Newspaper of Evening Star, December 4, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 4, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Kriii Dvscitrrio* tiecutrd with a?*tnt? tod dlspttch oQ application it tb? *TAR OFFICE. At tt?e Lowwt Cash Prima. Satisfaction guarantied. no 2Mf LOCAL NEWS. ~ mlltiire 0* thi Bo&id r? Ticitiu o? Pr?lic School* .?Tbe Board of Public School Trustees wt In tbe Aldermen'* chamber at tbe City Hall ytHtrdty aflernooo, Mayor Wallach presiding. Report* of teachers for tbe month of November were received. The President announced the followtn? llat of appointment* on the standing committees Examination of teachers?Messrs. VValah. Utermehle, Wilson and Ell s On books?Messrs. Miller, Wight. Larcombe and Holmead. On rules?Messrs Harbaugh, Casaell, Rlckett* and Steaart Congress?Messrs Holmead, Wight, Larcombe and Miller. Payments of several approved account* was ordered. Mr Harbaugh presented a number of copies of a directory of tbe public schools In book form, pirparru uy orart OI 1D6 ill Ddra, COniftiniOg the acts rf to* Corporation la relation to the public schools, tbe rulra of order for the government of tbe meetings of tbe Board of Trustee*, a list of tbe public schools, names of tbe teachers and location, a list of books to be used In tbe public cboots, rules for tbe government of tbe public eeboote, fce A resolution, that tbe committee on music be mnested to Inqutre Into tbe expediency of modi* fy'ng " tbe rale''' which renders tbe study of nosle obligatory on all tbe pupils of tbe public acboola. was adopted. Mr Harbaush aald he bad been waited on bv a committee of the Assembly church, for permission to bold a festival in tbe school room of Primary School No. 1, of tbe second district (In the basement of tbe church), during tbe Christmas hoi days. Permission was grsnted. Mr Harbnngb (late treasurer) asked for tbe appointment of a committee to examine tbe entries In bis books since the 1st of July last Adopted; and the Chair appointed Me*S'S. VValsb, Larcombe and Ellla. A resolution, to suggest to the City Cornells a change in tbe location of a primary school-house for the erection of which an appropriation was made by tbe Councils, was passed It was resolved that tbe meetings of the board be held on tbe first Tuesday of each month, as heretofore Adjourned. HoaaiaLs R*ri Cast?Yesterday morning, Patrolman Pendle was called upon to arrest a German named August in Frank, upon a charge cf rape He was taken before Justice Barnarjo, wh-n It appeared tbat bis victims were two I'ftle f lrli, children of Mr J"*epb Gotsb^ek, residing n F warn poodle, the one lee years, tbe other an Infantof only fourteen months of age Tbe act was committed last Friday, but he escaped, and was nnt nntil bmU^sb ? ?tl-? -0 ? - . ...... jv. ?>UUT. UC IllWlUCI OI IOC children, on pointing tor scoundrel out to her husband, had great dtfllcalty in restraining him from killing Frank upon the ?pot The derails of the evidence are too disgusting to be made public. The caae ?ru no clearly proven that Justice Barnaclo and the patrolmen by strenuous exertion* only saved him from the Indignant crowd at the office, where it was propoatd to lynch him on the spot. He was sent to jail for trial at the Criminal Court cmimixal Cobbt ?Yesterday morning the case of Benjamin Luckett. Indicted for a**iult aod battery with Intent to kill, was postponed until to-dav Samuel Spalding, against whom there were two indictments for an assault and ba'terv with Intent to kill two soldiers?Robert Thompson and John Tlmoray, sf C"1 Small's regiment?on the 85th day of June last, was found not guilty In both caae*. The assaulted parties in these case* ?re with their regiment, out of the District. Bua'ness will probably be tauch delayed before this court in consequence of nrany of the witnesses summoned, snd parties to be tried, having entered the service of the Government aa soldiers. teams'ers, fcc., and baring been ordered out of the District on duty, are returned no? *st. Shot ?Ob Punday night, between 0 and 7 o'clock, Mr. James Mart, laborer, corner of L street north and New Jersey avenue, waa sbot at bia own door by Lieut. Hogan, company O, 1st Long Island Regiment According to report, Lieut Hogan entered the bouae, accompanied by a aquad of m?n, to get a light, and while there saw a man wearing an army fatigue jacket, and questioned the pirtv as to what business he bad with the jacket. The wearer aald it was given blm by one Michael Foren (then present) who bad received it while serving as a three months' volunteer In the 25th Pennsylvania Regiment A difficulty sprung up between tbe parties and Lieut Hogan, who appeared to belaboring under much excitement, fired several shots from a revolver, one taking effect In tbe leg of Murt, the ball lodging la the hip, making a dangerous wound. A CoutkiD Camp Robs** ?Vest*?dav. Vwt Cronln. of tb? Metropolitan police, with officer Kimball, arretted B F Jobn*on, colored, a servant of tbe postmaster of the 1st Lone Island N. Y. Regiment, who was charged with stealing fundi deposited with hla employer to be transmitted to the families of tbe soldiers per Adams' Eipresa. Upon searching blm, $190 in Treasury note*, a draft for S3*J on L Johnson A Co , and a quantity of coin, were found; and also a gold watch and a quantity of new and costly clothing, which be had recently purchased. He was a smart servant, and considered trustworthy. He was fully committed far Court by Justice Donn W m Thompson, wbo was arrested st the same Mm*, was honorably acquitted, there being no ( evidence whatever of any complicity on hla part < with Johnson. A SuerLAK Liqro* Establishxijit.?Yesterday afternoon, Catharine O'Nsll, a smart, active , little woman from tbe Northern Liberties, was ( taken try the Provost Guard In tbe county and carried before Justice Dona, charged with sell (i uk ii^uui io?uni?e i. r ruiu i?r r?iarncf ci me efleer of the guard, It appeared that when tak^n her dlmenatona were considerably larger than when *be reacbed the office. Tbta sudden Ailing away waa acc >unted f-t by the officer, who teatlflrd to her having nine bottlea of liquor atrung around her under her clothea In a manner resembling a bustle Tbeae