Newspaper of Evening Star, March 27, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 27, 1862 Page 4
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TUB EVENING STAR. [ro* Tit* mi. after the BATTLE BY STILL*. Night on the hattle-Celd? Dim la Day's golden shield? > Deep the iludowi Ite Where the fallen are sleeping; While, with their misty light tjniverlng In paie affright, Oh ! what H and watch The lone stars are keeping Hushed Is the cannon'* roar. All th* wild combat's o'er, Rider and ste^d Are in uniu wuiiiki 17111H, >vais forth bo bugle's aound O'er the blood-crimsoned ground, Only the night winds Their dirge music sighing. One, with a *?i?b1ng ey*. Waring his tiig on high, Fell 'neath its folds And bis brarr- heart ceased beating There Ilea his form so proud, Wrapped In Ita banner shroud, btllantlv died he, Nor dreamed of retreating. ?>ne, in bin manly pride, Stood by yon cannon'* aide ; Darkly arourd Tbe dea?t-*Dota were ?^ct-uuit l.oiwi peatod bla battle.rry, ? Vni n m*4 Liberty Now ids youug heart for dU country la Weed'ng. Weep for tbe gallant dead, .Nobljr tbey fought and bled ; Oh! with what grief Will 'hekonu-kemrts be aching liod bleaatbe home* bereaved ! Pity the aad and grieved ! Va'ar will (Km# r h Anna Know an earth waking. none to the other shore? to return no more All bravelr inarching o'er Death's rolling waves ; ??od grant their souls' rel?*a?*-, He where aii battle* waw, Where the bripht Flag of Peace Evermof*waves! Washington, March, l-ttt. Htxjr-Di-nooDEW-Do.''?The moat amauing incident of the day transpired yesterday after noon in front of tfeis office. A sweet, blooming Miss of about seventeen rammers, accompanied by a young gentleman, (no doubt her tiudband in prospective,) were lovingly walking side bj -ide. when, at the point above named, the young lady was grited with midden faintne*?. and grasped the ami of her companion tor gup port. The latter supposing the fair one to be nick, was about summoning help, when the lady, in a aoft voice, uttered 4iNo don't, Andy ?its only mv hoops falling off." Tho next moment revealed the fact that the expander had broken from its original place, and was quitting it* fair owwr The difficulties becom ing the jouug lady a^uiued a beld -?and arnl stepped from the unruly crinoline. and, with her cooipanion, proceoded on up Baltimore street. The hoops lying upon the pavement. and hundreds of ladies and ; entlc ;nen pacing, great speculation indulged ir? some supjxtfing fiat the owner ?f the trap had suddenly ciink into the earth, while others advanced the idea that the wearer had gone up in a balloon. After much amusement had been indulged in. the naughty crinoline was picked up by a negro woman, who stalked away with ibe prize amid the iaugh'er of a crowd of gentlemen ?Bnh. CHpjmr. I! 7"^'tya U?c f><*tort I'oat: "We have ut ifd of many i nstinr-ra of in hnatnrM ?ir<;l"*? bo| that of th<- Nrw Ynrk wr-bant, wU<>a?- wife ]i*a ^Iveo hlrlli to twrlrr children ; n i ipry iwo months?in inatallmciit* of ainji'e, twin*, tiiplrti and fwir*?fern* to b~ the moat harrowing. *' jrj"Sp?-akin;; of tb<- art'.clra abandoned by the rebels at M<tn***at, * <-,orr?apon?irn' uy>: One tb!tm **? si^iiiti<*ant?tra?t* and religl ?>u? hooka are plenty, and ?oiled and mutilated testament* are arattercd tbicklv everywhere, l?nt not a plug of tobacco or a drop wbWky w;ia left behind. CU~ A. married man at Wlnated. Ot., having re reived a charming note from an unknown lady, a?klnt; him toraeetherat a certain place on the ;?th, attended at the place drti?mt?d, and found the charmer to be hla own wife, who had uaed mis mfam 01 testing bit fidelity. fry Th* Iowa Governor and all the legisla ture, except the Democrat*, went on a Llgh old spree In honor of the victory at Fort Donelson They were ao frolicsome and so drunk that the newspapers feel constrained to admonish them. fry They have had In the neighborhood of 11 osloo sixteen weeks' sleighing this past season, and there is a reasonable prospect that the snowy term may cover four calander months. llJJ" A sergeant of the 21st regiment writes that among the cannon captured by Gen. Burnslde at Newbern, were thirteen brass tield'piece* taken by the enemy at Bull Run. fp"The offence alleved against Gen. Grant Is Intoxication, bat Is probably nntrne. .uu DuiKA/aiiDKi) rUK THE WEEK LY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE? IT 19 THE BEST DOLLAR WEEKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS 18 UNEQUAL LED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPA33ED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BE WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUN DRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SAVE TEN TIMES ITS COST EACH YEAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this Week, to be out on Fri dav Morning?price Three (Jents?trill be a remarkably interesting one. Every Person at a distance who trovtd keep Posted tenth, referent* to what is really going on here in these infert't tng times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCK AT THE STAR OFF&E AND 81 BSC RI BE FOR IT. QENU1NE CARDhN^ FLOWKR SEii?)gi ^ JOHN SAUL Mlla the attention of market tar .?rmori, km omera to iu? larie and cara fwily eeieewd etoea ?X ttaruen Sm4. wlnoh have bean (titoud from the beat growers in Kazlaad, Kranoe ana litrmUT, with >ucu arUoJea of uirtnes tie growth u ?ie in asaa* Jaauad, n?; JSxtta fcar[j and Champion lew; Kreiniem Ftat Dutcn Ctbttff, Blaod Terra !