Newspaper of Evening Star, August 13, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated August 13, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMU8IMBNT8 TO-KI?HT (JA>TBBBCBr -*As usual, Mr. Lea announces a grand WH of sosg, dance, fun, and bthiaptan eccentricity tor a Saturday eveaing ?menu That his effort ts pleaje will be re warded, bo ob? can douM, for CaBterbary Is always crowded on a Saturday nlj?t. bailie Sunderland, and all of the Company will appear. Ohbistt's Hiiitbili do not propose re maining niucb longer. Indeed, If those wbo wish to wituess their Ane entertainments do not avail themselves ot tbe opportunity af forded to night, they may not haYB another chance. They per/orm at Fortt'a Theater, and genwally lo full bouaee. ' r ' r VAKJBTIE8 ?"Tbe Belle of Washington," to-nlgbt again. It is replete with senaatieaal 3c+ae?, and those who delight in that sort ot drama cannot do bettertban visit the Varieties to-eight. Besides the drama, there will be per formed a good bill of song, dance and Ethiopi an eccentricity. Tni Metropolitan ? Despite the drouth and the war, there is good eating to be bad yet in Washington, as shown by the following bill ot fare at tbe Metropolitan Hotel, and whicb is only the average one at that famous hostelry: Dinner? Friday, Ang. 12, ls64?Soup?Cbow def, rioe with tomato. Fish?Boiled cod, egg sauce Boiled?Tongues, Cassard's bams, leg of mutton, caper sauce; corned beef and cab bage, jowl and sprouts, chickens, egg sauce, fold Dishes?Roast beef, bam, celd pressed beef, roast mutton, tongues. Side Dishes?Ten derloin of pork, bra^e, tomato sauce; blan q uettes of venl, with small unions; stewed kiii teye, with Madeira wine; ballotiue of lamb, a la Bonrgeoise; beef, a la mode, with vegetables; stored tomatoes, anx flue herns; calves' feet, a la poulette; macaroni, a la cream. Roast Beef, chickens, mutton, spring lamb, mint sauce: stuffed ducks. Relishes? French mus tard, Worcestershire sauce, sliced tomatoes, olives, cucumbers, mixed pickles, horseradish. Vegetables?Mashed potatoes, boiled potatoes, tomatoes, egg plants, lima beans, boiled homi ny, young beets, cabbage, green corn, new po tatoes, boiled onions, bailed rice, cimlins. Pas try?Orape pies, apple pies, farina pudding, wine sauce, spongecake, blackberry pie, straw berry pie. Dessert?Apples, raisins, peaches, almonds, Albert*, watermelons, peaches with cream, lemon ice cream. Coffee. Police Report*? Second Precinct? Ann Gray, Mary Bottler and Susan Lewis, threats; dismissed. Third Precinct.?John Masters, larceny of a horse; for hearing. Caroline Cook, having Government goods; military. William Davis, drunk, dismissed. Mary J. Summers, disor derly; #3.44. Fourth Precinct?Henry Price, drunk; ?1.01. Wm. Landre, do and disorderly; 83. Peter Agnew, drunk; #2. fifth Precinct ? Wm. WUsod, drunk; mili tary. John Sapiens, drunk and disorderly; workhouse. Henry Carroll, disorderly; $3. Charles Posey, threats; bail for pease. James Contee, suspicion uf larceny; dismissed. Henry Carroll, assault and battery; bail for court. D. F. McCarthy, J W. Dawnr, Mary Parker, Alice Gray, drunk; ?3each. D F.Carty,b. gus detective; deferred Michael McGraw, disor derly; rollitaiy. Geo. W. Smith, forcible en try; Ann Fox, do.; b:dl for court. Lorenzo .Fox, do.; do. iistth I*recinct.?Christian Widuayer, assault and batUry; bail for court. W. ftl. Preston, violating market regulations; Si. Will. S. Pierce, drunk; for hearing. James Cruit, F. Micbels, disorderly: S Joseph and W. H. Jack Eon, do.; tor hearing. Tenth Precinct ? Eliza Whigbtman, Anne 2>ang. W. 11. Brigss, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Lizzie Perree, assault tnd battery; tail tor court. L>lley Ellis, Ella Dewv, A. B. Clapp, threats: bail for peace. Amri Eb^rson, Pannle Baker, disorderly; S5. Martha Curtis, do ; g? William De Fox, do.; SI. John Rus sell. Jo.; dismissed. Dead?The public will probably have no ticed, on tbe the hill-boards on the avenue, au announcement of the appearance, on the 8th instant, at the Canterbury, of Mr. J. H Ogdeu, known as the 'Irish Ambassador," accompa nied with a colored cut of the gentleman in costume On Monday morning Mr. Lea, pro prietor of tbe Canterbury, received a telegram from a pbysican in Philadelphia, that Mr. Ogden was III wi'h dysent-ry, bur thought he would be able to appear on Thursday. Mr. Lea made this announcement to the audience cn Monday night, and beard nothing further of the mat er until Thursday night, when a second dispatch was received, announcing tbe deatn of Mr. Ogden. The Pfliladelphia Inqui rer of yesterday publishes a feePng tribute to the memory of tbe deceased, who was well known in that city, both in private and pro fessional circles. Tas Pbach Makkbt?The supply of peacfaes is abundant in New York, Philadel phiaand Baltimore. Prk-es have declined con siderably in Baltimore within a week. It ap pears trom tbe Philadelphia papers tbat tbe markets of that city are fairly glutted with , tbem, and they are selling at from 25to50cents per basket. The price of sugar, it is stated, has determined many persons heretofore engaged in tbe business of hermetically sealing frui's, to discontinue it this year. Hence there is a Tailing off in tbe den-and for peaches. In this city, also, there is an abundant supply, and they are getting tolerably cheap, no doabt trom tbe same cause as in Philadelphia, viz: the big h puce of sugar; housekeepers not being willii.f to impoverish themselves by purcha sing peachee for preserving purposes. Hamhace'n ?'This great resort of all lovers cf good eating has just now some specialities in tbe way ol luxuries, amongst which we ought to designate the soft crabs served up in such perfection at this restaurant. But its bill of tare is excellent all the way through, and tbe attendance and all the et ceteras in keeping With the superior table spread At this season cf the >ear, when the palate Is especially sen sitive to bad fate, it Is satisfactory to have a cosy resort, like Hammack's, to fall back upon where tbe dishes are so abundantly appetizing in all seasons. Excraeioir and Pir-Nics on Momdat.?On Monday, there will be an excursion to Gly moot Pavilion under the auspioesof tbe Youag Wen's Association The baat will leave 7ttt street wharf at 8 o'clock a m. Proeperl's co tilion band will be in attendance, and there will be a splendid opportunity for a dance. On tbe same day the Stewart HoilandClub will give an afternoon and evening pic-nic at Loefller's Garden This club ba? already given two pieties, both of which were conducted admirably, as tbis one will also be, doubtless. (IHAKOID WITH ROBBIET 15 WAOHtSOTON, A man named Frank Rauyer, a'tas David W. Woodward, was arrested at tbe Camdeu Street Depot yesterday by special ofllcer Wright, on tbe cbarge of having committed a robbery In Washington city. Justice Johnson committed him to