Newspaper of Evening Star, January 27, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 27, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS, Nnric*.?AfVr baling fhr many years printed the lists of letters remaining uncalled tor In the post afflce ( thlf dtr. (under tb? law sutborirlnrr thM' P"hlira"nn IB tbe newsrtper baTlng th? largest circulation within the nsnal delivery of the oCee,) the proprietor of Uie Star has at leogth frit compelled to daella? their further Insertion, because of the greet apace they hare come to occupy, and of the tort that for montba pert tie haa been forced to lay over oa each ocearioa, when printing the 1Mb, advertisements the Insertion of which would have paid at least aooble u much u tte law allowed him for the letter llat. 1b addltloa te this positive pecunlsrv loss br their Insertloa stae.e these llrts bare come to be a large aa tbe New York city letter llata. they Ut? entirely?on tbe day on which tbey were 1*1 ated?defeated his pnrpomeof irakinetbe Star alw*vs a ntwspaper?news being its well-known peclsllt/. Axcsisiim To-Nisht Thiatrb ?First spoearanee of tbo beantlfnl Ppentsh danaenae. La Seoorita Isabella Cubaa, in a grand Spanish ballet and dleeniaement, with the rmnfdv of '-A Decided Caae," and the farc^ of ' Poor Pllllcoddy " La Senortta Isabella Co baa Js said to be one of the most beantlfnl and graceful performers ever seen upoa tbe stage, snd to be " ?pon honor." a Spanish dansease Seats can be secured at Met xeroira mimic More. Christy'* ?Ft rat night of Christy'* Inimitable troupe at CMd Fallows' Hall, Seventh street. In a bill cratnme<l with orlglaalltlea, nod concluding with a capital afterpiece. Caktibbcrt Hall ?Ravel's and Thouvenal's melodramatic pantomlne, 41 Robert Mscalre"? Butier a* "Jaconet Strop"?the comical Interlude of "Le Tour Do Maiaon," and a huge bill of Jnggllng, dancing, songs, and *lsek<>rope p?rf>>rma nee* The Canterbury la crowded to overflowing nightly under ita spirited management. Klise'a AJieHiTiHATia ?First nlgbt of "Tbe Halt of the Zouavea," and the equeatrlan scene of "Monttcello," with all tbe atara in an original bill of varied performance* To-morrow night benefit of Tom Klog, the celebrated acrobat. Hutchi*ro!I Family,at tbe First Colored Baptist Church, corner of Nineteenth and I streets, a charming musical entertainment, nttiactive to all lovera of melody. Smitbsowiak.?Leetnr* by Prof. Ten Broeck on me ceieoraw?a religious exhibition In tbe Bavarian btghlardv '-Tbe Drama of tbe Pass'on " Admittance free, doors closing at 8 o'clock. Acisixt o? Music ?Free concerts every day at 3 o'clock; excellent refreshments, ice , Ac Hall open all day. Hixxxxia Clcb ?Thirteenth grand assembly of the Hibernia Club at the hall of the Franklin engine-house, on D street, between Twelf'h and Thirteenth streets Bcnwm* AtsimiAtt ?Celebration of the ohe bundsed and third anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns bv the Burns Club, at Mrs. Russell's hotel, No Mi Seventh street Akxcsts fox Passims Cocstxrtx't Moxxt For several months psst a considerable quantity nf counterfeit money has been in circalstton in this city and its vicinity, and the police otBcers have been endeavoring during that time to trace it to ? iuutit or narcn 01 mu? su?pieion at'acb< d strongly to a German named George 9. Becker, who kept a periodical store at the corner of Penr. sylvania avenue aid Slith street, In the National Hotel building, and on Saturday Sergeant Cron n and a number of patrolmea proceeded to arrest him. At the time of hi* arrest he had upon his person on'.v 89 in counterfeit money, but on searching bi# room In the National HoU, a considerable account was found in his trunk. It consisted of notes on broken banks, counterfeits on good banks, and a lot of bogus half and quarter dollars, amounting in alt to about #400 The coin appeared as If newly made ard not yet circulated. Among the counterfeits were notes < n the Bank of Penn Township, Pa ; Western B.nk of Philadelphia; Williamsburg Bank. N V: Warner I Bank of Danvers, Maw"; Atlan'lc Bank of Boston; Moatpelier Bank of VVrmont; Bank of "outhport, Coon ; Commercial Bank of Bristol, R I ; Fatm?r'? Bank of Pottsvllle. Pa ; Waterbury Bank, and Farmers' Bank of Lancaster, Fa. Patrolmen Handley, Donn, Leach, Grant, and Nlchola were detailed to arrest certain persons supposed *o be Becker's accomplices, and s^on bad in custody Henry Clare. Jos A Mattin^ly, and M. Solle s, employees of Becker, and Maria Bucb, wbo claims to be bis wife. At tbe time of ber arrest abe waa stopping at tbe Ltchau House on Louisiana avenue, near Sixth atreet Tbe parties arrested were all taken before Justice Donn, who, after h-aring tbe evidence against Becker, held him to bait in tbe sum of 93,000 for bis appearance at a farther bearing on Toesdsy, which falling to give he was committed to jail There being no evidence to implicate tbe other parties, they were beld to bail to appear as witnesses at tbe examination on Tuesday. Avfairs 'k Alixasdkia ?From the Alexandria Local Newaof Saturday we clip the follow^be house of worship of the Methodist Epls copai vyQarco, POTllU, in IQ1I Cliy, WM &t nooil to-day occupied by the military forces of the L aiUd States The basement of the church will be and ss bsrracks, but, It Is ssld, there will be bo Interference with the upper psrt of the edifice. A portion of the Illinois cavalry are now In quarters at the lower end of Wolfe street, occupying a portion of the old Brewery, and stabling their horses In the wharf sheds of Smith k. Perkins's locomotive establishment Other houses in that vicinity b*ve been taken for the same purpose, as has the machine shoo and foundry of nr. Tbos Jamleson, corner of Royal and Wilkessts The fuel market Is still quiet, the supply and demand being about equal. None of the pine wood In market is th: roughly seasoned. We quote rates as follows: r<?l ?" ?? - - - - - 1 ?nuwiwir, ? per won; i^umoe'iana, lump, 8? flO; ran of mine, 86 80; floe, none. Wood?Oak and line,87 per cord; maple, Ac. t mixed, not seasoned, 85 50 C&JTVIAI. OCAnSHOCai Caaaa ?Btfort Juttict Clark*.?Sunday?Reuben Ludlow, drunk; lined SIM. Dennis