Newspaper of Evening Star, March 22, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 22, 1873 Page 1
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V?>, 41-N2. 6.242. WASHINGTON, I). C.. SATURDAY, MARCH 22. 1873. . TWO CENTS. THE EVENING STAR. | fi,blM.?4 fcai'Tj Saniayn cxceplrd, j AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, I'rnu^j lvaain Avraar, Mr. 11 Lb m., Ti.1 BDIK mi 5I18P1PB ?1?ATT. tL m. JUrfM.'.V.V. ? TTT* EYRRINM UTAH ia iN-rrM t?y furrier* to ti.c:T riKrtl-r* <* Tit* ?'*ST? W**?, >*? Fo?TT fon Ctm rii f pi?i u the conruer Two earii. Br aiai'??br*a month*, ?1J0; r* ?tenth*. ? ?' *?: mi* rear, ?4. TBI WETELT STAR?PnMURfrt Frl'taT-flF' ? y*ar 9S"U ' ariattjr in adttr.ce, id both t ?ee?,aud k paper i?t Iftiger than paid f. .r. Rat** ??? ti1'?T't*ip? fnra!*h?d <n? (fflVartit. LADIES1 GOODS. WILLUSS PIKfcT SPTING OPENING, MO!IMT Mtc< a -<1*711. b.19 31 ^TAMPING LLPuT, fcl 7 SfVIIH SM'.IT, fet Ji-tj Oop -it" Pa'mt OISr?. l"l >c. 9V4 Ar**w i >rp Swiril. 1? j?> receipt of ? fiu* ?-ftertjrrnl of 1MPOUTKU COdl'S, from N.?* G?-,]??ey,of N-? T >rk. nft.. Re?< |>-; a &oou>? Vnui-rly at 7 14 14th at. W?eb i.rtr>n. ifiuc* EAUTE* NOrYEACTE*. PARI*. CONFCOTTONS ET ROBES DE BAL. robe* it LisoT.nE. FLOW FEATHER?, LACES, *c. Tlx1 Ladl,* i>f Wa?h'T.jrtoB a; 1 ricinitv an- re ?peetfaiN tn?ite<l to call aud examine good* N?t >re rnnh?;Bfh??b?r?. fl3 If 'run UKibT r?HjK anT> cheapest 1 GOtiDS I.N THE CITY. Far an atMtirr *nj S-lert Stock of useful FANCY GOODS, at Lowoi M irt 'l F*ic i <??!! ,?t the MIW YORK BAZAAR, 441 SftfTSTH Stbket. Nkar E. JrtH-l, YOl >? * BKHKENII. p LE.MZBERG * CO., Sailing oat entire atock of ? ILL1NERT ASP FANCY GOODS, at ar.?l below tots. 7I>7 Market Space. jaa??-4oi b*?w#ea 7th at>d 4th *tr?e?* nortbw-it. |MPC'KTER OF HUMAN HAIR. GRAND RARGAlfVS AT MADAMS KSTRK5MI, ? IB tSt ?r?t, attorn I loot from U Mrut. R-x... u.t~r the nam*, and nuinber. Cheap Curia, twin !>?'*, Cl.ijn.' Brakle, Puff*, Fri?S~tt-?. of the Wm ?>'.???. Call and ?ee oar i?ew ?tock before pur chasing ?laewher*. J *Jl ir Ml ADlis'" I * FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL i# tl>** l?tt artiri- in the w.>rl.1 for up Ll'i?n ?>, Ra?li: It iirpartw a beautiful i- tm u> the Ufcric For ?alt lj all Gripers. BlRNH-iN * CO., M ^rn?f*<-tiirer*, 160 W -t l> inl' ,r i -tre.-e, ian!4-l? B:?l?imor-. Marr!f,n4. BANK. EitS. J I . UUoIiHI. tU. ? . B b ?> k E H . ho. U.ltf Fenu.i are., R< 'iu ),W*!.iu|'u'BfIt.C. ?ttn.*i.>n civrii to iuv.??imi-iit wr?riliM, im tttmti n t? (k caiitie* n uffomd at prio*a ? hi. ' ?iH rav Jo to lj p? r c i. . iu aai<>aiil# sii.t f tiik'b i f tnur lo -n.t in, mfr*. *> if . r>!i ii>!.-, pr tit ? t.l?- ,id r>r nipt, miilifntc tln-ui in evtry rr^pwi ? IK.-T-CI.ASS *?TKITlKi K'IiM l?f ytkwivii to L'"?iii J .liti?on A r.i? Vj?iiitit?ti. I>. I'.: .Mi"* K llr, K-^., Cnhi?r ? ?? ital M>-'r r> liino Bink. Vvli ngton, I?. C.; H 'f J >1 l< Mlh^ail. S-i- in?| C-'Btr'iller, Wa?bing ?? i I C . J. a. r.i I'lai-k. E*<;.. An hili-ct C. f t'.ip itol, W lui'.iUKton, I>. C. marl7-3m 'I'Uli BATl'.'NAL BANK OF TUK REPUBLIC 1 (Colhi *of 7in ami D ?lr(?!.4,) CPES fiioM l?i,M TOJP M aorTT-lv 1 U AS. BRAI'LEY. C^'Mt. g 'tHMK A MfRlt A* SAYISGS BANK, VI No 414 S(T8\TH i>TBKRT, On*fU-. tk* Vwimtnt. Bauk h >nr?: 9 ? tc.? j.4 f. m. Satarlars open nn til a ? rr. , t?? rfcHir '!rp>'MU only. lntirMit paid on dv^jaiu. C ili-cticca mtde aod esch.-; at- tur .tsl.c4. JOH> JilTZ.r n J.1t, A EEERLY. V. Pr-Vt, SI ATTISGLY> .C.K. PRENTISS.CaeUr wrflr 'J'UB &F.? OM) N ATION \ L B ANK, F SlIlkT, btstcen Sixsk mJ Sc-ttHtt Strttu. r? BiAilt- aud farnisbtM on aii ytiua. Oi'i !! P L. EATt'N.Cashi^r^ l. h . fits. ar??i*-? h. iiioT. W- C !'r lul:iual li->., Bnffai.-. N Y AN KING BOI SE or N'll ILK A ROOT, 141 ?? m^iSILTASIA AVINCI, iOpp etc V? 1 t il tel.) UasUINuTON . D. 0. l?ii p^r m<* tnrrr-*t on bn?'n*a?arc jnuts Eight prr tnl Uit*re*t aliw-d ob depuslt of ode ?>? l'u cr Bw re. C n^l"iu n>ad<- every a lie re. aiiJt 'I'HK fhttunivs HA VI NUN AND 1 1K?NT *OMP\NY Banking H nae. ? ?. 1497 PeuMylraula areuu*. < ip- -ii? IU? Ti^anury, PATS SIX PER CBNT. INTEREST, h-t??* i?? >????' fcV? Mrm>* PATS EOL'B PMi CENT. vu Mum froUi-daT" ot d?yo?t(. Umts CtrlOlcattj Ayuii U*ariu? S and t t>"" "ant. iBter^*?, aTa*i?Me anywhere. HAS BRANCH OFFICES in all large town* aud cilica <4 :fee J?*?uh and S.-athweat. Bank runrrs. t a. ?. te i p. m. Open Wsduealiiy ?? J Samnliy n!?t.r? fr?m BS to ? o'clock, to receive> . Call at tlw Bauk u* d for a ropy of t*e i harder *?.! By-law*. jlB 1/ AV IVtfiE illE, B J BANKERS, BUY AM SELL FOBflGN EXCHANOR ?-.1 lasn CIRCTLAR LBTTEK9 oF CKBOIT tvr Tiavel-r*, mratMbU ** aa? pa.: of Ik* wot'A. Oar Draft* JAX COOKE V'CrLLOCH ft CO., LONf?ON, are Caali*d la aaj yart u(!r. Iaeta^aand (rutu vy./'a V'smrf?. ?*a> U 'ASMII%*iTONi CITY SAVING* BANK (fur 7 ia itrm am/ Liwuiw itrmat. FAYS ? PER CENT. INTEREST ON DEPOSIT. IaOre?* eorrBw.'--* frun date of depntri;?. Deposit* cm be made and drawn at wiii. rrv* -r J. A. RCFP. Treawrrer EARLY SPRING W E A li Jl ST RECEIVED, Jl>T BECRl VEU, JIM KECKl\kL>, KOR EARLY SPRING KOR EARLY SPRING. POK EARLY SPRING. El IDI'LING W FIGIIT MIDDLING W E1GBT ll-DLINU VVElGUf DRESS AND Bl S1NESS SL IT , DRESS AND BTSINES3 SPITS, DREaS AND BUSINESS 31 II , LIGHT CASMMEEE FANTS. LIGHT CA0MMEKE FANTS, LIGHT CASeiHERE FASTS, AT CSCAL LOW PRICES AT CSCAL LOW PRICES AT UbUAL LOW PRIORS A. NTR A I #N. A. MR U V.V, A. STRAUS. 1*11 PENNSYLYAB1A AVENUE, 1*11 PENNMTLVAN1A AVENUE, 1911 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Third Door iMt of Utb Straet 1 nird Door East of Utb Street a.7 _ TUird Dwt E*al of 11th Street. IMPORTANT TO ARCHITECTS.' imt.nir AND COR TRACTORS. Tbe CAPS ANN GRAN 1TR OOHPARY, baelag r?t iU. lie bed an Axeacy in tbl* city, are prepared to tnrnirb, at tbe ahort?4 ?o?iee, all kiad* at OUT GRANITE W ORK which Bay be reqaired by aroal te, t?. bei.der* or o.otracter*, at tbe lowest Market rat**. We bar* ceBetantly ?B band a targe aaaurt of graait* Cur bug, Belgian PaTMient Block*, W tudow RtkM.Cap*. Door btli*. Stew. figTrth, Bur Cottrve*. Copi: (. Ac. JA8. Jr. RUSSBltL I CO., Agent*. Plant'* BH'IdlM, No. TIT 1Mb M.,bet. He* Y->rk avenoe and WelckerN B?rll-ly ^.BUsJRI,S:KSKSMSr>*C^ HKODHEAD .v < il . I JOi F "treet. bny atxl *ell, for raali at tbe k>?f! p*!"--!. C ?U a&tl Mtuaf then "took. in SP ECIAL NOTICES. The pr??-at trrrrr ir?i?a ha? thcr .>n*hly te?ed the virtnes of Mrs. Jon.*' ? 0T.??.M,,tuIV_Ih, a-aiU of bottle having kwn Wedwithecnal?ear*e~. It* trial hw been m<?t T A mere cold or cough or the moat aggra uW.r,w* H w* with "inal success. it i(l L'tJ ,ot!w ,"*t?'. and can therefore be> iwd f..r children and peraona who object to (?nil-rating mixture*, particularly *, 1:* doses are saiall sod every dot* contain* the germ of an alti mat. care. I;. valne in advanced case* or th ?e > ? run s on cow* wi.ptioa uinxt n->t b?- underestimated, many such it baa entirely mred, even ca--s of ?c kmwledged coaMimptlon. While it does notcnr>,it G?2l.Irrt,'Te'',iWI a Ur(t'* DUa'^r ' f th"?? nt.f r ?????: STnot'h^ ?55bs&?? tbri"t or >ou?? Prkefc?lar?T . ?1 -mall,60 rt?. F >r fnle onlr 1>* ARTHIB NaTTASS, Dru?iJ{? ' ?>12-.r Corner 2d aiwl D *treetn northwest. . _ ('Mtl#!. LFA A PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SACCF ?..Vf'T.