Newspaper of Evening Star, February 28, 1867, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 28, 1867 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. . Tht Urged Cittnlttioi it lb* lUtriet W. 0. WALLACH. E4i%ar and Pr*rrtft*r. WASHINGTON CJ1T1: THI RSDAY PEIBIAtr 'J*, VII1DI10 MATTER OK BTBBT PAOR. ?BE Ol'TSIPR POK 1NTBRR8TINO TBLBftRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. TO ADVERTISER*. Tfc# tnllowinc the oMctai kovii| ot tfte cWc ulatioc of ?he daily papers of this oily (oaptttDf for ik? <}?? ? ? tdT?rti?D| nnder ib* ri>ifa' *01 of Congress d kreoUng sncb M>T?rtiw?i| to be mule in tbn two telly irwipaper* of WulHitM bsrli| the larges llrcalatioi : ?tniis WA? T.71A ooptes par day. Ckrwieil ....5.01* " ? Int'llifKCtr )..V}| ' ? The raurnt of advertising by tba dty papers or U? qwar'er ead>ng Incumber 11, tSW, as taken from tbe books of the Internal Bcmu Office, are ae follows: Lvksino stab. ti3,urr JnteiUQenser 9.1*9 C Arent */s 9,199 Htpultcan fc.248 THE RECEPTIONS. Tbe White Hense. Tbe Indies of the Eaecufivs Mansion, Mrs. Stov?r siid Mrs Pa:teT?ou. are at home every Monday. Tbe Cabinet. Tbe Isdiee of tbe family of Hon. O H. lira woing, Secretary of tbe Interior, will receive their frieud* on Wednesdays, at tbe resi deuce of tbe Secretary, on the east side of Montgomery street, Qeorgetown Heights. Secretary and Mrs McCulloch have issued card* for two receptions, tbe first to be held on tbe evening of 'he ?}<1 inst., and the second on the <2tl ot Murch. Mrs. Postmaster General Rindali will reest \f at her residence, No. 4u7 Ne w York avedbf, on Weil ne.-dRT atternoon. i ?? ? WHAT ARK WK TO BELIKVE t This is an age of progress. Sj ?ays ev*ry ob?, and according to th? old "*D*[ very one says must be true" it assaulting old ideas and opinions, upsetting received theories, and demol!?b'ng t ine-honored tra. d'.tions. indicates an intellectual advance tben we are progressing rapidly. Kos? Browne, in his sprightly sketch of tbe Island ot Jaan Fernandez. de critMs a character who not only refused to believe in Kobiuson Crusoe, but was incredulous as to his man Friday and the gsau, and even went sj far a* to doubt the existence of tbe island on wbicb he (the doubter) then stood. This individual is ibe type of a class which is becoming so numerous that we are likely to have all history, sacred and profane, oral and written, wipeU ou', leaving tbe past at uncertain and misty as la* fur are. Tbe son of Napoleon 111., whj refuses to study geography for tbe reason thit >the map has of.en changed of late years, and papa says will soon be changed again," might with even greater propriety refuse to study history, because It is likely 'o be rewritten before he can profit by bis lessons. Within a few years past, "progressionists" of tbe school we refer to, have ae. down Homer as a mytb, claiming that tbe poems credited to blm are a mere collection of tbe rhymes of wandering minstrels; have uncrowned Shakespeare, and placed bis laurels on tbe brow of Lord Bacon; have reconstructed the crook-backed tyrant Richard 111, and nade of him a type of physical beauty and noral excellence; have defended J udas Iscariot, who they say was a much abused man, and aot accountable for bis acts; have asserted that the Bible is not to be relied on for matter ot (act; have spoiled the romantic story of Focahoatn- saviag the life of Captain John Smith, and added insult to injary by saying Smith was a "bio irer"' and Poeahontas "a little waaton IndiAa nrl." and uow characterize the story of William Tell snootiag the apple off his son's head aa a pleasing fable, baaded down from the remotest antiquity. Plot only is ancieutand medieval history being subjected to a rigid scrutiny by these doubting Thomases, but event* the most recent are canvassed with a vigor and determinatioa which a calculated to deter many timid souls from ! accepting anything as truth, la fact, Archbishop Wbatcly's Illustration of how historical facta may be controverted is not so exaggerated as he seemed to think, and we may expect shortly to Had rome wiseicre seriously advancing the theory that Napoleon Bonaparte waa a myth ; a mere invention of the French [ Republicans to frighten the English and keep the comment m order. Already the event* in onr late rebellioa are sharing j the law of other historical fasts more remote, ! and while we know, because we have seen, that our troops In the teld defeated and scattered army after army opposed to them: assaulted and carried stronghold attar strong- j hold, in the Sou-h; and won the rebellious ter ritory inch by iacb, and held it, until all op* position was crushed out, and the Federal authority re-estiblikhed on every loot of soil j yet we have philosophers of the new school who will demosstrate, to their owa satisfaction ; at least, that n< rebel General ever lo.t a battle; that the South was always victorious; and that they gav* ip the straggle merely because they got tired it fighting. If history is to be changed to suit all sorts of theories, built on j the prejudices, or the whims and caprices of every one who sets up for a critic, we may as well burn up our books, and make up our minds to disbelieve everything outside of our own experience, and not be too saxe of the verity of what we see and hear. Tub Fian Akth -The admirable paiatlng by Sommers. representing a scene in the Oatskill Mountains, attracts much attention at Harknter's, ?th street. It is a gem to ha prised, and will doubtleee be secured by some one of taste. An interior*' Basle Cathedral* by Kenoux. at Markriter's, is of a class of merit rarely seen in this country; bat oar public taste has not been cultivated to quite appreciate this class of pictures, though they are Kreanjr niffmtd by cuonoutfori. Tble "Interior" would prove* valuable addition to any