Newspaper of Evening Star, April 11, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 11, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. _ . Notic*?Mr A W turn-, t*e managing agent J of lb* Stmr's circulation Id Georgetown, will , a?e?fvr alaoact as the Star's advrrtlaing agent hrre Arc Georgetown advertisements left a* Dr 6 B Barnard'a, corner of High and Bridge itraeU, "t with 6 Crandell, No. I# Bridge ' htreet, will Beet with prompt attention. , AM0SIKKXT4 To sight 1 Foan's Athixsvm ? Wr. Focreat entirely sua. 1 bln?d his ymt reputation ls?t night Id the representation of Richard III, and with every reappearan-e the public Interest In htm appears to be enhanced. To-night he appears In what haa been denominated the ? grandest conception of human genius"?Shakspeare's great tragedy of "Macbeth " wtsiimtox Thiatk -To-night the popular artreas, Miss Bateman. tnkssa benefit, appearing ss Juliana In Tobln'a comedy of the ' Honey Moon.'* Mlsa Bateman has won manv laurels la this city, and will so acquit herself th?a evening, undoubtedly, as to sustain her repotaHon and fame as a histrionic artist The concluding performance will be the laughable farce of the "Widow's Victim." We must add, la justlceto Msnager Kunkel'a stock company, that it la undoubtedly one of the finest that ever appeared upon the boards of a Washington theater Sherl dan a " scnooi xor ^mau wu wpcivij jwi- , formed last nlgbt. CixTiiiciT Hall ?The Canterbury still ( posaessea a magnetic Influence over the fun-loving | community, Irrealatably drawing them thither, , and conferring Increased pleasure at every sue- i oeedlng performance. Mortimer, Fow or, and the , Delevante brothers always sustala their p?rt admirably , and delight the audience intensely. A < good bill la presented for to-night. Odd Fillows' Hall ? Kinkel la rtlll at this < popular place of amusement with an excellent < company. New song*, new acts, new dances i almost every night. " Not to be Frightened,' ' ** Just from the Country," and " An Explosion" ; have been provided. Waihisotm Acidimt or Mrsic.?Free concert commencing at 4 p m. 91gnor Antonio " Tlberlnl, the celebrated primn baritone, from the 91. Csrlo Theater, Naples, will make melody for all There will also b? Instrumental music. 1 Refreshments of the best In the city may be ob- 1 talned to re while listening to a "concord of aweet J sounds " See advertisement cotillo!! Paxtt at TxKPKIAKCI Hall ?A grand cotillon party will be given at this hall to. night, under the management of Prof. C. F. Barnes. Tickets #1. "ujicojrditiosal Union" MxxTixe in thk Stcono W aid.?A meeting was held last evening at tbe German Hall, on Eleventh street, for the porpoae of organizing the Second Ward Unconditional Union Clab Mr G. H. Plant called the meeting to order, and Mr. A. G Hall wa? made Chairman, and Mr. \V. F. Given, Secretary. After the Chairman had announced the ebjecta of tbe meeting? ', Mr. Lewis Clephane stated that be understood the Intention to be tbe organization of Unconditional Union Clubs in ever? ward of tbe city, ' l who ahould elect delegate* to a general conven& tlon to nominate candidates for the principal oflces; tbe clubs to nominate candidates for ward oflcera In their respective wards. He did not regard the movement as a strictly party matter, but rather as a movement in which all who were f.\m fVia nrnm r\t >nH firm m>ln(?n?n/*a nf t h Hnv. ) ernment under all circumstances could take part j It wai a well known fact thtt there were mnny . till holding places of trust a.-.d responsibility, who, had the rebels succeeded la their schemes . lor the overthrow of the Government, would now , be acting in heartv unison with them He wanted men chosen to All theae Corporation offices of whose loyalty there should not be a shadow of doubt Mr. C. then presented a constitution, which be <tat?d was similar to one adopted by the Third Ward; which was read for the information of the meeting. Mr. C. hoped that toe further consideration of the constitution would b? postponed till tLe nextmeeting, in order thst time could be afforded the turiui/rim iv ca&iiiiuc it. Mr. Plant was opposed to any postponement of the matter H-? eculd *ee nothing oojectlonible In It, and If there was It could be amended afterWard* Mr 7. Richards desired the preamble read. He regarded tLat as being of the utmost importance At the last election, in some of tb? wards, persons had been elected tc the Cltv Councils as licond'tlonnl Union men who bad shown but little sympathy with the Government In Its effort* to soppre** the rebellion In the coming election men should be put In nomination who are not only strongly In favor of putting down the rebel11 ou but also men who are willing that Congress should use its own judgment In legislating for the Interests of the people of this District. Efforts bad been made to Influence the National Legislature lu the diarbarge of its duty in this respect, but all such efforts should be promptly frowned down ?. . a _l. i Ji ?. j IT - ? i DremTiiw ieiain^ ana union-iovinjj ciuz?n Congresi bad made thla city what it wis, and It became our*duty to cheerfully obey lta lawful authority. The constitution and by-lawa were then taken up aod adopted by aectiona. Mr. Clepbane then moved to poatpone the election of oificera to the next meeting, and that the oath of allegiance to th? Government be then admlnlatered to all the members; which was agreed to, and the meeticg adjourned. Tut*b U'ltr, Pip. II The second meeting of this association was held last evening at Temperance Hill, Mr. A. C Richards being in the chair and Mr. A- R Shepherd acting as Secretary. The dob at once proceeded to the election of permanent odicers, with the following result: A. C Richards, President; J. J. Combs, Vice President; G. A. Hall, Secretary; and T. A. Stereos, Treasurer. Mr Richsrds stated that the work before them was one of the grea^st Importance. They were to prepare for the approaching municipal elec? CI on, and to ferret out the disloyal in their midst, which was a work worthy of their best efforts. Mr Coombs called the attention of the m* etlng to the bill before Conereo to extend the right of suff-age to six-months residents He had not hlonself examined the subject, bat thought It one which the club should consider; and if In their < opinion tbe bill wou'd be beneficial to tne interof the loyal citizens, they should take some measures to secure its pessage. and if otherwise, then they sboald endeavor to defeat it If sach a bill were passed, in his opinion It wool J allow thousands of persons here a vote, which would be cast for tbe candidates of the Union clubs Mr Richards augmented that Kimi; met*ur? ahould be taken to prevent the voting of dialoysl persons He bad not brard tbat among the various measures an?grated to Corgress that th'a w*a