> ?; Beans, Parsnips. Carrots. Celery. fco. rhwer 5*ol,*n s* tens ire coUMtwn, niiablo tor aaj lautnde in ilia Union s *i varieties seleted for aar latttaae, for 91. Mia experience of over mars asapraatieal aaaa t rower la the beat gaaraatae i^at all ara para, aaeurate, awl of the moat genuine <? ?' nation. JOtfN H/Vt'l., ?5M?i Store. mh It Btgo* ~1r>6 tfrreulii st.. oamer H. J M f O K T A N T N OTICC! Aathnra haa sncIi trouble for the laat two moult.. In M mrv wmi > *a ~ wr?/l t * 'i* Ul? "1 R '"V1MI 1*1 PI Wf WO??l> M>( l/MI l*> H COAI,, til* H?Ntrr|lMH? would respeettafly i?J??fiw the eitiaeim Waek ington that ?ti?r arecai'? rcomvinc And rt?ii venue irom the veemrt th* very heet artieia tj?e maiket at l<>wer r?t?? tUaa hav# l,o0<ht el?r >ive. HKY nSt.J'Urir$dtU Ji t?> NtLLI^I A COm OHeo 443 F at, i back of WiMartle' lintel, mh a-Hno . "7 3 10 TREASURY N?>TK*, _ I In Larce or ttmall Same, tfoaikt and Sold by JA.Y COOKE A CO.. IUsksm. mil ?-Ir 4?< filteontli rtrpet. f CASH NOTICE. AN Cmm?wbn or ?nr kariai to pax owh f?r every a-ticie of (poda we ??reh?je. w* are frioeH to rWiao oar i>inai to exclusively, for tlie boys' wear, wtnce are udiiam at a naeli lowar rata tkaa Diniri!. WALL. STKl'UKNS A CO.. ^ ^ 3iSI i'*.av.. batveeutth and lotto its. lpaRNUM 1J HKRL!?On froo xJiibtu??I iu? k{fe^iaaaag?a ;as:'s,ggjrrxf^" * 'tear ctf?^sswif.'l*"b tl" wa ?* W. a. ba?a8ve?. IT or A FEW DAY* ONLY?1 ha*a rtmyod r my &a* atook of Clotinn* from oror 6? Joweirj Ittoro to J. M. SMITB'tf.No. 460 S?* Jtwlry 8lor# to J. M. SMI nth atroot, no*r *, wh?rj>? oy?r u at mi wsr-^ ,r,o~*fur * 7. a 1ssf WK1TM'8,? No. 4M 7th itroot, yforttt Port f^RKAT BARGAINS IN CLOTHINR.ftt tho \1 Poopio's Clothing Sturo, No. 4M 7th nr?< fr M-lm THE GREAT "AMERICAN REMEDIES." Known n HELM HOLD'S OBHUIHE PREPARATIONS, viz: helmbold'S extract ?buchu ?? ? SARSAP arill A " improved HOSE wash. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. -hiqhl T concentrated" compo und FL vid extract b UCH V. A Pontir?Md S?ecfic Remedy For DIi*mm of the BLADDER. KIDNEYS GRAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medicine inoreates the power of Di|[>x tios. and rxoitn the ABSORBENTS into heal thy action, by which gie W4TPRY OR CAL CAREOUS deposition., and all UNNATURAL KNLARBEMENTS are rednoed. as well as PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and is ?ood for MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILD REN. upt itrcnr n*.Q ETTKifT UTimiJ. Fot WMkn?i*?8 Anaing 'rom Exoeaaoa. Habits of Diaaipatioo, Early Indiaoretion or Abuae, with tkt folitn*>n* Symptom*:? fndiapoiition to Exertion, Loaaot P.'wer, l.**M of Memory, Difficulty of ^reatbice. Weak Nerve*. Trembling. Horrorof Dite&ae, Wakefu oeaa. P'tnr.eaa ot Vision, Fain in the Back. Ut. versa1 Lassitude of the Maaoular Syatem. , MotHanda, Flnahmc or the Body, Dryne.-s of the Skin, Kraptiona on the Face PALLID COUNTENANCE, These aymptoina, if allowed to go on. which tlii* medicine invariably removes. aoon follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of which the patient may expire. Who outti that they are not frequently f?l loved bT thoio HDIREFUL DISK KSE9," "INSANITY* AND CONSUM PION." Many are aware of the oaute of their ?u(Tennr, Bl T NONE WILL CONFES*. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASY LUMS, Aniiht Mtlanrhnly Dtatk.t hy Consumption, BIAK AMTI.E WIT5?.?* TO TH? TB.U1H OF Tni? A9SBKVION. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORSANIC WEAKNESS. Requires the aid of me'ticine t? ??rentther. ard InTtjorafe the Sy?tein. Whit, HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT Bl'CHV in _ variably tint*. ? TRTAirVlU. CONVIHC* THE MI'?T CKBPTtrAI.. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES. Of.DOR YOUNG, 8INOLK, MAR RIFT) ok CONTKVIPI/ATIMG MARRIAGF, In tunny Auctions fcuUar '*> F'.maUi% the Kxtract Wurhu it untquailel by any oth?r ra?ie<1y. ai in Gltloris or Retention, IrregiraritT. P? ii.Ulueus or Suppr??*ion of Co*toinary Kvacu ttiona, li io?rat?d or Scirrhous ttat* of th? I'term, .suoorrlm * or Whites. Sterility, and for nil o?>m?laiit? ine'dent to th* *?x wh?tnor amirs from Imliicrnti >n. Hahiti of Dissipation, or in t>i? DECLINE OH CHANGK OF LIFE, sfr ?T?nnM< abovk. NO FAMILY SHOULD IIF. WITHOUT IT ' Tak ? No MORI M BRCt'H V,<>H i "SIM **? *t <?i KUK inK-i mi n.Mxm<AST Aim ? * HEI. MB OLD'S EXTK UT FVCHU ettss SECKET DISEASES In all ^?%sc?, At !itt!o Kxp?w<\ LittI* or no cii&RE* in 1 >i*?t. N? inoonvcnienc, A"d no W rpo'trrt. It can**.; k fr?^u?nt deii't ?ui?l fiTM strength to Urinata, thereby remo?ini ot>atruotioni. I'rf'vent.Bs and Curinj StrioturM of tli* Uratlira. A'ltliOf Pmd an'! Inflammation. an fr^uont in thec'aaaof ill ? *??