Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1862 Page 4
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g" ' . ,'f J THE BVUMNf? ST\R. Til* IIIliHf I xpedtt-en?Inan;?r-tisn tf Ge* K'?4lor4~Arrtvtl of Another EojIi?h Steamer? Ltnimttb r Accident. [Correspondent* ?f tb<> Bsl"more American ] An<i?mi;?. Jan rh.lM The fleet bearing tfce trroia of Gen Burnnlde's expedition is now out la the harbor all ready for silling, and only awaits orders to s'art to their destination Tbe embarkation of the troop* w-i"d yesterday without tbe slightest accident, and, judging from tb? deportment of the men, they are glad to be ofl tor a more a< tive tMd of duly. It is said that immediately after tbe tailing of this ftwt, which will Uke place probably this af ternroa or tc-r.igbt, another cxneditiori will be fitted out at this place, and rumor baa it that yaaels and trops have already been ordered bere for Quite a lamentable accident occurred In the b?rbor laat night, by which seven soldiers belonging to the 97th Massac huaetts Regiment were drowned A number of the aoldlera were on the vyav to the vessel containing their regiment, in a mall boat, whan it waa ran into by a tugboat and broken to pieces, the men drowning immediately. The night waa an unusually ligbt one, and it seems to be the general opinion that the accident could have easily been avoided if a proper lookout had been kept on tu* tug. The names of tbnse 1 >st have not as yet been made known. Another English pteamer arrived in the harbor last evening, but what la her mission has not yet transpired It is sa^d, however, tbatsbe brought dispatches for Lord Lyons.which were forwarded to Washington last evening. A large number of persons c*me from Haiti mora last evening and this morning to wltntfcs the inauguration of Governor Bradford So great waa the crowd which came down last evening, that mjn? tu*ti> ??vi- A? * - *' j ??? ? uiiauic iu procurp onis, ana wfre compelled lo ilrrp vii *ntaa and benches In the various ho'eia and boarding houses The Inauguration of Governor Bradford was attended to-day by a large crowd of persona, nianv of whom were unable to get within the dcora of the State House. A large number of ladies were seated upon the lloor of the Senate. Notwithstanding the great rush, the utmost decorum was observed. The axldre*s was listened to with marked attention, and the audience frequently manifested their approbation by outbursts of applause The addreas is highly spoken r<1 bv all who heard it. and seems to meet with toe general approbation it dts?rves No doubt the people wh?n they com*1 to read it will be reiotced to find that the principles there on undated are but the Drlociples of themselves The retiring Governor. T. H. Hioka- cm** nut of the office with the best wiahes of the members cf the Legislature and the people of the State, who may congratulate themselves that the government of the Slate in these troublous times fell on one who by his superior guidance of the affairs of the Plate saved Maryland from being the theater of war It is to be hoped that in his retirement to private life bis diyi may be as full of those blessings which are deserving of an old at d well-tried servsot as tb* p^irt h*ve been fall of honor. ?*spt Thomas C. Sullivah, Commissary or PrB?'.sTB*CK ?Accident, a fewdat* since, called us to the rooms occupied by Captain Sullivan, at th* cstom-bouse We found surrounded on all *ldes by b i?y el?rk?, and by the scene before us were forcibly Imprested witli bs? value alike to the armv and community The CommUsury must neces*arily be " a Cerberus," watching the Interests of his department with tirelesa fidelity. He ts alwav* in contact with ---J _ 111*1 must have the perception and firmness to judge, Jin'l deal with them, or denv tnem. as clrrumatm. f e? may r?quire t'apt Sullivan bat fully realized and amply d!spla>ed such traits of <U>?ra< ter BeMdea. he tns.wlth curtesy ?? well as firmneu, with gentleness a* well as decision. ?o fully met tbe exigencies of his place ax "to win golden opinions from all aorta of people," aisd laat, but > not least. ' he mak^^n purchases from secessionists Bal' Ct'rp'T, Jnn (i ^LIDKLl 9EA*HTCK ? MASOJI CO5<0L?? HIM WITH Bi43DT ?The Briton Traveller tells this story * We bear that Mr Slldell was terribly sea-sick In the tug starlight, while on his way\o Provtncetown Mason was entirely free from the dis^ order, and upon bearing of the suffering! of bis H f lend, sent bim a tumbler of brandy, wh'ch had w a fsyoraoie e#-ct, and for which Mr. Slldell ex ^ pressed hi* heartfelt thanks. In lesa than ten minute* after tbt four rebel commissioners bad Km ' * " ? . .c-..* on ooara xne Klaaldn, she was under w?igh and probably cleared the cape before the gale commenced She M^ered to the eastward, and la probably bound to Halifax." \J~7" K Richmond paper, the Dispatch, says l bat a Urs? p?rt of the Confederate troops were enlisted for six months, which term is about to expire, nd that It Is "a trick to which McClellan looki for their destruction'' to let their time run out and tbelr places be filled by raw recruits before h? movea Thereupon a frantit appeal Is made to th? ''heroes of Bethel, Bull Run,'' and (he like Ia ra. 1 * * w ? Jjy Rhode Island has received the contract to rifle all the guna in Fort Adams, and an establishment Is to b? opent-d in the State at once, for the pjrpoae. CT7" The servant girls of the free State* con^tim* more silks and Freneh er?ods then the whole southern : nstootcv PERHAM'S GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YOEK AND BOSTON. EXCURSION TICKETS From Bsitisitrs u Roiud, and retsrs, ?n 1 y >13.50 Te New Yerk and retarn a.00 Ticlfts good to leave Uealtiirore from the Depot of tfca Northern Cent'*.! ?