Newspaper of Evening Star, January 28, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 28, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. Nones.?After baring for many year* printed tbe llata of lettera remaining uncalled for In tbe pent oiBre of tbla city, (under the law authorlxlne tbelr publication in tbe newnpaper baring the largest circulation within the nsnal dellrery of the office,) the proprietor of tbe Stmr hna at length felt compelled to decline their further Insertion, becanne of the greet space they hare come to oocnpy, and of tbe fbet that for montha pest he ha* been forced to lay over on each occasion, when printing tbe llata, advertisements tbe Insertion of which would bare paid at leant double as much aa tLe law allowed klm for the letter list. In addition to this positive pecuniary loss by i their Insertion since those lists bare come to be as large as the New York city letter lists, they have entirely?on the day oo which tbey were printed?defeated his purpose of making the Star Iways a nitcspaper?news being its well-known peeialitf. AxrsiMiHTs To-Night. Thutii?La Senorita Isabella Cnbas made a brilliantly successful debut last evening to a crowded boose, eliciting unbounded enthusiasm by her fascinating daaces. To-nipht, the beautlful Spanish danseuse and Slgnor XImines again In a brilliant programme, with the old company In " Boots at the Swan," ?4 State Secrets," and ?*Yoor Life's In Danger." Kiss's Axphithbatkb ? Benefit of Tom King, who turns a somersault orer forty men with mat icw aim uiyoneu renuand, tbe clown and pan torn i mist, with all tbe old favorites, In spirited performance A superb bill. Tbmpkhascs Hall, E street, between Ninth and Tenth streets ?Grand ball oy the Cartridge Buodlera of tbe Columbian Armory 8xiTBaoift*!t.?A aatirieal poem by Rev. John Plerpont, before the Waahington Lecture Aaaoelation. Subject: "The Golden Calf." Cmhtt'b ?New songs, original comicalities, burteaques, dancea, 4c , Ac., at Odd Fellows' Ball, conclnding with a side-splitting afterpiece. camtraaobt Hall.?Butler, Baldwin, Arm. strong, Talbott, Ward. Parker, Misses Miles and Vernon, M'lle La Folle and other stara, In en attractive programme of pantomime and comical perform an crs Grand matinee and gift of a superb silk dress to-morrow afternoon Acadkxy of Music, Pennsylvania avenue between Ninth and Tenth streets, open all day. Free concerts at three o'clock. Paocstwwas or th* Citt Cochcils, Jan 27 ? Jlomrd of Aldermen ?A communication was received from the Mayor transmitting one from the sub-board of Trustees of the Fourth School District, asking for the use of certain property of the Corporation for school purpose*, and an appropriation to make It available; referred. [The tub-board make the above application In consequence of the Island Hall, where a school of 96 pupils haa heretofore been accommodated, having been rented to the mllitarv from and after the 3d day of February. The sub-board ask for the use of the property on the Island purchased by the Corporation some time since for market purposes. vm *uc *^uarc ui ^ruuaa UAUS purCDBMQ ETC lbr 6 small frame tenemen'a sufficient to accommodate the school, and which can be made available by aa expenditure of #250 for repaira ] A hill making an appropriation of 9350 to carry oat the recommendation of the sub-board, aa stated above, was paaaed. Communications from the Mayor nominating Tor wood and coal meaaurerof the Second District, John O. Robinson, and for nhyalclan to the poor of the Second Ward, John W William* In place of Dr. J. W H. Lovejov, realgned; were referred. I A joint reeohit'on instructing the committee ? before Congress to urge upon that body the repeal v of that section of a late law pitied by that body which reduces the wagea ana increases the hours of labor of employees in the Washington Navy Yard: passed A hill In relation to the issue of licenses?requiring persons taking out licensea to pay arrearages due the Corporation before being granted new licensee?wsa passed The following bills, Ac. from the lower bosrd were referred: A joint resolution authorlilng the Msvor to dispose of certain apparatus of the Perseverance Fire Company; a bill for the relief of Frank Waller, refuud'.ng a fine of S7 Imposed upon him by Juatlce McKenna; a bill for the relief Bridget 6ringer, refunding ft fine Imposed upon her for carrying concealed weapons; and a wm mi uag luwwiv tcrM sixiQ street west, ob tbe north aide of Maryland avenue; a joint resolution authorizing the Mayor to represent the Interests of thte Corporation in tbe Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company at a meeting of tbe stockholder* to be held In thia city on tbe 30th last., was passed. An act fixing the rates for carrying passengers In hackney carriages, cabs, or other vehicles, < Increasing tbe present rates,) was passed A joint resolution instructing the committee before Congress to urge upon that body the speeds passage of sa act consolidating tbe municipal powers now granted to tbe Corporations of Washington and Georgetown and tbe Levy Court of the County of Washington Into one charter for tbe city of Washington, embracing within its limits and jurisdiction all the territory now comprising tbe District of Co'umbla Laid over for two weeks and made the special order. Adjourned. anted from the Mayor, approving certain acta Bills, repealing tbe act of November, 1854, providing for the erection of certain lamp poata on North Capitol street and Delaware avenue; appropriating 936 for the relief of F T Sands; appropriating SIS (or tbe relief of James Cortin; and a Joint reaolutiou authorizing the Mavor to represent tbe Interests of tbe Corporation in the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal Company, were passed A bill in relation to the transfer of licenses issued by the Corporation, was referred; also, a bill to amend an act la relation to backs and carriages The Chair presented a communication from the Superintendent of tbe Metropolitan Police, to whom waa referred the threatening letter of Mr. Atewart to a member of the Council (and published In the Star last Tuesday), stating that be bad no Jurisdiction in the matter, and that if Mr. Edmoaston entertained fears of personal violence kis proper remedy waa to wait upon a magistrate and procure a warrant for Mr. 8tewart,who might be held in bonds to keep tbe peace The communication waa ordered to be entered npoo the journal. A