Newspaper of Evening Star, January 31, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 31, 1862 Page 3
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> I XK;AL NEWS. 9 - . . f Noticb.?After ba^tiwr for many years prints the 1Mb of letter* remaining uncalled for In tb< pott oflir* of tbl* city, (a ider the law inthor irtae their p** Ml rati on la the newanapei baelBf the larr*?t circulation witbta the osaal dellvotl of the offlec,) the proprietor of the Stmr baa m leng-th felt compelled to decline their fnrthei Insertion, because of the gr?at apaee they hnvi coa?- to occnpv. and of the Ibct that for month past he ha* be?n forced to lay over on encl occasion. when printing the lists, advertisement the Insertion of which Would bare paid at lsas dnnhie aa much ta the law allowed hint for th< letter list. 4 Iwnddlflon V) this positive pecuniary loss bi their 1n*erf1<W? Vnce those U?ti nave come to 1M as larjre m Vje New York city letter lists, thei aw y?on tbe day on which they wer< prl nW ~ I'.efes ted his purpose of making the St a aiwwva ? n*wtpmp*r?new* being Its well-knowi P'cW.ty. ? -w - . AMTIimHTt To-NIOHT. * Thsatkk ?Cabas, the beantifui, the graceful tbe bewitching, whose performances have create* sacb a sensation at the theater, takes her benefl to-night In a bill of unusual attraction***. She will appear, assisted by Signer Ximines In " El Pol#* de Cadlx" (performed for the flra time In the United States; and " F.l Ole." Tb< theatrical company will perform " The Day afte the Wedding," " Nor* Crelna" and " Staahe and Crasher." This Is the last night hut one o the Cuba* engagement, be it remembered. Cbristt's?An original bill of choruaea, songs ballads, flu*# and etolin solos, Aanoes, burlesque and aid?.?r>iitting comicalities, concluding wltl <-?p' -*i axierpiece. CiRTUiriT Hall?Butler, Baldwin, Arm trony, Talbot, Parker, Ward, M'U# La Folle MU?ei M'.Ies and Vernon and l'ttle Ella In an at tractive Mil of pantomlm-, burlesque, songs dances.&c , kc. Grand matinee and alitributioi <ft elegant gifts to morrow afternoon. Kma'a AnraiTBiATn.?Attractive equestriai end acrobatic performance* by all the stars, In *cludlng the " Zouave Hilt." Peotland, tbe pop ? ular clown and humorist, again this evening In i new role of fun and comic. Txxfx*ajick Hall, E street, between Nintt and Tenth streets. Grand soiree of Prof. Barnes 8hithsc!?ia!I ?Tenth lecture before the Wash Ingloa Lecture Association by Ralph Waldo Em e son. SubjectNationality." The Smith?o nhn Hall will HAnhtlMa ha ?n ??! Interesting occasion Acadixt of Mrsic, Pa. av., between Nintt and Tenth street!, still keeps up Its attractions drawin-j hugely upon th<? public. Hall cpen all day. Free concert at 3 o'clock. Raeo*toy thb Gband Jcby?Previous to th? adjournment of tbe Criminal Court, yesterday the usual report of tbe grand jury, containing i representation of various matters in relation to th< criminal jurisprudence of this District, was subEC tted and read. Tbe grai.d jury, M reference to the county jail, repo t that " it Is deemed needless to again repeat at length the statemerta which have been so often made and repeated, as to the defective cbaract. i of the structure, Its want of adaptation to the pur pifes for which it was designed, and its insufficient capacity considering the increaaed population of tbe county," and say "the demands oi public justice, aa connected with the preventior and the punishment rf crime in thia community urw^ntlv /??i11 ?Ka -0 ? ?,l*4 * ? .v. ?uc no-*iUll U1 ali ruiocf mure more commodious, ?nb?'antial and secure for jail purpos?s than the building now in use, whick should be locate^jey^nd the city limit* ? They aay its ^Frangem'-nt doe* not admit of i proper ??ptrat'.on of tbe diffrent classes of pri?on< era, and ia alio deficient in proper apartment! ar d accommodation)* for the aick, and is without suiUh> cooking and eating appartments." Tnev al*ude to the <*efeetlvesv stem ol criminal i*w h?re by which unfortunate peraona are of'? r?irmtt'rd to jail by tbe magistrates for insula elent cause Tbev ?tat? the number of prisoners in jail a1 ISO. Of thtas, 20 white and 14 colored are undei sentence; &> white and 26 colored awaiting trial It) white under military commitment; and 20 col Hcatned as runaway negroes; 16 are commit id for murder. i i?*y ?p?-ak of some irregularities in refercnc< V? the control of th#> iafl ??i?lncr nut nf th? fcbomal ua condition of civil and military affaire; that " the military authorities, without consults tion wi h tbe civil power. assumed to open the doora of tbe jail and to remove therefrom not onli rr.iltta y persons but a number of otbera, wholly unau'borlz d by liw or ussge, but say they have failed to ootain such full information as they deSired In ron-tquenre of tbe Provost Marshal, bj wboje au'honty it is understood tbe removal) w?re mide declining or omitting to answer o< jey their summons " i ney acauowieage tne very great indebtcdnen of aut fellow-cttixrns to tte well-arranged and generally faithfully administered ayateuj of military police cooperating with the municipal g cardiacs of tbe peace, and regret "that they art compelled to except from the application of thit r?n ark certain highly disreputable conduct of i p>rtion of the otflceraof the Provost Guard, which a ta recently been brought to their notice by citlt3 >a of Georgetown " They mention the impracticability of enforcing the aiuall note law, and the fact of the communitj befog, in the preaeat scarcity of change, flooded witli such bank notes, and auggest tbe xcodl flea tion of tbe law by Congress so as to permit the corpor tioni of Washington and Georgetown U ls?"? such notes. Thsw . throoub the ponrt. commend the nwvMltt of providing additional a<comti>odatlons for tb< several cour's and tbatr officers to the attention oj Congress at acme length, and recommend the ex. tenalon of tbe east wing of the City Hall north' wardly They alan suggest necessary repair* tc the ro?f of the baildtng where It now leak*. They then apeak of tbe impracticability of obft ining proof of Infraction of the law which pro. asbltM the saleot aplrltloaa liquors to soldiera They recommend the establishment of a mag ' l?tiate'a court for tbe trial of minor cflVncea, *c thxt tbey will not demand the attention of th< grand jury or consume tbe time of the Criminal Court, and any a considerable expense to tbe gov eminent will thus be saved la conclaatnn, they recommend the erection o! a house of refuge for juvenile offenders, when they will be kept separate from associations and confinement which most have a lasting injurious ? u i I.L rurti uuuu wwiu uiurais auu ueauu The Court ordered that copies of the report b< sent to the Chairmen of the Committee on Uu District in both Houses of Congreas iV?