collection. Soma admirable cabinet pictures by Wilaon are to be ?e?n at Markriter'a, three or fenr One trait piacaa, another o! Tait'a exquisite ? Little Chicha," aad a display of the choicest modern engravings, aaon^st which nay be mentioned Hnbner's wjn<1?rfally spirited " Kescae from tbe Fire," "Pardon," by Jlerle, ' Shaktpeare K?clung Before <4 a sen Elisabeth," * Taaao Before the Court of Ferrare," Jtc., Ac. MAIYUID KiriBLICAI STATl Co !? ?!?Tio*.?Ibe Uepualicaa State Convention asaembled at Front Street Theatre, in Baltimore, yeeterday. Dr. Ober, of Alleghany connty. Sresided. Strong reeoiaUoaa were adapted aa a platform for tbe party ta tbe State. Ualver. eel maaboed saffrag* wae proclaimed, aad the lloneervativee of tbe State were threatened with coagreeeloaal Interference If tbe piaa of calling a State coaatitatioaal eoaveatioa ia earned out, except oa tbe broad platform or vaiveraal saffrag*. Tbe aame party bold a large ataee meeting at tie eeme place laat might. Speecbee were mad* by Boa. Horace aynard,of Tenaeeee, Hon. Oolambna Delaao, of Ohio, aad other*. All war* la fhvor of vpo aaffrage bad denaaclatery of tbe Freeident 7~Tbe Senate Committee aa Agrteaiture baa, la aeeordaace with tbe auggeetioa of tbe Secretary of tbe latertor, recommended tbe erecttea ota banding for tbe exelaelve nee of tbe Agrlcaltaral Department. Jadiotary qmre la spoken of ae a anltable site for tbe bnlldiag. ruci?i-There waa aa other large andl. ace at Wall* Opera Hoaee laat eveatag. aad tbe popularity of tbe Webb Siotara la laeraM* lag. There m aome earioaity to aoa Ada Webb in ? Fancboa," aa lhowa by tbe raah for eeate I Jo-day. | m _ ?.1e VETO Of tub military ootbrmmbnt BILL Tbe PTMidrat baa Mfa engaged k)4ir. H to niidrrf uwl, in preparing the veto Oa the Military b II, and no viaitera bar* bMt admitted. A larje crowd were in atieadaac* ibia mora ii'K. >?*? learning there waa no p^talele chaaee for tb* m to have aa audience with the bxeiutive 'hey withdraw. Attorney General Stanb-rry waa clotted With him far aome time thie forenoon, and the Postmaeter General bad a "tort interview about one o'clock. Tba rata meaeage will undoubtedly bo tranamlt-ed to tbe Uoaao to-morrow. c6llbctou or crgTom at bawooe. i maim b. Tbe President yeaterday Dominated Hoa. J. H Hire, of Main*, Repahlicaa, to be collector Of cualoms at Bangor, Maine. Tbta ia aa excellent appointment, and tbe President in m-kitif it evidently did ao witb tba purpoaeof i l it nt tbe boatman (or the place, regardleas Ot politic*. disposal ot public lands. Eeturna received by Commlsaleaar Wilaon. of ibe (icaeral Land Office. abow an aggregate di p vaal ot H acrea of tna public landa during tt>e m ni b of .laonary lent, at tbe following K> mi offices?Marqo*tte, Michigan; Sm t>i t'itjr, Iowa; (?re*nleaf, Minnesota; Verm H on. IKtkotab Territory; Swwdi Point, W lacooain, and Denver Oity, Colorado Tba greater portion of the land wia tiken for actnal eetilement and cultivation under tbe bemeatead law. TilB TWhNTY PERCENT. BILL. Tbe M?l granting an ?ot>reav? of iwentr P*r rent. he mlnriw of certain civil employee* ot the (lovrr mmts having received tba signa ure o(the President waa to-day transmitted I to ibe State Department to be died. TBE DISTRICT ASSESSOR. Th?? President yesterday aent in 10 the Senate \ tbe nominati n of Frederick Koonea, at Assessor Internal Revenue- ni?te*<?t nt rviimaUa in place of Peier M. Pearron. Personal ?John Knssell Young, managing editor of the New York Tribune, is in town on his return trom a short health trip Soa'b. He Is the youngest of managing editor* ? pun aside ? being barely twenty*lx. bnt the ability he has displayed In con. duc'ing the great New York daily makes bint a man of murk already. -Judge John B. Buili Hon. Simon Cameron, Horace Oreeley, ? ReT. Petrolenm V- Nasby," (U. E Lock*,) and Hrieham Young. Jr., were on the House Door to day. Brigham, J nnior. la a rather intelligent looking young man with the neck ot an ox. KawTt CKY ?Tne Union State Convention which met at Frankfort, Ky., on Tuesday, fonr hundred delegates being present, ent leose from the Conservatives and adopted a radical platform. The convention nominated?for (iovrroor. Col. Sidney M. Barnes; Lieutenant Governor, Hon. R. T. Baker. The Unionist* in the 7th district of that State have nominated Wm Brown for Congress. Assiptaht Pavmastxb Gxneeals?The list ol nominations by the President published yesferday was incorrect In one particular. Daniel McClnre and N. W. Brown were nominated to be assistant n??1 r ? J ?? ?VV t m V uc IttIO W I 111 tbe rank of colonel, and C. U. Fry nominated to b? deputy paymaster general with tbe rang of lieutenant colonel, rice N. W. Brown promoted. Important Opinio*.?The Secretary of the Interior has forwarded to tbe General Ltnd Office an opinion relative to the right of tbe Central Branch of the Pacific Railroad to increased subsidies of land and bond* under tbe Pacific Railroad act. Tbe valae of the lands embraced in this opinion is about *3,500,100. viroisia L?boialatirr.?The present see ion of tbe Virginia Legislature expires by constitutional limitation on tbe first ef March, but efforts are being made to induce Governor Pierpont to call an extra session. Ohio ok I'mivirsaL Si pkraoi.?In the Ohio House Tuesday, Boynton's resolution to strike oat the word "White" from the Constitution was lost, after a lengthy debate, by a ?te 0f yeas to 50 says. Pbrsoval?Major Charles O. Rogers, proprietor of tbe Boston J^uraoi, and "Petroleum V. M as by are at Willards'. MiTIt is understood that a large portion mt the members ef the Virginia Senate favor the calling of a State convention. Ivtrrral Revrwcr.?The receipts from this source to-day were SPO-2,392.46. Tub Grand Corcrrt of Joseph Hermanns U to come off on Saturday ev?nin? ??