faint PMAlnHAii aaVInc* a#m ? meat of the city charier In reference to the Levy Court, was referred: also, bill to prevent the overloading of emnl buses A joint reeolutlon was introduced relative to | street railways,and authorizing the appointment at a joint committee to confer with the President and Directors of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad upon the subjects suggested by the Mayor's communication of the 20th Inst. Lost?yeas 13, ays 7; an sffirmative rote of two-thirds being necessary to its passage A bill appropriating 9230 for the repair of a school house In the fourth school district was passed, and the board adjourned Thb Etbbkal Eab Iwhalatob ?This Is a very Ingenious and most valuable instrument, Introduced into medical practice by Dr. Von Moschiisker, the eminent Oculist and Auristnowlnour city. We have seen testimonials and letters addressed to him^ty some of our most prominent public men, who had suffered from defect of bearing and noises <n the head, and others afflicted with almost entire deafness; vet by the applications of the Etktrul Eur Inkalator, and a regular course of treatment under Dr Von Moscnxlsker. tbey had entirely recovered their hearing, and all disagreeable nolsss In the bead vanished, and they testify that they are how as well as ever. For the farther benefit of those who are suffering from aay malady of the eye or ear, we will add that Dr V on Moschxtsker s reputation la so well established la Baltimore, where he resided for several rears, that be enjoyed the confidence of the enure community, and that of the medical acuity. J. I. Basmur.?A peraon algniag blmaelf aa above, writea to ue aaying that Having been reported la the Star a few day* tiaoe aa tned for aelliag gooda without llcenaa, be wUbea to atata that b? baa not been toed, and tbatba baa learned that the same of tbe peraon who waa laed a ad Sive la bia (J. J. Shutterly'a) name waa J W. cLwea, who baa no baalneaa connection with the lia We need only say that the Sier'a account of the tranaaetloa waa a copy of tbe police record, which ia now en file In tbe ofle* of tbe Superintendent, and If the facta are aa Mr SboU terljr atatea them, he (Mr. 8 ) ought to look to J W. McEwea for redreea. Ciaccir Cotrar ? Two or three etm wero trte4 this morning, after which the Court adjourned ualil to-morrow Oaa of their decisions to day, waa to the effect that livery stable keepers have no Ilea upon a horse for hla livery. Another: that parties only nominally on the record can he uaed aa witoeaaes Tbla latter paint will be argued before a fall beach. Aaaisr ?Last evening, a corporal's guard, datolled from the corps en datr with the Provost Marshal at the Centni Guardhouse, proceeded to the Cafs Rothschild aad arrested a person, aald to be the proprietor, aad carried him to tbegaardhooae The charge agalaat him la mid to be lm K,urr u*-mi;ng wua a w.uirr Committs* ?This morn lag, Backer, who waa ?n?t?4 for paalu counterfeit noatf, wn to had a preliminary baarlag before Justice Do an, hat his ?oaa?el waived aa examination, aad tha <-*?> |*n to lha criminal court. The otte?r% are, boweeer, engaged la obtaining sddltonal evldaace. 4 PovRSLiaa ?About eight o'clock laat night, * white mala child, probably Uura hours aid, waa found by the pat/oimea la Uaorgatowa. II had ^ P *?d la a basket nod dept?i - d aa a door'? fl* ' *?wderlck at/eat It waa Ukrn la charge *T P?'r?l?aa Brown, to ha prop*-rlv cared for oa*il athar arraagwaaaata caa be made for it. Ak*itz* Cslbskation of th? Biajfs Clcb ?Last night the Barns Clnh of tMs city 1 celebrated tbe 103d annleersary of the birth day of Scotia's greet hard la spirited style indeed, at tbe Raseell House, Be Tenth street Tbe bill of bra embraced every variety of "creature comforts" desirable, even Including s ibetabtlal Great-Brlttal nous plum padding, and of eourae i presenting that wonderful national compound of i Scotland, tbe "Haggis " Mrs 8 j*U, *ve be- < Here, Is an honorary member of tbe Bur * Club ] of Bsltlmore, and has erldentlr bad exi -rlence , In catering for tbe tastes of kindred gath< ngs ] The rooms and passages were handsOmel -draped with tbe American flag, and tbe star* an ' stripes and tbe cross of St George were blende<: In cordial embrace to encircle a portrait of B ras, (a spirited copy by Lamb or Nasmyth's fine picture , of tbe poet,) conspicuous orer the table. The bead of the table was occupied by the venersble and much respected president of the Bums Club, Mr James Clephane, who r as supported on his right by Gilbert Cameron, Eiq., president of the St. Andrew's Society. Mr. Fred. D. Stuart, Vice President of tfc" Burns viuu, prcsiaru bi me uiyrr cuu vt ?uc ui tc, anu with some kindred kindly spirits, tbrre and thereabouts, kept the mirth and good cheir of the occasion well afloat. The fullest justice baring been done to Mrs. Russell's superb spread of substantial!? The Ham is was escorted to the head of the table with becoming honors, and Mr Cameron was called upon for the "grace," which he delivered with telling effect. Tbe Haggis was then sent round the table bv plateful instalments, and duly touted Tbe cloth was then removed, and President Clepbane made few apropos remarks, after which the following regular toasts were read by toast-master J hn M. Ramsey, and drank with the fullest honors. I. Toe Day we celebrate?A day which brings together the admirers of the genius of B irns In every land, and unites In common sympathy all lovers of the bard. II The Memory of Robert Burns?Tie most < brilliant star in the galaxy of Scottish poe's. Song, by Captain Laing, of the Seventy-ninth, Highlanders?'A man's a man for a' that." < Ill Tbe old Scottish Bard*, wbor sangs and music are atlll admired for tbelr wild pithetlc weetness; a cha-acterlstic which dlatlu^ ilshes them from tbe mualc of o'ber lands 1 Song, by Mr. Henry Bruce Todd, (dre'ted In | Highland costume)?"Many a roan of the old < Scotttsh clan." IV. Shakespeare and tbe Poets of England, I whose sffuslons will forever perpetuate tbe English language. 9ong, by Mr. John Rutherford?'