nrged at all. Every d'aioyal vote ahould be ruled nut, and none but Union men who would take the oath of allegiance ahould take part in the election Mr. Shepherd aUted tbat be waa opposed to Mr. Coomhs' auggeatlon a* to the alz months residence He tuonght the mesaure would be unjoat to the property holders and others wLo had Identilled themselves with us. In regard to the test oath he had in the City Council tacked on an amendment to tlft revolution protesting liriloit the passage of the six month* quallflcatlon bill, bat 11 wv defeated He suggested that Cong reus be petitioned to amend the charter ao a? to require person* suspected of disloyalty to take the oath of allegiance before being allowed to vote. If tblashould fall he waa then In favor of calling on the Provost Marabal to do aa he did In Baltimore? i make all suspected persona take the oath Mr Richards suggested that a committee be appointed to urge Congress to pasa a test oath q'laltttcation for the voters of W ashing ton. Mr John Clary said the Provost Marshal would be the proper ctBcer to apply to. Mr. Shepherd moved that the Secretary be instructed to address a letter to Mr. Grimes, chair man of the Committee on the District, requesting him to urge upon Coogr*-? the propriety of amending the charter of the elty so as to require voters suspected of disloyalty to taae the oath of allegiance. He remarked that If this succeeded it would save much trouble. The motion was unanimously adopted. Mr. Shepherd stated that the usual method for aomlnatlag candidates was for nine tblrty-flve or forty persona to meet k lew week* before tbe election and select tbe candidates without taking Ike time to inquire into tbelr qualifications He urged upon tbe association to lock well Into tbe qualifications of tbe citizens and choose tbose best qualified He apoke of Increasing tbe club, and stated tbat It was tbe design to establish slm? Ilsr clubs In all tbe wards, and urged tbe members to use tbelr influence, not only to Increase tke clnb In tbelr own ward, but to aid tbose of otkar wards Mr Hacked remarked tbat became to tbe meetI lag according to tbe Invitation be bad received, but be coold not sty wbetber be wonld become member or net, u be held bia citizenship *1111 In his native Stale. He revarded tbe object as a nobie one, and would aid them every way In hi* power. Mr. R lcbarda said that the clob was not a political organization at regards national politics, and hoped that national politics would not be Introduced by the members. Me did not think politics should be brought Into municipal affairs, and knn??t that lh*oniv Itn? that would b? drawn would be that of loyalty to the Government. Mr. Joombs, In answer to Mr. Hackett, said that it wm now considered that any person from a State In the employ of the Government could vote In the municipal elections here without losing his right to vote In the States. He bad been under the same Impression as Mr. Hackett aotll a year or two since, but now thought M most others, that the doctrine was correct If this Is true there are many vote* obtainable tor tae nominees of lbs clubs. Mr Joeepb Hodgson said that Judge Black bad o decided ' 1 te meet log adj uraed after the constitution p*d U*rn si^or?i by ail present - - - * .L _ i . > i. - n mi -i. ii uUi?Daa which Kim, Bkhzohiahmr Editor. The letter which recently appeared In roar paper from Rev Mr Moraell, explaining the -eaaona for hla omlaelnn to read the prsyer of hankaglvlng for Union vlctnrlee and the preeervaion cf the Federal Capital, bu been carefully *ead by me, and f muet My thatgroeerr perversion >f truth aad a weaker attempt to defend a bad :auae baa rarely fallen under my obernratton. What are the facta In the caae* Mr. Moraell save hat "Loyalty to the church la the beat guarantee ?.# lA tKa auU M VnAat tkla f hf>n let /I ?w VMi?V, ? pvu ? - ? u see whether this Rev. gentleman (a loyal to the State Section 14, Canon 13, Title 1, of the Digest re. 'erred to by Blahop wblttlrgham, read* a* follow* : "The Bishop of eech diocese may compose lorma [not a forml of prayer, or tbankaglvlng, as the eaae may be, for extraordinary occaaiona, and transmit them to eech clergyman within bis dlo:aae, tthon duty it ikall be to use such forms in kls church on such occasions " The authority of the Bishop and the duty of the clergyman of a diocese In relation to the matter tinder consideration, are thus distinctly laid lown; and there Is no law of tbe church which gives to a clergyman any diserttionary power in luch cases The duty of a clergyman to obiy the Bishop of bis dicceae having Seen thus established. I will now show that disoitdienet on bis part Is an act of perjury to tbe Lord of Lords and King of Kings in the ordination ser7lc?* of the Episcopal cburrb, tbe closing paragraph of tbe sbarge of the Blahop to the candidate reads as Follows : "And now that this present congregation of Christ may alao understand vour minds and wills In these things, and tbittbl* your promise may the more move you to do your duties ye hall Bnanrer nlalnlv to these thine*, which we. in the name of God and of hi* Church, shall demand of yon touching the same " The eighth adjuration of the Bishop to thn candidate for the orders of a Priest reads thus : "Will you reverently obey your Bishop and other chief ministers who, according to tbecanona of the Church, may have the charge and eovernment over you, following with glad miisd and will their godly admonition*, and submitting yourselves to their godly judgments?" "Answer?I will do ao, the Lord being my helper." It thus rppears th... in refusing to obey the Bishop of this diocese, Mr Morsell committed n art of disloyalty to his Church, and by the ame net he alao violated a solemn ordination oath. Therefore, If Mr Morsell's loyalty to his Church la the criterion for jnd^lng hi* loyalty to the la juat the man to render aid and comfort to the enemtea of the State, whenever such a course would be In accordance with the feeling* and Inclination* of a majority of the member* i f his congregation. The above remarks, Mr Editor, apply with aa much force to Rev Mr. Syle (who I anderatand la a British subject) aa they do to Mr Morsell, and if Mr. S*yle will take the trouble to read them, perhaps he will be able to understand the writer's ideas of the word ''disloyalty.'' One of the reasons assigned by Mr Morsell for not reading the prayer prescribed by the Bishop, is that "it was addressed to a portion and not the whole of the diocese." To show the utter absurdity of this position. It Is simply necessary to itate that the prayer was received In this cltv on a Saturday, and it was the duty of all wbe received It, to read It the next dav In their respective churches. How then could Mr Mo'sell or Mr Syle have known that a praver of thanksgiving for I'nion victories and