Johnson, col., disorderly; do. Geo Adami, drunk; turned over to the military. Pat Riley, do ; flned 81 M August Engle, do ; do. Jacob Hunaker, do; do. Conrad Soule, disorderly; do. Jno Ore, druak; do 84; also for assault, security for hearing. Win Herniss, do.; do. 83, and security for hearing. C. J. Murphy, assaoIt and battery; 8300 ball for a hearing. Elizabeth Peters, profanity; dismissed. Adam 8cfalling, drank and disorderly; fine 81. Jss S Held, do ; turned over to the military A B Smith, do ; do Cornelius Relpln, do ; fine 81 ?4. Jos. Kelly, do ; turned to the military. John Dcwd, Jamea Conroy and Robert Clark, sailors, drunk; d.smisaed Mondsy-W Hawkins,drunk: fine81 58 Jos Walker, Kdw Gibbons, A Collins, B Hlg^lns, drunk and disorderly; turned over to the military. John Haaae, do ; 81 M John Hlnea, da ; do. #0 40 W Roscb, assault and battery; dismissed. John Wal*vf and F B Clark, disorderly; turned over. Brldgrt McBride, do ; fine 85 94. David Flanagan, do ; do 83 94 Focbth Wilt Station Casks?Effort Juitxet ?Sunday?Cornellue Ragan.drank: fined SI 68 Da^td C Jonas, do ; do 9J John Rawe, do.; do S3 M Kehec, do; do f I ft. Cornelias Horly. do ; workhouse 30 days. Fred Voea, do i fined S3 90. W Mshoney; flood S3 94 0 W Van Calt: do. S3 R Mounts, do ; do SH W O'Rtley; turned over to the military James filoomfield, do ; workhouse 30 days Moodav?Jae Brandler, disloyalty: turned over to the military. Wm. H. Bowie rd Joe Father, larceny; Ml fbr court Frank Bowie, R R. Landy, and VV Forlman, do , dismissed Thoe. MorrU, disorderly: turned over to the military. John Irvtn, do.; dismissed. Mary Irrln. do ; do. Margaret DalLay, do ; fined Si M. Sarah Rauke, do; do. S5M Mary Faotkoer. do ; do. Si 94. Cohea. foot drtrtof; do M 58 Jas l?l?ore, drunk aad dleorderlr, paid X coats costs. Thoe. Malqula, a?ult{ dlamlseod. Poue*. The Third *ard patrolmen reported the foliowtog eases for Betorday: Jacob Fill turn, peddling; diamlaeed by Justice Borntelo Edw'd Hittersoo. dno ter; returned to the military Coartee Minor, eoiore<i. urcenjr, a imwea d> Juatloe Clark J>m? W Saudi wood, do ; beid for boartag Catharine Vogle, telling liquor wltbout Iteeaee; for bearlag by Justice Waller. M?ry Read, Tyrant, workhouao 90 day*, by Jurtiee Tbompaoo. The Fourth Ward patrolmen reported Cbartee Bueto, larceay, wot to jail by Juatiee Donn O H Becker, paealng counterfeit money, e^-nt to Jail for a farther baarlag. H Cla*?, Joe Matttntfly, * aad Maria Back, do ; eecurlty for fartbor hearing. H L. Stebbiaa. uuult aad beUery with Intent to kill; fall by Juatlco Bvaacio. Patrick Boras, taraed over to the Military. ) ? RoaattT?Laat Friday alght, between 8 aad 10 o'clock, the More of Waldhalmer k, Groeantvff a> Pimuvlnnli ima? near Fifteenth tract, was catered by ihkeree. br tr-akln* window la the reu of the tore They took e*eral wiichri and pUtola which they found ?atord?y morning, oflleer Fanning ud patrolman W*lkor irrested two persons upon ?asplcloa. one ?f -?hooQ ?u dismissed. ud taa otter held tor a hoe/lag by Justice Clark. Moaa Co vn scat ion* or Wiiai-Tki Pra. Guard, few day* since. paid a wistt to fyWa restanrant, near the !fa?y Yard gate, * P??red all bla liquors oat la the street. A deUchment of military also vlaited Y. Jooee* ?roeery atore In Georgetown, a day or two alnoe, *** "aseral berrala of whisky wasted their eweetj, ?a the air U that TtcJalty Lsneaat ?Saturday, John and Pat. ofoCaoler ? 7* ** the larceny of a pistol, and arat f' *** lo* u-b c"" The Etc a*d Eae ?It la strange tbat ao little kill, nntil recently, hM Veen abftwft in the management of tbe alaeaaes of these two organs. for 1h? uae ct either of them la equivalent to half the enjoyments of a man'a life. But a reason, we auppow>, may be found for It la the fact tbat the medical faculty baa <-onfln?d Its attention* tn the general maladies wblcb afllct the body. Of late yeara, however, there baa been a change In public oplnlrn and tbe habits of arlenttlc men in tbla respect. Ingenloua. talented and learned persons have given tbelr llvea to one or two branches of the heal I ok art, and by an earnest devotion to them have acquired aingular aktll In curing dlaeaaea wblcb have been considered almost Incurable In tbe case of the eye and ear thla is particularly true. In the atudy of these organa there la a high degree of me banlcal talent required. Very little la left to conjecture or experiment in relation to tbem Of all the organa they betrav tbe highest evidence. If we may uae the word, of mechanical arrangement Tbey are la themeelvea auflclent for a life-time atudv, and thla sort of study by Ingenious men baa resulted In a wonderful degree of control over their defects Among those who have achieved the very high e*x repuwinn in inis reaped ] Ur K. Von Moicbzlsker, who < now In oar city. The triumphs of ibis eminent oculist and aurtst have been recorded Inall our chief cities, snd be has won from profeaalonml men the highest testlmoaials of character and great aueeeae In the restoration of sight and hearing We therefore take pleaaure in making him the subject rf thia article. It ia a duty and a pleaaure to give reasonable hope to those who are suffering from the aaddest of all human calamities?the Ipsa ofalgbt and hearing and refer them to the car* of Dr. Von Moschzlsker.?Daily Rational Intilligtnctr. Thi Hos. Joseph Skoab ?Weare requested to give notice that Hon. Joseph Begar. of Va , by Invitation of the Union Aaaoclatlon of Alexandria, will address that body on to-morrow (Tuesday) night at 9 o'clock on the political Issues of the day. He will, by special request, consider the rolnt, " Who are the traitors, those citizens of Virginia that went with their State for secession or those who refused to do so?" 4c., kc. Mr Sfgar Is one of (be ablest popular speakers In this CAnntrv and will HnnhtU?? tka *Klnat effort beard In Alexandria for year* past. Mon Hoksk Stxaltwo? Bays Preferred.?On Saturday evening a horse and ambulance left standing for a short time in front of a store on the avenue was stolen. The horse is a dark bay and tbe ambulance Is?or was?marked "8th New Jersey Volunteers " On Saturday night or Sunday morning, a fine bay hone belonging to Mr J. M. Cohn