Newspaper of Evening Star, June 6, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 6, 1864 Page 1
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TT * ? fl - * -it: - \ 1 XXin. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONDAY, JUNE 6. 1864. N2. 8,517: AUCTION SALES. FVYUBI DATS. DI J. C. MoGUIRB t CO., Auctioneer*. CHANCERY gALB OF~TWO PBAMB H0U3BP AND I.OTS ON FIFTB StREBT WF?T. BE TWEEN N AND 0 STREETSNOBTH. Pursuant to a decree of the Supreme Court oftbe District of OoKmbia. 'itting in Equity, made an! entered in the caase, No. 21S. wherein Martha Par. Jam s and Thomas Goodin, George. Rob ?T* an4 Martha Owen are complainants, and Mary Jvbn?, ?*xecutrix of the last will and to-tameat or Elizabeth Goodin, deceased, defendant. I shalj, vroce<.d to sell on the on the 9th day of June neit. at?: o'clock in the afternoon, all the es_ late, right, title. Interest, cla'm and d?"ns.i 1 ?hich t'e sa.d E.izabetb hela or had at ;h*time or her death, of, in. and to part of Lot siiteen, . 16,' Lot >???nt->en, (17J aiwi part of Lot eighteen, j W.J in equare ???>,! in the plan ofth? city of Washing ton, tcgMher with the improvements thereon, Oon eistu d ~f two frame hon^s in rood condition. The property ia situated on Fifth street west, be we? ? ? and 0 streets north. Ter?n3 ;asb. All conveyances to bearepared an ?jer th" direction of the solicitor in toe >*use, at the expanse of the purchaser. Revenue stamps to ue a.?<> paid for by the purchaser. If , lie terms of sale are not complied with within dijs thereafter, th* executrix reserves the right to re sell the property, at the risk and cost ct th? i?fault ng purchaser, on one week s notice >n th* National Intelligencer.^ JARB0E Expfntiii of Elizabeth Ooodin. deceased. T. H. Blount. Solicitor. ByjM J. C. McGUIBE A CO.,AnCts. B Y eP.BEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. IMPHOVEDRBAL ESTATBSALE. In of a d*cr?# of th? 8upr0m0 Court of tie :Hct of Columbia, rendered in special term, 00 th1 ^th dar of May. 13?U, in a caase in chancery, N~ f in whi'-h Samuel V. Stillings. Elizabeth X. *ng-l and John T. Angel are complainants, and Sara* V. Hamilton. Laura A. Stilling*. George 8. Jcc^son, El.'en M. Smith, Laura ? . Smith. Joseph ki. .itii. Ann K. Smith, Mary Smith, and Emma Smith are defendant", we, the undersigned Com rr s?ioners, nan.e 1 and appointed in said decree, will ??]), upon the premises, hereinafter described, *?? Public Auction,to tbcbighestbidder.attlo'clk, p in., on the Third day of June, 1364, the following rr-^erty. to wit: Pari of Square numbered 9*5, in Washington City, beeinnit g for the same a' a point ? n the south line of said Square, on L street south, at th > U stance of 7?"> feet frem thesoutheast corner of 'ft! 1 Square, and running thence west 23 feet, n' rth 75 feet, east 25 feet, south 75 feet to the be ginning, containing a two-story attic and base ment Brick House; and also, part of Lot No. J, in the iai le Square, beginning for the said part on -ouih L street, 101 feet from the southeast corner of said Square, and running thence north 75 feet, th<a 1 west 20 :'eet, thence south 75 fe*t. to south L jftre^t. then e east with said street 20 feet to the H?giDu r>?, 'ontaining a one-story-and a< half and 1 as'i'.iO'it Frame Hous?, upon tb~ following terws, U? wit One-third'?ash. or within ten day* after aale. on?third at six months, and the other third at iwrlvs months from the dav of sale, with inter ??t fro: day of sale, the purchaser to g:ve notes for si? deferred payments, secured by % deed of t-ai" n th? pr. perty, and the parchaser to pay lorf-'amps act all conveyancing; and in case of noi.-loi'-pliance w th the Terms of sale, the prop* fit t* re 'Old at the rirk of the pureha^er JuDN H. PKAKI. R. M. COMB^, J VME8 RHODES. JAMBS H.JONES, E. 0. SANDERSON', Commissioners. i.3 ecA<ii C-R1KN A WILLIAMS. AuctJ. ft?" "IB VBOVE SALE IS POSTPONED UNTIL I'D AY. ih-' l"th iustant. -anie hour and .% i. r of the Commissioner*. * 4.,, ? RFKS A WILLIAMP. Vu^ts. V J. C. McGCIRE & CO., Auctioneers. B CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE VAC-ANT LOTS Oti TUESDAY AFTERNOON. June 7th, at half l>ar?-*ve o'clo-k, on the premises, by virtu# of a (!?.? ;?? ,.f the Snpreme Court of theDistrict of Ool ?ia>bi&. made in a cause (No. {K. in equity,* where in M. Grander is complainant, and Adel* L. a^!a.- and other- are defendants, pas-ed May 0, 1864, we shall sell the whole of Square No 561, di V'1'1 ;pto desirable Building Lot-, fronting re *pt"'ivelvf>n north I street. New Jersey avenue, an ? Fir-t street west, all having tine alley facilities in iLt . ear. TLi.- }i,are j? located on the high gronnd north t>i Capitol, in t>ie i'nioediate vi, inity of St. A3, "us Cnurt'h and the National Printing Office, fitij ?:never? respect desirable for private resi ifBi-M. Terras - Ore half cash; the remain ler in three *du A', months, with interest, secured to thesatis 1 action of the Trustee.'; on the ratification of the ?.aits t.y the court and payment of the purchase rn^aey, the Trustees will convey the property in '~e to the purchasers. If t^e terms of sale are not complied w'th in five ?lavs afver the sale, the Trustees may re-sell the pr-.yerty so in default at tae risk ani exp?ns* of tfce'r, on one week's notice in the Na tior.a* Icttlli#encer. C a -ivances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. W. D. DAVIDOH,!? t TUOS J ri3HKR.I my 3l-<-o&os J. C. MoGUIRB & CO.. Auctg B Y j. C. McGUIRE Sl CO., Auctioneers. PHBBMPTORY CH ANCERY SALE OF TWENTY fFVE.N VALUABLE LOTS IN SQUARE NO. l*v.i. <?N THE HIGH GROUND BITVI1R M STREET AND RHODE ISLAND AVENUE. AND lfcTH AND I 7TH STREETS. By authority of a decree of th<> SipremeCourt of tbi>! Distri' t passed in a cause wherein lligg? &. Co. ave complainants, and the widr>w and heirs of the lstf Thomas Smith are defeodants. I shall sell to the nighest bidder, on the piemises. on the 10tb nay of Jane ne^t. at5o'clock in the afternoon, the rt-Riduu of the Lots in Square No. 1SJ, fronting on 8cv uV-enth and M streets and Rhode Inland ave m?. ?x-opt that beautifal portion, con-titnt-;ng the ?orthwe-t ci>rner of nw f>>et square, owned by ? W Ri^gs.Es.i.) The portion of the square in U-udci to be sold, and which must be so.d,has been <iivi I d into lots of about 2^> feet front each, with r-uitall* alleys. Ac., and is a part of the high _-rc-. :.J between Sixteenth an.l Seventeenth streets atd H street and Rhode Island avenue, p'4t can be seen at the Auction Rooms j.f J. c. McGnire A Co. The terms as prescribed by the decree ar* One f.