Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1862 Page 4
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II THE EVENING STAR. EC LOG A ' * * Artm4*i ambo, St Mlim firii, tt Tftpondtrt parah. Sctiia?Fort Warren. Timb?11 a. m , Jsn'y |. Tug Starlight approaching. SllDBLL LO^jUITBE. Happy New Year ! You've gota shockingcough. The tag la coming, and we'll soon be offV MA SOU rwi t ? ? ? * aa * * a a.- _ a ? oai wrcM-upa cnut : Am I to go in tier T That rock-boat carry an ambassador' 811dell, I own, to make a frank confession, I've changed my early notions of secession. Jeff talked it up?I was a fool to heed him? And half persuaded me I might succeed him. They've stopp'd oar rations of champagne and oysters How I detect these cursed Yankee clolsteTS! Ti e cot I sleep on's harder than a bullet; TU? grub we get 1s sticking In my gullet SLIDILL. Mason, you're right, for,argue as we may. Our missionary labors will not pay. As IV?r myself. I'd freely give a guinea If 1 was safelv back In old Virglnny. When last at Bunker Hill, how could you know, r ?A ? s a - f? _ _ ? * m a nuuii or nerr again?a rienipo: MiMH. Hpe*k In a lower tone?you trifle, ?Iide11; Pnch reckless badinage 1* worse than Idle Besides, you see those Yankee rascals near us, They'll surely print It, If they overhear us, And swear that, a short time befort we parted, Mason and Sltdell, both, were quite downhearted Keep a stiff upper liphow well things went, Unul the San Jacinto stopped the Trent' UMU,. Her tomplons were out?the S*a Jacinto Jiad we not stopped, wouM surely have ftr'd !uto And possibly have sunk the British packet. And sent both vou and me. and snr dlsnatrhea. Down totha lowest plte In Lmvy's hatcies 'Tla painful enough, we've had a wretched time on't; There is no r'ajo* lnf?so let us rhyme on't. It, Mason?bettar had been loyal; They've have taken Hatteras, Beanfort and Port Royal. And. aa for Charleston, we have lately learnt. Toe harbor's ruln'd, and the city's burnt. <>ur troubles thicken?let us net Ignore 'em. The Fed'a'tii clear, will carry all before 'em. Our troops are starvlnK.aud I should not wonder. If Jeff, sod B?M*rev*ardshould both knock under. Thetkmthem masses.-hat have long been cheated, ad let to think the Yankees wer? defeated, Know It's all gammon?all things here are quiet; Hamlin's do nljrser, and there's no bread riot; And those who held Abe l.incolr nn In tfTTnr A mere gorilla. are tbemselvei In error. At for mv?elf. I'm almost ready now, To go to Washington and take the vow ! Man. Price, Slldell, peace : our lot ia full of evil? A doable traitor la the very devil; We go to London, acd wben there, our courae la To draw long bowa about our vast resources. *Tls vain, except ourselves, to search all climes, And find a bolder liar than the Times. We'll rotun to the Times; It has been said: They roar the louder, when they ere well fed. ioid we have none?shlnplasters will not do; Perhaps thry may receive an I O U. Hereafter payable, or some auch thing, W hen you're prime minister and 1 am king. For we must declare our discontent, With any but a royal government, And humbly ask Great Britain to protect ua. Jteceive our homage, counsel and aireci us. TV f-- v??? - -v~ -fc mjy M CVWlWcHClHg . LIDILL. Go on my friend, I wish to bear the whole. mai05. 1 can't unless you'll stop this devilish roll. slibxll. 1 think 'twill be much worse In the Rlnaldo. mason. If so, the Lord alone knows what 1 shall do. The Rmal'lo at $r*?gale terrible?the Ambmstador* and tk* Secretaries telling on the deck. first sbcrrtary. Steward. I say, be qalck, and bring a basin. sl1drll. Turn anil?/>V> f ?-.v?. v?? * * _ wwy i.?.a uvih?iiHie uuie lor me and Mason. SECOND ItCtlTAtT. Rebellion1* working upward*?pray bring three. t1**t crktart firing four?bUng four?oh what a horrid sea ! \Eotton Trantcript. r"T~The President writes the following ctaraewelstlc letter to the Secretary of War: ExcrrivK Mansion, June 20, 1S<J1. Mr Dear SirSince yon spoke to me yesterday k about General J. U. Lane, of Kin*as, 1 hare been refracting upon the subject, and have concluded that we need the service of such a man out there at once; that we had better appoint him a Brlgad>er General of Volunteers to-day, and sent him off wtthsucb authority to ralseaforce(I think tteo regiments better than tkrtt, but as to this I am not particular) as you think vou will get him into actual work quickest. Tell him wbeu he ?tori? to jut it tkro*tk?nor to be writing or telegraphing beck hare, but put it through. A Lmrvti-ia Instead of "putting it through.'' l.ane it fighting for *i!a "<eat in the Senate, whloh tbe Judiciary Committee report be haa no right to bold. Popclab Lsthusias* m Cisini -We are inclined to think that the accounts of the martial uprising in Canada has bern vastly over-colored bv the provincial press. From tbe Hamilton Ttm*? we learn that a general muster of the militia of tbat city was ordered on New Year's day The 8th Rattalien was addressed by several enthusiastic officers of the (Jueen, and urged to eome forward In defense of the Union Jack. Twelve persons responded to tbe call. The 9th Battalion only turned out three patriots ready to serve at a day's notice. Tbe 1st Battalion, commanded by Sir Allan McNab, waa even more backward than the 9th, though how that could be It la not easy to say?Buffalo Courier. C7"The