Newspaper of Evening Star, May 6, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 6, 1862 Page 2
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EVKNING STAR. ' SUINGTON CITY: t* ' i iv way c. i?ca Pe-?*TJ5 rr-sfpf rn f-rrry p^-ge. !?ee ont d j'r>r 'r Urrstir^ tel^jjraphlr End other mcttir. w* 1; " i - ftf * ." Tim S* printed en thi v. ; ; i u :n n-r- south cl Baltimore, !t? <4itton r '.r-:e ts to r *?aire It to l-e put W- : st au t v Last: A**-therefore, should be *.^t i*. X-tr'rtre 1*2 n'cWk otherwise they m?y nit apr*,,>' until the r.fxt day. Spirit ?f 11: >1?rnin| Prats. TL? JattlUgenttr !* ocenpifd with new* uctalii lr-d?y. The Kf mHtrnn not!ce? a rumor "that all the member* cf ConsreM frcm the border alave i*; !t? and a bomber of conservative sympath zf rrvm ur?rj Mtlnr.ilv r nnti H pp! r* ct M.e propriety of wltbdrawing In a bodvfrom the Senate and the Houi*, snd thai p'ecip'.tatlng a decision b>* tbe p"-ple?f the whf > country on the r.dical m^a?ures of confiscation and emancl*' *r\A ^<ive- 14 mo >int ornne V. v for lnflu. J p. J fi'rirg ipplslit'.on here, by threats of withdrawal either by StaUa or by the delegation* of States.'' OUR MILITARY BUDGET. THE SITUATION. l p to nrnn to-day, t'ce latest Information frrm f V.a V'viitni* Ptinl nsttla ia tV>it In t V d inr " inia i *11 i'"u i uu. * itiuiuw u in rarly morning telegram*, wbi<*b ?ay that FranklinN f?rrr vra* d?-iaved in going up York river, and tk^t firing bad b<en renewed rarly yeaterriay morning upon tLe reb*!s occupying entrenctm<i 1a tiro mile a below (ibis aide of) Williamsburg. We regard it a* bigbly improbable tbat the I. .> 14 a <4 In a ai> . I ^AtaVtl A a I r\w I ><> Tu?-iB 'JiTiiru ill rliy ruipiuriaujc luivr a m "rlow Willairoburg; as to ?lo so would Inevitably tilow our /niibiatg and transports to throw an fl'iiiy i.i the r< ar of tl.cir Eying column*. J he deUyof Franklin's corps was doubtless the f(??i;lt of s'oruiy weather, and could not havr? afffc.eUhls Uiov*mtnu for twenty-four hours, we apprehend. If th -v s' r-mrMn^ ar.vwhere thi* side of thrlr WMt 1'oiiit fortifications, they will be, It seems tn i.?. in Imminent danger of being cut off f.-nm II < Lir.ond. We therefore believe they Lad siro} ly a f? v.* thousand cf their beat troopa In and about Williamsburg yesterday morning, ready toatart off in a hurry ai soon as they diacovered C llU 7_ I _ 0 t _ , ft* X _ _ J .. ft. ...?b n cuiiiu i inja.urv |;CUIII^ rcduy iu inaac ai them. The tramp of making ?nrh bMts with tUf ir rearguard behind inconsiderable defences, mu<t materially weaken them every time it ij essayed; rtsultin^ in heavy losses of gun*?, prisonrrn, a: d material. We shall not he surprised to Jean la the cour?- of the day that In th'?, th?*lr lirrf a:t?mDt st nlavin? it. thev have loct so Lr*vllv. m to Lave alirady ended In a ^tuenl d'.?e realization of their forces. NAVY YARD. 'ii.eK:rtg Phillip, Capt Wood, arrived from Yciktown yesterday afternoon, bringing up M. Murder, the French Minister, Capl. Fox, Astiai am s-~ rpi^ry 01 n?e .>?vy, ana a. numuer 01 members of Congress s:.d o:h?rs who left here on Friday nl<;ht. The party we;e landed near Yorktown ?n S i:;day afteraoon, and spent aome hours In visiting the deserted fortification*, from which they brought awsyj number of pikea, shot, shell, muiktts, shovels, picks, axes, &<^ t-oine of the musk^ta were of a good dtacrlptlon, but many were tbe old Mint lock, one sinos^ thtse marked 1-30, and belog similar to the Geo Law muskeU Some of the party aay that many or iD??^u. s:a u.r wai?r batteries Had Deea removed, bat 1- the batteries farther Inland the cn?nv >ft hlnscit evtrvthing Their dlgpeusary was wi 11 filled witb incdicinea, and tlie bandages, lint, Ac , were ready for immediate uae. The Phillip left at a late hour on Sunday afternoon. LATE FROM YORKTOWN. HFAT^ranTtas. May 5?Hon. K. M Stanton, Secretary of War : It la raining hard now, and meat of tie nigbt; therefore the roeda are very b_d. Tte er.einy' la atill at U'llliamaburjj. Ilenvv nring i* now jjom? on. i lie wnibcr baa aela\<-U Franklin to-day. i l.ofe to ovi-rrome all obstacles vet. and throw a an indent torre op the York river tornt the enemy's line ?.f retreat. Heverai of our bat'erUa are actually rtnek fa?tIn the mud. TLe men Lav dune all tuat rruld b?* dune. No of ibe ceiiaatlon of rain. ti T. M? Cllllvn, Major General. ANOTIll'R NAVAL CAPTl'RE. The Nary !>~;?rtrr erit have Information that th? IJ i4 cnnbcat 11 iron.eiptured on the 19th nltioio, oil Obari?-*trn, tbe schooner Glide, of CharU?:on, wt'l" atUnpMog to run th?? blockade J*he van hound to Nas?au. N. P., and was loaded with one hundred Uil?* of cotton and five tierrrs of x\rr H- ? pif f-rs and log-book were thru?n overboard dunni: the chase. Financial.? New \ ?>rk papyri of yesterday rej r? a lo tb" Strvk market, with large ?f (ireit eagerneei to buy is Diai.ifrt'fd, anl it rxlende.l tbrongbt the entire ti?t We o'lotefrom closing ales: V. S. G's of I ?!. ! < *;; registered, WjilOO; U. ?. 5's, I?*4, ;4: L. S. G J < f W>-, registered, V*, U I*. C'?, ?ri?* rear r#rtiH<at<?. !< &; 7.20 Treasury note*, 1' . ., l.iir.oN war Iran, 96; State Corks are unr-1 *? n . . 1 1 ? rk r*1 r?A>i nnr.a t .t 1?t*Q (ii*. I >ul i a ? > * - mi > ???*? ? * VI I ? ? I ?j IliUIO-iC S'?, ^1; MtMOurt 0"?, 6-J; Tennuwee 6'?, American fcoid. IT7".Vr John F Munrcr, the Mayor of New Orleans, the CoiWn Transcript leruni, wa? form< ny d In theclotLing trade In New York, and ui forward* conducted tb# tame Luxlnean in .Nf* Orleans About two years ago Le wa? su?p. ct?d of sympathy with the North, and at that t.n.- ; i-i a card indignantly repudiating the r Larje. |f)* MUsonri ?l?li two Unlud States S*>*ati r- ttii?u;h U? Legldaturr, and !t seems that tt?ro is no lark of ratididates. Among those n:m?d are Hamilton R Gamble, J a*. H Rircb, Wtllard P. Kail, (rank P. Bla'.r, John B Henderson, Samp!' Orr, tf. M Breckinridge, James I < Q 11 1' viaigj ?r . i lici^v u .u c. in U 1'JTti . Mails roa New Or lea** ? I ce Post Office Depcrtn.ent contemplate immediately ie-eaUbMlag an U S. po-t otilre In Sew Orl<ans. Mail m ilter intended for tbat city should be di ircit-u lor iur preaeai "Yia .