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w bmn Star. ' , ;!!!- . | ========================== V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 1862. N?. 2,851 - THE EVENING STAR u PUBLISHED IVKBY mUNOOH, (SUNDAY BXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, Cmur fiwuykMM (M ?U liwirt T 0. WALIiAOH. Papers ifrtH in peekngea br ranters it Ki year. or 37 rente per Booth To mall subscribers the price la S3-50 a year, m ad tana; S3 for tlx months, SI for three month*; and for leaa than three tnoaUu at the rate of IS centa a week. Bin. gle coptea, osi cist; In wrappers, two cists. (J7 Advirthxhxit* should be sent to the o>ce before 13 o'clock m.; otherwlae they may not appear until the next day. TOPOGRAPHY OF VIRGINIA. ] Tkt field of War la Eaatera Tirgiaia That part of Eaatern Virginia which may be properly called the field of war embrace* nearly the whole of the tide-water and Piedmont region*?bounded on the eaat by the ' Atlantic and the Chesapeake Bay, on the aoath by North Carolina, on the north and nertheaat by the Potemac, and on the weat by the Bloe Ridge Harper's Ferry and Winchester are beyond the Blue Ridge, in what it called the Valley. This is the departmentof den. Banks, that of the Shenandoh, and comprises a belt of eountry about fifty miles wide, and running the depth of the whole State in a southwesterly direction, between the Bine Ridge and the Alleghanias. Beyond Banks, on tne west, ia Gen. Fremont's department. Eastern Virginia has been divided by the President into two departments; that of the Rappahannock, under Gen. McDowell, comprises, besides a part of Marvlend, the District of Columbia and that part or Virginia between the Blue Ridge on the west ana the Fredericksburg and Richmond Railroad on the east. Q?n. McClellan's department consist* of all the area east of the Fredericksburg Railroad. It is probable that McClellan extends as far as he cboosas to operate to the south, in Virginia, and that Gen. Wool's department, at and about Fortress Monroe, is within the command of the supeqpr general. JAMC9 RIVER. The rivers of Eastern Virginia nearly all empty their waters into the Chesapeake Bay. the only exceptions being the New River and Holston, in the southern part of the 8tate. Leaving out of view the Potomac, the James is the prinoipal river of Virginia. It meets the tide at Richmond, 100 miles from its month. and is navigable to that place by vessels of 140 toaa. The only considerable tributary of tha James baiow the Blue Ridge, is the Appomattox, which flows into it at City Point, and tarries seven feet water to Petersburg, capital of Dinwiddie county, 10 miles from City Point, and 22 miles south from Richmond. The James is navigable to City Point, 19 miles southeast of Richmond, for large vessels, and to Jamestown Island it has water enough for a frigate. On Harrison's Bar, a few miles below City Point, there are 15 feet water at low tide. It flows into Hampton Roads, near the mouth of ths Chesapeake Bay, and its entranoe is closed by Fortress Monroe, Newport News and our cruisers in that neighborhood. TBI TORK RIVXR. Tha York river, on which lies Yorktown, is formed by the junction of the Mattapony and Pamunky, and falls into the Chesapeake Bay, abov? the mouth of the James. Its appearance is rather that of an estuary than a river. At its mouth it is about three miles wide, and it is forty miles long. It is navigable for large vessels, and is one mile wide at Yorktown On the peninsula formed by the near approach of the James and York, in their course, are situated Yorktown and Hampton; its southern extremity is Newport News, and at the southeastern point is Fortress Monroe. Yorktown is seventy miles east-southeast of Richmond, and the latter city is one hundred and fifty miles from the sea by water. TORXTOW*. Yorktown is situated on the right bank of XT 1? * ' - - * id* xors river. Bcvenij dun ircm Richmond. It la an old town, settled io 1705, and now h&? about fifty houses It was the theatre of one of the moct important event* in American history? the surrender of Lord Cornwallia to Oen. Washington, which occurred on the 19th of October, 1791. The rebels are reported to have erected strong fortifications along the river banks; tbe works at Gloucester Paint, opposite Yorktown, are represented particularly to he very formidable. TH? RAPPAHANNOCK. The Rappahannock enters the Chesapeake Bay twenty-fire milea south of the mouth of the Potomac, and is navigable for vessels carrying ten feet water up to Fredericksburg, where, it_is supposed, the enemy is strongly posted. This place is forty mile# from the river'J month. THE ELIZABETH RIVER The Elizabeth river, on which lies Norfolk, rUee in Norfolk count/, and fl^ws into Hampton Roads. It ia oonneeted with Albemarle Houad bj the Dismal Swamp ean&l and Pasjuotank river. On ita right or north bank is Norfolk. This city is eight miles from Hampton Roads, and 106 miles by land from Richmond, with whioh place it it connected by railroad. At Portsmouth, opposite Norfolk, is the navy-jard. The approaches to Norfolk are defended by a fort on Craney Island, at the month of the river, which monnted some months ago thirty-four guns; by Fort Norfolk, a few milee below the city; by a battery of twenty guns on Sewall's Point, opposite Fortrees Monroe; and in all nrobabilitv bv a?ver*l other work* of which we know nothing. TBS HA58KJfOSD. The Xanaemond river roes in the Diamal Swamp, and isjnavigable from Suffolk, on the Norfolk and Richmond railroad, to itsentranoe into Hampton Roads, for veaaela