**" ?? avoid th- numerous Coun terfeits and In.itation. .ff red f.,r sale. octll.?ad?.UM ^?CAM S SONS, New fork, octU-ZtMiy Agents for the Ui.iieJ States. Bate helor'a Hair Dye is the be?t in th- world the? t.idy true ai.d perfect Hair I?> ?; no ridicnloas' S^EPOlBt"eoll? harmless, reliable, in*tat> &rtr^*;LwT^rk ?; ^ , ? A Card. A?Vl'r?>w?".while residing la Sooth America '*c?v?red a safe acd simple remedy ! r the cure of Nervous Weakhcaa, Early n,*./ DJ?e*?e of the Urinary and Seminal Organs. JndtZ,' whole train of disorders bronght on by baneful and Za2<T1.t^L.0re1iL~2" ta" wSEdb? U>i? npbi* ram^dj. Prompted by ? desire Olt> AffilCl' d A!)d Q&fortQDfttf, I Will send iha rwriiui for preparing ai.d dsmS^ ai^icfS^in a SSiS snvJopstoany oae wh?r.?eda it Adarcaa, JOSEPH *. IN MAN? g'a gar Amusements. ~ ll'ALL'S MW OPERA MOl'SP JOHN T. > ORX>...? Proprietor and Manager. THE ORE \T SOCIETY STAR. >I?S? ACJIES ETHEL, Will *r*>ar To SIGHT in her original ancces*, 1ROI FRor, ."^t*r'ed i y ," r nt-arl> "litire season in Ntw Tork I kll'AY, BENEFIT OF MISS ANN Eg ETHEL. SATl'KDAY, AT tf O'CLOCK, GRASP AGNES KTHEL MATINEE ?. > k*J2* ,s pi"^'y h,,"uj "> tii^?leLi,M.,,,KW 'wr "nr evening dnrftiK til. ae?k ai th<; office of til- Opera II .ii?e. ?ii;? VViU l *LW OPERA HOLhE. JOHS T. FORD Proprietor aiul Manager. S. BEliBF#*? E*Cl<l*U OPERA. W ?1 W. ? Managing Direct r* E li.lARI 1 r CEOUOE H CoLilX?j::~7u.*Z^ &.?!?%' >i\ SIGHTS ASD MVT1NI1 MI>VS,SENHE?pVfP'N1,AY' MAKt ? a? I MISS EMMA HOWSON. MRS ZKLDV >EUriN. Mil. DRODKHorSETOH^^-4 NEWMAN, MR.Et'OKNE CL MIKE. MR. EDWARD SE<;riN * ' U tU vTTElisyN mi: olsta^us n\Lt, M- T riitiv?,u JIB JoiiN E.CLARK, 21 ? ? imKTLKM \ V, >1 \v win rk' \j, in^u1^ MABSES. Mr Nlf'HOU '' ^ itrTlPi'v? U AND ORCHESTRA. S. REUBENS Musical Director. OPF.MNO NHiHT. MONDVY; VI Bl la>i>1eruook. ??,-kl r r?e*?*rjr nipl,t. ??. P""*.?Vdnn??:on, iS cents Referred ' lrr'e, ?1,Orchestra, JI..W. Sil ..f i??t^ will ciifemerc? at K11 v*?' mr?ic si? rt-, ami i: Q|-ra ll 'Hw Thursda., M.r.l, 3u. ml> 1 U'ASHIKUTO!! THEATER COHIQUE <Blevfciitii airret, aouth Penusylvania avenue.) THE BIST VET' THE GREATEST ENTEU II .l...rV.,\MEVr IS AMERICA. K'-??l our litAof attrartioaa attentively. First we ?a Mr. DANIEL D. NAsS. whoToJc, Mr FBBB LKVVWrtW*wMt poipnUl ,,y? Alio, fl, * ***?*'? J**- * A Pi TINB, who in a j^mna^t of tarn.-, and pert.?rm* Iim b. a mfnl ami rul act ? .til jhe cr>?tal pvramid?. alone w..rth the pri.*.> of anji'ie^ifia. The cliarifiti^ - Qn.-n of Seriocomic V I calieta ' i?al?o rntain^l. POLLY DALT, who will llOORt-'"! 'H-aitif"1 voriU g-iiM. M'ir iVrV OK'.' the Champion lichtninir Ciia-,^ Arti?1, al-<o reru-rtidre o| nrw uml 11>? sr/l".'i "Cr , " '."V ALEX ANDER HLASDoV I>.f ' ??i'i diartairawhed male ? m rr ,T ff-at'f an^me?te.i Ballet Troupe ? HI ?r<aln<.f ??evarai aew and hoaufifnl aensatio.Tal Ba?|efi, latrtduciBK the fined an.) dashing Hun garian Dancer., tbe KIRALFY SISTERS. The ^ STn '?ru "u"1 A" 'reea, Mi* J ESSIE How A RD, ? ill appear; a> al?.> th? favorite Waohinvt .n S"l.gaie! Dane* nien.thv COLL YEK BROTIIVkx y71' Tle-U We hacw fti-? popular ecc 'ii ^ Irifh aiid V-valiat, F it L . .nev* rh? great Banjos, DMt Parker J oi gn>at Ethiopian perfonoer, r?t ? rt.,,U; the Vereftlle A tor. Ja" ue' Th"JU,Ji?fc n-' *?s^'?>.Uie Bi.iver-al lav .r ite 1 h-ae, with Harry Rrc*?, ndaton Broth< r-i and ..ur entire lii.unmoth n, ieii> Troupe uill ?Pr?ri?arre.t,rt rare of fin. fVohp uiir.a ar d niii-ic Tiic eveBiuj. ?? nt'irtaiuiii-tit? to TrTiVi. " V rollick in* Farce of the IRISH TI TOB, embracing in.' -i:ir^ atreuafh oflht^ Matireea WEDNESDAY and SATTRDAY. tnl7 ?"*? / Ua Eihibiti.a . B,w Nf) ^r.( ??"? ;h ?o. ?39 7th ?r "tf ? n, ,<e- n2iSr" *J?"ve ?Jd H?!l ' *M Etwrrav^*, (Jhre?oe. *e. jA!j ? ' rt'jrjE Pitp-r Hi(ii;iuffR, Wia<lu? ^a'r,JL,CLn,T' *rmoie"; Picture Cor da and Tm iB ^ Pleaae nm?nib^&'umt and N timber. )el-ly? IN ?tl fcT^Lt 7 J J U' D ?tre?T, ?cm mi^de ?"??"!-ib ?r^u uortUwmt, aclla cu? ?t le-.h.?S|EVf?.?D HAKD ('LOTHISO SILK naM?JT fo*' ?, rT;vl> u?w onea. P1LK I?RhSSE.> a .penalty. fel3 ly ( GOLD, SILVER, BRASS, COPPER, Btc iSsKB JJSiTSSi cgrii^iy ? BALLS, <fcc. (jKLM) 111AB1T1 BALE. for the ?&*$?*?"**"' BALLV 1HL ( HILDBENS HOSPITAL * il be fi> -n. nn.ler the aiiopioaa of tli- D re? t. r- f that iii?lijiiti .|i. in MASONIC TEMPLE -.u th *" *T i"l *t fV A' ? the 1Mb of April lielit e?TL m ajid iad) ,?i00 B- p. A Snridav paper* copy | lectubesT "/ *' RRENCY LEGISLATION1' ? LRf'TDRF v \t ?? MAHfA! K "* ?K?OM, Pr-,,|.J n"w I<jtk aiiTll*- .1 uriiHl .if M \sm\ h' In iE M AT,,RDAT' M?cF?Vl?. * 8?.N?C Pul.l:. ariimted. ml. 5'* C'ALL ON JAMES F BRIEN, ' Prarttrml P/tont-r ani has Fit It, t" have yeur PtpnibiBg. Gas PRting, an ! S<wer*r* Croaiptl) arteiHltti to on r-aa^^iiable t-rm?. S i buy <jii?iana avenue, near gih atr^et, north ?id* ReaHen?e. fl .treet. nonhea?t. ' mil pOWBBFCL OPERA OLASUUJ. COMBINATION SPECTACLES ' XL H. HIMPLU, OFTlClAIt, ??J Peaaa. avaatM, ooraar 4H i Geo a Id* Braziliaa PahMa Spactaclea janlA-ly lME! LIME! LIME! L laB^pSSlihrb?,c^yI,,Kal ?>P??i?tl.MHr ... ... THOMAS FAHEY. loth street. Il1** near La aveime, northwest. IgCALB IN BOILERS. 1 will Benwe and Prevent SCALE la any Stea-a Boiler*, or ibake bo charge. AJtrsaa, ? LORD, fel?17 |w* delphia. Pa. 'pHB CHINESE TEA HONG I Has removed to S13 D street, Between lib and 7th, north s*ds. TEAS ch a per than aver. Mo rant to P?y febU-Au L. BENJAMIN. Proprietor C^VSiR&L'T&ilCCO DIAL,*. Junjka ALEX AM V RIA^Va DBOOTBB A GAMBLE'S ,* _ 0LM1MK SOAP. la Bada Tram the beat aiatariais. bat aaM at frtoa al ?rdtnary snap, avar 1JB IhailHaa aala* B. All gra ihavait. D T. BCZBY A OO., ? i - " " I Wa| EVENING STAR. W ashingtonNewB and Gossip. ItTrRXAT RtVMi r?The receipt* from this source to-day were ??-.'78.239.42. Thf. Prestt>ejit wan indisposed to day and consequently did not rccelve visitor* or transact business of any kind. Is the Senate yestirday after our report cloe d, the discussion of the Caldwell case wis continued by Mr. Stewart and others. Before a vote wan reached tlie senate went into execu ti\e session, after which it adjourned. Tiie Senate went into executive session at 1 o'clock to-day, am) Mill Kitting with cloned door? at 3 o'clock, discussing the nomination of James F. Casey to be collector of the port of New Orleans. Natal Orders.?Assistant Paymaster Rob ert Dickey, ordered to duty on board the re ceiving ship Potomac, at Philadelphia; Pay Director Win. B. Boggs, detached from special duty at the Nary department, Jlst instant, and placcd on waiting orders. "Chawed vp bt Hoggs."