Newspaper of Evening Star, April 28, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 28, 1862 Page 4
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eveninITstar.] DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES, j Polic* Matter* ?f\r*i Prttinct ? Michael Dillon, drank; tukfn tn Fort Orrrll. health Binwn. ao ; do. Thomas Averv^ d'ank. taken to camp. Jos Hiited. do ; do F Foster, drunk; turned over to the sallitary. M McGrtusger, do ; kept till sober. F. Kelley, do , do. John Nooks; do ; taken to camp. Sylvtster Proctor, do ; delivered to his wife. Srtond Prteintt ?Wm. Be?t?. drunk and <i1?orderly; turned over to the military. John Mciiu'.rc, do ; do. John Ragan. drunk; sstrried to camp Eugene Posey, assault ar.d fcnttery; dismissed. Joseph Johnson, do do John Carroll, drunk and disorderly; carried to camp John M. Galnor, drrnk and fl?htlng; turned over to the military Jacob Harris, do.; do. Rider, selling liquor to soldiers; dismissed. \V ; lined *20 0\. Wi'l Crlstle.drunk; taken to craafthoa**. Wm. Rider, selling liquor to ' soldiers; ruled for trial. Charles ]K>aglas, stealing a horse and buggy: security for court. The?. Csrr, do; sent to Jail. Thomss Carter, drunk, turned over to the military Barnard Ryan, do ; taken to camp. John MarMn, do ; do. Mary J?lmona?. indecent nenaTier; worubcuRe. Third Preeinrt.?hmea Boy-e, Christian Norman and M?rtha Hai', disorderly: flr.ed *1 56 Mfli. I??*c Rldgeif do; do. S353. Requa Jr Cn., selling without licence; do *1 44. Henry f?lurpby,df?order1y; do. ?2.62.* Faulkner, do <2c ril M Lactue, committing a nul anse^ do ! 44. Joreob Stone and Cha? Dcneldaon, disorderly; do $1 44 e<wh. Barney Clary, drunk; d1."mi??ed Robert WHso" srd Thomas Woodward. ot?t after hc?r?; fined SI 44 each. i?eeCht*lcy. disorderly: do. Mary Beetty, Anra rteatty, H*>s*er OfcMe, Susan Mattinelv. Mary Shinlev and Anna Itrown. disorderly: workhouse. r.l'*ta AJdrn, ragranry; do. Mury D-wv, do ; iir.ed?1. Wary Fargu*on end Hannah Qup?B, di>.; d<> 14 e^b. tunnh PrttiK- t ?John Butler. driving on the ptTtiMut; fined sw.TO Ba?tl Jackson, do ; Ho. ilenry Hprrf:k, disorderly- d'strimpt}. Jsrk^cn Jone?, do ; ?o?d SI. Fnrtenn* W?st. s?'eurity to krep the pe*ee. Patrick Haegerfy, drjnir d!<?ir!ir:ed. Thorna? Rnney, do.: do. ?>r*n Woliey. do.; fined SI 75. Calhoun Clark, d!-ord-*rly; fined 82. Thome* Hutchen*, dismU^ed. Caroline Lelpfried, d?.; v*orkho;:?e. > t i j . J _ T a i!i ?_ i . Ain. i norn, ai>., ao. jcmts r>un:van. a" ; ?io. -'arab Tavlnr. a?sau!t aad battery; security 10 lefp th<? pesce. F -rmrt.?Mary Jane Butler, disorderly tj ane.l SiBenjimiu Warren, do ; W ?esit? 'i 'N. Mary Drank, dnir.k and disorderly; v oikbOiUf. Ann E. Campbell, do.i do. I.trut. Tnnir??m?. drnck; tnrr.ed over to the military, sco Ohlsallll, committing a mmarc-; di?mlned. Kal? Simmons, disorderly; SlM S5 ?r. I! .ritv CiiTtn. drnnk: tt!rn*><l ovrr ??j the nt'11. tary. >!r? Miles KeUy. disorderly; lined ?1 5s. M.Maber, do.; do Hm Jones, larceny; turntd oVi?r U> the millUry. S. Droy, Laving stolen pnpertv; bail for a further b^arlnsr. Sarnb Jackson. drtiok and disorderly; lined si SO. Will Ism fiu'ler, roscnulUut; a nuiitance; do. John Drur:k, ttirned ovrr to (be military frinafl -Cw. Veuable.dei'Cittr; tnrcrd rver ?o tb" military. Arcb S-lby, John Hrar?lt, do : do Mary Branson, d'i'n't *rd disArdi?r'v; ?1.5?. Marts Branson, do ; SI 04 Cornellu3 Gal laser, ?uicer; Mri irosst,-, J:?ofSerl'.; 81 S~. John Smith, jcnault and br.tfery; J ball for r~i:rt Frtvrnrd KHtt, m-iicio'i* in!?c.hl?f; S1u68. Rrown. do ; do. William Tu-ker, do ; Jumc* Rooney. do.; *!(>68 Robert May, drank; taken to lock-up. Bridget Kiley, drunk and diiord^rly; ?153. Cv.&* Tinnegan, drunk and refplns In ha?"k: <7.58 Mary Simond?, Indecent conduct; workb?uee. Tboe. Relilv, br ach of the peace; jail. Al'. bat! Uar nag:on aruni; id iocJ(-ap- Vv ui. soa, dlaorderly; 5U SB. T*n'\ Prtrinct ?Patrick Powers, ar.d battery; workhouse. Jofcn t'lizaiminone, vacant, do. George Rifry. do ; do. Allen Thomj?vtn, drank and dtaorderly; turned over to the inisiia/x. Jr'Uo C Parker, riding on the r">v> rr^nf; !': t 92. Wns. Ficbarda, d'tcrderiy; t'a-4 *- *'1 W. Wehb, do ; do. Win Jaekso.i. riding ??n 'be pavement; lined F. Herb-;?. L 'Ii'inf: fined CO W. George Lmrfcemer. drunk ?ud di??>id?rU do Patrick McGuIre, do ; fined ?! 50. Smltb. afea'lnx; ruled for trial W I). Shod, tealing; Jail. Lewis Rubin, do. diamicrd Mary Carter, vagrant; wnrkbou<^. W>a!r*y H!{>lej, diwmierly; d:?a;isfd. Win Tbr,mp?on, drank; do. Alphew* Manh&ll. proffcnltr; fin^ri CI 01 limM -J- ??>-* --- w? .. v v "uuuu, y it JU<1 II' r court. Thomas Peacotnt, disorderly, ds-m;>jrd. Henry TV.ema*, stealing a lot of clothcs; ji'l for court. David button, profanity; flnrd 51 &t. Rachel Bailv. do ; il'.srrlisd lUfcr-t Wbeatiey, prostitute; dlsmi*aed Frances Soyer,do ; wirknno?e. Elizabeth Barry, do , do. Joatrphlae Rlzzle. do ; do. * U -- - - -- ? ? - ' - ? - - n uuias UI I^WVBTIIT.?.^1 r. A?Hi*V 01 OHIO, introd~-">d la the House of RepreBSiitativfs F'lday. a hill to lncorrorate the ' Guardian Society of the District o 1 Columbia" whose tbjerts is the establishment of a much seeded housf of industry to juvenile cffsaders. It provides forth* appointment of 15 trustees from the sorle'v, the Juallflcatlons of m?mbefsblp are th? payment of 2 annually, or to life membership by the payment ?f S50 or S10 per annum for six years. Tb? purroae of tb<? society sha:l b? t? enronra?? *?a Id the poor, the 'enora-1 and the vMona fo improve ?be!r condition. Ttie trm ee?ir>av. attt?'