Newspaper of Evening Star, January 25, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 25, 1862 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: ftlTTRmv JANUARY 83, 1M9. Iflrlt of the M?rali| Prm. Tbe ImUlltgrncrr, In treating npon the bill recently p?s?< d authorizing the Issue of one hundred millions of dollars of Treasury notes, regarda tt aa being '-atmple and peraplcuoua in tta ttrmi?meeting tbe public exigencies at once, ?nd furniahlcg a currency which it may be pre lirrMl Ihr l.min^ri tr^nurtlnni r%t tho ^nntrv will absorb, without any danger of depreciation from tbe effects of sn over-Issue," but expresses the belief that unless tbe interest on the>onda la made payable in gold and allver, "the whole ?che?re will be exposed to dangerous fluctuation*, that must greatly impair the credit of the Government and enhance the expenses of the war " The Republican urges upon the Government the propriety of leasing the land abcct Port Royal to Northern capitalists, who will employ tbe negroes at moderate wages in the cultivation of cotton, Ac. The Prapased Tax on Newspapers. We commend to the attention of Congress the enslble and tmtbful article in thia morning's oiiumorc upon inr propotiuun ui mi. v/uifix to compel the publishers of newspapers to pay poatage on their papers aent to distant subscribers by other meana of conveyance than the mails, and also to tax all who publish between one and Are thousand issues a quarter of a cent on each paper they print, and all who publish over five thousand copies a half cent on each. So far as the penny journals are concerned, this proposition, if It becomes a law, will Instantly compel their proprietor! to suspend their publication, and will therefore entirely defeat the design of col'ecting that or any other war tax whatever from that claa* of business men For Instance: the Philadelphia Ledger, Washington Star, Baltimore Sim and Clipper, New Ynk Sun, and Boston Herald, all journals of very 1 lrgeclrculation. receive for those papers furnished to regular subscribers, but 66-100 of a cent each; a price barely paying for the white paper on which and the ink with which they are printed. After deducting the Ion from spoiled sheets and ??ttar Incidental wastage. Now, to compel the publishers of those journals to pay Into the Treasury of the United States for one year, half a cent upon every sheet they print la that time, will surely be to exact from them not only their whole income for the year, but very probably all they have accumulated from business Id years past So -3 that class of journals?those of greatest circulation?is roncerr.ed, If the proposition of Mr Colfax becomes a law, they must instantly cease to exist. To enact that every member of Congress shall pay ioto the United States Treasury, for the support of the war. hit whole salary and the frocteds e>f the sale of kis whole property of evtry description, would only be legislating with reference to themselves, as Mr CoildX proposes to legislate with reference Jo the penny pre?s of the country No member ot either House has come forward with anysuch proposition bearing upon Congress, hnoro tra? As a clafcs. the press are willing, of course, to bear their fair share of necessary taxation for war purposes, but not to have their entire business utterly destroyed, and their ability to pay any revenue whatever Into the National Treasury destroyed with it. The principle upon which such taxation Is ccnetived?enormously disproportionate taxation upon the moat useful business of the times? is worse than a foolish one. Taxation, to be satisfactory to the country, should be fair and equal uron all classt-s, in proportion to their menns? disproportionately large only oa snch branches of business as should be discouraged, as it were, for the public interest, and on such as furnish the public with luxuries. We do nst propose to attempt to frame a war tax bill; that, not being our fuaction. But we protest against the instant and sweeping destractlon of onr ability to pay my war tax into the Na Ftionai Treasury on oar property or on our Income, by legislation nominally designed to make our bod net* pay a heavier tax than that of other bos! a ess houses and other property holders by whom we are surrounded N. B There is hardly a penny paper in the United States.of ten thousand dally circulation, the clear prcfits of which amount, at moat, to more than five thousand dtllars per annum; and f?w of that c ireulation the net profits of which are mere than two thousand dclHn per annum Ye', under the tax on newspapers proposed by Mr. Colfax, the proprietor of such a paper of that circulation, would be compelled to pay an annual sx of ?15.600 per annum ' New Music.?From our neighbor, W. G. Me tier *tt, we have tbe following pieces of new and papular muaic, from tbe well known press of Oliver Dltaon, Boston "General McClellan's Polka,'' for the piano, by John R. Sweeney; "Off Again," answer to ' Again." by Marshall ?. Pike; "McClellan's Serenade," words by Lt. Col. Nlckeraon, 4th Maine regiment; music by S. K. Whiting, Regiment Band same; "March <tw*y Cheerily," by George Henry Russell; ? Warrior's Triumphal March," by Tho?. Howe, (Gilmore's Band;) "Gen. Biker's Funeral March," by J. W. Turner; and the "Hermann Polka," composed by dtranss. Gn 8bebma!? a*d Com. Dc Post.?The National Intelligencer publishes a card from Brig, (ten. Sherman, commanding officer of the Port Royal