Newspaper of Evening Star, March 11, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 11, 1862 Page 1
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H[ V I w - et I - B H, B- { V^.H I M ig t ^H" ' '^^Lt S S >JKA ^B|'' s'^ M JS^^B^^SSBSSSESSS^SSS^^SttfisirtiiSi^H^sisMMHis^SS^H^^^^BHSn^SnBHSiiiSBisSSSSSSsSSSSSSSSSSSSSESSSSSSl^^S^ V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C.. TUESDAY, MARCH 11, 1802. IN-. 2,824. i . . "_ . ' * : _ THE EVENING STAR n TUB LIS HE D BVBRt AFTR&NQQ11, (SUNDAY EXCEPTEDJ AT TBI STAR BCIIiDlNGB, Iwwr tf Pmuuil?mim hmm mnd BU?nl* $9. FT W. D. WALLAOH. ftp^n 1b package* by carrten it Ml ftv, or 37 cento per month. To mall nbecrtben Ue prioe la S3 SO a year, to mdvamu; S3 tor all Matt*; si for three months; and for 1m Ou tow moatba at the rate of IS orato a week. 81b fie coplea, om cswrj la wrapper*, two crm. cr Acviitumixt* ihoukl be aeot to the Met before 1* o'clock m.; otherwise they may idl ibmu on til th? ant d?v. LATE FROM THE SOl'TH. From late Sov'.hern papers we gather the following interesting details of affairs In Dixie: ?ow th* vrnonrtiss tut to Escin the praft. The Richmond Examiner says: "The muster rolls just handed in to the oolonels of the 19th and l?9th regiments are the most ridiculously curious documents it has ever been oar luck to encounter In th?ir anxiety to get clear of militia duty, hundreds of the men have at* tached to their names the reoord of some perminiif fniur? or htirrihlii diitumnAp TKn roll# are tbm made complete catalogues of all the ills that flesh is heir to. The great number of one-eyed and deaf men, the prevalence of chronic diarrfcrr*. and rheumatism in ell its varieties, is truly astonishing 8ome parties who, perhaps, could think of bo partkular affliction, hare stated in general and comprehensive terms, that they were physie*ily disabled'' and in >' bad health." Ome old gentleman, wb'> avowed himself a by* poebondiiac. actually appended his will and codteil to his signature Qreat noiflbers Kit* signed themselves " exempted by the Gover* nnr." nnm*rnn? nit5r??nii. thmioh nnl* perhaps making a pair of ?hoe? for a clerk in the Treasury Department, bare followed their names with the imposing announcement, ' em ployed on Government work.1' It is our opinion that this city hai already * eontributed her quota to the army; bat we hope these muster-rolls will be published, that the world may know the meu who would shirk muster tbemselTe', and only parade (in n^v iortanoea a^umed) diseases when their country cell# for rridieri. THK r?OFOS*D COMMA>D*R-IS-? Hllf OF THE BBBBL AB*T. The Examiner says: We learn that there hat been some hesitation in Congress to pas* the bill creating the oflioe of commanding gen .1 r *i t.r orai iu uircci iuc ui 'truiouu ui iuc war nciuru the President decider eu the reorganisation >{ bia Cabinet. The bill, in it? present shape, gives the appointment of the commanding general to the Executive; and in that quarter it it said to be already a foregone conclusion that General Lee is to have thi* important pv-t in the Government. With reference to the delay in the reconstruction of the Cabinet, we may iay that it id reported, in well-informed quarters, that nominations have already been sent into the Senate, and that that of Mr. Matlory as Seeretary of the Navy, ha5, by a large vote, been rejected. THE ARREST OV PR0MI5ENT CSION MKN IN RI^H MOSn. The Examiner of launKlay ha? the following la its local column*: It fats already been announced that the Rar. Mr Boaaennan, pastor of the Universalis church in this city, had been arrested. Wa propose to give a sketch of the hiatory of this reverend gentleman from the time of hia arrival here from tho North to his arrest on Tuesday and lodgment in McDaniels jail. Mr. Bo83ermao is a native of Maine; but for tevaral years previous to 1*41 he had been living in Baltimore, and officiating ?ta a Univeraaliat preacher. After oar signal victory of the 21st of July over the foe at Manasaa*. the President signified, by proclamation, his <le?ire that the whole nation snould devote and set aside the fifth day of Aozast us a day of prayer and thanksgiving. Tnoagh importuned by bis congregation, Sir Bosserman refused to open hU church on thia occasion, and, in consequence, a great majority of the membara hare since that time, refused to attend the church. Latterly, we learn, he has discoursed ou Sundays to only fnvt* tftan^tr?*a it the Planters' meeting, held at the Cilj 1, on the 38th of February. Booerman. aooompanied by B. W.Ward well, the ioe-man, was p resent, and waa noticed to take fall note* of the proceeding*. The *ame two men attended together the adjoarned meeting of the planter* at the African Charch- On this occasion they took no pains to coceeal the contempt and dezuion iu which they held the meeting and ita proposed objeet. On the last general fast day Mr. Bosseraan again refused to open his church, and gave as his reason that Mr. Franklin Stearns bad requested him not to open it; and that as Mr 8 uuu uiuiv ku juuj man ait uie tutigrr^aiitju pat together whatever be said should be door Oa lact jbouday ha preached from bu desk jp church that 41 this ucholy rebellioa ehoold be crashed oat." Ib riew of the eoarse of coa4tot parcned by iVl* mfcVl ain?