await tbe action ot the authorities of the District. Tbe dispatch which led to his arrest stated tbat on Tb ursday the house of Mrs. Jane Duncan. No 471 13th street, had been robbed of $,7,01*).?Baltimore Sun, to-day. Accideht.?Last right, during the move ment ot tioops along the avenue, about ten o'clock, six mules attached to au ambulance lecame fractious and attempted to ran off. One was thrown down and dragged some dis tance. When nearly opposite the United States Hotel a colored boy named John Franoe, em ployed at Mrs Fitzgerald's Boarding bouse was knocked down and badly trampled upon by one of tbe animals, his face and breast being seriously injured. Scbdav Excursion to Gltmowt.?Two steamers, the Fulton and Phenix, will leave the Seventh street wharf to-morrow, at 8 and 10 o'clock respectively, for Glymopt. The .Marine Band will also be on board. A sail down the Potomac is assuredly desirable this hot weather, and parties should avail them selves of this opportunity. Those baring tbe matter in charge will make the excursion an agreeable one. That Ptowtc.?The picnic on Tuesday next, at tbe Park Fair Grounds, promises to be one of the best of tbe season. Tbe grounds are large, cool and sbady, Ane pavtllion, and Geo. Arth's popular band will attend to tbe music. An extra number of cars will be on the ron*e( and time the proceeds are lor tbe beneAt ot St. Matbew's Female Academy, corner 16th street and New York avenue. All aie promised a tood time. BaboaivO.?Our neighbor,?W. F. Richstein, of tbe National Bookstore, 2?? Pennsylvania itvenue. Is closing out bis large stock at re duced rates preparatory to removal. He u seliiug a large lot of books at half price. He iaas also a lot of show cases and other Axtures to dispone ol at reduced prices. Give him an ?arly call, as -he remains only a short time monger. FtrOITITB FXOM JrSTICB ABRB8TBD.?A M.r. Davenport, a play actor, was arrested in Baltimore yesterday, by a military guard, ou a cbarge ol being a fugitive from justloe In ^WashlBgtou city, whexe it is alleged heas i aulted and beat with a loadel whip a major in tbe army, with whom hehadsomediAculty. . He was brought to tbis city for trial. Death or A* Olt> Otttzbh.?Last night, Mr John Melson, for a number of years mes senger in tbe office of the Attorney General, but recently meseenger in the War Depart ment, died at bis residence on Sixth street, ?tear L north, after a few day*, illness. Ckmtkr Market Today.?Beet, best cute, R?r poMd, 3"C.; next, *5c. Salt Betf, I5a?0c, ried Beef, 25c.. YeaL, aop. , Mutton, best chops, 25c. Latah, per poeai, tSa&Jc. Pork. truth* .25c. Pork, corned, 25c. Bacoa. hams, orient. 30c ;sliced. 4Uc.? hreaete, 25c.; shoulders, 23?. Chiefcaaa.p*r pair, ?ta?. I>ucks, per pair, *1.25. Eggs, per doxen. 30c. Tomato**, per peck, 81. Pears, per peck. ?I. Cymblina, per dozen, 25a306. Uueambera, 35a 40c. Green Corn, per dozen, 40e. Applea, par peck, new, 40c.a SI; dried, 80c.a?1 Potatoes, Irish,per park,7$c 8 weet ptoaSoesJIl.20. String Bear8, per peck, 50c. Peaches, n^*r, per peck, ?a?6; dried, per t*i, 25e ta?rrtea. flrle^' ^c ' Whortleberries, 21W-; Blackberries, 10c. B-aus, butter,45c.; white, T0al2c. Beets, 10c. Oploo* perJgS^fflE8' head.2tm.Ke. Lottnee, p?*haftd, W?oe. P"? Rock, lante. each, 82 50a?; small* per bunch, 5oa60c-; ballbtit, per pound, 20c.; sea bass, 15c.; bine flih, 15c ; lobster, 12c.; sturgeon, 15e.; pike, per bunch, 50c.aSl; perch, ?c. Rye, par bushel, #t 70a?s2. (lornweal, g1.95a?*. Shlpstnff, 90, 10. Brown Stuff, 65c. Shorts, 50c Corn, shelled, S1.95a*2; per Jar re!. f10Bil3.5fl. Oats, per bushel, f I a?l.25. Hay, per cwt., f 1.75aS2 Straw, Sl-WalKi. Oloyer Hay, si asaSI.50 E? Plaata, each, 20a25c. Watermelons., Cantaloupes, 5Mt?c. Plums, p?r qnart. 25c. Damsons, 10c. Tur nips. p?r bunch, 10c. TCB1?*D OVBR TO Till MILITARY.?This moraine roundsman Kelly arrested Joseph Sinclair, better known as Black Joe, an em ployee of the Central Hotel, and delivered him to Superintendent Webb, who turned him oyer to the military authorities to be disposed of. The immediate cause of the arrest was the robbery of a soldier at the Central Hotel Thursday night, by which the soldier lo*t ?1JH), and Metiers. Corbett and Perkins, who lodged at the house, were arrested on suspicion it will be remembered. Sinclair aided In searching the unfortunate prisoners, and his name was mentioned in that connection. The previous reputation of Sinclair, and the tact that his mug adorns the Metropolitan police gallery, transferred suspicion to him, and he was arrested this morning. Sinclair Is a very neat little fellow in appearance, about 28 years of ag?, jet black hair and eyes, and very dark complexion, which gives him the nickname of Black Joe. He is a (3-erman by birth. The object of turning him over to the military is to rid tbe city of his presence. The innosence of Messrs. Corbett and Perkins of the charge is thus fully demonstrated. Km BtriTiNtj Colorbd Troops in this Armt ok THB Potomac.? We are informed tbat Gen. Grant has modified the order relative to re cruiting negroes, within the lines of the Army of the Potomac so as to allow recruiting of ficers to designate some place near tbe base of supplies from which he will operate. Such agent will not be permitted to roam through the army in ob'alnlng recruits. When the re cruiting officer may wish to take men from the armr. thev will present them at the Provost Marshal General's office together with a state ment which shall show where the persons were recruited and by whom last empleyed. The recruiting agent lor this District (Mr. Ar thur Shepherd) has again gone to the army for tbe pnrpose of eflecting arrangements for ob taining soldiers under the new order of things, lie has had a rather bard time of it by reason of the restrictions put upon recruiting by Gen. Butler's order. He hopes however that tbe way is now open whereby he can speedily fill up the quota of this District. Stbalino a Scbbtituts.?Yesterday mora le g. as two men from the country were walk ing up 1Mb street to the Provost Marshal's of fice, with a colored man, who they were about to put in as a substitute for a conductor on the city railroad, (who had left them ta procure the money,) two fellows attacked the party in charge of the substitute, knocked them down, and run in the colored man bef*r>? the board, wlure he was accepted and ieceived ?i0. The conductor appeared shortly afterwards, but found he was too late. WBT.OOME Visiters.?This morning quite a large number of country dealers appeared In Center Market Space, with the produce of larms in the adjoining counties. So many country dealers bav* not appeared in Center Market for fifteen years, as during thl3 week. It is hoped tbat hereafter these farmers will 6ell their own produce In the market. The efficient Clerk of the Marfce' will use every efiort to mike arrangements for