expedition, denying that a projected plan for the continuance of tbe expedition was abandoned la consequence of a disagreement and misunderstanding between Com Du Pont and himself, as asserted by several northern Journals, and declarlag that none but the most friendly acid cordial feelings, and entire harmony of action, have always existed between this naval officer and himself. Avtaiss at AnJiAroLis ?The correspondent of the Baltimore American writes from Annapolis Jan Vttb: The Second Maryland Regiment, Col John Homir er. who hare been encamped some time at Plkesvllle, Baltimore county, arrived here about four o'clock yesterday afternoon In the steamer Columbia, and marched immediately to the Naval School, where tbey took up their quarters The jeglment presented a tine app^arotice as tbey marched through oar streets. and lutkMi?i* ?.?. were glad of tbe prospected more active duties Tbe For y-aeventb Pennsylvania Regiment, Col. T . C Goode, arrived about ten o'clock last eventog from Washington in a special train, and took quarters is the Naval School. We have now near tbe city three cavalry regiments: tbe Vermont, Black Horae, First Mtinchuietts and the Ira Harrit Guard, the last named of which has been b?-re over two ir.ouths. Of Infantry we have tkie 1 ith Pennsylvania, who are aUtloned at the Cwlleye, and a portion of whom are doing Ibe du*y of Prcvoat Guard In tbe city, making the tuUi,fitfo>ber of regiments here six. Wear- hbnriyYxpeettng other regiments here as* iiti snin to take them off, la fact, one steamer arrived cff the harbor this morning, but aa yet we have not learned her name. There s*?ma to be b?t little doubt that thla la Z>1 ... . "'"H Of another expedition, which will either make a tingle strike on tb? Southern coaat, or peitapa It may take off reinforcement* 10 Port Royal, Hatteras or some of the other points already occupied. C. &V2+2Z?" > ?? ! ? Tfcs> mentation in gold goo. on with considerable *1aor, and at lGOjf there are numerous buyers The boalne?s st the board was again larire mt 1C3^U3X principally at me outside flgufe 00 b u.rra'optiee At the eloee 1U3\ was bid, buyer <w >*!? . The money brokers of the street are buying closely up to the seilins? l"3?aliUfc?bat do not ?eU fr?i* ..^ 2. m%. _ ?~ ? J foreign exchange market la hardly ao Arm *>d.ry, ? ??* ?re extreme)* tight, tbe e*. tS&XZJSfL ' ere?.nj vnnni^ tteaiaea, tbe atmmo* up for to-morrow ia not a favorite, and moot remitter! prefer to hold off for t? Africa on Wedoeadav 2; Wlk m L. idon are not obtainable nuder 114*, and at USgalM coaaldarab!* buaneaa would raouit. Tbo nppkfot 7*> Traoau'y note* ta rapidly Jacrt-Mitjjrjaad moot of tba aalet art now mshlog itf mwwH for flftaaa note* and 3#s4 for en** Cbaao la iu*i oalv payU* them out to c*tractor*, out it aatng tbeaa !o aettlemeat ?f claiira of railroad companion tor tranaportatloo enarvea, ?e. VV.r iff.' U??<"maata* Vinton baa atopood puylag oat7 30 Troaaury aotat to contrar tore; Ac ? 1 ' J A J* OUR MILIT4RT BI DGET. conrntxis Yeaterday, the Senate confirmed the nomination of Major Lewla G. Arnold, of the tat Regiment C. 8. Artillery, to be a Brigadier General of yolunteera He baa recently been thna promoted for gmllant conduct in the three laat affairs at Fort Plckena, ?nd was thus promptly confirmed out of his turn. watt Timn. There ban been no . rrlTal from the flotilla for a dny or two; acd we are therefore without news from the lower Potomac. A new boiler has jnat been finished for the Mount Washington, and is now being removed to the wharf to be placed in that boat. Alexandria, Jan. 25 ? Editor Star: The U 8. brig Terry that baa been lying off onr city bo long has tailed for a cruise In the Gulf. I trust the Secretary of tbe Navy will order some other vessel on the station, for one is absolutely necessary Our city ha* been comparatively free from soldiers from the camp the past two days, and has aaaumed a more quiet and orderly appearance Large quantities of liquor have been brought down here bv favorite parties within the last few days?as much as a hundred barrels and the same number of boxes, or nearly so, for one party; and over three hundred boxes to say nothing of barrels, forano'ber party? notwithstanding the orders tint none was to be permitted but for officers and medical stores. Bonaflde or really resident citizens cannot get it passed through, but these of a dav it seems find no difficulty In doing so. Since complaint has been made of the sale of l'quor, by some of the provost guard, they have adopted a new rule, by entering the houses of such a? they take a fanry to, and emptying their liquor and ale in the atreet, save some that doe* net get emptied on the spot. On Monday night there was a good deal done in this way, and in my opinion great outrages committed. The subject has been brought to the attention of the Commanding General, and It is to be hoped he will see to it. Col Farnsworth's regiment of Illinois Cavalry came in town last evening for quarters, and men and hordes were put under cover from the storm of last night No arrivals from bflow this morning, in consequence of the storm. Occasional. CONGRESSIONAL. IXlYHtb CONGRESS?Second Session. PKJiATR?Yesterday, after our report closed? The bill supplementary to an a*t to amend the Judiciary system of the United States, wes passed. [This bill provides for imprrtant changes in the Ul.l^ UtA i ,,.? I ? I,. I l?. 1 The ?ubject of Mr Bright'* loyalty was then dlscu?9ed by Messrs Davis, Harlan, Cowan, Harris, Ten Evck and Clark; and after an executive session adjourned until Monday. Hours?After our report closed? The bill to amend an act regulating trade and interffiurse with the Indian*, and preserve peace oi the frontier, was passed; al*o, a bill to provide for the protection of overland em'^ran's to California, Oregon and Washington territories The Senate ar ^udment to the Consular and Diplomatic nppropii-ition bill was concurred in, and the House adjourntd till Monday next -TffM. O. O. F.