(? ?It Is understood that two of the elBcen of the Provost Guard In Georgetown?slluded U in the above report?have been presented by th< grand Jury for offences against the criminal lawi of the United States. Dkaths o* Soldibsi ?The following death* of soldiers have occurred since our last report: Corporal A. J. Llewellen, company ?, at Camf Pierpont. John Cromptoo, company K,3d U.S. Infantry t General Hospital. Corporal Joseph L Blddle, company 0,23c Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp. Thomas J. Runaev. rumnanv B. 24 r#olm#r Berdaa Sharpshooters, at camp. 9 E. Gardner, company F, 1st regiment Ber dan Sharpshooters, at camp. James Psngfcurn, company H, 60th N. Y. vol nnteera, at Seminary Hospital. Cheater Dodge, company F, 52d Peaaaylvanii olaotaers, at camp. Hiram Moore, company L, 33d Pennsylvanli orunteers, at camp. Joseph Walker, company P, 83d Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp. Nelson Matthews, company G, 65th N. Y. Yol nrVeers, at camp. ^ n__ . p ?t ? ? i iima E.1C1111U1 ?tiiewofre n win o< een that Per ham bu arranged for another gran< round-trip excursion northward, tee time extend log nntil (be 1st of May, affording for a period o three months unparalleled traveling facilities fa the public. By this arrangement a trip may b< made at any time before May 1st from Baltimori to New York and back for *8, and to Boston an? return for S13 50, a little mora than half price Volunteers on furloughs, tourists and buainea men cmnet fail to a rail themselves of this ac commodation, embracing pleasure, dispatch an< cooom v Tickets can be procured at the otto of the agent, is the National Hotel. A Niw EsTA&UBHXtsT ? Messrs. Requa i Co , of Baltimore.^ reabout establishing a brand of tbelr steam bakery in this city. For this par poee tbey have obtained the building belonging to Mr. C. Lyon, near the Central Guardhouse which Is being ltted up by the lessees The ma eh 1 aery for making the breed la all read? to be se up, and three ovens (capable of baking 750 loava per ho?r) are now constructed In the building The machinery will be worked by a twelve hor* power soglne. Purh an establishment Is In soc eeaaful operation in Baltimore. PoLici- ?John Hanson wms arrested yesterda by the rbird Ward patrolmen foe being drnol and using profane language in the streets; Ana A3 M by Justice Birnaclo Tha Fourth Ward oatrolman resorted tha fol lowing casea yesterday: Jetma Eaetolle. selllnj good# wlthent lleense; ruled for trial tefor JmUm Boraoclo. O. P. Rider, charged wit I ooovertiag a dwelling Into a stable; also ruled to trial. Was. Keenly sad D P Leslie, poddlin| w lino at license. Kerney was flood 950 and costi and Leslie $10 and costs by J ustloe Wallsr. Ou Tnnrrr Cauaca as a Stasli ? Sir Haiaoroe who ia nalng tola toolldlog aa a liner st Me, seeming to be pretty pertinselousia his pur pass, restdrats la that vicinity determined to tr ? o law, and complained to Juit'ce Walter ehargUg Mr. Hat no mo with aaublinhlag a nnl saaee, ateo with vlolattag a law of this Corpora t so which requires that no stable shall ho arartN wlthla a distance of flfty feet from aay <iweU:ng The /arttee has ae? yet given his deelsloa. Y -n *l| & tT i WuHmoTOH fcrurrftic Associatioh.?Last night the Washington Scientific Association held their Cnl public meetln/, at the room* of the Yean* Men's Christian Association Papers wwe read upon the subject of the Gulf fctresm, aad 'he r'se and Ml of the water* of Lake Superior, fey Rev. C W. Dealton and J. Dlsturnell. Mr Denlson brleflj noticed the principal charseterlsticsof the Gnlf Stream; and after criticising the theories of Its originating from the iuinence of the Mlaftlnalppl and trade winds of the Gulf, proceeded to argue that It was of sjbWraneous origin; adducing In evtdeaoe the fallowing farts The existence of anhtrrranMa rtrMmi. aa mtab ) llshed by the rivers In Mammoth C?ve and the glacier* In leelaixf; the similarity of the chemical 1 properties of th? water with theses In the vicinity of toe volcanic eruptions of Vesuvius; the similarity of Its deformed f sh with those found In the - Mammoth Cave; the existence of sedges, roots and herbs not found anywhere on the western hemisphere; and its peculiar eddies and sulphurous vapors. Its sources are supplied, be argued, from the Mediterranean, as a current equally strong and large flows continually In from the Atlantic, thtonch the Straits of Gibraltar, besides the Nile snd ether large rivers, while there Is no visible outlet. He believed that the waters of the Med1 Iterranean and Caspian sea found their way t through subterranean passages until they poured out on the American coast, forming this mjrsterlouacjrrent. I Mr DisturneH treated briefly upon tbe phe g nomcm 01 me -ise ana nil 01 me waters or Lake r Superior, attributing it to the great fill of rain r aad mow In that region Theae watera bare an f average rite and fall of twenty-eight Inches annually; sometimes receding from tha shore with great velocity, and returning again with eq'ial * force. Upon one occasion they receded ao as tb * almost drain the bed of the rivers flowing into * the southern pcrtion, and a party availing them elves of the opportunity of procuring pebbles * and shells, nearly loat their lives by the sudden , return of the water. > Rbv. Ssptimvs Trsnif, D 1) ? A correspon> dent of the Philadelphia Standard and Expositor, supposed to be an officer in the U 8. Army, thus i notices our fellow citizen whoa* name standa at tw. l a .#??