-? passing over the Northern Central Railway. Lebanon Vailey, East Pennsylvania, L*hich Va lev,and ? entree Railroad of New Jersey to New York,and from 5av Vo'k o Boston by the Stoniniton Line, leaving New York bj the steamers Commonwealth and Plymouth Rook, at 4 o'clock p. m.,on ?n.y day, (Sundays execepted.i UPTO JANUARY SI, 1368, AMD TO miTCKM BT liXI RoCTK ON OR BtORE MARCH 1ST. TTT Tickets for tale in Washinfton. D C., a: the National Bote); t? Baltimore, at th^ Depot of the NorthernCentiai Railway,Calvert street,at BarCein's Hotel, tiltw House, anl humor House. Two throich Tri'.ns daily from Baltimore to New York, leavifif Baltimore at 8.:5 a. m. and 8J3< em. T<> eonrect with theee trains, passengers from Was hi nx to a mast leave in the A a. m. and 5 p. m- trains. 117 All oommaaientiona in regard to the Excursion mast be addressed to JOS1AH PfcKHAd, National Hotel, Washington, D C ,hia headquarters. He will also be represented by his ate f? at Barnum's Bote). Baltimore; Lovejoy's Hot?l,New York, and the Adsmi Hesse, Boston, h'e tieadq uarters in those cities. la 2-1 w (2 BALMORAL BOOTS' VlOAT Tippeu Double sole Balmoral ?1 50 ralf Kid (tv do do 92 on I Gtovw Calf do 92 so Also, a I other styles of Lad'es' and Muses' Ha.mora tfooie, the cheapest and brat a?sortment in theeity. J. W(WKNTH *L, ^o. IS Market >eao??, - I*7 Penu avenue, between ttth atd 9-n sts. BED BLANKETS. COMFORTS AND Sheetiei*. (Junta. 'I iccmcs. Towels, Table Linens, and all outer kitd* of Houerkeepers' Dry 00 Hi., a l at oar provdibiahy i<>w prices. maiked in plua Itarea, PERRY * BRO? a ISt . Pea a. avenue and Ninth at. 1 ' tNTl.KMKN'K LINBN COLLARS, I IN F.N VJ COLLARS, LINEN COLLARS!?About7U? doses now in store, *11 styles, at about iialf t*.e usual prion for the same ?oodi?wi ? manuleoture. At At 15. A. Lake k Uo.*f Mertole Hi. Bazaar, dejn _____ TOg Brown'a Ho<jl. Black tka.? BLACK TKA! ? ehea'a ten'lerd Black T? ba?e bua reoeived to da*. Also, ohoioe Green To*. KING A BURCHKLL, ? 8 Corner lMh rtreet and Vermont ?t. l ut' ?.p k r "1n 4'. ng ?.r yg'/c&'lir e A* )0 f>o<-n?r VerjBowt ?v. and Fifteeotti at. ouran MB k*M ot>o*eQoehen Butter, juat received Mid for Ml*?M? W i b. b- babtinbh * CO. nn? tf (eeinc P% eveene. III r4> ATMOI. rOUTI rtDI. A ie'fe Hurt of pure Medioio**. to., eivaya on haad Aiao, Heir, Tooth and oteer BruahM. '-oit reea Wtier, Ac. Coal U;t MU Leoipa fbr use, de ?1 ?w .' : - i ' Wou, ??'? JtWhCk) ? bLaSfih twi^HtwittMiSi oo* m aMtflMWNi. IM offe-?<l at the ,u*m! *KeTi)lr?r*, Sword*, BuhM. Belt*, Bowie j u**ifockH CoBitMN.4*.. to. Abo itronc A ray T rinka and Bed Contused: and May other 1 ? ^T^^FrviXtr i ir,t *i'T " JWrwi, M tbo fovorvU oo?ii?c ?? 1 D trMt. k*tVM? uu MO 11U to Tom ; x. ' i-kufi u'i Coef?onft?vr i ii?. m?:.t. H*v.u< imm ?n?c?^nj?r?'#4r? so*- 1 <*'. -wpely tW sji *e4ei4e?c#* efi^e '' id , \u " I vi I I .1.1 .1?? SICK AND WOUNDED SOUHIM IN HOSPITAL. Fnbhiksd in eonforwUtf with th* rnolmt'0? / tk* S*n*U cf July 10, 1861. At Smiaarir Iftfifl, (f*orgtt*wn, Jmm 3. ad U. 8. Infantry 29 3Sth Penn.Volnnteera. 1 j 5th do Cavalry, 1 36th do do...... 1 3d do Artillery.... 4 42d do do...... 1 . 5thVermontVolunteen & 59d do do 3 * itt do Cavalry... 1 lOttbdo do 1 1st Rhode Island Art. 1 1st do Reserve-.... 6 4 4th do do.. 1*3(1 do do*?...? 2 fith N HarnpthlreVol.10 6th do do...(c) 1 j i7m new nor* voi... n 7tn do do...... l . <>uth do do.... 1 11th do do 9 | .'1st do do.(a) 1 1st do Rifles 5 22d do do.... 1 1st do Cavalry.... 1 , fi'M do do.... 1 4th do do 1 i (>4th do do....l(Mlth do do...... 2 id N YorkCavalry(ft) 3 I at do Artillery... 1 < 3d do do 1 4th Michigan Vol 3 8th do do 2 5th Wlaconaln Vol.... 2 OneidaCountvCava'.ry 1 9th do do.... 3 6th Penn. Volunteers. t Kxcelslor Brigade.... 2 . 9th do do 1 27th do do 2 Total.... 129 (a) Oa* officer. (6) One officer (e) One officer. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, comer Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Jan %. 17th New York Vol ...II 3d VermontVolunteera 2 18th do do.... 1 5th do do 1 19th do do.... 2 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 .w-v J _? _ a- - ' - Ka qo ao.... i -in a? do.... 1 2->th do do.... l Ath do do.... ! 2?th do do.... 1 ad Michigan Vol Jj ! r?d do do.... 1 4 th do do 1 35ih do do.... 2 2d Wisconsin do 3 37th do do.... 1 3th do do 4 i 43d do do.... 3 Ut Minnesota do...... 1 ! 44th do do.... 2 lit California do 2 45th do do.... 1 1st Excelsior Brigade. 3 50th do do.... 3 2d do do.... 1 ( 52d do do.... 1 3d do do.... 5 54th do do,... 2 4th do do.... 1 i 55th do do.... 2 5th do do.... 3 I 56th do do.... 2 1st Maryland Vol..... 1 58th do do.... 3 1st Indiana Rifles 1 79th do do.... 31 Kane's Rifles* 15 86th do do.... IjCameron Rifles....... 2 2d Penn. Volunteers . 3 New York Mounted 4th do do 3 Rifles 1 , ftfh do do 1 Stockton's Mich Vol. 4 7th do do 2jGaribaldi Guards 1 8th do do 8! De Kalb 2 11th do do 2 1st Penn. Cavalry.... t 12th do do 2 2d do do 5 ' 2.3d do do 1 5th do do 2 1 zmn ao no l Harris' Light Cavalry 3 ' rath do do 2 l?t Rhode Island Art. L ( 40th do do 2 2d U. S. Artillery 1 i 45th do do 2 4th do do 2 52d do do 6 5th do do 1 i 57th do do 2 lit New York Artillery .1 j 104thdo do 1 Mott's Battery 1 , 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 Home Guards, D C.. 1 . 