the preservation of the National Capital, bad not been sent to everv clergyman in the diocese' And iust here allow me fi? ask Mr MorneU to explain tbe reaaon for hi* ftaylng to Mr Syle, after cocaulting with him In theatreet on the aforeaald Saturday, thit he *hould not, on that day, take the Ifithop's letter from tbe pott office. Did that declinatlrn ariae frcm the supposed fart that a alaiilar letUr uad not been tent to " the whole of the clergy of the dioceae ?" Another reason assigned bv Mr. Morsell for not thanking God for Union victories, la, that he hsd ? endeavored to ke?p the*e agitating topics entirely out of our [hit] congregation, In sermona and pravera " Loytity to the Government, then. Is " an agitating topic" In the congregation of Rev. Mr. Mnraeil; a tubject that produces an miboly excitement. I *ould respectfully Inquire of Mr Mor *11 whether be dare venture to read such psuag^s aa the following to the (tensitive congregation of Christ Church ? "The powers that be are ordained of God Whcsoevrr, therefore, restateth the jower, reslsteth the ordinance of God; and tLey that resist shall receive to tuem??tve* d ?m- j nation."?Rom. 13. Pertaps Mr. Morsell will i inform the public what number of ardeut and loyal friendr of the Government, worabipplng In his church, would have tad unholy feelings excited In their breasts by the compliance of tbelr Rector with the request of the Bishop of the diocese In the matter of the praver of thanksglviug for victories over traitors In arms against their Government You cannot have failed to observe, Mr. Editor, that from the flrst outbreak of this infamous rebellion. this community has given ample swing to traitor-sympathisers, who have flouted their sentlmentn as tl>ey pleased, and who take it In high dudgeon if tbelr disloyalty be rebuxed, because It "hurts their feelings." I ah mil H hp iftrru tn K^Htwo #K?t tHI tnrrm K??a rived at such a p?M In this District that loyal people cannot public' v thank God for tbe vtctoMra vouchsafed to the Federal arm*, according to tbe order of their highest eccleslssttral authority, because forsooth It would be rttstastefu! to the friends and tympatkistrt of tbe traitors who are in armed rebellion against the Government. Since when, 1 should like to know, tas loyalty been less sensitive than treason, or less respectable. I would not cauaelesaly wound the feelings of any human being, but when the alternative la resented of doing a duty acceptable to every oyal heart, or omitting It for the reason N performance would be unpalatable to dislo^aim* and traitors, what true man or woman would heaitate In making hia election. It la full time that thia atupld and Insolent cant of the superior refinement of feeling and therlaima to theg?-ntleat treatment on the part of thoae who are tainted with treaaon, ahould be aternly trampled in the dust. Measra MorsellandSyieclalmto be loyal l.'r.lon men, and far be It from m? to Impugn their veracity In the matter. But, I would atk thcae gentlemen If ther.our?e they have permitted themselves to puraue la not exactly the course that a disloyalist would ha7e adopted? and are tbevnot aware that their c?urxe In thia matter has been heartily approved by everv rebel sympathizer In rannonti?a *?nnrrrorrallrtn? ? A Loyal Churchman. Lakcbky Ca?is?Effort Justice Thompson.? On W'edneaday afternoon and ytaterday the following ciiti were diapoaed of by Juitlce Thomp*on : James Murphy waa arrested upon the charge of larceny of two plecea of printed calico. There bemg no p'oof of the property belonging to other parties, hla caae waa dlsmlaaed. Henry Himrna, a young (white) shoe black,was charged with incresulng hla stock in trade by the larceny of alx boxes of clacking The boy cried plteoualy. ana made a hundred promises .a do better. He received a suitable lecture from J ustlce T ., and waa dismissed htrUl P HnH Uv a/ n?nvrrAtAUrn m -w*?A ... j , vvwl^v?/WU,?*??VHUtSCU with the larceny of some trlfltr.e; article*, and was brought oat for trial?Mr J. H Johnson appearing as hla counsel The case was dismissed, there being no one to claim and Identify the property \S m McGwlnn was arrested for abstracting a lot of dry goods (which he h^d under his arm when sHx-d), the property of Mr. H Ejjan. Mr. Eiinls appeared for the detente, and produced written evidence of the excellent character of the accused. It Is due to McUwinu to say, that when accused he immediately gave up the goods, end aald bis intention was to give them to the proper owner. Mr. Egan was present, and Identified hia goods, but did not wish to prosecute under the circumstances, in the absence of a material witness,who cannot be found. Justice Thompson discharged McUwlnn upon hlsown recognizance to appear at the Criminal Court, If required. Foa Corir ? Vesterdnv nfHrer I S - - _ _ ? ? j ? >- ? ar - w a *.??? ?atl| of Baltimore, arr:vd In thia city. Laving la bla custody a young man named John H. Glbaon, who stand* charged with stealing a borae from the II very atible of Carpenter k Tbomi*, on SI stb atreet, near the avenue It appears from the testimony that last week Gibson applied to one of the Arm for a horse, but was refuaed. He went to a voucg man In charge of the aUble, and on his statement that the proprietor aaid he could have the horse, the young man permitted him to have the animal Toe horse was sold to a gentleman at the corral, who aoon after sold him to Mr. J. Hlhsley. In whose stable be waa found. Gibson went to Baltimore, got rid of a large ahare Of bll mM>?f WSl anil K?am?K? k??W T . -- ?? - >vw uii% wi vu^ u i va(.? W tnts city for trial Justice Donn committed him to Jail lor court In default of ball. Fouith Waid Station Ciiii?Btfort Ju?tie* Walttr ? Thomas Flaherty, drunk and disorderly; flaed Si. Thomas Wllaon, suspicion of theft; workhouse 3D days Mary Salilran, fighting; dismissed. John Drlscoll, larc/ny of a keg of beer; do. John Douglass, drunk; do. John Wllaon and John Ruppel, suspicion of horsestealing; held for a further hearing. James Dlggea, drunk; workhouse 30 days. Tom Bowling, drnnk; dismissed. Con. Sullivan, disorderly; do. Anas Walker, acoewory to a robbery; releaaed on her own security for further hearing Fred-Stinger, Fat Csrbey, drunk; James J*mltb, susplcloaa character; turned over to the military. Afpbtixiiio ?We acknowledge the receipt of a couple of very fine lobsters and a >me extra aeasonable red, ripe tomatoes, from Mrs L Russell's Ladle* and Geatlemena' Restaurant, No. 496 Seventh street. Mrs. Rusaell has "mere of the aame ?ort" left; and from her well-Blocked larder cu furnish an epicurean feast to any who may call upon her. Sscomd Wiu Station Cajm?Sifert Jpttic* Clark ? D. H Barlow, drank and dlaorderly; laed fel.M John O'Neal, do ; dlamlaaed A. Bath, do ; turned over to the military Hugh Sloan, violating the hack regulation!; tnod fS.ft . /? ?