- ? * * uir inaa vi tan inicm ' I t will, 1 doobt not, be gratifying to the friends i of Rev. Dr. Tuitin. in hU native city and elsewhere, to know that he is still able to publish tbe i Messages of Truth to his fellow-men. I heard htm rreach a few evenings since, in one of tbe principal Methodist Churches In this city, and was greatly pleased with the discourse, portraying as it dla, to vivid colors, the felicity of the redeemed in the world of light. It gives me plmsure tosav also, that Dr. Tustln's patriotism is 07 no means ambiguous or equivocal In tbe com> mencemcnt of our national troubles he resigned a very interesting congregation in one of the larg1 e*t and wealthiest towns in Mississippi, where he could have remained ?t his own term*, such was the anxiety of tbe people to retain him. He I preferred, however, to follow tbe fortunes of tbe , ' Stars and Stripes," and con?equpntiy returned i to this city, where. In the halcyon days of tbe ; Senate of the United States, he had been electrd, ic jrrnr?, vuauiiiin 01 mai noay, DaVing previously served In that same capacity in the , House of Rrprpsentativea. Tbe doctor baa been t urged to publish, In aome convenient form, bia i reminiscences of five years' aervlce aa Chaplain la the United States Senate, but whether he will find it convenient to do to, I am not advised Concord " r Criminal Court.?Yeaterday Andrew A King, i Indicted for an asaault and battery with Intent to ( ktll on Hileary Lancaster, ai d Robert Garcia, i indicted for the larceny of a horse from Harrison I Th?mpaon, were both acquitted i Edward Mayee waa being tried for the larceny of :i ten dollar Treasury note from Wm. Tanaig i when tbe court adjourned. To-Wfi mt TKia niAaninrf I? J?.?J m. ? f * u<? ni"i hiu^i ?*re v aor uj ijuwaru i iMagee, charged with larceny, was resumed, and t given to the jury. The case of Patrick McCarthy, indicted for an [ assault and batterv with intent to kill, was then i tried, and given to the jury. The jury in neither case had come into court when oar report closed. t r Charge* or Laicssy ?Last night, officers ; King and Kimball arrested Wm Patterson, Wm. Keeney, and D. P. Leslie, upon suspicion of lar ceny of certain goods. The last two were peddlers of jewelry, &c , and recently arrived in the ! city They were all confined in the Fourth Ward 1 station for trial The cases of Keeney and Leslie ; were called for trial this morning before Justice Walter, and were dismissed; but both were lined I ondrr th? f!ornnri?tton llcont* 1?mt >n^ of trinkets retained to secure the payment of the tines. Patterson was retained In cuatody for trial aa aoon aa the witnesses, who were not present, can be summoned. Ckmtbal Gcardhocsk Casks?Before Justice Clark ?Ellen W olf, selling liquor wlthT.t a license; tlned SJ?? 94 Garrett Fitzgerald, drunk; lined SI 25 Wm Gray, col'd, larceny clothing, Ac , from Quartermaster Got*. of the 3d New York regiment, stationed in Maryland. He was arrested here and confined In the guardhouse, and this morning expressing a willingness to take his trial In Maryland, he was tnrned over to Quartermuter Grlf to be taken to Maryland for trial. Benj Williams, Fred Woodhonse, Jas Williams, drank; and W. H. Mason, for insulting ladies on the streets, were turned over to the military. r _____ For*th Ward Station.?Cates before Justice Walter ?Tboma* Gibson and John McAvoy. disorderly; dismissed Alexander McCloud, lying in the ?treet; fined #1. Ellen Wall, disorderly; S3. Tbos. Lacy, do ; P2 Lacy Henry, drunk; 82 Jacob Fisher, driving on the pavements; #1. James Murphy, selling liquor to soldiers; Jail for court. Columbus Harris, assault and battery and larceny; Jail for a further hearing. Geo. Kendall, vagrant; dismissed. 8m*?iad*s?Hon. J. K Morehead. member of Cong res* from Pennsylvania, and Hon. Wm. Wilkins of that State, formerly Secretary of War, were serenaded bv 'he band of the 6-2d Pennsylvania reulment (Withers' band) last nlcht. tbe former at UU residence on Sixth street, near E, and tbe latter at the Kirk wood flouae, where he | la now stopping. Abrest ok a Bs5ch Warrant?William Johnaon having failed to appear before the Crlm' lnal Court, to answer a charge of assault and s bctrery for which he waa Indicted, a bench warrant was Issued by Judge Crawford for hla arrest. 1 Patrolman Crown arrested hlin, and be was committed to jail. > Harvxt's celebrated uteamed-oyster establishment (till supplies thellarpest and moit luscious > bivalves at tbe old rates, despite the blockade and > the increased prices elaewhere. For huge, juicy, ' and palate-tickling oysters, call on Harvey, C at., > between Tenth and Eleventh streets. Coans. Bunions, Calosltle*. Bad Nails, Eni lare d Joints, and all d'seases of the feet cured without pain, by Dr. White. Surgeon Chiropo> dlst, 428 Pennsylvania avenue, between Four and-a-half and 81xth streets. Room 7?up stairs. , Office hours from 12 m. to 6 p m. Orders to call at residences promptly attended to. jan 16-lm* I Pliasast Furnished Rooms, with fuel and t gas, with or without board, at 415 K street, between Eighth and Ninth streets. Table boarders . can be accommodated. jan 15-lm* Families who have never used Boston crackers ' are invited to try those manufactured freah every day by J. L. Dayton. Sold by all respertable grocers. ja 28-tf t l!*sTA*TA!*?ot7s cure of Corns, Bunions, Cal. losmes, invenea wans, wart*, and all of i tbe feet Mr. Demoad, Surgeon Chiropodist, la enabled, by a peculiar process, to eradicate tbe - most palnf ! eicrescences In a few mtnutee,without the leas* pain or the slightest Inconvenience to tbe patient Consulting houra from nine a. m to t Ave p. nr., at bla office, 353 Pennsylvania avenue, 1 opposite Grown*' Hotel. Beat reference given in this city. f ? Soldi*, i, *ee to your own health. Do not e trust to the army supplies. Cholera, fever, and s bowel complaint will follow yoar slightest Indlsl cretlon. Holloway'a Pills and Ointment should be In every Man's knapoack. The British and French troops use no other medlclnaa. Only 25 - cents per box or pot. 310 b Th* Irbum Hub Doctor, From Canada, will describe disease* and tell his patients (he nature of their complaints or 111i MM, without receiving any Informant Uon from them. No tkmrg* ft Contultatum t A ivies. E oca MOTTO. ^ We use such Balms as have no strife > W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life: k in uw nu^i w. _ J *-? i tui am* ww mn wc never iwg Nor peteon men to ease their pain. Oar Father?whoas all goodoeaa fills, Prortdr* the meant to core all 111a j The simple Herba beneath our feet, Well need, rail era our 'pa'n complete, r A simple Herb, a simple Flower, I Cull'd from the dewy Lea? I These, these shall speak with touching power Of ehaage and health to the. V Fsiiisf<os Pa. immm. about j|?s I mutates walk from Brown's Haul. Room?No. 10. ja *7-7t* r Iirsia linn boons. India rnbber Sheets for protecting children's i, beds, that no family should be without; 78 cents tfclli ^ ^ ^ ^ KUDDM tfUEHH, ior soldiers, ?1 <15 Wh. Rubber Pooehjs tad Blankets combined. SSJO f each w India BdMvOmU, white or blaek, SS.SOoaeh. r India Rabte' Legglns SI per pair. > And all kinds of Rubber Goods, Including Rub be* Boots ud Shees, Robber 8toppers for bottles, + Deer Mats, Under Sheetings for beds In sickness, 1 fcc . ke , at manufacturer*prices,at H.A Ball's India Robber Warehouse, we Fa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth struts. janl-tf , I MJJUtDKD. ' Ob the 8"th imtut, m the Union OkiNl M. 1 Chnrch. by the tutor. Rat Henry C. WMt?oo( WILLIAM vv^LAiJKBY to Mi?e MARY ELI2 A BETH TAYL<?R, daughter of Robert F?q., all of thii city. * On Thnreday eYefilni ! wt. hr the Rrr. C. / IHrit, Chaplain U. 8 Nary. WALTER T. CAR ROLL, nv F. 8'h Rec't U.3I, to ElIZAMETJ D- A LLl^O M. And on the nmi eren'nic. by the nne, NRW TON HAIR iMfo compa?.y acd regiment) t KUZA A ALLISON,?dsnf-te.