7th do do...... 4 2d Vermont Volunteer* 2 Total... 1RI At Hospital at Columbian Colltgt, Waiktngion, J*R. 3. 4th U . S. Cavalry 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 5th do do 1 McClellan's Dragoons 1 * 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 1 , 7th do do...... 1 2d Berdan Sliains'rs.. 2 ?, 9th do do...... I 1st New Jersey Cavalry 2 11th do do 40 2d do Vol 1 "id Vermont Volunteer* li3d do do.... t 5th do do.... I'6th do do.... 1 i 10thMa?*acbB?ett?Vol 111st Penn Artillery.... 2 Rhode Island Batt.... 1 !th do Cavalry 0 litNew York Artillery 1 1st do Volunteers.. 2 2d do do.. 2 Id do do 1 Hamilton Artillery... 1 ?th do do 1 Rocket fiatt 2 13th do do I 1st New York Cavalry. 1 23d do do 1 ' 2d do do.... \ 27th do do 1 | 7th do do.... I 31st do do...... 1 i 6th do do....20 52d do do 9 Harris Cavalry ti57th do do ..<fc) 1 17th New York Vol... ?;?Uh do do 1 22d do do l 1st California Vol 2 33d do do.... l 5th I 111 noia Cavalry... 5 ; 36th do do.... 1 2d Wltconalo Vol... 2 3?th do do.... 2 ith do do.... 1 4Jd do do.... 1 7th do do.... 1 (Ith do rtn > la* Ul? - ? t ? ? ? 4>i i uuuuina ui . I 77th d<> do.... ? id Michigan Vol 3 7 79th do do,... I 1d do do...... 1 p ?7th do do (a) 1 4th do do...... 1 M'U do do 1 ?th do do 1 r Anderson Zouaves.... 2 Stockton'? Mich Vol. 1 _ 1st Excelsior Brigade, l j 2d do do.... 1 Total 174 DeKalbN. Y.Vol ... 1 (a) One officer, (o) One officer. ? At Gtntral Hospital, (Cfrclt,) Washington, Jan. 3. Officers 11 Omeron Dragoon*... 1 f Engineers l'2d Penn. Volunteers . 2 c 1st U 8. Cavalry..... 3l5th do Reserve.... 1 p 24 do do 9; 15th do Volunteers. I * 4th do do 4[2d New York Vol... 4 ? 5th do do 2 9U> do do.... 1 6th do do 7 15th do do.... 1 c 8th do do 1 22d do do.... 3 ? 1st do Artillery.... 3 24th do do.... 1 t 2d do do 1 44th do do.... 1 ad An An ' "I.W >-'--"-1 - w- ? ?* < |UIU . uaiu^utic V Oi. 4 I 5th do do i'Md Vermont Volunteer! 1 ' !*t do Infantry l|4th do do.... 1 'id do do f ti'h Maine Volunteer*. I u 3d do do 7 7tn do do.... 3 4th do do... ?i4th Rhode Island Vol. 2 6tb do do Statnpfleld'* Battery, 10th do do 4 New York Vol I a lit D C. VoluDteera.. 1 I'tWlaconalu Vol.... 1 Total 103 . 41 do do 1| At St Elizabeth Hospital, Eastern Branch, , Jan. 3. | - c iat Exclsior Brigade. 1 l?t Penn Reserve.... 1 |j '2d do do.... 1 59th do Volunteers. 1 a 4th do do... 3 8th New Jersey Vol.. 1 ? Sid Penn Volunteers .15 Excelsior Artillery Vol 4 J 8tb New York Vol... 1 Harris Light Cav.. (o) 1 J 2Vth do do.... 1 V<!d Penn Volunteers. 6 Cameron Rifles 2;41?t New York Vol... a 36th Penn. Volunteers, l 4.5th Penn Volunteers. 1 StbVermontVolunteers 5 2d New Vork Cavalry, '2 Brickel's Art. Butt. .. '2 8th do do.... 1 5?th New York Vol... 1 57th do Vol 1 '2*2d do do.... 1 ? * 3*Hh Penn Volunteers, i Total st (o) One officer Sick tn tkt Hotfital ftr Eruptin Dtuasts, at Kalorama. Jan 3. d 2<1 U S. Infantry 10 bih Penn. Reaerve.... I _ 5th do Cavalry 3 45th do Volunteers. 1 i Ot h do do 2 5M do tfo 4 J 7th Maine Volunteers. 3 51d do do...... 2 % llth do do.... 5 35 ih do ao...... 2 * 2d VermontVolunteera 1 Wth do do 1 10th Maaaachusett Vol. 1 104th do do 8 1 14th do do . 2 Ut Michigan Cavalry. 1 I l?t New York Artillery 5 'Jd do Vol 1 2d do Cavalry. 3j7th W'isconain Vol... 1 r 44th do Vol 11 !9th Indiana Vol 5 r 56th do do 13iQnarterma*ter'a DeD'l ft 57th do do 1 Officers'aer van ta 2 n 77th do do 1 ? lat Penn Reserve.... 1 Total ....83 1 r At G$ntrai Hospital, AUxandrut, Jam 3. 5th U. 5. Artillery.... 3.Slat Penn Volunteer*. 1 ' 2d do do*....... J 4th do do...... 1 ^j 9th do lafaatry.... 1 Cameron Rtflea 1 ri 8tb do do 3 7th Penn. Volunteer* . 2 n 2d do do 2 46th do do 5 C 3d do do 1 -<$th do do I ? 4th do do 5 :?nh do do 3 * 10th do do........ 1 15th do do .... 8 . 6th do Cavalry 1 3d do do 3 5th do do 1 104th do do I 4th do An 1 soa <l? i? / l?t do do 1 3.5th do do 4 U 8. Engineers 1834 do do I _ 37th New York Vol... 4 39th do do 3 4 J2d do do.... I 99th do do 4 f l&th do do.... 6 40th do do. 3 59th do do.... l llth do do 5 i 26th do do.... 4 66th do do 2 16th do do....29 64th do FlreZoDim 1 ? 32d do do.... 4 llth do Reserve.... 1 6th do do....10 4th do Cavalry.... 2 j do do.... 1 1st do do...... 1 27th do do....27 llth do do 9 4 33d do do.... t 1st do Reserve.... 2 i 31 rt do do.:.. 3 1st do Artillery.... 6 ii 26th do do.... 9 Lincoln Cavalry...... 1 54th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol 16 36th do do.... 5 1st do do 1 14th do do.... 1 5th do do 9 t 40th do do.... 6 3d do do U k 17th do do.... 12 1st Maaaachnat-tta Hat. I ' 29th do do.... 2 2d do Vol.90 . 44th do do.... 2 12th do do..10 &j<1 do do.... 1 9th do do., t 95(h do do....10 1st Minneeota Vol 1 Mth do do.... 1 let NewJereey Vol.... 1 ? 15th do 1 5th do do.... A list do do...r a 4th Rhode Island Vol . i 89th do do.... 1 4th do Mat.. I auth de do.... 1 7th do Art.. 1 \ l*U do do.... 1 ?th do do.. S . 79t* N Y Stair Mil.. 1 5th do Bat .1 J Mb do do 5th Maine Volunteers. 9 Id N. V Fire Zouave* 1 4th do do 3 { 3d New York Artillery 1 tfd do do g a St& do Cavalry. 1 3d do do...... 3 Let do do.. . 1 f7th Indiana Vol 91 Sherman'* Artillery.. 