great service in subduing Hoaksb BROWN'S mi." REV. DANIEL WISE. fRiii'Hi.4 "Almost lr.staat rekef in the dis 8 treesing labor of breathing pecaiiai BROWN'S "> x. C. E6SLB8TON. TROCHES ^VUtfK' BROWN'S Cktmut. B.ltm. trocrbs t^rtsas fir* BROWN'S ?' 6- * B',KLWt. M0CHK9 " nr^'TANK, BROWN'S Bttm

TKOCHKS wiSiT^SS^.- ?""??' ' UROWN'S "" W' WROC.KS ^OSS^Z 0?"M tt BROWN'S ' *' 8* J' P* filfiJJ},, ! TROCHES " i? renoTinjr Hoaraenou and Irntauou of the Throat, ao BROWN'S oo^mon wil% Sruim and disaVROCHES *nL M- STACY JOHNSON. L% Ormmn, tfa. BROWN'S heFamafaCoIl^itherD TROCHES ''Stoat benefit when taken before And after preftahinf?*f they prevent BROWN'S Hoareeneea. From their plai effect, __ ????? I th>ak they will be of permanent adTROCHES vactace to me, REV. E. ROWLEY, A. M. BROWN'S President of Athena College, Tenn. "ocHE8l WKW&m'inszTi"* 1-1T l/MT !?S'jLMMJ1)7 MM JO 101 *fif HMAJ-TH. Frlead.4* ro* ?mf erf Are r?s the Tietl? ef M) ftaoeanameroaaamnecta whioh arise frem imparity ef the blood.' What ere tier, do roe ukf Rather ask. what are the/ set/ The blno-Ms the soiree ef life and health, and it le the tret element of oar beinc to respond to any eaaie which aSocta the system, ae the palae infallibly attoeta. f he ever prevail!.-!* Nearaljla, the irntatlcp Erysipelas, the sabtleSerefula, tbeatoruainf Rheumatism, Nervosa DehiHty, I)vepfpai?v, Liver Complaint with ita toraor and dejeouon. and the rvreberleca jilethat lean ia heir to, derive their hideous ousin from the blood. Deal klnciy then and >*ntly with the blood. Vie the Tiia'liiur reeoaroee of satire for iu aid. and ?i*ir aa to oorcmeci to year oonfidenoe ana lie that tral? ra:sable madJtcunant known m M US. M. com * INDIAN TKGMTABLM DECOCTION. With retard to ton almost infallible afeift* popular sentiment has spoken in decided Wine ana the evidences of this ereat cAoaey are sas tamed by oor.rtaut avowa?a ofcviatire eff?ote and th? h??pteat re*ulU from \iu ere are after an other remedira and the be-?t medical a!ril> hare failed. Let aa ear, id ctt^psiou, that c?rUfi?a*?a eirea are not aoBknt !Pvn the illiterate and tuptrtciai, but t^iey we volunteered from tbem-efre atootable sou roe j aad jurtnr the highest terms id which it ia aoaaibie to e-/:D:n--nd ao valuable a teciac to Mi/lio ?r/;cra!. Wo may add a'eo that theoaratue properties tf the raoik'oio are equalled oc!j by it* reetorativM5>ctii, the system recovering from disease-?itb ff'tevred oonatifcjtional rigor. For a*ie by a!! resp:*ctabie rnifgieu in thi? ltr, and by the proprietor, MilS. M. COX, tone ?eneine nnieo* her itTtf.t blown on the fcoH'e *n3 her aeai on the oork try Fnoe fcl ^er Dottle, an NHtiea for 9f. IR. S, if. C1SSEL. DrfKM eorjeto^q, 1?. CM wholsaale Acent for the Ijlatnot, and vi>! anypit the trade at my pneea. aa ii-?r Firemen's insurance company or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9400,000. QAci tormr C Itrut