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Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 10, 1862 Page 1
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w T _ / "*** ' ~ ?... . - ?v? . <*. ... ^ t ? ? ? * -I M 'i V / ^ M I B .A ^ A A . X, Jk A A y- / " ??r A ^ 4 1 V?-fe. XIX. WASHINGTON, P. C.. THURSDAY. APRIL 10, 1862. N9. 2,850 THE EVENING STAR ! PUBLISHED IVKRY AFTERNOON. [SUNDAY L1C EPTkD.) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, lem** / or# *n4 Ble**+tk *trwi, ?T n. WaLuch. Paper* aerred In packagra by curlers ?t 94 a Jw, or 97 e?au per month. To mall subscribers the price la 93^0 a year, to adpanct; 92 for all month*; 91 for three months and fot leaa than three aoont ha at the rate of 12 cent a a week. Ptnffle coptee, on* crht; in wrappers, two outs. ([7* Aptiiti'imim1 ahnuld be Wt to the rrMc.e before 12 o'clock otberwlte they may not appear until tu? u? xt day. ' ClMtUTI.N' A BEEHIVE BY CAPT. .'ERR WILLIAMS. 41 ? js. I know whore there u a Seeesh beeViu " SAtil Jlflk Phillina. nnc dnll mnralna while we were quartered on Cheat Mountain ' Summit. " Where is it?" asked one of hi* two hearers. " If yotx'11 promise to go along and help cumulate it, 1 11 tell you " " Count me one.' said Jed Wieks. " Count me half a doten, if yoa want that taaay," said Bill Ree?e. " But I'll tell you, boys, its dQwn at Robison's, on Cheat rirer. and worse than that, its in the kitchen loft; and still worse, he has two all&red bigeroas bloodboands.'' "Coma to think," said Jed Wieks, "Iharn't time to go." " I never agreed to go," said Bill Reese. 41 Look-a-here, fellers, I tell you we can 'cumulate that 'ere honey, and ef yoa fellers are afeerd to go, I can find somebody that ain't." This left-hander at their courage set them to warding off with other excuses "I'm not afeerd to go," said Jed, "but maybe Robisen is a Union man. and it wouldn't do, yon know." 44 Not by a dernd sight, he ain't. He's one of these cussed neutral Secesh that's ten times wuss than ?n out-an-outer. He carries new? to Greenbrier camp, and I'll prove it on him afore a week." 44 Bat, then." interposed Bill, 44 we can't get past the eamp guards; and if we could, it looks little too mnch like stealin'." 4lGittin'a past the guards ain't common amusement," said Jack; "jist pay you'll go, and the honey is ourn. And as to the moral pint, we'll go 'cordin' to law and custom, you know. Fast, demandin'of the Secesh bees to tak* the oath, they refusin*, we arrest them and confiscate their property. All fair and legal, you 3ee What's stealin' in time-* o' peaae is confiscatin" and 'cumuiatin' in time o' war. For stealin' you go to jail, hot for 'cumulatin you git promoted So, you see, in a moral pin't of view it*? mtirely different." Their qaalms of conscience being thus satis raetoruj disposed of. and Jack baring injured th*ir Mm against the hounds, they agreed to Sif he would get a pass to take them through raard Hoes. "Come right along, then,''said Jack, and tkay followed him to a remote beat where was walkiag, to aad fro, a German sentinel, who could not read English. After the usual challenge Jack advanced, aad. drawing from the fold* of bis pocket-hook a crumpled paper, read mt follows : . llT... fL.~, XT O _.'j IT- 1 Ootebw 18, 1801. j The guard will pus the burtr. and two comrades, on very important business. .Brigadier General Milrot." The German understood sane of this. except the name and title of the General, and Jacs, to prevent him from calling a corporal of the guard, looked very important, and made him understand that the General wished the expedition kept a profound secret. The sentinel deferentially stepped aside, and they passed on. " How in the dickens did yon gat that pas?, Jack ?" inquired Bill. " Pass be hanged ! It was nothing bat a little note RobL?on gent up to the General t'ntknr (1st bv mo nh iul tko l?*a aualin' from him I give it to him mash." 44 Bat what does the note say eagerly ia<Haired Bill. * Why, it says as how if the Oinral 'lows *ny of tha soldiers te come steaiia' about him, bis dogs shouldn't leave bar nor bide of 'em. Bo done it to sheer me, as be notieed ma a eyin' of his boebive I tuk the hint and the nolo and told bin like as not tome of tbe boys would be down this aery day. and mebbe steel his boebive 01 aomethin'. Says bo, ' do yon see tkem?' piotin' at his dog*. Says I, 'I believe I see em.' Soya he, ' one o' tb?m will tear the hied leg* off a mas the fast jerk, ef I tell 'em to.' Says I, 4 keep a sharp look oat,' * and nmtioaed to him 'sptoially to keep his yagpeeied to-day Bill aad Jed slewed "Jwk," Mid Bill, "nay opinion is you're trying to git u? into an infernal scrape. ' Nary time, fallen; nary time. I jiat wanted thaSeceah cum to underrtaad that Jaek Phillipa 'cumulate that beehive if him and hie dega waa a-straddle of it. X tali you, 'pen honor, that I hare the ropes ail laid, aaU that beehive is as go?d onrn without axy scratch. I'll manage Kofcinson acl the dagii mytelf they shan't as much aa le?k toward* y?a. After some farther asm ranees they proceeded, and when thjy approached the house they crept quietly through the laurel to take a re eoonoueance. I here gat Kobison in the very door through which they would have to pass in order to reach the beehive, and by the doorstep lay the two ferocious dogs. Appear iU??, certainly, were not very promUiBg, but Jaok quietly remarked, "all right, old feller." " Now Bill,'' Mid be, --you and Jed remain here, silent and still, until you bear me holler. and then doable-quick in, wrap a blanket around the beehive and bring