Newspaper of Evening Star, April 12, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 12, 1873 Page 3
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PROPOSALS. JMOFOSALS FuK I N1?I.VM GOO 1)3? Dsr**iMr>T or rut Imke:??e. I Or r ' 1 Of I ,\ r>i a > Aria.**. Match Ju. 1*3 ( S" i-i :i I ? '1 ? ? Pr- p " <!?f i I?. !'aa G will l<- r- ? ? * ?i -t N IO t!.1 4si Leon ard ??? ??. Sew ) tk. until 15* wVlotk iu, on TI'?.*l'A> .the 5lSId Jay ? t April. Ifj. which pi *ci Willi"- - en for business n and after the $t!i dav of Al>ri', 1*7 f ?r furt-' hing. in the i|naDlilmtli<-r?iu jti <-r ? jiialKfth- ?. ticie? l. .uiej in the I ll>w lnt >t-t: V rtir* 4 point whi*e Mvkinv Blanket*. to r. s-'ire T2\9u inches, an! w ijcti tWilie f- nil a*. t il -ii- S-p> nt wbit* Msekittac Blank'?*, to n? ae'ire "Os 72 rtcli-s. ami w eigh eight ? unds. ,'?r. t >:r- J1, p i:.? white Mackinac Blaak'-t*, to r 'taiir ? J?'K "itches. and weigh six sound*. fCJ p:i:ra 2 point white M-ickin*<- Blank?t?. to n isur.- ?M? iiich< ?, ami veigh lu and one ontrter pand-. a r ?:r? ISpotnt white Mfkiuac Blank?t?,t? i.j sure X\tr, inches, and weigh four aud one ?p trter ponm!*. * i air* t> int ??.-*rl?t Mackinac Blanket*, to sure 72VA> inch-*, and v - .?li twelve p >004*. 1.2" p ur> 3 point scarlst Mackinac Blanket1), to t- :i<n:?(tollinckN,Mideigbt p^nuJ-i. Is1 r?.:s 2H-poiitt ?carlet Mackinac Bianitets, to n. i-nre M\66 inch- ?. and weigh six p ouods. fc; > ? ? 2-p"int scarlet Mackii a.- Blink-Is. to i' 42\*i inches. an l weigh five and uuf ?inarier p- ?it,?i^. i,i- |t nr? t p. iiii indtgo t?7n-' Mackinac B'atikets, I i.j'aeijre 72t'JU inches, aii.l welch twelve r uttde. 2.? pn p3-p?ini imlig l>l i" Mackinac Bl.tuke**, i ? i:te uoire (fcixi2 inches, ,?u I Weigh e.g:il p n?-d?. 2- - l point ind:g- bine Ms'-'ilnac B' n k ???. i.. Tii-M-un M >iu mi ll-*, and weigh iix I- Hs. 2-p :nr indigo bine Mackinac Blankets, i i "Weure 42.46 Indies, sal w igh ti?e ai.-i . ? quarter r> >'? i?<t?. 4 pur' 4 point irr.---u Ma> kinrfC Blaaket^. ti i ->ir? ? 2.iVJii (te^.aiid Weigh twelve p uinl* i y p.-ui; mm Markioa< Bunk-n. to ?- i ?'<? \. 2 in< h?~. and weigh eight p N r ??"* ?<"iti* ?fie?-ii Mttkinac B! mke-i, t it.'?ur? lurhft, and Wiirt us t- . ? 2 poi.if gn-e i Mackin tc B inktti, to i.' - ? i? r?? C%v> iii'ii.%, uiei weigh li\? a..J ? Ts '|t! ?r'?*r p iiid*. * i I- I'uio Li-I Bltv ("i Th. ??'- ? i?.?*??<! L t B.ti - < ? I"' ? Li-i N?r| ?: t ? tirwy Lie Biu-Cloth C ? . i \\ ?> den i ? \\ ????Jen elmwla. 1 li Double Shawl". 4'.'.t ;? Linen Thread. -t?n.!?'l m tko. N ??. ? 11..I I". t? Ollul'i- J t IV l>it;^. DSie find vii ;ej brown 7 * ?: / ii Sp-'. N Cotton, star.':irJ r.mi>?. 2-jO > <tMi?, A-ct.rd ami H cord Calico. ?tiMMlard arints . ^ " I Ii.'iig B'li' l>riilitig. ?. i, c k '1 To img. I?- . -3 i I- Br wu s?n-e:ing. t I ?t*!i la: J 'JS-.tMl' > i' !? -titii.lard Duck,S ^uu. c. V .iM i? pljiJ LtuH^jr. i' r ? I- Bui" Kldnn-I, t will-.! ' Is KU KUnn. l. twilled ?.(??? i I- K-nfnrky Jean*. 1:> "--r : '1 S it met J.' .? v tidw C ?l -red Or-IIirg.(foe ,J- ~j l-'iiag.j ? <t Bl- ich?<i >'i-etitg,vr . -l?r i.l,. i ?.'? ? .??!- Biue 1>> .:!lll ird llickorv Slin tn g. it" n Cotton H iii'lk'-i lii -f. t - Si en's \* ?>l d 'k* t- '? ' i. Wolneu"- W >i H'"? 4 : i i Ch.l lren'? W .1 U - 4 . ?? ,i Woolen Scarf*. 1' !'?: i: i flannel Shirt* t ?. Klatifel gb rta. i. i liokory Shiits. !.!?? i i!k-> Miirts. 4 1 U . men - Wool ll< -d*. :. >; - v\ .i iiojds. > It- IJetl *' tverleta. ? i ' d? Tarn, aborted color*. | iiud* Uilliug Twine, 2 a> i 3c ri, ei';al ?, . .nf ii !??. N ?. H.S vkI l > ' r i.ijd-C ttoo Jlntre, for tfciu-*. f' p id* Indigo. '?-'"t ' :i U--t C'*-i st'-el Aic*. 3 to I i p ii:. I*. 4-1 I /? i U'?l l'?l ?t?-e| l - AVes,h.t!ldled. '? t '? ?' *l? A \ II a l<il*?, 3n in* It, X??. 1. 1 l '- '? tii-iied-irou Presenilis K Lil ??, 3*? to l tji'artt. 1 J >: xhort-haftdlf Fry P.?:.? X .* | 2. ail J incqoal 'juantitie - ' /> n Till P n-, p:e**e.|. 2. 1. ha.1 6 i? irt*. .'V :''-n Til! Pljje*. s- ' /t-nTiaC ip , pin?*. ' n Tin Cnt*?, ?ni.irt* -n Tin pa.i*. no ?!*-. *. It, a . I u ?i' art*. 4 n Tin Pa l*, with cover*, 3, lo. a:nill ?ji.artw. - I -m Tin Pipper-. I .ng handle*. I '? ? *1* Tis Coflee Pot*, 2'luart*. ?ii Fin Coflee P t?. 4 >|ii trt* n tiniK-d iron Tal.i- Sp ? I- ? u tiiinetl ir 'ii T * Sj> .ti I ; Btitch r Knivee, 4 in h. H- n Hi;iitiiiK Kaivt-,6 :r h. i. Skinning Kai?e?.4 inch. '2. u Knit - and Forks, food ao tlitr. 11 P k- I K ih - " 1- ti T-?p? r Saw Kile*, is inrh .47 nMlfl-awFile*. * t Plapter** || **i,Si>.5, test ca-<! ,-t-el. 1 ? v. II % Ii >nd!es. *' ' /en Hatchet*. ? I i ???ti ll*iid -tw?. '?'I'i . -n Fuh ll't'ks, aw> e., | -- I ' t. Fi-li Line*, a**? r, i ? .. - i. S, wing AI*. i-'-' "i Sew tug-aw l Handle*. ii Ca.-t--tee| Shear*,7't ati l j inches. 41. . . !i t -;?r*e t . n:b*. 1- n Kmetootb Conibs, I -n Open Thiuiblt *. ?' ?" ; /in.- >lirror?. a-- tted siz^s. IfjW N ? ??'e. Glover*'. Wit'- > er Trap-. Newhonv-. J| .. 4 6t M: h Trap-, N. wbous. S,?- * ?: 1. K. ttl-s, in ne-t* of tiir -<*. 5 B a.N, a>~?rt> d Col <rs l*1" I* ?h.-vltal? Pipe*. 4 ? I". i Stem< 3.142 S t k Coat*, aesorted ei*es, for ru n. 4.*t-'-2 I' ?i.t*. a-* -it. d fi/.es. for ^ ?**?, l*?^o^!ed ?iie?, for men. 374 L'~??e Sack Overcoats, large sixe. Xk' Snits(jarket aud pants) for b >jrs Sre to t"fl v. ;tr* of age *r!'' P''y* flT? to ten rears of age. 6 !1" u'11 * 5 "?.1 H-'ts. to-rte f Bjz..* ?? | c<;)or, 1. :? K j * It it*, aborted sizes and Colors. > H -arr Ca--in:-re Cap*. I..YJp>.irn M-n.'s Shoes, food quality, assorted WWJ^. 7?l pairs Women's Shoee. g^>^d .juality, a-isorted fairs B ys' Sh tea. g.x*| ,inalitr. Mo*. 5 and 4. ^:^.r?a 9<Hjd quality, a**)rttxi 321 pairs Children - Shoes, good -ittality, assorted ^ 7#*#. 9.4t?j jv n:i4s Tobacco, Plug. p uad* 8rui king Tobacco. Vt ?!r ?a o. mu.i be delivered in K.w u -*t ur ?>y the l*t day of June Also. tM- following Blank-1-., which will be re ?>t led i l-e delivered by the 1st day or Angnst next: i,4t* p -ir- 3 point White Mackinac Blankets, to r 'T'l's* 'i0x', 'liCh,',t and weigh eight lv*'p-ursrS-poiat white M-tcklnac Blanket*, to _ " '"ure MaM luche*. and weigh aix pounds ?? p ir-2 point white Mackinac Blankets, to v t*nre 42\I6 tnciies auti weigh hve aiid oue ? in rtfr pounds. l.<i r >!r? 3p->int scarlet Mackinac Blankets, to | <*ix71 1 uchee, and weigh eight -quarter iw>ntid* ?: i-'i pail ft 3-p-<iut indigo bin - Markmic B! ink t*, t u ? amire 6e\.j iDth 's, and weigh eight p- Audi. 2. - -pi istVpoint indigobl'i-. Mackinac Blank?ts. I T"-..sure H\6o inches, and weigh six r ii1!."