* fV A Kami' r\ r\ t r\ mm t. f tkn n-uK I* P?t* ?u?u tuv w?|iUUIUg VI w 31 IV UIU not excite surprise that bq order was issued for his arrest. We will now treat of a more recent arrest Mr. Charles Palmer has before, since, and throughout the war, been known as a loudtalking, violent "Union man." and as such has rendered himself odious. But it was generally believed that bis insignificance and entire lack of influence would protcct him, and, in all probability, notwithstanding his noise and talk, he niitfht have escaped arrest, had be not have madenlmcelf bu.-y about Mr- Botts and bis affairs. We might, if we thought them of sufficient consequence to publish, fill a column with the treasonable speeches and remarks said to have been recently made by Mr Palmer: but, knowing his style, we feel assured tho publio will not care to hear hi* moutbinga, The charge against Mr. Palmer ii trrn-?on. K BLACK "r*IO> MA.V'' Allen, slave of Richard Whitfield, was yesterday arrested by Officer Chalkiey, of the -L-- X. ? a . \-itj pviigv, ?u IU3 tuni^o ui U?>1UK proclaimed that "Jeff. Davis wa.? a rebel, and that be i Allen) acknowledged no man it his master." Thia fellow should t>e whipped every day until he confesses what white man put these notions In his head-?Rick;Aon4 tbximintr of Thursday. PAKBOX BROWTfT.OW. W? learn through a gentlemon just from Knixville, Tenn.. that Parson Brownlow ia still lying very ill at his home, and is not expected to recover. f!U bouse is guarded constantly by a detachment of soldiers.?Lynchburg Vireinian. The Kut Tennesaeean, published at Knoxville, has been suspended. Corn after Hackvkfal. K. L Ilolden describe#, in the Coontrj (lenUetsan, the results uf two years when he planted corn after buckwheat, and calls upon bit ^ther farmers for a solution of the diffl... * ?? cuitiee countered, tie rays: I planted a piece of corn last spring on land part of which waj buckwheat the year before; the remainder award land that had been mowed but one year; end all treated alike as nearly aa poeslble. A fair coat of manure was plowed under, then a ?liglit dressing spread en top and harrowed in. The cora was all planted at the same time, the rowa running both wart, bat planted aero*s both parts. Tha re a 111 fr ma* sKava ^ ? ? ? A uv ivcmi ? ?* ? njivi t IUO UUUftWWIt WIS rtiaed the corn ww much smaller then on the award land, not only In the rrewth of atalk bat in the aite and number or ears. In (eat there waa a great many hills on the buakwheat ground that never let an ear, while all on the award part waa well eared and well filled. Now what caused thia great difference? The ground waa all alike, a ?and loam, and waa all needed with olorer and timothy with oata. two vMn before, end that ?*rt Ikit ku( the buckwheat vu sot mowed at all, but (tin turned under before Mwing the buckwheat. Thia waa the aaecnd time taat I had planted oora after buckwheat, and the result the same beth time*. I would like to underatead the reeaen. Brother farmera, pleeae fire u your experieooe In thla matter. ulKSfii"'" ue Y"? DEFERRED LOCAL AR TIC LBS. Deaths or Soldiik*?The following deaths of scldiera have occurred since oor 1m* report: Hoaea Smith, company A, 44th New York volunteers, at St. Elizabeth Hospital Wm. C. Pea*, company It, f&th New York volunteers, at 9t Elizabeth Hospital. J. Johnton. company E, 33d New York t?1ud> t?era, at General Hoapital. .,? Corporal Isaac Williams, company A, Rocket Battalion, at camp. -? \ \ ? Corporal Daniel C. Lane, company 1,234 Pennsylvania volunteer*, at camp. Corporal James Sutton, company B, 10th New York vrluoteers, *t Colombian College. De Forest Clark, company B. 44th New York volunteer*, at Seminary Hospital. l'rlvate Durfee, company B, 9th New York volunteers, at camp. Chester B. crossley. company H, l<>lth Torn?y!va?ta volunteers, at Seminary Hospital. . Henry Decker, company O, 29th New Yerk VnhintarM hi Unnnitil Jam> ? Tilllord, company I, 59th New York volunteer*, at Semluary Hospital. Jamca Correv, eow>panv E, Ht Michigan, at camp. Nathan Plnn, warrant to Oen Porter, at FnipHoapital. Henry Taylor,company <3, 24 Bcrdan'x Sharpahootera, at camp. Wm gkipman, company H, Harris's cavalry, at camp A. I. Fronlngton, company C, 4th Kbtdc |>latd volunteer*. ut Eruptive Hospital. W ui- Todd, company ?, ad D. C. voluntecra, at Seni,nary Hospital. O V. Hibbard, coinpanr E, 11th Maine volunteers, at camp. It W. Huberts, Onuda (N. Y ) cavalry, at Columbian College. J D Carroll, company G, Wth New VetA rolnnteen, at camp. J Patterson, company C, 4tb New York artll. icry, m\ camp. William