* When Vulcan lorgrd tbe Belts of Jove." V. Moore, and toe poets and poetry of Ireland, , whose plaintive melodies and cneering songs are illustrative of the genius and feelings of other times. Song, by Mr. Woodley?"Kathleen Mavourneen.'' VI. Bryant, and America's Bnrds?Their sonps breathe the true spirit of liberty, and advocate, Tn sweet cadence, the Independence of the whole human family. Song, by Mr. K. Woodley?"Red, White and Blue ? VII. The President of the United State*. Drank with nine cheer*, and tome extras thrown In for Mrs Lincoln and the little 'uns VIII. The Queen of Great Britain?A noble Queen, bo beautifully portrayed In her language on reading the draft of the Instructions to Lord Lyons In the Trent sfl'alr: '-But this is war?war against our flesh and blood?war against those who have so lately given their hospitality to my boy This must not be " Song, by Mr Knox?"Bonnie Bessie Lee." IX The Kindred Club* celebrating the day. Song, by Mr. W. B. Todd?"Castles in the Air:" exquisitely sung. X. Our Native Hom^. aow urong on earn ue 01 me Heart It thy claim, And cold aa the pole* though thy climate may be, Yet colder the bosom that aigha not for thee." Song, by Mr. F. D. Stuart?" My Highland Home." XI. The Land we live In. f'lheera crri libitum ] XII. The L&aaea. Song, by W. B. Todd?"My Nannie's Awa." The regular toasta having been disposed of, President Clephane offered a sentiment to the memory of Washington and Wallace, which, by acclamation waa drunk with Highland honors, i. ?. one foot in the chair and one on the table Mr Stuart (aa born on American aoil) followed with a sentiment to the admlrera of Burns wherever found Mr. Simon Kerl (of school book renown) offered "Tht Bands of Friendship " Burns saya: "The more they are wet the tighter they grow;" and in conclualon, recited poetic contribution to the memnrv of ftnrn? Mr Jobn M. Ramsey offered a tout to W Infield Scott, and followed It by a feeling tribute to America'a great loldler. who through bla honorable career seems to have been actuated by the ubllme virtue of duty. in the coarae of hia remarks Mr. Ramaey mentioned an Interesting circumstance that came under hia own observation, illustrative of the kindness of h?*art of the old hero. An old soldier came to the office some months ago with a little slip of paper in his hand, and all he wisbed was I to get hia old commander'a autograph. Care aat 1 heavy on the staunch old Warrior *a brow, but when the almple requsat was told, the sternness of that bold leonine front relaxed aa he wrot*. "An old soldier asks me for my autograph; I give it him wiih my blessing." Its meaning struck like 1 a silver chord on the old heart?no amlle paased over bla face, but the hot tears ran from his aged eyes as he read, the great and the good man's Meaning The speaker knew not who the peti tloner wu. nor whence be came, but be did know from the fluab on that withered cheek that life Itself would be parted with before he would give away that little bit of blanched and blistered A Williamson gave?" The memory of I , Prince Albert." Responded to by Prof. Dontld McLeod. Ai an i American, be would not hesitate to say that if the < advocates of hereditary monarchy could always < draw their arguments and their Illustration* from the career of Victoria and herchosen lord,it would be with some plausibility they wou'd urge those arguments. This couple were models in public and private life, and the character which has endeared them to their own people had also endeared them to the people of the United States. I He would offer: * "The Uniitd Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and the Vmittd States of America?May i their amitv be perpetual!" Song by Mr. Albert A. Woodley, ?? The Home of an Englishman " A toast to Sir Walter Scott was responded to by j Col. Peck; and from thence followed, In rapid succession, an outflow of song, wit and sentiment ' tbst kept the company In genial Intercourse till , me tiuau oguti uau come aua p&N, ana well 5 nigh to tbe grey of morning. Among the sentiments offered were toasts to Gen. McClellan; the American Flag ; the Burns Club of Baltimore, the parent association of the ; country; the Press of Washington; the memory of thoae of the 00th and 7Vth who fell glori- 1 oasly at Bull Run, J^defense of tbe stars and ( stripes ; the memory IMVashlngton, &c. Time-honored, grand " Auld Lang Syne" was, ( of course, the filling " amen" to the Interesting festival. ' ClHTkAL Gcaidhocsk ? Eefort Jutlu* Clark | Malcolm Morrison, drunk; fined 94 Calvin j Beckwitb, suspicious circumstances; for hearing. T. Ganvary, disorderly; dismissed J. Oliver and Emile Lemalle, do ; do. John Shuster and . Louisa Frank, flagrante delictu; fined each S6 84. Jas Vaulk, assaulting his wife; security for peace. Felix dnyder, larceny; Jail. Thomas Monear, do ; do. James Kam, sleeping in tbe market: dls- j missed. James McCarty, drunk; John McErany, - uu , iou ? ? n ciuara, acKiKr; turaea over 10 the military. Attbntiom la called to the advertisement of the 1 Army Kxpresa Company contained In another < column. The exigencies of these war times are rapidly developing the energies of all who are < doing business connected with the army and Washington city, among whom are the enterprise i ing Army Express Company, whosrenow, under their new railroad arrangement, bringing goods i *ud heavy freight through from New York In J the unprecedented^ short time of forty-one hours! J Fociti W a.kb Station .?Cm* btfort Jut tic* | Wmltir?Alfred Umax, drunk and profane; fins S3 J. K Field, drank; 92 Henry Latron, dls- , orderly; 91 58. Patrick McNemara, getting into ' tbe station Lou?e window: SI. Thos. Mulqulnn, disorderly; workkoose 90 days Albert Wethsrell, do ; dismissed Charlr*Clark, profanity; 91.94. John Barbery, disorderly; dismissed Attbktio* la ealled to the notice in another column of the meeting of the Scientific Assocla* tlon, at the rooms of tne Young Mens' Christian < Association, to morrow night ?asaya will be . read by Rev. C. W. Denntson and Mr J. Dls- 1 turnell. upon "A new theory of the Oulf stream,*' ..<1 it TW> ?