>cw ion." fj~7* A Drw afternoon paper called44 The Wash, ington Tim's," tin been a*.a;Uii iu this city by Mr . W 1> Hughes. |?7~?cme cf ?be Southern papers, in bemonrlrJ4, tue loss of the Crevmt City, say that Texas tt<* yesr will produce three million bushels surp;; s of wL?-at. .en million bushels surplus of corn and lar;:* quantities of pork, not a bisbel nor a _a # .... . .v *l. im ir ??- - }x?un<ft i'i wiiiru cui i"iur uuriu ai ilc i amcr: retain p juk-mIosi of New Orleans. ITT" joel M. Johnson, of Passaic county, re publican ex m'mber if the New Jersey Legislature, wa? Indicted by tLe fraud jury of Passaic county, Jn.?t we?-k, frr rape, committed on the r>er?oq ot Hi* step-daughter, ?ayv the Bergen Wmocrat. C7" One who Las recently seen him says if JflT. Uirii is ' let alone" he will soon "shuffle iBthi* Hior'al coll," as he is now a Caere skeleton, having total ;> drstroytd bis health since his a?sump* on i f 'ac duties of President of the Southerr? Cor lederaty. < i? ? T _ Ik* . ?. a t.i.. _.i _ ?_ a ..a > 1 u_y u-- i?cw wieans rruri? can now m*i ius ?'i ry wutch tbeir journal* told a year ago that Getir-ral iiutirr wis a colored barber who once lived there. l?j" Yancey has bee* made a Brigadier General In itie retx-1 armv for bla dUtlnjjumbed ability" and while abroad la be bail of the Confederatex. IC7* Biabop MrllT&lne, of Ohio, lately held a eouSitDttion of luo young persona, Kngltah and American, of both texra, la oaf. of the largeat Protectant Kplacopalcharchtra la Parla. ^ ITT* Radetak*. the murderer of Pelner, the ?*m:au mniuua mtcn:nan, wao?f Ci-^c Biirscir& *ucta notice a few month* alncc, has been arreted lr at Lonlt. |?7*l?i?hop M^Pnrlaiid, of the Catholic dloee?e o! Hart'ord, Bishop McCloaky. of Albany, and Bitlicp Tinwo ut Buffalo, have gone to Rome. (JTJuobTBoimwi, n-SwrrllfT tf the Inlector, ws? on t?en. Beauregard 'a staff at the batlie of gbiloh LATE NEWS BY TELEGRAPH. IHP0RT1NT NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. Confirmation of the Report cf the leaera. uccnpation 01 Jjaton nouger Ths f. S. Gunbcati: Pass up the Mississippi. Enthusiastic Union Meeting in New ftripftfl* An Immense Amount of Cotton Discovered in New Orleans. ? Fittlapki.pht a, May 6 ?A refugee from Memphl? r onfirms the report of the occupation of Dnton Rouge by the natiousl troopr The U.S. gunm IV<a ?I * uuais uavr |ia?a^u up iur imi. TV Union men of New Orleans have had an enthusiastic meeting. An immense amount of cotton recently discovered has b?en seized. FROM FORTRESS MONROF. The Visit of the French Minister to Richmond. He Intimates to the Rebels the Hopelessness of their Canse* Emperor IVapoIr on Willing to Render Ills Good Offices Towards Aiding the Retarn of the Reb Is to the Inlon. Fortris* Morjao*, May 4 ?Editcr Star:? There I* interfiling in.'ormr.tioti here from Richmond, emtr?rln<? the nccount given by membcri of Jett' Davis's government ol the purport of the French Minister's intercourse with th^'ii during h!s roefnt brief visit t-? Richmond. They now admit that LI# communications with them were wholly ur.oth.-iai; and indeed, tuat he had no Interccurie whatever except a mere Interchange of common place civnry wnn my cr tuem, ottier than Benjamin and one or two whom he had In tiir.-s past known well personally in society in Washington. They also now admit that he wtr.t there only to obtalu assurances of tue safety In any event of the tobacco of tbe French Government long since l>cucbt atd paid for with French money. It Is Inferred tbat he obtained the assurances 011 that head he is s?aid to have sought. In private and wholly unoillcial conversation with Renjann'.n and tbe others referred ta above, he i* now !?aid in Richmond to Lave freely declared hi? belief that the rebellion U a failure, una must toon come to an end; and that howtver willing the F.mperor might have bt?en to have ?e;louiiy considered the question cf tb 'tV'^eo.;nition wben thtre vra? an apparent procp*|t that ? the Confederacy" could Wtiii iUelf in arms, the fact that their can* Is now hopeless against the United States, could only make bi:n and all other rul?rs of commercial European nations sincerely anxious, for the sake of the commcrce of the world, that the contest should bn terminated as speedily as possible by tbHr relinquishment it II _ I ? /...?w. ?? - ui il nr is junacr siaieu 10 uuve uailnaMl Iliem thet long since, according to our published diplomatic correspondence, Louis Napoleon bad said to the authorities in Washington that while h" did not feel at liberty to volunteer Interference In the allalr, they might rest assured that whenever tbe litter regarded his good offices as a peacemaker desirable, he would be found ready to seek to bring about a reconciliation upon satisfactory terms to both parties If that were possible. Speaking as an individual, he Is said to have expressed tbe opinion tuat Louis Napoleon would be found willing to seek to obtain from tLe I'nlted States a cessation of hostilities upon the basis of their reacknowledgmerit of the General Government's authority intact, upon term* that would amount tow near approach to tbe s'.ntu ( WO an ft Of Hum a? might be possible under the circumstances While tbus freely expressing his personal oplniops to perfonal friends tbere. It is now conceded in Kicbmond that he took due litaiAli) ?v?-rv'liln? llkp nlHrial IniAr.n...^. ?. - - ? ? j ? ? n - - ? ? ??V"\vhj,T with any ou* tLere. lit* certainly left on tbe m'lidsc-f tbe trade* tbe belltf that lie remarried tbe'.r cause a* hf-j^'les'sly lost, ai:d was simply of opinion th'it tiie ijalfkfr tbey liUl down their am i and returned lo tLeir aiiefciar.^e. u>e better it would be for their own future In the Union, and f?>r tbe liitereitt of International commerce everywhere. 1 wiite you ttl? poss;p for what It i? worth. It in nv r?'r.aria'ive ?f what appear* to be a v^ry > i _t * ?A ? ?? t* ' ? ?- ? ?? ? ra'gm wiory iiuui niLuiuijiia, m:il wear* throughout it an air of considerable probability. TilK EVACU\T!OV OF \OHKTOWII. Fall FnrlMBlBtjff tlip Fv#nt. [Correspondence of N y. l1 >?t ] Yrtrkto-jwn vas evarre'fd entirely ?>v the rebels at on the m<?rnlnp of the Itb. During the preceding dav and nteht tliev k^pt up a heavy ti'irt:; on our b^tteriea all along c ur lines (*> rover tneir retrest. Our pickets prea?e<i th?1r position on the morning of the lib, and entered their abandoned intrenchmcnts. 