tod Lemnian* ?., **?r B*nk of Wtuktugton. INSURE houses anttother property against LOSS dy firk. dlllcto&s. Geo. Shfu-ina.l'er. Sniriml Rnriforr !ftmWf Croj>l?t," William Ucbard Jones, John D. Barclay. aoob Gideon, Andrew Rothwell, 'hos. Parker, Kishard Barry, II. B. French, Dr. o. Vv. Davis. No obarK* for Pohoies. JAMES ADAMS, President A??T. G. Path. Secretary. an P e<*w> Medical dkpartmknt of geurgeTOWN COLLEGE. IVafhingtim City. Comer of F and TicsJ/lA Strttit, SKesiori of lSfll-'63. FACULTY OF MEDICINE. noble young, M, D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Medietas. johnson eliot, m. d., Professor of Principles and Praotioe cf Sorcery. JAMES E MORGAN. M.D., Professor of Materia Melioa and Therapeutios. . J. M. SNYDER, M. D.. Professor 6f Obstetric* and Diseases of Women and Children. THOMAS ANT1SELL, M. D , Professor of Me*ical Chemistry, ToxtcoWy, and Physiology. J. E. w1llett, M D.. Demonstrator of Ar.ato.ny K- The chair of anatomy to be filled. * session will oommence on the 22d of Ootn her ?ud end in March following. For further information address JOHNSON ELIOT, M. 1)., Dean n( the Faculty, 408 F street. between 6th and TJi etg. au 6-lawtNovl* BUO#? AHx) SMUta . to ? !? VMS TIMES. We are now mannfaotaru g ait kinds of if^OTS and 8HOES, and constantly receiving a^j sspply of eastern made work of every de B^M ortttion, made expressly to order,and willw ] be eold at a muoh lower trice than nas been* wx heretofore oharged in una city for mich infer! er Persona In want of Boots acd Shoes of eastern w sity made work, will always find a good assortmea In store and at the lowest prices. Give ss a oall, R1FF1N * BRO., *? * tis P?T-f.??i?ems svonsa THL SUBSCRIBERS RESPECTFULLY A invite the attention of the Army aod Navy to their full ?upp!t of MILITARY ana NAVAL FURNISHING GOODS, such as Indigo Bine Cloths aod Doeskin*, sir Caps, Kpaulet?, Lfcoee, Shoulder Straps, Holts, Swords. Sword Knots, Caps, Hats, and all respective embroidery Also. th? oelebrated PATENT FILTERING CANTEEN. Orders in that line respectfully solieitod. n e i fir iu i v i mi m* a UV WV/il v> V/ ? N?val and Military Merohant Tailor?, jf 18 o< Jm 3*?a Wa. av.. iindtr Brown'? Hotel. RMY SUPPLIES. JUST RECEIVED? 480 cans 8AUSAU*. MEAT, 340 oans FRESH TOMATOES, 48>oau* FRESH VEAL, 360 cant 11 KEF. a la mode, 24 >cana KOAHT BEEF. 3H0can? i-RFSH MUTTON, u40 can# BEEFacd GKAVY, 240cant soUPanf BOL'ILLf, yiauet FRENCH DESmCATED VEGB TABLES. For tale at New York Factory ?nc??. KINO A BIRCRfcLL, ao 6 Corner I a?u Fifteenth ttreota H? TORY of tfa^Unitt^^oUitrlacda. by Jo ha Lothrot Motley; 8 vol*.; free by mail, $L The Rite of the Dntoh Republic, a L: story. by John Lcthrop Motley; Jvoa oioth; free by mail, Bum Marner, the Weaver ol Ravelol, by the anuaor of "Adam Bode " oioth Tffoenta ; paper fo "Kfc and Caretr of Major Andre, by Wlntrop fkrtnut' W1 j.jJfn&Sa s^SaffiWiartfffiE The