Newspaper of Evening Star, 25 Nisan 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 25 Nisan 1862 Page 3
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i7)cal news. Naxid ?Mr A W. Burn?, U-? managing ?g?>nt of the Star'? rirculatlon in Georgetown, will brreafter aUo act an tte Star't adTertSalag agent tbere. Any Gwrir?town advmiaementa left at Dr. G B Barnard'*, corner of High and Bridge r>r with 6 Crandell, No. 129 Bridge street, will mwt with prompt attention. AxriMIST! To-m&HT.'? Amainr*.?L?-t night "Virginias," with Mr Forrest In his err at rdf. Be was well urpoited, too, bv Mr. McCuItarb and bv M!*? A?b*ra as "Virginia " To nljjbt -Hamlet" will be repeated, Mr Ford prodoelne it on account of tb?> e^dcnt d^'.re of the public for a repetition. G*?>t**"b Tmxatv* ? A tremendona fnn and laa&hter- provoking bill Js presectpd for to-flght. "Irl?h A "trance and Yankee Wodrsty," with Mr Ward to ting the ? Orove* of Blarne)" adi dance a ''Kilkenny Jig;" and with Mra Hough ?w one of ber farorlte characters Also. "Wanted 1.0M M miners" and "Icl en Parle Francala," with Mr. Setche'.l In all three pieces CA!?Tiaar*T ?The tide of the fun-lovlng community still aets In toward the "Canterbury," although the other places of amusement are also numerous. But Miss Duval's sweet Yolce, Mlse Fowler's grace, and Frank Brower** fan, will 111 the house nightly. Or?n Fittowi' Hali..?Manager Kankel Dro darn to-night a grv?d bill of amusing burl??jaes, choice bsllsd*, and much to please and to amuse. The whole force of the "Nightingale Trowpe" will be upon the boards. Cowti!?**tal ?a good blllfor to-night Is presented at thts place ofsmuiement, which has just been opened. The managers bate made every exertion to glee the Washington publics satisfactory entertslnment. * 1 Tkmpikaxce Hall ?Prof. Barnes ^Ives his last grand cotillion party of the season at Tem pe ranee Hall to-night Iwtawt Abtlcm ?The fair at this institution till continue It ia under the management of the SMater* of Cbartty, and conducted in attractive atyle No aaaemblage could be morejoyoua than that waembied nightly at this fair. Benevolence and innocent enjoyment band in band. BALTntnaa A*!irAT. Co*TK**?cct of African M. E. Chrireh met Wedneaday morning* Bishop Pavne In the chair. 4 Religioua aervices by Rev. John R Henry. TU- _ - 1 ?U.t. _?_?(.*< .. -?.# i ut" uj"inwrrs uin^ .riru men iiauiwciui uicui' bers and pro?-atforer*. The Conference then proceeded to fix the place of Its next aenion. J. J. Herbert nominated KbeneiT Chnrrh, Baltimore city; A. W. Waym:n nominated Bethel Church, Baltimore. Tne motion prevailed In favor of Bethel Church The time est fixed the third Thursday In April, 1^63. II. M . Tnrnerprewted the report of the committee on mint< n?. which was read and referred oars 10 me comioiwF inr correction. J.J Herbert presented the report of the committee on the book concern, which was laid over till th* Ccnference shsll receive the rsport from the book agent at Philadelphia. Rev W. H. Chapman, rf the M. R Church, was Introduced to tbe Conference by Bishop Psvne. The following was offered by James Lvnch: Whereas a valuable gift baa been made to the members of the Baltimore Annual Conference by the American Sunday School Union, consisting _ ? \ % j a. vi-A. ?' *. ? ~ - ?t _ m oi oooks bdu moieis 10 o?> uaea ior me purpose 01 teaching persons readily to read the Word of Cod; and whereas we believe our miniatrv, bv the aystem contemplated In theae books and tabieta, can accomplish wonders In teaching adulta, a* well aa youths, to read the Bible, a? la proved by the great auccem of Rev. Geo L. Shearer in teaching the contrabands and others In this District: Therefore, Risoivd. That we present oar sincere thanks to Ike American Sunday School Union for their (Tift, and to the Ameri.-an Tract Society for tie deep intereat manifested for the intellectual and religious advancement of our race. Htsolrrd, That we recommend all our traveling preachers to examine and Introduce the same In their respective fields cf labor. Ftfolvd. That a copy of these wolves be sent to the corresponding secretaries of the American Sunday School Union and the American Tract Society. Henry M Turner presented a preamble and re?oiui:on upon lce practice or me members of the Conference, of baptizing children out of the church He urged that It viraa anti-chrlrtlan, except In cases of sickness It vai opposed by D. Smith, M. F Slnby, and 9. L Hammond. Stephen Smith aa'.d If the Conference adopted t&e resolution*, tbev wcnld do more than the d'srlplea, for th?y baptized by th? tide of the river AW. Wsyman said he was opposed to them because "key affirmed what was not true, for the pun w uj'- cuur u wm w urirTer jw-cpie mri lor worship, in tbe wlldemeaa or elsewhere; there was tte cbnrch. rending this dtacasalon the Conference adjourned. The attendance of ladle# ia very large, and they appeer much Interested In the deliberation. A Cokkkcttum ?Tbe following nrte seta the matrer refrrr*d to in lta proper light: Asacoitia Bridge, April 23, I?6??Fditar Star ?A statement appears in your tame of this afternoon headed Row at tbe Nary Yard Bridge," which U ?o unjuat that 1 hope you will do tbe guard at tbU peat tbe ju?t:re to publish a correct account of tbe affair. About 10 o'clock r-n Siturdsy morning, Jenkins attempted to cross tbe b-'dv* with liquor, but was baited lv tbe guari ? itd Informed that he cou?d net take It ovr withont a f roper pasa. He bo;s.eroci?ly proc!;t>red his intention to take it ov*r, an3 when tola t & it i.e rr.n?t take the !!qncr Usek. leudiv ? >L.t a _ ^ _ _ a ..J * >i i it!_ iwut t L) ui ur v* imimi no; iimi urrw iur oouir ?.;d contents at tbe sentinel Tbe sergeant of the guard remonstrated with Jenkins, when he truck tbe sergeant two sucrt??!ve blows, and rung an ax-bandle, Jenkins also attacked him with Hi!, at tbe same time curving and applying (be nio?? opprobrious epltbeU to tbe sergeant, who. Id St lf-defence. administered a blow to the would-be violator of tbe well-known orders respecting tbe passage of liquors across the bridges, aiid ronflntd him In the guardhouse. 9neh Is a true version of the affair Mr. Jenkins was not clubbed, or anything of the kind, and tbe gnard at tbe Na*v Yaid Bridge simply did what It always will do. 1U duty. Lieut. G*o. Mcrpht, rornm'dg guard. Fusmut. r.r Ma McGrath ?The funeral of tbe late councilman, Thos Me G rath, took place yesterday afternoon from hi* late residence on Capitol bill, and was attended by a Urge number of relatives and friends, as well aa the Masonic order and tbeColaasbia Fire Company Tbe services were conducted at the houxe by Rev. B. N. Drown, 11 rr wunu, mc cvip?c w.t? temovru io the heart* by the pall-borers?