Effing, company H, 3d Pennsylvania cavalry, at camp. C N Keck wood, company <J, 7th - ; *etts volunteer*, at camp. John Blake, company K, 1st Long Island regiment, at camp Jaine* Caffrey, company C, ?M New York volunteer*, a* camp. Jo?iah Kiele, company (J, 13tb New York vol unieers, ai raiem umce. Henry F. Walte, company B, 4th Vermont voluntee , at Seminary Hospital. NeUon Hopkins, company K, 77fb New York! volunteers. at c&inp. Henry O'Coelo, company 1,5Snh New York vol-, unteer*, at St. l-lliabeth Hospital. John ti:een, company B, ?ad Pennsylvania voW unteers, at camp. After thk Thievks.?The fact of the vast number of thieves and pickpocket* now In the city, and their frequent successful operations upon the pocket* of honest person*, has induced two of our weU known Washington detectives, *V A Q A Ham l n VI 11 - avawaa. *a n mini UUU V/ l\llllUail) IU OUU]Il tb? cooperation of Measrs Hotchkiu and Hogan, of New York, In clearing them out of the city. Tbey auccteded la capturing Edward* Saturday night at the TLeater, on su?p1clon of stealing VIr. Duvall'a pocket-book. 0:ber ptra >ru have notified tLe officer* of their lr?aea at the sam? place. One gentleman lo?t 8130,' another ?20, and another 8190, ail In gold. Edward* la also auspected of picking Mr. Join Petttbone'a pocket laat Monday, In front of WeU don'* wine store, on E, near Fourteenth scree*, by which Mr. P. loat f3H? in money, and' s^me valuable papers On Sunday they arrested another of the profession, known a* "j immy IMevens," who i? alio committed to jail,by Justice Donn. Police.?The Third Ward pstrolmen reported the following cues for SaturdayRobert Holtzam, fast driving; Until SI 58 by Jnitice B&rnaclo. Christopher Dire, profanity; dismissed by Justice Clayton. Mary Reed, atreet beg ear;. workhouse <W days by Justice Thompson Alex. Jackson, profanity; dismissed. Tho? L Humes, destroying government property; fined fs3 Al?e, for resisting the officer; security for court lnjsiio Tbe Fourth Ward patrolmen reported Robert McClelland, assault and battery; jilt fo. cwuit by Justice Barnacio. Robert Adimi, hack roan, re* fusing to attend a funeral when not otherwise engaged; dismissed by Justice Thompson. G. C Hatborn had eleven warrants served up.n him far violating tbe law relating to livery stables: ruled ?,4.1 W? f?-?t? Mt.ll? O * ? ?? ? *?* jutiiLc ivouei, iv. a. r trilling I running a wagon without llcenvj dtaatned by I T n?t1 r# PUwfrtn Qtiuh fkr -to n A mnV ?ni A I/ I v.?" JtMM. ??4U^SHJ Ul Ultft ?7U utavi* derly; workhouae 3o days. Pa.kt or a Bcuus'i Kit.-Oa Friday Sergeant Downn and patrolman Mattingly aearched an unc-ccvcltd building In the Third ward, and diaeover-a la & barrel sunk In tbe ccilar s pair of Spaniah nipper*, luch a? are tied by burglar# {jr unlocking duur* ;rgui im oulalde wheu tie kt-ya art leit In the locka; a blank akeleton ward key. 10 cosstrocted *a to fit any ordinary lock by toe working of t acrew at tbe tip; alao aeverai plt-ce* of lrua made to use wit bom LoUe In forcing door* with tb?? "ilinmy" or "abeepa foot.'' (So doubt they were the property of an expert. Prcatlceanla. A South Cirolin? paper threatens ti:at the whole of the United States -shall be the t?eat of war." Tben tbe war will have a tremend? u.j ?eat? bigger even than Humphrey Mar thall's. AVhllst paper is ao exceedingly ttarcu in the South we can t ?ee why the Confederate authorities are permitted to waste It by printing Confederate notee upon It. An OrAffnn t\Kmxiaao 41 tli* ? ? v?v?wa< MVUVV* 1/tViMICV* l*-? VV?? tpc mantle of bypcoriay from tha ?b?ulJors'' ot' U. S. Senator Burke. Would the fcdikr leave the Senator Starke naked ? Beauregard hag gone to Fort Randolph The trenchea of that fort are eaid to hare been made by Pillow. The Creole will have to retrench. Any United Statee officer ahoald be knocked out of a cocked hat who doesn't do hid part toward* knocking the rebellion into one. '1 h#? rrK#?l fnrt?nw In XannAac** ^>11^*" - ample of den. Price; thej are all tJie time evacuating. Kwrtt Hatter in Winter. L Palmer, Luzerne Co., Pa., write# to Ihe Americao Agriculturist that to insure a thi>>k cream, and "prevent the bitter ta?te which winter milk and butter often have, the milk should be Mt on the stove after straining, and heated thoroughly, but aot boiled. She says the ouality of the batter from milk so treated will be greatly improved. ^WORDS FOR PEKBENTATION TIFFANY * COM \ Noe. MO and Jii Broadway, Now York. And no. 79 Rn Rrcu*u*v, Paart. IMPORTERS AND MANLFAIJTLRER? OF ALL RINDb OF MILITARY WARL*. Soliott the attention of Cine ami Military A*.