fainuf&ot ureof Photopenic or Hydro-Carbon Oils, by ThomM AnUsell, M. D., 91.76. Any of the above free bj mail. _ FRENCH * RICHSTBIN, a? 3S tt7S Penna. avenee. QUNBOAT8 ?oa rai WESTERN RIVERS. QPA*T*RMi.8TJK SlKUll'a OTriC*. I Waski**to?, Jvmt 17,1861. ( . PaoroeaLs are invited for oonstraottag 6uboati u?on the Western rivers ;*p? cations wi!i he immediately prepared tad may be examined at the Qutr'ermamr's OAoe at Cinolcnau, Pit sbnrfcb.and at thisoffioe. rropoeals from boat nuil era tad engine-baild V alone will b? considered. Plans submitted by bidden irill betaken into consideration. M O. MEI63, )e 18 Quartermaster General United State W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received witiiui the last day or two a larre assortment of BOYS' SPRIN?^ CLOTHINS, embracing ail styles of low-priced, median, and fine tnaiitiM, which we are selling a t very low pr*oes tor oasb. ? ^ WALL. STEPHENS ft CO.. SttS Pa. av./between *h and!10th its. mW (Iptelliseeoegaed Kembhaan.l IV TRAVELING TRUNKS. ihi? wtr, ofimprmn* b?it Sole LMUherBsMl K^-bSJ, ^Scj^sTsnS" '"*'*"W. STEPHENS . CO, MW f r r?. , *?? Pnwi.amoiw. hMiOft ti#D fomwad^maomB in HmlHB' ESrSSP*-??ff TRAVELLERS* DIRECTORY. JJNITKD STATES MILITARY ROUTE. On and after Monday, Sep torn her B. 1MI, Pmsenier Train* between WASHINGTON BALTIMORE will ran aa follow*: TRAIN8 MOTING NORTH. Mornir.t Kip. eee leave WubiD|tul 6 A. a. Arrive at Baltimore 7 46 a., m. ; Philadeipiiia tSVr.a; New York6 p. Harna.urf t.14 r. * Mornin* Aooommodation leave Washingtoa 7M a.m. Arrive at Baltimore MO a. M.; Phi.adelplua 3 p * ; New York 8pm Evening F.xpre** Inn WmHnrton >J0 p. h. Arrive at Baltimore 4.1# p. x ; Pkuadelpnia 999 * m ; New York 3 a x. Kvenicf Acoommooation leave Waakjofton 149 p.m. Arrive at Baltimore 7 90 p.Harrlaburg A *' TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. iMV? n??Vnrk tl 1 t* Bi.Ti-J.ui.:. " ? ? ? ? .? ? BHPUWIflll* II9> 1? m.; Baltimore 3 45 p. m. Arrive at Waahiogton 5J? p. m. I.rave New York at ft p. x., Philadelphia 10 M p. m.: Baltimore 5 a. m. Arrive at Washington ft ?0 a. m. Aooommodat'on Trains leavs Baltimore at to a. m., and 5 p. m , and arrive at Waabutton io as a. m.,6 *s p. m. Paeaenger Trains leaving Washington at 7 SO a m. aod 2-5 p m., and Baltimore at i ?0 a. m and S.?ft p. m , make direot oonneotiona for Annapolis at the J a notion. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wash iacton at 6J6 a. m. and 3 p. m Pa?a?nf er Train* lea vice vVaahtngton at ft a. m. and 2.?t p. lb* aod Baltimore at ft a. m. and 346 p. w..? ?>vr vf**p >?> tww AlUI|f Jtnutxcm tt>; PaaceDcers a?* reqoeeti?d to take the 4?