Newspaper of Evening Star, April 29, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 29, 1862 Page 1
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9 N * I i A ^ . ik / j2 ? n| I ^v 1^ * I H I * I I q V Kv H ^r J U Hi U BH flB _ HH R Rfl ? / jr w KSB ?4 V5H * _ i . . . . . ... % Vet. XIX. WASHINGTON. D. C . -TUESDAY, APRIL 29, 1862. N*. 2,866 ^ % ?? ?? J? THE EVENING STAR ? rPBLltfHKD BVEB7 AFTKBNWW, (SUXDAY X1CEPTSD,) AT THE ITil IIHLDIHfll. Cctiut if Ftn*jfl *MUi ar?. ?ni EUxmuk sunt, ST v^. n. WALli^OH; Paper* served la packages by tartlets it 14 I year, or 37 centa per month. To mall subscribers the price Is 83.50 a year, ta aivaac*,- S3 for six mcnths; SI for three montha; and lot lees than three xonths at the rate of 12 cents a week. Single copies, o* cist; in wrapper*, two cists. LIT" Adtkxtisimitt* should be sent to the o*ce before 13 o'clock otherwise they may aot appear until the next day. m*nn\m\um c DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. ^aaioea 9ta??is? Avvrat ?A serious and nearly fatal stabbing fracas occurred near the grocery of Charles tVHW, on N afreet, between Foar-and-a-haLf and Sixth afreet.*, on Saturday afternoon about 7 o'clcek. Cbarlra Rodger*, an ambulance driver for company F, 9lst Pennav'.vanta regiment, on duty at the Arsonal, and Jeha qnlnn, a private In company B, Rocket battery, which was embarking for the South, went Into Wllley'a rumbole and got anough blue ruin to make them quarrelsome. On coming oat. Rodgere got Into a wrangle with ? boy named Russel, belonging to the Rocket battery,ending with giving the boy a choking. Qninn interfered, told the boy to go to the boat, and taunted Red gers wun ice cowardice 01 Bgbilng with a boy Other ihirp words followed, resulting la a regular fight, la which qalna got overfly stabbed by a knife ia the bands of Rodger*. The testimony is somewhat conflicting; bat all agree, as the wounds also prove, that Rodger* stabbed Quinn three times: first, la his head, driving the knl'e through his cap to theskall bone; second, In b?* breest, between the second and third riba. and then In bis aide, near the hip The wound In the breast Iscoasidered dangerous. It is near the htart. snd about three lnrhea deen It Is matter of surprise to the surgeon and otbp.-? that tbla wound did not produce instant dettb, cn account of Ita location. It is supposed tba ou account of tbe dullnma of tb' knife tbe vein* and ertertes were pushed aside, Instead of being pucctured. Oafnn wrested tbe knif- from his m taecnlst and lnlTctel a wound In tbe bio of Rndxers. Officers Gibson and Ue Vauybn, of tbe te^th precinct, then came up, arrested both parties and fook thpm WKA Rodjzrrs to jail for court Dr Croggon wai railed end dr?sa*>d the wound* of tbe mei; He consider! CJ ilnn's wcund in the b-mst a dangeroiu one, but expresses a hope of bit recovery if great inflammation does not ensue- He will be taken to the hospital. The knife ! aa lmly-lookia* two-edged stiletto, taken from a Mexican bv Kodgers, who was a the Mexican war, and wbo uas carried It ever since. ^wnmiTT t? Krtr thk Pxacx ?A day or two since, a policeman named D. Cllae, of the H't* (sounty) precinct, wu arretted by Oflcer D'JTal!, on a warrant Issued at tbe Instance of Mr. SeJby Scaggs. .Tbe case wa< heard before Juatl<^e Cull. Saturdav morning, and Mr Scaggs testified that Cllne bad on several occasions threatened bis life and property, and also cad reported among the soldiers that be was a secessionist; thus making tbem enemies to blm also. Cllne Rave security (a kr>aan tka rwmi*a v v Y mv atiotbkk Ca?* of Uoasx Stialix.j ?<)u MatH'dav a colored man nimed William Andrrsoa wm fonnd In pooesalon of a horse ?toleu from a Mr. Mltchel, who resides near Fairfax Conrt Hnaw, aad at tbe instance of .Mr Wooster he vii arrested by Otlcer McCee aad taken before J notice stratum, whew he proved by receipt* that be bought toe horse from a man who haa since been romm'tied to jiil by Justice Walter, and wu dlamlsard How 01 thk Island ?A row occurred aV>vt 1 o'clock Sunday between a number of soldiers and acme young m**n near the corner of Fcurand-a-Lalf street and Maryland avenue, during wbicb a pistol w&a fired i'ne police arretted a a-jIdler named Walker, G MrEbany and Jamea Williams, a id took tbem before Jnatlre Strattoa, who fined Morebotue&j 91 and dismissed tbe others. CH.119i of Ihut.?ye?twj? ? was issued by Justice Welter, on the oath ef Cel. H . C. D'Ahna, who charge* a colored servant In tbe bouse corner of C and Tliird streets, where Col. D' A Is boarding, with the larceny of a poucd sterling and a twenty franc plsce. The servsnt hsd not been arrested A noon FROM FORT PILLOVT. Cessation of Active Operation* Against the Fort?The Story of a Rebel Oexerter? Shipment of Cotton from the Vicinity of Fort Pillow. [Special Corr.*?pondenee of the Chicago Tlm?s ] FLOTILLA 0* Til Ml?>l(ii?i n>r l'"? Pillow, Tenn , April If.?Operation* at this p ut are temporarily auspended. by reason of the recent movement of Gen. Pope's army op the Miaslulppl and Tennessee to Pittsburg. Two Infantry regiaienta, the Forty-third ana Forty* fourth Indiana Volunteers, conaltute the only land force low remaining hery and these are atttlonedoa fanaport* In a poiiton to guard the R.^rtar beats, which are moored cl *e to ahore nnder cover of Craighead Point The original programme, looking to the Immediate investment cf th? rebel stronghold, seems to have been adondjned when Pope's forces moyed up the river. And, now that his army 1? gone, the flotilla is merely intended to har?-s the enemy by occasional shots, and keep them 1a preseat position until iieauregard's armv is routed. Halleck will then proeeea by a farced mir:h upon Memphii, while a portion of his army move :urther north, over wood ro*d?, and gobble up Forts Randolph and Pillow entire. It would be a masterly bit of strategy where this plan adopted, and would be Is* Vilafnrtt ft* Ana a/ tK? ?