1 We captured a r?*t>el gunner In tbe art of tiring bit piece. He *ald h?* was the h*t inhabitant of Yorktown. He had been flrlne the jrun all niyht, I entered the rebel workg at four a m. Not a white ms?, woman, or rhild, wag to be teen A rticlea of clothing, atorea, and ? tllrera' ramp furniture, lav scattered everywhere. None of the tents or buiiie* were destroyed. TU* retreat ?"T tij. rei?p]? appears to have been precipitate. They eorameaced dismounting and carrying their jft?ns back to ililaimburgh four day* ago. Wagons, hare been engaged In transporting their ammunition, provision* and camp equipage for over a we?*k past Their sick and w.uind-'d, numbering over two thousand live hundred, were sent toRIcbmonl ten diys a?o T\.a rvKoI iaM 1 * rw !>r*il na-?-1 if ' wv? " """ **rir a l WUrK l?ll their entrenchments until -J o'clock thlx rr.ornln^ wfcrn tbeir rear guard ordered the wnrk to cea?e' and take up th<> march to WiUtatnrbRrsh. In the toute ofMri. Nelson, where Gen. Maijruder had slept the night before tbe evacuation, I found veral tpen 1? tiers lvlii? unfolded on a table. Two wt-rc addr*??ed to Gen McClellan, one to "the first Yankee who come*." ar.d one to >'Abe Lincoln." Fhc following are the content* of one addressed to Gen McClellan: "(itn. MeCltllan ?You will be surpriaed to bear of our departure at thia ntsge of the game, leaving voa In powMionof tblawortuleM town; but the fact It, McClellan, we have other ?nwa. meats to attend to, and we can't watt any lander. Our boy* are getting ?lck of this damned place, and the hospl'al likewise, no good bye for a little while. "Adjutant Terry, C. 8. A. M " Tenta were left standing, with bedding and articles of luxury In th?zn. On the canvas and sides of tic huts were caricatures of the Vankee soldiers. Many of the ten's were cut In dittVrent p'.ocea Four large trucks for currying heavy gan? stood near the dock, with a immense quantity of lumber. un me parapets nortbeastof Yorktown six guns were left. Ou the south side two smooth borei were found spiked. Vottlons of York'own was nudtrmlnfd. The mags*me door* are forbidden to beopentd, for t*zr of exp^sinn. Torpedo?a and shflis, with a fuse fastened to small wires, lie in the roads, redoubts, The Fifth regiment New York (Dorym's Zouaves) had Ave men kllle d and several wounds by the explosion of a torpedo. The Thirty-eighth New York Volunteers, Colonel ilub?rt Ward, had two men killed and four wounded by the bursting of a prepared shell Ills regiment were among the Mrst to enter the rebel works The Fortieth New York Volunteers lest cno man killed and two wounded. The Seventieth r*Elm<*nt New York volunteer* lost two tarn killed. Other casualties have occurred, but 1 canno. tend you particular* at nrwnt. A? aoon at the evacuation of Yorktown became known in the camps, the band* of the different regiment* commenced playing, amidst cheer log of the soldiers The following order was sent to divisions ana unxaucs, bi icfra a. ui . iruiu ura. McClellan: "Commandant* of regiments will prepare to march, wub two daya' rations, with the utmost < deapitcb. Leave not to return." At about 8 a. m., the troops btnn to march; the First regular cavalry and four batteries of artillery leal In^. Tents were struck, knapsaeks Happed, and, within an hour after the order was tftve.i, the troops were marching on beyond YorktowD. The guuboats as?ended the rl ver to cut off the retraat at the enemy. They will go to West Point. [Correspondence Philadelphia Inquirer.| On* Milk Biiuvd Yo*?Tovrsi,Sc*uat Mu?si!io, 10 a M?All day yesterday (be Kebela kept up a hot Are on Porter's d I vtMon, but burt no one Our Parrottgun at FarnUolt Court IIoum occa . Jm ?. rsui. _ ilonally answered them all la*t evening, and opto 1*2 o'clock a llrelr firing *u k??pt up About that time It slackened off ronaldernbly.and at 2 o'clock quite altogether. W* fired one or two more batterl^a nn them, but jjot do anawer About 3 a.m. a KniMlnnr Iw ? m a firtwl ? VUKW i ? j ? in ww i' " ??i CN? ? r.UU I I W? I,owp and Gen. HHnfteimen !U.*'n w.?nt tip, and foiled it \r-aa their atorehou-<e nt Yorktown wharf At d^vligh^tbey reported the fort* empty At 7 a sr. w? occupied Yorktown. w'thfltit azn'n beint Ami on. We rode through the works, a'>d found the ?nemy'a gnns nearly all remaining rp krd a c? d Binonnird. By theaide of the river battery w->re 'srce piles of ammunition and powder, balls tnd ?hella, never hn?ing been uaed. About eighty g'-ina are in Yorktown, which ! surrounded by a ?eniicircle of earthworks, all constructed to cover one another. It baa been a re?y formidable position, but mutt have eventually yielded, comd we Lave got around them. The gun we saw dismounted the other day. we learn, killed and wounded fourteen rebels. Ttie fort has been occnplpd toy the 1st Battalion New O'leans Artillery.-'.h and 13th Alabama, loth and 14tb Louisiana, 1:1th and 45th Georgia regiments. Tbese troops were ordered to report at Howard's Grove, four miles from Richmond, and left the tnrf ot mi<1nfarht A ron r rrnirH tw?? 1 ?' ? ?>?? ? u ? ?v?ii was irii, *? uw waited for our appearance, and then left In the greatest haste. We conversed with two deserters who left their regiment in Williamsburg at daylight They say that the whole rebel army Is in a panic. Prof. Lowe'jL balloon was run In front, and found their ran guard at 9 a. m four miles out Gen. McClelian ordered out the artillery and cnvtlry, and Is pushing after them at full speed. All of our gunboats came up at nine and landed some marines at Gloucester. who raised the United States flag amid cheering that could be heard across the river. The boats all then left, and at this moment are running up the York river, *belllng both aides of the rlv?r. Flour In abundance wcsleft, and a large quantity of meat, salt and fresh All their tents have been left. Wo horses aud wagons were seen. We saw a numdpr the sheila flra>I f>??. ntit Parrott guns lying all around the fort and In the rear. Report* concur in saying they have a mob of about one hundred thous ind men, 111 fed, dirty and disheartened. The newt of the fall of New Orleans had been received aeveral dayaa/ w?? known through the camps The road from York town to Hampton, on which we were encamped, waa guarded bv Fort Magruder, mount ng a large number of gum, and arranged to lire from ail aides. Part of theae were taken away, the rest were aplkul and left. Some of their work* are well built and well laid oii^ others are wretched. Work was ended upon them on Friday ni^ht, and thealuvea were Bent to the rear u- der guard. They have noiuing r>unsa wuu v. *u,? u mey can malt'- a stand Last night their (amp tires all along were the same as u?ii",l. The de:.s?