*. X-' 1.1 2 p.'int Indigo bine M t kinac BUnkets t m anile 42x46 inches,and Weigh five aud ?i e- .uarter p nuda. 1 i ' ' - !t*? p int gr^en M ickinac Blankets, to II --lire54\U> 'iche-. an?l ?-ign six p ?iin-1* p * 2 point gr eD Mackinac B'.ank-ts, to i:.. i-i re 4.\4o ii. and weigh il.e aud ??ne-qnarter pounds, Tii I - wiil ).<? . p-ned in the presence of the Indian rommi-iouer* and a committa* to tee il -iii a!.*t t > t he Secretory of tlie Interior, as n-i.VlMr :? r receivini; the sani - shall have t-xpue.: and the contract* will ^ ^ lli- r. at . r a- prmti able. Faitu - l idding ar ? requireal t? furnish sample*of tl.e ar?i< Irs bid lor. Ail the sample* .f eat h bidder (?hall le l-wignated bj a private loark attached to ?-a. It -ai! pie. corresponding with mat as on the pro p?:il.. The pi ce- must I e given without ati> modification er pri p-?-d w-mIiBeat 1011 whate?er. The r;ght will I - re*erv-d to re?|ture a greater or i '?> <ii:ai wty (not excee?tli.g 2S le r cent, in either 1 ?*? ) of i> ? f the articles than that -p.-. itied in the ?l ?e h dwle- at the pric?? pr ?pan(. Tie- r.?hl will be r-ser>e.1 to reject ?nv or all pro p. . .l?- if euch a c urse should be deemed for the iu jer...** f the U'ii(Tiaeat All articlea fnrnb>betl nnd?r contract will be rw tiuired I?e delivered, packed and mai ked for ship ment. w ithout extracharg- for caaea or baling when la original package*. a<wording to directions which will I* gtven. at a warehouse to be d-^signate-l in the rt-ftpeiTti. i-itiea where the gootis are receiTe-l. and will I ? *t.I jeet to iti?p? ti-'ti by the B 'ard of Indian C' lin :..t,er* up- iiite.1 |.y the Pr.wident, and Mi. It it. 'Kls'.i a"t:- le? as mav in any respect fail to cotil >n. t ? the -anipl-t. will t-a rela ted, aud iu that raee the c.-ntwtor will be !?-uud to furnish others <.f the required kind or inality withi'i .<f? days; or if that It not dme, they will be purchased at his **aer?". No I ids will be cor.*idered from persons who hare fail. <1 to c inpl> with tue requirtujeuU of a former g"u?ract. . entrant, or part thereof, will be permitted to b? a?:n -d or bv other parties without the tsrittec c .ueect of the Secret ?r> of the Interior. Pa? re. t will be made Tor th- food* purchased on t',- pi-. litati. n of 1 he invoice* thereof at this trilice. wlter the* -hail have been properly approval. No pi. pteiwi will |w> considered that a-es not Btnctl> c. uiply with the following form: ?? 1?^r ?e 1 pr p. ?ee to furnish the Indian Depart men'. at < oniisg to the term* -f the advertisement of the 4' iiiii .asioiHT of Indian A [fairs, dated March II), KV the following articles at the prices thereto ?Aixeti. i Here insert the list of articles pr-posed to be furuislieo.) >aid articles are to be delivered in (here ina- rt the j r p. -ed place of dellvary) by the (lueert date. > Antl it this pr -p -ai Its accepted, I (or we) will. wttMn tew days after K-tng n.Hifled, execute m tout 1 act*. and give security to thel'.m imssici er <>f Iielian Affairs for the laithful perform ance of the same." K*. '. pr poeal must be accompanied by a guaranty in th* f< llowing form, to 1* -uned by two respou aihle per* ?s, wh.tse?ufficietic) mnst he certified br si |'ni*e-l States Judge or Di-trict Attorney: "Mr hereby jolutTj and -overall) guarantee that the al" ve bidden or bidders.) If a contract ? hall bo ?w ardert to h?i (or th*-m) according to his (or t tiatr) t>id or ir??posal. will execute ^contract accordingly, attd f i?f th** r^ubite security for lh^ faithfal p**r f th- -mmc, a? prMcriM in tba *\x?r time ut for Pri p -ai- for Indian Ootids, dat d March *? ICS: and in the event of his<or their) fail arr t >doso, *? herebv sgree aud bind ourselves, m-.r heirs, executors and administrators, to forfeit and pa. t the l'nite.1 State*, as damages, a snm not lean Dull fifteen per cent, on the amouut of stud bid or pr p.-sal.*' ftond* will be retinired in the amonnt of the bid for the faithful pe-formance of the rontratf, with two or n-r?re sureties, whoee sufllciewcy Must becar 4ifletl 10 I > a Culled State* Jndi^s or Dietrie^Attor *1 ndig Acting CftHipiMloW, .m. ctrM, AUCTION SALES. ft Tl RE DAYS. B * P I! WARNER. R ?1 E-tVe Br k?r sr. I Anctiou-or. So. 7si*? 7ih M??? G anil H. TRrmF^MITOF AT1IRF.E STORY BKI R H'?l>E, No. Hi FIFTH STREET SOUTH V EST, AT AUCTION. B> ?trine of a of tra?t to D%aie! t. Elton Kg?nd my self t dated Mirth 29.1373, anl duly re- ] *? oorde'1 in Li'-r No. 6i2. f.-lio 6], on? of the lsul iw rds f?.r Washington, D.C., I will sell a' politic auction, ir. fr> nt of the premises, to the highest ? i ??? r. m THURSDAY, th" 85?h ?Ut if Msrrh, at 4 o'cl. ck p. in , all that pirt of L^t No It, ir. (kinir N r? S'?. containrd wt?'.iln th? foj! ,w:<.g metes and bouivi-. B ?iuning for the & ime nt a 17', fe.-t from the locth^Mt corner of Lot Ji >. 13, anl running th-nce north I7*? feet; thm:? west to the r>'?r line r>f h?:d lot; thence s-uth I7H feet, snd th-nce e*-t to the pla?.e of beginning, togeih ?r with the improvement* tbei on. T-mmr Th? amount of ird -bU'dtew Mctirtd by wid deed of trust unpaid, with the <-\(."ii-tea uf ?ile, in cash, and the b?l*nc- ?l aim and twelv? months to lie secured by * di"d r.f tr;sM up u the pr >porty *cM,*ith iiit--re?t from th u) of rale. Sia>j 1 ? pmit on acceptance nf bid., It terms of sale are nst con.plied with with n n"!) da?s utter ?al", the pt port* te be refold at th< r sk aul cost of the de faulting purchaser. GKO. W. STICKNF.T. StSr?hlng Trn-tee. f5- eo*d- li H. V ,\R>"KK, Aucfr. ?VTIIE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED null! Till ESliAT, An .1 lO, li'J,- hour i 1 pi-*-'. B) order i f tl. ? Trn" ... D^l r. If WARNER. Autii?r. It * THE AR'iVK SAl E fS POSTPONED until W EDNEsl'\Y, Api ! I'i 1-C3. at 6 o'clock p. in.. Mint. plare. i" order f th Trn-tee. B If W AKNHTl. A ?! . "i li 11 WARNER. ? I! I K?t*4e Br-A^r ar-l \u-tiomeer, .7897 1. nr. ??{. t.i ; v. . t> j .1 ii *!s. B PUBLIC SALT ''E YEIIY Y ALT ABLE PROP EKTT OB 7 r;i STREET, OPIOSITE 1 patent office?a k\kk change T" PURCHASE ONE OF THE BEST PlEt ES OK PROPERTY IN WASHINGTON CITY. -?*s We will ifter for sale, at | nMir .?ro "ion, on Q:iil R.-PAY, Vpril'JIrh, at t? u'clwck p m.. *3 folloari e d'-' iib-1 real estate, t" ?"it:? T?e' t> (30)fe?t on 7i!i ?tr> t, be??i>en F and (} ?trn ^ nortl.m.Tt, opp- ,ite the Pittruit Offlr ?, r ran > t.. ir?r m a r"int tv. ??!>- |3 I f. r s >i *!i fr ni tl.e r iutl ui ?! corm-r <-f 7;li : I'd (? itreeta n rihwe-t. ?: <1 running tl.e: , e r nth tui-u*.\ feet. a-.d thei.c ? l>jr ih- vidth I twenty feet * --t one liucdr -d m l t? ?