\Ie<?r?. K H. Stewart, J. McElroy and G W. Goodall, of the Miwnt, tad Mr-wrs Jot Platz, George HIU and Geo Haake, of the Columbia Fire Company?and the funeral procession proceeded by New Jeraev and Nrw York avenuea to Glenwood Cemetary la th*foilowing order Sbro'der'* Band; Washington Commandery, No. 1, Knights Templar; Columbia Chapter, No. 15, R. A. Masons; Lebanon I.odge, No. ?; Presperl's Band; Columbia Fir# Company; Mayor Wallacb and other officers of tbe Corporation, followed by the Board* of AW dernten and Common Council in carrlsgea; tbe bearae, contain! ng tbe corpse, oc which was placed tbe lna'gnla ox tbe KnlgUia Jempiar, nanted by tbe pall bearera, Ciruagea containing the tamliy and relativea of tbe aeceued, followed by bia friend", among whom were a large number of tbe workmen from the Capitol. The tmprea*lve aervice of tbe Maaona waa read at the grave by M E. O C B. B. French, of tbe Knlghta Templar, and the body waa committed to tbe eartn. Selling Liqcob to SatDini-Abbb?t-?In aplte of tbe gre^t exertlona of coinmaadera of rwlBienta and eompan'.ea to pee vent It, llqnor la (re qu?ntlv conveyed to the different regiments snd tne poison circulated among ?bss? Idler*. A man samel Wm Solomon, from Philadelphia, baa been selling liquor to tbe scldlera of Col. Frltx'a tmn Penn?ylviwili regiment, who are on doty guarding tbe for * across tbe Eaatern Branch. Tbla traffic baa been carried on far several day. but tbe matter coming to tbe knowledge of tbe Colonel be, day before yesterday, seized the horae and wagon and contents, and arrested a man In tbe employ of Solomon, tne latter endeavoring to am< a# Knrm'i ur>v TK* ril nros ?r a W>r.i under guard all of Wednesday night, and toe next day be was released on parole of honor to appear when wanted; and aa crder waa lasned for tbe arrest of Holomon, who vat found yeiterdty and conveyed to the camp, and retained there all gM alght. A Habd Citi ? This morning, a very genteel looking woman w'.tb her infabt, received a permit to tbe city alms-bouse. She told a very straight forward and apparently honrst story of her condition. Her name la Sarah Rock. She has a husband la Blenker's division, and wben hts regiment moved Into Vliglnla, abe took a room to board In the city, to be as near htm M poutole. Her money oetn? emanated, *be a?ked permlHlon to enter tbe alma-bouae, wblcb ?m granted u above itated. Ax Ex ?lavi ? Thl* morr'ng, a colored man, about aevency yeara of age^cflrm and dreadfully afllcted, (recently emancipated nnder the law.) waa found lriaff la a manure pile, on a Held between P and U, near Fifteenth atreeu He gave hia name aa William Polea. A conveyance waa oMalaed by patrolman flealey, and the old man waa taken to tbe Second Ward station, and from thence commlted by Justice Clark to the alma Romekt ? A night or tw? a'.nce iomr thief forced open the frontdoor of tbe store of Mrju. Olnnlty, nt the corner of Fourteenth end L streets, ?ad made or with n lot of cign^Udlen stockings, and sboat ?utf pound* at coffer Twkd Wits U?co*bitio3al Union Clc> ? Owing to the uafSTombie wenther iMt nlghttblt club adjourned without transacting any buel ?? I pm?T Rkjmttox of Mscmth.?Shak?p?*re*a msi'e'-play of Macbeth was brought out with Bne effect at Ford'a AUieneum Wedicadar ere?iag. The acenery, cast of character, and all the appurtenancea surpassed expectation. Mlae Athena, aa Lady Macbeth, waa a decided anoeeaa Wi have wtm am her appear la any r*U with flaer effect. Her conception of the character la excell*nt; aba only require* practice to lead foree to Its rendition. Mr MeCalloagh was prominent aa Macdoff. He belong* to tbe acbool of which Forrest la roaster, aad none who witnessed his interview wiin Kosae. in (Mclosing scene 91 ioe fourth act, will deny his ability to achieve future fame. Tbe weird scenes of Macbeth have alwava a special charm for ns, etched In tbe dim llgnt of soottish superstition. These were most effectively rendered by the aid of Ine scenery, and seemed to east a spell over the audieace. We need not speak of Mr. Forrest as Macbeth, for whatever character he assumes, we know he holds the golden key which reveals to us the secret emotions and passions of the human heart. Apropos to theaters, we giadlv welcome Grower's new enterprise, believing that competition In allcaaes Insures a higher degree of excellence. I We see no reason why the drama should not rer?1*# > 1 IK?r?I innnort In Washington. Thl* evening Shakspeare's " Hamlet" will be greoented, with Mr. Forrest in his nn rivalled bakspearlan character. Diickkt on Fiobtino and Tti< Cer Allbts. Last night a soldier stopped at a darkey den kept bv one Kate Williams, and while there was robbed of some 820 la gold and some small change. He immediately made the fact known to the police, who arretted all the parties about the honse and took them to the atatlon of the 10th district, where they were searched, and the pocket book, containing a small amoant of silver, was M 1 ? A - * te i ? _ i? l * Jl_. I louna on Aaurcw iviaweii, oui as io? raiaicr conld not remain to proaeeute the case before court the ?teallng case was dismissed and Kidwell waa eat to the workhouse aa a vagrant. The police bavins made a good haul at this bouse visited those famous localities known as Tin Cup and Fighting Alleys, and arretted all found about them, male and female, augmenting the number to sixteen. Justice Strstton at once set about disposing of the caaea, and after a careful examineai - a . ? _ a a . I 11 1 uoncouia nocaiscover mat mey naa any visioie means of support, and fined some and aent others to the workhouse. Robsziy?Last night, a colored man named Wm Paxton and a companion went to tbe camp of tbe 5th New York battery, and proceeding to the teotof Capt. Louie Cronnae, who waa temporarily absent, made off with bla clothes, In tbe poeketa of which was aome t?40, a gold watcb, and some Jewels. Officer* Mlddleton and Wilson were (nformed of the clrcumatancea, and getting on tbe trail of Payton, found him la a negro ?