-GRAND ENCAMPMFNT? kS TheR.W ? Fnoarr.pmen' wi!i hold i*a aeroi annual ses*ion ou TUESDAY NFXT. 28th instaa* at 7 o'cl'ck p. m., at Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th street. ja 2&-3t H. S. BOW EN, G. SYs?FKMAN BROTHERHOOD.?*ta mctir,e of the Pir^nix Sooiety, No l.he'ula?t Sunday evening?its officers fur the ensuing jear were elected This !*< ciety will meet at the Exohanre Hotel, C Street, between 4X and 6th streets next SUNDAY EVENING, &t?3i o'clock. A full arid puno U?| ia:ivuu(>uvo ? IDlUO?CU. n T urucr HI THE CENTRE. a meeting of the east IL3 Washington Library Assoc ation. he d Wcdneedar evening. January 22!, i?G2, th? follow ioc preamble and resolutions were unanimuuaiy adnpeo : whtrtas it hai p'eased "Him whodoeth all thing* welt" to remove from oar midst. by the hand of fell di???ge, our fri'nJ Isaac H. Whittl*. who has been asaooiated with us in the caparit* of a fellow m?mbe , and who was endeared to us by his many vir'ues and talents: Tk-rtfort, be it resolwl. Thar we tender to the rriati'os of the deceased oar condolence in their sad affliction, to encourage them to sorrow not, but top ase their confidence in that God * Who is too wise to orr, too gool to be unkind !" Hesolcei, That as a mark of respect to the deceased, the members of this Association will wear the usual badge of mourning for the space of thirty day a tiesolved. That a copy of these reactions bea?nt to toe reatives of the deceased : and tnat they also be enirose*d upon the records ol the Association, and published in the "Eveniog Star." james b. Peake. KDWARD M. BOTELER, EDWAKD B. BUKY, It* Committee. ITS-MEDICAL SOCiETY OF THE DISIL5 TKICT OF COLUMBIA -At a ?peo;al meeting of (his Society, heid on Tueaday, Slut mefant, i he President, Or Borrows, having nnnounced the death of Dr Juhi Kichard*. the fallowing resolutions were urammouaiy Adopted : Resolved, That the Medical Society have 'e civd with deep regret the an&ouroement of the death of their (ate asaociate, Or Jon* Kichard*. hULivtd, That in the death of Dr. kich ari ;S, the oonimunitv haa sustained the I? ss ol oue of its moat able and aooomp'mhed physioians, and the profeaaion one of the moat honorable s r.d esteemed of ita members. Rf olre-i, Tuit the Society tender to the family of the deceased their ainoere aymp&thiea m their bereave rrent. Rtsolced, That the Society will attend hia funeral in a boay, and wear the usual badge of mourning for thirty days. tieso. ved, That the Seoretary communicate a copy of neae resolutions to the of ths deceased, and that they b< published in the daily papers. W. McK. TUCKER, M. D.. It secretary. VW^SMITHSONIAN LECTURES?On MON15 Da\ EVEiNING, January 2Tth, Prof i rh Broeck, late U 3. Consul at M unich, will lecture on tae celebrated relicioua xtiib uon in th? h*v? nan Highlands, ra led "The Dramaol the Pas sioc the oniy re ic ci the kii-d which nas reached as from the iniddie ages. The public are inv\t6d. Adm.ttacoe free. ja 24-at rrff? BURN'S ANNIVERSARY.?The one Jo? huiiired and third Anniversary of the birth day of Kohert Hurm will be ce:ebrated by the Burns Club of Washington a^d tl e aumiren oi the bard gens aily,&t Airs Russell's Hotel, 495 Seventh street, on MONDAY, the i7th instate Sapper on the table at 7X o'clock. Tickets to be had at the hotel. P 8 'lue < lub will meet in their usual r<ore, on the 25th. at 7 o'clock. ja24-S;* ALtX WILLIAMSON, Seo.^ Y^f?THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will beholden every day tmswe^k iu the Lutheran Church, i Rev. J. G. Butler's,) at the oomer of 11th and H streets, commencing at 4o eiock p m., and oontmued but one hour. ja 2j VELVET CLOAKS. CLOTH CLOaKS. and Shawls, at r eenUy and iargeiy redused prices. Fine Dress Goods at reduced prices. KEKKY A BRO., ja!5-tr P^n*-. avenue and Nintn st. JSHRIMP-SHKIttP! ' usr Received a tine lot of SALT WATER SHKIMf. torsaleby T.M.HARVEY. ja < . jc 3*1 fi street h O MAKE ROOM FOR&PRlNGSUPrLlES, ? we hare waned aown the p eei of Winter Good*, that we mar reduoe a 1 atock of that kind. PfrRttY 4. BKO, JA 24 tr Priin.a?enu? and Mntu ?t. TO SUTLERS AND OTI-1KR8.? FOR SALE CHEAt-t Covered Wa?oiis, 2 HU LiouDle harne?a, 1 act MngU Harne;e, 1 t'anvaa Tent 16 by t? feet.(a!1 wfa-iy ne* ;) alco.3 Hora-a, aad a valety of Batler'a Goode. To be teen at 160 Wulituiioa e'reet, Georgetown. ja24-2i* BLACK SILKS, in all/'adea an* wid.hfc from medium op to extra tire B.eok Jaffet\ sika. Also, medium and fine Mourning tfuka at onr u-u?) moderate Mtee. One price only, markad in plain ficirea. PfcKR \ *. BRQ., JlH 6t Penn avenue aid Ninth et. IRISH LINENS? ?t IRI8H LINENS! We ha?