it into the laurel up the pint. You needn't be afeer'd of RobiaoQ aad the dogs, they'll be tended to." Sayiag which Jack started toward the river. About two hundred yards from the boase was a footway across the river, that part farthereet from the house being a single plank. The water was three or four feet deep, swift aad oold, and the banks qaite bluff. la about half an hour from the timeJaek left His friends, Robison was startled by hearing a squawking in the direction of the bridge. and looking up saw jack crossing toe river with a chicken under his arm. "Hold on there, yon infernal scoundrel !" he shoated, 4,or I'll set the dogs on yoo. Here Tiger, here Maje," and he aud the dogs started on a ran. ??'Taint none of your chicken?' shouted Jack, feigning fright, " I bought it down ac the widder's. "Hold on, I tell you!" shouted the enraged Kobiaoo, aad I'll see whose it i3, you Yankee thief." Jaek stopped at the further end of the footway, and stood with his toe under one end of the plaak. while Robiaon advanced from the other, shaking his first and exslaiming : " I'll teach vou to come here stealin' you pilferin , scoundrelly abolition? Kaaiocsa!! JiAk ha i d? *f v thrnivn tKa of fhA {lank aidewise, and Robuon and the doga ware sundering. and fighting, and climbing over each other in foar feet of water. Jack gave a load shorn, took to hia heels, and, at the appointed rendesroos, fonnd hia comrade# with a hiro of rich honej.?Wtl/tts' Spirit. EKiptrimenta hare been made at West with a new projectile, made for the ii-lnch Oahigren guns of Um Monitor At a di?tance at Ifn varda a shot went through a solid pidte of wrooght iron elgfct inches thick, and knocked ever a pile at pU iron back of It The plating of the Merrimac ia bat Ave inches thick, and such . . ?_? A % ? * A. SDOV WOUld KDa uci iu we uausm jJTA celebrated "medium'' who ha* been humbugging Lee doe with great pecuniary succeed for wan ntontte pact by pretended Intimacy with peraaabelaMag aplrlta has been eipeeed aa a trickster and a cheat br a aceptlo who waa familiar with Hindoo InggLerr and belleyed more la slight mt ha ad than spiritualism. fTT* Forty all ladlaa of Ctaelaaati have p*tttloned the Leg laistur* to Impeach and remove framoflce Mayor Hatch of tb*t city. Thla la doobtleJa on accouat of the Wendell Phillip* aobblaf affair, which, It la ehf'ged, waa wImbed at by the Mayer \yr The Wlnehaetcr Virginia* puta forth a anrsterloas bout taat the Soath-rn CtnMimr * wit! mm iKwamk* a grind haul." Y* tecum thst 1( will be by baallng down her flag and haulln* la k ? konu -lwmtti J?rmml. J Gintii lwx?n.-i Boston pap?r state* that the ram far pMdlag Geaeral Bockner ! close coaiaeaMBC wa thai. after dec tar 1 ng that he bore no eoaeealed weapons a landed revolver was (ound oa him POOR WHITES. A magaiine publish?* the following, from the pen of a late traveler in South Carolina : The rain waa falling In torrents, and the night was aa "dark u the darkest collier of the dark plaoe below " We were in the midst of what seemod an endlets forest of turpantine pines, and had seen no habitation for hours. Not knowing where the road might lead us, and feeling totally usable to prooeed, we determined to ask shelter at the shanty for the night. In answer to oar summon*, a wretched-looking. half-clad, dirt-bedraggled woman, throat her head from the doorwaj, with the inquiry, "Who are ye?" . " We'm 011I7 mafia and me and the hou, and we'm half dead wid the cold," said Soipio; "can't we oum in oat oh the rain?" " Wal, stranger*," replied the woman, eye* mg as as closely u the darkness would permit, "you'll find mighty poor fixins har, but I reckon ye can come in." Entering the house we saw by the light of a blazing pile of pine knoU which roared and crackled on the hearth, that it contained only a tingle apartment, about 20 feet square. la front of the fireplace, which oocupied the better half of one side of the room, the floor was of the bare earth, littered over with pine chips, dead cinder, live coals, brazen pot* and a lazy spaniel dog. Opposite to this, at the other end of the room, were two low beds, which looked as if tbey had been '-slept in forever, and never made up.'' Against the wall, between the beds and the fire-place, stood a small pine table, and on it was a large wooden bowl, rrom whose month protruded the handles of several unwtufcpd pewter spoons. On the right of the fire was a razeed rooking chair, evidently peculiar property of the mistress of the mansion, and three blocks of pine logs, sawed off smoothly, and made to serve for se*U. Over against these towered a high-backed ?ette?, something like that on which "aot Huldv all alone, When Zeke peeked thru the winder;" and on it?her head resting partly on her arm, nartlv on the end of the settle, one small hars I foot pressing on the ground, the other, with the | part of the person which is aopposed to require stockings, extended on a horisontal direction? reclined, not Huldy, bat her Southern oousin. who, I will wager, was decidedly the prettier and dirter of the two Our entrance did not eem to disconcert her in the least, for she lay there as unmoved as a marble statue, her large black eye riveted on my face as if seeing some ondescript animal for the first time. I stood for a moment transfixed with admiration. In a somewhat extensive observation of her sex in KnrK KamianKarai T V? ?