^arta of the purchase money in cash, and the res idue in six, twelve, and eighteen months, to be se < ur?;d by the purchaser's bonds, with surety, and a li-. n r u ih> promises, bearing int^restfrom the day Aif conveyancing, bonis, &c , and stamps at the purchaser's expanse. If the t. rns of sale are not compliel with within five days from the day of sale, tae lot or lots will re sold at said Auction Rooms at the parch? h" "s* oft Mid risk, after one week's notice in the N'tlcnal Intelligencer. W. REDIN, Trustee. My.26-Staw&>ls J. C. McGCIRK A CO. Auots. J, C. McGUIRE .V CO., Auctioneers, TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND l.OT ON NINTH STREET WEST, BLTWEEN 0 AND P STRELT8 NORTH. Pursuant to a deed in trust made and execnt?d by Richard A. Hyde, of Washington City, to the s-b?ariber to secure a certain debt therein men tioned, I shall proceed to sell, at public auction, en the Seventh d ly of June next, at 6 o'clock, p. e , en the premises, "all that piece or parcel of ground and prenii?e-s situated, iying, and being in the **id City of Washington, and District of Col touibut. and known and designated as Lot numbered ten no) in Cruttenden's sub division of Square numbered three hundred and ninsty-eight (338,) froct'ng twenty 1?M feet on Ninth street west, be twe?n 0 and P streets sortk.and running back with that width to a public alley, together with all and tdnsmlar, the improvements, privileges, heredita ments and appurtenances to the same belonging, or ia any wise appertaining." Terms; One half of the purchase money cash, the btlante in three and six months, with inter wet. Tb<? deferred payments to be secured by a deed in trust on the promises. All conveyances including revenue stamps at th* eirente ot tho purchaser. Ill the terms are not complied with within five days af-er the day of sale, the property will be re-sold, at the rifk an 1 cost of the defaulting purchaser, aftez hve days notice in the Bven'ng Star. CHAS. P.W ANNALL Trnste*. TOT.r.-eoftdo^^ J. C. McGUlRB A 00., Aucts. RUCTION SALX OF GONDEMMBD HORSES. TTir DgPA*TMr*T,CAviLar Busiin, i Oppic* op Cbibp QnABTimMasraa, > \\\iiking'.r>n. I). C., April 25,1S64.\ Will be told at public auotion, to the highest bid der. at the timas and plac?s named below, vis: Newport, Penna , Thursday, May 5th. Gettysburg, Penca.. Monday, May 9th, AKoona, Penna., Thursday,May ltth, M ifflin, Penna^ Thursday. May 19th, Beading, Penna., Thursday. May 38th, Lebanon, Penna.. Tkuralay, June 2d, Northumberland, Penna., Thursday, June 9tfc. Scran ton, penna., Thursday, June 16th. Wllhamspcrt, Penna., Thursday, Jnne 23d, On* Hundred (inu) horses at Gettysburg, and Two Hundred and Fifty (J5n> at each of the other places. These horses have been condemned as an tit for the cavalry service of the United Statea Army. for road and farm purposes many good bargains an be had. Horses will be told singly. Bales begin at K> a. m., and ?ontlnae daily until *71 are gold. ? ? _ Terms; cask, in U. 8. Treaanry note# oaly, JA?(BS A. xxik. ap.Jb-tJe20 Lt. Col. andO. Q.M. Cavalry Bureau, ^ALI Of CONDEMNED HORSES AND MCLBS. tAiV Quartermaster's Office. Dtrol of TFaskingtom.l Waahisotos, D. C., June 3,18?4. C Will he fold at pnbli > auction, at the Corrals, rear the Obf?ervatory. in the oity of Washington D O.. on WEDNESDAY.June8, 18W,?ndon WED NESDAY, Jane 22,?. a lot of BOBSES AND MULBB, tondemned as unfit for public ?ervie?'. Tjrti; Cash in Government funds. SaieU> oommence at pipviock a. in D H., Brie. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, je.St! Depot of Washington. KiDWXLL A HENDERSON. No. 367 D Sthfut <t?ii \ i?d RespeetfVjIly inform their mends knd tli- pu^ft, 0KL, r*n' ?h*1 they ha\e new in store a well -e? iccted a'sortment of " wall papers and window shades *'hi?b they art prepared to sell at the lowest cash fno#i, Work done ?t short notieo ia the city or countra by ? ip?rl?nce?l workmen. ** TL.iu*?nih*r the ^lace. So. 367 D street, near Pth FtiuiKlin Hall Building. ap21 tf ' L^ROM LOJIDON.-Barth, Air.Fir^and a Tloie, its measure reckoniagexplaiaed'*; Ji) A m ^ *xp!a:oe i; 35. *'? wew to observe the Heavens; 3fi. ^he l<o?ou)o(ive aod Railway Ac:: lent-; :.'3. and 04?met*.ry lnf ueaces; ss. not r tea in Engine:.?. , Plaueta, ura th,y inha' |r*d worId';j5 : Drawing and En^Tavin^; V. ''!??- Gla^sf?. Ac r?> FR*N? H TAYLOR. AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. ^ C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer!, *2?CUTOR'3 SALE o"f~SINE VERY DE8IRA BUILD1 N& LOTION MBW JBR81? AV , BITWEEN IANDF STREETS NORTH. On TU*8DAY AFTERNOON, June 7, at 6 o'clk on the premises, we shall sell Lots Nos. 12,13 14. \a 17,13,19,21, And 22, In subdivision of Square fro 6^ fronting each 22 feet 6 inches on the east side of New Jersey arena#, between E and F streets ?/?d runningback 1M feet 8 inched to Vfif feet ?n<* containing each 2,850 square are ln the immediate vicinity of the tha p.Ph'i m!? na tk? *reat thorough far* w^n%a??ot?thencit?"I,0t * th" Terms: One third in eaah, the remainder in six ?.v.TulS11 .t * ieen ?onth8, with interesteeoureJ by ft deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. ray.30-d J. O. McGUIRE & CO .Anets. pY GREEN A. WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ' B2ll.i?a"^^L0B?''