<( #.11 .r Ik. ~t I .L. a.. ^ Ckimihal Coukt ?Yesterdsy, Geo. Goldsmith, J who wu on Ultl for the larceny cf S33 from Thee. 1 . Hanaaaey, was coaTleled and sentenced to Imprisonment In the penitentiary for one yw and c six months _ Rsrtrens?The weather for several days has 1 prevented the arrival of many refugees from Vlr- ' ginla at Washington Yesterday was favorable, ' and several arrived nt the Provost Marshal's office l and took the oath ofalUgtancs. j Families who have never used Boston crackers ? are Invited to try thoas manufactured freah every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all rea pec table groccra. JaS8-tf ! u?.t? t/> )?? II |K>I the robbery of Tbomas J. Haonessy, repotted la , the Court proceeding* in yesterday's Star, did not ? occur at her bouse, but at a rests a rant on C st. 1 1 i ?r* KLiawitsai the announcement of the grmnd ( military sud civic ball el Company C, National * Uuard Battalion, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navy Yard, oa tbe 1Mb pf February t > Tn IniAK Hm Docrni, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell bis patlenta the nature of tbelr complaints or 111- -i new, wltkout receiving any information from them. I No ckmrft ft Consultation or Adviu. oca MOTTO. We ate such Balms as have no strife W ttb Nature or the Laws of Life : With Blood oar hands we never stain 1 Nor poison men to ease their pain. 3ar Father?whom sll goodness fills, Provides the means to cure all Ills; ; rhe simple Herbs beneath our feet, j Well used, relieve our pain complete. K simple Herb, a simple Flower, ( Cull'd from the dewy Lea? rheae. these shall sooth with touching power 1 Of change and health to the. Washington Building*, Pa. avtnu?. about fivt t minutes walk from Brown's Hotel. Room?No. 10. ja 27-71 IifsTANTa?t*otrs cure of Corns, Bunions, Cal- t loslties, Inverted Nails, Warts, and all disuses of l the feet. Mr. Demond, Surgeon Chlropsdlat, is ?nabled. bv? peculiar process, to eradicate the i most pslnfol excrescences in a few mlnutes.wlthDut the least pain or the slightest Inconvenience to the patient Consulting bonrs from nine a m to Bve p nr., at his ofBce. 353 Pennsylvania avenue, opposite Browns' Hotel. Best reference given in this city. f Soldiers, see to your own health. Do not trust to the army supplies. Cholera, fever, and bowel complaint will follow your slightest indiscretion. Holloway's Pills and Ointment should be In every Man's knapsack. The British and French troops use no other medicines. Only 25 1 cents per box or pot. '216 ( India Rbbbbr Goods. India rubber Sheets for protecting children'* beds, that no family should b? without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, SI 25 each. Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined, S2.50 sach. India Rubber Coats, white or black, S2 50 each. \ India Rubbe; Legelns SI per pair. i And all kinds off Rubber Goods. Including Rub- i ber Boots and 8boe?, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds In sickness, fcc , Ac , at manufacturer's prices,at II. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. a v., between i Ninth and Tenib streets. Jan 1-tf < *MARRIED. On Thursday. 'he 16th instant, by the Rev. Mr, B'n'on, B L?" WIS OTTER BACK, Esq .toMi'a SARAH DAVIS, both of thig oitjr. D1K1>( On the morninr of the 25th in?tan', JOHN J . youngest son of F. S. and Mary A. Kern- aged 3 years and 9 month*. * VVANTb. WANTF.D TO R EXT?A first-olass furniahed BOARDING HOUSE. Addresa"Inquirer," City Post Offioe. ja28-4t* A GIRL WISHES A SITUATION either aa cook or to do general housework. Apply at No. 66 west K street. It* WANTED?An experienced colored COOK, at 286 north F street, between 12th and lS'h. Also, a BOV aa assistant waiter. j 128-3 * WANTKD?A neat, tidr WOMAN, for reneral housework; a slave or Herman preferred. Apply to No 45*2 Kighth at, near D. j % 28 3t * WANTED?At the Gosling Restsurant.aGIRL to wash dishes and make herself useful. The bast of references required. Call at 247 PennsTlvania s? It* WANTED?A smart colored BOY; one accustomed to on table, and can bring references as to honesty and laflnstry. Apply ooreer 4?h and D sts . opposite City Halt. ja 28 2t WANTED-100 WOOD CHOPPERS, long ** Job, good cutting. Inquire of Wall & Bar nard. Center Market. ja 23 6t* ROUTER. BAR RICK ft CO. \\f ANTED? A good, ho neat and ateady FARM" ER. to work a form, on ahar?a 1? milea from thia oity, in Maryland. Apply at 338 Ponn. av ja 28 3f H. O. HOOD. WANTED-A SITUATION aa ohambermaid or waitrea* in a highly respectable family. None other nsed apply. Addreaa "H. A S'ar Offioa It* \\T ANTBD? A number or MEN. Good pay, * good olothing, and found. Apply immediately at oorner i f Pennsylvania aveme ard Second atreet. up ataira. ja28 3'.* i \\T ANTED?A mediom-aixed FURNISHED * ' HOU8E in a food location. Alao vermanent , Boarding for one or two gentlemen and their wirea, in a prlva'e family. Beat of referenda given Addreea "6. E. W ." Box 316, Fo?t Office. It* Three gentlemen and their wivea wish Boonia and Board, together, if j poasible Partiea having one or more rooma, will , lease anawer. with term*; immediately to oare of i box *82 city Poat Office. It* WANTED?Two good W AITER8, at the Go*- { " ling Ret'aorant. None need apfriy eioept tboae Who nmierstand their busineaa and have good 1 reoommendationa, at 247 Penn. avenue. Alao. a Bqt wanted. It* A SITUATION WANTED, by a young man of ; 2 rears' ?xpenecce in a variety itore?would like & situation in a sutler's, provision or clothing 1 store, either whoesale or retail. Be*t of references < liven. Address "M. J. M.," Sfar Office, until Sat urday evening j% 28 2t* WANTED-a furnished donhle BBD ROOMS, < with two P&rlo's attached. Also. fn!l Board 1 and & private table for two or three The rooms most be near Lalayette Square, and possession given 1st February. Address 122 Keen, avenue, By letter or in person. H* . \V ANTED?By a young girl, a SITUATION ae I v v seamstress; oan cut, fit, and work a Wceeler J 4 Wilson tewing machine Also, a young lady is desirous ol a Situation. She onderstand* dressmaking and is c*pabl e of giving instructions on the piano. No objection to a situ- ( ition in a st ire. R'ferenoe given. Address No. #T Fourth street, between M ted , N sts ja 38 St* | WANTED-A good CONFECTIONER at J. ? rUSSKLL'S, oorcer 12th ar*d F sts, ja?7 2t* I WANTED?By a young mac. a SITUATION a as tar keeper or oyster shuoker, Andrew" B. i K Star Office. ja ?7-2t* ] \XT ANTED?An experienced WATCHMAKER. \ v v Apply, with reoommendat'ons, at 480 P?nn. * ivenne. ja 27 8t? WANTED-A WOMAN to wash and iron. Also, a good CHAMBERMAID, cne that >bu mime union Kouciaiiy usriui. Ap JI * m \venue Hoa?*. Ja27 3'* WANTKD?A GENTLEMAN of hamnfni ability, familiar with NVaahincton City, to kt'ecd toenraeout door husinee*. app'y to JOHNSON. FRY A CO .476 Seventh at. Jayr-w? WOOD HAULERS WANTED. - Twenty teama tojoa fe*r mi lea up tbe oanal and haul >otwood. Inquire of W H FREAK. 