# a f?ll atookuf Irish i,in?n?. Blaok and Colored blUa for ?al& at toe low-at piicea. WM K RILBY k BKO., No 36 Central Stores, . ? ... Betwaen Tt.. c.nd 8th atreeta, )>K-m Uproane Ontor Market. BOSW hLL's MEDICATED COUGH CANDY. lOETHItBRIO* COLGHS., BKoCHrrUS, INFLUENZA) tad all inei^*nt BlAfcr IS OK CONSUMPTION. ?o!d whoieaale and reuil by O. Bl>"*\VKLL, ooroar Maijland and 7tnatreai; Z. D.GlLM AN,fed dragsiau ever> where. ULAMKKTS-BLANKKTST D . QUILTS?QUILT# I .. . T|hia Linen*? ia?ta L.i>.?as! r?ip*uw, iunu,at> tm|i, With ft (tall (took of DoniMtis Boodi for nl? by WM. ft ftlLKY k, BRO , W _ No 38 ouinti btorrt. . 7til atd 8 th *lrcate, JtX m Q?yc?ti Oau?r Market. j^bA?ON?D FINK WOOD! .Hj? Wood. d?liv?r?d from ?* *J witfc the uadoritgnad wf 1 r*o?iv* piimpt MlnutiOO. BMI"WJ HUYCK, n,.*. *Tl ^""UuiiT. 5 k" 10 **m* * ?* Tarm?Kpa Lt fta on im vn*b.? iftrau to cit,iea? ?oj ?> diara TfiMMi Motes, Mi Carrenojr bought and ?s=wasssn; TELEGRAPHIC. Farther Ptrtitalan of the Battle ( Mill Sprlag CiacnniATi, Jin. 24 ?Th!? morning'a paper* contain full acconata of the battle at Mill gprtac. It waa a fair, open battle. The Rebela fooght well, and were overcome only by auperlor lighting on our aide. According to the Rebel accounta, their forcea consisted of ten lnfantrv regiments, three batteries and aome cavalry?altogether about ten thousand men. They fought la the bushwhacking style, from ravinea and bahlnd trees, busbea and rocks. The brunt of the bat'le devolved on the 4th Kentucky, 2d Minnesota, 9th Ohio and loth Indiana. For nearly two hnuis the roar of musketry were kept up. Sbortlv after eleven o'clock, Col. na*ains surceeoea in naming xne enemy on tie right, when the 9th Ohio and 2d Minnesota charged with the bayonet with triumphant yells, which broke the RebeUranks and the root began. They fled pelimell to their camp, strewing the road with muskets, blankets, overcoats and knapsacks, and abandoned two gnns and caissons. Zolllcoffer was shot through the heart, at the bead of hlsstaB', by Colonel Fry, of the 4th Kentucky. It appe^rs'that Zelllcoffer lost his wav In the bushes, and suddenly emerged before Col. Fry, who was accompanied by some stall officers. The two parties mistook each other for f. lends, and approached within a few yards of each other, when, finding their mistake, both halted and prepared for a hand-to-hand conflict. One of Zolllcoffer's aids shot at Colonel Fry, but only brougLl his borte down. The United States Colonel immediately drew his six shooter,and brought Zollicofler from his saddle at the first lire. Tbe rebel staff deserted their chiefs body, which was taken to Somfrset the day after the battle. An East Tennesseean, writing to the Commercial, says "All tbe credit and honor of this bat lie ii aue to me iuiq Indiana ana ?iti Uhlo, ??n Kentucky and *Jd Minnesota reglmenta. for they did all the lighting tingle-banded, with the exception of what support they received from the artillery. They fought nobly.and never wavered from ttieir ilxtd determination to gain tbe victory." The combatant* were to near each other at one time, that the powder burned their faces on the discharge of each other's pieces Late frem C aire Cairo, Jan. 24.?(Special diipatch to the Chicago Journal.)?The river at this point hat risen twenty-live feet and is still rising. Eleven of the boata forming the pontoon bridge at Paducah were stopped here last night. It is not known how many others have passed down the stream. Orders were received last night to put the mortar boats immediately into condition for service Capt. Constable, commander of the mortar-boat flotilla, went to Pittaburg this morning, to superintend the shipment of the mortars, equipment and ammunition. Gen Smith is expected to arrive at Paducah, from his expedition, to-day or to-morrow Heavy Hales and Floods id Honduras. Boston, Jan. 24.?Letters from Huuduras, dated December 18th, state that an unprecedented rain s:orm had prevailed In that country, followed by the flooding of a portion of the country, and the drowning of four or five hundred persons Great destruction of property was caused by the flood. A Supposed Pirate. New York, Jan 544 ?The barque Wilhelmine reports on the 12?h, in lat 31 deg 45 min , Ion Co deg. 50 min , nw a pilot boat rigged vessel with a large number of men on deck She was probably a privateer. Wrecked. Baltimorr, Jan. 24.?The British schooner Kdwin. hence 15th Inst., for Barbadoo, was wrecked recently ofl' Cape Henry. It is said she was attempting to go shore at the time with Rebels. ri'HICK GRAY, BLUE. RED. ANI> WHITE 1 FLANNELS,lor co^i woattaer. Fine White and Co ored Flannels One prioe only, marked in plain figures PERRY A, BRO. ja 24-6t Penfl. avanue and Ninth st. OT ATini? w'-y XJ A I Vs CJ ' * E Would reapeo'fuliy imcrm person* indebted ! to ua tlieir accouuta must be p*)d We would cay , to parties who we wiab particu *r)y to rememlnir I thia. that the indulgence granted was not with the view of preaeut iug the account, but to give tune to recuperate. fl^ Please rem?mber. call with the money or satisfactorily e(.U<-raod notes, at short date. Apot ojr;? no longer answer. CU"Those disregarding this notice oan look for the proper officers to wait on them Very respeotlully, T J. A VV. M. GALT. 3S'2 Pa. av., bet llth and Uth *ts , jat-Veo2w opposite Bt*r Office. . WM FURNITURE! 