<4 -* ' ? ? wu *. u uvuoof'Mvi vo, A u?u UVTC1 niVUCSBOU OUCU a form, such eye?, such fruitless features, and such wavy, black, luxuriant hair. A glance at her dress?a soiled, greasy, grayish linseywoolsey gown, apparently her only garment? and a second look at her faee, which, on closer inspection, had precisely the hue of a tallow candle, recalled me to myself, and allowed me to complete the survey of the premise?. The house was built of unhewn logs, separated by wide interstices, through which the cold tir oflma in 1 tr aok If LaaUU / ! ? ing current?.while a large rent in the roof that let in the rain, gave the inmate? an excellent opportunity for indulging in a ihower bath, of whieh they seemed greatly in need The chimney. whieh had intruded a couple of feet into the room, a* if to keep oat of the cold, and threatened momentarily to tumble down, was of atieka. bailt np in clay, while the windows were of thick, enplaned board*. Two pretty girls, one of perhaps ten and the other at fourteen years?evidently sisters of the nadorned beauty?the middle-aged woman who had admitted u*, and the dog?the only mala meaahar of the household?oomposed the fiaartty. I lad aaaa negro cabins, but these I people ware white*, ami these whites were Soath Carolinians. Who will ?ay that the days of ahivalry are erer when such counterparts of the feotal torts atill exist ' Aavft err tks Mails ?But 1*w persona are aware to wtat nn extent the mall and poet office ischium snoraea hv U? Government are employed to answer the rod* of swindlers, and for liaaaoMU sod vtelons purposes. One of the latest dodpss of Ibssc rogue* is the publication of advertlomafnts la country paper*, signed by names somewhat similar to tfeooe of well known and respectable New York Irms,promising, on the receipt of a certain sum to send by mail sr>me articles rfoch as a gold watch, books, etc., worth four tints the amount. Of course the goods are never sent; and the luckless victims either never heor nay thing further of their investments, or the sharpers answer their complaints by a lying letter, asserting thst the remittance never reached them Other scoundrels make use of the post offtce for the circulstlon of obsceoe books and prints, and flocd the country with their circulars offering their filthy ware* for sale. We understand that a quietus will ere long be given to the disgusting traffic of these latter gentry, by tbe passing or a law, authorising nostmaxters in p?. elude these corrupt publication* fr-^m tue malls. Holbrookes U S. Mail ICFThe Richmond Dispatch sav? the only policy which cm afford th? Secession cause a hope of sncceas, la to concentrate their whole f'.rce at a few vital points?to abandon their fron. tiers and seaboard cities?and to make so se.lous resistance except at points where they are fully prepared for desperate battles. This plan has no doubt been, to a very great extent, adopted; and It will be partially aided and sustained bv guerilla warfare in districts which are nominally in our pmsession, but not well guarded by our trocpe. Biisimn Bbbciixkidgi.?A correspondent of the Clarion, a Mississippi Journal, writing front Memphis, warmly eulogises the reforms Beauregard has introduced Into the rebel army in the Southwest. He proceeds to say:?"He has reorganized the whole arm) by displacing the old and cowardlv. and those who h*A tried and found wanting. Pillow and Floyd are entirely without commands, and Breckinridge bu oniy a email brigade." Failuhhs is tbk Flock Tbadi.?During the present week several failure* have occurred atnon^ the flour and grain dealer* In thla city One of them wu a bouse who*e liabilities are reported to be In the vicinity of $400,000; the others are for much smaller amounts, bat the aggregate will be upward of ?300,000.?Boston Transcript A D.vorcr ua*ntio.?In the Circuit Court of McHenry county, 111 , now in session at Woodstock, a decree was entered on the 31 inxant, In the case of Adah Isaac) Menken Heen'.n, vs. John C. Heeoan, the "Benlcla Uoy," granting a divorce to tbe CODQDlslnant U7" A letter from Pirli *ays: "We beer of nothing bat amasbea, failure, and distress, aave at court, wbere all goee on smoothly and aa apendldlr aa ever." 117"Tbe Chicago Ttoaea aaya tbe aeceth at Camp Douglaa are growing fat and aaucy. One fellow boaata that Ke baa gained eleven pound* since hi a arrival RiiToiim thk Liobtb ? An official notice : from tbe llght-honae board announces tbe restoration of tbe light at Cherrystone Inlet, Vs., destroyed by tbe Confederate* aome months at nee. U7" Petitions to the Stats Legislature are in circulation la New York praying tbe enactment of a law exc adlng nsgroes from the State. SOLDIERS' PAY HARNDBN'S IBX PRKSH WILL FOlWAftD SOLDIERS REMIT. fANCfci. W hit an Mohit om Allotmmh Durii* To their Families at my flaae on tM Uaae of thetr Express at a ohai*e of TWENTY-FIVE CBNTd For any mm not esoeedinc Fifty Dollari.tfV) ad a proportionate additional ota.c* for yl*oea reached by aooneotlnf tip Tha reminanee, whether la IK Id, Tr?M?ry N?U?. or Allotment Oraita, should be enoloeed n aa anrel pe aad imitty aaaiad, ana have the fall audreea, iaaiadiag tbe town, f oat Ofioa n-d gliUe, o( the pertoa to whi m to be sart, and tne nffopey0ha Iwiw^id at the oftoe in 1 "?ona Uoor D8low I ? 