Newspaper of Evening Star, March 24, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 24, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. DBFERRJtD LOCAL ARTICLES. . ? I.K trm at IVmlu Csapkl.?Kev.Mr Mil hnri'i lecture, "The life and character of Aaron Burr,"' was well attended Theapeaker brl? fl v reviewed the youth of Burr. 1 i whuh. he said, he gave unmistakable evi dence of the of uiai' he wa* to be Hit pa rent! were pioua and iuUurntial, but died when be wns ab.iut three year* of age HI* perverae ne?a *? remarkable, allowing nothing to over come him On one occasion he ran away from Din tiDCir wy*J u.iu iairn uim ui iu?i?r aurr tur dr&tb of bit parents, and went to sea; and when on the return of the vessel he taw bin uncle ?omlng down to the wharf to induce him to re turn h*1 ran up in the rlguing and by threatening to throw blu:vlf overboard be extorted bis term* At to the conditions ou which he would return. His college life was then reviewed, in which his old habit* still clnng close to him, rebelling nyainst the discipline and giving the officers a jjreat deal of trouble After a revival of religion in Princeton b* went to Connecticut in 1773 and studied divinity; but after be had studied it be considered religion formed his opinion and for ever set it aside. Thus, said the speaker, did the youth of 1- dispose of the old man of H). He tben followed Burr through the Revolution, and noticed his conduct on several occasions. As he was on his wav to Oneber to loin Montaomerv. he was met by a mewr.ger from bis nnele Timo thy, wbo asked blm to return borne. Burr threat* ened to have him bung, when be produced a let ter, entreating him to return, and also a purse of ^old. and after sheddinsr tears, be pat both In bis pocket, and galloped off He was afterwards in vited to become one of the military family of Washington, but be soon discovered that Wash ington knew him to be what be really was?an unscrupulous libertine?and procured an ex < hange. At Valley Forge, there was a company of rebellous soldiers, who were dangerous to the army, and who had been separated from the bet ter behaved and disciplined troops, and Burr was placed in command of them, on account of bis Vnown severity. He took command, and bsnce forth they were ordered out at any and all hours to drill, sometimes at midnight. These men formed a conspiracy to kill him, and It was made known to Barr. who forthwith had the bullets drawn from their muskets, and ordered them to parade at midnight The time came, and the men were on the field, and aa Barr wai passing down the lines the leader sprang out and present ed his piece, but before he could pull the trleger the sabre of Burr had taken off his bead. This quelled all the revolt. Hi* career as a lawyer, and hi* married life were briefly reviewed fie seemed to be tbe master of all doubtful art*. He took no decisive steps iu politics until after Washington was President. when he rami> out as an anti-Federalist In 17*3 he wa? made a'torney* general of New Vork by Gov. Clinton. In l?!?l ne was made United States Senator. If is pottti f ? 1 f ntf'triiP Wi c tiAurn Kr iHar-tinnln.f ? ?>. ncr ItiAleb he worked for himself, and b?-w he came to be Vice President. But after all hi* In trigue his political auccea* ended. The speaker then reviewed the causes of the duel between Hamilton and Burr, and paid a high tribute te Hamilton a-* one of the best friend* to the con-itry, while Burr lie clawed among the worat traitor#. The after life of Burr wan-then reviewed, when he roamed a* an outcaat until he waa eighty yearsvtaj?e, when hedUd unmotirned. The speaker then c.osed bv drawing a compar ison between hiin and Hamilton While the nation mourned for Hamilton, even hia political eneralra j>^n1ng in tribute to bia memory. Burr lied t ie death of an anregretted traitor in Ul life all waa vanity. Sri'XKMK Court. March21 .?Stewart I. W.M.d ford and rharlp* \V* J?rlr>An . f v..? Vork, wvre admitted attorney* and counsellor* of tals Court NoJ7U Won. F. Tarner, plniiitiil'hi error, v? Mablon L). Ogden, Tnwlw id tbe Chicago Laud Compaay. In error to tbe Circuit Court of tbe Inited States for the northern district of Illinois. Air Justice brier delivered the opinion of tl.e Cenit, i*veni*i: tbe judgment of the said Circuit Court, with costs, g:id rrwamliiig the cause, witli direction* to awards a veriftr ftr.iaa de novo. No. Jt7 iiyram li. Miner, pU; lit iff ill error, vs Amiiert Wllloo^bby etui. The motion to dis miss tbis rause was argued by >lr Stevens in *op port IV.tof, and by Mr. Coombs In opposition t jerpU'. No. 407. Wyruiii 1) Miner, in error, v.i. Auiberst Wiiiougbby et al. In error to ti??* S?> prenie Court of tbr r*U(e id Minnesota 'i'lits writ was dismissed for tbe want i f jurisdiction. Ki-part??lu tbe matter of 'I'bos I! Valentine ci al., a<*Jgners nnd legal representatives of Juau Miranda <lu the net it ion fura urrit nrm?mi>??i> To the Jsdke of lbr District Court of tb?* I'aiUd state* frr tile sortbfra dlntrlrt \>t California, tic. The motion for a Biandaii.u* in tUI* cause w.n ?rg led by Mr. Black itikI Ui Urrm ih Nippon thereof, and by Mr AUviurf General BaU-s and .Mr. trrrinnnK ra opposition thereto Adjourned until Monday. Thk Tax on Ga*.?TLc irdcnil revenue fr??in ^?a. arc ordiug to th*- pro^t?fd t.?x in ibe llmxr bill, will b*- nearly * i .?* <> t*? 'I'ue iatest rrtiir'".. of ga* consumption New York will pay a tax of about Vi- -.- W, Philadelphia Slu~> 1*0, Boston *-50,uui, IIrttoklv 1 9l<i,?50. ('>m>)nnati >21,(? u, and otber eittea from S!-,UX? to HI it*). lj" Among the Mter* found by our to'diers in tii<- rebel e*inp at Nojniikr l?liud. va? oi.e from a young lady In the Somh to iter lover in the rtb-laraejr. in which ahe says : "I bop>-we stiall ??