being removed by the guard, caoaed a sudden diminution of her pro* 1 portions. She was held to security for court. Pbovost Ucaan Assist*.?Yesterday, Mr. Henry Johns was Isken before Justice Do on by | tbe Provost Guard, havlnr been arrested for aellIne liquor to aoldlere. Tne selling of liquor to a i sold er was clearly shown, by tbe erldence of tbe ' man who bought it; but tbe purchase waa made near Arlington Hetghta, In Virginia. This raised the queation of jurisdiction. Tbe magistrate was i about to return the caae to the Provoat Marshal. < but tbe defendant waived the plea for tbe present, and gave ball tor court. Conrai Sbryar was also ?T-?ud by the Provoet Gua d In tbe county, for like offenae, and held to bell for court. , Police RirotTs ?Tbe patrolmen of tbe Fourth Ward reported tbe following ciiea dtapoaed of In tbelr dlatrlctoa Monday:?Geo Mack, for s? 111 ng . |o-d? by sample, was fined 66, by Juattr* waiter John Horseman, charge of larceny; dismlned by Justice Donn Geo Magee, aoldler | drunk and dlaorderly; turned over to tbe military Tbomas Johnson, do ; aent to jail for 84 hour* for contempt by Justice Walter. Michael McMay, Win D1 Urn*n, Thoa Pettyplace,drunk; i turned over to tbe military. Jaa. Morris**. Jno. Mullen, aaaault and battery, do. The Cohciit To-ihoht ?Tbe concert of Mrs. Cecilia Young, announced for to night at tbe 13th street Baptist Cnurch, blda fair to be a moat late- < reatlng musical entertainment. Mr*. Young'a blgblv cultivated vocal powera have often thrilled chorea audlencea la tbta city as exerclaed la aacred music, and on to-ntgbt ner abilities are to be - ? - * -a ? _ *a? -w -1 -? m# 4?amaHe aiipi?t?a la ta? cbuiwh nmMv ? ......? song she will be aided, also, by eminent mualcal talent, aj will be area br the programme elaewhere A Fi*??Bmrtud to Dftk ?Oa Monday night, a fire occurred la tbe vicinity of Tennallvtown. It proved to be a fodder-hooae on tbe farm of a Mr M?gee. Tbe body of one of the Anderaon Zjuavri waa found in tbe rsmalna of tbe conflafration, partially conaumed. It 1? thought tbat e crept into tbe fodder-house drunk, and firing It with bla pipe, waa unable to extricate himself. Sbvbsth W a a d Polici ?Tbe report of tbe Crrolmen tbla morning Is as follows: Bllxa Ali. Samuel Allen, Joe Alloa, drank and disorderly, fined S3 91 each. Jaa Middleton, aoldier, disorderly; turned over to the military. Hannan Shllee, aaaault and battery oa hit wife; Jail for roort. Pat M'dlgan, drank and disorderly; fined K M .Noah Duuglaaa, disturbing church earvlct; filed $S M. Ciacctt Cocar ?Mr Robert J. Brent, counsel for tbe defendant la tbe case ot Jonas De' mott. ?u f?MgM replying to tbe argument ?i como^l for pUlatlff, aval oat the Ina'.ructiooa prayed for by him. Tbbatbb -To-night Mr owru u " Dr. Ftoglcm" la " r he Hair at Law," and at "Couain Jo*" la "The Rough Diamond " Mlaa Deal* nlao appeara la both pleeea. takinf cfearactrra of '-Cicely Hoa^apua" and "Cooata Margery OaraxRa' Cooat la r ntrnmaat of tha indiapoaltioa of Judge Parcel),who vu to* aaweli lo attend yeaterday, thla court will not be haid until Saturday 3>iriBi atar performer*, with a programme of novelty and fan, render Odd Fellow*' JUlie??e< the moat attractive' pUeea of amuaem??t tattoem PuiMFToav?Since the District regiment, j Col. Tilt, hu bee^ assigned to doty on the line ; of the railroad frenr. this city to s point near Belts- ' Me, the order la relation to selling liquor to soldiers has been strictly enforced. Yest-rdsv morning, an anil occurred at Bladensbarg which ftilly convinced tbe dealers there that the new Board were la earnest Several officers of tbe LH strict reel meat went to B lad sns burg to lo^k for -?me of their men, and at Salt's tae*rn met a soldier of a Pennsylvania regiment coming out with two canteens around his neck, which were filled with whisky The* took these to empty tbem, which csnsed a ec'-ffl?; and the proprietor called for bis gun. One of the officers promptly drew bis pUtol, and pointing It at tbe soldier's hesd fired, the bill passing through the man's cap.ind the burning wsd sticking in bis hair Vinrnt h(a and mtmmKU M * Hi* 1VI ?>W M ? *- %? U i |VICUC?U WUI C* what. The soldier was completely prostrated with fright. Tbe man who called 'for hi* gun was threatened with death as soon as the gun arrived; and he was as bidly scared as the soldier, and begged that nothing more would be done, and prosalsed never to aell a drop to soldiers *g?ln. Svnnsif Diaths ?About five o'clock yesterday afternoon, Patrolman Wilson found on the Capitol wall a man apparently In advlng condition. Hs is sjp posed to have been suffering from an attack of apoplexy. He was Immediately taken to Mr. Wiley's drug store, corner of 3d street and Pennsylvania avenue, where he soon afterwards died 'Mr M White, undertaker, took charge of tbe body. It has been ascertained thst he was a German Known bv the name of Estolle. There was a deqa body found In the 4th Ward l?st night, which has since been identified as that afFortius Stell. The cause of his death hss net ocen ascertained uii iwo Drotbera look charge of the body. CiNTlAL OVAKDBOCIB Casks? Btjort Justice Thompson ? John Ryan, drunk and disorderly; 1 fc J. Norward, disorderly; dismissed Chan Smith, drunk: SI M Samuel f-arren, colored, out after hours; 91 56 James Corning, drunk; turned over to the military Dennia Murphy, disorderly; dismissed Peter Flaherty, suspicious circumstance*, dismissed. The arrests were two by the Second, three by the Third, and two by the Fourth Ward patrolmen. Thirteen lodgers were accommodated ; Sivopla* Cask.?Officers Miller and Wilson, of the Fifth W ard. were called on last night ab"ut 9 o'clock by Patrick Sullivan, tavern keeper, corner of First street west snd C street, to tate a soldier from bis houae who waa believed to be in a aying condition Tbey went there and found the man apeechleaa and unable to give hi* name. Tbev weie conveying blm to the guardhouse, and bad proceeded a considerable diatanre, when tbey met tbe Provoat Guard, wbo at once took charge of blm, be being a soldier. Flaa on thi ViaoiniA Shoh* ? Last night, between 8 and 9 o'clock, a brilliant llgbt In tbe southern sky caused an alarm of Are. Tbe firemen were