of one handled tona Suffolk ia seventy-two miles southeast by aoath from Richmond, and ia a village of aboat 1,M0 inhabitants. From Suffolk it would be practicable to make a demonatration in the rear of Norfolk and Portsmouth It waa at one time thought that Baraaide would do thia The Pig Point and Fishing Point batteries were erected by thejrebela to defend the entrance to the Nanaemond. The firatnamed has recently been atrengthened, it ia aaid, and a rebel encampment ia now visible there On 9*mea river, at Jamestown Island, thirtytwe miles above the month of the river, ia a fort, and another called Fort Powhatan, about half way between Jamestown Island and City Point. It ia aaid that the rebels fortified a place three miles below Wyoming Creek and other points on this river. Richmond ia oonnected by railroad with Norfolk, 100 milea diat&nt; with Waahington, from which it ia ISO milea, by rail; and there ia al?o a railroad connecting it with the bead of the York river. Gordonmlle is on the Centra] Railroad of Virginia, 70 milea northweat of Richmond, with which it ia connected by rail. FrederkkabnrgUconnected by railroad with Riohmoad, from whieh it ia aizty-flve milea J north. It ia connected with a point a few J milea north of Qordonrrille by a turnpike, whieh runa through Wildernees and White . Plaina, nearly parallel with, bat eoath of the Rappahannock and ita tributary the Rapidan. i Win--a eater ia 150 milea north-northweet of Richmond, land 71 milea weat by north of Waakinrtnn. It ia the eentar of * "?? > ? 1 tarnplkee. i TABLB Or DISTANCES. Taking Hiehmoad u the centre, the follow* lag table ihowe at a glanoe the diatanoe of different point* in Virginia from there * Ml Ice From Nerfolk to Rlcmohad ia 106 Prom Suffolk to Richmond te 65 I From Cape Henrv to Richmond la 190 From Hampton to Richmond la 96 From Foctree* Monroe to Richmond la 99 I From Yorktown to Richmond la 70 i From W 111 lama barf h to Richmond la 40 From Frederlckahuig to Richmond la 06 From Washington to Richmond le. ..130 From Winchester to Rlchaaood la?160 From Gordoacvtlle to Richmond la... 70 Prnm l/M.bK IA BIAmauI I- IA? incsn*a&t l,a*o?ao?.?The New Orleaaa c rmemi of tt>? 17th aaya, a ma iaw4 George I >ap?Hhaa been a r reeled on the charge of using Incendiary language. He didn't want to do military doty; would rather fight for Lincoln than i gal tat him, etc George U not the only man . w&o talka atrangely In thia city, and la far from helng the oaly one that acta atraageiy. All loyal ma aheuld come forward new and do their duty cheerfully, without waiting to h? locfco^ i?p. CTThe temperance lecturer, J. B Gou*h, a few dara atace went to Canada to deliver a courae ' of lecture* b..t found t*e ae?tlmoati of th< poo- , pie so hltW a^a.nat the I'nlt. d State* that he do i (.llnod to fuifiU Ula ongageioeut, I Hew Celeael Bleaell** li|iie(ri Farced Their War > Oeaeral P?pe.. A correspondent of the Rochester Union, with Col. Biseell at New Madrid, informs that journal how the steamboat* were carried through the bayou and aloughs to the relief of Gen. Pepe. We quote: Col. Bissell atated that he oould by hand labor get steamboat! and flatboata through the wooda and bayous, and by that means land our foroes nearly opposite New Madrid, and take all the enemy'a works in the rear. Qen. Pope at once gave him a curt* blanche, and he sent to Cairo ;for four steamboats, six flats, and sueh guns as oould be spared They sent four steamers, with the barges, a quantity of lumber, Ac., and one 8 inch oolumbiad and three 32-pounders. Tools we did not need, for the regiment carries everything, from the heaviest ropes and serews down to fiae steel drills for unspiking guns. Our route is about twelve miles long, of whieh two miles were through thick timber, and the remaining ten through narrow, crook a a *? ? - ea o?youi grown up inn ot Drain ana small trees. We eat oar way rifht through, the track being fifty feet wide, in which thirty feet are required for the halU of the boat*. The timber ia cat foar feet below the surface of the water. In one short stretch we on. seventy-five trees thus deep, not one less than two feet throagh. The machines were rigged from rafts ana oar lowest fiats, and worked each by aboat twenty men. In the first place three large launches went ahead te out out and push out of the track the underbrush and driftwood, then the rafts followed on which were the men who cut down and cat off the treea; then the aawa, then two large barges, then one of the steamboat*. Very large lines were provided t? run from the capatan of the steamboats and haul out by snatch blocks what the men oould not handle. Then followed the rest of the fleet, men being engaged all tno time converting the flat boats into noatin^ batteries From the river to the levee the diatance ia aboat 500 feet; here the water was shallow and the route full of atumps; it took one whole day to pass this?then the out in the levee. Here the fall was over two feet, and the rush of water was tremendous. The largest boat was dropped through with five lines nnt Then a cornfield overflowed from a vent in the leva*. Here ?u something of a channel cut by the awift water, and we got along well nearly a quarter of a mile to the wood*; here was the labor?two straight and long mile* to the nearest point in the bayoa. This it took eight days to get threogh. Then Wilson's bayou, then East bayou, then St. John's bayou,which empties into the Mississippi at New Madrid. If yoa have never seen a southern swamp you have no idea how thick it is; a New York elm