-s of tne lal John Allieon am a a. Mm In Georgetown. on the 38th Jamary, of eonrei tion o? the brain. MARIA OAPITOI.A, <)aught< of Columbus and France* Ogle, aged 32 month?. Dear precious on?, thoa art gon? t > thy home, With God and hi* ant els forever to roam; Tny loss it bu caused u? d*ep anguish and pain, But, with God'a holy graoe, We will meet the again, * In Georretown. on the moraine of the 31a CLA&A V., aeed 6 yearn, 1 month and 35dayi youEgest daughter of Albert G. and Elisabeth ( Coggswell. Tue friends of the family are invited to attar her funeral, on Sunday, February 3d, at 3 o'olool from the rejid'noe of her parents. No. A3 Jefl?i son it [Baltimore guu oopy.] * On the Slat of January, of consumption, JOH1 R. MOOR k, in the 32d year of his age. His languishing head ia at rest, His aohings and thinkings are o'er, Hi* quiet, immoveable breast Is heaved by afflictions no more. Hisfrietds and tae friends of thefamilvare ii vited to attend the funeral, on Sunday everini February 3. at 3 o'clock, from the residence of h brother in law, Mr. E. K. Brown, earner ol Q an 18th cts. [ Ba timore Sun o^py 1 3;* AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER. " Leasee and Maaager?.? Mr. H. Bian Grand Penultimate Night and Benefit of LA SENOR1TA ISABELLA CUBAS. THIS EVE Nib O, January 31. To commeaos with DAY AFTER THE WEDDING. To be followed br L'A 8ENORITA CUBAS In El Polo dk Cadiz. A fcer which the Faroe of NORA H CR EIN A. Alter which the Grand 3>ania!i National Pfta d Deux, entitled El LA 8ENOR1TA CUBAS. To conotud* with SLASHER ANU CRASHER. Doora open at ?; ooinmeno? at 8 ja 31 KING'S national amphithe* ? kr. Pknn. A v. ahd E St., Ktar Willards'. T. Kine....? ...Sole L.egfee and Man*(< C. Soott... Associate Manage F. Whittaker ?Equestrian Manag? THIS EVENING, WFDNESD^Y, Jan'? 29, WEDNESDAY, Jan'y 19, AT KING'S CIRC"? AT KING'S CIRCUS in D'ii fpriorm^r in tneuity, JOK PKNTLANl)! JOE PEN i L.AND ! and M'LLE HKLOI8K M'i,LE HELOI6E In New Acts To-ni*ht! In Nsw Acts To ni*ht! Qr?at Zonavo Halt! Great Zouave hilt! 1< eceivd with Roon'lsof Apn'aus" Re? >ived Willi Rounds of Ai p ausfi TJfn PEKFOHMASCFs TO DAY! Seal* of Pticts?1 'relies'ar Chair: 75 cent*; Drei Circle 60 cents; Chifdren under lo years of a*? t l>re??s Cirole a> cents; s-ocal Ranee 25 cent*; Co or?d Gallery 25 cents: Colored Boxes50 cents. Doors op*n at 7 o'clock; performances will om mence at 8 precisely. ja29 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Gaide t Paten's, Catalogue of Curiovitfs and Goverr ment Garden*-at the stand iu Patent ofTiso; Rai Antiqua ian Books ; Gr.vs'nmei t Book#; Do ? ii l n I furniali U Ixia D ?* M * ? ? ? D - ii'? it - ? iui l? on' ' t? I I\Oj/UI lO) l?,|ilMirT X% * porta; ui>ri<t Pat nt Office R?port?; Cheap Book lurmthed >o Mi i>arr 'iria'*: Militar Law*; Army Run ationa; Panorama of theOoai rhowinx over 2 wO inilea; n.any taou*anrt Chea Books. Weooli#?ct cheap rent. lo' pr cea- Up aiaira, ov:r Ban* of Washington, ja.9-lni* ALFRED HUNTER. CANTERBURY HALL Louisia** Avenue, Bt'uatn 4>4 and 6ZA bluets. leonipantomime company: LEONl PANTOMIME COMPANY! To night, Francois Ravel's and M. 1 houverai'a Me.o-dri matic Pantomime of ROBERT MACAIHE ROBERT MAC AIRE ! MR. ROBERT BUTLER u jacqttsa strop. Extravagant SneoMi of th? Comic Tnt?rlode, LiK TOUR Dll MAIrtON ! LE TOUR DU MA1SON ! 8ILAR B A L DfflN, TKs East Juntler ti? tk? World! WILLIS armstrong. To nieht, mis* amelia The Beautiful Soneatrega. in sxntimbntal and VaNKKK songs ! a. J. TALBtiTT, The Fthiopi?n Com-dl&n, araiatad br dick pabkkr. Mies kmma milks. ml58 vfRNO*. MLL* FRANK LA kollk, and LlTTLrf ELLA. One Wetk Longer, WARD on hi* Cordk Volants! Best Muck-rope Performer in America Notwithstanding the large Company sow at th Cant^ury. ther* will he 117" NO ADVANCE IIY PRICES. -?H Afternoon Performance, tor Ladies and Childrei every WEDNEal'AY and SATUKDAY. wit quantities of presents -one a sup ?rb 928 Silk l)re* 'Vhe drees can be seen in the windon of Messri Perry & H o. Ail our dresses are bought from thi house. Door* n?en, afternoon, at S o'clock. Admissioi Ladies,20 cants; children, to cent* Doors open,evenings, at o'clock. ja 28 A MAONIFICKNT SILK DRESS mm m m nvAoartc.^ rtn W1 <-?!*>??/!? ? ? ? * ? * ' ? nun rt- Dviin- .lt u>? ?Ttuil7DUl?T BllOrnPON, HI iTlII Kmm% Knwh, corner of 6th and G Btrectn. ODD FELLOWS' HALL, Hivnwrn Str*kt. GEO. ClIRlSTrS MINSTRELS Will appear at the above-n*ined splendid exhib tion room on THIS (MONDA V) EVE NINO, Jan. 27/ And livery Kvemne Dunnr tne Week. NEW SCENERY has been added to the fet&te, and every arrangi inent made for t*i? proper production of 6eorj Christy's Celebrated Faroes, Burlettas, ico., Ai Admission 25 certs: Orohester Seats 50oects. Doors open at quarter to 7; oommeioa suar??r t ?. lOHN F 8M4TH. ja27 Business Agent. U' THK y> ASHINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Avk*u*,(-octh Sidi,) No. ?89, Between 9th and lOgfc j|>. Every evniug a remarkably fine Free Conotr embrao in* selections from th^ best cla?sio mum and the most popular operss?rendered in b?tt< styje than at any oth-r Amerioan oonoert saloon. The guests?and the publio are freely invitfi withou' oharge for entranoe,?may relr upon hai mg every comfort they desire, lna.oition to M finest masio in Washington, they will obtain, o call, from the attentive attendantst deoidedly U. Desi neireiomen .1 n>r me in t?e Ktvjer&i MPiroi o1 li* HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja6-lm Proprietor. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. mTT notice. J HE SEVENTH GRAND BALL of t? STEWART HOLLAND CLl'U- to bs riven at Mott'i Hall. corner of 2>>th itreet W?. and Penn avenue, on TU t SL)A Y, February JH 11th. 1362. fafl Ttoki ts one dollar. _Seefutn read vertigemect. ja 30 3t? GRAND MILITARY AND CIVIC BALL! Company "C," National Guard Batta!- H ion. wi.l ?' ? a Grand Military aodCivio n Ball on WEDNESDAY fcVENING, 19th^> of February, at Odd Fellows' Hall, Navyfcai V ard, for vniota tke Committee are making exi?i ive arrangement!. Particulars in tuture mare tilament. ja ? St* Grand soiree: a: TEMPERANCE HALL. & (E street. between 9<h and lofh.) ifl