?'The United States Treasurer to-day received a Utter from a gen tleman at Scottsville, Illinois, inclosing tbc mutilated remains of sixty dollars worth of greenbacks, which the writer said was a part of :i sum which had "been chawed np by bogus." Of the ?80, *55 worth ot tills was identified by ?Jen. Spinner's experts, and will be redeemed. ' The Caldwell case in the Senate still drags Slowly along, and will no donbt prolong the session for some days yet. Several Senators expressed the opinion this morning that the law will not be elos?d before Wednesday n*xt: bnt there is no certainty that even that day will see the end of it. An attempt was made to-day to cwue to a vote, but it was unsuccessful. Latest ?ro* The Lava Beds Gen. Sher man has received a dispatch from Gen. Canby, ?iated Van Brewer's ranche, 16th iust., saving that tlie troops are in |?osition around the Mo doc lava 1k*1s. waiting for the assembling of the Ieacc commission. He intimates that delav is dangerous, as waim weather is approaching, when the luiliaus can support themselves in the mountain*. Clerical Chalks?Mr. J. C. Parkinson tas been promoted from lirst assistant exami ner to examiner in the Patent Office; Thomas Duk< to a clerkship of clam three in the office Of military justice. Mr. T. li. Parson* ku I fen appointed to a hrst-class clcr'asliip in the office of the Bur* au of Military .Justice. a:i>l Mr. W. G. Spotts wood to a similar position in t ie Adjutant General's < New KtvrxrE District for Virginia.? Under the seventh section of the actof June 3*), 1"' 4. the President yesterday ordered a change of the boundaries of the >th and 6th reveiri collection districts of Virginia, so asto organize anew district to be known as the ttth district. It will comprise the counties ol Halifax, Pi;ts s/lvaida, Franklin, Henry an I Patrick, i u ? counties of Craig and Botetourt are taken hum the ??tii and added textile Mh district. Commissary Seugkaxts?The Secretary o! War Las published a general order for the gov ernance of commissary sergeants, based oil the act recently passed by Confess, eiujtowering the Secretary of War to select l'ruiu the ser geants ot tl?e line of th?* army who shall have faithfully scrvi il therein five years, three years of wkich in the grade of no::-row missioned of ficer. as many commissary sergeants as the ser vice may re>|iiire, not to' exceed one for each Military |>?st or place c-f deposit of s u estate i ice supplies, whose UHty it shall be to receive and preserve the subsistence supplies at. the (>osts, under the direction of the proper officers of tlie subsistence department, and under such regula tions as shall le prescribed by the Secretary of War. The Expenses ov Risking the (tOVERs mest?The total amount of the various appro priation bills passed at the last session of Con gie*s exceeds the amount of the previous ses sion ubout lilty-iour millions of dollars: The detai!.- of the various appropriations are a? fol lows: Preliminary deficiency, 91,?>S?9,8S3; Texan Border Commission. s?l.s,i;?0: pension,**:*! 4*>,t*ift: Am?r;c*ii and BritL?li Claims Commission Indian, Wl.5l2.il8; fortiticat^m, consular and diplomatic, #1,311 ,o~>9, Military Acadimy, ?311/517: legislative, execu tive, and judicial, estimated, $19,500,000; naval, #20.lT3,7JT; army,,7M;,00s; Post Office. *3. ~29,lfc?; river aiid harl*>r, Eii.l 12.W*': sundry civil. s32.l75,41f?; deliciency, *9,242,871; total, *195,310,429. Miss Agxes Ethel will appear l>ei'ore a Washington audience for the last time this sea son at Wall's Opera House to-night, on which occasion "Frou-Frou" will be repeated. This talented young astress has made a decidedly favorable iinpi esfion on intelligent patrons of the drama here, who recognize in her quiet, womanly acting something much nearer na ture. and therefore more pleasing than the Striding and shouting of some of the "emotional" school, wlio if they raved in auv private parlor as they do on the stage would l>e set down as lunatics. Alternate humor and pathos, strength and weakness, dignity and childishness, tits of ?flection ami tits of temper, are presented with a nice discrimination which docs not allow one to forget that it 1.- the cultured woman of mod ern society who U shown up. not an anomalous combination of Amazon and Bohemian. Presi dent Grant occupied a private box at the Opera House last night. The ofTSANDiscr ciucllatios as shown by the br?>ks ot Treasury department at the clo?e of buine*? hours to-day was *058,141,997; United States demand notes, ?82,687.50; fractional cur* rcncy, *43, IV.!, 171.22; total, *403,370,858.75. The legal tender reserve tind was drawn upon yesterday to the extent of #1.140,<*NI. amt to-day to the extent of *2tiO,UUO. The redemptions to-dav, however, were in ex cess ot the amount cfrawn from the reserve fund. Sec retary Richardson says that the fact that tiie legal-tender reserve Is occasionally drawn ui-oti to the extent of a million or two, indicates noth ing except an entirely unimi>ortaut variationc.f the dailv business of the Treasury. He says it is as absurd to s|?eculate on the status of the Tr? asnry. beeau-e some <iajs its payments are heavier than it would be to predict the successor failure of a businessman because his disbursements vary a few hundred dollar daily. Naval Officers Ketikld.?'The following i? a list of naval officers retired or to l?e retired, under an act of the !a?t Congress :_Kear Ad mirals?1 harles T. Boggs. secretary of the light house ><0ard: Charles Steedman, eouiro Hiding south Pacific station; James Aiden, command ing European station; Thomas A. Selfrldge, commandant Mare Is'and navy yard; Theodo rous Bailey, member of the lighthouse board; Melancton Smith, governor naval asylum at Philadelphia: Heiirv Walker, member of the lighthouse board; Commodore John P. Glllis, naval asylnm, Philadelphia. Naval Construc tors?Commodore Benjamin F. Delano, Capt. John I.futliall. t'ant. Samuel R. Knox. Med ical Directors?William L. W. Kuselienbergor, Lew<s B. Hunf-r, Wm. Maxwell Wood. Cbas. D. Maxwell. Miscellaneous?Lieut. Command er I iiarles E. ilawlcy. Master Chas. V. Morris, Sui^rton Edward W. Stein, Pav Director Com modore Henry Etling, Second' Assistant Engi neer, Master Absolom Kirby, Chaplaiu Mason Noble, Boatswains Charles Johnson, <*eo. Wil muth. George Walker and Edward Cavendy, Carpenters Jonas Dibble, Chas. Board man and Nicholas Magee. Nomikatiows by the Presid'ext.?The President seat the following nominations to the Senate to-dav: Robert Keflen, ot D. C., eon?nl at St. Martin. W_L; Wm. S. Tough, I'.S. marshal for Kansas; C. H. B. Fessenden, collector internal revenue. 1st district Massachusetts; lsidor Esslinger. appraiser merchandise,Evansville, Ind.: Edwin A. Howard, of Mich., agent for Indians ot Whetstoue agencv. Dakota CiJIrcton <i> Cmttom*?W. J. McCormick, ?an Diego, Cat.; Wm. P. Dockray, St. Johns, Fla.; Joseph Jurgenson, Petersburg, Va. I'otifKitt'rt Jacob E. Wtalteiiaeh. Jersev ville. 111.; Jos. F. Fither, New Brunswick, N. ??.; Wallace Vail, Plainhehl. N. J.: John A. Itaihbone. Mystic Bridge, Conn.: Charles C. Mvers. Kcndallville, Ind.; Jos. S. l.innev, Dan ville. Ky.; Johu A.Sellers. Cbambersburg. P?^; .lohn S. Adams, Pensacola. Fla.; W. E. Wfd <lell, Gkoloua, Miss.; Chas. S. Bangs. Hillsboro', III.; Bent. F. Libbev, Clinton. N. Y.; T. S. Chas?'. Kansas Citv, Mo.: D. W. Clemm'r, Dowagiac, Mich.; Sinns Noeth, Brunswick, <4*.; Thos. B. Maurv, Mac Comb, 111.; Charles Welling. Jamaica. K. T.; Geo. B. Hayden,De mopolis. Ala.; A. W. Angel, Lamberts* 111?. N. J.; Jacob R. I ovell, Phillip-biirg. N. J.; S. G. Smith, Flemington, N. Y. ( nrlan* lXm?n<l the Trwimry. A CUEISBiCK HOT* FKENKXT1B roll PAY MENT IN SPECIE?PATXIXf DKLISKt) KXCEFT lit CIRHfTICY ASl) THE NOTE V< KVALIY PROTECTED. Mr. Wallace P. Groom. president of the New Yoik Mercantile Journal company, jeeterday presented to General F. K. Spinner, Treasurer of the United State*, a legal-tei>der note for ?JiOP.(No. ."58044, dated March 10. 