*? * - H?rm tnt will sing a new song composed by himself. words by Sam Williams, Eiq., on * Cvueul at Hambarg. |Y"Sf?HlB*RHIAM MIITHIIT OIHTT, LL3 ThiuxtrefoUr BMUnj?f tals Society alii be bo Id en la Carroll Hall. O street, an k'Blll&T, 1st Marsh, at 7 S o'clock p.m. A fall attendance of tbs members is deeired, as flaal *rrangemente for a proper oelebiatloa of St. Patrick's Day will bem?oe. fs W-at* ANDMW J JOTCB, President. nrS=-W-?*l^AL MUTUAL BCILDIItf AS Jot BO01ATIOS .?Tbs seaoad meeting of tbts Aesoclatioa vill be bald at Qaaea ft Abel's Hall, K. street, Bear 7th. oa MOM OAT THHIMQ. Harsh Mb, at 7 a'clack. The aambar of shares 1< llmltsd to 1.200, aad 400 were subscribed for at tha trst monthly meetlag. Sabearlbars or atbsrs wlshlag to take stack, ars < invited to attaad. Certificates aad aaastltatloas reedy far lss?a. (eHit C. W. HOMEIS, Secretary. r*V"TO TUB PUBLIC.?Having bee a baaorad IL?| with aa invitation signed bf Hoa Merer 1 dyJobneen, H. P Banks, aad other distinguished pmtlemen. to repeat my ' Lecture oa Hamlet, with readings from tha play," I propose to do oo ataa earl* any, aad to appropriate the entire act proceeds for the relief of tbo poor of Beath Oara- ( naa. who, according to 'tatemeats from reliable sources are suffering extreme destltatioa, eapeelally In Lancaster District, wblca has beea visited 1 by aa almost eattrotfallnre of tnaaoru crop daring t e peat saasan. Loa?lag all jaeatieas of a political character to the wiser jadgm<*at af these in whom oar country baa reposed tbe sacred trast of anactlag aad execatiaglte laws, Ida sat donbt there are ma ly gcod Christiaa seals who, although re?*rdiag military force as still iadispeasabls la coatrolll ag the nasabdaed elemsamef rebellion, will yetcoaror moct cordially la tbe sea ti meat that, acidc from all political couelderatloae, these etarvlag mea aad women are oar brothers ami sisters, af one bleed aad aatloa. aad as such have strong claiosa apon ear be meat ty tn thie eflart for tbo relief of oar afferlag brethren we eeraeetiy eolleu the sympathy and active < aa operatiea of tbo public, aad especially of the la- < alee of Waehiagtoa, and con Id aar bumble effort uib *0101*1 1 itloa, ? fool doo?ly Impraaaod that, uiit from MMidirtllaii of Mlsritl Md, tk* ir?)?iwl nonmoat v**M |r*4no< t mm oxoollent moral offhl ! awakoataa a MattMt of Oh ritUaa kr*Ui?rk*o4 1 which willTTa Ik* aaroly lood to karaot; la oor political rotation*. ] Itf.f D Qarloy. and Bov. B F. Wlgot, 8. J., who havo kindly ?oa*oatod to act aa troaanrara, 1 will havo *uIi<It* control of the dlatrlbutioa at tlofeoto and all yrooooda of tho tan*, whlah will ho \ i|ill>4 to tho itroUM of o->ra to bo forward** to \ tho Pro*idoat of tho Char lotto aad Booth OaroMaa , Mall road Coatpaay, tad othor roopoaalbla partioa > for dlotribntloa. 1 All who may fool dlanoaod to eaeoaraga thla of- J fort for tho roliof or aafforlaj hamoalty will 1 yloaoo Iooto tholr addroaa at W*?ara PHILP k | COLUMOHS, Mo. 13d VUoM. Wa??isgtos,D. 0., rob.S7.lM7. < Wo. tho aadoraifnad. folly o??r<*ve of tho oh- ' joet oxproaood In tho torogoliig ooaaaaaaioatloa. a*d rocoouaoadtt to IhoooiaMoratloaud alto to Bdgar Cowman* V. T.WlUoy. Joho'pnOorl*, fTteSto.JfteE&t* *1 c5p3?a&;-Mr-, J?rm o? ttrf n?wiioii v. t. 1 ^ i??noi iimwi. 1,1 ""1 ASSiwtfViI?r nuwn, ph?-~ pr^WSSfSuir*oiftoaad. od^Th* light Boll vrmytty aaawarod government securities. , * Aiiiami, rckravy tt, M97. Jay Coot* M Co famish tb? following q notations of QoTorwMat imbhuh Buying. 8*tUng. V. S. *? Oonpon, 1801............ 110 llas U. S. FIT* Twhum, IBM lit litH U. 8. fit* TwMtlM. MM It8 ICi* U 8. Fit# TwhUm. IMS 1(8* IM u. S. Fire Twenties, JanAJ'y.'W. I?6 * UI7 U S. Ten Forties 101 \ 101 \ IT s. Seven Thirties, August,... '?6<f U. S. Seven Tb rties, June IWjj 106* U. 8. beY?n Thirties. \ *aw roaa viasr b"*rd iaim. Coupons 110* 10.40*1 101X S.fci's. 18W Ill* 7-3Ts, August....Iu5* 1?4 1(8* 7.30's June It** s*rs, leos iu-x ?.* * . Jaiy i?s* SSI's, Jn.AJj,'65.106* Gold .....139* FINANCIAL. 1j*wis Johnson k. Oo , qaota Stoafcs Mi Bonds la boms and foreignmarkets as follows: Naw Yoaa. Feb. <9 ?2d Board?U. S. 1MI Coupon 6's, 110k; do., i tO's, til*; U.S. 5's 10-10 s. Coupons,lol; 7.30's, 105*; Oaatoa Co., 45, Cumberland Co?i Co. prsro, 30; Q.aicksllTer Mining Co..33#; New York Ontral R.K.; 10--X; Er-e Railway, 55*; Hudson River R.R., 1%; Readmit R R-. MO*; Michigan Central K. R., I"7; Micbifan Soutnern ana N. Indiana R. R . 7**; do. auaranteed, ; Illinois t>ntral R. R., 116; Clevelaud una Pittsbur; R- K , 79,*; Chicago and Nortbweatern R R , 35k; do. preferred, 4.5*; Cleveland and Toledo K. R . 117; Chicago and Rock Island R. R? 96*; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne, and Chicago R R, 94*; Ohio and Mississippi Certificates, S5*; Gutd, 1 30 p. in., I4i). Thi Catholic Ciii rch or [RaLA.NO.?Cardinal Cuilen baa been receiving addresses from a number of religious and educational societies connected with the Catholic Canrch la Ireland. The ladies and gentlemen presenting them bad tbe honor of kissing the pastoral ring, In ene of tats replies he Cardinal, re.erring to the Irish Cburch, said ther, tbe Catholics, did not see* io enrieb themselves with tbe spoils of tbe establishment. They would "accept no fetters from tb?