1 Mb ConnecticutVol..10 . Ith N. Hampshire Vol 1 3d Exoelatov Brigade. 1 I CameiQ# Dragoena... 3 1st do do.... t Harrt* LightCavalry. I 6tb W isconsin Vol.... 14 s'.h Illinois Cavalry... 1 Slh de do 7 J lOSihPtRB Volunteer! 9 3d do do 7 ' Hd do do......10 9d do do..... 1 4 *>? An do .t 5th Vermont Vol SI j9 1 <1. do...... sTM do de. 1 . 57.h do de..??*. ll ? I H* 49 W"* mmh'WJ If Fifth District School Homt Hospital, Branch of Qtntral Hospital tm E strut, Jan 2. Id Michigan Vol 1 4th Penn. Cavalry ? 1 5th Rhode Inland Vol. 1 Ohio Cavalry, (unat). 1 ?9th New York Vol... 1 Kentucky Cavalry .... 1 (2d do do.... 3 ?d C S. Cavalry 1 M Vermont Volunteers 1 6th do do 1 mfc Pennsylvania Vol. 1 Cameron Dragoons... 1 104th do do.. 1 ? D C. Volunteers 2 Total 19 M U. 8 ArtHIery .... * it Indiana Hospital (Patent OJfUt), Washington, D. C.. Jan 3 L9th Indiana Vol 3? '2d Berdan Pharpe'rs.. 4 id do Cavalry.. I Int do do 3 l?t New York Art. <?) 5 53d Penn Volunteers. 5 rth do CavaWy 3 lat Michigan Cavalry. 4 KU do do... 3 Slampflela's Battery.. 1 ITth do Vol.... I ? Ith Rhode Island Vol. 1 Total.............71 llth Maine Volunteers 3 (a) One officer {TT W aatilngton paper* please copy aad ?end bills to the War Department. ja 9?3t LWM. CORWIN BURGY. ATE With the old ac<5 well known house of WM. S OOKWIN A CO, NEW Yobk. Dealer in rksict Rraniies, Wtmt Cigars, and Importer of Teas and Chines* Fancy tfoodt. No. 347 Pennsylvania avsnui. (Kntranoe SiJtth Street,) WrtjAtftr.-o*. D. C. The Attention of eonno:s?eurs and the iwbHo gene-ally it in vi tea to luy flto> k of fine Brar.dies.W mes C,.gars Tea?, A o , o >n>pn?inr H?nn*ssey Otard yiJ fayer Brandies, Widow Clicquot, Moot k. 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' VERY Description of JOB PRINTING ranged bT any body?oitnens, oivii fucctioa&rios, rmr and navy ofnoer?, sutler), to.?executes at tie STAR OFPIGE, in satisfactory style, at low *r?? for r%?h. 4 tf >KST GRADES HOOP SKIRTS Opened this 3 day. Also, our usual fuU stock of all k'nds of (elect try Goods for the general and special wauts of unities and housekeepers One price cly. rna ked in plain figures ; Renoe, 1 < o purchaser is over charted. I PERRY A BKO.. I | ia7 6t Penn. avenue and Ninth ?t. | rHE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform theirpatroaaand the public get;erallT of be- _ a? . at amply auppUed with a superior ate ok o.'^H 'ALLand WINTER GOODS. K* The* also respectful'y invite attention of tfj heir Army and Navy customers, and tboae"-"" p^iiirint outfiuiutliat tine. to their superior aualdea oi Sworda, Epaaleta. Shoulder Stran Baits, Inapeaua, Hata, Caps Saahea, and Gold Laoea, , umtautij on hand, w nick are warranted aa repre ' W tulat tendering thank* for the liberal patronage njoyed,the? wiii endeavor to merit a o<nti nuance, F. J. H HI BERBER * CO* (Suooeasora to H. P. Loudon A Co .) UTIZBN. MILITARY and HA VAL TAILORS, 1 36J Pennsylvania Avenue. oc 16 eoSm \NE NICE ROSEWOOD CHICKERING J PIANO for #75. One 7 oota?e fear round oorner HalietflBBCS t D?via Pfano for #*?. HI 111 For aale upon eaay terms at the Mnaie Store of W. G. METZEROTT. tale Aneno* for Steinway and Son's ana Raven, Baoon A Co.'a Pianoa. n? la ifAflS^Y^UOLLINS A CO.* >1 PHILADELPHIA DRA VOHT ALE. We hw Ju?t reoeived a ?opply oi the above Aie. rhiob we rooommud to be ?f? very eup^rior aualty.

Pereone wishing to pnrehaae. t>y making lmnediate application. tail be furniehed. ARN V A BHINN, no T Uwriwnwii ^OLDIKMS NKtDING DRY GOODS for the j "folka at home" are aoiioited to inepeet our aft atook, now oomplete in all departmenta. One prio?> only, the aotnai oaah utaadard value, narked i* plain figure?. A>' examination of atook moura no obligation to ?uroh*i* All paroela oarefnMy eaoked, for expreea or other lonveyatoe. iree of ohai** "PERRY * BRO., Peon, avenue and Nmth at.. (toll ant ' Parry B?ildl?i." rRAVBLINe TRUNKS to CToind in aifiUrdriUE ftw1* ioee. Carpet Bae?, 4o.. which we are now ae hci ?OU?HB, COLDS. HOARSENESS, *?. Thu fMaaant and aopiuar Cough (UaM; haa swfi^SarSS'SS r255r arr eAoaoy. It oan be had at all U?* pnnoip 1 ruf ttorec. at 9 arrf IT onUa hottU. DENT1STBY. DR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. fiSTWIK* 9tH A I'D 10TH St*. Ja4 HDR. J. L. 61BBON8 AVIN6 Removed from No. 39? New York avenue, to No. 379 9lh *treet. a few door* frorr New York ft venue, renew* the offer of hi* profe* loaal nrioe*. (Medioal and ?ur*ioal > to th? oitisen* of Wuhincton- He mar be foaa>l at ht? office at al) hour*,when not professionally engaged E*pecial attention will be paid to lemaie due&ae* de t3-eo?w? j^EW AND improved invention ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 BONE TEETH, Withowt Mrru Plat* ox Clasm. DR. S. B SI6 ESMOND, 910 BrwtAwv, Nno York?HO fmiylrMta A* mm*, bitftt* 12tk and Ittk ill, Vu&imioki Call* the attention of the public to the loliowiai advantage* of hi* improved *;*tem: 1. The Teeth of hi* macufeoture wille^HH nejar ooroae nor obar.te color br anr"*' ' ??dfc b*IBLltirM fonrtht litDJfr thin at* diher. SI No teeth or roots need be extnoted, u tfc< onM o&& be ib?erted over thorn. , The roou Will be made inofieaaive. an nerei O fcCQfi. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa aermanenl One* oan be made immediately, thereby ?reaerrin* the natural eaf^eeion of the face, whioh nndei than H n>>am 1. J..C , VMwi-i* ?