.r dl?Tet'.or?. rfrriv* into a home of industry, proved by ?iia aocietv. any minors under e!gfcNn>n yean ofa^e who atall be ror.wjrteJ r>f say rrime ofher than otfVncesi ian Is table by d<??ih,o! lij. pr^onment in pMikiitlary for life, or *ry virions persona, destitute .of homes and ?.d#q:iate menr i of sappott. Tb? b il also provides for senter.eiiu: Mnmi to 11? U- ? * * " - r- .? ?av Ui lUUUlir) U'f like tOU<U with en alternate aentenre to the prnttentl&ry or jril. Co**ttt*t> tv. Ja.l.?Chaxies McVey.a a 1d!er. was arr-jtM a dsy or two a'p.rr by officer J O Luaft*, an the charge ;>f riW-'nt; 'he *tor?? of Mr. Charlea biviay, oit the Navy Yard, in the latter part of Jtiaico, ot the money timber, foa aom- ?*? Th*re wua narub<-r if narked :*a?ni*h qua:tt>a in th?* d's\r?r ?.t the tirr". ><rd v ?? w - a - ? * - ? ii?i-v win: i ia.i in rirenwt'on. were trs?"ed *.? Mr Aev. ar.d he vm aTea;ed. Jnstlcc CuUaeet U'.om to jail to-r a?we: the charge to Hens a H? r*r.?A Bailor, nam-d Juices Hayden. bring on a regular spr**-, Friday afternoon went to tb<> hon?? of Sosan Prlac*. o? the island, with a knife tn hand and threatened to Xi'n ti?* girla and aet fire to the halldlng Ofi^er Monnean roninpr to arrwt blm, w.ia reacted, but alter * an* difficulty got him to the sat ion hoc?e. when a general charge <f <v?orderly r- aduct was entered ; and he was sent *,* * ?-*" " - j u?nce Motion to the workhi>cse 1 hitv er ar?b villains ?Allpradeaof v'.ilitns. t:om the harp, wt!y, clly-ttifig'-ed ronfiien csjt?. bo jrey* upon the < redullt!e? of tb*wraiiuv ai. J charitable, down to to? deap*rate footpad, who ieegtben* out his naiaorahle ex1*!ec-e by the fife u*e oI the knifeatid ILp elsb, now mint our rity. A number of peraona havln? b-^a atueked bv th!? latter claas of ?ronndrels during the dark, rainy ni^hta of the past mcuth. tlsLti for Rail ?Krtnk ttell and An<1rro Cheap, c >lorrd, were arretted a dey or two aire.fcy cCicer Kckloff, ca tut charge of b?lat; n-<> partita who ecmiuitfcd a a ws-idli i>u Aqallla rtartoa on tV e 17lh ix??t , and the examination w>i coac.aded before Justice Clayton yealrrd .y afb-riioos. wbeu Chats wat - Jill and bell was tela to bail to answer the charge iixivlttw a. Wbiii Mas.?Oa Thursdav afternoon a d!fflcnity ocr:jrr*-d at tbe fi*h wfcarf, between Wm Penny, a rolo.ed man employed sa a sailing muter, and John Cunningham, awhita captain rf th<* Fame boat, wblrh revolted in Penny striking Cunningham aver tiie h**i.l wi'h bucket Peuny was arretted, and committed to Jail by J usuce St rat ton. AtmciT o* a f.Anr ?On Friday nfternaon, a * m.n ?>rru^i I - '" "v '' * " ? ? v ?* ?? at ? ira a ;?ay oj he r anil-t bali afreet, ou the UUi.J, ul;h * stone hi earh tand, ?nd chokod Ler. Officer Vernon ?rxe.iied Liu* and took hliu before Justicc fctratlon, who committed him to j.ili to jmsw?:r the charge. holdieL^money An ' ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. 1HE A DA>13 LXl'U ESS COMFAA V WILL FO*WAl^? ^U^WfcUb' JLKM1TT* Umr FaauUti at uy p vse on th? lme? of then Exfr?*> at a obarsj .4 TWENTY FIVE CENTS Fat ajrr ?r* jk>t xxonrtia* P:?tt Dollar*, And A *ro?orunnato additional charge to >;aoe? reached by ?ona?euaf U?r?MM. Til* rMMtUnoA, whet?ar 6oid, Trestary Nc tei, or aliotnwwt braii*, aliuvid b? eaoioeeu m an er.T(IIIw lod WMfc?M- B*efc*nQs -J dr'M icaiadui* tova. futt U Jfioo.auJ ?>L\:? ?; 1 u. ouu ? the auen aca namber) of tit a par-on 10 whrm to Nntt, acd tfi? amount lagibij m* tner:cn. KuT*it>H? Uh tfii& purjo## c.ay i)6 U4 at oV SeS uSti/be^e d*^'*erT tfc? charge for r? tTSTlia ? Al>AMferKXPIIK88 COMPANY. ' ?f ail oafort ud ?M*tiUM, e?vl it miti %*! .... k tt-tf ?v4+r lire**1* OK 9UIF AMD COME *U TdK IIE31 D foot i?m? t?*r Cl?lAia<?No, 4?0 Semtt nrmi. fefMM mm *? * ^ ,r 0 y? . ADDITIONAL TESTIMONIALS. a few of the many testimonials from the citizens of washington to dr tumblety, the indian ? van n T\ < > < . n uuvjiur. DtplorabU Condition of Body and Hind. I was almost dead with pain In my chest, back, shoulders, sU e an# bead; was debilitated that 1 con id scarcely walk. My mind was continually melancholy and gloomy; but were It not for Dr. Tumblcty's skill and his remedies, I would have been dead before this. 1 am now completely cured. Thomas Griffin, P street, between 15th and 18ih, Washington, D- C. Lryiiptla! Cured. D*. TrMBLBTT?Yoar herb remedied are the paragon of all tbat la great In medicine. They have cored me after being given opto die of ervtlpelaa. Mr* Emma. Khn*ll, Fairfax county, Va. Curt of Coughf, Pain in tkt Breast, Dysp*psi?, with grtnt Weakness. This in to certify that I have been troubled with th- abovf-namcd complaints for aeveral yeara I tried some of our moat eminent phvaiclana In Watbiopton, Alexandria, and Georgetown, hut received no reilef. 1 waa persuaded to try Dr. Tuablety, and In a very ibort time hla herb mcdlclnes cured me. Jam** H Biali , Blacksmith Shop, Nayy Yard. Dyip+pii* and Liver Complaint Cured. Chnrlea \V. Harraan, Metropolitan Police, Washington, D. C. Curt of an Ulcerated Sort Lef %cith seven holes. Da. Tcxblett? I have been using your herb medicine* to cure a bad le^, with seven running ore*, of several years standing, which the doctors thought incurable, and amputation was regarded as the only ultimate relief. I can now walk as well as ever. 1 am cured. 