< British government, be tbey ol brass, or silver, or gold, hut tbey demanded that tbe enormous sum now devoted to tbe maintenance ol a i>Fni..i.n> -i. ? a . i, ? >? ? >i . natruuaulT BUUUIQ Ml Set &St(lP tO lorm A special fund for worka of charity nud religion and for- the development of tke talent and reaoarce* of the island." Proposed Division op tub Episcopal IllOCUl or vlroima?At a meeting of the Vestry of Grace Church, Petersburg, held Monday, February '25th, ls?7, the following resolutions were adopted unanimously : , "Resolved, That in the opinion of the Vestry of Urace Church, Petersburg. a division of the Diocese of Vir^iuia leenwueutly desirable, and we believe w 11 result in enlarging the efficiency and usHuimst in the Church in bub sections. That A-e agree that .lamt-a river marks oat a natural and ;onveuieu; line of di vision." |r^=>PAWHBKOKK&'8 NOTIGB. MBBgBS B GOLDST1IN ft 00., Ho. 34 4S street west, near Penn'a a re., Be* leave to call the attention of ear old petrena an1 the public lu general thai wh have now enlarge.I our bnalnea?, and ere prepared to offer indacementa to borrowers that have never bet*e effeied oefore?expressly to partiea wishing large aatsita. Large store rooms, with gsod safes for vain ablea. A private oihce eonne<ted for all contidsutial bn?in<-es. Money advanced on Gold and Silver Watches, Diamonds. Silverware, Jewelry, and en all kinds of roercftandiee Also, on Benda, Stocks, Ssrtpa. Government Securities. Loans mads b7 day Or week on merchandise sub ject legale N. B ?Arrangements have been made by which persons depositing property with us raa receive the same et any pnaclpal city of the Unlon. H4 FOIBAHP A HALT STBBIT. fe ?1 tf rfy-JOBIPH H. SHAPHILI), UJ? FBBMOH OONK KOTIONBBT. LADlKr ICS CBS A M A DINiNG SALOON, 346 Penn. Ave., bet. ilth and 13th tU. Weddlnnn. Dinaef or Supper Partiea anppliad at ihnrt 1 ? B * ' " ... ta rjniBiiui, raucy f'Uet, m<i OoafecMeneri**, JellUn, Weeing Cakae, beat quality. Table Ornamento: lee Creeai, Water lc?, Bonn Paneh, B< ne<I Tor ke?. plain : Kecoloped Oya.era. tioued Turkey Is jemr Charlotte Anaee, etc , e?e Atuiduli klio will U ?>t to to all datoil* ?f arrangements. Baa<i*eta, Wreatha, and cat Flowers to order felllm JOBBFH H. SHAPKIBLP fr"5="B0TI0B TO TAX PAY BBS OF WASHLLJ 1HQTOK CITY. The Beard af Asmhoti having completed tbe aranal Miwiawt for 1M7, will ait a* h board of appeal. awi f?r tbe pnrpoaeof making correction*), freaa taa 1Mb Ins toot to April lat InoasWe, (Sundays excepted.) at School Commtaaioner's Boom, aacoad story City Ball, weat wing, from 9 a. ta. to 3 a. m. aaah day. By orderof tlia Preefdeat. [lat] fel-eotApl JCS^BBCBIVBD-iau jog. SlW MAPLK 1VBTBI1I PBODUCB OOMPAHY, fa J8-3t* 390 D at., bat. 10th and llth sti. PIBSALB-Two HOBSBB, ooa Bay ffv . and ona Brown. Alio, two I horse jL^Tt BPB1MO WAGONS. Apply to BICBAMD^2\. BBBBT, S8 Watar at., <?oor*ct?wa . fa 7i tf P)B BALI?Jaat reoaived and for aalaa lot of laaported GABABY BIBDd. nt?rl?rMA Boagstera. Aleo. a variety of other HIBB8.Z&' among which ara a< at* aplaadid Bforktnv. All Bird a guaranteed a* rapraaaatod. Bo. '247 Itk at , batwaaa B aad B atraata. faM-St* DIABOB AT COST?Several that kaya heea I raatad oat daring tha win tar. hat tla aaad, aad aaaat ha aoid, as wa bara l?MH| BbT*. min JOBB P. BLLIB. fatt-B 30B Pann ara.. naar lOthat. NOTICB?The BAY MABB takan na aatrar at Proa pact Bill Cemetery, aad a<lverti?ad In tha Star on Dec 24th, IW. will he aold at Wall'e Bazaar ob SATL'BDAY MOBBIBG, March 2d, 1*57, for livery Ac. fa KBLBBBB A PYWBLL. 3,000 5J""o'HguuifiSgia. lOObarrela APPLBB. Jaat received aad for ?ai* tr JBO W. UUMSDOH A 00 , fBU It To Water atreet, Oeorgatowa. QPBBXBO OF BPBIBO FASHIONS Had. DBBOBBBT'ft BHPOBIUM op FASHION, Bo 33B Pa ave., bet. ?th ana itth ata. All the lat eat aad moat reliable nrlee of Parla tad New York trimmed PATT BENS for lad lee aad children. Alee, Ooraeta aad Draee Trlaaing* in treat variety [fett-Bi*] Hra.B M.H1NCKLB Y. yyABHIBOTOB CITY BAYIBOS BAMK, Corner of 7th atreet and Louisiana are., PAYS 1BTBBBBT ON DB POBITS. Dill mm if BSLiti BONBS AND STOCKSGOLD AID 8ILVBB. LAMP WABBABTB WABTBD. fa 2S-3I QOAL1 CO ALII BMt WHITB ABB atTs. by the toa. All alsaa, : ult eaitomiri. Sawed ud Balit OAK WOOD. 9<0 H' eard. ? ? ?? plHI 11 f j Lo?k Oak. |B v?r Mr*. 1 U? ? CM ?,M h >. JSViVCoJoflb"t>? ly OwMr rth tW Q itraeti. yyr a li b U 'b OBBTBAL LOAM 9PPI0B, Mo. 480 10th ?t., oao door below Paaa. ato. fUl *?ll-kMvi OBc* nikM /Ov _ LIBBBAL ADTABOBS 1*1 Om Diaaonde. Gold ud Rilw Watehoa.Q O Clothing, Fnraltnre, and Merchaadiaa of atrory IniriitlM. Oyoaavary day(exoapt day) from I a. a. to ll.B*.?Baalaooa atrtctly coafldentlal. foM-tf UBADB AMD OH ABAOTBBS.?HOBS. B *. tl WADB. JOHN B. ALLBY, B. W BOTBB, tawmwamu: HH. TBOMAB 0 BUBABT, B. P. WILLIS. ?ith Portralta*Btocra?hlea. aadObaraet<ra. Inllaa bogaade; Meatal Telegraph; W ,maa'a Rlrata iod Wsmaa'i Vruii: Plain Word* to Hit Boy*; rt?o Teacher; HI at. to Trayolera; VlalUkg the lick; Heeth at; Beaae; A Trit to Omaha; Piogring; Parental Iaflneace; Oolagto Perl- rose a fceeay on Man. ate In Marck namber Ptf RENO UOOIOAL JOUBBAL. ObIt 3* cente. or fia roar Bewemea ban 1ft. Aridroee POWLBB A RTBLLI 3^9 Broadway, Bow York. feMltDAttW $MALL OBBOK BILK POPLIMB. Wo tavito tho attoattoa of tko ladloa to a beau ttfal aaaortawat of yary fiao qaallty of SMALL OBBOK BILK POMJBl. IB BlMk ud WblU U< ruer Oot*ra, tkt MOOT DBBIBABbB ??OBB lath*Birl*t,u4ttl? li.MHtrud. LiTOK'B BLACK 0B0. QBA1B ABD AB MIM BILKB. Tn |lNNivl*aiU aaalMy. Lr?a* BMk Oto. Orate tad Amar* BILKS wfclU Mtra?*> a* tb? tovvtlM of f| j?, |ui, II, is.It, tajt, 91.71 Ml #4 ft rirt. LiUn la waat at a BAIPWMB BLACK BILK A W? PB10B. BBW BP BUI? DBMS OOODB la gnat vaiMrBia BB tNk to TB Mali par ^ J. J. HAY A 00 r BBS PMBiflTiala una*, WW W feat. Mk *ai iBth its. CONGRESSIONAL. Thumdat, FebraarySS Shvatz?The Chair laid before the Irmrt tbr anaaal report of tbe Uoamiittoarr of Pateata, which WU referred to tt? Committee oa Pateata. Oa taotloa of Mr. Truabal 1 tin biM to aatabliab a Department of Bdneation *u taken up, ibf qnMUoB b?m| on th? itm?adm?Dt ot Mr. OoanoM, to itrlkt oat "l>epi|rtiBent" aad lut-ert 'lBor?ao," which was disagieed to. Mr. Hendricks bad no idea mat Urn bill would bo of aay beaeflt to ih? people of tbo country, although It mirbt be to a few people, it weald bo jest like tbe Depart men t of Agri? culture, which entailed great txpeaao oa tbe Treaanry, but witb very little proportionato beneflt. Meet of tbe States bad good sebool systema now, aad it waa scarcely proper to stabllfh an institution in ibis city to taper Vise tbe State systems. Mr. Saulsbury aaid Congress bad bo ooastltutional power to saact suob a me as a re aa tbls. Tbe bill waa tben passed Mr. Sumaer, from tbe Committee oa Foreign

