Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1862 Page 1
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\?X XIX. "'?J?roir P T/lOf roH WASHINGTON, D. C.. THURSDAY, MARCH 27, 1862. N?. 2,838. TJIE EVENING blAR M PUBLISHED EVERT AFTBKn00H, (8VNDAY EXCEPT lil),) AT THE STAR BC1LD1NM, 9*mif / MMm ftU ?>?*??'& it. IT W. I>. WALLAOH. fapen rr?t4 !* paekagea by earrlera at 94 ? year, or V ceala per month. To mil aubacribera lac price U S3.5? a year, in s4v??c?; S3 for all oatha; 91 tor three montha; tad for leaa th?a ?aree aaonba at the rate of IS centa a week. Bla tie coplea, osa; la wrappera, two caim. y CT" ADvi^Tiaaaiirra ahould be aent to the See beloie 1* o'clock aa.; otherwise they m*J h appear aim me nezi aay. LETTER FJtOM ISLAND No. 10. (Correapondence of the Cincinnati Commercial. ] Vxited States Flmiiip Bextos, ? Mi* * Rtrir. :i All lei a'xtre Ixlnnd So. 10, J Thursday, Ma rah 20?12 m., 1ST?2. J Our flagship has not changed position daring the past forty-eight hours. The Cincinnati nn<4 St Lnuia. aftur pmlin? r??t?nUu ? ?? oat into the stream alongside the Kenton, ready for any emergency. The Benton and Mound City?the iMter the lowest djwn and lying on tho Missouri side at the point? shelled the enemy's upper battery all day, at long range?21 miles?while tho attention of the mortars ?u likewise directed to the same locality. With the aid of the glass it has been ascertained that the enemy have six batteries in sight along the Kentucky shore, above the head of Island No. 10, mounting a large num ber of heavy guns?forty-nine of which have been counted. At 11.45 a. m. yesterday the enemy opened on us from their upper battery, without effect. P?Ant 1 ii ?A 'A n m M. A VUi ?' J/. Ul* 1UCJ lirnVTt^V O D from the big gun? on the head of the island, which is out of sight from where we lay?beiug hidden by the growth of young cotton' vom on the Missouri river shore points. Their shots from the island battery reaching us, several fell close, all around, the gunboats Mound City, Carondelet and Pittsburg. We were on the Missouri shore at the time, on the trans port Wilsan, lying just above, and observed th t the shot from tins battery reached around and beyond ua, coming clofj enough to cause the speed; removal to a po?nt higher up. The expedition, consisting of '.wo steam tugs, with stores and fuel for six days, which left yester - day morning to explore a channel across through the sloughs and c verflowed bottoms on tbe Missouri shore to N?v Madrid, after fork ing all day, and only fir "irg 2j teet of water (the tugs drawing o and '*> feet), returned to tbe Benton, the expedition beiug a failure, of course. A canoe or skiff can make it, but it is vuii ui iuc ^uwiiuu nuu a Jicauiuum UI lug. There is a fair land route, distance fire miles, across to New Madrid, when the Mississippi is within its natural banks?one which General Pope could marcn his army across. The country on both shores id overflowed for miles, except in the 'ear of the enemy's bat teries in front of us. This is the only high land, (he strip being from five to eleven miles in^width. and"only fire miles across from the bead of Island 10 to Tiptonville, which is twen ty-si.x miles by water. The enemy V force on this strip of dry land is reported to be 1 !,?(?<?. A messenger just arrived from Gen. Pope to Col. I?ufor?i reports that notwithstanding n severe fire from our batteries at Point l'iea.< ant. four of the enemy's gunboat*, bound d'.>wn, succeeded in running the blockade On TUK(li;; oae ui me liumher. the littb boat, wn.< ?unk. The enemy's gunboata. from below, have also been trying to light their way up past oar i*oint l'leasant battery. Last night, between 'J and it) o'clock, sev eral volleys of musketry was heart! in the vicinity ol the ordnance boat* .Fudge T^rrcnee and Great W extern, on the Missouri shore, two miles above 11?. 'J he Conestoga aoon opened out and shelled the woods in that vicinity. From the noise in the immediate cotton wood, it was supposed the enemy designed an attack oc our ammunition boats; hence the al^rm. which proved to be stray horses and mules wading through the timber, hunting dry land ?rigbt, glaring lights, indioating the move ments "if Rebel transports, were visible from Ilk # r> J via AM I W?* L.' An*t*?W?a ? U?? ? iv W i? j/. ui , uu iu? iitumcaj StiUro, iruui the head ot the island up to the upper bat tery. Toe Benton shelled ihe shores. i>at with what effect we hare not learned. We have it from a reliable source that our mortars have scattered their camps, and knocked down several houses?one reported to be Gen. l'olk's headquarters?on the head of the island. Doubtless many lives were lost, as the shells were seen by our pickets to burst in and directly over their camp. A messenger, who left Hickman yesterday, report* the enemy Phi) strong, three miles hack of that p< int and nine miles this side of I nion City. Their cavalry scouts have nl?o appeared on the heights back of town, await in; an opportunity to erect a battery on the bluffs just back ot Hickman, and commanding the river. From some unknown cause, Col. Uuford did not leave any force whatever at llickman, as we came down on Saturday last. The loyal citizens have asked Flag Officer Foot* and Col. Cufurd for protection. One of the gunboats will probably return and lay oil ia the river at iiickiaan, in order to prevent the erection of batteries. A Lieutenant and several men, from Cuford's 27th Illinois Hegiment, yesterday, in a skiff, worked through the swatnp. (being hidden in the cotton-wood.) to a point within two hun dred yards of the upper fort. They only report one gun?a whopper?left there. This morning we can see three mounted at the same place, indicating that tbe Lieutenant was mistaken. THE 9rf.