8. C. Pabkish, Seventh street, Park Hotel, Washington. Consumption Cured. Mrs. Edward T. Tupipett, Navy Yard, Third Slreet. bfitwccn M stid N Scurvy Cured (i very bad case.) Jut. W. Larkln, Government Printing Office. Washington, April 9, 1S62. Blindness Cured. This Is to certify that 1 have been blind for two years, and by the aid of Dr. Tuoiblety's treatment 1 can walk ail over Washington without a guide. Mrs McDowrll, Seventh street, Island. To the Ladws. My wite hiu been aifilcted with a dlnea* peculiar to her ?ex, for three year?. Had tried var'oui physician* without any benefit. Dr. Tumblety hit cured her. w. Tucker. Alexandria, va. Consumption Cured. A vegetable course of treatment presented by Dr. Tumblety has cured me of Consumption. #us#rn i>anbiwA) Brigade Wagon Ma?t<*r. 19th itreet, Waahlntfton, D C. Duent of t\t Throat. Francis Seals, E?q., leader of the U. S, Murine Uaad, Nivy-Yard. tcrofula Cvrfi To ail afflicted with Scrofula Try Dr. Tuinblety, tbe h;dlan Herb Doctor. J. E. Httcbinson, Patent Office. Ktv J. CVtu Curtd. I would recommend all who are troubled with Gtneral Debility, Dysp^pala, ic., tic., to try Dr. fumUety, who has cured m?. Rev J. CciTia, Baltimore, Wd. . Canesr Curid TN.? VI.*? t m i>i. lumuiery nas curea my w;i? 01 cancer Dy Li* herb remedies. J. C APIIt, Near Fairfax Seminary, Va. Sore Eyes Cured. P Maher, Bridge street, Navy-Yard. Piolapsus Uteri. L>r Ttrablety's Herb Medicine has cured my wife of the ebcve mentioned disease. Capt Cunningham. Georgetown, 1). C. Fit Cured. V\1m titf.iii-V.t W /? ? W nofli m Pam. ? ?/u y ? ? - ur?? y >!?( *'ww ttve:.?ut Nlpbi Ureiia^, ac , See. Jame* Davis, Alexandria, Va. Lirgi Tvmor Ktmovtd. James KIu^, G street, Washington, D. C., bad a lar^e tuna..r of a eancerou* natiue removed from his hnd without rvaortliuj to tbe barbarous prarUc of cutting wttb a kiufe. at Is usual In aucb caaea. r t_ t-j > n a HfWUC L O'/l/<..!??{ C UTIOL. Mr? t'. Vv iiiekfraan. Lftiy'i Hotel, beor^etown. CVr? 0/ JVert-owJ Dibihty. hadarlek Rohle?icr. F street. corner ol 8d, IsiiBtl. Strofuli1 CkmJ. J. Maioney, corner iti nnd H btreeta. Umlargevunt of the Htart Curtd. P Downs, 313 Ctb street, Waah'.ngton, D C. Scrofula Curtd. J 11. l.akemau, Siith ?!re?t, No. 4-]J. Consvmptirm Curtd. J. l.alrd, watchman, Unlifd State# Capitol. J' bn Cinj-k, Can.p Duncan. D. C. jcfcn C. Day, comer second and D strwU. EaJ Case of Jaundice Cured. John Hard, No. SCO New York avenue. Fits Cured. David DUon, 472 F Mr?et. Nervous Debility Cured. John Donoho, Mo. 500, corner C and 3d atreeU. Ckarle* a Ct>ur?eiser, Navy Yard. Cured ?/ Chronic Disease. WilMani Sullivan, corner Four-and-a-half and l? .-IreifU, Iron Foundry, Navy Yard, D- C. Cur'd of Debility. nkirla* Wlluw II U Dyspepsia Curtd. Baa). l?otiey, TwftiMeth atreet, below Pennsylvania avenue. Cured of Pimplts on the Fact. James R?d, Twcoty-auih and L atreeta /M ? . ** A ?- * a Larontc nucimaiim I WH. M. G Howard, Tenth street, near i'ebaaytTuU av-nue. Aukwia after all tht Dor tori fax ltd 8. i. White, No. ii3 H street, Math aide of Capitol. Catutr Curtd. J. Ulackburn, Georgetown. Bad Drtams icitk Night Stotats Curtd. R Haunach, 417 Seveath strot. Fftt Cnrtd. J. J. kiM, C street, between Mb and 7th. THE INDIAN HERB DOCTOR *rlU describe dlaeaaea and tell h!a pall mi ta the nature of their complaints or lllntas. without receiving any Information from tnem. y? Chmrgt far Comnltmtim or Advici. OSoe, No. 11 Washington BnlMHnga, PenaM> full areaiM, oorner 7th street. ' ap IS-3W* &IA fe riKRIXI* WorcMtenbin Sauce. rr*M?DM4 by Bfcj KXVRACT OMIOUBEVJUI if *f * L?*?r fron u b* tha ft 1 Mtii?i BmOlmum M OMkT .OOD """? T9 tiu Jtrfktr IAICI" it WoroMtor. M?a?Uttbl?to SggJ EVKftY "lj|S Ttoihfy^SrtSSS ? Lt'"~ in India, fccd u, ui A.EIETY ttW&f Imy ojiiuon, th# men tai' tii j>a:&tabl8, u v?!l u no niHM ft?2?9tiie moat vholnaom* u' WIS*. tluUninifcd*." The abort SAUCE ? not oalj the nat and moat rtrna comixm known, bat th* most Beomom drnmA* Aa A <(wuui in Caum iZ*m<H4. AT Wlfcfe KlA. i and oolJ Joints, B*tf St$ak, ffmrnt, f impart acex<uieite oast, whioh unrrxmtirUd Sauoe nu aftoturera have fa vain endeavored to Oa the Brukkfmst, LmuAten, Dituur, or T*blt, a oruet ocataieint " LKA A PLKKINS' WOftCJbttJfc.K9HlRL 3AVCK" ia indiapenaabla. To appreeiate the taulltmi of thia itH iinu preparation it ia only neoeeeary to pcroiiaae a email bottle of the ttnuuu, of a reepeotable troear or dea er, aa many Hcttl and Smwwmi pro prietora aeldom place the Purt Sauoe before their fueata, bat e?r>atitulea jenaine Bottlt filled with vwtwt mixture. For aale by ?rooert and Fralterera everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN Jt SONS, Wnim Sfuart mad lili strut, Ntw York, bo!* wholesale Areata for the United States. A Stock alwaye in itore.?Alao orders reoeired far direct shipments from Eniand. C7'Bntmrt 9/ Count trftilt ?uf I eepl-ly,ao HM TOPBAM'S gggg UBS f M S U 1 * M TR W 9 k Pfimn HANUtACTOKY, 4?l lm?M STXZ3T, WD. . _ , I, !?? in*"** 1 I 1=l, J^4r*3Ti^*> wT* I ' "?n"' nw^'thSy"' I At Ln* Push. Mnibiri of CocciMf*c4 t-*reiera will ?!?