- - -_ ai a m > i a .7 nncyf on in< imina, ana iook Dim, W(C(Dtr with tbe Inmates, before Justice Ferguson, who committed him to Jail. All the atolen property, ! with the exception of S5, wma recovered from the lnma:es of the house, who were dlamlsaed. Paxton la a Northern negro, who had recently been employed by Capt. Crouose, but waa discharged by htm on suspicion of stealing. ! CirsHT ?We mentioned, a day or two since, tbe caae of two aoldlers mounted upon a hone racing through the streets, endsngerlng their own ? ? i a? - a ?i.n_ la UTrn am wcu ?? utucn vuc (>l lurui was CdU^Ui, and tbli morning Sergeant Cronln report* the recovery of the horae and the capture of the other fellow. The horae belong* to a captain In the 99th Pa. Regloneat, encamped over the Extern Branch Upon the return of the eacaped soldier with the horae, after a abort *tay be remounted ' and started again. He wa? balled bv an officer, who commanded blm to bait; but refusing to do ao, tbe officer fl ed aabot after him.which unfortnnatelv mlMed tbe mark, wonndlng tbe horae In the leg. Tbe aoldter la now In military cua tuujr, ana uic none rcsay 10 DC raioraa 10 IQ( OWBfl. Church Elkctiow.?At a meet!ng on Monday afternoon of the congregation of the Church of the Aacenalon, (Dr. Pinkney'a,) the following gentlemen were elected vestrymen and warden* : W m. J Stone, jr , J. H B.Smith, Joa F.Brown, Wm Towera, H 8 Davla, DeWItt C. Lawrence, Z M. P. King and Dr. William Palmer. Wardena?Giiataviia Waters and A. G. Fowler. The attendance waa quite large, and the election paaaedcff without dlaaentlon Tneabove-named, with the exception of Mr. Klog, Mrwd u vestrymen and wardeni laat year. Mr. King waa plpctai 1n th#? nliM> nf Mr f T At#v?n? wKa decllnfd ? re election. Assault*.?Wednesday evening, detective A. R. Allen arrested Michael Cooley for an aaaanlt and battery on Christopher Hogan. Cooley was sent to jail In default of security for court. Geo. Alcorn was arrested by patrolman Kelly, for an assanlt upon an Italian fralt vender of the slde*walk class. The assault grew rut of a misunderstanding about the change of money. The case was dismissed by Justice Donn. Second Waid Statioh Casks?Btfori Justit* C ark?U- C Qunlnley, drunk and disorderly; fined 92-M. Jas Mnrphy,do.; dismissed to leave i tbe city. Patrick Burke and Wm. Tobln, do ; turned over to tbe military. Wm. Dales, col., lying In tbe street; workhouse CO days. Matthew O'Rourke, threatening a citizen; security for peace. Geo Jacobs, col., assault; held to security for peace by Justice Hazzard. I Second Wa*d Unconditional Union Clcb ? This club met at German Hall last evening, and elected tbe following officers: John D. Thompson, President; J T. Coombs, Vice President; G H. Plant, Treasurer. After the transaction of sou)*' unimportant business, the meeting adjourned to next Thursday nlzht. F.AS from PL4YI*a with Matches ?About live o'clock yesterday afternoon, a Mt?le child, while playing with matches, In a rocm of Mr*. Hull's ocardlng house, on Fourteenth street near F, aet a wardrobe on Are. It was, however, p? out by the boarders and neighbors before much harm was done. ForaTH Wm Station Cktwt?Before Walter ?Adolphos Baker, col , drunk and'disorderly; dismissed. John Thomas, do ; turned over *_ a i i ii< Tvi - v_ n t ** ? ? ? ? - w idc military. i/ici niven, uan i nmiiD ana T. E. Calls*, do ; do. liaac Parka and John W. l.eman, disorderly gathering; dlsmUaed. Cehtbal Gcaidbocsb Casm?Btfor* JntUtt Clatk ?James Hmlth, barkman, refuting to take a paanenger to Kendall Green; fined SI 91. Philip Kergan, drunk; do. S1.58. Lt. C. Geeaaa; turned over to the military. Corns, etc.?Those afflicted wlththeae troubleaome things, whether hard or arft; alao thoae troubled with Bnnloua, Calloaltle*, club and Ingrowing toe-nalla, can find great relief and ?a tinfactory benefit by applying to Dr G. White, 426 Pennaylvanla avenue, between 4^ and Oth atreeta, Room 7. atcond floor. * Attbstion Soldibm!?Protect your health; no sensible m-n will leave the City without a supply of Hollovuy's Pills 4k Ointment. For Wounds, Bruises, Hore , Fevers and dysentery, these medicines are the beat In the world. Every English snd French soldier uses them. Only 25 cts. per Box or Pot. 225 cmistadoko's Excklsiob Dti Is unrivaled In the world. No other Dyehaa been analyzed. No other Dve Droduces such faultleaa colors No other Dye can be applied ao rapidly. No other Dye la ao laatlng In Ita effect*. No other Dye Improves the texture of the hair. It haj been Analyztd by Dr. Chilton, Chcmlat to the Croton Water Board of New York, and certified by htm to be aa harmleaa a* Croton Water. Hla certificate may be aeen at the estab labment of the proprietor. Manufactured by J. CnatnTADoao, 6 Aator aA,.a? Vapw BAM ..W... ..J -_ , new I VIA. DVHft ?TCIJWUCIC| BUU flp* piled by all Hair Dreaaera. Price fl, SI 50, and 93 per box, according ta alxe. No. S. CaifTASoao'a Haie PanaanvATivi, la Invaluable with hla Dye, aa It impart* the utmoat aoftneaa, the moat beautiful gloat, and great vitality to the hair. Price SO eenta, SI, and 9i per bottle, according o sixe. ap 3-eolm OlCOf _ aL ? X _ _ .# *.1 LL .4 L - .-I J. ? uq ia? morruut 01 ine mu. ai aer, nrar H adensoarg, Mr*. C*KOLINK M VKITCU. wtf-cf la* lata John Veitah, in the ttth jear of her ace. The friends and r*lati*es of the fami'y are in viteu to attend hsr futsra:, at 11 o'olojk sataidar, tiih in?t. Ob Friday, the tlth instant, at 10 minates fast 9 nVoek a m , BL.LKN, the beloved wife of An drew J act ton, aged SI years. 1 li friends and aeqnaintanoee of the (ami y are reapei if.liy inviteo u> attend f.e {noeial, on Sunday aiternoon,STth instant, at 3 o'clook, from h*r late residenoe, No. 311, on G street, between l?.h acJ I3t3. 3t* In Georcetova, on Thar*day. the ?4th inttant. jOtfN nlKJOiNOGHUfc, in th?61?t iwollii mgt. a native of Couaty Cork, Ireland, but for the Uat 9 7Mr* a reti leut of this Diatnot. The relative* awf friend* ar* invited to attend hi* faneral, from hi* law reaidenoo, on t irat strMt, at 9 a p on Saturday. On ih?33d in*taat, at l> o'clock ?. m., of pneumonia, JOHN F. KAUUI'Fr, in the 41 tn year of hi*a<a. Ha vaaalov nc kaabuid and kind father. larf? citrolo of friend*, by whom ho va* be.oved. " The^funwiT wilfui* iliai kt '/o'oloofc en 8ndaym*r noon tk**TH iriitMt, froMkia i?t? r-?id-ocj, ?th itrnt, oo-Mr N. to whioh tk? jri?nd? |UjJ M<| OAiDUUlOM of tlM IMUlj kft rCipMtfWUy ! G*ort*tow, oa the S4 h iiutut. Mrs. ANN 0. Poi.LY, iat)i?t?Uiyt?rof .-3?il"SZ AMCT8EKENT8. FORD'S ATHENECM. ioSS I: FOURTH WEEK OF EDWIN FORREST. THIS gTBtriNQ, Edwin ForrMt will rn^HU ia Hh*k???tr*'a ^HAMLit * In th? imp?raonfttioa of which h? lUnda mnnvalod in tha world. ? r.i. |j>*riii rviUUIHVK?B Ophelia Miaa Ath?u* Uino Mrs. Ada barker Satmrdar Kreninr.toeltiYely Last Ntfht of -r H E O CT O IOON, Or, Th* Hfopement. AMMNi Drees Cirole and P?r?nett? 7i cidU Secured fl Baioooy Seats fl flrnh*?tr* **#*.?? . . .if Prorate Boxeef holding eight #10 Faujlj Circle .r .39 oeata vrr Box OAoe cpsn from till 4 o'olook. Doors open at 7; oa^tMn ne?? at It PHILIP WARREN. Treaeurar. P?