was stolen from tbe stable opposite Fleming's?in the rear of tbe Kimmel bouse Robbkxt Last Nioht ? An audacious robbery w&* committed last night on the premises of Patrick Donohue. on Sixth street east, between a and U streets. Some ducks and chickens, and some trifling household articles were stolen. Patrick says it was not the loss of his property discomposed bim so much as the excitement it occasioned bim and bla old woman, as the thieves were not at all secret in their movements. Stolks Goods ?Saturday, Officers Keeae and Kimball arrested a man named John Meyer, on suspicion of buying stolen goods Upon searching his premise*, a large lot of clothing, some of It valuable, was found Some of it la the property of Noah Walker 4. Co , clothiers. Meyer was sent to jail by Justice Donn, and the goods remain at his office to be identified. Arrivals at Alexandria ?Several small vessels, with wood and oysters, have airived at Alexandria in the last day or two. i{i?i*nr?muvB curt 01 t?urn?, nunioni, tailoalttes, Inverted Nails, Warta, and all dlse-ses of tbe fret. Mr. Demond, Surgeon Chiropodist, It enabled, bv a peculiar proceaa, to eradicate the moat painful excrescences In a few minutea,without the leaat pain or tha slightest Inconvenience to tbe patient Consulting hours from nine a m to five p nr.. at bis office. 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. Best reference given In tbta city. f Holdibbs. see to vour own health. Do not trust to tbe army supplies Cholera fever, and bowvl complaint will follow your slightest Indiscretion. Holloway's Pills and Ointment should be In every Man's knapsack. The British and French troops use no other medicines. Onlv 25 cents per box or pot. 216 Thk lnuii Hxbb Doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patlenta (he nature of their complalnta or ill- neas, without receiving any information from them. A'o ckarg* for Consultation or Advitt our motto We use such Balms as hare no strife VV ttb Nature or the Law* of Life : W ltb Blood oar hands we never atain Nor poison men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whom all goodness fills, Providt-s the means to cure all ills; The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Call'd from the dewy Lea? These, those shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Washington Buildings, Pa. avenue, about Jivt minutes walk from Br ate*' s Hotel. Room?No 10. Ja 27-7t? Thk attention of the trade and citizens of Washington Is called to the fact that genuine Boston crackers are msnufactured by us fresh and warm everyday. Dayton's Bakery, 456 Eleventh street, between O and H. ja 23 tf \l/?i ?M/VWf fk ? a * t *A _ ?? w uvt.v B??canvu ?v mr laiu ui ;?i r. W. B Mom. manufacturer and dealer In furniture. He has the largest assortment of cottage furniture, cane seat chairs and other furniture, In the city Purchasers will do well to call upon him, at Thorn's Building, No. &? Seventh street, second and third floors Open day and evening, for accommodation of the public. jan 22 6t* Cokns, Bunions, Caloalties. Bad Nails, Enlarged Joints, mad all d'seases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White, Surgeon Chiropodist, 426 Pennsylvania avenue, between Fourand-a-half and Sixth streets. Room 24 op utalr*. OfBce hours from 12 m. to 6 p m. Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. jan I5-lm* Plsasant Fcimishid Rooms, with fuel and gas, with or without board, at 415 E street, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boa'd?rs can be accommodated. Jan 15-lm* India Rcbbrr Uoods. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should b? without; 75 cents each. Rubber ^Blankets, for soldiers, 81 25 each. Rabbet Pooches and Blankets combined, S3 50 each India RubtarOoats, white of black, S2 50 each. India Rubta. Levins SI per pair. And all klndk of Robber Goods. Including Rubber Boots and Phoe*, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mata, Under Sheetings for beds In slekne?s, fcc , 4c , at mt nnfacturer k prices, at H. A. Hall's Iadia Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. ? ., between Ninth and Tenib streets Jan 1-tf DIED, Ob Saturda*, 26th instant, of typhoid fever, MARION M. TAYLOR, in the 33th iear of his *Vhe friends and aceoaintaooee of the family are invited to attend his funeral, to morrow( Tuesday) afternoon at 3 o'oiock, from his late residence, on K street soath, between nth and llth stiee?s ea?t. Navy Yard. [ Ba tiaaure patera cosy,] * la Alexandria Vs., on the ttd instant, of oongeeuonoi tbe brain. W1LL1K KARNEST, eldest son of JohnF and Sarah F. Whiteosore, a<ed S years and 3 months. He took the out of life to am. Bat bitter 'twa* to drain : He pat it meeklr from feu lip. AmI went to eleep Klin! * On t*>e Jith ins tint, fell m e*p i? Jeeaa. trimmphaat iq the kope of a blisslu immor'a ity. without a s.ra(c e or a f roan of a lingering ounmmpMon, Mre. MARY M. PALM BR, m the fcth year <f her *Sler funeral will take plaoa on Taeeday the Mth instant. at S o'elook p. m.. from the residenoe of Mr. John S.flobba. on K street, between ?th and tth. The friends or the family are respcotfaliy invited to attend, without farther notioe. * O* the Wtk instant, at A'exaadria, Va, Captain J. CORBON, 96 >eiri of ace, formerly of the ittamer tisorge WaahlLgtoa, ran between Alexa adilaan<l W?shin*ton. * f^BOROE M. WORL * CO., VJ 1 ixporters and Dealers in A ad etNLRAL c8 sfeiO N A N TB An aesortaient of Merchandise of every deecripttoa eons ten tly on haod. 0EOR8K^M^WOEL 4 CCL. ^ U T L J? R 8 . ATTENTION!! ^ ?0* BARRELS OINOER SWA P 9 ftixi QvAxrrr, For Ml* la ??utitiM to nit U? at low i(VM. JOHNSON * NAG LB, 9M Pa. LT*nm?, WMhiaston, D. ft, I 10 lorftt it, AIczMdri*. Vs. $20,000 KAZA!? ??iSZ!&& t*rm. ?ITTbNHOC'SlS, FANT 4 CO.. MBhr i WANTS. WANTF-P-A food CONFECTIONER at J. FUtSKLli'S. coT?r )?h and F ill. j*S7 >'.