*, an<1 exp* line all J'o IJttramii anri ttor* opt Matter. THOt'SAND3 UPON THOf*A!II>4 WHO HAVE BEKN^the VICTIMS OE VCI BO. and who havapaid h?avy FKiiato f>e cured ins. hort time, have found they were deo?iveii, and that tii?"P01S0N" has. b? the use of rowan ful A?T*iN?;iWT?," f>e*n dried up ia the artitem, to break oat in an accravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Us* Hbl.m hold's Kxtract Bicw for a!! a/I'ec tiona an4 dmea*e? of tne URIXAHY ORG Ays, x?rL.ik.. .. MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever canse originating, and no matter of HOW Loyo STANDING. Diseases of these Organs require the aid of a DIURETIC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE GREAT piURETIC, And m oertain to have tne desired etfeot is ail Diseases FOR WHIGH IT IS RECOMMENDED. BLOOD! BLOOD' BLOOD' lIelmbold\r Highly Concmtrated Compound FLUID EXTRACT SARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. This ia ia an infection of the blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS. LININGS OF THE NOSE, EARS, THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MVCOUS SURFACES. Making ita appearaooe in the form of ULCtiRS. Helmbold'a Extraot Saraatariila, Parifiea the Blood, and, renovea all Soa r Eru? uona 01 tne eicm, fclVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It tains prepared ?*preeal? for tfat* oiaaa of oom piaiata, it* Blood Purifying Propertiea are pre aerv*d to a greater extern tuau an; other prepa;a Uoa of SareapauUa. HELHBOLD-S ROSE WASH, An excellent Lotion for Camre. and m an injeotion in Uiaeasea of the ritiary Organ* ariaing irom Mabita of Di?aip&tiou, dk<1 in oouneotion with the Kxtraota Ouahu or tfaraaparula. inauoh Diaeaaea aa reoomiuendrd. Evid'.nr.t tj tit mo!t rtlmblt and rtfronfiblt charmtttr will mccomrnnw the m*ficinn, CERTIFICATES OF CURES. Ft em 8 to 20 yar.?' ttanhni* With Namis isowh to SCIENCE- ANDFA.MB. For Medical Piojrietiea of tiUCHU.ate l)i? penaatorr of the Urntrd Statea. t*ee Pinfeaaor PEWEE'3 valuable worka on tlte Practice of Phyvtfl. 9m r?marka made by the late t?lehrate>l Dr. PHYS1CK. Philadelphia. ?to remarks mad* ??y Dr. hi'tiR AIM Mo DOWKI/L. aeelaorated riij/ician aixt Member of the Royal 0?Hiwe of t*urc*on?, Ireland ftbd ??lriiebe<l in tha 'rrftBMMtioua of the Kmc ant Quwb'i Janrnai. See M^lico Cbirorficai Re?i#nr, uMUhe'1 *>J HKNJAMIN TRAVfcRS, Fallow of K<>yai tJol I logo ol Surgeon*. I ? ? inoel uftfco iateStau>lai<l wuiksmi Medicine. bxtraot ltuclm, .$1 ?wtfor ItoMIe, or fix for &Sf>\ K*lra?t:*ari>aranlla. ||M per IvttK or au tor t??o. ' Improved Ro?o Wa?ht 5" p<r foottl#, ?>r *ix fr?r *iM. Or, half tfoBAn of oa.Mi (or |UW. which wiU l*? midieient to oui? the most nlilmaU iittae, if di i reetiom arc adli*?r?4to. Delivered to any Adoreae, eeoureiy racked from otrnerration. DESCRIBE SYMPTOMS IN ALL COMMU NICATIONS. ! Care* frnarantosd ! Advice Gratia?! ' AFFIDAVIT. Peraooall* atreared Ufore Alderman of the eit* of Philadelphia, II. T. Heim?old, who i being d?Jy aworn.dotli aay.hie preearattona oon taio no naraotio, no meroary.or ower injurioaa d,U, M"" ""'Tt. 1IKLMUOIJ). sworn and subscribed before me, this 23(1 day of November, 1?M. WM. 1*. HI tf HERD. Alderman. Niatu street, above Race, Philadelphia. Address letters for information in oonfidenoe to H. B. HKLMBOLD, Chemist. Depot, 104 South Tnntii St Ixt.Chaenui Phil*. BE WAKE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS. Who endeavor to dupoM "ow Tuna own" and 'OIHIB ' ABTICLBS on TUB XSrtTATIOS iTTAMID By Heto?bo!d'e Uatiaiaa Preparation*, Kxu&ol Jiuoha, ? svsaaaxiUa. Improved Rote Wash, Sad bp ALL DRUGGISTS EVERYWHERE. ASK FOR HELMBOLD'S. ' TAKE NO OTHER. Cat oat tfca advertisement and send for it, ? mru-mun Anu BXfU mJi M-tr . WOK pKACM ?M'RRA?T8,># The auheortber offer* for *ale Ma amok of rticlt Treee, contaimni J?,?? Treea of ohoiee rarie-^^ tie*. Also, i/M Vinea of th? Concord an.lMK otlior 6rape?; M,**1 Cerranta of All varietiea:^^ Kt.irm Lawloi Blaofcberrr, Cattawiaaa Raa?i>erry Kad other frmta. together with a luxe ooilectioa of fioolj KnunTDecidMoivaBd hTM-green Shade and Ornamental Trooa. For ?rimi and information "i,h',,^03HUA AAo^?.Tfc. .3 WEW YO,,K GmSVoRK GROCERY ! tu L'lv TCA? OLD GOVERNMENT JAVACOFFEE, ! EXTRA SUGAR-CURED HA MP, And ail other kinda of FANCY GROCERIES! For B&Ie bj i , \VM. COR WIN BURS Y, I in for tor of Toaa, fa 26 Coraor of 1 and Klaventh ata. A NAVAL MEDICAL BOAttJU, Hoard of.Medical Ofnoara via convtn* at the Mawa ! A alum l> k i *a i? K i nn i -i I A aajiuiiii m luiowvi^int?? vm lU',7U*t for the examination of Candidate* rot- admission to the Meaioai Corps of the Navy. Oentleraen de<winc permission to appear before the Hoard Aiust make application :o tna Uouomble Secretary of the Nary, stating their residence, plaoe and date of birth, accompanied with respect abie testimonial* of moral character. Applicants mast not he less than twenty-one nor more than twenty-si* years olat<\ No expense is Allowed by Soveintoent to Candi dates attending the sessions oi the If >ar<l, as a suc cessful examination is a leeal prerequisite for ap ooiatment in tne ftavy. mh 6 eoSw T NOTICE. . , HE PnlUo in respectfully informed that the underaicr.Mi ha* oommenced jib nine a LINE OF AGES from Peun. avenue to Meridian Hul. The 81mm will leave Wizards'Hotel every morning at 8 o'oloek and Meridian Hill at hair east 3 o'ci'k, and will run regularly to and from Meridian Hill every hour, thus ajforainc * cheap and speedy con veyance to the various camps id the neighborhood. The undesigned hopes to reoetve a liberal support, a* he is determined to afford Ins patrons every fa cility in hia power. Fare 10 cente each way. GEO. M. MlLuERt , fe 14-eolm* Proprietor. ZBOTKLKR k. WILSON, <7% IRON HALL, No. 31* I'KHS. AVMl'*, m Between 9th and 1?