* ? I r" -v t w-v? >u J sw V? ?uo K irakv?? uiinisry achievement* of the rebellion. Fort Pillow t? a atonz fortileation, comanndlng the entire bend of tbe river in a dligeusl line for a distance cf three milea. Located on tbe 11; st Chickasaw bluff, and surr-sunded on tbre? aidea by overIjvrel l&ad ar.d tangltd morasses, It offers no txty capture. Tbe bitterlea mount gaca of tbe heaviest calibre, and are mmued by a force under command of Grn Vllllpigue, oa old Creole p'.anter of Louisiana. Tha mAptir.hnnfa e\t nnr AaHII* ?WIW -W. w ?? ? ??W?? ?B MBTC Ut *. U HUf til from the Arkiaa^a to the fennesaee shore, u bPMtbey wl!l be Iras liable to captura The wood* on Craighead's Point on the Arkana&a stio'e ?ra tnfested by partiea of rebala, prowling around togaia Information It was thought that the mortara might be captured while locate! along the Akansaa abore. Tbla apprehension undoubtedly led to the rhaage of their petition, although It is believed that better range can be t btaiaed from the present location near the Tennessee ah ore The rebel gunboats, of which there are seven. re anchored In the stream jut: below Fort Pillow and BHr tbe Fallen L-icdiug. Although a full view of tbe*e ooats la abut off by the intervention of t'ue woods on the Point, smoke from their chimney* n be ae?n arising ever the tops cf tbe troea Whenever our mortar* opt-n Are, a lively dodging among the** boats oaa 00 t aced from tbe coure? of the amoVe, and th- transport* are speedily known to be >.cdQ. r.g. dowa tlje river. Taese transports are of inv-tlnabie service to tte rebels at Forta Pi?lo-v and Randolph, affording tb?m easy transportation of all supplies from Memphis. only seventy Ave miles distant. The ? .A 1 __ J 1 W ?_ a _ ? _ M Btti i" now roniui meu or r.njje#, toiBtaoAore Hoillna, who waa here, having gone to New O.Irani Ihe DsSrto t>day will tike to Cairo a cargo of lu> baUsof cotton, tb? Or it shipment up the Miss salppl alnce tt? coomtsMmtnt of tbe war. v Thla colon belongs to a pi inter Id the Ylclnitv of l? c*o!a, for whose loyalty JJrlgsdl-r Gen. liuford voucbra. and on whose representations it 1* permitted to be shipped on the owner's account. U comprises a lot that the gallant Hoillna failed to discover oo bla late Inglorlooa Hfbt down tbe river, or wbtcb perha>a be bad not time to pick up Taere la reported to be another lot of -254 balet concealed io tbia vicinity, w hich wlU be brought vut In due time. ThU ia all prime qnalitv uplaad cotton. Ymm Iios-Clad Faioati ?The work U progreeting ao rap'.dty oa the Iron-clad frlgtte at the bipvard of Cramp k Son, tbat It la anppoeed abe will Ue ready for launching by tbe flr?t of nest month Tbe 4 \ Inch Iron platee, which are to be below tbe water Use, are nearly alt la pbre, nj ikotf which are to be above tbe water-tin* will be pat en after abel* launched. Her tptrdeck la nesrly ttalabed. it eonalat of three Inebee of wood and one Inch of Iron. t?be will be bark> r ?*ed, and bet tpira ao arranged tbat wb?n In actio* ihey all come dowa to tbe deck. The ablp to preaent a moat formidable appearance, and, when completed, will no doubt be able to wlthjtaad the ahota from Bay antagonist. The shipyard la atlU visited bf a Urge number of person*, is oat of vhota are compelled to takea view of tfcp frigate from the tmce ?^rrou:iJlag the place. Thlj haa been found nece?#iry to prevent accidents uu lnsovaace te the workmen ?fitImJil ykut l.idgtr, SiturUap. ^ 117" Dr. B la sot i little of a wag. At a aoclai paiberlaff, abortly after bo Ua 1 received tola diploma, u?e voting ladlea were very ar.iioua to put ?ia knowledge of medleino to tbe teat. "Doc lot," qoerled one of tbe fair, "what will oaro a oiu wbo baa been banged ?" "!Mt la tba beat tbtac 1 know ?/," r? pi led tbe lor men tod. w.tb ? * ? -tii H7* Ratutw#nto In lh? V. 8 Army, Irt?!? <?.! on ?ur Inrroa* la N?W Yotk; owing, uo donw, to the closing of U* volunteer recruli FROM CAIRO. Th* / pproaching Battle at Pittsburg?The Freshet in th* Ohio and Afustsstppi?First Shipment of Cotton up Ins Mississippi sines the Commsrteement of hostilities. [Special Correspondence of tbe Chicago Timet ] Hiisn. Anrll '2H ?arrive 4?llv frnm p tbe Tennessee. bat brlnsj nothing of Importance respecting tbe state of affairs it Pittsburg. Last wees every one here and elsewhere through the North believed that we were on the eve of a decisive battle, and, though there rested entire confidence In the success of tbe Federal arms, thousands were trembling with anxiety as to the fate of friends and relatives in our vast force. Tbe great trial was assuredly near at hand, yet there were few that doubted the result. Our forces were indeed scattered, frightfully diminished, but the remaining troops were esger and prepared. w hen Gen. Halleck went to Pittsburg he found all In confusion, regiments without commanders, companies scattered, and everything la that disorder which the dreadful battle of the fith and 7th nly could have caused. Yet he had met a similar confusion on one previous occasion?when, _ _ _ __ % _ a *v A . ? ? u '"ii; coaimina 01 me u'psrTireiii ui the West. he found all the affairs pertaining to h'* command In an lneitrlcable tangle. Hp wai equal to the task, and. throwing all bli master:/ energy Into play, our army at Pittsburg was ape^d'lv reorganized aud reanimated The whol? of Buell'a army, excepting only Mitchell's colwsa transported across the riser. Lew. Wallace's command was concentrated, and every division, brigade, regiment and company were mrau^cu imurr iurir respeciive rommanuprs. The wounded and aick, ot wboin t iere were still present* #reat number, were vent to the military koiPltili, and all hangerf-on were ordered away Tnls done aie^c puna were hauled to the frwit. and iben commenced a *yst*m?tle and gradual advance of our plcketa And then came the tain,' producing a troublesome depth of niud, aod rend-r'.n^ au advance or an attack aimply Impossible. Our army waa thoroughly prepared , la now prepared, bnt the inud cortinuea, and la the only obstacle General (lalteck hua to contend with. It 1a unfortunate for our side, for every hour'a del y ?fiord i the enemy time toV>rln<f up their relnforceaienta. Forced levies are being made thruu^bout Ml*?iaalppl, and the whole population around Corinth ar?