their conve nience in tbe eccnpancy of stands. Accident.?This morning, while the gun ners at the experimen'al battery were prac ticing witb a small piece against a target, one of tbe balls went through, striking Master's Mate Thos. Bowers, on the Teaser, which was iy ng within ranee. The wonnd indicted is a serious one in the bead, and although he is still living, tbere are but little h^pes of his re covery. It seems that the bal , in passing thiou'gh tbe target, glanced to one side. Burglary.? About 4x o'clock tbis morning, the house of Mathew Myers, on Ridge street, (Georgetown, between 1tb and 5tb, was entered by a colored lellow named George Brown, who opened a trunk and stole a lot of clothing, &c. He was arrested and the good* recovered by officer Renneker, of tfce Third Ward police, and taken betore Justice Glberaon, who sent him to jail for court. Fourth Ward Station Cases.?Charles Kupp, having a stolen horse in his possession; dismissed. Mds. Cochran, wagon unlicensed; for hearing. Sarah Callaher, assault; dis missed. Samnel Normlcskl, drunk; #2^5rt. Wm. S Holden, do.; 82.5S. John Solliyan, do.; dis missed. Oct of Ojrder.?'The pump at the corner of Fast Capitol street and 3d street has Veen out of order for six wseka past, and the citizens thereabout are much Inconvenienced thereby.g Will tbe Commissioner of that Ward please a'.tend to the matter. Editor Star: Tbe following are the ther mometrical observations continued from yes terday ; At 3p.m.,M; 4 p. m.M; 6 p. m, 93. To-dav, 10tf a. m., w ; 12 m., 90; 1 p. m., 92; 8 p. m., 1.3X- Yours, R. H. S. SPECIAL NOTICES. CllAFTg AB ICB, AID PCRK A3 PgOW.?The ffR graLt 8*zodont is a scientific composition of the purent and choicest ingredients or the oriental vegetable kinedon. Every ingredient is w-ll linown to have a beneflcUl effect on the teeth and eums. It removes all disagreeable odors, even that of tobacco It ?o^edil* removes those riv als which children sustain in their t?eth, ewine to improper use ot sweet and acid artie'ea whiib in-j>erreotibly desiroy them. Sold by druggist*, au 12- St Cokrs. Buviess. Bad Nails, ire. Dr. White will be in attendance at his rooms No. 424 Pennsylvania avenre.onand after Fri* day, July 22d. Jy 21-tf MARRIED, On the 21st of Ju'v, bv the Rev P. McCarthy, a?si?tsnt ?>aist<<r of Ft Patrick's Church, Dr. P. CROOHAN.of Dublin, to Miss BELL ACTON, of tbis city. * On Thursday evening, Angust 11, at the parson n:re, ?y K*v. Mr. Leech, Mr B*NJ. W YOUNO, o' Lancaster county. Penna . to Miss VIOLA M. HAWKS of Washington, D.O. " I Philadelphia and Lancaster papers please copy.] DIED, At 11 o'c'ock a. m., on tbe 12th instant, of scarlet f?ver. JOHN, ii.fant son f f Mary and (.'apt. John O'Hagan.aged 1 year. 9 months and l'idays. The funrral will take pUee this (Saturday) af terco> n, from No. 195 New Jersey avenue, at 4 o'clock. * On the afternoon of the Kth inst., HKRBERT McCLKLLAN. only child ef Oliver II- and tbe late Isabella Reed, aeed 9 montks sn1 V days. Tbe faneral will take place frota No.&39Qst. north, between td and 3a streets wast, on Satur day afternoon.**th Inst, at5 o'clock. Friends of the family are invited to attend. * ( Ba'tiniore Son please copy.] On the IStfc Inst , after a short and palnfblill nepd, which he bore with fortitude and rarijrna tiec, JOSkPH WHITK, aged lj years, 3 months and 15 days Friends ard relations are invited to attend his funeral to morrow evening at4 o'ctock ??. o .on Mb street, between E and G, Navy-Yard Hill, Washington, D O Deareet brother tbou ha't left us. We tby loss most deeoly fe-l, B" t Mis God that has bereft us, Bet he can all our sorrows beal. * On Saturday, tbe I3tfi Inst., at 2 o'clock In the morniDg. LAiRA B., wife of J. V. Wollard, in the 24th year of her age. Tbe friends of th? family are r?spectfully invited to attend her fnneral from her late res'dence No. 4??? K street, between 6th and 6tb, on Buqdty evening, at 3o'clock. * August, the 13th. after a short but painful Ill nets, BENJAMIN r J0HN80N, only sonof James Simpson and Barak P. Johnson, aged ten months and twrnty-one days. Dear Bennie, bright angels bore thy spirit hence. . Home t? thy Saviour a breast ;1 And tbere in leath's calm repose. We saw thee laid to rest. Tbe frieDda of 'the fat ily are reqnested to at tend the funeral from the r?aidence of his parents, career 5'h and L atrt-ets. Navy Yard, at 4 o'clock to morrow (Sunday) afternoon. * (Baltimore. Md.. and Port Tobaeeo papers copy.] J. 0. HOWARD'S LIYERY, HIKING, HACK. MX CHANdE A BTAOB 8TABf.ES. G Street, Bttvmm 6ih and 7Ik. Nortk Sid*. The subscriber has constantly on baad a large let of fine HORSES. BOOGIES. Ac. ft^ which Ee will hire, sell or exchange The office of the Marlboro'and Washington stage line la at tbe above place. Alee, attached to the same place la a flne RES TaURANT. tr It-las CORPORATION or WASHINGTON STOCK fer Usale. iasumstosnit A^ito ^ ***? J AS C Mc&UIRS A 00., aul-dm AuctionaadCe*ssissioa Msrehaats WANTS. WET NURSE WANT ID,?Apply t* Dt FLO DOARDO HOWARD, foe 33* f street, be tween JOth and uth. .anlJ-Jt^ WANTED?A good TOOK, one who em wash. and iron Moat brine rejommendation No. 4?1 id atrTet. Capitol Hit". au 13 It WANTED TO EBNT-A small HO'SE. far lil^hw) ortinfvnl'bK). Address Miss A. B., citr r. O., Washington. D. 0. M* A RESPECTABL?UlB?r WISHES A GOOD ,pl?c? with * small family. to cook, till and iron. Applr a?. 401 ?th st., between G ui H streets. _ltj_ WANTRU?A 8KAM?TRKS8. nnc that under* *w >tai.d* workibg ginger's Sewing Mat-hine. Erqu'-r* at ?b9 B street, between 4th and r>t i sts. au ? ! WANTED?All youdg gentleman desirous of learning WRITING and BOOK KEEPING thr*?ug-hly "i three months, to cull at the C0 LUM Kl A COMME RCI Al. AOA DEMY. corn-r of 7th and E streets. Instructionsgivenat all hoars, su i3 St* TWO SMART. ACTIVE YOUNG MBN WISH to ret SITUATIONS in aSutier's Department. Best- of tUy referenre given. Address K. and L., Markham's Hotel, Penn. avenue, Washington. D. C. au rt-2t* Vlf ANTED?All who may hare any work to do v ? in the Writing Depai tment. suoh a* the writ ing; and reading of lettera, oopving, translating, keepitg accounts short-handwriting Ac, Ac., to caU at the Columbia Commercial Academy, at any hour that may beronvenient.. au 13 3t* WANTED-A CHAMBERMAID. Apply at the Bbbitt House. J*u 12 3t* WAjTfJSD?ADI8H-WASIIEB ANDOOOKTat tbe Pennsylvania Hotel, corner 3d str?et and Pennsylvaniaavenue. GEO. MADES. an >2 it* WANTED-A WOMAN, to Cook. Wash and Iron for a small family. To a cifnp?tent ner aon liberal wages will be given. Apply at No. 4^0 Pennsylvania arentte. a'i \MTANTKDr-A BOT 17 or H yeara of a te to run vv err?rrts. Good recommendation required. App'y to CIIAS. L. IOCKW()OD k. CO.. 324 Penn aylvaniaav.. between 9th and nthjita_ au 12-.It* WANTED-A C ARPENTER, to work on inside work. Very hest of wages given to one that will suit'. Apply al *he ten new hoas?ton