*SDIT> SCEXKS Or TT1E BOMB Ann WK*T. fCorrc?pondtiiCe of the Missouri Democrat] Oec&aionallyfmr solid ishot struck the para pet plumpij, and an immense column of dirt thrown into the air wuuld show the execution done. Now and then tbe shell exploded di rectly over the fort guns, and the piece* could W seen splashing the water in every direction. Amidst it all I could see the rebel* running to and fro on the parapet, loading their guns, carrying off killed or wounded, and in all be having with the most spirited bravery. Two or three guns were dismounted, and some heavy breaches made in their works, but they struggled manfully to repair the damage*, perfectly defiant, as it seemed, of the fearful perils which surrounded them. * * * "Good for Kilty !" shouts Capt. Walke, of the Carondolet, as one of the rifled shots of the' Moind City struck just in the fort and cast up an immense cloud of reddish-looking dirt " Crash goes ll)-inch shell from the stern of the Carondolet, just orer whioh 1 am stand ing, the ship trembling in every timber at the recoil, the spectator involuntarily dodging the shock the sulphurous smoke flying hack in his face, and for the moment blinding his sight, aad tho huge missile roaring in the air like the sound of a distant railroad train, coursing at lightning spc*d- V.'e w*tch its flight with in tense interest. It falls iu the river in front of the oarapet, or perhaps pa*?es over iuu? (be wcods behind, ?r u?<?rr|y plunges directly into the earthworks. The seamen on ?lr<*k rim their hands *u?l dance wiMljr around "(iuuj to the gunner. "tioo<l morning lu juu,'1 to tho Kebels ? Put that in jour poikot and and never mind the change " * Look at eui runuiu', shouts a fallow with a glass at bis eye. "I ?ec their yet," yells another. ' Now they're loadin' their big 'un. Watch out! there she goe?." " Get out of the way, gentlemen," shouts the eaptaic ' Let ua pay due respect to that fel low. Lie elo*?.M We all crouched behind the pilot-house. but the shot is intended for the Baoton, and whitzea just over her deck, atrik ing the water a hundred feet astern. "Crash!" go two almost simultaneous discharges from the Mound City. " IJoom!" thunders bate mortar just in oar rear, while the prows of the Beaton, St. Louis and Cincinnati are one eon tent (hooting cloud of fire and smoke, accom panied bjr the most terrific reports. v-. riBtse A MORTAR. (Correspondence of the Cblcjgo Tribune T The trine of a mortar is the very poetrjr of a battle. A bag of powder weighing from 18 to 2u pounds is dropped into the bore ol the huge monster. The derrick drops the shell in; tbe angle is calculated; a long eord is at iached to the primer; the gunner sieps out upon the platform, and the balance of the erew upon the shore. The eaptain jives tbe word, the gunner gives bis eord a ruddea jerk, a crash like a thousand thunders follows, a tongue of flame leaps from the moath of the mortar, aad a column of smoke reile up in beaatiful rUer v spirals, developing into ringi (ft exquisite proportions One can ?*? the fbell as it leare# the mortar flying through the air. apparently no larger than a marble. The next you see of the shell, a beautiful cloud of *moke bursts into sight, caused by the explo sion. Imagine ten of these mortars thundering at once, the air filled with smoke clouds, the gun boats belching out destruction and completely hidden from sight in whirls of smoke, the shell screaming through the air with an un earthly sound, and the distant guns of the en emy sending their shot and shell above and around us, dashing the water up in glistening Mlnmna HllH iaf r?f onvow on/l VAI1 v? OTT? -,T. J" " ~r4*v? J? "*~ sublime poetry of war. REBEL COVML'KICATION IXTIRILV CDt OrP. Our dispatches this morning announce that Gen. Pope has erected batteries commanding the river, at Riddle's Point, on the Missouri shore, below Point Pleastnt. Th'i gives the Federal troops command ot the river down to the overflowed land on the Tennessee shore, and completely cuts off the retreat of the Ilebel troops at Island No. 10. even if they evacuate their works rfnd march across the neck of land to the river below Point Pleasant. ftlBCIT'lCAnA. The rebel* nay that if their armies are de feated. they will take themselves in squad* to the mountains. We wonder how rebel fquads would fare among the loyal mountaineers of Kentucky and 1enne3Sce. No better than bears, waive?, and wild cats aertainly. The Southern Congress still express a po'r opinion jf the United State? armies. Ah wait, gentlemen, and see how they will strike you by and by. It 13 probable that the American Eagle will live lonz enough to become both a grey eagle and bald eagle. (i*?n Pri'M - nriif cIim 1nr? In ?n? nno nln?? We suppose t .t he way be called a sure of military rquat sr. The Souths; i Confederacy is said to be getting very vrt ?k in consequence of too many evacuations. It was a genuine job that the Monitor did, though the balls she used were forged. It seem3 singular that tha Gerce flame in the bosoms of some of our charming rebel women doe- not set their cotton on fire. The rebels have made a great many infernal ii..