Relatione, asked to be discharged trom tb? lurtber consideration of the following, which was granted. House sill to preserve the aaatrallty of tbe United States. Tbe petition of tbe Portug*ee Vies Consul at Savannah, praying compensation tor bis proper'y destroyed by Goneral Sherman's roopa in 18G5. The petition of French Canadians and others, reoiont-tiating against tbe proposed confederal ;ion ot tbe British Provinces. The memorial of Mew York Chamber of Commerce to detail a portion of ibe Naty to make soundings of tbe bed of the Atlantic Ocean, witb a view to the laying ot additional telegraph cable. Memorial oi tbe Pennsylvania Peace Society, nt-king tor establishment of an international tribunal, to which all disputes between different nations may be reierred. Memorial ot American authors, askiag for tbe establishment ol an international copyright law ju r. oumurr, irom int iiiiik uommuiM, if. ported a joint resolution tendering tbe thanks of Congress to tbe Parliament of Brazil for lu expressions of condolence on the assassination of President Lincoln. Mr. Conness objecting to Ita present consideration. it went over. Mr. Sumner, lrom the same Committee, reported a joint resolution authorizing (lustavns V. Fox and tbe officers of tbe iron-clad Minntonornah and tbe gunboat Augusta to receive books and otb?r presents tendered them by the Emperor of Kussia. Tbe amendment was tben adopted, and the joint resolution passed. Mr. Cbaudler, from the Committee on Commerce, asked and obtained leave to be discharged irom tbe further consideration of tbe following: Pennon to construct a rational railroad lrom Washington to Cincinnati. Petition to build a military and postal railway from Washington to New York Mr. Morrill introduced a bill relating to public buildings in tbe Districtot Columbia; which was referred to tbe Committee on ibe District of Columbia. On motion of Mr. Howard, the Postmaster General was requeued to inform the Senate whether any contract tor carrying the mails na? b^?-n made with A. II. Cropper, of Staunton, Va ; whether said Cropper has taken the o ub I resell bed bylaw, and what amounts have been paid to bim. On motion of Mr. Wilson, the Senate concurred in tbe amendment* of tbe House to tbe bill to provide tor a temporary increase in tbe pay ol array officer*; and it now goes t?? tbe President. Tbe civil appropriation bill was tben taken np, bn* be'ore proceeding wi'h it? Mr. liuckalew entered a motion to reconsider 'be %ote passing tbe bill to create a department of education. Tbe pending appropriation bill was then proceeded with Mr. Wilson withdrew tbe amendment oflered by bim. The qnestlon was on the amendment of the Committee on Vinrnce, providing for the payment of assistant assessors of revenue In the Southern States who were unable to take the test oath. Hocan?On motion of Mr Laflin, (N. Y?1ft5,UUU extra copies of the report of the Com miseiouer ol Agriculture foi 1&66, and 15,000 extra copies ot the report of the Commissioner o: Patents, were ordered to be printed. Also, 5 000 copies of the reports ot the Smithsonian Institution. Also, 10,000 extra copies of the report of the Select Committee on Murder of I nion Solo if rs in South Carolina. Thn House resumed the consideration of the motion submitted Inst night by Mr. Raymond, (N V.,) to <u*peud the rules to enable him to introduce th? resolutions relative to the proposed consolidation ot iheCaaadian provinces. Mr Raymond witudrew bis motion to suspend the i ules, and a*k?-d leave to introduce rhe resolutions for reference to the Committer on Foreign Affairs, with leave to report at any time. Objection wait made. Mr. Banks (Mass.) moved to suspend the rules lor thai purpose, but the House re. j?cted the motion, and the resolution went over. Mr Kv?son (Iowa) from Committee on Appropriations, reported back the Indian appropriation bill, with the Senat amendments thereto, and recommended non-con ?urrenc? in all of the amendments except the following, which were concurred in, via: Amendment appropriating Sll,(K>o fer the Chippewa Indian* of Mississippi. Amendments making appropriations for the lx)wer Bute Indians. Amendment providing that no part of the appropriation shall be paid by the Superiuteudent of Indian Affairs in Colorado Territory. Amendment appropriating S1,5<ju tor iu?idental expenses lor Indian Affairs in Utah. Amendment to *npply deficiency in appropriation for transporting peods to the Siouxs of Dakwta, *4.1*1.8*. Amendment providing for filling vacancies In offices of Indian Agencies by appointment by the President, with the advice and consent 1 of the Senate. The abeve amendments having been concurred In Mr. Kasson proposed an amendment relative t? the Miami Indians, of Indiana, which led to a lengthy didcudsion. The latter amendment was agreed to, and a committee of conference was then ordered on tbe disagreeing votes on the ether amendments. Mr Wilson (Iowa) moved to take from the optiurr > utDii) m? oauw Dili providing for the allotment of judges of the Supreme Court and of manuals. 