* WANTEn-A WOMAN tc Ooot. wtih and iron None but colored need apply, at Dr. HILL'S, SOfe Penn. avwnUN It* 1J|7 ANTED? By * re?p?otahie woman. aSlTtfA* ? Tlf'M u chambermaid or to do jere-al hoaaewoik. Addre??"C H StaMJIBce. It* WANTBn-Bf a young man. a SITUATION as ?ar keeper cr shocker. A*dre-? -R. K."Mir()ll^. ia27 2t* %*/ ANTED?A nexperienced WATCHMAKER. " Apply, with reconim?rtrijitioD8, at 490 P*nn. avenge. ja 27 at* WANTF.D-By a respectable girl.a SITUATION as oook. And to aatiat id washing and Ironing. App'yatX Z. It* ANTED?A WOMAN to wash and iron. * Also, a good CHAMBERMAID. one that can make heraell generally useful. Ap?l? att>ie Avenge Hobs*. ja27 3:* WANTED?A GENTLEMAN of business ability, familiar with Washington C?t> to atterd to someout door husinesv App yto JOHNSON FRY A CO . 476 Sevanth at. ja?7 - w' WOOD HAULERS WANTED. - Twenty teams to go a few miles up the canal and haul OBtwood. Jnquireof W H {-REAR. 401 I st? oorner of 11th. from 3 to 6 p m ja T> 2-* ANTEO-By t^o revpeotable women, fertTUATloNS-one tooook.wash and iron: the other as ohild's nurse or ohambermaii C*lI or adrireas No. 397 I street, between 13th and 13th. It* WANTED?A WOMAN to oook, vath and iron for a family. and do general housework. Good wages wi'i be riven a good hand. Apply at WM. <J O'MEARa'8 Variety Store, .5/4 Pa. ave , between 2d and 3d sta. ja?7 3t* \AJANTED?A MAN to work on a firm or a dairy. Also, a young WOM AN to d^ general non?">work. None neel apoiy unless we'l reoommecded. Call at corner Fifth and P str?e?s, No. 124. ji27 St* WANTED?A rood COOK. WASHER and IRONER, and also a NUR^K to attend children and do plain lewmr Mono need apply wi hou're^ninren ationr. No. 252 Fst.,te-.we?ii !3:h ai.d 14th rts Jt R. FALCONER. \M7ANTED?A WOMAN to oook. wa?h and ?? iron, atd a HOU8E-MAID, at 439 F ?tr?"-t, rear Sixth. ja 2> 6t* WANTED?An unfurnishel HOUSE, lmme'li ately, near any of the busines* parte of the city. Direot' H. H ." through the City Post Of fioe. )a?5 3tlJ|/ANTED?Two BARKERS. To rood work " men good wages and constant employmrct. Apply at National Hotel Barber Shop, imra*'i<ts ly. ja25 St* WANTKD? A young MAN to act as clek or M Hmtn. Addreat, in han-twriting of applicant. Box 561 Washington City Post Office. J A 25-31 17ARM WANTED.?The advertiser wants to r rent a Fa m of SO or 4iaores. well imp'oved and in good cultivation, inside of the District or very near it, on a leading road, for one year with the privilege of three . the first year's rent will be paid in advance. Addres*. stating 'ooation and particulars, ZEN AS C. BUSHKR, Washington H < ' ( iffind- ' ac t'" CCLAIMS, CLAIMS. CLAIMS!-Wanted ini J moftiM-!y. Cairns to the amount of th'ee million dollars, whioh the advertisers are wiling t> make advance* on. providing 'be o'aimant* oan how evidence of the o aims having been approved and i ,'lowed by the pror e aoconT)tir;g?,ffi'**r* OuU large o aim* are wanted. Addresi BADGER A C??. through Post Offioe, sta'ing trie kind of olaim a1 d wh>re an interview can b? bad ja 2i 1 w* WANTKi)-\ Hi?U?F. containing bix or rooms, unfnrnifh^d. b?'w*?n the !! pitol and Fifteenth ?t. Address "L. VV.," Star tiffioo. ja2? lw* WANTED?A competent drug and preionption L&Jt K. well rtoommended as to character, capability, Ac.; none other neeu aspiy. Inquire at this office. ja *4-3t* WANTFD?A colored WOMaN to cook and do the work "f a ima 1 fami'y. Hlave pre ferred. To cne oomint well reoomiuded, good wm'i and a p r ranent hone given. Appirto i? HIJYCH, at the Ba' king house of 8?p?ny A Huych,5l7 7th stre?t ja24-t* WAN TEU?B* ayoung mau.oneSKAT in a pew intheCHcacH or tug Kfiphaivy. for wnioh a good price will be paid. Address "J." Box No. IT; j a \?*f WANTEI??Three honest a&d sober colored or wh ts MEN. to fo laboring work au<l see to horse? No iu?rried men need oall, Inquire at'he Craofcer Bak*ry, 43ft Eleventh at. j\ S3 YVANTEDTO KKNT-A PU R ir the c>un*' try,from 5 to 10miies f om Washington. on or near the Seventh street road. *1 he dwelling hooM most have the modern i rprove" enta, and b' situated in a perleotly dry, tiea'ihy Ircaity, with from 10 to 15 rocnia; with s'ah.e and o?her out hou*es, orchards, garden, and from 3 to 50 a as of land attaohed Persons havia* auoh a rltce to r#?>? wil- fi> d a good tenant by addressing B'JX 29S, Wa*hincton, l> or calling at No 1J Pcnu aviiue. b*t?een 8th and 9th sta. ja >2 iw WANTED?Fu'.'eraanfl Soldiers to know that they can b?y C\MP STOVES aid TIN WARE cheap of H J. GREGORY, 3*1 Pmn avenue. ja 16 WAN TEI)?In a drug rtore, a YOUTH between lb and 20 years of age. Can^ida^ea roust give satisfactory refereno a aa to {ualifioationa and character. The preference will be gives to one who has been en raced in the drur bnainess six or twelve months. Address "A B C, '"Washinston City Fost OIBoa. Ja I 1m* WAN'TKD IMMEDIATELY, at the U. ?. Navy Yard, \> ashiLgton, a number of LANDSMEN. d?26 Im \MJ ANTKD- We nre now buying SKCOND ? HAND FURNITURE,STOVEi'aLa BED DING, for whioh we are pa?inr tha highest oath prices. Families decl'ninj; housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to tLeir advantage to give us a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, Je IS?t/ No. 3t>9 ?th st.. hotw. I ana K sts. PERHIM'8 EXCURSION. From Baltimore t? New York and rrtarn JS.00 T Bostsn, and retarn...... I13.J0 Tiokrts for sa'e at the NATIONAL HOTEL, Where further partiau'ars may be had. Time for leaving Washington expirej on Slat January. Tickets good to re'u'nanyday before M&roh Int. ja17-Ut* Z FURNITURE! (7\ FURNITURE FURNIi URE ! fT\ W. B. MOSES, (of the firm of Moses * Peokham, Plulad'a,) M*nufaoturer ?nd W.10< >?&!# and Retail Oetier in Cane seat Oiaira, Cortase. Parlor and Dining room Furniture?Thorn'* Building, ftos fcjveutii treet, above D Erery variety ?f UPHOLSTERING promptly ana neatly executed { tore open day and evening for the aocoromoJa tion of the pubUo. Parohasers will study their interest to call before ja a am~ Choice old Havana rum. In rto"iijohna, MINERVA WINE?a celebrated Hpaniah Wtne, VEKMOl'jTH W1NE??n Italian Wine, much naed fts & tonio, CHAMPAGNES, CLARETS, CORDIALS, fto., of varioua branda, ITALIAN MACAKONI ftnd VERMICILLI, Mo'.lfr'a New \ ork PfttjtCut L<?/\P SUGAR. For sale by C. G. DsGARMENDIA, Importer and Dealer 111 Havana Seg*ra, da -IP-1 m No IS (.nmn'ra* at . H?ltimr?T? SEALED PROPOSALS AUK INVITED. until tne6th da? of February. 