Ob FRIDAY EVENING, Jan'y 31tt. (jM will oommeoon at 8 o'olook. Good mat will be In attendance. Tiokeu, admitting a gei tleman and ladiee, ?i. la g-?t* Prof. C. F. BAEN E8. Manner. BOARDING. PRIVATE BOARDING, PERMANEN and transient, at the beantilul and oomacdmi residenae. No. 1418 Cheetnat street, aboi Br'ad. Philadelphia. ia? 1W B" G,WE BUYCK. NO. ?17 SsviirrH STOUT. ^Drafts on Europe ana on the pnneifal oitiaa i uv v uiwui m u ma iv ??! mrmiioQ UT ttl OS rn enable term* 10 oitiiene and aoidtera. (Join, Trausrr Not*, and Carrenoy bo if lit as old. Depoei* aooomta opened with onatomars, eith< in Com,Treasury Notes or Cnr enoy. jne-eolm # jWEWNV it HUYCK. G^TTO S,8o#lW QSIEIW:"* We offer oitisents uti strangers a lue tuor of all oolora and snail ties, eqaal in Make u hniah to the beet outom work, WALL, bTKPHENB & CO., Merebant Tailor* and Ciothere, >.??i JftW w . * I w / .] j" PERSONAL. ft 1JEH80NAI..?A c?rt|r?mnnofmaral habita, and A not excaaaivaijr horaa'y in MrioMl iwnruoti r. vini.a fa r annaal inoome, and not over 23 year* or ace, is d;?iroa? of forming tha ae^aautaaos of a i, yoaeg lady, with a tiow to matrimony. Tha %dy raait notb? oTfr 24 ycara nfac#, ratbor tf an* m appca-ane*. a rood arineation. and fair eonT?rntion?l powera. Wealth thoaih not r- anrticnlarlT d-airable, would not ot>jeotiooahla. x> ><1dra?B, within two w*aka, "Ruina," through t Waahington eity Poat Oftoa. ja*>-St* WANTS. >r CM7 ANTED TO REN T-A Tew in tb? CHURCH OF THE EPIPHANY. Addreaa Box 13 Star Offioc. ja31 WANTFD-At the Eatin* Saloon ofth? Raili? ?" rra4 Depot, a iteady oo'ored WOMAN to yr%nh duhes. It* t, CSITVA'ilON WANTED, by a food MEAT COOK, in a restaurant. or arivate boarding 3. home Apply at 261 D. corner 13X ?t. ja31-2t* id \VANTED?Atthe Goaling Restaarant. a Pr?t<, ' ' olaaa WAITER; none else ne?J appiy. 317 r_ Pennsylvania avenn*, between 13th and 13th ?ti, Alto, a Bey wanted- It* * WANTED-A competent NURSK(a white wo mini tn fair A nnrA r\f * ?hi 1H lfi mnntVa aM flood refrranoes required. Apply at No. 437 H street, netwoen 10th and 11th. It* IVANTKD-A WET NURSE for a ch!ld ten l- ?? days old. A??ly at 61 Penn avenue, for three I, days, between the hoara of 2 and 4 p.m. flood a wages given Colored nurse preferred. Ja 3'-St* 1*7 ANTED? By a gentleman and wife and two oh-1 Iren, a PARLOR and mtnuoatinc, with or without Hoard : private family prefer red. Address **K. T. O.," Star Cffioe, tatim prioe. References riven. It* W ANTED?A yoo's woman wishes a 9ITUAd. * TION as seamtTess in a private family. She understands dressmaking and can work a Wheeler A iison sewing machine, flood reference given. Address Hox No. 20 Star Office, or apply at 4S3 corner 13:h and D sts. It* \\7ANTED?.910 wo worth of ladi?s' and gentle? men's CA^T OFK OLO rHING. for which cash will be paid their full value. Send your servant*, or, if voa wish to be called upon. **nd a note (stating hour and p!ao*)tn Rcom IS, Wash icet >n Huudinf, comer Seventh street and Pennsylvania avenue . V j%31-lW J. k W. ANDl^gON. \VTANTKD-For a privat" family, a H<>L,QE, *? pleasantly lo?ate4 con'ainire at lea*t four rooms. ^dorpg? Box 677 Post Office i?3^2t* le WANTED TO RKNT-A STORK or part of " ore. Mnst be in a roc* location; saitahlA for the retail tr*d?. Ad,1re?s immediately, W. BKtN^F.D. city Po*t Otfioe. ja?y> 3t* WAMTKD? Hr a jimnc man,* SITUATION no Oi?rk. pale*man. or ho-iVkefloar. xrhere lie o*n irike himself eeneral'T use:ul. H\r hvl *ev? ??r?I ?fars* fxporien"", and can brine t^* beat of r P.ease address "B. S ar Office. ja3 -2t* WANTED?Two MEN to vrork inalivr'-y *ta .r Me. Apply onrner 12?h and O ata. jaa^S** AF' KNI?HJ'I) HOC"'JK, coct?iiirr 8 ronnii, with i^a *n<1 water. for rent, situated in t*ie Weat End- Apply at No- H >t. jai9 3t? !' VVANTED-A fi!Rr.whooandoR.-n-ral hooae1. y> wn'k, Apply at 554 C street, near Twelfth. ja23 3l* WA^TED-A DWELLING HOUSE. contral"? ly located an<l oonvenient to Ponnejlvania avenne, for a private fanr.ilr- Immediate pn?a??fim desired. Addrers A. \V, SMITH 415 E I'reft. ja 29 3;* OOOKS WANTEP?Vol. 3. NII.ES KE<JF<*I> TKR-92 will t*? paw], A Iso, Eibrariea. lares ,i and ama!l lo'a of Books. Autojrrapha. Old Docu.i ments. Cnriaeitieg. F.ariy History of America, RamsayaSouth r'arrlina, WiHnnaone Memorie-, .? M*Cl??>nain Crim?on Report. Coins and M?x!a!a. " Ht ALFRED HUNTER, over Lank of \Va?hj" meton. ja^-at* Wanted to rent-a fir?t-claaa furniahed boarding house. Acdreaa"Inquire ? _ Ci'y Pon < tffice. ja S8-4t* o am? a ajrr L* n i aa in < w>ik nu nn n p d u l.. w Cii/?A w" ?? u? ' u, iuu| i- IT jr,h, good cutting. Inquire of Wall 4 Bar? nard. Center Market. J- ja28 6t* ROUTER, B^RRICK A CO. i WANTED-A GENTLEMAN of business y " ability, familiar with Washington O'ty. to it at'Ai-d tononneout door hn*in#s*. app'y to JOHNp HON FRY & CO .4 76 S-yenth St. jain-'w? W WANTED?A WOMAN to cook, wash and v * iron. aLd a HOL'SE-MAID, at 439 F street, rear Sixth. ja 23 6t? CLAIMS, Ci-A IMS. CLAIMS!?Wanted immediately. Claims to the amount of three million dollars, whion the ad vertisers are will'ng to make advances on. providing the o'aiir.ants c*n show evidence of the c aims having been approved and a'iowed by the protcacocunting i tficers Onlv large c anns are wanted. Address BADGEK & C??. through Post Office, stating tttekind of claim '' atd where an interview can be bad. ja2> Iw* WANTED?rut'ars and yointermo Know rtiat they can buy C\MP STOVES and TIN WARc. cheap of H. J. GREGORY. 3U1 Penn & venae. ja 16 YVANTED-Ir.adrug etore.a YOUTH betweer vv lb and 20 year* of ago. Oardidatea roust giv? sitiifaotorr relerero-s a* to ^jatifioatioDi and character. The preference will be fives to one who has been engaged in the rtrar business six or twelva rnonthi. Address "A B C, Waahinrton City Post Uffioe. ja 1 1m* WANTKD.-We are now bavin* SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVfiSajid BEDDING, for whioh we are paying the bigheet oun prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a *urpli!8 of furniture, will find it to tueir advantage to giva us a nal!. BONTZ ft GRIFFITH, je IS?ti rso. 3?