> feet ai.d three inches. Th" "ast ! >nr fee by -ai.1 h i.lth i- nuliject ti. tli" ibr id Til mu i- B iter-,hi* heirs hi..I aaeiintF, f r an all- y. Tl nil -y? i:? eighl feet and* inches wil *, and fur the iH" of ihl? lot and .'I:er~ Thi-i> a pi?rt f l t? nnmhvr d tw-lve a*?1 thirteen, in F-|ii?ri- tn:iubere<l I iiir handr"il md Pftv tive, and i? improved b> a t lire -*>t .rv and-at tic hri.-k tn i Id inc. It i? opp niie nearly the crater of tlie I'ati lit Oflii ", on > ti lircet. The title in perfect Terms of sale nr. ; O..' third ca-h.and buln!i?4 in , ts elTe and ? ighteen ni 'nth-, v. ii h interest. 0?*:i vey.iiirina af thecost of the purchaser. Deferred payments to be secured bi de-d of tru-it on 111- ! premi.iee In case the terms of sale are not complied v.t U vitthin ti\e d..y< after the >;de. the riirht i- reserved to resell the property at tli" ri-k and c -t o* the defaulting purchaser, hv advertisirg three times in the E?eniug Star. $9?Jd >w;i on at ? ;>iauct'ot bid. .'OH N H. GOUDARP, Ex?cut r. 1. <? HTNE. Attorney. eWoAds |R p.AAnz.j B 11. \V A UNER. Atrt BY LATIMER A CLEARY. Re?l Estate Brok"rs and Anrtioneer*. !s utliwest corner Penn-\Ivnnia avenue aud lltb St., Siar Offir" Building. V ALNUT AND MAHOGANY P\R!.OR Fl'RNI TI RE. FRENCH PLATE MIRRORS. WAL NI T AND MAHOGANY 51 AliBl.E top TA Bl ES, CRIMSON REP LAMBROKIN AND LACK CURTAINS, MANTLE ORN A MENTS. X* RY SUPERIOR BED LOUNGE, ENGLISH BODY BRUSSELS AND OTHER CARPETS, NEARLY NEW; STRAW MATTING.MAHOG ANY BOOKCASE AND SECRETARY, OIL CLOTH, 11 \T RACK. WALNUT AND PAINTED WARDROBES. MAIIOOANY i tn im; table, o \k c. s ch airs, cro :k ELK AND GLASSWARE. M\HOGANY AND WALNUT M T CHAMBER FURNITURE. HAIR and HUSK M \TTRESSES. BOLSTERS AND PILLOWS. STOVES. T<?ILET sett'', i i 'OK IN G ST<?VE. KITCUEN REQUISITES, Ac , ,tr.. AT Al t TION. A On THURSDAY MORNING. Ap i' 1 7? li, m. at 10 ?'cl 11, we will ?e|i. at N ' 7StU Itth WSt^triet, l?t?,i|i N-* Y'..rk a ?nil* ami II |W|s'riet, (ml: .inii:i W !k r'- ri-s':i'irnnt.? the above-named e ?> d?. ti'gother ?ith mini ? o r* ijiin, c? f-: r'> l i. l.'i ii .?in d LATIMER A CLEVRT. A net*. J > Y LATIMER A CLEARY, * Am ' ? i ? ai. 1 R t1 E- a* ? Br kers. S- nth west corner P nr.syDania avi-r.ue aud 11th at.. Star Office Building. T.'iUSFFS SAI.F OF VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON TIIE SEVENTH STREET ROAD. NEARLY OPI . SjTi.; THE SOHI ET ZEN PARK ?B> virtue of a d' "d ? f tru*t,! arinc date the ?th day of Ma>. A D. 1<"'.', .?nd recorded In Liber No. 6S2, at Mio xvt. i f the Land R *cord? of the Ointrict of C'-ltnnliia, and at the renu?.st of the person secured thereby, ?t- stiall si ll in fr nt of the pr. mises, on FRIDAY,the jith dn; of April, liT.1, at & o'clock p. ni.. Lots nutnlierisl 17, 2S. W and 3U, in Bl>>ck 9 iii Todd and Brown's subdivision nf Mt. Pleasant,togi-ther with theimprovem-'ritsthere on, Consisting of a nearly new. cirnif >rtabl? Fra:ne Dwi-llir.g, with necessary I'lit-buildiiiK*. ?U in ? >od condition; well .f excellent water on the premises. The B' ondary and Silver Spring Il^rse Railroad pa-s the diif>r. Tenns of sale: Amount of ind? l t' dn"ss ?ecnred by the deed of trust (being with interest at 10 per cent, per annum from ths l'i!h of May, 18*2,) and exjv-nse# of dale ( w hirh w ill be mail" known on ?lav of sab ), w ill be reijuired in cash; the balance in 6 and 12 month", to be secured by a deed of trust np> n the property #!>?> down at time of sale. If the terms of sale are not complied with within seven day*, the property will be resold at the risk and cost of the d-faultir.e p'irchs*er. Conveyancing at pur chaser's cost. WATKINS ADDISON,/Tr,T, GEORGE EARLE. f Trustees. a2 dJtda LATIMER A CLEARY. Ancts. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner loth and D streets. POSITIVE SALE OF UNIMPROVED REAL ESTATE ON NORTH CAPITOL STREET. BE TWEEN M AND N STREETS NORTH, AT AUCTION. SOn THURSDAY, the 17th 3.S o'clock p.m., we -hall sel',oB the pr>>mis ?*, Lot No. 11, in Square No. 673, being 137 feet S inches front by 13A feet deep, whi> h will bn sold all together or subdivided to suit purchaser*. Terms: One-third ca?h; balance in 6, 12 and IS moiiihs, tor notes bearing interest, and secure.! by a deed of trust on the premise*. Conveyancing at the cost of the ^pon hasers. jliW?l >wiiou the da> of f"as-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Au~ts. DUNCANSON. DOW LINO A CO., Aucts. corner 9th aud D streets northwest. SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY ON 11th STREET. NEAR PENNSYLVANIA AVE Kl E. , On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, April 16. I at & o'clock, we w ill sell, upon the premise*, all lot lot 14, in suuare .Til. havin? a front SO feet upi>n 11th street w it li the depth of l*t, with improve ments upon the same. The above property i? Situated up >n the west ?id? of 11th street we-t, between C ntreet and Pennsvlia ma avenue, ami one of th--m^.-t desirable pieces of property in the ciiy. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6. 12 anl 18 months, not-s l-earins inti-re-t and secured bj a d?ed of trii-t ii|*iii the pr?mi-"s. C mvefl^ii<~inir, Ac., at ? he .'.i-t of the pnrcba-. r. A deposit of J 30 will be required as w.on as t h property is kiiork--il off DUKCANSON. DOW'LING A CO., Ancts. B B' B Y B. U. W ARNER. R"al Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. 75f9 7th street, between G and U streets. PUBLIC SALE OF Lot ON DISMORE STREET. BETWEEN Wth AND lOrn AND E AND F STREETS SOUTH W EST. SI will sell at public snction, ?u MONDAY". April 14. 1673. at 5l? o'clock p. m., tiie s oith half of Lot 31, in Suiiarr&d, fronting B5 feet on I)i-more street southwest. Terms: One-thinl cash; b.'!ancein 6 snd 12 m "nth*. $SU down on acceptance of bid. Conveyancing at purchaser Is cost. alo B. H WARNER. Auctioneer. BY LATIMER A CLEARY. Auctioneers ;nnl Keal Estate Brokers. Si uthwest corner P'-nnsy Ivama av?nue and llib st., Star Office Buildings. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON N STREET. BETWEEN 7th AND ?nt STREETS, AT AUCTION On TIESDAY AFTERNOON. April l.?th. A'j . \l..i k. we will sell, in front of the ? premises, the w e-t part of Lot No. lo, in S<|Uare 434, having a front of 23 feet 4 inches on N street, with a depth of MO feet. A ten-f'F>t alloy on the side. Ti-rms: One-fifth cash; balanc* in 1, 2 and 3 years, with interest at s tier ci lit. Conveyancing at ? ost of fu?i ha-er. ?50 down .it time of sale. all d.vds LATIMER A CLEARY. Aucts. LIVERY STABLES" JB OLCOTT A SON, . BOARDING, LIVERY d SAL* STABLES. 416 3th street, bet. D and E. and Chain Alley, H. between 13th and 14th. Office, Willard* Best carriages furuiahed. Special care paid to the bearding of horses. derjl ly A llison nailor, j*.. LIVERY AND HIRING STABLES. STYLISH CARRIAGES and COACHMEN de-tt-lj 13l? E street northwest. Arlington htables.