1882, for furnirbinc FLOUR to the Subaiatenoe Department of the U. 8. Army, About twelve thou'and (12 000) barrels will le requir'd, or fthich grade of Extr$ Fiour,u> Le d Uvered in Waehlmt>n at the Railroad Dep^t or at the milla or warehonaea in Georgetown, bot? time between the 5th and 15th of February, 1862 Kach barrel of Flour to be inapeoted ju ?t before it iareoeivenl. The Flour muat be e^aal in aua'itT to the *amaleato be obtsiora at tne Cfteitrl Bakery at Waihmcton Ci'T. and tha t.&rrala tn h* hwl Un?A The cnaiomary nth of allef iaaoe will bareqairad of nftoh contractor. Government reserve* the right to ?sy lu Treasury no<es A- BECK WITH, C.8. U.S. A., and endoreod "Propolis." jag VV ANTEU-KTery paraon to know t'.at I em iu market, readj to pay oash for aii artiolea hi the houaefurniahin* line. Those iMvinc tne oirr.or naving a eurpiua, will do wall to oa;i. K. BLCHL.Y. 4*9 Seventh ?t.,between liana H at*., cut aide,t Dealer in Newand Second- and Furniture. BO 16 GIBBNRK1L BJJRNSIDK'S EXPEDITION will and within eome diatanoe of SMITH'S Clothing (Wore, so that every one in wantofClothing,Hata

and Cap*, oil have free aooeaa to the Penple'eCioihing Store. No. 460 Seventh atreet, oppoeite Poet where all kinda of Clothing oan be bought at Northern pnoea. ]a 16 dim T| HERRING'S IRON SAFES HE Snbac ;bera have on hand ata'l tlmraa Mtoply of Uerriag fc Co'a Celebrated Fire proof Saiea and Paym *aie.a' caah Buxea, wlnohthe; oanjarmah at tha aM^Urere jna*ximgh? . ?< , ??! v.mwui*B C l<U., AioUon and Comm ion MerchaaU* J*>Ht Cursor Tantn and i) ??. PKHSONM IN BLACK WILL FIND OUR took fall ?nd ampio la all the b??t etandatd Ubiioa for moanuaa a?p*roi? and at yriaoo most J.."" ""^saaaBgk doita sow in (ton, all stylos, at abo.Jt h*lf tia uul prioa tor the same ipoda?ail of oar ova ?ir do SO Under Brown'* Hotel. L^^WMrC'^r do4Havtf Pa.aTonao, no*- eta*. \ f LOST AMD FOUND. A STRAY ?Some two weoka aro * SOW K^ke J\ into the yard n"*r the corner of KjiVk and 4'h streeta north The owner WiIl7TLJ^ put expeaaea and take her away, J*?3T LOS f?On tfnnday morning. bstween 16th (treat and !*t. Matthew's Cl.uoi. a arte OVAt BK E aSTFI V, eontaUinl hair of different color". A ht,er?! rewa'U will be paid to any one who wll' retain the abovo to No. 404 16th afreet, T?etwe?? I *njJ K jaSI Si _ ? K KWAID ? Strared or atolen out of the etaM?, on 414 Pa ave ncrrh.f ncday r\__ rrmrninn early, a hey HORSK, n>ne ?ear? old: roriiikled with white on the foreheada bad tail, hair on the top gone out. The horse I bonrhr <a*t Saturday of M. Cooper. ' Ja ??-St* J. M. COHN. 461 Pt.ava. CTRAYED OR STOLEN-On the 2Sd instant, i a hay HORSR, branded with th? letter jfv | C on his left shoulder i had en a saddle and 'LLn , b ind bridle, and gatl-d in two pUce* by ooilar an<4 saddle. Any person returning the tame, or giving information concerning it, will be rati*factorily rewarded, by calling at No. 171 south B i street. Island. It* I T^AKEN UP?Bt th? subscriber. on Tuesday, * 1 January 21st a medium s i?d HOK8K. ?rv i thin in flesh; sho-ttail and thin mace; cood *1 ,P ] eyes; one shoe tfl" The owner is request-i ed to come forward, pay charges and take him 1 away, or he will be sold to pay expenses. ( O. W TUWNI.KY, No. 174 F street. F>r?4 Ward, ja S7 3'.* Betwren 2?)th and 21st. ' FOUND.?Was pioked up by a colored man, and i left at our store, a LEATHER PURSfc.oon- ^ taining a small amount of c*?h The owier can recover the tame by proving it and paying for this ad*erti?e?mnt. . , ja 2S 3t* Ml DDI,ETON k EE ALL , FOUND?On the evening of the 23d instant, a i targe brown ri OR SR. supposed to he ( a eoveri. in'nt condemned horse Theowner can have the horse by paying expanses a"d "raving his ownership Apply to the Government W"ith Soales, Thir'i and H sty j< 25 St* j 1U8T?CH ECK No. 93, dated 2M January. 18f2 1 -J drawn on Tieaimtr United SHa'es by Lieut i John F.H wood, in lav.>r cf Cap' J. C Morton, f>r 92 2 The find*' will he iU.era!!y rewarded l.y at>p'Tin* at the tffi* of BEALL 4 GOSZLFR, 17:ii at . opposite War lepartrnft. _ialS I STRAYFD OUT OF T11K STABLE. A B.vV 1 HORSF- h?s ion* hair; oiumiT ft**'; g\ thre? ar? ?iMte; and abont fifteen years old ' A reward will be fivenio whoever brinta it baok to H LEVY, 414 Pa ave., hetveen 4>i ' and 6?h s'reet. ja 2i 3" J Q C RKWAK D?Los*. on Friday evening, a Leather WALl.ET, containing a small eum of mone*, different sapers.and a pitKje of brass The finder Will reo*iwe the above rrwa-d. ard ma* ' rnfc'Mii ino ooniouiB of ino wH'iei, witn IDP exoflPlion of the pieo? of brass. Return to No. 10 , Washington Buildirg, corcer of 7th ht.,andl'&. ave. i ja?5 3t* a. & J. Mvmirs ( Of A R KWA RD ? L?'?t, on Wednesday eve < nint, in the railroad depot, two smaJ ' MOXKS- one contain nc seven fincer** of 1 them diamond, one pearl and one ga-net. The 1 ot er box contained a p&irf lj ?t and diamond ?lee\e I buttons Filty dollars reward, and no questions asked, if letnrned to 803 G stieet, between l?th a d I9 h streets. ja2&-t* fc RKW'a RD.?Strayed away on theevening 1 t of the 2S<1 inst,, a brown M A R B. an?l rv AGON. The nme is very rpinted; has "L?TTk ' a small star on her face, and is ? iitlle^^" striped on thn right, hind leg. The wagon is a Penn*ylvania mar<tet wa?on, with a ?pnr;?r boly, and three ?pri' g? unler it: with <**rva* cover I he ! wagon contained pie boxes, Tb~ above rewa d will be p?id by bringing it to 30# latn stre?t, hetween K and I. j* 25-?t* , |fcl*"R!Cr ok COLUMBIA. t'orvrT or 1 L* Wa-hhwtos.-I berebr o rtify thaii^^ oi tli? ?2d day of Janua y, 1962 ther ? wc.s brought Le ore in*. by John H O'Nie e,a ftray AIL"LE, wh ? unli latiALJL / 'n dn* f< rin of !aw. that fai-J ^ uie catns^^^^^ ' to the premises of D*i'id tiawltng*. oetween ld*h aud 14th street east, Wa?hin?ton city, about two i months ago. Color <arlc, with * *Mt# fp t on t he | right side of its ueok. ai-out 1? hands h'.cn; and u t.u> nlil ? ? Justice f the I'eate. t UI^ The owner of the &b ve property u re- ! queuted to c.-.Tie forward, prove propeity, pay I cia-res, acd take it mi. i i%S5 at* PAVIO KAWL_?NG?l FOtJH >? On the 2l*t iusttrit. a ?umof MON KY, w!nch the owner can hnve by giving it* tokens an'' raying for thi.? advertisement. Cell a No." . 