* *x*mme mj took before puroiiviicK *U?irk?r? ' Snakfc that ire made it other cities. 8?>erior Leituer ?ti Drets Tmzka mk-it v? Hor. Tmnki ooverea and repaired tt short nette*. #o?*ii delivered free or charts to&iyft&rt ! tk* ttltr * Freetown, ud Aiexainina. J 4\fKv JUIPBAM. G- BALMORAL BOOTS, OA'f Tlpjed Doable eoieBeimursL?11 to Calf Kid do do do .#2 <*> lore Calf do 92 to Alao, all other stjiea of L&diea aud Miaaet' Balmoral B00U, the cLe*.;o?t aad brst apcortment intiieoitr. J. KOSENTHfcL, >io. lrt Market Sjaew, i?7 M Pffif. ?Y?r,l?. #?h a ml s?ln ata ?? - ?? ?- - ' - - ? " noticz. i MADAMS' EXPUIISS COMfART'? J'hl? Compmr offers to tiie jubUe" l.'ue?atli*4 T*nUf?? tor the Safe tad vtaiok D:cyatoii of Ho?tt Freifhta, Ftoi?r ?s, V?ica.blM, Mon?r? 4?. fco., to ill ftrta of the United Stitss. nJ ?k. M^.*k ..J J - I r.*F'De?0B Ki ?:iu iMUJ" ilia P?iiU ftUU n<7|| UV>irt from ud arrive ia Washington tiriee daily, A.!! Ex* reaaea are ln eL?".?a of *a4 rtlttil* MMMr.jisn, Ai! Package* for The oarnea at "am *L>" oar aaua! rates. All Ooods for the s?-oalled "G?nredflriU f?tatea" aud all Artinlea H Comtaoaad of War" will t>* WA"- ... ... ui> rtiimusi irare rtn* ; trs ?1 lit. Mil < r, M., arriTin* in YVaain;.iton at ? A. Ji. uJ t.n hiruiu leave Philadelphia at t JO A. M. an4 11 P. M., irriTiDj In Waafclnjtan at IJ> P. M. and A. M. Eirretui leave JBa timore at 4JO A. M. and 1 P. Jf.^ is Wa?tinsw,a at A. M. and MO Eiiwmm for all volnta North anH WmI le?r? Waenmrton at 7 jo a. M. and 2 jg P. m. dan/. SpeoiaT Contracts for iarze ?aantit:ea of t relifct an be made on ayp.ioati3u to una < rjfice. All Gooda called for and delivered frti <A Kxtra kariM. K. W, PAR.-5QI13, Bay't Aiann' hxyrea* Ccrr.paor. Waahlnrtac. Aot?n :?. Itci a? ?-tf ^ something wtw j -at. / > ww1'"""."!'.?.0."" ^GSf 1> 881 O iPrul, tff$iiit JJu TA???if. oyhtexrt fteafted iB til* 6k?U ftL? "Fnortiualy Cooke* Car ?*3*ri?r t* ft r?ui; ia <v? m;ah;u, ia* /mum ti?i m ruftl. t:a!l ?-iu a?a. Vb* Ktiertit&?l re?y?ctfaiir infoi .7.a sia ?-'.#n4s in lie L'i?:iisC aim TUiUtra to ius, t;.*t ho Uaa refitted Lie cl: \?d will-ikow:; in a rr.oal thoros'b maiinar. a.'id lias made cotnalete arrangement* to far man oybtek8 in any jtyieand jn any ^nar.rty, f? ?o l"0 t?! ot:a anooke* Mr day, 1,000 to >,000 0*r:? pf Sfio?i) and Freak But ? daiir?rata h?riiw>Uoail? k?^aJ. Furaisha^ in th<s sheli by the i-^she: or barre:. Persons wishing to have uioisr* famished regularly through the vint#'. at R&iturore prices, without ?o?r ot fcilaro, ihc-i.J c?ii ai<.l mike arrangements kt once. Freight, *ru money ^red by parekas'.c* ( me. a* i ts rr.ikh an articie e?b.M to the oeiebraiea iJaim^re **iabi jikmenu, *t trikujutuiov. wo BWTtEae. Canned Meats Lobsters, ssrdiat#, Claras, HtrawberriM, 'Jfo.a*t'??e, Pigs' Feet, Tripe, io. co.,&o. Also, PioJr>e, Catsup, b&jcea, iirancy Poaohee. k.a. Also, tiaus Swr.d 1- resii Fish. 'f*r. tiea, ttcrranca, fresh l,ob?t*rs, cod. h*llfut, fca, in aot, evary titinc for s&la m ttt> northern market* always ou haiiii, ?t reaaonahle prtosj. hotel* and families acjjuod with oyster*, d?iivered inn,oat oharge to any tart of the dutntt, in adaaon. if the iacnay i? irr.t sriih the orcer. my aataoliahiaent ia open from k ft. m. to u at alcht. avary aay.exoeftbanday, vhra 1 oluaa at loo'olooka. a. i?m y. m. hakvkt Black silks : black 91lks! rot.drkn mi wy ~ COLORKD 911.US! A full assortment ol the t>ebt ?raaes at our proverbially low prices SPRING SHAWLS!pring gHAWLa New supplies at raost mode rata prions. SPRING WRAPPINGS*: SPRING WRAPPINUS! New supplies daiiy. One pnoe only, the aotua. cash value, marked In lain bcures. PKRRV A UKO , ap 9-tr P<cn. avanaeand 9th ?trw>. CVDR ARMY AND NAVY MEN.?Navy Blue r Flanneu, cloths, and Oassinieres. /irroy hue Flannels, Clotns. and Caasirserea, the proper qualities (that Will holu the ooior.) a;so our ufcuai nwp e Kooit or all othor Kinds of Drr Goods, for lamui*? and lioaN*k?*pore. One pries only, marked la cisticot figures. An examination of staok implies cn obligation to purohase. PF.RKY & lAtO., ap 9 at Perm, avflnne and Ninth st. TZilESBM^Zl. ProUttti If Royal Ltitirt Faitut of England, und ueurtd by tk* Rials of t\t Ktolt dt Pharwukci* dt Paris, ??d tkt Iinptrial CelUgt / Mtditint, Km*m. TklKa^MAR P?o. 1 la the efTeotaal reined j for ftiLixayioit, Hpnkatobmh<sa and Exhaustion ob tub Ststxm. TDI fu L'VT A D it ? LiKiummv iiUi Completely and entirely culio&tea all traeesof thoa* ait orders, for which Copaiv* and Cubeba itavfc ssnerauy bean thourht an antidote, to ths nun oj the health of a vaat portion of the popalatt#** TRIF.8EV.AR No. 3, la th? rreat and aure remed j of the emllsed world for all impuritiM of pie system, aa well aa aeooad*y aymptoma, obriatinc the dsstruotive uee of eroury, aa well as otner dfcletenoua ineredienta, and whioh all the Saraapanlla in the world cannot remove. TkissbxaU Noa. 1.2 and 3 are alike doToid of taste or imc'i. and of all nauaeatinc aoaiities. The* are in the foriu of a losenge, and may lie on th? toilet table without their use betnc aus eoted. dojd in tin nhi at as saoh, or four ft cum in a* for 19, and in fi? cu?s, tlins aavinf ft, u jww-r.' ROW, 194 fitMokar itr**t, (4 doon from MaoCo a/al jtreet), Nvw York. Jmwadiatoljr oar?aoijf of rwnittaoo?, Dr, Btiiow will forward YrfMomar to any part of the world, aooarelt MdkodMd addrMMd aeoordinc to the inatraetioni Fifcllty. Prio* SI cants. TrtMvm&r and Bookjao b? obtained by s?so>at aatbantj fru in 0. C. F O H U. WMhmrfn. O.n doW-tr D FROM PARIS. E BKRNARP?Le Paravoct; SOo D? werwrd-ln Bean Fere. 3 ro!?.; 60o l)e Beauv^ir?Le Cabaret dea Norte; 30o I)uma??La Bouillle de la Comtesss berth*; mo Ihimn f-hiTT" la Puaellat ?o riiinTB 'I'm'- Mftitrfta: Sn? ^soTja Ba.nd?L'Uaooaae; 80o Ovau^xxomraloM sir 1m borda da Rhin,l vol*.; EgtSand-^^* Fl.ilral*; Mo ' ?Ciovu GoaaJm; 30o rer?Madam# Ol>.