?raISQASS On TO?.DAT^^Sf?iMll -M.oo G t C]0,"k' P m ?? following Nn ?? k.! lMiai.L?t ;iti Lot No 9.inS,uarS No. 423. having a front of Si feet in inches on New h.Ddso^ZlTTituated8 feet 4 ,Dch?Bd^.??4 wry eMh, balane* in six and twelve ?D?dtMifoft?SrtUk?niD* intMe8t;a d#e<1 cost^of?therpurchasejjnc'udin5 revenue .tamps, at '*21 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. JJYGliUKN" & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, A GOOD TWO STORY-BRICK HOUSI ON A TION LEASE GROUND RKNT AT AUC On TUESDAY, the 7th instant, at o'clock, p. m., we shall sell in front of the premises, onatli street, between N and O streets north,a Good Two s.ory Brick House 011 ground rent, payable quar H"7 *or *?M8Bin Warasub-division OT iSQQire aP9, Terms cash. ?'? 2-d GREEN & WILLIAMS. Auotf, |JY THOMAS DOWLING, Auct ; Georget?^ SPLENDID HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS AT AUCTION T wmY?nI>at1thDAYA???N1 ??? 8,at 10 o'clk, residence of Mrs. V incent Taylor, No. J27 B.i<?ge, above Frederick street, George town, the Furniture and Effects comprising Suit ot splendid Green and Gold Brocatele Parlor iumtnre. Splendid Valvet, Brussels, and other Carpets Mahogany Pedsteadsand Hair Mattresses, ' Bplendid full set of French China imported at a '>o?t of fa>o, Sp'endid Psyche Mirror. French Piano an<f Stool, Mahogany Mirror Front Wardrobe, 8ilk. 'Velvet, ana Lace Curtains, Marble-top and other Tables, Marb.e-tbp Sibeboard. Extension Table. Crockery and Classmate, And many articles not mentioned. Term- rash. TheH.mse ia for aale or rent; enqiirp of P. W. Jones, Attorne>iat Law, 5th street,Washington, or on the premises. ie.3d | Intel.) THOS. DOWLING. Aact. |?Y GREEN * WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRU8TEE'S SALE OF BAR FIXTURES. STAGE, LEAM? AT YrOT]ION* ^ AND* Cn WEDNESDAY, the?th day of June, A. D 156#. at 11 o'clock, a. m , we (hall sell. at ?? Metro* Hall,r' bv virtuu of a deed of trust to tbe subscriber. bearing date tb? 9th d<tv of March, A D . 18t^, and recorded in Liber N. C r . No. 35.fclio ?-$ to t?5 one of the land records of District of Columbia, the following des"rtbed property: Tho Bar and l:ar Fixtures, two hundred audiTty Chairs, 8?age and Stage Scenery, Gas Fixtures,and Chandaiiers. one Piano Forte, one laree and ->ne small Stove. one Clock, together with all the right title Kid citate ot Gardner A. Co., in and to the same as assignees of a lease. TermstaEh. JOHN MICHEL. Tr stee je 2-ctds GREEN A Wl'.LIAMS. Aucts. j^Y CREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS NE IK THE _ CAPITOL AT AUCTION. On WEDNE6DAY. the :*th instant, tfe sh-'.l s<?ll, on the premises at t> o'clock p. so,? 8ix handiome Baildinc Lots, in Square No. 667, it being the B luare immediately north of the aast Capitol i-ronnd; Lots 2 and fl. which frent tha Capitol ground; Lots 14,15. 2<t, 21. and 23. front ing on north B, between Delaware avenue and 1st street east, on* of which is at the corner of Ut street. *?, . It U deemed unneeesfary to say anything further m commendation of the above described property, as it is well fctiown to be the mostbe?utifilaad de siral>le bnildir g site* now for sale in Washington. The -tale will commence on I.ot No ?. Terms : One- third ca?h; the remainder In and twel ve months, the purchaser to give notes for tke deferred payments, hearing interest from dav of sale. A deed giyrn and a deed r f trust take*. All conveyancing, including revenue -.taAps, at the cnst of the purchaser. ^ je 2 d GREEN Sc WIBPLlAMS, Aucte. i^ALE OF CONDEMNED STOREST Wa* Dh artvbst, Cavai.rt BoKiitr, ? 1 Ojfiieof Chief (fmantermasttt, S n ? ? Washington, May 13o-*. S Will be ?cld, at Public Auction on WRDNE8 DAY. the 8th oav of June, \m, at the Ouvulry De pot,'-Giesboro'D. C."a large lot of Quartermao ter sStores, condemned r.s unfit for the pablic ser. yjce, consisting in part of? 8U)\es aod Stove Furniture, Knivej Forks, Ac.. Wati?r Buckets, Wagon Saddles, Curry Combs and Brushes. Saddles Bridles, and Whip-, Files and Rasps, Blacksmiths' and Carpenters" Tools, Brooms, Shovels Forks, and Rakes, Lauterno, Picks, and Lcatfier Cuttings, Scrap Iron, Horse Shoes. Rope, Empty Barrels, Ac.. &e.. Ac. Sale ti> commence at ten (lnf o'clock, a, m. Terinii : Ca>h in Government funds. 1 ive da*s w'll be allowed atter the day of sale to remove the articles frvra the depot. For fuiiher information apply to Captain E. A. D'ipuy. Assistant Qnartermaft^r and Dfpot Quar termaater, Cavalry Bureau, Gie3boro', D. C. By Command o' Major General Anger, Com manding Depot of Washington . _ . JAMES A. EKIN, my.SS td Lt. Cel. A C Q. M., Cav. Y WM, L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. KiJSir !P??' PENNSYLVANIA On FRIDAY AFTERNOON loth instant, at 5 o clack, we will sell in front of the premises, the southern part cf Lot 12 Square A, fronting 5$ feet on Feur and-a half street, and running back 72 feet moro or less, on a 2* feet alley, and improved by two two-story Brick Dwellings fronting on Four-and a-half street and a Brick Stable on the alley. Terms: One-third In cash; the balanca In <5, 12 and 18 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing and stamps at the expense of purchaser PETER O'DONOGHUB, Executors _ W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. ftYTTC. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEK'8 SALE OF~OT ON NORTH I 8T BETWEEN 6TH AND 7TH STREETS EAST. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, June 24th, at 6 o clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated April 4th, i860, and duly recorded in Liber J. A B , No. 192. folios J45, etseq.,one of the land records for Washington County, U. C., I shall sell, the most eastern lift* four feet from front to mtr of Lot, numbered thirteen, (13.) in Square numbered eight hundred and ufty-cight, (dig > f'oating on north I street, between Sixth and Sev enth ^treet^ east, and running baek to aSO-foot al ley. j Serms: one-half cash, the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust ca the premises. tty.2+-2awAds |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers: TWENTY VALUABLE" BUILDING LOTS ON ? NEW JERSEY AVENUE AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the 9th instant, at fl o'clock, p. m. we kball sell in front of the premise#? Lots, each 25 feet front, being the aouth part of corner Lot 17, in Squaret?3, near the UnitedStates Cr ast Survey Office. h Lots in Squares 723 and 74", opposite tho Old Blaglen Place, and some l iLots in said Squares 738 and 740 not fronting on tbe avenue. The first named two lots are but afewsteps south of the Capitol, and tbe other lotsare at coaveni Vard from both t'ae C.tpilol and {Javy Tte "aV1 will begin with the first named lots. Terms.: One-tbfrd in cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with notes bearing interest, and seeured by a deed of trust. 