13fi2.) which be had previously presented to the Awlstant Treasurer at New York, an I demanded its pay ment in specie. General Spinner replied that had no authority to comply with this demand. Mr. Groom presented the note t* the Secretary of the Treasury and repeated h*a demand. .Indge Richardson replied that he would be happv to pnv specie lor it if he had on hand enough to liquidate every like claim tha? mi^tit be presented. Mr. Groom said he dl I not claim anv better treatment than other holders of the fjoverament's note* received. He would accept n place of specie anything that the collector of customs at New York would receive in pay iu< nt. of duties, or an interest-bear<ng l?on 1. as specified on the back of the note: and he wou'd not insist on receiving our bearing six ]>cr cent, intercut, but would be satisti?*l w ith as low a rate a> 3-G8. Secrc t;iry Kichardson stated that he was not prcpartd to accept the proposition. This morning Mr. Groom instructed Mi. Nicholas < Milan, notary, to present the note again to Treasurer Spit tier and Secretary Kich ardson. Mr. Callan did so, and. specie pay on nt be lug again refused, ne (by Mr. Groom'* direction,) protested the note in due form. The note presented is one of the first legal ten arrs issued bv the government, and bears th? legend 011 the t>ack, '?Keceiva>de for all dues of the I'nited States, and are convertible into the fi per cent, stock of the Uuited States." Some eight or nine years ago Congress repealed th-? law on which this legend wa? based, and it has recently be?n the uesire of the government to recall them. On 1st Julv last tin re were ? lil, isi0,(>o(iof these not< s in circulation, and but few have been received since. Gen. Spinner says tliat had it been a legal demand noto of ISti-, of which there were 111 duly last on'.v #AetyM0 in circulation, he would have redeemed it in gold, since these notes are receivable the same a" gold in payment of customs. Mr. Gr<M>ra will speak to-night at Masonic Temple,on "Currency Legislation,''when the views that led to this act v,Tll be set forth. Wo understand that his principal aim is to {mitres'! on Congress and the public the importance of tvo points which the journals published by the corporation over which he presides have urged: the illegality and impropriety of buying five, twenties at a premium with greenback' I the need for a currency Interchangeable <:it hold er's option) with interest-bearing bonds, as pro posed in the bills of Senator Buckingham, Gou. Butler, and otliei*. Senate Confirmations The Senate in ex.i utlve session yesterday confirmed a number of nominations, among iliem those of Benjamin P. liutiK, W illiani II. Hendricks, and Edward S. Hold i n to be profesnor* of niatlieni tlies in the navy, Joseph 1>. Pillow. snrvevor of customs at Portsmouth, V H.; and Mis. Eliittbetli L. Van I.ew. postmaster at Kiehmond, Ya. Thero ?a> a brief discussion in the Senate o?i tli?? nomination of Colonel Casey as collector of New Or'.cMis, but uo vote was taken. The nomination ot <loIiu M. Dunn a- I*. S marshal for the district of Delaware was rejected. ltowiN'i?Hv^rnn't C'lallepge A<xei>te<l Ity J-J, a lUtjltn.?The sweeping challenge recently uud<: by George Hi own, the champion ot Halifax, N. S., to row Joseph II. Sadler, (the champion of Kiiylai>d> or any man in the wore!, a sltigle scull race, has been taken up wirh hut little delay, ami on this side of the Atlantic. Ber nard Biclin accepting the challenge for hu brother Jo!;n, the race to be for aside, over a ttve or six mile course, a'id to t>2 row-xl on the Connecticut river at Springti :ld, Massa chusetts, m the same course as the Paris a:i<! Ward crews rowed over. Harney stipulates that the race shall take place on or about the dat" which may be selected for the annual col lege regi-ita in Julv, a.-. John is engaged to train the Dart mouth college crew, who are to parti cipate in that race, con?> quentlv he will not be able to row bef ore that time, should Hrown not a< cept John Bilgiu will row KUis Ward or any man in this country a live or six mile race who may be drslrous of claiming the champion ship of America. It is thought that Brawn will aeeept Biglin's projioaition, tor even if Sadler Wen gaged to row Robert Kagnall the last week in Mav over the Kngl:sh championship course, from Putney to Mortlake for X4<>J and the championship of Kngland. FNi-LAND STll.L SMARTING I NDti: thf.Oe KXva Aw akp .V long and quite a spirited de bate took plaee in the British of Com mons last night, upon a motion by Gathorue Hardy for an address tt ihe Crown, asking that the government be instructed to dissent from the several international rules laid down by the Geneva arbitration, it was oiqxised on the grounds that It really vould be a vote of ceu sure on the arbitrator)*, who the country, thiough Parliament, have loiiually thanked for their services, and it would look as if Eng laidwas smarting under having to pay the aw;ud. Its suppoi ter.s declfcred that "therules never had held water," and the best thing that could be done was to a.sic the United States to withdraw them, and substitute others, which, in the event of war, would m ike the new treaty intolerable. In conclusion Mr. Gladstone con corrrd w th Disraelll that the United States and Great Britain should have an ear'y under standing as to the rules, and jointly submit them to other powers. The motion was then withdrawn. A Strange Woman?.1 Wealtkg F< male D? NMmri All Her K''a!ire* and Hequtatki to Aojuniniatftt.?Mrs. Jane Ann Forster, the wile of a clergyman, who lived ou Lexington avenue, died, leaving an eatatu valued at about *100,t"W>, which she bequeathed to her acquaint ance*', cutting off all her relations. Some time before her death she left her husband,and iroula not live with him any more. She then formed a hatred against all her relatives, and had a paiticalar antipathy against clergymen and

lawyers, with whom'she would have nothing to do.' Her will was contested by her uncles and aunts and her husband, who charge that she was a monomaniac, and had been unduly influ enced by those to whom she had left her pro perty. Several doctors have been selected to *iv e their opinions as to the souudness of mind of tlif tet-tatrlx.?.V. I*. Thf: Frm*ii* on the Ba>k of Fni.i.ano? Another one of 'ht t'?r^-r's .1 rrttt'd A dispatch from Havana rejmrts the arrest of Austin Byrou Bid we 11. his wife ami servant, in that citv. Although there is noextradithwtreatv b-jtweeu Gieat Britain and Cuba, these parties will l>e sent back to I.ondon tor trial. Di the meantime an attachment has been i?ne<l against the property of Bidwell in New York at the suit of the Baiik of Fngland. and the detectives claim that they cither have that gentleman iu>w in custody, or oue of his confederate*, who has been committed to the Tombs under the name of t.eorge Maedonald. Pnoeats*in Jafan?Asocial edict tolerat ing Christianity throughout .in|>un hai- been pr > mulgated, and it is determined to throw the whole country open to foreigners. The govern ment is endeavoring to form a code based upon Kuronean systems. A universal exhibition is fo be held in .iapau, probably at Yeddo. within the next four years. Cheat Ga?.?The Boston Globe has recently been discussing the gas question quite fully, and as a