New Jersey avenue, between G and H sts. an lg.?t? ' J. H COSTER. WANTED- Brayonnrman a SITUATION as BAR TENDER, in Washington, Georgetown er Na?y Yard. Bert city references. Enquire at EMRICH'8 RESTAURANT, corner 11th street and the avenue. au 12 at* WANTED?BOOM (furnished or unfurnished) and BOARD fir a gentleman and wife, with ' infant child and nurse. With a private family preferred. North of P?nn. avenue, between HHh I and 17th street*. Reference given. Address Box 36 Star Office. an 12 .It* WANTED-A BOY or YOUNQ MAN, abontT7 or 18 yearg old, to tend Bar in a Restaurant and maVe himself generally useful in the pla^e. Arrly this evening at J. LYNCII'8 RESTAU RANT, cornnr K and Conn, avenue, between 17th and 18th streets. au 12-2t* WA N T E D-50.000 I.ADIK8 tn~<SlfTt PR!NCI"'8 STAMPING AND F1 UTINO T>FPOT.3?l F btreet, oppesite Patent Office and get their STAMPING, FLUTING, AND PINKING DONE Wea*ethe only persons in town who make the business an exclusive one. Constantly receiving and making np new pat+erns for Braid and 8ilk Emhroid?-ry. New and elegant patt?rns reeoiv.-d wt-ekly for Yob?>s, Bands, Pantaletts. Cap-'s, Shawls, Hippers, Pin Cushions, Ae. au 12-tf ANTED-IMMEDIATELY-50 HANDS-to chop wood. The highest oric? given, PIERCE SHOEMAKER, at an 11 3t* Shoemaker's Mill, en Rock Creefc. WANTED TO RINT-A small COTTAHE. in o' with'n six miles of Washington, in a re spectable neighborhood; fnmlahed orunfurnnhed Inquire at Clothiog Depot, II st. au li-lw* WANTKD?A WAITER. One w*o can eome well recommended, and is willine to work. None other need apply to JOS. SIIAfrFIKLD, 1*6 6th street, bet O and H. au 11 3t* WA^TII> IMMEDI gTEI.Y?A good PHOTO". GRACH'fiT. Apply at .'?14 7th street, Wash ington, or at Gallery near "Race Course." "ies boro', D. C. ' ? an 11 St* WANTED ?A SITUATION as Salesman or Bookkeeper In some retail, wholesale or commission htfnse. lie hap h*d twenty years ex ppiiecce in the business. Well acquainted in the city. Best of reference given. Address 8. D. M., Star Off ce. an U-3t* VET ANTED?A good plain OOOK, to go about ** four miles from the city. To one whoun ders'sn?,B hpr bnslneas and can ertme well reeom? m-tided, will obtain a permanent home and the highest wages Apply at 452 Sth atreet. betw<-?n Penn. avenue ana D street. *u-1i-3t* ICTANTED-A YOUNG MAN in a Furnitn^ ?T Store, one who is well acquaint^ wi'h the hesinesa preferred. Address Box fii? , City Post Office. au 10-6t A YOUNG LADV. having leisure time between th?* hours of 9 a m. a?fl R p m. wishes to devote it to COPYING, or WRITING of anv de scription Persons wishing her eervioes will ad dresa "E." Star office. au9 lw* WANTED-A practical FARMER and GARDE N EB, to take charge of a farm and market garden ??ten mihee from thin city Apply at F. BBOG DEN'8 Feed Store^K at.. n^arKd au 8 lw* ff^EACHBB WANTED?who is capable to teach I the English V.ranchea?to teach from 1 to 4 o'clock ? m. except Saturday and flunday. Ap ply at B GUSDOrF, corner H and 6th streets, be tw<>en 1 a*>rt 3 p m Good recommendation Is re quired. Pare'-ts or guardians who wish to ?end tb?;r children to tbeG>>rmar. Hebrew ana English School. 8th street, between H a'id I.will please arpfy at 8. KOHTiBERG, corner 7th and II streets, before the 1st of 8ep*??mber next. au 3 eo2w* ^pOE SUBSCRIBER WISHES TO PURCHASE I (for cat<h) a FARM of one or two hnndred acres, in northern or western Pennsylvania. It must be in good cultivation, with all the necensary buildings for a well regulated farm. Addreas J. D., Box 3*4, Washington, D. C. Jy 11-lm* ^RTILLEKY HORSES WANTED ATljNCET CHIKfQrARyESMlSTBn'S Oppic*. r:( WA8HINOTOM DbPOT WABirri?(#TOW, July Ififtf i IIOB8K8 suitable for artillery service will be purchased at this depot, bv tbe underalgnM, in o?en market, from date nntlL September 1.1344. iu lote of six to fifty , at one hundred and efgMy dol lsr?(fl?'> per animal: each animal to be euhje-ted to the usual Government inspection before being ft"' -pt?4. . . . . ? Horse# to be delivered to and inspected bvOapt C.H Tompkins. A Q. M . U. 8. A., corner 32d and Gatreeta, Washington, D.O^ ^ ruCKRR Brigadier General, Chief Quartermaster, Jy2f>-Wtd ' Depot of Washington. W" T? T* D-8EOOND HAND fURNITCRB. Also, MTRRORH. CABPET8. BEDS. BED DING, and H0UBBFCRNT8HING GOODS of every description. B? BUCHLY, 43* 7th atreet, te R tf between G and H.east side. PERSONAL. T NOTICE O GEOBGB MCUUE, yntrHft ton of the now (I'casea Willinm l*rov>sion Merrhmt in a In mow. and all offers iti'tsc infirest in the trust tftnte. of **??/ Willintrt Me(fue. An action of Mnltiplepoinding and Exoneration haa been raised before the Court of 8 a<ion in Pcotlaid ty James Houston, Groesr and othera. rhe Trustees of tbe said W<1l'an McCne against Mr. AnnaEtewartorMcCue.auiiie time residing fn Both well, now in Glasgow, aul Othprs ?Tirl J? ?? ? ?* p. i no respective rights and interest* of the beneficiaries under and by virtue 'if trustdr?j?osttion and settle ment by the paid William McCoe dated the 31st day of March 18M. of which notice is hereby giy?n in terms of an Interlocutor by Lord Kialo^h, dated 15th July, 1&64, wherebvnotice of the de pendence of thia process was appointed to be inserted on?se weekly for three weeks In the New York Herald and Washington Star, for the infor mation of all partiea having Interest in the fund t> medio. R B. MACONOOHT*. W. 8., Edinburgh, and TOWBR8 CLARK, ROBERTON A R0B8, WRI TERS. Glasgow, Agents for the Trustees. au 13 Iaw3w 7 PERSONAL -WM PRINCE. 3*1 Bstreat.oppo site the Patent Offlee, is tne. only one in town who does FLUTING, having three very elegant machines now in operation. Ladiea who deaire this very fashionable trimming should give him a call. Stamping in all its varieties elegantly done. Stamped Goods, Braid and Bilks for sale, au If tf LL DISEASES OF A PRIVATE NATURE CURED. ARRIVED FROM PARIS NINETEEN WKBK8 AGO. DR. RECHTINGER, formerly Burgeon la Charge in the Austrian and Italian army, oo cupied himself with the treatment of all kinds of diseases. Particular attention given to B?male Diseeaee and Private Diseases. Besides the knowl edge of three old languages, he ?onyqrnef in Eng. llsh, French Italian. German, and Spanish lan guage*. His Imperial CommisaienSanu his Diplo mas from the most celebrated university of Eu rope has* In bis inn u Kr" - ?? ??? m w munc ot iSJ n n? and whioh through the Washington city, tat June. I8A4. O. DONE." Your treatment of my involuntary diacharm and your weetu in it, reoommend |Od very hi^h Wlut Geraan newspaper, (Weker OolutSiia.) ik.".7?SruTcS.^ irta "s^.Si??... -?ooN itr "I had tried all Sfeclfloa. without any effect against the chrenle lung disease o3Tmy eldeet aon* uijtil under your treatment he improved * "Maryland av., 12th at. MULLBR. Painter " All tneae and many other very diflUuit enrea have been made by Dr. B. in the ahove specitled time. Regular office hours from ? to 11 a m and ? to 6 ?. m. For tbe poor and anfortunaU posil tively only from 11 to U. Medicines without ??!?.? 