^ elationa, Oowmandii on National or ?tat? tervioe. Patriotic Claba and mumdaaJa to tiMir larce tock'of ?.CH AM, Tueir a*aortmeiit inoladea the oiioleett BLADK3 OF KNQLI8H MANUFACTURE, identical with thoee made for Wilklnaoe. of Loiidon, worn bj the oflber* of the British Arm. md MMt tt proved bv eaperi*coed fciropsan en'tiiirw tie* the etecutlf w onjht BLADC8 OF BOUNeEN ON TAB RHINE, in Atv? ?nd iniih the r*ooc aised modern t/f?t oi the oetebraUd l)*m*tcut sutl; the exoeileut 4 ad ervioeabte BLAOfcS OP COLLINS, OF HARTFOKD. I BMilea Uum? of other doneetio f&briuftats. JBzst&i: oonenee *11 requisite *<ylee ol orounei.ution. the letbrwd* heiaj oft?iLV*a. Hilv** Glut, BftoNta, PLAi.?or FimiBiLT.tfiLvB* fiatxo muviu Sri 11.. Kiev i wthu,?'? .WUh bfittda oTPiaix. finniTi or kmaiiU fiiLT. or SoLin Mi.vm - tha Oairj aad 6u*ai? ol t!ie iiu variety of amoriaT tbd fioiah, and of tiuir rvfalatloa patiaru or original dMiia Bboatd an arUo; of ^T^_ExTaA?ajauu>i Ifoaaaaca^^ ^ uu o; u?^uaii?Ma?n7^^^aminBl2ot?r? ol Um ahciaaat worfca la gold and atlvar. and iu gan ral arnatto raaaaraaaara aaaaaai guaractaaaof l?? aatufaotory and taatxly jroJuotioo. la anewar to ordert, daafgM and aaumstaa will ba tromgtty ,01 JnVidaali jurohwi^g ?woid? oi Tufky* k Co. ara infurmad Uat avacy aiada waakfabtad to tasta d more severe tbaa thoe^eojoiaad hy Ovvern TELEGRAPHIC NEW8. Additional (tmb Enrspe by tht City ?f WithIt b?d been reported that the Sumter bad appeared ott Hyeres, on tbe south of Prince, on the lfi!h of February Tbe patriotic speech of Minister Adams it tbe . Ameiloan celebration of Wsshinzton*s birthday at London bits been published. Referring to tbe memory of Wanning ton, be s?ld It was welt for Americans to think on hla course at this tl/M. Tbe country was In the midst of a crisis lonir foreseen aod feared; but by Imitating Washing* ton's great virtues tVt wouli conquer and' subdue the malign power ,w*hlch konght to.rule or fuln. Ybe struggle la fearful, bnt there 1c n? alternative An assault upon the government cxtrle* with 11 aggressive principles wnleh.ff not defeated, nrnstTn the end be fatal to freedom. It Involve! the acknowledgement of the prescriptive right of tome men to rule over their fallows, and the government must, therefore, fully reestablish Its fundamental doctrine at every hazard. He eulogised President Lincoln a administration, and expriMt-d his full confidence that he would I hp rntml la t? V Mr. Geo Thoinpaoti aawrted that the effort to create In Fuglanil ? feeling of hottltttf to tbe North had totally foiled Con?nl Mom denoanced the etirae of ilavorr m the aole cauac of the preaent trouble*. Cyrtrt'W Field propoted tbe toaat wf *' England and^America," and spoke strongly In faror of tbe maintenance of friendly relation* He explained away many Irritating subject*, and asserted that It was the moat earne*t dcelre of the Washington Government to maintain amicable relations. Parliamentary proceedtqe* had been enlivened bv a challenge from Mr O'DonoglmetolSlr Robt. Peel for expressions which the former considered prrtonally offensive. Lord Palmerston got scent of the affair, and wemed Sir Robert agalnat making hlmaeif a party to a breach of privilege, and brought theaflalr to the notice of the Hou?*. Mr fVPonoghue apol<*gired to the Hook, but made s?ni? aareaatlc remark* relative to Hir Robt. P*cl. Mr. Mnraeffcll Rave notice In Parliament that oil the 1 itb of March he wtll move that the present state of the national maritime law aa It concern* belligerent* and neutral*, is undefined, un?ati*fartory, and calltfor the early attention ofj the government The army e*tl mates *how a total of over fifteen and a quarter millions *terllng, slightly in excess ?*f hut v?*ar. ' thr pr^lirh hwnxf** rrtnt 1 nno/4 aw ? _ . . ...v? t^vwwiv wii>iitui U *u uruaiC IUC | atldrei* to the Emperor. Prince Napoleon's atrong remarks attracted considerable attention, gome tnemVrs }{8Te utterance to strong antl-Engllsh sentiments, but were rebuked by the ministers. The War la Tenaessee. TUR LATEST YROM MEMPHIS., March 10.?An Intelligent gentlemu from .Memphis on Wedueaday report* tbtt the clt)?"i?8 there are greatly alarmed at the aspect of aifaln, but were relj lag on Fort PlUow, near Fort Randolph, for ihe defense of tbe citr. Very few troops were at Memphis. Tbe legislature had scattered, after several Is.?* .? I r> a ? ? ~ a ~ * * ? cucutuai aucHipn iU irailB&Cl D\IS1HCIS Gov Harris was greatly excited, and wax fifing about from one southern point of the State to anotter, with little prospect of suoceedlng la Lis efforts to jaiiy the people to bis aid. A BXISK SKIRMISH 15 TKNNKMR1. Loduvilli. March 10 ?On triday nigbt laat a quad of cavalrv, under the rebel Col. John Mcrgan, attarked the Federal picket*, fifteen mllea aouth of Naabville, taking two prlaonert and a'.x government wajzoaa. party of Ohio cavalrv went out in purault cn Saturday, attacked the rebel*, killing four and eapturlne eight, alao recovering the alx wagona. Tbey are now In hot pursuit of Morgan'a gang, nnd are confident of catching them. A Battle Supposed tt be Going at Haw 1IIMUI 1U Cairo, March 10.?A dlapatch from General Pop?'a column aaya bia force* have reached Maw Madrid. Heavv cannonading baa been beard Id that direction. The enemy are