> ?? >- *-< u>"vuiu? ui>u nuu t cjipivje. j aeir reoemon is aii internal machine th? t will. Curtis has driven Price out of Missouri ?nd is driving him out of Arkansas. 4Xo blame is attached to the driver." The rebels are everywhere falling hsck from their line3. They may he cMc to escape from all kinds of lines but one. It sceins that the rebels went from Man&oas to "I'oji? L>nm lliver." l'erhaps they didn't lik<- to swear, but no donht ih?i- wanui .?< to some place whose uainc h;td I?aiu" in it. Let our soldiers, if they would hit our cuc inies in the weakest part, shoot at their knees. The rebels are ail getting weak in the knees. The rebel? are everywhere fleeing in a panic. The devil take the hindmoet?and the fore most The way to break the back of the rebellion is to break the backs or heads of the rebels. Whilst Qen. McClellan is pressing on against the enemy, the New York Tribune is violently assailing bim from behind. It seems almost.* pity that he can't turn, and, at pointblaiik distance, give the Tribune office a shell froui one of the heavy mortars he is taking against the traitors in his front. A Ricn Apfair. ? A Man l)rmv>* on a City Firm f'oi a Wife.?A few days since a respec table business firm on Water street received a letter from a customer near Yonngstown, en closing an order for?a Wife! The customer was rich, middle-aged, a Dutchman and a widower. He said he wanted a wife right off, auJ baa no time to look up one for himself, but should be in town in the course of a day or two to marry the woman which he depend od on his city friends having ready for him. Sash an orJer rather trok the merchants aback, but the man was too good a customer to disoblige. As they had no supply of the article on hand, for sale, one of the Grm went out to hunt it up, and at an Intelligence oflice got track of a girl who could speak German and English, was tolerable good-looking, and very much wanted to find a husband. A bar gain was struck. The Dutchman came in yesterday, found the article ready for him. ap nrni'Ail nf it- C*f\t luarrlo l onrl rvrvW V.'sau-Ia.. jus purchase home with biio. We did cot loarn twbetber the firm charged a special fee, or a percentage commission on the market value of the article.-? (jUvtlund H*r<Uii. i^?ARItlASE?: CARRIAGES CAR R1AGKS!! ! Eersocs wishing to h>v? their CARRIAGES PAIRKL) would do well to oal! and, toe* in* l>ef'>re bargaining ef?ewh?re. Now on h*nrt a very superior lot o Sea*on<*? Wood Material of a!: kaj'la. AMERICAN AN ft ENg;MtH_ rninup n.nil v A KIN ISH F.?* of the beat, due., Ac. Work don# in the short-?t possible linie, a .u warranted to :> an represent*'(. ttUBEKT II. G K A ii A M, COACH MAKPH, mh 21 1 w * ill Kith-1 srreet, JiHE UNDKRSIGNKD WubM to inform hi* I friends and tits pu r<tio that ne has opm?*l a Haw Hlin? and ttepamng Shop on the corner of 7th aud 3 streets. an t behevin*. from a lont oipr rience ir; the business. fhst he will be able to p.sioO the wood sawjor and the botcher and ever* me* chan:c that met a saw and hepes, br a a*~ ict at un'ion to bus.nevs. that be will merit a ?hvo of the pablio patronage, jaa lIMra" JOHN KKNNh.M.LV. NOTICK ^ Tub (.USLinCi RK8TAVEAHT, i4T PKNN8YLVAN1A AVKNUE, Sooth Sid*. <Fcrn?3rlr of timw York.) !! the name and f*ni? of l-eins Oil* of Uin Rett Restaurants in 'f<nrn II7"6ive ? ? tn\\ awl jcdi* f??r yo? Kvery tHtre in the home is _ "t 'lie 4VP*Ll dk^t tiik mabkltI??! j?fi|Bk AH OH115). ^ Pou t forest tb? noin??er? 3447 i'euntjIvanta avniiue, between Wt.'i au-1 l3Mt street*, inh H-lm sootlt side. j^l^W \VliULESALE_UKV CUOV8 HUU#E. J. H. HOBLITZKLL ft CO. hare msl opened a large at'^k o| DRY WOODS. NOTIONS, Ao., at No. 347 West Baltimore ?treft, Haliimore. Toe entire DinA dm purciiAstd in (fspteiuber and Ootober last. at prioes euablui* Uiem to ae.i to dealers on suck terms a* will make it the in treat of both oitj feed oouiitrj meickants toezaimue tueir stock. 7 HT" Their terms Wii! be cash. fe 28-3w? BC T 1 UK AND E G 6 8 ! 1<? taba and ke*s prime Goth en ar.d Glades But ter lb store 9> kef s Bakers' Batter. F?r|5*K.t>[)UTIlOWt.N?. 440 Kifhth st. tab 8" t^ Between Pa. avenue aini It st. gAj BOOTS?SHOES! W^Q^CoiSlB XKtTH Bt. amd PA. AV.f|^ WASHINGTON CITY aid fcASTKHN MAl>H > irptu Miaurtii. . .ai.a m Si.u Ol?t?' Bai moras....if & to aSlO Gents' FineOalf UooU. ...iauolo $600 All kinds of BOOTduil BH0K9 very cheap. irr Boots Bid! to order in tbe b-st w anner, by aTtlllaa* , CHARL-8 H. MORfF.. po* PERSONS^I^MuL^iRATK CiKOUM Tl?e t reat Uuik of our stock of Amenoan and Earopean Dry Uools, in all the depai tmecU of central and special funily wants, was selected and prioes arranged to meet the raaatrcsnent* of the oiasaol persons above indiaftsd. Uu trie* oaly. I tie actual uaah value, marked JMjiY ? SBttSM. tub la tr %V, aud Ninth el. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FURTHER FROM El ROPE. Nkw Vorjc, March 3B ?The steamer China ha? arrived, with Liverpool advices of the I5*.h. The ftt^amer Bohemian arrived out on the 14th. The proposed amendment of the liberals in the French Legislature to the paragraphs relative to America In tbe address of the Kmperor had been withdrawn. The proceedings of Parliament were unimpor tant. The reduction of the mail subsidies was advocated. Tbe London Mornln? Herald thinks it is a pity ?VA oi.t.. --* ? ? * - ? tuc vuiKu cuiicf uuuui umic ?i?e oi me am bus plclous occasion presented by the recent successes to conclude a Deace They have it now In their power to retire from the desperate strife with something 1'ke honor. The Daily Netra argues that by simply refusing any participation in the slavery question, the If. P. government will practically doom slavery to , extinction. Thp Tlmo? inArnUUa Afi tKa A k# w w VU ?MV \4 I iUU H ? % 1 V V V? ? scttlrmrr.t and points mt the public debt. tariff, taxation and slave laws, as rocks ahead, when it look* for a day wblcb 1s to give us two friendly Unions. France is reported to hare urgently called on J Spain to at nnc< put an end to she rrl*nndef standing between the Ppanlsti and French com manders at Vera Cruz. MARKETS. L'VKzrooL, March 14 ?Flour bar, declined 64. W fcea' Is dull and la.'d lower. Corn has declined til. Ueef steady. Pork steady, hard actlvs and steady. . Produce?Ash?s declining; pots 3*2s.; pearls 32* t?J. Rosin easier Spirits turpentine dull. .. 1 I - ** ?? ' -? ' * < uu. uuutx uric, nice iirzn i^mseea oU American securities a.tlve &ud advancing. latest via-qtoienstown. L:vKai>ooL,9aturdav.?Cotton closed firm but unchanged, ( 'ale* to-day, 7,000 bale# to specu lators and 2 000 bales to exporters. fireadstutt* very dull but unchanged. Pro visions quiet and steady Uacon firm. Losdj^, Saturday.?Consols 93?, a9J&; Illinois Central shares discount Krlc shares :T2c3). LATEST FROM WINCHESTER Winchester, March26. P M.?Your corres pondent hopes to Lave a complete llitnf the killed and wounded on both sidea to night, far aa as certained Capt A. H. Brown, of the 4th Ohio Regiment Is deputy provost marshal here. A committee of cltlzena, with the mayor and provoat marshal, have buried all the dead of the enemy which have been brought Into town. Klghty-flve were buried on the battle-field, and one hundred and twenty-three were burled on the roadside between here and Straaburg. Two hundred and thirty-five prlaonera have been ?ent to Baltimore, and a number are atlll here, whilst othera n/e on the way here. A inea*enger fro.n Strasburg atatea that John son waa to have joined j?i-k?nn ?> _ ? w ? ?. I'llltOiiUIC) >/llk ub*eqneatly sent him word that he coula not join him till Monday night. Their combined forces would have been from tweuty-Hve to thirty thousand men. it la also uuderatood that they were arranging a plan by which they intended to krep Hank* from moving to another point; but Jackson being impressed that our troops hsd nearly all left, har.irded hi* fatal advan e alone. Thousands of person* are visiting the battle ground and bringing oil mementoes of the terri ble tight. Our pickets are six miles beyond Strasbur?. jot-nsoijj!? not in alibi. All tbe fences and trees, and the gronnd along tbe route of the r?trt?t, show evidence* of tbe terrible *ffect ef our artillery t>n the retreating enemy Gen. Shields' arm ba* been reset,and be iinow comfortable, and will probably 1**able lo resume active duties in two weeks The Bombardmefat of Island No 10. Caibo, March 1~> ?Afi'dlr* at Island No. 10 are unchanged. The mortar boata are tiring regular ly, but very moderately, about once an hour. The rebels do not reply. There are not so many tents visible. Some reports say they are leaving. Tlie rebels at Inland No. 10 have not burned iceir transports ?nd bargesas previously reporteC, but were transporting cannon and ammunition from the Island to the main land. They commu nicated by signal lights with their force* at Uuion City niKht before last A dispatch received last night from Cairo, bringing the latest intelligence froin Island No. 10, says the main works of the enemy on the main land are overflowed, and also the whole of the Mississippi valley in that vicinity. This delays effective operations by onr forces at present. Miurp Skirmish Near Independence. K ANMift n.irv VI a rr> V* >" a - 1 -' - *- ? ,.,?.va w?n aiiuiuu occurred between a detachment of the Sixth Kaunas regl inent and Q nniraU a band, near independence. Alo , on ike 2'Jd inst. Tlie latter were routed with seven killed, arid captured eleven prisoners and twenty horses. The rebels killed two of our men and burned the bridee over the Little Blue river the same day. A tire occurred in this city last night, destroy* ing three large buildings on the levee. TLe loss is estimated at thirty-five thousand dollar*. The fire is supposed