*npe; 90a ' rowd?La Pwatdiuierroi 80o M? f RAWOK TAYLOR. BfgjJUf ^a^|bit?u^ 4u0 8'" fflBatWiW!" "D A inott shoioo Uhortaut, it oar fro verbally 0M' ",MW 4 TRAVELLERS' DffcEOTORYT BALTIMORE & OHIO BAILROAB IHHHI \i>TirK CHANGE O ? HO V RB. On aiu> urn Wzdswuat, Apiil *, l*?a, tbi ru?iMu mm inwnp WASHINGTON, BALTimiOR.lti AND THE WRST Will run M foilowi : fin DmHy Train* Arri?? ml mnd Dmpnrt Am Wnikxntton Daily during tk* wui, mmd two on Sundayt. For PHILADELPHIA Bad NEW YORiwLmt? W Btiungtou at 6 a. m., 7.40 a. m, 11 a. m. ar.ct 5?. m.

Tor ANNAPOLIS?L?*ve Washington at 7.40 m &r<1 500 p m. For FRE1JKR1CK-Le*v* Washington at 7.40 a. m. and 3 ?. p. m. FOll ALL POINTS WFST, And for Harptr'n Farry. Martini!>urg and Winchester, leave Washington at7.4-'a. m. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. Lmva New York at 7 a. in.; Pniln<J?iphia 11 3" v m.; Baltimore 3 JO ?. ra. Arrive at Washington 5 *0 P*LeaveNew York at 6 p. m.; Phlla<ieJ?Ma 10 50 p. m ; Baltimore 4 30 a. m. Arrive at Washington 6 an a. ra. Leave New York at 11 p. m ; Philaielphi* s 3C ., m ; Baltimore 7.40 a. m. Arrive at Washington 9.36 a m. I r/tl 1 A AAAnnmA/(aH/Mi rT|??<*a ' '? ? Ajvvai UVWI'UIIUUUBWUU M ISiUQ imvo Ud> UIIIVII at 10a.m. ana no p.m. for Washington; arrnre there at It a. m. an<17 oo p. m. On Son Jay* at 4.30 ?nd 7 40 a. m on'r from Baltimore. No Ancapolie or Fraderiok oofcnecuocs on Sanday. Passenger Trains learinc Washington at 7 40 a. m. and 5 00p.m.,and Baltimore at 7.40 a ?a. and 5 10 D. m.. make rirrct oocnentinna tor Annvitoha at the Jmiction. The 7 40 a. ra. ocnneota at ke!&y for Prederlok. Hageratown. Harper's Ferry. tinnbnrg. Winchester,, Paricersburg, 4,c., except Sundays. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Washington at 6 50 a. in. and S.40 p m. Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 6 00 a. m. >1 a.m. and 5 p. m., and Baltimore a! 4 3nan-i 7 40 a m , and S 5} p. m , will stop only at Annnpolts Junction. Way Passengera must take the Ateommod&ticn Trams only. W. P. SMITH, ftp 2 Master of Transportation, Da:t. 1969] THE Pennsylvania Central Railroad. (with ita oonnNtiona) IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE W ESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! P I U.xa llAbLASk V'Lf FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THKO'JGSf FROM BALTIMORE! TUB 11 PA.1LT TKA.INS *80* PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSHl'ROH! Two of them miking CLOtl CONNSCTIONa JlT EAKEISBfl* with trains on the NORTHERN CEiNTRAL RAIL ROAD, ana rorimng THE GR BAT CENTRAL ROUTE nov WASHINGTON AND BALTliVIOHB to &11 points in the W*ST, NoBTH-WXBT A.ND bO?7lv-W*!T. C^For^Thronch Ticket*. s?piy_*t thejOSloa ? uio iHonaera central Kan Uotd Coia>?rT, Calvert Station, Kaltlniose. SpUr.di i Slcrjnng Cars on all Night Tfuin-i Smoimg Saloon Cars on all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Papsenr?ra ws<i uke the e a. ra. and fi p. m. tra'M. arriving in Baltimore at7.5>)&. m. and s? p. n .. where oiose oonneocons are made with traias en the Northern Central R R | &'< u 9 rrive in Harris- I r.urj ?t 1 p. m. and 1.45 a. in , tnere oonn^-oiii.t witii Uis trams c-n the Pennsylvania Ceaha Ranroa: fur ail parts of tho west, ? Li ^ FREIGHTS. Br Uilsronte, freljhts of all descriptions car I* *0/warded to and from any point on the Raiiroae* or Ohio, Kentucky, Indian*, Illinois, Wisconsin low?, or Missouri, by Railroad i ue rennsy iT&nia uentrai Kaxlroad o^nsr.eU at Pittsburg with steamer#, by whioh Goodaeas be lorwvded to any port on the Ohio.Muekinsuiri. Eentuoky, Tennessee. Cumberland, liiinom. Mississippi, Wisconsin, Missouri. Kanuvs, Ark*nKis, and Red Hirers, and at Cleveland, S?ndni?k7 end Chic&go with steamers to all Northwestern Lakes Merchants and ehiepers entrusting the tranepor tatiou of their F reiglit to tliis Company, oan rely with contdenoe oo its *pcetij transit. THE RATKS OF FREIGH1 to and from anj pomt in the West, by the Pennsylvania Cr-ntra; Railroad, *'* ?t mil a; fat o* obi* as ? ikarttd Cr* ?lAtr HatJroad Be tftrUouTtr to ra&xx paokicea "via P*** CI%TJLAL# fit R-a** MA6HAW A KOONS, Freight Atssta, No. 80 N orth atreet, j-'&iunioro. ENOCH LKW1S, U?l'1 ^laeriat t, Aitoona. Pfc L. L. HOUPT, S?a'l Tioket Af't. piiiladeish;*. H. R HOUSTON, e?M Freight Ag?mt. phU? delfh;*. H 4-^1 r p^ORTHERN CENTRA! RAILWAY. TU Sknttit, QmieJbtit m*i Bui KouitJrm E**tt *\iTi tO tit* WEST, NORTH AND NORTHWEST. CEmatDfBRw r -? r* WINTER SCHEDULE. C**w?t o? T:x?. Goxr.d after SUN DAY, Sit* N STembar, Pu?i rtr frwii will arm* and teyart traia Cai??? BiaUon as foiloirt: M l ? . ?.-> T*4!IU W?**M Liavi Mail at a. in. Bufiaio iiifrMi t p, m. F&ktoii Auuoui'nojation 4 ?. TB. Pittioarx and harntburi Kxpreaa IJt *. . Trains South Akeivk farxton Aoecmiuouauon at * a. in. tsaniio f.xpre?e 8 2t> a. m. Puuuurg and iiariuk/B.g Eik^i If.