1 The motion having been agreed to, Mr. Wilson proposed an amendment providing that the Chief Justice and Associate Justices of the Supreme Court shall be allotted to the dlffersut circuit* by order ot the eourt; and when other allotments | are rendered necessary, by reason of the formation of new circuits, or caanges In the personel of tbe Supreme Court, the allot* i meat shall be made by the Chief J ustice. The t Supreme Court sball also appoint a Marshal at a salary of and he shall be empowered 1 to appoint assistant marshals and messengers. ' Another amendment empowers the Supreme ^ Court of tbe District of Columbia to appoint a , U. S. Marshal for said District, who shall perform the same duties, and receive the same pay 1 as ibe Marshal now appointed by the President, and after the passage of this bill tbe authority to appoint suca Marshal byth* Prei- 1 ident shall cease. Tbe office of the warden ot the Jail of the District of Columbia is abolished.and the duties of that office are devolved upon the Martha]. The amendments were agreed to, and the bill was passed as amended. Mr. La Blond (Ohio) asked leave to mike a personal explanation: and no objection being made, he said he saw la the Ckromiclc of this morning a telegram as follows : ' Colvmucs, Feb. ?t>.?In the House to-day Boyn'ou's resolution, to strike out tbe word white' from tbe Constitution, was lost after a lengthy debate, by a vote of ?> yeas to 50 nays." , He (Mr. Le Blond) also noticed some similar ; uction of other States ; and all that he desired i to say now was. that he congratulated his colleagues on his side of the House for their continued oposition to the meaiures whieh bad 1 been proposed by tbe majority, but which tbe i States of the North refused to endorse. j At a subsequent stage of the bnsineee, Mr. durflAlH / Ohm\ naiil Wo -A ? >/ uc yu a tvuawr paper 1 be wonld like to have read for the benefit of ' bis colleague from Obio. (Mr. LeBlond,) and which be wonld prooably consider an addi- , tional reason why the word white should be used. The Clerk then read a proclamation of the i Mayor of Yaioo, Miss., ordering all negroes ana mulattos la the city to be arrested as it* graata, nnlees they proved a written contract with some white person for labor. Mr. Stevens, (Pal,) from the Oonftrenoe Committee oa the disagreeing votee of the two Uonsee oa the Legislative, Executive aad Judicial Appropriation bill, reported that the Ocmmittee had met and were unable to agree, aad they asked to be discharged. Agreed to aad a new Committee ordered. Mr. Cook (111 j asked leave to re part from Committee oa Judiciary a reeolation in answer to the memorial of the Legislators of Utah, relative to the repeal of the law against polygaj loan (lit) objected. JTheJBoaee had I VOm ori?o RntonllMft hareaa. ??. sattoa," wnakilled nt Patareon last week. He waa strangled through n fnlee system of stabling, a rape being drawn across the re?r of thbimll over which Sensation stepped,'and , then attempting to lie down, strangled himsalt to deatt. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FltM EVROPI TO.DAT. [By Caole to /iHottauu Prw Lofton, ?b M-Noaa?Tm Mortrlu, from Portland I6tb. arrived lu( evening Consols, 91; Ln*. 37; Illinola, 77. Boade, 73 Litbrtool, F?b ti? N x>n ? Potton market opaaa firmer. CoBaidrably more active acquiring both for apecalation and Taaaafaetur. Inf. Sale* io-4ay will probably ronch ?,'?? ta ee. Middling Upland quo'ed I3^d. Br??d. atuffa |M?r*lly qatai. Oora Am at >7. Provisiora oncbanged Lob Do*, Fab. t8? Eveaiaf.?United Sta'm Bnda, 73*, Erie, 62%. llliaola, 76*, Oaaaola, Livbrpooi, Feb. 8s ? Eveaiag ? Cottoa market aloeed fairly active, with aatea 1*2.000 btlee. Prlcea have advanoed %. (Jlosinj at 13K for Mlddliag Uplaoda. FaawicroBT. Feb W-Kml?|?Americaa Bonds cloaed at 76 Jf. RutsiaaSheet Iraa aaade laOhle. CLlTltiRD, Ohio, Fab. 98 Rnoeta sheet Iran was eucceeefully made yeoterday at tba Maboaiac Worka, Yoaaratoa.Ohio. by proceaa diacovered by Qaorge O K?oroncbi?-ff. fJOCSBK PIBI WILL ri?? IT OBBATLT II to tbeir advantage, b?f.?rr parebaaiac their " Hoaeakeepiag ArtUlee." U rxialat the large aad well aaserted stock at J. W BOTBLBB* BlO'S BOOIIfCHlIB 1N9 STUBS. Where will be foaad every thin? r* itil ?lfe for far alabtaca hoa*-. aadataaeb pneae that cannot tall to please. Ooooe delivered la any part of the ett? or Oaergetewn fr*e of rbarge H oases. Hotels, and Steamboats furnished at abort nettee. Ordsr* fron the conatr> promptly assented, and ?o?>ds ?* ? """j w. BOTBLBB . BBO . i as port era of China, Olaaa. ao I Orockerr Ware, and dealera In all alada of Hoatokeepinf Art lclea fa ? at pBOPOSALB FOB BABDWABB TVemsmrtt Drparrmmt, I 0#Mtf S??rrutat irfikii^l, K-b tt.lWT J PrnBMsIl aalll Ka >aaa<a* ? bia * ?? ? ? all la ? - - r ? w trv ww? tWJ ?* ' <* Viacv UM? II t^elort a., Martb r.U>7% for furtt^biif ttiry Hkidwtr* r^ iulrtd tor tk? Okrftiur tad Oitil network of tbe Treasury Bx tension. A schedule of Articles ft*4 tiue>.tltles mtH, tO|*lli*r wltk ?m?lM m?f b* ?t the Oflce of the Treasury Biteasion, earner of 15th street ud FetigiflTtalt avnae. from 9 a. m. to 4 p as All tbe articles called for la tne schedule mast be of tbs best gitlli; of their several hints, ud conform to samples, aad ba sabject to the Inspection of tbe ftecei ver of Matorlala. Proposals for each Item will be considered as separate bids, and tbe Departasent reserves tbe right to consider theos accordingly, awarding tbe verions Items to one or difTeraat parties, or to reject the whole, as may be deessed for tbe laterest of the Qoveramsnt. Bids to he enclosed la a seal e l envelope and endorsed "Proposals for Hardware A. B. MOLLBTT. e tt td (*'bronl Sapervlaing Architect. V'OSB 1'I ANO ?Oae of tboae fiaa Pli^OI, ( eaattfullr nalstaed ; been nsed only during the session of Cengreea. and forflMBHQ sale at a great sacriffce. Warranted. Ill aTl JOHN f. SLLIf. fe 27 It 306 Pean eve. CAKBIAQES! OABUACFT GABBIAGK8 ! 