* fl<trklnir tn th* nt Beauregard. Tne f-ver of efltement under which Cairo wai lately plunged by the rapid and] unprecedented rite of water In the rlv?r has at length aubeldcd The apprehenaion that the wuter would rlae atlll higher and awe?p awav the levee ha? nearly, if not quite, been allayed by the gradual and almultineoiia fall of Wth the Ohio r.nd the lUlaalaxlppi 1 am informed, however, tint the worit It not yet pa-aed, and that there la still greater cause f.?r fear than before. A river captain who rain* down from Plttaburg yesterday toid me that the Tennessee roae lifieru feet ou Sundav ntirhf if th a Information be true, there ia little doubt Um the flood down tbe Tennyaaee will reuse an equal freahet In the Ohio. No one can calculate tbr ImaiPtiae damage that would ensue The Government wharf l?>at? that are stationed here, and filled with liTge quantities of ordnance aud cummiwary ?tore?, would he wreck-d by the fiood, while the town itself, in the event of the breekln? of the leyee, would be entlieltf under Water. The steamer Hiawatha pass^d'this place today, bound for Alton, and having on board a Btitiib?r of prisoners captured at Pittsburg. 1 be captives were guarded by a detachment of tne !Hi Missouri Infantry Among the prisoners were several captains of Alabama and M!?luippi troops. The government dl?patch-?tramer De Sato, which arrived this morning from Fort Pillow, brought 3u> bale* of cotton, taken at O^ceoi* by a deta*hm#?nt nf nnr land forrM in pAm. modore Food's flotilla. This Is aa interesting bit of Intelligence, the more no from the fact that the above shipment of cotton I* ttie Hr?t *ent up the river lore the commencement of hostilities. Other quantities will be sent to tbia place. The region about Fort Pillow is a very extensive cotton dlatrlct, and Fulton, the small town just below the rebel fortifications, has long been known as a heavy cotton shipping port. FROM THE SOUTHWEST. [Correspondenceof the Missouri Republican.J Fo*?yth, Mo , near Headquarters I Army of the Southwest, April 19 ^ ror iwu uays ioa nigciis we nave t?een ?uir*ring from a severe rain ?torm. The entlro army is removing a short distance from this place. where something can be had towards the support of the army. The tendency is eastward. G?n. Pavis' division is encamped on the Sprlngtteld road, 15 mUes north; Gen Asboth s division, 4 miles east of the Springfield road on Swan Creek; Gen. Carr's division was, till yesterday, on B?siar Creek, but has moved eastward, and lien. Osterbaus' division is to-day moving out of this mis erable town, Brat to the north and then la an euterly direction Whs! the flail movement u to beuo one kncws. A few day* ago we heard that Price, with h portion of kia army, w&i at Jacksonport, on tbe White river, about eighty in Ilea aotith of th!a point, in It turna out that onlv aome rebel raralry were tbare. The lmpresalon !a ?Ue:'i:thened tL&t Price has pone to iuln H??iir?. gardTto aid. If possible, !u arresting the progress of our arma down the Mississippi river There U probably nothing left In Arkansas but roving bands of r*be! jsyhawkers. The people of Arkansas, our commanding General thinks, are more friendly to us than those of Southwest Missouri, and there Is leu persecution of Union in-n. It now appears more and more probibU that we are only waiting for the ptaoeailon of th? Mississippi as far Soutli as tbe mouth of tbe Arkansas, to make a forward move meat, tod Uenreforth occupy that State, and receive our aupplle* from Bt. I.oula by water. One tumor has It that we are abont to move to Ironton, Mo ; another, that we are destined to go down the left bank of the White river, Into Arkinttaa, aa tir aa Jnckionport' And by the tiiue we reach there, It l< auppoatd we can receive our oommlMary atorea by water. The labor and ?-*pen?e of tranaportating them from Rolla here by I muleteama are inn me a*} Oae his only to mirch a few daya over theae wit?cu<u ciuu ?cr mc firraun incrp arp 10 ford, th? gavdly and yielding bottom*, the ste-p bank*, the ruts and quagmires alon/ the rrepk bottoms, the rocky roads over monotsin ridges? to see the dead horses and mules by the roadside. sud to bear the oaths aud re*oundin* whips of the teamsters, as they ur*e on tbelr ill-ftd animals?to realize the dlflcultv of transporting suppiUs to an artiy of over 10,OW) men nearly 200 miles i/om apy railroad or river communication at our command The sold*er? are growing impatient at tbelr delay la tbis rr^loa, and ar? antou* to march In ?< me direction where thry can have a mors active warfare. Nothing would gratify them more tt?u an o.der to march right through Arkanaas to the capital of that State, to plant toe atari and stripe* there, and march oo to the Mlnlaaippi, to Jsln the grand army that ia to open that ^rtat hannel of Western commerce to the Outf of Meitca B.-xo^klt* Navy Va?d ?The new gunboat P. rt Royal wi< commissioned on Saturday, and ;a waiting for hfr ofllcerasnd crew The Port il.