soon out wt'h tbeir available apparatus, and went as far aa tbe Long Brikge, wtere tbey were turned back by the guard The fire wa? supposed to be at the bone-boiling establishment of taeaara. Jones, Wonnel & Co , on tbe Virginia ahore. Ms. John Ckowlst, whose graceful facility witb p-n and pencil have won for blm witb bia patrona the title of 41 Prinw of Card Writers," la at bia old stand. National Hotel, for tbe season, where members of Congresa military men, and all desiring beautifully written vlaitlng cards at reaaonable ratea will do well to pay hiin a call. Thb Caktsbbvby Hall entertainments continue to attract crowds by their freshness and the spirit with which they are enacted. A capital bill to-night. To-right, the laat of King's National Circus l? Georgetown, will doubtless be improvrd bv Wf neighbors, in witnessing the wonderful feats of this troupe. Dischabobv ?Over one hundred employees about the Government stock yards and stables In the First Ward have been discharged within the last day or two Fob Bbttbb, to* Wobsb?A Charming I.or* Story?From ? Temple Bar."?"It is that rare thing, a well-told love story. Free from sickly sentimentality, yet full of romance,' For Better, for Worse,' Is a masterpiece of its kind; and say what you will, there is no theme wbtcb, when rigbtlv told, is as absorbing as first love. No 'sensation' story Is more fascinating than this, { yet unlike such stories, ' For Better, for Worse' is uot exaggerated. The characters of the three LI ...4 Psu.l a r ? iuAiciian, ana urtce, are aamirably contrasted; the reader hardly knowa who to admire the moat, though Margaret, perhaps, will | generally be the favorite. Tho novel closes with i smiles and sunshine, as all good love stories i should Even the marriage of Ethel, which, at 1 first, threatens to make both her and Philip miserable for life, proves a happy one In the end But we will not forestall the reader's pleasure " Sendtoghililngton's Book Store, Odeon Building, corner 4# street, buy the book and read It ; The price la only 25 cents It Philadilphia Provision Stork, 119 Pennsylvania avenue?Wlison keeps on band a conataut supply of splendid Poultry, Capons, Venison and ' Game of all kinds. See his advertisement A visit to hi* establishment will pay for the trouble. de4-3t? W. W. Burdrtti, at No. 351 1 tween 1 and K, has determined not only to con- ' tl tue business, but also to increase it very largely. In th# lilt tVA Af thro* has ra^aluo^ than 100 piece* of beautiful drras goods, such aa de 1 laities, worsted roods, silks, Ac , ranging to price ! from &5 eta. to tl 2o- Also a large assortment of j new style cloaks, canton flannels, Ac., Ac. < Baaiuas's Vulcanized Pass do not corrode, do not cut through tbe thlnest piper; neither will tbey spatter over tbe roughest surfaced paper, and ire decidedly the best metallc pen ever made. BhiUington, bookseller, stationer, and news dealer, Odeon Building, oorner t-our-and a half street and Pennsylvania avenue, ia agent for the sale of the "Vulcanized Pen" in this city. $ j , Govs hs.?The sudden ohanges of oar olimate-are 1 sources of Pulmonary, B ontkxal and Asthmatic ( Aftttians. Experience twvinc proved that simple i remedies often act speedily and oertainfy whec taken in the early states of the disease, reoourse (honld at onoe be had to " Braifn'i Bronckini . 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HuLLIDGK to Miss MARTHA ANN BUHR19S. On the Si instant, at tbe residence of her father, Mi*s BKTT1K TH*'MAS. of Washington, to I FRANCIS RKESlDE,of Baltimore. * i On tbe Mth n timo. by Rev. Dr. Finokel, Mr. WM. F. DAViB tJ Miss h RANCES M. HAY S, of tbie oity. * ( 1*1*1*. In 0*orc*tow. D. C., D?o?mb?r 3d, 1W, Mr. WILLIAM LhKMAN.M^fyw.. Hi* fane mi will take place Thursday afternoon, fct s o'clock, from hia lata ra?id?ro?. No. 73 Waihinetonit. ( Alastndna Gagattr.] 199 PgNNaYLVAllIA ATlim. Tha above plaoe ta now opanad t > tne pnblio at la'ga and tha Proprietor will aodaavor to A . . A pira fn iaatiatao ton toail who mar from to It o'clock, at TABLE D* HO K at 5 o'clock, at 78 ocnu. DINNLRf acd SCrPERS at all hours, at the " OAMK^oTsTF^RS. *o., always on fcaod. do?lw Goto and^^^^ish, .win ~ rood and rallabia time keepers oosuiunufMtored, and offered u the Iovmi u MeTolm, Sword., H tehee, Be It., dowie Km roe. Pock* Commiu. *o., ko. Also truer Army TMab ?nd Bed Combined: ami many other tamji ieo<?j and orUMiHil mt 33f penm?:* .* nwi*. ?"# tf H. A. HOOD <<|>\lMORaL 8eiktb,"/'** Sadies. New D t'a'terna, and at reduced rio*. MM pieom mt and etjli?h Detainee, it low 'ib^nn nrv etylee PrlnU,at Uh omu per t ard. 100 fieoee white and aoior*! FIabmIi. i^ofscrSBiSwL. w. ^Jnyr.--. of atooh tepllM no o ligation to tuiuir pubT ft BJIO-, O*"4" VS/KMaE**' 4 hot *?*o4nt Mvu?f t-?#rotaar tad all part of Um . 18 Ntuir^rici, ft?a tf tk? Qmmm* FUt. M0-)n| l t ! WANTS. TOUR GOOD DRBWMAKERS WANTED r at No. 341 1 ?tr?t. paar Uth. d?4 Si" WANTF.O IMMEDlATELYc-A GIRL. In a rmall fani'r fn?iii?? ?t 8*3 Sertnth ?tre botwwn N and O. of M. PlfiKUB It* WANTED?By a young wonwi, a PIT1TA* TION aa chambermaid. AdJreai Box 9 Star Oflgt. n* WA NTED?Good COAT ?nd PANTS MAKERS. Appl* Immediate j- to DUVALL At BRO , M*rohant Ta.lort. do 4 8** W/ a" i c.u?A iowi < ah r< sua riH BAK>- K. " Atd!t at the eoraw of fc. aud E:e?eoUt sts, dM-tt* BOY WANTED,to attend ia A grocery itnrt ar,d drive & wagon. ReferenoM required. luqulrs at thu oflBoe It* IA7 ANTED? A small or medium-si jed FURYY N1?HKD HOUSE Location west of Kichth st, north of the Avenue. Address "J. H. H ," Star Offioe. de4-gt? %*/ANTED-TwoSERVANTS: a food Ch*m V. b?rmaid and a roud waiter (white). Inquire for thrfte dlji at No, 413 E street, second door from Ninth It* \*/ANTKD IMMEDIATELY?At the Waih"" mrton House, oomer Pa. ave. and Sd street, two CHAMBERMAIDS, and two BELL BOYS. April soon. . It* rr^HRPPOD POI-D BDnu.iit.ntD 1m*?uu v?