-k. cbuit, jr. G STREET, Bitwih 17th and 19th. Carriage* by day or night,and for waddtn ties. ONCRESS STABLES V eiTH STREET, B llTWIN D anil B rae* and Buggies for Hire, and a truth supply ol week. gtxsl Horaes for sal" every jyM ly RICHARD YAHT, Proprtstor. WASH. BAILOR'S STABLM ISM S ST. CARRIAGES of the latest stylss constantly on baud and for hire by the day or Booth. Parties, weddings, and receptions furnished wttfe the moat comfortable and elegant Canlayes. Particular attention to buMiai Horsea. aad Horses always for sale and eaichange decli tf Most and sh^ at CARD'S LOAN OFFICE and BA EAR, No. *14 Pennsylvania aveaoa, botweea |H ?th and lOtb sts. The whole of the reaMining JOM Stock, to Ansa! solid hunting ttoid and Si'vst Watches (Swiss aud Auiorican makss). Gold Chains. Rings, Studs, Sleeve Cottons, Ones* T Instruments .most and shall be sold to ? in businsss. Ton save from B ti>M per < Ing here. Goods sold on instalments. Oau aad as*. It will tmj yon. iMssatar, OAIO*, 114 Psunayl vania avenue. jsS-h |SFO.TA? BD1LDSK8 The CAPE ANN GRANITE COMPANY, havhsg eetabliehed an Agaacy to this city, a^, prepared H furnish, at th* shortest notles, all kto& at OCT GRANITE WORE which mt he r*??<vsd by anh? tec!*, bsliders or t wine rate*. We hav* ??nsuuK Eo* ttrisSfcte. Its York ifr.MM AUCTION SALES Ft'TtRK D.1VS. Br GREEN A WILLIAMS, KutUwn, N< . 10U1,Northwest cornerUtb *aJ D street*. CHANCERY SALE OK VALCMM.E PROPER TV ON M STREET, BETWEEN 6rM AM> Til' STREET*. NORTHWEST. gf-?, Under and by virtue of * decree of l'i? S-t F 2 pf<-n.t* Court ol the l>i->t? ict ? f C">?urnbia, passed ?^*10 Equity cnti.-? No. 2 *9; in svid C mrt, * herein Wirt. V W illiitgsford attdwife arecon? ami Truman A. Cook jmt others are n?lrn4uiti, the under <i3ned,tru.?te?'si;uly appointsd in Mill c*itse. * ill sell at public ancti in, in fr- nt of the pren ise?, oe M<>NDA Y, the 21?! day of A,)'11, A. I> l<S7.i, at ItiOrUi^kp m.. a'.' that part of lot sixteen (16) iu square four h-ind11-4.end forty nio ? (?9i, ir. the Cit> c.f Washiugfou, D. C., b* placing at the northeast corner of the lot sud runping west twenty -on* (211 feet; tlience soutU nn? hundred and twenty-four (120 feet, thence eist twenty one121 > fei t; therce one hnndrr-d a-.d tw-Mt> -foor (114 ? feet to the place of hetfinuMie; together with th ? improvements thereon.consisting off a tfcree-rtorr Mick house, fronting twenty-one ?21 > feet oa M street, know n as No. 618. Terms of sale, a? pre?crib"d by d^ree, are: One fourth cash, au<1 the balance in three t- jtial iii?**l ments, for which the notes of the purchaa-.r ? ill be taken, payabl" at six, twelve, and t UUte. n s r. *p? etively from day of sale, with interest at tlr* '?.t^of eisrnt percent, per annum, ?nd secured to .. ? -i-isfaction of the trusters. A depoait ? f .<2.0 w ill be required at the time of sale. If the terms of srle ?re not cotaplit i with within flTe days from th? day of sale, lb" property will he resold at thecv-t aid li'-k of dcMllilK purchaser, after :-n day* ? . tice in any newspaper of the ci;y of W .v?" i;i>; .n. All < untt vtM iiic at the cost i f the snrrhiser. WM. K. MATTIKGLYfT ? ? ? 31 r MORRIS, ^Titt-t s. a" .1,1 Is GItEEN A WILLI VMS. BY LATIMER A CLEARV, ' Auctioneer* aed ReM Es'at Brokers, B"iithweatcorner Pen?ylv?cia avenue aud 11th st , Star Office Buildings. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE IMPROVED ll.i'PEKTY ON SEVENTH STREET EX TIM.EH, NEARLY OPPOSITE I'.I T SOI'TH oh JioWXKl) UNIVERSITY. CONSISTING OK A NEAT TWO STORY FRVME DWELL INC. AND TWO STORY STABLE-LOT BY ?.">G 67 100 ?By virtu* of a d<*ed of lru?t dated N-vemV-r 5:: 2.W, A I> In". , a: 1 duty recorded iu L lor N 6*631, folio 112, on? of the laiul records f >r \\ i-ih unit n comity. In the District of 0-?I?tml?l. **;?! by direction ?-f the party soured th n ty, I will s?lf, at rvllic a-ictiou, in front of the premise', on Till RSDAY. the 17th day of April, A D H7t. at 3 o'clock p.m., all that certain piece, parcel, oi lot of er< nt'd, sitnate. I* ine and beini; in tne county of \\ :-hii:gti'ii, in said District, ?:id known a< lot tivmherwl eighty-two, ,S2.' in the snlslivision of nnt Pl-a^ait i?'nte, as made |,\ Wm. P.Pole J.'hii W. W'ri :iit, :iint recorded anion? th ? r^ conln f >r snid cott!it> in'liei ft ??fth c iuno ?nr ve> or. pa:d |. t ha vine a troi't of 25 feet on th ? tsh n ?lon ?i,d\i!le turnpike or Seventh str-'.-t road, and le-itig of a d- pth of J5o 67-1(^1 feet,r r.taiu in!. C.tlii7ft lio Mgiiare feet, more or I^?s, t g-ther wi.h ihe improvements thereon. Tertvs <f valtf; One-thiidin cash, of which .?1T0 ? - be paid on tcc ptu ? off bid; balaact in six, twel\e, and eighteen months, with Interest at ten ? ? ' nt. nt aimiun, i .ir.ible s.-mi tni.u iily, aadto a-stciired l>y uotcs of pnrchaaer aud dead of trust on pr> perty s< Id. Convej anting aud recording H pur d'.'-erV cost If terms if fate Hre not complied with within six days after M ile,the Trnsfiw re^'rves the r;aht to reaell the propeity at the risk and cost of J< f.iuitit'g purchaser. WM. F HOLTZKAH, Trustee. f2-t LATIMER -V CLE \RY, Atirts. H- Y LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneers and 11 al F>:ate Brokers, :;tbw(.-st corner Peniisylvania ineau? aad 11th ??., fctar Office Building. T1 LITRE'S SALE OK~AN ELEGANT AND t o.MMODDH > PRIVATE KESIDKNi E. SITl' AYI.D IN THE E ASH D -N A BL E P\RT "K THE CITY. VVITU BRICK STAISLlNii AND I I T Bl ILDINtiS. i B- virtue ol a d'isl of trust. I. arir? iUt tie 21*"lulav ol K ?brnary. 1?<71. and i r 1 I ;u L b-t S* No. '"mi. foliojl, et se-j., one,of the la: Ir for Washington county . in the Di-tn t of C detnhia, aid ?t ih' reqwut |>, writing of ih ? part* thereby - . ',r .1. the <nf -criber as Tiu~U-e ? ill off.-r fur -ale on Till RSDAY, the 'J I th da\ -f April Ivt, nt th hioir of A o'clo. k p. n... all tint bW? hi parcel -f uii iii:'l, l\ hiid I in .'oiiuate iii th" rity 1 Wabh* tie District of Columbia, and known and di?i ineiiKhisI iti th - plot -r plan of said citr is s t being lot "I." in Harris t?inl ?iiainiiier's sn)' !i?isi >n ol |.arl of ii'iuare nirithere i "lie hundred an.I-i vn bur (10t>, iuleli\i-i n l> ing i cord-din tli? c of the S''.rn . i of th" citv of W isliincton, in liliei B. f- 11-? lol. toir"th"r with the an l improvements then Maconsietlncoff a large douSle two-s-torv brick h us.-, with Mamiatd roof, ' ? ?t?i e. and oat-hnihlii a*, situated at thec?i . r of C'oi ne<-ti.'Ut a^enne ami I- street. Teru.s of sale: Twe|\?