(cmffiorfarten Trains or the Recular Tonnn* Train, which wrl tave pstsenger oar attached. Trains will iMYethe Washington Depot prompt ly upcm enrd-timt Ail artiolea 01 freight (not contraband of war) will be transported over the line Regular Tonnage Trains will leavf Baltimore at 4* m wtre Wniningtnn at 3 90 p. m. By order of ice Secretary of War: R. F MORLEY,Genera' Manager. THOMAS H. CAN FIELD. Amtttnt Manager. SPECIAL NOTICE. SUNDAY TKAIN. Leave WASHINGTON at2.3np. m. for NEW YORK and PHILADELPHIA. From New Yori and Philadelphia, arriving ii Washington at 610 a. m. R. F MoRLEY, e?7 General Manager. rrwii bTRAM WEEKLY BkTWEEN NEW YORK AND LIVER POOL. Landing and embarking passengers at Queens town, Ireland The Liverpool. New ^ ork and Philadelphia , Btearnshi* Company intend dispatohiac their rail powered C]yd*-bmlt iron Steamship* a* foUowa: GLASGOW ,... traturcar, Angast 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE, " 10th. , KANGAROO. " " Bth. And every 5&tnrdar, at noon, from Pier 44, North , river. ATKt or PAaRASB. First Cabin #75 , Do. to London .? 9* Do. to Parle H6 Do. to Hambnrg 86 Steerage?.. _ . _ $*> l>o. to London 94 1 l?o. to i*a ii^. ...... Si Do. to Rumbnrc.. ... ... S5 Paaaencera foraarded to Havre. Bremen. Rot- i ! terdam, Antwerp, Aa , at reduoed thronch lares. i Persons wishing to brine out their friends can L bny tickets at low ratea. i r t-or further information apely at the Captains Office. JOHN tt. DAL' . Agent, 13 Broadway. N. V.. Or to Q. A. HERRING, A<iams Express Baltimore _IT?^INDIVIDUAL ENTERPRISE 1 LINK. I fifaRWM JT A crrw V i vn irrcrro M , rr f>0 ' r. Hi* SHORE STEAMERS. I "KENT," Cart. J H. R>rvu 'f/OJVESK.^Capt. W. Norman, < Will ran their route* a* followa, leavi> * Light reel, Ma timore, foot of Camden, at 7 o'olock A. , KF.NT?For Cambridge, Denton and Land'nga on Choptank river, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, retnrning every Tharedty and | . Monday. ' For Annapolia and Weet River, every TUESDAY and FRIDAY and returning tare day?. i PIONKF.R?For St. M 'onael'a an*! Km ton, via M'!e'? Hirer, every WEDNESDAY,and return the MM <iay. For Anr.apoli*, \\ e?t River, Cambridge, Oxford and Futon Point, every THURSDAY returLing l>y satne route on Friday For Annapolia. w?t River, St. Mtcb&H'aand ' Ea tm, via Mile's River Ferry, every SATURDAY, returning ere^y Mondav Dy nme route. ' Fare to Camtmdc*, Denton, Oxford and Faaton Point ? , fin ; Fare t" St Miohae.'sand Milea' River ground trip, Ml,* Id Ke to W eat River, (round trio, 91) . 1 an e to Aanapoli*(round tritTSoenta) 76 , MEALS EXTRA. I fr^ Freight tr.urt be arepalc. Wharf and Oftoe, L16HT ST., foot of Camden, Baltimore. C. R. CANNON. NORT?ERN ki9ehr central railway. SUPERINTENDENTS office,i Caxvxxt Station, Datimor*. May 18, l??. < Or and afler Sunday, May 19th. lffel. Train* on i the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY ar live and depart aa foMowa, until further ~notioa. TRAINS NORTH. i nArn r<pc u ?.?' *", m, i HaRRISBURG ACCOMMODATION at P. M. i I The 8.16 A. M. train oobdwU at Relay Hoim j with trams on the Western Maryland Railroad; ' at Hanover Jarotion with Hanover and