to have been tb? work of an in cendiary. A Great Battle Anticipated So?n. Sr. Locis, March 2G.?The Republic**'* Cairo dlapatcW aaya that peraona who loft Memphla re cently report that Gen. Beau regard, Polk, Cheatham, and Clark, were at or near Corinth, Mi*.iUaij?pi, where it la expected A great battle would soon be (ought. PROPOSALS FOR WOOD. Ukp?t RrtaMAerBit'a Offic*, ) Cormtr *( 18 h ntul (i MTCttS, S WatkiHglnn March li. 1*k}A ?iui.kt> Proposals -wi!i be received at Una office I until MONDAY, ine Hi at day ot Maroh. at 12 o'c'"ck M .to furnuft tho troops in tdis oity and ila vicuiitr. north oi the i'otomao river, witnin (5) five inu?? of Un city of Wastiinjton, with W<>-n) lor fH)six montha.oowmer.cinf on Use J?t da* of April, 1862, and eudirij the 3uth day of September, 13?2. 1 he Wood to l>e of the b??t quality of oak or hickory, and to be d?i vereJ at th* campa or quar ters oi mo :roopi, in such qnantitiea and at such tiineaaa the Drpot Qnait?f:iilater may direct. I'ay mints to be in via at tte ecd of each month, upon tie return hf the contractor of Uie ordera diawn upon him. The delivery of the Wood or dered rnmt he shewn by the r<?oeipt < ! the officer reoeivinc it (specilyinn the amount delivered)an dorae J upon the ordera. Wood ord-red for racmieuta, briiadea, or din aions mnat be receipted far bi itie quartermasters. TUe pinpo?a!a muat specify the pnoe per cord ofiVA) utoe hundred and twenty eifht opbie ieat, and iiiiirt be plainly marked "rroporala lor Wood," The ability of the bidder to fill the oontraot. ahonl-1 it be awarde t to him. must be ( mantle** by two letponaible pers na.whoaeauLatures muat t>e appended to the r uvan.oe. 'lite responsibility of the cuatantora mnat be aUoWn b* tlie official certificate of the clerk of the nearest district court or of the United states die I ?*?'? #1r?J, ...? [ Hiri'ier* hiu*1 l?e present in iterant! whe?t !' ?? '??? ? I areopnneit or their proposal* will not l?oonmdered. I li?ixla, in the awui01 teii thousand dollar*. aun*<1 i I>t the contractor and bom ol lua guarantor*. will 1 l>? required ol the euooesafu'l bidder upon airniug the contract. f he right to rejert any or all bids that may be deemed too high ia reserve 1 by the Depot CJuarter niMter. Informal proposal* will be rejeotcd.

Form af Uuaranttt. We??, of the oonnty of???, and State of, ,and of the ooanty of??, ana State ol < do hereby guaranty that ? ia able to tulfii a oontraot in a^oo'dance with the termi of Ins proposition, and that, snould hia pro pontioa ba aocepteJ, he will at onoe eater into,? contract in aocordance therewith. S. Should the contract be awarded him we are pared to become hi* aetngntiee. v '77 (To thia guarantee muet ba appended tha oertiS oate above mentioned.) D H. KUCKKR mli 14-did Colonel and Qnartermaater. IU9T RECEIVED AT L A. BBALL A CO.'9, | A HE ALL * CO 's, No 361 Seventh ftreet, I j. between I and K, is the elaoa to bay your CLOT HI NO, FURNISHING S O O D 8, TRUNKS, HATS and CAFs at New York yrtM? CHOMK ON*. AND ALL A f U A. BEALL ft CO.'fi, No. 361 Seventh street, between I and K. to Urjotr CLOTHING, FURNISHING GOODS, MATS ?mCAP8. NOW IS YOUR TIM K 'TO BUY YOU* CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS, iftisrt co'?. tadKetreetc 2 n>h 18 rVJKW STYLE SPRING OVRRCOATS AND : PI hoe Black Frwek OoeU ju^reoa?^3 n.ii u ?' ouruei E mm Tit rtreeU. i OFFICIAL . flpREASURY DEPARTMENT, ^ JL March 91, 1W. Holders of bonds of the United States dited October 1, 18M, and payable three years from ^ate, are hereby notified that provision has been jnade for the payment, in coin, of the coupons W semi-annual Interest which will become due n the lit April, proximo, agreeably to their tenor, by the Treasurer of the Unltod Ptntes at Washington, by the Assistant Treasurer at Boston, Hew York, and Philadelphia, and by the De pository of the United States at Cincinnati, Ohio. ; All rich coupons, together with schedule* show ing the number of each coupon, and the aggre gate sum of each parcel, must be presented for examination and verification at least three full business davs before payment S. P. CHASK, mil 23-dt tpl Secretary of the Treasury. TREA8URY DEPARTMENT, Pmiat 4,19W. : Ntrtici w Ef Reit ! ** of the readiness of this Department to redeem the Treasury t?<w*a payable In one year from date, anthorUfel by The act of CongreM approved December ?3d, IS57, ar.d the Treasury notes payable !n sixty day? from date, authorized by the act of Congress approved 2d March, 1981. Interest on Treasury rotes of the above Issues wtti cease ihe 7t>: day of April nei t by terms of those acta reapec" v?iy. fe 5-tap7 Department of state, Wakhiigtm, January 25, The Secretary of State will hereafter receWi Membera or Congress on bnslness on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the flrat of next month. Jan47-? william H seward. War department, j ATf VABT 21, IWl*. Okdmii), That the War Department wlli be closed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and rruutys ogambi su osner ousm^ss dui tr".i wltd relates to active military operations In the flvld Saturday* will be devoted to the business of Senaton and Representative*. Monday* to