*vui ia ui?u|uruu. t. Tiiia work hu been iuily tested over fire yean by many of Ike firat ch-miata and &hyaici\aa of Urn eountry. Dr. s. hH alao invented a white ondeatruetive metal ilftni. with whioh the moat aenmtive *e?tb o&n be filled without pain, and oan haild op a ieet, sound tootn on ai*7 ?>i?roota, which wiUlaal throujh lifetime. The beat of references ctvon?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr 0 reinui, Professor ol Chemistry, N. Y.; Hon. Jndre Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousatda of othera Call and exannoe for youraeif. no 8 6m GAS FITTING, Ac. A W5t f. 1>UV? * GO. ltdfc now prepared to exeoate any erdcra wltk Wiuati they may do favored in tbe PLf.MBlSfl, CAS OR STEAM FITVIM* JBUSJNKSS. ID" Store on tth atreet, a law doora north of Pa. arefiae, where mar do fotnd a eon.p.rete assortment f CHAN DEL I KR8 and other ?AS, STEAM and ffilKR FIXTURES. HB lr WW A 8 FIXTURES. K Hav? in atore, and are dai.y receiving, 9 AS ?1 ITU HE'S oi entirely New Pattern* andDe* gci and Fioish. superior in style to anything berotojor* f?r d in this market. We icviteciUxens general It to iall and examine ovr stock of Gas ana Water Fir irfca, feeling confident that we hare the ltd elected atock ia Waahmpton All Work in the above .me lntraatad to air ear* Will b? aramptiy attended to. MYERS * Mo#HAN. Mr ?-tf BTfl D ?trael ^ E N E ft A L ORDER. Navy Department, Deoember 2% 1861. Tug Navy Dkpaktmbnt msr a ronaeivcus for shipping met at f.ioti ul the following places; Pnrtsmonth. New Hampshire tfoator> ai.d New Bedford. Ma^aihnsetts. New York Pbi sdenphia and Krie. I'eiinsvvar.ia. Haitimore, .Murlaud; an j Washington, District of (V?in'i ?. !-eamen, ordinary t?amrn ai.d imdsm*n wbo oan pn.H-1 ie usual surgeon's exa-'iiLallou. by presenting theinselr-? a: Hie rendezvous nearest their rewitn an official oe tifictte from the city or town clerk signifying that they are residents an 1 have **xpress<ed a desire t.? leavo to enter Ibe navy, will be received on the following terms : 1st. An allowance o! thres ce^U a mile for t'ftve ling expenses. 21. Anadvanoe of tkrtt months to seamen and uruumry peanien, una OI Il#1 iir'nth" to andgn<*B. 3d.permission to leave an ail<.'tiT>eijt of hal'-pay t" their faonllee, t-? octtimenee tho data of th?ir tnIlsti ent ?.h To c"(,n board etup in their ordinary clothe*, where aa outfit will be furnished ami euarged as per list, beinx tho present prioet>, rii: One pea jacket ...Slino One pair b u* cloth 'rowsers _ 3 "*9 One blue flanuel oeershirt 1 en Two under flannel shirt* 232 Two pairswoollen draws 2 16 On-inattre*s. 4 90 Two blankets 3 90 On" seamless cap ..._ .. 1 n<* One Mack *ilk handkerchief. 1 oo 331 77 Th. ... ? a iic yiMj ui polity uniOOTB BVPITlKPi JJTXJ1 ^ P6T no th The p*t of seamen? .. 918 per month. Do. ordlcary mumd. .. 14 do. Do. landeinen 12 do. And food foaud. No iki.dnnitu will b? allowed to take the benefit of this regulation who hu not been four mo 21 tit at sea or on the lakes or rivers. GIDRON WELLES, deai eo6t B'oretary of the Navy. I/OK UULIDAY PRE?ENT3-?!oak*,8haw.s, r " M M HU!ks, t?ilk Robe* '* ** " fine Dret.s Good* " " " Laoe Set*, fine " ' ** Embroideries, " " " Embroidered " M * Collars. Embroi* " " dered Har.dker" * " chief*. Med>nm " M M l>re>s Goods, low M " * price Dr>*i a< ** ? -- Goods, all other * " * kinds i^ry Gonda it our proverbially low prices, marked id plain figures. One prioe only. An inspection of stook implies no ob'iration to purchase. PERKY * KKO., renn.avenue and Ni&th ?t., de 14 got "Perry Haidint." NOTICE. maammmaamm ?' ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY" This Company offers to the jiublio " U totalled Advantajes ' for the Sale ana Quick i)i?p\tc4 of Heavy Freights. Packages, Valuable*, Money, Ac. Jto., to all parta of the Lmted states. Expresses to and from the North and Weat depart from and arrive in Washington twice dally. aii r,xpre?ee* are in 0tiarte or ucp*ru%fd and rtltibit Messengers. All Paokages for The Soldier* carried at "o!ta" our usual rates. All Good* for the so-oalled "Confederate State*" md all Artiolea " Contraband of War" will be Onr*Expressea leave New York at l.?, and P. M.^arriTtnc in Washington at A. M. and iJC Expresses leave Philadelphia at 8J0 A. X. and I M*" arr'T1Q' ,n WMhlElton at IK P. M.and Expresses leave Baltimore at tan A. M. and I P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M- aod i 90 P-.Jk ? - E.xproHe>a lor a.i point* nor?0 ana west iNTt Washington at 7.30 A. M. and 2.30 P. M. daily. Special Contracts for large ?uar,titi*? of Freight Ban be made on application to this ' ?ffioe. All ttoods oalieo for and delivered Jrt* of bitri Dharge.. E. W. PARSONS, i?np't Adam?' Exprees Ccmpaop. Waehinrton.AntaatSS.lW1. auZt-tl M 1. FKARKLIN, OPTICIAN TO THE PRESIDENT AND MILITARY STAFFS, i44 Pena'aav.,* noiUt aide,) bet. 12th and lSih ata. SPECTACLES, provided with genuine Hook Cryatai or Periaoopio Lenaea. moucted in gold, n'lver or ateel, and ruited witn utmoat oare for every ace and eyoaight. FIRST ^ --J. laSMLQ CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Mioroaoopea, Compaaaoa. and Mattaeioatiaal la atruraeata, at the loweat Eaatern pricea. ooM-tc WJ E OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a tarca O V K*R*? T a! ^ H JTE* Slh^T^&RA^ ERS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-HOSE. Ae., a oh we invito all oaah yarohaaera to oxuiine ?re making their eeleotoona. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 349 Pa. a*., between fth and 1Mb mi. aatt (IntoHigancer and Rwyah'ioan.) W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Hiti received wiUuo the ut day or tro ft large aaaortment of BOYS' SPAIN0 CLOTHIN6, amhiaoing all at/lea of low-frioea,madi?in. and In* tualltiaa, whioh we araa?I)as atvary low pnoea for owh. . N WALL, STEPHENS * COSMS Fa. av, batwec nhandMa*. a>g f !ntelltgmic?f and Heanhnaaa,) Tcarriaoks. HE Sabaeribar having ma4a addition* to hla LIGHT WA0OW8 of all kinda oaunot be aor paaaad. and troa hi* l<mg exatrieroe in the bualaeea,he ho pea to give gnaoral aahsfaotion AH kinda of Carriageaaod Light Wagona kept ?'AUjlEPAlgS neatly *m*. aad all erdara fc. W u ovravr ?I roinma MM B M W^LL. 8TKPHB*? fc CO.. TV 398 PuMimiiu Amn, "'httMWf&Stf4' AND BEADY-MADE CLOTH!tJUS, goon ajw *o avn vu BXMl. JOUtNII, AiTINOKI Km Aimtwmtd tkt t< Chi ww, flwiiy aid ?h Mfmtwml Rtmtdy ? lit V?rU, FOR ALL DISSA8E0OP lMf* FDKFICK. Lf r JVO 9A LEE DELICACY METE*T. APPLY IMMEfllAWLT. ; J CURE WARRANTED, OA NO CMAROM, lit MOM QUE TO TWO JOATS. WlOtM ?( M ltd, IUIMM AIiiImi rf tk? KM ata ?od Uddar amwut DiiiMiiii, taommct, aral Dab.lKy, C.afMrfl. T Miu, U? Bptnu, fii;lu?i. <i * Bun. TtaMu, TranbliBA*, Diwotf ?^??r (MiMs Dihm W?M aad, TVrnat. Nom ar Bku., AIkumh at tba Lain, let r Bowala?tkM Tambta Duerlin vxui mii Wlary Kibtu ml TaMfc?liui PnklM aad Ptitmihi ht*iRaa vbtcb rtniiilUrnk|t totwy fcwt My aad Mind. TO UNO MXN bp?iil!; ?ba ha?a taeoma tba nrnaa ?| lillwry TIM, tbal draadfal tod dlittltUfl habit vbick anoatUy itiipi la aa uuMil pa't thaoaaada of Tasrf Mao at tba MM aiakad talaau and brilliaat irtallaet, wba lybi nktl fcal . ba?a aatraocad katamng Sanataa witb tba tb?a4ara af a la. qaaoca ar waktd ? iuuc) A* livm* l?r?, at? Mil vMk | fell twildacca. MARRIABE. Mairiio FH*?m, ?f Yoanf hat mclmbpute# MarI Mac*, bain* a vara af pbyaicaj waakcaaa, arfaala dabut?y, dafarmiuaa, Ac., if carad. a who himwlf ?* *- * *' * ' aaal? cenlda in bu honor > t gaoiltaua u4 ra'y a pan hi* abill u a phjiicut. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERIC* 8T. left band aida rain ffram Baltimora auaai. t faw IwntM 11 lb* earnar fnl m to rtMrTi hum u< ainkn. kattari I ki pud uid enkiii a nun*. DR JOHNSTON, Ma-star af the Kotki CoiUr* af IttfWM, WadiB, illll ' k* from aoa ol tba moat arnmatu Co.iafaa it lb* BtHH lutM, iltd tba riaatar ran of d-V.oaa Ma hat ba?n af aai is tha haantli u of Lradon. Pana, Philsdaphia acd alaaVbrra, t h?? itNIM ioe>a af tba aaal aatoniabiaf aarat (bat vara a?ar k^owtt, m*ay traeoiad vtib ns|iu ta tba baad aad aart arisan aalaap; fraat naraaaaoaaa, baa* alaraaad at aaddan aosr da. baafcfaluaaa wiifc fra<;aaol biaabing, auatdad MiMuaat with daraofamant af nuod, vara taiad teaatUtll). TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Taaag Man and aihara vba baaa inlarad teataaaiaaa ba a Mrtam pracuca icdklfad la vban aiooa?a Mbit fraaaar, Jy laarnad from a?il eoinpauoaa, or at acbool, lb* iiitw of vbtca arc mptitip ftlt ???t ?bin aalaap, and if aotcarad. faiidara urrafi Irapoaaibla, aad daairoya botfc Mud aad a?d?, ahoaid appip imroadiatalv. I Tlaaa ara aonia of tba aad and ailaooM; of acta prodaead j aarly babiu of jroatb, via: Waafcuaoa of tba Back aad Uimba, Pain* in tba Haad, Dimnaaa of Sifht, Loaa of ' Powar, Palpitation of tea Haart, Pyapapap. Narroaa irritability, Daraogaiaaut of ba I>jaau?a Fanauona, GaoaraJ OablUtp, Sjmpton.a of Conaamption, 4c. MlfTaLLT ?7Tia faai'al aSacta on tba mlad ara rr.aeh to ka draafad?Loaa of Mm yrj, Confcaion of Idaaa, Dapraoatoa of Spirit*, Bail Porabodinfa, A vara toe of Social?, ialf-OtOtraai, Lo?a olitada. Timiditp, *tc.. ara aaraa of tba ?*IU rodaead. Nirtoi'i niaiLlTT ?'Tbawaoda hi bov )adf a what ? I tba caaaa of Ibair daetimaf boaltb, loam* tbair *if or, bacoaaI Uf waak, pala, naraoaa and arniciatad, havinf a ainfalat | a^paaracco aboat tba apaa, coafh or lynptom of Maaiiap I DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. 1 Whan tba unaf aidad and impradant aotarp of plaaaaM lata mm du uidkki u)? ni9i ?r ittl duclll dlmmlt u lea efteo ] happen* that au lit- jmed Mil** of attain* or dr*ad of luunn d*t*f* htm from applying te thoe* who, from *d?c*l?ec ih re*f ictatility. t?n alon* befriend him. fait* taw the J baud* of ifnoraot and d*tig:,.i.f pr*t*iid*r*, who, wcapabl* tl taring, 81eh hi* pecemary aebotaoce, k**a bus triliDf month ar*r month, or a* io?( a* to* *matla*t ft* caa b* eb lainad, and la d**pair !*** hu- with rainod health to *?fh *?*r ma falling die* ppowtroeatt or by tht a** of that deadly poi*o(j?Mtrcary?ha*t?r> th* ?o-ieutauea*J *ympian* of tbi* terrible di***M, each a* Af *cuen* of th* H*ar? Throat. kin, Ac.. f r*fT? with frtftitfal rapidity, Oil death pet* a p*r>od te hi* araadfal *af*rlng* by **a4ing himt e ibai audueoTtrtd coat trr frarr vbeoe baara* a* traveler retarc* DR. JO HI* SOWS REMEDY FOh ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND 111 POTENCY y thla *? " t aad important remedy* of lb* ore an* an ip**4ily cartd and fail >ip*r reiwod Tbmiadi o' the moot norrooi an i debilitated, who had loot all aop*, ?*?