swamp does not begin It sometimes took twenty men a whole day to get out a half sunken tree across the bayou. Such a place as that kept us back, as none of the rafts or flats could get by and all had to wait. The water, after we got into the woods, was about six feet deep, with a gentle current setting across the peninsula. In the East Bavou the current wa> J boats had to be checked down with heavy head line*. Here we fonnd some obstructions, caused by drift heaps, but cutting off one or two logs would start all dewn the currant. C7*The late General Lander, a short time before his death, was r quested to furnlih materials for bla biography, to be published In the forthcoming work, entitled "The Officers of the Union Army and Navy, their Uvea and portrait* " In replying, he wrote the following characteristic letter: Hkad^cartkks, Camp K?l:.v, > January S4, lt<&i. $ Dear Sirs: I do not know any event of my life that, In public opinion, would be worth noting. 1 have no time to write biatory, though 1 am obliged for the klndnesa which prompted you to aak me to do so My public services have been greatly over-estimated, and If you could know the very poor opinion I entertain cf myself and others now charged with the holy mlwlon of preserving this n public you would not ask It. I am, most respectfully, yours, F. W. LawDia, B. O. IT. 9. A. 1X7"There la a good storyj?olog the rounda at r orirna monroe concerning Uen. Mansfield, who la ploua enough In creed, but on certain occasions, when hi* "dander" Is up, can do full Justice to his feelings by "giving them mouth " When the Merrlmac came down, the general was all motion; he waa highly excited, and now and then he eased hl? feeling by certain forcible ejaculations A contraband, who beard him, glvea a very good description of how the whitehaired old man moved about in the midst of storm of nhella. "Bygolly, bow," said be, "but de way dat old mass' gln'ral moved about dat day war a caution. He went d!s way and dat way; he went hea' and he went dar; but to have hearn A . -<J ? > -1-1 ? u<r u<u man. Km rai BW?r piUmO WtgH like fT$ath??V Dtiiio Snich or B?* McCcllocoh ?The Ust word* of dlatlnguiahed men bave always been a matter of In threat to the world. Those of Washington, John Marshall, John Q Adams, Webster and Calhoun, are remembered and often repeated. And now thoaeof Gen B McCulloujjh have passed Into history. When the surgeon, wltb falterlnu voice and a tear In bla eye, told Ben be waa dvlsg, Ben looked up, and, with unfaltering countenance and In trm tone, remarked, 44Oh Hell!" That wsa Ben's last. Ben evidently knew where he wasgolng. He greeted bla havea aa he was about to enter it ?Ltuin ilU Jvumal. Hoof-Da-Doo?Aa the congregation of one of our fashionable churches were departing last *w ? - - -- >luk woo Drought up the rear were mack astonished at being compelled to step o?er a aet of boopa which aome lady had deposited In the veatlbule Whether the "aheddins" waa affected by the powerful sermon to which ahe had been listening, or from outside pressure, we are unable to aacertalo. One thing we do aver, that we atood Inside of a aet of hoops "just once." Utica Ttlegrapk. ID" Gen Buckner ia contlned In an aptrtmen* In Fort Warren where he can communicate with no one ezcepl the prlaon officer*. The close Imprisonment Is said to affect bis health andaplrtta Geu Tllghman la alao subject to the seme Imprisonment. Tbeae are the only rebela held In cloae custody at Fort Warrea. The Governor of Maaaachusetts haaappclnted a commission to txamlne plana and contracta ?*. - - ? lur me construction of a mall vessel similar to the Monitor for the defense of that State coast. \rj~ A young candidate for the legal profession was asked what be should do flrat when employed to bring an action. "Ask tor money on iccount," was the prompt reply. He passed. IfT A young lady lately appeared In male attire In Baltimore, and one of the editors aavs that h?r magmae wms ao perfect that ahe might have passed for a man "had ahe had a little more modesty." C~T An unsuccessful attempt wss made Id St. Louis a few dajr? a^a tq take the life of Tboma* Connor, atteater actor. Mr. Connor waaatabbed In three places upon the armSombthiiio of a DiacxaT ?The tifw rebel Secretary of War, General George W . Randolph, la a grandson of Thomas Jefferaon. \rj" Got. Brown, of Georgia, has appointed John W. Lewis rebel senator, in place of Toombs, Lo serve until the meeting o/ the next Legislature SOLDIERS' PAY. MARNDKN?SRXPREBS WILL FORWARD ^BO^DlE?8' KEMITWhithu Moxit os Allotment Drams. Fo U?r FmuIm M uy pUoo on tM UnM of tbeir Eifr???tk ohtrtotf TWBNTY-FIVE CB>T3 / For u; aura not axcoeding Fifty Dollars, f 9&* ) knd a proportionate additional oharja for ylaooo WMW by wuNdii tiprtuM Tha ronitUnoo, vhathar in Gold, Tr???ury ui ? UniMMt ' ? -?1? )tato,otth? fo whom to boso^, *?d *he unount 1, g;blt maffctf tfnoh *^fa * hi.nT'i?. *** *?**> W*U b* formatted at ~Mon#y rw?T(d to bo forwarded at the cffioo in Washington, Third atreot, aecoad door b*ioir fatLaar.ra&u avsoa*. M l-lm K. 8. SMITH, A*#a?, . ? >!?