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V M uwtva a. vu,, UM Ulll da? b?en dn?oived by mutual consent* I.ioxabd Huyck slone is authorised to settle the business affairs of the hrm. 1K L. HUYCK & CO. Jan nary 15.1862 jalSSt Washington. January i?, isea. No 617 Skvkntu Stkht. The undersigned have this day formed a copartner hip, under the name or Swiist A HcTcu.for the puipuas of conducting an Eaobacge, ColUotion, Land Warrant,end General Banking Boti d^h. ilj prompt and faithful att*n?ion to batmen ws hope to merit the conftde&oe and support of the pnblic. H. B. % WEENY. jalS eoZw LEONARD HUYCK. BALMORAL SKIRTS ay ?2.S0. Balmoral skirts at sa so. BALMORAL fcKIRTS at OH.40. HOOP SKIRTSHOOP SKIRTS.' CLOTH CLOAKS-CLOTH CLOAKS. gloiiko or* rum WM-K. KILtY A BRO., No 36 Central Stores. Between 7th ard 8 hi reets ja34-10t Opposite Center Market. CPHRKNOLOGY . H. ALDKN. PHRENOLOGIST, bavin* taken rooms lor a fhort tune at 430 Pennsylvania avenue, is now prepared to give verbal descriptions oi i haraotor, together with obarts, to all v bo may desire. Hhx*s?Verbal Delineations SO oents; one dollar extra u?r Charts. A duoooai made on parties of over six persons ; also on obildren accompanying the<r parent". Offlce 430 Pennstlvan'a avenue, mrth ?en and 4)% sts. Oftoe bonrs from 8 a. m. to lopjn. j* 24 7t* Rial to House, Basement corntr D and Ninth ?tr?et?. O'BRIEM t LESGEL, P*??BlXTO*S Where do yon get the best of OYSTKRS in very style t At the RI ALTO HOUSK. Corner ofl> and Ninth sta. Whero do tou set MKALS at ail hoars, and I REFRESHMENTS of every kred t Atthe Blii tii hoiiod I ^oraar of D aud Ninth *ta. )?I1JDM A' "" C.ra*'of'J2,fgfig."^. jgLA< K KMGtlSH^Cg&.?& AND CRAPK All wldtlu and uses, Tory b?wt eBSJitr. '" f^KN'L HOOKER'S DIVI-ION .'-TImsMUBV* ers Riihcuk and Volvntui at 9* o'clock Ufl.i,. JEI8H LINENS p??e^ADIE8' AND GENTS' A fall ud ample ttock iu a!' number*?-thick m?diom and fin*-, at oar proTrrbiallv low tnoiZ WhTta Cambnoa, pla.d aud plain, thiok aod thinT T NOTICE! HE Pirtn*fihli ti?r?iuior( utitiDi nodrr the m/ MS atM/rohioU'Ho.M, ! thu <1?y riMolwd by mitoftl s;r?!t *- LtJ."sK6KNpftu)10', v.,i

( mum >'* ? f.-x- - . ... I7CR SUTLERS, CAMP USB AND RES r TAURANTS. Narrow Table Linen* and at low prloee. PERRY A BROTHER. j%? 6t Pa. avenne and Ninth at. pORTABLE WOODEN TENTi! The an^ernco^ ha* f?r eale and will naka to order Portable Wooden Tenta, of any repaired a very low prioe Th'ae tests can be put ap <>r taken do?m in a few nnn?tea aadcan boaeen at th* corner of Fonrteonth and fi ata ja? Ini* JOHN A. JORDAN. RUN THE BLOCKADE !-HARVEY tad one eeael arrive yesterday with / \ bush la. and two ca with ?*i boah*is\JtOi faJ of p'ime CHERRYSTONE OVsAJUf TEKS. H* ail. k"?ri? upthe aa long aa bivalves can r-e Had. at the tAmA DrinA W hn aab f* 1 ?/> a*11 ? ? BRANCH OF P. TII-RNAN A SONS' WINE DEPOT, Baltimore. Wehaveiust received a larte invoice of OLD J?ll> P AND TIERNAN'S STOMACH BITTERS. Aito, an lBvoioe of fresh Pate de Foiee Grae; and re constantly reotmng all article# of luxury lor ta-veujp. SMITH A HAKT, ja 23-3t 411 BeveiUh^treet woet^ | OOK OUT FOR LANCASTER -L*ncntt*r Li County Provision Store, correr of and O *ta , WanhlnKtoo.?1 am <Jai>? receiving Lancaster Count* (armors: Fresh Butter, in rolls and firk'n*; aU >, fre?h Lard, fresh Ecc?, Poultry of all kinas.Game.Qoartersof Veal. B>ef, *o ; frneh Bolornas, Sausage* and Puddings. Family Flour, in Sacks of SO. as, 15 X pounds each. Sweet Cider, Cider Vinegar, Country oap, Candies, Dutch Cheese, *o., Ao- All of the above articles 1 viil warrant fresh and of the best quality. I have also on hand 6P,ono Segars of prime qcali'y. Housekeepers and Cutlers, and ail others, are respectfully so.ioited to oa:l and examine my stook. ja23-lw* JOHN F. SHRODER, Act. ASK ASK ASK YOUR GROCER YOUR GROCER YOUR 6ROCER FOR DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS FOR DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS FOR DAYTON'S BOSTON CRACKERS AND TAKE NO OTHER AND TAKE NO OTHER AND TAKE NO OTHER. ja? tf Hp DISSOLUTION. HE Copartnership forn?#rly existing between J. W.Colley and W. M Brown, under the came of J. W. Collky <k Co., was dissolved by limitation on the 1st oay of reftetr.ber.lt6I. All parties indebted to the lat* firm will please make diite pavmeot to the gubtcriber, as the old business mast be settled up w.thott further de'a/. J W. COLLEY, 523 Ttn *t, above Pa. av. A CARD?The undersigned bega leave to inform hi* friends and patrons of the late firm that he will continuo tr,e?ene a! Dry fioo li Hoaine*a at th? old stand, and h"p?? E>y uvmc hi* *t iot attention to hnaine'e. at d to the wants of the community, he may merit thor confident* mrd increased liberal patronage. J. W. CuLl.EY, j& 23 5t g'J3 7'h st..above Pa tv. LOVfcLL. COL.LES & CO.. WHOLESALE GROCERS, ?6 Front street. New York, and 316 E Street, Washington, D. C., ( near Willird's Hotel.) Having ?ts r ted a branoh of oar New York establishment m this city, we invite Eutltrt, Grotert, Reuauranttnrt, and Hottl Kttrtrs, to oall and examine oar stojk which la well acaorted acd oompriaed of gosdsof the bestqaality. We take orders for anything in our line, and exeoate them prompt y. ia23 tf ??AUTION TO THE PUBLIC. In oontequeno* of the constantly Increasing imi WklVU VI kUV UlUDiru^ umuui VI IUCMI ? a Chandon's Champa* ne Wines, especially of their Vin Imperial, Greeni*eal. I consider it my doty to caution the pub:ic agaiast mob imposition, and to advice pureh*?ers and consume to bay the Moet ft Chan-ion Wines only from reliable and respectable houses. ADOLPHU8 OECHS, Messrs. Moet A Chanlon'* General A cent For the United States and the Canada*. Nxw York, January. 