9. On band, the best sto?k of ('arrlaees eTer offered la this market. Perseas in m ? want shonld examine my Carriers as regards material, style, and prices Particular attention paid to reealrliig BOB'T H OBABAH, Expository, 47 4 D Street, bet Ithandyth, fe 17 31' Shep, 4 77 Sth street, near D. 4?FOUB) FOUItf MOBB 0RI0IKBIN0 *- m . Fol>B\ SON'S PIANOS reeeived|nlEK today Purchasers please note the fact"! a* ' and call and examlae ay stock JOHN F. BLLIS. fe 27 Jt Ho. 306 Pa. av . near 10th st. 'j'O OCK CVaTOMEBH BEST 0ALIC0B8, < Herri mac. Bpragne, and Pa< lflc.) reduced to SOcenta; teat colois 1>V iJ, end 18 cents II kinds of DBT GOODS at the lowest price* BOGAN * WYL1B. fs 389 7lh st . bet. E aad L DISSOLUTION OF FAB TM BBSH1P.?Netioe Is hereby given that the firms heretofore ex Istlnc under tbe names of YATB8 a BELBT and 8BLBY A TATB8. are dissolved from aad after tbe 21st last., by mutual consent JACKSON YATES. J AS. W. S1LBT. . ? > ? amm ^lafuxl WVI VJ IUI urmi of dinolation te collect all debt* dae tb* Irm of Belby * Tatee. and JAB. W. SBLBlf tboce of tbe firm of Tttn and Belby. JACK SOW TATBB, fe X 3t J AS. W. BBLBT. JAB. V, SBLBI bariag awocieted with him JAB. W. UlKKE, will eoauaae (k* Dry Ooode bnrtn?M coder the iimi of J W. SBLBf A <'U , at the old atMd of Y?td A fitlkr. 343 Pen. it*., where they would r pec tf oily eeltclt a ton t inn nee of the MtrentM which hH heretofore bees to liberally bcotew?5 fe H 3t AMB1I0AB OOLB, STOCKS And BOBDB. boofht oo eemainloi ?t the lew Tork ene etber Stock Beudi. Qiotuiou regularly re' LB WIS JOHBBOM A CO . Bukert. fertf 8M Fwm. ?w?n. piAMOB. PIAMOB. PIABOB. P1AB0B. PIABOB. JOHB V. BLLIB, 306 'MMylnsIt ereaae, >06 PtiuylruU arcane. Bear ltth ctreet. My aceortment of aew ttd ceooad head PIAMOB todayietb* _ LAEGBST BTKB OPPBEBD IB THIsf^^ embracing an aaaortmeht from BIX ef the acknowledged BSfT faetoHec of oar eoaatry. Call ud eee teem. J OH 5 V. ELLIS, fcC7 Jt ^06 Ptin'a arcane. CONGBBSBMBB j TBAYBLBBB IB WABT OP TBCBKS THAT WILL STABD BA1LB0AD BBAGB, Iboald nirchaee TBCBKS, TALIBBB, LAB IBS' ABD MSB'S SATCHELS TBATBLIBG BAGS, he., Ac., At the practical and exteacire Manafaetory of JASIBB 8. TOPBAM A 00., *7-400"** BKYBHTH BTBBBT, BAST BIDS, OKI DOOB A.BOTB ODD FBI. LOWS' BALL. Trunki, Ae., proaiptly and thoroughly rapairad. jTe r 3t f^SBAT BAKQAIKB IB DBT OOOBB. Wi h?T# i Urp UNttani of Oo*4i oa hand irkick wa will aril for tho lownt cub pricaa, amly: ? OALIOOBB. from 11* to B caate; BLBACHBB OOTTOHB, from It* to M enti; rOWILIBO, froa 13S aaota a yard ap; All Wool 3A8BIMBBB8, 91 a yard. Oar aatira stock of Kintor Oooda at and kotow coat. Wo kavo oa >aa4 a largo aaa rtnvnt of B0T10NB and VABOT kBTICLBB which wa will aall kotow mark at Drtaaa. KID OLOTBB ahaap. BBHBAOB * LVTTBBLL, fa 36-3t* Q^ra^r a?th atrot aad Faaa. araaaa A"x u,,u" ALKX. B. BBBPHBBD * BBOS.? avrraaaoas ra j. w. Tiaanox A co.. Bo. BBS Faaa. avoaaa. Waaklagton, B.C., aiALiaa ta ULTAI.S, MISCELLANEOUS HARDWARE, FL 1KblHG, GASmmd STEAM FITTING. PLUHB1BG WOBKlaallltahraaahaaasocatod by axpcrieacad tka lawaat prioaa.aad porfoct aaliafaaUoa giraa. Wa ara tka oaiy aganta ia thiaaityfvr tka PATENT LEAD ENCASED BLOCK TIN PIPE miFtfLLEH'S PATENT COMPRESSION OOCTS, which ara aekaowltdgad to ba tha no at daraklo cock bow la aaa. Atao, rUKMACBB aad BAHQBB *at ap ta tha boat maanar, at roaaaaakla ratoa. Wo aapaciaUy IbtIU aahHa attaatiaa aad tBapaatloa to tha KNICKERBOCKER RANGE, tor whieh wa ara tka aiaato la thia wtr ; viz haadvod of jrhioh hara iraaa ?; U. M? I1TM W1U HBaiKllOI. litttUMM Ikliilit of riiUM?hl?, ulwU *%Rwm\**JFhmy Intro* ao?l lata prlTM* ivilliaii la A* bmiMut. ud it raa?aaMo?rta?. fcn-lt SssaBaa^ Twoc.,0 WKl 8>41Ddft wklch w% htn ukn la nchui*; OM^^n of Ibta almost a#w. fir Ml* a?oa *?7 Urai, at Um wara-roama of W. . MITIlteTT * 0#.. flairs la aargetowa. Aocicaar -Tfcn a*rni|, Ktvid Osldm, a hi nd aha, aid bis wif- foi oa ear No. 10 of til' Wbhui|iAii1id Of?rf?wirM r* Irutl, a-id fcul bn ill oMiia with vbick to pay taotr Urr 1 he conductor ktviai arrive,i a: the OTH llrck lirwk Wil to collect hi* t are. ?* j Patrick aot barbae >-aoach ?ra? ordered to got out. In jetting off the platform bo otrark bis foot sgaisst our of the adf pier** wki. i guar j lb* truck and f?H uan t '? rul who forj* nBoiriiltu Urow bin orfr, aort b* *M pr?opitsted a dlatauae of tb >ut feet u me groond U? was picked uu. and [>r Peter* was called to attend bia Pii m fitataaiiia It was ascertained thst no basa were broken, sad no ter oui injur? inflicted. alta>u<k bo Vas m aevaat hral?ed Mareral pet >oua hare tallea over tbit rail siaoe the bridge araa built AkotbbS 8kr**adb aai> Alibi -Last B ib*, nboatch-Tra o'clock, a ai,mh?r of tbe ITioada of wbat ban 1ST termo?l v "sbii* inm'a ticket,' with lirai i s Ur*sa Baod, marched around tbe towu. TUitlsi and sore, aiding their candidates, tbs defeated a- wop a? ibe elected, also prutniuent friend* ?f that tic Wat Vbheu In tho ncialty of Merring Kill. It was propoeod to go over to tbat locality, where a lar** number of colore? faiaiiisi reside. The Metropolitan police were on lb* lookout for disturbance*.ben-Ting tbat trouble w old nan It from euch a vistt especially as Si ass af tba colored mon had *old the pol<?.e tbat ther wom?l Oep-nd 'b?-tn?el araiait in a??aatt. 1 be p?i>ce formed a< r m* tan street sod prcTrnted th- sirfualmc crowd fr<*ia passing. S- m< wore d"po*ed iw b* tiei balMi, but ibo police nmitiod tn?m to rti?p-r?o aad Ui?) flrall) did ao. The poller staie tha' the a>tenadug part\ i.?<l al ?? ty te-eu on H-rrmjr Hill, ai d nuan bad boon thrown, and tao police there bad trouble to provosts colliaon, and this lae? movement *u looked npon by the officer* a- slmoat cer'ain to canoe a breach ot the ptace. TBI CahAi. ?The Superm'?