first Government sale of See Island cottoa, confiscated by the National forces In South Carolina, waa made at New York on Friday. There were, in all, seventy-three bales sold, weighing about 25,700 pounds Tbe prices paid varied from 63X cents for the ginned, down to 18 cents for nngtaned. The total "> sale were fH'231,13. -H jfy To ke*p Ice from window, take an ordinary paint brush or sponge, and rub over the gl>*as once or twice a day a little alcohol, and It will keep tbe glial as free from ice aa in the middle of nummer. and it will alao give a* good a polish aa can be get in any other way. ry The Galveston New? saya that a vessel laden with 20,000 stnnd of arma has been capturcd by the bloekMlng fleet. ITT Late English papers state that the privateti Nashville waa still at Southampton, out the British Government has fcrbid her to arm. QC SUPERIOR SADDLE AND HARNESS HOR8K?* just in fom the Stat* of c\ New York, at the N??* Stable? on Sixth street, sooth of tne Avenue, near tfte Na f oo!?' Hut" i Persons van tine will s.eas.? call ami mast be suited. itir J. C. COOK k. CO. A.. _ AT tKDUCKn iiuii C.uaks aod ahawia t Ail Fine Dreaa Gooda! Alt Maui sin D'?m Good*! A co. omr iimI in* atook of aii tko Dry Gooda Ra*uiait?a for familiea. Om prioo only, marked la pa a fltoree. rtRK i A BR^i, ja?at Pawn, avenue and Ninth at mm* Nllltarf Boots (if fW AT W H OLE BALK. Ml ? Wj hava Hf m atore? \f oaeee i"a.i 8U to tied Kaamel L*t BooU. *? - Grain Ct moh ?T " - United Bot. L. L. * IP " rwalp M mat uo - iMary ?Toi?. kIiWi iooh " ? - Calf 16 inoh ", a variety of Caif and Kie BooU, Buy a* and r<""* ,umfe? Am, a ? ww?-! - rwc. ar.. blwn ?th"a?d ft>T?u. ?BSE8B! CHEK8K" All o? band and ^ ^ Read UM foLcnriat uMohoitad snoomJ ^K) T oaoac* eonuMad ?hma too highly." "They art the best * mala PUU exiaat." GggercFoaj.-^va s?Si? ouait qr Ml n^iirMt. It Is aa KuiQ*k 3h*iHo of s.xir fc .?:?&.? atiai im IM will Bot harats* mo?i Je a?t? 001. UV to?*ti"ti It ocr.uu^e wWhMre.'r PruM fi-.js&a.'ts- a w, ??,&{ {rtBrtea ?onw? HyT ?tT?>t ?ntf Kb- ?o a *4t JTB AB~T*AP-TfcAtf P8T lM?r?i prim?lot b#w iau. For nil low Bt bftO\v*IN? A KfcATVNtrs. H?? 3ta-tf ?#5 P?,? na^Mrr^*- * l-S?WIS" < ? ' >' LIST OF CIVCLAIMED FREIGHT EOV1IS AT RAILROAD DEPOT, And n?v> in tk* Government Warehouse, near the Depot. H B But, #7 Rest N Y Vols, 1 box P P Pitkin, Qrmr 3d Reft Vt Vol?, 3 box* Col D H WUliMM, Stat P?nna Vola. 3 boxen W A Renker,S5th Re?tN Y Vois.lkeff < C C Dwifht, 75rh Reft N Y VoIb, \ bwrel \ Rev E H H?wes, 14th Reft N Y Voli, 1 tox ' Lieut V V Van Patten, 3d Rect, 2 boxes Thoi Duimb, Berdan's & S. 1 box ColMcL Murphy. 1 box ! 74th Regt NY8V.S boxes 1 Maj P M De Zeoz. 1st Rett L I V, 1 box I Company K, 35th N Y Vols, 1 box Col D H Vinton,43d N Y Vols, 1 box J W Manteline, lath N Y Vols, 1 box Col S w Black, 1 box I Col G W B Tompkins, 1 box Miss D L Dix, 2 boxes . lit Coi Bnrtis, 5th Rett Ex Brig, 1 box Col. Berdan's Sharpihootera, t box f Company F, 5th Conn Regt, 1 box . Capt N G Throop, 57th N Y V 8,1 box M 8touham. 431 N Y V S, 1 box Lt Col J A Suiter, 34th N Y V 3,1 box j 3d Maine Regt, 1 box " Lt Col Martha ltith N V Vol, 1 box Lt Russell, Q Mr I8th N Y Vol, 1 box Lt Col Benedict, 1 box , Col W H H Davis, Co/nd Light Batter?. 5 boxen Siok ? Battery, JO boxes Coir.pan; A,2d Regt N Y 8 M, 1 bo* Lt C?1 G T Themis, 22<1 Regt, 1 box C&pt Yeates, 22 i Regt, 1 barrel and 2 boxea J II Cusiunan, Q M 5th Vt, 1 box ] R Prootor, Q M 3d Vt,l box O 8 BrainerU, Q M 5th Vt, 3 boxoa J W Clarke, Q M 6th Vt, 1 box Penn Reserve Brigade, Gen McCall. 12 buxes i>? Kalb H??t, 1 tox ! Capt J H Jenkins, 17th Rect, 1 box , W Fletoh?r,2u Mains Kent, 1 box I II Hennesaey, ad Vt Vols, 1 box ' 2d Kent N YSM, 2 boxes 1 A T Saveranoe, 6th Maine, 2 boxes Col McCunn, 37th N Y Vols, 1 box 1 B Atkinson,23d R?<t, 1 box < R L Baioheldar, 1st N H, 1 bat , P R ubben, 2sth Reg1.1 box Capl E D Bryant, 3J Mioh, 1 box 1 a j a A4L a*-.? ? t vu a tuiu n, diu irisine, t POX . Capt G W Lumber t, 6th Mich,! bo* Geu McComb, 1 box w H Covert, N. Y 8 V, 1 bor ' W Merrill, 3d N Jersey, 1 box R S White, 2d Vorinont, 1 box L W Price. H M ?th Maine, 1 box. L H tfcydem, 33.1 Rett, 1 box Sidney Til!ey, 2d Vt, 1 box Qr Mr Kcote, 2d N Y S V, 2 boxu Capt Reynold*, 4th N J, 1 box bth Mut Militia. 3 boxes M Smith, 8th N J, 1 box A Ernest, fflth NY,1 box Miss Powell, Gov't Hospital, 1 box < LtAl) Wiaoh. 16th NVSV.lbox [ M II Kioe, 18th IM Y S V, 1 box ' J M Levis, Stewart's Engr Koit. 1 box i O F VVattg 3d N Y Vols, 1 box ? 8 Bennet, Ca'a K-ct. 1 box j Rev S Wilson S6th Penna Regt, 1 box G H Utilick, Fire Zouaves,i box i Capt J R White, 88fh P V,1 box | C F Nicherson,2J Maine, 1 box , M Draper, 13th N V V, 1 box. t D. H RUCKER, jalOlw Quartermaster. Ac. Oculist and Aurlst. 