>th StreeU, 1^1 "We oordlaHy invite the atientioTiof all wfco con template fHrnialunt to our haiutsoneaDd w?ll as sorted stock of CABINET FURNITURE. *m hraoitiK every style and tuality. from the finest I'arlor Shutdown to the cheapest Bureau,Bedstead and Chair, and at prices which defy competition. ( fjiyeus a caM and convince vrtiirsiMvea. f?2S eo6t NOTICE. ;j m fl* :Mi!i m "ADAMS' EXTJIES* COMfAUT^ Th'i (Jonp.paiiT oder* to the jnblio" l!a?v*!!rt A<i*?.nf*c*? far the S*fe*nn Qnsec l'i??Moh or rte?ry Freights. P*o4*;e?, Vikt^ei, Money, Ac. fco., to xl[ paru of the tT&itod ?Utr*. to ?p-I from the Nmtn ?n-i \Vr*td# r*rt from *ii*i Arrive ?n VvMiiijictcc twice All ICs?reuM are i? c.h*rt<? of <x??n?JM*4 mn4 rdiuhit Si ess All t'aer* i. \ r Tf?? . a *- ma ? ?i ? a* U ? ??<< * av* * ? * 'i k'vj s-4 w v?ii?T*y K? Uf|| gki.t' our rR*e?. AH G<K*l?!or tVn? ao-esHM "(??nf<"<ii?r*t*Stat?a" an<l ?U Article* " C?ntr?<j?ft4 of War': will bt (. Willi. Our ExprMifs !evr# Yor* at * $, r?<1 F. "SI.. trriTin in Wachington at A. M. aid P. M. Kiifcii'i >a?* Phi'acUtiphia at t.?s A M. an?! II P M,, ariivmt in #.?ft?rrton at M M, ani I A.M. Extr**?*t i^ar* Ma >imor# at 4.1" A. M. uid 3 p. M.. arnrir.f in \Va*i!incU>& al A. 54. and Ijo P. M. K.iprriMi for all poir.U North and W*?t Imti'ii! at ?.?> A. M, ?n?l S.S"> T. M. 4'ontrncti for larje ?nantiti?ft of Fratfht 4an t)? ma'le on app-"*atioii to 11<l* Often. All 6oo<l? callM for and 'tclivvrmi /r?< <jt I-.xH* ijari^a. E. W, PARSKW, V/Oinpany W**hir.ster,. Antu! 21. >Ul. ? ?%*?_ 'IMIK MO?I RJLT)KVIN6 IMORMA i tion tli%t w? r*n ei v? fo our rriuiora Wii" ftro utiffxrmc from tJoM*. i" t!t*t I'KARSON'S MKIMUATKI* TAK l?K<?l*?ar* rr*'ll a jikxI re,r(?.i*. Man*'?f"nr frt??r,Aji? h*Tf trlril ?ti?m with Klir.cna lur ^"rn l'hr(>H, Hnftraciieft* AU?I A.*Uui'V TU?s<? oiifoi'tioiis %!ao tire reliel to t;oni?uiii?MY*>? winters an<l {'ilhiic Speaker* who ar n troubled Throat llii'tirt fiml re'!?f hy isi11s I'eamon'a Medicated T?r|)roys, which clear the throat of liiiikT avl ticlchns *eTi*ati<>ii*, pro duced Iit too much eierttnfi of the vocal ?irran*, Anil cith Ktrentth, toil* and liit'nesn to ths \oioe. Prepared and so'.| l,y liKO, I'KARPON, No. i North l,il-erty st., Ualtimore. ^o!d ai*oat491 Kisht utroet, Washington: N". 4 I Air I ax street Alexandria; A. H. Hunt. Pr*deriefc; and hy the principal <1rii(jii?u tn l confectioner*, At 10 cents per package. fe 2? 1 m Iii. O. HOOD S* C.*>n*fA'?tly receiving, and haaalvay* ?n hand, & full supple nl all the moat ceiehrated W.^JTii hts thai atr manufacture!! in Hag iand7Switxerlaf.d and America both niUvidflME anu Silver case*. Hp also krepg a large stuck of fiwe JKWfcl.RY oftUe moat destraMa stria* aet with Diamond*, Kmerai'ii, Rulues and another Gein*. He >? a'*o manufacturing all kindaof fcolid yia<i<lant Silver Ware, and keep* Hworri^Jlevol vera, mtoiu ifce u auu tt*stie?, Bowie Knives, Ra?<irs, Scissors, Sold, silver ana Steel Specta cles, and a treat variety ol other Oiun* nsual'y kept m a J ewe ry Store, and all at the very lowest price. No. 331* Fa. avenue, letwecn 9th and 10th streets. |a> li-tt Oysters i Oysters! THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXl'RESS COMPANY Still continue to receive d&i v those funoas planted PATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS. Restaurants and private faimlies^^B f_j would do well to oall and try thein. wALJf Those oysters are sold 36 hours after they come from the water. 1L7~ umca no. ?o Market b#!ow the Avenae House. ja 8-Stn L. Towi*?. J. M. Towim, J. ti. Tcwies. L. TOWERS & CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ES TABLISHMENT, Cot*?r Louisiana mvtnut and Sixtk st, The attention of the butices* oommumtr > re pectiuflT invited to the New Itook and Job Print ing Kat&bluhuieut, Winch has been fitted up with nev material, in the most complete manner, it how reaared to esecnte. ir. & ?*.f.iri? ? . /*?? wfgij V&rietr of Pnntin*, viz : Hooka, Speeches. Pamphlets, Cards, Circuiaia, Sutler*' I'.ianks, Ao? An. Ttie attention oJ membera of Conjreiia ia eap? cialiy revested for our facilities lor printing Speeche*, as we have the Urn ft steam power in U10 citr. ue r lawtim A^ WATCHES. Itolo *?PJMfcRBfiN?rL19H. ,w,a | kfLV* ?AW ?? - ?u *"M 41 * .?.? .v? vu u?uu m i*i|9 iwui ui aii tne men oeiebrated Watches, that I am selling at the very lowest prices tiiat good and reliable tune keepers ca/i be aflorded at: and ever; description of fine JtWKLKV ou iiac<*;all no-# sty'pa roceived a* oiiq as luauataotured, ar?i oflered at the lowest rates. Silver ware >n?M>al*cUtred in my own she*. Allkindkof MILITARY GO.Ol?Son tiand.suoh as Revolvers, Swords, hashes, tfeltr, Bowie Knivea, 1'ookat Uompas^es, 4 o., fto. Alsu strong Army Trunks and Bed Combined; and many other Ui Hits SSBlul aiid ori*ainfliita.l ?i S.1S P?nr...l ? ? trend*. ?? vi?u?i i?auia H. A. HOUD. m DBH. DUPONT'S 8V9AR-COATED TK MALE KKGULATlNtf i'l LLS Read the fol owmi amp!'