0on\eyances and stamps at the cost of the fur ^eTdis GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctt. THOS. J. II8HER, Trustee. J. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. AucU. uov. vurtia auu d?u? uaven." Apmlv U Captain* en board, or to ^ JOHN B. DAVIDSON, n y 13- Water street. Georgetown. P I C T U IIS, ' jo2 % f?-" ^ few "fcciee Engravings and Paintings for sale a: J MARKRITER'S, No. 466 74h street. Eight doors ab ve Odd Feilowe1 Hall, Terms "Afca ap29-lmif* ! NOTICE." .QKPON k KING Have vemeved tbeii^ Wood Coal Yird from th? corner of Vermont avenue I street, and are lecatei cn "Ctfc street, be t*n Dand I its. ncySl-lw* l)i AMUSEMENTS. CAHtKRB17RT HALL. MU8I0 J CANTERBURY HALL,I AND HAL L fCANTERBURY HALL,\ TIIEATJR Lovibiaxa ATIHT7I, y?r Cofntr Of Sixth Strut, Rtar of National and Mttropoiitan Ho'Ms. GiOiGi LiA?. ?- ?.-.Proprietor W. X. CasatadgHw-^-? ... ><??Btage Manager. Last week of M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, MliLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, Who *111 appear in some new an 1 startling feats upon ike TIGHT ROPE, TIGHT ROPE, TIGHT ROPE, TIGHT ROPE. First week of the Laughable Pantomim*. THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE. THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE. THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE. THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE. THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE. First week of th* b<>antifnl Ballet, arranged by Mons. Baptistan, entitled, LA FATE AU VILLAGE, LA FETE AU ViLI.AGE, LI FETE AU VILLAGE, LA FETE AIT VILLAGE, LA FETE AU VILLAGE, LA FETE AU VILLAGE, L V FETE AU VILLAGE In which M'lle Marietta HA VET. HAVEL RAVEL RAVEL RAVEL - Will app'-ar ?nd *x<-<vite several BEAUTIFUL SOLO DANCES, Assisted by MOXg bapttstAN, MONS. BAPTI3TAN, MONB. BAPTI8TAN, AND THT5 GHE^T RONZANI BALLET TROUPE RON/.AN I BALLET TROUPE RONZANIBALLET TROUPE SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIK8. 8TXTKEN BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIBS. SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES. First w?>ek of the side-spIittircNegro Farep of THK OLD CLOCK. Til E OLD t LOCK, Til i: OLD CLOCK, THK OLD CLOCK, THE OLD CLOCK. BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WL3T, !? FIB FUNNY CHARACTER FUNNY CHARACTER I t NVY CH ^RACTER cv SIMON, SIMON, SIMON. The rrest-Ethiopian Trto, MULLIGAN. WEST AND WILLIAM.*, MULLIGAN, WEST AND WILLIAMS. MULLIGAN. WEST AND WILLIAMS, 15, A NEW BUDGET OF COMICALITIES, NEW BUDGET OF COMICALITIES, NEW BUDGET OF COMICALITIKS, NEW BUDGET OF COMICALITIES. NEW BUDGET OF COMICALITIES The Favorite Sont-tf MIS? EPTELLE FORREST. MIPS E8TFLLE FORREST. MISS E8TELLE FORREST. <si> MISS CARRIE GARDNER. MISS CARRIE GARDNER. MISS CARRIE GARDNER. The Famous Original CIRCLE OF BEAUTY AND CLUSTER OF GRACE. MISS JENNIE FORREST. MISS LILLY WILLIAMS. MISS KITTY SCOTT. MISS M\RY GARDNER. WISS M \CGIE WILSON. MISS NAOMI PORTER, MISS EMMA I.AWTON, MISS YTO M. ROSS, Ml 3^ SAL LIE WERNER MISS FINNY MAY. MULE VIOLA. MIS8 MOLLIE THOMSON. whowiil appear in a variety of SOLO DANCES, BALLETS, JcC. To ni?ht ami e\ery night tlii^ week will be per forrue'i the laughable Pantomime, entitled THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE. Master Up to Tricks W. B. Cavananjrh Mons. Stepa - ,...?MonH, Baptistin Schoolmaster.... H. W. William* Mr. Easy Billy West Mr. Pridp ? T. Murray Master Billing*.. '.. ? J. Burges Mnst*r Cumming6 M'lle Viola Master Tickelet Miss Porter Mrs. Pride. . Miss Wilson Mrs. St^pR Miss 0. Gardner Miss Easy? ?Miss 31. Gardner Scholars, Villager*., &c. The i?-rt'orman<:e to conclude with the fanny Ne gro Burletta, entitled TEE OLD CLOCK; or HERE;?HE GOES AND THERE SHE GOES. Simon ? ? Billy West IU fit of i-haract^rs by the entire Compauy of La dies and Gentlemen. In addition to which the regular VARIETY PROGRAMME of SONGS, DANCES. NEGRO ACTS,&C., A O.. AO. In preparation, and will shortly be produced, A NEW SENSATION DRAMA I written expressly for this establishment, by a papular Dramatist, and founded upon incidents which have transpired within the city, entitled BEAU SICKMAN; or the BUSHWHACKERS of THE POTOMAC. with NEW AND ELEGANT SCENERY and effects Introducing several WASHINGTON CELEBRITIES of the day. The Drama is now in rehearsal, and will be pro duced in SUPERB STYLE, ?with a ? FULL CAST and NECESSARY APPOINTMENTS, gotten up an expense of orer TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, iV And fur superior to anything e?er produced in Washington. Due uotic# ttill be given of its first repre-entatioB . LOOK OUt FOR BEAU 11 and THE BUSHWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC i u ? i - ? tSXM ? ... . ? Admlwion ? ? ,?.? *0 X Orchestra_? ?? . ? Private Boxes, holding rix persons^?... I oo Poor* open at 7 ?'dock; Performance to eon misct at a o'clock. J^MILY MfTINEl^SATlTJlDAY- AFTERNOON AT O'CLOCK. * r a^!??35 ; Childiea K ;ertt. AMUSEMENTS FORD'S NEW THEATER, TlKTH BtABBT, ABOTB Pksststltajiia Atmpb. THIS EVENING. June 0, First night of the great Comedian MR. J. S. CLARKE, who will appear for the first time her? as DROMIO OF SYRACUSE, in Shakspeare's COMEDY OF ERRORS, supported by the universal favorite, MISS ALICE GRAY, and othtrWBLL KNOWN FAVORITE?. The performances will cymmenee with the laughable comedietta of OUR COUNTRY COUSIN. Cousin Joe- ??.