* ? - I.*- 1 An L'!tixf*ctid Tbawiitio* non a pmi * > a Criminal PaoatcnioN ?On the 5th tnstar.t. a warrant waa tanned by Justice Johnson, upon the oath of Mra. Anna Bowera.of Georgetown. who roiup!alnt-d that abe bad, on the prevloua Toesday, April lat, received from Perry ft Brother, s five-dollar counterfeit note, of the dyracuae City Bank, of New York, In change for s ten-dollar Treasury note, npon the purchase of goods. The warraitt waa to recover five dollar*. It waa aerved upon tb*> firm bv Officer J F. King, and wea mini for trial before JuatlceThompson on the 7th last ; but a witnea* named Cau&day not being present, the cass mas cor.tlnaed dally till the 9th, when It came up for final bearing. R O. Ktckiton, worn. ? Teatl fled that the counterfeit note h?d been tendered to him, at hla tore, In the purchtae of gooda, by Mra. Bower* It was rpfuaed. and Mra. B. left the gooda, and a day or two after aha called again, paid lor and took them. Mr KoKrtr, financial clerk of the firm of Clagett & May, waa aworn, and testified positively, after a careful examination of the note, that It waa paid to Measra. Clagett k May In January laat, upon the purchaae of gooda in their store by Mra. Bowers, who then gave her addreaa ''Anna King, K atreet, between Ninth and Tenth." Witn<aa, after Mra. B. left the atore, ascertained that her residence waa In Georgetown. He called upon her several time*, to get her to redeem the nute, as *he promised, with good money; but in thia she filled. The note remained in wltnoss'a custody till aoout three weeks ago, when he called on Mr. Chse Bowera, her huaband, ard intimated that unlet* the Bote was replaced with good money, a legal pr?ceas would be resorted to for the recovery of the value. Mr Bowera took the counterfeit, and gave to wltnea a Ave dollar Georgetown Corporation note In ita atead. Miss Jane Watts, of Georgetown, testified that this counterfeit note was paid to her laat Thursday week, April 3d. by Mrs. B , on the purchase of goods at witness's store. Justice Thompson dlamissed the case against Perry A Bro., and held Mrs Bowers to bail for court tn the sum of 93U0 to answer !h? charge of pasalntr a counterfeit note on sev ral persons in rVi 1 a All.. t/v IU1? l/Jlf I ftUUI* iU^ IUC NUtC IU UC UUUIKI ritcii. The Potomac Firhkrikk ?The Ashing shores on the Potomac have befn greatly abused during the past year, and but few comparatively will be used this season. Those on the Virginia shore of the lower Potomac are In no condition to be worked profitably, the outfits of moit of tb m being either removed or greatly damaged during the rebel blockade. At the present time the dealers In the markets know of bnt five landings upon which they can depend for supplies, row in operation. The landing near the Long Bridge, Virginia shore, ia worked under the management of Mr J as. Hunter, of Georgetown, ard Giseboro landing, month of the Anacostia, bv vir. A Hurdine. Mr. J Ballenger is operating at Saidv IJer, below Glseboro. Tent landing, pear Fort \Va<binprton, is worked by Capt. Guy. Mr. John Gibson is again working the lanjHn^ at Oecoquan, opposl'e the deserted rebel batteries. which landine it was feared would be out of service this season. Beailey's two landings on the Maryland shore, are in process of being fitted out, and will probably t* soon yielding '.heir quc ta to the supply of the market; one under the supervision or a son of Mr Bea??ley, th? other by a lessee of the lanling. The supply thus far is very insufficient for the demand, even in the dnilv market*. and the prices arc as follows ?Shad, &Ma$25 per 100: 50a~5c. per pair; berrlnc. IR25aS90 per 1.000; '25<i30e. Der dozen. S-3all rook and percli bring the same price as herring. Liability of l CoNsiexoit.?Justice Johnson b?d before him on Wednesday a case of more tban ordinary Interest, Involving the liability of consignors Suit was brought to recover thirtynine dollar* and some cents by Messrs. Canfle d A Co , j-welers, of Baltimore, against J. F. Hellbfraer A Co., of this city, for tbe alleged pur( h :se of two sample >*words, ::bout the'29th of SepUmber last. From the evidence It appeared that II llhffjjer 5c Co had ordered the swords of I Canlield A Co., J?nd that the order was promptly filled, a: d the defendants were advised by letter | that the swords wtre shipped per Adams ic Co ' ExD*P8? The swords, however never r?m? ?a ' band, Mr. J II Bradley, jr , the attorney for de| festdanta. ndmitMn^ the depoalt of the sword* | with Adam* Jc Co., but dented their receipt by Hellherger Ac Co After a fall hearing the Jua| tire decidtd that It was Incumbent upon the con* | signers no? only to prove the sale, (which was not denied,) hut elao the abaolute delivery of the I good*, either hv themselves or bv their recoanta<-d anenta. the Adam* Kx press Co , unleaa they were shipped at the risk of the conalgnee by apodal agreement. He then gave jadgmeut for the defendants, plaintiffs to pay coata. K.nthhing Laroely into Business.? Last niglit, about ten o'clock, the Fourth Ward patrolmen met with two cavalrymen, mounted on Government horses, who were leading a amall Irongrey hor?e, veil made, white fared, which they ?>ff*r?d for sale. They were arrested upon auapicion of horse stealing, and taken to the station, where they gave their names aa John Wilson and John Rupr>el Thia morninir thev were hronoht | out for a hearing, and gave Their name* a* Geo. W. Go-id'lch and John Robert*. They were transferred to the guardhouse for a military hearing. On the way to the guardhouse thev pointed out a horae i" a wagon which they ta d they sold l tat week Upon inquiry, the present owner said he bought him last week. The horse trade haa been very lively thia season, and these aeein to have had their ahare. Assai lt and Battkby ?Thla morning Patrolman Kelly of the Fourth Ward, arrested Lawrence Selgler, an Italian of the peddling profession, for a violent a?sault and battery upon a lad named Wm. Hanno without provocation, the lad bein^ seriously injured The art was perpetrated two week* ago,and Selgler was not seen again till this morning, when he was Instantly arretted. Justice Dunn required him to give bail In #300 for court. Centrar. Guardhouse Caskt?Btfor* Juitict Thompson ? George Garner, drunk; fined #1.25. Sub in Dugan, disorderly conduct; do SI 91. John Daenn. do ; do SI 91 John Fitzgerald, do; do. S-.? *4. Kdward Riley, Thomas Fitzgerald, nnd vilchael Connor, do ; do. SI 01 each. Thomas Conbov, manta-a-potu; turned over to his friends. Phillip Brown, drunk and disorderly; turned ever to the military. K ernsfd the Oath.?In making up the grand jury in Alnaodrla, the following persona refused to take the oath of allegiance ;?Benjamin Barton, John Laphen. Geo H. Markell, Isaac Buckingham, George McCieish, Wm H Padgett. Alfred Sisson, David Applch, C. Arnold, Sam'l Beach, James Biggs, James H. Devaughn, Andrew J. Walker. Dsscfnt o? a Gamblino Hell.?Evening bej fore last, tlie Provr>st Guard captured John Glasenw ai.d William Wyant, two "player-." at a gambling h?ll opposite Brown's Hotel. This 1* one of thosp notorious places where soldiers are .