.clUf* enooml a"'i cannot oonnne&d th?ni too bijhly." "Ttoj ?ra the best Female Pille extaat." "1 have n?ed them with complete ?uooe??." "Would cot be witiiout tiiem upon Any connder ahoc," "i'hor operate eeeedi I j and effeoti*el?." Pnoe #1. Sent bi mail. Hold by 8. C, lrPHAM? 403 C(i??nnt efreet. PhitMelphfa, and n Win intton bjft. C. FORI), corner 11th etrect and Pa. aVcniM ~ cl'j;**?" * m? *A^AaiiUi >A| uj HL-?> IV i COOK * I CO.. i>mcti?t?. A yw-ftoly DH|K.?OI>FllKY'3 ANTIDOTK WIl/L CURE QDNORKHUIA in nx n*?i ciinncao'l diet retuirotl. It i? an I tail t*>eoifio o( liity-liTS y*ftr? ?t*r.c ?n<1 will not harm th* mnit <t*lica?e cnn-^?^ stitption. It onntftiDB *?? mimrnt*, Pno? I. Hold l>yrt.O. UPHAM,40.t Mtaftnnt itroK. Ph?lwl?lfln?.*b?1 in WMlitnfton by S.'C. FORI*, eornor tlth ntr?H *rvl P?. ; in Alexandria, l>y tIKNK V COOK fc CO., Hri(|liU, bo IS eolf II ft Mi??? * 1 _ . AU JS1JVJX9* UOAT Tip*M UaLiitoraU.- f \ ? C?lfKul<)? 5?o do R?! flints Gftlf vO ^ . ..F '?l? AI pa, ?-il iMMr ?tj!? of I?>Iim M>'I AllMM i?o??u, tlm ?wi iwjofime?? S tw ?J. fogfcjjOTl. in 1 <> I'onn. batw<ym 8U?a?<I *th ?U.

N KOUI-AHI>P1I.Kff. "I ?r. , fcXV oi'KMiU KM>AV. MvumIIm ()uilta,?il ?*<*. Wjlk iv 1*11 ? ? ItTf (ioodi |or lite ifwrn ?rwt ?*<X?! *?? ot l::S~'ul'-uw*cu*1i?t?Kii?i' ?ss?" mh lb fct Pn?B. lTNiu ?iid ftli atr??t f 1L.ORIOUS NEWS?BURNSIDE'S KXFK \1 ditiona porfoot bummm. Bat n?Kt to that ta tha Great IJartajn* now offered in Clothms* r urn ubiTic Gondii, Trut.k", Hati and Car*, at tha People's Closing Htore, No. 4?0 ?th itreet, o??o utePott OB ft*. fe 14-lm ROUGHS, COLl>?yHj>^RSENK?. *e. OOMFOITND Si HUP OV ? VU ARABIC. Thia ilMWt and popular Cough Remedy baa been ao long known and axteaalTeiy ua*d that moat peraona have bocoine familiar with it* axtraordi nary efloaey. It ean ba Ium at all fee prmcip 1. 4rmc storee. at? and io eecta a bottla. ?all-<Hi>*iatii'' VVALL, STEPHENS * CO., IT 3*4? Pbitnmlvania Avnn. %M I I I l?l * M - ? ? "MKRb^AN'f w w ANDREW ?TK MEN'S FU OUnE VKRY NICIi iUMSKWOdo ring Pi*no?n?l?i>eGwbfof f*i cheap. &ftcooniinoUatirn l??mi Alio, CHIOS IUBT RECEIVED a ilrn lot oI BOYS' J JACKETS, from Auction, which it asar^-"4* c,t ? "i'tjr JL * , mm* m IMFOXTAKJ TO FABILIKS, U*? & TZ | y . y- j * RBITAPIIANTS, HOTELS, t . . _**?* ? * "5 ' T SUTLERS, OROCERS, AND OTHERS. ' ' * i ^ 1 * " m ** CV . isi> 4 V ' ;4 . . WILLIAM TUCMR>8 CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3i? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 33# PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. r< nnvn ie>b AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Hating bttu purckattd / BankrujH Mtrrkmntt nd otktrt. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S uiuiiotici, uiq uuHi n iuci, isigm*, ? FOK FAMILIES, FOfl SUTLE RS, FOR OFFICERS. i io'ie.v. i > T EA9, FINK. U NION CIGARS.: IJ K&Ultk.K3| UUBIUn. K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R A1#INS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! Extra Brown Sugar 9 cent* per po ind VYblte Sugar.................. 12 cent* per pound Fine Green Tea 5# centa per pound Fair Black Tea ..50 centa per ponnd Extra Coffee ...20 centa per pound Good Col!** Wax Cnndlea Malaga Ralilni Cod flab Imported Clears Humana Clgara Almond* .... Salt Good Putter Kxtra Butte* Fine Wlnea 16 centa per pound 35 cenla per pound 15 centa per pound 0 cents per pound .50 centa per 101 1 to *3 per l 4? 14 centa per pound .V? centa per bag 16 cents oer pound Wctnt per pound .*t net bottle Whiskey ....*25 to 50 cents per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and see for yourself. TUCKER'S, %S lVnniylruUa Avcaue. WILUAM TU JKKt* CHEAP GROCERY WARKHVVIK, 3?? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, V4? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. V i 1 ? v y A J A h> A. M AT HALF THE USUAL PRICKS, Having bun purekmttd / Bankrupt Nirckants and Iktrt. Stuart'i Refined Su^ar* from 9 to L4 cU per pound Extra Fine Green Tea 75 " " Good Green Tea 50 " " Extra Fine Black Tea 75 " " Good Black Tea 50 ?? " Old Java Coffee *> " '? Good Coffee 16 < ? Every tblng eUe in proportloi. REMEMBER, T?CK?R^,Saf PENNSYLVANIA AVENVB TUCKER'S, 2*i PENNSYLVANIA ATkNII*?m. IMPORTANT TO FAMILIES, RESTAUR ANTS, HOTELS, GROCERS, AMD OTHERS. n ijLLi CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, S3* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, S?* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. >4 I* , * ?>. *. ' ' / . ?* QROCERIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Hating butt pvrckmud of Btnkrvft Mirtknnll nd otktrs. T U C K E R|* S TUCKER'S B? lliLl AND IVTiTf. Groceries Liquors, Cigars, Wines,ftc FOR FAMILIES, . , FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T HAS, FINE. U WIOJM CIUAR3. C RACKKR3, BOSTON. K KTOHUPS, IMPORTED E XTRA COFFEES. R AlSINd, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR PRICES! WILLIAM TICKER'S cueap grocery warehouse, 39ft PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUE 38*PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. goobwirrs tobacco. e' ' ' - * ' . "i Tf. i : jj* ' H. H. WATT8'8 VOLUNTEER TOBACCO. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, JJ- fti'.AJitt l> Hi MM. ***. H**int btm rmtkastd / Jkmkrupt Mtttkmnlt mmd Mktri. _ e?TrTiAHW Bnit^ j.|)n, 1 J " REMSM3M1, fr TUCKJ&R'S, SU PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TUCKER'S,3*5 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE W*anii?*oN. dk'-?i lo?a rririta ft, a#au4y in ui mm id, for all imsea3k** of ijtpb vdkmcit. EtT NO riL8B DELICACY ME TENT. apply immkdiamlv, A 9 9 RE WARRANTED. OR NO E. IN FKdM ONE TO TWO DAYS. rf U? feu, imiml. ui m ?r? ??4 iltmn ^irainui> lc.fMMT.t? nl Da Wilts. Ulr'iut.lH. (mm. I ? f Jd#M, U? pmtt, ralptaiMa m ih? r??n. T????>tyt TMaMiaf*, Ihmet" < fcfkl >f ViMHtl UM m<, TkrML, Mm* ilkm.AIttUMm! ih. BlMk Mk ? *? ! ?thM? Tairikl* DiMrdtn irau f frxa Mi lan ??ku. ?f T??tk?ftkM Drktdfal urf fn? IMM w*Kk * ?? ? *irri|i Inpmikit, u4 4Mint k?tk ai* ??i m?i TOVNV MEN fMUlly iMliti ? "> lk? ticuim *f feutar; tkti dnt4fkl ud 4t?i*?cu*? b?k? whiik ?>u attly min I* u aauiaklj |f??i thawuidi ?( Y f K?. ,f t>,? ?..< ?*U?d u!? tn< kr.JUat intkUtci, wh* aifkt khi tim k?*? ntruciil laMnuf SoaiM vitk iki tkaolkf* ' < - M w?k?4 W kim; U? iy??, smi, Mil w ik MAK&IA9B. MUllll FlMIKl, * T?Bnf Mil MtiapbHif Mrc rip iTiri ' skylit* I tHhin.iip'ilt ?iH.':y, diftrmian, ti, ibii4iIt c?r?rt vhs alien kimMH andu it* lui wt > J. mij hJt MM la hu bat.*r i* * flail lata aa1 *BaldiBiiy lily >>m kit (kill u i psyiltna. OFFICE Ift. 7 SOUTH FREDS KICK ST. ltfl kud iid?|*i?| fraa numan triit, * fiw <MnlM ttl MMI. ful CM M Mini UB? u4 HBkll. kluin BM N u< MOWII B Harry. DR. JOHSSTOy, Hmblll! Ulb;iiC*;ii|i?r llr^wu. Weiin, ?T?4B KM 1KB m VI .u? am v^tlliru IB 111 Mlllaa Btataa, tad iha fiHUi fart af *bm Ufa ha* baan apa .t IB Ua MWittli af fcaoda?, P&ria, Phiiadalpbta aad aiaawbara, feat ililtH aaaaa af tb? Baai u'juat)t| aar*t iku war* a?*r koavn; rum; wiU nag iaf < ifca baa J tan whaa talaap; inn aarrasaaaaa, mui| aUrti.a* at aaddao aaauda, kaakfVuaaa wiih ftaqiam klBasi-f, *t;a?d*4 lanitiMi flU daraoga m af miui, vara aa?ad uaa Alataij. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE Taaaf Mao aad avhara ?ka kail ta^rad ttair.aaitaa by a Mruu pracuta iad*.(ad w whan a'.aua?a hahr. riaeliutli iaaroad (rair a*U caiupaatai.a. ar at achaal, Ua (fact* at vkilk art aiffctly fait a?au whaa aalaap, and if M car**, rtodtra narrtefa trr.paaaiWa, u< laainri ba:k ?'Ld at 4 bady, abaald apply Iumt4iuaiy. Tkaaa ara aaua af Ua aad aad Kalaalka.T llaata iradaaad by aarl? babita af ?a?-Ji, till Waakoaaa af Ua Back ai.4 k>nba, fau>a lath* Httd, Dimoaaa af i.(bt, kaaa af Fawar, Pajptuiian af ua Naart, l>rapara?. Ifar?a?a !rr;a Mllty, Dtr*n{?di?m ?f tht Dift?t"t Fautpaaa, Wily. Sfmpuru af <:*<itiuBeu?n, *c_ MIR TALLY.?Tin 'ttrfal cu m ik? alW in oiU U fct draadtd?L*?t *f Mio?t, C*of??i?o ' Utti, Dtrrtttita f tyiriu, K*il Ir'trtwliDgi. tfifiiM ?f tacitly. tlf-Wt trait, L?? I ?f talkad*, Timidity, ?., t?t af Ut Mtdlttd. IITOII BlltllTr.-nMiu4i Ikt (Mat af lk?l? ditllrunf httltk, laawa ihtii "g*:, kt*;? Uf w??k, p*lt, r>tr? ud tmatUlta, t d .ji m iifitiuil iktii Ut *Jf, k n i;sfuai af uuiBf DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. VH> t?t n >faidtdtnd iapradtnttrltry afplttMSt k?t? kt ku iitfcikto tttJt af ik>t p n.'?l d.itui, u ? kifimi th?: mil'.-timtd Mntttf afertuaar dfttd ?f G.t;t??ry dtttn hi? tt?m tppljiuf (a itaatt wha, f/t<.i artact.uao ?*d ittpttukili'.y, tin tiar.t ktfrttnd k:n. ft lit in-.a tka ktoda ?f <d dt?lfnli-f prt:trd?rt, laetptk.t af |uiu, lUk hit ptciuitry tihalAiiit, kttp ri m Mtk inn maotk, ?r a* 1h( > laa ticallttt ftt c?i kt at taint d, ??d In datpair Jta*a kii* vilk r? utd kt\kk la t'ft W?W? 'I VI WJ UJf VI ilt , \ J w " J pauac?M?r*a*y?k?inn Ibt tiaUnrtlTui j- ptri-? ?f (hi* ltrnk!? tich e? A(*a:tan>af iha ??n, Yhraat Rtid, kin. *t.. frayrtui>r ?uk frifhlfai rapidly, till daf.fc fata a Sarlad ta ail craadfa! afarinfi ky nd'Rf h'rltiku ? iMiftiti ItftiUf fift ?tu? ktcrl* ii tnTllli (tiara*. DR. JOHNSON'S KEMEDY FOE OGGAXU WKAKXKSS ANV IMTUTEXCY. By ikte mil ui iaparoti nail; va:kc?ttaf ika iifui tftiTlj aartd ma fall r!pi ric:???d. Tt??o?d< *7 tkt ??t ??d d??i!'U!td, *k? kid iMt all ttfi, ax kit! t?i??d!?uly rtlic r?a. All iiap?dl??i.u i* Hiii'.iji, h H?tu B liiiutii, kH> af rni:iitl<i Irr tf ?. *???k!uif tad Vmam ai Iuiuum at tk* ml fair'li ktad ptadily airtd. KNUOKSKUFNT OF 1UK TBI Makt TKItiPii tfwi It ik> Itfcla lk? lut HfwIiM iiih, tad tfc? rrntMii Inpfitt -t Itri a! ftnlim f ?rfari?i<i kr Pr n?n, ?!(?? 1 k> Ui Hitntn ?f Ikififirtui Kin; al wt'tk h?*t ajaia aa<t ajai? aaiara ih? a?k t,k? kit aiiarftag > a (lailiwi ?f tkndii mJ r ???. v atli;r. U a taAtitai fiaruut u ifct aSlt'.ti *>r '.i-ly II A * PERKINS* CBb?RATI9 Worcertwhlw Saur?, I'ruiiniM *>i ONKOJBSKB** t* )> th? KX TRACT* I * L?tt?r from % Gtniitmmn >MUY 9GOD _*V^rM r? H?> , IIWoneiMr. ;<??!!?*? to |gg - rell 2?V Fir ii*vl' v ?^3&3BFcl ** ins their ??u?i if3E2 ? toithiy e?ttem-<J "o India, *nd ?a, ir 'AKIfc.Tr tit opinion, tlMinort aa iltbie. &a wel. :.i OF DISH. K^WJ-^ ">o?t woo'eaomj |^^P??m> t.iM:j tEAde." a a finn * 4L.. no ?uvfo cauV/C. ii doi quij ?no #*?*t m uiuai rtriui conoimbnt known, buttha raoat ltomo*% itm*' *,? a few dropa in Somr, ?HMnr, or with A'w*. 