1 DR F A. VON MOSCHZISKER, ] From Clinton Place, Near York, has arrived in the city and opened his offices at j No. 8 MISSOURI AVENUE, ] where he oan be oonsu';ted on Maladies of the ' EYE AND EAR requiring ir.edical and aurgio&I treatment. Dr. Von Moschzi9KIK ia the inventor and introduo#r into the mehral practice of the j EPHERIAL EAR 1NHALATOR, , for tbe treatment of obstinate caaea of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD Be ia alao author of the lettera publiahed in the New York anl Philadelphia papera treatint on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN { NON, ft. Dr. Von \1. haa tor the past fourteen yeara devoted t hia special attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And pjaaeaaea the teatimoniaia oi acme ol the beat 1 known put tio men in the Union, who have b?on m *t suocesfally treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Am jugst am letters miy bo the following ' names: Hons. G Pugh and John McLean ; Rev. I G. G. Mullen, Major C. L. Kilburn, U. 8. Army ; 1 Right Roy. Bishop Blano ; George Gordon, Em > a Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Bage, Esq., President of the Goodhue P. I. Company, New 1 York ; Robert Glover, Es?., Director of the Na- | tional Bank Note Company, New York ; G. B. Lamar, Esq., President Bank of tbe Repnbiio, New York ; and many others, amongst which are g medical men of well kcown reputation. Theee i letters may be examined at his otfioe, No. 8 Missorai Avenci. ' Patierts wishing their family physioian to ao- 1 company them tj witness operations or for the - purpose oiooasultation are at It tarty to brine them ( Medical men will te at all timet we loomed to witress Dr. Von M 's operations, and examine c toisa of the inatrnmenta be has introduced for the facilitation of Optbalnio and Aurai Surgery. Arti Sola! Eyes inserted without oausing any pain J to the patient. 4 O&M hours from 9 a. m. to 2 p. rn. and from 3 to J 5 p. m. ja8 lm QUARTERMASTER 6ENKRAV8 OF- 1 PICE. WuHisatos Citt, Deo 26, IM1, ' The Secretary of War direots that no more horses be bought unti! all now belonging to the t Government are in aottva service. " Ttie attention of all (.{aarteimasters of the Regular and Volunteer Army is called to the above order from the Seoituut ?>f w?? """"m.c.meigs, de 2T-eol0t Qatrtermto'gf General U. t*. r 'F THK WHITE HOUSE. I HE Well-knawn Whit? House Restaurant, on L Hi?h atreet, near the oauai, in George ? A * town, fcaa been refiitM, and put'eg oan Wi?*^ . now be aocomraodated vith comfortableiUBl private rooms. Game. Full, Oyster*, and the beat f Winea, Liquors, aud s<i?ra. alwaya on hand. J Families furniahed With Ovstera, aa naua!. : <1e?-lin A. kODIEK, Proprietor. ? in watched. V*old and silver englibh, BWIB8 * and american. 1 hare now on hami a large stock of all the moat , oelebrated Watohea, that 1 am aollinc at the very 1 loweat prioea that good and reliable tune keepera eau he aforded at; aud every deaoription or fine . JEWELR> ?>n hand.all new atylee received aa . aoon aa manulaotured, aod offered at tiieivweet I raiee. stiver ware manufactured ia rar own ahop. Allkmdaof MILITARY GOODS on haud.auoh . aa Revolver*. Sworda. Ha?Dee, Belt*, Bowie c Kmvea. 1'ooket Compaeara. 4.0., c?. Alao strong Arm? Trunk* and Bed Combined: and many other s tiunxa aaetal and ornamental at 3S9 Pennsylvania E avenue. nosn tf H. A. HOOD. C 'ENTLKMKN'S LINEN COLLARS, LINEN I JT COLLARS, LINEN COLLARS!?A boot WO dosen now in atore, all atylM, at aboot half t*e } anal pnoe for the tame ipode?all of our own I manufacture. At THOMPSON'S, ? At K. A. Lake k. Co.'i Marble Hall Basaar. de ? Under Brown'* Hotel. W B. STRONG. I TRUNKS, HARNESSC40M*IL%ARY GOODS, 1 3M PlHItlT!,VillU AVillVI, 1 aoutk ride, btHmttn 121* And ISth street!. IT7- Trunks, Harneee and Military Equipment* ? repaired at ehorteet uotio*. u?8t) lm* 0 I watches-watches* I HEREBY Take pleae ure in informing the pub- I lie of my return to my old stand at W. Von', ^ Pa, aveaae, between 12th and llili etieoU fTV) \ Having enjoyed the retn tation of being an ex #tfK perienaed Earovean Watchmaker. lam now pie- 7 BArnd tn r?*a i r * " . ...... vwniiaiowriua DOfl WUdhM&t t abort oouoe, turaaUd to give entire aatiifao< ion. 1 , JOS. K I'LINBKl I Persona daairoaa of rbtaiainn Jewelry and Wa'ohet, will find it to tbair loimtut to exam a? raTM3?..ect?u>ci All kind* of Hair Jeweir? oaatlr aad promptly axaoated. 4a? lw W. VOM. ( ? ' |JHAWL8 AND CU)AKB-Muy atyllah awl 'mwvjfffe - ? ja 9 <t Pwta avaoaa tod Ninth at 5 A TT*NTI0PI.WITLK*8.0rFlCli?S AMD < A 1 arc* atoak ofCAMr ?TO VK$, maaafaotarad "i aod for aala at saiPa?ayhra^ia arenae, naar J VSjr* a. J. eBKQORV. KULUftKRB FOR NBEDIJK tiUNik-J. B. I Sis- ! Pri-oer.of Fumm' * e?s??ii!w^; PRIVAT1L PRIVATE' PHIVATD DR. LA BONTA Cnree all Venertal Oimum permanently. and luickly. without the nse of disgusting or poison?u? drug* of anj kind. No dieting or interference with business. Consultations fr"?. . , , It U saying suite enough in its favor, when,I say hat my pnotioe is that whioh is in use in all the Mew York city hospitals. New York City College and Hospital Testimonial r furnished. Ladies with Whites and Disease* ol the Womb tared and saved a oonsumptive's grave by my raatment. There is nothing fmsirt or disagrttabU in any tart of the treatment. All oures warranted, or money retarded. vuiiimmiiciHmai in wnuQiCt iriin return stamp* promptly attended to. Medloinee for travelers and others packed, with toll insirnotions for use, and warrantee. O#oe? Roo?? No. 8 Wasf in*ton Buildinc, Peon, ivenue and Seventh at., Wasuac ton, D. C. degl-ly /^\ SOMETHING NKW! ^\, ^lrSEUIT?iA?!uT 981 C street, opposite the Theater. OYSTERS STEAMED In the Shell and Tnoroothly Cooked (far inferior to a routi in two minutes, the fastest ?w? vn rmcura. v/au &l0 see, TDe ?r*1/n*dreaaac tfu Uy iniormi hit friend* inih* Pjirtnot, and ?iaitora to the city, that be hah refitted his i?lh and weil-k^ow?