*OVKE'S THKATFR. W (THE NSW NATIONAL,) Pennsylvania Avenue, near Foarteenth Street and Willarde* Hotel. kiONixc Gtovix Leueeand Manager . B. Fmillip4?? stage Manager Flattering SuoceM of the ft RE AT CONG HESS OF COMEDIANS! MISS JLOTTY HOUGH, M1&S JENNY PARKER. MR. E. L. TlLTON MR. D. SETCHELL, _ AKD TH* ENTIRE DRAMATIC COMPANY, WhOM ?v#ry uppMrt' ?? his he?n veioomsd by The Most Brilliant Audiences Ever Congregated in Washington! THIS EVENING. The psnoriuanoa will ooinnsecee with the non Corredy of ICI SN rARLE FRANC A IS Mr. Spriggins_?__ ? ... Mr. D. Setohsll To b? followed by the Knch%bl? Faroe of isiaii ituiTu * Me*- * vi\vuv mnninTV I IVlOll AM VM WW tU WUW? Naney, (a Yankee girl.) with her famoatSong, "Joaiah'a Courtabip" Mi*s kottjr Hough Pat.iac ln?h lad.) with a song and a d* no# J. M. Ward To ooDolade with the !udioron> extraV?gatz?, WANTbD?1 00U MlLLi ?ER#. Madame Vauderpant??. ? ..Mr. 1). yetohell In Rehwaal, The r*w *n1 eeg*n? Drama entitled THE FOUR PHANTOMS. Prices ov Admission. jjrma uiroie&ud rarqoet droit s" ornu Family Circle? ? ? J5cent? Orchestra Cbairr.. .7*ofnta Privite S6 Heata in Private Boxea.. ?._ .$ l Colored Sailery .25 oenta colored Parterre.. 5" oent* Doors will be o>en a: 7 o'olook ; to oommenoe rt 8 o'c'OOtr. H<?* office f >r Movrini aeata oyen from 9 until 1, and 3K until 5^ o'clock CONTINENTAL OPERA HOUSE! continental opera house! continental or era house? IMMENSE SUCCESS! IMMENSE SUCCESS!. 1MMKNSK BUOCESS ' E^'RV ACT KNCORED! EVERY ACT ENCORED! EVERY ACT KNCOKEI)! Notwithstanding the Unagreeable state of the westher, the opening night w&a greeted with a crowded audience to witneM tKa nAv InrnriAnnf nf miss kate Marshall, Ml** KATK MARSHALL, miss kate marshall, MISS LUCV CLIF TON, miss lucy cl.ifton, MiSS LUCY CLIFTON, CH. FLETCHER, H.TALBOT. CH. FLETCHER, H. TALBoT, F. LEMOUNT, F. LKMOWNT, and t??e rest of our sf ar troupe ! A NEW DM L A NtW BILL A NEW BILL A NEW BILL A NEW BILL. TO-NIGH f ! TO NIGHT! TONIGHT! TO-NIbHF! 1*?-NI?HT! T?? NIGHT! TO-NIGHT! TONIGHT! NEW FACES WILL SOON APPEAR! NEW FACK8 WILL *OON APPEAR! NEW FACES WILL 8 JON APPEAR! LADIES CAN VISIT THE PLAOE. AS NO LIQUORS WILL BE SOLU. LADIES Ci*N VISIT THE PLACE, AS NO LIQUORS WILL BE SOLD. LADIES CA.N VISIT THE PLACK. AS NO LIQUORS WILL BK SOLD. ??S5 2t D. O. B. HARRIS Age it. /^AJM'JERBURY HALL! \_y CANTERBURY HALL ! (Formerly the Washington AiMmbly Rooms,) OPEN EVMKY NIQHT. Thi Fibst Mvrtc Hall in trb Wo*ld, tn point of Talent atxl Reaneotability! Crowded to its utmost oapaoity with in audience Culiivattd, Critical and Ktfinui. Tht> performance AT THK GREAT CANTKRBURY i* the beat in the city. The artiaies are rf the FIRST TALENT IN THE WORLD. EAST BR WEEK I PERCIVAL'S IMMENSE COMBINATION oontinuea, with an addition of NEW STAK8ANDOLD KAVORITE8, Monday Night and Every Night this wtsk. First a?p?*ranne >f the Ironolad GuLboat?the greal eooentrio Ethiopian Artiat ofUie Age, KHANK lfKOWE*. Firat tppearanoe of the Charming and Beautiful Songatr???. MISS IDA DUVAL! Her firat visit to thia oitr. Immtnse Bill for ?Au IVetk, The Big Bill of the Beaauo! Observe this Brilliant List, tta? B4VAL of whioh oan be nowhere found in the World of Amuaementa. MISS MILLIE FuWLBR, The Beautiful and by far the moat Aooompliahed ^ _Dr,naeuse onjne <[?<ej nnu tux vv*t uf iikaltt* Mim Frank I.? Folle. Miss Li?sie Franois, Mua Frank Seoor, Mi? Lilly Brandon. Miat Juli% Richmond and Little Ella. The Ethiopian Artist and Washington Favorite, DICK 1'ARKKH , M. Jeaa Cloaki, Mas'er Johnny, SrlTan Clark, John Hamilton. Barry J. Carter, Mons. Sol. i.ewis M. Clark. Admission 25 cents ; Oro neater Cfe&ira K> oaata. AFTERNOON LNTERTAINMENT For Ladieaand FaruiUea,on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTERNOONS, at J o'clock, Wh?n a lariah aiatribition of Elegant Praaante la made: Riob an?l Coatly Jawsl'y, Books, Fancy Artiolea. Toya, $25 Silver Cake Basket. Admission Si osots : Children ! oenu. ay St PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITIES-Guide to A Patenta, Catalogue of Curioaities and Government Gardens, at the stand in Patent Otfioe; Kara Antiquarian Books; Government Books; Doonments furnished; Haiiroad Reports; Military Resort*; Burnt Patent Offloe Reports; Cheap Books tarniahed to Pedlars; Mi.itary Trials: Military Laws; Army Regulations; Panorama of the Coast showing over 2,W0 miles; many thouaand Cheap Booka. Reool.eot oheap rent. Large sales, low prioes. Us stairs, over Bank of Washington. Ja?-am* ALFRED H (INTER. Beautiful tarleton, tulle, and LACE DKLSdES. FOR THE MAY BALLS AND PARTIES. In the Stook of Cocaignftd Goods from tkt lame Importing Houst in N?v> York Will be found ion* of tna uoheatond rooit elegant Dituei, antabla for the MAY FESTIVALS ^AND EVENING PARever offered for n e in thiaoity. Thaae good* are of the l?te?t deegni, vvruttd fall patterni, and have exquisite Tnmminga to matuh. Tbe ovnera in New York have ordered tboahov* Sooda to remain on aale oc j antn the lat ot May, Rf d thftv kRVR I uatrun'iw! Ill In ?!] than (rAm ' " | j TO J EACH ~ The beautiful PARIS DRh8?ES aotually oo?t the imp >rU to land them in New York awre than doable the prioe they will now b? to d at La-lies' who oontemplata loinlnf in the "merry Mar dance" vill uke the hint and profit by as ea'lr cal>, u the ohoioeet patterns vill toon be disposed of. ^ CLAGETT * MAY. ap 81 jttf 384 Pa. ara . bet. 9th aid 10th sts. TO SHOWMEN AND OTHERS.?An at tr&ctive D1"hAMA, "Washington and the War." with other soenae. nearly ormplated, is c ffjred for sale at a barcain, or an arran<emeat flan'H h? rnftha if\r R MrtnArakia aa?K??- Ma ?' i"i ctptoitv and toiit ea?h msans "r?ired.-A^- I (ireaa "A M Box A6 Post Offioo, Wa-h>ng ton, D. C. M? y I A Y O O O K K A COJ S A N K M R S, 4*9 hitsxkth 9tk>bt> Buy Mid S*1 U. B. CERTIFICATE* OP INDEBTEDNE99, Ounrt*rma?ttTs' Chttkt and Veutktrt. r s-io trkabuky notes, And other Government Peour its, COI#f, CVRRMMCY AND MXCHAlsQK. aIav" A 2S&?fe24Bk. . Chironiee, Paper Shade*, Wiek, &o.. vhiohl o#er to dealers at the lowest Maters KM. MTiil the agenor of? large giaea faotorr. dealera may be aaaureS to purohaee at tha loweat rataa. CkimaiM