>*< TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. liter from pittsbuhg landing. The Latest Eitlmate ( ear Killed u< Winded. Cairo, April 10 ?An arrival from Pittsburg, Tenn , says The enemy In making thtfr first 1 attack on Sunday morning carried the atara and atrtpes and wore'Federal uniforms to deceive our troops Gen. Bragg la also reported to be killed, but this la not confirmed. Provisional Governor Johnion, of Kentucky, la wounded, and ia a prisoner In our hands It la stated that Gen Prentiss, wbo was taken prisoner on Sunday, escaped In the confusion of the enemy's retreat af'er the second day's fight. Our total lo*s Is thought lo be about 7.U00; this is tbe estimate of our military officers who were hi ?uc c-ugageuirnia ui loese aouui z,uuu were taken prisoner*?the balance killed or wounded In the usual proportions General Wallace, of Illlnola,waa reported dead, aa It waa thought to be impossible he could live. He was, however, living on Wednesday, and Improving He waa shot In the back of the ear, the bullet coming out at the nose. Five thouaand prisoners are expected here tonight. from island No. 10. Preparations are being made here to receive our wounded at Pittsburg L.ATE.V1 r KU.Tl ISLIKID RO 10. St. I'Outs, April 10? A special dispatch to the Republican from Island No 10 Rives the following summary of the result of the capture of that position. We have raptured SO cannon, 30 pieces of light artillery, 5,000 stand of small arms, a great quantity of blankets, clothing, etc.; 200 hbdi. of sugar, aeveral hundred barrels of molasses, 400 wagons, l'itf horses and 600 mules. Tk> tnt?l ~ ..>f ?. * " M. uv wvut UUUIVCI ui piiwum capiarra IO 1ST is 5,000, including Major Gen. Mackall, Brig. Gen. Gault, Brig. Gen. Walker and Brig. Gen. Schauao. The prisoners are being embarked for Illinois a* rapidly as possible. About 50,000 solid abot and an Immense quan. tlty of ammunition baa also fallen into our bands. Cairo, April 10?With few exceptions the whole rebel force around island No. 10 are now prisoners of war. An attempt was made by them to cross the Red Fort river on rafts but they were surrounded and compelled to surrender. The prisoners say that 70 men were killed* on the Island by our mortars. Frem New Mexic*. St. Louis, April 10.?The Fort Union correspondent of the Republican, under date of March - ki. says uur column, under command of Col. Stough, are breaking up camp for a forward movement f?outh. towards the rebel forcea. The Texan army occupies a strong poaltion In tbe vicinity of Albuqaeraue, 175 miles south of tbla depot, and about miaway between thla fort and Fort Craig, where Col Canby waa at lut accounts 1 he Texana have taken up thla aa a strategic point, doubtleaa Intending to march upon either column as they leave their atronghoid, Fort Union or Fort Cialg, and by their superior force, wklch la estimated at 2.400 strong, and ai nlwm nt * tillery, whip one, then face about and aasault the other column before they can form a junction, and cut us up In detail The Texans are occupying Santa Fe, 100 miles south of this, with from 100 to 300 troops. The following was received yesterday by the Secretary of War: Kansas Citt, April 9 ?The Santa Fe mall hat arrived The Texans had evacuated Santa Fe, and Wf re marching to the river. It Is reported that General Canby bad Intercepted an express train, with orders to the commander of the Texas forces to evacuate tbe Territory and return to Texas Colonel Stough had left Fort Union with 1.400 men, to make a junction with General Canby. Tbe Texans were exacting contributions aud forced loans from tbe inhabitants, and clothing and provisions were being taken from merchants without regard to politics or circumstances. Relief ler the Wetnhled. chicaoo, April 9?The Board of Trade to-day unanimously voted 8'^ .000 for the bentllt of the wounded la the battle of Sunday and Monday. Subscriptions of nearly half as much more were raised Boston, April 9 ?Governor Andrew to-d&y telegraphed to headquarters tendering the servient, without compenaatlon, of a number of Massachusetts surgeons who are ready to go west and give aid to tbe wounded. U. ston, April 10.?The board of brokers to-day voted tlve hundred dollars to aid the wounded at the battle ef Pittsburg Landing, Tennessee The Legislature of this state have unanimously llhnntph toanlntlAria -1'1- * *" a usutudViia III V1U1IK mr CIUCfUB UI .VI dS sacbusetts to join in a jjra d Tt Utum on Sunday next, in honor of the recent victories, and alao congratulating the Western States on the valiant deeds of their eons. 1 he Canal Across the fenlasala. St. Louis, April d.?Gen. Pope'soflldnl report says:?'The canal cut across the peninsula at New Madrid, through which the steamers nnd several barges were taken. Is twelve miles long, through heavy timber which had to be sawed off bv hand four if?et under water. The Idea of this t laborious undertaking originated with General 1 Schulyrr Hamilton, and the work performed by Col. Biasell's Missouri engineer regiment." i Telegraphic Csasmaalcatisn U Saathrra Tanaessee. ix>ui8V!LLE, April 10 ?'Telegraphic communltlon wa? opened between here and Savannah, Tenn , thi* afternoon, k> we may aoon look for later account* from that region. | Forty nnraea arrived from Frankfort tkla eve- , ntng to go to Pittaburg Landing. Explaaatien. Philadelphia, April 10.?The editor of tiit | Philadelphia Inquirer save that the dUpatcb deemed objectionable ov the Secretirv of W?r * waa countersigned by General Wool on the letter , itself and on the envelope, and be Is confident of making a satisfactory explanation to tbe Government | ? 