46th ?treft. be.wren F and 6. it24-3i* \ 'I^AKkN I H?By the kuhnoriUer on Tueaday, 1 1. January 2i#t, a n.eoium sixe iron *ray 1 M\KK, wit i t> aniet <r c oth ac lban-r I .P oi The owner i a requested to coma for i wvd, pay charges acn take her away, or she will i be sold to pay expenses JOHN BAI.LANGKR, ja 24 s:* No. 1 i Pa av.. b8tn ar<19th m RBWARO.?Ran aw%y on*Tiiead*v, Jan. O/Ual, NfeGRO i JOY ,\1AI>I*?<N HO?>IU. rommonly called Diok. about 6 &? 1 ^e>?t h g's 2" ?'ars o'J; '.ad on when Lo eft jpy white cloth pants, twopt-% jacket*; he oar nou (in wiiu iiiin n urgf grey norce, *0 Ut ' ^ * haarts high; 8 j*ara (.Id; ver? Rich icoouted i ue v? reward win be given for the return of &i d tone, or for the man and #2'' for the horse, in cither case to bs secured so that < ge them again 6EMRGE W GAM DIN KR. Near Pisoatawav, ja M 2w* Prince Jeorgf'g ooauty. Aid. Ran awav from the subscriber, near Blad cstur?, B??Y ANTUNKY CHAWFOR )>,commonly called Toney. He is t feet 5 or 7 incites high; very black; abort hair; grave countenance when *poken to. with a scar in one ofh>a ey- brows, occa ,QL sinned by a kick of a Vorae. scarcely perceptii>le; j >lt in November aet. i wilt give 3l&? to h*ve him hrooght home to me. Ja23 F. MAORUPKH. f OaT?On Friday last, in getting out ot a car I j riage^ at Wilfards' Hotel, a ady's GOl-D wai??u. a ir>er>i rew iru will r>e paid lor its return to WILLHM H. FANNING, Polioe Officer. Wilards' Ho?el ja *> REWARD.?Ra-> away fniin th* snbscri- J V&yl bar iutMuriilftjr VKLI.OW BOY.18 yearn of age; about 5 fVt 6 or 7 icohesin hight; alender t u ft; alow ol speech; goes by the name of Dave Kelly. Had on when h? left Jk grer cassin et cants and fi ock coat a d vst of*ZJ Mms materia!. The above re?anl will b? tivm <>u hit re'urn to 5*AMUKL I). MUBPHV, F?otory, on Baltimore ana Columbia Turnpike. 1 ja?-lw* IOST.-A SKAh KlNO, and a FOX HEAD J SEAL, attached to a nag, with corneal lan set. 85 reward will be given to wnoever returns the j articles to this office. <1*2 tf educational! ] French instruction.-a lady who studied the French language in Paris, and has taught successfully in a first-o'asa a.ademy for 1 several tears, having oonsiderab e lei?u>e time, womd gire private le?aons to a few pupils. Comraunioationa addrersM ' Paris," through the City Post Office, will meet with prompt attention. jaao lw* ' MR 8. BURR WILL R F.BT ME HER School for English and French Monday, Jannar*9ftth. New Vnilr iLTeniia. h?t?A*n IStn *nrt illh 1 it*' '" ja 17-u6t<t aT6t PHFGARAV INSTITUTE, vv ia*j7 asd 15?9 Spbdce St . Philadelphia. This Insti'nte, conducted lor two jesn past in the oitj oi Philadelphia hy Madam* ChkgaraY and iior niece Madaxi D'Rkrvilly, upon <hfl same principles as tha on? in New York, estab lUhf-d there in 1814, will reopen,after ttie Christmas .holidays, ou N*onday. January 6;h, with its usual ample and o?mplete provision for tne education ot Young Ladies, under the direotion of MaCamfl D'Hsrvilly. Circulars, and al! requisite mforiratiou, oan bo obtained on ap/lication to the Principal. ja7-lm LOV hLL, COLLES k. CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, *6 FroJt Street, New Vork, and 316 E Street, W ashington, D. C? (near Willarda* Hotel.) Having started a brauoh of our New York e'tabIiihmeLt in tMe city, we invite Fullers, Grocers, Rtstaurantturs, and Hotel Keepers, to call and xamme our atook. which ia well aasorted aud comprised of gooda of the boat qual.ty. We !ake orders for any thing in our line, and cxaonte them i promptly. ja2S-if j I^AMP STOVES! CAMP 3TOVES:: CAMP 8TOVEP!!! A large stock oc hand, whiah wil! be sold 1 w. U I /> n i.>/inn? ii j. oncinuKii X81 Pa.a-enna. KlTTfcNHOUSE, KANT t CO . b a. nr k ? fi a v 33? PSM^YLVaSU. AVaJiC*, (tuar Brown's Hot*l,) laaue DRAFTS on all partr of the United Htatea, inauma to aim Oi??ri and Sola id ?. /. l?o, Draft* j on London, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and a.l parte 1 of the Coainent of tfarcpe. ia2-lia ^OAL OIL-COAL OIL-COAL OIL! COAL AMD KTHRRIAL OIL At Rssvcto Paicaa! _ , 8. W. s'l.At'GHLKN'S ( Coal and Etk&rial Ou Manufactory, \ Comer .New Jersey av. and Is. at. I jaia-lib* <^t\bONKD PINE WOOD! I For aale Seasoned Pine Wood, delivered from theeara Orderaleftby families witn th?* andi*aitaed will receive prompt attention. ^ COO* * EWING, ja23 Steo* |9i PeuuiUultivnia | balmoral skirts a* rflao. ' BALMOKAL tKIKTS at f *.?0. HOOP SKIRTS! HOOP SKIRTS' CLOTH CLOAKS-CLOTH CLOAKS. Cloaimo Oct Cbbap. j WM. K. KILBY A BKO., ( No 3b C?utr*l btorM. I BMvmu 7ib aiid 8th treeU, Oppmni Oaatar Mvktt. FOB SALE AND KENT. <1 FOR R ENT?With or vithoit Board. * neati* funxahe* * t oomf >-Ub!e SITTING ROOM mkI a fine BHD ROOM *t?*ohe<l. at No 4S0 Twt'.nh atre?>t. eaat *id?. b*twx?c G nod H iti r? .oration iifin of .them^ rMw3i and oonr*nt*nt in W aihiniioa. Al?o. the rooma Bra rerr lenraMe. S'q children in the houb?. jal7-lw (TOR SALE?Th? STOCK. GOODWILL and * FIXTURES of a atnre r? Moth atreet.Bear t'b bvarne, Addresa Colimbua. throcgh the Cut Poet OfBce. n? [TOR RUNT?A convenient. well furnished " HOUSE, or Finished Ro.imi in t?? aamr, rith two 8er*ar??. Inaoire at 167 H street. Kewern yth and 21st at a. j?S7 st" r>OOMS TO LET?Five KurcliKml Bniuni >a [I Jet, No. 37 7 Tm tesnth atreet, ne*r7 ]a2S lw? LM'R NTSHED ROOM!! FOR R K>T at No. r 4Oil Sixteet th atreet. bMween I and K atreeta, md north of Lef?yeiteSquare. Terms "*a?on*bIe. ]?MS_| Furnished rooms for rent, with or without Board. Alio, on* laree Frame Stable laitahie lor horaea or carna* ?** Apply on tbe corler of 1Mb atreo; and M*f avenue ja24 St* tl'OR RFNT-* large CELLAR, and <.?c?atataeh?d. *11 in moat el ? 'ent order. Also, imi V NFl-RNISHF.I) HOOMH. one*?o?yup. Knquire at the Kimir?ll House. C street, fetween ith and Q? street*. ta24 3'.* |7<OR RKNT-FURM?*HE1> ROOM8, at No. I 453 8th (tree', wear D Apply soon Al?o, wanted a WOMAN, to do general honaerorH A white womin preurrei, to whom fV.d rages will be paid. ja 2i-3t* f>?ARDING.?Four or *i* BOARDERS will 1> be received in a private family in the First Ward) where the ro<.<ina are well lurniahed. and rhere the table wilt be well aopp'xd. Jermaftso >er month, ine udlaif fire and !:?ht. Apply ?' the >ffice of this papyri ja;._2? St^_ CM RNISHKD ROOMS TO LKT with ' - ral a Board, in a pleasant local ion rear the Capitol. Mso, a handaomelr farnirh?d PARLOR and CHAMBER, communieatior. Tno?e wi'llur to >ay a iair pnc? l?