auvata oa a and o? tha barrel. Coftl Oil of the beat brands (warranted) by the barrel. Ordera eoii<jit-d for 61aaa aeon aa Tsmblera, fioblsts, Lager Seer Mas*. *o. at factor? anoee. Pteaae gjVe saaoail at No. 4 "*6 7th etraet, opposite tea Tost Oft*, ?* HEN IIY B4YLKY 4 00. ' WANT8. r WAa^A...WA9g ""T "nV \17ANTKP-AI ?7T Pa. tvetu*. ? YOBNtt " MAN (white) to wait npanUtetabl? and make blMMlf Ktperalty a??faL K* WANTEl>-in oDfoniitbed HOUSE. tk? rent i v of which ball Dot MOMd S?M. Andrew Ho* Port Office. aymt* WANTED TO RKNT-A small HOUSE in ** Georgetown >t?'y to or addree? J. S. BLACKPuKp. Jr ,94 Bridges*. a>T5* i WAmfe^S?4fif:S????. ?uakWR^ ?oa?h Factory, No T Bridge street, Georgetown, P. C. ?a>-?? WANf?-A SITUATION m ? * and to do plain mvidi in a pnr \tm family, hy an A n?riMn giil in every war oompetcnt end will ibc to mike herself useful. Address Box if 8t%r Offioo MM4t HOUSE WANTRD? From ?to 6 room*, with tard, healthy looatioa. an1 within one nil* of Patent ORoe. Brick preferred Nort?>**-|i H't cf the ottr o" Caeitol Hill. Rent about J IS p?r month. Aaarwa "l.. it., Box ???, Post ulhce ap ** S>? A lady ab(?itt to leave the city withes to sail th* Fnrmtnre of a House ootiteiBiiic 10 rooms. Atpiyto m. MUN8TKR. S*2 F street, between iota an-1 11th its. ap ?4 2*.* \*7antei>-a dining-room servant, " one who understands his business, eitiier white or ooloreJ. Apply at the Hercdoa Honse, corner 9th nad V sts. ap 24 St* Wanted-a woman who can oook.waab, I rnn ftiui <<A rs n*r m I kr.ttsaBn?l> fn r wavw small family Reoommendations required. Ajply at BP Fayette at., Georgetown. *>?> St* MR8. AWN R. CVNEALF. \Jk7ANTED TO RENT-From th<? 1st of May, " sUWKM ING con a*ni>ic from? to 8 rooms, withjai, between 1 th anllith street* and K st*e?t snd Psnatyliamaavenns Addreb* "A J.," SJ8 Pa avenue a>???* UK7ANTKD?A modern lUVKLMNS BOI SE " oontaiuing 8 or 10 rooms, within a f*w squares of the State beja^msnt. Address, statlrc location. rent, ft.o , JAY COOKE * CO., 4S* Fifteenth ?t aySVlw* WANTKfV-A rood COACH TRIMMER, at No 346 D street, WALTER * KARMANH'S _*p 33 * Camaf eFaotory. HOU8K WANTED-W'inW to parohasa a DwtUina Hojieru th of Pa. a?ouu?, id some resir*hle locality, oontaminc from 8 to 12 room*, for wbioh a fkir pnra ?n -?.?* will be paid. K oot ta?e ?refe :i Address tor one week, with fall particulr a, prioe, Sto t"House." 306 Pesnsjlwi ma aT. ap 3? ?t* FAMILY HORSE WANTED?The advertiser 1 will exoKan|? a family Horse 12 jeara old, of unsurpassed disposition, but slow, for one of equally saf* qualities, not less than 16 hands hifh, nor more than 6 j ears old, stylish and fast: or will purot^aae suofe an one. payable in valuable land on Like Superior. Address, through Post Offioe, "Michigan." sp 23 St A N EXPERIENCED LADY Wishes a o'aee t\ M nurae in ? retpsotable family, to attend dur in| and &?W confinement Good referenoaa given. For particulars addreaa 332 F street, between 10th and flth. ap 32 4'.* WANTED?A WOMAN to do vaahing and ironing, and make herse:f fenenlly naeful, A pply at 44H 12th at. between 0 an 1 II. r p 21 A HOUSE WANTED by a permanent tenant R*nt not to e*ce?d th*?e or four hundred dollar. It must be real and ooirfortab ?, a*d in a pleaaantand healthy neigh'orhood, ard within 30 m'Rutee' walk of the Naval Obaervatory. Addreaa "AI. P.." at the Star Office. ap 19 6t* ?inn -agents wanted to open V lvrU. an olflop and takMhe wholnno atenoy, tn every State, for all of Lloyd's Great Military Map*, used by our Commander-iu Chief. The oheapeet inapt in the vorld. A fortune oan be made on these map* in each State. S.noywo oopiee of one of my map* nave already been sold. Alao a mac to jo to California, England and Caba. Agent* alao wanted in ever* oounty and in everv regiment is our army. Send for oiroulara. mh4 tmayl 164 Broadway, feiv V?rV. ! WANTED?To have every one know that they v can find the beat stock of Clothing, Hats aad C*?s. at the very loveit rates, at SMITH'-*, No. 460 Seventh street, below F. fe 77 3m WANTED-Every person to know that I am 10 v v the market, ready to pay oaeh for all aruoiee In the housefarnishint line. Those leavint the oitv, or having a surplus, will do well to call. R. BUCHLY, 439 SevflctL St.. between 6 and H sti., (east side,) Dealer in New and Seoond hand Furnnure. no H tf WANTED.?Wa are now burins SECOND " HAND FURNITURE, STOVES anu UK1) DIN0, for whloh we are pajini the hi|Le?t ef!h prioea. Famihaa declining houaekeepioc, ar havinc a orpins of farnitare, will ftnd il to tnalr advantage to giwa at a eali. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, latt-tf No. 369 Tth at.. foMw. ] ami K ra. %X7ANTE1>?1To aall. hanseforward, ton barreia " aod half barralaof Ale every week; alao kthe same of Beer, lor the Baltimore Brewery. JOHN 6 4YNOR, A rent. Corner of 21 at and O ata. Order in tha Poet Office will be o&iled Tor at 9 a. in. an c 2 p. m. ap7-ia* BOARDING. TWO OR THREE Kr.XPEOTABI.E 6I?Ntiemen can be aooommodatH with Board in a private Jamil? where thev wilt hav* the oomfort of a home. App!v at IT Montgoiocrr at. town. ap 25 2t? /COUNTRY BOARD-A f-ntlemai, wiahM B?ard for hi* wifi and two children (aged Zand 4ye*ri,)ar.d Breakfast for himself, in a private f*?uiiT in tome peasant loo* it* in'ha vicinity of Waahimtonor in 6e<<rictovn. AdJreaa 'Mary," Star Utfi-a, for two w*?k? ?tatinc te-m? It* BOARDIN9.?GemUman with or without thoir Umiliei, viiitini Philade pjia on bunneaa or fiaaaura, will find euprrior &ooorr.mcdationa(*tone a.f Ho?*l priCM.) in th? most dMirahla location, No. 1202 Cheanut atrart, convenient to Miainefa and all th* publ'o pljuita of mtareat. Permanent and transient ap23 2w* DRUPUSALS FOR IBORSE8. dbpot qcaktbftmartkft't omci, j Comtr Utk and O tt>? W*>k\*gton, > Aari! 23 1862. \ 8falso PsorosALi will be reoelved at <hia Office until Saturday,?he u?th day of May, at 12 o'?l<?ck M.. for famishing the 8pT*n:ine*it wi?h (<?) TWO THOUSAND HURsKi, cl the followin descriptions, via: CAVALRY. Fom CaviLRT.-O.000) one thousand hora'a. from MS) Ifteen to (16) sixteen hand* high, between five and eight year* of age; of da'k oolora; veil broken to the saddle; ooinpactly built, and ire* frcin all A RTF f?LERY. Fob Abtiliut-(1.000) on* thousand horaea, from t I'M) fiitcen ar.d one h%ir to(It) aixtren hand* hich, between five ard etc lit years of ace; of dirk ooTora; free fromall defects; oompaotlj built; wei' broken to harneat, aud to weigh not leu than 1,100 pounds. PROPOSALS Proposal a mutt apeoify clearly' whether the bid la for Cavalrr or Artillery horaea. and i* no emu Digit both be bid for on the same ?a?er. If any bidder wishes to propose tor both classes he must forward two distinct Proposals?ens for eaoh olasa complete in itstlf, ana 1 aviac no refe* eno* to any otner proposal by the same p*rty. ua Dia m in me name oi a nrm ?i e names of all th<* putnera muat appear or it will not La considered. Fropoaa a muat beaddreaaed to Col. D U. Rucker, Quartermaster U. 8. Army, Wa hiiigton. D.C , and meat be p ainly marked "Propoaala for Horaet." 