Laid to he ioatrong force there. tuUl number af torpedoea found la the I rlwrtbua far la four hundred Exciting news from New Madrid la expected hourly. Large gang* ot negroea hare been working on Forta Randolph and Pillow, on the Mlwlaslppl river?the former siouuta 100 guna. The Gaabaat Oacatah. OoaTON, March 6.?The gunboat Dacata'a brought la to-day the crew of the acbopnar Idalla, from Philadelphia for Halifax. The idilia waa hiuui/uiu ai bco ua b?c nu lastam, in ui. \v, hw.r. The Frigate Vernaeat 3osto?, March 8.?The V. 9- aloop-of-war Dacotaa and Sao Jacinto have arrived from a cruise in search of the frigate Vermont. They report that they saw nothing of her. DKALKR9 IN WATOHES Would d?? well to oali aud examine ti.a stoek of 8. A J. MYERS, wbioh they are selling & per oent. tower tfcan anj other house ia the oity. 10 ^faahiogtun Daild1B*. ________________ WATOh MAKLRtf Will ?av* tiueand troabit v v br oeuiuc "a ?. A J. My liRrt to purofcaae Watch Material*, Watoh tiiaaaea, TioTf, and 1 ipwo;;?r?- joouing material#, 10 Waeiiinf toe 8BB k. J. MYESd, havinc ittderaUKhl t'aat ?* - 1 era! traveling pe<fiari> represented that the? are ooauected With Uisir houae, and Mlling I an frfermr artlote, they take tnia meaeuse in in-1 forming tUe trade that thor are In no vai oonneoUa.1 with any kouao or agents in I ii> oiti. I lO* Branob of Boston flouif-10 Washington I Building, \V*8iun!fa>u. fe 8 W A ni I/O* DITUDL'D ai/iL/w ? v uvnn DVU 1 D L# AND 6H0BP. AH !? ?. at J B. PUDNBY'8, 3vl4 J'enu atenae, back of Drr Hood* store, MEN'S mVHUIiR BOOTS ? AND SHOES. At J. B PUDNKVV,fe ia-tf afli Peon. a?.. Book Huoa.

WrKOt-FEK TO MILITARY MEN a tarte aeeortroeai ofOR E v tadilLUbKLANNhL which w*e*7nvue a 1 eMh a'arobaaera U> exainin* before making tu*ir aeleotioa*. WALL. STEPHENS 4 CO . m 3 322 Pa. av ,ratwe:ii 3th ami 10th ata. QKCIDED BARGAINS. Linra Goods, a fall aaeortmont alt kinda of the beat Krobr* idenea and Pookvt Handkerchief*, reoent aappliea 19 all iraaea, 1 Pine an* mfOium White Flaneela, P.atn Wbi'e and Plaid Camorioa and Mnalina. All of the above at one proverbial!? low arioe. noAT*?<J in p.*in fijnraa, the actual eaalt standard HiafM * "" gfiBffsfJBft:to roh 7-Q*. Pwid. arana* and 9th *. W%"4^4TWR AWft ??3 w" fSS&SgST*" >..u ""ar.^ Twrn - 5?OfA*TNK*tfHIP. w^SK^*^r^a^,$2rs in oop?i^B?no? of tha death ?f one of tbe firm, the ?If5 will aweaftor t>*earn?<1 onunder the name SfiEflJJMi?**** to at tka moat raaaooabta anaea, uauaiiii mr ?ui i?Torm, wo aopo ?or a oontiDUia*e of tbe mud*, at oir oi MMMtvaaBl.oiU yftrr""9U aangfr g'KivjiCT"WKW TOR* ?W>W6,K QROCERY! NfcW TEAS, OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA COfrPER, EXTRA BC6AR-OURED HAM8, And all oUMr kinda of FANCY GROCERIESJ Fur salt by WM, COR WIN BUR6Y, Importer of Taaa, f? M Comer of I ftoH ADAMS' IULP*BB8 COMPANY. NOTIOa OF REMOVAL* M,UTi,? "^WA.T.OOM. A t U? PH?io?al 9. ?7? Nuijtvir ^S?^feaaraBk1 V or ri ci al. fJULEASURY DEPARTMENT, JL ~ Fiihcaky 4, 19W. None* ii Hum oivia.of the readiness of thta Department to redeem the Treasury aotea payable }n one year from date, authorized by the act of Omgress approved December 33d, 1867, and the Treasury note* payable In alxty days from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved 3d March, 198V Interest on Treasury notes of the above Isauea wni epue on tfte 7th day of April nut by term* of those acAC respect! w;Iy. feS-tap7 i i Department of state, Washinotoh, January 95, IBM. The Secretary of Put* will hereafter receive Member* of Congress on buslneas on Satnrdsys, ooaineaoliig with Saturday, the first of next month. Jan *Mf WILLIAM H. HEWAHP. WAR OUPARTMKNT, JANVAIY SI, 1MM. OBDn>T>, That the War Department will be cloved Tuesdays. Wednesday*. Thursday* and Fridays against all other business bat that which relates to active military operation* In the fl?td Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representative*. Mondays to the business of the Public. EDWIN M. BTANTON, Jo 22-tf Secretary of War. AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS! ^e Mtre Eaillih or French RibMth, mode to toll. b?t not to keep line. Why *hoa'd to American buy a foreign Wateh, when he can (ft ? better ard cheaper one at home? Why ahould an American needlessly enrieh foreign Wateh mannfaotur** at the exyetiee of our own artisan*' Why should an Amerioan sentl gold to England and France, our oorert but bitter enemta*. whea gold is so inuoh needed at home I Why sitoald an American Itiy an imported Watoh, whioh, m nine oas?* out of ten, will oo?t more to keea in nrdur far n iu wMr ?ti?? >t' m*t>i_ ual price, and which vw never intended to keep time under any circumstance* f Why ahonll Americana not patronise more tenerally American manufactures, and thn eiranoipate themaelvea from the thraldom of English capital, French faahione,and Continental fewcave? The Amerioan Watch Company'* Watches are particularly adapted for soldiers' use, being moat substantially made, and not liable to get out of order, ei'her in marching, riding, or fighting. gold by M W. GALT & BRO., 344 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington. Whole#ai? ordera ahou'd be addressed to ROBBINS * APPLETON, A f rata of the Araerioan W&toh Company, fe 28 ,m 193 Broadway, N. Y. NERVOUS DEBILITY. OR 8PKRMATOH RBlF.