*. Mali f.w f. m. The a. m. train from Washington cenne** tao S Jv) a. to. tram frcra Baltimore tor tL? VVesj and for Bnnilo, Elmira, RroftMter, J)utkirk, Canadaigua and Niagara Fa it, ax*l lor New York city. The 'if a. m. train from Washington cona<*cU vith tu? 3 *. m. train from Baltimore to W?*L North and NortliVMt and Elmira and BuHalo ui Kcoheatar. UKaC n> trtin *L nv w r* ? <" uvui ?? muui{i"u wii^iwrz will tUeb.3Dj. n: train from Baltimore for I'tiu^ure Harnaberj and the We*t and la a direct couneo tlon lor Lob&iion, K&etoa Alien town and NV:? VorK ria Central Railroad of New Jeraar* Tr* this route for New York. ILP"riie only train iearin|j Ealtlinare on Sunday iajfhe2 *. m. train, for Hamabur^Pitteburc, Ciii oaeo and th? West T/ieonlr train arrmr.ijln Baltimore on Sunday la the 8&) a in. tram. JA8- C. CLAKKK, no M It anperinterinecl. T NOTICE TO TRAVELERSUE roatinaai&r Seneraa Lancx ordered tfci mail a*?ioe betwean Wa?iiifcrton, t, Baltimore, f^d OM Point < Foruew^taBBr' aouTTcj io d? retnmen, on as>i ' ? oncay, th* 80th irtiai.t, the Bar Lioe of sloc.n.eri vili 1mt? BaltimoreKvliRY DAY <eio?p( l-hl day) from their wharf, foot of Uaion Duok, at ik e'oiock p. in., or imuaiiiately after the arrival u tha \S aahinzton Train, vhioh leave* Waa?:iiif toj at SK o'oioof y. u>. m?-ti M. N. FALLS. Prei t Lm Towaaa. J. M. Towau. J. U. Towaar. u. jowjcKa * co? STEAM BOOK AND JOB PaiHTINa ESTABLISHMENT, Ccmtr Louisiaxa iimw mmd Sixth si. The attention of the business ootb inanity ie re speotlu'lT invited to the New Book aid Job Printice Establishment, which has been fitted up with cow material, in the mont complete n.ancer.le now prepared to execute, in a satisfactory style, orsrj variety of Printing, viz: Books. Speeches. Pamphlet*, Cards, Circulars, Sutlers' Blanks, Ac., fco. The attention of members of Congress is e?p<?oially requested for our facilities for prinUci Speeches, as we Lava the U*iui steam power in the citr. del-la wbre r*RY 6GODX FOR 'THE FOLKS At I I UAM u ft A ?' ' ? nwMij. -uaiucri isa oueri neeaing Vry Goo<l? of any kind for the folks at home, are solicited to inspect our stock, all new, and the prices marked in plaia&gnrc*. the actual cash standard value. All parcels for the interior, properly packed for forwarding by express or other ccnveianoes, free of charge, PERRY A URO., M E-** Pa. ave. nnd Ninth ntr?et. WALL, STEPHENS * CO . " M 1 VLP ? N^V*A I. ANp KBADV^ilADKA^/$TH'!KRH, BK vmaa we lnnte ail out psrchuera to examine f CASH NOTICE. IN Ckm**<ineEoe^j OBTJ^rlhj U)Jor mT iiruw. m mww.i < ?OU#H8, COLIW, HOA.K8KIMK38. *o. , OOMPOVND SY&br Of 9UM ARABIC. ThiM (laaaast and popalar Coach Ecmadr haa i been aolocc inownaiuj xieniiwi j ?Md that moat ' ^ereon ? have baoomelaeuky trith iu extraortll f> JOHJWTOW, ioci Hoifiyn, hM 4\n++4rU Ui ?*wi CtrMa.SNtb ?u M# I/itfkh' (a Ua witrld. FOR ALU UfcbKABW OF LM FX. f DEMOB. RET NO riLFK fiXT.lCACT TREVMMT. AiPLY 1MMKDIA*LY. A ***E WARRANTED. OR NO 0NAM9* IN mOSS ONE TO TWO DATS. Wlilou af ill >Mtf IWIIIII, AfiNMrf Al KM M^l aaJ ?HM? .OT* SMUT O ilMlfM, Ml DlMlUJ, lutNUMt, OytffJ, tMf1*, c?I?! ' liiu, U? Vpinu, Mriuun ar ika Iim, TIbMi9, tiiDKmn, Wf-n*M af Vtrki ?r tddiean, Wiiui ?f ?td, T6r?*U H?aa ? Mln, ifMttMi at (hi Laa**, *f >u ? Bava.i?taaat ftrnala uukfRM Mk try a.aiti af T?M-'.um L>r?*4'ai turf OliuiMiTi hU uaa* wSck Mailt M&rriua IbmmUU, **4 liimi Ml Vx*7 ud H.?4Y0WN9 KEN vkahaa* Ihmm Uavfetiaaaf iaHlary TH* uat 4?a?df?l uj 4atuaeUv? ItMl ?WI aacaaily mafi u u aatiraaiT mra iTmi J ? ?? aa? w ? tixii U1?QU u4 krUlauii iaullML *W bifti MkuflN ka?? nyuu' Uc.rici liriUi vfck U* Lbtadtr* ?T *1* B-?at? ?r tind t? ?*iu*r ?* u?t** ijrt, mt wu via MARRIAGE. im( mm iHiwmi swr rUf?, ?ij| ??tn .f wuhm, mgaaU MMittli da'rtuiuaa. tL, tftdi r earad. a *ii pin ' . nrf t iitr u* UN af Pi. I. mtj MI;T imI'I in kli k*?i tt t pidMMi wl IWHMIij fiif IMu ata aklU U a flplilu. ui h'ICR 7*9. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lafi bud J* giiag ff?n >* Itinera atrtat, a fav daaaa (m Ika ??- ?. fai> < n i< (Wina ium u4 alabM. Mm M ka paid t^il aaauia a iua>. DR. JOHNSTON, MtaWi af ia< I?yal Caliaja a/ hr>Hta, fcaadaa, pl? at* fr?ta aua af it?? auiu.iot Ca!.?|aa la (ka It had luui, ar.d tnt ftaetar part af lira baa kaac apasl to Man .sla y 4 m*- - ? - L.l-J.l-H- - * " * ? ? -r?- - .?> I'liiiuiipntuii i.iimrt. ft?i.? af 111 ibmi utteiahii| urn vk*t warn a??r ka?wi.; n.a-.T traaklad with rmcu.f <a t*? fc??i< t? vhca n'.Mf: |iHt ts*r??ML?u, k?iu lluui u iaac.da. kubfalaata viU fri^nr.l k'.artuif, autadad Msmaii ?tik Utiufa _*at ?f wad, vara aiNd ? <ku|f, ifOTin. favaf W?-. Ui<3 ?;.S?r, ?c? ???? Ujarad itanMlrttkri *iOia ifUUM it>da!f?d u> ahaa aiaua?a haku fracaaaiat . yu?d f/?m a?i. c*j ay i1 scba^l, iha aCacta / ??is? kit tifkujfcii'aii *Da Uiiae, ud if bm (Hid, ttcim MitUft IimmIi, ud daatrcra M adad ul ? 1 r. 1 I.t.. V ii^ma.'ia'tL Ttitu in u: ?f Ui u4 u< m?u.?*k?:y itiMi IwhtK \j ? Til-i. Till WllUlH af lb* lut u< L r?i f"V:i ih'i.Pii m?(?,,-, .tlMlf)ll?liU r?w*r, F' t* \ i inr,. L'n^iu;, Nmni imtaV'txt'f' &: ?( ia? -?t ?? fnum, IimnI K*> it;, ?f Oi:??ni7-u?ii, 4c. y ?> a . T V i ificu m tk* slid in auk u Ve litivli ' -?.??