1 lonnrcticnt ElectiM. Hartford, April 10?Gov. Buckingham bas i 9,000 majority; last year bis majority was 2,000. ] Tbe Senate Ik a unit against tbe democrats. The House stands 181 republicans to 56 democrats, ' wltb one town to bear from. The vote of the State Is nearly 14,000 lea than last year. ' Heavy >biv Mirm. Philadelphia, April 10.?The storm of the last ' three days culminated here last night in a fall of Know to the deptb of twelve Inches. It Is, how* ever, rapidly disappearing this morning under , the bright sunshine. Frtn Ota Biiki* Ctrpi. Kdixbcu, V*., April 10.?All la quiet along 1 our line*. The enemy's pickets have not been seen during the severe storm of the last two days PROM YORKTOWN. [From the Correspondent of the Associated Press*} NsaB Yomtowh, Va., April 9, p. m.?The weather still continues unfavorable for military . fcraiioas ll b*> been raining for two days, fc and the creek# are much swollen and the low grounds covered with water, mating the roads I almost Impassable for empty Wag tins Information received shows that the rebels have a force of 60,000, which la rapidly being added to by troops from the neighborhood of Richmond. * which 1a one day from Vorktowi) by railroad and * river, they having four steamers and sixteen * transports In use, and by the tine tbe roads are la * condition for tbe Union army to move the rebels f may be able to meet them with luO.uOQmen, the tower of their army, with their best arms. In a & iroogiy rortiira position. !j Previous to our troop* occupying theft present ? position, the military authorities uad no mean* ? of ascertaining the extent of the rebel work*. In* c formation obtained through deserter* and other 1 sources show that the enemy hare nearly 000 J guns, some of them of the Urgent cfllhre. The rebel General Johnston, with some of hl> forces, has arrived and taken commana In person, showing that they intend making n desperate resistance to the advance of oar troops at . every point. . <s H The enemy's entrenchment* extend entirely , across the Peninsula, from James river to York river. ~ The cheering newt from the western depart* I meat arrived to-day,end oortreopeiwc ?Hld ?Mk * enthusiasm over the result, and tre anxious to he j led to acfelert sUaliat deed* of vaiot, || OFFICIAL. Department of state, Washington, January 25, IBM. The Secretary of State will hereafter recelvMembers of Coa^rMi on baalnru on Satnrdaya,

oonmeBslog wltb Saturday, tbe firat of next oatk. ian f7.H urn r ia u u avtUAon j"" ? TTllJlJiniq It . CDf* ARV? WAR DEPARTMENT, JaNVaftT 91, l??t. OiDiMB, Thai tiie War Department will be oloaed Taeadayn, Wednesday*, Thurartaya and Frtdaya against all other bu*!ne*a bat that whteb relate* to active military operations In tha Bald. Saturdays will be devoted to the bualneaa of 9enaton and Representatlvea. Monday* to the bualneas of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, J* tt-tf Secretary of War. 0EXT1ST&Y. Mtkktb. JLOC-MX9, M. D., the icvector and patent#* aftha MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at M trad* peraonally at bia ofta" .n this oitY.MPHBB* Many person* can wear them teeth wno^cu-ttF aunot wear other*, ana no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Person* caliinc at my ofioc can be aooocmoaates with any etyI? and prtoe of Teeth they may desire: bat to those who are parfcoular and irtsh tiiejptfriwt. cleanest, strongeet, and most perfect denture that artoan produce, the MINERAL PLATE will b* more fully warranted. nuuiuB iu uai out?.^o. j)?rk.trenit|Dorwm tth and lOtii ?t?. A.,jo, V07 Arch trs-t. Phi!a<iei ehia. mar 4-ly,90 J^EW AND IMPROVKD INVENTION ARTIFICIAL VHKOPLAST1 BONK V E E 7 a, Wit*ott Mini Puin oa Claim. DR. a. B HI WES MONO, 910 Brtid-w**, iV?M Tork? iibd 4* mm, wtmim 12ta md 1 ilk iit, Wmtkmgten, Call* the attention of the pubiio to the loilowlas adrantacee or hie i'ni^TM STil*m : 0 11 1. The Teeth of iifa fr.&mjfaoture vi!<Ara| never oorode aor ohanee ooior by Midi, beiai U.rev-fourUis iifater than %ay other. I. No teeth or roou ueed be extracted, a* U? artiacia! one# 0*2 be inserted over them. S. The rooU viil be made inoieniira. an r*?* aohe. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent un ran be made immediately, thereby preferring ?e natural exereaaion of tiie laoo. wuioh andei e old cycteru i> fretue&tly dialicurea. i. Ttii? work ha* been iuhy te?te<l orer five ysera by uiany of the firat ohemirta and phtaioiana of thit eouatrr. Dr. S. baa aleo invented a wiute unJeMractire metal tlIin*, arith whict the moat aenaitive teeth oaa be nliea without pain, and can build-up % t?r teot, aound tooth on any aide rooU, which will leal throath lifetime. The beat or referenoea a lren?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doremqa, Profraaor orChemiatry, N. Y.; Hon. Jedfe Wayne, of the Supreme Court at W&ahincton, and thouaanda of othera. Call and examine for yonrseLT. no Ita GAS FITTING, Ac. A vrk ?, dove * oo. KE N?* frrjsrec to rceosi* any ?r4?ni wltt vfcioh the? rn?7 bo favored in Its f hVMBiH#, ?as or STKAM F1VT1MS BVSiMHBS, CT HUrt en tth street, a few doors cert* of fa aTt?".s?. T-hsre cjfcr b? fcsn4 a eom>l?t? assort?^**! v nAjdelinks I^a ?iiur ?/S, 8Ir.AM aaJ ri*???r..' Itr-1T W? A a FIXTIIhB, K Have in store, uui ara da? r recotrlB*, #49 tllTVHESoftmVrc j New Pauen.aa&d fir^iina tiid Finish, eupwior m stjr'e tu anythiz-i heretofers efer?d in tnis market. We lnTitecitiieus tenerfci It to sail and exanune nnr stock of 6as and W?w Fix: ?rea, leeliuc eocbuent tutva kaie Ua bw aatectad a look in W Miliar ton. A.1I Work :n the ac^ve ma :atraau4 U t?; cars w\ 1 be promptly att?arlaU U, 7-3 Y fa!KI * HlllAN. want! S7ftl> street Depot quartermaster's office Corner 18(4 and G streets, WasHmsTow. D.JC., M&roii 29,186?. S*AL?n PBorogAts will be reoeived at this cffio? uatil Satarday, the 13th day of April, 1863, at 13 o'olock M.. for delivermc in tfteoity of Washington, at euoh a point as the Depot Quartermaster raa^direct, the foilowinj named PINE LUM180,001 feet (-4(1 inoh) oommon ouilinjs, iniAi * e_j /ii/ 1. .? - ' V,' w/ v 1UVI11 26,000 " loiat 3 by 6,16 feet Ion*, 1?,N00 " ,r 3 by 6,14 10,0110 M M 3 by 6,13 " SO 0?0 " aoantling 3 by 4.16 " " 10 000 " 3 by 4.14 " ' ?J?0 44 " S by 4,12 ' " All the Lumbar to be delivered within 20 day* after tigniig the oonlract, The Lumber to be iBipeot^l by an inspector ay pointed oil the part of the OoMrnracnt. Payment to M made upon the aaticfaotory completion of the contract. . Propoeaii mn?t be plainly marked "Pko*o?