UetUbur* Ra-lroadf; at York with York and Wriihtaviile I Railroad; at Harr.nburj with Pennsylvania Rail- i road fur ail parta of the Weat, also with Lebannon Valley Railroad to JVm York d*rtei; at Northum i beri&nd with L. and B. Wait road for Kincston and ail farts of VVrooming Vadej_And at *OLburj with ?e Phi.adelphia and Erie Railroad lor all parta orthern Pennsylvania and New York. I The 3 30 P. M train makes all the above oonneotions except Hanover Kailroad, WYi?htsville Railroad and the Lebannon VaJ1?y Railroad TneaP. M train make* oonnrctions with Penn I ST;vania Railroad for all parts of tha Wast,and direct oonneots for New York. I TRAINS ARRIYM. Mail at 10 P M.; Exp rem at 7 ?t A.M.; Harmbarr Accommodation at 2.43 P. M. For Tickets and information inqaire at tha Tioket Office, Calvert Station, Haiti mora. J. C. CLARK. Bopt. I _ LEA VK PHILADELPHIA FOR NEW YORK. The Camden and A hi boy and Philadelphia aad Iowa: At 6 AM , via Camden and Am boy, (C. and A. Aocomraod&tior..) At8 A. M , via Camden and Joraer Citv. lit. J. Accommodation.) At 8 A^ M.,^via Camden and Jere^ Ctty.iMornAtClU A. M . Tia Kensington and Jersey Oity, (Waters Express.) At 12)* P. la Camden and Amboy,( AooommoI dation.) At IF M., via Camden aad Am boy, (C. and A. Kiyrtfi.) At m P M., via Kensington aad Jersey City, (Evening Exprees.) At P M , rla Kensington and Jersey City, (Seoond Class Ticket.) . At6 P.M., viaCaindan and Jersey City, (Evening Mail.) t UK P. M., via Camden and Jersey C.ty.(Southern Mail.) . At6 P.M., via Ca.radPu and Amboy,(Aooorr rnoration, (rei|.ht and passenger, First Claas Ticket.) : Second Cia*? Tiokftl. Ti>e 6 P. M M2.1l Train ritr.s daily. The ILK P. M. Ma?l, Saturdays excepted I For Delvidere, Laston. LambertviUe, Fleming ton, *0., at 7.10 A. M; ana 4>? p. M., from KesFV>r Water Gap. Stroudsburg,Scranton.Wllkeeharre.Montrose, Great Bend, fee., at 7.10 A. Mfrom K*miniu>D, via Delaware, Laokavanna and . Western Railroad. 1 For Manoh Chunk. All?> Mi -? fcf^to*urTHo/.yat?and? A. M. aad I and 4M S Eor Freehold at A.. M. and S P. M. _ ! Jv. k ?.-tfSK? j FarVa mTr&WRiy?'rtg?, pelanoo, Bevwly.JtarliactoB, Florenneoo, Borden to vn, fca* at IXfc, I, WJD^ For Naw York aad War Llnw. learta* lssiiMS&fSS\E ayj28?? care ran inta Uie depot, aad on arrival of traia raa from the depot. Fifty pounda of bacface only allowed toeacb a?aafir. Pa-aaeusemare prohibited from taking si rtas ' SSttvxrZ, extra. The eomgaay limit their reeponeiaility Cor bagcace to one <tol ar por poui d, and anil not be liable for any amoaet beyond one hood red dollar*, except by ep??o.?. oontraot. WM R CtT?uurn a 1 filmi ba^?,|na^IK> Ob ud after Mat Mti, 1861, tks tr?iaa ill run a follows, vi??Mtw Csadra StUos, B?famore.-Mul, ?sxMpt Sunday,; at 4. J0 A *TKiMl WAV SiMVuaua. BotwMn B*mmor? and riadmont uki tk? A. M. Tf?in; b*tvm PiMmoatudWhiffik|tek? A* coMMpda^ioc Tp^roon<JM*.