-nrteni of tbe Got r^rtoa n diVMon ut uie canal la h serening tbe work ot rernuring 'ho aaiwl bar*, and iti. ing aacb repairs h? wore made r.eoesasry by the last ?e>*rt-eoason The Lauds see busily mpK'jed in tbs < saal above Oongreaa atreei, sad ibe work will be completed in time for an early resnaipnon of navigation Kloi k amiOkaiv Makkkts ?Tbs market coutmaea unchanged 1'be reeeip's ot flosr .uu *i?in ui wkfiiui ?r? ninporiani Tir defnnr.d is moderate, and for high grades fl*ur tor tbf local trade, saW in tb* until lo'? at ibr prices last qauM in ib? Stmt. Traasar. tion in rrt>n unimportant and tbt prices on* changed Albxa?dkia akd Vicivitv ?We clip the following from tbe Alexandria of yesterday afternoon: Tb? Committee on Lifht, of the City Council, l?st mgbt submitted a nott liitrM. in* and highly satisfactory report of tbe condition and management of tbe Cut < ** Worts From this report ft appears that tbnet prrflts of the v orlrs for tbe pa?t llaca! year were flS.lM'i M, and after deducting salaries and inureet on the capital Invested. tbnre re. mains a surplus of 911 -U Tbe income for the rear has been (3G,ilr> 07, and tbe expense* f 17,93c 23; bills outst*udu:g. lupud, sine# tb? commencement of (be irtrkt, f.4<U iy There are on hand .%S tons of coal, valued at fi-:.5(1 Tbe number ot regis'ered consumers is | 9t>I tbe V. S. tax and licence was f 1,871.* A regular stated meet ug of the City Council was held last night Tbe Cotnmou Coaacil conenrred In tbe previous action of tbe Aldetmen rescinding an act allowing tbe 2)t P*r cent, on liceuse* granted by him. also, concurred In tbe Aldermen's ac'lon rescinding the resolution re-pe ing the collection of taxee on property held during the war by the Federal authorities, and tor which no compensation has been received. Tbe Salary Bill, flung the Planes of certaia officers of tbia Corporation, tor tbe year I?67, finally passed both brai>cbes of the City Council last night The salary of the Mayor is fixed at *>?ju, and no commissions alio w>d. Auditor. Attorney, ?5<?; Superintendent of < las, fHrtr; Superintendent of Police, *? ? Clerk of tbe Marker, ntui. and 2* per cent, on hin collections of stall rent*; Onager, per cent, of tb? emoluments of bia office, to be paid into tbe city treasury: Collectors ef Tax-- are allowed 2^ per cent on their collection*. Chief Engineer of the Fire Department, and tbe Assessors, f ISO each. I Yesterday evenmg, as be steamer Winnlsimmet was leaving the Washington wharf, on ber five o'clock trip, a colored man. ntm?1 lienry Randolph. who lives in this city, near tbe Cotton Factory, in jumping aboard, slipped, and would have fa len overboard had he not been caurht bv two of tbe boat's baud-, vbo wft*nu4iiit lfar by. Whwi dragnet ob tbe ateamer it ?u discovered that feu leg bad b**n bronn in two places A gen tl man on board, who wltaeeeed tbe accident, wan 10 affected by tbe eight, tbat be fainted and fell span tbe deck. We are informed by prominent merchant* and abippera tbat a (real aearcity of vessel* now exiata at tbia port, and that orders for train from abroad bare to be filled tn Baltimore, ia coraevj nence. Tuere are now stored In warehoaaea in thia city two bandred thouaand bushels of corn awaitlag the mean* of transportation Tbe difference in tbe price of grain obtained here and ta Baltimore i? much lea* than tbe freight he:ween tbe two place*, but ahtppera have ia many instances of late aent grata to Baltimore to be ahipped from there. Tbe 4oth Reft men t of colored troop*. re. croited at Camp Distribution, embarked at tbia port yeaterday evening. on the ateamer Mam beau, for Oharleetoe. Sooth Carolina, in which department they are to be atationed ltia underatood that' the caaea la relation to the aalac of property, in thia place, for dii%ct taxes, la which tbe decision of Jadge Thomas waa rendered, will be carried ap to tan higber courts for final adjudication. land alide occarred on Monday evening laat. near Roekflsh depot, oa tbe Oranc* and Alexandria Railroad. The alide was discovered before the arrival of tbe train at the apot. Tbe Special Term of the Oircait tieurt of tbia county, Judge Tbomaa, waa concluded to-day. tbe business tor which It waa convened bsvnt been dispatched. GEORGETOWN ADVER MTS. CHKAP 8PEII0 0OOD6 AT MILLM*. 101 Bridge street. Georgetown, D 0. Oaltooea, II1, to 18; Merrlniae sU B?rs|sa>. *> 1 eta ;Bferlax Delaine*, chotoe at? lee. eery eheap. 1 Bleached Haaliaa. 11, 12H? 18, 14; yard arid* d?.., 20. Jamea'tteam Mflla, 4 4,?cta . Bate a B B . I I 4 4. 28; Andrewogcln. Wamsutta, Mev Tork 1 Mllla. cheep. Brown Maalia, W, 12S. 18. yard wlce do . 18 and 98 centa. Alno, n general aeeortment ef Dry Oooda. Oall a ad examine oar *toek. Ion will bar cheap. w ~ DftajtHID Blbbil. TWO mobe OF IfHMI Piiliui SIIU flABOB. for |M NCI, UMUrnls-a^ roMvood.iixii mUth, Iroi fromo. anaBSflBB warraated. JOUH V LLl?.T**lTT ' C? IH rt.imu*. pKOPOBALS FOB CABTAOB. fwfjwh wB|_ti rrcelv#d natil 4 v. m. oa tho tk of March, 1*7. at tho OBaa of tha WaahiactoaGaa Light Oobmit, Mo. 47S Tooth atr?ot, for Oa, l*?a, from April 1. lfC. to April 1,1M. Th? rl?ht to rojoct aay ?U all bid* that may ho oforo4 U roHn*i. A (ch< dala of vbtt la rooatrod mi b* aaoo aa apoliootioa to OBAB. B. BAlLBf ?, TaMdtaart Bocratarr. i4MBTZBBOTT MALL" DBCOBATBP CHIMA* BIBBBB. TBA ABD TOILBT ItBTTS atiroatlT rxlaaad art or*. at J. W. BOTBLBB ? BBO.. H?wo nrakbon, ??0 Motoorott Boll. ArOTIOB ABB GOHB^aMok HBBCHABT Booth ooot roroor of K aad Elfhth atroato, (O?|o4t? Bar thorn Llbartr MarBot,) ViMI SOTOB. D. 0. bbqblaTsales, MiXrnmii*?aiD" OonaiosMMta aottoiUd. Llbaral aBraaco awh OS c- naif nnaoata. i Particular ottaaUoa Ml4 to tto to'o of Bool etato, aad Boaaahold Varaltaro aAprlroto roatiw. fa ?-aot? | | QABDBB BBBDB. 0ABBBB 8BBO0 I Hi jo* la rooaipt of ay la#orto4 O ABB IB BEB1? from Tomcrta AXr)o?i B Co , Porta. Franco. u( Ha rot B Boa. LoaBoa. Borland, aoB ha?o mado arraafOBoata vita tho karpoat oaB Moot roliabto w3 trowoit la tBo tiaitad Itet** SX "j'VKSVSSi^ ?Cfi $t 14-tf j&yKifrnlmm. 'l* low, ??? untxstu. , It m VAR BAftAtaa _ ?fiHBST,