* istabi.i?hi<int in a moit thoroogh manner, and han made ooinplete arrauiementa to furnish OY8TEK8 in any trie and ra any ?nantity. 400 to 500 t?ilona shookad per day. 2.ww to 3,(?i cans of Sptoed and Preah KffjfcSiECSS'Sasf1-- K"rM'"3 Persons wishing to have Oy iters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prices, nthout fear of tailare, should call and mate arrangements at once. Freight, lime, and money saved hy psrohaeine of ine, as I furnish an articla D?ual to tne oelenrated Baltimore establishments, it prices just as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines. Clams. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pus' Feet. Tripe, Ac. Sro.,Ac. Ais<>, Pickles, Catsup, Saooes, Brandy Peaches, Ac. Also, Game and Freeii Fish, lilies, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut, Ao. In fact, every thine for sale in the North?rn markets aiwajs ua hand,at reasonable prices U - * f * I- -- ' - * " " nuLom and 1AIII1IIV8 ?Upp IOU Wild WJStWf. 09* iverod without ohar*e tJ anr part of the District, in *?&?od. if the money ia aent with the order. My efUkbliahment i? open from & a. m. to 13 at aitht every day, e*oept Sunday, when 1 cloee at lOo'olooka. m. jai tf T. M. HARVEY. I WW. COR WIN HUKUY, l^ATE W'th the old and well known home of WM. S. COHWIN *. CO , New Yokk, Dtaler in choice Urandi'i, Wines Cirars, ft, and Importer of Teas and Chin tie Fancy Goods, NO. 357 i'BNNKYLVANIA AVKNUjt, (Kut'ar.oe Sixth Street,) Washington. D. C. The attention of conno:a*eur# and the pnblio jrenjralljr is invited to my atock of&ne H randies. Wines Juara. Tea*. A o l oauiprmng Hrmneaaey Otard ma Stjer Brandiea^ Widow Ciioquot, Moot A iJhanao Mnm'a, Heidaick A Co , and Aaaooiates Verx'-uey, Champagnes; Permartins, Amont;lado iiid Vriarte Sherries; Wanderer. Reserve and *outh Side Maueiias; H'rmony and Brrmerstef ['tirta; the celebrated " WSC" Clnb House Gin; riah, Sou to h, Bourbon and Monocgahela Whianes: Jamaica ard 8t. Croix Rnma; Cabana, Figno, La Rosade Santiago. I a liapanolaana rarfoua ;r*ni1? of Cicaraand very fine V oung Hyaon, Hiion. Imperial and Kngliali Breakfast Teas in oatty )ox*s imported by myself expressly for family uae. A 14.1 ? uw Mf'IMl SMITH k BROTHER'S PALE CREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, *ORTER awd NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The abore CELEBRATED AMERICAN LLES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARjEY MALT and HOPS, and huhly esteemed by hose who have used them. Purchasers are repeated to oall and examine onr toperior stock, insured that they wil! find the BEST and PUREST trtioies. k.u.l all - 1- * J - *1 w uaw c?t> Oil hi 111(70 ? Kkl^C BVUV& I PW1J lOr U^" lvery. ia whole, half and quarter oasks, saitable or the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE, rhiot we offer on Uie MOST FAVORABLE rERMS. SMITH A RROTHER. Brewers, No. 159 A 160 West 13th it, New York City. Orders by Ma; or Express promptly executed. Ce 9-6m A BALMORAL SKIRTS. rV NEW and choice assortment of select oolors t 'd patterns, many styles, not round elsewhere. In addition a fine and ample stock of all kind* of foreign and Domestic Dry Goods in all the departnents of family wants. An ln'peecion of ?t?ck moiin no obligation to inrohase. One prioe only, marked in plain fignree; henoe, 10 purchaser is deceived. PERRY A BRO, J? 7 Wt Penn. avr.ce Mid Ninth st. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, I 119 Hmmiti.VIHU Bttuten I9J4 *nd Wik *t? The undermined, harm/ iooat<xi himself m ibuve, takes tjain method of informing the oitnens if the First that he has opened a hret-otau 'rovision Store, conducted r' to those for rhich Philadelphia u famous. llere oan be found at ail times a targe an * fr^eh usplr of POULTRY, GAME, vREF, MlTTl'ON. Ao. FRUITS and VEGETABLE^ in seaon. Particular attention is called to his atoolr and inoesof BUTTEK, CHEESE. Ao. Philadelphia Print Butter, Goshen and Western Reserve. Beinj determined to five tne striotest attention o the vanta of his customer*, aryi to keep everr .rtiole in his line ofthe best tualitr, and sell at the uwv? um ? in iu?, us nupca hi neiii i snare 01 ittblio patronage. Familiea will b? waited upon daily for orders, if e^mred. do 18 thomas r. wilson. HATAWBA GRAPES! u catawba grapf.S!! Fresh Catawba Grapea in exoellent order aad lelioioaa in flavor. Tit them. KING A Bl'EC HELL, de 11 corner IMh at. and Vermont avEJOB PRINTING. VERY Deaoription of JOB PR.INTJNG raluired dt any body?oitisena, oivil fanotioaanea, jmr and navy omoera, avtlers, Ao.?eieoateu at he ST A R OFFICE, in aatiaiiaotory etyle. at low for na4 tr ^K*T GRADES HOOF SKIRTS Opened tnis Alto, our usual rail (took of all k'nd?i of select )ry Goods tor the general and special wanta of imilies acd liouaoke?pars. One prioe only, ina< ked in plain figures ; henoe, io purchaser is over oharged. PKRRY 4 BRO., i*76t Penn. avenue and Ninth st. rHR SUBSCRIBERS be* leave to inform their patrons and the pubuc generally or be-_ iik amin* aiippiifl with a superior stcok of^^B ALL and WINTER GOObS. WK The* aiso respectfully invite attenuon of aR heir Array aii'J Navy customers, and those" ^" e*uiriut outfits in that lina. to their superior sualtics of Swords, L pa a lets, Shoulder Straps Belts, )hapeaus, Hats, Caps, Sashes, and Gold Laoes, onstantly on hand, wtuoh are warranted as repra anted, Whilst tendering thanks for the hiberal patronage iriQTAd.thflV Wli I ? - ? ? w., ?/MUVaivi ?u U1CI ik i? iM'UUUUniiCV. V. J. HEIBKRGKR k. CO, (Suocessor* to H. F. Loudon & Co ,) 7ITIZE V, MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, 362 Petnsylvama A venae. oo 16 eo3m