% i vui\ nr<oD\v i n diir< u c* Uemen mo he aioornrn xlated with Bovd, both oonveniect to the Avenue and the Departments, Alto, Table Boarders. .Inquire at this offloe. de i-3t* \\T ANTK0?The gentleman with whom the iis' ' oba*ge D*0i?rs of l.oois Hooh from the Army of the United State* ware left, to lea** 'he same at Star Omoe. VVA.nTKD TO RE^T?On or before th8 1st " J%nnary, ty a rnnotual tenant, a DWELLING HQUSt-. oon'atng 7 to 9 rooms. Address "Au'har" at tnis office. de 4-eo3t* BOARD WANTED, ma private family, for a gentleman and wif<*. in the viomitr of Pennsylvania avenue and Seventh st. Address, stating terms, fco , at this olfioe, R. L. OSTK ANDKR. de *-li* WANTED-A comtnrtabir ftnnlthed FRONT " ROOM, on or r.*er P?nn??lva ia anerwe, with board for a gentlemen and wife.private fami'y prefert-d: will ?" iw?rman*nt if sn<ted Address H. WARK. No Qh?A P* tv? t&rin* tmrmm !* WANTF.D? A young GIRL, a?ca?t med to genera) housework in ft *m&ll family. A'ro, a you"f colored GIRL or P'?v, Arpy at onoe, and un*'l ^atar^a* at No. 276 ? it. north a'de, pear lg'h atre t Go d refer>nn*?g rfqnirel lt? WANTKO-A PARLOR aid two CHftM " BER9, "n firH or ae?ond floor, in the n*uhborhooJ of Willarla* preferred A liberal prioe will be piid for au h apartment#. Address "A B. C." E'tar' ffio* de? 8t* VI' ANTRD- A SITUATION in a at re (no' par*" tlclar a* rerarda the klrd of buain?a?>, compensation moderate, by avounr rran 17 yrftra of age, of good and indnat iaJ habit*, and with tb? h*?t of renommendatiana. Addreaa "J B. C. " City Poet Ofllo?. de 4 3t* A PROFESSOR OFMUSMC or?aniatofonecf t^e arinoital ahuri?heii of \v*.?hiTi?t/in a ooirfortfthl* Hon en* pri? ate family. wh*re tuition to on* or two ioboln.'t would b? tak?n in p?-t payment of board. Rtf renoea exohanired Addreaa "Masicus." Star Pffba. de i 2t" WANTED?A PLACK a* wet mrse, br a hea thy young woman with a fresh b^ast of mi'k- Please add'ess Box No. 7 Star Cttl ?. and the advertiser will oall de S tt WANTED?At the Government Hospital forth" Inrane, ?ix single WHI I B WoMEN, to do ohamber and laundry work. Apply at the How. Ul. fea lw WAITED?B? a respeetabi* girl, a SITUAT ON aa chambermaid and assist to wash and iron, or as nurse Reference if required. Ad? dress Box 8, at th's office. de 3 2t* WANTED?A large Furnished HOUSE, or two adorning, fo' a first-o'as* boardinv h >use. Address" Washing ton City," Witlarde' Hotel, de s at* C3TORE WANTED.?1 want to Mr?, by the week 75 or month, a Salesroom in some estab'ielied honee, for a firat class afysk of rente' o othins. Call on or addreaa J. W. KEEP, National riotei. da s at* WANTED-Bt two respectable young girle, ** tMTUATIONSin a r?4pecUble family?*ne aa nurae, the other Ai ohamb?rm?i<1. Koth woald like to live together Apply at 295 Fourth street. between H ana Waahlnnton ata. d" ? 2t* Vl/ANTED TO R E N T?A moderate a sed DWELLING-HOUSE, a STORK and a STABLE- in Wa?hin*tnn or Georgetown. Alao, to hire by the month, a aoSer, hon?st and induatrioua Man, need to the care of hnraea, to drive a oart Address "W. W.," Washington Poat offio*. de 3 St* Partner wanted, that will invest 91,800 or ?3.000. for one half interest i? an army store in Washinrton: aleo, in the mtnafaotare of three or fonr artioi's. all ^ayiut a handsome profit, a* d extensively used in the arm, and 3\n be increase ) to any amount. Addreaa 'hronch Post Olfioe. with real name, ata ting where an in te'view oan be bad. de3-3t* e. perrv. (IJOU8EKF.FPER.?An Kaatern lady. dinapII pointed in obtaininc a house would accept a housekeeper's situation. References exobanced. Address' B. W. C.." Htar Offjqe de 3-3t* AMKMBKH OF CONGRESS With a fimily, or three or foar Members, can b? aocommola'ed wit>> a handsome suit of Rooms an the seonnd fl or, in a private hnu?e near the Capitol Ad- 1 lreg?"D L..' at Star Offioe. de 2 St' WANTED?A suit of two or more ROOMS*, within two panares of the Nav* Department. Bent'em*n and wkc only. To inoiude Board In- 1 luire at Star Offioe no 27 lw W*NTFD-15?? LABORER? and 3 FOREM*\N, to work on Government Portifl?ations , ibove Chain Bridge. Pay of laborer*, 90 cents a i 1a*. (10 hours) and board. Pay of foremen, ?2 per jar.ani b< ard Apply to A. G. CHILD 8, at E. i VI. I.inthteum St Co.. Hardware 8 ore. corner of Uridceatd High street, Georgetown, until 9 a. m. laity. no27 1w WANTED-lO.fwo whisky and brandy BOT- i TLBS. Carh sn deli* err. i F. b. hasting* a co.. 333 i> (tr?e?, no 85 tf Philharmonic BuiHing. WANTED?Every person to know that 1 am in 1 th? nt'kit, ready to pay o*sh for all artio'es < n the h msefurnishing line. Those leaving toe 5 si'y, or having a surplus, will do well to oa'T. R. I BUCHLY. 43b Seventh ?t.,between 6ana H sts., 1 east side,) Dealer in New and Seoond-baad Fur- i nture. no 16 WANTED- TAILORS, TAILORS -60 Tailora competent to work on military coeste. A pply 3. Wall. Stephens ft Co leB 11/ANTKD.-Ws are now buying SECOND ? HAND FURNITURE,BTOVEsaiid BED D1N6, for which we are paying the higheat saab prioea. Kamiliea declining housekeeping, or laving a surplus of furniture, will find It to their Ml vantage to give us a nail, BONTZ A GRIFFITH, , Je LVtf No. 369 nh st.. betw. I ami K sta. j CUTTER WANTED. Call at WALL, BTE- i PHENS A CO.'S. 32B Pa avenue. ae 18 i tfii ATTKW,Ni^LER,! Ml 1 V ill on/iT i rn c um r nr onT v HI ML No 309 E rfTBBBr, " Hb (South aide,) tetwren 13th and 13J* ata., N?ar ike Willard Hotel. Wi invite ail autlftrs a?d oitixans to oail and ex imine our took ba'or* purchasing e se?here. ro 22 ?w* fCHAFEH A FOSTER BR"8 8CHOFIEI D'S I aifttNG, LIVERY, SALE AND EXCHANGE 8 fABI FS, Not. 38) and 29n E aud 14th streets, aouth of W illard'n Hotel. Gent'f men wiihina to hi'e a seat and styliah turnout oan b? supp'ied wuh a team of any deicription, in a at')* ?>f ra e excellence. The best care bestnwed on Livery horses. Saddle horses, suitable for army offioers, always an hand. r.25 lm* There 18 something you want at the SOLDIers* SUPPLY store, ii Louisiana Avenue, bet. 6th and 7th sts. Best Goods, Lowest Pnoes, Sutlers Supplied, bo 6 lm Call a*d See. DERSONS IN WANT OF OVAL FRAMES A Tor Photographs of all sites, Gilt or Rosewood, oan be auppiifd hy JOHN WAGNER, next door to tiia old e'ateb'iahment. 393 Pa. avenue. N. B. Looking-(laae pLate* inserted In old frame*. no 27-lm CADDIE HOR8EB FOR 8ALE.-A lot or Terr H fine Kentuoky Horeee for sale at th*?\__ Kentuoky Sale eteble, in the rear of Cey'a 1-71* Hotel, near Pennayivama avenue and Id^D atraet. no 80 Sw* L'OR CITIZENS' WEAK?Moretbanoor naual r full gtook ofClotha, Cuaimeree, and Veetinaa, manfof them for line t Dsineee auita. Also Clothe &Dd Caaaimerraof finer fridoe than uauallj had m thla market. One prioe only, marked in plain ft cur?*. 4a inspection of atook inonra no oblifntion to PKiOhaee. PKKRV k BKOTUKR, Pa.avenue and Ninth at., no 2>-fltd "Penr Building " 2nnn CORPS OF PINE WOOL) ((tending) UUU for aaTe, aeven nulea from O^Tietown* I) C., on the Chesapeake &ad Ohio Canal. App!* Lt 6. WhXtBi or PETER VONESefftT, 6e >fgetown, P. C. ix>ao-eo6t iliHli CAN PilI. TO CALL AT HAtVET?. M where OYBTKR8 of the best^^ /-v gS&a:'JtZUfJS. ????*& (mi lime He reoeivee fre?h oappliee daily, onThae now ly ,u at the wharfoix re?eeie oont'ialoc from three to eeven hundred fcaaheach, or the fioeot *a.t water OyiUri off-re< tor alethl. teajwa. i.arie tnaotittee are now on thair way ap the Potomao To foaaeia chartered t? him eifmily for hie eaiabaahmen, and tbe Mblta oan