1-1?E B. 8L SMITH, A<?nt. 1 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FURTHER DETAILS OF THE GREAT BATTLE IN TENNESSEE. Th? Blitdlfit and Mtit Dupirttf Engagement of Modern TIbfi!! Below will be found the New York Herald'# report of the great battle at Pittsburg Landing, Tenneaaee, of which we gave a synopals yeatetday: Pittsbu*0, Tenn , via Fort Henry, April 8,3.20 a. m?One of the greatest and bloodiest battle* of modern day* baa jnat cloaed, remltlng In the complete rout of the enemy, who attacked u* In force at daybreak ou Sunday morning, the 6th tnatant. The battle laated without Intermlaalnn during the entire day, ar.d waa again renewed on Monday morning, and continued nnheeded until four o'clock In the afternoon, when the enemy commenced to retreat, and Is atlll flying towarda Corinth, pursued by a large force of our cavalry. The slaughter on both aide* bai been lmmenae. We hnre lost In killed and wounded and missing from IP,000 to 20 000, whilst that of the enemy la eati mated at from 35,000 to 60,000. Tbefi^ht waa brought on by 300 of the 25th Missouri regiment of Gen. Prentiss' division attacking the advance guard of tbe rebel*, which were supposed to be the plcketa of the enemy. The ribels Immediately advanced on Gen Prentiss' division, on the left wing, pouring in volley after volley of musketry, and riddling our camps with grape, caniater and shell. Our force* soon formed into line of battle, and returned the Are vigorously, and by the time we were prepared to receive them they had turned thetr heaviest Are on the left and centre of Gen Sherman's division, and drove our men back from their camps, and bringing up a fresh force opened fire on our l^ft wing, ur.der Gen McCleruand. The lire was returned with terrible effect and determined spirit by both lnfantrv and artillery along the whole line, a distance of ever four mile*. Gm. Hurlburt's division was thrown forward to support tbe center, when a desperate conflict ensued The rebels were now driven bickwlth. u-rrioie siau^&tT, but soon rallied and drove back our men la turn. From about it o'clock until night closcd there wai no determination of the result of the struggle. The rebels exhibited remarkable good generalship; at times engaging the left with apparently their whole strength, thev would suddenly open a terribly destructive on the right or center. Even our heaviest and most destructive fire upon the enemy did not appear sensibly to discourage their solid columns. The fire of Maj. Taylor's Chicago artillery raktd tbem and mowed them down In scores, but the smoke was no sooner dispersed than the breach was ag; In filled. Thp must dcaperate fighting took place late in the afternoon Gen. Buell's force* bad by this time arrived on the opposite side of the river, and another portion was coming up the river from Savannah. At 5 o'clock the rebel* bad forced our left wing me*, so a? *o occupy luily two-third* of our camp, and were lighting In their effort! to drive us into the river, and at the same time heavily engaged our right. L p to UiU time we had received do reinforcement, Gen. Lew. Wallace failing to come to our support until the day wai over, having taken the wrong road from Crump's Landing, and being without other transport* than those used for the quartermaster** and commissary stores, which were too heavily lad?ned to ferry any considerate number of General Buell'* force* acroea the 1 river, those that were there having been sent to bring up troop* from Savannah. We were, therefore. contesting against fearful odds, our force* not excef dini 3^,UO0 men, while that of the enemy was upwards of 6v),000. Oar condition at this moment was extremely critical. Large numbers of our men were panicstricken, and others were worn out by hard fighting, with the average per centage of skulkers, who bad straggled towards the river, and could not, for the time, be rallied. Geu. brant and his stall, who had been reckleisly riding along the lines the entire day, amid increasing storms of bullets, grape and shell, now rode from right to left, inciting the men to stand firm until our reinforcements oouid cross the river. Col. Webster, chief of the staff, Immediately get into position their Heaviest piece* of artillery, pointing on the enemv's right, while a large number ol our batteries were planted along the eatir* 11 fie, from the river bank northwest to our extreme right, M>me two and a half miles distant. About an hour before dusk a general cannonading wasopened upon the enemy from along the whole line, with a perpetual crack of musketry. For a short time the rebels replied with vigor and eflW-t, but tjielr return nhota grew leu* and less frequent and destructive, while oura grew more and more rapid and mere terrible. The gunboats Lexington and Tyler, which lay a short distance off, kept raining shell upon the rebel lines Tbls last effort w&s U?o much for the enemy, and ere du^k bis tiring bad nearly ceased. Wi^n night came on, all the combatants rested. n.i> a (w?u 41 ,AI ? VU1 IIICII VU tucii o? 1(13 1Q Iflf pufellion iu?y bad At the close of Uje day throughout the right, until tbe forces under MnJ Gen. Wallace arrived and tock a position on the rl^hf.and Gen. Bueil's forces from the opposite side of the Savannah river, being conveyed to the battle-ground, Gen Nelson's division wa? ordered to form on the right, and the forces under Gen. Crittenden were ordered to his support. Early in tue morning. General buell having ar rivtd, the grea' struggle was reopened at daylight by Gen Neison's division on the leff, and Major General Wallace's d vision on the right. Gen. Nelson's force opened the most galling lire on the rebels, and advanced rapidly as then fell back. The Are soon became general alongT the whole line, and began to tell with terrlbie ef-1 feet on the enemy. Gens McClernard, Sherman and Hurlbnrfs | men, though terribly Jaded from their previous I ?i*v>? fl?iitln0. ?tili maintain**! th?lf k?.?- - I ? ?? ? nt ? ???- ? *?*? uuiivia ?