>val la krmed with brass howitzers broadside, and heavy gans f^re and aft Her commanding omcer is L.ieui ueorge w. worris, wbodistinguished h'ms^lf for coolness and braveTjr on board tb>> frtjtate Congress during the late nival engagement In Hampton Boadi. The purchased gunboat Diwn, Lieut. A. G. Clary, wa? ccmm'aaioatd on Thursday, and now lle?!n the stream receiving ber powder. Her armament is tonr Impounders broadside, and one esQ pounder Parrott gun. uhe will sail In a day or in* ?ioop-oi-w*r jonn Adimi hiving been overhauled and repaired at the yard, left on Saturday f'->r the S^ctlo&al Dock, E^at river, to be coppered. Tb' w.-,rk on the Roanoke progresses rapidly, but th*y have not yet fomnwnfefl to pnt on her armor The Sabine, Mawarhusrtta, and Shephsd Kaapp are ready lor aea. fl7" An old woman who livd lnahouaejust opposite gallv-hele, when questioned as to the smell, replied. " No, sir, th??re Isn't no smell: there ba? been a deal of aickoeaa abont, and I have lost a eon, but I tin ma hut. d to it, and don't mind It " tO* A young man waa shot near Murfreeaboro, Teoneeaee, a few dayaege, fr?r attempting to paas it* pickets The guard bailed him four (lines, wtea Le replied tint he would not ilop for any d?d aboUUenlat, whereupon one of the bo idler* shot him throogh the heart. H7 A wretch named Hardlwlch Hardla, a married man. committed a rape on Pledertcka | cnulter, a girl Ml? twelve fear* of age, la Albany, N. V., a lew daya ago. Me waa arreated HJ" A portion of Quantrel'a band were captared near independence, Mo., a lew days ago TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE FALL OF HEW 0RLEA1S COWFIRMED. Tbe following dlapitch from the Agents of the AMoclated PreM at Fortreaa Monroe reached here last night: Foktkem Mosbob, April 2<3 ?A flag of tmce today took dlapatchea and lettera to the Federal prisoner* at thereon h. No pipera were received. The telegraphic operator* taring left New Or'eana there la no further new* from there. The operator* attempted to return, but found the city occupied by the Federal forces. There I* no other new*. From General Wool. The following haa been received at the War Department: Fouthxs* Mosroi, April 28?Hon. E. m. Stanton, Secretary cf War : The newa of tbe ocrunation of N?W OrlMna hv nnr fnroM fa rftn. firmed to day. No further news. John E. Wool, Major General. LATEST INTELLIOEXt E FROM THE GILF FLKLT. N*\v Yon*, A pill 28 ?The U. S. gunboat Connecticut - has arrived from Sonthwe-t Pim, which she left on the 12th. She also brings advices from our entire blockading tleets. She brines 20?t sick end wounded stamen from the qur.dron. When she left the Mississippi all the ships of the expedition to New Orleans were instde the patse*. and lad their decks sanded and were all ready for action. fThe advices via Richmond, however, nrc later ] The crews were all In gord heal'h. Th>* Connecticut brought Nome Texas refugees, tAkeu from Matamoras by the gunboat Montgomery. The steamer Pulton, from Port Royal en ihe 35th, bast arrived, but brings no news f'KCONH M?PATrn 1 New York, April 28 ?The rebel steamer Florida Lad been rapt ired bv tbe U. S b:uk Pursuit. porta H?ran?*s? and MrKaebad bttn evacuated by tbe rebeia Tbe Connecticut brought eight et-members of tbe Galveston artillery who escaped from lmpre??ment; alao, four n-fugerafrom Tampa bay. Fveiv port except Tampa on the coast of Morldi hf.a be^n vacated by tbe rebels TLe aloop-of-war Richmond, Hartford, Bronkly, arid lrcQOOl* were plated, ao to SDeak. b-avy etaa'.ncable from the ports to a wiMMtO t ie water line prevlotia to proceeding to make the attack on the Mts*ias!ppl fori* Tbe captain of tbe French war ateamrr Milan *i?!u?d Fort J -ckion under a llag oftr\i*ewilli a view of nsalstlnz tb'1 French rw'dent* of New Orieant, who ml^Ut <!<*'. re to get out of tbe way of tue lui(>fcndtn_{ Kittle, but he was aeized ard imprisoned over ni|?ht ai>d released next day, when he returned to fc!? ?fn?rl, greatly eurax*d, as may Well be supposed. I OKDiKr. FROM SOUTHERN TENXKS Kepsrtrd Evacuation ?( < arlnth. Cairo, Ap'il27.?Tbe vitamer Mrni?l!ai, from Pit?sburg Landing, Lac arrived. The Rebels are l.ianf nr?ttrii! a guarilU warfare alonK the Tennessee river, and our boaU were tired on \esterdav abave Fort Henry. Our army is steadily advancing toward* Corinth. General Pope's division Is on tbe extreme left, about four nvles above Pittsburg Landing. The reconnoUsance In force on Thursday encountered a targe forre of Kfbels?infantry and cavalry? right miles from the landing. The Rebels formed in line of battte, fired one volley, an'l men retreated in grrat d ?itril? i ,w iu considerable los*. Fifty-nine prisoners were taken. The rains on Friday have rendered the road* impassable. The General McClellan has brought down the body of Gen. C. F. Hinltb. The Memphis Aralanrbr, of tbe'i'Ji, says that a raft, with a larg* field-piece and a 13 inch mortar, and sixteen men. were ciptured by the rebels near Fort Wright, and taken down the river. Gent Huell and Veauregard Lad ettected an arrangement for the exchange of wounded prisoner!. Paaaengera by tbe McClellan bring further account* of Corinth being evacuated by tbe rtb-ls, who will make their next atand at Coluinius, Miu Col. Turchin's brigade had moved back from Tuacambla to Huntaville, where (Jen. tiueil ia encamped. Arrival at Wounded. Pittsbckg, Pa , April 27?The ateameri Marengo and ilailman, sent to Pittsburg Landing from thia city, ret timed today with aeventy wounded Koldieia, who were placed in the marine hoapitai. The boat* atirtedwirh nearly live hundred wounded, nearly all of whom were | left at polnU on the river neareat to tlielr homea. Amor# the wounded arrived here are two rebel prisoners. CONGRESSIONAL. IHVlim CO*?Rr.SS-Socopd SiuUl. S*!tATI ? .Vfler our report cloaed veaterdav? The H?n2te ipent cotue time la executive testion and adjourned. House.?After our report closed? Mr. Potter ottered a resolution, which was