4 9 Beyenth street, opposite Odd fellows'Hall. au 10-lm* rklBSOLUTION OF OOPARTNBESHIP ?Tha rl Naval Merehant Tailoring, under the flrJi of E OWEN A BON. for thelart ? year,. *m thladav by mutual onneent. The baaineae In future will AngnMLUM. (aallmj 0AM'I. W. QWMM. FOB BENT A.ND SULK. N*W FRAMEHOUSE, fo?r rnaa. for r?at on North Capitol itrwt, ft *nl H?m it?oh, Apply to JOHN MURP place. >? IT* POR RENT?That desirable HOUdE, containing 1 St room*. situate on 8tk st-eet a?4 Center Market Space, Pa. av., tenanted by the Mauri. Joy. Apply to No. 37 Louisianaav. aaiflthst. an 1H?* T'HB WHOLE OR PART OP A PURNISHSD ? HOC8I, in ? pi want location, our the At** nue. Id voir* at the Star Office. /? au B-3t* [TORRENT?A good sixed ROoM, Buitableeithec ? 'Or a newspaper or f ayraa?ter's office, or st<?e business purpose. Apply 456 14thstreet west, be tween P and G. ao U >t* POR RENT?A neatly FURNISHED BOOM *Htl? ? or without board. Two gentlemen pr-ferr^d. Apply at No. 237 It street, between US and Hth. au 12 St* ' '? ' Of? RRTD?B STREET, GEORGETOWN? PUB NISHED ROOMS for rent. an M-1w? FOR RENT?One ortwo uafocnished ROt>MS, on second floor, No. 4*7 north 7th street, above ?. an li st* C'OR RENT-Twoor three neatly FURBISHED r ROOMS, rith cm, at No. 31a G street, bet. 1Kb and 13th. ' au 11 3t? |/OR SALE? A very old and fine toned VIOLIN 'It will be soil at a bargain. Apply at the CRY8TAL RESTAURANT, 380 I> street, next door to 8th street. au 1i-3t* FUKNI8HBD~ROOMS POS RENT.-Comfort able and we)i famished Rooms at 450 13th i^reet, between G and H ?ts. The location Is one of the most desirable in the citv._ _ au 11-tf P)R SALB-ThTthree story BRICK HOUSE and LoT. No. 561 9th street, (Island,) be tween D and K streets. The house contains nine rooms, and baa convenient out building's. Ac. Applytoiff, D. WALL ACQ., at the Star Office, au il-tf fjpOR SaTe-A first-rate BOILER and ENGINE; i- Boiler nearly new; Engine in prime running order Can be seen at work daily. Reason# for ? selling a contemplated change in the business. Address P. O. Box 898. Washington, au 10 lw* C?OR 8ALE. VERY CHEAP.-Will be sold at a .V~?l!rr.e*t.b,kr?,"n> *n OYSTER A'SD EiTING HOUSE, with all the Fixtures and House Furni ture, in a good location. House rent rery low. Reason for selling, the owner and family desire to leave fir Europe. Apply at the 8iar office for add ress. au lMlt* FOR SALE?A FARM, containing 90 acres, dig tint about six miles from Washington, over the Navy Yard bridge. A large body of the land is in good timber, the remainder una r cultiva tion. inolnding a young peach orchard Also, a go>'d dwelling house and stable. Por farther par ticulars inquire of WM. STORY, Soath Capitol st., between P and Q streets. au In 8t* P)R 8A1.E?A TRACT OP LAND, mostly wood land . abont one mile beyond and north of Rock Creek Chnrch. containing about 34 acres OlIAS. M MAtfTTtiEWS, Attorney at Law, corner BriJee and CcngTess streets, Georgetown, or corner ath street and Penn. avenue, Washington city. _an 10- eoGC ^TORE TO LET?In a central situation, ligh'ed *7 with gas, and provided with all necessary fix tures. Applyat335 F street. between 9th and 10th. Aho.BOY WANTED. Apply as above. au9-(>t* For sale-brick~house~lot andfur MTL'RE?The handsome and newly builbtwo strry Hrick and extension, containing 6 rooms, with barn, all in complete order. No 348 O st, north, between 10th and 11th. Terms easy. Apply on the premises. au 8 lw* {jObLING HOUSE FOR SALE. The Proprietor of this popular and well-known Hotel and Restaurant intends to retire from busi ness. atd off-rs his well Known honse for sain Any one wishing to engaee in a LUCRATIVE BC8IN E88 can call on the Proprietor 24 7 Penn sylvania avenue, betiveen 12th and 13th sts. ax * 6t* LAND FOK SALE?Apply at thefirst house from the Eastern Branch Bridge. au 6 1m* FOR SALE?A most excellent FRAME DWKL LING,(or Hoarding House.) new and in perfect condition, house 24 by 40, lot 30 by 1<I0 feet, flftnen ro'ins and two good cellars. Immediate possesion. Situated on the north side of L street, between 22<i and 23d streets, First Ward Price WO. Apply on the premises or to MITCHKLL & SON, Real Estate Brokers, southeast corner Pennsylva nia avenue and 15th street. aug 3 Mt* ROOMS-FOR RENT, at 4SO 12th street, east side, between G and n its. The situation is one of the roost desirable in Washington au2-Im I^OITRKNT~One of the STORE ROOMS under ? Medical College on f street,near 12th. Inquire of Dr.J.E MORGAN, au2-tr Corner Md. av.. and irh st., Isand. FOR BALE?Cheap for cash, and early possession given, a FRAME HOI SIC. LOT and GROCERY STOKE. The house contains six rooms. Including tbe store. The house and lot may be so'd without the stock if so desired For further particulars inquire on the premises. No. 226 Sixth street west, bet. M and N streets north. au 2-9t* F OR RENT?One BRICK HOUSE with 16 rooms ou Pennsylvania avenue, between i'-i ?nd 6th streets, opposite the National Hotel, and one FRAME HOUSE on street. Inland, near R st. Applv to H. 8. JOHNSON. No 373 Pa. av , bet. L'fr and 6th st-s .opposite National Hotel, an 1-I0t* ly'OR SALE.?The subscriber wishes to sell a r FARM, containing about 25'' acresa, more or less, distant about four mi'es from Washington, D. C.. over tbe upper Bastern Branch bridge. A large body of tbe land is in good timber, and abont forty acres of superior meadow land, xit'e indis putable. Address J. D., Box 384, Washington. D. C. au Mm* VALPABLE PROPERTY AT PRIVATE SALE * IN THE FIRST WARD.?The undersigned Will sell all or part of that valuable property upon which be resides, situated on the corner of 16th And K streets, ana within one and a half blocks of Lafayette Hqaare. consisting of several handsome BUILDING LOTS, one of them improved by a substantial two-storv Brie* House and back build ing, with good stabling. The above property will be sold low for cash. Enquire of T. DRURY, Wood A Coal dealer, near the War Department, or on the premises. JyS'-lm* t;HOW CASES FOR SALE?Just received eight ^ elegant COUNTER SHOW CASES by the best makers in New York. Apply te P. /. BELLE W Sc. Co., 51 o 7th btreet, three doorasouth of Odd Fel lows' Hall. jy 2Vtf TO RENT?An elegant HOUSE, with brown at*ne front, partially famished, with all mod ern improvement*, centrally and pleasantly lo cated , No. 4 44 E street, near the residence of Sec retary Chase, together with large brick stable. The premises not to be rented for a boarding bonse. For particulars inquire of Hon D. B 80ME8 on the premises, or Capt. GEORGE ELY, No 27 m street. Possession given immediately. 