* woods along the Peninsula enabled them to leave without being seen by the balloon. It Is reported that the last men wp-e seen to leave Yorktown at half-ptist four (4}*) o'clock this morning. The large gun* of the Ktoel* were mostly coSiiiub! tds, taken from the Norfolk Navy \- J u -# ?? v. - J ? i aiu. jTonif* oi ?u-iu uaa i/t?n quite recently mounted, the derricks, rope?, &c , remaining with tbt-m. The furtiticatlons, although of the roughest cbaractir, are very formidable, being surrounded by deep torgts, across which it is almost impossible to pus UNCOND'TfONAL UNION MEN 'XJI if the fc^cord Ward, (irrespective of < Id (fit? ties >aro rcqi'^Bvd?o at.and a ineet.iu io be I ei<i at ttie Medical CuIIbea. ! ' mr*n?. n?*r 15 '? <.<? Til Uitrt'JA V K Vk>S! i o'clock, for the nonnrationof Ward ofiio?r?. m6 3t* W ^SH 1 >'ITON SCIENTIFIC A8&0i| s CI ATION.?The regulir monthlr raeoti?r orThia a*too.atior> will ha neid at the Medical Hail uf6(K>rc^tovn Collets corner ol F ar.rt Tvelttli iLri TUESDAY, the 6th instant, at 8 o'cl'k, d in. A INK "win be r?ad on the Vitnitt of /l r ' '' ~ I . - ? - - i inaao una t/i - i* vriHtr H j-ilft OJ Ikt L A / if-i fttlttx. Ad" i??iou tree. ti. L. IIOSMKK. H* R*-wording ?ecreiary. rj^g-A MF.KT1N0 OF KKPl'BUCANS, ard il_5 Hi ia favor of ausUioiic tha policy of the A>!mi%!?tr&t'o", intfco "eveath WarJ, wi ! he fced {pursu*nt to atljoun m'nt) at Pot mM HaJ, corc*r 1 Ith streo- atd Mi'jUu i svnm, on T?'KS1) A Y LVKMINS.MeyK, *t7S.'o'ol ck. m >-2t ry?P? ATTENTION ! THIRI) WAKO-There JJ? -wili be*. ir.?"t'nr of the Ur.eonditicn U'i'n vot?ra cf the Third Ward, ( nreapeotive of old party Vet )&t I < mpo-an^ Ha i ou Tl ESHAY KVKNINB. Mt? fith. tu -? tendance 1 a dea ireil. n. ? 2t* (VTas* NOTICE.?1^itixeoa nf the F'fth W? d, Uf who approve thw war policy ol the Administration, atd d:aappn \eoftne ticket a!rea<l? n.rni mat'd in mid wa-d for a desman. Cennci men, iVc., I ut otherwise JrtlA'wf fi tincttv* parti/, a-?* r. iu eted to moet at \Vard'? Hu Minr-cori er of 2.) ? reetar.d l'<?.*v..on W hDNKSIMV KVKMMi, thi 7:ti mutant at"H o'o ock, ro nominate omdidatea to be aupported at the enauiag e'.eotton fnr \1 w r?r ? ?? .a ' 4Vi tl4?j vrl vmu i * I/UIIOU II. B French, T:io? Scrivener, Jos H?drick. W H Baldviu, W II Wal acfl, Kd'w Haldw n, John B odhead, L. Hoitulanden, Wm M. E .lr, E. G. i'hainlierg, K. i.. ftevena, Al'red Richard*, H Ba'dwin. Geo. F. Guliok* mi i r* Jas H. Durham. ry^=?Cf?M)MU A HALL. May 2d, lWi-Ata iijf rceKi t of 'h* Columbia Fire Coirpanj, trie fnrowinc rf?^!of-ir.s vra;e ?dop ej. \VK>r.<j? la the irfiratew domof Divine Provider* our ate a? d < ti. fni*<! Hre? dent. Thcm*.* ...I-- ? i? i ? *? - I.iiiiiii :im unu lUUiirniT UIMi iroin our n.jdat Atd wh?-M?onr lito brother vu no 1(i? to uii by liia many nib>e qua itiea than ' y hia f<**r pbs, auil out>?ukvu se.'.ai o( hoi.oaly, a: u jll?t Ol!. /.'e.rtIrrd. That v for to the fami'.yofihe de^?n?fi l our heart e;t iT?ppat;i> an l con iole'on, ii. t.ra tv ir niiii'eii l.eru* vrincLt. aiid xrh> 1 poir.tint ?o Min. who a one is tru y the oom'orter of the V tdoar *n(t nrn(i*r - w* ?.% ? ?"* ? r ? i in i" *?l {ri"! wi'tj 'hwr<, for we truly leel tno lou* of & friend and brother^ tmoitid, *8 ? tfg iir.on* r.f re*p?M that the liou'e an) h* 11 offline mp?ny be dreped in m urr, rc for the ?pi~* ??t ilur'i <laic. K'ioh-'.tifur ??' r, 1'hat tho foregone reno ution* ba prints! in t-.n dan* p\;er? of tt'e oitr, and a 09?y si?iiM l ? the cflicer* of the < ompa-iy, be transmitted to the f?m if of 'he d*>oea??xl. ANUKfcW ?>. MoKKNX'A, m r.-3'.* Peo'y Co uini>.a Kntin* Company. TfpTHK NKXr RKUULAK MONTHLY J-H . liirr-tinp of the Hoard ut Tro?>?? of PuM o S noo'- wi 1 U h'W in the Al.i^ruien'* Koom, i,!f? fUKSDAV AMKRNOON. May GLi. &t 4)? o clock 3t WM. B. DAYTON, gee. NATIONAL DhMOSMlATlU VOTKK8 J 3 OF THK HKCdNU NVAKU-A meetu.r will he hold in the Hal' i f tlj? Franklin Knme Uouca. on HNFSUA V KVICNING, Ins 7th infant, at 8 o'o cck for .ho pnrrcae ol nominating ranoifatea for th? city Couocila. and appointing deleft** ?o tho Mayoratr convention- All National Democrat*, and thoso opposed to Ahotitionium, ars tiivited to attend. m 3 3i* >YWa?KVI'RY UNK'S INTKKKST-TO THE Jq CIT1ZKN8. tiTKANUFKS, AVUSULVTEKS 1 havejuat receive' a very l&ree and Sne aeaoriifient or Sprint; Clothinr. vhioh 1 ara oiienr.r at <>ur uana! low prwea, at No. 4K0 *?ovtitli ?tre*t. oppoaile I'o^t Otlice. near F. fe tl am INSTRUCTION IN MUSIC-JOHN E. I SCHK.I-I- <Ww?n.?? ?" ? T? ' ....v wm j a voi/?ioi u muno, vtai+s tj tiva nonce that he continue* hit instructions in ?i(ht playme aid mi|<n<. i hose who wish to have their time profitably employed by Trild roct'd study and praeU'e wuaiii do well to ci ve him % call. Krfer at M . Keiohenl ach'ft Piano w irertoia, iltu street, between D and K. Terms motit rats m 6 at* f* c A HI NET FUHNlTURE.rmm VH- W8CI.1?ALK A*?D HKTA.IL. Ai IKON H*Llj. " ' No. 31* la. at*1 up. lf'.wd?n SthBBBHi and loth *t?. Jutt reo#i*?d auothor Ji'j? invoice ?1 te^ut (ul CO 1'TaGK SKT.-*, in ?ol>d tin i <.?k. ir.ajle, and d?co;at?l with and without ii arl?!e t' pe. . . A ' ? ? ? ? * ~ aixi. ?n rx:ennvB aasorlmenl 01 fell Kind! o! Ca'uaet Fo?nitnr?, Hair nna ihucH M&ttnaiec, Bol?t#'s a {id Pillova, Ac" i'urehks?rc Will o< n :i!t the.r ictpreat nil ut? bo'h tin m and uoney br callfg aron u$. in 6 60lm UOTtLKR A WILLBON. rpHIS IS TO GIVK NOTICE. That tn? ?nbi boribor lialh ob'amed from tM Orphan*',Court of \Vaamn(tnn ooutty, id * he District of Columbia letters of A<1inui?"alion oa tfce p-raonal e? t%'e of 'I hennas Sjoar.lon, late of WMiunrton countj, aforesaid. d?ce*.?eu Al: p^raona Laying claim* tiie aaid de.-taa-d, are hereby varied to exhibit the iim#, v?h <he v^uoh-ra tllArAT/f. to lh* nh?