*ls roa Lwmbkh." The ability of the bidder to fill the contract. anon id it M tvs.aad to him, muat be guarantied by two r sonnatble persona, whose signatures mast be appended to tiie paarantee. The reepoa*ir>iliiy of the guarantors must be shown br the of&oial certificate cf thn clerk of the oearfst distriot court or of the United State* district attorney. H.dd rs must be present in person when the bids are opened or their proposals will not be oonsidared Bonds, in the aam of fiv? ttoosani dollars. ii|Q>d by the oontrao'or and bott. of his guaran tors, will be required of the suooessfui bidder upon iignini the oontraot The right to rejeot any or al: biri? that may be inmnedtoo high la reserved by the Depot Quarter* master. Informal proposals wi?'< be rejected. Form of Gnarmmtu We,?.of the counts of , acd Plate of ?, md ?. or the oonntT of .and Btsttrf herebr guarantee ihat? is able tD fa ?1 a contract fn accordance vitt- the terms of lib propouUon,and that, ehond his proposition be a^sebted, ke will at oioe enter inf a ooatra&t in aooordanee therewithshould theountraot b? awarded him we are prepared to btoone hit seo? riti en. (To this guarantee ra??t be appmdea the oertifi?te above mentioned.) U H. KUCKKR, mh 29 Colonel and Ouartenmaater. <L?EA LKD PROPOSALS Are invited ti!1 the 15ta ^ day of April. 1S63, at 12 o'clock pi , for supply ing the United States Hub. l?ep't wicn 6 (?o hwul of BEEF CATTuE on the l,o6f. 1 The Cattle to be deltver-d at Washington city, md eaoh animal tQ average IJOO toan.1. r>n.> irpight; no animal admiita.1 which weigh* leaa'thaS 1 Tho<C&0*o'to>K dalivfcrtJ at *aoh tinea end in luoh tuaotitiee aa the Ooverumeat mar require. CaU>0 will be required under thu oontraot toon tf^er the oouiraot l* oloaed. Helffera ami bulla not ran tea. . A bond, with jood and aatigfaotor; eecarity, eiil be required. tJoveranwct reserves to itaelf the right to fij in rreaaurt note*. No bid wil. be entertained when put in by oonraotor a who have previously failed to oornply wl' u heir oontraota or where the bidder la not present a respond to hia bid ani all buia to be aooompalied by two guaranties. The namea of firm* thou id be atated in ftli, wiU .he preoiav addreaa of an the members or tae firm. Bide to be dir?oted to Major A. ?sckwith, C. tJ. J. 8. A., Washington, O. j>?Hn of G-uarantt*. We, ? ?,of thy oounty of? ?, and Stataof ana . 01 tbe ooutty of ???, and ^tate ? . do her*fry guarantee tnat id able to nlil a oontraet in accordance with the tot ma of 11a proposition. anti tut. ahonld his proposition be ooeoted, ke will at onoe enter into aoontraotia oeordonoe therewith. Should the contract he iwarded h.m we are prepared to become hi* aeou itiea. Tkia guarantee tauet ba appended to eeoh 'id mh >i pOE TH1. MOUTH OF YKI^ONVBTONR post - A Vilf TOIOOUVHl VXS.ll. The rt**mw EMILIK, J.B LtBAiei, Mutir, rill leave ob or about the Jtth oi r w . kpnl To yvrsoiu deeirons of 0 OregoB and the Territory Vashiagton, toil i> the mostdesirable roots. Mr- . toularhr to Washiaftan Territory, havim Iron i ort Benton only I? miles of land tr?wl, over a ood road, to the most d*?ir*b:e part of the Terri- ] MT. Is connection with ths Emilie will be a very *ht draught aide wheel steamer, whioh will leave | ere aboat the?th, desifoed to ran from the \ el- j >wstonetothePallsofMiseo?ri. For freiiht or , sssate a??lv on board. a> Is-Hr 1 ? ? - ? ,UOG,OOQ K ?17 w u ( OAMP GREASE < LXT> U ' HOUGH TALLOW i WANTED. UJ1 ? ir vttta* tA* hi?hMt Cub prlM? vili 1M ; ?p a i55o? PAwaow 4 co. ' ^OE SALK.^One rKJ tfne }ban? MAKE? < kwSST *"~r7 "rflW 1 SOLDIERS' MONEY AMD ALLOTMENT DRAFTS THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDI blRS' REMITTANCES To thair Fami'ies at any pace on the lines cf thalr Expree* at a charge of TWKNTY-FIVK CENT?* Foe ast ?cm hot ixoxidik? Fittt Dollar*, And a proportionate addition*, charge to placet reached by connecting Expreasea. t4>a ? v-.i - ? m h? i emum?ijw. wnriH^r ITiftiQrf I\OtM. or AlK>to*ent Drafts, should t>e ece:o???i n an ?o v?lo??*ard BecuteN t-eeird, n<i bavetho full ad dre?? s inoladiri town. Po?t ftn'.e &cd Id oinM the ?Ue*i asd cumber) of tke pernr.n to vbom to be sect, ard the amouut lejiblj rcaikwl thereon. Knvelope* for thia purpr>?e m\j be had at our ofio* Tofaailitate prompt dsiTery the chart* fer re mittaiise ehouic be a^paii mhseiir. ADAM9 EXPRESS COMPANY. READ! READ!! READ!!! AND Ht CONVINCED AND BE CONVINCED AND BE CONVINCED. Extract/rMnUr'Slw," February 27, lafii. Dvyto.n's Crackers ANO KtCILU.ll MRS.? Hot|l and Rp^tauract Keepers. Sat'srs', H< o?ekeepera, and G>oo*"V. ahru'd rot KiJ t-> eecure a rupplv of the^nperior Cracker* and Pie*, manu Motorec dj uajtcn, fs? llth atreet, between G and M. I>aTton manofactrrM r.!l kicd? of Cake* and Cracker* cftne t?*.t materia , v.d e-rrr h'"?ek?e# ? wei two of tl.e frfat auperoritv of the latter. when freeh from *he oven*, t j tnoae shaped from Northern cities. Sutler* will find It t'eatij to their lutereat to ezamiLe I>&yr-T'? Cracker* auJ Piea before purchasing elsewhere. We will ahow the nam?