-e ea? b rttbf-r a^ain bere; but !f wt* do not. I I - rioj>e ?p ahall in heaven. untie there trill St ho Yaak''*." Kx uIatio.i ?Emigration ibuui w>inr slight of Improvement tb'.s tprin" II is roifl. drntly bellered that the newaof th?' rerrijt I'nion vi~torie*, w?ll encourage the immediate emigra tion of thousands of tiermana wto are holding ba. k doubtful ot the result of our rivit Wir. T'HIS IS TO GIVE ftOTICK, That the aub aorihsr huh ohtai ed from t >? Orphans' Court ot Washington county, m the district of CoiatuMa, !"fwr? te^ana- 'ary < n tho p?raon&i er ta e <>i Alix*cd?r Harrow*, f?t?? of Washington Count) aforfsail. deceased. A'i peraona i;ivn{ r *:in? a;%JE?t U>? aadriec *?eo are hereby warned t? exhibit tits aaine, van tha vouchers thwejf, to too aubacnber, on or before the fifteanth day of .V. vch next; the? may otheiwise by lawba** cuupi iron an ot-neLt tl tfc? estate. nvfn uiKltr my h?;<l thi? fiftoenth of Marob, is.-^ JOHN DAVIDSON. inn I71&w3w' E?'-3ntor. KEAD with DECISION and ACT VH 1th PRECAUTION! DR.M. VELLNV8 PiUVATK HOSPITAL, is ths Fsdrial Block, Orptstit tki Gtn'tai Po-'t and Pattxt Oj*us, Room 44 vt sniu, Corner of ?th aaa f at*. Waahimcton, D. C , ESTABLISHED for THE SUPPRESSION OF quackery. THS OXLY HFUUL4R PHYS1C1AX AU VEhTlSlNU! .... .. .vi| cApoMeiice in aucpita! prao tioe varrtau hnu m mjiuk that heeau curevl dMM of a private nature, or !; wi'i forfeit the ism of five hundred dollars. Call and tes him. Mo charge tor ceiwu't&ton. A perfect and rsdioai care perfected trout one to ionr nays or no e-args. "ITJ' 3ni* PKACH TREKS, GKAPK V1NKS. CI KRAXT*, Ac. rue subacribar offers for tale his stock o: Kt-acli frees, oontAiaing >g,uu> Trees of clioue varie Um. Also, 5,?M Vines of Ine Conoord an' o:nar Grapes; IS.^W Carran's of all varietie*; 1 '.tflO Lawton Bia-kberr?, Cattav.ssa Ka-pi.?rr7 and otfear fmits, together with a targe collection ?f haA.y grown Deciduous and Kvargreen St ad* aud Ornament*! Trees For prioes and information app>f to JOSHL'A PtlR<:K, NurserT,r.s , mhl2-?o?t* Washington. 1>. O. 7 3-10 TREASURY NOTKJS, | In Lu;*or ? ??" - tjoatfct and Sold by JAY COOKK ft. CO , Uimiri, ma 8-2ar 4>'i Kiftwnth street. MEW YORK UROOEKV! n NEW YORK GROCERY! NEW TEAS. OLD GOVERNMENT JAVA CO* FEE. EXTRA SLttAR-CL'KED HAMS, AcU ftii other kmda of FANCY GROCERIES! For s*ie by WM. COR WIN BURGY, Importer of Teas, (e X CfMf of I an?l Eleventh at*. BARNl'M IS HERE Oa frM axtMuiiiuM, ?? buret stock of t'loUuag in the eity, at tl,e l?eo?ie'sClothinf Store, No. 460 Seventh itmt, epposito Foet t'ffioo. N. B.? Ail of lb* above gooda for sa'e at very tow pr coa. fe COAL* WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. At oar Oftoe, New Jersey avenee, opposite B. awl o. I>efoc. J. I.ANSIMiN * r-.n l/OK A FKW l)AV8 ONLY.?t have removed r my fin* ock of Clothing from o??r baits' J?*(iry dure to i< 11. SMITH'S, Nu. 4ti0 #?? nth airaot, aear F. whera 1 aliaJi od?r it at leu tb?n vtio!MA.e ooat pnoaa, for a faw Java ooIt. J. W. Kgfce. U COAL oil?coal OIL.. 11A VINO Thaagooof of oao oftiio largest Coal Oi companies la the ( mtau State*. tre ca? sell Coal Ou wholesale and rataii, oh?Mr tfca n oaa b? bought in Washington. Alio, aas.- " ww. m h I ! ? Corner ?tth and H nrt? New style spuing overcoats and fine K.acg k rock Coats jest rcoeived at BAft * BRO.'S, mil 112w* corner E and 7th streets. A" FINK a?oftawft ?f Ho, Coilxi.I?y?i dart, ft tit rU, Tr tints, Hau and t'dMi at SMITH'S,' No. 4M 7 til a tree t, opposite Poal OAm. f> U-l? fe !4-lm AMERICAN WATCHES FOR AMERICANS! Ma >Iir? Engliah er Frenc h Rubbiah, mad* u acll, bat net ta keep line Why ahoulii an American buy a foraigu Wa'nti, when he oau cat a better and cheaper one at home.' Why ahoutd an Amerioan needleaaly enrich foreign Watch mana?aoturea at the eipe&ae of uur own artisans? Why should an American sand gold to Ent lan-1 and France, our covert but bitter enemies, whan cold is so much needed at home Why should an Ainerioan buy an importad Watch, which, in nine oases out or ton, will cost more to keep in order for one year, than itsorui nal pnoe.aud which was never intended to keep time under any ciroumstanoea i Why should Amerioats not patronize more generally American manuiactures.and thus eman cipate themselves from the thraldom of capital, French fashions,and Continental s?w *?. ? ' The Am*noan Watch Company's are particularly adapted for soldiers' use, being m st substantially made, and not liable to get out of order, either in marching, riding, or fighting. Sold by M W. SALT Jt BRO., 384 Penctyl rama avenue, Washington. Wholesale orders should be addressed to ROBBINS fc APPLETON, Agents of the American Watch Company, fe g-lm l*!! Hroad^ay. N. V. CJCHENCK'3 MANDRAKE PILLS.-Thie i* O one of the THREE (iREAT REMEDII-s l. t.. ... i_ > u li/?tt i. mhl- ? r wmoi i!?vb inaio if rv. c^iirj^' -n more Kqoo?r;u in the treatment of several very dangerous anil fata! diseases that any o'her in*diaal pracMiorer in the United States, 'i'iic Mandrake Fills aic offereAas A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALOMEL. I)R. SOHKiNCK avers that his Mandrake Pil.'r wi,I effsct every object for which the preparation- | of nieronry can pos?ibly be useful; and he dec!*-" i most solemnly and conscientiously that t ! .?? ! Puts may b? used with perfect safety in all ca?f> where s.'teratives or purgativos are required. nil n?>t mnch wonder when we reflect thai th? liver is the largest organ in the human organisa tion, that it becomes so frequently diseaied. Tii yellow and ?aliow skin, the coated ton;u in the morning and the (lull pain in the limbs; le at once that this great depurating organ lsdti -r ;ta work by halves only. Any person who vii taka one ol these L'i'1* at eight will not only li-* re lieved of disease, l.ut likewise its disagreed. * a 'fi .l^ut*. feuch &3 he&dacho, sour stomach, cos' v ?*jwe!i. piles, and the dull, heavy laeliijM over tii whole frame, which often.mien make life hur- p:, anil renilar tha patient wholly unfit for r:. ioymontcr business of any kind. I?k. J. U.