>9 ">th st.. loi-x. i tog ii sts. WANTED? Every person to know that I am in the markft, road; to pay cash for all articles in the housefurmshing line. Those leaving tfle city. or having a surplus, will do well to call. R. BU^HLY, 42* Seventh ?t.,between 6 ana H sts., (^ast side,) Dealer in New ana Second-hand Furniture. no 16 LOrfT AND i'UUJNi*. i. s? REWARD.?Strayed or stolen on Tuesh O ? d%T uitnt. a white HORSE, about/rv k# 0 r?ar? old. with a long tail The above j, lewerd will begivn f-?r its return to the ig corner of4th and Washington ats , Eng'Uh Hill. 11* MICHAEL DOWNING. HIRED, AND NOT RETURNED ?Or. 27th, aslinibrow MARE, 16 hands high; jcv oco white f of; with star on forehead;out j|-.p 0 left mn.p; about ten years old; wi'h "* Llack cpou baggy, with he&vv wheoia. When ' ceasing h?r stie is very spiteful. The gen'leman - that hired Itur was an old look in? person, not grey hair, but white; had on when he hired the mare and buggy, a ay cap and ooat. lfreturned,orany information given about the same, a reasonable reward will bo given I- PETER \ON ESSON, Congress street, below Bridge, j>31-eo3t Georgetown, D. C. RE WAR D.-Stolen from t'ough at E. F. i- Qh ?n'a, 7th atreet, on the morning f\ ;e of SOth m*tant. a dark sorrel HOR^b, jLLn c. about 16 hanJa high; white face; two white hind tegs, nearly up to knee joints; a> out 8 years old. j h* above reward will be given lor the re:o torn of taid Horse to WINDSOR* BKO.'S, 669 7tn street. jay 1W Z L. WINDSOR."? 1 OS f-??n the 2?th instant, between the hours of . 11 ../I 1 ) a i. (k. l> nd. ^ m s ii nin ua< in.| iu |uim( 11 * 'in viio run umuc Department to Fa avenue a large ENVELOPE, c r n captain's oommirsion and diecharge, t, "f no value to anv one but the person losing. The s, finl-r will l.e rewarded by leaving tnen at 339 F >r st eet ja 29-St* i? REWARD.?Ran away on Tuesday, Jan. r 0/U?J. NEGRO BOY MADISON 16 BOOTH, commonly called Dick, about 6 0fr n feet high; 30 vtars o!d; had on when he left ?r\ ie white cloth pants, tvo pea jackets; he car J| >- ned rff witti him a large grey horce, about 16.H. hands high; 8 years old; very high mounted rue above rewa-d whi r-e given for the return of iLan . acd t one, cr #50 for the man and ?2i for the horse, - in either case to be secured so that t ge- them again. fcEORGE W. OAKDINFR. Near Piscataway, ~ Ja ?l 2w* Prince George's cocnty, Md. '? RAN AWAY FROM THE SUBSCRIBER, ?V near Bladsnsburg, B?*Y ANTONEY va CHAWFOR l?, commonly called Toney. He &V I 18 i I9f t 5 or 7 iuohM hirhr irrtr* hlinlr? ihnrt i hair; grave oountenance when spoken to, Jk with a icur in one of hia eyebrowa. ooca.ZJL* aiontd by a kiok of & horae. -caroely perceptible; !elt in.November last. I will give $190 to have him brought home to me. Jaa F. MAGRI'DKR. I | OST.-A feEAL KING, and a FOX-BEAD m Li BKAL, attaoiied to arisg, withoornevianeet. 1- $5 reward will be giwea to whoever retnrns the r- article* to thia otfioe. de2 tf ~ ? OiT?On Friday last, in getting out of a oar m-a rinse at Wilfarda' Hotel, a lady's GOLD WATOH. A liberal reward will h? paid for its L return to WILLIAM H. FANNING. Polioe Offioer, Wiliatfde' Hotel. SO 10 1 CM)R SALE?HORSE, WASON Ud HARA NESS. The Wagon nearly new and t\ in good order. Mar bd see a at the atabie 5 of tfEO. STABLER, H atreet, between 9th and 10th ajta. Apply at the atabie, or at No. Si Loniaianaavenue. jay) fo2t* T IVECK TIES AND SCARPS! ia II SCARPS AND NECK TUBS' re An on parallelled aaaortment at THOMPSON'S. CHARLES S. FOWLER k CO., IMPORTERS, - CHINA, oS^, ^D EARTHEJ WARE, ,d fine cutlery, plated ware, roll metal goods' ir block tin gvod s.tin chamber sets japanned waiters, etherial and solar lamps, |. coal oil lamps, lanterns, #? f ^*L1,0W*' H iwra,?^ ^ 100 EURKKL8 FUTOMAC HEARINGS, ia tore and iot itla low br GKORGfcJ M. WORLfc CO, CoixuniMlon MerchaLMj. > Tl WmttuiOtniftowa,D. CftfiJl iff* ' * ?# ?-*. FOB SALE AXD BENT. H St H itrwu,?ootaoili<?n PROM lOOM.iKoid tor?. nawiy and a?aM? faraitt-ed. Tb?loc?tion ia one of tha moat da*ir?blo id lhaoitj. Noehioraa in tha hou*?. J>>l-1w I^X'I H Atiiii/I.XAKY CHAV :K-bT(JiiEmnd 1-J FIXTUMhS FOR SALS.?A ftfemi ia 'kf ">?: t.iro?ed iocVity. ine'adirg Fix* tureaant tnt a amali (took of Uhn' l>r**aT" earn inra. t?irt<roidorira ?H Milliner? Good*, viil ba far?dat a rraat aacrifiee and foiwii' i cirm I rlfcwitb. This tea ce of the rtrM oooarrenoe, acd al! appiioatiocs be mado at No. 1* La. avfsua. betw^n ?t.i and 9th sts j > 3B IW RHHiNS TO LET?Pi?e Furniihed Rooms to lft,No, 3TT Thirteentn street, sear I. Jag lw* I/M'RNISHED ROOMS TO LET with liberal r Boar!, it a pieaeart location p^ar the Capitol. Also, a haadeomelT f?rni?h?d PARLOR and CHAMBER, commamc.o'ioc. Tio?f willing to pay a fair pries for good accommodations, nap app j al the Htar offioe. ia g*-tf AH KARK CHANCE.?Tho proprietor of the City Hotel, <the only first c aas hotel now open in Alexaaaiia. Va.,) is dasiroas to retire from business, ana wi',1 *er.for a f*sr price, the FURNITURE. FIX TURKS and GOOD Will nf thA hnntA Wis \****** w? ! .??? ?* > o>nii>hnq uu mo m of January. 1963. boi the p-operty ?\n no doabt be IcMod (or a much longer tern at a modera>e rent. Thu Hotel it aj>w doinr. ana haa for many yeara done, a larje ana proi. table baaineas. I he deatre of the underpinned to retire from public baua'M la the only icdncune-t to ae!l, aa heooa d not hop* to engage in one more probtabie. For terma and artieu art apply to J At* A. KMGl.lSH.wbo ta authorised to negotiator to the undersigned. ia!5-tf HKFLKBUMKR. FOR RENT?Two ylnavit ROOMS, neatly fnrniahed,in a firit-oiasa reeidenoe in Georgetown, with bot'd. To a permanent tenant terma will be moderate. Apply at ldl West at .Georgetown. de J7-u r OFT TO RRNT, ?-oond floor. SI6 E ttr?et, 1 i Dear Wiilards' Hote ,82 by HOffcet. Ic^mre in theatora. jal3 HANDSOMELY Fl'RNlSHKD ROOMS.1-our F urnished Room*. anap.ied viti? (la and Titer, nod oonvcuientto tb* Patent and Post Office Departn.