401 Iat., torner of 11th. from 3 to 6 p m j% H 2 ? ^ |*7 ANT ED?A WOMAN to cook, wa*h and j "" iron for a family. and do general housework. Jood wagea will be given a good hand. Apply at tVM. C O'MEARA'S Variety Store. S24 Pa, ? tve , between 2d and 3d at a. ja27 St* W/ ANTED? A MAN ?o work on a firm or a ? v dairy. Al?o. a young WOMAN to do general 9 ioua*work. None ueeJ apply unleaa well reoom nended. Call at corner Fifth and P atreeu. No. L'24. j%?r 3t* ( WAMTED-A WOMAN to eook, waah and iron, aid a HOU8E-MAID, at 439 F rtrert, iear Sixth. ja 25 6t* 7 A MTVh-ir, nnfnrnl .ti.4 UflfTtlR immAr'. VV ately, near any of the buninea* parte of the >ity. Direo^'H. H . through the City Post Of ioe. ja 25 3t' WANTED?Two BARBERS. To good workmen good ware a and oonatar.t employment, kpply at NaUonal Hotel Barber Shop, immolate I J. J?36 St* t IVANTKD-A yonnc MAN to aot aa oierk or l "" aa eeman. Addreea, in han*writing of applii&nt. Box 561 Washington City Poit Office. Ja25-3t ( |?ARM WANTED.?The advertiser wanta to V rent a Fa m of 90 or 4Qaorea, well improved knd in good cultivation, inaide of the Diatriot or rery near it, on a leading road, for one year with ;he privilege of three; the firat year'a rent will be >aia in advanoe. Aadreaa. atating location and artioulara, ZEN AS C. BUBHEK, Waahington i?o?t Offioe. ia 25 b'.m ^ CLAIMS, CLAIMS. CLAIMS!-Wanted immediately. Cairaa to the amount of three mil- / ion dollara, whion the advertiaera are willing to nake advaneee oa. providing the elaimant* c?n ?

ihow evtdenoe of the o aima having been approved 1 knd allowed by the prota aoooontlng offi .era Only arge olaima are wanted. Addreea BaDOEK A jtf. through Poat Offioe. atving the kind of claim kta wnere an interview otu be hM ja2VIw* ^ LA/ANTED? K HOUSE ooatalaiag six or eight k v v rooms, unfurnished, between the C*pltol ud fifteenth at. Address "L. W.," Star Offioe, ja?? IW 117 ANTED?By a yoang SEAT in a pew vv mtheCHuaca or th? Epiphany, for whioh .good prioe wUi be paiid. Adflreas "J Box No. J. ja IS-tf WANTED lO RENT-A P1,A<:E ia the ooanv v try, from S to 10 roilea from Washington, on >r near the 8avaath street road. 1 be dwelling toase unst have the modern improvements, and >? sitaatad in a perfectly dry, healthy looality, ritn from 10 to 1* rooms: with stabia and other at h?asee, orohards, garden, and from I to N mrm of land attached. Persons having soeh a ilaoe to rest will Bed a mod tenant kt ill i ii?? Jox 89S, Washington, 1) C? or atlling at No l3 , m area?, batwaan ?ik and Hk ata. ja O-lw WARE oheay of H. J. GREGORY, 111 Pana. .raoaa. J>10 kVT AN rED?I - a drug itora.a YOUTH batvat-a . IT la and ? yaara oraga. Candidataa mast gnra S ! tM baan aneagad ia tha dragbnaiaaaa iu or twal ra Dontha. Addraaa "A B O, rWaahlaiton^Clty Poat klUANTED IMMEDIATELY, at tha II. 8, W-^KkNyW^?1,,?,w... / ???? LOST AND FOUND. C'SCAPED-Yesterday. ? fall grewa TAME ' Ej EAGLE. By leaving it at the Colonisation 1 lailding, th* person willb* rewarded. Spare the t nrd It* ; f 08T? Between City Hall and th* market (or in i Li the market) this moraine, a ladies' PUR COL- < -AR. A reward will b* given on its retarn to oorlerof 4th and D sta. It* rklPTRlCT OF COLUMBIA. Cochtt o? 1 Washi^gtoh.?On this S7th day of gy i ranuary, 1862, personal W appearfd before he ea bsor 1 her, J nstloe of t*e Pmm. J o*t?h /v/ 1 } lelton, and made oath, ia<?cording to law. that in , <o??nib?r la*t, a stray B \ Y COLT, black mane, horse oo t.) about '8 montns old, wa> foand tree ] >M*ir.r on hie premises, on D street. between 11th ted 12th streets east, id the CI^Luf J^p ' The owner of the above named Colt is resetted j ? ooui# forward, prore property pay oharies and i ah* it away. |ja 28 3t?l JOS. SHKLTON. = A STRAY.?Some two weeks ago a SO Whmke Cm. into the yard near the corner of md 4th streets north The owner will ; lease par expenses and take her a waft tajssiLi* ja ?7-3t* ! r 08T?On Sunlay morning, between 16th street LJ and St. Matthew's Cburoh, a 'arte OVAL i BREASTPIN, containing hair of different oolor*. ! K literal reward will be p%id to any one who will i -etmn the abovo to No. 404 16th street, betweeu I ind K j* 27 3f ' fifcC REWARD?Strared or stolen oat of the ty'J stable, on 414 Pa ave ni rth, Sunday ?v_ no mm* early, a bay HORSE, nine rears _1 ,T? >ld: sprinkled with white on the forehead;^^^Dad tail, hair on the top gone out. The horse I . joiunt ut Saturday o: M. Cooper. JaW-St* J. :1. COHN. 461 Pa. ave. J X'AKEN UP?By the suhsoribsr, on Tnesday, ' * January Slat, a medium s.xnl HORSfc, ?v_ 1 thin in fla?h; sho't tail and thin mace; tooo 1 -Tl> i syM; one shoe off The owner i? request?d to come forward, pay charge# and take him iway, or he will be Bold to ray expense*. C. W TOWNLKY, ) . __ _ No. 174 E meet. Pir?t Ward, ja?7 3.* Between 2Pth and 2Ut. l FOUND.-Wm Picked OP by a colored man, and iou uur iiurc, ? Lr<AriiCii( fuiiois# containing a sma I amount of o\*h- Tha owrer oan reo >v?r the r?m? by proving it and paying for this tfverti?enj?nt. , ja 25 V MlDDLETON * EEAU. i FOUND?On the evening of the 23d in?faut, a J large brown tlORSK, supposed to b?f[\ k government condemned hor?e The owner nan have the horae by paying exp^z.?es a^d^^-"?*?vmg hw ownemhip. Apply to the Government | Weigh goalca, Third and H ?tg. ja 25 3t* LOST?CHECK No. 93, dated 82d January. 1862 drawn on Treasurer Unit?d Sta'e? by Lient i John El I wood, in favor of Cap' J. C Morton, for 919 Tkfl finHor will Ka it karaMv J k NT? ? - I.U. UVIICVIIIilJ IDWOIUCII IJJ BP* I plying at the offioe of 1JEALL & G0s?ZLKR, 17th st.opposite War Department. j>as St* tjTRAYED OUT OF THE STABLE. A BAY HORSK; h*s long hair: clumsr feet; e\ i three tr* white; and about fifteen years old T-Tt* A reward will be given to whoever brines 1 it back to H. LEVY, 414 Pa ave., between 4H 1 and 6th street. ja2S-3f 1 a C RKWAR D?Lost, on Friday evening, a O<t Leather WALLET, containing a small sum 1 of money, different rapers, and a pieoe of b^ass The finder will receive the above rnwa'd. acd mar ] retain the contents of the wallet, with the exo*ption of the pieoe of brass. Retarn to No. 10 Washington Buildirg, oorcer of 7th st.andpa. i ave. ja ?5 3f 8 & J. MYFRt.3 fTfi REWARD?Lost, on Wednesday eTe O"" nine, in the railroad depot, two small BOXK8- one oontainmn seven finger ricits.five of them diamond, or.e p^arl and one garnet. The ot er box contained a pair of j stand diamond sleeve buttons Fifty dollar* reward, and no questions asked, if leturned to 203 G street, between l?th aud 19th streets. ja25-3t* 1 nISTKICr OF COLUMBIA. Cocnty or Wa?hingtoji.?I hereby c?rtify thati^^ on the 22d day of January, lf>&2 tiierev^Mg^ was