~CHENCK will baat hisafeotiMS U Waite's), corner Louisiana avenu? fta<l 7th on Wmtnsflday, February 26th. and March 26:!t.i sec p\tier.Licomplaining with Contli?, Col s, l.iv nr complaint, Dyspepsia, or any di3eas* If aiiii:? ! Consumption. Ho gives a<i?ue without char^ nn'asa they want a thorough examination with ^.i. Hespiroinefer. theu his feo i< th rce dollars. Price of Pulmonic Syrup Si P*i bottle or S j fO1 ha f duxe:i. Price of Seaweed Touio #1 par bottle ur So per ha fdozen. Price of Mandrake Fills ii ee^ts per box. fe 2i-MATh.1m* A NAVAL. ME1HCA1. BOARD. LSoaril of Medical Officers will convene at i Naval Asylum. Philadelphia, uu .March 17. lt:> fur the eviininaUou (Ta;i<iidaieu for aiiajis?io? l< the Meuieal Corpe of the Navy. tientleineu desiring permission to appear Lef' r the Lt<>ani Aiiibt makeapflocation the Honor a Secretary of the Nary, statics their ra*iueiu-. and date ofWirth, acournpanied with resperr able tfitiiiuouiala of moral character. Applicants must uot t>9 !f?< than twenty -one n. im-re ttiau twenty mx years oi ace. No expeiur m ai'owed (it Moverliuirnt t<> ("a- I dates attending the sessions of the Hoard, ar a eu. cesslul exainiuato-u is a li*<al proreiuisite for sj, oiHtuient lu the i\avj. mli ti eo.'w ixonuh. I HK i'u! lio is respevliully informed that th undersigned has eomtttenoed run -t/Jj? I nine a LINK of S I'AU KS tromMjAM^g^s? I'enn. kvnuue to Meridian il ill. Tiie.B^EZ^Zl' States ?riil leave \\ illard?' Hotel rwn i o.i.vr at 8 o'clock and Meridian ill I at hail ual3u'is!'> and will run regularly to and fm Meridian ii every hour, thu > atlordiiit a cl.eap and speedy c. veyanue to the various i amps in the ii'ijhto:hoi i Tito un.lei siKiied li.po* l? receive a lil?erai ?upp<> ' as l.e is determined to ailo.ii Ins j ?'r<n;? every uilily :n hi-! power. Faro H< .'liita null way. m. leH-eolm* Proprietor. JItlTKI.KK A W 1L.SUN, IKnN HALL. No. .'il** J'KIN. AVKifl'l, tietween sih ami h>lit Street*. We curiitfc!l? invite t* ? a'/fnti m u! a'l who con to.-ip ate furn?-J ?*? "?* ; *-? soriVi ?u>cV of CAHINKI I-URNiTuhK, i>ki. brftciRK avoiy *tj!? *?J qaa:ity, fn-m the f.nett i'arSiir Suit down to ttieci^ajicf H<ir<an,Ue<l*t<'4j ami Chair, ami 11 pricci whtuh liefjr coinpe tit1o?. ui A cAil aiitl convince fjurseivo*. if Zh af'frit NOTICE. ?AOA>lS' KXFKKSS COMfAHf." Tti s Outii?4tr tu ti e infill^" 1' i'j ft AilTEuUtcs1' for Ihe Sala n.u Quick of Hear? Freighta, J'ac**ici. Vtlyttiiei.Mebe/, ?<i. he., to ?sl part* of the Uu'tcd Elites. tlXfiectoz to a.J fro;n U;S North and Wez*. uj >irt imd and arrive in WaehiKston lw;oo daily, All tlfr*??9 ?r? tB ohkic* of t*rtriint*d *n? rtli+ilt Meatteugera. All I'aofacea for 1i.e Bviditra earned al Mo?t our usut.i ratai. All ttoo?ia ior the ao-calle-i "Confederate StUSi." and ail ArtiOtM " Coctrat aad of War" will bi KmiD. Our Kxpreesea leav* Now York al 1.1, aa.t f*. M..arriving in Wellington at (A. M. aad ?s: ? It* ^ Expreaaea leave Mftdelphiaat s.*? A. M. an* 11 P. M., arriving iawluiruiitju at Mj t. M. aa' A. M. Kxyrenses leave Ha timore at l.jn A. M. and S P. M.t arriTin* in Waai.inaton at ? a. v *r..i a.*-. Kx?re??*a for a'! aoir.t* North and WmI ?xti Washington at 7.13 A. M. ana JJO P. >1. ilailr. Spaoial Contraota :or ian? %saatitiM of k r?gfc? oar. be ma<lB on app>c*tton to this offio*. All Sooda c*iiea for aad /; ? uf Lxi'% UV(M. E. W. PARSONS, 8?p't' bxpreaa Con. pas*. Waahintto-i. Aociit SI. 1*1. aa t*-tt I'tir, MOSf tl RATIFYING IN FORM A ? tion that wo can give io imr readers who ars suff ering from Colds, is the fact that 5' F?AM SON'S MEDICATED TAR DROP::. are really A goo-i reiredy. Many of our frie&ds have tr! r*d tnem with success for Coughs. Sore Throat, Hoarser.os* and Asthma. These confections also jive leiiet to Consumptives lingers and Public Speakers Who are troubled with 1 hroat Dietasee fi n<t re'lef L,y asinj Pearson's Medicatod Tar Drops, whioh c'ea: tha ti.roat of husky an<i tickling sensations, pro duced by too much exertion of the voca: organ*, ! and five strength, tone and-ful'ness to the voion. Prepared ar.d sold by l?EO. PEARSON, No. 6 i North L'berty st., Baltimore. So'd alfoat4?l ! tiglit street, Washington; No. 4 Fairfax elreet I Alexandria; A. H. Hunt, Frederick; and by tha ! principal druteists in! rnnf?iini.?.- - - uai;<iv m per pactage- (ft 24 I i IH. O. MOOD 8 ConiUHIf receiving,anu naxa'ways on tiaud, & full supply of ail tne most o?lelirat*d WA frtlt-.S thai are manufactured 111 Km?- | lard, t?wttzer a u a> > A inorica. Loth in Hon f Hfjd Silver can**, lli alio keepa a 'arje st<iugvl h u? JKWKI.RV of the inoet ilMirable atresiet witii Diamond*. HmT&lda, KuIum and ail oth->r (jenm. Ho ia alto manufacturinc ail kind* uf Mo'i<1 SMa-dard Silver War?,aud keeps Swords, Kevol vara, Swoid limits aud Saahea, Uowie Knives, Kasora, Soixora, boid. Silver and Steel Spoctv olea, and a treat variety of other tliinga uaualy kept in a J ewe ry Store, and at at the very lowest prioe. No. 333 Pa. avenue, between 9th and HJth streets, (e IS-tf vjHiorBi oyweru J THE UVKKLANUOVHTkR fcXI'Kt-.tttS COMPANY Still continue to receive dai ? thosafamous panted PATUXKNT HIV t?K OY&TKK8. x Reeuiuruits and pnr&te ianutie?^^ft f _ I vouid do weil to oal! aad lr? them. Those uTiter* are told x hours after they come from the water. |[J' Oftoe No. 49 Market Mpaca, below t>:? Avenue House. iak-Jin L. Towns. J. M. Towiti. J. i). Iow*k?i L. TOWLKS * CO? bTKAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ES TABLISHMENT, CvrMf Louisiana ???mm uhU StrtK tt. The attention o( the busmen* oomi;?uuity is re s>eot{u.if iuvited to the N?<w Book a>. * Jo!> Pn- t uij Establishment, Winch has been littod up v. neve m Mr rial, m Hid most complete iuaiu?r, is i < * crf-pare.' to execute, m a salislactor* stTle. ?? "? ..r u .. . yi i iinuu(, viz: UooiiJ, *peeoh?