6UA R ANTEK. The ability oftbe bid er 10 fell the contraot.ahou d it be awarded to him. mun be guarantied I.t two responsible person*, wboae signatures must be appended to the guarantee. The responsibility of the gnarantora must be ahowu by ths offia-a certificate of the Clerk of the naa mat tliutrinl Pnurt nr nt IT < . ?- ?*. - triet At'orn?T Bidders matt be pr'M'.t in parson whsn the bids are opandu or thtir proposals will not i* oonBonds, in ths mm of tw thovtand dollars, signed by ths oontraotOT and both of his guarantors, will be required >>f the successful bidder spon signing t s oontrMt. As the bond mast accompany tba oont-aot, it will Kt Han.... L.JJ.? *- -1_ ? iSTIi ? ,t" u'uuer* mi umwo ineir uonumieu with them, or to bar* bond* signed m anticipation and ready to be produced when the oontraot ie altnea. Blanks for bonds oan te p-ooured neon application being made at tnia cfloe, either per oeaily, by letter, or by telegraph. Form of Vvarantt* ?w'i .oftheoountr 01 , and State of?, -?, of the oonnty of ?. and 8tate t f ?? do by guarantee tbat ? is able to folil a oontraot in aooordanee with the ttrms of his proposition, ana that, shosid his proposition be aooepted, he will at oioe enter inf a ooncr&ot in uaordiiiu therewith. rhonld theoontraot b? awarded him we arc prepared to beoome his ?eo? rtti ee. (To this juarantee mast be appended the ojlnal oerUhoAie above mentioned.) .. INSPECTION, DELIVERY, kc. All horses contracted lor under this advertisement will be subjeoted to a rigid inspection, and ihose^iot oo&forming to the speoifieatlons will be go mmtts will be reoeived, The horeee mast aI I be delivered is thie oitv on ?i L/oivi* exunraay, in* ai? ?<*v V M??. and mo txtmium of time will be ?rsntsa on any trtuit Pejment to be mads upon the ooinpletioo cf eaoh tOBiriot, or w> coon tMwftiru ths Decot QiuMrauttr shall be in lands. Am iaiormalltr ?n the bi!?, or non-aonform& with the urni 01 this advertisement, wiii eusure Ihe rejection of the proposal. These horses will be awarded in iote of net mon than (Stt) two haatod eaoh, nnees the Depot Quarter* aster shoald deem it for the lntereetcl toe 0 jTercinert to ecoeyt a larger number. . The Depjt Quartermaster reserves to himself g. Mt U> W M bjJ. {JMggk. ay .3 tmr* Colooaland Depot Qnartermastar. nNTiBB BttiT* vnw i.tnitv aksnv MUd uct andtrimmed, oomyoMd of die utwt and moat ohoioa fabrioe. 1m oar aiuaifail and oomplete at oak o I all tha Pry fto.-d?, rr^maitaa tot tha teaeral ana apeoial One pnoa only, marked la plain fir>T*a, oonaafeantly ao parohaaar to orar enarxed ,.A,v,sruo*" "p??'?Vv ? MW fa, iTwmi Mutt afcaet. " *? ' W i? -w W V f fr <11| MP? S; * v?| ''far , - - - 4 - --V *? * * . .. ' 555!55!55ta?!?^^^?55!555!!555?5!5!55555555fl i fob 8ajue and rent. P)R IttNT?A wall HiUNliHKD HOME, coctajiiin* I rr>on.i, vith rU ir wrf rto<r, A-4 witerioUi* kitobea. le*atraeoon, at N-> Utitt H ?tr?i. near 30th. ap 8& 3f P)R * KNT-Ii 6r?nttovi. BT< ?K K HOOM, teir Hlfh.on Bnd*? ?tra?t. fotoMr r oecamM for Drj Goods, at aretCbt try Hechl Ly*n * Co.. m a Sioa Store. Po?re??ion lat d*? of Mar am'j t" 8boot k burroughs, ofwhita. ap a5->t? j. ?. femoor. |?urnishei> rooms ^irnt (vithftu > jl ho D'>ira ir >[!* ? wmi r-Di|iia nirn, txttwtfo Q mid H. No. 40*4. a? 8? ?t* I?UR RENT?A wall furmahad, ?ra*il MOUSE, r 013l*t atraet, ooraar of H. rwntlj owtfiM by Gait.Card, W. 8. A. Rect $45 p?r month latairaof Cot- BOYLK, oorner of MnntrMti, muh* . rhESIRABl.H ROOMS FOR FAMILIES AFaad e^etiemen. bow ruu.t with Board,at tl'O (' mi ra*l a ?nar ?f 4 W . ama W * V ?p V?I uvi V( 1/1 | WHV V*l tur IllWk f aw* ant loonion* in lb* city, for rmoni itu*?di&f to remain in Washington during ihe umm*r, ap a ? FH OR R8NT-AJrit-fl!u?Sii?!f PUR NIBBED HOUSE, containing a>l (b? Bodtrn imiroT*merta. Centrally located near the 'Citr Hall; 17 roema; an elegant saloon, parlor at J large airy ?haaibera;a bnok etaWa. ft will be rented to a private family, for 4 ortmontha or oncer ' nun ion given lit oi May. Additti *8. ED,' Box 899 City ??oet Offiae. ap g >f Fm OR RENT?A farniahed foar^tcrr BRICK DWELLING,:n a p.eaaaotaad heilthfnl part of the oity, with fice large obambers aod parlora, batii room aarplied with hydrant wa'er, and gaa thronghoat; a carriage-honce aad -t?bie attached. Thia la a desirable reeideooa for ao M. C. or Soveroment en p oyee in either one of the Depart n, ??. i O*K L<i.n..u * v ? I iUOHMI A U ? m QIOTVUW BUOO^t wiwiw K an^ L. 5 to ? p. ro. as 11 SUMMER RESIDENCE FOR RENT. %r<m tkt -Ulm EUm Fnrm" V. P., about 1)* milti abort (mctmImm, (war Mr. Lamtkboromsh't)? A deeirafeie tarnished Double House well shaded, fine vater, St o , with stabling, camase hoc?e?, &o.,&o. The attention of M embers of the umnet, ForeUn Ministers. a <l gentlemen with fami j is eepecially incited to this advertisement For examination cr the premises apply to the iranacer upon the farm (Mr. James O'Hnan.) and for W:th?r particulars address Captain W. a T. MADDOX, 0 8. M . 1340 t*pmoe street, Philadelphia, Pa. rah 311 m* V A BARK CHANCE ' ALUABLK Flts.UK OK PROPERTY FOR aalaon Pean. *t?dd?, between <v, and m atreeta. oath rde, with i TP'ovementi two am*)! frame hoiiNi *f' r Tif c on rHi MMM in Lot Now, Square A. 3ft leet, lunnnr baok to an aiiet 117 feet 5 mo' ea, (?qu*re fee'3.1*6 > For further inform* tion apply to JoBEPH F. KKLLY Ater t, o:: eth street No 361, between 1 aid New ork av. *>??' ' FOR BALE CHEAP?a ?erj pret y. Dearly new. medium enei HOUSE, brown front- id t h A irnaf rimmi ? K1 n? r t nf ka ?? k ?-? ? Ai?*m , | poc?e?(ion Alao-a handaome Prr p*rly of 13 ?cre?( j a at on the oil* liu*. Alao, a ?p eu<lid HoW Property, and tu&dI Lot*. Parti?4 bavinr real e?tat~ to sail will do well tooali on tt.e aabaoribor?cf&oe on lftth at, next Ricca A Co.'a Hactr. aHl lw' HKNBV L Rini-H. Attorney. /COUNTRY RKS1DKNUK FOR WALK, or Vv czohance for a honae in ths oity. one oil e from the city liaaitr. unrivaled for health. pre water and i horticultural imaroveroenta. *3ooi l>niidinca.wi'h I ci/ ,./ U.J A ..1. H?* nu ? o f oo ? ?#* iauu. %v rrui, v/aAiiUv ^ v. PA??K. Patent Offiae a? 1? 6t FOR RKNT-One FL'RMSHKD ROOM.wrh ca? ma board, in a private fa mi y, on aeouiui floor, 8th. Letwe?