adopted, rtquesting the Mccretary of War to Inform the HfUNe whether the person* taken on thr loop Velma were relenk-d by the U. S. Cou.nils lonera at B&l'lnmre with the knowledge and con ent of the military authorities of Maryland; also, by what authority Col. Gunter, of Virginia, was released on parole aft**r refusing to take the oath of allegiance; and also by what authority he was allowed to visit the camp of tbe 0:h Maryland regiment to search for runaway slaves. Tbe consideration of tbe report of the Committee on Coverunitnt Contract* was resumed, and The resolution requesting tbe S-cretary of the Treasury to wltbboid any further payment to part'es Interested in tbe ?troinl>oat Chtelinc was postpo'"d Air. JfU-vens, of Pa., offered a substitute for the second resolution In the report (which relates to the purchase of carbines for the WesWn Departni'Di), expressing confidence in (Jen. Fremont; which waa object*<1 to, and afterwards withdrawn. Mr. Holman offered a modified resolution, cen >umig 11 ou simon v. ameron lor entrusting lsr^e sunn of money to Aired Cuanmlnga, without security, for the purpose of making contract!*. A genera} debate took place on tbe various resolutions In the repcr', but no conclnslon bad been arrived at when the House adjourned. A A RARE CHANCE! /\3 I hare irxvoe np r?y m ad to *mb?-k in other t?e-tLe>?, 1 < tfjr th? ??UOU WiLL aijd FlX1 TCKbsot' ti.u HOTEL, on t'.ocyit?r ql fcereiAa and I street* for Mia Tfce.-e is but httls use in iu-.hfcg ar.t oo:mdjaiau3iu m? p.aoe, at oil who klow ?ot thing ol the aitu%tion know that it u as ecu J & plaoe lor t?ot?i tuaineas aa %a? in WaaMuton. p. w. coasts y, a? la 9wo* OofBW 7th and I aU.. Waahincton. p k 1 n g styles pap?rhanoin?s. fire boar OR. WINDOW* SHADES. Attention la rf<|U?atfd to the new aad hatatlful ?lp k of ihetboYe uopda ?hioE I am now reoeivtnr, Tbsy Uavo casn .arefu!:! b<?1m #daati puroha?ed at the :uto?t p:ieee tor oaah.ard I thai; offer auMrior indiioomfl U to those :n wan? upon tbr tame tennr. ' h?ve e!a j a f .x J atooK of Piotura Corda, Loops and r&aaelt, - hada Ucxd a !<? Trimmings in a variety ol oolcre l.ouu* Mattrrasra and Pillows of every deaoriptiou k?pt on nand ana nu<le u> order. Pat-rhandfu ana llprio bWri w??rkUon<> prompt IT M low pnaM. Matung laid l, a cou.p?t?nt vt r 11?.' to* Aal&qii thare ii kim mtrappr#h:n?ion en *be ftrt of the publio. I w?ah to atave mauusrl* that I *? ?o lonjar in bnais*aa With g P. Frank la. tut am alono ectieavorinc to bmitf np a bnsinara at 460 9th atr?t, tear ti. ap IV 2a?4w I, I IIOTBWOCtf. T1 IC?! IOK! ICB! * lie. PttbsoriMr haviac ra*d? hit oontraots with r? ?02?ib.? coiihsm <i??iers la now prrp&ied to faruth tn? oiUxto* 01 Washington and tjaorgePT1? %i i1 th* *m?Uty loe, (whoi<*<Ho &ad ro Uil,) and (D&ranura ? tiili *?]?rfvrii* tU? Muon. having ?tnn in store two to ttires thou a k?i4 Ukos t' tM'diag out of tfcsoity limits SSSfW*1- "T wO?04rii" tar a Wharf toot oi Mth at. soqUi a?M olm*

KKHPYAL. ?. ti. ? u. J. UKfcUOKY. in ?oMe*u?ac? of Ut? &r?, ? " r*?ovU to 861 Pe?i.?r^B2* ?U> Md XOik itrMta, who.# theie wjijettiBsuasss affis&stii" OFFICIAL. TVEPARTMENT OF STATE, jl/ Waihihutgh. January 23, IMS. The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Member* of Congren on baairen on Saturday*, commencing with Saturday, the lrat of next month. Ian 47-u wit.i.jam n sewno. WAR DEPARTMENT, J ANVA.&Y 31, IBM. OiiniD, That the War Department trill be closed Tnaadaya, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Friday* against all other boslneea but that wh'.cb relates to active military operations In the field. Saturdays will be devotsd to the buslaeaa of Senators and Representatives. Mondays to tbe bnslnew of the Publtd. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja Si-tf Secretary or War. rASBEnHEH TKAi.l TO i>lASS.VS. W? Dspartmrxt. > Offiit Military Superintendent Rnilrmdt U.S. > IVaj/ithnfon, April lb, 16C2. ) No I'astenew Train will bemn from Washington to Manukas until further notice. D. C. McCALLL'M, ap 18-tf M. D. and Sup't Railroads, I'. 8 educational^ 1 ENGLISH AMD CLASSICAL BOARDING A SCHOOL FOR YOUNG MEN AND BOY3, Mt Joy. Lavasttr to , Pa Th* lo-, is canf o" &3;e?a or r?i!?oi'l, erd vary h*&!thr. For pueular* apt!? to O. W. A Lomaiari* av , h*t\resa Gth aud 7r?t itrwt:. cr a?lflrena ?i?a "rino.Pii, ?&19?o6t* K. L MOOR P~ LAlNMKLD ACADEMY. Nttt CaPa. Tha 33(! saa?ioQ(iii ?0rk?)uommp!tce.i M?<r Mr. T?*rm? ?70 texion. ''ireulai? ?t Mar Cil.oe. To till & low VAo&UGida K 8. BURN?, i?1 ImMi Cain Co.. Pa pROPOSALd FOK UIOUBL*. Dipot (Iuai?tk!?v??tfV* Oyyir-s, ) Co, *tr \Hih ami i) > Arm i\ i>%2- S 8ii*t*r> Paopt.s*i? wiH l?e ranslved at >h ? ' nntil tiit'tjrJfty. >hA ittth Uf*? of >!iy, &:U M., f>r Kifi)i iiii.t tt.o (<<'V-rr.ii.xitt ?i'fi U.tM'i TWO THOUSAND IJOK-Ka. ol tha foltoVUl* QCflCriptiotS, *12 r f'AVA! RV. Fr? '""AViLBT ? 11 , ' *') i?n* tv.a a tfrtn (1j) i ftee.n loi 0)?ixu*od ,tfcu;s hub, i?Mw?n tiwa a?<i e.ght ?i?rf<of o<.lor?; wol! i.fofce~ to tli? a&ddle; oo.n-jaorljr eu:u iYt?a I'ruiu ?ii dd.'eu'.a. ARTIU-KaY. I'CR ARri'.WT-(l,irt>i "I* t!K>n*ajj<l fr?'!u t i filtei-n m.r J una ' >#) e:*'.r<>r. . *t)/i * hich. Avi ftml Al?ht f -M-ru ni ? . m- /!? > oa.Oiu; lre*? f.otu*li ? npM llf V?i -t. \?<? I broken to h&r:i&J8, and tu \ft.tu &oi >? a- li.M. l,:.v uouada. PHOPO?AL?*. l*iopo^a'r mitt > xm'j ciev y T-h-th?>- t*i5bi<l ia for t avairr or *rtJll?-rr to scj, f.jJ m n? e*>e inu?t both ba i>i<1 tor oa tn? s*me ?a??r If A ;y biddor wi?h?e t<? prop,96 tor both ol&fsee ho rnupt forw*r.l two ?lm'ji.ot propc?*!i?? cua fr.j eaoh olatu rompUte ?n xntlf, b.m\ h&viD{ no ruit i ' nujr un'ti pr-ipuna. U'T 'iia Blinio p\i iy, . I f & bid ia in the nir;? of * firm the taoiM of a!l the p&itnrra must &p>cu or it will not bs considered. Propcsa'g n;u?t bo addrstsed to Go!. D H. Rnok- I er, Quartermaster U. H. Arm, Wa hiogton. D.C , and mnit be p:aini* marked "l'ropowils for Horee*." 