ely a poo a oonU- aal eapply d^ytni jLh* muot, Deaienaad otherooan ha appliedwlth Uyotero by ST buotfW. or in oa^ ofa poa'w Oyetar Depot.C ot A No 1 lotK^pVi! * a 1 NDullJo WOOD, for ealo at loweet poeoible ratee. Aim & Driin* irtJOl#of ftSD ASH EOG OOALt t. * * w- * *** ' a#*?* ,T ^ > / J1 LOST AND yOUND. t ??t?Tb? Back of a mmII Gold Hnnttnc cms M-i Witch Tbo tx%at IocmIob :b whioh it vu loot 1* pot known. Th? Sudor wi'l b" i|b?r*lly ro warded by l?*rinf It ?t 8*SMKEN*8 JowHt St^'e d> 4-?t* R8WAXD-Stray*5 ot?*olj?B. on 9*tvrd?r. ? * mail ?ii*l rod COw,??Qr4l b^th Un r*t The ?boT? r?w?rd will Biffr-l^SSS &&fc?" ' JO , PKwar l>.? I.eft wltH lh > htokixtr. or Jo C y ' in 0Ani'-|t from the dpot to Dr. Vonrc';, P'Bi. *v*< uv on M nda> cUnt la t, a CARPET MAO, oontamirg a dree* ard other arii*l?a of i%dle*?eanaf aprarel. Tha aboT? reward will be id to any rne leaving it (oo'tent* entire) i>t No. 59X Lonitianaareiitte, or at the offioe of the Star. da ?-3t* CTRAYF.D AWAV-frnm the pube?ril>er on ?7 Satnrdavnuht, theso h Novemb-r.]?Cl ev_ a ' mail net k**n oolor-d MAR V. with da;k mere ard tall; a little oreat fallen and a'* little roach beck; quite aotive and keenly built. >?he t-ad a aet of car* on her when aha rot loose The fl-rder will be liberally rewa-de?1 bv reMirHn* her aafe and eonnd to me on High ftreet, 179, ?eorjetown, D. C. de 8-st* THOMASS JONKS. QOX REWARD.?Ran away from the aiba?-ri tr.on Frid*v. the S9th alt .while in the employment nf Mr () Rmj ?ervant man, SAMUEL BtT!*GY. tntkont ?ny csuee known to me. Sam ieawoat 43 *ear? orM0.5 rest 8 lnohea huh, da>k oomp exion. i? 1 with a ?m*ll ?oa<- on hU fao*. acd a tnick head of hairiand iadiapoied to iodnlfe lo ard*nt apirita Sara la anrpoaed to b? lurkmr about the cit* of Waahiufton or ita vioinitr The abo?e regard wi'l ba paid no matter where taken, for hia re covery. I forwarn a 1 p?r?ona f oot harboring and employing, at the pari of the law. JAME9 C. PHMMERS, d*3 2t* P G. county. COPT-A fcKAL RING, and a FOX HEAD SEAL. Af' aring. withoormM<an Mt 35 reward will be given to whoevar return* ?M ai t'o'ea to thia office. ?C REWARD-LOST-On Thnredij,* '?r*e V ?il? 'Ofln o lored COW. one horn Kr ke. dr pa Lwu. Ti?? anove reward lltr **'11 (ivKu to npe leaving jrfirir.a ti 'it or h?f wh?r?abiiui. a? thla office c* 3- at* R EW ARD ? 9'raje1 a*ay on Pa'nrd-y.SV '*? ' da? of November, one larre *hit*^jFt^ft and Red Botrili COW; tne no e ar.d he*d jpa^^ r?*'; al>o red ?poU on her aidea- long bueh of whiohl* cutoff" wbit* ?*ot in the 'o-ehe id. Th? ahove rewanl will be paid for her r't?-n to me or information of her wh?rea^ouU. ?o I jet h*r Main Noith D at., Wetw??n 5th an" 6'h a->. *a?t. de2 3'* THQj>. J B ? R R K.TT. R*N AWAY FROM THK "UB^RIRKH, near Biad?cabu'g. BOV ANTHONY, jg commonly called Toney. He ia 6 re^t 3'i.flhea CI high, ver? black, short hair, grum count*- 9r nacoe wh?n apo*ea to. with a sma'l acai over one of hia *jea Went ?war with black TJ jvskft( United States butt -na on u,) caa net pants, yellow gauntlet glovea. I will give f 1 *> to any one h?t wil bring him ho"-e to e de? 2w* FIFXPER MAGR'-pFR, f OST?On Thursday, the S8'h innt&rt, from my Vj pUoe ob the Hi?l t" of George own a li?er-o"loret and white PolNTKR-J^J SLUT, wuh white atr-*k in her faoe and " aing e d' ? ol?w?. ? No, one a mon'h **.> wi'h double due c awa. *5 wttl ba given for earh if l?ft at Pr J i'. GRFGSToN'8 atable, on K, between 13'h ard I4t>? rt>. no SO at * CQA REWARD.?On Friday, November S?th, two ho with a wag n load f wo d, wa? sm* from my h use in Prinoe Ga rae's county, Md., 3X miles i om Navy ? ard bridge, t-? W?f hit gtor, city, in ch?rge of a s ave n an named Pa-i uel Bungy. Th? wo^d was de re on Ea?t Capi'o! steet, r.ear the gate, and the team a'd driver nan not be*n se^n or beard of sinoe. It is supposed that the driver has run off aft?r d spoaing of t' c wag"n and horaes. Ore of the horses is a fl"a-bi'ten gray, IS or 16 hands hiwh long tail, an^ ab^ut !2 years of ag ; the other is a bay, about 10 years old. S 'all white spot m the forehead, and the right hied foot white. The running gear of the wagon la red without st ip#s, theont*<de hub bands hl'c.k; box bo'ly painted dark blu*. 18 inoher d?ep and 9 feot lorg, eight uprights with opsins and iron b aces behind The above reward will be ?a<d for the "turn of ths team or irforraation that wi 1 lead to its recovery. Inquire at W i i,Ll A M TAI BOT'SSrooerv Storedavy Ya'd bridge, M"RAN & HILTON, F street, n*ar the Tr- asury Department, ~r tha subscriber, General Land Office, Patent ffioe Building. j M ? n o Aii'r? L'P ae s-3i~ v, nun ijCjCj. CJTRAYFD? Away from the subscriber, & large w? dark red COW. wfth very larte horns. *&-rM Anyone will b? liberally rewarded tljo j|? '* will return the Mid cow tj Mr*, i AIR at No. 53? Maryland avenue, between 8th and 7th streets. Island. no 30-3t* NOTICE.?November 29th, about 12 m., drorp-d from a carnaf e. opposite the Hon Montgomery Blair'a house, an over CAPE CO* T.vlvet oollar, brownish mix. tinged a little with c'ue, a glove in each pooket The ooat was seen to ba pioked up ard handed to a geDtleman on horsebaoi. The returner of said ooat to K. J. HEI BERBER * CO., under Brown's Hotel, 36J Pa. avenue, Wl'l he rewarded. DO SO 3t* CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, on the 28th lustant, three SHEEP, two of them markrd with red on the baok. The owner is requested to oome and prove property, p*y charges, and take them. MICHAEI* tjaLLAN, West end of Third street. no 30-8t* Georjetown. D. C. FO UND?Certificate of DEPOSiTE. Apply at Offioe Metropolitan Polioe no an 3t W. B.WEBB, Pupt. FOUND?On the moroint of the 30 h of November, at the ooruer of 9th ? nd E street# a VAI.ISE, witth initials maiked on it. The owner can have the >ame b? callinc at N?. 419,1 street, between l"th and lltn streets-pr ving property, and paync for this advertisement no 30 St WM BURKE. I^AKEN UP.?Came to my premises, on Wednesday, No? 27tti, four CO two red, one white and red, and one roan, The owner or owners are requested t?fcb some forward, prove pr'-pert?, pay charges. ai d take them away. THOMAS H.tKDlNG.on the Hladensburgh rovi, !