\NE NICK JOSEWOOD CHICKERING J PIANO for 476. ?^ One7-oota<e four round ooruer Hi~.ei|BKI t I>a*is Piano for $200. HI 111 For sale upon eur term* at the Mnsio 5 to re of W. G. METZLROTT. k>le A*eno? for gteinwajr and Eden's and Raven, Baoon & Co.'s Piano*. oe 18 11AMEY. COLLINS * CO.'S H PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB. We have jn?t reoeived a supply o| the above Aie, rjnch we reoonjmend to b? of a very s??erior suaity. Persons vishmg to parohase. t>y making 1mnadiateappliaatioa, oan be furnished, A.KNY * SRJNN, no? Georgetown. SOLDIERS NEEDING DRY GOODS for the ,,|o!k? at home" ere aotioited to inapeot our raat atook, sow complete in all department!. One erioq only, the actual oaah ataodara value, narked in plain fi|nrea. A>i examination of atook ineura no obligation to inrebaee. _ ? ? All paroele oari?fully taoked, for expraaa or other Penn. avenue and deli yt '-Perry Building." IV TRAVELING TRUNKS. B Offer for aale the largeet assortment TRAVELING TRUNKS t/> U fm.?H in hla oity, cooiwudi beat Boje LeatherBRP >dlea' ureas and F'ackim Trunka, bea, Oarpet Ba?a, he., wfcioh we are now ae.luif '""S-AIV. HVRPBBNS ? OO. H II ??4 Pw? twit ROUGHS, COLDSyHOAB8KNB88, he. COMPOUND sffiUP oioUM ARABIC. Thta pleeaant aad popnlar Ooegh Ramedr haa teen ao long lpiow n ami extenalyelj 0?ed that moat eraona hare beeoma fuailiar with lU extraorlltarr effioser- It oaa be had at ail tha pnnoip i IrntiVorea^ at Myd <0 oenta a bottle. a *my gloves: trfe Attk.8l0T.Dw.0f 1*MV = BiflV?!,TSS,*pK;., w # DKNT1STBY. DR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, UBKTTXflT, NO. ISO PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, . Bitwwi OTH A.RD IOTH Bti. ''j?i ?8m U . DR. J. L. GIBBONS AXAVIN8 Remored from No. 896 New York enue, to No. 378 9tii itreet. ? few doors from New York avenue, renew* the offer of hi? profeeI Be?fStei2@^?lCTSE5x m ? w. wBiuuktvu. uo maj uo lUttflU il mi orf.oeat all hours,when not professionally encaced. Especial attention will be paid to female diseases de a-eo2w* J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHS0PLAST1 BON* TEETH. WI THOU MITJO. 1'LA.Tl OX CULST*. DR. 8. B 816 ESMOND, lit Broadwmv, Ntw York?360 A* MHUi butM ? 18/4 and 131* ?U , WiuAmtton, Calls the attention of the pablio to the toUowiag advantaces of his improved system: 1. The T<*th of his manuractare w; MM 1 never oorode nor chanfe oolor or anT^1" imui miw nmruii merer uias ar.y other. S. No teeth or roots need be extracted, m the artificial one* can be inserted over them. I S. The roots will be made inoffensive. aa never I iNo temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent odm oan be made imir.ediatalr, thereby jreserr. a( the natural expression of the faoe. whioh under the old system Is freqsestir disfciarM. i. This vork has been faily tested over Are years by many of the &rst chemists and pATsioians of this "ft?1?' has also invented a white andestraetive I t metal fillta*, with whioh the most sensitive teeth ' Ban be ftllad without pun. aad ean build ay a * *leot, sound tooth oq any side roots, wttoh will last UrOllfh lifAtiino?_?^H^? i ["The beet of reference# riven?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Dorenm*, Profn?i?or orChemutry, N. Hon. Jodfe Wayne. of the Supreme Court of Waahing*ton, and thonsar da of othara. Call and examine for yoaraelf. no ? Bm GAS FITTING, Ac. 9. DOVE * OO. KK Nov prewur^ to execute any eriera vltk WSioh tbev may be favored lathe PfcWMBlNt, ?AB OR jHTKXM FITY1H* rrr Store on ftfa ?treet, a few door* north ct Pa. Jfhere foand a oomfthHe aMortmeaf wxstg'ffitfinfiai' "*" WiA8 FIXTIRE8. K Hay* in store, and are d?i ? recetrinj, 9AS 1 TllTVRESof entirely New Parferneand Deeig na I ana Finish, superior in suie to anythini heretofore lifer'<d iu this market. We invitoeitisens general it to tail &iiil examine our stook of tias nzd Water Pis' ires, feeling oonfideut that we have the beet elected stook in Waahinrtou. At) Work in the above lice intnisted to nr wi Will be promptly attended to. MY?K8* MelBiN. ' aarMf 178 D vtTeet. INDIA RUBBER GOODS, OF ALL KINDS?FOR THE ARMY. A largo stook just receiusd. JOHN B. PUDNKY, 324 Pa mt? i back room) or 388 D st. WOOL OA_PS_ OOMFOKTKKt*. OLOVES *? UAliMILMH. SH1KTB, DRAWRIB, i Ac., fresh goods, at JOHN B. PL-DNEV8 3fiJ D ?;reet, betw en 9th and n th. BUPFfLO * WOLF ROBES, LAP ROBES, hOKSE DI.ANRKTB. m<1 CAMP BEDS, ' Ju't rroeivsd at JOHN B PIDNEV'8 3*4 Pa. | av.< back room) or 339 D street, bet 9th and 10th. SUTLER!*!? Sutlers you will always find che*p and desirable goods at the Sutler's Supp y De: pot of JOHN B. PUDNEV, Mi D St., between 9th and 10th Blankets, blankets.?Larg? stook, by the bale or pair. I JOHN B. PITDNEY, j de 80 333 D street, between 9th and J oth. QENERAL O R P E R. NlVT n?i*TMt*T niW?mK^ ! <? Thb Navt Dxpaktmint Has a rendezvous tor ahipping men at each of the following places: Portsmouth. New Hampshire Boston and New Bedford, Massachusetts. Pew York hiiadelphia and Erie, Pennayiv&nia. Kaitimote, Maryland; ani Washington, Distriot of Columbia. i Seamen, ordinary seamen.and landsmen who oaa pass the usual surgeon's examination, by presenting themselves a: the rendesvons nearest their residenoe, witn an ofteial oertifioAte from the oity or town olerk signifying that they are residents ' anH have expressed a desire to leave to enter the navy, will be reoeived on the following terms: I 1st. An allowance o! three oetts a mile for traveiling expenses. 