-Mr. J. S. Clarke TO-MORROW. , Mr. CLARKE will appear in two Popular Charac ter^ - OROVER'S THEATER. PBWHBTLTAMA AT., HBAB WlLLABD'8 HOTJIL. Lbohard Gbotbb ? ...-Director Alifo of Grover's New Chestnut Street Theater, Philadelphia. BY UNIVERSAL REQUEST. A FEW MORE NIGHTS OF GRAND OPERA. After a season of unexampled length and pros- i perity, extending over three months, during ] which period eighty one operatic performances bav* been given?a result *?ver pnrnlUled t/i Aw-r tea, the director is loth to part with the members ?f tlUS GREAT COMPANY v ithont tendering them a few benefits. No oth*r city cms so much the one to btj selected 88 does WASHINGTON, the city first to discriminate the rare musical ex cellence of this Compauy, aud pronounce it v&t tj-ilhnct the best and most complete operatic company orsrani/<d, which verdict ha-* since re ceived the approval of t he recogni zed first critic* of the country. THIS EVENING. June u\ BENEFIT ot" t FRANZ HIMMER, when will be given STRADELLA, Orard Opera in Three Acts CARL FORMES in his great a-sumption, MALVOLIO. ac originally composed for him by F, \ on Plotow. Franz Himmer as - .Stradella Theo. Habelmai) ar Barhanno M. GralTo as, ...Bassi Mad. JohannFen a=.?~ ? Leonora TUESDAY, June 7, BENEFIT OF MADAME JOHASSEN. Beethovf n's only Opera, FIDELIO. H? rmanns. Himmer. Habelman. Steinecke Graifo, Johannaen, Caniesa. WKDNESDAY, June?, BENEFIT OF THEO. HABELMAN. BARBER OF SEVILLE. M. Habelman sings "Sleep well, sweet an?el," "Good night, sweetheart." GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST OFFICE. GEORGETOWN, D. C., Jrsie 4, 1864. To obtain any of these letters, the applicant must call for " adv ertised letters," gi ve the date of this list, and pay one cent for advertising. If not called for within one month, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office. Place the postage stamp on the npp"r right-hand corner, and leave space between the stamp and direction for post-marking without interfering with the writing-. X request for the return of a letter to the writer, if unclaimed within thirty days or l*'ss, written or printed with the writer's name, post office, and State, across the left-hand enl of envelope, on the face side, will be complied with at the usual pre 5aid rate of postal, payable when the letter is elivered to the writer. LADIES' LIST. Barnes Mrs Mandy Macomb Mrs Fanny Bodinc Mrs Janus McGruder Mrs Sarah Bromley Miss Eliza Jane Monroe Mrs Bromley Mrs Martin Miss Florence Biges Mrs Elizabeth Millspaugh Mrs E.len C Bohrer Miss Katherine McCarty Mrs Hrittain Mrs Cath J Munson Miss E L Crump Mrs A Morrissey Mrs Catherine Crawford Mrs William Norton Miss Kate Conzens Mrs Margaret O'Neil Miss Sarah Clark Maryette Ohara Miss Annie 0 Cutts Mrs Martha A Price Miss Sarah Cloment Mrs Capt 3 Payne Mrs Sarah E Dovors Miss Sallie I'hipjjB Sirs Robert DuDn Miss Maggie Pengice Mrs Jenni* Dunn Mrs Mary Prather Mrs Mary N Edwards Miss Hatty Payro Mis= A M Grimes Miss Mary Rodgers Mrs Lt II N 2 Gardner Mrs Mary Riley Miss Sarah E Green Mrs Magiri'. Statford Mrs Hannah Gordon Mr-LC-2 ^imimons Miss Mary Goins Mrs Addell Smith Mary Jane Hamblin Mrs Ro^nah Thompson Miss S Hollands Mrs Thompson Miss Sarah Howard Mrs MK ' Turner Miss Sarah Kelley Miss Margaret Terrell Mrs S Kennady Mrs Mary % alk Margaret Kennedy Mrs llanora ."! W ise Lizzie Larnard Mr- Mary N Watterman Shariotte Lane Mrs Martha Whaui Mrs Margaret Long-ton Miss Wheeler Mrs Ellen Longhorn Mrs Walker Miss Mary L GENTLEMEN -S LIST. Adkinson Wm E GosbawZalmonSMoore B Frank Ashley J A Garrison G M Moran Jas Anderson Capt Graham Dan 1 North J H Herald GonnellAmbroseO'MeUey Patk Bear?e Capt Gass A W Pifferling 8 Wellington Harking Thos 1'elder S II Benton Thomas Harrison Robt Park Linton Brannick Fatk Hogan Martin Pt irce Ivnac N BulerJohnA Hunt Jas I'eckChasn-2 Bush John Hover H Robinson Riehd Brown John Hanaway Edw Rhodes Capt Barkpr Henry IleringtonDenis Lincoln-2 Barnswell Pane Horgan Denis Roland John T Utiker Frank T HeringAugustusRcdonnett John Buchin E BocanWm Biggin Mai Allen Brisco David J Keith l'rof Rnel Stott Wm L Ball Jas 11 KurllansGotleidS&kin Thos furlp Wm II KrouseChristianSnoden Jas Cramer W B Lyons Thos W Sovy Job W 2 Ca-tor Bobt R Lowrv Stephen Sutherland Jas Chamberlane LuckettJnoR Si pen John Capt L R LenardJasM fclocuni Morris T Corts Joseph L&nman Geo Thorn W G B C ant el J B Meem W A Thomas Lewis ClearyJohn Moore Wm TammonJas Clearer Jesse McCarthy Tim Vandnsen Wm A Caruenter H A McFadden Thos Wilson Fenton CaraherBernard McConnell Neal Weitner Wm Drurv Win Mang Philip White Patk TXjuirherty Win Maher Martin Welch Michael Debt-ck Robt II Mounts Lewie J WvattSamlC Doyle Michael McCarthy J3 Whitman Jno DonhowerJacob MitchellI Jacob W A Darlin" Chas W MaynardJohu Williams Jos > Pillv Adam McNair D A Ward Jas Kberhack Capt Maxwell Frank- WehnerH R E lin J Welden Henry H Ed*on Wm Meyer E Wight G M Freiner Thos McCarthy Eug WingEdwarl Foscett Asbury Murphy Edward Young Wm W Fowle Andrew S mkovllaneous.?Turnvenn. ?? HENRY ADDISON.P.M. FF" GEORGETOWN, D. 0..Mat24, l!*?4 I tje Undersigned Grocers and Dry Goods Mer chants do hereby agree to close our respective of business at 7V* p. m. from June Ut to September 1st, 18W, except SATURDAY, in order to afford our employees a portion of time for re creation. G w BEALL v CQ W. 8. MATTHEWS, JOHN J. BOGUE. GEORGE W. ORME. D. JACKSON, W. R. HURDLE, LI WIS BROOK8, P. T. MILBURN, A. J. RATCLIFFE A CO,, GEORGE UPPERMAN. T. A. CARROLL, A, F. OFFUTT Sc CO., W. H. ERNEST, J. F. KELLY, MAYFIILD OR0WN, EDWARD H. BROWN, SMOOT A BURROUGHS, 3. 8. ROSENTHAL, EDWARD MYER8. mv23 3w* The the OTICE OF DISSOLUTION. he co-partnership heretofore existing between undersigned, under the name of ?. M. LIN ,f.rn i. nn Ktfl hpun dissolved bv thp nttira. and John Marbury, Jr., having ?