1 and cold Jaintt. Buf St?i, ft., laijiM aaex?maite mt, wfcicL %mprimtirltd Sauce m?n afaotn rera t?ya In tuq onueavored to toiicM. Oc the Brtakfmst, Luxtor fla&Ja, a cruet oonUimnj " LEA * PERRIN*' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia indiapenaa ble. To appreciate the txttlltnt fwahnt; of tfc.a nmu preparation it ia only neoeasary to purchase ama.ii bottle of the tiawu, of a cro o?rordt&er,u many Huttl and Rutaura*t pro prietors aeldom plus* the Pur$ Sauce before their fneiti, hut anhatitutea ten?ii.>ebctiU fJledw:tk a tpttnonr mixture. For aale by tirocera ard Frttiterera ererywLer*. john DUNCAN k. SONS, V??m Sfucti (mI i?A jirwt, Knt York* Sola Wholesale Ater;t? for tue Uni*ed State*. a Stock aiwaya is atora.?Alao order* reoeived for diraot atupmeuta from Fnc and. ?/ OwU?f/?ui *%4 . mtHot-TI _aea*-ly,?o ! O (irux, * tk* Tkfttf, -;vhin? ni:w ! tar Uik?vut ? TIlAil! . ... UI3ifcKB MfcAllhil It U? Skall u? Yborotgvr Cuaxstf t^r nfsriar f A rnit) in i?i ?ik?*<i, ii< /aiJtft (mi M t#?i Call 13U IM. wfca u4*raun6d roafactfally mlorma rut frienda la Ik*, aaJ vicitora lolLocity. that he hu raft tied hi? old anil will- known kstabluhmbnt ia a meat thorough raauna;, an.! in made cons ul??? arrangwn?nU to faratah OV'STEKS in *ct alyleand ib aur quantity. 4-'X)to *?ga onsrhcekei ?r a*r. to I,W? o??* ?r Syiood and Fr?*k pat m daijy?oac? jTwpjiinlfr Mi1*;!. Faraubftd IB the Blisil by the bnsh#: 01 Uurei. Pertoni viihir.c to bar* Oyrtsre ftiraithed reea larl/ thrpMfh the wintor, at B*t'ir;ore ?noe?, witliont fear of railara, tbovd eaci ??' i^atc ar ramemenU at cnon. Freight. t:-^e, and rifics*? MT*d bf torehaairi of me.aa I fnii,:?k an anion aval to ute ctiabruad Btiu&rf ?tu; J miaenli. trite* Jaat ai loir. *0 SWTLFRA. Caanad Meat*. Lotawr*. f*?rdiv-t, Cltme, Strawberries, Tomato**, Pir?? Feet, ti ??a, 4c. Ac.,*o. Al?o, PieltlM. Catssa. Saacaa, Brandy Peacief, Ho. A'ao. flame and Freeh fiafc. Tar tie*, Terrar Freah ix)t??ter*, Cod, Halibut, *a. In (&At. AvArt Ihtnr lor i&lt in th* * r? _* ?_ k*u a. wan oti hau<T, at reasonable prioaa. Hole! a and fauuhea nfpmtf v>th OrsUrt, de livered without charge to any part of tLe DUtrial, in uhob. U the money ie a?nt with the order. RMt Mtablnhment ie open from t a. it. to 11 at frht, ererr ?%j, except 8tncar, wMc i c!oee at ) o'clock a. a. ta*U V. M. HARVKT. Prottctid by Roy*l Lttttrt Pattnt of Engtmnt, mnd stcurti fry Ik* Sfls / *4# FeoU <1* Fkar Men d* P?rit, Md Ik* lmftrxtl C ?*<(? / Mtdiiitu, T\*n?*. TRIE8EMAR No. 1 U the effoctma! remedy for RviAxafloN, Sr?a katokkh<ba an'I Exhavstion ob tbi Stitim. TB I l? k V i ? U Completely and enttreir eradicatea all tritem of U'.oaa diaord?ra, for vhieh Copaiva sod Cvtoetw h*TP rnmllr l>e?ii tiiuaght an ar.ti3<>te, to the rant of the health ot a tut portion of (be p<>M? ben. TKIK8EMAR No. S, l? the great and *?re rented; of the e.rt>iged wor'4 for all uneurttiee ?f the *ratem,a? weil aa aero-.! arr r?mpt<>nm, ohrtatinc I'm* destructive n?o of Mercury, aa well aa other deietentMia nitradioou, and which ah the r*?"*p*ri!la in the world t-aimut remove, Tbie'IMak .Nor. 1,8 and tare alike d? Old of taate or small. and of al! r.auaeaUnc atim tie*. TiifT areinttelOrm of a i'>ierre,uir ni*t lift nn tka inilat lahl* without thair nu Um. ... inM, Sold in tm eu?i at {3 each, or four fS cui in one for #9. and J a MSI ca?e?,U?u? cawi >tg |1, u administered by ValFeao. Lai ema>.<:, Koax. Ae.. tea. Wh?ie?aie and retail by DH. H A. HAR ROW. 194 Dleaeker ?r#et, (4 dour* from Mao Dongai street). New Vark. immediate:* oc ra apiet of remittance, Dr. Bax&ow will iorward Ynecamar to any tart of the world, eecarely t*o?ed,apd adcre??ed aooordinx to Ute instruction* of the writer. J?a Wished ai?o by DR. BARROW, that aoyalar ana bean Ufa llf ilinxiratad medical work, 11 a nan Washier :oa. P. O- delltv ! boxes for one Cray, red or flaxen hair ean and elwweat la Ue wond. prodecin*. the moDect ivawiiite Bttrfffvvesssit. s~?-5?? COOI j otfceri Mil'for m ftvV'a i'vsRra^k ; in AlWMMlri*. fcr HfcNRV DwgliU. Ja* FER TO MIUTARY MfcN a lart* vowflsenc *nSi?ll c**i! puion&Mratott&ouw SSES'-'sam. Bfef W THATKfiLERfP PIRl&iTORY. FAMSJKKUIK TEAINS r am titan mini nntiM WilH!!?AT??l A WD BALTIMORE tii. ncu rr>:iow? : Six Pmib 7V*??? 4m? tt ?U Difwl f(l4?ulm /M| *kim tk* wmh, mmd tw$ m Fo- l'hr.*d?.phi?ftn<i N#w Y or*?!>? ? Wuh IBttfU At ?.?? a , ll? a H, ACil kJK r M. For Uilliawf I <? * W M iCU4 For ttAiiiwor*?L<?a?? W Aamcf t?c I 74? a S.M> IM ? ? P M. For ARb*po!l>?t7?* a a. wtt l?r . For Fhiitde'phi* at J P M. For Harn?t>arf MM tlw North Md Wm(, ^%a?Di?;tocat c?Oa H.ftiHl 4.wurMi r k. f or I'rMWitk At 7 a m , And p m. TMJIMS MOrj/M PSOK.TH. *K? Ar <(?p? ufimjawje ?#?' A* M-i rAUVQVBHIWI f Nf* York * f. v.; Bifiturf t.Ur. I. Mor:.:ni AoeoruaociAUoii nt? Wur.iriim VK a.m. Arnvftftt Ha tin-or* *J0 i . No mcdn t.or.:*; ;?A tinior<v Tit th? Morntuf oonr.ei i & for AuiApn'-ia. Yt>rt Mail Tr%?n?teavo Wwhtafter at U a. v.. arrive ?t 1L40 r. m.; Pkitade-eme ?4? p. N?w ^ orfc 1" * u. pfcia Tram lea ? Wuhinrtni at3(? r *. t**c' tns Ua"?*.t4 r M. M<1 t*kitftdei?h? It 10 f M. Atv?. to?n Aww?iTin5o.1uion?!?* * ffuL".t'^? at 4 r N.arr;v? at Baltimore at trjt. No co& r.?xiuuB M Paltimoro. This < Uw afurnoor. ooc urxion for Acuaroiia. K? R?