summation of Hie whole matter, de clares that gas of twice the power of that uow in use in Boston, and of pure quality, can l>e fur nished at a cost of 91.25 the thonsand cubic feet. It claims that this has been demonstrated at the city institutions in South Boston. Woman'* Ric.hts in Kentucky?The legis lature of Kentucky has enacted that married women mar receive directly from their employ ers the wages or compensation for labor per formed by them, and that the money so earned ?hall be free from the debts and coutrvl of their husbands. Thk prohibition organ in Boston calls In diana the banner state in liquor legislation. It has passed a stringent law, but probably the test of its real character as a banner state will be sh< wn in the enforcement of the law, which will 1 e more difficult. Mr. Alkxakdzb H. Stephen* denies the re port that he ban retired from the editorship of t'ie Atlanta San on account of hit election to Gongrtw. __________________ New a re has its moral susceptibilities shocked by people sitting for their cartes de visiteon Sui days, and loudly calls on the police to cloee the photograph galUriea on the Sabbath. CTA father and two sona in Iowa hare become brother*-in-law by marrying three slaters. ?T'Tbe great Napoleon, in a celebrated order of the day to his soldiers, characterised suicide as deaertion. ^"Massachusetts constables hare taken to cloaing bakeries on Sunday, to the great crusti ness of the people. According to the Philadelphia Press, the Pennsylvania senate stands by the people and 'he house by the rogues. EXECUTIVE SESSION OF THE SENATE Satukpay. Mar?li J.\ The Caldwell resolution was taken up. Mr. FerTy (Mich.) regretted that the Senator fri)iu Connecticut (Ferry) had submitted * res olution of expnlslon at thin tiute. lie had given close attention to the ten days' debate which hud sbed so uiuch light Tor the lirst time on the question whether bribery vitiates the etaction o}' a number ot' this body. The debate wnncon fmdto the legality of "the act by which Mr. Caldwell held his seat. It appeared the major ity ot the committee on privileges awl election* were in doubt as to the proper method to be pursued, and therefore they chose to present the .juestion involving the validity of the elec tion. The Senator from MMtrippt. (Ak<mi,) one of the m> tubers of the committee, had sub mitted a resolution for expulsion, thus serving notice that he would press hi* resolution should that of the committee fail The Senator from Connecticut (Ferry) had offered an am udm-'iit alw proposing expulsion, thus requiring the Senate tiist to vote on his prohibition before the Senate shall a<iju<lge in voting on the resolu tion of the committee whether Caldwell was en titled to the seat he held. He desired to ha-, e action 011 both in the order in which they were presented. Mr. Morton interrupted to Far. that as chair man of the committee, he in "ins tirst s|*-eeh Attempted to (lircus.* tlie question ot expulsion. Ho held the Senate had the choice of remedies, and had favored a resolution of expulsion, but the majority of the committee thought it be*t that a resolution should be repotted vacating the election. Mr. Ferry would not commit himself in ad vance as to the merits of the question involved, but would approach each of them with the respect due to the action of the state, and his constitutional duty, to deal rigidly with oflii-i il wrong, his intercourse with Caldwell showing ti< at in his conduct here he had been guilty oi no act affecting his character as a gentleman. Ho then offered an amendment, to place bark tlie frst question substantially where it tii-t apjMarcd from the committee, a* follow* R'tolwl, That Alexander Caldwell be, and he is hereby dielared to have been elected a Soun to r of the United States by the legislature of Kansas. Mr. Allison discussed briefly the question of jurisdiction, maintaining tlie constitution makes the act of the legisla;ure in the election of a Senator subject to review by the Senate. Mr. Ferry. (Conn.,) in explaining liis reason* for offering his amendment to the resolution ot the committee proposing the expulsion of Cald well. said in examining all the evidence he w.t a liable to avoid the conclusion that the election of Caldwell was effected by bribery, the pur chase money having been paid by 4 aldweli. Having reached the concltision of fact, it w.i essential. t ot on'y to tlie dignity and honor ot the Semite, to the state ot public feelin/ of the country, but for the preservation of tU institutiois' under which we live, that tM Senate shonld in some emphatic way ex press condemnation fr the transaction. A ? cording to common law and usage, running tl rough all tl.e English decisions until now, a biibed vote is no vote; and if it be found thn; bribed votes effect*<1 the election, they m ist bo cast out and the i lection voided. When charge* were made that a Senatorial election was pro cured by bribery, it was the houndcu dntv of the Senate, under the constitutional clau~- t:i i* made the Senate the judge ot tli-i election, qualification and returns of it.- members, to in qinreiato the facts. The Senate w as a cuu;?s nf Dt j art of our government, which was organized that corruption could not ex'st with out dtstro>ing the Tberties ami pros|?eritv ot the people. When r:~h men obtain s- at* hero mere iy tor personal g'ory, without regard to counsrv; when great corjmratiotis, which an advancing in giant stops, obtain control, and when Mate legislatures have becotnc -o corrupt as to tend unworthy meml?ers to this lsslr. then wrili have been sappped the foundation ?>l all our hopis, an<l republican gove-rniu -ut beeomeasham. and the way prepared for t!. will of a Tiberius or a Napoleon. Considerable time was spent in discussing the propriety aud expediency of arriving at som* arrangement by which the consideration oi the subject couid Ik- concluded a> .1 given time,but. without striving at any conclusion, the S im'e went Into executive session, and then ad journed. Pestilential I'KRion.?Tin re i? .?:n >lati cholly Dr. Tiali. who announces in i Philtdel phia'new S|'ai*er that we are approaching :? climax of a pestilential period From !t-? 1883, Jupiter, Saturn, 1'rauu*. and Neptune will conn nearer the earth than they have been for eight* en hundred years. The result will be. as the iKictor sa\? it has been before, that w ? shall have all'manner of unpleasantness? plague, famine, and awfully hot ami cold weather. One planet would have been bad enough?now we are to have four in combined approximation; and, unless we a lopt strict sanitary measures, we may expect a calamity Indeed, (i'.iittons. tobacco-chewf rs ami smok ers, and tight-lacing young ladies will never survive the perihelion ot all the large planets of the solar s\stem. So savs the dreadful l>r. Trail. The MvsTEKiorji SricinE ok a l.ADT is New York The Imly ot a woman who is sup posed to have committed suicide, by poison. In the Compton House, at 3d avenue and IHth street, on Thursday night, ha* l?*en identified as that of Mr*. Sarah hlizabeth Guy, a widow, who was a milliner ami dressmaker at Pough keepsie. 