*i 6 and H etreett, No. 402. apP-6t TO LET-The BRICK HOUSE, with Farm ture, on the nrr'h rds ot P-i n?yi vacia a?eno?, between 19th and S()th ?U , and recently ?ocuped by tfen'i Keyea. It oontaint about '5 rot mi. and po*every convenience to make it * comfort*Me rerdfnoe Apply to M. ADLER, No. 44. Win de 'a Building. ap 16 eo2w* LOST AND FOUND. District of Columbia. oocwtt oi Wmhisgtoj*, Te-teir.? On thu 2S'h ?rv Hay of April, It62, peraoea^j appeared K? lore mo. in #am oounly, utiviea nine ot'^* ? ?\id oounty. and made oath in ?! ? form of law, that on the 2 th^re oaro? 11 hi* premieee. a mahocaty bar HORSE. about 12 year* old; naTlcf si mo white on the left hind foot; and w ite in the forehead: a ao*e p'.aoe on tne left forefoot; and attached to a bla-a top waton, with three print a. Given uader mr hand a* a J oatioe of the Peace, in and for taid oounty, thia 25th da* of April A D, 1862 C. H. WILTBKRGER The owner of aaid horae and wacon la re*re*t?d to oorre and (Trove hia property, pay oharce*, and (hum av&t. nthArvim th*? mill na*ncn^ o: aooonlics to !tv CHARLK9 KI^S. livicc on the road leedinr from Root Creefc Chnroh to Din'? Farm. a2j 8t* fpOUND?A PORTEMONNAIK with a etna'! urn of money in it The otrter can have it again by pajtni the eo?t of this adv*rti?f iu*nt. if ha wil have a deanription ot it and it? oontenu with Mr. W HI1KH1LL, Superintendent ci Afionitnral Ditiiiop of the Bureau ap24-3t* IHAVF. A LARGE BROWN HURi?E, Which wai taken up near the railroad depot in t\ the latter part of Februarr. The owntr ie T^TFk requested to oome forward. provepropsrtr,tvzl P*t oharcee ?nd take him away. A??It to Major A? a a t * V * A. k ? > mm ? ? ?v art u. in Aii&AAni/bK.Hii. voiunieera, M 34 31* OQ RK W ARD.?8tray?d, on the Wth inetaot, a V*' <*? k brown RORMS, with wluw ip av in the face, irjurftH m nee eye. government 1-7T oocuemned mark on for* shoulder. 1 will ^" (iw?th? av>Te reward if returned to me, JOSKPH G. r*AR ROLL, butoher, Lear the Navy Vard. ay 2?-Sf _ CfrCA RKWARW-For the porfheDiion iind delivery to ma at RladeoaiiurK, IttarySnd, or s-ecure?l in ?c; jail m Maryland, ?e t3( at I get NE6KO MAN, by!v??at?r Ljles. lat? the property of H*r.rr IT. Warnnr, aeceae^l, of Prinoe Beor<e'a county, lrf Md. PylretWia cf copper oompietioa; of atoat at*tae; a^wnt six feet hijtu; and of pleuing oountenance when ?p.ken to. Heis we 1 knowmn Waah i'(t n city, and is no doubt larking uithatpiaca or ita v.cioiti. I will cite the tbov? reward no matter where taken DJONYSIUS SHERIFF. ap 15 In* Eit'r of H. U. Warrim. deo?aee?i. BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. WF. R. LAUBK ILL 01VK A MAY FESTIVAL at tempkk*ycb hall, Oa THURSDAY, MAY 8U?, ltei. F. R. LAB BE ha* tha honor of lDforimnic tk? ladiea and *"ntiemsii of Wash:niton and vioiliTt that ha ?i'i give a Grail FetUval at th? abova p'aoe and tima ay 25 td* | AST GRAND COTILLON FARTV ! 1J AT H temperance hall, 4? (E *t., between 9th and )o?n,l iS lln LD I II A V I'Vl'VINa ? -.?W vm * 1% i vu a U v ' W ? .ill 4. Will Danoinc to oominecos at 9 o'clock. tmf, Arih will If ad th? maaio Ttoke #],a>lmiU'OE % semlnnMi and lathea. Prof C t . BARNES*, ap 24-tt* Manac?r. GEORGETO WN ADVERT'MTS O 100.000 BUSHEL9 P STONE bHELL ana WAS LIME. for Acrio'slttir*! pcrpo-ea; a'.eo, all kinda of MILL and GRAIN FEED, BALED HAY, MUL, FLOL'K, and POTATOES, imo. 110 Brides at, Georgetown. ap U lw K1RKLAND A DOWLINO. * C I8I1N ?LO V E 8! Ramsburgr & Ebert, lo? high pitsw, BBOKGETOWfi, ii. tt Tfceen!* manufacturer# ofttonttiLe lil.'CKSKIN SHOVES. MILITARY ttAONfLETB, tU Ml TTENS in U? Di?tnot. Offioers' 6aunti*ta ravie to order, Ruolffcifi Drawere and Shirt*. <a H MASSE Y, COLLINS * CO.'S PHILAVSLFHIA UKAV&HT ALB. We have ju it reoeived a ?u??iy ol the above A:e, Vhlt'h ?A Hk/>r.rnni?nri tA L* /?* ?*r? anaari />? a ..a I _ itj. Persv&s v.suiag to parohaaeAr ukiibt u?mediau MP-loatioo, oan befuraished. A.KN V * SH1NN, W * tlMfUll.OT TF1SH-F18H-FISB: HE Corporation Fitta Wbsrf is now located at the foot of kleventh street, (Rita's Wharf.) where the public can be snpptwd with Fisk and J?a)t dating the season. ae W 4w ARFFRICERATORS. NY Fertoa oaunot laii to m attested ? tha REFKItfKRaTOltaeleoted from a large aaaottinent kept by E. H. a H. J. GREGORY. 301 Fennayiranta arena*. 9 tkJUU aide. ap 18 Between 9Ui and 10th at/^eta CjTEIN WAY * SONS' AND RAVEN, BA O CON A CO *8 oelebrated lnnru-w?i? menta are aoid at loveat factory prioeaf^VVW for oaah ana approved pap* the Ma-' ' aio Store of W 9. ME1ZEROTT, earner of Utk atreet and Fenn arena*. Several Piaooa that lave been need for aaie upon eaay monthly pay menu. ap if r>AD a A I 1* t>?A C._t .1... U11 I V a D n *M a i'UIV RAliCr* wv OIBt-OlHI DIUUIA n 1/ A ar BLE3,n*rble a;at*. Ud erery arrao?eroe".t oomplete. laoee dM:r:n* the above will atody their ictereet Bj ca.iinc .rtimediate^T at the EaroyMo Hotel, orner 11th airMt and Pennsylvania arena*. mh ?-tf QUART/iBM'R GENERAL'S OFFICE. tt'ajJfciaf ton, D. C., April a, 13G2 PKOPOSALS are hereby invited tor ixtaree, work. aLcl oitiiraii r??uiM for aUfPLViNG WATER, and oocuolliof uil aaisg the itai, in and aboat eeriato fiovernmat-t War?6cuees, Tii: Wareh ">???? by the Railroad, on 6 atreet north, rlothiiig Wtrtkouu ?t I7ta etraet eiid Pa ara. Warehouse at Eaaby'a Wuarf, foot of 6 atreet SonetJu e, approximate of the MTerai itome and ?aaiiUUM repaired, and ?p*oifioeUona definiac tta vvimuUVL.V ?V w VUSIII ?V1?, irnmj W OWi VB BffUW* tlOB At tbiS 0*fio6. The Un.e tor r*eeiTing bUa la lmiud to tba SSU lnataat. at <S m. M O. MKI69. ftftt-dtd q.M.6lnm U. S. A. Haul.. Ray k caroa. d>29 1 c^kbmuwn ???OKVE.,EVt.Nlit,A BSALTifUL WAinw^ijygj UODOBi ?? wner' 6thI 1 -*:? V ?.?? *} . >?? ??; r??ft - *v , -* ?< 941 * J? I 'S J. W SECOND EDITION. THJtfcK O'CLOCK. P. M OUR MILITARY BUDGET CMtflMV. * u- smic mmibt rooiraM t&e bmbIiiiIIm of Gen. G?w|? Ctdinllidrr, of Pi , le br i Brigadier General of Voluuteera He U one of tbe irat military men la tbe I'aloa, end we preaone will it once take tbe lel<d. itxovtittii. Tbe Preside" U understood to bee* recomlanted General Den lei E. Sickle* to a Brigadier vranmi-siip. It la due to General S'.rklc* to aay.ttatwfci * holding that position not atnoe, he rtrl? M fltneaa for It that made minv who bad ao parti cular l'klng for him regret alncerely that tb? Senate bad taken occaalon to refuse hU eoaflrmation. There are time* when the pnblle Interest impenMrely require* theaervirea of ofl-era uho arc known to be competent m?d duat,ud bel all*fled inat General Stcklea baa proved b'<n?elf to be an'h an oflccr, we truat that the ?