*rchased the en interest of said Linihicum in the concern, will collect tlio debts due to the late fi?m and settle aH claims against the *am| L1NTHWUM, 0. A. BUQKEY, JOHN MARBURY, Jb. Georgetown. D. C., May, 1864, THE UNDERSIGNED, HAVING ASSOCIATED for that purpose under the name of BUCKEY A M *RBl'RY, will continue the Hardware Business at the old stand of E M. Linthicum A 0o., oorner of High and Bridge streets, and respectfully so licit a continuance of the patronage so liberally m""""rrA'v'^&BPRT. OVAL plcTUjl*nuiE8. 486 A heautifal assortmenV of Gilt ?*^ 0val TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] Official Wm- Bullotin. Despatch From Urntrtl Grant?A Sudden Attack of the Enemy Repulsed?General Grant Reinforced* Washington, June 5?1 P. M. Major Otncral Dix, New York : A despatch trom Gen. Grant's headquarters dated half past eight o'clock last night, has been received. It states that??about 7 p. m. yesterday, (Fri day, 3d June,) the enemy suddenly attacked Smith'* brigade, of Gibbon's division. The battle lasteci with great fnry for half au hour. The attack was unwaveringly repulsed. Smith's losses were Inconsiderable. ?? At 6 p. m. Wilson, and his cavalry, fell up on the rear of a brigade of Heth's division which Lee had thrown aronud to his left, ap parently with the intention of enveloping Burnslde. After a sharp but short conflict Wilson drove them from their rifle pits In con fusion. He took a few prisoners. He had previously fought with and routed Gordon's brigade of rebel cavalry. ? During these fights he lost several officers, among them Col. Preston, of the 1st cavalry, killed; Col. Benjamin, Sth New York cavalry, seriously wounded; Gen. Stannard, of the isth corps, was seriously wounded, yesterday ^Fri day.) ??Our entire loss, in killed, wounded, and missing, during the three days operations around Cold Harbor, will not exceed, accord ing to the adjutant general's report, seven thou sand five hundred. "This morning (Saturday, June 4) the ene my's left wing, In front ol Burnside, was found to have been drhwn in during the night. ?< Colonel Cesenola, in command of five thou sand men, arrrlved here yesterday having marched from Port Royal. ?'Telegraphic communication between Cher ry Stone and Fortress Monroe continues inter rupted " A despatch from General Sherman dated yesterday, June 4, 3 a. m., thirteen miles west of Marietta, reports that his left is now weli around, covering all roads from the south to the railroad about Ackworth. His cavalry has been in, and occupies in force all the Altoona Pass. No other military Intelligence has been re ceived by the department. Edwtw M. Stanton Secretary of War. FROM GRANT'S ARMY. Continued de*pernte Fighting?Attack on Warren's Corps Repulsed?Our Lines Advanced, [Correspondence Associated Press.] Hbadquahters Army op the Potomac, June 3, !> p. m.?Fighting has been going on nearly all day along the line, but principally artillery, the casualties being quite large. When Barlow's division charged the enemy's works early this morning, he succeeded In get ting possession of seventeen guns, besides the prisoners he took, abont 050; but not being sup ported. and subjected to an enfilading fire, he was compelled to evacuate the works he had so gallantly taken and abandon the guns. His lots was very severe, amounting to about eight hundred. Gen. Warren's corps on the right was at taccked this afternoon by a heavy force of the enemv, but the enemy were handsomely re pulsed with seveee loss. The 15th corps were engaged in Bkirmishing most of the day, and made a charge on a por tion of the line in their front, but were unable to bold it. They fell back in good order to their former position. The 6th corps, on the l> ft of the l-th, have been engaged more or less all day, and have suffered a good deal for the past two days. An attack on the left of the -id corps, supposed for the purpose of feeling our left, was made an hour ago (8 p. m.,) but the enemy was soon driven ofi The loss is not known. A captain of cavalry was captured a day or two ago while trying to rally his men. He was greatly excited and cursed his men at a terrible rate, saying the whole Southern cavalry were worthless, and it was no use trying to flght any more. Our losses for the last two days at Coal Har bor will number over five thousand in killed and wounded, while the enemy's will be nearly the syme. The change of position to-day has been very little, our advance being abont a mile beyond Coal Harbor. THE WAR IN GEORGIA. Severe Fight on the 35th nit.?The Enemy , Finally Driven_ Cincinnati, June 5 ?The Commercial has accounts from Gen. Sherman's array up to the 31st ult. There was a sharp and bloody flght on the 25th between Hooker's corps and the rebel Gen. Hood's command, near Dallas. The bat tle began at 5 p. m. The 2d division, General Williams, drove the enemy from his first line of works for a distance of two miles. 'I his di vision was soon relieved by the 1st an<l 3d di visions, Gens Geary and Butterfield, who ad vanced steadily under a terrible fire of mus ketry. They proceeded to within forty yards of a concealed battery, which opened upon them with a sudden and murderous discharge of erape and canister. The 1st division, in this charge, l03t POO men. The battery was finally silenced, and the en emy driven away. But few prisoners were taken on either side. Onr loss was probably greater than the ene my's, amounting to about 1,500. The substantial fruits ol the day's work was again of two miles of ground, giving us a fa vorable position, two pieces of artillery, and a better arrangement of the line for subsequent operations. On the Wth a general engagement was ex pected, but McPherson's corps did not come up. There was a good deal of skirmishing with musketry. Prisoners report that reinforcements had in creased Johnston's army to 70,000. On the 27th there was a severe flght on the left. Wood's division and Scribner's brigade of Johnston's division lost 400 men. On the 2*th there was heavy picket firing. On the 29th the rebels made a night attack, but were repulsed with heavy loss. IMPORTANT FROM MISSOURI. Activity of Guerrillas. St. Lor is, June 5.?Despatches received by Gen. Kwing from Col. Rogers, commanding at Cape