6W ' R ANTE K. Theabiiity of kt e bid er to iiii the eoftraot, shou'd it be awarded to him matt be Ruarinued by two rwponsiD^e peracn*, wnoae * t jnaturea mutt be appended to th-t gu *-autoe. The responsibility of the cuarartora mu?t ba iitown by ti<9 oflio a oertifcoate of tie Cier* cf rhi nea-eat utatr.ot Court or of the U&iieJ Elates Diatnot At o;D3v tlidcera meat be pr?*e<t in pe'aon wh?n the bida are opened or ttieir propoaaia will act be oou idered. Bonds, in the rum of tsn Mioutacd do! &rs, sign*] by the ootUaotoi and both of hia guarantor*, wiil be required of tha aucoeaciul bidder upon sisn;aj t b o?ntrMt. Aa the bond muat aoo in pan y the ooct -aot. It will bi n:coa?ary for bidders to have their bond-men mth thetn, or to have bonle aigusd in antl'MpiuoD and ready to be produoed when tho ooatract ia aifcned. Blanfca for bon<!a oan te r.-oau ed uaon application being made at tnis cftee, either pers.>ea.lj, by letter, or by telefaph. Form 0/ iiuaranttt We, .'of theoounc? 01 , and Plate of ?-? an<l ?, of the oountj of . ar.d State < f . <u> herebj guarantee that it able to fu 1.1 a ootitraot id aooortlanoe will tr.e tarn.i m li? propetitiou. ana that, thou i Itla proposition be acMotad. fe'< trill &t 0100 enter luf a oomraot in aecardanoe therewith. thou Id theooi.trast b* awarded him we ars prepared to beoome l-ia 3t?c??ntiee. < To this cn&ran'oe ic??t be appandec the ojfitinl oortificate above im-nuoiietL) INSPECTION. DELIVERY. &c. All liorsia contracted ior uuJer t?n advertisement will be eatjaoteJ to & rigid inspection, and thoee not oonforui^c to the spe6i?c*iiou? wili be rejected. No maris wi!l t-e r-oeivol. '1 ha Loraea mm: all bo delivered in tu? citron ui up]vi3 ^uiHTanyi lAi 3i>( ilay cj Kay, and nj i ?.vre?ji?i of time will to cruitau ou auy pret*ji 1 Payment to be m&de dckiu tie cjiiip.etion of ?acU eonr-a-ji, or es ston thereafter as the Lfepo: 4dirtermastor el-ail be iu funds. I Aa? informant* in t!ie bi*t or non-ooaK>rmanr* With the terms ofttid advertise meut, will eiisure tin* rejectiou of the proposal These buraes will be awarded in ioUofust mort thtn <5^1 ttrn hnn^?a^ n * ?. , ? -, - w -?-w uu %:io Lfopui Quartern M'er should deem 1*. for tue tutdrofct of tne G vernuio"t 10 aootpt a 'arR^r nan.bsr. The Dep ?t (J ua-terniMter teserrea to himwif the richi to r<*jsot any or a.k b d? tti%' be may deem tJohub i> H.KUCBKK. a? a tm>9 Col'.-saiarni D-pot Uu;utarina?t9r. O U T T E R H O U 8 E. NEW GOiHEN BUTTKR now r?e#<Tie* d&itv. Uctlar of *11 "?? > - ? ?. - WW" UUUtWMI J III ClUI O, and Tor sa.e at tha lowest MarS-.t ratss. bf I). K. DUX ROW. No. 450 highth street, sp ia-l?* nuf Pa. nvwnii*. | N D1A-R UBBEK (iOODS! Merohan who tell an* of the various s'jrles rJ It-dia-K ul>i>er Goods will do wei'to oali on Mr H A. HALL, as tie is closing oct bis exte.-riv* stuoif at less tnaii inanutAoiurers' price* rather r?ni3*e tbem to '-ew Yotk. i he luuia Rubbo w *r*hou*o is at 30* Pa. aveiiue, t>ai ?een 9:h ani '?th st?. ap 17-lQt oft inch hkavv OU __. _ COTTONJJUCK. ximen Heavy Cotton Duo*. 1" 4 H?e.?y Hrowu Cotton Sheetinr, 9 ?, lo 4 a ad li-4 Kle&nhed Cotton bnsetisf, 4 4 Bie&cliftt Sh rtinji, _ 4 4 Brown yturtines. With,* cenar?l ?t?ok of Domwtte Dry Gooes, all at tho luwcbt p: ijen tor e&sh \VA1. R. K1LL.Y A BKO., No. 3<i Central Stores. Between 7th and 9th freet*. ap 15 lot i?po. Qatar Marlt?t. JUfeT ARRIVED, Ciract irom an Ka?t*rn aao tior honna*ono hundr d piooaj rilEORKU tl) MaTTI \H A !??,?e assortment of OIL CLOTHf and*rh#r wi ha larje taanuty of uM?'vnCiXiy oi s i o9?ortpuoai. 1 ha?? on ha->d NKW FfcATHKR??, MATTRESSES and HKl>*f EAUi, with a large lot of Naw and Sfooud UasJ floode } lit good kefijem ton, but little me. AM of whioh have be n bougU lor eauh and vili f? eold at a email advano*. k K. BUCULV,4tte?tb street,(east sidej ap 1A Itn* (intwon H and H <?. pKNSlON OFFiqg, JP.X? Ctu. l-81. TO ALL WHOitTf MAY CONCERN. Afpliettion having lM?a itao? nnder the ast of 23J Jape, ltoo, for the reiwae of the Lana Warrant* de.?oribed bemn, which are alleged to h*ve baen o?t or dratroTed,aot:ce is her*bj *??*"tJLthat at tbo liatu f movriUK the doeoriyUo* or Mob War rtitLft ii?? ? i.u r ....? ? yi'd oi*j?ction mould then &pceai. , ?t*fd undir tha act of ;2Ff*in tha nvmc ?* J*o"b Br*der, md m AuiMt lt*h. I?"?~M?V 5d. Ides, M?.m^i8?ori ?? ?. i?tw*l under thf s,*t of wVk.r* n^i Ml* n4B* 01 Ub?r|QM?. Widow of ' M?r17 lam *" V*sMi in wan ?. i * ?. ?:W?84nfW!? '?'& ! ? SKW^rV N? T7,W*,f?r 1? *tit? . i hoi^T nf* fil ,uA l"?wu?iii, fav<>r ot LmmT?* Bii?&j,m *V\iU? V?*1 Huuter'a , Kafss'jHfiaij " est tm ,?ftuwv. tm." Y&k ViTttfZ.' ?cm?ot, N?v JSyyssnSv?? BpKWS^gSOfflli 1 ? UVim i n^TLSTEr. isn?j pereor.vly it tua ot.c* .o uxu citT raMBBM Jcany persons c*r. voiir tnese teeth annot watr ctiers, and no person oar wear ot&ait no Qiuaot we*r Uiece. Perseus calling at m_~ o?oe eat be aocp [ with any styl* aw! price of Teeta tiiey may <ie#ir?; *)P t tr> t h n?n w r>r% af? aa* 11 nM1 r ?.aui M k fk? ? j - ? - ?? w HV ? ? V pwT MWH1W ? W?il ? * h e t*do?t, itrcncest, *id moat ?f:foc: Jei tore taat art car p rodaee, the MINERAL PLATE wi!l be mors fully warranted. R^o.i.b is mil city?No. 83? ra.ate&ie.t*t*w* tthand lots ?<?, Alio, 90T Aroh itre-t. Pk !ad* eir.a. mar 4-ly,ao J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHF.OFLASTl BQNM WEE T H, WiTztn Mitu PUTI ot Cuira DR. S. B 810ESMOND, tit Br+Us?%v. Ntm York-2* 4 P^mm a n?i, JK!* M<i 13?4 1:1. ITiuwirlM, Caii? the attwttoa of tbc f>'bu<* <o the loHuwttst Vi u* lUlJiWtW ejiiTO! !. '*he "ycsiii of lua iwmsJ'^cc.ire wi! aavcr jorvnie nor oh&ir? eoir" } y a.