>?' miles from 61enwood Cemete'y, and 13< miles from Bladefasbnrgh. noS'St* _ _ jr REWARD?Strayed or st->'en a dark bay HORJE C^LT, with Ma? faoeand c\ eft hind loot white above the first j jint, 'WP ?ie * year* ana o mo mm. - ? " " R V. LAPKRV. no ?-3f No. 314 B bet, nth and l?thl ^onn REWARD.?I will pay the above ratg)OUU wa'd cp >n d?teotion and eonv otion the iroen'iiary whD fred m? b?o* bindery tn t- e J&thintant ] al?o w>?h to return my fianti to ih'Fra klin and F?rseveran'<? ?r| no companies irho were upon the troun4,for their cxaifto.eto lave n? property on thatn<-o?aio . no30 3t? JOHN >'ETT?B0NK. Goverument Loan Agency, Ovv ce or LEWIS JOHNSON * CO., BANKERS. Corner of Pa. Avians and Tenth St. LEWIS'JOBNSON, c.f our firm, having been ippoiuted a Mi^eoription af*ct or the National ^oao authorised bj the act of Corgreea of ;7th iuij, tool, wo arc p'tparu o' pjrues 4 aireut of n aking investment, any amount ol rs 10 Treasury N>?e*. < f convenient aisea. pod tl LfcWH JOHNSON A. CO. ano ^ GLADtS BUTTKR. ivA KEG<? Cnoie (jladea Butt-r,just received lireot from Somerset o-unty. Ha ho sal* low by JOHN H BEMMKgJt CO, cor. !Hh st an<i i?a av., oppo west end no 89 eofrt (Rep.? i'enter Mar kit. BUTTtR ! BU lTtK!! BUTTER!!! 100 keg" oho'oe Goshen L utter, jnat received and for sale cheap by F. B. HASTINGS A CO., no 25 tf 3'i-< L>tt., facing Pv avenue. I/OR SALE. f FINE OL" MADEIRA W"NE The advertiser baa a Qiarter Cask of Old Mad'ira W me which h? offers lor aaie. The Wine ia thirty four years old a d was puroh*aed b? the pi esei.t owner la * Kfeira five years ago. Tnia wine r mainei in 'he Ean olima ? over two tears. The own. r w*j r ffe'ed eight dollars pt r gallon for it in China, whioh ne then r*fu'?<l, but will now Mil at that pnoe. Address Bo* 83)1 City font Uffioe. de 3-tt* PHONOGRAPHY TAUGHT.-Gentiemen and ladies ceairin* to avail themaelvea of the op poriunity can asquire a thorough knowledge of the prinoipies of Phonography and Reporting, practically by a course ol only IS lessons, ol one hour each. Title useful ait needs no rcoommend*tion aa ita value ia now wa>l understood, and it it SWieved that several olassea mav b? formed here, the more especially as the terms are reasonably?. ?.five dollars tor the whole oourae each, payable alter the first taeon, Applio&nta will please addreea bo* No. 4 Mar office, and as soon as a suSoient number are subscribed to lorm a olaas, and the necessary hooka have arrived, the time of commencement will be determined on. de 8 4t* Oysters?Oysters. THE OYERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS uumrAnx It now pTfpa<-ed to furnnh Restaurants, Hotels, bntlera, and Private F&mliee with^tv / S FKRiH 0\ STbKS, by the jailon f mJ in Mm oi ail t see. The Oyiters arrive daily freth from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, and ~ are of the best <ua ity The oompany invitea the patronage of the d'tU ert and tbe pnb!>o in general, and guaranteea a prompt attention to all ordera. OfBoe?4b Market 8p?oe, (Avenue Honae,) between 7th aad 8th tU do atvim [Rfpablioan.] DRY GOODS! WHITELKY, STONE fc CO., No. 481 Baltikoki 8nin, JVar Sharp, Baltimore Otfer for aalst a dseirabie atoek of GOOD* AT L9W P MIC KB, FOR C A 8 H I ' , mm* ibvuv UN iiirauon vi qvmv(i 10 u? wmmm* FOB SALE AND RENT. DOOMS TO RENT, with oat brard. at MO H 11 atraet. b?(*Mn SUi ud ?th. d# ? ? ! F%f refcams&isrcwtf JST aar L Md blertD'hjU , ao?U nd*. da ?V \ UANDSOMRI.v rt'KI?I?Rin ROOM ?O?o , *1 *aad*oai*iT farnl h d Front R oom f r I -eat. auFpliad wtrhfaa and watar. App'r 't 44a I at., faoath aid?) batwfj >h and lotfe iU da 4 I * T?00*$S TO BE LET? ? ?ait of MOO MS to ha 11 let, iu a private rM^d'EM. car tha War D?p\'???nt;w uld at to raap*ot\bIa p\rtia? either a? a a?n* or atari* room*. Keferenoea ax^hant?d. Knqprr* at tftar oftoa, da4 ?t* D*'RY FOR "AI.F-Hirnif tirlil fia I last M<lah Covi, F x ai*a, and a ( vni ran of *?aI tomera. trqaira at iba Carrtaf Shop rear fi-it I tolHMa.Tta treat roal da 4 ft* Business stand for rent.-w# offer for rent the rapa* oua Room over car ?tt re Etitr&noe both from Pa avenue aad o ?,'eet. M. W. ?>l.T & BRO? Jewel er*. 314 Pa. am**, de ? X Fonr do^r? we*t of Krown'i Hnul. A GENTLEMAN CAN OBTAIN A PI E4?an<MtOM etory^lj Board, ma p ivate f'm' 3*4 New York aveoae, betw?en 9U> and lot1' ata. 4a ? ? P>R R^NT-A imal FRAME B17TLDIN9. t*o roonn. ln?e<r? a? 393 > * et it*H" )R RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE oontai'ict 10 room*?173 I street, bet wen to A and tiat. de3 3t* R'?o?f* FO?* FENT-Ho?b"? Par'ora. with fo'dinc doora b tw*en. nee It 'a nl*h*d aipar1 >r and chamber. Inoire a* 374 E *tr?ft. betw*>eo 9 h and 'Qth ?t*. ae S-X* FURNISHED ROOMS FOK RENr-Aiarc* Pari r and fosr fine Chamber* han<3*-?ieiy fimnhed, in ?h? mo?t >'e? rab'e p rt cf Wathinc 1 ^M- a Art r *?- ?--?? ? * I ? A iu| vui mi. * <4 r our* nf wiwro D ?j ?*;a 7tK a'reH* *Mt. in "he imm*diate v'oialti o' '*> I'p?t ard Pater i ''ffl""*, may be tim* on r?**onftM? f ?!??' to j. M aOHUDER, No. 399 D atieet. between 6th and 7.h at*. 4e? TTI*?W ] Fop. Kfc*jT?F. ur !