> ? ? nignuy swmaiea. The Isfismakt Reins. ?A considerable force of workmei are engaged in tearing down the wall* and removing tbe ruins of the Infirmary building, in Judiciary Square. Hale or tiie Ai khni ria aud Wakhington Railroad?The Washington and Alexandria Railroad was told yesterday at the Mayor's office In Alexandria, and purchased by Alexander Hay, Eiq , of Philadelphia, for 81*2,500, subject to c<rtaln liens and judgment* represented by Mr. Hay andoth'rs, amounting to some f250,000. I Tuls Is a most Important road, some eight miles in length, forming a connecting link between the great system of railroads North and South, by tbe way of the Capital. Firs?The alarm of fire about half-rast one o'clock yesterday was caused by the partial burni trig of the roof of a frame dwelling in Baptist alley, back of Fold's Atheneum. The flames I VUt*rr PTfini/ll!fthpd hu the wnrkmon ?? >?? n ? ? j ?v t. v. au4V.u Uk tllC AIUC neum The Franklin and Perseverance ire ap{taratua were aoon on the apot, and tbe Franklin arge hoae carriage broke down, causing aome Inconvenience to tbe company. The damage by tbe fire was Inconsiderable. A Card.?Henry Egan returna bia best thanka to tbe citizens, tlrenien, marlnea and provost guard for their kind efftrta to aave bla property at tbe late disastrous tire of tbe 7th Inst. lie Las removed the portion of bla stock aaved to yo. 479 Ninth *irect, between D and E, wbere lie can be teen, and Lope* In a abort time to b? prepared o resume bla business, of which due notice will be given to bla frlenda and cuatomers ap 113t 8 mktiiino woith Kaowmo.?Peraona who wl 'i to purthaae beautiful atylea and well made 8pr g garments very cheap, will do well by calling at A. Straus, fashionable clothier. Pennsylvania avenue, between Tenth and Eleventh a'reeta. Alao, conitantly on band, gent's furnishing goods, of every description. 4t \Vl have been nwch my*tlfled by an examin- I at ion of tbe elegant stock of Jewelry and silver, j giaiea ware now on saie at tne People's Dollar j tore, 43) Pennsylvania avenue, near Four-anda-balf street. How tucb jjooda can be aold for a

dollar, exceeds our powers of divination. 3l* Ir too wish to eat an excellent pie, call at Davton'a Bakery. No. 458 Eleventh street, between G and H, and ask for a raspberry or sliced apple or a lemon pie. Price 12 Jg cents. ap 7?lw is it Passiblk that any soldier csn be so foollib as to leave the City without a tupply of Hoiloway's Ointment and Pills * Whoever aoes so will regret It. Tbeee medicines are tbe only certain cure for Bowel Complaints, P?ve?, Sores, and Scurvy. Only 25 cents per Box or Pot. 223. TW W0rv* t ha J ?* * *#-? ** ? ?? w-v vuitu|wui?i) ? a wuauenui operator His method of treating corns, bunions, bad mils, etc , Is perfection Itself. Suffer do longer from those terrible evils,but submit tholr treatment to the srlenre and skill #f Dr. White, ?t V* Pennsylvania c-Teoae, between 4and 6th an. r V * w? ' 0 i i I i Cuituoio'i Eic?L?ioa Hn I la unrivaled In the world. No other Dye hat been analysed. No other Dye producer each ffcultlees color^ No other Dye can be applied eo rapidly No other Dye la so lasting In 1U electa. Nn nthff Hvp ImnMVM th? tevttiM nf tho kaft IV " ? ? - I *< ^/l V* V? J? W* V VB ??V ? II . It baa been by Dr. Chilton, Cheralat to theCroton Water Board of New York, and certified by him to be aa barxnleaa aa C rot on W ater. Hl? certificate may be wen at the eatabllahment of the proprietor. ManQftctured by J. CaataTADoao, 6 Aator Houae, New York. Bold everywhere, and applied by all Hair Dresaem. Price SI, tl.50, and $3 per box, according to aire. No.* CaiaTADoao'a Ha? PaaasavATiva, la Invaluable with hla Dye, aa It lmparta the utmoat aoftnea*, tbe moat beautiful gloaa. and great vitality to the hair. Price 90 centa, 91, and SI per bottle, according to alse. ap 9-eolm Limi! L;kb!! Li*a!!!?'The aubacrlber baa on band one thonaand barrel* of the beat wood-burnt Lime, which can only be had at hla lime kllna, he having dlsaolved all connection with any other place or eatabllahment for the aale of Lime, Cement, Ac., and which will be aold at fl.12 per barrel. [mar 39-tf] W*. H. Godkt a ni 1.1dian llhkd im til*, J^om fflwrfa. ?? i ii wisi bbfork it ii too late. Call without delay, and see Dr. Tumblbty, the In it an Herb Doctor By so doing \ou will neape the Iron grasp of mercury and other baneful p? laona. Nay, more, you will become once more in poaaession of that greatest of all eartkly blessings?Health. 1 desire your prostrate hearts to lift, Your bleeding wounds to cure, iind with the treasure of Nature's gift, Relieve the rich and poor. Tie following Is a list of tbe chronic complaints which are treated by Dr. Tumblety with .nraralleled success; Diseases of the Luniks, Heart, Liver and Throat; Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Fits, St. Vitus'a Dance. Rheumatism, Dlieaaeaof the Kidney and Bladder,and i all Dlaeasea arising from Impurity of the Blood, auch as Scrofula or King'a F.vll, F-ryalpelaa, St. Anthony1* Fire, Cancer, Fever Sores, of however long standing. Alao, all other complicated chronic complalnU which have baffled the aclenceand aklll of calomel doctors. "A good tree In known by Ita good fruits," and a good physician by hla successful works. So don't be cast down, be you ever so 111, But go and partake of his superior ?klll, That never has failed, there are hundreds can tell, Who are brought from death's door, now fcappy and well. His chargta are moderate. Mild treatment and good Will soon purify the whole mass of your blood; Malignant dlaeaaea be soon shall put down, There are thousands could tell now who lives In this town The Indian Herb Doctor will describe dlsea?e? and tell his patients the nature of their comfilalnts er illness, without receiving any informalon from them No charge for conxultation. Ollice, No. 11 ^Washington tfullding, Pennsylvania avenue, corner 7th street. mar 21-lm All pkksons can find the beat stock of Clothing, Furnishing Goodi, Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, t?uar F. fe 27-3m Ir Midicisr is necessary, use Brandrbth's Pills ?They are as pleasant as a truly effective medicine can be. It la true you may tuke purgatives which will operate without pain, because they take the balsamic parts from the blood, which Is worse than being bl?d, worse than hiivincr thf vital fluid ritmtpil Hp warp of thern. Brandreth's Pill* only take bold of those matters which the body, when tick, wants to evacuate. Tbey are jolely an assistant of nature ?nothing more, nothing lew They d? not force, they merely assist; and h^r*>ln i? their great value. The man is twice blessed who is so fortunate a* to be acquainted with this good and almost perfect gift to man, because he has to a great extent his body Insured In health by their occasional use. Principal office, 2M Canai street, New York. Sold by all the druggists, and at the Branch Office, corner Ninth and k, streets. Washington, D. C. P. 9.?Sutlers supplied dy the dozen. ap 5-lw India Kvbbkk (toons. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should b? without; 75 cents each. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, 81.25 each. Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined, *2.50 eachIndia Rubber Coats, white or blank, f.! .50 each. India Rubber Levins SI per pair And all kinds of Rubber Goods, including Rubber Boots and 8lifted, R ubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for br-d?in sickness, j 4c . &c , at manufacturer's prices, atTl. A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, iw8 Pa. a*., between Ninth sfi4 Tenth streets. fab 1-tf MiKUIKII On tha 9h ;n?tant, by the Par. Mr. Brown, RANDOLPH K CLARK, of Virginia, to Uiu MARY ANNA.dsughterof the late James Coyle, of Georgetown. iBa t in >re papers ] iilUt, At Alexardria, V* , on Thursday, lith instant. ROBbKl' JAMIEttON, in tke 66th year of hia ^riie friends of the family are reaprotfUlly re3nested to attend his funeral, from his late re?ienoe, on Fairfax st, at 3 o'olock p. m. Saturday, 13th instant, without further n itioe. * On the loth instant. EDWARD K. THROOP, sixth son of th* late J. V. N. Th r?op, a<ed 16 years [N. Y. and Pa. pspera oopy.J * On the 3d April, at Vallejo, California, WILLI 4M F.? eldeat son of Commander Benjam n F. ana Henrietta in. sauna, H r W^AQONS, Ac., "? The unJereuced Company are w"~ IP selling oH their entire stock, oonsiatinr ol 17 very fine Work and Saddle Horses. 3 new Eipresa Wagona, Harness, e.o. Alao, Tin Cana, 'i uhi, and other matenala belonging to the e? tab iahment. ln?mre at the atore of ? W. M EVEN BURG, 48 Market Spaoe, between 7th and ?:h atreeta, under the Avenue Hooae. ap a Iw OVERLAND OYSTER EXP. CO. Black bilks BLACK SILKS ! COLORED SILKS' COLORED SILKS! A full aaaortment of the beat gradea at our proverbially low pnoee fcPRINO SHAWLS! SPRING SHAWLS New supplies at moat moderate prioea, KPRlNtt WRAPPING"! . SPRANG WRAPPINGS! New auppkea dai'y One prioe only, the aotuai cash value, marked in plain figures. Pt;RRY A bKO , ap 8-6t Pe&n. avenue and ath street. NOTICtt1 BE STEAMER '? HOMAS COLLYER Will resume her tnpa to Mount Vernon on Wednesday, Mar on 9tn and run every Wednesday and Satur^as^BBHBBBi until furtner notice. leavinz her wharf *t th? fnnt of 7th street at 10 o'clock a la. Fare for the rouui t. ip on board the boat * l 50. SAMUEL 6EDNEV,Captain. J4. B. On the payment of 35 oetU visitor* will be mined to th* room vhioh General Washington oocnpied and in vhioh he died The mansion sad crounds bre closed to visitors on sundays. apt rw NOTICE. NOTICE. NOTICE. DAYTON'S PIC-NIC FARINA CRACKERS, DAYTON'S celebrated BOSTON CRACKERS, DAYTON'S Unrivalled SODA CRACKERS, DAYTON'S fPICKD SNAPS. nAVTOMM i f mhn Hiari'i-rn ? ? - V4* WJ uuauvm 1 WW w a ? wj DAYTON'S CONFECTION FRY, CREAM CANDY, N Y.EVERTON TAFFY, STICK CANDY, DAYTON'S unequalled RASPBERRY PIES, LEMON PIEL, SLICED APPLE PIES, To be found at Mash Market, Stand No. 37, on 9th street; Bakery, No. 496 11th street, between O and H- * ap 7-iW Butte*! BUTTER! 3,(?m p )und? Goshen Batter, 60 k?p Penntyivaiiia Grades Batter, so ko(* Cookiox butter. Id atera and for sale by ? . D. E. DUTRQW, No. 4ftO Eighth ?t.. n?ar Pa. av. NfcW ARKIVAL <>K BEAUTIFUL STYLES 8 P R I N C*L OTBINS, At A*TomBHiN0 Low Pniesa. . WholeSnitaeiecantly got Beat aioaad All, At *AR A BRO.. a? W Coraer E aad 7th atreeU. IjbUillfill SAK VA1NB< Linen Goc4i, a ftill M#ortraent?ll klndi oi tfc? b?ri ' EmbroidarlM %nd Pock* Hudfcwohiafa. fowl Ssfl&ffSS&Basv .?? ! 9**2* ?J* JW a r- .' LOST ACT FOUND. TAKEN UP-On the 10th iwtant. i B&i' BOK9K, ikMt 14 kMd* Uik Tto ovui m requested to oom? forward, prow property. My ohargea. and take him tvif L. COHI.FN8. oa Moth at, p 11 St* Between B u4 V4 . [iiU<l IOST-Ob the loth mat, ?Nhi $ p. m ,4ro|Kd -j from the earrata on Pa.ave., bet?e?n Tth and 15th str?*ta, a smalt CARPET HAG. e^ntainmr artioes of WM1III ard % ah Id's >i !*?r oap.mlrked Willie K. Muwcy. Ihe fcnde- will b? suitably rewarded by latrine th? nm? at 370 C a tree*, or oorner of Jaokaou piaee and Pa. an. ap t' ?w HpAKBN UP ESTRAV-A hnffaiow COW. M. about 6 vetre old; ooior red and vmt*iMf rrift h*d ? roi? ftt ftchid tn tier reak. o?o?r win apply ftt the Go?*rnin*?it yard.&aJ^ H street, n?*r Slat itreet. prove prupertT, par obftryej, md tftkeher ftway. ft?ll-K? R JOHNSON. LOST?Or. 9undfty.Cth m?:ftnt. a vary rftJl pe DOG. delioft'ely made ft tifkt trowr^ _ > or oh*etcut coU ft. or. ppvi ?ar?, and tai broken about ha { way 10 the tij A Uh- ? erftl reward wtli he ra-d for kte retorery ftt 139 F ?t. nflwwc 2Hh and 2'at ap le & 1A BKWAR D? Loft, on Taeaday tight iaat. IlUt imftll blft k PORTMONNAiK. with etft>lio hftod. oontftininf between ~r?ctr and eight* d>ii?re. in pftper money. The fttare rewftrd will be pud to th<? finder, with tee tbania of theo'enw, X left at the Jewelry Store ofG W BRAY * CO, All 7 h atreet, ojponte litem* n*?< ..iiLti* ?.- .. . r dCH RRWARP-Ru ivtr from tke rwi <?> >11 denes o' the nnJarei*n-d,ou Moo- M da? mnrtsuijt, S?Ui mat, atout 10 o'clock, a 49 NEWR?? WOMAN, oailmg borMlf Jane Lee, ofahnghto pper color; 30 y*ai aof age; 4B with a child 3 yeara of age Th* boy u m * darker ooler; 'he woman la very pWaaicg l<v>kiBr wuen iivfti tc, about 6 f-et ?igi>; aad on a rlneoaliont'reMaod pain thawhand has a hatband belonging to Hon Cha?. H Ca vert I will gire ?>> reward tl uelivereu to me, or cured so as to get bor MRS K. CRAWFORf\ ?p iu iw- no. va? aouuieaatoorceriKb ftnd L. tjTRAYEi) OR STOLEN?From tho Union C5 Saloon, near the Baltimore D#p"t, on 15ih imtant. a!?ont 9 o'clock p. m ft bright SOKKKIj HORSE, with wHt<i f%se, wh<te ouvennc on nost-i's. and ft imftll w hit# spot en the front part ot the hiod fetlook; n ?i? ft d ttil rft'urs hnt not h?ftv*; ftbout16 bands ntcb; o?rnes bis becd well up; is very apnUe.1; Wfta attached toft ! fht no-top f?uffj- nh o'd harness. A l.beral reward will bo pft:d to ir.r person (ivin< auoh irforniation \ will iesd to hi? recovery. Addreta JAMES M. O*THERS*. ftt Sntfer'a oMeth Ket't N J. V.. now at Meridian Hi 1; or Chiel oi police, \V aahi< r'on, U. O. ftp 10-3t? OCA|i RKWaM l>? Offe ed fur the d??eotlon JUH auo oonvicuon of tnepe-svnor teraons who art fire to m? rtore on the mo mr.c of April 7th. 18-2 Also. $450 reward cfl>r<?d (or the >?etaotion and cosviuron of the person or per o a who enured my at-re on the night of Vftreh29ih, 1W2 [&p7 lw 1 w M. Tt'CK.