1863. Branoh House of P. TIKRNAN ft SONS Wm? Depot, B ltimore, Agents for Mecsrt. Moet ft Chuiidoji's Wines, I- or the State ot Mary.atd. WE BEG ATTENTION TO THE ABOVE oard of Messrs. MOKT ft CRAMJON, and, at the same time, to off?r to connoisseurs the oelebratea Wines of this house at Aeenti' prioes ?MITH ft HAKT. ja *3 3t 311 Seventh street vest. RAR K CHANCE FOR A SU IXER -I have fbr sale at the stibles on Fourteenth gy ?tre?t, below Penn avenue, a fine BAY HORSE, 8 years old. and sound in every*^*-*respect. A so, a good Wagoa and Harness will be old cheap. ja2i 3f C. V. HIL.L. f^ENTLFMENB READY MADE GARMl* ENTS. OF FINE QUALITY. We offer citizentsand straneers a :a*e assort mentot oVKR COAT"#. DKKSS COATS bUSINESS COATS, PANTALOONS and VESTS, of a l colors and qualities, equal in make and nman to in? Mat custom worr. WALL, MEPHENS A CO., Merchant I ailors and Clothera, 322 Pa. ave , bet 9th and 10th ata. j?a-t!if (Intel. & Rep.) All men discharged from ?ervice can gat fitted out in a nice ?' ' of Clothes at leas than N Aw Vo-k price, at the People's Clothim Store. No. 460 S?v<"nHi rtreft. ja'firilm EYE AND EAR. No. 827 PENNSY8LVAN1A AVENUE. 0PPOMT* willaro'rt hotel. Oculist and Aurlat. DR. P. A. VON MOStllZlSKER, From Clinton Plaoe, New York, haa arrived in the city and opened bis offices at 22T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where he cm l>e o^nrul ted on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR requiring medical and turcica! treatment. Or. Von Moschziskkr is the inventor and introducer into the medical praotioe of the EPHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate oaeea of DEAFNESS AliD NOISES IN THE HEAD He ia also author or the lett*ra pnbliahed in th New York and Philadelphia papers treating on the p'evention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN NON, fe. Dr. Von M- has lor tne past fourteen years devoted his f peoial attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND BAR, And possesses the testimonials of some ot the bMt known pablic men in the Union who h*ve been mist ?ucoesfally tre&tel by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Amongst his letters may be found the following names: none. u rugn ana John Mo Lean; Kev. G. G. Mullen, Major C. L. Kilburn. U. tf. A-my ; Right Kev. Bishop Blano ; George Gordon, Em t Clarendon Bot?l. New York ; Robert Bate, Em President of the Goodhue p. 1. Conpany, New York ; Robert Glover. Em Director of the National Bank Note Company, New York ; 0. B. Lamar, Em>> President Bank of the Repabho, New York ; and many others, amongst which are medioal men of well known reputation. Theee letters may be examined at his offioe. Patteru wishing their family physioian to aooompany thein tj witneee operations or for the purpose of ooimitation are at liberty to bring them Medioal men will be at all times we loomed to witness Dr. Von M 'e operations, and esaouae some of the instruments he has introduoed for the facilitation of Opthalmio aad Aural tturgery. Arti fiolal Eyes inserted without oausing any pain In thu Mfiont OAce boars from a. m. to I p. m. a ad fro* s to fr"* >at lot CHARLES S. FOWLER k CO., IMPORTERS, WaOLSBALS un BBTaiL DBAL?*? in CHINA, GLA88, AND EARTHEN WAKE, .FINE CUTLERY, PLATED WARE. ROLL METAL GOODS, * BLOCK TIN GOODS, TIN CHAMBER 8ETB JAPANNED WAITERS, MTHKtllAL. AND SOL AH LAMPS. COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, ^SSKS'ja.. 1'- ?ANO*-Fl4NOa-F.ANO?!. HIS Moraine M0?iT?4 MM a tap^ly oot?v? RowvuoiPiUM, uau t*ti hudMmt auttd an* from iko mU br??edS?t*rf of W Knabe* Co., BtithNltil more, vAlah 1 will toll or ronton wry wmo dating toriia*. A ??omi hand o? of 6 nlor? for ikli or to rant M ay Piano Room, No. AM Klmi,k lUMt, d??Mn.? y C. tICHEWBACM. SlhfflKS ?i%I u&fw$s$*nsn .AM08KMKNTS. Miss susan m;lle marco saturday, jm'y ? Will be MrferoMd V>? pi** of Ik* marble heart. _ m*ll? Marco v- mim Brnmm doaui To "one ?<! wi?k Hi* larc* of th? TRUMPETER'S DAUGHTER. If T NOTICE! A HE HUTCHINSON KA.MIL Y Will (tva a CONCERT at th* First Coiotad BUUM Ck-o*. oarrxr 0f I and 19 k strata MONDAY NEXT, th? 27th initut Doors open at 7 n'oloa*. Tk* inblio ar# invited tn at'end Admittaao* tScon's. Tioteta to b? bad at tbs door. It* CANTERBURY BALL. 1/OfiiURt Artni, Ftticnn 4% ami 6tk ttrtttl. LEONI PANTOMIME COMPANY! LKONi PANTOMIME COMPANY! LEONI PANTOMIME COMPANY : , To Difht. . ? * ROBKUT BUTLER A* the Bit Bad Bot id Fran-oi? Raral'a Comic PantonuiTi* i f h* SCHOOL-MASTER ? SCHOOL-MASTER ' Extr*v?*ant "ii-^??of th^Coinia Fntoriode. LE TOUR DII MAIfON ! Lfc TOfR DU MAISON ! SI LA* BALDWIN. Tkt Best Juftler in th* WerU ' WILLIS ARMSTRONG. MIS* AMKlYAVELLR. The Bea tibial Sonratreaa, la SZHIIlCSXTAt. amd VaHKXI bokm ! A. J. TALBuTT. The KthiopUn Comedian, *?ai*tad by Dick Paeksx. Miaa Kit ma Mils*, Miu vxxxoxM'll* Fusi La Kollk, a ad Little Ella.. Om Week Longer, WARD on hi* Cokm Voum! But Slack top* m America'. Notwithstanding ihe Urge Company io? at tfc* CanterKnry. there will te XT' NO ADVANCE IN PRICES. UJ1 Afterrnon Pa1 fornaanoe, tor LadiM and Children, eveiy WEONKpKAY aad SATURDAY, with qoantitieaof pre*enta -on? a aap;rb fa Silk Dreaa. he dreae o?n be aeen in the wicd jw of Meaara. Perry A Bro. All oar dreetes are boaght from ihia houae. Doora oaen. afte-coon. at 3 o'olook. Admiaaion: L*d *e,20 centa; ohildren. 