*rts, for reet. Apply at <90H Massachusetts aTenre, north tide, between 4tH wr* Ifh m?a EDUCATIONAL HESA^lAV INSTITUTE, 1SS7 and 1529 Spares ?t., Philadelphia. This Inst:'ote>, conducted lor two year* past in the city of Ph. vlclphi* hy Madax* Chkgazay and her niece Map*** D'Hkrvilly, upon 'he umr prineir'e* a* the on? in New York, e?iab fished ther" ir 1814. will reopen,after the Chrmtmaa holies*t, or. Monday. January 6th. with its umal ample and ?"mp eto provision for the education of v'-iikr i.a<iie*. un .or the direction of Madame P'HerviIly Circulars. an'l all requisite information, can be obtained or. apFUcation to the Prircipai. j*7-3m GEORGETOWN ADVEBTMT8 ?. RANKIN ft CO. N. A. tor. (48 IVaier and Cornier est til. Georgrtowx D. C. The Proprietor*, navinr eurrhaeed a !ar?e qnanti'y of Lifiori in the beet ma'let*, for Caen, ee'.l W) cor ??nt. eh?ai>er than th >se wr o inrrln?? nn Ion"* credit. They are cot connected with any other ?'m in GeorROtowu. ja3->-lw? S. P. HANKfN & CO. jj U C K 8 K 1 N GLOVES: Ramsbur* & Ebert, 10ft High GEORGETOWN. D, C. The only manufacturer* < f Geniioe BUCKSKIN Gl.OVKS, M11 ITA.KY GAUNTLET*, a-d MITTENS in this Di?*nct. Oilioeris' GaunLet* male to orcar. Hnnkakin I?r&?rerg and Shirt*. ja It EYE AND EAR." No. 93T PRMNlm.V * VI A AVKVTTC ofposit* WILLARD d HOTEL, Oculist and Aurlst. DR. F. A. VON MOSM1ZISKER, From C'inton Place, New York, haa arrived in tie city and opened his offices at ?27 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, htr<? he cm be ooninjted on Maladies of tbe EYE AND EAR requiring medical and surgical treatment. Dr. Von Mobch2I?kkk j the inventor aal intro duoer into the medical practice of the E THE RIAL EAR INKALATOR, for the t*?*tmerit of obstinate cases of DEAFNESS AXD NOISES IS THE HEAD* lie ! also en the r of the lett*rs published in th New York and Philadelphia papers treat.ce on the p'evention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN NON, fe. Pr. Von M. has lor tee past fourteen yean devoted his special attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, i And fosaeaees the teatimoniala of some ol tbe beat knuwn publio men in the Union, who have bees snocesfclly treatel by him for the RESTORA TlOy OF SIGHT f HEARING. Amongst his letters may be found the following names: Huns. 6. Patch and John MoLe&u; Rev. 6. G. duties. Major C. L. Kilburn, U. b. Army ; Right Kav. Hiahop Clano ; George Gordon, Esq , Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Bage, Esq , Preaident of the Goodhue F. I. Coxpany, New York ; Robert Glover, Esq , Director of the National Bank Note Company, New York: G. B., Ks^., President Bank of the Republic, New Vork ; and m&ry others, amongst whioh are medical men of -sroil known reputation. These letters niay be examined at his office, Patierts wishing tiieu family physician to aoeoiup-.ay them tj witness operations or for the purpose ol ooasultation are at li berty to bring them Medical men will be at a'itimaa welcomed to witness Dr. Von M 's operations, and examine some of the instruments be has introduced for tke fk/ulitAtinn of IJntHahnin and Aural Hnrser. rtt ficlal Eyc? inserted without causing any pain to the patient. Officse hours from 9 a. m. to 2 p. m. and from 3 to 5 P m. ja8 lm LOVbLL.COLLES A CO., WHOLESALE GROCERS, S6 Front Street, New York, and 316 E Street, W ashington, D. C., (caar Willards* Hotel.) Having started a branch of oar New York establishment in this citT, we invite Sutlers, Oroceri, Rcstaurantevrs, and Hotel Kteptrt, to call and examine oar stock, which it well assorted and comprised of goods of the best We take orders for any thine m our line, and execute than yrom?t!y. js 28tf BALMORAL SKIRTS at 8* *0. BALMORAL tKIKTS at 82.50. BALMONAL SKIRTS at 9^.AO. HOOP BKlRTS! HOOF SKIRTS' cloth cloaks-cloth cloaks. Cimim Oct Cheap. WM. R. RILKY A BRO., No. 36 Centra- Stores. Between 7th and 8th S'rests. ja24 lOt Opposite Csiter .Market. PROF. ALEX AM I>KR WOt OWSKl. PIANIST AND COMPOSER, By ;(*n?r&l request will open a diss tor th? Piano and Singing, by His new and sun?lified^*SkB method. In tl is way, an opportunity M[ ffl will bo extendei to all who desire to ao- * ' . quire a knowledge of Vocal and Instrumental MDaiA. nn thd mnat 'iSnrft.1 tmrm? All tliua? vha deairo to join iota ocurae will aaply at one* at hia raaidenoe. No 303 Sixth street, between K treet and New York aveuue. Houi? of reception between 9 and IS o'clock a. m? onTueadaya, T hurt days, and Saturdays. jag lm General burnside's expedition VJT will lan4 within some diatanoe of SMITH'S Clothing Store, ao that every one in want of Clothing, fiata and Capa, can hare free aeoeaa to the Peop!e'i Clothing Store. No. 460 Seventh atreat, oppoail'- Poat t-ifioe, where all kin da of Clothing oan be bmght at Northern pnoee. ja 16-dlm UOF3ES FOR SALE, U. Of ovary, jfv Couatant!* oa hand?Loaiaiana avenue. T?TW MM ttoCwiwIUfbt <UlMtii? MOW IS YOU* TIMfe, TO BUY OVER1^1 oo&u, Pants ud VMU,itN?T York at SMITH'S, No. 460 8?vtuU itiMt, poa.ia rpiUS GRANU ARMY 18 ADVANCING TOI warda SMITH'S. No. 460 8a?*ot(i atraet, to C?t aomaof hu6re*t tfargftiMia Clotbiac, ParcfiliiM Qoodi. Hm ??<< Ca^. j? It-din Wofcrmi Apm%"?fcttiie oicl I'laa. No. 8*fc SlSv!? N?Uobw Hotel, Ujlw^O* rpo OPFlCKRB, bUPLKKS. *?.?ror atls, * la, mo<l?rmu >no?tj| New York faatit four ?TOQSk J 1 SECOND EDITION^ THREE O'CLOCK, ?. M. THE LATEST BY TELBORA1 Jf. _ % Important from the South, tU For* treu Monroe. THE FEDERAL FORCES BETWEEN FORT PULASKI AND SAVANNAH rnxi Titwiti rvnvivni< m ?rr. COR THE GARRISON AT Pl'LASEI! HIS FLEET DRIVEN BACK DISABLED. GREAT CONSTERNATION OP THE CON. FEDERATES. + Haltimoki. Jan Si.?Tbe Old Polat boat ku arrived here, and bring* the following : Fobtbbc* Moxbob, Jaa 30 ?la expectatiaa af idt luucaaiH von. ?waMMi'a(nuinIS ing at lmt two C?a(r(Hl?Mi districts la Nartfc Carolina, Marble Nash Taylor, tbt Provisional Governor, haa leaned a proclamation order lag aa election oa iheSSd of February, to ratify M reject the ordinance* of the Convention of the IStfc of November, and aleofor tbe election ef twa ftepea* aeotatlve* 1b Congrees. A flag of truce w#nt to Craney island this moralag. The following Is from to-day and yeetorday* Southern paper*: ?ATi^siH. Jan 99 ?Tbecity la comparatively quiet No Immediate attack la apprehended Tbe object of tbe Yankee* teems to be to cut any communication with Fort Pulaski. Tbe re were six Federal gunboat* at Wall'* Cat aad even at tbe bead of Wilmington Island, oommandlng tbe channel rf the river. Yaatarday, TatnaU's fleet convoyed two steamera and a tat towards Fort Pul ski with provisions Tbern> (my opened fire upon them, and Ihe battle laated forty minutes. The provision boats and tb* steamer Sampson are now returning. Tbe Fed. erals fired upon the latter, and abe was slightly damaged. Fort Pulaski la now full* provisioned for six months A letter from an olfloer of tbe fort says that