brought before me, by John H 1 O'Niele.a stray MULE, who Trade oatn^a^ in due form of law. that said rr.uieoaun to the premises of 9-ivid Rawlings, between )3:h and 14th street east, Washington city, about two months ago. Color tfark, with a white sp >t on the I right side of its neck; about 12 hands high; and IS years old. J AS. CULL, Justice of the Peace. JC7' The owner of the above property is requested to oome forward, prove property, pay otarges, and take it away. Ja 25 3t* DAVID RAWL'NGS. | REWAKD,-Ran aw?y on Tuesday, Jan. NEGRO BOY MADISON BOOTH, commonly called Dick, about 6 07 feet hight 20 fear* old| had on when be left white cloth panta, t?o pea jacket*; he car Jk rieU off witti him a large grey horte, about r-* hands hi*h; 8 y*ars old; very high monnted The above reward will be given for the return of roan and bone, or #50 for the man and #2n for the horse, in either case to be secured so that ge' them tgain. GEORGE W. GARDINER. Near Pisoatawar, I ja 24 8w* Prinoe George's county. Md. ] DAN A WAV FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, it near Bltdrnsburc, BOY ANTONEY CRAWFORD, commonly called Toner. Ha Hm is 4 feet 5 or 7 inches high; very blaok; short jpy hair; crave countenance when rpoken to, with a soar id one of h:a eyebrows, ooc*-j?JL lioned by a kiek of ahorse. scarcely peroeptibie; eft in.November last. I will giro 9180 to have turn brought home to me. ja23 F. MAGEUDKR. f OST?On Friday last, in getting out of asoarLi riage at Wilfards' Hotel, a ady's GOLD WaToH. a liberal reward will be said for its return to WILLIAM H. FANNING, Polioe Officer, Willards' Hotel. ja 10 j LOST.?A &EAL B1N6, and a FOX-BKAD SEAL, attached to a ring, with cornelian set. |5 reward will be given to whoever returns the irtioles to this office. <1e2tf EDUCATIONAL." \1 R 8. BURR WILL RF.SUME HER J LtI School for F.crlish and French Monday, Janlary 30th, New York avenue, between ISth and Uth its. ja )7-d6tA?aw6t PKEGARAY INSTITUTE, U 1887 asd 1589 Spruck St.. Philadelphia. This Institute, conducted (or two years past in 1 ho city of Philadelphia by Madam* Chkoaray i ind her niece MadaWR D'Hbrvillt, upon the iame principles as the one in New York, estab ished there inl8M, will reopen,after tbeChristmas lolidays, on Monday. January 6tb, with its usual unple and oompiete provision for the education of j t'oung Ladies, under the direouon of Madam* 3'Hervilly. Circulars, and all requisite lnformaion, can be obtained on application to the Prinoi- i ial. j%7-im LOVbLL, COLLES A CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, A S6 Fron' Street, New York, and 316 E Street, W ashington, D. C., \ (near Wiilarda' Hotel.) i Having started a branch of our New York ebtab* * lehment in tbis city, we invite Sutl$rt, Grorer*, * lestaurantturs, and Hotel Keuurs, to call and j xamine oar stoolr. which is well assorted and ^ ompriied of goods of the best qnality. We take t rdersforany thing in our line, and ezeonte them * rompt'y. ja 23 tf nAMP STOVES! 1 Ly CAMP STOVES!! CAMP STOVES!!! c A large stock on hand, whioh will be sold 1<>w. H J. GREGORY, ja 16 *31 Pa. a^enna. RITTENHOl'&E, FAST fc CO . a B A N H B R 0, I 353 Pbnn?tlvai?ia Avenck, (near Brown1 s Hotil,) t ?B0 DRAFTS on ali parta of ti.e United Statea, u euros to ami Offio?ra and Solaiera. Also, Draft* . >n London. Irelanif,Soouand, Walaa, and ail parta 0 f the Continent of Europe. iai lm 0OAL OIL-COAL OIL-COAL OIL! ' COAL AND ETHKHIAL OIL At Kkdvckd Paicaa! t 8. W.ti'l.A'oGHLKN'8 a Coal and Etherial Oil Manufactory, Corner New Jersey a v. and E at. c Jaia-lin? . fifcORSE M. WORL * CO., U Importer* and Deaiera In WINKS, LlQUOKS. C1UARS,?e.; 1 ind GENERAL CO ?iMIHBlON MbKCH aNTS ( . n a Hcuiiiucni ut laeroaiBiuso 01 ctctj aeeorip- < ion oonetantly on hand. : tiiiORGK M. WORL ft CO . 75 Water street. Georgetown, ' JaSl-lm* By the K*>yc Ferry. 1 ? U T L K R b , 2 ATTENTION!! t 1 900 BARRELS OINOBR SNAPS, j rum Qvalitt, i For rale is to rait tke trade, t U low fig?ree. JOHNSON A NAGLE. 980 Pa. arena*, Wrahinjton, D. C., iR 91 1 A QavaI at-. AlATRB^nR. VA DRNUOn Patest Portable House. \ The inventor ealU ine attention of Sat!era aud t itbera to ab uaefal tnTen'ion AHoiuotbb* y itit by this In Ten tor wiUu>at nail a. aorewa, cr rooVM. Hi.ue? Mil Stable* built in th* tauie war. U t ian he pat ? and taien down wiUoat injury 10 I fee boards. ( Orders oao bo ^W 18% Bailder, \ MM. i FOp SALE AND BENT. FOR RBNT?With or withoat Board. a neatly ft>rci?hed and oomfortabla SITTING ROOM ind ft fine BHD ROOM attaohad, at No. 4*0 rvelfth atraet. aaat aide, between G and H ata. rhe iooation u w of the moat alaaaant aad oonreaient in Waahinfton. Aleo. the rooms are rarr leslrahle. No ohi.aren in the hoaae. ja *7-1 w t'OR RFNT-A PARLOR aad CHAMBER, I oomiBBoioatinc A lao. a larfe Parlor aaitahla or a party of fertlemen. Apply No. 442 Kirhth ifreet. near P. ja a 3 * An fi.egant front room on <>k oond floor, with U >aro, oan be had at No. 4d& Chirteenth at., between g and H, 3d door from G, *' '* ja8w ?? EpOR SALF AND RENT- A moderate at?ok I of a currant artiole, with the privilege of 'entinc the atore. in & irn?iin??t ? ? iv*. Inquire of C FIFSKMAN, 2*3 fa. avenue, >etwe?a Uth ?nd 13th iU. j?? *1FOR 8A LF.?A comfortable Frame DWELLING, on Mart lard an., betwieu 4)? and 6th itreet. A bargain may he cb'ained hr aiij ct at ihe Houae Furniahirc Store of MoGKKGOW & SO., No. S30 Seventh at. ja 8?-3t ITALUABLF, BUH DING LOT FOR S?ALK v CHEAP.?For a.% e a >atuah!e bui.dmg lot, ao laet front, by 5t fact deep, 116a uar* Feet, aituated on F atreet north, between 9th and Oth atreeta weat, near t oppoaite St. Patnek'a ^huMjh. For further aarUou'a-a enquire of WM. V. Cli??KEY,National Intel'igencer Ol&oe. >-28 3t* EEXTRAORDINARY CH ANCK?5T0KJ? aM J FIXTUKtS FOR SALE.-A Store in the moat approved hnait>eaa lOeaUty, ino ading Fixurea and tut a amall atook of La^iea' Dreaa Tnmninga, Embroideries and Mil.inery Gooda, will ba iffcred at a great aacnfie* and aoaaeaap n riven "irthwith. Thia laa chance of the rareat occurence. and all application* be made at No. l* l a. tvenue, between 8tn and 9th at* j > a-lw* FM OR RENT?A convenient, well lurmahfd HOUSE, or Furn<?hed Kooma in the aame, rith two Servant*. Inquire at 167 H atreet, heween >'th and21atata. j > 27 St* ROOMS TO LET?Five Furriihed Rooma to IL let, No. 377 Thirteenth atreet, near I ja8S lw* FM RNI*HED ROOMS TO LET with 1-beral Board, in a pleacant location r?ar the Capitol. Mfo, a handsomely fnrni?h?d l'ARLOR and JHaMBER, communicatiur. Tome willing to ay a fair pno? t?r good aocommoCaticr*. may kpply at the ^tarofliee. tay-tf LTOR RENT?A large and convenient 2-story P brick DWELLl.VG, with stable, water ani pas. in the most desirable location in Alexand ia. Address "J. g.,*' Washington City Post Office, Uux 339. ja 23 iw TO LET?TEMPERANCE HALL will he lei for first-olass balls or parties only Appy at the na 1 any Tn*sday or Friday,o!C. F. HARNt S, Parent' Teacher j% 22-7t* A RARE OHANTK.?Th? fnnrlntnr nf tV>? t\. City Hotel, (the on'y first c!ass Hot?! n?