>s. Pamphlets, Cards, Circulate, diit>r?' &o.,4c. The atteLtiou of n?eniU*rs of OonjrMi is et>. - o??! j re^uwsusl for oer facilities for prnituj Speeches, as we Lave tko U*tut s'.?aii? power iu th* out. Ue7 lawtai /J BALMORAL UOOT8. I ITOAT Tipped Double sole Balm >ra!? ?' Mi I Calf Kid Jo do rtg ?c? I ?lov? Calf do *2 M Also, aii styles of Ladiee and Mm??' l*o. 16 Market Spao*. )I7 to Peiin. aTenoe, l>otweeu 8th and atii ti? [New SUP P1. MSS^OP & PIE 1) T*0 - DAY. WLne Marseilles CJoi.ti, a l su o?, with a full stuck f iih ? fiBiiifT* "i" ?"nor*: ww af?cial want: f Ucc ?rie? onty, th? a?t?Al ouh valna, marks.' ,1 plain &?rea t KRR t & -HO.. U*' P inn, ^veoo* and Stth ?tro*t ONE VERY Nl'JE ROSEWOOD CH1CK wing Piano and ?m Geib for sal* vei7_ja?~ c&aar,onaooomn?o4atirvc Mini lao.alOBM iarca aaaortataat ot vtaiuvar ??? rdcHIITI *^Sn? l^tioa, at the Maaio Sto of W. U. MKTg ^Kotir. win It JU8T RKC A1VKD a larf? iot of BOYS' JACRKT.1. from A nation,* waaraaeW S&6Leer'1' wUieu ef*C* D M. lOHNITUJI, Djutimuri LUCK HVIflTAi, All MMNrtf tki mtl C?r ( *?, SvtUf mtU Mif J/iitMJ iimUf ?? Ut W9fld, FOE ALL U1SKA8KS OF 1MPRVDEHCK. AJIT WO rAI.SE PKLICACY FtiETMNT. ArhLY iMMEDIAJKLV. xn wti.uai une, tu j wu vaio. Wutxu ?! :ka luk, lurituuaa, Afaaiiana af Ui lid aaya aud Sladda* ^avaimstat* DiKMifil, ln.pattn?T, a aval Dakiiilf, Pyfftr, Lanraar, CarifMiaa f Idan, k<> Spinta, ?ilpitaua? *f iba art, Ttuiditv, Traukun ji, Dtraoaaa af tifit ar fliddinaaa, Dtaaaaa ?f la* iaad, Tnraat, Not) ar Skin. Afactiaoa af tha hanra, lu? ill ?r Bctrili?tta*?? Ttrri>l? DiMfdtri anaitif fram 11 tary Vakiia af Y?*u>?'> DraadlW aud Daatraetl*a Pni t?aa which raatfar MarrUf Irapaaalkla, tad daatfay tot* ltd? uid Mtad. TO UNO MEN vklkt'l kaeama tit Tietlxaa af kllut; YUa, ikat drtidfal tod daatiactiva haklt ?hiek incwlly itlifi la ?. aul'rntlj f ra va ibaaaaodl af YnrfiMloif lha Baal aiiMaJ talama aud krilliant tntatlaci, vba m.jht athtrwlaa kava aturanead liaianiuf lauaiaa wilk lha ibmudara af ala ar w-kaJ i? italaty U>l liTiuf Ijra, aaay Mil Wilk rati MuCd?u?i. MARRIAUE. nutiii mii wil?puu? av fla? a, ktluj inn af phr'if?! vaakaau, arfaait daklllty, dtwraiuta, Ac , apaadi!* tarad. vb? pl?eaa himitlf ud?i tk* atta af Dr. J. ??j raltft (It id* Id hi* banar n a faalltaaia tad aaaldiatly raly'apau bia akiU u a phjaiclaa. OFFICE N*. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laft hand aidt jainf fram laltimara atrtat, a ftv dam fna tha aaroar. Fail oat ta abaarva mill tad aiabai. kauart aat ka paid and aaoula a autaji. DR. JOHNSTON, Mamktraf tha fcayal Calltft af ?arr??r.?, baadaa, frada ata fraxa an* af tba matt aminaot Ualltfti in tha Pniiad lulu, and tha naitu part af wbaaa lifa haa baan apant la tka harpitala af Landao, Paria, Philadelphia and aliawhara, kM afactad HUI af tha matt rtiMiiabir.f earti tfiat vara a*at knawa; manj Uaablad with ringing in tba ha&d aad aara vbaa aalaap; fr?*t Dirtraanaia, aainy alirmad at aaddan aamr4a, baahfalraaa with fraqaant alaatiinf, cttandad aaoiatimai with daracara lal af atiod. vara aarad iua< 1UU!|. TAKE FAKTICULAR NOTICE. Taaaf Mti; tad> wha ha*a inlarad tharoaalaaa by a attain pracuta iodui(ad in whan aiaua?a habit fraqaauWy laaroad frara a?il tainpamana, a> at achaal, tha ificu af rhica art nightly ftlt ?t?d whan aalaap, and if aat carad. lar.dara m&iriafa lmpcuibla, and daauaya bath mod aao bad*, ahaald apply iisraad'.ataly. Thtta ara aama af '.ha ?d and malanahaly afaati pradaaad by aar'y babita af jaath, ?i? : Waakoaaa af tha Back and bimba, Fain in tha Haad, Diranaaa af Sight. Laaa af Maaciiat Pawar, Paipit&tian af tnt Haart, Djapapay, Narvaaa irrita bility, Dar.mfamaut af tha Digaatna f'a.imana, antral ability, Synp'.jrai af Canaunsptian, *e. MBNTAI.LT.?Tha faarfal alacia an tba mind an mi?b la ba draadad?Lata af Marnarj, Canfaaian af ldaaa, tlapraaaiaa af flpirita, I?.l Farabrfinga, Avtraian af tacialy, talf-Pia liait, Lava af alilvda, Timidity, ata., aia iama af tha (Til* ptadatad. Mlaroct DlktLiTT.?Tbaiiaala aaa aaw i?tfg? what la Ua aaaaa af tbaii darlimng baalth, laaing their ngar, b?tan lug weak, pile, nmaia and eimcistta, baTinf a aingtlar ippttritte abait Ua ayai, eaagh ar tynptama af taeaaap baa. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. WH; i?? rr.igaidad and iropr* ] act rata ry af pletaara lade bt ho imttbaa tna eaeda ef th'a pniiifil diaa&ae, it taa aftaa datara kit.'fram app'piuf ta tbaaa arf-e, fr?u adaeaiiaa and laapaeiakility, Can aiaut! biro. Ma falla iota tv.i baaiia af (" nutmnd dtai(uii.f prtUiidart, vha, incap.ikla af tkriuf, filch b:? ptcsiiiary, kaap bim tnfir.f m-i .th ?<tr mtn'Ji, ar r.? iaof at tna ai,.tl!t?t ft* c?u ka ak taiatJ, sad in daaptir lta?t kin with raintd htalik la alrk ?Tat in fMliuj dtaippaiuircant; ar by Uia ait af that dtioly paiiat,?Sl*r?ary?buttu lha tauauiaUanal tyirptamt af (kit t*nik!t dimit, inch at A f tii'?:it ef tnt Ktari, TGraat, find, kin, kz., prarrattinf with frigMfal ftpidity, ull d tttfc pau t Sara J ;a ai? draadtai ttZtr'.uft ky itadi:i( himt a iktj M laaaTirtd taau'.rr kamia na traTtitr inarm. DA. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR OROAN1M WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY Uf tk!? frtm tad lawrum it mad? wtakcataaf Jk arrtat tra apttdily awt<1 tod fall vlftr rtttartd. Tkaattadt a? tkt ait uirrtai tad dttil.uitv!, waa kid iatl ail ktpt, kit! kite ieamtdltsily itiltrtd. tfaxttaai, Lm ?f rxnuiiii Pavar. XiiTtn IfrttakTllir, Ttaaklibf lad Waakataa ar limui ti if la* MMt fttf.'ll Ha J ? V Ji!.? EXVORSEMkNI OJT 1HE FAXSS. TBI NiK f ?i'a?tAW?i e?r?1 at ikia loaitiaiiaa wltkla uaa laai artn-.acii Titu, ai.<l i*a uitaaatait iapvruut taral aal ayarai'ana yatfaimad ky Dr. JakulMi, vhnaaaad ky ui r*/ait?ra af ika ffire ta j Baity aikar ??ra*ua, uaticaa ?l vfltk iim aa>4a>?i afalu aud afatu aafaia ika piklia, ka a'daa kia auaiiluf aa a j?ui.?ree-u af iniattai a&d iar? klltiy. It a iaSa!?ai faaiaataa ta ika aBlaiad. atr 14-1 y LCA U rEKKlNI' OUllIATn Worcev&ertsliiro Sauce* Kr<>Beti:e:-J bf Y I EXTRACT ?ONMol?:*LWK3 II ?f * Letter from t t* b? the E I UmuUmm? "OHLY ?OOU SAVC?." a;p!icaL:e to hVE*Y AftSCYY or DISH. at Mlilru r? Hts Btttktf at Worcester. May, lttl. " Te! I /,?? 