* b**a immediately reli*?ed. All impedimeou te Marriage, Phyetaal h Meaul Dieoaaltlcetion*, Leii of Preereatl'e Fever. *r*oaa Irmability. Tnaki | and V(kkii?iiei Bukaaauae ef lb* meet fearral i klad i f t cared. ' Ji A'DORSE MF XT OP 7 HE PHESS T?a MiSt raociANDi c.ktrkd At Uu Iwuuuw * Un ik* lut Hinltn mn, and thk okatran lmpenAsl ?rf( Ml ftnuwirintniid ky Ur JtlrMin. tixtutd ky ua MMnin af Iti papars ai.d macy aUiai Mrmn, MUCH af valck ka*k - ppiuiu --fnu. ul tgn.1 l aaftara iha pkklit, ka ('.dti k-i ttuidiof u > (ki Ukmui at cbiractar uC raiMQiiMitlr, it a Mlkitnt ffktrtntaa ta It* aBictad. mi lf-ly T n IEBE 1VI A. n. Protected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and setured by the Seal4 0/ l4? Ecol? di Pharmaeie do Pari*, and tke Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. TRIESEMAR No. 1 la the effeetnal remedy for Relaxation. Sm- 1 MATOklHSA and fcxHAraTIOH 0? THI &YBTkt(. < TKI?K.MAH NO. 2, 1 Completely and antuely eradicate* all traaaaof those disordera, for which Copaiva and Cababa ' have genera ly been tl> ought an antidote, to the 1 mm of the health of a vaai portion 4 the p*>pala- ' t on. J TR1E8EMAR No 3. . ? la the great and aur* remedy of tat cinliaed world ' for ai! ijneuntir* of the ayatem. ae watt aa taoondary aympium, oUv.mki* the destructive naa of Mercury. a? well aa other dnietenoua lacredieau, and which ail the Sarsapanlla in the world oannot remne Tsist*M?* Noa. 1, 2 and 3 are alike da- 1 void of taate or aiuell. and of all nanaeatinr toaii- ' tiea. They are in trie form of a loseoge, and may * lie on the toilet table without their nee being ane- , pasted. < i^old in tin oaeea at 93 each, or foar #3 oaaee in one for A9, and in S*7 cura, thus aaving $9. aa adm;metered by V* peau, La iemand, Koux. ka., { Ac. Wl?o;e?a!e and retail by DR. H. A. B A K- { ROW. 194 tilaeoker atraet, (4 doora from Mao- * Douta! rtreet). rsew York. Immecia'ely obi* ceict of ren.iranoe, Or. Htsiow will forward . Trfe^ennr to any rart of the world, eenreiy packed,and addreaaed acoording to the inatxuetiona of the writer. i Poblubed alao b* DR" HARROW, that popular and beautifaiiy 1:.urtrated medical wo-k, Hnman PriA? :* -- ?1 '* ? -J - ..Vw uvui*. ? I i<7?ru.?i O'fU D?M?1 CUB he obtained by sp?c>.&i authority from 8. C. FORI), Washington, D. C. detf-3m LEA IB PEER11II> CBLIBRATBIi Worcenteriblre Sauce. [ Prosounoed by U^J EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ftl of * letter from * to be the IJ Mtdieal BttuUmmm it Xlf^rM " ONLY eOOD^AV SAUCE." HpH^B M WoroMtvr. and applicable to gjjggj w rait L* I EVERY J in India, and is. in \ VARIETY I.y.-X- - jrr.j "piDlOD UMBMMt I m^^l^ aubt, a* wel. aa OF DiSa. cion whoieaome : ^gggjsautt thatra made." j The above SAUCE ia not only t&e but Ud most rorcLA&coNDiMSHT known, but the aaoat ' teal, 11 a lew drops in Sour, (frotrf, or with Ait. , bot and oold Jmriti, Bur St?A, t/anu, |tM impart 1 an exqoieite seat, whioh tmpt tuttpltd Saooe nan- t ufaoturera tear* in rain endeavored to Ob the Prtakfart, Lrmduon, Dinntr, or Suwtt , TobU, a cruet containing " LEA Jt PEBKINS' < WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la iuliapaasa- . ble. 1 To appreciate the tzctlUnt ol thia d*ii e*cuts preparation it 1* only neoeaaary to pnrohaae ' a em *11 bottle of the geumnt, of a reapeotablegro- ! oer or <lea er, a* many Hoitl and Rtstaaraal propristora aeldorn piaoe the Pmrt Sauce before their (UMtl. hUt mUlltnta Cll^rl xtk ' m - Vitllku H gCUUiMV iJVilH ???VW WiMI ^ a tfurteut mixture. ? For sale by Groesrs and Fruiterers eyery where. J JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, J Cmiom ??var< ?U 14?A sires*, >ni York, 8ois W hoieaale Agents for the United States. A Stock always in store ?Also orders received < lor direct shipments from England. D75?wi ef Owa*?r/rU? ?td frnttcliMM.^S ' Sep 3-1 j ,eo ( , SWT* TO PRAM'S M| VB r * M M l 9 M TM ? It S Wfi h, MjLXOFACTOBT. 499 Bbybhth Dnin, Wuiusnr. D. o, l *?Bil2more?NoT?* L " I' , I 1 ?JTiCT!S3 S&? At L*m P+itu. M?Mb?ra of Concretii and trav?i?{s will MM I lumiM bt itoci before yarchMiog alarvhor* " T -unit thataro made ) otij*r citiM. Bnpariar Leeiher and vtom Truka aad? t* ( ?rTr?'ntai ?oywd aad rowuxad at ?lwt aottoo, 5 ! ITPHAMtl HAIR DTK'.-TO COLOM JSLACJ 1 U Oh bHOW#!!-i>%lj IS miUi Sox. Thrw " ?jR^C'0 r*^' to | '1 M ni no h *air Ai u otCmn!: 7m Hold by 8 C. UPHAM. SIO r?e*wfetrwt. Phi* delflu*, ?>. CAI>K*T FORD, widot Utk itm>MwP>.ifi. J T. *" - < 2$* oSt$5E^Qy^ ^ , "Kgiaia T/saas*? i TRAVBLLBBS* D1BKCT0EY. "'D . nm< SCHXPCLM. flf^SBS!^Sw95?SS5? is??3k 3ESlrv ^ NeVTorfc r. .; Hirri?h?rj| l.liz,. M. wnoa MNaMMI MM Wlftlifto* ^E. Armrest BamatoretJI a. No oouw Vtw York Mail Trato?.eave Waefcinf toe at II a. ? ; utit* at Baltimore r. a.; Philadelphia LXtT.Ul Now York l?r.?. Afternoon Acr..mnK>d?ioD? leave Waehtpfton Arrive at Ba-timore 4 sr r. a., I aifitioit?pr tj P^pieoe leaie Wto*tlactn ?. . Imn at Bilumvi Mr. u Pkua4alpJ>t* Now York 41. a.: Harnebarg l a. a. ,t5o 5 F. B^tniD^fKtB ^.Sfcu.o ooaaoote thro?(h to Now York every day tfaiiag riw woot. Leave (Mubswre 4 00 r. a Ainnal We?iuj?%oo aji 1,1. L*ave Now York at 6 r. a? Pknadoiokio K* ?. a* Baltimore 4J# a. a. Amve at Waer.;nr?oc U* ^LeaTj Moo York at 1' r. a* Pfe i%:<upfcia XM l. a.; BalUtaoroT* a.a. Arrive at WaeMafto* Uffa.a. AooviiupodaUoB Traine leave BaitUDoro at A a., aad tr.n .for iV wtirtrtoa, arrive Uore at D . a. and 7 r. a. OcToik1a7( at t JO and 7.36 a a. only. Paeeeager Trains laovui? Waaainfioi atV?l? a. a.a?4Mtr. a.,ao4 Ba!t pMrroatrXa. a aad 4.