1e 8-tf EDUCATIONAL. ORROMEO COLLEGE, Pikesville, Baltimore county, Md , opens i's ninth aunnal session on MONDAY, the 6th ? f September. P. O. address, R v. E. 0. WALDRON, Principal of Borromeo College. Pikesrille, Md. au 10-lw* BidoKVILLK ACADEMY. " ^ Session commences Sept. 6th. Entire expen?e for 21 weeks, $110. Circulars at Star Offica.or ad dress R. K. BU RNS. Principal, au Aeolm* Broekrille, Montgomery co.,Md, (VIILITARY BOARDING SCHOOL-On Balti 1"I more Railroad, IS milea from Philadelphia. Pupils have the benefits of a home; thorough course in Mathematics, Languages, Eagjish Ac. Number limited. Terms moderate. Received at anytime. Fine Library and Apparatus. Address Rev. J. HRRVEY BARTON, A. M., Village Green Seminary. Delaware county. Pa Jy 9-7w* Shi VENTH STBEEtI 369 COTTAGE~ SUIT8, OAK AND WALNUT EXTENSION TABLES ENGLISH AND AMERICAN CUTLERY, FURNITURE, HOUSEKEEPING GOODS. 50 Cottage Setts, plain and marble top, whieh we are offering at extraordinary barsatns. Oak and Walnat Extension Tables less than man ufacturers prices. English and American Cutlery less than whole sale priee and cost of importation Particular attention is called to our extensive and well selected stock of FURNITURE abd HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS which we guarantee to sell lesi than any house this side of New York. A discount of temper cent, allowed on all bill a of $60and upwards. H. B0NTZ. Successor to Bouti A Griffith, au S-6t 369 7th street, near I. WASHINGTON CITT 8AYING8 BANK, Vv IgcaapoBATKD Mabcb 8th, 1864. XDWARD 8IMMS, President and Treasurer. EDWARD OLAKK. Vice President and Secretary. DibbCTohs. WM. P. DOLE, JHOi. J. GARDNER, J. J. OOOMB*. 8. Y. NILE8. JOHN R. ELVANS. This Bank is now open for the receipt of deposits, at the sew Banking House, No. 58 Louisiana av* anue. under S^^IhdclI^K, Secretary. EDWARD CLARK A CO., BANKBB8, At the Savings Bank, No. 58 Louisiana avenue Dealers in EDWaRD CLARK, Jy? lm JOHN B. ELVANS R,E,R1G*RVatER COOLERS AT COST! AT COST I We would call the attention of tbe pub lic to our stock of REraiGERATOBB and WATER COOLERS, which we are I closing out at prime cost. We advise all I in quest of tbe above articles to give uia? call and be sure of a bargain. H BONTZ, Successor to Boatz ft Griffith, an S-Sw 86> 7tk street, near I. BATCHKLB. ?c.. comprising tbe l%rM?t^umu and best aasortment of ladies' and gentlemen'a , ?",u"fe&sEF&T : if nW~!izt&i'&xif* PBOM LONW)N.-Th?A. B 0. of Skirmiahinc. r Gen. ko'ellenOutiosts, Pa?rol<, As.Maa nal of Position Drill. Mai ton's Company Manen ?erf.^Maltons Light Drill. Yates on Strategy wiih Maps. Robertsony Catechisni of the Field Kxarmaa, The lnfantry Manual. Col. Bnraa' ebiom. _a?# IRAMOK TAYLOR. VIIWE Of BATTL1 PIELD, lai, isth. near AUCTION SALES. Ft rtfc?r AnQtlow ??U? M> Bm Hgt. THU AfVKKHOOW AMP TO-MO&KUW gY O&XJUf 4. WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, *'*?ot8Sh,LSi Square 638, and the Building thereon, eonststiug of a two story frame P***' ^"3^'?{p? ahoot six rooms, the wmi ??TirS"A? ,tr^ ?***? betw#en soaU D 8t If the a^^e prop-rtyy sold at private dale on or before 8A1 URDAY, the IS b da* of tnriiit 1864 I will ?en the aaaie ako-kMd a "tio? of the premise*, to ?it ; ?d SATURDAY, uth dar of AucuBtT^. D. 1364. at o cock WM, J'MN MILLER, Attorney at Law, 38 Loaieiauaav., __ near K- h *tr*?t, an5-d GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aucu. BYWM. L. WALLA CO., Auctioneers.__ At th* Horn Bazaai 98 Louisiana av. A LARGE WELL PROPORTIONED D.VRK-BAY HORSE AT ACCTION. On TUESDAk MORNING, 16th, at 10 o'clock, we will sell at th- Razaar, a large, 6ae-propor tioned.dark bay BOR8E, IS.1* bands high, w.>rk? anywhere, warranted sound, and is an elegant family or taildle horse. Also, one MULE. a splendid worker, and only offered tor sale for want of u"? for him. Alti, othtr Horses and Carriages, description in future advertisement. an 13 d W. L. WALL 4 CO.. Aaats. B Y J AS. 0. McUUIRK fc CO., Auctioneers. TWO SMALL FRAME DWELLING n0USE3 AND LOTS ON THK ISLAND. Cn THURSDAY AFTERNOON. August 13th. at 6H o'clock, on the premi?es, we shall sell Lot No 23. in square No 265, fronting 43 feet on 13S ?t., between south B and C st'rets, aad runnins back !06 feet If> inches, to a 30 foot alley, improved by two small Frame Dwelling Houses, containing three rootas each Terms: One half in rash; the remainder in sis and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed eftrust on the preuises. Cost of conveyances and stamps to be paid by the purchaser, au 13 d J. C. McGUIRE ft CO.. Ancts. B T W. L. WALL k. CO., Auctioneers. SMALL BRICK HOUSE ANT* TWO BUILDING LOTS AT AUCTION. On WEDNE8DAY AFTBRNOON. 13th inst., at 6o'clock. we will sell in front of the premises Lot 11, fcquare 449, fronting 47 feet on fith street west, and running back between I and K streets south to an alley, and improved by a small Brick House. Aa this lot contains 4 430 square feet, one half will be sold with the house an 1 the other half without, at the option of the purchaser. ALSO, On WEDNESDAY AFTEKN00N, 17th inst , at 6 o'clock, in front of the premise", we will sell Lot 3, subdivision of original Lot 8. Square 3*45, front ing iff> fe*t on loth street weit, between R and S streets north. Terms: One-third cash; balinco in 6 and ti months, bearing interest, and secured by deed of trnst on the premises. All conveyancing at the expcnseof tbe purcha ser. a u 13-d W. L. WALL tc. CO.. Ancts. W. L. WALL & CO., Auctioneers. AUCTION SALE OF GROCERIES. LIQUORS. TOBACCO AND CIHARS. On TUESDAY MORNING. 16th instant, we will sell, in front of the Auction Rooms,an assortment of Groceries, consisting of tracks and bjxei of Pureft ground and grain Coffee; 10 half chests Tea, Boxes Soap. Starch, and Candles; a.lKKi gross Bottle Corks; Boxec Canned Fruitgand Meats; Boxes Sauces, Mushrooms, ire.; Boxes Claret. Champagne, dcc.; Barrels bottled Whiskey; Demijohns Bisndy and Gin; 10 barrels Porto Rioo Molasses; 50 bales Tie Ysrn; 4 cases Indigo Blue; ?> boxes Pepo?r; ?, 50 barrels Whiskey Brandy, and Gin; 1 barrel Pine Apple Brandy; Barrels Glassware and Tumbler*; Bo\es Tobacco. "'Little Fanchon," "Black Dia mond," "Royal Gem." "Pine Apple." ?4* 0 0 Cigars various brands t ?? au 12 d W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. BY J AS. 0. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. BUILDING LOTS ON SIXTEENTH STREKT, BJiTW EKN NORTH L AND M STKEETS AND NORTH L, BETWEEN FIFTEENTH AND SIXTEENTH 8TREKT8. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, August 19th. at o'clock, on the p-eroi?es, we shall sell six Lots, fronting each 17 feet 9>? inches on 16th street, be tween L aud M streets north, and running back 120 feet to a 10 foot aller. Also, six Lots fronting tbe same on aSO footalley in the r?ar,an.i running back 67 feet to the lo-foot alley, being subdivisions of Lots 13 and 14, io Square No. 197, belonging to Bt. Vincent's Orphan As>lum. Subdivisions Nos. 6. *, 7 and 8, in Square No. IPt, fronting together 105 feet on 16th street, be tween north L and M streets, to be divided into good sized building lota. . , Also, Lots w. 21, 22 , 23 and 24. in subdivision of Square No 183, fionting respectively on 10th St., between L and M streeta. and M street, between 16th and 17th sts. west. .... Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months.with inter est,secured by a deed of trust on the premises. A payment of (2u on each lot required at the i time of ssle. , . . ... Cost of conveyancing And stamps to be paid by tbauPlirdh>Btr' J. O. MaGUIRE ft CO.. Aucts. jjY J. O. McGUIRE Sl CO., Auctioneers. . CHANCERY SALE OF~VALCABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY Under and by virtue of a decree of the 8upreme Court of the District of Columbia, sitting in equity, passed July 6th, 1864, in a certain cause, wherein Sarah Ann Brown and *.th9rs are com plainants, and Ambrose A. Brown and others are defendants. No. 221 tquity, we shall sell on the premises, on MONDAY the 29th day of August, commencing with the first named, at C o'clock p. m ? LotNo. 1, in Square No. 568, fronting 30 feet en north E street, at the corner of Second street west, and running back loo feet to a 25 f?ot alley. Also, the north part of Lot33,in Jas C McGuire s subdivision of8qu?re No. 624. fronting 15 feet 7 inches on Tenth street west, between G and H sts. no'th. and running back 130 feet 4 inches to a 20 footslley. and Improved by a three-story Brick Dwelling Honse, .... Te<ms: One half in cash; the remainder in nine and eighteen months with interest from the day of sale, to be secured by the bonds or notes of the purchasers, with a surety or sureties, to be ap proved of by the trustees. Upon the full payment cf the purchase money and interest, the trustees will convey the proper trAlJ conveyances and stamps at the cost ofthe purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days thereafter, the trustees reserve the right to resell, on one week's notice, at the riBk and expense of the defsulting purchaser, r GEO. W. DUVALL I Trustees NICHOLAS 0. 8TEPHSNS. \ TrU8tee9 so 6-eo& ds JA8. 0. McGUIRE & CO.. Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE &? Co., Auctioneers. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, August 28,1864, at 6 o'clock, we shaU sell, at public sa'e on the prem ises, the vest halt of Square No. 8tt. fronting on north If, Boundary, atd 6th streets east, contain ing about 24J128 square feet, in lots t?? suit pur chasers. Ihis property is located near Kendall ^Ttrms of sale: One-fourth cash; the balance in 6,12 and 13 months Deed given and deed of trust taken to secure \be deferred payments. Alt the writines and Government stamps at the cost ofthe p?rchaaers.j0HN R KKNDALL> T. M. HANSON SAMUEL NOBMENT. Committee of National Building Association. J. C. McGUIRE & CO., au 3-eoAds IRep ] Auctioneers. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS (GEORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK.? I Those peraons who may be dispo?ed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bears an int* rest of six per cent, per annum, P*y*bl? Quarterly, can obtain some by applying to WM, AIRD. Clerk of said Corporation. )e ?-dt31 '?'OWING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, byth* I Potomac Tow Company's boatg, "Potomac," "Gov. Curtin" and " Belle Hatm." Apply to th? Captain.onboard,or tooHN ^ DAVIM0N> my IS- Water streat, Georgetown. DEBfTISTBY. QKBAL DISCOVERT IN DENTISTRY, Tutk Extratud without Pvus im MuAnt* a/ I would adrlae all persons' having teethei traot to call at Dr. LEWIE'S office, and have them taken out by this newImmBSJL and harmless process. Also ft?U amm/lT^T examine the Doctor's new and im proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. If pon once see the great Improvement in his taeth yo? will have them in no other style than this new and valuable ene. No. 949, P? avenus betw?e? Uth and 13th streete. _ _ novlS 8. R. LEWIE. II. P., Denttst. J\l. LQOMIB, and PaMn4e? of the mineral pla?b teeth, at tends Mrsonally at his offioe in this MmRJSK eity. Many persons oanw wear th^MXujmT teeth who cannot wear others, and so person can wear others who eaanot wear Persons calling at my offloe eim hs' with any style and price of *e?th they may but to those who are particular and wishi the pw?n. IMPROVE YOUR EYE M m by the use of the eel-' ? ?r -. ?? Pfgiti and PBAISOOPIO SrBOTAOLSB, unl ^YpeSaSSnuSe *T*B.Vd Utk tu.. : fte.. In a great varietr, and at the lowest prices, )ei AUCTION SALES, Z??BE5*rT.?"7 RT ???" * WILLUIM. OEOC?BIK?. LI0C0K8. 8Tn*, _ 4e,. 4c.,AT ACCTfON "? Oi MOHDlT, the 15th inatant. at 10 n'aTnek * u*. we ahnli *e1i At the store of Mr O W Mm ' cornHarofTtb street e*rt and I ,"r.atio^i, &*? rt* : ? aaaortmentof Groceries and Li1Uorg' Tt?*s" ?n<l Coffees. with an aaaortmeat tf ci'v,; asrsJr .D.r*?aii:,,"v 'tysssztr- "?-??v,6,l.VoLitr?..i? r?pi-l QRgiNt William* AuftU. B* JAM1?c M?KiciEirr6b:;Au0tt0n^?^ 1 N?u"^U rKT'?TRKET?TANAJ SRNBI1 Of ?*?B8T tAREET AND THIRD Hi RWP Term* . Or ?-th'inl ?? ? 3?rrerofoorth R etreat. 6 and lit montha with ;^T : an(1 remainder la of truft on the premwi, ****4 wmr*1 *>radeed A':T"eei and *Uni?' ?t ?,? eo,Vf the pur A pavment of 820 on aa<>h !?>? "STm*"' I aV.'i ?- "c0??$l? 99? |{' J. 0. McGClRI 4U0.. sra. CLIFTON. ON TUB HBIGHT8 OP GEminw T?y* N, will ba sold on the l#th of Angu? ??J!" by J J. McGuire A Co., Auctioneers oaxt, I am now authorized br a dearee of tha Supreme Court of vhi8 District to sell ibit* beautiful r<tai dance of tha lat* Col. Ellet, and the a.m. WIU itively be Bold at auction on TUESDAY, the istfc ??T4k1 *u*i nexti,a's o'clock in the ahernoe* w?*rwn**t8* # informailon of thoea rfT?iI?n familiar with Clifton, but ?ha tfirnn* th? Vii ? suburban residence, oom state^titU rtt J&S i?n thr^^oTtVe'hliu/ ful and celebrated Hei?hU ^ G?0 contains about forty fire acres oi l*na h?^?' ? U?e proprietor, ani plantad b^iS* within the last six or s-ren years with tKaMk^1 ceatiruit and ornamental tr e"V havin, auVIft^* lent dwelling h?ose of nine or ten rooms an oV2?" eeer'a cottage detached. large barn.atawS.VZ~ nage-houae. and o.her appropriate ttut-baildinM* with gcod fences, nearly all of them naw It^a surrounded by the aplendid r-sidences of Tnior S ai8'*0. R.i?- Hllleck- Mr?- Boyca. Mra. BarbTr E. M Linthiesus, fcsq , and others, and adj ?l?na? nfMr?ifrouD^ ?"?chad to the reaid.ooaS of Mr. Linthicum and Mra. Bnyce, and ia eUv.tXT commanding a riew of all of them, aa wail am tJ the pictureaque raileyof Rock Craek. tha city of Wa*hin*ton, the fteifhta of Arlioatoa. aad Ua Potomac rirer. The ?iew of the city of #aahlnT toa. across theyalleyof Rnck Creek, ia eicea? nnrly beautiful. It is within twentV miMU^ walk, ovtr a brick parement three fourtha of tha distance, of the railroad street cars runnio# frotZ Georgetown to Washington. Foraalabrity Bai*h borhood, acceaa to tt?n and city, and be'au^of aituatioD. it ia nnanrpas^ed. T' a oaauty or Pnrchasera are invited to view it. .