>w npen in Alexandria Va.,) m desirous to reus from business, and will ?>eli,for a fair price, tiie FURNITURE, FIXTURES andOOOD Wll L of the house. His iease wi 1 terminate oo the 1st of J&nnarv, 1863. bat the p-operty can no doubt be leased for a muoti longer terra at a moderate rent. This Hotel is now doing, ar.a h\s for mat.y ? ears done, a large and profitable business. I'he ceaire of the undersigned to retire from public bu*in*ss is the only inducement to sell, as heoou d not hop# to er,gage in one more profitable. For terms and p&rtiou art apply to J AS A KNGMSH.who is author ix?(! to negotiate, or to th? undersigned. ialS-tf SAM'L HKFLKhou Ki. tfOR RKNT-Two pleasant ROOMS, ne?- y " a first-class residence in Georgetown, with isoa'd. To a permanent ter ant tern s will te nuxfarate. Apply at 151 \V??t st ,reorge town. de ? tf f OFT TO RKNT, second floor. 316 R street, I-j near W Wards' Hcte.22 by 1H>feet. I^uiram mt.ira : Handsomely furnishkd roomsFour u&nd?ome!y Furmiho'i Ho.'iu*, supplied withiti ?nJ viitr.&aJ crnven.ei.t t<? the Patent and Post Office Departn, for rent. Apply at IttOX M attach irtett* a*, north Hide, between ilh *n<' Mh *t* QEOfiQETOWN ADVERT'MTS SS. RANKIN * CO, N. F. cor. 149 Watt* and Congress sts. g*orsktow5 i). o. The Proprietor*, having parch&eed ? lar*e quantity of Lifuora in the beat maiket*, tor Cash, nell 50 per o'dt. cheaper than th>se wno enrcha*e on lone credit. They are not connected with any other firm m Georgetown j'a 25-1 w* ?. ?. RANKIN ft CO. gUCKSKIN G l O V E 8! Ramnburg- & Ebcrt,. 106 High Stiiit, GEORGETOWN. D, C. The only manufacturers of Genuine BUCKSKIN BLOVKS, MILITARY GAUNTLETS, at.4 MITTENS in the Dirtnot. Officers' Gauntieta made to order. Bnckskin Drawers and Shirts. ja 18 EYE AHD EAE. No. 28T PENNSYSLVAN1A AVENUE. OPPOSITE WILLARD*S HOTEL. ucuiiBi ana Aurisu DR. F. A. TOR MOSCHZISKER, From Clinton Place, Nov York, bat arrived in the city and opened his offioee at 327 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, where he c?n be oonsulted on Maladiee of the EYE AND EAR requiring medical and turcica! treatment Dr. Voa Moschziskkk ia the inventor and introducer into the medical practice of the KPHKRTAL FAR IXHALATOR. for the treatment of obstinate cases of 0EAFNESS AXD NOISES IN THE HEAD le if also author of the letter* published ?? th New Ycrk and Philadelphia papers treating on the p evention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRINO OFCAN NON, fe. >r. Von M. hai tor tne past fourteen years devoted his special attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYB AND EAR, Lnd possesses the testimonials of some ot the best known publio men in the Union, who h? ve been most sueoeefully treitel by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Amongst his letters m%y b? found the following Lames: Hons. G Pugh and John rfoLean ; Rev. i. 0. Mullen, Major'C. L. Kilburn, U. 8. Army ; light Rev. Bishop Blano ; George Gordon, Em ? Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Bace, Esq , 'resident of the Goodhue F- I. Company, New fork ; Robert Glover, Esq., Director of the Naional Bank Note Company, New York ; G. B. ^, Em., President Bank of the Republic, View York ; and many otkers. amongst which are nedioal men of well known reputation. TheM Biters may be examined at his office. Patie: ts wishing their iannly physician to aoiomp&ny them U> witness operations or for the mrpose of ooasnltation are at liberty to bring thorn Medical men will be at all times we loomed to ritness Dr. Von M 'a operations, and examine omo of the instruments he has introduoed for the toilitation of Opthalmio and Aural Surgery. Arti fiotal Eyrs inserted without oausing any pais o the patient. Office hours from 9 a. m. to S p. m and from 3 to a. m. Ja 8 lm RANKING HOUSE OF LJ 8WKbN\ * HUYCK. No. 617 Skvcktb dttur. Draft* on Europe ana on the principal oities la he Union, id aura* to suit, furnished dt on reacuabie terms >0 oitisens and so diers coin, Treasury iMotea, ana Carreooy bought and old. Depose accounts opened with oustomara, cither o Coin, Treasury Notes or Cur enoy. jaao-eolm 6WKKNY * HUYCK. UL7 NOTICE ww E Would respec fuliy la.crm persons indebted o us tneir arooauts nrust he p*id Wewoaidsay o parties who we wish particularly to rameaBbor his, that tue indulgence gra ted was no: with the new of present ini the aooount, but to giva time to aouperate. 11 r riHM rNMBMf, oa.l with the money or lausf&atorily endorsed notes, at short data Apol ni>i no loader anawer. CZ^Those a i?re|?roio? this notice oan look for ki tro*?r oSoeri to vut on tk?? Voir mint llj, T J.t W.M. GAl,T, S89 Pa. a v., hot lHh aod uth sts , ja?-*o8w or^oaiu Star Oftoe. I>UTTER, BUTTER, BUTTER !-W# are L> ! ow recsmuj by axprees from New York, PRIME GOSHEN BUTTER, vhich * raepeotfuily o*ll tha attention of t+mIim and others BROWNING * KRATIN9, , 3M Paonaylfanla arena*, between J?? 6th and 7th eu. 117 AKHlNCTitN liMIUBV IS tUa W NO T OlVUTTB llHUT. The andereicned hare tkia <la* formed a wpirtlenhip, under the line of Swim * .he pmpoee of aoadaoting an Kxobacge, Colli eion, Land Warrant, aau General Baallng Bui16B8. Br from aiO faithfa! attention to baaniaae ?e oee to merit the eunirteu?e aad e?eort 5? tha lalt wgf LkoNA?B tiuVci, Xotfeieg Store, eo that every oaa la wtofCtothgggjggH^sl SECOND EDITION. TURKS O'CLOCK* F. U. our mTlitart ?udoet7~ orrictAL?rao*m ar bjmim bspbmtw*. A apecial nxwnrfr with tnm Gen Buraa!