-r ?ij*. b?m rt?r?e fjartr.s iucier *r.? o;!,er, ?. N? imi.1 01 foow c#?i be ext.fcotui, u Utrtineutl or'.?s o*it t-a icwt"*J over t sin. S. The rofrU wii! b? swie !B?'ffen?;;?e. a.a err? wfce. , , 4. No temfoifcry *" n??d9i, ac *enn*t*rl aes ff*n bo n.w)o ithereby tr*a*rv;r| _5 r.itdr?i tx#rse?.o'i or ?iie [??. ?cioh lh? o\i eyaie.u ;s i.-.^aentlT dirujtrwl. f. Vi la work nta bet-a f*i Tt twtod orer fire T<*ri *7 it i; y of the firat oh?raieta ?n<: r y?jci?'.a of tuii aov;nfay. Hv -/ I. . - ?i-* - J- * Vi.i.iut.n liTi-liW* P? STllBliraOSlf* ;net?i l?.anf, t-i"i wfc ca ii* most Mintm i?*i ok.- be tiled wuiioat <C o*n La;.. up a fxt\ ca aaj radtr.?:% .art vivroTth !i{rt:m?. Tka hMicf tefeicr cm r-?'* ?to I>r. V. Most: D: T*or8jK?3. Profwsor ofCufnustr*, N. V,; P<>t. jgcc W'sjr-e, of Un Sn?r?aie Coori of Wry .'.Ef toi>. ta ufc&uia of C*j: *iul eitiLiLc fur rou/iie'f. no t l:a ear ?^?w??1^J?a>*aM?i#?> GAS FnTINGr&^ a r?w r. dove * co. f5 >K iSt* *Tto<r?* tr ci#j?to lay a. ?#j't ?1U thty * f~*or* : \r. V * plvniii**, t*g Fir?i?? BUSINESS. Itjt Btc"? ?n it, ft few d??rs sett ?f N n*y t?hc;? ? ?vui?nw*oTtja#fc. :! CH n; Jf-V? tn fttlwr OAS. 6* ? AM wz. T>-:? n V7? if;?V tff > tlT VA3 FIXVVK8B, . V ;* nr.* *; r--;c. iii" ?r? c'ia ? rromirr- *4* WT7V/JJ?Scf eu! . e*y Nmt Pftttertiaiud *.*. 1 l-iii!?':, .vo- u styiMa ?:;]riini c I :.'rt .?... >r* fernd in tnie :i!Srlr<i. tve iaTitewtisei-* irr#t?! T to etil nvi 9*ar in? mir *vr,ct o; Cm *?cJ Wftta t li' irne, .wri't.c oori-.-iott tn*?w? eft'# tt? 'XsJ sr.f jV?! ri :t iJ V*& / Vr O< S !?I t.^ft'C-.^ t*Wi'.?4 t- . ' 44M ? <u;v.> a-.Uf Tfrl;?. _ & 5i'.?21An. Mtt ?.H X/? 42KCULY !>!'-*' "WlV/l PISE.\SL?! 1> KAMARITAN'M lilKT' VA M M!I TA\"8 MK',' 'l'ht /?/<>.' Cnt.ii;> Utinfiy J\. *i (Jif f. " Yei," a i> J6itiv?> orr? tor J?:3KASKr?, GOMORRB4H%. Os.l.i'.i- M'KHU'Li*! S. AO. CoMmiHi BiIwm. m Mtffuaif. I \Mt. j icu ^ (i ?.*? ' r lan" ' i'J **11 *i r. ourtt I TIlfT *r<,? Iturrlf V-*f?*taL- hi 1 r KOtT'!: Lit ! any ucj>.n.ic.\ct Uf?te, &i!?l wi'l not uantaiyiuju.fl :L??t maoh r Unrele of the ino-t .Ma Curt* iq from two to fourJai , sad r?oent eases in "t* oatj iuur hou:? " Krepareu hj a rr^tuaie of tli? I! -iven?ity of I'enMi'vu.i, rte of tV :r "ft wninent Douto, e *r!<l Cbemr n *f * '.b pre: tt <.xy. SAMARITAN'S GIFT Wi'l oure any out .a from two to four i ays. anJ reject ca-ee in _ TWENTY FOUH HOURS! Ko exfOfurt n > trtuolf, no rAante xoKattrrr. Let ciioie who r.ave de?p*ireJ o/ K-Ht . j cared, or *hi have been sorted w.tti Uaisaiu Copavia or Meroarf, at cnoe tr? Hie SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Feat Uy nail ia a plain envelope. Prioe Tnaie packages, 32 Piiea female ia?<s?ca, S3 SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND M'KfJJl Ci>. A aPEEDV AND PER MAN KMT Cl'K* F?>K bYPtl'l.iS OK VKNhKKAL. DISEASE*. I Hftra it A VA nnra?nn M*t. ,,rt?? ??? - ?w WIV...J HW I WIWH? but t!ie J ui.o* of Room atd tterba oomhtuad. Thi? form of the Uiiaaee matea i'.e appearance in aorea oa tue oriana of ten-rviou or tn?y may oocnr ?-a other pi'H of the t?ady. wr.ioh happen* mostly on tie gruins, ana very often m u.oera of the mouth, ?e ter?, t pota, oariea and uodeaofthe bonea.Ac <ko Ant and all of tneae ayaptoma will soon yield ?o the EAMARiTAVi * GOT AN i) HERB Jl'iCRS. tSeut by express. Price 91 a bvUie. or b t-otti?* "^SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Prioe25o3ut? I 'all d>rtoiton?. JUidAiO.ND A CO., Box isi l*uiiadei?tua4?cBt ' Sold by ?. CALVERT rORD.corner Hth and Feun. avenue. J EATON, -ii 3ou& Eighth atraet. Philadelphia; aa 32 im nn n * a.r *** r?*? Bb u&ac I HE Snb?crr*?rc dersriiiicfU to eocopm? cats ?!1 j>er?or.o, either in plc&enro or b:iM-A Arj&jj q "b?. e??e k'm..' *o a lnrr? f> pen^e in tkergjfcJlKgJ Surohias c( C&-ra.;r?, tiugrje* Mil i*M W ~*ttT !e liorae*, Mi for the n?3 of ?h# Fannies via.nia< it, U3 at ai. tiin*? froo:re a _ir? witts (?iitiui':?nu..4i. .?u *r..l amu ?lrucr. Orders t-at to the ?ub *a with street ^ad number wi'.l t-c prnmftW Mtended t-j. Chartosfti in<l3ate &o iLe iaaea will allow. Hrreea Ulan at tiverj. J O OtiOK Jt CO., Slxta street, one bl^et octr. t-f ap 14 Ira* Permv arez-'ue. 7' NGTIC K. I HE STEAMER 1 BOM AS COLLYKR WJU retains tier trips to Mount \trr.on _JT>? ^ on Wf<lud?d&7, M&rohttilt and viil run every Wcdae-daj and Sjatur-aT'** 1 ii ITi further r.r.ucr, ioavini Uc whan tt tua foot of ?th street at 10 o'clock a in. I'lic for uc r^uti t ip on board the !x>v ?1 so. SAMUEL 6 EDNEY, Captain. N. B. On tho paymfctol 2j oents visitor* wil! be adi!titled to th? roori wMoh ?iei?eral \V&sbinrU>D occupiad and in which he dieu TLa u ai.d grounds s#i* ciotea to vjeitor? on fnndaya. H7"The disturbed a*at? of t>;o fcaaacet of tU* country ha*in? reduoed the resource* ?>! c.U'i'joiauou r^ddsr thia oharce noceoary, fcr themifBt, lor th* and sr?s>#rr?t.uu < f Mt VIUOS "- " ?? r nr-? w O V8TKI! S-OY8TK R"i. /IPi8.? PUKE Stenned t>T?w>r Saloon. TLe ar.b?ortb< r navin* ooroplstod hus ^tesiuou Uytter &e.Iooa.'a now fMd ^Na / a ) to lure ?it to oitiketis, atf&^cera. nuu^agVuKfi' tfce pi' Ho Rfsterall?, xritli Ojat*** oookm l?y the re* ?rfcc?s of < earning. Tha K*.,? ???- ??- *" - ? " w ? * * | ) v"iC USXI BflOTCl- VI i W* wais to on W <1. %: *na Ch??ep?*fc? bteiirrOtH* r ^ii-wjD, No. 4U3 M ?troet, noar 7lh, *cd ea^t of the Pra?8i^?* WH. P. W KB U. Proprietor. Toh CARD FHOTOGKAPHS < 4oO anufhamu 3oU C&rd Pcotogr&piu in Vixirt*. inni?d>3t cow?s of , Otoka Picture*. A,m? CARD VIWI Lki.U OV AL r*lCTUUli FRAMES, th? l?rje?t Mwt?*r.t I tr - ' juu vxt con ratnsu&otor; in tlreooontr j [?f*? ?*ah! &t J? AKK 'ilTr-K S? No. 4t?C sire*'. t fa 18 > dot*?r? tl>ovo ?>U?1 K?' low* Htn. Read with ukcision and aut with 1 PRKCA tTlON! OR M. VKLLNV'J* PRJVATB HOSPITAL, in tfca Fa^arM !t'f>ok.orpotits ;katiant:?l Poat tud Patent O?oe, tLoo.n 3t up tftira, c.mer of 7tU ar d lr &li, \\ u;ua?tob, I'.C. I EtUT.0l I TwtMUliSI. Dr. M. V?11bt*? lojif typaTisncr in hospital ?