- thousand flve hut, lied d l lai-in cash; th" remainder iu e.,ual y early inii?? at one ai'd two y ? ?ri?, v? i: h intei ^t. |? b ? hj ' ureil by a Ceed . f trust on the premises, or oilier vise to the satisfai ti a of i In p?t n entitle.! th-r t ? Conveyancing at the evpen?- -f the purcha?r If t'-iirs. f sale are not;>liis| with in one we.-k tr >in da1, ofeale, the Tnislee |-"servea th?* ri?ht to res.-ll at lIn risk Mi.d exp use of tli< ilefa-i.ting pur- h ts.-t A ilr|M'sit of tiv e hundred d dlai ?> w ill he reijuir-d at (lie time of the put' has,-. RICHARD VVAI.LACH. Trust.-. J!' f LATIMEK a ' I.EAKV. A : ts. V B.H.?WARNEB, Real E-tate Broker and Aii'tione.-r, N ?. 7*^'J 7th street betwt-eii <? and II sts. r; B M * TRl STEE S SALE OP VALTABLE IMPROVED REAL E-TATE FRONTING o\ I STREET NORTH, BETWEEN NOKTII CAPITOL AND 1st STS. EAST. By virtue of five deeds of trust, bearing date on the 4th day ol Oi tvdier, A. D. 1->71, and dill) recorded in Liber Mo. 6i>3, folio| ;Lii -r 6ii;t. folio 24. et acq.; Liber t>63, folio 27, et sen ; Lib t Wxi. folio 't.t. et aei|., and Liber 6d3. folio 32. et ?e i. of the Land Records for Washington county. D. C., I shall sp|| at put lie auction, in front of the premises, on WEDNESDAY, the *^3dday of April, A. D. 1^73. at A o'clock p. in., all those certain pieces or par cels ot ground, situate and lyiag in said city of Washington, and being known aud described a Lots nun, l.ered ninety -four. (!M.) ninety five, < '.<5.) ninety-six.(96.> ninety seven C<7) and ninety-eight, (M.l in Oilbert'a recorded subdivision of S'|iiare nun bered aix hnndreil and seventy-fi\e.(67'i.? Each of t ie above Lots is improved by a tine two-?tory Bri k Hi'ttse nearly ready for occupancy. Terms of sale: One-third cash; balance in C and 12 months, with interest front day of sale, secured by deed of trust on premUea sold: ?bJU to he paid on each honse at time of sale. If tne terms <>f sale are not .'oniplied with in five days, the Trustee reserves the right to resell the pro pert! at the risk and c .?! of the defaulting purchase'. Iiy advertising three times iu the "Evening Star." All conveyancing at cost of purchaser. W ILLIAM B. TODD. .Ir . TnMe?. as-e.iAds B. H. WARNER. Auct. BY LATIMKB ft CLKABT, Auctioneers and Real Estate Brokers Southwest corner Pennsylvania avenue aud 11th St., Star Office Building. TRLSTEE'S SALE OF AN ENTIRE SQUARE OK GROIND. VERY ELIGIBLY SITUATED, WITHIN ONE SQUARE OF COL I 31BIA RAILWAY. Bv virtue of a deed .f trust to the undersign ^Wed, bearing date the 1st day *f April, A. D. li't. ^"Kiid recorded among the land records of this District, in lil>er No. 6s2. at f dio 3. et #e<i..andby dirictioii of the holder of the notes secured thereby, I will sell at public auctioii, on the premises, on S ATURDAY, the ;<d day of May A D. 117J. at 5 o cl rk p. m., all of Square numbereil niae hnndr-d ami thirty-two, (9.12. > bonnd"d bv north I and K stri ets. and 9th and l(th streets northeast, c jutaiu ilie iu the w hole about 73,138 s-iuare feet. The property w ill be sold subject to a prior deed ? f ti ust, dated October 1. 1S70. but which by Its terms may l?? released upon the pay uient of .si* ceuts per square flKlt. T'rms: One-third cash: the residue In four equal ray iiii uts, at 3, 6, 9. end 12 months, with interest from da* of sale. D"ed given and trust taken. |tUl to be deposited when the property is struck off. w bicli is to be forfeited quless purchaser c- 'ti plies with the terms of sale within five days after sale. Conveyancing at purchaser's cost. FRED. W JONES. Trti-tee. eoAd'r LATIMER * CLEARfc, A ; t-. By wTl. wall a- co.. Marble Building. Nos 900 aud WJ Pa. ave., syulh corner 9;h street. EX' ELI.ENT TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE. CONTAIN ING TEN ROOMS. ON Sru STREET, BETWEEN I AND K STREETS, Ni>i;TII W EST, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. April 1?. ?m at ? o'cl' fn nt of the premises, wt} w ill ?S*sell the above piece of property. being smith I' tri of Lot No. 12, in Square 403. said pari of said lot having a front of >? feet on 8tli street, and run niag back 70 feet, and connecting with a three-toot priv ate alley with the 15 feet wide pav<d public alley 111 s iid square. Terms: One third cash; balance in one and two yens.secured by a deed of trust on the pieinis?*. All 1 onreyancing at the expense of the purchaser. 5 H?i to fee paid dow n on the day of sale. a7 d W. L. WALL A CO, A'icti. By Dftfc ANSON. DOWLING A c5Ta"u< ts., Southeast cut uer of Pth and D streets northwest TRUSTEE S SALE OfTaLUABLE PROPERTY ON biH SOUTHWEST, ON THE ISLAND. I.Br virtueof a d??ed of trus', dated on the (5th day of July , A.D.1S70, and recorded in Liber No. 630, folio 21. A--., of the land records for Washington county, D. C., and by direction of the |>aitv -ecur-sl therein , I will sell at public aucti- n, in fi "lit of the premises, at ft o'clock p. m.,011 MON DAY, the 7th day rf April, A. D UW. all of Lots numbered four (4) and five (6> in the recorded sub division of Square numbered four hundred anil six ty -tive, (466,1 with all the improvements thereon. Terms of sale: tine-half in rash, of which $100 must l.e paid at sale, the deferred payments to be made in six and twelve b.onths, with interest at ten percent, per annum from day of sale?terms to be full) complied with within six days after sale, igh erw ise the Trustee reserves the right to resell at the risk aud cost of llr?t purchaser. All conveyancing J at purchaser's c<*t. WM H. WARD. Trustee. n.2< eoftdaDL'NCAKSON, DOWLING A C0..Aucts. ??"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED until TUESDAY. April 14. 1ST3, same hour and place. g WA RD< Trustee. S3-no Ads DrNCANSOK, DOWLING * CO.. Aocts. FtTTo H ? ALB. By virtue of a deed of trust, hearing date No > emhi-r 21st, 1?7, and recorded in liber B. 0. B.. No. 11, folio in, one of the land records of Washington ci ui.ty. District of Columhia, I will sell on SATUR DAY, April *??h, 1373, at i o'clock. p m., on the firentisee, at puddle auction, to the hlgh-st bidder, ot Ho. 4, In Mock No. 1, in property known as "Mersliau Hill," Washington county, D. 0 Terms of sale: One-third cash; balauce in I and 12 niobtlis, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on th< property. If the terms of sale are not complied with in live days after sale, the property will be re sold at tbe coat of the defaulting purchaser. $100 cash required at the time of sale All conveyancing ai the porchaser's cost. _ "^ JOSEPH T. STEVENS. Trustee. alp-eodds PPWCABSOW, PQWXrBG A CO.,Ancs. ^UCTIOS S ALE . By virtue of a deed of trust, dated June Jtl. lj'ii, and recorded in Liber T and R^No. 2, folio 33. frc., cue ol the lard records for Washington Bounty, District of Columbia. I wiU tell cn SA.TTBDAT, April 19ih, 1373, at * o/cljck p. Ithe premUes, at Public Auction, to the hiirh-st b?VI r. L t h ?. 