the business of the Public EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. g WORDS FOR PRESENTATION TIFFANY fc CO., Nos. SSO and 35J Broadway, Nsw York. And No. 79 Hut Ricublikc. Paris, IMPORTERS AND MANUFACTURERS OF ALL KINDb OF MILITARY WARES. Solioit the attention ofCivioand Military Asso oiations. Commands on National or State service. Patriotic Clubs aud individuals to their large stock of RICH STAFF AND DRESS ARMY AND NAVY SWORDS. Their assortment includes the choioest BLADK3 OF ENGLISH MANUFACTURE, identical with those made for Wilkinson, ol Lon don, worn bj the officer* ol the U riUsli Army, sad most approved Or experienced Luropeau authori ties the elejaiitly wrouiht BLADES OF SOLINSEN ON THE SHINE, in fibre and finish the recognised modern types ol the celebrated Damascus SUti; the excellent and serviceable BLADES OF COLLINS,OF HARTFORD, Besides those of other domestic fatiricants. Tt.e mountings of the blades, in ail cases exe cuted within the establishment, will be found to oomtriseall requisite styles ol ornamentation, the seaboards b?ing of SiLvaa.SiLvsa Gilt. Bhonzk, Plain or Fiki ttilt.MiLvzm I'latkd. Hurncrsd Stisi., Ricu I.eatiier, etc , with bands of Plain, Pit. ? ?Tl nr fc un/r,?r, tl..- ._u.. .... vsmnvav v< * * .<t u" . C n U Mil. l^UI CV1<I U CILVBR, 111? Oiiira and Gvaris ol the name variety 01 material and finish, and of either refutation pattern or original design tohould an article of EXTRIORMSARY KLE(JAMC3? of a richness and oostliness UJt ieyresente'j in stock, be required for presentation, tne oar.\oili tiea of the establishment for the manui'.oture of the ohoioest works in goi?4 and ai:ver, and its ier. ral artiatic reaouraes are uniiEual eutru.Ux-B of its aauafaotory and speedy proUuoUou. In answer to orders, designs and estimates will be promptly forwarded. Individuals purchasing Swords of Tiffany h. Co. are informed that every Dl&de is subjected to tests even more severe than those enjoined by Govern mant, oeiore it is plaoed on sale?the testing block is in the est*bli?hm??>t *nrf >i ifc? ~/.ti >a> ?ll*? WVIIIMiaUU %?i L who p eter tuuneuiate prool of the eao?U?Dce of th irewordi. fwM-lm 2(J7 ELEVENTH STREET. 267 J oat rtoelved a fresh lot of TIN WARE, WOODEN WAKE, WILLOW WaKE, CAMf STOVES, OuAL OIL LAMPS, Ac , at prioe? to iuit the most economical. JAMEb SK1RV1NG, WnthingtOD Stove Depot, ir.h ST-Steo 'JOT Pennsylvania avecue. UWM. C. MILLER. NION LIVEKY. HIKING, AND SALE STABLE, Cotmr of Sixth and C it a., Washi*tt?n, D. C ? Persons can at ail time* be accommodated with florae*, Carriages, or Butties for hire, sale, or exah&nee. fuvery by th? day or month. 1 hiuiatome brown Lauy'i saddle Ponj for ?a'e. She i* perfectly tentle: the rackt, trot?. iopei ??r paces, and ? a perfect beauty. Low for caih. wh 1-2 an]in ALBKKT HKLL. Airent._ R8. EATON, ~ F*?!UbN4B!.? OaS^?KAK?R, Hm removed from 4^4 TeuUi mreet to 4?>i? 1 etreot. between 8th and 9th. loalM aide. H. T. A"ay ieHa dreeacnttint rule b? |)|r*_K. mh 13-Jm* TMHS IS TO GIVfi NOTICK, That the tub enber hath ubtai e<i from the Orrhans' Court ?1 Washington County, in the tiiatnet of Columbia, letter* testamentary on the personal __? ?i a l 1 ? ?- * * * cnut V ui A:??uusr uurfuws, ,tu ui w a?;uncl?a Coartty aforesaid. deceagftt. Al! pertor.a havinr oainn tne ?a.drlec w*\ aro uereliy warned to eambit U?q Mine, with Hi a vouchers thereof, to Uio tulxonber, on or Itefore tho fcftotutU <Uj o| inve'i uaxt; they mat otherwue !?y aw i<a tx ciudad from kit benefit of lb* -aid estate. Given lUKirr mj lifted tin a hliaetiUi Jar of March. IW. JOHN liAVll^ON. mn 17-lawSw* E*oout?r. retire*! Jrout the buatoea* win oh he Uai Waeu cod ducting. M ateat I jr as lor ?ome time past, wa l<et leave to advise the publ:a that Mr.6r.OKOK T. LOKKK wilt have charge "f the same until further nil wry. I IlltlialUt lilt P<Ml I1TOII, W" WO - or to merit tli'ir oontinuniio*. inh n-ltv4v* A. HhKMHI.IiKII A. SONS. WK HAVfc JlfsT RliCHVKD A LAKGis M?orliii?ut <>f E*v?n, K???# A udStfmwaT A Uon> PIANO KUH.TKsfEBBA known u tn* heat i?"w m?nnf?'<tui??d.?Ti mTr vlnnh w? are oflerinc At the ioweet l%ou>rr prtoea. Persona in bmkiIi ol * rc'iabl* Pi*; o ?r? ifjut'aif<t to call and examine. Alao, one 8econl hand Piano for 91) sn<l one for 3&. At tiie Maaio Moie of ? I. 12 W. 15 Mi:i7l,lir.TT WM'RING W R Af PlMGa. K Ha?o ja?t a largs And beautiful assortment of Wrappings, in all tha varied slyjea of this ncasou, allul vtuoli we offer at oar usual low priooa. M TAYLOR ft CO., (formerly Taylor ft flatehirog,) _mh 21 ao?t Wo 4U Caw or Marfcet gpaca. G^i?fc5J|??0m^ jSiEfw-*" We offer oitisenUand jtraniers a lace assort of all colors and aualiUaa, e?ual i? maka and Eu*ktou"^1T,s?ffa!...?co? Merchant Tulort act! Clatters, S?V Pa. aT?.. bat J UT and 1Mb si? ? V-tff aw??> !?T PUBLISH ED. EMI LE DTPRE. A N Just Received and Opened, A luge and irat-claa? atock of choice FAMILY GROCERIES, consisting of: SUGARS, of all grades, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD, FLOUR, ' maillarivs chocolate, Ac., ac-| Ac. Ail of wbica be offers at lowest cash pries*. pike's celebrated whiskies. 