***? ROOMS. n?atJy fu'inahed convenient to the D< partmerte, fni ub'e for *i^?r a party o' r^rtlrman or ?'n 1*. Th-*?nt wi l % mad-to tnit the timet? lit?uire Plo 36 ?'ith street, n*ar I. de 2 3t* . FOR R KNT-Two !arr? fr- nt ROOM4* for rent a' 4*9 E atreet, he .w?en 3d ar>d 4th at*. ' ro *n * ' FOR RENT-* hanl-mei. Furniahe* P R L?R and CHAMBKR Apply at "Mo :<ft4 C Mr *t, between 4)6 and 6th etreeu. n $0 3* ^ ? < Fj^OR R KNT?Hsniaom^l? fnrmabed aalta of i R OOM^, *opcii<d wi'h f \* ind wat r. * rp'y at No 000 Eleveota atreet, between Ha ave-ue and E at noa-~Si* ' |?OR RENT-A FURNISHED flOUSK oon- , ? uiniog lQ'goma. pi-aa\nt y looat-d, wi'h (l> , throu?tiout 40 i Twe,ftt? at, between I and K. no 25-*o3'* |<M?R RENT?The PREMISE"* oa the corne* * of 14ta and C ?treet?, latelt ooiupiwi by K. VV j R*t*i -V Pn W>rvX RuH Ark a I s* A lara Ifr\m (arm &o ,apply to WILLIAM H. PHILIP, !*o. <0 rI a'-anna. noll-eotf FO* RKNT-a<i nnfnrnished three ?fory bnok HOi *E. No 30*. ani a firni?he<1 Falnr and fvcrat rbamh?ra, 306 Delaware ?v?rB? n- rth, , pear the Oepitol ii" gT-'oSt* |?OR RKNT-A furnshed PARLOR and r CHAMBER on the firit fl^or, and Chambers on the ?eoon<i. Appiy oo D ?feet north, 21 a* d 9>l -treeu west. No. 49*2, near the Capitol no r-iw 1 LOR RfcNT-Two PARI OR8 or parlor ard chamber. furnished atd p ea? rrly Jo ated ces<- Smithsonian Institute. App.v at this < Ifioe. no T1 5t* IVOR RENT?A o^nvement twoatory and attic a Frame DWH ING-ingood order,oon'ain ipf nin g<>od rooms, titrated nearth-< Uenrcetovr I Coliere, i%re'y oootpi'd by Mrs. Am M*y,t>?a . nno ua tenant the t-rm? mcde-a**; P"*aeeaion givn immediately. I'quire of JONE* M K- i H EG AN, Georgetown, D C. do ? 6t , TWO FURM8HED ROOM"* FOR RKNT, on first floor, at 406 D etrtet, between 6?h ate 7th. no 36 tf yrOBK ROOM? FOR RENT,on Seventh ?t , t> 7 between D etreet and Loui?lana avenue? the three upper roome of the new fonr-story Store ?j Seventh at, east aide, No. 533 The firat story u ooon?i ?h aa an extensive grocery. Apply to GEO. LOUR V. n<>?~6f 1 Handsomely furnished koumsFocr handsomely Faraiahed Rooms, supplied 1 with |M and wau>r, and oonvesient to the Patent and Post Office Departments, for rent. Apply at 490K M&ss&ohmott* avenue, north side, betweec 4th and ftth it? ma21 BOARD 1NG. ; BOARDING.?^onr centiemen can be aooommodated with title Board, at 371 Fa. avenue, opposite tue National Hotel. Dinner at 6 o'clock. de 4 St* IJ O A K PING ? A handsome sait of Room*, in a I) private residence near he Pa-ent Offioe. M?a s furnished in the b*st style. R< fereno*a r? quired. Inquire at No. 597 H, between 4th and 5th eta. de4 eoSt* BUAK.I'.?Kea?*oUhie parties may fend food Boaid and well furnished Roomi, by day, wwk, or month, id h u?e? No. 4 7 3 and 477 13th treat, three doDre from ?*a. avenra and raid way bttVMn Mi Ulaidt' and ILrkwoxli' Hotels, no S6 lm* EDUCATIONAL. \fIS8 BROOKE KNQLI8H axd FRENCH 1*1 BOARDING AND DA Y CHOOL, SaVB!t BUILO1M0I, No. 1 30 ten*snva*ia artnut. Ciroulara to lae obtained at tne Buoictorea and of the Principal. no 26 lm* WA?HIN'iT(JN AND GEORGETOWN FKmaj^e Seminary, A Bo?RI* !?e AMD L)AT HOOL, No. 422 > ft. bettefv 6'* 11 * !? , Wtukmgtom ; nd At. 161 fV*3t ft , Qtort*tcwn~ The dntiea of thia i natituUon vere returned in i... t ' . .... I.,, m m m i>a /% k?A .n^4 . ? . k -ft cppwjiiiuoi, 1/iiUMtai ??oj w vuwiuw M IU? (h>vi atorea, or by addreaem* the Prinoieal. se ? eotf M. J. HARROVF.R. AUCTION BARGAIN"' A. VERY CHEAP GOODS, From Ru*nt Catk Auttum Salt at tk* North. Ve>y cti^sp Luce !ie*? and r.oilara m real H< ?NI T??N, MALTfcSE VALENCIENNES, POINT APf. IQtfc. Ao. BON Mil RIB BOW, eapar atvlM, and Terr obtap. EMBROIDERED Ct*LLA_R&and wtaof Co!- 1 lara aod leaves. CHILDREN'S PLUSH and FELT HATS,Mw dM>(n>, Ao , Ao. And, id addition to the atxwa. we bar* jaat raoeivea a Tall aaaorrment \?e!vet Ribboaa, Hair Nets. Head Dreaaes and (frroamene, Kouobes. F ovira in gr<*at profusion, M- ? niDg Pats ai d 1 Coilara, Qannt'eta of ev ry deaaription, Glov*e. Ac., Ao. And every thine appertaining to a well ordered Ladies' Fatny Goods 'ore. all of r#Mnt 'leo'ion, and purckaitd Jot Catk ai War Pa*U Great taroias may now be obtained at MAXWELL'S Lad<ea' Good* ?ad Cloak and M nti u Store, da 8 3teo N". r* aTaane. N. Hli KOOX. 8so t uu Bnin, Niw You. Manaieatnrer of BtCASS MILITARY ORNAMENTS t or the Uniud State* Army. REGULATION RAGLES, BUGLES, CHt>88 CaNNO.xS. BABRKft, Ao.. oon*tintlv on Lead, and chipped to any part of the oooatry at ahort no tioe. A1#<>?BRAf8 FEATHER HOLDERS, no 2i lv For Ofioera* Hate. E WORSTED GOODS. XTENfclVE Aaaotmont of Laoifa'end Chiloren a Ho 'da Son'eia Gueta, t loaka, Sleevee, Hoaiery, Gl?y?*at Ao. Ac. Alao, a large inTOloe of he&utifal Worsted Embroidered Slipper*. L mi 8tanJa A->., will be soid e".e*p and at one price at No HO Market Spaee. no 8CHLAICH A CO. PIANOS! PIANOeil FiANOB!? t Auunber of newt Oct. 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Carpets,c V h\r^ press vjuab 'irshEE srjisa.** , Our Nortt?*r?,*ndIKufcri coitm^omWdU Mad *An#Tniipaction "of ?to?k nllOMNd | it 1MUl BO Ob if?Uot to purchvM r fc BE0THEEf M WEDDING PIBOENTS. W. OALT A BKU. op?n this moraiaf i?*?ipr J?v?U?ra,3f4 P?an. ?? ?, Fo?Tdoof? Wtof Bn^c'i HQMl, mBAimnMW mtmniwiM i ?pfir>'fcBi?ynflnw coiDni.. i roHa Oonwr W?Ti?tt?m r^??'m* I vviSiHsrS^a I w<& C. OFJUtiT^N. I f.* * ' - "*?> , K * ' " SECOND EDITION three o'clock, f. m CONORESSTOyAL_ * nxmu c?ngeem-?mm4 abolishment of tbe prmat Judlclsry?high and low?of the District of Colombia as balag absolutely necessary for tbc ends of right sod Jostle*. He beid It to be simply so Instrument of uppreslion. Mr Sumner then delivered a sp?eeb la b?#r of the resolution, aieoratin/ tbe po icy. expaaglag tbe black code of tbts Du rlct, Including tbe exitUbM ( l?*r?y wllhlu it Housx ?Mr Lovejor, from tbs Commute* oa Agriculture reported th? bill wcnrlag hams<lcadi to actual settlers on tbe public domain, known us tbe " Homestead billwhich, after irbite, waa referred to tbc Coinmitse oa Pa bile Unds Mr. I'pton Introduced a bill providing for the restoration of the county of A'exandrla, Virginia, to <be District of Columbia R-ferrod to tb* Committee on tbe District of Colombia, aad ordered to be prlnUd Mr Valland gbsm introduced a resolution revesting tbe Present, If not Incompatible wltb kue public Interest, to furnish to the Hovs? copies if all correspondence between this G*varaa?aat and tbe govern men is of Ei^lsnd and Prsnce, la " ??'IVU ?v turii y up ? U lllipiicictltr W1 III lion -! affdlr< In Meilee; adopted A J?!?' r^aolutlon Introduced by Mr Hutebli??, in relation t> th- rebellion, was poatpoaeA until rueaday next for ronvtderation Mf Hutchln? ?l?o Intr oduced a resolution 1aitmctlntf tbf CommlNw on the DlaMct of Colombia to make lnq.iirv With regard to the suatx r and rond lion of at v ? Mid to be eonlaed at 'he el y Jail, atd the eallmeuta of Ut?lr #wutri; adopted Mr Pendleton introduced a resolution laatraetIn? the Committee on Mllltttf Atf?lr? to Inquire what eh mge la neceeaary In ttie l*?r? to the p?