*uu at Fort DoneiHon, but tbe resistance of the rebels wm terrible, and worthy of a better cauae, showing that ttev fought with the desperation of a death struggle. But tbev were not enough for ottr undaunted bravery and tae dreadful desolation produced by our artillery, which a?ept them away "like chaff Ik fore the wind." Out knowing well that defeat would be the death blow to their hopea, their General* still urged them on In tbe face of destruction, hoping by flanking ua on our right, to turn the tloa of battle. Ihf?lP mrrPM fnr n fimp m+orrxaA _ _ , ? - - - -vv HH ? ^iVUIl?ill^t their men cheering aw they began to gain ground on us, and appearing to have been reinforced. Gen. Nelson was driving them, and with wonderful rapidity too. and at 11 o'clock Gen. Huell's force* had roc^wtled in flanking them and capturing their batteries of artillery. '1 hey, however, once more rallied on the lefi and rerrowted the right, and forced themselves forward in another desperate effort, but reinforcements from Gen. Wood and Gen. Thomas coming ta, regiment after regiment, which were sent to Gen. Buell, who had again commenced to drive the rebels About three o'clock In the afternoon, General Grant rode to the left, where fresh regiments had oeen oraerea, *na nnaing me rebels wavering, sent a portion of bis body guard to bead off eacn of the live regiments, and tben ordered a charge across the field, himself leedlng, tbe cannon ball* failing like a hail around h.m, Our men followed with a ahout that sounded above the roar and din of tbe artillery, and tbe rebels fled in dlxiuy, and never made another stand. Gen Buell followed the retreating rebels, driving them In splendid styls, and at half-past five o'clock the whole rebel army was In full retreat to Corinth, with oor cavalry in hot pursuit. We have taken a Urge amount of artillery and also many prisoners. We lost a number of prisoners yesterday, (Sunday.) among whom is Gen Prentiss. The number has not been ascertained yet, but It Is reported as several hundred. Gen. Prentlaa It also reported wounded. Among the killed on the rebel aide la their

General in chief. Albert Sidney Johnston, by a cannon ball, on the afternoon of Sunday. Of thla there la no doubt, aa the report la corroborated by several of the rebel oflteera whom we hare 1 taken prisoners to-day. It la further reported that Beauregard had hta , arm ahot off. Thia afternoon Generala Bragg, Breckinridge i and Jackaon, were cemmandlag tke rebel force*. There never baa been a parallel to the gallantry ! and daring of our forces, froin the commanding General to the lowest otteer. Urn Grant ana tuff were la the field rldln* along tbe lines In tbe thickest of the enemrt fire daring tbe entire two days, and ell slept an tbe on Sunday night during the beerv rain On several occasions General Grant got within range of the enemy's guns, and was discovered and fired upon Lieut. CoL MePherson tad Ms 1 9 I ?^ bom shot from tinder him when alongside Gen. Grant. Capt. Carton was between Gen Grant and your correspondent when a cannon hall took off his head, and killed and wounded several others. Gen. Sherman had two horses killed under him, and Gen. McClernand ahared the like dangers also, and with Gen. Herbert each received bullet holes through their clotbea. Gen. Buell remained with his troops the entire day, snd with Gen. Crittenden and Gen Neison rode constantly along the lines, encouraging their men. TKK LATKST. For the latest aceounls of the battle see regular telegraph head In the Inside. LATER FROM ISLAND Ne 10. CHtcxeo, Aprils.?The whole country between Island No. 10 and New Madrid, on the east slda of the river Is belns scoured h* onr tr<w?M ? ?< the entire rebel force lately tbere Is either taken prisoners or routed, and utterly demoralised. A special dispatch to the Chicago Times nv? that 480 prisoners, including 7 officer* and 30 pieces of artillery, and a large quantity of ammunition, muskets and small arms, were captured on tb? Island. It is said that tbe rebels had become perfectly demoralized, and In many cases whole repiments refused to obey orders, and that much Ill-feeling prevailed among the officers, and none had any confidence in their commanding officers. nsoiclfsl Eleetism. Ai.bakt, April p.?The city election here to-day resulted in the elation of a democratic mayor? Eli Perry?by 2 300 majority. Mr Parsons, the republican police commissioner, was re-elected by *21 majority. The aldermen and supervisors comprise ? democrats and 3 republicans. l.ockpobt, April??tm election for town offlcera in thin town to-day resulted In a democratic triumph. Jamea Jackaon, Jr ,was fleeted aupervlsor by 90*2 majority. Cincinnati, April 8 ?At the city election yesterday, th? Unconditional Union party elected the Judge of the Supreme Court, City Commissioners, Director of the Infirmary. Wharf Masters, and thirteen Councllmen The Democratic Union party elected the Police Clerk, Matter of the Water Worka and tlx Councllmen. Poktland. April P.?At the charter elertlon to day, Win. W. Thomas, otraight republican, was I el?