500 barrels Magnolia, auw oarreia AAA, 5W? barrel* &ililers Rye Monongateli, #w barrels fine Old Kye, 500 barrels fine Old Bourbon, AT CiyCINNATI PRICES. Ml the favorite bri-nd* of C H A M P A G N E , Mumm Verteny, Green !*eal He'd?l?*>: which, beln* bought low. we -<ffer ?t nnnrt'Uy low rates feb U-tf *l?t, Sri* Agrnt ? - PIKE** \RMY COKiMAi . AND T E EI=l'S NEW YORK PPPPP AA PP ??PP AAA PP PPP AA\A PP PPP AA AA PP PPP AA AA PPPPP AA AA PP AAAAAAA PP A A A A ?? aa AA LL AA AA KEEt-EKK KKKEKEK EE EE EEEEE EEEEE XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX fxx XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xxxxx xxxx* xxxxx xxxtf xxxx xxU xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX XXX xxt XXX AA LL F.F.BRKEE AAA LL HKEEEKiS A A A A l.l< KK AAAAA LL A A A A LL KEEK AA AA LL KKEK AAAAAAAA LL EE AA AA LL EE A A A A LLLLLLL KEfWEF.K AA AA LLULLLL ttEKLtt tcmioa AMUCK ALE, PORTtfR, AND EXTRA BROWN STOUT, Jn Wkolt, H*lf, end QuarHr Cmrkj, BREWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, 18th Street, between 7th and 8th Aveawe, NEW YORK. feft-dtjea EVEHY PERSON'S INTEREST?That fine toe* of Clothing for tale ov?r Jewelry Store ie now offered at let* than wholeeale pricee, at SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh street, opposite Pott Office lie THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No. 460 Seventh ?i. Always ahead! New arrival of Hprinz Goo?le, a!l the latest styles of Clothinc, at No. 400 Seventh strnet. near P. feS? 3m F9_r-^_le-a fine stock of Clottunc, Furnish - me ouuoi, iTunra. nsu ana Caps, at whole sale prises. at No 460 serenta street, opposite Port OAoe. I* if 3m f^ENT'S Furnishing Good*. Trunks, Clothing, vJ Trunks. Hate aud Caps, all at Northern prioes, at the People's Clothing sttore, No. 4ft<> 7th etre t. QUIRTS, SHIRTS. ?HIR181-J?st reoeived C ltO docen Shirts, which we offer at old prions, at WWITH'S. No. 4RO *?v#?nth m* fm 9l.?m ?UT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! AND BRING 7t WITH YOB ! The subscriber will advanoe, in the way ef fir fthase or loan. smiH iiuni for short per ion, oa DIAMONDS, WATCHES. VALUABLE JEWEL**-, or any description of satisfactory securities. Any lad* or gentleman who would like to obtain a few dollars temporarily, in a tuiet manner, may do so h, j ?i! 1..1- - - - itti ? h 1AIU UOtWOOl) H WW II, from H Io2o'ou>cl, f<g7-lip MOOTS AND SHOES TO S U i T THE I> TIMES. We a:9 now manuiacturiug alt kmua of BOOTS and SHOES, and coustaiit j raoeiVloc ! aupp.T of MMtern made work of everj a*-] errp?ion, jnaanexpr*?*!y to order, ana Willi M at a inuon Ivwer pi ice than baa he*n' _ heretofore charged in this our for Buck inferior irticlM, i'eracna in want ol Root* and Shoe* of eastern or oity made work, will alwaya find a good aeeort ment m a tor*and at ti-tf ioweet prices. t>ir? m a call. JRIFFIN Jk HRO., ay t-r SI4 pennaytyama FURNITURE ! yURNlTURK! HUR N1TUBV I w. u HOSES, *lrtia?n, ?V (of theflrm of Moae* It I'eotfiain, I'ltilad'a,) Minnfacturor atH WhotesaJeand Retail o*aier id <;ane a?at Cht-ir*. ('trior a?<1 Pinina room Fnrnitw*?Tkoin'? JJuLl'ling, ##0 Herenth tllVT* I). hf?rj ??ntj of VI'XOLSmilNC riompllT an a neatly exceatM. Store opto day and oreium f?>r the aoeemmoda ttoo of the Purchaser a will study their interest to a?)l before looting elsewhere mn?' CURE-CORNS-BUmOJfS. |lfR. fEKDRIAT, 8ir|Mi Cturopodiat, from 1" I Pane, beg* to lulorm you mat be ess effectu ally renin vs Cores and Bunions v it bout yam, so that the shoe can be wore linnediately af-er the use rati on, without lneocvfrnienoe. Also iwa???a Warts and other superfluous flesh from the hands, o that the; will appear small aad delicate. No. 1* 4)4 street, near City Hall. Char*moderate. JTT Refers to tte dootora of Waahii (toe gener ally: mha-tf 8 JPR1N6 CABtMMKREB. Also, mediam and 7 fine Clotha and V eating a Savy Hlue Clotat, Klannela, and Caaalmeree. rarat?bMeck TMea,?!oves,. Half Mesa, Las uivumi uftuufttruaivii, vxM16ribirti| D&7&Xn, and Ewtorn oorrMyondenU amd UMT rappliM dnily., On* ir co on*y, the ftotml M>h Bttuidfcrd marked in plain fif*re?. An iaifootionof took incur* no obligation to ireJUM. PElRTkMO., mhfrfr P? ^DAMS' KXr&KSe COMPANY, NOTICE OF KMKOTAL, Vh? dolivory ofio?) of thl* oomiur ? rtmoTU frwri Ttud atrarttotfc* iarc* depoton B stre* w n?si wljw KRi |? avaST"* fc ll-tf . hStTu*?! otnresr??r5Lr n . Or rryr deecnjuot. Conetaato on fcaiS-Lo^wana avoote. Mr tWOwtor Markit ioiMa* fHI WUKLY STAR. miuuie gntfM m*> in>awnNiiaMT?? nyrtiwN x fttUy MrUif II iBTtrlakly Nitalii Iki "WMaOaftM i*l Ua aril Tkt Dmib Mnmimg Btm PMnllT Umikrai iki NUky. ET^SUfl? eopl? (U wrapper*) iu " at U? enita, 1??AliMy *e paper rr'.rn?'THUS CENTS. DENTISTRY. D, J h ^wdy. . Attend* to all brm.nchwi of kia profNaioa X tto moit r?4n,<?^f ratoa for wbiofc food op er*tior.? 0*1 h* performed. :<)#c? No. sITfi tnrn*, betereen Uth and lJth etreeta. wrodoore ?Mt of the Kifvvood Hoiae, la aatne baiMiac vt*k Or. Iton aidaon. mh t In* ,114 !