\ ? A permanent and l&at> ( CURE for thia t?rnble tfiaaaaasay ba obtainad ul th? AdveMi??r, who ha* thu ourad hiiii*e!faod. u^?^t0-tLy, nnridrcd* of oth er? Enoloae one tt&iuj>. and addraaa Moz 174, Ghari?town. Mw>. mh 6 lis QfcEAT B A R_?*_4 IN8 I THE TRADK8UTtERS! The ubtoribor intsads oiosinf out bncioeae oo the 15th March, and will ?f:l >is entire ?tock of Prov tlona at cost. Aiaoaiot ( nupertor C tiara of diifarent bramJg- a/ about 65.000. wn or: v&aoon ignt<l to bin aud will be acid at the ooat ?rice C*Jlau4?ae- Aiaa,OD?of Ui?bMtbn*iDMaataadj IE th4 oity to let, JOHN F. f HROMH, mh 6 1 w* tioru?r if >Sth Mil G ?U. C URE- COR NS-B UNIONS. MR. IfEKUaiAT, turgaon Ckiropodiat. from f?rta, b?ca to inform *011 thai mh aily renters Corns *nd Ua-.i" j without Mia, *o that tft* ?l?oe oan be worn Immediately *f er the operntiun. witaoat iooonroui^noe. Also Smwi aud other pernooun He?h from the hand*. ^tli&tthey wiii *pp?ai pmall eud delio&te. No. 15 4)t ?t'oet. near Cuy H*U. Charge* uiuJerate. inr Refers to the doctor* of Waaht. iton *eneraifyT_ iTihe tf SH CHKNCK'H HKA. W BED TONIC. FOR tha.oire of Dyspepsia. N^toui YVeakn**a. (*?nerai uebiiuy, Bear and Biok ftomach, Palpitation of the Heart, and Ml dinette* amine from a cieordered condition of tneg.nmaah and Organs of Diceation. which are frt^ueiXy great y ;u aired in Consumption The SEA Wfcfcl) TONIC ia a atlmalant dietilled earefpUy from the aea weed and telp. which are found in treat abnndauoe on the aea shore. The ttea Weed Tome U a iuii>), pUaaaat drink, aa pure aa tlie beat Prenoft brandy, and possesses the peculiar property of enaWing the atoroach t? eouvert ihe food into healthy thus forwarding the prooeaa of digeatiua, without whloh toe general hralta and ?treugtk of the ay stem oau not Be maintained TUie wotdarful power of the Sea Weed To io will acooant for the lapidity with whienyiont peraona gain fi**h while takir.g it, and which, unlike other stimulants, doea not leave the system prostrated when its h se haa been abandoned, aa it ta distilled from aea weed after mo ihb< uisiiucr m jirriBioi rpirm is irotn tlie near can*, It ia, tnarefore, entire!/ harm!e?s. ana free from the injurious properties of corn whiskf or alooliol. which form the rain of almost every Sitters. The direotiooa are te take from ahalfteawme class fall immediately after each mea , aud for the patient to find oat what agrees with the stoaaoli, ana take what he eats wall mastioated. When the stomaeh is rery weak, and apparently in an nloerated state, it Is b6tter to eat nothing but stale bread and batter, fat meat, fat of fowls ot any kind, beef, mutton, lamb,bat no kiod <. f ?alt men, beet's i narrow is also verv aond The Tun in uii direct)r the food. apd turns it toaaouty substance called eohyuie, the &rst process ofdifesU?VR. J. H. 8CI1ENCK will be at hii u-nli (8. B Waite's, I corner Louisiana avenue and 7th at., oa Wednesday, February 2*th, and Wednesday, Marsh 38tb, to see patients complaining wit'i Coughs, Colds. Liver Complaint, Dytpessia, or any disease leading to Consuastion. He i ves advioe without aha'*e. unless they wantathorxnch examination with his Respirometor. then his fee is three dollars. Pnoeoi the Pulntonio 8ymp, #1 per bottle or 05 per ha>f doasn. PrioeofSea Weed Tomo, 91 per bottle or |i per naif Cozen. Pnoe^f^Undrake Pills, 21 oente f?r box. o rw wq.ouaR^ improrj^ |>T w^biehJhFentire flaro/acd ??? <j{ the Urttei "flie PKARL SALOON. 818 Pena. avenue, op poeite Wiuaraa' Hotel, will open this evening, ( jm of the globe ligfcta) with ita improved manrer of taaming, aeatneea of ftttiag.aLd order oi eer ioe. All aeairiuga laxari will be rewarded l?j oa!ling. Superior aa&Qty of Freeh Salt Oycter* oooatantiy on hand to eappiy Hotel*. Satleia aad Paauliaa, u> ahell, kef, or oao. Faniliee' order* delivered oa abort nonoe. Choice Cigara at r?a aonabl* ratea. t?8-iw>* WPR1NO CASOlMKRES. Alao, median tad v5.fino cHttha aad Veatinga Navy Siae Cloth*, Hannela, aad Oeaaimeree. tninw. Ti??, b.ov??, Hair rtr?e, UmD'aw4? I-k8t BUuirtUebi Undershirt*, Oar Northern and EMtero oorree^ondenU Mad MM?cnrpliM daily. On??ro?cnir. iheaotnai oa?h ttaniard valve, marked in ?l*m fif are*. An laayaotionof stock iaeur* bo oMication to fwokwa. FBHUT* ^KO. " _ ? ' if Pens. av?nue and Ninth aft. ! <ctk1nwa.y * hon'8 okl.kbma.flcd pi- i o anl) forte*.?thaaa lutnunoaukj^ At All tiraca iMtmd tbt firat areininm ovepA'l ounra, wherever aod wbaoav er tr et o*me idooibyautioo. t>tuawmmMmm fariwmn A Area Awortaanl of thaa* uwtranaata 11 Alw%ya to m jbau>4 M thell njy One 7 ootav? 