<?A. ^ / ?!f?Tfk L.M.C Jt%%?t fiSR?S?rt. Jew esarassssissf.? Tv Taosm* T- NOTICE TO T*AVKLK?S. W EurmtS2^iSSSitfS4 tei@^m^s5SFs *e^<ok ?. ?r lwroedUtea ?A?r t)|*im?? ?( U? W*IKinfU)C Train, wrwob ImtmWiUici ttKti'e oct f. m. B?-tf M - M ?u? *??'? >? PHILAnKLPHIA. WILr feffinitiMifc: SPR1X9 AND SrMAIKh Ahl. AStiKMMST. ?u ami alter 1UWI?AT ?a* Utn, |^t?i|f: Tiwia? lor'atn* will .cava f r*?4*?t atreet l>ejot da* j (exce?t haa-iara >a? foUowe. vt* Kxpree* rr-io atfli A. M \v?, Mail Tfiaat MA A. M.; EveniM Ma. at 445 o'olook. <> $rS PAY** at 4 48 P. M. oni*. AH train* comntet wjtU Nfa York traina except 4 46 p. k!> tra.o oi BtUr A Freight Traia with p**ecnjer oar attMhe leave* at 5 P. M . *u ppiiu at all btau. ru betwev Uaitmioreacd Havre dc-br*??. PaMW?>ri fvr Delaware ard the Ka*tara ?A< of Mamaari will Cad the mo?t expeditu a* roate i ? way ofW = >n?a?lon. ItTAll Colored Peraoai Met five boai before WM C?AWrOKD.?.~ _^^^_,OBKAT CKNTRALROl'TE Ff)R HKthK WKBT.rt* HtDlOH rjr RAlLKOA O fijkw YOKK K vTKAL HAJI KOAp. Kxpeeee Tratne leave New \;>rk etr aepote of Hed?.>r. River ftai.roe daily. Bandar* axoeptad, lol owe s From Cham hen atreet Frew Slat at station. At 7 00 a m At 7 iS a m 1100*' foopm 1* * >??B jy p m _ . 3 56 p ? Moctnai aod Buffalo Traia with el**pn? oar*. 9.'4 am IjSfa Conceotinc at Albany with the Now York Can tral Railroad for Sobeneotady. R' ot eete'jV tica Batavia. Rome, and etabona ?e Rome and W*tertows Railrra-i, Hnffaio. Brraaaea, Ni?irara Fall*. Mnenai"ti Bridge. A ahum. Gcr??va.Cataad*i?aa Tr& n* in oonnection leave Buffa'o a to Saipv ._ ? - . i _ i ui r?- ? - - * uuu vw !.? ? oiwr, d: na.'? Br>C i ate HUrOB ar?l Gr?at Weaters Ryl'otd, for Hamilton, Tor<-*it<>, Detroit, Chicac?>. Toledo. Miivaukie. Fob Do Lao. La Caoaae, wii^c. Frame l>u Cnlen, Ga *na. Danleitb. Dubuque. Peoria. R-c? It land, M**c? tine, Iowa Cit?. Bur4ustor.. i^uincv. Serinafiei i. Altos, 9C Louie. Cairo, Terre Haste, lrdtaoaitolia. Losiaville,Cincinnati. l-a*ton. Cc.lau.bti*. Cl?ve (and, and al'. point* W est, Northweet a<>d South ***** NORTHERN ROUTE. Conneetinr With Trains at Troy, with Tro* A Boatoo and Ken*. k }*%r*toira Road* for r*ar?t<>fa. Whitehall. Rutland, Burlington, t*L Alb#:*, Ros-e Point, Piatt?Nur<h, 0*dei.i Uiifh, Montreal, Ac , Jto H7- Freight Arrangement* by thi? ronte aa above, without chance of Ca-a, ?ros> ine ixpof* i>. Chamber* and Canal atre*ta. are at ail times aa fererabl* aa made by o?h r Railroad Coispa>M?*. The facilitie* ofthia rreat New York K' -nU.'otl.West cooimen 1 it to the oer (idenoe of n.e:chanr* an ah ppera ior promptness and di?pa?ch Paaaecifr 'raica. with Hmokin* anil Sleepr t Cara roc in coi.nection on the New Yoik Cen \ Road. For particular* aa to local traisa and freight ar ranfementa, inquire at th* depot. $*? War-eu rt A. F. BMITH. Ssyeriatesdest. | U l* GOVKRNMKNT LINK ^*EhmJ*TO FORT MOXROK aSD Ol h poikt comPoht. Lmtn the lower end of UNION DOCK.Ba.?i m?re, wast side, I'AILY, <Puudars lecl'iaed. t aDgo'olrek P. M. t*i iLf p*.s ?erc>?r? ?rd [eight. ?n i ixmneotinx with the Rai!rc.