1" centa Doora open.evemnga. at C\ u'olook. SATURDAY AFTERNOON. AT O'/'IOCE, For Famthflt T siAl *l nnA Out/Iran Admi?s on 2u o-i,U?Childr'b It onto. Pantomime Comic thi thool-maitbb. Celestial Feats Unique, MicatrelaMinttreia! at the CANTERBURY! MAGNIFICENT PRESENTS ' Set* of Coral jewelry, " Ktrnacan Jewelry, " Enamel wi'h Turqooia, A Bilk P.oaa-aB.lfc Dreaa! j*?5 QEOR9E CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS' SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! In eon*e*aeace of the impro?ew>enta being aiade for the New 1'hbatfb ob lot It (treat, the above Company will appear at ODD FELLOW>? HALL, S*v?t* St., On MONDAY EVENING, Jtn.T1. Particular* in *mall billa. J* 21 lNti'8 NATIONAL aMPHITHK*TKR. Pink. Av. and E St., Near Willardt'. T. Kmc.. Sole leasee and Manager C. Seott - Aaaooiate Manager R. P. Jonas. Th* P*or'.*'s Clown, JOE KEN7L.AND! Besides thia the fallowing 'Med performera will also contribute tn*i talent to the mtert&mnaaat of the evening. all of whom are wali-kaowa to tLO theater-going pub.'ia: L. Rivixa, Dtrcmow, Goazauu, H*msA5DFz anl Foimt MiSJ* IsLlZA GARDNER. TM young and beautilai equestrienne, will make her app^a-sro) in a New Aot, entitifl THE BROOM GIRL * The pertormanoe will ooaeiude with Til LACGHABLB PlHTOKIMS. THE COBbL.KR'8 KKvLIC! Seal* of Prtcn?Orcheeter ( hair* 15 certs, Drees Circle to oeru; Children und?r 10 years of age to Dress Cirole S5oenu; Social Ranee ts oentr; Colored Gallery 25 oents; Colored Boxes Sfi oenta. Doors open at 7 o'ciook; perforroances will ooraroence at 8 precisely. jatl f^EORGE CHRISTY'S Vk OPERA HOUSE. Tshth Btinr, Hnwin K mi F. Open Every N igbt with GEORGE CHKISTY'S M1NSTREL8 FYcrm Broadway. Stte York, Comprising 16 of the Picked Stars or MiKSTftKLar ' The entire entertainment under the immediate di reotlon of GEORGE CHRISTY. Th* admonitdttd Pi<m**r 9/ M**ttr*lty ! Thia Evening, and eyerj evening untilfurther nonce, win re proaaoan ueorge Christy's tmi afterpiece entitled BLACK STATUE. Jake ..George Christy Othpr characters i?y the oom?*- y. The usual melange of Smgicg. Dancing, Bar less ue Opera, to.. Ao? by the voole oompany. Admission?Par* uet, 50 cents ; 6ai.ery, 35 casta. SATURDAY NIGHT, January 2Kb, Benefit or GsoaaiChustt. And last appearanoe of the Company on Tenth it. C7" M or day, January *?th, Ocs Fillows' Hall, Sevfnth st. la H w THE ry A9HINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC. Pins. Avasci, (?-octh sMdi.) No. *99, BiiureenStk and 10tk stt. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Coaetrt, embracing seieotions from the beet clasaio masio, and the most popular operas?rendered in better *z!? than at any 9th*r American concert sa'oon.. | i n< (iMM-sna me puwio are treaty invited, vitbou : oharge for entrance,?may rely gpon hav inc every comfort th'y dee ire. In addition to the fineat rontto in Washington, they vili obtain, on call, from theattentive attendants, decidedly the best Refreshment* for eale tn the Fedarai Metroao'ia. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja6-lro Proprietor. " BALLS, PARTIES, 4c. Thirteenth grand assembly of the 3% HIBKKNIA CLUB jt Will take plaoe at the Hall ot the Fraaklin/^A Engine House. on D eiraet, tetweei. ItUHM and 13th, on MONDAY, January 27ih, IMS. Tiofeia So o nu, aomitiini a ieLL eini:, ard ladies. j%? ? ^ RAND SOIREE! TF M P F.R A\rR VilL Sk i ? street, b*tw> ea 9 h aoo 10th.) On FRi D.\Y EVEMNG.Jta'j Jlit.UA Pane ni will commero* a' o'clock. Good maaie wiil be id attendant*. Tickets, admitting a gtn tleman and ladies, ft*. ja 22-3f Prof, c. F BAKNE8. Manacar. "personal. Inoiice. Hereby forwarn all persona from reoemaf a NOTE drawn by me, for 9 2 sin fav-rof Kn-f Brother Dated aboat the }J, 4th, or 5th instant. a taid noi? ? obtained without Tamable ooa 'Hirvi'd, ko that l will not pa* the aame. j*?j St* J. L. GKENEB. JANKINR HOUSE OF RITTENHOUSB, MJ FA*T k cOM W ASHllSftTOH, D CnJaatl.lM. Will O. H. BID WELL. E?j, pieaee mil at tins office ? JaC St R1TTEW HOUSE FA.NT 4 CO. COIN WAJfTED! The Highest Prioe paid for GOLD AND SILVER! Bracts Fo* 8a.lsih 8r*s to #vtt. LEWIS JOHN SO 51 4c CO., BANKERS, PlVRITT U A ?l ^ ?? ** Jan tf Comw Teath ?T?<. DKOF. ALEXANDER WOI.OW8II mt pianist and composer, By general re*up?t will okaa tuaee lor twnno and Singint, by hn new and iimpa LM^CTan inottoa. In tfcu way, mm opiy-munityfYl^TI will be extende* to all wbodewir* t"> ao- ? " quire a knowledge or Vocal and Lwtrnicental MMio, on the inott liberal term. All tboee who deaire to )aia this onaree will aeply at onoe at kirn reeidwioe, No S93 bixth ttreet, between K atreet >uu New York arena*. Bonn of reeeptioa between land It o'clock a. m* on Tueedaje, Thnradaye, and Batardaye. ja?lm... WASHINGTON STEAM BAKERY. ** NT C liuir, bccvmo of Md #u etrMU. The attention ef doalora la roqaaatad to oar larga took of FREBB CRACKER* AND CAKES, A mo a? tfce vaiictiM war fca MM j WATSA CBACKEBS, BUQAR CRACKERS, V SODA CRACKEkS, BUTTE* CRACKERS, KDINBURG CRACKERS. .. ' GROUND CRACKERS. GINGER CAKES, SUGAR CARES, AUiONO NUTS, GINGER NUTS, RAISIN OAK EH. Bay M asaUutoaly tor?aafc,a*d | in nu| Um a4vaate??e * ttmm aoaror aad tfca wott mMUaorr. waaraa'lato mU at tha omat 1(17* WhoUKl* D*v*rt, gu?ra a*d oU*r> I baying gooda at !> Norte,My nvi u* imi ?i ' ?W fr?* ?wk,krinru( mi! ?* II II WA* DEPARTMENT, imtntl, pm. Oimn, That lb* War D^trtaat wUl ha cloaed Tuesday*, Thnradav* sad Friday* afalaat all a<Wr fcaataaaa M that which relataa to actlva military operatic** la the ftaM Saturday* will ha devoted to the haalacaa of Btaatm aod Kipiaaaafctlwa Monday* to the hoataeaa of tha Pahllr EDWIN M PTANTON, Jktttf Sec re tar* at H'?? AUCTION tiALife. ' THIS AFTER NOON ? TO-MO KM) W By BonTZ * GRIFFITH. (A#. S6t Stvmt* Mrwt, Minm / * ) lNS.j4i.Bkry M ? fro* o( U? Aoction K now, ? vill Mil ?Ian* aa*ort?