* of more than a aoore ol Safer* wuo have u?el Pits mai ulaoiareo b? other Baker?, and Wfre obliged to come to u? final!*, and pay ua two do'ia^a more par bandreo in orji-r to trt A<i artio e wiuoh me m.Mi CiiTd ea: without mak r.r tii-rr. an* From the Corrttfondtnt of tkt Ktie York - * * "We nctioe wit& muat peaaqre ?n# topu arlty of our eutarBrisiDK fe low ?it:s?n, /?; i. Dayton, in t*>e Bakery lualn aa in thia oitr ma suooeaa nu oaen liinid by the exeelletae i.l hisgoodu. We learn that nrmbors <?,' the Sanitary Om haveate of his Pies. a&d p;.n.,>uiioe th?iii hea'thful; and we mu?t nr r justice, that we never partook of more delictus Pies in oer life Sotiers from every section and Families from all quarters of the city, ten-l to a is Bakery. We stroncl* invite families to try our PIC NIC CRATE? R8. BOSTON CRAOKKKS, SLICED AI'Pl/fi PIES, KA^fBKKRV PiES. DAYTON'S Bakery, 4*6 Kleventii street, mn 25 tf H?t?ees G and H. ??ami* mm HARNDEN'S EXPRESS, ( E?TA>LI!BKU TK 19S9,) Bee eave to inform tne e uS'io that tney have ex tended their kxpress to \N astunrton. and are now prepared to Transport Hank Notes, Specie, Jewelry, Ae.,'o all parts of the Muidlt Am* i'*gl**d and UV<:?r* Statu aui Canada Connecting with the most respcr.sib.e Expresses throujhoutthe oountry, w* are eua >ied t > oflei utufualltd farilitus to a ! who mar taror us witi MU patronage. For tern:# and further inform* tion a?piy v> K S bMITU. Acrat. Third st., li dour beiow ***. ?touu#. |nl ftr. Wae'itit'tton. f> C WK HAVE JL'ST RKCKIVKU A LARGE asscrtin^-ci of Riv^n, Karon A rV>_? *ad Hteinwaj A Sol's IMA.NO KiIKT - mm known a* tn? > >k*i u<jw man afar tu rod ,*?? *" whi3h v? are i>fl?rtc(t at the io*??st faotorv prices. 1'eraoue iu s-^iou ot a reu&Me Pia o are requested to ca'i and examine Also, one feroonj hand Pituo for 9i> and one for (tv A t tne M usic Moie of a W. G. VEIZKROTT. D RAD WITH DECISION AMI ACT mi-a . ,, --??*? m ** 1 * aj 11 PRECAUTION DR. M. VELLNVS PRIVATE H'I^PH AL.. in tbe FeHen! H ook, oppoaite the t ?uera! Poat and Patent Ottce, Room S4 op *Ukira. ftc-ner of 7th and F ata , Waakiartoc, <>. EataMiih'xJ for the Mippreatioc of t^uaakerT The Only Regni?.r Phyaioian Adrertjainj. I>r. M. Vellnr't lone experience in hoapita! prac tice w?mnt? in aayini that heo&n care a.i dlaaarea->r a pri>r?re nature, or he wl'l forfait t&e I nm of five hundred dollara. Call and w?e turn. No charge for oon?a.tat on. A par feet and radical cure aariticud trooi one to foui oavaor- wh 17 >m* |\1R?. KATUN, 1U Fa?EI0NA1LI l>R*as*ai?. Haa removed fro:., 4*4 Teuth street to 469 1 atreet. hetvaenttth and 9th. south aid*. H T. laylor'a d'eaaoottmc rule hv Mrg ? mh H-Ira* |NTERESTlN6^ FOR _THE COMMUNITY ? AT 1.AKW K We are new recffivict R E ADYNADE CLOTHING f ti,e latest de?nt? three umei a ???k fron. car ra&nu'vstonng eelabliehiLent in Haitimore.whioh we offer atastoniatnac low price* OAK * BKO.. rah 19 1m* oorner fc, and rtn afreets. PRIVATE. PRIVATB JE* ?. IVA T lei DR. LA BONTA havu.i removed his oAe* to Ro?>ni Mo 6.a.ijmir| the f und*; Chromoi*OBMl id Wuhinrtnn Hn. t in, r* a.enue, oor?ar of 7'u atreat, is Low ready to cur* a I Diaeaaea of a Private Nature, withont the use of uaaiseroM or disfuatin* u.ujuof ary kind, and no intarfer^soe wun your buaineaa a*<>oationa haviag <l<v-ted ray ?hole time to the atuiy and care of Pr rate lht^aaes of both acxr t and to Ch:onio ' ff?-ition? of the Womb. Liver. lidr,ey?, Skin Eru>-iOi?. 4o .end rra?lu*t..- .a i tiie b^et Bch'>ol in th-world, th# New Y'oik Cit? Hospitals. und^r P-sfa Chilton a?,<i packer, to whom I moat re?p?oi/ally refar i wnl tar #l.fx<0 to the p?ra< n furni-am< n>? a ca*e of an? ot the at jve dia aasa w:a*i I oinnot speedily ar.a permanently care. >e? the o?w> be old or n-w. No dietini reacirou ; no thine d.?acreeabie in %r.y )vt u: the ' treatment. _ Consultations free Rooms very pri vat*. M. LA BONTA. Room * (first fl?or) Washington Bui dmi, mha^-nn* Ha.smssan-1 Ttb ?t. 1"?HE SUBSCRIBKBS BEING IN RECEIPT I . of a aupply of latest fashionable ^iriui a. Goods. the? reapeo'fdlly aolioit a oall ana^H the oontmacd favora of tht-ir patious and W\ tne aublio genera..jr. -fV t hey alao ieque?t upooitl attention ofth*ir arm* and navy ou'tomcrato their ?<ip7-ti of goods lu that line,consia'ire of fwords, Bolts, f*houifler i tttrapa, Epaulette*. GoM Laoei, <"ap*. t'hapoaus, Ao. K. J. HE!BER&EK Jt CO.. SuooMeoTt! to B F. I < ? lou A Co? Citisen aaJ Miitay Tailora. j ' Norioi.?All peraons indebted to the l*t? firm of [ * l.oudon A Co . or their auooeaeo'*, I \ reeueewd to aeitle the aame without detay 1 P. J. HKiBhKttKK A CO . Saooesaora to H 1' | ftu-.'6h k Co . rah SI oo3.n CUiaau lu Military Ttiiow. Ir<0* BALE?A pair of vary h*?-'<?ome light :ay ' CAKRiAUE TJOKiKii-Lc.Iido.i to^fv . ta the tnect In the l>>?tr ct?t r?4 in New VVy ? Hampshire; 6 iuu 7 yeara old. Cm k( i pi as>!?.?c 1* f*e Naval fctcre, Navy Yari, < WMMiDgtoa, D.C., betwocn tie ?oura it' *0 a m. amlSa.rti mltfe 1m' J S,LK D*JR8EtR&S?5??stA?D \ A n?">*t ohoioe auortmaut. at oar prov? ow f rioee. , One arioe only, Ike aetna! eaa*i ctaada'd value, I marked in plaiafcan?a. v PERRY k, BROTHER, ? nth 3? tr Pa. av'giie and Ninth at. HOOTS* ANi> HBW IB SUIT TBK I TI.Mi.f. | W# are now manofactunnf all kind* of BOOTS t and SHOES, and oonatantly reeeiTln* ig?i ? auppl; of eaat*rn made work ot erer* son puon, madeexpressly to order, and wi l w ! r be aold at a moon lower price than baa been VVte heretofore obarjed in this out for ranch infer 101 ^Peraons u of Boots and Shoes of eastern v or eiti made work, will always find a good assort d mentin store ind at the lowest Dnees. Sire as a . Ball. GKlKFiN ft BRO, ?, at M 814 P?nn?TlTania avers*. v T NOTICE. S HE Copartnership heretofore existing between v' Loots V. Paamr ana Thomas D. Duxni has _ >een dieeoWM. Ail peraoua indented to ike said 01 Irm will please to eettle their aooovats with _ Loms P. Perry, who will aleo settle with the . sreditora of the Ira - 1 ? ,.w K. i'EgtV, ^ G BALMORAL BOUTS. I' OAT Ttwi Dotbio acl* B&lmoml f 1 K ju do do do l<? lc IIoto Coif . (to Ja? Alio, ail other stjloo of Lod;a and Mia<u' SalBOTal Boot*, tho ohniatt And t<e?t uiortn*ani 7 in? oo Pera.nvonoo, botvoonSUincdftUi ?? v rJUST PUBLISHED. 