23. An advanoe of tkrtt months to seamen and ordinarv iftmiin. unH of "u ^ --1 , ?? _ ... ?OTV M > WV I0UUOIIJCHI 3d. Permission to Imtc an allotment of half-pay to their famillaa. to oommenoe tee data of their enlifttmCfit* 4th. To co on board ship in their ordinary olothes, i where an outfit will be furnished and chained as 1 per list, beinr the present prioes, rii: . Or? p#? jsoket ? .? ...#11 no i One pair b n? oloth'rowsers. One blue ftaunel overshirt ISO j Two under flannet sunt* *** I Two pairs woollen drawa 2 18 On* m&ttrem . ... ? 90 Two blankets. 390 Om aeamleea eap - . l oo One black ailk hanake'obtef...l oo 81 77 i The pay of petty cflioers a vera* eg to $25 per BIO' th TLr par of aeamen? 918 per month. Do. ordinary aeamen.... 14 do. Do. landamen ~ 12 do. And food foqnd. No landsmaiPwill be allowed to take the benefit of thia recitation who has not been foar moatha at i aea or on the lakes or rivera. | GIDEON WELLES, | deX-eo^t gforetary of the Navy. pMKEMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AMD GEORGETOWN. Capital 777... *aoo. <H>?. QtU* ##nwr C ttrti ami Lemiimmm m., mm Bmk t/ IfutMftM. IN8.EB BO^AN^OTHE^O.EmTY Pi ? i ii 11 ee. Shoemaker, SAmnel Red fern, Hemne) Oropley, William Wilton, Rioh&r i Jouee, Jotin D. Harc?y, Jaoub Gideon, AU'lrew Roth well, Xno?. Parker. Eiahard JJarry, B; B. French, , T>r. C. W. Dan*. No a hare* for PolioiM. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abil 6. Davis. Secretary. an B-eoCm NOTICE. | ^ HADAW8' E1PREM CO!VirAlfT.w I Mil vu'nimuf VUWI HI kUO fUl? 10 " ma^SUiM AdviutAtes'' for the Safe and Quiok iMspatci of Heavy Freights. i'ap/(af<vi, Valuainee,Money. *0. I *0., to all parti of the United State*. Expresses to and f'om the North and WestdaI pait From and arnratn Washington tww dally, i Ail Expresses are i? 0h&T? oj it,ptritmmd amd \ rihnbl* Messenjenu All Packages for The Bold-arm cameo at "ows ralif" our usual rate*. All Goods for the ?o aaT.ed "Confederate State*" | ana all Artiolea ** Contraband of War* will be ' Ritssed. . Our Expresses leave Ne? York at l.f, aad P. i M , arrmci in Washiaxton at 9 A. M. aad Ml 1 - ? i Aipmra ioa*? npumi at MD A. M. and i 11 P. M., arriving in Waahtnjtoa at ft ID P. M.aad j 1A.M. I Expresses laava B&umora at 4-tP A. M. and S P. I M.^arriTiat in Washington at t A. M- and AM i Expresses for all ioibU North and Wart lea re Wufuniton at Ut A. M. and 2JO P. M. daUj. Ppocial ContraoU tor iarre ?uartltif<s of Freight oan bp mad* on aap'.ioation to this ???sa. All Goods oallad for &cd dcavered frt* of kztrt onarges. E. w, PARSONS. Bup't Adams' Express Compaap. Washington, Anrast a. 1M1. aiU-a ErSKCA%'p BL^NKETe, H51K3b81fit5.", which v* invito all o&ah ptnfiMHiMHM 899 P?. between tth and loth ra. 1? (latolUgoooer and Rembiiom.) The Snbaoriber^hkTmc^5*de'addttionsto hi* factory, making it now one of the :nri??t. LIOPT WaGO.NS of Jl klnde oMnot be anr VMaH, and from hie long axeeiiatoe in the bu?lne??, he hoMi to give genered eat:efa?tion. a!! kind* of CarracMiod Light Wacooi k?pt on buid. Aii RRPAIH? w%mat\w ? ?Am ? promptly ?tt?n3i<3 to. ' ? ' "" SrSSL6*4 c*rri*VRffi8WJ^9?a *" ?J II tf corner of Fourteenth tM r ata. AND BRADY-MADB CLOTHIERS, DOOTI AMD IO BVIV VU wtV1tl9 Hinm^ ?lf kla*? ?f BOOVI s^a^^^z^isSi asi^'sasvsrs??ia 'js. I&IUCK MB AT.! n- It BML W1MTOR, iitiaoii LOCK ItiriVAfc, ; tt? Mnmmti tk* m? On nfc, iw><? ?4 J MgU?m I EMudf te ik* W*rU, row. ALL W8RA8MOF i*Pft VDBNCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. APPLY 1MMKDIAWLY. A 9VRE WARRANTED. OE NO CHAE9E, IN nOM ONE TO TWO DATE. Withm af U* fcil, auictarw, ifMdni af tk? KM- 1 a*T* "! aiMuu* DiMMtfM IBNUMI SM IdlU, LiV IpilUI, Pi ttl4J#u ?f >k| j|T1 ?*, Thrwi, Mom *r ?kir, Aftettao* < tfa* Ltin tt**- ' ?? ' TimWi Diaordire SfcSVa|E? 5?L tVV Y ??**? "4 DMneon IW i S2y wd MtaT **'"** u* (Mm Mt 1 TO UlfG MI It * r?Mh?j wh? k??i k*MM th? Ttettai ( Miurr TH? * jlM drMdftel ud 4??tr?etJ?? k?Mt vkick unnUlV ivnw ? umwihniri ill??f tWiHatf tka mi I lakad uluMa aad MUmr laiatlaet. wfc! aufci m..? I kin aatraacad Uiiaatbf I?mui vi'tk lk? lki*4tn af aU. aaaoe* ar ?Ot*4 k tctuc; Um Utim Im, u; Mil w* J falltKldtlM. ? MARR1AOE _ Itui, m*| l*u< ml pkfMMl tii>?! t Iwmiun, 4c., af>?adi!? cud. ?he dIihi huoaalf aodar tk? tin rfDi.1. My hR|Iaaalv unm tn Ma tanar aa a paaUaaua a*4 MaMMU; . raly apaa hU afeill aa a pbyatoiaa. . OFFICE ff?. 7 SOVTH FREDERICK 8T. Itfl haod ?4* jrauif fraca Btltiaari amL a law 4aafa turn I lb* caroir. rail oat ta afcaarra aataa IM auakw IMM 4 aw fca paid aM aaatata a aka? DR. JOHNSTOM. 4 Maafctr at tilt Kajaj Mini at Tirrmi. | n<tl m4w ? frw m? ?f (ktaw Muut dajiUfM * ?* tV?;#4 *>?? ?, tk? rtiur pvt ?T tkon lil? Km btit hmi la I tb* kM^ulf 1 LmAm, Pkrte. Ptnlid.lpki, ud *u?Vk?r*. 1 k? * ? ??r? an wb*c uIhk rr?x iuimumTW iI?mi< M I ?dd*n Mail, bubMlkw wtik blubing, uu*4?4 1 ML.iunw vlU iirupiDtu W wad, *m Uti< tMi*- J TAKE PARTICULAR NOTTCX I Tnw MM I ? iMil -1 ??M Mnaw pracuc* Icdnftd is vb*a *J?i*? habit frVqiMtij | l**r?