/?nK*r nn n* kefn** ?.? ?LJ-i diy of Mar mar otherwise by lav be exo aded from all beer fit of toe wt<l estate Oi?enui;der my hand thu third diy of.May.1S62. JOHN ?#ANH*M, m 6 law3w? Aawlpi??rator. PAIR OK EXCKLl.EN'T CAHR1A6K HORSES TOR SALE-The mbtonban have oa ?a!? a Sue pair of dapple cray CARRIAGE HORSES, rai?eJ in Vermont, which they will *e<l a bar cam. m 6-6t JA8. C MoGUlWE A CO . A?e?a. 1V1OTI0E.-AI1 ?6rson? are varied ? ?< ! i! lag any on^'ou a.-oonni of U? acderaifned without a written order, aa they wi'.l^ot be aooouutable for any debt otherwise o<>ntrCoted. JOHN J'. PEPPER. mS St Mr?. JOHN P. PEPPE1. CARD TO THE PROFESSION. Mrs HELEN MUZZY, beim H-out ?o refirt ir< m the stage, elytra her large and valuable wardrobe lor *%'?, entire or in lot* to suit A??l ioattoa t j be n'.?.de immediate y to Mra. M., at 84T Penn. iLVKnn*. ? ' "" in rw ^UTICK TO LEATHhR DEALEHsT~ We Uato removed our stock to No. 69 Loniuanf avesoe. b*twoen 9th anil 10 h ?tre?t?, vbere may b# fcur:d at all liraea a general aeeortmebt of H Aft NK*8aodPHOK L>A I HER. AJeo.the highest oa* h erioe eaid for Hide*. m3 ?" J E. PRIgBBY k, CO. FU o* BOSTON ! REGULAR LINE! wiiH nwniTPin Onr milir line of PwtiU bitwMB Bo. ton, Alexandria and Georgetown having now ^ jv rttimd. wg are pr*p*r*?l to forward gooda^&V t?the above port villi dlapatoh every M?k.M The taperior, laataailicg trig Ro.ereton, Croweilf maator, ia now receiving freight for Boatos, and will ?aiiabout Ae<lQ??day. the7th icit. . . Atp yto HARTLEY A UhO? mail 99 m4 mWMr gt, ffcorgttowa, 4 ? ~ ? ^ AMUSEMENTS, T VOCAL CONCERT. HK f hildrea of the Third District Primary h*cnoo' tak? greet pie* ?rp in en < uscirr ?o tb?--r : fri?-nJt and the pe-ho thM tinw will give their an- I anal Mar Concept, mader the ''recti >n of their >W ? r* ? ?? ? .1 I r?o?* ?* I wauHvi. j a. MJAi-KUf va intnci?? v KVI.NINS. thf 8;h ?U Odd ^lioW Hall. tM1 Washington, comrrrncrg o'c^ ok Tb? Piar?r? a*?d on tbe ooanion i rrr. *it4.r firniahed by Mr. K?lm *ad will t>s * euaetl over t (Hit* ADDit Tbompjom acd Mia* i?r?ia **rC<vi5irL. m * St rORO'S ATMMRtn. J#HW 1. Kohd__ __ Proprietor and Marager John b. Wi;?ht Stage Manager THIS MTKIINO. First time m Washington of Tm T?TI.AK'i Tom Taylo*'* New and Suooeeaiel Coined t. New and suoo*?e;ul Coiner. entitled AN UNEQUAL MATCH. AN UNEQUAL MATCH. Sir Harrr Joun MoCallonih BHckintop _ ' 'to ee tierfca 6 raze brook....... .... .Mr. L%nnic an Heater Mi as Ancle tirah&m WEDNESDAY. EDWIN FORREST LUCIUS JUNIUS BRUTUS. THURSDAY,

EH WIN FORHhVTai THE tfLAUIATOR. rrr Friday, Benefit of Edvin Forreit, and po?itive:r his laat aype&raaoe. AtoMIUTOM. Dress Cirole and FRmIIi .... ?7lc?nta iteourod Seats ?.? ?_ ~-81 Balootiy 31 Orohestra Seats 91 Private Boxes (hoidmf eight} $u> Family Circle 25 oents fry Box Otftoe opaa from till ? o'olook. Doors open at 7: ounaln n?*s at 8. It PHILIP WARKKN. Treasarer. C^KOVKK'S THKATKR * (THE NSW NATIONAL.) Pennsylvania av<v ue, near Kosrleenth Street and v 1,lards' Hotel. kkonabd Ghovib l.e?*m *p.j marnier . B. PHILLIPS?. stage Manager The l.aat Night, poaitivelT? of the Tiie I.&at NtgUt, p.xttivelv, of the The t,%?t Night. po?itl?o!y. of "he MAMMOTH tOHUAHSB: or DISTINGUISHED COMEDIANS! LOTTY HOUGH, SUSAN DKNIw. KKF IKGKKMON, .11 i.l \ NELSON, mriilt ttlMUEK. fc. ii. T1LTO.N. SKTCHKL.L, 1IKN RO6KK8, I WARD, PHILLIPS, MR. HOKEK, THIS EVENING. FAREWELL li KLA NIGHT' When will b? prtxiu ed thehril innt t;uni*dy. FAINT HEART NKVfcR WON FAIR LM>\ . I)uohe?? de Terren?Dva_ Mia* Suian Deain Kinj Ohar.'ej .. t(5? G^rmou Ruytiomes ..Mr ?. L Tilton (Other charsoteis ?>y trie Company.) After whioh tho lanchatde Faros of PonK tIbLICODDV. | John Peter Pjl!ioo<idy. : -Mr D Setef.?'! Sarah Hmtt- _ .Miss i.otty Houtli Mr? Pi!!icody?? Mus Jula Nenon I K- fc i v/iuvi vnitiaviwi a i?T mo \>i'Hip?uy / To conclude with thf> oliariuiDeooniPdifttAmtitleJ I HK POST OK HONOR. C0M11 VTerk? Mr llsa. Ko^ra Buriomaster burner werlc. Mr W liokee Trttdohen Mi?? Sophia nmt>?r (Otuer character! by tin Company.) Pkicfs or Admiucom. Dreaa Circle and Parquet Circle SOo'nta Family Circle?. ?5cent? Orchestra Chair*. _.7io<nU Private Hcxee^^. ? ? #8 i*MU in Private boje?.... .?( Colored ballery ...... 85ociua C*iore<i Pariorre. Jr> oeiit? Door* will be Of en &l 7H o'oloc*; to otimoienoft at ?'? o'olook. tlox office for ?equTint seata o?oa frcm 9 until 1. and SS until 5X o'clock. U~T Wednemlar. MaT7 ITALIAN <>PKBA. CANTKKUUKV HALL, Loc:?iana a.v.. mil Sixth ?t. Extraordinary Announcement f Fir?t Week of the MUSICAL CONVENTION OF ARTISTS. Tnk Lakqkbt Aid. Moit Talkntid Company ever ?r?8euie i ON THE CANTERBURY STAGE. FIVE NEW STAkS TUIS WEEK And & lof th? OLD FAVORITES! Re enjaremen* of MISS JULIA MORTIMER. The ldeaTtz\tjon of MeloJ* ana Beauty! Tht IVatkingtcn Pet Firct vv e?k of J. H. BUDWORTH. The wr-r'd-renowned hihtopian Aotor,the Cham pion Banjout of the Wor d Pirit a?p*%racoo in Waehirjton in two jeara. HAKHV hick, Tki CtUUatf.d Ethiopian Author ?*<i Aatfr. Mr. Rioeap>p&r*on MONDAY NiOU f ar.fl fvry miht tbla week, A8 the Contraband in tue lornedj of HuW TO UKT A WIFE. WILLIAM WOKKII.L, Chan pion Hone and Dance Nfjro. MISS MILLIE FOWI.ER, R* th? n:o?t !>n*i!ti'nl and liim j ib isUI ll*n ?#nc? on liiO American giace. TO NJfiH T, THE GIPSY'S LAY. MISS IDA DUVAL, The Swwt OperaWo Sonf stress ! D^K PARKER. Cahterturj's Uwu Doy! Anil lb# ma nrnrn'rit tu i nrn an v t 4'I<I f'A i'< V A JX */ 4*. ? <1 ? V 4 Th? CoVRT 07 Bkautt. Min Fraik La Kol *. Mil* Li?sie Prancii, Mi?a l-'ranlt Seeor, Mtei? Lil'y Brandon, Miea Julia Richmond and Littla Kila. Entire Change of Programme. ! Door* open at 7)tf ; porformauo-3 at e\ o'clock. AdmiuionUMuu; Oralietttt Cfcairai > ceuia. Matinee* WEDNSSDAY and SATURDAY for I.adiea and Children, when a umnl^r o' valuable i're?er>ta will Le jivau awax-one a ?<5 ai'ver Cake Basket. I?lr?, Cow't, No 45011th atroet, received a SJi ailvr t'ake Uaake? on Saturdat laat. ni & (rKO VEti '8 THE A TK E. Mr. fiitovn haethehwor to announce that he h&H cffroteii arraugnnents With the norld-reuowdd Pianist. L. 31. HOTTSCHALK. Inoocjono'ion wivh G r&u'i Italian Opera Troupe, Aoademy of Musio, New York. MMK. KLKNA b'ANGKI. The o*!ebrat?d Puma Coatralto. uirmou i!Rvr.vni i thn uiv i* vn >uv (lev* & vuvtt KitiNOR AMOylO, 'the f&tuoua Bantour, brother of the 'ate Amodio, HI6NOR MANCU8I. Primo Baritone, 81GNOR HI1HINI, the famous rta?io. BltfNOR ML'ZIO, Aluaical Director and Conductor. Thia treat combination of Mnaioal oelcbritiea will jive In Washington. THREE VFANP INSTRUMENTAL OPERATin Pl.'ai.'DDIIiNPCU On WEDN E8 D A Y II L*R S D A Yand FRIDAY, May 7, 8, a?