^ejU,l,z-0( s,lle? Mprescribed by the eonrt. ara one third of the purchase money in caah, and tho residue at m, twelve, eighteen and twenty foar montha from the day of Hale, to be secured by tho purchaser's bonds, with auretf, bearin* interea* from the day of sale, and a lien on the prf>miaeo and with power of ruaale in default of payment oi ?nj.?f the deferred paymenla Title perfect. It has passed under my own ?* am in at ion professionally, several timea within tha '*rty-Bve years, on cbanee of ownership. If the terms are not complied with within flva days from the day of sale, the property will he ro so .d on one week 'a notice in th? National Iatolli* eencer. at the cost and riak of the purchaser, fitampa, deeda, Ac., at the coat of the purchaser. W. R8DIV. Trustee, Jy?7-eo4da J. C. McOUIRH A CO., Aaeta. J. 0, McGUIRR & CO., Aaotioieera. PNIMPROVRD PROPKRTT OH NORTH KTRKKT, ItKTWKEM 218T ANB UVD 8 I'RKETS WEST On W?DNJ?SI>AV AKTBRXOON, Anrust ITth. at 6 c 'cl^ck, oil the premiiea. we aba'l sell L-it No 8. in Square No. 79. fronting 50 feet 3'4 inches on the cortb side of north G street. bot?f?n JIat aod 22d streets west to be sold tngether or divided into two building lots, as may be deaired. Terms . On?-third cajsh; the remainder in aix and twelve months, wiih interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and atamps at the coat of the par chafer. au9-eo4dp J. C. McGCIRB & CO.. Aaott. |jr J. C. McGCIRB & CO., Auctioneer!. TRC8TBB S SALE OF~NINB BUILDING LOT! ON i8T 8TRBET WEST, AT TUB CORNER OB fOCTH D STREET * Oj TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Angnst 30. at 6* o clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated May 7th, 1857, aad duly recorded ia Liber J A 8. No. 133. folios 22 et ^eq., we shall sell all of Lot No 6, in Square No. 83S, fronting l? feet on First sireet west, at the corner of south D street and running hack f-0 feet, aubdivided into ? Lots Ifixtn, and one Lot 20x80, Terms ca>-h. Conveyances at the coat of the purchaaer, A cash pavment of |2o on each lot will be required at the time of sale. HORATIO N GILBERT, Truatee. iT 27-d J, C. MOGUIRB A CO., Aucta. J^V J. C. MoGUIRK A CO., Auctioneer!. CHANCERY SALE OF A VALfTARLB BRT0C II<)T'f<E AND LOT ON ISTH STREET VT BdT. BhTWEAN NEW YORK AVENUE AND I ST. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Coart of the District of Columbia, aitting in equity, aod passed in a certain cauae wherein Mary A Rocba is complainant aud James E. Smith et al. are de fendants, I shsll proceed to sell, in front of tha premises, on THURSDAY, the loth day of Augaat next, at 6 o'clock p.m.,all that certain pleoe or parcel nf ground aituate. lying and being ia t*o city of Washington, in the Diatrict of Columbia. aDd designated aa Lot marked and lettered ?'L.'* IE Robert J. Roche's subdiviaioa of parta of Lota numbered twelve (12i and thirteen. (13,> in Sqaara numbered two hundred and eighty six,(236 (with the improvements thereon, constating of a neat and substantial brick dwelling house. This property fronts on 12th street west, be. I tween New York avenue and I street north, La a very desirable section of the citr. Terms of sale: One-half be paid on thedaf I of sale; the balance in aix montha. the purchaaer [ giving hia note, aatiafactorily endorsed, aod bear* ing interest from the day of sale. | All conveyancing and Government atampa at I the cost of the purchaser. ASBTJRY LLOYD, Truate?. an 2 eo&da JA8. C. McOUIRB Sl CO , Aueta. AUCTION SAL* O* GOVERNMENT PROP ERTY. DEriRTMMT or THE IXTIKIOK, 1 Ojfict of the WnfMnglo* Aqutdwi. > u W^HtNQTow, D. O , Auguat 3. \ n ill bo eold at public auction, on TCBSDA Y. Aneust 16, commencing at 10 a. m., at the Rock Creek Bridge. ^ J*rge let of miacellaueoua property connected wits the Washington Aqueduct conaisting >f one Stationary Steam Engine, about 35 tone old 5; rju*ht Iron, 21 tons old Caat Iron, 738 barreU Hydraulic Cement, 1 UiO pounda Asphalt,6 aaphalt kettles, 5 atone a'ows. S3 Onn feet B. M. old T im ber. several wooden buildings, together with a large lot of hoisting and travelling cranes, block! a^d falls, wire and hemp rope, derricks, aho vela, w heelbarrow framea, strap and T rail!, a quantity of trrhnite, Ac., A c. The above property ia aituated at Bridge 6. and the Government warehouse in Georgetown, Di! tributing Reservoir, Cabin John Bridge, Gre^k iahs and Seneca quarries. Descriptive printed lista of the property in each locality will be fnrnished an and after the 10th mat. at this office The sale will take place on the ground, eirapt the property at 8? n?ca quarriea, which wilj he acid at Great Falls from the deacriptive liat. If not all aold on tb" 16th the sale will be con tinued on the 17th, at the same hour. Ten per cent, ot the purchase money will be paid on the day of sale, aod tho balance on taking poa aesaion of tbe property, which must be within aix days after the Bale, or the ten percent, will be forfeited and the property reaold. By order of the Secretary of the Interior. 8 SEYMOUR. au C llt Chief Eng. Washington Aqueduct. Ruction sale of condkmned horses Wit Dipabtmikt. C*V1L!T Bciiju, ) Qjftct cj Ckitf Q*aiirrwuutwi, J , Washington, D. C., August 3. 18M.\ .Will be aold at Publio Auction, to the higheet bidder, at the times and places named below, tIb : ^Reading, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, August If, Altoona, Pennaylvania, THURSDAY, Auguat IS 1864. ? Lebanon, Pennsylvania, THUH8DAY. September 1, 1864. H?rriabnrg, Pennaylvanla, THURSDAY, Sep temberfl. IS64, TWO HUNDRED f2T0) CAVALRY H0R8B8, at each place. These horaea naye been condemned aa unit for the cavalry service of thearmy. For road and farming purposes, many good bar gains may be had. Horses aoM aingly. Terms cash, in United States enrreney. JAMES A EKIff, Lt. Col. and Chief Quartremaater, an 5-t!-e8 Cavalry Bureaa. gALB Of CONDEMNED HORSES AND MULM, Ckitf QuaTtermastm'i QJlea, Washington D*ot, I wmw . D. 0? JalyM ISM. * W11'M 'old at pubiti auction, at the CorralE ?e*r the Obaerva'ory in the city of Washington. ^??fc?n*wS5vDAJ8?AY'. AM??k Wth, 18M*aai on W EDNESDA Y, Auguat M, 18W, a lot of HORSES AND MULES, c??demned as unfit for public service. Terma c**h, m Government funds. Bale to commence at 10 o'clock a. m?___ D. H. IDOMJi j, K< ?'"? o?" 'pH* N?W INTERNAL BBVBNUI LAW, ap PoeiiaB;*wi"th*tranaUtion? from the German. By LCaTpSi?^rand. of the "Centipede." ?y Capt. HeVof^r^yrAmJfil'V Id ward.. Maurice DerinE- author ot "Guy Living ^BUiotfa MfSrf^nVTT' Railway Anecdote Book. Be pc her's ftelifionfl Tralnint of Children. jja""' T'""d",tt,#|,AT0KIATlOE. jtNTf7T?NT8ll TENTS Ml N*W AND SECOND HAJfOMD. SUTLER'S TENTS. VLIES AND 00FBB8 of all aitee and deecriptloaa, on hand aad madt to order by BARN aalrSw- milth ft,, near

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