*4 fr#tii *?il cta^u***! m *' l< th* Itcit tl | wh>*? r? ntffetly Ml nn ulitp.ud tf art e??i , tudin urm(i imeoeeibte, u< dMMi M mint IM badr, (herald apply ln>a*4iaMr. J TtlH ar* MM *f th* ud u< MlutMj llWM *??< **< h* *arl? habit* ?f Toath, *i? i W*ak?*M af Ik* Back aad . ktnba, Pain* in th* H?ad, Dtaaaa* *f SifM, baa* ?f Mmmi P*w*r, Palpi la uoti of i*? Heart, Dyepepey, H?i nil imtahilii*. Dtraamam ?* ik? rw--? a-- - ?? Dabuity, Synipuxaa of CmumSm, Ac ] MlffTALLT.?T>!? ffrarfal (tlCU Ml th? nlli IT* Btck U k? draadod?Leil of Maraary, Ctofww af Mm, Dmtmmi of I pin la, B*il KoraWuifa, krwnmm af uaai, Lo?a rf Sail lad , Tuudity, u< mm ?l tba a?iU prod ac ad. HBBTOU* DIIILITT -Ttwuuhtu IMjrifltrtttll tfca urn of tkolr dacliniaf hMkli, Ioatnf tfcair *f?r, >!?? lay wot*, paio, nar?oo? ud ntcuud, biftaf t uiftlu I ippiutA&i iba *fM, iMft a* af wwf' DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. 1 Wkto tha mwfvidod tad laopradaot ?atary ofplauara htt fct bu MIM tbo aaoda of tbti palofai dtaaooa, k w oftaa | kappoaa Uat aa tIMJaaad aanoo a*ikaM of dual ( fraaa? ary lira oim Tnn ipplTinf to ttaM *to, from (dHMM aal raapacukiltiy, eaa imi Uafrvaod km. Ula law tfca I kuda oflfnanat tad tMniif dhim<?w, rt*, taaaaakla af cimr. lick kit paaaiwry ittmuci, h? kla trtiiaf bmoU tnit roaatk, or aa Uer aa Im amaXaat f? aaa ka *kWinad, aod id daapair lun with W?M< Mu I* ibrt itu cu nUu| <m|iyitnliMiH?r ky lb a aaa ti tkal dtiri; paiaao?Mareary?butw tfca eeostkiUwU i;miwi af ikk tarrlkla iiiMN.nebu AFactiar.a af tha laan. ^iraai. laid, Ha, *?., prarraaair.f vtak foffatM aapMHy, till 4aatk pata pariad ta hla nwdfi* taf arlngt ky aandlbf Wat iku Mk> Aiaaavarad tauin tnm a hm tanu m innlit num. D?. JOHNSON" B REMEDY FOR ORB AH 10 WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY I7U11 rraat md lmpanaat nmtAy viitoM W tka mui in apaafluy n>t< ma Ml Hp?? niwrt. TW?u4i?i*i aaaat DKTMi ui daklliuiad. vk? kit Mat all kapa, aa?a kMl IraroadlaUly nbuil All lap?1ianw ?a Murtt/a, Pkyataal a* Maatal Dtaaaailluuni, kaaa af Pnumum r?*?. >a? lat IrntaatlHv. Vraakiinf ?ad Waakaaaa ? ItHllla> af tka Mai faaWU a Had apaaatly emiad. 1 ENDORSEMENT OF 1HE PRESS Tnm Mart Taoctairot c.aiad at Uria ioauiauaa *Illua tfa laai aaraciaao Ttara, aad :ba camaraaa uapartaat Barfl- ^ Ml apatauacaparfaraad h? Dr.iakaiM, *1unm4 by tea rapn>ari af tka papara tad aiaay aikar raraaoa. aatieaa af vtut h??? ifftuid ifiii and team kifcn tfc* MkUt, k????i kit ?lu. du.f u ? (tiUiatti M OuuiN ut rMMutMHt;, b i MltliDt puudt u U) tliuii Bult-1; I Protected fry Royal Letter t Patent of England, and secured fry I he Sealt of tke Eeole it Pkarmat*4 do Paru, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. TRIE8KMAR No. 1 Is the effmtaal remedy for Rblax4TT0H( Prm- > hitoiiudi and Exhaustion 01 m stitbm. < TRIESKMARNo.l, 1 Completely and entirely eradio?iea all traoeeof tboae diaonfera, for vhioh Copai ra and Cobeba ! have genera^y been thought ao antidote, to tto I ram of the health of a vaat portion of the popala- f t on. TBimWi* v? ? la the treat and aur?> remedy of th? e'tnliMd worW < for ail imiuriUM of the ay atom, m wall u aooood- . tIT *ZfaPu"n,\?bv'*t^Df daatrnotira aae of 1 9X3sSts^^-jAisaasSt i f1* Tl? ax* in ti?e form of i loietie, ana may ' II* on the toilet table without tbeir ui beinv ana- , peot^d. " 6 HnlH in fin n*aaa at maL *>.m ** ?. x_ ,H .tu w L. 9? nraut Ul IUBI <90 CWW in one :or #9, and in to ohm, thai aavinx |I.m . administered by Valpeao, LaMemaad, Ron. fro., f &?. W??M?le ?oft retail by DR. H. A. BAR- V ROW, 104 Blaeoker atreet, (4 doora from Mao- 1 Donga! atreet). New York. launMiafely onm- _ ceipt of remittanoe, Dr. Baerow will forward ? Trfeeeroar to any ?art of the word, aecareiy ] packed.apd addreaaed aooordin* to titamatraoOona ; of the writer. Pobhihf d alao by DR BARROW, that aopalar and b.autifally iliaatrated medioal wo?k, Hainan Frailty. Price 25 oenU. Trieeesbar aod Book oaa be obtained by special aathority from 8. C. FORD. Waahincton, D. C. de li-Sm LEA fe PERRINI* OILIIUTID Worcestershire Sauce. | Pronoonoed by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ?1 ?f ? I-*** to b? the II Mtditti Gnuitmmm "ONLY GOOD Mm Ha IV Hit irotksr 8A00E" HaS < every : VARIETY SBg Z'jSSA'Ui nv TMBB 41Hrh? mn?t vhn MnniO i "? uidu. ?- , that re made." j The above SAUCE u not only the but ud moat ropvLA* coirsmntT known, bat the mom Ecamtm- j ifi, u a lew drope in Smv, trrar*. or with Aa*. t hot ard aold /?ta?, B?<r ?tas*. fe., impart 1 an axqaieite seat, whioh wvrwvM Sanoe mao- ' koturera have fa vain endeavored to ??>>?>, On tha Rr*M?fA*i 7 f fkaajv. at i a Tnblt, a emet ooDtaining " LEA k. PERKINS' * WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u ixAiBfum- , ble. To appraoiata the wtmK?I fihtwi of tkis Mi(tnu preparation it la only mmmvt to parofcaaa a Bind bottle of the rw?w?, of a reepaetable (rooer or <<? *, aa many Hottl and Kmimtmi pro prietori seldom p.ace the f*?r< Saooe bafora their ueeta. tot ?b' eliiuta a genuine BettU fil'ed With \ a tf* mixture. 4 For B&le by Grooars and Froitereri everywhere. J JOHN DUNCAN A. SONS. Omim Sfmmr* mmd litk strut, Ntm York, Bole WholMftia Ac mitt for th* UaJMd SIMM. A Btoek #titi m tior^?Also order* reoeivo* < tor direct shipment* from Enflaod. [ET Bewmrt tf Cumlti/txU mud lwHtmtimu.