Girardeau, state that the enemy are un usually active in that portion of the State. Col. McLane reports that on the night of the 2d, 200 guerrillas camped near Patterson. He sent a force of 200 men to look after them. A force of guerrillas iB reported at Cane Isl and, and another at Doniphan. Colonel Rogers thinks the movement of the guerrillas are intended to cover an attack on tome important point, and that McOrea will probably make an attack on Patterson. A message from Capt. Ewing, of Bloomfleld, says: "The guerrillas have destroyed the tele graph near Charleston, and swear that they intend to keep it down." _ x ... A despatch from Colonel Rogers, dated Cape Girardeau, June 3, says: "A whole company of guerrillas have crossed the river and swamp and were within eight miles of there last night. They havecutthe telegraph wire between here and New Madrid." ,, The presence of these bands of guen-illas is accounted for by the abandoninent of Bates vllle and Jacksonport by the t nion troops, leaving the country open to the rebels. BATTLE OF COLD HARBOR. Oneratitf" ?* ThnfMay-The Enemy De late* by Gen. W right?Brilliant Cavalry Combats, [Correspondence Philadelphia Inquirer.] Cold Harbor, S?v? Milks rao* Rich MOKDTThursday, June 2,2 p. m.-The events of yesterday include another battle. Again o5r cannons have been heard in Richmond, and araiu we inscribe the word success upon our Sers. Between Cold Harbor and Crau*ss' Mill, nearly on the same ground th-it witnessed one of the fiercest of the famous seven days' battles, we havo once more en traced the enemy andithis time beaten him. Curing Tuesday night Gen. Wright's (sixth) corns was quietly withdrawn from the front on oux extreme right, and marched quietly off in rear of the rest of tke army towards Cola Harbor, some miles beyond oar extreme left. And not only was the sixth corps moving that direction, but aimultarieonsiy with it we eighteenth corps, under Gen* <4xith, J* bad been brought from the Jam^e rivei .0 "White Home on transports was advancing "O ?wards the same point. The two columus v*? nected punctually at the desired motneal Each day's unfolding of event* increaiee en* admiration of the far-reaching and oompre ? feenelve strategy of Gen. Grant. Abroih-cM-? tbe splendid movement of the Army of tfle Potomac, tome of us bad halt forgctten that this vu only a par: of the isun?ui< fore* act ing under the guidance cf the Cemmander-in ? Chief. Cold Harbor is a name given -o a house the adjacent locality a; the Intersection of t*o roads. One road leads direct to'i* Bridge, which is seven utiles distant: the other is called the Gaines' Mills road to KkhmOa?i. By this road, Cold Harbor is about miles from Richmond, and about fl .?? n from the Cbickahominy liver. General Sheridan, wno. with Torbtrt's -n-l Gregg's division of cavalry, has beea ope<* ting on our left flank, occupied thla point ca Tuesday night, after a sharp fight wuh Fit*, hugh Lee's division of rebel cava'ry, \ 4 about two brigades 0f Beauregard's corp* .f infantry. The former drove the enemy aVut two and a half miles before reacting C 1 Harbor: the latter he fonnd a: that p.i*?tj A position behind slight breastworks, frcm wh e*i ne ultimately drove them, and held the ptei#, in spite of two or three attempt* during tli? nignt to retake it, until the arrival of Wrifct;t and Smith's corps yesterday afterncon, v h n the cavalry was relieved, and parsed on t further towards the left General Shfr?J'.ai had in this affair about, eighty kllle! .-.J wounded, and captured one handr.d twenty-five prisoners. The infantry on reaching Cold Harbor a? i relieving 'he cavalry, which they did nbout5.?f p. m., yesterday. prepared at once to forrrj '* battle. Gen. Wright formed his corps vrj-s the Gaines Mills road, with Kickeu'a i'.ivU;::t ^the 3d) on the right. Russell's divifiou (tP.a 1st) joining Ricketts. and Neill"a (2d) diyi I a on the extreme left. Smith's corps too* p.^t tion on theright of the 5th. Skirmisbers were tiirown out, and a number ot batter^ 1 ? er? brought up and put in position at favorable points near the Gaines Mills road Heavy artillery firing and some skirmi -*tr,g commenced soon after 4 p. m., and in tho tuea;? time the preparations for battle were basily going lorward to the rear. At about 6 y p. ra heavy volleys of musketry began to mtn?!? their eound with the booming ot artillery. It was an advance of our line?a charge upon the enemy's position. Our line of battle, at least that of theSt**^ Corps, was formed under eover of a narrow strip of woods, which served to conceal o?jt movements from the enemy. Ad .wis;* through this we came on open ground, *r& fighting very soon con.meni?ed. Gemrul Rus sell's division, which was next on tte r;g~t, was very hotly engaged. They advanc -k fully a mile, driving the eneiny before t.f.a, I General Russell, in person, leading the J charge at the head of bis old brigade ('V? Third.) Gaining the crest of a ridge the .-4 my's line of breastworks was seer. plainly ! i view at the distance of about a quarter cf a mile. On the left of Russell's Division was the Third Division, under Gen. Ricketts. TM? division was eminently succeESfo). pA'Si;^? through the strip of wocds above mention J, behind which they formed, they adva^. ? V over an open field, across a swampy V^tto.a, aud on a wooded hill beyond descried t*ia rr^.l entrenchments, to the shelter of which the #?? emy retired on their advance. A charge wis immediately ordered. The men advance I w tH fixed bayonets, worked their way trough iw? peding ielled timber and abattis, and gallantly carried the works in spite of the slubborn re sistance and well-directed fire of a determine J foe. Five hundred prisoners were taken U once, and within less than five minutes 150 more were afterwards captured at various parts of their line. On the right of the f?th corps, Gen. with the l?th, was entirely successful, t-Jting the enemy's line of entrenchments in f-gv* t bis entire line, and holding them. Theremin made several attempts during the night to ~e take their captured works, but we:o rep il; -.1 each time, and must have suffered eever. '.j. The troops opposed tonsembraed gard's corps, and a par:, if not all, of street's and Hill's. Our entire loss in this engagement must have been about *-','10. The wounded In ihs ttt 11 corps numbered about SOU, Ras^li's di vision 4< 0, Rickett's 300and Nelll'9 If]. TTHt killed and missing would doubtless svr 11 the number to more thau 1.000. In the 18th corps the wounded numbered about TOO, and thr t ' .A loss of the corps could not have b??n inne* less than 1,000. This morning the 2d corps armed .it (' :? Harbor, and proceeded further to the leii, wi'h the intention oi crossing the Chickah<><4 iny at Sumner's Bridge. The movrtuent y?i terday was doubtless the initiatory step to &? other grand flank movement, and if the suc cess of the latter is commensurate with the success of its beginning, we may shotWv ** pect to see great results. FROM THE SOCTK. Peace Propositions? Correspon< ?UCC lir tweeu Jefi Davis aud Gov. Vanoj, The Petersburg Express under data of .-Tuy ?25,1-01, publishes a correspondence rela'i ,0 to peace propositions which pa??od S t v 1:1 Gov. Vance and Jeff J)avis. Gov. Vance's letter is dated De:emt>cr Jwh, and says: "After a careful confident!.,a of all the sources of discontent in Nor th O" > lina, I have concluded that it will bo ira^c^ -k ble to remove it except by making 30103 eff > t at negotiation with ttie tn^my. The reeert ticu of .he Federal Honse of Repre^enu'.i ja, though meaning very little, has greatly < .xc?t I the public hope that the Northern mind is took-. iug towards peace. And, although our tion is well known as demandingonly o be let j alone, yet it seems to me that for the snk : of j humanity, without having any weak f r'rr*. i proper motives attributed to us, wj qij.^t, with propriety, corutantly tendtr ptr-y'mtiott. Though statesmen might regard ;ttis as useWs, the people will not, and I think our :an?e ill be strengthened thereby. I have not ?u*g?.; d the method of these negotiations or :h<-ir ter aa. The effort to obtain peace is the principal i? U ter." Davis replied on the Sth of J%ar.*rv, h d after ackn?wledging the receip. of ihe"l?t>t,. and of similar propositions heretofore, the -t^jr says: "Apart from insuperable objection* to .h# line of policy you propose (and to which I v:!l presently advert) I cannot see how the u>DT? material obstacles are to be surmounted. We have made three distinct efforts to comraudi* cate with the authorities at Washington, a. 1 have been invariably unsuccessful. OcnimJ"* sioners were sent lefore hostilities were bf? "la, and the Washington Government refaeel fo receive them or hear what they had to say A second time I sent a military officer w;t% a communication addressed by myself to Presi dent Lincoln. The letter was receive .1 by General Scott, who did not permi: ^te oflcer t<> see Mr. Lincoln, but promised that an an* yev would be sent. No answer haa ever teen received. The third time, a few months agr>, a gentleman was sent, whose position, character and reputation were such as to insure Ms reception, If the enemy were not deternvlnt \ to receive no proposals whatever from the Gov ernment. Vice President Stephens made a patriot.-; der of his services in the hope of being to promote the cause of humanity, and Blthca^h little belief was entertained of his sneoes??, I cheerfully yielded to his suggestion, th.-t the experiment should be tried. The enemy re fused to let him pass through their linc^ or Co hold any conference with them. Ho 'vaa stopped before he ever reached Fortren Mon roe, on his way to Washington. To at'e.ayt again (in the face of these repeated 1 eject!3 is of all conference with us) to send comm Issu ers or agents to propose peace, is to invite in sult or contumely, and to subject eureejvfs to. indignity without the slightest chance cf bflng listened to. No true citizen, no man who hai our caaee at heart, can desire this, and the good people of North Carolina would be the lost :g ap prove of such an attempt, if aware of - if he facts. If, then, these proposals cannot >e aade through envoys because the enemy woul J ,..<t receive them, how is it possible to oomui^r.^. cate our desire for peace otherwise than by tlfe public announcement contained in almost every message I ever sent to Congre?i i I cannot recall at this time one Inatar : ?> Li which I have failed to nnnounce that our rn!y desire was peace, and the only termi w?m-*i formed a tine qua non were precisely tbo?e ttiat you suggested, namely: >?a demand oni> to W let alone." But suppose it were praetica1)!# to obtain a conference through commissiorero with the Government of President .Liuco!^, U it at this moment tha: we are to consider it de sirable or even at all admissable 1 Have v, e not just been apprised by that despot th. t \ye can only expect his gracious parion by eman cipating all our slaves, swearing ailegtanc* and obedience to him and his proclamation, and becoming, in point of fact, the slaver cf out own negroes 1 Can there be In North Car. olina one citizen ?o fallen beneath the digaitjr of hie ancestors as to accept, or to enter int# conference on the basto of these terms l That, there are a lew traitors in the State who wou.,4 be willing to betray their fcllow*citizene ft* such a degraded condition, in hope of bclap rewarded for treachery by an escape from th* common doom, may be true. But I do not be lieve that the vilest wretch would accept eaalh terms for himself ? I fear irinch from the tenor of the new* * re ceive from North Carolina that an alters* will be made by seme bad men to inaugurate movements which must be consider*-1 mm equivalent to aid and comftert tbe <m?my, aid . which all patriots should eoiBhinetopnt down at any cost. Yon may count on my aid tn ' every effort to spare your State the eoeifQS of civil warfare wnicb will devastate Ite hdmes if tbe designs of th?=? traitors be snff?>r?vjj? make headway."

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