-.R. C| | n it EWA R D?Stolen about 12H o'c'ock m., 117 tht* morninc, a m-dinm a xed grey fry uORSK, with government saddle WTt bl&niet; horae had no eh?es on; and iame^-^-* in left foot; b'ftnc'el U. S. He w?? stc ea from front o! Auler's K^ctiurant, D ?t. Any iriforn'ation oinjfirn'ne himtiI! ti* reo-?iv?'t at "t!r. Ai|l?r'?. tap I 'fi PBH.LIP OTFU. DlfkTEIRT ?JF COLlMtflA, OMRf or Washington - I h<r*br owtifr thit|tv on thie 3"th Car oi March. 18^2, hafor* tne ubaeriber. a rf toe Peact. and lor **;d oouaty. p*r?or?.ly app-ared t,eorce Gedd??, arl nia^e <"-at> aoeordlce t-> !a?,that n* toot up *?<r%y on th? J2'b "..'a* M-??-ch. l?ra. a durlt bar M A K K, uproot ia ifca left fo-? a> ha i on a n>?s haite. wh*.. lahou, ruppofej to be 5 o> 6 yare oid._ ^ UfcOKGK feKDUKJ*. _ Dwum mueoiiu'd i?eiore m ^ miff niy OI M?rcb,1SK. B. W. FKK8' "ON.J. P. The owner of the ahcv* named hire* ia ^agueateu t?j o%'i n' tne office of tne Metr<>p?i>tsn Police No. 416 11th street, p&? chart#*, and U>e his property; it will otherwise be aol.-i to pay chart?a mh 2; ~&wSir District ?>f oommsia, washisotos Cocsty?On tr.ia 31a*. aay of March. jcv 1962 betore me. the aut>ecnfeer, * Joatioe of j-TP the Peace ib and tor *aid oounty, pereona' "* If appeared John A one ot th? Metropo itan P( Iioe, and meds oa'.h that he took up on radar, March >8tf?, <8 2. a Unwu HOKbE aa an ??tray, and delivered l:im to James r. bc*ex, at his livsry s nb'e JOHN BORLAND. Subscribed end sworn b?fo'e me U. R KAVEK, J P The owner will p ease ca'l. say o.?iarf?? atd ta'te the hor?e away Call at 416 Uiii street, t ffcae Metropolitan Police. *p 1 2aw3w LOST?On Sa'un a? !a*t, bet?*eri Cl&gott & May'a Store acd t'<e e>f.rr>er of loth a >d 1) ra . a small vtru#oan SL.KI.VE-BUTTON. A reward of #1 will be paid if left at Mr. deiu&ea'a, Jew?ier, p*. w mli 24 BOAKD1NG. ~~ A pleasant room, suitable for a cettlemaii and a iady < r iw ? airt>e ren'lf tntn. can be obtained at 3(<4 F btreet. t.etwe?u Hth and 12tb *ireets. A so, a lew table bo&itiera a-commodated.J^ IH ?-* CliRNlSHEtl BOOMS Til RK*T. -wtth r Board, in a pi*s?ant l??eVion n?ar th? Capitol. Transient BonrJfid aooommxiatMl. ln?<ure at Star Officq, n a 3i-tf EDUCATION Aii. THKSECO * UOLARTI IC r MIS* KVANt" XELfCT FuM4LR SCHOnL, la tbo wost * idc of tna Westorn P-fsl itariaa Church Fir*t \V ?rd. wi! ooww " .Monday cast, 14th instant, and terminate J uiy ii. ap >-2t* M VOCAL MUSIC. BROOKE ' as tija pl^aeu'* of arooaneict to th? pubno that a c!m?a in Vocal \lun i? row f rming at h'r Bearding aud !)<? 'ohoo for You*:g I juiiea. No 130 Pennayl vatua avpnna, und?' th? diraction of Miu Juliana Mat, who w,. 1 inetruot in h?r fin? Ita'ian atjioor .a the l? i. a* mat be prefc rred by the papi'e. Ko' p*rt nit ?rs and terrna app y 'o ap 7-a:?o* MiSS BK POKE. MISS K. W . W K I G U T ha* op?n?Ki A SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES at No. A01 SfVtXTH S?*KT. And respecUUily a*ke publio patronage _tn^ 29-?w' PLAIN HELD ACAUKMV, Nbak Casiisli.Fa. mThs 321^ acaaton ;2u * ?*ka) MaUMMN Mar sth. ierniK p tr aeraiun. ct.ouiara at ?t\r Odtoa. To fi.l a few vaoa&oisa addraaa R. K. BURNS?, ap I lm?*o Plainfield. Ccm Co., Pa. GE<;K!^town Ainfe'Vi'Mig EVfeRY diKM JNTfcRI ?T TO CALL AT K. CUNMNQHAM A SO.V8 Produce ->torf, No. 7 4 tilth atrert. Geort?to?c, wb'tf yon ran bay fr LOU K cheaper than any o.u?t p.tee id tr.e D atriot?tstra Fami y $6 2b per barrel; snpcrtwe a 96. A ao, Pruviaiona of a!l kinds. ap li st g V C K 8 K 1 N G L O V Kt! Ramsburg A, Kbert, 105 High frkCMVETOWN. I), C. Theou;y ;aaiiufacturen? of GsuLine 8LOVES, MILITARY GAUNTLL I?, anv MITTENS in tne Di?tr;ct Oficera' Gauntlet* made to orc^er. Bnckakic Brawera and blurts. |% ,| MASSKY, COLLINS fc CO.'S PHlLAlihLl-HiA VUAUtiHY Alt. We lit? just received * syur of ti?et. a a wmoii we reoomuieiiii to '? of* r-*ry sup?; i. - i itj. Persons vic'aing n!itn us Wdlhte application, oaa be rnrpisfced. AKN ? A MINN, net 6iori?ia?rt, TA CARD. HE GREAT CONPIGNMENT SALS OF GOODS FROM A LARGE IMPORTING HOUSE IN NEW YORK, will positively oloee on the let of Me;. Those who fail to profit tlemse.ves l?y not pur* chasicg immedia'ely from h;? L.%rge ror.cigcme: ' will have cause to regret it, u *iie goods re*, y be eold et titty cents in tne foi:?r on the ooet ol importation in be assortment vilt be fcai-d? Rioti Moue Antiques m woite, rose, piLk, and blue. Riots Watered Silts. Taifetta Stripe is purple, trail*. lilao, roee, a_d brown. t&ier&nt ail* KoM in white. rose m&iie, &x.d oorn oolon. Plain Talfetft inpii.k, row. creen. mtiie, owi-j, straw. cherry,ad i modes <n oents to $i,iu ;trd, Ueiuulul liueoi cueue, ?trip?d,figsr*d and p'&i^ Silk*, for ?, Jr. m 50 oents to f 2 per jard. Taffet'a Ke<>uas, t?* sty In of goods, at ST centr. First <aalityof Ch>oa Silks, good*, at S3 oents. New style Ffulards, in plaids and itnpei, vsjy onea*. Plain tuack Grenadine, or Sernanni, Ohicin Fignreu Grenadines, in biaok and oolored ground j. White. Use, sod rose oolored G mad ire Kobea ui in wane. p.ui.btae, row. tti ., Mo a re dc Bilka, in okacka, plfeda, fcnd strife*. ofc?af. Borate Allica. ut atylaa.tvj yar a w.da, for Hbawjafccd Dreaata, Ohalle Alh*c?i??. two jarda vide, for do, BerMM, Tlaaue, Sreuabme, *nd OrjaadT Robea. fail &aaor< raent of atv las ax>d oolors rtr* ota a? Figured, am pod, and feoej Ba.egea, from 12 ocuia ?o ?/ wmi, Plain Her??ci in fell oolors, Nonrioh Poeina, cheap, Fiae Frenoh Fwf line,5 4 wide, v*tj cheat. Fine French all wool Delaine, in riun oolors,fT OODtl, Many of the goo' >>ave been rodooed in prioo liuoe oar laat tdwhwnwi'.tltf or\)oot ueiax 10 sloee thorn ont oheap rather tfckn fr> reimm them to fcew York. - Cl^AOETT * MAT, ap7 til Mi Pa tw.,bet ?tk ac I lwk eta. QkNTLEMKN^ 9P&1N8 CLOTaiNttU We fcave joat rece ved a large aaeorimeat of m* trie Spring Clou*. Caeaimeroe, and Vee be* for oar onatom trade. Alio,a itife wwn e( ?fnw Orertca'4, Buiiueee Suite, aad 8myle Oanaoat*. u? ?tuok aawrile tkeattention ofc-f cittunan . ,WALL, BTLPttKNS t CO,, *4 ?-4YiX MofwKaau faae.a, 3U9 Pa. n?, v ' Cit * ">111. ?fMl |H"?? i. f ia * SECOND EDITION; iwmnff t " = UMt MlU'lAKt XlU/unl. ? rm muiiic. At will or rfmrmbfrrl, on Monday l??t tb* i i .im .v , nvi vw^auiru ??i * * ui ?r ?rn w?j ?r?* Mis of leas Importance, ateamed down to a paint bdwftn t'raney U<aitd at'd S wall y tint, as chorlrg under of :tie gnra of their lan< bat Wr lew Tb- re tbey h?rr remalued . ver air?.?, With stp^'Q up !