-r good aooommocat;or.a. 11.ay ipp y at the htar office. _ ia2-tf r"()H RKN I'?A ItrrA ar>d (vnvenient 2 ilnri F briok DWKM.INR, with ?tabl?, water an?1 [M. in the mo't dea; -*He #> Mion in Alexandra. Mdre?* "J. S.," Vv atidrgt.ix. City P"?t Office, Box 35S. lw? TO LKT?TKMPK R A NC K HALL will he let for firat-oi&sa haHa or parties oniy App*Rt lhe hail any Tu?eaay or Friday,olC. 1'. HARNK8, Danoinr Te*chc^ j% 22-7t* A HARK CHANCK.?The proprietor of the <1. City Hotel. <thj only brat ola?i Hotel n<>w >P"n iu Aleiandna Va.,) : desjrona to reti-e from buaine??. ana wiil ??1', for e fa.r prioe. the FI RMTUKK. FIXTURES and UOOD W|. L jfthe house. HsBieaae wi'l te'miiate on the 1 at :>f January. 1863 but the p nperty can ho doubt be leased for a much longer term at a modfra'e rent, rhic Hotel ia now domr, ana ha* for ma< veara i<?ne, & large and prontib'e business. I h-> ceeire of the undersigned to retire from pub ic hu*in m is the only inducement to sell, as hecou u not hope to engine in one more profitable. Knr t?'m> an'i ft&rticu arsapply to J AS A. KMGMSH.?.'>< is & thorig^d to nrgot> ate. or to th? undersigned. Ja_UMf S?M'I, HKKLKrtOW KIW FH?K RENT-Two pleasant KOOMS, neatly furnished,id a first-class residence in Georgetown, with boa d. To a permanent tenart ter.ns irill be moderate. Apply at 161 Weit st, Georre town. de 17 tf Loft to rent, aeoond floor- 316 K street, near Wizards' Hote .22 by l">feet. Isquirein t*^e store j% 13 HANDSOMELY FURNlbUKD ROOM8.Kour t,aodsoTT!e!T Furnished Rooms, sappnec with g?.s and water, and convenient to the Patent in<; Pert Office Department*, for root Appyat Massachusetts avenue. north aide, between |t^ *n#i j?tn w* tl beobgetown advekt^mts Si?. RAMtlN * CO. jV. P. ror (4^. Watt* and Congress it* | GEUUCKTUWX l?. O. The Proprieto's, having surchased a large quantity of i" the heat rr? ?? ??, for Cash, sell in per o^nt. cheaper tuan th >se woo oureha** on <<Gg credit. They are not connects with any Dihar firm in f>ior?ei<>va Cir l.t *2 U U t M L' I \l %. r*t 1 Jt% i w r. r. w\ an i\' ^ r I BALMORAL Mt!RT:<. I HAVK Ju-t received % ,ot of Ha'moral >kitti, full csso, ?iid verv iiautiauinc a'Tlen. tbe sheapoet I hav? had ?hi* ? %*< n. Ai*o. a l*r*e lot Jf hoop fenulB and Kmbroideriea at ver? ow jrio*?. At GUTMA ,V> Ole^p Store, ia*4 3t 11? Bridee eueet, Gsorjtetown g(JCK!KIN G L O V E S! Ramiburfc & Eberl, 10# Htgh Strfkt, (iEOiMKTOVrx. Z), C. r?ie on'y manufacturer* of Genuine BUCKSKIN 9i,?.?vks, MII.ITaKV GAUNTLET?, atd MIT i i-.NS in the l>i?trtot. Officers' OMtntrata ma>le to order. Buckskin Drawees ami Snirt-*. ja a BYE A HD EAR. No. aar pennsyslvania avenue. orpoftrK WILLARPS HOTEL. Oculist and Aurlgt. OR. F. A VON MOSIHZISKER, From Clinton Place, New York, haa arrived ratte city and opened his office? at 227 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, here he otn be coraultea on Ma adies of the EYE AND EAR requiring medical and ssrgioal treatment. Dr. Vo* MoscuzirkKR it the inventir and introducer iato the medira; pract'o* of the FPHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate o&ees of DEAFNESS AND S'OISES IN THE HEAD So is alao author of the ieit'rs published in th New York and Philadelphia papera treat in j on the pevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OF CAN 1VON, fe. Dr. Vcii M liaa lor tne past fourteen years devoted his apeotal attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, fc.nd possesses the teatimonials of aome ot the host known public mefl in the Union, who h*ve been m)it suooeafully treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT t HEARTIfG. Amongst hia lettors may be foirnd the following namfa: Hons. G Push and John Mo Lean; Rev. 5. G. Mo'len, Major C. L- Kilburn, U. 8. Army ; Right Kev. Bisho? i-lanc ; Goorge Gordon. Esq, Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Bage, Ks<j . President of tha Goodhue F. i. Company, New V'ork ; Robert Glover. Esq , Director of the National Bank Not? Company, New York ; G. B. Lanar. Ea?., President Bank of the Republic, New York ; aud irany others, amongst which are medical men of we'l known reputation. These etWa may be fcxaimued at hia othoe, Patieta wishing their family pkyaioian toaosomp&ny them to witness operations or for the pnrpose of oonaultaUon are at liberty to bring them Medical men will be at all times welcomed to witness Or. Von M 'a operations, and examine some of the lnstramanti no has lntroduoed for the tooiatation of Opthaimio and Anral Surgery. Arti hcta. Eyes inaerted without oaaslng ahy pain to the patient Office hours from 9 a. m. to S p m and from S to 5 pjn. |?? lm notice to VTatch-.naken. S. k i. MYERS, Id WASHINGTON RUiLDlNG. Corner of Pa. arenue and Seventh, tt. Juit reoeivtd ? hue Mcortmeat of WATCHES U whoie**ie. Gold chain* at whoi^^le! S.A J. MYERS. 10 Washington Building, WATCH MATERIALS AT WHOI.K8ALE! S. A J. MVKKS, 10 W&?b:mton Building. WATCH GLVSSKs AT w HOLE^ALE' 8 A J MYERS. ' 10 W?Mun?tPP Wai diey. yy ATCH-UAKERss TOOLS At WholM?l?! m Wxt.^tDHOD BBll'dlOf. LJILK GL'AKDS, LEATHER GUARDS, Ae., ^ a- Wholesale! ?. * J. MYEnS, 1? 9? 1 n ATukii..!*. 11.1^1.. IRMSIDE'I Patent Portable House. The inventor call* the attention of Sitlm and >ttiera to tin* atefal lcvooMon A Hoeee aan be bunt by tin* Inventor without mis, ?orewi, or 'Uaraee an* Stabiee built in Ue ?m? way. It iv> be pet a? and taken down, witkout injery to ibo hoards. Order* can be left with - -?>J?l EL WISE, Baildar. f20LI> AND UNCU*KENT MoNEY tL *B' C*n**?' ' t E,TE2K??SMfc **>-U? MwBim'iiiW. D BADINO ALB AND LASER BIER Dr.POT K. of the uolebr&ud brewery uf to b? &*d la Jarre aod ma!i qukiutiee. Aieo, l*icki?a, aw;, 4?e oonw Pa.aaaaaaauti TBttdai 4 _ SE(X)i\i; EDITION THRU O'CLOCl, r. n. Psaaoxai..?Hon AUM Elf arrived la U wSaturday *Tfn!n?, and will ranne hie cone > tonal dutlr* In the Ink of Ri'pntatttivre . morrow. Important matter* requiring bt* attest ?: flwwtit rp tc-dar. to the dleappolofant ?f atauv niton at the Capitol OUR MILITARY BUDGET Tit mill AT TRI UtUXDIU IMmtU Fa rfai Sntrr Hospital. Aliuiuu, Jsa 94. 