*enat? w'.ll promptly reconalder their late action In bl? caae stavr TiiD-noK tn nrrtiiiivoci The French sunbott lianmiii und?l ? n? yard about noon ye?terday. and after a aalute badk been exchanged, tbe Frenrh M1nl?:er va? p-r ,.ri abore. The Yankee arrived fom the Kappahanc about three o'clock yesterday afternoon fcs\ n*j left tbe mouth of that river on VVed'.c*4tV afternoon 8he report* that on Txeadr v '-neraoon. aa tbe Anacoatla wa* com ng down the river, wfcea near Lowry'a Point, *he w?? flrel Into by a mall body of rebel infantry r-. a*. three or f ur volleya were ftred, aoroe the balU atr'k't . ' wr the ateamer She Imuuilittr retu-ned t - ^ uvnt miu cuu "I n III' *1 * a lir'' VLV 2 bad the eflect to dl?jvr?? the rebel*. The boats of the fliitilia arc kept busy in taklu/ powwlon of rebel craft, wltbln a few day* having captured seven more M-boonera?socnr of U.)Hn well freighted?thua Inrreaalng tUr numbe- of jiilfs l? slxtefn, two of which are a:e?uie?a The Yankee ba? 1st* I?* bccu to Frrder ksb jg, ?here she found our troops Sa poaaenlon and the citizens attending to their usual avocations 8 n.? of them do not rellah bavlag th?> troops among them, but as a renrral thlce thev arework'n* very harmonloa*ly together. Verv tew "I^na of the rebele ire seen In the ne'^h^'hrl of Fied erlekaburg, but to the vicinity of Tappabar- -a. and L.owry'a Point oreaa'onal pl<-k?:a are aeeu Th* Cum Niti l.m -TV rn*t commercial tnteiwat of Ikf rminlrr lilflka upon t be action of the Senate to-day In patting, by a handvjft>? ?n?J"irJty. Senator Latham'* bill for theestabllahment of regular L S n.all aerviee bttweon Han Franrlaeo and Shanghai. China. IU p*aaag? vu the malt of the Julnt labor* of Meaara Latham iud McDou/e", and reflect* great credit Indeed upon tbe efflciency vr tb which they take care of the true Interest* of their ronatltuenta. THE LATEST Br TELEGRAPH. Farther of the Fight near New Orleans, Arrival ?f the Wcaadrd fr?a the EilnbtUi t'ltf Ea|i|rBrit at F?rtre?? Miirce Hiadiunrttr.? Dipartmemt ?f Ytreimta. > April W.h." Hon. Ed*rt* M Stanton, S?rrirary / (T?r Assistant Sargeon Warren, un nndltlonaii)' released with ?eventeen prisoners and four at tendants, arrived thl* evening from Norfolk They were the wounded left on tbe field In tbe tfftlr of tbe South Mill*. The troops of tbe United States consisted. &s reported, of 3,<00aien, under the rnmnini ot ?rig. uen. neno The surgeon say* tb<> rebela onltr reported a Georgia regiment and three pieces of artillerv The Norfolk Day Book report! a Navy bombard meut of Fort Jackaon, on tne Mtaalaaippl rlaer Major General Lovell Is represented aa a&ykng ic wis terrific. It at) 11 continued at tbe latest a< counts, Joan E. w ooi , Maj Gen FURTHER OF THE BOMBARDMENT OF FORT JACKSON Baltimobb, April (from Forties* Monroe April <!.)?( have Information direct from Rl< b mond saying tbat the bombardment of Fort Jackaon commenced cn Friday ls?t, and bad con tlnued three daya up to tbe time tbe fort bad been last beard from at Rich mo d The rebels admit that the firing of our mortar* boata waft admirable, though the distance was ery great A large number of our ahella bad bur* la the fort at tlmea, greatly damaging and dlaarranglng the Rebel gana. Nevertheless tbejr calm (in Richmond) that ao far we have hurt nobody. FROM ANNAP0L1S. Amumii, April 45, 12 3u p m ?H U V loop-of-war Kacer La? ja?. ?teatr<sl out of tfcia Larbur. Wind e*?l, tod thick weather CONOR ESS JON A L. zjlxtiim ro'fhrm^xwd iimiii. Fkidat, April 25. ? After the prea-rtatiou and ref?r?-iice of undry petition* - nr. ?>?af imroaucea a 0:11 concern ?- priwv suits of Individuals against public officers pro*log out of th?*lr official juts Ref?rrei Mr. Henderson Introduced a bill to chirrarcer Utn Mnks In the District of Columbia. Referred The bill (Mr. Latham s) esUb?,?Ltug a llae of U.S. mall n earners between 8*u I- r*acl?fo and Shanghai, China, and appropriating half a million of dollars to that end, was taken up ti.d passed?veas 28, nays 16 Shortly aftrw-rds the s*eaate went !at? ne- n a ?c ^caaiuit Hor*i ?Mr Huteblns cfiWc.1 a ruMafot u* censure Mr. Valtandl^hsm for word* spoken \u debate against Senator Wade Tbe Speaker staled that it is was ^ueaUoc cI privilege on which Mr. Vallaadlghaot bad ra.a. a t. point of order. Mr Villaodlgham aaked that the following rule be read: "If a member be ctUsd to order far wcroa apesen in debate, the ptraon calling him to ord> r Sball (CDfeit ?> * wards eieeMpd to fend thw ?:-?U be taken down la writing at the clerk's tabi#, and uo member shall be held to aiuwer or fcts abject to the cenanre of the Hooae for word* poken In debete, if iajr other member h-? ?p?ken or other butinen intervened after the wordt poken and before exception than have been taken ? Tbe Speaker alto directed the following to be read from tbe manual : "inioracriy worm ipoirn in commniM nun be wrltteu down in tbe Uo?w, but tbecouuulttee can only report them to tbe House for anlmadveralon," and stated tbat under the circumstances be would sustain tbe polut of order raised by Mr. V allandlgham. Mr. Aauiry introduced a bill to Incorporate tbe Guardian Society of Washington; referred. Mr MaUory, of Ky.f Introduced a blU to facilitate tbe tranaportatlOB of foops and tbe null from Washington to New York: referred. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Coloebd Gxwution -iimn E. \Vlii:ui late an agent for colored emigration to Hi)!!, delivered u Interesting addres* jrrmtrrday before the Baltimore African (M F. ) Conference, now In aenalon la tbls city, on bla projert of coioalzatloa In Central America. Mr William* baa bad an opportunity to aee tbe working* of tbe emigration kyaaem to Hqftl and ia nf the* rnlnlnn that It U n/ki #a? i a# aw v? mmmm. w?. > ? UV1 AVI W*i* iU??l " l "? the colored people of this country to go there. The Uartle&s do sot fraternize heartily wl;h ( lg rants from here, and the two aeu do ul ft on well together. He despair* of his race ever attalniag aavthtag llheequail.y la thli country, sad thlafcs et.oalutlon afbrdi theas the only hopeful peotpact of satisfactory development. PcasoMAL ?Capt H. . Adam* and Capt Arnold, U.8. N , and Bayard Taylor, Pa are !J, of Com "wo rtVro^o'V' RnioHATioa.?Mr E. L ChUAa, who baa for a porlod of twootT-two jrttti tiled tbe oMe* at MtryoHta of Trtutqr Church, u4 who wu reelected oa Monday ooralag, haa raaigued

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