8he arrived in this country, with hor mother, last September, from England, where her husband had been a Jeweler. No cause tor suicide has been disclosed. An autopsy way nerformed by Dr. J aneway and Deputy Coroner Leo, on Saturday, but the real cause'of death was not determined. As the deceased had for merly been a medical student, she is supposed to have committed suicide with mm-- imiso-i that leaves no post-mortem trace*. r-.V. I*. Tri bune. COXVHTTO* FOR SfcM'ING OlSSt. EN R f.TTEtl A Trr.K Thisoiuh the Mails?In the L urt-d States Circuit Court, vestjrday, Judge Bene dict on the bench, William Carpenter*. having an office at Nos. i5 and 77 Nassau street. w:? placed on trial for having sent obscene publica tions though the mails. A gentlemau named Couistock, who wrote under the alias ot John Beardsiey, from Bediord, Ohio, testified to having received a circular ami a microscopic picture which was sent to Bedford in com;>1i ance with his request. Tac prisoner was found guilty with a recom?udatioti to in rcy. and Judge Benedict sentenced uiiu to oih* year in the penitentiary? the extent of time allowed hv th? law?and to paj a tine of ?.V. i*. I< IM. ' ? Thpr.iitLK EARTHvrAKE Scenes -Shock- of eaith-iuake contitme to be ffelt in the uutort.i nate city of St. Vinceuta. GautenrUa. Tlie greater part of the houses in the valley of I/em pa are nninhabitaldv. "TUe scene," says La Tribune,4 presented by tlie cttyofSt. ViucW'-^ is deplorable and melancholy, naked wall* everywhere threatening to fail to the gMfand. roots" useless, public edifices rntned, streets de serted anil miserable inhabitant* llrlnj in squares mid v.icaut lots, sheltered by hut- of the branches of tree's aud In tents. For twenty six davs they have thns been living, exposed to the sun and night dew." Death from Careus* Vse or a Orv Near Hallsville. Powhatan county, Va.on Sat urday last, a little l>oy (colored),"about tw-Vv* years old, wa?shot de'afl by his brother, aim it ten years old. The children were left in the bouse by their parents with a loaded guu in reach, ami while the larger boy was holding a little baby in his arms feeding it the ether took npthe gun. saying, "I will shoot yon," ami suiting action to words, touched the trigger, and his brother was instantly killed. Fortu nately the baby was not hurt?Jtu/.wad b.t po'xk. Makiko Bau Worse.?Adam Harper, ot Georgetown, Ky., who brought a suit tor VtiQO.oOO damages for slander against some of hi relatives, for accusing him of being implicated in the murder of old Jacob and Betsy karpet, has lost his case: and not only that, but the de velopments of the trial threaten to subject him to two indictments?one for being engaged in that murder, and one for being engaged with others In attempting to compel a number of ne groes, by hanging, to confess that they were the parties who eommitted the crima. (PA cokfidbvcb mab is in custody at .Tones ville, Tenn., who pretends to be a pal of the robbers of the Fall City Tobacco bank, ami offered to surrender the robbers and secure the bom 1s if paid fo<W in advance. Papers found in the i*Mse?*ion of the prisoner showed that he made similar offers to officers of other banks robbed recently. The confidence mau is hekl. that the detectives may work up the case. CLt-BBED TO Dbath?On Tuesday night a family named Rica, with some friends, living at Port 'Bruce, Ontario, were attacked as oiev were gettiug ont of a sleigh by five man, armed with clubs, and were beaten so badly that G*o. Price, an old man, has died from the Injuries received: another man. Phillip Wanen, is not expected to survive, and three others are in jured seriously. ?9* Kerosene averaged one victim a week last year in Madison, Wis. TELEGEAJttS TO THE STAR This Afternoon's DUpatche*. ASOCClAi VD rkk^s REPORTS. ? \r? York yolv. sr.> * a Tl<-* sr??l:T iioi t *'??*rn: haviji. TAKES I-< iSo> KtrutE Ml? KXO TTHi*. Sxw V>kk. Mvcb 22 ? A ?Tata meat is pwb licked to day hs*<d on Inforiuiitiju derived from the Tomb* p^lcial, that F.?ter took tl>? m^lit before hi* execution. Abiut fig! t o'clock y<sterday tin* Matron ot the t< nib? fi??nd Fost-'r Pick, and in explanation he (U-'ii admitted ho had taken poison. The man's s> mptoms in e\crvwa> confirmed tbe suspicion. :?i-d on tlii* ar< ount the Stioriff hvti'DMl the e-vemtlcn. aid while many believed tbe duration of the re'Jgiaus <ier?iM v?n telling on Ko?ter'? nfriw it w?? in reality weaknsa? caused by the polsou that w a* acting an him Tbr trmbs phytic a us ni).> Foster witdlil hate died It the exccuuou had been delayed uutil ten o'ekx k. ros.TKn*f rriiKAt.. Villftm Forte r wan bui ie*i this umrn.itg at (?remwood, Hev. lirs. Walker and Tyngof ticiatln*. Atterthe nerrtcr. l>r. Tm Mil ke felt it bis duty to state hi# belief that the report that Foster had taken ikusoii au<l wa&dviiijt at the time of the execution, wan false, that he and l?r. Walker were alone with Foster for tbree-fjnurv r* of .m b?nr imnfdiatet v previous to his ROititf to the seaffold; that he ntyaed in good health, and had remarkable self-posses sion ot hiilad; that he dressed himself with min ute care, conversed fully and freely, wn<l on being \i?ited by the shertt at So clock announced liia r< adiitess In a fnll, cheerful voice, and al tbongb pinioned. ??!koil with a tirtn step, and without a-sistance. to the scaffold, and st-iod until the fatal moment. Itoth clergymen de clared the idea that he attempted or contem plated suicide as entirely inoons,stent with thrtr observation of his physical and moral conduct during tbc last hour* of his life. RIOT tiy A> TR AT> . Tliirty coal laborer* who took the train from Mirabel!:port, Nt ? Jersey, yewterdav retu^-d to pay the tare. Tlie conductor took on board several trackmen to assist htm In putting them oft. A tu,ht ensued and lasted nutil the train reached Leruen Point, Condu< tor Powell wis struck scnw-lt ss with a bar of iron. ?V?nduetor Kebiusun, who happened to lae prew-nt, received a severe scalp wound. Two brak"tn?n anl several rioters were in mi red. Tho majority ?t the latter were arrested. A BAKKBl'PT DKFA TLTER. A Watkhis. New Vork. dlsp itch say? the do IMiration of Sir jah<-rd. the Mining tT'? twer of Srhuy l? r county, w ill am Mint to between *15,00i) and -l'O.'WiO. In audittoti he owes several parties and, from befng supjaosed ty be weal ihy. is iouiiu to be wholly bankrupt. a romirru was appointed last evening bv the creditors cat tbe bankrupt Stuj vesant oauk to employ cour se 1 and to tijjlit the receiver in the courts. <AI I ANTRY Off A NAVAL OFFICER. During the recentpassageot the I'uitedSUt - ^hip Omaha to Valparaiso, four m<*n fell from the fort-top sail yard. All caught iu the rig ging but John < ?wcn?, tbe cHriaenter, who tumbled overUtard and waa t*ta?.iv injured. Witliout ?to|ipiiig? moment to tniiik.Lioatciiant Seth Ackley, of tbe t'nit?d St ?tc* navv. Imme diately leaped overboard after him. Ow.'n* went under, ow ing to h'? injuries. b;tt Ackley was rcerued ttjaia-fiui" iat-rovsi* volunteers, who went alter Lim iu a wUalc huat thro.igh the hca^ v sea. tll.HT ?TRIEI'.< iHMINKVT. It is now stated tliwt a strike is imminent among the jotirneym-*n carpenters' ei^htbonr Uague, which includes tue O'umin piatu naakcre, i^lb-hers. ca'.ainet-makers, dfce., whj are alfo expecU<l to >-ti ike. At a ot-^'tiug of ga^ tm n last night the rccetit a- tionoi tue gas cotu paniea rixincing the w ig. s as *he consideration of eight hours' work was considered. A demand was made lor a ^' iieral strike, and it is sai l that another meeting Ls to he h-*M to-ui^ht nu 1 preparations ma le loi a geuorai strike eari v next week. BY TBV FIRtf at fitc au<l ?;>> Brom-way last ni^ht. tbe follow ing losses were sustain* d A. T. ?