~ao- ( tice w?rrantsnun in sayinj tt ?t Mean oar* an dW*a?as cf a prnate nature, or le trl-'l fotlritttie am of tv? hun.ircU dollars. Call atxJ ?w< h;m. No oharfo for aow.:' - A 1 parfect and iadiaal ccre erfactei trout ona to taur d%vanr- vt**> <T->n * iyPBtjlAL MOTIVE. 1 AMU AKTKR TUBSDAY, APRIL \ i la??, the traina on tii? ita'tlmoro atd Ohio KAit- < roaa eomuiouoe running dfciij, Smndaye exoeptadr leaving this tfafaon at f.?0 A. 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W Floecoptw 4 76 Ten eeplw ? T W<*ty **e ooptea ? 0U It lcvarlably contain* th?"Wathlng1on N?wa'' that hu made TK? Daily Vrninf Star clrcr^a'i ao generally throughout the oountry. (IT" single cop'.ea ;ln wrappera) can be pro! cared at the counter, Immediately after the lam of the paper. Price?THREE CENTS. )H PENNSYLVANIA ATINCB. EXILE DrPRE. J tat ReoelveA uA OpeaiA, A 19ift tad InUoUa aiock of ek">U? FAMILY QROCRRTKa. eaosiaHag oft 8USAR8, of ali TEAS, COFFEE, BVTIEft, URD, FLOUR, MAiLLARD* CHOOOLAIE, a c.. 4o., a<i. All r.f wklc? be offer* at iow??: cub prieea. PIKE'S CELEBRATED WH^Lbt. WO barrel M> bartela XIX, 5*w barn's Mlllfra Rye M?noagtfc?U, ?J0 bcrr-li floe OWL Ry?, Sw b?rr?i? in* OU1 Bourt?o?, A t rrv^ruif.?? mi viiiviiI.UIl rAJC'lA 411 tto bioriM e( Muvn V.-i. y. C r. llidvl t, ?r?. oou^tit u>w, we ?aet4i low Ifctr*. Aim, tMtie Ajreit lot KiltU AKMV CORDULL. frb lt-tf 11 I V A T 1Q. Pill VATli I* n I VA T Si DR. LA CO NT A i?n?ov<*l I. 'H*c?tn R?-,in\o i, i-'j 'r | t.-.e p^..;<5fcf thr-uiici*. ('? MhiUftoB t>L J . -- 1'"^, ii-FTBi.. U| fill! 1* now r?*lT tucaf'sl Dit^isabUI'r vi'* Nuira, wuh. .l tno ?M of i.? or tiigftiaUng <iibc? ot tri ilEj, ftiiM to v i!) v<?itr I u^. %vih*v:c^ f>v-c?U ?? wfeo.? to t?n? stu..j aod-eur* oi ?T ,u? L>i ? *.?? rf uth i*iei *41 U. n.-t-on* '.f i&? \\o.b. Uv*r. tfoo l*?t srb: o! in ih- warfd, tK* New Voik Cut U ispi** a. ufiier !' Ci.:.;o7) nvJ :*kr*?r, *v? whon: I r**?ro*r?t :y r*fer l?i' my * ' *' U? lue i m* * % ? ol *;??>! mm iJj'.etiii Ml -- I OAJUC t ?.{, ; 1| R1 > PM?? li-r.tli euro, -t the-w> ( ? o * ?' r.*w !Xod'*t> t rcqmrfti ; LOU.:a*g atr??*ii,o in any jam of t .? trbatihuiit. f Oour.iltatior.r0M Rooivymt *riv%t?. M. LA HONTA, Kr.oia t , brat floor; Wm. Bl "u?t, roh ?>->rn* P* t?im^ an* Tt 41 W all, Siepbuus & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MMJtCUANT TAILOK&, Aiu I>ii.L*?? '? SWOJtDS, HASHES, BELTS. fceAtLLTJ?, 9HOLXDEK STRAPS. AL'NTLIfTtf, ?LOVEj*. *? As4 * ? rttriwtr of IKADY HI OB OLOTHlttU, WALL,BVH!'r1KNS4 CO. Pmio?,:vaiuc. %r*C93. tctVMn Jlii.#!. A H e*dh.l Itii V ti m. V A kJ *- ? * 1A A V ?i A f S j or ttiiORolA. SWIIB CAROLINA. ALABAMA. FLORIDA. published by the 9Ut? dor*rnaitU on a very at*Urged fccve, mounted en oioth i> a aortah'a fornM ,J n ' FR aNCITTA V > <?** NEW *ORK BRKAKPA9T BAPON! We ha^e Juat rejeived from Niagara cocct*. New York, a einal! lot of ea?*,.ent ooantry oar-U Hmm. Ao , winch have been eared expreialy to boiiinz and frying. * * irTIAlO a. ap '.6 Comer ifr.h ?t. fcr.d Vermont nr. CH. RIVART * CO. SILLEiir CUAMPAGKE DEPOT REMOVED TO S. E. Coxsk* o? P***. A?mi xro ?ixm 3?., ClsrraJoa H-til Baii&os, WhkM efc. ? II. ROSEV. Afiisi, Niw You. JAM HE MO LAN. A-I.T. WasiMtM, i>. IT. EflERRY, POUT e*d MADEIRA WINE*. FINE OLD URANDY *ud WHISKY. O" a. libera! duo mat t-> dealer". 1? fCOLK DllOVtiiwo ? ?"?"? ? -- V"* 1 1 1 ^ CoLlfc. Cj Cava ?rie?Ha. it d# l'i uctrootiou B7 cor <? 1)8 Hnci-Arut Poeica c* Ca.ra..erta L.e?t>ia? 9 25. Manual df? Mireohai*r'?. &i 8ft7&i8ne?ouido (*0 l'it&traut' nr. ST o*nt?. iTtisr'e-Ickti UoMon n Ch-rai. 75 oolU. Cay&ier'e?Sb' ia Sarnce 4m IS 6ib!ioifcr?u9 da SoJl-04' iar ae 91 J3. .Ucoll&!i?M Milit&ir**?Par 1? o?>B-r&i fcrauo. i>* K KXW- }'aj la flo jeral R?rar<V rr ?** . ?>'A?'mar?ATenif^_?1 la Ctvawia 1 Tv> ? Asj l?? 1'CT J' *1* * *. tJu ire, ! A u $(#. Pimodau?Do la Caval?. i? Ciccuu. Wartery? Kemera^** l?u.' aCaval^rle. 91.4 Cava ?ria? Inaliwct <*? Pruv.aoire aor la Carwerl* s?jo8^U. *i> 11-1? KftANfK TWLOt BOOifcS klii> tSri 'KJ? TO SUIT T H l> TIMKtt. We are ow lu&utif&cUum all ki&i'ol BO<?TH u<l Shots, and cocttv?*'> rest-rccs ?upjp!j ef eaateru uuu1* wrk ot mn r jHw < cri ftion, made e*>r??*!y to o*4*r. a&c **il ? be ?oid at a aioeii lover frtoeti^u bis *?.? U8rel'jf^.r? ou*JT??d in tt->? -'*? ?? %.?/ 1VK HiBCQ Person* in trant ci Floclx cad ?ho?j of attc a or city ir.vie vw v*[. ai?*?? find a cood aassu I riontui turfk.ud at iae ?t met*. oiv?a? a ca'i, ?;;!FT .s* cao, at>-r 314 f'BBt-lTar.i* wru* HOVSTKKS?OYiTK*8! * OTEI.8, R-nncrinta and Private FtnD'H naul^t ?p?iie?Ii;ai'T Willi OY!? I t.R ,friwh froin ti e ci?. .i, ui j tuMuura, ai^w**^ J It ?ft8 tOVMt ^lLM " *. <'o.. No.SOi vj nDmA*. \Z^ OjKlt'r of t?ie twtt < ufti.l) M ?<^i a Jumr RKPKIV KD AT ?. IiK\i L * CO >. NO. 561 iM'H ta, I W.dK % cetr at^-k . f tii hruiMi l-.-ubicoi. , ?? w - ? V I V n r. 1 ? r| ! ( II OOulKS, T a, HA'ftt ?d OA " a, I" A BKAli> * CO T, No 351 Mvtu!; ?tr?i, 1^' b?twe*? I ?.nd K. ? JU? to tnj ip?. CI.UTflni. FVR!?l*Hr>.<i WOODS, rfcUKK3. HaTW +- * C "^1* * *t N*w vorfc pno*a POMF r.Nt ?ND AL.L AT U A. BKALl* 1J CO f. r.~ i-'l Beveuih ?uwt, i*iw*ej '? K. to t,?y ,??. Cl4>7 IilNti, FtRN^HlmC iOODtf, HA r *??P'At* VOW IB ??' JR TIStK TO BUY VOUJSt l> CLOTMtM??. FINISHING (OulJS, tlATb *c?i Ca/ ? it tott low prtow. L A* BKALL * fiu A, Nc SCI :5?vautk W*f*T A _ *r> ?* f AMI* HUBBr* tttNii? I j i;,u f>noM. All uMi M J. t?. PUDN8VJ, MKM 4 *U?BE??0<W? lT* A? i B Fl?I?NLVfc. ?8 ?jMj?* < <?k # **+. BUYS' CMriUlNt*. K H?? noeir?l TtWu - ssa^-WiSir JUL fcM Tkmk mo *r?MUj?t at nty lhVm a rfcw DAYBOUY.-1 hnm^i P n>r 1m amok o/ CU-thin* Lo? w ith? yaarg? wr^* hr "T; wfib.

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