>r? litn WwKidim p. m Arrive at Haitiror* a.42 r.i i 1<>.M M?.:Nb? Vort 4 a~ H arnel arc 1 a. On ban**?* itivt w HkLiajioi. at and ir.a. OL f 11.# 5 p. m. train from Wuh'nrton Ihriajb to New York ptwj day ?J?nof U? ????. TKAIXS MOTIKV SQ9TH. LM?c N(? York at 7 a. Pktlatf ?hia IIJP a. M.;Da Atriftll WMikll|l?i '' Uliri N?? Y?rk at p.m.. Pk.AMMAK'K p. M.< Ba!but*r* CM a* h. Attitim WMkii{ixi.i? oeavo r??* York at 11 r* a.; Pfc?la<la!>h?a ? r a. m~ Baitinoraixl.u. Arrival Wiuiumo It* a.m. Loca. AtoorrnKxJatlOB Train# Ka.t n.c-t at *4.. v.. and i 34 p. m , for Witttsitei, utrt tfi?T? 4i !i l. H. Ui 64i p. M< Ou >ui?uay ? at o? atd1J6 a. m. oaii Uom Bk li norn. No Annapolia or Fradanet ?eanaXK-ii. ob baaOaya. Koiftr for Fradawok, HacaraWwn, Ac., Ac.. ti e?i Buiayi. Trv cs leavr Ansayo!>ifor L*s'.timer# aa<! Wmh inilor. at a*> 4.. m and S*o p. m rar?-er.t?:r Tramr !?>*Tini vvaaniDfton at ?.<* 4. m.. 11 4. m.. and t p. and 1ta.t1c.ora at 43 v.? 7.5S *. M-, will 'lop onlymj i?upMif .Wn-* W%t f'Maoiixtra muat tafcatha Actotmmod?:i?m 2Va%? < raiy. Trair.s will laara Waahinctna ac<l Baltimore T Mr s.1 'u a. raj* * m .9 4 *L- J 'J - r>>* ??? ? Vfturpki: ( IUBI IUV W A y..' 35 a v. Mid tram* will wait to mi nutM it ixrc?mrj. to Metre the pnucitri auu Ma lrnin the ha?t. For t*:ck aiid Woni, ieJ Soiaiere? A nrc.i car, with ac a'.t^^iai't. WiUi l*<ie, wnl leare Waaiunc tou Jwics a ?rw?k fir ?*hi!ad?ift.ia direct at II a M. for U.e acooir.madation of sick and wounded Pennsylyania Central Railroad, oldtfi*. fe ? 1*6*] THE [l*6i (with ita connections) 13 A FIRST CLAS* ROUTE ill AL'_ 'ill K WKSTEKPI cities shced, safety and comfort! stone UAL lasted AND FRF.f. from Dl'ST! HAGGA6K checked THROU?? FROM BALTIMORE! T11SXK TAILT TRAJiM FROV PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBlllCH: Two ol them miking vth tr*ins ?n th* northf.rn central RAIL roa!?, an<i r<>rinitt lUE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE FROM ?nu DALTliqUKE to all p.-'.r.U in th? Wa*r, noetk-w??t and stltb wiot. ID^Kor Tti/oach Tiokata, apply at the tt the Nortfaers Central Kai! Road Coiu pat j, Calvert Station, Katunose. Sj fmdid Sirejnng Cars on mil Nigki Tram? SSuioiing S2:0on Cars oh tUl Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Pas?errer? win t%fce the 6 a. m. anc i p.m. trains, MTinac n Baltimore a: 7J>-a. m. ami t 4i p. n... _ wlvn vra-t-i ua kV& * *T*JBt"*Ia.% 5&SS i",\- "ru^*" J FRKlftHj^orijUett <*r>* *rf??*KItuc* J. Iw>'"'4;.Ji irici n vituI'5?t tl. fryvrmr*** " --- , * r"" ??v V?fv , I?? y<-B i. |U Ui| Ker.iueJrr, T?r.PMMt. Cumberland, Iliiaoia. klm iaatfai, VY:*conain, Mieacuri, Kanaaa, A'kuM. and K?<2 H atd at Cleveland, NmduikT and Ciuca*? viUi a'.MiUj'i to %il NcrUjweitcf;, Laiea. ifibrch*tu and aiiisperc entruatmr the rran?f-jr latiou of t iair Frenht tothia Contact, oai. re.y W?ih cou4'l?rr^ on ua actidy trm&ait. THK RaTKS Of FKKiGti I to ud [mm ar? Ua W eat, by tiie FeiiCayivfcii;& Oouiriu Rai roa/J, mr? mi mil itau.t m* /mvormb** ] art ??u, t_tj. by < iKt* Rmxiromi Compmuui. _ idt Be mj ticaifcr to mark ^ctnn **ria l i? CaxTBtLk R." MAbPAW ft KOON9, Freight AfKkU. No. $0 North ttreet, n.ore. tNOCrl LKWI!*, ??l'i S^tMrint'L. Altooul, L. L. HOUt"r.6M'l Tickot Am'U Finite ?hi*. H. it HOUSTON, tton'i Freight A*eut. ?'h:ie _ de.yiq*. ? ? Uly M JUOKTHURN CENTRAL RAILWAY. rti Skmfm, (jmtdutt mmd Btst KottU /rem ??Ui *V liST. NORTHLAND NORTH WK?T. ^ IVINTER SCHEDVLE. Cha5>i or Tim. J On i.e.- a'in?l>NDAY,?*U> No??mb?r. Pinfi C?r Tratfc? Viil arnTa aaO depart Iron, Calvart HI&L.VL. utcl owr : 8_TiA:MNomLwn ai.a? ?.2P a. m. > > *?. Kelt tor. a?** cmoiauee 4 t. in. Piltabirx ami fcarr.^buri biyrtwIJT p. . Trauiii Soma Arc v J s.r Eton Aootnuncaation ttlvm. liafta !o ?*p: ts* U& a. m. riti?;>Hrj *n<l Harr.tlo; j Lxpreet 5 p. m. Mai. S.3" p. IE. fn? ? a. in. train from Wa?hin*ton oocr*rJ with Lu? ? Ju a. IT*. ttaio from BalLeiore for tM W e?: and for iiuflalo. Klmira.Ro?R*tor, Din kirk, Canadaigua acJ Niagara Fa..?. and lor Ne? York city, Tha tl a. m. train from Washington canc^c i vi?h ti t m. m. tnwn from Baltimore to weat. \nrf>l *r>< fU nrl --A L-l > -?- - ' ? .1 VI M. ? m Ml! O'H'I l> HM K?NNMri i ue k p. us. train from Wachioctcn oonpeeu w.u theSJOp. m. train from i>-timors for PitUourg. harmt'-ri ?l4 the Wo?tan?ie direct oonnoc for. lor Livbuok. Kaaton AHmtovn ud N?? \ ork n* Otatra! RmIwi>< u. M?v JeratT. Tn tau rotti for New Vorfc. irr ri^otlT trui leaving Ba^timareon S?cd*y u.ine 2 m. Uar: Lmn.i itUtff.Cm c&ro ?.ua the n?l The only train arriTiafaiB Baltimore ob K?b<Uj is the * J* a. m. tr?a*.% JA&G CLARKE, noMlv SBeet.ntri l?nt T NOTICE WO TRAVKLKftS. F* PomtmM*rr e*Ber?l banuf orderM im m?i eamer-t*:me*n We^hiailoa* Ua'itTiOfe.and ?)id l'o.ul <Yortir*t u? I* rmnnM, or ajrt aftrr* MorMar, tl;?*th* ttaj 1.m?> of atc%m"? WlH 1ea?o UaMiinore KvKIV OAV (exeeft * ? <<a?>frnni tlieu vUif. foot of Union l>ock. at > orfc p. m.t or niiur<f ia4oi? alter th* arrive el Ut? 'AwliTtion Tram. vhioh *i?h Wulnukl ats* o'ciock p.m. m *>-tf M. N. FALlJ?. freet TOFHAM& T JT It M J ? M TR 9 n M HASUHCTORY, in limn sum. Wiii.Ntu, P. . tun eiiT*r Mrtrdadtoy Baltimore, Now ?bBss NWTlUdl rpHK 9KANU ARMY IS ADVANCING TO. 1 W*rd? PM ITU'S.No. 4 + fts^TSKJar" *

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