8 HE Nov Union 6tM o# >oo*?i.??-a- *-?->? ?* ^MEgf THE WEEKL\ fl'AK. Tkleeseelkeei FWmllf id* N#wb jeoni. mi teialac * (ratur nrWr ( tBfwllag .-*rr than mi to (??a4 la ht tbn?4a paotistei oa Friday morning Tv*Ma ?*_m A ?l ?- ? -i 8iigit ?opt, per annum H..J| W Pl?e coplea 4 71 Ten oeplea t uu Twenty-t*e eoptea M ?w It tnvnrlabljr contain* tb?* -*\Ya?h:n?tou Nnrt1' that bu mate T%? D?i<> ?*mm| Sm* cirroiate ao generally throughout tbe country 1X7" eeplea (In wrapper*) r-na be ptu cured at tbe counter. Immediately after tbe laau* of the paper. Mo*?THRKE CENTS. . 1 3*0 renin YLTAII1A A?nr*. E7II le n r pr E. Jam Kwe!??A and open*4, A itrge and flrat-c :ua aUck ?J chwioe FAMILY GROCHRIB8 eonaiftttm ot: 9U0ARS. of all r<<? TKA8, corrBK, UUTTtK, la* n floi*. MAir URDT OMoroLAVK, 4?.. Ac , Ac. All of which he offers ?t :ovh: cut prloa. PIKE'S CKI/EliKA 1 LD WH'SRlkA. SOO btrrris Ma?TKl!?, Ma) btrrfla XXX, MO barrels Miller* Kv< Monoftf tL?~A, Kju barrels flnr Old Rye, 5-X" t>*rreia Bne Old H?-.urbo* , AT CINCINNATI P?-1CW*. All the favorite brand* of CHAMPAQNh, Mumm Verzt-ny, Gi.'ra *c&l, HcJi'ta, which, bein~ bcu^tt low, we offer m ua-jiaiiiy Sow rtlra. Xiao, t*^le A#est ftoi PIKH^S ARMY CORl>lAL. res 14 tf ?# ? liftx. Jioo bkt. ?? bkt. that dayton** that lav rg.n'8 that dayton's sljckd apple arr the best akkthk best ark the btsr msdkin vvasb l>m;ton'. made w wasbingtov made in washi>?to> barerv 4ac htm stemt. bakehy i*? 1 1th j?tb**i, bakkrt 4a? 11th }?t*??t fiih 2s-tf _ /ij t?? thl'^lbi-tc IN? KNf K AC." tIT k G08LLM6 RK8T4CB1N1, 447 PENNSYLVANIA AVKNU G? Bopth 8ii?e, (Formerly of New Yt>rk,> Bea tbe nam* *u-l itme of Mine Oft# a/" tk4 Bs*t P,tiiaurant$ in Totcn C76ITS ua & trU^, and judi?> for jou Mlf wC9 Kwt tKiCg In ?ha hone* i? 40&M, HKST THK MAliklT^m yBK AFF"Rl>5. '^1 inr Don't forget the nnmber? 847 Penoeylvan:* avenue. Mtwceo 17th *.ni liu. ?t-eet?, mb 17-Ik ?oau aid*. fukaiturb! r\ pur n1tur e t \jtm. PVRNIiVRE f ^ W. 8. MOSES. (of the ftr.ij of Mne?e * Pecktarn, Piulad'a?) Manniaoluier and Wboieea.e and Retail Deader 10 Case eeat Cruun, Oottate. f ar .or an<1 Duiiaaroom Furniture?Thorn'e Baildtof, 60* Seventh street, above I>. _ Ever j rarletr of UPHOL0TEKJN6 protuptiv ana neatly eiocuted, 8 tors o*et <1ay ano even in* torn - _? ?. ? ?? ??! tton of the fiiL-io. Puronaeers will at nay tMir irt?-Mt tc aa.l '?? n looking etfrwheio. nCiir.' yHE AMEKiOAN^rtLLGBAPH COMHftviBf r?-ojMDMt oca r* ttted a BilANCU office in WtLLatM' HotBL. thi? oom??tt ia prepared to accomrao ate U)? *u??ta of tr at k"0*e. ?l1 tt?a pub.ic, Witii every Teie(ia.pUio facility. Commonoati >e ill root with BALTIMORE. rtflLAD?LPf*i A _ Se\v yoek. Ltd a" Te.efraphic htat:<^a :r tr;* Inral 6KMLKA1 Ui'FlC'ijISii PtJidi AviNvi V* Wj l*X * *' * * ?* a *? Bin l r?fl V Eiii i , mhtlin CH. RIVAHT ft CO. S1LLBRY CHAMPAGNE DEPOT REMOVED TO 8. E. Cosm* ot P*irf. Avi>r? *-;d "txtr "*t., Clarrnlon Hot" Kuildin*, Wa-skvngtor. H. RoaRY, A?t?, Nrw Voh*. I AMI'S MOI.AN, Ack:<t. VV4?HI\?t.j*. !>. C. ^tiEARY, PORT and MADEIRa .tlNsn, FINK OLD BRANDY aid >VU:eKY. A libera! distant to <!*?:?> . m t9 LADIES' RUB1ILR HO"!* AMD 6*Or.r AUatCMtAft J. M. Pl'f?NK? ? 344 t'-nb t?v .4 * IVt ii*h> * * M9* HEN'S RlitsBEK BOOTS 1*1 ?NO^H'?KS, A? o J. P.. PliL.Nh, A, f* 't itT' *T' "p H. ovsTta-3-oi8rh:??i OTELS, H^r'AoraBt* ?u^ Pr irai# l>m!n* >?a t/*au??U*4 oat? ?ritto O * BT* R. reth from ti,# sn?-i .ry n^iuiur*. mm. / * 4 ? * ? ? -lie w??l pr.o?i, i>:MM(iT?uk oaM ^QT? AYKL3 A CO., No. 909 Niuh at, between D ?t>o a?. ITT- Ojatera of Ihe b*?t reality aptoed to order. ?TTh n I LSI RbCtlVbl/Ai l. A. UhiU * ni.ts, I No. S61 t*evei t?,. br teeeu 1 and k atreoia. ft *>w atoo* <f ('LOTEi -fi, Pi KR!tHl!fO iooun, i Ku:ska. HAT.-* %t?4 CA?-?. r A BSAlL. A CO *8, No set seTMiti atrwt. h.-oW-N'^v?-^- iftwr?srf. iry. rRLNkfc. >L*Itffto4 OaP? at New Yoraprioea r?OM? ON*. .? ND ALL A T I? A. BRALL A U CO *S, Nf J?1 (Seventh *treat Kerwe* and L to bm* ? *., FURNI-H'N? -rboue. HAT- *td WOW 18 14/ JR TiilE T?? Uf\ * Oil* t CLOTHin-, ri RNiSHiNU (i!u JC I ATS and Ca.1 * at r<* ? :ow jrK??a. *? L. ? IKAI.I. ? 1 K - ^ ? >. .< . >! eww*~ln, I n?l K <n?U. tr?>i 11 I^UklLtktiaM? KXPHfc>* COMPANY fi.Ai-T.jL >* F "vT'ViSHrWtf TO if. Arc 4?ltl?rTMdiBi l*m Citp^uAl W tb? VMfciB?U>h?A.iioM Vt erohaalie of !? aaaori^Uua, to any IHkSv A> mount ?h;?er? may rMiure. le Iowmi r?ia? A<'cil r Bt Urr.or*, JOHN fc_ VILWN, v??e. N. W. oorrar o*r?'u u< ?rad?n aU? Mtri? npfcite OwdiIn M?uot> 1 % Otfsoi'w .-tontci. ?b J ?*ath Borate (trMt Lv BOY1? Ct.fTHINtt E Htra raoaived wittun tiie^art "ay t/ two * rie MwitafU ?TjiijSV ?WilNfc CuOTH SO. Mfibraeiac ali *ty > ? of tow p. io?d. td fUM ?ua!i)M, Wkio!' ?* ?r*#f UlK4 ai **Cf .W6T^, t ,?. s Pa. ? , >>?* ? ?ft a?* *. - a . . i*tw a ?* i .. *?s??* .-rr r~? W Uli?- i*. ??? K,W- tU

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