*eted Mavor over Jacob McLellan, Union candidate, by 149 majority. From Fortress Monroe. Fo*t*iks Monroe, April*1.?The rebel steamer .Merrlmac and three other gunboats and four tags are at Craney Island, wait! oar. It iaaunnoaMl. the abatement of the prevailing storm to try their proweaa again agalnat our navy. The lateat new* from Yorktown by telegraph to-day In that everything la progreaaing natlafactorily A general battle, however, la uot expected for a day or two yet. Fire at St. Ltnii. St. Louis, April 8 ?The wooden war? factory of Tamn A Mercer wm burned laat night. The loan amounted to $50,000, on which there wa? an Innurance of 91,500. The dlntillpry of Wonderly, Hndell St Co.. at Colllnavllle, Jll , with live hundred barrel* of whiaky,wa* burned on Monday morning. The Iom on the butldlng and machinery amounted to ?30,000, on which there web no lnaurance. Utarral ttatler. Bostos, April B?Letters from Port Royal to the 3d state that Major General Butler arrived there on the evening "of the ad. In the steamer McClellan, on hla way from Snip Island for Boston. Ilr. Ranellfiaae H?aa?. New York, April 9 ?Theateamer China sailed hence to-day for Liverpool, with $(130,000 In specie Dr Russell, the correspondent of the London Times, was among her passengers. Rejstcing at Prsvldacee. Pkovidbnck, R.I, April 9 ?By order of Lieut. Governor Arnold, a national ?aluie wr# fired on the great bridge In this city thla afternoon. In honor of the success at Iiland No. 10. sal* ?f tha p,i? N*w York, April 9.?The rebel ?teamer Magnolia, recently aent here ss a prize, wu told to-day for S60.000. ojumsx&T. MVEEYE. &OOMI8. M. ?)., the inventor *r.C patentee fthe MINERAL PLATK TEETH, at tenda jeraonally at bis oftoe .n thia oitTJaBk# Many jereone o?c wear tfceae teeth wno^a3-CD eannot wear oUim, and no perecn oax vev other? who ounoi wear these. Pereone r aliin* at my ofipe car; be aeconuaooate* withanr style and prioe of Teeth they rr.fc? deaire bat to tnoae who are yartioular and wish tr.aju; <*?t. jetBewi, stron jeet, and most perfect Jentnre tr<a? art can t rcxta?e, the MINERAL h*LATfcI will t* tore fally warranted. Rooms in thia e:ty?No. 339l'a.arena*. b^twera to and 10th iu,, 907 Area alreet, Piu.Klei ?h!a. mar?-1y,8t> |^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHEOFLAST1 SONM TEETH. Wi?eo?t Mini Plats ok Ciaara. DR. 8. li 816ESMOND, VIO Bvmdwv, York? 860 Ptwusyi?mym A* ?r.%4, 12:A amd ISii tit., W**ktu*t9*, Call. IhA.l .1 1.1. uiv Btrauuwii vt I'.O fttUilV fcV UiD iUHUW uu i advantaxea of Lie eratem : 1. The Teeth of hie manufacture wi!liolE&? never corole nor chance oolor by any^?*','t,t' aoiili, being three- earths lighter u*an m.t other. 2. No teeth orrocts need he extraotad, u tha ones can be iraerted over thorn, a. The root* will he made inoffensive, as nevai acr.?. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent on?a oan be made 1 mmedlately, thereby ?rexervU;| the natural exyreaaion of the face, waion anoei the old system is frequently diafctsrsd. i. This work haa b?ea tally tested over five year a by many of the first oasmiats and pirr aioiana of thif acuutrr. Dr. 8. haa alao Invented a white cndeatruetiv* metal fillinc, with whioh the most sensitive teetfa an be filled without pain, and oan buiid up a per toot, sound tooth on any aide roots, whioh wiU last thro of h lifetime. The Deal of references i,van?to Dr. V. M&tt; Dr. Doremua, Profeaaor of Chemistry, N. Y.; Hon. Jndge Wayne, of the SaarenM Coart of Wellington, and thousands of otnera. call md axmnn? t6r your?clf. bo ? <m OAS FITTING, *0. wg y ooVK * CO. V fi presorti to tie:lU try vr??ri Vltk Wjsass:.?ret KSU m , ?to j on ?;& tkreet, * few d?#r* Mttk ! Pi ?V :?e, wi -.3 luij i # ftftrd ?ftoinr?te n?ortm#?t / CHAMiKL!ERt#??4 >U?r At. 8T KAMu< Wtit:a > ;x# E'v ur>-i? W?AS Fllff KKBt E H**? in (tore, tun &ro dai ? recsjviiL:. V13 WHTOHXB of?nCr?!r New F?ttoras fcndDMigu and Fioiah. uperior in *tji9 to ?nylhin? beretof?r? ffer?d in thii raxrkot. We invite oitisen* tenarn. lj to Mil ftitf azuiM our itoot of 6m tnd W it?. rur irMf w?in* confident that w? Ik* bwi MMMil slock lb Wasiiinitot. 4>1 Work in to* ai-ore lntrmiUd U ?tr mt< Atru 3T8TTsfr?I. JNTERESTlNO^FOII^jTHE COMMUNITY W* vi now reoaiviuf READ Y-M A D E CLOTHING -f the latMt dMicni thr?? time* a wnI from oar nan^kAlanng eeuhiithmeut in oaiuatoiv.waioa we oner at as ton i* cm* low ?rieM. mh if 1m' eraer St&fth.h&a P n I V A T B, PRIVATE PRZVATB DR. LA BONTA harm# mnoT*d bUoMoato Room No. t, adjoining the fcuaday Chronlol* ofiee, In Was hi niton Bnilcf inj, Pa arenae, oorafr of Tth stre?t, u now ready to ear* a I flieoaaee oi a Private Nalare, witboat the u* or d%ncerou4 or diaiaatinf diagaol any mad, and ao iaterler-noe with yonr baainaaa aroaatioaa having dev-ted vaj whole time to the tady and oare of Prrate Duaasea oi both aaxae ud la Cftronie afWUona oi the Womb, Ltrer, Kidaeya, Skin Brat?4oaa, io .and graduating ia the beat eehcol in th? world, tha New York Cit? Hoevit&la. niulor P-~?fe. Chilton Mid Parker, tp whom 1 most fwpwftllr roier. I -will ?ar !.?# to the ?era??B furni-ninf im ft w* of ft ay of the ibjve ua-wea vhiewl eonaet epoedily ftnd aonn*neully euro, iet the o*oe be oid or b^w. No dieting required ; nothing 4*ftfreeftble ib ftay pftrt of the "tSJneuStfttiona free *oo?T?y ?nT*t?;. A5S-'<tm **" wKSSS.2iid#k " T' - - - * ?M * OFFICIAL. TVEPARTMENT OF STATE, \J Wuhimtoii, Jano&ry 29, IBM. The &*?tttuy of State will hereafter r*ort*e Memben of Consrreoi on biutncaa on SttttrAays, eemmenslag with Saturday, tke Irat of B?Kt motrtfc. Jan *7-If WILLIAM H dKWAKD. WAR DEPARTMENT, Janvait *1, iM?. Oitniii, That the War Department will be eloaed Taeedaya, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays against all other business but that which relates to active military operation* In the 1*14 Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representative*. Mondavi to the bualnees of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 8-tf Secretary of War. SOLDIERS'MONEY AHD ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES To their Faim'i?s at any place on the lines of their Express at a charge of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS Foa any sex kot ixrvxmno Ftttt Dollais And a p-oportior.ate additional charge to places reached by connecting Kxpre??es. The remittance, whether Go'd, Tree-nr? Notes, or Allotment Draft*, should ho eucio?.j n ar en vslop? ar.d seosrely sealed, snd t.av? the full ad Hrsss linrtln/linir ' ia- -- ? ? " ' * ... iu?nnii.i<|n?u< I U?? UI1IU?, ftl1 1 r tt'.e ItKl in oittea the atre*( and aumh?r) of the peraon t<> whom to t>e sent, and the amount lej:!,.j marketi thereon. Knrelopee for thu nivy t.e had at our cfto? To facilitate crouipt ilslivery the ohtrje for re mittance rhou a be alt? lm ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY. Depot wuartermabter's office Conor 18f h a*d If ft ruts, *WA?RiNdTOR. Mareh 28. I>to2 HtaXiD Ploroxa? a will be reoeived a' thie cfho* natil Saturday, tue isth day of April, 1?S2, at i2 o'clock M.. for dMiwist in tieoity ot \Va?hinj ton. at auoh a point aa the Depot iJaartermaatf r gvr^direct, the following named PINE LL'MltCMN* feet 4-4(1 inoh) conmoc culling*, 4?.'?J " fr-4 (1)6 inch) * 25.UO.I " toist 3 br 6, 1# f?et lour. lu.000 M " S by 6,14 ** lOjOW M 3 by 6. 12 M " JOOfMi * aoantliLg 3 by 4. lb " lonno " 3 by 4,14 " ' SJiOO " " 3 by 4.12 M " All the LuinNer to be delivered within 2n daya afi*r signing the o-julraot. The Lumber o be inaeeoted by an in?peot.r appointed on the part of the Government Payment to M made upon the satisfactory ?ompeUon of the ooatraet Propoxate m<ist be plainly marked "Psorossxa 7or lvmbu." The aiitlity of the bidder to till the contract, ahou'.d it be awi.tied to hirr., muat be guarantied by two r cpouaible peraona, whose aignatures muat be ftftpended to tbe g uaiantee. The reapoaii^ility of the guarantors muat be ahown b/ the cfficlal certificate of the cler- cf the nearest diatnot oovrter cf the United State* district Mtraey Bidder* mu't h? present in per*on when the bida are ope.ieJ or their prcpos&is will not ba considered Bordi, in the arm of fiv? thonaaal dollar*, aigcfd by the contr&o'or and t>otb oi his guarantor*, will he repaired of the acoceaaful bidae upon aieninc the oontraot. Tue ricbt to reject any or al. bida that way be deemed too hijh la reaerved by the l>?pot Quartermaster, Informal proposaia w>*i be rejected. Fcrm of Quara*tet We, , of the count* o< , and Plate of ?, | acrf ?, ef the ooant) oi , and Sta.e< f ??, <k> hereby r'u*ra?teq iLat ? la al>ie to fu ul a contrad la aooard^nse with tto t r ins of tug propcaitior?. "no that, snou d n?? proposition be accepted, lie wtii at oaoe enter lat" a oontraot in aasordance therewith. should the contract b? awarded him we are pi?>pared to become his sees mi ee. (To thia guarantee tn?*t be appended the oertir,oate above mentioned.) D H HUv'KKR, mh n Colonel an J Quartermaster. SI KALI- D PROPOSA LS Areisnfc.l till the 15th day of April. 1M2. at IS o'clock m . for supplying the United ftatee ?ub l>ep*t with tW head of BKF.P CATTuE on the boof. Tue Cattle to be delivered at Washington city, and eaoh animal to averafe 1JTO pounds (roes weight; no animal admitted which weighs lees than l.OfiO pounds frosa The Cattle to be delivered at a*oh times and ui suoh quantities as the tinternmeat may require. <ynw wm i? required uuaer this oontraot eoon j al-er the oc-nuaot la ciuaed. HeirTers and balls not wanted. A bond, With food Uul satialaotory aecnnty, will be te^uired. | Jc v?rmnor.t rerervei to itself tfca right to pay in Trsunr? notes* , No btd will be entertained when pat in by oontraotora who have previously failed tooomply with their oontraota or wnere tha bidder is not preaect to raapood to hia bid an J all bida to be accompanied by two guarantiee. The n?m?e of firm* ehonld be atate4 ic full, with the precis* address 01 aij tee manners <>i the firm. Bida to ha directed to Major A. Bsc* w: th, C. s?. U.S. Am Waehineton, 1>. C. Form of G**roni*4. We, ??, of the euunty of , and State of , and . of theooufcty of , and * ta:e I of . do hereby guarantee tnat la able to | fulfil a oontraot in aoooriia^oe with the Le na* of hia proposition, and that ahonld hia propoeition be aceeated. he wit ar nnna utur m?/> ??> ?*??.?? ? aoeordono* therewith. Should the ooitract be awarded h m we aie prepared to beooire hia atoo ntiee. Ttis juarantee mast be appended to e?oh bid mh 28 2nnn bushels prime seed oath. ,UUU Foraaiebv J. P. BAHrHftLOW. Agricnku'al Warehouse, Pevemh atreet. b*low Pa. avenue. tf'arden seeds. kluwlh seeds, u lawn grass, PEAS. BEAMS, Ac.. Ac., Freen and Gennir.e Forealeby J p. BArIHOLOW. Acrioultural Wareioa^e, , 6ft** Seventh meet, below Pa. avenue. tfARMIN* IMPLEMENTS, PLOWS, EAR- i r HOWS. CULl IVATt?KS.*>, ?c. j. p. bartboLow, Agricultural Warehouse, ap &-oo>w flfti Seventh atreet. below Pa. a*. pOR THR MOUTH OP YELLOWSTONE FORT L?NT0N,AM"S30UR1 RIVER. The iteam?f emi lie, j, b iabu?ii Matter, Will Imlva ?? t\r AhAiit ?h* OttU r?f April To j,brsoa? deai-oueof guicn to Oregon and ?he Territory (! Washington, thla is the moitUMirabie route.? tiou art* to Washington Territory, Laving fr>>m Fort Benton only 150 mlea of land tr%*ei. over a good road, to Ux moat drairaoie part of the Territory. Ia oonneotton with the Emilie will be a wj light draught aide wheel attamer, whi-.fc will !**-. here about the? th. deaizr.ed to ran f-utn the > eilowatoce to the Fails olMuaoun. F. r tf-.ght <.r ?a'?are ae?W on hoard. g.p 88-9w r^HK PONCHO TENTS JLsT RECEIVED. WALL, STEPHENS A; CO., No. 32* Pann yivaaia aveuu*, have beau appoiuted ageuU i?r Waahiugtoa.and have low in btorel^iuO PONCHO'S, convertible into Sleepmg Tanta, aiaptou for the Array, Engineering. Exploring, and Sporting purposes,and weigh only nine pounds, carefully packed in *mal! baka.oonveniently trsx.po.