1, Iu Bloct Mo. 17. Ih pro pert} know** a# "Meridiaa Hill," Waahlagtoji coanty. D. C. , , , T tins of sale: One-third c*h; balaac?_ m Saul A' IIU* VI ?W|X . VH*> agiuu V w ??. vwiw^v ? set v 12 mouths, with Interest, seen rod by de?xl o! trw on ihe property; 6 MM cash required at the time of aale. Ail conveyances at the cost nfllii* irrha*?r LT"ND"N H. 8ttVKNS.Tr?si.e. al? wJrda DCKCANsON.IWWLTMG ?Oo ..\t?ct? AUCTION SALES. ' H TI RK DAYS, I BV LATlMKB A I'lEABT, Auctir necr* and Real Estate Broker*, Svuthweat corner of Penn. avenne uj HUi *tr?et, Star Office Building. CATALOGUE SALE or ELEGANT HOUSE HOLD F! RNITl RE ? STERLING SILVER V ARK. DIXON A RONS MHKFFIELD PLA TED WARE, CUT AND ENGRAVED GLASS * ABR. f?\ On TUESDAY MORNING. Aprtl 13.1373. IH_ at 10 o'clock, at the rMMiniw of a g*ntlem in PSIIeavinfr for Europe. No. ill 00 H Mre-t, being I 1 llhe mihvrm rom?r of H and SIM Ms. north west, we shall sell th<- following elegant Furniture: One Draw in*-room Snite, M me Antoinette styl?. upholstered in Bine Satin Datnask,containing IS pteres. S jv-rb Mantle Ch*k. beautifully inlaid, B u-;uM Table, eleg ?tit I.? e Curtains and Cornice. 0n? French M ^lustte Carpet, containing abmt sev enty-five j ards. Tl r *e linndr?d osaf? of Sterling Silver, made by T ^any, cotnpc&iug Desert and Table Forks, D ssert and Table Spoon*. Teast >ots, Ghee* < *e.,.jp, Butter Knives, 8 'tip l adle. Flat Fork, two C a\> Ladles. Fish Knife and two Sugar Ton?*. D.xon A ben-,' Sheffield Plated Ware. comprising t?i, Round V?C4 table Dishes, two Olluig Disues, l? > extra sis*- Shifting Handles,'? > extra *i?.e Shifting Handle Dishes, " \V:;I' of Troy pattern."' Superior Piat'jd Ware, Fine Table Cutlery, Super . r Cot and Engraved Glass Ware V Inut marble top B 'uff-t Oru&meuU. Snj -ri^r French Chtna Ware. Wiilrmt Extension Dining T ible. W altiut Cabinet, with (lias* front. \\ .ilnnt Secretary and fttolcw). Elegant Lourse*. Antique Chairs. Fine Oil Painting*, Engraving* aud Chromo*. On Walnut Suit-', upholstered :n Cr '"ti.:e. Elegant Black Walnut marble topGhaniH-r Sir?* .. Superior H sir M:?ttre-s<-s, Feather Pillow.-. a-*i Roister*. Sc^-rior and Thre -plv Caip-ts. II..11. Stair Cai |e-t h: ! Vt lvet ti'iJS. T 'let Ware,' aid Tald"*. Shad ?*. C. .king and 11-atire Stoves. A tin* assortment of t 'pp i ami otherC k.og ?. 1 -. A c , X e. N H.?For full particular* of 11?i- elcesnt sal partii * wishing to att-uil will caliont'.e suction i ??firmat a In sue. T-rtns ca?h. i.J* 1 \TIMFR A CLE A RT. Ancts. V U Kr'EN .V W 11.1.1A MS. Ai - No.lOOO North* -1 loth and D streets SALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. C\R PETS. OILC I.OTIlS.GLA>.*> ANItCKOCKERY V ABE AT AC TIOS (7\ On TUESDAY, the 1 3'': day of April.197.1. UL r n m?t ? 'lit a' 10 o'cl .ck h. m?t? shall s?ll, pA at th" re-idcnee ..f n Imli d 'clinn.^ houwkeep / 1 tii'S, No. hit 11 street. I>. tw?-en N >rth Capit ?! and l?t streets north M>-*t, the follow lug named arti rli?? V uliiti' Bedsteads, Bi;r- au sn^l Si.1? T >M> *. \V? nut Kri.ui- I. 'tinge au-1 K-clininv 1 li* .s. .r bolstered in tireen B-p, Walnut <" in -tj.-t ''hairs mid K..c'-,-r-. Yv.iinvt Extensi on TaMe, Mali gatiy Marble-top Sideboard. Marb!e-top Center Tabl-, Oak Dinitig-rootn Chairs's V oik H*?k"t. Window Slial"*, Springs, Painted Ue.i*t?.?d>. B ireau?, a.1.1 \1 ashat ands. ISruThree-ply at.d Ingrain Carpets, Velvet Kusrs a'i.1 Do.a mat' If:<1!Oilcloths and Stair Carets, Stsir 1! >N a:id ( rash. I!u-k an!('?tton-t >p M%ttra?se?.C .kina Ran^f. lie itnig and otli.-r Srov <>s, ?'rx-ker> and Glassvian K itchet Bequi*ite?. A c Terms cash. GREEN * WILLIAM*, si - il Aactioaeera. r> Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. No. 1001, northwest corner loth and D sf?. B Tlil'STEES" SALE OF V \LUA1$LE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION-THREE SToRV IIKII'K DWELLING, with FRENCH ROOF, STREET EAST, BE I WEES B AND ( NORTH. B> \irtu'- of aclee.l of trust.dated Septenil. T p:; 12. Kl. rec.>rd' d in lile-r , folio 31"!, .>t tne ?^?laiid records of Washington county, District ?|i iliimbia. andby dn?ctionof the h.Mer of the lo-je ?e< ured th< r<l.v, w - will s?-ll,Ht public auction, oi. tl"> pr'-piiM-s. on THURSDAY*, Apnl I7,is7s. %t 4 o . lock p.m., all that piece of gronnd in \\ s!i ;? toi cltj, D.C . kn wnm L t I ?? red F,iuCh -. t I A Junkie * -iiImIIi l.ioti of-.inar- 725. 1 i m* of *ale One-third casli^balanre in one and tn? years, with interest at the we often per c-nt. p? t anniini. p;?y?bl" semi-annually,s?m iih?1 b? notes ?ral d?-ed of trust ou the property. to th- *nti?f i< !i"ii < I the O u*tee*. Co-iveyancing aiid re-'ording at put

? I' iico.,1. If t li*-t?-riii!? oi sal are n ?t >?'inpli-sl wit!i in five days from th" day of sale, thw tru-.;e*s r* ? ? r> o th* riu'lit to res"ll the prop.^tty a* the ri*k and ? fc-.o! th* defaulting purchaser. R. P. liODGE. I r V A DARNEIl LE S Tru"4,"t"#* i?7 I GREEN A WILLI AMS. Au i>\ L-l V. AN>oN\ Dow'LING a i >) . \u * i t' >ruer 9ih and D *trei*ta northwest. SALE OF VALUABLE Bl'ILDING LOTS ON CAPITol. 11 i 1.1.. AT AUCTION. SOiiTlll KM)Al AKTERNOON April 17. ai 5 o'clo* k. wn ? ill m-II up' ii the premise*, all of Lot 1, ?<|ti*r< &>?, having a front of .Ylfeft i> inches up<in north D street, with a depth of so f-?*t upon 6th street east. Tlii* pr.'p-rtv i- situat-sl in on* of the most rapidly improving portions of th** cit>. Veing the northwest corner of St hand D ?ts. nort hea*t. Ti :ins- One third rmh; balancf in C. 12 and 13 niotith*, notes bearing inter.-st and sectm-d by deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyancing. Ac., at ru*t of the purrha*er. A ? (? sit of (W will b,- re uuired a* soon a* the prois-rty i* knocked ott. DUNCANSON DOW LING A CO.. Ancts. n i* i Y t KENNEDY. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer.<?I^ 7th st. VALUABLE PROPERTY FOR SALE AT AUC TION-LOT A3. IN SQUARE 413. S, On MONDAY, th. ai*t day of April.MTt-at ?> o'clock p. m., we v ill sell at aa<t!oii>to tne highest bidder, in front of the premises, the f .|l"w i*g described property, distinguishftd a* Lot tilt< tlirei ,(S3.) in fc<|iiare numbered four hilnli si and forty eight,(M3,> in the city of Washington. Di-i i ict of Columbia, and bounded as fallows, to wit: B -giiining at a point on the south siili- of n.rtli N str<i* one hundred and forty six (1461feet west of tin* u >r:heast corner of said *"iuare four hundred an l forty-eight,(lis.) thence south one hundred and Bo ( '--et <> inches to a fifteen foot alley, thence west twenty-six <26>feet, thence north on- hundred ami five(US)feet !? inches ti said north N street, th-nce east along (.aid north N street to the place of l?