<l<? reached Wa?h'*f?aa vorainf with dttpttchn, dit?4 at H Iqnrtri, N C , De* pvtmcai Hittem lulet, J- a. M, ISM TW mmr?g?t left Hat'pru no Sutday Int. Gen Barnt drMm: 'We left oar uck(n|? at Annapolla on Tkuraday, tbe Mfc. aad after a protracted paaaaffe, owing la 4mm bp, arrived at Fortreaa Afi nrw oa Friday a If at, at It 'clock " Leirtig t-oureaa Monroe aa Saturday, at t p as , we proceeded at oaee ta aaa. Bat owtag to fog oa Sunday aad Suaday Bight, oar yra|Ti wu very alow "Mordav. the 13th. the waathw elnarad. bat a beery wind and rao(h M mom4 but ef our tmmIi to tabor very heavily, aa4 mw wan obliged to cut loaaa from tbo itali they wan towlkg. " Most of tbeto. bovrnr, p?i bw tb? bar, (at Hatttras ?Ed Star,] aad anchored 1 as Ida tbo barbor,at about It m. on the 13th, Joat ta time to cacape the aeeere gala oa Monday eight aad Tuesday The propeller City ef Nrw York ru on the bar at tbe eatrance to tbe harbor, aad, owlag to tbe aevere weather aad waat of aaaall boata. we eould render bar no aasletanea. the waa laden with stores and waa loat " Tbe General also aaya that be had bean tod to suppose that be wonld Sod experienced pilots at Untteraa, bat found great dlftculty la aooeaspllshlng his work for wmat of proper aeeaindatlons He commenced oa that day, to Mid a wharf for landing supplies. Tbe men are cheerful and patient, aad we aha 11 proceed with conftdence. An accident occurred In aa effort to relieve tbe steamer New York. by which a boat was swamped and the Hereof Col. Allea, of the 9th New Jersey, his surgeon, and tbe mate of tbe beat were lost. A ft+9 ftprlvsl nf (ha aawsiUiaM a* tb- enemy made tbelr ?ppf*rmr# |? om or two vewela on a reconnolterlng expedition. Our boat* gave cbaae and drove them back. Tbe Uan?porta and veeela tbat arc grounded will be got safely ot b? tbe aid of tag boats Only one?tbe New York?baa been loot, aj?d so lives except tbe three referred to above THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. Important from Fortress Monroe. BEAUREGARD TO TAKE COMMAND AT COLUMBUS GEN. GU8TAVUS W SMITH TO SUCCEED HIM AT MANASSAS PONTOON BRIDGE OVER GREEN RIVER WASHED AWAY. PUBLIC MEETING IN NEW ORLEANS ON THE DEATH OF ZOLL1COPFER. GREAT FIRE AT NEW ORLEANS. CONFEDERATE STKAMtR CALHOUN, WITH A VALUABLE CARGO, RUN ASHORE AND DESTROYED BY A FEDERAL CRUISER. THE CAPTURE OF CEDAR KEYS, FLORIDA, CONFIRMED. BiLTiMoas, Jan 28 ?The Old Point boat baa arrived, and brlnga tba following new*: Fobtbibs Monkoi, Jan 37 ?The Penaarala left tb la afternoon, for Key Wwt, Peiaacoia. and Ship 1 aland She will report to the Commodore of the fleet in the Gulf of Mexico Four paymaotera, bound for Ship Ialand, took pa wage la har. The Baltimore boat brought down thia morning the 3d and 4th batterlea from Wlaconala. They will remain at Fortrem Monroe for the promt Le Marquia de Montalgac, Admiral of tb? French frigate PomoM. returned from hla trip to Charleaton y eater day, and procoeda north tonight on hla way to Wmhlngton. A flag of truce waa aent out thia aflerawm to meet the rebel itrimer Selden, end bro?(kt beck the fallowing released prisoners : Adjutant C. L. Piersoo, 80th Msaaachusetta; Lieut Parka, 4tb Michigan; Dr. W B. Fletcher, 0th Indiana, ' Lieut Wm Booth, 9d Wlaconain; and Lieut C. M Hooper, lat California. We find the following in aouthern pepera : To-dajra Richmond Diapatch tea ralleble authority for making the atatement that Oea Beanregard takea command of the army at Celumbns, Ky , and Gen. Goatarus W. Smith aueceeds him in the poettlon he haa ao long and acoeptahly occupied At Columbua we underatand he la subordinate to no one, except Gen. A. Sidney J oh neon Thla change goea into effect without delay. nabhvilli. Jtn.M ? Rrporta from Bowllag Green confirm the washing away at pontooaa and newly conatructed portion of Green Riser bridge. Nxw OaLiasa, Jan '25 ?A large meeting was unu b> lire di. v^uarm noiri iBini|Dl 10 ?pni| regret at the death of tbe distinguished rmi and soldter, Gen. Zollicoffer. N?w Ohlum, Jan 25 ?A disastrous Are occurred this morning, dnUoylaf two atorea on Magazine atreet, occupied by C. C Gaines k Co. and H. H. Hanaell Tbe low is 180,000. Tbe Insurance not exceeding 990 000. AvsrtTA, Jan '25 ?Tbe Chsrieatoe Courier of thll morning says that Information baa been received from New Orleans which stairs that tbe Confederate steamer Calhoun, on her w*y from Havana with a large and valuable cargo, waa chased by a Lincoln cruiser and abandoned and barned. The Richmond Dispatch ban heard that la Wayne county, when It waa proposed In draft, the militia to a man Inetantly volunteered for tbe i war This iii???nxtad nan?* w ?? ?l?tl that contention* resulted upon tbe queatioa of remaining at home, and those upoa whom this lot fell were lend In their expressions sf dlsnppolntment A dispatch from Aug asta says that the Savannah Newa confirms the report of the esptare of Cedar Keys. Tbe Federals burnt the tsoa wharrea, four acboooers la port; aleo, tftf hales of cotton, and one hundred and Wf banata of | turpentine. The enemy have left t>* place CONGRESSIONAL. Sbhat? ? After presentation of potltleoa, Mr. Wilson Introduced a Mil to delae the pay and emoluments of certain oflceis of the arnay, referred Mr. Sumner la trod need a bill la pirMi far tbe revision and coaeolldatiea of the statutes sf the United States; referred On motion of Mr. Wade, the Beanie then taok up tbe bill reported from the epeetal cesnrnttts* nn th* rWnet of the war. to adMas Ma 9ev eminent to take p Me?loa of eortala rillini aad telegraph lloea; the prerWo?e afvfcjoh ware debuted b> Uemn. Wade, Tr??*?ll, Ctwn, Stunner, and Pearce Hon ft ?A irfaaa*e woe reeoivod froan tfaa FwaIdem tranamtttlng a copy of tka eorreapoodonce between the BoeMtary oT State. Soerolary of th* Nary a d, the Spaatab (owaaMat relative to the New York tor tfec blockading qmdroa, and mmommending aa approprtttlN Ut tba kmtl * certain part>? Interested In said rmmtLlt?anti The House then resolved ft?If Into QMMMn of the Whole, (Mr. LoTtjoy ? toa etahJi^ took under c?n?;4ertti?n U? annual MiWtn. executive and Jadlclal appropriation toll. LA TB LOCAL NBWM. Cbikuu Cow**? Ttiml if i?rta * *' Caw-Thls morning Alkaft Contear, teaastear. Indicted for mortar, Vtt pat oa trial. ^ Ha la ekargad wltk taa mardar teamster called J oka Bramltoa, to rralber allay, aa the 9th day af Decaaakat .'***? :dk t.;m with a pistol Tka tea?d wm to toa 'kbt broaat. and prt?e<l f?tal _ _ Yh? feUtWlOf )|||?M WWV ikM *>vrw C? *11 from & wulir puMi: H?iH? KUw, j*fan w 1I4mn(, Hmry C klclbw, ftwt b Bylvwftw, Tkwa LuKv.Wa. f. . Jobs Trtttor. J?uk ?i, tUyw, fstiick CrvwivyTWattlM Tihn, a?4 Bwvy Mr. Omti|iM tkM yrmiM it Mk? ku putftg MMMMutie lk? jury M?bv part mt %? dtomcqUoa Mr Klag foll?wr4 tor ft* ? mmt. after wuui }{,? W?iBMkay WW M?WH>y ?.U l*t **T> Of Ifcr firawmiUM. t .. *

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