4 rotaa Aornar Chiokenni'^^no traaia(or +<?5. fcu_ 3M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. / -V/ ? GniLG DFPRE. _ j ^ J lUt Received and Opened, A large and irft-class aUek of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: 8U9AJC8, of all grades, TEA8, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, ^ MAILLARDt* CHOCOLATK, Ac., Ac , Ae. AU of which he ofl'era at krwtet cash prl<*?. TIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 berreie Ma^aolU, IW*> barren XXX, 500 barrels MUlen Rye Mooo?g*teta, WO tramii ftae Old Rye, 500 barrels flne Old Bourbon. AT CINCIlfSATI rhlCEB. AU the fevorftA brand* off CHAMPAGNE, Mumm Verxeny, Green Peal, HeidMck. MtVl.k a -?-* ? ? ? xai' a. i/rjup omgni low, we MTPf at nnUFJAliy low ram. Also, Sole Agent tor PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. fob 14-tr Smith Sl Brother'* pETpp /A ft BESESI PP PPP AA1A LL EE PP PPP AA A A I I. Kf P?? PPP AA A A LC i't.KK PPPPP AA AA LL F.KEE PP A AAAAA A LL KK EE AA AA LL BK PP A A AA LLLLLL KEEF.rEE PP AA AA LLLLLL EEEELEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX x\x XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX X\X XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXXXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXXV\ v v T v v v v v v v m M m m \w &t \xx\ m m /A fcfc fiHEH A A A A 11. A AAA A LL AA AA 4-C EEEB AA AA Lli tliKK AAAAAAAA LL AA AA LL EE AA AA LLLLLLL > EEEEEE AA . AA LLLLLLL EEEEEEE irrnioi AMBER AL?( PORTER, AW AEW YORK BROWS STOUT, fn VTkolt, Half, mmd CftArttr Cai*r, BROWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND 110FS. BREWKRY, 18th Street* between 7 th and 8th Artatu, NEW YORK. feg7-d;jea _______________ JAY COOKE & CO, BANKBHB, I No. 4*8 FTJX?enth 9?n?*t, opposite Treasury Baildinfs, Washington. In oonnMtion with oar Piulatlaiphia Honee we have opeiieil at No. OU Ftlteentii street, an ofioe tar thu tTRr?Ri\ti<iT1 i\f m. a?nara! k'waka*^ 1 ?-V.V - * ? ?V?VI Hi LtAVUttUIVl VVUW tier iwkI PtrJrir.K UsiinMi. tvebai m.'t dell C-nn, l-ncn^ert Money, Stooks and Bonds (on eommi-?ioo.> Drsits on American and Enropoan oi tes, reoeive Deposits, and tnake Collaotions upo; ail accessible points <e? Iro JAY COOBE A CO. BOOTS AilO SHOES TO Bill T H K TIMES. We are now iranufactunnc aM kfnds of BOOT# and SHOES, acd oonstantl; rec agAs supply of eastern made vork of srerr il(>Mi soriptiou, madaexprsssly to order, sua w.lif ] M anlH Af m. w- - ivwvi yi IUW U1?U l.UI ltt>u ho-etofure ohargod in ibis cuy lor uiuoh (o/enoi articles. Pereona in waut of Hoots and Shoes i>f eastern or city made work, will aJ trays find a ktm>4 assott inept In store and at the l?WMt prions. Give as a all. eRIFFiN A BRo.. - *""* 31t P-cpsTivaata avecae. NOTICE. g??M ? ADAMS' KIPRKH8 COMPANY." This Company offers to the ?oi>!lo M I'naauallad J^r.vantt*es" fortce t<a/e%nd Quick Piapatofc of aomry t reignw, Vfciua; !? , Monty, &*. Jto.,to lii parts ofUipUiuMdStatue. Kkpreats* to aud from the North ud West 4afmni ftud imre 1b Wa*?iajt<">n tvico <Ul:y, ! fefte^ttwuMMsre 1(1 ejT%r*fl 0 ? * All Pe3n2tw^fo7 Ifca Baldiara etmM M "oiri WJJJt" omr iml niM. ill Qooci for tLa *>-oal!3d "Confederal* BOUM" ad all Artiolea ,rContrabaa4ol War" wtilbe Ktmp. Oar Kiiumw Imre firrw York UU ud I P. T,tu? in WathiaftOB at A. M. aad Ut I . ^KtreMM Uava Pkilad?l?hiaat L? A. M. ud 11 f-jtx BrrtvlAK In Waehtaiton it ?.*>>. A. U< LiprewM leave Banner? it 4 Jn A. M. ind I P. M , unnrj is Waahiagton at JL M. tad Mt kxjreeese for all aoiota North ud Wert leave WaaniaxtoB at7J0 A. M.andlJD PTM. daily. 8facial Coutraota for large auantitjee of Fm<At ud be made on mi >cauoc to thie < 'Bee. All Oeeda oaJed Tor and delivered ft** of hxirt atariee. E. W. PAftftOwS, B?yt Adama' E&preea Compia*, Waahtnrton, Autaatn. IM1. aatt-tf 1H. O. HOOD 8 Conataktly racetvtnc.aiul Uae a'way* on hied, a fall anpp j of aii the utoU ?-:el?rated Rv WATCHta thai are aaiuufvjtured ;o L-* f^j laad, Bw.tierliud i' J Aroeriaa. both in GoY^M* ?cd :*i!r<w oaaee. Ht aiao k?Ma irje ol Kiae /EWtLRY of the mo>t deetrabie ?rtjfe?eei witu Diamonda, Rm?ra|ot, Rabtee aol ml other v ..uw, mmm IllMHlVUIUI 1U( ?li il'UI UJ CU IV fcta d?rd Sliver Wue.tad keeps Bwurd*. K.e*ulV?rs. Sword B*U srd Hm&m, Bowie Knives. fcaaors.Beis-ors, Sold, Silver and fuel rpeotwclea, sod a (rest variety ol other things sausl y kept ib a J ewe r? Stars, aod a 1 at ths very lowest prioe. No. 339 Pa sveuue, batwsen ttn and MKh streets. fs 'S-if 462 464 fM| ieirttwToJwi.NEdtaRANblKS.eiNS, tsasnz iat Waelesale Pnoes. _mi , CK>^AM*Aty,?iuhKts and littles, for Dark or ?sai] i bm Ths pa Uio in general art rsJ nested to give than a oaM and examine their 's.'wBikTHRllMKR * OO. 468 Md m atiwU strait. 4* tl-$m ; otpaTvo*'. oik*. /^ I FURNITURE! f* FURNITURE! ^ ftfjjfel FVRNIlVRB! - |f| Cut MX CtiUd, Cotta**, fWior tad Dlnia*ro in. Kb nitug??Thorn'* Bulaini, M6 Mvecu - waoumttiNe ,?.