* ' ?r*, i'4^.'ii:n ?f Dllrmii* ? K'rrj ?? iiiniM ?f *;?, ?If-Dl?trill', U?T* ' 3* ir a, T)?.u'-.T IV, KM MM* ?T Ul tTtto ECP1I ITT ?Ta CMJii* ?*a & * )adf* Vfctl li | lk? #l?J? ?/?!-?- - * 1 1 ' mil. .uf diuik, ining rem ? Uf ?iu, piii.mnni ?:.u i.-iciana, > n&(ilu IIMiruM ?M>; 111 M.OtfkMlTaftiatrf MMB^ j DISEASES OF IMFRVDENCM. VTii>. r m tfd. i : ceil muiMf.unitfail fcl i-> t I fiXtll d'HUI, It IM *flM I fclJJ ir.i tl r j t? ?f !>?.-1 * draid mt Auamw* e?i*ra hi' T? -Ij.; r .j .J ;h??? ?K?, tr?n dacillaa ni *?:r?c<l km. fell* ttl* tk? ??c * i* ?rjin ltd d*tigu'.?g pri'.tndtn, vk*, lMtMfct* ?f in ; S.;>i hit f?'.iiMuctl, kill kta utilaf it tvi n L"? fit tanfe? i- td, *: i; 4?. ?!? 1?*T4 stn ?..k rv.oid httl'Jk l? ?tj[* rn ?; ??: i.f 4:???p?'r.; <c?; ?r Vt t? ?i< ?f tfcti d?i?!? ?. < ?Vi-ttfT?lmti i ih? ??cm1'.cUm>1 itsMhu ?f tku ? il.iiu), <'.ket Af t?u* .t*likl Inn.Tkini,lilt, tk'w, t* , r*fi<*?ikf v.Ji frifkiftl r* piiuy,uildc&ik flu t 5c> < :e? "r. ul>r 51 krualiuf k ml itx ? iM'ix^ wtsur ? vk*?? k?ara* infill!num. ra joavr,oys ressfdt for organm WrAXlSBSS Ay I) IMPOTKSCT St U i ? :>t am-! na:"; *utaiil|l|ll NtlM ?; ? (!<!. ' taral ?3 fall t>grr ranatad. TUuuiialUa sif ?i ? - tj, ?a* uJ laat Itl k?>?, fcaaa **? aaUtTa*. auu (a laa.nif*. F?y?U?l af IIlaUltU??>lH?; iUk, U?*- af riH.-a.ii ?a???, laniu lniltk(tW| TxT^UMar ?a4 Wtakaau ar Nuuwum af ifca *?a( fawnl ?. 2C ?a;t? . tdiad. ENDORSEMFXT CT 7NS F3.3S8. Tr,a r t?r?4 ct tku IktUimdaa * Villa i>? Ut: tniict* (lu ist cikiNU inftflullml' u ; kr Pi J??atua. ?itiiui4 hy ut *1 lit r'lita > ! nt>; I ktl linMM, tMlMi at wit* kiTi tffiui'j ifi.i *_<! ! . ki'in Ul Ittlli, W?k'.l ".? r ! >| II T ( ;> <?>> ?f tkk u) ll?N* MUt7. ! t Kimii [tiiuiK I* Ut iflllttd. Ml lf-l? ?MITH 1 DBROTaEn'S NEW YORK ppppp #\ LL EEEEEEE i'f it'P LL f.rhEEEE PP PPP A AAA I.r. 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America.batA inGoidflK aiiJ ^uvrr cvm He -.lao ke?*? a 'arte atook of ir jKWr.LttV uithe meet obkirafaie itjlM aet wit & INuouuli, Lsmralca, Rubies Ail other ^ * - " . 'i \ ,or,t i-inunsricr a'l kindiof Solid ^i;*cr w* >. * . d k.c?p? ^ ordi^Rerolr rj, hwurd ilMt* and Sashes, Uowi* KillVM,> ?.bc: i G' d, Hi^erand Ktoel Bpectac es ana variety of otaer tU ni? BaB&lif > ept lu - i >i Si;>rt, a;td ?;i a>t tbe vory lovaat price. .No. 33i? Pa S.?-auu?, l>?twecu tth &r.d iota fa l<-tf '?<0 Hli.4TA.KY OFFICES* ?tNDU7HEKI, ^BATCtISLOR'8 0 EX VINE HA IE 8TE, Celt in ILe World. T<t RtliakU axi Haraltit Hair Shi IMW. * _ P-o'd br ?!'. Dmcciits: Fttn.rrsa's PMni Medician tSto/a. op. i*i*ct OiiM, oor. F 4k TU, Sflwr Store. i'lri'# arrr ta, vkm I 3 irs :t:s -i it 3j?usd.if desired, ft.- :er? si ixrc'.*? St. <;*? tia Erci4v?y) N. T. oj " I 1 \M'd H. IK ?VE I?TO COLOR BLACK OtL hiiO ?rA.'?Only 39 o?ata a bo*. Three t-ox?? lor fu? ftwlf. fiilfi re?i or fiAzea hair ou bo ck&u{e<i ii & I*w bdupada to & j*t t-l&ck or bream, fcj us;lc L'?Lom'? Li?cid Hair T>je,taet??t c~:-v; is thn world, prodaoirc. the mtnsnl it i* upheJ. % rich i it?n! a.ppe&r&i>ce. ilaoh Aox nf II fu iMWutiu ?-v _ ??' w . >- .? >' I n ! ?risuk?l 10 OOOIU1 at much * :? ?'v? as o'bers ?e'l fur mm d^lar'. fvail i>* tf- O. UfHAMf 403 Cheanut itreft, Ftul* dciyuia, e .<1 b. CAt,VKRX F?>Ri). corcw lit# Bt; <t dud >'*. tyt; ir AlejLAburia, br HENRY OoOK .V PrugiisU. K> t-wly DR. 1?UFONT'S 8UWAR COATKD FKrjAui; HKbUL/TING FII.L8 ii rfcu tiia ULowii.i m^oiioitsii enoomi ii ?: Wf "i " I oAiMot o^muiot J tliftm too hiitiy.'* W.. f* ** riu>) lus the beat tem&ie Pi!la extict." "I hSV6 llffVt ttlMi with OOirpi6t? eHCCMB." uu l.- . <jc ?.ii.uu? liie'a ufon ui ooinur* ftlioc," '"lfcey and rfiisotiTelr." Pno* #i tfiit by mail. tioid by B. C. UPHAM, 4 03 CbMugt atrtet, Philadelphia, and in WiikinrU.ii by B.C. FOKD.oorcer Hth atreet and Pa a?rauA.; is Al?x%nur;a, by litis RY OOOK * CO.. Omtt.ata. noM-aol* WkmteWf&*?lSH3?1V&' C0*B cbuifeot dial r^ulred. It U an Kn{liaii SmoiLo ot Bixtr-tve year* ?tanc lnx^BHk. and wiii no: nana (M inostaelieate oon-^^^^r ttitiition It aoctan-a no mmkaJi, Price PI. Hoiu by 8. C. UPHAM.403 Ch Moat street. h:leu^fhie, and ia \Va*Mn<lon br 3. C. KURD, corner lltn street and Pa- a*e.; m Alexandria. bt tfENKY COOK A CO.. Drmiata. moM^Aj ft t?ff I * %rn + />*??*? -? ? ? - ? AJ-.ut.jj Aiiu ? (i.iirLKTK BTOuK OP IF JU10T and Staple DM V GOODS, now in store, tor the sprite and lununer vuti of fkMii-s and housekeepers. Oar nortiiera and eastern correspondent* send us n?-w supplies dai y. ^ Onasrioe only, the aotaal oaah standard vaioa. marked in plain Scares. ^ An inspection of stook solicited from stranrera, residents and sojourners; it will imply bo blici linn tit mmrnKs? - * *wu ?V VVW _ PERRY & BRO* ap&-6t Penn. itom end 9U elieal QKOlDEfi BARGAINS. Licea Gowda, ft fall waortotf uteli klnda of Ue M sapftlei in ell rniN, Fine an* medium wbtte FleneeU, P am Wk^ta^ad PludOMtmaiiMMInu > aii oi icetdonw om proverbially tovpnM marked in plain fitar*. ttoMtoaJ tuk ?taadart aaaap, on aooom*?Iatin* t*fma Alao, aa^^MI is&vsni ?s?a?