(0 i. a . faOfta fllMl HtMOtMH far iaaftuilii ? Junction. Trtul% l*are AaaapoUa for Baitiatare ud WutiwtU'T. at ten a. h. and ? ?o r m. Paairafer Train* leaving Washington at SjW a. K.t 11 A. aoc ? p. Md Bltinort at ?.ar and M.,aac lit r. m.. wUl u?y witmx iuyiJn Junction and ITtMMitM IhUay) Jmmcnm War Paucsferi Bust tat* U? iu?n*?4a(iM r"?n <x?iy Traina will imti Waaluairton and B* ttmor* wrompllt upon card (imi. W. P. 8MITH, da IT Muttr of Traatortauoa. BaitIM'i] THF [IMS Penmylvania Central Kailroad, (with ita 0<>rnert0M) [8 A FIBST CLA**S ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES : IPEFD, PAf- ETY AND COMF<>KT' si one ballasted and pbee from dust! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH PRt'M BALTiMORK! TBKBI tlILT Tlllli f*?* PHILADELPHIA TO PITTftMlRGHl Tw o tliw making rL?3l rOMItCTlom AT HA.i*i??rmo wit I tr*ic? od lie NORTHERN CENTRAL. RAIL ROAD, and }ermine TUB GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE ri om WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all > inU in ">? West, Nokth-wk*t tkb ttorra-vraT. D*For Tr.roagh T.clr-u, apply at trie OMf of tke Northern < eufal Kail Roid Cub pa. y, Calvert station, Uallimore. Splendid Slt+pimg Cart on ail Ntgjkt Traint Smoiing SaJvon Cart on alt Tranu FROM WASHINGTON PMUcieri* iue>li?6a. n u s p. m trains, atrivinc ;d Baltimore at 7^r> a. m. atid c 4S p. m.. where oiome ooncectioua are at ie with trait* os the Northern Centra! K R ,ard arrive In Harriets rf at I p. m and Its a in., there connecting witr. the trains on liie Pennsylvania Centra Railroad for all parts of the vast. FREIGHTS. Br this muts. freictota of a! liixar n-, nn? ?*r. or ward ad to ami from any point on u>? Kailmada >f Ohio. Km.taaky, Indiana ltlmoia, Wuoouit, lowa.or Miaaoari. bp katlr?A dtrtct TbeFanaaj vaiua c antral Manroad also o i.neoU kt Fittabuf* wi'h !*tra?*Ta, ky wh.eti uoo*i?m r? fufwarded to nay pert on the Oh .a, Ma*kitiiun, eataekv. Tennww^e. Cumber and. IiiiDoi? Nim taippi, Wiaeonain, Mtaaonri, Kauaaa, Arkaiaaa, uid Awl Kivera; aad at Clev- aiid, ??andutkj fad 3hu?f o with it?am?r? to al NortkwtwMra t ?.?? . Marchauta and ?htpp*ra entrusting the iranaporlation of their Freight to ihia Company, iu i?iy * ith oonbdrnoe on ita -paedy t anal'. THK K ATK? OF FattllUH t to and fro* aty oiat in the Wm?, by t?>e Panaaylvania C-Elral iaii road. mrt m.t mil Itmit as /ararabU u mrr k i't-J fry tker HaxiTond Cmmpmmii < Cy ti? p*f ion ar to mark pack if aa "n? Fnn. 71X1141. K R." MftOkAW ft. ICONS, Fraight Atenia. No. SO North atreet. Bi t man. INOCH LEWIS.?*?pennft. A.ioona. Pa j L. HOUPT.Gen'lTiekefAg't. Pui'adelebia. 1. H HOUSTON, tien'i Fretgot Agent. Pnv dflphta je 4-dly ^OHTHKRN Ct.NKAL RAILWAY. DU Skorttsl. Qutcbtst and B?*t Rout* frrm Haitiinert it tht WEST. NORTH ANU NORTHWEOT. imHin WINTER SCHEDULE CliNI or 1 1MB. On nod after SUNDAyTmU .Nomibw, Pawn ;er Train* vill nrnve and depart from Calvort 'tation aa fol.ovg : Tumi North Liars Mail at g so a m. Baflfclo Ezpreea p. m. Pafkton Aco. mmoci.on 4 p. m. Pittabnrg and Harrub?rg LxrMi Ji p. m _ ^ Ti*iw Sovtb Aanirn Parktrr. Aooommodatioi. at 8 a m. Fnfialo Lxpreta t>a.m Pittabarr and Htrruburt B? ? ? Miii 6 *)>. m. ' ^ " "r The 6 a. m train fro* Wnabin* ton soBBMti nth the 8 JO m. train from ttaTtimore for tto Went u>4 for Buffalo. Elmira fi.oohe*ter, Dunkirk, CuM&i(Di and Niagara Faliu, aad fur Now (fork city. The SI a m. train from WaeHtngtoa ooccooU nth tho S a. m train from Baltimore to Weat. Sorth ar d N orthweat aad Elnura aad Bifftlo M loAMntar. , T> a 5 p. m. train from Wmt rrtoi connocta with ike 130 ?. m. train from Baltimore lor PutaMrg, Ruriebnri and the Weat aM is a direct oonnooaon for Lebanon. Eaaton A lien to we and N aw k'ork via Cehtrai Railroad of New Jar-hay- Try Jua routa for Naw York CETTha only train leaving Baitimare oa Monday n.ttaa 2 p. w train. Tot Hat riaburi.i'ianfcarc, Ckiiuo and tha Weat. i h* only train arari&f la Baltimore on Banday a th 1.30 a. m. train. * J AS. C CLARKE. go 36 ly Superintendent. 1* NOTICE TO TRAVELERS ME PoatnuMtar S et era. ha*mc ordered tho wHi anTtc* imwc? MfiMM, Baltimore, ud Old Potat * Fortre*(^^?K^k? Monroe) to be r?wiiM4, on mj Monday, the 20?h inrt&Lt the Bay 1 lae of ataainera ml! lea?e lia.umore EvtlY DAY (uo^Su lay) from thotr wh*ri, foot of LLion Dock, at U ?'olook p. >., or immediately aft?r tbe arr;*? of the Washington Trun, which ieavee WaafciLiwa ht 2)% o o.oec a. a&? ?1Mrf M. N. FALLS. Kraat rfM ?5S^voWmvu^ffiK?E.N Laudint and eabartiac paaaaayra at OaeenetoWT:, I re; and. Th? Liverpool. New York and Pki adel^Ma Meamani* Company intend d i? patch ioa tbe?r fail towered Cjd?~t>ci t iron fetaaaahipe aa folUiwa: Anderery Saturday, at noon, fro* PiorM. North 1TN. UTiaoiruutL Ft rot Cabin ... .... . . ,.#m Do. to Loudon rn fWb, to ^ iv>. to ''fc-u? . p _ DO. tr, H.n,Uf. ? _ PiiMiin bfati^ulto H??'? K'udm, Hot3m. H.u g.A.REItlNe.Aouu Ex?^m B?it>- ^ gftig^S BAY BTAtL, IMBTITIOF MA1NK, MgrNl InaaU ut?M?i tat NrtMiari? to to* bairif?tioB m Low JUhmm ftoapd. now ib o??Meuoii tiu. to* Ffcii luv*t mOM Omv E*ilhoM, oiIum of wits otjj to Bortoi. raSMir'l^fl^ Mwry^w Butn. w4 ViiiftiM !thm f r.?r?7Ttaniaf?. u4 ft*.tcr&rs, M 4 ?'?m| Pjp..?o?iriilBc*t Nrvport ?Mfe vaj. I 1mm WHWI HM Witt Mto NML Mi win HiMMMil tor toe mcvi t? MM cx-mfort ( HtaHoaars. vke *r? ft?wjt?ii|l<r r?* <**o?r4. aai Mun>k! jFOflr?Ufct#r Mwv -i ' hw- % i* s^Sterc'

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