\l ? f KKTl ftba MlNtEAl^PlSCTK*flEStt. St Unda piraonaily at hia oftoe .n thia oltr immnj persons OU VW INN MM ?IO^' ' ' " aaimot veer ctcera, and ao Hnec oac *?i ottorc who oannot wear thaae. P?r*om oalUnc at my oftotou to aaoommooaUd wiln any ilyt* and r>o* of Twtk iii?y My iNir*; bit to tm-aa who ?r# part.ou .ar anU *r?h lie yirMt. (iNDMt, irotif Mt, and art oaa j rsore i Room* in Una c:tr?No. 839 tth act lOtk ala. Al*>.V?)T Arok aTreat, Pfci ad a at*. mar? ly*> ouiH?waoar#Hr;.cu a-ant. wian utyirun, >eat, atrocgaat, acd raoat perfect deiitar* thai an ?rod ate, tb? MINERAL. PLATE vtll to ifaiiy warranted. DR. CHARLU R. SOTKLKR, MO. SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Cbtwbxx 9tb as 10th Bra. IV<KW ANi) iMPinvk-n nuiiMTinn , ? ? ? I - war ? **** m I V*1 4jtn.Rcs.11. rjrso^Ljsri bobm V B I f I, Witvovt Metal Plate o? Claep*. 1)A. ? U gleESMoND. *10 ?r(M?H< >?*? Tc*- wt>0 P **.'?.? ?*?* 4? niM. '?:< #? 3:4 ?a^ 1Ss4 ?f? . ffntxiiim. Cfclia the Mti otooo of tiie put?ic to Ui' 'olJowin* v:of bia irr.?*oT?c! ?iat*m 1. Tre Teeth of tiia m&DoikeCare vi MM H6T8T carotie ?o: cUw*e color bj ?r ^XDX Midi. iif ci I' r?e fo^.lfia irbter than v j otber. t. Nc U^.i. o - r~>ot* nee? be ti tk? krt ^oi?l onea c*r ># i! sorted .,?? - < ?. icer ?, ieu;?ct ? tt < * h*. ?. ? tftrc*^ :i.r* i+Mu ?r? * frrr t ??* 0*?. V >.tto 0 * M ii_2k., Ate I, I. ." ! 1 #! i* !" <!. 4 t * r*. :r? ?*?- ?">r> c f ! f&r?. whw? ea^nr ttte ?rt<i .? *Vf^?et:t:y uiitprM' i r;.'" BW ta-i":. }i ! ; rff o?rr tl* ? ? i 4-f >.tL' -f 'LP Z vi.fn ,?*i ' ??. - &:;? cf U'ta eoantrr ii;.2. uit> .ij'ii.lw! * v'. -it ^r4ert:aottT? jr-rta: f 'r.TTitfc* rhreo<". -us? ta*.n n?r Ns U *<f at 9&tn,ftr.<i Lt,. : t>? ? pe llet. aouc J ich,zu a~ ?li t. 'o root*, v -ioji wiillMl thrcAfh 'ir?t!T- e. T*)? tntc-f reg'?ft-kO l?.-. V. Mod; ifr. C-uiMkat, Frof*?*-. ?t. Cl - :. 1*1.-5. Ho',. . l* 1? VV?TEP. ' L> ?E?r?T> ? Ceart Of VVw i- : *B& l*'-jssv'? M ot.lf-e. < 'mi. fru< -*???. .-s ,or joure*<X o?. * *rr. GAB FITTING, JLc. AW* ? IMiTfc * ct>. ,* f .It* V.U ike; v*J t>? f??or?d l?Ulf IfKAII riTYiMt ttfc rt'WH, k ?rw ao?n D*ru ( tx wSerr m?T fcs '?bd4 ft oom?t*1* Miortmai' f CH.\NDFUfcH??c< *tt?' iTfl.cmKw." RJkfKI FI\T?RKS. i?*? l? Vi UB FI1IIICI. > h Mare in atore, arc are dai r reoatvib*. VJf *JXTfRESofentire? New Patternaand Oniiu it 1 Piniati, iiKfior in Btjrie to anything haret??re sffei x2 id this market. We mntecitisecc genera it to Mil and sumiise oar stool of 6u ai.d Water For ?re*, '.** :ng eonftdent thii ti h??? t*? baa* atock m Washington. A Work in the akcte Timlatranaa U ear ?r? "? ? ?.? *r Uf b?. ?T? Lt atrMt. AMERICAN WATCHES FOB, AMLUICANS! Na Mere ?a|iliit ajr I'ttaok jlakkUk, te Mil, bat Ml U lue# Uae. Why ahou'.d an Airterioaa bay a foreign Watch, wfaec be can tec a better' and oheapt one at bone7 Wfir ahontH an Amnr^i *< Beadteea.r enrioa fomto Watch macufactnrea at tt* Wr*"* k r own arti*u?? , Whj ahoald aa American aenl gold to Eng iafia and Franoo, our covert bat bitter anom.ea, when gold la ao muon needed at watt * Why aiionld an Amerioaii iwj an imported Watch, vhieh. in did* oaaea ?at m? tec, wilt eo?t tore to tn otirr for on* year.ttoar. :ta origi nal pnoe.and which vao never intended to keep time under any circnmatanoM ' Why ahouid American cot patromae more jtierai'y American manufacture*, and tbut emar Cipate themselves from the thraldom of English caaita?. French fukimi n ' _ vublineni* jew {1*1 / The American Wat oft Company'# Watchee are partioaiarif adapted for eoldiera' ace, beiiif mott aabsUnti&Ilf mace, and not .i*bie to ret oat of order, either ia marehiat. r idicg, or ftgUiac. Sold bj M W. 6 ALT A BKO., 3*4 PeaMjl rann avenue, WaaLiactoa. Wholoeaicorderaahoald be addraeaod to ROBBIX8 k. APPLETON, | Ai^cta of the American Watch Compaay, [ fea-lm ! ? Broadway, N. Y. IJ ARNDEN'S tXi Kfc.?S, IT (Estaslt*hbd Til 1*39,) Bee 1mt( to inform the p jb'ie that the? have ex tended t?*eir LifrMi to Waehiacton, ui) ve now reparad to Tran*?ort Merch&cc ?e. Hank .Note#, Seeoie. Jeweiry, Ac., to dl of the M%ddU, ,Vw Emilmnd aiul Wuttrm St*ut ana Ca**4*. Conneetin* with the moat -eeaocaibie Lxpreseee throughout the country, w* are enabied to oflar wu<ku.?1 to all who mnr laver n? with their patron**". For termaai.d further informa tion a??ly to K. S frMITH. Arent. Third at., Id 4por below ?*a. aretae, ja* >m WMUii4i0.DC. QEC1DED BARGAINS. Linen Goods, a fell assortment all kmd? of the beat olM, Embroideriee and Pocket Uataiherohtala, reoeat anpp'ie* in all rradee. Fine an' maaium wkite Ki?nnele, P.aiu Whue and Plaid Cambrioa acd Mc> una. All of theatoveat one iMnriiwii* ?? ?. marked in plain ficurM, theactuai wife ?f ?itarJ 3isr*~ " """* KSftTtf'aK? * rah 7 ct rwnn. ivnit ud Kit at. Wall, 8teph?uHC?^ MILITARY ANL? NAVAL MERCHANT TAILOR 9, Aud DuLtto in * WORDS, eAPHKP, BELT**. fiPAULET*. BflOl'LVKft STRAPS. AUNTLim,*! U VLB, A?. Ad4 ???f ? Witty of KMADt MAUM CiAJTHilf9. MJ HUMIilLI i'lKMt WALt..t??K?'HKNS A CO.. SIM Peaurl*?a>t ?TM?e, bttvato fell IluM. A Rernb.l 9U> and HHh au. rpo MILITARY OFWCKKM AND OllUI. BATCHMLOK'S V MX 91 ft* HAIA 2 7M. Vto Bmt In the World. FU Only R*limkU mU Jim mint Hmkr Dy? Lmtwm. y?mm ? *-U iSvWmf n * ROW STnSnE vr?' -TO!M CLq H of tew piMl. IMdl lib nwi Milinc M 1 , 8TKPMKNS * CO. *Wuc " ire. attd No. mic tftM ?* duU-ftn* I

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