*d 9. ON WEDNESDAY EVENING, May 7. Tn*> Programme will oonaiat of A GRAND GOTTSCHALK CONCERT. Of tea pieoea. aaaia'ed by Grau'a Italian 0??r? Company. named a? above,aad tne laat aot of Donisetu'a traclo Opeia, LA FAVOR1TA, IN t-ULL COSTUME. MME. ELENA D'ANGRI in her renowned role ol Leonora. P1W UKIGNOLIai _Fernando BIG. SLt*INI aa ?..Ualibasir. 0? THURSDAY EVENING, Ma? a, will be ?erlorm?ii Rossini'* oelebraro 1 pernio opera IL BARBIERH DE SEVIGLI *. Aid L. M. GOT r&CH ALK between the acta. On FRIDAY EVENING, May 9. Donizetti's latest treat work. BUTLY. The Orohestra will be under the direction of the d.eUnfaisheU oonouoto*. ?1G MUZIO PRICES Op ADMISSION. n.?? r?. ?i- ? **( t ? VUVIC. ? m m . . . . .73 OOP l*? RM?r?6d Seat* ? ?1. Family Circle ..... 50 o-lw. Uro>>eiira i.hnri ....SI W private Boxm.. .... $t? ( StaU mar bo ?oonr?J. coirmanomc tb u murninf. [Monday) at a O'clock, a. a? U'a Mm* Docri open it 7Jtf, performanoa to oomaooco at I. mt-at HUMPHRKY8 * JUKNKMANN'B PLEASURKOARDKN, Oh Capitol Hill. ? J?JL2K&VC ?&!?. "0N5iT The pubho in ir? rM?Mtfally la* MM. vitti7 A ^hoio* BEER ?ad WINESconsteatlj oiflA KDATKNT OFFICE CUJK.108IT1KS?Gsldt U i Patonta, Cfcttloga* of OirioaitlM tad ?OT?nit Sardana,at the stead In Pateut Offioa; Kar? L?wy Army Rcgnlauouai Piuruu of the Coaat howint OTtr UN mi lee; nuy tkoiwad Cheap u<*??* JM??1/*?* ok*I 'fPk jUarre a5ee, i5w ? mia- ?- - v" ~ OFFiriAl, NOTICE H?a<iqw*rt<Ti />*< c * Martk* ? OjU't, i Waiuiuhoji, Mar 3, IH?. J r.nw? hi 111 hf<*ftrr. not br required fwr tb?* hipmcat of sutler*' store* (liquor* eiceptedM? point* ?ot ronnrr ted wltk the irmy of Major General MeClellan. IJf rde-. Msjor W. E Do?tt*. Provott Mar?br.l <?. E. ROB-N?03, Ad^ntt-t mfvl-lw J$AJL1?}, rAKTiJOS, Ac. A Git AND FA NOV MAY BALL Wi'T fiver, at eft WARD'S HALL, If Corner o( 81 s:r?*t an i ?? (Tin*, fw On THl' Rq!)A V KVEMNC. !W*y B Ut3? T:^'<eta olc dj lar,& 'reittiu{ & centlemn) aid IMim. m s 3'.* UTKWART HOLLAND (Jul It 5 rpr THk JikLD /aA:y Th? m?irhrr? nf Wi ??wi . n . 1 f reat pisv-ure in *r ronccir.f to their (r erd? flA and the ?ub:io teuerally ?ha' they w: I ii?e V* their eUti'i GRAND HA* L ar Hall.on Mo.NDaN , >1i?? 12tb. PatUcn *r?uj? tn future a..vertirf nnr.t?. m 3 it-* A GRAND A.NNIAL EXHIBITION MA* ii BALL will Uhe p io* at Te?rper?:.o* #% Ha'l. K st ,ou Ti'fc"4l>A\ NIGHT. May ?. JB L>ancirg It Prcf R*ri.e?' fn?i!a fr-mi M?mB1 thre?? a<-avenue*, from 3 to PS o'clock ft'UR wbioh last hour the aednnoe wi ! cont-Lnc the danoes for th 'nieht Prcf, t#wnrf? Arlh'f fu I'd ia encaged for the oeoaairn. Tirkeu 92. aorntttmc ? f ru%tvn*u ti*i HP ?T * * " WF. K. LAHRK ILL GIVF. A MAY I F<*T!VAL M ThMr*mKrff Hill. On THUKSDAY, MAY 8tr>, 1961. F- R. LABBE ha* th? hornr of inform'** th? l&diec for.tleme : of v\ at' <- .. Vlc . that ho wi'I jive a *?mad ?&. i.: ?. p.&ce ud tim* a? 25 id* VVANTS. \\7 ASTFD?A food GIRL InMih dfif i ? ** ^77 l*n. >v , I 1 ! ) at" 1 !. ?:r. It* WANTED? Bf * vearartthl* y<?ur,c sirl, a HITU 1TION ? rhamteriEHU or curt*. Adi!r?-i Star Bo? 1 tr t/TRNtSUKD HOUSE F< K KENT, Fir?t Ward, n?ar f .%fay*tt? Sq a-?. K#Ft J7it a month a??!t m -i^o H gt. tn vf HOARD WANTED, in* private fc.i.t'y, for a KMit'tin\n a- <1 Add <sr?, ilatirg 1- oat ol and wrin>."y ," Bo? > *. P.O. It* VV'AN IED? Hi a r^Kprr !at>i<? ini?tdi<*-\tr<i Wrt" iuan. * SiTUAXloN a? (w4i. Adil!?<i "A [ B " aiarCUBco. II* WA^TKIJ-Ky a r?*p*o?a??a c;r!. ft*?'Tl'ATION a- ni&vi; iiftg uo ol j ot on to a*i;at Hi wa.ln? { & u trostng ; or to ??> newrt. <:a l ni corner ZZ l>i,d Ki'? , tii* Cira e. 11' WANTKO? By a sir!, a SITUATION a? chftnihA.-mftm or 10 do frn?ril hou*0'arork; lifts nae anil Will take low wur* t, Ariilrors "ii. M X'ftr Ogj )?. u* WANTED TO KKNT-A w!*n 15or rocma, no. th ?>f Pa a?*tiua. A r.-?od tenant ma* Ih nai b? eg *!>. ?. II.' !<?ar tffiae. for four dftT8- inS.H* WA.\TISD?A OlRty or Woman cf tnod c^*-act?r, to rf'CH'fr, w*?h and iron fo* a ?m?'l faarii'* Good u*?ro< wit: i?? p'.il at VN . U. ??'MEARA S Va.ietj Sture. AU4 Pa.avcu". ( ?twcpn 2 < and 3J <?tx. tn S-jt* WANTKl>? B* * >**r?ct?.Mo yoor.e man, ( SITUATION a* oata&mtn in ?r?me reip-.ctal?U family. Cood relwiree jiv?c. U r*?i"'ed. Address for tnree di??. "1. fc. N.," i?*ir 't* WANTKD-A SITUA 1 K?\. hv K. I youns \ro?fiAr>. as e.-u-siJ a. d imcitrru ; can cut and fit cm! r?n*e c'.otiiea ; ia willing and obt'KicK. and car. pradccs t. e r-rj Wheat a: y refarep"*#. AtldreuE ";ean.Btr?f8," iiox No. 9, Btar 1 Hi It* IfARM RAND WAMKD-A t?od FARM HAND wlo c5n corns wp:i recootp aa^?dt cac find steady nnaloymarr, aH *no.i vsie*;oa a mall f*rm, 4 miiat froir thf cut lie#; br cn?u:rire li'tfMu 9 o'clock, a. ni . ard 4 o'cimlc. p. m., at Mr. WROE'8 stable, O atreet, No. 'JJ9, bctwwi 17111 and 18th itrfeftt. m b 21* I iifUL'Trn A ? ; ~ * ? ? x* a r< u 1 n | uv- jOHT?l^y fT' R*! I> S K ^ (< R ? & ?? ?t!a<i* inkii. fiocd Riv^n. enrlovnei.t. Itqui' if KiiWA*D fcsPlUT*, | Navy Var>:. 8tb ?t Whit* yrefe red in k St* TWO GIRLS, wh?> r*n taiir ?-riran and Knt!;ah. *rar,t a r aee f?r c: atih*:w.irk or h'-M?e- , work. Ir^vue -i *0 F alroet, between 12-ti and i t 13.ii, up ktiirt. bH' \ YOUNG MAN in deeirons of ? bta irr* a i ituannn in & o^rarrnsfion houv or ;tor?. a< P?\ epiufci. 1-- kke?*rr or ra?i!i-*r R?f?rmo?? of ti'e hif!>??t < h* riioler oan b? gi ve-. Ad re*? MK. I HfcMRV SLTUL.R, i'retO'Jit Uutie, Washington n 5 3f WANTEIV? By ft lady, who has hid several yf&ra experience ib te?0! isx. ft. i oftn "ive I pond reference*, a S Tl'A i ION fts tescher in ft ecuntry rcliuo'. or in ft priTft'# larai y in the cjiiI try Aud'et* Teioher," Daily ?:ftr Of oe. W ftah| lpgton. D. C. m 5 1'k. Win ( WANTED-Ktery liidy to knr.w th*? I r?n nnd?rse 1 every uealer m WftPhi?