* uSySl ?f W, ?, MbTZEEOTT. iiVI TBI OKBAT "AMERICA* MMFIW bm m BELMBOLD 9 HKLMBOLJyS EXTRACT ?BUCHV,?? ? ?' SARSAT ARILLA " IMF ROTS D ROSE WASH. BLMBOLDB BBNU1NK PREPARATION. -BIOHL T CO?f CM !i TRATX 1>" COMFOUND FLITID EXTRACT BUCH V. A Pootin lU SpMiit Rnaedr For Hmm of U? BLADDER. CI lOKN A, BRA TBI.?i DROPSICAL BWELL1N8S. Tkii M?Mm imnuoi tk* yovor of D in tJOB, tad nutM AB8URBKNT? int? heathy aottoa, by vktohtH* WATKRY OR CALCARKOUS IfoilttOM. Md all UNNATURAL ENLAR6SMENT9 ar? ndiw!, n v?M u FAIN AND INFLAMMATION, aad 1a rood fcr MEN, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. % HELMSOLD'S EXTEACT BrCHV, For W?kt r?c? riaim* frmm Kimmm, Habit ?f Diuitat.ot, Early IBdiooretioa or Abaao, AtUmdad milk tkm fmliamimm Simmtoma-? India position to EiarUon, Loaa oJ P>V?r, L^a of Memory, of Rtaufaiai, Walk Njrraa, Horror of Dlaaaaa, ffuofi tfw, Dimoaaa ot Vu?r>a, P?ta in tk* Pact, Caifaraal Laaaitada of tba Muacn'mr (lot fltnda, l-lathint of tt>? Po. r Dryaaaa of tta Skis, Riftioci ??th? Fioa PALLID COUNTENANCE, Thaw traptona, if allowed (o p no, which this Biadioiaa lavanatlr rvmoraa, aaon foik>wa IMPOTKPICT,FATUITY. KPtLKPTIC FITS, la ooa of vhiah th* pttian; mat axpira. Who o*a nr |A*t thrr ira aot fr?*?ently followed fcr thoM "DIREFUL D19E%FF9," "INRANITY AND CON91 MPtON." Mu) aratviraofthaeftna* ofthur tffVnnf, BUT NONE WILL COS?rfc??. THE RECORD* OP THE 1NEANK ASYLUMS, And Ik* M*lnmek?lf D*atkt fry r.?* yir^itM, IU1 1HFLI WITMM TO TBI TEC ] P OF TH!< AMftlflOV - THE CONSTITUTION ONCF AFPEOTED WITH OR6ANIC WEAKNESS. RH>irM the aid ot uaJlcine to troofthen acd iBTifor**# th? Wkuk HSLUEOLD'S EXTKA< T BCC/, C m rmrimbb 4?f. 4 niAl WILL CO* V 1MB TIB MO?T *tlPTIC4LFEMALES FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOl'NB, SINGLE, M ARRIHD OR vv.i irmrLA iLia !fl An M A'f rM In many Afftttiont ptrnlutt re Flmnitt, the Eztnet iinohu is nnrtusVel b* ir? other tssssjg.?? in Colons or Retention, frrecalaritr. P'infilnwt or Suppression of Csatoirtry F vsoestions, Ulosrtted or Soirrtxni* tnt- of the Item*, LesoorrN** or White*. Stoniity. aod toi n.I oomplatnU incident to the s?x whether nn?'c* fPAM I n?ii MMt i?kf( U m kit. A. . _ 4 k .. Hvt>wivu"ul u?uibfl m l/l'll P%(]<I|1, UI iu Ui? DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIKfc. ?* btmptomk amti. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WiTHOUI IT! Till no hobs Balsam. vkplbatart Mbdiciiw rot ckplia aant dasoml jc? mm. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CT1H SECRET DISEASES la all U?tr dtac m, At Uttle Kxpstes. Little or no ekaai* la Diet, No it<K r.veiue&os. And m Mz^cmr*. It oanaoa a fraqnent detit and <itm itr?t|U to Urinate, thereby removinc ob?truct! r.?. rrfTNBU ana uuring Bcrtotnr^t ol tt>* UrMhr*. A laylnf Pain and Inflam-nation. ? fluent in the oTaaa of diimii. an* *idling mil P?,?mmon?, DiiMMd and wm vet THOCSA.HDS vrolt THOrnMI WHO HAVE EE EX ^HE VICTIMS Ot QUACKS, and who hav? paid h*avy vim to t*? enrod in a hort bin*, have fovea ther war* d?a* i v#<j. and that th*MrOIW)N" haa. bf tb? c?? of' r. wun i a.*t*.iiw??wt?,' mm arioa up ic ite ijitem. to break oat in ?n mrtntid form,'and FERHAF8 AFTER MARRIAGE 0#? HKUtBOLD'e Extract Bvonv for *11 ifMttOBS UMUMUM Of the URINARY ORGANS, Whether exletinr in MALE OR FEMALE, r rum wiwii oust <mciB?tir k. *"d no p ?tt?r ?( HOW LOlfQ STAND ISO DlaeajM oftbiM Ontni r**nir? DJURE no. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT RVCHV IS TitK GREAT DIURETIC, . ?iui i? owttia to U*r? u? d?mr?d effect n *.t FOE WHICB IT IS SECOUMENDED. nrsinnt a r nn n t urn/in. i/w*/ MJ LM Z ' Hdmbold't Htgkhf Cone*nt*atfd Compound FLUID EXTRACT 8ARSAPABILLA, SYPHILIS. Thu it ! M tfffeotion of tho blood, ?ra ATTACKS TIE SEXUAL OR6ANS, LIN1N08 OP THE NOSE. EARS. THROAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MOCOUS SUBFAm* iU MP?r?nr>e la the form of ULCEKS. Belmbold's Extract Sarttt&u *, Purifcee tko Blood, tad r?mor*i *:.So*Jy Eru>tifM of the Skin, 91VIN? TO THE COMPLEXION A CLE A K AND HEALTHY COLOR. It boinc proptrod expressly tor tiis ?'?m ; f wsmyl&LuU, ita Blood Puhiyinf are preeerred to ft freftter extent t&ftB u; other prop*.-*tioa of ttaraMtrnlt. BELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH, A.B L.OUOO for Diium cf a Nature, and m an uu*otiuc in tin' o! th? Urinary tlfrfana mice irora of lU?i'p%tton, kMd in oonnootion with ike txiractB Ba?fc? or U*rwpartita. In anoh Dimun a* r?ooran?iwWo. Sffidme* tf tkt m?$t r?l\mtl? mud rtsrom*i*U tkMrmcttr will ttecow^pany tin mtdutm4$. CERTIFICATES OF CURLS, JVMHIMXM*ri' I)a?ih?' With Nun uowi to 8CIKNCK AND FA MK. \ For Modioftl ProphotiM of BLCti V, mo Dt?fWHtorj oftlw DbiImI ttttU*. i ft? Piofwor DfcWEii'S vaiaftble wukaoctha Prtotio* of Pbrsta. So* hit> made by tha ltie e*iebr?tad Dr. PHYBICK. Philadalrlu*. 8ca rwurki Mde b? Dr. EPHEAIM MoMSfciii'SSS^ Si.vi2- HS "A aabliakad *IB tba ITtiluaUoZb oTtAa k'luc au? Qums'i JoumL Bm moat at Uo lata Standard woi ka on Modioic*. Kxtraot Baoha, fl ??er fcotu?. or a'x for fiao. Extract Saraavartiia, 11 U> per bottio, or mix tor KA ^ln^rarM KM Waak. ? Mr batti*. oral for ssssaaiaf0.^';.?5 "Be"" "Kas^ai ^ oo?"?- i C?rM Curtate**! Adrlct Gratia I! AFFIDAVIT. balai dmly ?w#r?, dou aayTkii freHnuom ooa puw wiwuf, mo i m* "7, vr ouir ujurtoii drmOi b?t pu*ly H. T, MkLJIBOLD. tiaSSSEBRBSF1* ? - -4 ? ' . I r PkiiA. I BKWAJLK OF COUNTERFEITS AND WflPRINCIPLED DEAL***, Wt Baimbold'i BfnlM fmtrMioM, " r?' v ? DmTB ' " HaraManlla, ** lafrovMl Rm W *?>, M4br ALLDM.V09IST8 MTMRTWHMMM. ASE FOE HKLMBOLD-A. BACK NO OTMUL AMD A* OLD UCPOWTION AND KXrQaktt .* ' **5mwS5

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