> ;u- rest A Co., earriagi?. fr,..iX?U; iiu.ircd i?r v."., *yi. stock, belonging to jH-r- .n- in Ne# Haven, w?.s damaged to the extent of insured for fjftj'W in Connecticut compaoies; Alfred P. Reynold?, fancy liats, Jiui<'t i?lt.isao. in?ure?l for The building w u-iiamag'-d ?4o.i?ai; insured for a^s.non. THE TWTKBU CASE I* THE r.WMUl \TrRE. The state senate committee to investigate the case of ffm. M. Twcd met this morning Tweed's counsel clalnud that til''C"Tnni'*fe, waewithout jurisdiction, a* kiwcTi'Ut hid n- v ' taken his seat in the stato senate. ?nd ue Lad no intention ot doing so. The committee decided that* it was not with In th?ir province to deride t'ie p.Vnt raised awl therefore the investigation should proceed Cuursel took exceptioue. The examination of w i messes commenced. TUB BANK RTATFVBXT is as follows Loans,decrease,apecie, incnase, >.^,60(1; legal-tender, decrease, -111.:^; net debits, decrease, *1,171.30": clr eulat.on. Increase, $3,3W. ? THE WKVTHKB, ' I. ox do*. March ^2?Tue weather throughont P.r.glaiad-to-day b fair. CBLCUBATINU THE KEBMAN XBPKBOlt** BIRTHDAY. IiErrtx. Vareli si.?To-day to a holidar in Berlin, it beiiu> the anniversary of the birtn of the l'iu|<eror tvilliam. Flags are living from public anal private bniMing-. and tlie citv will be illuminated to-ntyht. The Einperor* b years old to-day. AFI OISTMEST OF AMEBICAX BISBOrS BY IUt rorB. Pomf. March 22?The appointment bv the Poj>e oi the tolluwiug bishops for the I'nited States is anrounciil today Very Rev. M A F.arngan for tue diocese of New Vork, and fcev. Mr. C'toss for the diocese of Savannah. Aflkln mm tbe Paellr Ki4e. ( AI'TAIB JACK liBTWKkV TWO EIUES. San Fbavcisco. March 21?A quarrel is re |?rted to have broken out amoug the Modoes. Captain dack has be-*n threatened witb doatli. shouhl he agree to give up six men who are in dieteal lor the murder ol settlers ob laost river. The health of lieu, liillem's troops is excel lent. oi? Erizno rrtLt. ok his Tttms. ? Tin re are two hiiit<lre<l rases of horse di*ea?e in la>s Atigele*. and the disease is spreading ra{ddi> iu all directions. EETUIKl TIOS. P. dro Pino the famous mur<lerer ami aseas. -in of Art/on*, was killed at Aila on March 1st, by one of his countrymen. A Kaltroml MHker Hilled aail An other Mortally Weuaded. St. March 22 Some twenty or thirty men, who a few days ago struck work en the SJoi gh levee works 1" miles below Hanmbal. Me., organized in'o a mob yesterday, andat U< ked Matt. Harris, tiia--kcei?er. and Thonsa stuphton. walking boss of the works, throwing stone*, and tiring pistols at them. Harris and Staph ton returnee the tire, and killed PaT Vaughn, otic of the ringleaders, and mortally woiiii<U.>d Pat McKamara. Harris and Staple" U>u (ml to llannibal, where they were arrested Trouble tm Waatemala. StwIuKK, March 2*2.?tiuatemala advices say that |n the revolution which exists there, and which is headed by Palanos, tbe govern met.t U exiting, shooting, and im|?iaoutng on all sides. Tbc conduct of Eugliah Mluister Cortaett canaetl bitter feeling against England. Corbett sought to secure the ap|ao<utmeut ot one Dent as custom* receiver Bt a local port, ?Uicb was |>ei>onallv objectionable to tbe peo ple. The Ouatemalian government refuse to longer recognize Corbett. Xewa frMa laaaa 8ak FBASC1SO), March 21?The steamer Alaska, which arrived here to-day, brings the following additional new* from Japsn: The government has revoked the prohibition against the exportation of saltpeter, and has imposed an ad valorem duty of B\e per canton that ar ticle. The government baa sent Oaeesklme, second minister of the empire, on a mtostaa to China. New Tobk. WareV a?.?The iTo.ld Talla haawa dispatch says: The new governor et Florida has openly act at deftance the act pro hibiting the goveruoc from appointing to office o4 interim. any pemen who had been nominated for such oSce ami rejected by the senate, aad VSSS^?tmpmM * 9tbf*iod or toe Idp far the nHtom ItHkera, B^ox.^kUrch^a ?The jonrueymen horse ?l each per week, aat the uaimsat or aio per week to each man out at employasea* toy the strike at the lletropottUn keraa rnHrewd gkepa. sa>S|the Sjiaalwls a?e kSMOhjrMriMdf em of the prolonged conflict with the iusurgean. Artillery to ftattrr ? apt. J. eh* ? ?? ? v?? \' MarrB SV? A mrwl <1 :?;??' ? ?rem \>r lUiiriif.<lU"t the lx?t rivrr in, ani; n?< n? will b<* i.rot. ii ?| tr-dav and the trrwrji. nnrr to Tu?* -ake, tfcrrt ??'?? ft*m Cli-Uin .Jack"* ear*. Ne\ ?r*i ta? ?ij -ft vr fount) m K?w wrriv> .1 " 1??e ? r?e Knttronri Knoln'itin. *''* 1T IKil virr *IM?l*T-fc??XI V J"> t> "?*- *?t< M i KlOfW |T*. 1h coicmlttie ot the w V >t k irgV.a"?re to rvsndnr .n*? the rorid-.irt ?? ttj?- Krie r.4 :r >a<t tor t-am ?<r. rto?. and ?*, ???., H **t, turin. need tite iiirr-tigw on vc* t rt?v tu>th;iic. ArcV.i all (t ItokfrtT. the fln* wttnew te t:r< d that he I ad no cenac, tiou with the Vr.* I r?oT t? tCr. ?it tint the*tr<>rt>ir? ?' o rcsigije.l w< t - pa.d a?<t<?.lowa. Unr.Mv law; Tli' ui|'?> n. m<1Ardor. Hii.wm, > umwr t3r.m?, I?i*toii Clark, >*?'. of*". J. I?. Wuite. *- .<**>: ?'t n t?ecrrtarv>, tjS.W; Cruerh, *??.'*0. lb*- nionev pail to witiwiSB M o) fr-ni MrlUuir, ia?t ftvm tlir t'llf raiI<r?v WIUmm |'iw!?ml trom a carpet- tag a BLUlitr of ph<>t? I graphs taken from the looks of tIi** in as irer ot the Kth mlrM ron|>itiT. bfinf rfl|ilr* of re 'ti].tnttfn l>\ vuuuii. pirtlrf fur ?<taa r > t 'r< ? Sickle*. Among tbrin were re?vti.t? in in n. M. M??r|x*. then rni|i4 SUlei marshal. 101 Sl.sno. cMtiud] Iy liltn w ri<uui> 1 lee. W .trv*s*tat,d that mil * ,;uertiv an ord - r wa? n;?eived ft..mW;?*btngt?n. hv Marshal sharpe. directing b.m to aeiae Ike W.ks of t|,e KrU c* n.j anv . mid w,m<d have Wi u nrcutnl | it n". ***? *<sc|nd-d l,T s cretorj H.n.acf. " '<???*? thit ?.*?.???? * a* hk nt in llbut ill < blnniing the repeal cf tho els-fixation ad. The vice prcs.dcntof th. Kri> iaiir??vt fratani auikorlu^i tin- pavment ot M'^.tmiuiMvievt n is, at the tat*- at ???'.???IK l>. lie*. i the money **> ?iriiKribrViUUiull Van d< tbllf. tay i ?>t? i> * ?-Toitv or thk d>rr n'r.T*r. JaTt>ritii<1 Madftttitiwriit m reUUra t<> h l>ian??I ?n ?nooiitio' ot the roi4. ?'hI ??t the ttiicritiatWir. rwnrril |>v i'tm of the Si<'kl Hi e<>i -j iiacx, t?. tli. etiert tlie dire,-tor* w.-rv- id b? b?>uvht uf? In iNont-x (Mm ? >?i.<i>m, lit' Iwik'vtd, tieing the Utal i-rn, , wiit>? notu i?K i*r??v*ll> of tnourj havltif been | aid <ti rr??oi> ro. r?*?l*rtnjt. Vut <i?*T<?t* that mon?y ?a* |?id by tin Aflanfie and Oreat w extern company, and t lat it hac nor htett re. imi-tit ?? ,1 by tbe Ktit c> u|miiiv, ut> to a owl* u lime *ittii'?op|iiiw\1 lilt r? |.. *; .>r tVrLanll. cation act. but u?e?l no mrati* othor than pay. Ir(t tl?" traveling expeaaea of c* rt*lM p,rw>n>, a'.'l k t?< ? nutiiii|(ifaiMf}- bi'itig uaed to mf >i cuec the legislature, al? ?\> iMa<Tc it a ru:? i*ot to mind otber per*otin* bii?io?*M>. (iouki de scribe,! the acene* on th? tneniorable day ai-<t nt^lit ot thr revolution n the Krie eompanr, ai:d to.d ot hi* owu r,*i(iiMti?n Siuc? then, he said, he had a ji-turil Idea ot U??