* jr. Pf*uh | Workinj C% turn. I now offer luo fro? *, of the | fine;t b-and, ftt 25 cekt* per diz*n?no'huif bnt |he ] r?al Frenoh ctton. Cai at the new Htamaire Depot No !2?0 Seventh ?tre*t. between L. an-! M 1 ta. 10 MB \ okea anil S eevee for a& e, on the fioeet mn?lin- rosy * %*'ANTV.P-a,XfOO<5 |?RKS?MAKES9. at i ? T 4 i 1 rnt-mat riMftr ' u < n ? ? ? * 1 . ? HI .I Jt WANTED TO KEN T-By %p'nimii*ntte;i??t, a (ttritt! HOUSE of 4 to 6 r? ith t-t a c ftiut pjrt rf the cuy. Adding Uo* No. ^97, C.t? Po*t ? ffioe m 1 3f WANTED?A SITU VI'IO. hT * a!>ie ; (Iri,to<1n cii*?Ti^?rwo-|i Mitf *?vnic. or to Mei't tn Call e jri.?'ef h Si i ?ta , pear the t'i'C>. ?n $-?t* WANTKD? Jl.KW, F*cu*d ?n ur i&oun b*r?l mtf pma*.f? W.-.K Atfiui a? " _ ^- kj ??>o or lAOy ? ?virs mote? to ! nn wj'l <iir>?ot to 6 V , ?'A KI'KMTtH. Citt P. m 8 V HOUSE WAN TKD-A <iwif?!.l? urfurcmhoj , . hoa^e in th" wwt rn1 <">f th -?towr?renr L&faj?>t'e S^utro p-ef?rrMl AilUr?"?, g'&tmc !'>o%t>o=, devnp t ?i of lioue?, tmns. io., Mr MKLLliN, ll'Vfu'a Ho'f' LODGINGS QI IR FD-V?MtM.Funiiead Rooii a nti: H:h ! . . for > |Witl*aMt tifa. child ?-..J t. ?*tv# Ufa", n ?f i rromi, pr e#. Ac . to ' n .* F >* *6 P. U. CtJ U7ANTi;b?Kf?f? Mrnoi In k-"- ?w-? ? ? 1 _ i ? r .WW ? . ?!. 4 ?'li IB tho irvrlfct. '*?. r pv els'. f;- a. * . 0i - In th? hocesfnrnr^^ as hue. T?ir>?? tt>* j citT.or hsv.i.i s. ? irp 4 . * 1 <-<5 welt to Ml'.. H. i BUOULYi 44S st., iiMweer H v H f**., | (wast Bidt|) D' in N?w end s*e3?n<J hard Kcr- j nilur?. ito H tf j WANTKD?'To net:. t^-rl(>rwv.,1?"'vrf i ' ai d 1.5.1 te.rr?i,?i;f Ai?<>v?rj a'eo th* same al Ueer.for t?? Haltinor* ttrawcif, 1 JOHN l? A* NOR, A?ett, . Corubr of 21 a ai.<l G t?f. 1 Ortsma the T-rt OJlce will b? cai^eJ for at 9 a. in. an c? ?. m. ?yMi.* U7ANTK(I-Ta ha.MMM ""* k- - ? It esc fi&tl the it.-ci t>i CTothiar. iia:* ar.<i I Cap*. at the v*rr low<?<t rate*, at S.V.1 fH'*. No. < 460 tfevcr^h tiffefet. tiA.ovr F. l^ST-Sai WHHA.NT J>.?>Ve a"5 f* ?>OTint SECUNU- ' HANI> Kl>KNlTUKii,STOVi?1aii-i lil:i> DINS, for w'ioli we are p*?> *.< -e iiigiaet each piioea. raa.:':e? dec! ains iioawieepia*, or i (.??iw|?nrr "io: fvrvi-u'",w?::flui :t to tkalr aivftio t r? ve a Mil. HON TZ & ?RIJ-F1TH, |?U-tf N*. .tfix lUi tt. tMv. I tii.! K ni ' 486 ~ "w- c*; 486 j INTF.RIOR ADOR NMKNT3 Jmt received & choice snec.icn of new and . iraba styles. PAVfcRHANGINGS. Prom the riah and orcat*. ta the most ci aste ai d alrrp'e patterns appropriate fjr I'ar ors. Halt, , Dinmc Room*. and i!)>amber?. FlKt.UUARO S'KINTS. HT*TIIK? iMECfcS. Ac New Deeicns, warranted Uo?J Uudi, hn.tatioa Gold. au<J Coir.mon. WINDOW SHADES. Windsw flndei of any re^uinxl aiyle or aixe, made to order. Bcff, 6r*er. ard B'oe Shade Hollatidi by tne yard or n a1e into j?had??. OVAL PICTUKK KK AM Kt*. (war.anted to be cH<ia<l with gtid leaf ) The kaadaorasst and larreat aaaartment in the t' e beat n anufaotory in the country assortment Dark Wo?d Fravai, witl a beat fal vanity of tmali aiaed Oval nr.: Card Viaite frames. ?>i Foreiin and Domeatie inaavfao | tnre. ?a??epat<uU. *?. I'l "i t;K1-. uo?D AMD TAS^KLS, Different s ki ltd colors, Picture K.;^ja, Ma'ia, Jto. Purcharinn exelnnvely for o?ati,th? above roodt (lecordmc to their q?ality,? will be <lt??iffcf U u low ittu m taey can be pnr?nftae? ftr in the Diatnot. No friar- presentation madito ctfactnai Order* lor Papethanging or WitdowhUce- rx- , ecated by expend reu vorknM \ in city or ooantry. A call a? icited from those raeditf th* above goods. Termaoaah. J. MAKkkITKH. Remember the naabar. No i?a -? d^r? ab?r. . dd Pellow?' IU.11; ai,a t*a te-rra, Caah for good a a-.d labor in Mail* [VtILLER'S UNION STABLE L*? ***** on cormr rf Cmni & rtk rts.t jm^USOt TOP ud NO TOP ByGGlLd,fi>rhira,nl? ?xou:n*e,or ^ Ukm at livery by the d*>. we?k or ^ to*in,on rtaaonttile te-nj?. A ne? lot ^ flrx of Horaea, Carriage* and Buggies jaet reoeiyed and for lilr*. Pert on* be aooommodatsd with iloraca and Baggiee, either double or eingie. m ? In' ALBERT BELL, Agent- 1 GM>ft SALE?A wt Cat barer or double bar- J r neee HOK.dK; ride* well under tbe?V? 1 eHdle?th? jro^ertr of a cantiesian vho^SB bo fu'thar tue for him. There is to r more eervioeable ho'ee in the DUt'iet Warranted , onr.d. n food oordltitn, Ao. He ean be eeen at the eiatae* of i>r. Jokn Ureteoa. Detract, between IIX and Hth ?U. mi lw J TBDISK SUPERIOR t*At'Oi-K H'>K?ES for A M IMU 8C u'o HEW ^aliiSS US* aud 990 K at, ?on!h <?f WillarUe'Hotel. Horeoa Ukeu at liver?. m it?? CEMENT! ! aw. ?? 4" | ?* W. B,?OJ)?Y, I 9 \ I AUCTION hAhfcd. th ia aft l n noo iv : v, x^ilrqw Br J C. MeGUIRK K W> . A?:?tn?r?^r?. irKAl* H?*i - r 1 ^ ' H ' . K*T ( Waid Kofc r W l?l'NESM?AV. M?r 7th. ?? 5 o\jSo?*, "r th? r ?? ?* w???*ll +.. ot Ifn.aft ill r^vit*NaIfiu. ir*i Um &i f?"t" o~ j-v)? in*'.' tvff i !. a " M twttin* !,U( inf*t 9 * a" t-H *"e?. tOfwthw wu? u<? oobM4H4 *>i 11?? worf Fn>?H'DM. t , . TfttrtlKtN ca?h; the 'fr?irJ?' IB tit *XLi me nth*, viin ???.ur*4 by dt^\Clt"tM*n W- >*' * "" - v- v? WWII* Ci a V/U., A OOtA. ? FUTUKF DATS. f"T WAI.I,* BAKNARP. Ar?stton*?r*. rpRLSTEIi'a HALK HV C4TAI.<??UE OF 1 Hitmiii, Wni-KiTt. oihiip 8i?, Ji> 4 fcnwta-jCiij* vrA?*? s Ctiil.wvoii.ftc.. r - iii.n-ii i nni.M M'.iRM ?8, M?t |, ocmo'ito u ?t ??il M'beAuooon ,*'j? M"jk of ?*c? !?nt Li?uora, r?m<iT?i to car ?U>r? for cor v?ni*oo? of m , oon !?t of of? Kuhi.'i cult* of L?r#r Frer?, ^i|n?tt?i. F.i?Mh cull !4nrH de F??rf?'? Brartfj, Ct*t? <>. tr.4 ct > Hkt,dip?, "^B| Fit Vh f p*+ Bi?*n*t. I?nhri*cn ? Co.'i Brfcr.'y, ' pi?e? arc ^uart't ^li Hrudy, H?lf pifo? Hot ?& ) Mid, H? fJ*iri?i'?4 S*int?Bh'.f. Hotirlot, MODc-D(&t.?lft, %ud other Wh:UM, C??k? Scotch. Ardb n )?<??,?c>>tca m* t \% M?i y . C*?k. Hort Win*. CUMMno'trt ? ncnri ?rtxj:ie?. ^ i.,?hi Brandy OocktaiIt, I'Miftt Chan ??ri ? . Two % u ( ' half barrel? Oartnport'a c*l?fc?at;i! WlnKky. Atd otner not ufr? riu,?J Thi* tail* wi U>fi>r raie o^p >rfusity tnRoctauranta and others, a* thrr? vi ! !> *!, .. ote C. S UWkKM'K. Tru?te?. m fi NVAl.t. k HAWNAH l?, AbcW. By Mf-ILMJ ALL A P\bK. Acoti<n?M Balance of rin. k and F!Xqc*mj or AT Ar<"Tlu!l.-On I H L1 RiilA V M'JKMINUi Ml* ?th at o'Hocl. we a?B ?!: attheator* cf Mr IMiaflei) No 9** lottaiata tvrng % !>?tweei. Four a:<l - h*'( a? d PlBtk ?ta . th? r?m<Ji?c vf hia Slock &:.?! Fixtarea. onbaiatiuc in part of? Cum Kmc* WicM an J L??*ori, , Patent I nait la-te F5? for A'?nt, C<.-<>kirg Siotm. If atketn, * ate. t rncterr, Ita. ar..t U^'Jwire, Pa ett C h e?ta, Truck*. kniTPs ae<! Forka. ?