^3 M? S-ly^K> I ? ?? 1 topkamy mi BUtot M?Ui inrdidJ?r Maryland 1?tttf AIM, Medal byft?ortiu5i fluUM, wa?uafton, D. C., vm. Iron Pr*m?. . TWar** k ; M? tif of Coutmi exMiune mj ?toef Mori ?*r?kMln? NMWlxrf trunks ut ov.rr ciqm. Superior Lttthn Md Dreu Truka Mi* U | " ??*" i inwrin -r r '\r 1 paaNwcoMaotiaf. ttray, Ni mr Urn hjur hi I i and ohoMMt in the vor.d, prodMini, the , iw KMmrm ??ss&, &?& m |)mk Mr m utfcfn Mil for mm MNr! In am II OTIC*. N OOUMMIM of OU MT1UN ftp M|ll Im { 2?w^ op ^ljlt, ^ ?n*t# to OTTl?r *ltL? kurHMrt 4 gKBSrtsnea rsraa-,.^ \ 4 y rRAVKLLEKS' DIRECTORY^ ?******** A*D r%?m ITBC1A1. ROTM TO mVBLUB. anstsa rs. SALTIMOU vulru u feUovm: AoriESpStfg&l** 'iffi iuassais'ftisfci.^*? ^ArrimTKinSoSl1??. M^lfiSSP | ^TMir Y?rt4?. if &FVT9* * * !*?* 2fc?. m mm o r. if mb n VfMMnM OOOBMiff krs?|k to Nov York ovory iwliriai tko wort u*. ,jsvs k i.. Bt-tuaoro 4 w r. k. AjtIvoM WMkl^tMajl York Mt?. -:rklto4o*k?t?J* rulliiriUlfcfc Amn?lWtt)uitNl? f llmvt Nf? York at P T. Fkll%Jolphia IJr ; Buttaor* l JS A. K. Ajtit* M W M! lr r%om Snbrrsvws^M^"1 >. XaMMl 7 ?. K. On Pvnaayiat ?J0 aod MB 4. K. oaiy. fUMpr Tnuaa >?art** Winimm M 7* a. i. ud 1.0* p. Mm aa<l Baltimore at7J? a.. and era ?. y]pafco ihfnl ?nnm> nr? jar k ana?oln a* ?ka ' ?rain?W*o Annapoii* tor ItaTHaan tad Waakcrtoo at l? *. M. and t ?P p. . Vk) ? J I* I ? -?A I* 11 a. * r.'iT.alnd Wn PMMoim ant Uk? th? jttmmhrtw rv?fnf gmJf if W<i? ?fM otri till. n^>> ?n ^rfTJ^iS!Tfct 1M?] THE [IMS Petniylrania Central I*ilro*d, 8 A FIF8T CLASS IOUTB"" TO ALL TBK WWTERN CITIES 1 IPEED, SAFETY AND COMPOST! STONE BALLASTED AND 'IEE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH Tanti Ba i aniMAaM* ' HViU BAbi inUftbl mn eailt TUim vmoM PUIUDKLPHU TO PITTSBURGH'. Two of tk9m ? CLOCI COSBBCTIOIIS AT IU1IIRM < with trains Nth* . NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and fnrmint THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE L WAIHIFIflTOIlTlIB BALTIMORE ? ? f< iBt* m Um im-w * 1 ail jj ovvib wflti i^TKor Throat h Tiokcta, apply *> the Oftw of . k. the Northern taatral Moil Road Com V pacy.oairart Mauoo. Btlbaor*. Spltruiul Slooptng Cart on A'irAf Tronu Swwtxng Saloon Cart on mil Trmnt. FROM WASHINGTON. Pumiin wnl ut* the a. m. uo 6 p. a. traina. ftrriTiac in Baltimore at a. m. aid (tip.a., where cioee oonceotiont are maie with trail, on tk* Northern Central K R.aed am?e ta Harrisbnrg at 1 p. m. and 1.46 a m.. there ooLnectici with the train on tM Ptinylraua Casual Railroad iat all parte of the wmi. Br this route, freight* tV^^deeer. ytioas oan be orwarded to and from any point on the Railroad* if Ohio, Reataoky, mdiaoa. Miaoia, Wiaaoaaia. ova, or Miaaoari. hmxtrmmd dwoct T ae f mmt <vaoia centra. Aaiiruac a.eo e naeeU kt FitUbari wilh Steamers, by which OoMseaa to forwarded toaar aort on the Ohio. Mukisnn. m 11 h oo noowla ?e^i*t^5?>y> 1 i THE RATES of pt- kiohtto ?6 fro? mt K)mt is th? VN Mt. by the p?nDi)lvuii OatraJ iu!ro*4. mt mt mU Mil mt fmvmmkU u m -.uh. 4 I rsmfiasr@ese i doT?hi? j>*-diy ^okthkrn cenral railway. HU Shortt$l, QmuMttt mmd Fttt Mma* frmm BmHi west. north*anj> northwest. iryjvr** schedule CBAJWB O? 1 IMS. On and after SUNDAY. ?tk Noewafaar, Pmiiier Traiii* will arrive Mil depart Iroa Calrart station aa follows: Tiuki Nobth Lsati Mail at SO a. m. hcfa. o txreul p. m. PAtktoc AoaomtBudunr. 4 ?. m. Pitta barg and harrieburg fc.xp'?e? SJ? p. mTiii? South Aiuair* Pvklor Accomraodauoi at a^ m. Bafak> K??raaa ? ?a. a. _ Pitiabarr and Harriet* rg Eprtei S p. m. * Mau?a??.m. The 6 a. id. traio from WaahJnftoa uoiiua?a nth tba tJO a. m. tram from IJaTtimore Ini t*e IV'it aod for Baffalo. Einura. Roeh*?t?r. Das- A [irk, Ca^adaitna and Nia<ara Fal.e, ud for New fort oity. The SI a. a. traia f^oa Wae tunc toe tujjiie?a nth the I m traia f" m Baltimore to Weet, ^iorth I'dnorthweat andllamaad Bifkloaail tocneaier. The 5 p. m. train from Waahintton oodbmU with hetJDp. m. train from Bvoport for Pittabarg, iiarrubari Md the Wwt uc is a direct ?or.oeo ion 'or UM^eD. Eaeton Alieatova and Nr? fork m Ctktrkl RiilroMl of Nov Jereoy. Try hi* root* tor Nov Vork Stt?&Ft&%tES3SXl!S!& ?io ud the Wot The only Bin vnnm la Baltimore oa Panda? m th ?*> a. m. train- J Aft. C CLARIS, ao? If Sayorinkeaftat T notice to travelers. HK 6eLPra, ka* ag ordornd toe oai eorrioe between Waahiaanoa. Baltimore. and Old Point . Portree# Monroe j to be reramad? oa aad aft* Monday i thejnth instant, the Bay I laeof eleemere rill lea^e Baltimore EVERY 04T 'except Ban lay | from their vharf. fbot of I mca Doek, at U I'eloek p. m., or immediately aftrr the arrival of awaar?15-wku" >? mb-ti M. H. FALL*, fwrt M'b? LlTerKwf^^ew York u>4 lUftmthift 0<' si Mia lBteod diSHtelUBS Ulw ftiJ w??r?4 iro? BtoMahtp* m follow* GLASGOW j. - HMVCAT, AnjmatJi. .mukssSOL im, urn of ruu*& Do. U, f?ni M _. Do. tcHunbtri |f.H2^Er E 8 taJr fc^ArT'H.~i~S ?? ??* , Anwwr>,*?, at wdnM ihroMk lira. P?r*oa# viAbiac to bna? Mt Mmu fntaii ema Mr tiek*t? st low rttM. -IE5"*Or toQ. A. HKRRIM6, A4a?T*h 7?'r?, B?ai- > T kLia roata ft ei*h'u*T!2^5*bo%nt.^S< oa arrtfii uHSTirm roMtiMftUMtkMU Traia.r?T IBS Beaton early the toioviM gtocx.iftf: or Mi rwnait otbom nil start im of tka lownolft loc *t l A. Y., by ?%>?k (kay aar reaah Boatoa Eggyg Vim ZjfSZiiEZ t&tfSJm , I

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