*d iinrs to and f um Washington. l).C., Phiad"1 ph:a. New York. F~* ton, York, Harnsbsrf, Pittsharc. Pa, and ?i c Wait, immediate!! af er lb? arnva* of the Kxpre**, Train from New Yoik and Philadelphia. The following is the Sobedn?e : From New York to Fort M^roe aao back. ?'? Prom Ph;laaelph a and hack i l<< Prom Baltimore ana hack. JfCy PROCURE VOL* TIOIKTi*^Jl In New the New Jersey Ra<lru?<l Office foot of Coartland street. ? In Phi.adeipbia, at the Company's r|*>oe. N. W. sorner of (*ixih ntd Chestnut ?lr.v?i*,or at M e Depot. Broad and Pr'm? atweta. 1 la Uiltimore, ou l> >ard U>e Steamer* foot of Union Dock. HUGH OCONM K. Passenger Aft' _a .NEW VOI. K. HARI.l.M AND ALBANY KA1LROAII. LEAYl NEW YOHK FOP ALBANY,TRO\, N< ?KTH ANU W>hY. SUMMER AFKANCKMRNT Conjmenci ut Monda?, May ?Tth. )8"l For Abauy?Hw a. m. fast exp'rss iram lr< 2A street. For Dorer Piwre?4!? p. iu atoppu-g a' W auik and sulcus north U> Dwvsr p.aiaa?ire Lb street station. (This train will ran to Millerton ever? fata!/** malBi.) For Croton Falls?fci6a. m. stopping ?t a'i sti tions north of Fordham I rem 3(V?ri atreet station. For W Lite Pla.u??S^, 4. in and fcitn p c.tup pins at all stations lrom Xth street siaUvn. For White Plair.e-A:-6 a. sn. stop?ing at a'i s?% tions from White ?treet station. For Williams Brirff e-ijn, 11:15 a. i?. and :*" p. m stopping at all stations from rrtk street siatr. r,. Roturr.nj will laava? A .t^Ey?WW a. a. :ast expreas train. Dover P,a?ns-&*? a. m. (This t?ain leaves Mil lerton ererr Monday morning at A a. m.) Whftr r.a'ins-^i<"7."?0 a. ro. ii'9 A "> ? p. m. WiHiaau Bridge?>#i. m. A !:<* p. m Suii<ia? trains will leave ?th Avenue onrti*T. 1 tIWL fr>r iVntri! ?>rk JJ- ? - -t k I * V/IHTIi V, I>?l Olll m" - ' Hick Bridge e?erj f*w inmate*, from M? a. m. : *<*? >. JOtiN nURCHlLL. A?>t N?p'?. (^^NCW YORK AND ERIE RAIL I^PHRh road Pundit Train* leave v?a p%v?. nia Ferry and Look l>ock, from foot ?l Cum ei New York. M frllowe, tie : 7.00 a. m . KX hi; Er<!> for Dunkirk, and BcfT* and principal interna fife 8tAH"nr oea. m, MAIL,for lonfcira. aao latormedr Biatiote?Tbi? Trait! rmnii *?# a gUat Kir and aruoeeoa the next ir>o, - hi 9.(w a m.. MILK rfaii.,f<r Ouaville, and ia,tmMi&te Stfttioiif. II0# *. m , ACCOM MODATION, daily. for f J?m vid p inoip* f*ta>?on? 4 00 p. m . WA , for Middletowr, Newbnrt ard intermediate Ftatior ?. 640 p.m.. MIGHT hXPR ESS. da r. for 1) ? kirk, DnffrJo, Cara idaituaajd prim-ip* Mano Tbe Tram of S*;ai?iay nop- at all Mai. 1rn V Stall on , a>." rune oel> t" E in. ra L on p. us.. A*ro.VM<?UATJO>Jor Horc??Ti: e, M and pnaeiaa! 