/i?Lt and day Vp to ttta morning tne w<-aU>*r Las been sarh as wu likely to have rendered U? M -rrlmar ?n manageable on the bay, wb'.rfc ?ua%' h*tre prerented ber from venturing out We are n?H, how ever, wholly aatlafled tb&l It la the Intention cf ?he rebel authoriuea to venture her aat, u, ' dratroyed by our pr^ptratloo* u that end, Norfolk would hardly be tbelra for iu?ay tour* altar warda. if oot la (end lug to permit her to make the venture, abe and ber eonserts are being kept In tbelr preaect pnaltton * Imply to the end of holding engaged aa many of our war ve*aais a? possible, lea?; they might otherwise coflperatelsewhere with Gen. McClellan'a armr TKLSOKAFHIC rt?TTLKOB? RBSTOIKD TO TB* r?ItADtl.PHlA. laqcttl* The following order ha? been laaued todiv Vat It factory proof having bm furnished to the War Department by tb? pnbl!?ber ot th<Philadelphia Inqmirt? 'hat the recent pnW!??tfn? of military operations to that w*ipnp?r wrr*made by bim without any wilful Intention of violating the order of the Department, and In tb? fall belief that they were fally arthorlxed, the telegraphic privilege*ortbe Philadelphia Inquvtr are restored. Uy order of the Secretary of Wer. E. J. Pismi, Military SuperrUor of Telegram* KicnwuTaccTiON.?The Po-lmaiter General La* appointed J. W. Ro?e berry postmaster at Mao asaas Junction, Prince Wil'.laa* county, Va ; and Henry C. Bn oka p<?twaater at Falrfat Cnoil House, Fs'rfa* county, Va. These two ottrea will hereafter, of course, >>e regularly supplied with the malls of tbe Un!?ed State#. THG LATEST BY T&LBGRAPH LATER FRQ>1 FORTS ESS MONROE. THh; PROGRESS OF A^FAIkS HfcFORL YORK TOWN Sfc.N? H E, JOK JOWNtTOft AN ! MA GRUDER 1* COMMAND OF THH RKBEL FORCES Haltimokk, April 11, (from Fcm??s Monroe, April 10 )?Tfce Old Point boat husrr'vd. The follow'ng ar? the m&ln points of th< uuilmo:? Ameri< -n's special correapondeuce. Vif: Th<> .torna has at length broken, and tbe sun shires brightly this afternoon ; the wind is still blowing Nothing has been seen or h?-srd of tb* Merrlmsc to day, and In view of tbe recent terrible ?e erae* to the rebels In th? west, It fa doubtful whether they will attempt any cffeaalee operatlons even with their lron-piaed SUii de?per*te t'lrcumataoce* require desperate re ma* dies, and their deaperate spirit mav Induce au at'empt of aomethlcg In this way. If she doe* come cut she will probably come to-morrow. Partlea who come In from the army report n<t special change *n <.9V.r* Continual skirmishing is going on, and a brilliant little affitr orcurred yesterday morning, la which Gntflu . haiterv participated with marked effort, killing and wounding 27 of the reb?la. The rebel position extend* nrroaa the Penman.'* from Yorktown to Warwick, near Janm Kl??. a ahort distance above Mulherry Point. The conformation of th? land and the making in of the creek from Jamea river, ahortena theJr |lne of defence, end enables them to command with th#lr farllflr^flnnc mil tK? niAm a# ?w? lank. General* Lee ai.d Jos. E Johnston art both reported with the rebel force here; one comi aiandlng at Yorktown and tbe other at Warwick, Magruder holding a subordinate position, w;u. the reserve, at Williamsburg According to reporUof desert?>r? tbe irwi tor # l* a be Jt 5O.U0U. of whom 3U.U00 are reinforcements lately drawn from the of the Rappahannock and about Norfolk. Despite tbe weather and bad mad* our general* are pushing forward preparations for a*sau.tint the enemy's works, and not many day* will ela pee before Yorktown will be ours ?s4 Rlchn.:.d threatened. Tbe glorious new* fro-n the W??s: >* erttn? as an excellent stimulant for our troops under t >eU present hardship**, to strive to win eqa?.i uono's Berdan's Sharpshooters give good account of themselves They hold the adv.u rcd pos'*1on under the rebel batteries, from wtm u they c.?i:stantlv hsrrass the enemy A head above the parapet becomes &n isstant in .rk for half a doi?n rides, which from a thousaud y*rd* ratei> fail :r Lit their mark The rebe?k keep well under cover, one sbar|> shooter belonging to the California regiment has almost wholly prevented the rtbels from using * large gun In an important position. From well selected rifle pit he keeps a constant eye upon the gun, and hardly an attempt has been made for two days to Are it without the re beta losing one or mo re men from his desdly aim Onc of the o? d,tt of the day la, that one of our divisions have secured an Important position? the holding of which will lead to an evacuation or to the forcing of tbe line ot deiena*. Much Important prel:mlnaiy work haa bet-n perfonn-d by onr troop*, and with the return of good weather more active ope-atloaa will hardly be postponed many days. The task before Qeu McCleitan. tae redaction of fortified entrenchments, U that for wh? h be Is specially held to bs qualified, aud the result ta not doubted. IATEST FROM YORK TOWN?(UP Itj 1 P. M. TO-DAY ) Car* CHkBLsa, >prll II ? the wether ! pleoacut here, but the bay continues ruber ro ugh for th- -teamer to work It l? now at Ch?-rrystoue, and will get to work as aooa as the wr?liter permits We have heard no firing before VorkUwu since my last report. j CUNUtib.iSaiOHAL I IUVIIU COM?R?.x?-?Kiid Fbidat, April 11 Semate ?Mr Wilson Introduced a blilatu^ atcry to the Fugitive Slave act Referred. On motion of Mr. ti >we, a resolution vt> paused Inquiring what troops are eoilsted a* Dome gu&.ds to serve inly uitb.n their owo States, Ac. | Mr. Foster Introduced a Mil for the collection | of aifrlcultural atstla.tcs Referred. | Mr Henderson Introduced s bill makicg a | quorum of the Senate a majority of duly et^teA senators now serving. Referred On m>Mob of Mr Sumner, the hUi to allow negroes hereafter to become U a. tnall -aj-rUrs wa* ui>:d up ana pa?sra-yMl 84, n*y? 11 The Confiscation b'.U w*i than taken up. Hoc** ?On motion of Mr. WaaLburn, tb? bid to relmburae ?ea. U S Grant money lost white on duty In Mexico, pawed. Mr. Brown of R I., from tfce Committee ea Election*, reported thai Col. W m. Vasdewar of Iowa, la not entitled to a seat in the Hoow, h? naviOK accepted a position In tbe army. Mr Stevens moved tbat tbe House reaaire In committee oi tbe whole and take ap tbe bill to abolish slavery in tbe District of Colombia Be also moved that on* tour be allowed to debate before the flaal vule on the passage of tbe btU. Tbe latter motion, after some dlsouasloo, eras lost?yeas 57, nays 64. Tbe Booee tben revived Itself Into committee of the whole (Mr. Diwn m tbe chair) and resumed tbe consideration of the Mil. Mr. Nixon wsa advocating the passage of tbe Will ?? ' ?? wiwa oar report ClotM , | ^ ^ , PimcuL?New York papara of jrnMfdtjf ?bow leu buoyancy la tfcc aumtj nvkr4, and a Km ral indlap?4Uoa to angage la taaaclal opara>na Stock BMrkct opooed wltk flrmaan, eapectally for Oorcrmrife Lai tod State* t'l of it?l rrgtatrred adv*aoe4 * jj 8 5'a of 1874, coupon*, advanced Jf. V. ? cartin ?tea, ki valla tfee U S. of iftu coupon*, dec 11 Bed Border Bute acx.a lilaa dccllaoa? Tmmnmc'i JK aud Mlaaourl't Fwatga eV cU?i<ge cloaed trouy mm w AVS4 ^ .. ,nii ?t

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