4" Ptf ! tn? tiiM their Sauet b highly esteemed u India, and is, in hi oaiuiou.tha most, at veil :i a most wholesome utMi that rs mad a." *he above SALTft it not only the but and inoat WSDlli?n riiiuvu,i,.? ?..? mmr ?V/msmN as a lew drupe iu Soup, liratf, or With >'?**. Hand ooiJ Joint.?, Hit/ SttmM, Gamt, tc., impart a.- ex^uiai'e a^st, winch unprineipUd ?auce mati K&cturera have in van; eiitie&vored to umiai*. vm niv a.rr m\mm> m/, * *?i wwrrfT a cruet contaimiig " LKA 4 PEKR'NS' W ORUfcSlKKSlllKL SAW OK" ia iudiapeusa ble. i'o appreciate the imlitnt qualitus of this dtli cicvs preparation it ia only teceaaary to jurcliaae a email bottle of tne rtnutnt, of a respectable fro ce; or < ca er, as many Hotii aiid HiHavrant p*iotuia aolduw place the Pun Sauce before their cuesta, but auhatnule* {Ouinne Boitlt blied with a tpM'iJit: mixture. For sale by Groceri and Fruitarera everywhere. juuh uunuAn ? supjb, Union S***r? and Wl* ttrut, A'?w YorA, Soiw Wholesala Acects for tne United States. A Stook aiwaya in store.?Also orders reoeirtd for direot shipments from Entlftod. IL7" a/ l ?**t4T/ntt and Imitation*. JJl ejS-ly.eo - 8OMKTBINO NEW ! , S?IiTI?T n:?COTJUT til tut Am! At SB1 C itrut, rrrtiitt tit Tk$+n*. fl** L* f? a 0?r a ?*r?n V ? i-'Uv: o A r<A iTl Ell/ la tke 3k?U eoa Cooked (fir nfiri" t* ft r?u!) in /t?6 mmnui, tkt fmttut tiwu ?h rtttri. Call and see. *ht anderaigned respeotfnlly mforma hit friends :n t(.? piatrict, and ruiiora to the oitr, t.'.at 110 hat refttta.5 h:a old and wim-isowii ?*Ti.BtiaHMBi*T in a most thorough manner, and hai made com fleta arrangementa to farnien OYSTERS in an; trie and in an; t timtit*. ?nc to wn gallona ahooked per (lay. 2,000 to J,000 cans of Bpiced and Freak ?at up daily?cane hermetically a^aled. Farniahed c the aUeii Ly the btjshel or barrel, Femora Wiahicg to !i??e Oysters farniahed ref* larljr tiirourh thi winter, at lialtimore prices, without fear of failure, ahoald call and make ar rangements at once. Freight, time, and money sared by purchasing of ra*,ac I farmahan article equal to :r>e celebrated liatimore establishments, at prioes jiat aa low. VO S8VLKRS, Canned Meats, lobsters, Sardine?, Clams, Htr?wl.arf.a? '1'^??: ? ?' 4 Wtivw 1>?IU0G| A VIUChkUO?| i ill r W51, J'nyO| dtCe ft:'.., Ac. Alac, Pieties, Catanp, tfajoea, lirn.dy IVachci, Ac. Also, bMQt and F reah Kiah. Tur

tles, Terrapins, Freaii Lot.score. Cod, Halibut, A9. In !aot, every thine for eale in the Northern mar kets always on hand, at reaaonabla prices. Ilotelaand famtliea supplied with Oysters, de livered without ohar^e to any part of the Diatriet, iu nutoii. it the money is sent with the order. My establishment is open from t a. m. to IS at Litht, every day, except suauay, when 1 oloee at 10 o'clock a. i&. ja> tf T. ftl. HARVKT. Tniiil?JEJMAR. frotitiid by Royal Lttttrf Patent of England, an-/ Hturtd by IA? Stair of tk$ Eeolt <U Phar maru dt Parti, and tkt imperial Cell* ft / Mtditini, Vunn*. TKIE3UMAR No, 1 la the eOectaakl remedy for EiLAXAT10N? SUI MATokituat* and Kxhavatiok o* th? Stbtim. TRIKSKMAR No. a, Completely aud entirely eiadic&tea all traces of .mvm uiaui aore, i<ir wtuuh Copaiva and Cut>eha iiv'e> generally been thoueht au antidote, to the ruin of lite health of a rait portion of the popula hOB. TKIKrfKVlAK No. 3, la the great au<l sure remedy of the civilited worli for all impurities ot tlio STatem,aa well as second ary aymptomc, obviating the destructive uae of Mercury, a* well as other deleterious ingredients, auJ which a.! the ^arsapariUa tu the world cannot remove. TaiK~iMAk No*. 1,2 and 3 &re alike de void of taste or aiueh. and of all nauseating quati [ tie*. They are m the form of a !?>ience, ana may | lie uii the toilet taote without their uae being sus pected. Hold id tir cases at 93 each, or four $3 caaea in one for f?, and m 3/7 oases, thua saving 9?.a? administered l>y Valpeatf, t.alleiiiaud, Koux,fto., I Ac. Wholesale aid retail by 1>R. li. A. BAK | KOW.1M Hleecker street, (4 doorB from Mao iioucal street). Now York. Immediately on re ceipt of remittance, Dr. Uimkow will forward Ifrifsemar ?to au? yart of the world, secure]t ?T".< ? > J " , aooorainf w tne mslrsotioni Of the writer. FnbU*?ie4 by DR MARROW, that ?opular tad beautifully illustrated medical work. Human Fruity. Price UmbU. Triesemar and book ou be obtained by apooial aatkerity from 8. C. FORD, Wuhimion. deH-ttn UHFHAM'H HAIR JiYli I?TO COLOR BLACK OR SHOWN! /-Only 39 oenta a box. Three boxes for one dollar. 6ray, red or flaxen hair can be ehacced is a few teoonda toiH biaok er I rowr., by using L'pbam'a Luuid Hair Dye, the beet cbeaeeat in the world, produoinr, th? moment it m ui ioJ. a rich natural appearanoe. Eaoh Box of UPlIAM'8 HAIR DYJ3 la warranted to oontain . ir? Vtuml soil lor OM Mlif I Bold by 8. C. UFliAM, 403 ChMB?jtrtraet, Phila delphia, and 8. CAI.VKRT PUttD. oorner llth street and 1'a. in AiMundria, by HhNRY COOK fc Co., UranUU. "wfc Ob FBR TO MILITARY JM.KN a lam vhloh v* invite a I oaah pnrohaaers U uaaine W... ?*?u, t co na a Pa. aT.,Wwi 9th and loth A$. IXF01TA*T TO FAKILISS, RESTAURANTS, HUT ELS, SUTLERS, GROCERS, AMD OTHERS. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 3M PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL, PRICES. Hating bun purckartd of Bmkntri Merchant* mnd otktrt. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Groceries, Liquors, Wines, Cigars, &c FOR FAMILTES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T KA3, FINK. V NION CIGARS." C RACKERS, BOSTON. K ETC 11 UPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AISINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! Extra Brown Sugar White Sugar Fine Green Tea...., Fair Black Tea Extra Coffee Good Coffe* Wax Candles Malaga Ratlins...., Codfish Imported Cigars..., Havana Cigars..... Almonds Salt Good Butter 9 cents per pound cents per pound 50 cents per pound 50 cents per pound 20 cents per pound 16 cents per pound 35 cents per pound 15 cents per pound und 0 H per 100 1 ents per pound 1? -.t Per pound bxtra Butter VO ctnt per pound Fine Wine* Whiskey 25 to ttle All other klndi of LIQUOR n. Call and aee for yo TUCKER'S, 3*25 FenmylvacU Av?aue. WILLIAM TIJ ;KKR'N CHEAP MKUCKKY WAKKIiUUIR, 3i4 PENNSYLVANIA AVENll E, 3*4 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. OKOCEHIKS a* iiali1 inr. usual. rnii/M, HavmK bttn j'Urtk*nd if Bankrupt Mtrckanis and ttkitt. Stuart * Krflned Sugars from U to 12 eta per pound Extra Fin* Bwb Tea......75 " " Good tireea Tea 50 < ? Extra Fine Black Tea TS ? <? Good Black Tea & * ? Old Java Coffee go ? ?? Good Coffee................10 ?? ?? 9 Every tiling el*e In proportion. ncn cjg^CA, V?CKEK'S,3S? PENNSYLVANIA AVENVE tlGEER'S, 3?? PENNSYLVANIA AVEMVM W AIUINCTOM. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAUR ANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AND OTHERS. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 39i PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, S3* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QROCERIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having bin jntrckatid of Bankrupt Mtrckantt and of Airs, T U C K E R|> 8 TUCKERS wb?^malb and una Groceries, Liquors, Cigars, Wines,Ac FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. k KTnmiM lUPitDTcn E XTRA COFFEES. K A1SINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES R B A D OUR PRICESI WILLIAM TUCKER'8 CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, jgft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 32ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATTS'8 VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. OROOERIES AT HALP THE USUAL'PRICES, # ?*?( bit* pmtk*ud tf Btmkrwft Mmtckmnit wut OiktTI. ? , REMEMBER, TUC*EK>B, SSf PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TVcJtSft'S,SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE WtnumK, M'4a DENT1STBY. |\K. i. H. PKA1JODY, 19 DENTIST, Att?tx<f to *U hr?nohe? of hi* profession At the moat r*Mouab*ie r?te? for vtiioh (uo?J o? er*tior? mo be performed. " Oftoe IMo. ?76 P#DLirrmi? ATMine.^"' " l>ofcweei) Uth fti*l mil itreets, two dOort M*t cl the Kirk VOod Horn*. in itma hB?l?nn? ?*?,l? udson. SejfflBkt^EkflKSSSS tends perso&a, iy at his oftce ,n this cit? MmagM Many persons oao wear theee teeth who^*" tP Munot wear others, and no person oaa wear otbet who cannot w?ar these. Persons callins at my oftoe oaa be acoominoaate* with any style and pnoe or Teeth they may desire; bat to those who are particular and Wish the purest, fiiMBitt. ltrnnrM* ? ?* - ?*?4 J ? - " ... auu mvii fniovi uemure iUM ?rt o*n ?rodu?e, the MINERAL PLATE wiU b# toro rally w*rr*jitod. , . Rooms in thii oitr?No. 838 P*. lth ud 10th ?tt. Also, #07 A rob ttr?U Phi He Ihift. m*r4-ly,80 DR. (HAHLK9 R. BOTKLER, HO. 536 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. UlT'<VKftM STH A.KD 10TH t*T?. )ft 4-MSm N EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION m ARTIFICIAL CHEQPLASTl EOlfB TEETH. Winoit Mitil Plats ck DR. 8. B sieESMOND, *10 ?r?MhMv, A?w Jcrk?U60 Pwiwiiimw i? *imm, bitwitn 12U ??4 1S<4 (Is , Calls the attention of the publio to the toilowm* advantatea of hit improved (vatem: 1. The Teeth of his maculac tare vil never oorode nor change color bj anv oiaa. Doing inree-ioorths lighter than any ether. *. No teeth or roots need t-r eatrfccted, as the artificial odm o?n be icsorted over them. S. The roou will be made l&offenaive, an teyer e ache. 4. No temporary U>e?h are reeded, ai permanent ones oar. ho made immediately, thereto ?r*a*rrtnc the natural expression of the face. wLioh audet the old ayateni it frequently diafignred. t, This work has heec fully tested o??r lire rears by many of the hrat ohemists and physicians of thia oantrr. Dr. S. haa alao invented a white Bndeatrn"tiTe met*! fillmi, with which the moat sensitive teeth can be filled without pain, and oan build up a per fect, sound tooth on any mde rocta, wiueh wiil iaat throuth lifetime. The best of reference* j iren?to Dr. V. Mott: Or. Poremoa, Professor of Chemistry, N. V.; Hon. Jadge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washing ton, and thousands of ethers. Ca!I and examine fnr ? ? - do - at OAS FITTING, 4c. AWN ?. DOTE * CO. RE ?re?are<l to exeqpte ut ?r4?r? trltfc wr.ien they nsa? te facorau linhs rkIMbiii?,?A9Uf PTKAM FITViRV bvSnus. E7" Store ?a f Ji Ureal, & few doors &?rtk of ra, whw? au- fannJ a covar'.tU an?ortm?i f CHANDLt.ii'bin* otker ?A3, BTKAM tU WATKE FUTtfKKS. tatr-U W?A 3 FIX7VRK8. F. UaT* id rtor?. anu are dat.y receiving, WAS FIZTORKSoiMtiw.r New Patters*and Dea.toa arJ Finish, superior in stjie to acythirj !.ere?o:cs tfwrd in tnia market. We invitooltiaees tenet*! Ij to eall acd examine orsr stook o( ?as and W ater rUtf ires, foelmc confident that va have tk? twt M.ected itiMk in Wm?< irttm. All Work In the above ?inM&tr*ito4 tc Mr Mr* win b? jrtmjlij attaaded to. MYEK8 * M<?RiN. **rl ? ST6 L) (treat. HARNDEN'S express, < h?T4BLl?H*? iw l^SV,) lift leave to inform the pjbiie that the? have ex tended their Kx?rees to Washington. and are now prepared to Trai eport Merchandise, Uauk Note*, Specie. Jewe'r*, Ac., to all pa-t* of the Mtddi*, S*%0 Finland and Slates an<1 Canada Connec?itie with the most reap*.:.sib,e Kaprf?fes throughout the country, w? are enabled U; otl'er itmtivaUtd /kiIiiii' to all *?' may tavor n* with their patronage. For terms ar:d lartLer informa tion app.j to l~ S. Agent. Third at., U uoor below Ha. avenue, }a 9 >in Washington. U O _ | j K C I II H 1) II A K 6 A I N S. _| mm iitu ( DO"i?iiiVii? an tll'il! \Jl t IIV L>ril Mm. Embroideries &>nl Pocket llaulkeiehiel*, rpoei.t applies lu a'l rraJea, Fine an*1 infditim White F:&!icei?, Piain Whi'oacJ Plaid Cambric* and Mu !t?:s. All of the above at one proverbially low price, marked in p am frturei, the actual cash standard vaiae. An inspection ?1 atuck t?o obluatiou to poreliue. PERRY h KHO* mh 7 6t Pecn. avenue and Hh ?t. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT T A TLO K 8, A!fD OliLIlC TM SWOKDS, RAPHES, BELTS. EPAULETS. SHOULDER STRAPS, 6AUNTLKTS, ? LOVES,& . And ere:j variety of HEADY MADE CLOTHlNtt, At Kbaso^a>lb Pucm. WALL, STEPHENS A CO.. S4U PeniiPyiTanta averm*. tetwere swm . I 1UVCI< a> .< Cfuu.l HIIIDJ HI!: SIS. ^O MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTiiERB. BATCHELOR S UEVU1NE HA?& JVfM. 'the Best in lit* World. n? Only Ktlu&lt *n4 Hmrmlttt Hmir V*t ?*#?%. Sold by all Drscgiita; alio, at Bayuron's Patent Medicine Store, ?p. Patent Ofioe.oor. F A Ttit, mnc at Bum's Hair Store, IMS Fenii'a aTeate. vhert Ladies oan havf It *#jhed,if dn:r?d. Faotar/?61 Baroiap tu < late "M Broadway) N. Y. oo ?-]y G WATCHES. OLD AND SILVER ENGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN. 1 hare row on hand a larje etock of all the most oeiebrated Watches, that I a in s?!>ies at the very lowest pricos that good and reliable time keepers can be afforded at; and every detoriftiec of fine JKWKLKYcn hand;a new styles received at soon as manu!act> red. and offered at the lowest rales, Silver ware manufactured in my owe ?imp. All kinds of MILITARY UOODri on hand.such is Revolvers, Swords. Sa?r,es. Be;i?, L' wie Knives. Pockot Compasses, Ao., Ao. Alco btrcj.f Army Trunks and Bed Combine^'^and many other aunti ueeiui ana ornamental at 33" Pen; ftIthlii iT?n??. no?-tf H. A. HOOD. DR. DUPOMT8 SUGAR-COATED FE MALE REGULATING PILLS Read the following unsolicited enoomi ima: "I oannot ooinmeml them too hifbly." "They are the t<e?t hemaie Pi!U extant." "1 hav? uted them with complete suooesr." "Would nut be without them upon any cuntiiier tfion." "They operate e?eedi!y an<1 effectively." Price 91. Sent by mjwi Soidb? S.C. UPHAM, 103 Che^cut etree", Philadelphia, and >n \\ &*h ntton by S. C. FORD, oorner nth ureet and Pa. kvenae.; in Alexandria, by HENRY COOK * PO., Drofciats. no at-eoly W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received within trwJast day or two a larre ae*< nr.ient of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH ING. eriiljrueir* *.11 of Inw ? . --J ? ? - ?- ? Y * IIIOUI UiR) knd fine qualities, wfaioh we are selling a: very ayt prices for cash. WALL, STEPHENS ft. CO . 3sJii Pa a* , betvoec <?U? and lotii su. i n int*i. a r?i.i DR.GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE 60N0Rtih<EA in six dara No jhanceol diet repaired. It is an Eni isb ?peci he of sixtT-hve year* static itj ted wnl not harm the most delicate con futation. It 001 'air e no nuntrnh. Price |l. Sold byS.C. UfHAM, 403 Chesnnt street, Philadelphia, and in W aeMngton br 8. C. FORD, sorcer ll'n street and Pa. a?e ; in Alexandra, ? ? HENRY COOK fc CO.. Druggists. io? eolj /#y ISAAC HERZDERti. LWX The Only Lio? used 9 f A VTNBROKEK. 9 l? AAA t- W- 1 1 -* ? - ' ?"? * Qiiyn# vu Uf> luftunj I'll OUitl H.U Oliver VV BIO OS. Jewelry, Gnus autl Pistols. Silver Ware. auo Wearing Apparel? at the old stand. No. 3&i C itreet. back of the National Hotel, Letween iX knd Ith st*. de l?-3ro* S| PR1N6 CASSIMKKES, Also, medium and fin* Cloths and Veshngs Navy Blue Cloths, flannels, and Casaimere*. Cravats. Neck Ties, biovee. Half ti<>s*, I in jrellaa, racket Handkerchiefs, Undershirt*, Drawers *c. Oar Northern and Kaatern correspondents seed s new anppiie* daily. One once only, the aolual cash standard value, narked in plain figures. An inspection of aiock iaoura no obligation to mrokaae. ? PLRRY k. BRO, mh 3-tr P^t:n. avm'e and Ninth at. VI 1L.1TAKV HOOKS! IY1 MILITARY B At th* National Bookstore, No. P< OOKB! enn*ylva ua avenue, all the New Military Hook* are to be und as soon as issued fiom tl Call and examine oar stock. WM. P. E1CH8TF.IN, fa28 2w* aT?PennsylTani4?rmit f 1L0K10U9 NEWS?BURN&lDK'd 1 XPfc LV ditiona perfect suocess. But next tc that is he Great Barga'na now otfered m Clothiag Fura ahinf Goods, Tranks, Hat i .and. Caps, * th* eo^? uioininj store, no. ??u Till ??o QOV0HB, COJ COMPOUND sfK'uf'df SVM ARABIC. Thia flaaeant and popular Cosfh ftraedr baa M??o long known and exteneirei j utd that moat ha*? become umiuer vita lta extraordl It aaa be bad a? all the trnwip t try eftoaoy. It ?as be "assMUiS8" M/ALL, STEPHENS * CO, w 1m? LND fLB TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. PASSKNOKK TRAINS Om mU i/li? MOlfDi T, Wn??? S, IMS, T*AIK? IITWII1 WASHINtiTU!! AND BALTIMOKE Wi '. ran M fel .?w? : Six Dml* 7Y?Mt< Art *94 ?( mmd Diptt Ami I)?\!y dwrtmr tkt nut, mmd two tm *tm4ayf? For Phii?df>hi? *cd York?L?? Wuh ington at h.IIWi m, *nd r *. F'or Haitimom-Ut** \Va?Mn?ton at 1.4" a m. and 3 (' and (Km, mm. i i VV MBI>?'I.V1C f - WW W?W 0?i.? at Ba t:r..ere. Tfii? :> the Morning oouuiti for Annapolis. N?v York Mail f rain?'?r? Washington at tl a., m.; arrive at Baltimore 11.4 p. m., Philadelphia l.|7 p. Npw Vork 10 p u. Phila-^e phia Train >a.ea Washington ata?*p m. reaching Baltimore at? 90 p m, aod rhl.ade>hia at 1? r m. Afterrooa Aceorr-Trodatio-.-leaTe Wash.ngtoa at 4 r m. arrive at Baltimore at Iri. No eoa neiions at Baltimore, this is the alter noon cia nexion for fcvfncg Kaprest? leave Washington I p. it Arrive at Baltfrcore Mi p. Phuadf ?t:a 16JI P. New York 4 a. Hamsbsrg I a. . On?andaya leave Wachington at 3.00 and 5 P. it. cnlj. through to New York every day durinj tbe week. mAIXS MOTiye SOWTH. L'??! New York at 1 a.. m.; rtuiadeiphia 11JK 4. M.; La Laioie 4 oc r. u- Arrive at Waaktattoo r' *'ave New York at t ?. w.; Pki*a4?<?kia i?J" r. Bat* mere L* M. Arm* at WaefeiBftus ?J? 4 L*n New York al 11 r. FVffrf'elrkie |jn a. m.; HaltlmcreY^S a.m. Arrive at WaeHcHOn Xk a. M. Loo*' AoeofnrWstion Tra'ee Iwat* Ra 'imore at (a. m.. ar< 4St r. * .for Wachircton. antve at tl a. m. an-1 6 4s r. m. On rj 4.