-gin ni' ?*. T mis of sale: One-third cash; b*la?c? in two e<| i>a)m< ntsiu six aiwl twelve months, at ten pr c*-nt. iuierest per annum, secured by deed of trust on tlie property sold. A deposit of .%loo will be re guiri d on acceptance of bid Couveyaucing at pur chaser's Cost. If terms of sale are uot complied with v itlou five days thereafter, the Trustee* reserve tho ugh: to resell at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. WM B. WOODWARD I Trn,t#p. JNO T. GIVEN, \ ustees. alu-d O.KENNEDY. A net. Y DUNCANSON, DOWLING * CO., Aucts. Southeast corner 9th and D streets northwest. TRUSTEES' SALE OeTaLUABLF IMPROVED PROPERTY AT AUCTION. By virtue of a deed of trust, dated September !ii 17th. K2, and recorded in Liber 6.H. folio 2t*.?. of i*the Und records of M'ashiugton county. Dis trict of Columbia, and by direction of the holder of the note secured thereby, we will sell, a* public auction, on the premises, on MONDAY, Api II Slst. l.*!73, at 4 o'clock p. in. all that piece or arcel of ground known au l described as original .ot nniulx-red four (4.) ius.|iiareaouth of square ?ne hundred and four (lut.) improved by a two-story Frano Building. T> rms of saie. as re.|Uir'sl by said deed, are S2.i??i, with ten per cent, interest from September 17th, H7'.1. together \x it t> the extv-nses of this sale, in cash, and the balance in li and 12 uioatlis. secured by the lint e-of the purchaser, bearing interest at 6 (ver cent., and a deed of trust on the property. S'i'sld >wn when the property is struck off. If the terms of sale are not emptied with, the trustees' reserve tlieriehtto re fell th>- property, at the risk and cost of the default ii g | urchaser. BOBEBT P. DODGE. PHILIP A. DAKNKILE.f 1 r,",te' ? a^ DUNCANSON, DOWLING a CO . Auct*. B\ GBEEN ? WILLIAMS. AoctioneiTs, Southeast corner 7th ami D streets. TIM ?TEE SSALF.oK VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY IN SQUARE No. 07??, NEAR Sr. ALoYSlUS CHURCH. By virtue of a deed of tru?t. dated April 29tli. IS A. D. 1872, and duly r<*cord>*d in liber N-*. till, ?*1 lio 3?>. Ac., *'f th* land records for Washington c >uiity, D. C., and by the direction of the party sr cun.l thereby , I will sell, at public auction, in frout of the premises,on MoNDAi,th-Ulat day of April, A. I>. ls?.i. at U o'clock p. in . all of lot-^iuuibere.{ oue hundred ami twenty *even< I27)and one liuu lr-d and twent> eight < 12-i> and a part of lot numl>ered one hundredatid twenty-nine(1291, in Gilbert's re corded subdivision of square numbered six hundred and seventy-five (ti7.%?, in the city of Washington, with all the improvements thereon, consisting of n-ai I) tinisheil brick dw ellings i.n north I street. A pi tt of the property will lie exhibited at th- sale. Terms of sale: One-half it. cash, of which $100 must be paid at sale upon each house sold; the de ferred na> inents to l?e made in six aud twelve tn Hit lis after (fay of sale, with interest at ten per c.-lit.pT annum, and secured by deed of trust to the satisf ?c ti n i f the Trustee. T* rms to be fully complo-d with w itltiu six days after day of sale, otlierwt*e the Trnstee re?erves the right to n-sell the property, aftet one week * notice, at the risk and co*t of tir*t null liaser. All conveyancing ?t purcha*er's c<M. WM. II. WARD, Trustee ait StawAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. BY C. KENNEDY. Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, did 7tlist. -TBI STEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPER TY AT AUCTION. 9Bv virtue of a deed of trust.dated JuneS6;h, 1S71. and duly recorded June Kth, Kl, in Liber 6tP. folio 6, of the land record* for the Cit> and County of Washington, District of Columbia, and by direction of the party s. cured thereby, we will sell at public auction, to the hjflr-*t bidder, in front of the premises, on Tl'ESDA t , the 22<I day of April. 1473, at A o'clock p. m., lot nnailier ('.?I, iu W. B. Todd's recorded subdivision of original lota numbered six (CI. and seven (7), in xiaare num bered tive hnndred and thirty-seven,AS). Terms of sal*: One-third cash, the balance in six audhnirs luotftks, e^ual payments-with ten per cent int*re*i per aunnm from date of sale.secured by deed of trwst on property sold. A deposit of 9100 on acceptance of bid. If terms of sale are not com plied with within five days after sale the trustee* reserve the right to resell at the cost and risk of the defaulting pcrchaser. Conveyancing at purchaser** COM. WM. K. WOODWARD.? Trustee. JNO. T. GIVEN. ( Trustees. sIC-d C. KENNEDT,Auctiouesf. UCTION SALE Of STANDS IN CENTUK MARKET. Will b* sold at public aucta nTln accetd&uce with section S of the charter ?f the Watblugton Market Company, on THUB&DAY, April 17. UTS, at 1 o'cl?*k p. m.. at the Market, the right to occuh* for the remainder of two y-ars froai Jul) 1. VCt: 4 Butcher* iMands. I Hncksters B'aud*. 4 P* tter Stands. 5 bacon Hiands. 3 Mlseellanectw Stands. ? Wholesale House*, . and aay Mands that have been Abandoned by th* occipsnti). A!*a at the tunf aaJ 'dace ai.y stau<ls owned by Pirtles who deaire them raaold at their exp-nse, and of whieh * uoticah** boen given in writing to tbe Clrrk oftba?aid Ms^fcet Compaov. Tiidauuuai rental, with tenaaair, condlttons of payment, will be s-ated at tune and vi,c* of sale. ^ gMERY Presidei W ssliington Market Company. Wa?*tjseT05 D. c.. April 4, ura. *9 1* II AUCTION 8ALBS. THII AFTERMOOM^ V THt MAS E. WAUOAUAM, R.-*l E*aU A?, i|*? Ttt? -tre"*. CHANCERY SUS OF A rOMFORTVBLR L'W ELLI N'-i <:N ?.-? STREET. BETA* EKN P AM) u MiFHIAvrsT Piioft ?!i< hv tim? of I Wrf?u(lli '8M|if Court rf the P.rtrK I <? <W:M <, d\t-d Jaiot >kry Kh.K-i. *?!?' in a r-n?.u ? jn? ir said r"t>rt. in v lii"i| Frs:i>*!- M *inn an 1 oth?-r- .ire corr ida Finn's, ?:;d Varies W Perkins and r.thera irr 4rl< Mtrst<>, trwber?*i !.?**. F. ?" rtv l> rl?! li, tfi'? tindi rsimed trnsiee in Mid can"* app-ont"4, vrili.onthe liiKi vvnr Ariel. A .I' 4 *0 o'clock p m .soil ?? yoMir id tr->r" of tti? Vremi???, lot r.ninAered 13, ?tl?frt??n.> in Tli im?? ouu^'a and >*m?wl F wler'a suUt5?i*:,r. if-jus numls-red four handrisl an I tw enty '?ne ISl.tinth citr ofWwhiiiitw. District of Ordumbia. The property is sttn.?t-d on S'h "tr^t. I?^??een P and *4 .streets ni.rlhw t and isiotpr *1 H> a v erv comfortable briek dwelling, three stone-, id Ifitlit. nrd balcony fr?nt. Th" t? rms of Rale, a? pr??a<-rib??i t.y R.sif d>cr" ar One-third c?