-tabla on hose baok. or Uta* mat bs rmmd.lw mrrmi on the ahonldera of the men. Pnoe from $6 30 to It la three (opa ftaboer Blanketa,82 by 11 tnohee, or three Pononoa or Cavtlrt Over Gtrmetu, and whan nnited la ft Water Proof Tent, by 7K ttet, conveniently hou?ing three menu WALL. f*TfcPHENS Jt CO., Aienta, 3-ii Penn. & venue, between ay ? dlwif ?h and loth atretf. The subscribers being in receipt of* au?ly of lateet fhehionable t<?nnr m* Good a, the? reeKotf^'l eplioit a oail and^fl| theoontinued fk?ora or their pationa and WK the ?nMtc general y. , _ _ WT Thar alao r(^ue*l apeoial attectira of ti?3ir"? arm v and navy oaatomerato their anpeiy of gooda in that line, oonaietieg of Sworda, Belu, Shooloer sr- &r? Snoooaaora to H P. Loudon * CoCitizen and Military Tailora, Nonoa.?All yereona indebted to the lata irm of London A Co , or their eeeoeeaora, are ni gently repeated to aettie the aame without delay P. J. HEiBt KbKK ? CO-. mh3|-oo?? CiUJten*aad Maittjfy TaTlor*. teqp(ood work HOR8KS. RMIH* E?BBiUBEggi3jg i n r t THE WLEKLI Tkto onDal PfeMllf mmi. NnnJunt m tftialag ft gi?* wWlr ?f If?Mag rvtAtag tku ? W ftta4 la nt ttar -to paMtetoA ? Mfcy mormlftf. Tna?-C?it, to Blag It copjr, per iuib j$i m Fl*t coplaa ............ 4 W Ten oeptm I ? Twenty.ivr coplm W IR It lavarUbly contain* the "Waihiaftaii Mtwa" that baa nil 7\* Dm Hp Ermmg Stmt* ao generally throughout ifce country |i f~ Single rofrtai da wnnwn) ran b. m? eared at the counter. ?fl?r tbe l?uo of the paper. Pric^?THREE CENTS )M PIRNITLVAIIU iTIRCI. ENILE DFPRI. Jul Knodnd and uponod. Urge and IraurlaM aUoh of tholoe FAMILY Q ROC E R IM 9 , caoaltU&x of: ttUSAMB, of all frradai. tiis, OOFFBB, RUIW* ? ? ? ? ? ? I i>rp. FLOUB, MA!ULARi>'d CHOCOLAl tl, Ac.. Ac, Ac. Ail of which he offer* at lcw?? cub prion PIKE'S CELEUKAI Kl> WfliPRIKs. SUO Ltndi Magnolia, M* buKli XXX, suu barrel MlUt-n Rye Maoo&fahaU. ROO barn It fine Old Rye, :<!0 barret* gn<? out Bom-bo-., AT CINCINNATI PRICKS All iLe laTortW- br^ndi U CHAMP AONh, Mumm Verxecv, ttreen Seal, Heidsioa, whim, belief U'O^Lt tow, jc* offer at cauraa if lo-vr ralw. Also, 8oi* Agent fc.r PIKE'S ARMY COEUUL. frt> 14-tj 600 BET, Ssoo ret. ?0? BET. THAT OAYTU?'"* that l?ayrovs TEAT DAYTON'S SLICED AP^LE PIES. sliced applk > itt?, SLICED APPLE PIES. anc? * n r, r? c?r I AUK the BLl- r ake ihe bk?1' madk !n washington. made in washington. made in washington bakery 4s? 11m 9tiut, bakeky 4j? 1 1th htihi, bakery 466 htm sTBHT. ii. h jb-tf t? t^'rtblio vjjjf in general. xiup t-?-e 608LIN6 RK8TArR4!fT, *4t pennsylvania avlnuk, sovth sub, (FoTinarlT of New Vurk.i Hti the n&m* and fkme of bain* On4 of tht Best Restaurant* %n Tow ' C^Giv# na a trial, ted jd(? for ?om s?if ?/_J E*erj k'utf it tli* >.?>*? >t bkst C71 Don't forget U?t mmhwtf?7 Feni eyivM.ii avetice, between ltth on J 13u. ?foot?, iph H-lm eoBta uda. ?WM FURNITURE ' fft IP1 FURNITURE' FURNri VRE t Jx\ W. B. MOIE9, (of the 4ra of Mom? & Pecic am, t'L ??**.; Mumtftotaror bhu Whoie?b.e and Rwv., 1a Caae Mtt Choirs CwtLM*. fsrior ud Dinlnt room Fnraituro?Thors'? Bei jing, *0# BotbcIb treet. ftbov* D. _ Ertr; nnrtr or UPHCl?TER1N6 prom*a* ana neatly exooatod. J*Um? o?ob d?y aod Brer. ng lor tte aoconicoda Bon of the pubho. Pnrot>*Mrp w... atcS t their ._:.?'*Bt tcoo. UfcrO lookup eisewber^ latg^m* THE AMERICAN TELEGRAPH COM*fNV Having re-ope i.e<; o<.d re fitted B BRANCH OFFICE in WiLttiM' tfcu oompac* le prepared to aooomrao ate tiie guest* f ir n' b nee, a: i t o patiiic, wth eVfery Teieg rapfun* Com me mood ob dirowt itl? KALX.MOfK , new vulb. ana i lacraftio Station* In the loyal TiTf, GENERAL Or'Pit." E.4 S >1 Pim.Avnci W. P. WtSlKKVtLI, mh Mm H???riEtea4?nt CH. RIVART & CO. SILLERT CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO 8. fc. cu&.1x1 OF P*r* Ar??r? Ant S.xtk St.. C^rrSiOB Hotel Bmlciait Watkxngton. H. RO&EY, A int. New Vou. JAMES MOLA.N. Ac?m. Wuiimton, i) C. SHERRY, PORT and MADEIRA WINE&. FINE OLD BRANDY and Wflli>KY. IZT A liberal disceant to d?al*r?. nti it* LAU1KS' KUBtitK Bt' tTS AND BHOKS. A!! alias, at J. B. PL'DNKVSS, 5X4 r?iin iinh, tac* of Clurtt'i Dry Go?'? Stor*. \f EN'S RUBtthR BOUTS HI AND SHOES, At J. B PL'DNLVS. fa 11-tf .M? Ptn... . Hfcck fmti. HOYSTKR8-4J V ST:-?8: OTEL8, Rftfttanrart* acd Pnv?:? Ptn lNa *'it, 0\Hr. *> ^ fr??.U tkc jtj atjce lovMt ?rio?. ^ " " f.tue civ* m. u*'! AVKkt) * CO., No. MS Ninth ?t, torwoon J *im A?. [I/" OyaUrs of tfc? : ??!> <ut afirod to oruor. wTh 22 JU?T KKCKtvVu A l L A UhAI L A I'O/S. No. *61 8?*, S*!vf*n I and i strooU. ? r?w *Uxsk cf CLOTHING, I i .(ISBi.NU tiOOlW, TRUNKS. HATS >UCAr<. La beali. * cot*, NO <61 a?*?ac< ?tr?ac, botv?e? 1 K, i? liieolMe to b?j tott SLOTH IN , FXJIMStflNS ?UUDl, RllNktf. HATrtaad CAfj?l Now Yorfc pnoo* POUR ONt NO ALL AT L. A. BEALL fc V> CO.^, N? S?1 Seventh atreot, bet wood 1 ij K. to bo* toy CcOTUlNtj, FlR.Mlia;># GOODS, MA TT tndCAPtt. ...... mmm y*i 9 ?t WJ low &t L. A. BKM.JL^k^cC *, Nc. Ml H?T?itS7V?-wj^I ^HKMUCWAWWI EXPRESS COMPANY bjllta??ae %f*rwashl*(*tom. Are din ?l?r ward irr (?itk fcr th? WutltBCtOkftAilrOad. Awoku dise cf ?r*r? ???o amonnt Ku'k?r:sm?T r**uir?, th? IowmI rata*. A|?w t iUiUmona, JOBN K. WILSON, JS. ?\. nrr^r Howiij IM CMMien iU? am.hi of poaiU Cunuw station B. * ?0^fl* iM j4or?i*.?*H 8mU SntnthitrtM, OMMltli'UW Mlrtr: ~mb " "" A. f. Yi?%ff.' A|Wi. . g?4 ?? * V( 1'iai *t ??H " Miu( o i rrnt.if a uv., ?M PA AT.t IIMII r ML AM) IMA IA. ? p ??AA? A ftfl '?K * 'tf

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