^' ai.>i 7-1-. ?. w. on1? from Ha'U more. N? Ann?f?ii? or J-'redenoa ooaaeatoiiB t>B Sur"!*T?. Trama I^arir.i Wa*h!nrton at 7 4A a. N.and4m p. ? .. ard IWtttTioreMiJftA.. m and 4.S P. M . make dirent nocnnetior* for A nnapnlia at the Jonctiou. The7.4<? am, and S? r m oour.ect at Relar fcr Frederick, Hai?r?town, *e., fco? ejceft 8*r$%fs. Trains leare Annafoita for Ila'tiir?r?fc&d Wuk Ircton at Mo a. *. ari s ? ! p. ?i. Paareiner Tra:na ie**inx WaaMrtton at a. 11 a. a^d f p. and Ba<tinv>re at 4J" and 7.36 a. N-, Will ttem only mi X?M^olt? Jntim Way ratten*< r? meet take the Accommodation only. Traira will tears Warhington acd Ba.timer# nrompil* mpom rari txrj$, exc'piir% that the 43' a m,? 35 a m. and 4 f*p m tram* wl!; wait sn mi nates if flPceneary, to eeoure the paaaerrera and Mai la from the hast. For S;ck acd \Vo?.nd<sl Solo;era?A special ear, wit'-, an a:tsadant. with t>eda, will leave V. ashinc ton twice a weflk for Philadelphia c.reot at 11 a m, for the MRiimmn. ttmn ?lf ?""k 1 oldMra. " w". F. ?MTfiC"U ft 4 MuI?t of Tr>n??orU.t>of), Bait. 1WJJ TUB fISM Pennsylvania Central Bailroad, <with its contention*) IS A FIK8T CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SJ'KEi), SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FKEE FROM DU?T ! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUOB FROM BALTIMORE! THB.H DA.ILY TKAIR< VKOW PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBIRUU! Two of ' .en Bjakmr cLdfi coaxKTiom at hakktovm With t.-Vtl Oil the NOKTHhKN CKNTKAL KAIL ROAD, fo:iu>nc THE GRE AT CENTRAL ROUTE fro* WASHINGTON A Mi IIALTIMOKE to all joints it; the W*st, Nostu-wbst *!?!? !?o?Tn-w?tr. (17For Tliroafh Tickata, vpij tt tk* OOm m tUe Northern Central K>ad Ocm pauj.Oa ?ert Htliw, KVtimo-.?. SpUna'id Sleeping Cart all Ntrkt Train* Smoitng Szioon Cart on all Traint. FROM WASHINGTON. r? wiii uU :he t> a. in. ana 5 p. m. train*. aTivic* ,n bajfimore at?..Va. rr>. and e 45 p. m.. v "i. bio i:i?7V wun irftlDI OB t:w Nortnars Central k. K.ard arrive in Harna Dtir| at i p. nt. and l.?fi a m , there counectin* *i'-" tr.e trains or. thp PHUjlvuia Central K ait road ior all parte of the vest. FRK16HT*. By thie rout#, freight* of a!' uoponption* oaa ba forwarded to a:id from at* point on the Ra.iruada ol Onto, KeLtocky. iLtfmi a, llliiioia, W noociio, Io?a, or Aiirroari. fcv llnlto?<i dtrtrt T4?l>nr?f m ? C entrr.l Railroad a'ee 0'<cuect? at IMtaburr with Si*ani*r?, by v^cti tioocanan :-e ibmi *<? i t i %uy pi rt ctntOK, Markincnm. Kentucky. Tei wmm. C nm ttr r.'a nd, I Liable. Miaa laaippi, \\ laconain. *;!iaci>cri. Kaoaae. Arkai-aaa. *- ' Kedltirera: r.rd at Cleveland, Staaidumy an a Cuieato with aMwmera to all Northw??tern l^kea. MerehanU and ahip??ra e: traaticc the iranapor tatiou of their Frnifnt tothia Compaty. oan rely with cciifiuence :ro ita ?peecy t<auai?. THK RATF* "F FKL1GH I to and fran any point in the \> < by the i'er.naylvania Central Railroad, era mil itmti as fmroraMe ?i ara tkirttd by otker smxiroad Conrxtmt IT/* Be particr ar to -uark packacee **vu. ran*. Ci!?T*AL R R." MACRAW ft KOON9. Freirfct Acer.ta, No. ?0 North atreet, i#a t.more. ENOCH LEWIS, Wen' Supennt't, Altroaa, Pa, K HOD FT. T.oket Aj't, Fui.adelahia, O U 11 t tc 'n i\ai * ?* * * *' n avvciuniWi rrcii.-i Ateni, l*ru ;a delphia. ja 4-dly N OR1HLRM CENTRA* RAILWAY. Tki Sk**HsI, ^tdKii ?*< Ftsi Kotut frem f?M west, north^an Northwest. WINTER SCHKVULK. Cumi or Tiki. Onan<l?n?rSUNPAY7i?th NoTwnhw, L_, _ CTik'no wi'l ariiTe ami depart frca CalT?rt uod at faiiova: Taa:?? No&tb L*at* Mail at ?.r ?. ra. Beffato ExjreM j>. n. Ps-rfcton Acoomtflodauon 4 f. m. Pittsburg and Harrubnrt ExFr*?Mjn p. m. Txaixs foCTii Aaai <r* Parkton Aocomnnviaticc at 8 *? m. Br.Calo Express 3 2> a. m. Pitutbarc and Havriabarg Exjreot If. a, Mail f. m. Tli* 6 a. m. train from Washing to* oosbmU with the ? ?> a. in. traic froeu iivtnnore for th? Wo?t and for Bstfalo. Elmira, Rochester, Dun kirk. Canadaicoa and Niagara Palis, and lor New York city. in* <i a. in. mn iron vviwiEf?on oonceeu ?ith tneJ?. m. train from Baitunore to WnL North and fi orliiweet ud binura and Buffalo 1M Kooheeter. The * p. in. tr&'a froci Washington eoi:neota wiU the8>>p. m. train from Bat; more Jo: fittiovc, Rarmbaff and the W'eet and is a direct coraec tiou for l>bar.oo. Easton Alientown aaa N ew York rsa C-ehtral Railroad of Nev Jersey. Try tiia route for Nev Yore. ITT* The only tram leaving Haiti mare on Uandaj isjue2 p. m. tram, for Harrisbur*, Pittsburg, Ck? o*ro and the West. 1 he only train arnTiccetc Ba.ttmoreon Sunday is the ?Jo a. m. train. J Aft. C. CLARKE, no* ly S*nppric,t?iiCect. T NOT1CK TO TRAVtLKiS. ? Postmaster General having ordered til service between Wachmglon, - ga=i tia.tioiore.and Old Point i l'ortre??j acuroe) to be reesn.ed. on and after4 oncay, the ins tact, the Bay Lane of steamers will ieare Ba.tiinore K VKKY uAY lexoept Son day) front their wharf, foot of L'aion Dock, at 4M e'eloek p. m., or iicin?iliat9ly after the arrival of the Washington Train, vhioh leaves Wui,.Lito? at M o w. IS. KAM?, Pnwl. . VOPHAM'u r M M M 1 9 M TK 9 H g MAN9HCTOKT, III BniMTi bnm. VVuiiiWMi, D. C, ItrrltM _ z. IMA. Bbuiw*j 'fgt: 1847. 1am MsatuittT Butkiot, tad *1 v*?? Un ? be?t m&taraX irtr '"?S'W Wwd Box, aatf f Ml *i%S!g&?urt Cmvm Vi?? ? bors of CocrrMi ud travelers will |!nh WW Btottk betore jcrctatin eiaoirkoro in that are mad* :n other citm. nor Lutttr u? t?ren Tr?cki u4i lo iporior ni? ooTorori and repaired at short apnea, delivered free of rr.irco to anrfpart ol U? rn*0VBtat>4 Alexandria. JAMK8 R.TOPEAM. rtlBBV HAIR STORE, KX No . JiV Pa. at.. u?t.1?tb k*v ItTH **. tmjn on hand. or otCi to order at th? thorteS oeMae, Hair Work repaired or itiuM N. B.- kadiw Hair Ormi la tit Met neural r*?w MMi T"^J.uTSW.'UueyffiK^ rat omo of hu 9reat Berfaiae in Cloth:n?, Fera " Rau aod Care, jaw dia

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