the enemy cannot take the fort by an attack. Tiie Yankees are engaged In removlrg obatructions In the channel There are other defenses yet to pass. Tbe people In Savannah are Arm and confident In their ability to defend tbe city. The Norfolk Day Book calls upon tbe ladlea to contribute their old woolen skirts and dreaaea to the Government?the price of flannel uaed for fixed ammunition being so high aa to subject the <jovernment to a serious tax. . The New Orleans Delta says a steamer ten tbe blockade from Charleston, on tbe night of the 13th Instant, with 1.000 bale* of cottt . Tbe vacancy In the Confederate Congress ore*, ioned by the death of John Tyler will be filled by an election on tbe 10th of February. Acgcsta, Jan. 29.?Intelligence received from Savannah states that six Federal vessels entered the river yesterday at tbe back of Little Tybee end passed up to tbe nortb end of Wilmington Island, thereby cutting off communication between Fort Pulnskl and tbe city of Savannah. Tbe enemy shelled Wilmington Island aad fired at tbe Confederate steamer Ida, but no Injury waa done. Commodore Tattnall's fleet was at Thunderbolt. Some pilots who bad refused to give their aarv'rci to the officers of tbe Uurnslde exDeditloa. report tbat tbe federal forces are thirty thousand atrong. and that tbe fleet numbered one hundred and seventy lire vessels. ARRIVAL FROM El ROPE. Prohibition AjalaM Export of Saltpetre Rc> m?T?(l-L?rd Jaha Rasselt an tbe luat Blockade. Niw uu, Jan 31.?Tbe ateamablp Africa, with Liverpool datea to the 18th lnatAt, baa arrived at this port 8h? reports tbat the prohibitum against the exportation o! saltpetre had been nmov It It reported that Lord Ruwll hu sent a dispatch to this country hoping the stone blockade would not be perpetrated at any other port The atate of the markets report: Breadstoflk firmer. Wheat advancing. Coaaola sold for money at 93. * 1 " CONGRESS JO NAL. XX V VI lth leaaiat. Friday, jau-ary 31. Mr U'lils nr?Mn(M1 am naHM?a Cm the enactment of a general bankrupt law, and several for the entire abolition of slavery 1b the Uaited States as a war measure ; which were referred Mr. Grimes presented resolutions nf the Legislature of Iowa in favor of the establishment at an U. 8. armory at Rock Island. Mr. Foster reported from the Committee on pensions a bill authorising the Secretary of the interior to strike from the pension roll all names of persons who take up arms against the United States or otherwise aid the rebels; MM passed. Mr Grimes introduced a bill auiho'ntin* the dfvJll of naval ofllcen for the service of the war Depa meat in Inspecting vessels before troops arc put on board; bill pasned On motion of Mr Sumner, tbe jolat resolution appropriating *35.000 for tbe expeuea of tbe United States' sbare of the approaching World's Industrial Exhibition in London, Wat taken np and debated by Messrs Sumner for it, and Bala and Lane against It; when it vraa rejected?yaat 17, nays 23. Boras?Com mun lost Ions were peesawted from the Treasury Department, tran?nrtt:n|f tbe Statement of the floating debt of the United States. called for by a resolution of tbe 6th instant, tnd from the State Department, transmitting tbe annual report of tbe commercial relations of tbe United State* Referred. Mr. Wickliff Introduced a resolution instructing tbe Committee on M Utary Affairs to Inquire into tbe expediency of pl?clng contractors far supplying the Army end Nary, under military law. Adopted. Resolutions referring to tbe Committee on tbe Conduct of tbe War tbe statement in tbe Chicago Tribune that a large portion of tbe cartridges furnished tbe Burnside expedition hare no nowder in them; calling upon tbe Secretary <>> tbe Treasury for certain statistics relative to tbe Ntw York custom bouse; instructing tbe Judiciary Committee to inquire into tbe expediency of repealing the law authorizing tbe judges of tbe circuit and district courts of Kentucky to bold their courts at Paducah and Louisville; Inquiring of the Secretary of W ar how many regimental tends are in the army, their coat, and if dispensed with the probable effect upon lbe troops; ana idivucv Ids the Committee 00 Commerce to laqalre Into tbe expediency of prohlbltiag tbe exportalior of oak timber from tbia country, were adopted. Billa making tbe annual appropriation for tbe Foat Office and Interior Department*; hwirpwting tbe Wasblagtoa Railroad Company: aad joint resolution of thanks to Col Gsrield foe bla I victory at Mill Creek, Ky., were referred The House resolved itself Into committee of the wbole (Mr. McKnight In the c hair) a pea the annual naval appropriation bill, Mr. Kellry Litlac tbe floor. LATE LOCAL NSW8. Anothkk visitatior rroi* tii Ba a-Rooms. Yesterday, a detvhmsat 0( soldi ess, from ire lltb Maine RwiaMrt, paid a visit to several establishments la Washington, aad destroyed a considerable qoaatlty of liquor at some aad closed others. They eaterea the restaurant of John Pells, oa C street, between Ninth acd Tenth, and denwiMBM nil notuei im nma wTtnl barrels of Hqeer la the bow aoatbraat I corner of F and Tenth atreete, is a grocery, to which they aiao paid their res pacta, after tbe aroe fashion At Kloman'a, on Seventh atreeL they cloeed tbe eatabllahaaeat, aad retro red the barkeeper to tbe gmrdboaae. It la reported that tbe guard alao vltftrd a hooaa la the Beeeeth W ard aad onptled the ooateata of eeraral barrel* th T . A detachment af the 13ih Maine reflact.t *UIted In Georgetown a day or two a!nee a career grocery where tome af the number* af the regiment had beea in the habit af drinking to latex* 1 cation, bar lag firat obtained pernMen of the proper eAeera of the P rarest 6 a ard ta act la the BUU ?T?? ?r-r II _ _ _ spirituous liquor tboy found It 1* rappoM thi r?n eoanr ?? panoW la the nw yeatorday, aad am the <UMwiMi? The loim rmiiltH bjr the p>oprie?ere of all the houoes will amount to a very Urge cum, If they ore 4a aooportloa to (be Mlowiac oatliaolrs ofaevoral of thorn Joha Porimil, eoroer of Tooth and P otreota. loot twelve linaota of Uqooca. valued at abont 400; the proprietor of tbe Model Hooao, coraer cf Ntstb aad P atrooto, bit , about Mft; Joba PeUa, L drtot, bdaooa Ninth aad Toalb, loot, of viaoa^ brand tee, aad otbor tut--. ' ?d ltquoea, la bortala, eaaka aad botbeo. botiaeta ? W aad >MW wortb Nothing w?e broken at Kloaaaa*a, but bio bar koopor mo to^et^t^U^naiywojgdwlUjbava a boarln| . * m ?

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