1W? ?F.4U0' Stmr I Snd hv to-day's issue of the Philadelphia Knquiree that the nuin ta which I conduct this hospital la held ap aa an objection to the employment of female naraea la the military hospitals I winh to diapel that Idea Tbe naraea of this house are estl.naMe ladKa. deserving and bav. lng tbe bleaatnga of all tbe volunteer soldier* treated in th1a Hwpital It Would be vary wrong to Include them in the sweeping charges made against the nurses in the Mansion House Hoapttal Whatever the Mansion House nu>ses may have done. I will s?v f >r tu? nuraea of this bouse they have slwsvs done their whole duty They bav* aaved many valuable lives.and deserve tbe gratitude of many a father, mother, wife, aistc* and brother Very respectfully, Jas. Rosaarsoi*. Acting Aast. burgeon, U. 8. A THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH OLD POUT BOAT HOT ARRIVED Baltimobb. Jan S? ?The Old Point boat hat not arrived, and will not be due u">tll about noes to day. FROM FORTRESS MOSROE. THE BRIG PERRV AT OLD POINT. ? [Special Telegram to the Star ] Baltimoki, Jan 27 (from Fortrew Monroe, Jaa. 30 )?The Old Poiat b>at baa arrived at Baltimore She did not bring the uaual Aaaoelated Prtaa lettera. nor an? ne?n, as far aa can be learned. The brig Perry arrived at Old Point (from tl>? upper Potomac) !a?t night. LATEST FROM THE SOUTH. THE GLOOM AT RICHMOND FROM THE DEFEAT OK ZOLL1COFFER THE NORTHERN REPORTS 41 MORE THAN CONFIRMED " "THE LIVELIEST APPREHENSION" FELT BY THE CONFEDERATES IN REGARD TO THE SAFETY OF THEIR CONNECTION WITH THE SOUTHWEST. DITTO AS TO THE PO-SIBLE INTERRUPTION OF CONNECTION SOUTHWARD BY THE UURNSIDE EXPEDITION. STONE VESSELS SUNK IN THE MAFFIT CHANNEL, CHARLESTON HARBOR. THE STEAMER LOUISIANA NOT LOST OR BURN FD. [Special Dispatch to the Star j Baltimore. Jan 27 ? By the boat from Old Point Ust night wc bare tbe following Intel;,g'-uce: Th? Richmond Dispatch of Friday last abowa that the rebels are rr.u'.h perplexed at their recent defeat in Kentucky. The Dispatch says:?" We regret 'osav that tbe report of a Federal victory in Kentucky, conveyed to us on Wednesday night last from northern sources, is more tham confirmed by intelligence received here at the war department It appears tbat our defeat was rrore der'aiee than even northern accounts led us to believe." Tlie editor says "tbe disaster in Ewtern Kentucky has excited tbe liveliest apprebenaioti fcr tbe safety of our connection with tbe southwest through tbe Virginia and Tennanee and East Tennessee and Virginia ** ?-j-; ?n<i the posaible interruption of our intercoorae Sooth via Wilmington and Weidon Railroad by Barnside expedition, dlrecta attention to tbe vital Importance of completing the connection between the Richmond nod Danville and North Carolina Railroads Acgcsta, Jan. 29 ?A private letter received from Charleston this morning saye tbat lee alone ve**fls were sank la Mtflfa channel yesterday, The Savannah Republican of this morning says that the statement that Federal vrssel* had gone up Btoad River la incorrect. The i>l?patch contain* a telegram from Norfolk Raying that the Baltimore South haa reached the e containing a autement that a rtpsrl had reached Baltimore of the lorn of twe of Bora- . tide's fleet In Pamlico Pound, and that a large steamer. probably the Louisiana, had been burat, etc. Thus It appears that thia report bad w better foundation than this secession sheet?the Baltimore South. CONGRESS TONAL. UYYIIth COSCRKM ?>r?d dsastsa. Monday, January tl. Sbxati ?After devoting tbe usual time to tbe presentation and disposition of abolitioa petitions. Mr. Sherman presented one (Tom Bprlogfteid, Oh'o, for a national armory at that place. Referred. Several were presented for tht. emplovmaet oi Hoouvspathic Surgeon* In the Army. Referred Mr. King presented a petition against further traflk in the public lands Referred Mr. Harris preaentid a memorial from the Nssr York Chamber of Commerce, for tha contlnaaaee of the Coaat Surrey; alao, reaolutiona of oqs branch of the Mew York Lsglalaturs relative to f rends Both referred Mr. Hale reported from the Naval Affair* Commi'tee the reply of the Secretary of tha Navy to the Senate* reaolution of inquiry relative to eestracta for the purchase of shipa far the service, Ac Laid over. Mr. Wade uflVred a Joint reaolution la order to concentrate, develope. and bring Into effect the mechanical resources of the United Scales tor the suppression of the rebellion, Ac Paaaed Hook ?Bills to sld Is the ronrtructloo of a military railroad from Fort Loayenworth to Denver city; to render more uniform the postage on printed matter; and a Joint reaolntloi In rotation to the Interposition of Fmee relative tr the capture of Mason and 8Udell, were reforrod. The Horn* r. aoleed Itself late Committee of the Whole, (Mr Blair of Me , la (he choir,) Mdtwt under consideration the anaoal appropriation t>:i for the support of the MUttary Academy LATE LOCAL NEWS. CauriHiX Cotrar ?George Goldsmith la holag tried to day on the cb& ge of rohhlag a soldier Limed Thomas 4. HavoBsry of S9S la money at the hoi*ae of Mary Hssaler (Dutch Mary .) Cibcvit Obet?The circuit court ? In win to day, and a caw Bet tor to-day to bring triad by Jury a| b UtMTnaloinn ? ?y atatarre? reeatead In tbU city, late laat evening. from C?cn p K el lay, w trie a to the um af tbe caaap at Katoaraaav Crark, where oar foerea aaw aea, wa leant that JarkeuB baafhllaa both with the larger portion of bit trooca to Uagar'a dtaea, wlthla Cftaaa wllea of W1 dcbeater, ?t the JoMtoaa at the ftprlngteid Road with the Romary and tftiaehaabarPike, tearing 6ea Lorlag with hto brigade ?U ta Koaaaay. Tbe eoemr had eeaeaafcd dprtag held, wbtoh ta bow bald by our troopa Tbougb we are no prophato, we peadlet that la hto atate ef ibe oaar,and the ammmj mw la ftaaarr will, eoanecold morning, aot eerj far diataalj raCr* from Romuejr M p't^lplWrlf M UMJ mim om lute occutoa tt gmum,Mtk. uoRab iuNum xl . . aNi> BUFFALO lOIW. """ """V rvDHtr*. nriD>*B onti>ti Mitiran* I.ICA6.NB tt -s u# ? ** * HSS?L5ft,DL1T,ow .:_ ^s^^tsssa f" ^ 'ViffVSSSt. * %

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