*ment of aoldleta held a* prlaonetof vrer. aHop^d . OUR MILITARY BUDGET. Wmn^ii, D?e*i>ifl Skratb ?Mr Cbandlar latrotaoetfa raeolutlM for tba expola'on of JiAi C. Br?ckl?rtl|t, af Kv . from his Ml Id lb? bodr Mr Powell remarked that Mr Brfck1r11|f bad reelgned fata aeat On viotloa of Mr Trambtll tba rtMlittaa wii amended Maatoin forth aa the imcw far kta eipalalon the fact that be la a traitor aad ta ara* against the Union. The aald rraolutlea waa than paw>?d without a divteloa Mr Wllaon Introduce u???* *? recti tig ibc dlarhargo of all colored ptmm la tb? Wubingtoi tall, unlraa tb*r bmt b? hold i>te the charge or umim specified erlM kmowa to tta lawa Mr Half iMrtard the SeHtoit loarth, denouncing th? muiei In which th# loetl lav li adm!nl?terrd here, charging extort! ~a, peeulatlon and oppreaaloa upoa *h? Ural aagiauataa, pallce, Ac , Ac , and that the Jail of this county to wot* than any Aostrian dungeon. Ac Mr McDoocal argu-d the reference to the Judiciary Committer, with directions la lareatlf ate the subject Mr Wilson next nreed the prompt paw aft of his resolution as an act of Justice to soma alxty persona unjustly Incarcerated under th? effete laws of this District Mr - -t - ..? - ? FI<'R WIKIRUTBI, ?4. We have Information from Wiocbeater, Vt. that the Confederate force* there under Jaeklon (aome 5,000 strong) bare been couniderably ilarmed, dreading an attack, and that they are disinclined to make a atand there, but had prepared to fall back toward* Straabarg. It la reported that Geo* Carton aad McDonnell have been deposed for allowing Kelly to whip them at Romnry Appointed ? Joeepb H Seara haa been appelated Poetmaater at Port Royal, Sooth Carollaa. All mill nutter for that poat office ahould be ent via Mew York. LATE LOCAL NEWS. CimiHiL Cnrir ?To-dn*. Samuel jr.. Inducted for an assiult and battery on Rlehard Btllrnger, and Thomas Enaa, Indicted for an assault and battery on Heaaon BOrrowa, were both found guilty aa Indicted. Tbe parties all belong to Georgetown. In tbe case of Benjamin Luekett, bla counael, Mr Jos H. Bradley, jr., presented satisfactory prx?f of tbe fact tbat Luekett waa now an enlla& ed soldier In tbe aervice of tbe Untied States and out of tbe jurtadictlon of tbla court, which closed the proceedings In bla caae The case of James Collins, Indicted for an assaolt and battery on Kitty Cullae, waa thea taken up. Thi CoirotiTios Man-t*ap ?Since Monday night alx unfortunate lndlrlduala have bees dragged out of tbe canal at various points botw?en Maryland avenue and Fourteenth street The cause of tbeir misfortune was whlakey la all except one caae, a poor fellow who sot into a light Monday night and was knocked ovarboard. Thk CotSTT Jail ?There are to da? confloed In the jail 238 prisoners, more than doable tbo number that a bo u id be cooped at anytime la that comfortless and miserable abode Thla la probably the largeat number of prlaooora ewr oonflned in the jail at one time. CiacciT Cocbt ? To-day, Coanael are argulM the inatructioaa for the Jury prepared by tba court (n the caae of Jonea agt Dermott THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. r??wl bCUIRus ur TME niKIUlil LEG SLATCRC. B*i timokk, Dec. 4 ?The Legislature of Maryland wu organ'z?d to-day electing Ben ft (Speaker of the House, and Goldsboroagh, Presldent of the Sena's. The Governor's message wma transm'tted, sad * ? eminently loyal and patriotic. It says tba1 be baa convened the Leglalature la tblaapeclal faaton In ord?r that they may at once perform and clearly express the will of the people, by taking aucb air pa u will aeem moat effective to Indicate the honor and the loyalty of tba Stale by undoing, and, as far as possible, remedying the evils of tbe legislation of their predecessors He urges me au res for tbe payment of tbe Plate's portion of tfce rational tex for the expenaes of tba war He says tbe rebellioa most be patdowa, do matter at what coat, and oar State moat bear hfr share, and be bopea It will be dooe wttk bo ntpgard band. He urges a loan for tbe purpose, and also a?ya It ta nndoub'odly a strict doty, aa It alao doe to tbe pride and boaor c ( tbe State, that lmmrd ate provision be made for ratsla|t and equipping Maryland's qaota of Tol?ntoon for tbe war He reco femrnda legislation for aommary pan. Isbment of ptraens In Maryland who aball be convicted of aiding or abetting, In any manner, tbooo who are In srms agalant tbe Government. , from forraeu monavb. Baltinobk, Dec. 4 ?Tbe Old Paiat boat baa a- M a. aW? #?tl. . irriTW urrr, wimr iwiwwiu| bumvi FoiTtit! Moxaon, Dec 3 ?A sharp engagemeot between tb? U 8. ganboata Hetnel, Seymour, Whitehead ard Bbawebene and a rebel steamer, supposed to be the York town, leek place yesterday about lee miles above Newport Newa. The bomberdeieat lasted abont twe boara? commencing at I o'clock a. n. The rebel vessel kept clcas to the shore, wbere a powerful battery assisted It materially; bat It never veatared wltbla range af ear gans The engngeaaeat waa kepi np with greet vigor, and tbe roar of ibe arttliery waa plalaly beard at Old Point A flag of trace In charge of Prevent Marakal Davis, weat from hare this morn lag, to saavsy Mr Pa ngford, Consul for Baxeey at New Orlennt, to Norfolk, by that mui we lav* that tho nVil votael rajragod la tho actios j nmlij wm tho rtaamor Patrick Hoary Tho rahala^lala that no damago wm Aom to than. TcmU) about a half laah of mow fan, u4 a treat N. wind prevailed, bat abated toward* Kvarythlac ta 4 alot boro. Thatworlfll la| leavoa thlo evaalag far Battana lalat Now "r~ ^W|* *''''' * psHss&sgg Y"? THE LJJkn OF WAaamgTOH. NilY ? (tMTkl, b?r?iii, m lo o'c.ook, ?i 4BC? (B8i v/t k= , , ?* *1

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