*?t ( nfv tno uc tad kud k iriittr*, tnwkw*. ( Im i t acd Fuct U?od?. *mruiM- _ HuMVood Mark'* to* lirtMi MahofUT ?9 * alaat <*?. -. **L . _ . , SEFit '??r4 Wfcl.Bt (arW?-IM VV MkllkMl, FMUtrBedi buinud rUlov?. Hurwil Huk UttriMM, Lt?l Ciookery Mil OImiw, Urn mtrtr oI Picoj irtttlM, Tofttbor with ? im?w a.aortaMt of Bows* IMf D| ftrt r M. too ?i??w to MCUM s?l? fotlliv, and wittaai rtMrv*. 'l rat cuki BONTZ * GRIFFITH. AMU. J* U d By J C. McGlIRK * CO., AmUom^b. CTOCK8 AT AUCTION-Ob MONUAT APO I fc.K>Ot>N, JMMrf mk,U<O oio?k. M u* aiid.ul kt" rnt, w? ?tt? Ml to iv? 131 StartiBtotk of um PirooiM'a lanruM Com afc<TrporatioB of WithiirtOB Pit* Pot Coat. Block. #J? Oorfcrftt.oi. of WaaiuactM Biz P#r Cut. Ftcck j%'u d J.C. MoGt'UKt CO., A??U. FUTURE DATE. By J C MoGUJRE k. CO.. AaoCioMOfB. cale of the ruins of thkgknei ^ *L Hospital. on Jtt ( hit rvr*RB ?on Tl'MDiV MuKNlMi. JUiitrr 4Ui. at M o'okek. at the rnina of Ue liirMn, on h ifctH, btt?NC 4th atd 6U lUMU, We Bhall MlJ U iOK to nit. the oM m^rrit i, oompri?n *? Otd Brtoha in the wail a &i.c hc?l, Doom, FrtnM, 8ub and 11 inda. L ?t of Ltimntr, Floonc j. Joiata, Ac , Moae mi s, H<?di nod Flanrmc. ?imoN, Barge-. Guud water Pipe#, Loto< Ho>pita Furtitnre, BedatMda. Mattretaee, P l'owa *c. * o Terms ouk, n Govcr cir.rr t fund a. The who,a 10 be rtaorM whhta lac da?a after the tale. By order of the Oommleel c ner of Pa bite ButldJ. C. MoSUlBR A CO.. lacu. By 6REKN * WlLLlAMB, Aaotioaoora. rXTKNSIVli BALK OF ttftOCh.KIK8. JCi L>?vna? ahd bTOfti Fix item at Arcrion. On WbDNE&DkY MOKMNfc. the 2Hi uat., we ahal! noil at the atre of Capt. J. fe. >#<*. fto . *1 Loaiaiana av?nne, L etwees (U aad 7th atiweta TMt,u t#o'c.ook a. M .an aaauifi?Lt of Gruoanea, Lienors and Store Fiztnrea. Wo onamerate in pan? Toa, Sugar atd Coffee, Kice. Ma-oh, FlOhiM.BpiOM.fta. i obaooo Cita-a, ?cap. caadiM, Baoon aad a(?- , era. aaaortment oi other (Jroomea, Also, a good aaeortment of Liqnora in bott M and oaaka.aone of wincu are earr fine, to ah M Bratdi-a, Winea. ttia, W hiaiy aad Bootoh Alo, MTWkl MJT*la in* VlB(V, Aoa maay otaar aruoiee wfciob we dnd iumh tar? to enumerate Also, tw mora Flxtare*. P a-fo-m and Covatar Hcalen. 8i|?r Mi:., Mow, Cornier and Sh?viil, M?mun, ftc.,4o. TQWM OML ja84 GREEN ft WILUAMP. Aaota. tij J. C. McGllKE ft CO.. Aaotioaaaa. SUPERIOR ROSKWOOD 8EVEN OCTAVR k? Piano Fort*. Fiumttii. ihD Hora*HOLi? Krrnrts -"a THUR?l>AY MORN1NV. Jaon ar j aOife, at 10 o'clock, at Um r?ia?t.o? of Mrs. Greenhnw.on I6U atraat, Mwwd I and K atreeu. we aball Ml! the Furniture and Effeota, oompnaio(? Vttj aupenor Roatvoad8amO?ta*a Pianoforte, Saiie of Koaawocd Gieaa P.oah covarad Parlor t-urnitare, oompruint Urea tofha, two Aim and aiz Parlor Chair a, Roeewood Marble-top Table*. Corner Staad. Lai(? French pat? Mantel Mirrors. Fancy Comer stand. Work Table. U maaela and 3 p!y Carpati, Ono'oth, Oak Extanaion fab e at.d Chaua, Handai ne French China i>ma?r Sat. Cut and ecfrar d Glaaawar*. Waiters, ftilrer plated Te\Set,Caators,Spuo?s.aad Forks, Cloth oorered Writinf TaMe, Lounge, Two ao%m ?llad Cot tec e Sate, * Wa r.ut Btdainao*. Wardrobee, Bnrraaaid Waahstanas, Hair aid Huak Mattraaeea. Bolatara lad Pi;.owe. Refrigeratora, Stevea, Kitchen Utenene, ft a. Terma oaafc, jatt-d J. C. MeSUIRE ft CO.. Aaota. U.S. T *10 TREASURY VfaUjUUU NOThf for sale on Inrorable terma. RITTENHOtSB, PANT ft CO.. tiai it era, *4 9 Penaaylvenia arenae. )>a lw [Intel, ft Repub.] near Browa'a. PER HAM'S EICriSIOH. Frem Balthaere U !*fw Yerk ta4 rttiri SS.OO T? BmUi, a ad Tioketa for h r >4 the NATIONAL HOTEL. Where farther parti oa are mar be ted. Tim? for leaving Waehingtoa expire* on Slat Jaaaary. 7 icketa good to rea'n any day before Marehlet. _____ Z FURNITURE FURNITURE' FORNIIVRE! W. B. M O 8 ? 8, (of the *th of Mneee A Peek bam, Pm'ad'a.) Maaafaetarer and Who aaaiaaoo Retai Loader ia Case Hat Caaira, Cottage. Parlor aixi l>iatag room Pa'tutaro?Thora'a Banding, *08 atreet, above D. Every variety of UPHOL8TEK1N0 promptly ano aeatly ?x. euud t)OE Of t r.? rut' in PirtkiMri vlll ?t?dy tk?ir latere* to ??U before looktaf iliwtw M ? > ' ^HOICK OLD HAVANA RUM, ^ ? MINERVA WlNE-aoe.ebralod IfST VERMOUTH WINE-AB itauaa WIM, wMb CHAMFAONi^CLARETB. CORDIALS, Re., of rtnoai brand*. B'ALlAN MACAHONItwl VKRMtCILLI, oiler's Now Vor* Pat-at Cot LOAF MJ6AR. For sale by C,G DkGARMENDIA, Importer aud Dealer in Bava&a iigan, d?.1ft-1 rn * N'o 1W ?t . Rait, more SEALED PROPOSALS AK K IN VITRD. ut | ? u. thr Mii da? of P?braar v IM2, for faraiskias PI j H P n ir Aooui tweiro thonaaod fUWi barrola Will to requifd, of n h.jb fad* -f K*tr? K'nar, to M d?> ltrttw! IB W??hinct >n at the Rai.ioto Depot. or fltt^ywrrAWss:S^L* K*cti barrot of Fioar to bo lupoototf Jut before it Mieoe:r?d The F our mast bo oqial IB aaa itr to Uoaaatoloa to bo obtaiDf-c at Uao <A*it, HatrTii Watkicrto City. acd the b?rrol? to bo hoad liatoL The oaai wiry ootk of allot taooa vUl bo roqairod of ^utMtriotor. Go Torn moat roaorraa the right to HT to Traaa IT boin Bida to bo dirooted to Major A. BECfWiTH, C.S. L . 8. A-Bad ooaor*oq '>Fr..?t?ooto" jag r?AMP STOVES! Vv Q4Mf 8TOVE8!! CAMP BTOTK8!S A largo atook ob htbil, wwwkjw JaM >?1 rm-B-ooao. RITTKRHOIII, FAIfT * CO . 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