*], rr>aix^ for th* anciw?in>4a. THS WK1KLY STAR. Vk> IW>lim KUfcUj U4 H(?l JttVNl ? wmfclmiac ? ffW wWi it tawi. tag Uu ?n ta t*u< ta say iia n ? PrWUy ?OTH|. km*im ?rr, pm iunWH..MN.ji m r?* *pi?.~....?.i Mi ???????? ? ? M>M>. I 11 ianrUklyMWM?M"WnkUfiH urnthat few mad* fV OatJf t*wi?r Smf tlmM (OMnOly varoof boot Uc coaafry. CT-PtBR* erplM (la vnppm) ?aa to p?* ?are4 at tfce counter, lirmedlMrlr afVr tk* Ism of ?be paper Pr(o^?THREB CRMTt*. HELM HOLD'S GENTLNE 1'REPARATION. HIUHLJ COIfCEIfTRATED*' Compound Fluid Kxtrmet Bicbi, A Mi SfrifU Htm* if Vr DiMHM of U* BZJLDDEB, KlDNK VP. ?R AVLL,tBd DROPSICAL BWELLINB8. J lis M*<liein* Iccm*** th* power of DicMtoo*, tb? tiuiiliRTt into I n thy aoum. VJ w inua u>c wtTUT PI ctkTIIOTI S<pON'innlt abd ?1 vh??tve&l m.Mn?ri i * roaueoa, u we b *A<.> A>;. i.trLxxsAi ^r<. MELMbOLl)'M EXTRACT MVCHO Ko? ini.u f-om Ki-MfN Han. ?f DiaajpaiMO, Ear!* 11 d;aortt on >v 4' uae. Attmdfd wit* ikt FbTlouimg S^ntr imu .* fBdlapoattion to Kxetfcoa. Lo?? of Powr, Loea uf termor*. Diffioaif oi I'reatiuaj. W?sk N^nree, Tr?mf> trf, H.-rroi of " k?faiuo?a, Pimr v -si-'-,, l *ia ic th? llao' , C'riT-r?a LAtftKadfi of Ue Ma* ?-?noin. Hct Uau4). J 'nehitu o? the $adj. wrr1?" "I 'Ti*, r rBpt!o?i? on rw. TaiLIU COVXTKKANtX. TbaMerinttrmi, tf a o?4bi ?? * , vbtok tkS? to *d l cue m??> i?My rerr.ovoa, h?d to iuw? IMPOTENCY.FATUITY. EPILEPTIC PITS. to mm ?/ wki'k tk* Pmtiml ?Mf Evy tr?. Who oan ?*y t>>a? t*?~v *' ~'n fV??<onctlf IHlowod by tftoa? "iMwii. -INSANITY ANDCOPIMPTIOV Many ire s wars nf the ??f? o?t%?tr mflerra*, H( MOHl WILL OOI?*k??. THK RKCOHDSot TUK iNBANK K*\ LCM8 And tk* Kummkciy Dtaik* by r??v?ii>llM. ?*x* A?rrLi wrrw m m? tm? or tbb Mitttiom tBB smawiWoHf^Bs.0 4 tiro* the m4 of m?dicin<? to trpaftiieo nd IcTl{?r?t* th? m?!?b kioh HELMBOLDTS EXTRACT BU<'HO vfttil will ooinmicB m ?o?t mbwcau FEMA LES- FJiMA LE8- FBMA LA8, OLD OR YOUNfl. gl.\UL.K. MARRiKi , OR COPITFMPLATING MARRiAOk In M**f AJftttimu Ptrmltur to F$maUt the fcitraut Uuol.u . tDMci.r il tij ftoy.eUur :?n> e^y, m in Chioroai* or R?tecUon. Irr fu *-itf Pticfuln**, Or ?u?premor. o! C?(ut*-> Ijtm Q&liuD*. u Cfijif'- or ^cnirruus ? *?;? ui m- hi ra?, rjfttcorrh?* or White*. ?teril:ty. a^a for ill oomp'sioU incident to the ih, wbetter ariaiQg from IntfieoretioD. Rahiuof Dissipation or in CM DECLINE OR CHASUE Of LlkEl l> SYMPTOM* ABOVB. 50 FAMILY oHOILD EE WITHOUT I*. Tmk* ? mett Swim Kt'-irj er PfcwiUMMs -. ft - A ^ J J KmnT tmmf EELMbOLD S EXTRACT MUCMU CVtM AICBKT UiltAIXI La ali tkftir "U?es; ft utt.? Ki^eiv* uU or bo suet* 10 Die*: No ' /fnA Ac ttZPC9%If#. Itotuei ? fr?^c nt deitre a c (Itm atre&xtk W L'rlntl*, 'heiewj Rem. . _4 otatmet ?a?. PpRMntinr ml 0%. t r.? < ?r - ? *- ? _ . - _ w? - >W? > ' 'WV? ? w: biiC \ rCtET** A.+jiut ?*4B aiid imi?n.niMioB.s* fra*u?ut in the (..?> . J -r?.e? ?r.c ih &( Pmmmw. ui vr* na Matter, THMUSM OPoN TBOOtAMD* ITfiO iilF? ???> 7HA W1CHMB OB QUACKS. tad who a?T? * *? '**? to tw oarod m a *b?ri time. liavefouiiU ihfy were deceived, no th?* U>? "pO!?ui" hu. t'J li?e B?e oi "powtrju. bo^n dried if *2 *ut to Ws?k oM it ju. fci ; ftnUc form, *a4 TAMMAfB AJVMA MA RIAVE, I fNttLMIOyDf Kiril f |??|| I ftU bffMSMia fcnu ol'VMes o f u.? tftlS UT OU.UAJTR, Wk>U?r uurunc n I1AU OR fKMAXJK, frtm vkMierrcT <*??? r-rlt>atinf aod ? atcur ajrt Lon? iriiiuiiie. Dlammmtl tie* Orc*&* r???l ui ! a DiniTM, UBLMBOLD S BIT&AC1 BUCHU MJ THE 8RKAT DllRKTIO, ?J>4 la MrlkiD to h?T? Ike dMirad t|Ml la wkith it u ru0mmt*J*4. btu>x*ci or m votT ".hpopsxiu urt> mmklXXLX CE/J.ACTM nmw?i?fiiT un avaioiBM. CERTIFICATES OP CVREt. X roa u> e ;ew?' ctAc?!M *itt w**tKu?nce'apio FAKE. 7 -FBTSlCiANSr PLEASE "NOTICE.* va kakb "wo cut" or "tmuinm.1, HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT Bl'CHll wommuu oi DICHI, winwi UdJUUNT U?rTMa looted with (rOftt care by I ctrjotoui drmcciat. PRE PAF-ED JJ TIOUO, BT H. T. HELHUOLl), IMUMi Hid Au*.ytc?J CbeiqiM. and So - Mm cl&cTurer or HKLMB0LD8 QKS UOTI P&EFAJLAT10&U. AMDA'. Parjonallr ftMMUTM oefor* n?. as Allwuiiv S. city *r PbiladVlffcia, k. T. Hbu>?oli>, waa hoc dnlr awe c, aofb Mr Ui preparations ooataia no aarootio, no nerovrv. or utaor mjorioarf dr?c?, bat ai* * ? atablo. Sworn and .abaanb* tX7 J? *k *???# . Novvni-^f, IBM WM. P. Hi Andaman, Nintt ?t.. hort Rim, Jru a THTMC1AN8 I If ATTENDANCE mOM H A M. TO 8 P. M. Trl? SI r?r ktttlt, ?r ib tor V*. Delivered I* aaj addrwa, Moiraij pMiK bmrntiM. AMiw totters tor utonutoB la MBi?? at ML T. BEU1BULJ). CWuo, Pteii. VM Boatt Taalk at. Mi* * C&Mlaai PU)a i t* |?| 1 ?/?^ j? ? U-i BEWARE OF COWTCTMFKIW ajt2> wnmitreirLMD d**lkmb vjt* n)?*or to di?f-#e -of ikV on' "attar artioiM oa Ui? ro?otono > M .3-44 ffirtiy-liia, M? m Mm **-?>. I?U br I. B. WAiva. X. ft. maMAM, i*n Wan. IS. C. FN* ft B. Kmviini, Jft O HiiNt Ik B. Ol^u. lanrsu. * un ?i ft. MaJW. WUIUUM U4 tMrfMYl. IAMJ) ALA DM WVU1BT8 MTJUJWMMMM ABK VOB DUDOLDtL -i .s? i u.r ; MNiiKK M wrnnf

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