8ta?orx l CB *8. MINOT, Gaol Snpt. 1 NATHANIEL MARSH. Peo*?v?r. m . FOR BOSTON VIA N EW POR T AND FALL RIVER. By be KBleeOid aupencr I Steamer METRyH'Lf*. E"?PiRK SI A H BAY STATE, and STATE OF MAInK. < f crrttt atr?B(tb and caeed, Hu particctarly adapt-d to V navigation of I>>ti la.and ftoead, msaii>c " I Lee; on with the Fait K iter a>d O d Colony Ra. I road. diatA..o? of SB uiilca oajy to Boatna fl Lea re pier No. ft Fo'thHiter near U>? JBaite ? I TheBtoaroer EMPIRE t?f ATE.Caft Brayt I Mondara, Wednesday*, and Friday*, at o'ol? * I P.M., toaohint at ^nrjoft ?*?k waj. g Tne BUa^er METROPOLi:*. Capt. Brown. I Tneadaye. Thursdays. and BatnrOa* s, M t o'c\ lk P M., loeotains at Ne-w>>rt ?acti way. TMn (MaMitOi are fitted ntk eonodimi state room?. and every arrant emeat for the securi tr and cx in'orl of pa?e*>cr*rs. who are a?t>r<Jf d I t this roote a nights' red onward ant* *aarcn' at railvivar prooaail p?r Htaaabutt Train.react lof Bf,?toc early the foUowin* mornta* : Or au remain on board nnti! startiac of the AaaniriniHit Hon at ( A. M., by which taey my react: ii<>et n about 8.46 A. M. A baficace master it atta^heo to mah stean,?-, who receive* and tiokets the baggage. and aocoi. panie* the ram* to ita donation. A steamer rat s in oouu?otion with tine Line h* Bandars all River a&d Pro*ideno? daily, ex or; l Freitht to Bostoa ie forwarded tfcroash Willi sreai ditpatcii by an Kxpres* TVsia, whiob iea\"? rail Kiverever? mormut, tMftoays excepted, a*. TS( o'clook for Doeton and New Bed!or?i, arnr .< at its deetiaaUun a: * t <??t 11AM Forfreuhtor pa*sar<>. app y u* board, or at t ? < fhoe on Pier No.S North H.w Persian rooi.s and berth* apply on hoard, or if Jeeired to eecse them la advtnce, to % H M B()RDtN,A|'( 70 and 71 VV est street. N. V^ " and PKOtlDKNCK, rUK TON?talacd Rowte?The aaorteet aad acttli ras-i' Wu i^ra?,ln oont.t-ction^sri^^ ths e'ophicV)na|'d , It North River, at ( o^bIoST'^' M *> I Groton atajD o'clock t. M.. or o* tW arri** lb Mail Train wkiou t*a*<B Boatoa h i? P. M. The PLY MOUTH *OCK.fro? Tigm YcrkMoDdaf, Wpcjmj*?, aw t nday. From Gr? tot-Tu 1i?. , I r L Ml?J , ?.Lc: KaiurCM. JTkaOOMM'ONWEAl TH.TrowN? Torkftmi'iib bwt wudb miiw wm miiro^ ' Prov,d*?oa Bi.c Ij .?u :c f,.r E*pr??? Mail 1 Triu, reaching *a*4 p^m in idnw ?ftbe<> by roufeM.aid ia lor * i Uw?r? Mr rut. i 1 .l<>? ooi>aoUn? N?rth 'insist ' i?? *nier? that ffoi It, raoiatB ospoB'd U.9 ssi'Trcr..r* m||B>jNa(nai at Pwt>?h vttk ia* i?" A M. Trauifor r. F? r* iri?* I-rovt4e?o* U> Ncwrort, FiJtr <*?' A baf (Ac* maiter aooxnpuiM th?ll||a'.i<- mwI ITfMA?fcoh Vfty. For Pataac*, B*rtLv Stat* Eoobbb, mt trc^bl. *9*if op boar# th* or at tit* Fr*igbt CHftoa, Pinr U Nortt B T^r, or at tfcr ?4 tacCrmpanr-No. 119 \a ??t t-**t,e<r?er W?art landBtt?a Nrw Y?rt. P?h.M. >B?l. MIMTA1Y HOOK*. r KENCM A KiCHsTiKN har*>aal raocirM a nwrtilif fWWiry ?"- ? "fSVedition ***""'' .*" I T^SsSciiirtyfc.'- I Gn^ . *1''1'*r* * ""? '?* tmgmn ? - | fto'KTKrtTar tkm W 1 kit book of iMtrectioB te t?e L. S, Ispuivj : " """WliljlitW^.nv J I

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