-eUt*a<1?. Ac't * >ariet? ?M ether ;t <h a ? A;i (i>*i covered U atoc a:.d acitat. e far a G oaer. mfi :t M AKfH A LL k PAG e, A at ta. M. /' M.I'S I ?? " ? ' ? ?. v. ihkvi ni? a tuM Ancbewiri, HAMHIMK M.AHLY NEW ANDIiOOP Oi.D riiuiom I rkMiin at Auction ? On a V >1 '*H N: \(J, M*? ttti, oo?.m?nO'tf st Mac oek, kh&'l >!!. at Uouie. I't. nn . t?.tr 'Jtti ctre?t. the resic'eoce o?a !a?'y ?t-oul Ui rsinovefio n thscitv. a trod a??>rtm?ut of Uone fcoiti Furniture, ri?in? in ***-. . .. _ _ Kb?v od aa?? (even ooisve i-iaco Forte, Boitoe MM r^r-wojJ llrocate.!? coveted Parlor Sails. istirg? J lar*e A-m. %:A 4 !*:d* Chair*. il?>iin>iii M*r!.;e-tip Piersnd Tables, ftlapie In!&i?i vent* ej Carter Table. 1 \n ??k >p iLi 1'ar.or and LitrmrT Mar?r?-~r Hair aid Cai.e **?a! Rec??Uon |ta-nuK cov?-c?! !.oi!R^*,aai R- ckiaf Chair, Mitotan? an>' Wa not Wardrobes, Ilcueaua, ard V\ a*ii* A?ii, I Cane Seat Oban, be' <' ha ra, an- Roc Jura, tiail Hat tr*?? asU O.ic otu, Waitnt. Vaii eau l C FmU:st H??b, 8o'*t?reaLd IH'owe. Hair nud Ho*lt V"U?:e ai.U lie.'axe. r> i ? ? ? * * * * * *-... ?? in?u ? r;o, and **i! ow. Witdo* CurtA'na. Mf* !?ha<l*s, Tm.?t v arp. l ira' a * and luRrain Carpeta. ftairCarjaJ.acd Oi'c.otii, Mahoiany. Union Piairj T*-?ie, S.det?afcnl. 1 Hast India China Dicker 8tt. Ch na, Giasa and Croc*-ry W?re, Library Bo,.k Caa*, n * Hooka ocr.:ai&*l thereir, Bnttania loa Pit*h?r. V.a'?d Premier Ja a, Caokits fctora. aad K tocen Ke*o:*it?,&o.. A 3. Tern.i cull. wi6dti J. r. MoGVIR K A Co.. Aucta._ By WALL A liARN?RD, Ar.?t iooa*ra, rv. ... rs,?nn?ilM Smtk ttrr$t Sb \lk mf thk stock of thk national uctil i ivkrt,8al* *?n > xrnA??i ^aBLV AT AtUICX -oil t?A l"lTK U MORNINWlif> lur'aui, at II o'o rr?K. we will ?'.! at th? >? t><nv Mot*' Livstt, aul Lxoli?m? *.ab ?,?*; 8th r?*t bttwn l.oci :Ui??n,ci.p?' . ' itr? i. tr tn t *tock of Mctar*. Carpenter k. TbuaM, eompruiu*? . _ fa. a* , vi ?wa i m "i j ma i^rriifj MortN, is litht Op?-t aid 'lvp WacoBs, 10 Close tori Open Ca'naj?. jtt I to. ! ' i:c Harneee, r , >*, nai.keu. V? r.ipt *o . 4o Tti* Nation it note! Omn.b _ A ? j\ tu? %i>od WiHaiid Lease of Stable. Tatm* oa* h. ro?-U WALLA RAB'UKQ.Anoui. Marshals BALL JJF VESSELS 11? Tirtca o( D*cre*? ef the U.striot Court of ti e Uuiie* 8?ai?? lor Unmet of Columbia. I will ?eIlat?Bt>>; n> lor ca*h,at the ro t of ^ixth it'cet witiri on the fo <inn< river, ri? M < > N D * V . lne Uih dap ufM*? *?xt. 1862, en.imereiri at 11 o'clock, a q... the In owiu* tnim, their lack e aeD a?>*'e . vii. %?mi Kctaooaer "S v It Mea " <? " ""?5*1) \ ?? *rotm* .t^jto-t: a^;0n!j^lon - * ht j. c. *??v| *? of city lcgh 19f3 ? i ? ? ? *ira i cc'rxi'U in i#i WT J A i | .iio? 2v6, et r.*? ; tb^ oth?r ^*t?1 JiitMh.iK-1, a iti r?oir<l?<S in Lit??T J. A. S , No. 5t?. fo'iosMI. et ?e% , of the Lai<1 teronf for Wiihieitea 0->u.u,l>. C.. w? shall ss l one arV.ividod i?a f t t of Lota nuinb?re-J t. i, 3, 4, s, 6, aud 7, m ^na.r<> nuaiberad 299, fronting on te^u h K treet. t; t ?ccc 12th *'_d lscr g'rrets ?nt ' li an<1.> T>rm?: lin*-ha'f ca?U; the in aix month*, with interest, reeured ty a Uret*. ol tru?t on it** pr?-u:ieos All oobt? ar.cisr at th<? <s*??t of tis? *rrcha?er. 1KO. J r<?HliR, TlMlrt. a* J .C M gSU' K K 4(,'().. AwW. EXfcCtrroKI* SALti-A Taaabl? PAK o M.tainu * a'-ont Sti aer?? ar<t J6 jx?rob~? m-jr# i [Vr !ajb - ry ? ?.? ' .... v." uii'Oil U) virtua of the v?N iiif? &? executor of IM aat wnl a-.-i cf A *\iider Kurrnvt. 1 wili ogtr for wie, on t o ts THl'Ri l?AY,<?th i *? <.( Ma;.*' S o'ol >efc p- m. that bMut fu ? -1 r * , or*.t* . t-arvna'out IS mi'^a f-oin He<>r*tl??irnf i?. U. i?ir? untii????t mdo of tli# ttin.pike '<>?: "?iui i e *> Kookvitle, and tdjoiuin; *-' Homil er'a on t'..? aoutn side fetid U. UaP -routh t: ' W ft. Murdock, Ka*a., on tUa b<t?t ai sc. '1 srmi r.f ?a>: f>n? ttijrl e*nh. oo? Unrd a.x miuitht *n-l tha ta'an"?tw*:TAmortXa i/oierifj puTiueu'c t? l?a aacarad lj a dttdo on U>o ^r-prrlj. A i Cui,veiM,d.L< ?l t>? of tfco pu'CtiM?r. \\ lit felao t.?- si.1' M Iht- c?tr.a tire* Uie pcraoiH propc-tr, ?!*iu t *,! I 1... * . :B^a.uc uteaana, ot of H?t. ??%ta it th? Ac. ftp JOHN pwipyoN. GEORGETOWN Ai>V KRT mTh - *V?M iSA.NCK NOTICfc. ??. n?? OtNiXtn, L> o , MM tTim I All persona within the < orpo-a:e liniUul Una r?wn Will be al ovtJ. dan-t the rraout w??n i?4 *<j: af.truatd', to ?lejc?it m il.e atr*. t?, m front [>f th*ir re>p?c;iTe r'.Keneea, al: a?vri, cvater I It eila,t' ! kiMmtilttit t:i ' f aoch ><!* an<1 'sluia mMte a* ih; tr* ? jttru.ot hi the pilMic I n i l :D lot wMiutr, wh oh will lien t?e rmnuvM i>j the Sc&T'iigar. After taat a'! pjraooa Ww. !>e reaoired, withnct da ay, U> r?mov? t? aush natte' [rem their prfwiters. at their u*t cif?ni?. Tina notice haa mo tojr.vete a eja or mere iecoai*a of ea tli. ni.S C HK.NKY A1*DI3Q?. Mayor. E/OTI',J* f/SM Liabradmk. bay nfwfouni*. UM?. M*Gl>AI>NK and eiBBfci) HKKK1NU. 2V>: arrei? w Majda eu? Barring, 20 do Gib.d do m do Kir lilmd d> )0o ?fo N*wf acdftrd do lin do cxt ? Lil rr or do jfl do frim* do do 5 <*. > N? 3 re-oiam M'ekcrel. Jdct reociTMi prr ?t: ?orir? i.uitier Cbiida. T>* Wit. and Murfi I ,\1 'r. and fjr ?a! ia lota to Kbit to-chawm, cn tnem; st !a*? r*b terira. Apply to IHH I LI V ft BRO , m S-lw 911 aad 101 \N r h . Cwrt?um?. % m n v v m ? -* * ** ? D 1 " m? * * 8! Ramsburg * Ebcrt, 102 Hiwk grunr, UEORUKTOW& , ... Th^wi orG?nc:ne BOCISKlN 6LOVE?, MILITARY UAt \TLfcTTtS, M MITTEN? ia tn? r>wtnct. OBotri' Gaocveta mad* t? or<j?r. Uuctrtui Ur???1 ??l 'MTt*. >* W ,??& ' Kwaui/iiJ 1/A4 V^iHI" ALM. I We hare jut (MMTM % aaey J 9t U.e*.t-oT? AM. vtiioh we reoommecd to be of a very aap-trior ?afeiity. Peraone witinaj to by oakiui m- I <*.?cifete a?* :oat,?u, efen ba fcraiaked. ARMY * *aiNN, ? ' #?rr?ui?l w great sacrifice : Welling cir ?i-er oeu t?.o*oo t.:trf??t?ck ?f TfeU.oKS, RaRNL->. SADDLES, BRIDLES. ud MILITARY SOOuS. to c om the roao?r?. at Perrrrrania amu. bM*m Hth ud HO la . aontk ante. l it' pOM E ONE^ COM^E ALL, fee-1 ptjjcvr cmtit I ^ wt ooftfrot Kifti 0#ffrui iti. 1 hf t:cht rf uiir arje ftb.ok qI Mia'i had Buy* CtoUlDf w<.i r+SARI8!iiusBSr * & 5 T>e COTJ35Wg|rfiHL.u-^M to to-tof Mmittk itrMt, (Bii?t'i Wkarf.lvbar '?* ff 0** * "?>*? * Puh Ud (Alt 4?. M ttf ?MOB. UIH*

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