* manitfe nient of the road, and hat a high opinion ot ;t. Fr.oaI Pkim* mtni Altak? mf Jt $$t H . f jft u?(Mi Tl.urMliy cvrtii^ Ji?wm W. l'M?rcu, vhoae u*n,e lia? ti^ur.d m> prom ineiiUy belvre tbe public for the pant year in connection nrttii hw t?o tuaU in tW er.minat court, aiid dual ?a* married to Mi-? I.anra Hi id, bntndt, at her |>ar, ut? re?> den.e, South Poppletoii street. Aiu nij otlier ?pc fiaPy Invited gue-ts were .t.t.l^- TngM* and John P. Hoe. htr eoun^ l. wl?o deteuded ln?ea<e ro ably at the recent trial*. Tlie othciaUuc aiinikter na^the Hey. Scutt Ni?rri?, iMto or ot the Sts.rr Metbodist Protestant t'hureb. AflA the <fren<onr, th?- Urge cotnt>anv pt-earnt were Ua'nixoaielv eutertain,-,l an>t aeveral toaafsol a <*oiiKtatulatoty character were propua.-d. ai d elicited happy respon*. * fr. n. .Iitd^e luflta, Mr. Poe. ai.'l other* The bride na^ tasteful y attire,! in Mik of a lijrht shade, and wore a wreath ot orn!i|re bkJWoms mnl tlowinxvetl or lm-e, while ihe irriMitn ? >rcat>i:it of cotive blatek. Laot r\i*niiif Mr. I*p|?crca and liie wile viaited W:tsbni|tt>>n. where. an< r r*? n^it.iii(j a davor t \%n, tfca* will goon d.rect u? *>" w Yt-rk. where they w ill complete theu i>i. vJhl tour n*Oimorr Ktir'fr, ?? f. F vt vl Arrsir UjLrwaRx I x mi Msi - f?n Sutnrday m^ht laat, r. ?r Mount I', x ih i hutch. alx.nt ?wo aHcn w?vt of Mount Si In v. in this count\. in an altercation w t I h nnurM h,twe u tivuine T. sheet., and Win L Pa*ew, two jvatiji ui ii aged rt?j"Yiiv'-U n :i? t^v-a an?i ik v, nU-cii. Pat,-* tabt<4Ni Sheet* with a pocket k-t t.-. initiating ?wo w.-?an le in the I-ft from theeftect* of which s*i?e?i. died the next m orning. Tha altercaUon grew out ot a de mi:' d i>i>i<lt-. bv Sheets ii|k<ti Pale* lor the pat - He tit ot a <iaarter ot a dollar whu h Pates ow '-d She, ts. < Uai there U?.<< Ueu -<?iij'- ^ilieri-atin k about it at the church during the aervice tbai Tdiiht. and that al ter leaving the church S|^e;. ov i took Pate* on the way. wh?n the n!t?re? tion ? a* renrwert. and w hen Slon-tn a"? * tlted I'ft's and knocked liim d>?n. Pat-* tkea caught Sheets by the leg. t<> which ha was thrown. iMIi arose ?!?>ut rlie firm l inn nWi a Pat?>*Mrtick fthtete with the knife and ran? Sh. ,-ts pursuing for a s|M.rt di?tan ?. n.i* nwara that he had been fatally wttmled?SukaM ( Pa.) S/ *? 'ttlnr. Stbfft Shmium, ArraiK Hirrv fr* * Man am> a V\ oman?Tbe aieepy cit\ of Atim|?il:* Md.. was enliven,,! vcstei-tav morning t>y w ?*reet ahootina serafw<. in which a man an<t a woaian tignr>d. The t>arti<>* w, re .lohn M?11a veil a ad Mrs'Lannon. (.roprKlreae the I niM Stat< s hotel. At alaout iji.arter past nine o'clock they n?i t on Maryland avenue, and when aliout twentv feet apart, it is charged Muliavell llre-d uiajri Mrs Lannon. who prom|>tlv drew and re turn* d the ne th. r shot, however, taking eftect. It if-a'.ao aili-g?'d that the partie* h id ',Hli sk.rjuishiiijj the night he I ore. during which M >. T.Jiition was beaten with an uuii>reila. receiving a eu'on theh-ad. Tui. a flair iss<ip pONi'd fw liave been thegroumlwirkof the abort ing. Mrs. I.annot api < ar<-<t before j .mUc? Gasraway after the .Uuet r<*ue??ulrc and made oath tc the attack, when MuiUvell wi< putnuHi fc.".i'M'is*vui Itv to appeal at court. ai<J ^2,'M) to k ep the peace ? AiHACiyta Ckimb'' iaa my taia harheal itig in the New York|e-i>, genenwlv |?l lowed by a recital of some s*?ry which i? dia I>ose<l to make the reader winder wb. tbrr ltf? mn*: property are bit wore see-ire m fbe str8r? ot the Metropolia u-dav than they w. ra at Hcnnnoar Heath iu the times of Ii^jk Turpiu and Claude I ?weal, only the other day two radians armed with long knives, attacked and robh?d a pa?fltfer on a -treet r-.u. ana the Tri buin- now euppk-tti'-nt. this with an aecOTin* of the attempted murder nr a conductor on Tues day by a drunken passenger, an aaawilt was romiii.tted by at.otUei coixluctor u|<ona taiaseii Ca. atid tlie robbery o;' soui h tlf a <loaen dies ami gentleman whtle ridinp in the car-. The Tribune charges the re*i-mobility npon "the gros* ;,n*l nnprecented d< TUj:ali<;atijii e-t the i<olice" of the city. Errrcr of EARTa?i akks ?>k Mav Hum bohlt remarks that, when -'we feel the ground move tei.fath us. our deceptive faith in the repn*e of nature \auisbes.and we feol ourselves transferred into a realm ot nnknow u and de bUnctive force*. Kvery sound, the faintest notion ol air. arrests attention. To man. the earthquake convoy* the idea ol miliauted ,lan And \ on I-chudi nlih his te*timorv. that "no fanitliaritv with earthquakes can blant lliis feelitig of insecurity. The traveler fiom Hie north ot Kurope wa'.ta with impati ence to teel the movemct i of the earth, met with his ow n eai to liaten to the subterranean sounds, hot, soon as his w,?h is gratifle?|, be ia terror sfrirk< n. and is i>r?,ni(<ted to seek safety ia flight. " Thus It i>- tnat phvwieal phenomena aid in molding the aiental an,| inorai cbnractei of a people. Tl?e cart hifuule records itaelf. not otdy on the inor^auie- viorld, but iu man s spiritual nature. AV tJcgrisiTiva vhap picked d;> a piece of i'ioe?l io<>t atnlcheWod it. Sinulay. at a netgh bar'nbovae. He got down one piece and ?o m<ditatively chewing on another,''when that which was alreadv down, tinned over and com menced to ascend with appalling rapidity. He got out doors and to a fenoe, over which he bait wav threw himsf-If, aud commenced to i?elt the frozen ground with hashed blood-root. It i? a great wonder it didn't kill hiai, a* the root is the most Mwertnl of emetic*, ami he aa allowed enough of it to atart Vaui iue. ? Oa.i bury Airn*. A FEMAt EDrKL WITH kxivcs We rea l Of a sangntnarv duel tought in the Koulevard le Conrcelles, Paris. Two women had quarreled (of coarse) about a man. and agreed to decide their dispute with knive*. Thev set to their blo*?ly work in a house, and one ot them was mortally wounded. As u*ua!, the aau aatter* also, and for aome reason has been arretted, though to l?e loved by two .voting women at the same time would secaitw be punWhaentenough It itselt. ^ WorLi.a'T brerasn tmk Ki i a* ta Oanan to Ceksikk Coaoaaaa -Tb* MaaaachunetU house of rt pre*entnti ve* voMMaUa refused to sus,<nd the rule* prohlbtdng the Intro^luetion business, a four-lttbs vote to snspvnd a rule b*4ag required, a* UM the reaolution een gy yy'y for supporting tbe reUo 5 f7?rr congressional aaiary bill ?a*evclmlod. Tbe resolution was offered by Wood, of Huntn.gtou, which is ia Davos'4to trict. A Tarc8iatLB..We have often looked for a ?rateace that would clearly explain It. A woat wa paper kindly luppiies the waat la thiaboau tHul simile <<Vm might as wall ntlrirt ta shampoo an elephant with a thimble! al of aaap ??d? ns to attempt to 4* baaiaem and Igawa ad vertiMBf Beviu Skntbw< a or Boy ILobbmh John Cong,an, a boy, >ut 17 year* old. aud another M? quite that age, who attacked and rabbed Mr Ant, idi iu the streets?r Now Tork on Sun day night lastrwora each sentenced yesterday to hfteon years ta tbe state prison. Aynrsti Hatkabs Mranan. ? Gbarlee ssnas ^Zl1 KaaTPTABCB AMU iatio*.?A hetef F^wbocb oovna * terlal from that ooaatry to Spain.

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