-b and the re*.*ln? m two ?*?o*l in*' <1 meat* of 15 ac?l IS month>. the dcforrrs! j.?v tu ? it* to b"f?r interest from day ?>? sale, (C [wr centum p-t at.ium,1 and to be liena on th. pr>>p-rtjr -??Id. $2V of caah payment to be (riven at tW lim? of std the residue ?I ca?li jajitent to b> m? 1 ? within t.-e iavs.otherwise the property will Ik* at th? c?>-t and risk of the defaulting pt;r..: *>? r Cvic^ey at purchase's co?r _ _ GEO K APPl.EP.T. Tr"s?e-. THOS K. W AUG AM AS, A'jet n\ LATIMER A CLEABT, Auctioneer* and R"?l Estate Br-ik'-rs. Scutlj?a< corner Pernsylvanii aventie ar.1 11 1 -I Star Office Building. MPEEI^R HOUSEHOLD FUBNITURE AT Al l TION a it*, MONDAY MORNING. April li, in. wl ? 'Hi n eii. itg at !? oVIotk, vr? -> ?!! l^Dltl:" I ??-? ?'?li.f N- **10 F ~1T" i- ?'?? f ? I tV :? 11 v :i,g r ll*- ti -v| H i ?' ? G ? I R..?.-w. od cae. P-at.-f ?:t?. Pi ?;? C?v Bow a ood p;uli Bnltf. eight pi MurM - t- p (' Til>! ?, Pui ??k at. I I <% taitn. Ilru-i'ls and Three-ply CNrj'i***. I'. n--?i- -n d ?(? ]>? f i' i" ? O ' t V ?>' '? ? V <limt M rble-T p Ohm'< T I ir:i" u VV ??' \\ hr,!i. , ! ant H' ?<'*, II- " e >r- V a-'?-i a ? Mac<- Snit'f . L >ot ????. W ali-nt < 0! ii1 i i'itri h ? r !?? - imi p ?' II ,ii aad Raak M.ntr. ????*. T >1 W ?? ' V ?lMit Kvtvi ii In:,ick r?' 1-, W> im' ; s'.i' Dh iuh Onai'* (' ? kn a Hint li-sitiii^ S, veil, K:tcli 'n 1, (? AT. <?',I M LATIVEH A- <'LV ART. A'icM ?: -r? V OREEN * WlLLU|lAKtloiH?nI K r^liwcsti >rn?Tol Dili ,?.iJ D ?trv *s. H TP 1 STEF 5 >.M F. l>K A NEW < uTTA'JI IiWKl.LINO nN P STREET. WKTWK.EN to. a \ ANIi I">ip >THEKTS. NORTHWEST Bj xirtiif.t ?ik?-d>>f tru-l, d*t> <1 oiitli-iil Ila? "I N <? nil- i. A l> K"2, a : l .''.I i i 1 ! ' ?a."' in I I . i N ;.C. ! Ij ? IW. Ac., . f th- U-i l r-r oril- of Wi?ijliiii(tt"ii connty, l>. f , ar t hv d^r- rt: m ? ?t tlie party wcnr-1 tl>T>*l>v, I aritl ?"?!! a* n':Uli< 'i 'i , iii front --f the pr'*rni> --. on MONO \ V. *h' 7th d*> of April, A l>. IsTS. at 4 t <vrl.?ck p m .1. t imn.l tT d ?ivty-firfh?. (6*.( in Lane'- ?ut < vi?i..h . f part of S>4iiare numb-re.1 n hiin h^l a I u< -i-t> font,(194 -'fronting t> !?*<?: S inch"- :i n< rtl, p*ir<-ot. with a depth f.i lim t.-ot, to a tui-f. t allev . T? rni?: Otic third caLh, of whi h %! y in';-'. '? pa i'l down at tii?>' of-ah-; balance in nv Mid twelve ?MHtW, with MNHl at a- ien p?r r,?nt.. MVd dei-d Af trust on tlie prenii?eh. All Con e\ aliv n?.?t coel of tli- pnn ham-r. It th? al?->veterms are n t cimpli 1 with wi:.i n live da>a afif-r ?ale,lhe Tiuate^will rosell at t!ie ? <>?i ot til" deluultmif rnr< 1: -? r SAMI'tl. T ORl'RY. Tr> lTnme,lii?tely after the ah-?ve v c ??III ??!! I ? 74. lb and 16, in same a^uar*. .*i-1 1 t? fron:iti2 li?: each op y ?tr?< t, with :? dt ptn "| Khj fet*l T rm*: Oue-foiirth caah: baUoct i:i six.tx-lvc ;?ud eieht?-en Uionth-i, with interest at aereti p-r t i lit., m cureil-in (In- pr>m!si--. >1 I ?'.* :> i, ? .? 'i lot at lime of siile. All c< uveyauciiig a'. purclia*e: - C'li'a GREEK A WILLIAMS, V N. w ?/"THE ABOVE SALE l> ro<TP(INCT n .til Mi?M?A\,l!i I 4'h iu*taut, ai the aaui ti ui tu I plai ??. U> iTil i of t h>-Triist>-?. ar 1 GRKEK ? \\ ILLIVMS, \ \ GREEN A WILLIAMS, AacUoMm. N 10D1, northweat corner lutli and l> strwtj. Ti!' '?TEES SALE OF V ALT ABLE IMPR^VEO HI.AL ESTATE IN Siil ARK *??.< FIMN'T ING ON PENNSYLVANIA AVfcNIK. SB TWKEN ?irw ANIi 7tiiSTHEKTS EAST. e?| BvNir"i"ot a ?' ? -1 ' tin-'. '? - ' ? , . lay of Hartrk, A. D UR, and duly led ta LLtl" I N ?. I>. *. f jIi ? :t;. et -? J. ? f tl' ? l .;i1 r? orda of \Vx?hiiigt ri r tint} . I?i?trict ol I' it? ami !?> diiri-tion ol tli" party-??cured th-r-hv. we ? ill 11 at puMi. auctioi,. iu front uf tli" nion on MONBA V. the |4'li <la> of April \ l? 1<M. ai i.i'ilo k p. in.. Lot iiiiiiil iT I four, j 1.1 in - in.?re I;un.lxTed t-ieht huii litil and s-venty thre<-, -Ct liii th- i itv of Waaliiug' < <n. T>i*t i i< t of 0 dniubia, \* if Ii all ot the itnnrotcm nt* tlier.'on. r.,ti~i?t:'ij ol Mir? nt ? It it k II? ? im-?. We w:!l rt-ll one bowe,rftk th" pi ivIlf-Re ??! the reat. T' rma of sale: Otie-h ilf iti ca*h, of which $Si> nm<t I," paid h* eal" on i-hi h lioiise. tli" deferred pa> mewls to 1 ?? made with interest at the rate of teu p?-r c-at. p<-i annum, uikiv and twelve m oth* after dav of sale, and aecured l? deed of mist toth" a.?ti-fa- !i"^ of the Trustees, or the pnrch taer < an pay the wh 'ie tin i:nt "f purchase nioio-v m caah, at his option. T' lins to Ie* tnlly coh.pli-d with within six .!ai? ?ft"r sale.otherwise the Ti u*teea reserve the right to re*ell the property . after ?!(?? weakMl ,. the risk and cost o| fli st purchaser. Atl conveyattcitif at pi.I chaser^'s coat. F X DOOLEY, i_ SAM L.N IIII.T<>N. J Trn^^' m^-coAdB GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. B \ GREEN A WILLIAMS Aurti..m-er*. No. 1001 uot thwest corner Huh and D a'.g. IV TRESTLES'SALE OF V A LI'ABLE PHttPEKTV IN SQL'A BE ?:i0, FRONTING t?N SECOND SI HEFT EAST. BKTM EEN PENNSYLVANIA A\ KM E AND StO TU A STREET ? B> virtue of ad^-ed of tniat, dated on the ljth Htj of Juue, A D. 1*72. and duly recorded in -Liber Mo. 689, folio f.t, et ae<| . of the land re conUof Washingtoncoimtr. District of Ooiuuihia. ami hv direction of the purt? secured th rehy. we will sell, at public auction, in front of tne piennae-. on MuNDAY, the 14th day of April, A. D liC.t. at 4 o'alock p. ni., the south twenty feet fr m on Sec ond -treet east, by tli- lep'h of th? lot, of I of nnni b'-red four (41. in miuare nnmlnrfil seven Imndiod and thirty ("dOJ. iu tlie city of Washington District of ( olumbia. Terma of tab-: One half in cj??h, of which IflOO n<list be paid at aale; the ibferred pa>m?nta lobe made, with interest at the rate of teu percent, per annum, in 6 and 12 months aft-r day of sale, ant se cured by deed of tru*t to thf aaiisfaetlon of the trna tem.ortli" purchaser can pavrlie ? !i -!- .?iuoioit ot p-ir rcluiae money in caah at bia option. Trina to be fully c -mpli'-d witn w ithin aix daia after aale, otherwise Ihr trnateea reserve the right to re--|l th ? prop"rtjr. after one week's notice, at the risk and coat of first purchaser. All conveyancing at purchaser's e st. E. X. DOOLEY, # TrflBln. a BAM L N. HILTON. \ rrn^"' ni?7 eoAda GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anct*. GREEK * WILLIAM S. Auctioneer*. No. IO01, northweat corner ltfth aud D *ta. TRI STEE S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPER TY NEAR ST AI.0Y3II S iHl'RlH. I B} v irtue of a d"isi of trust, dated An?il*t S, A D. lH71,and lul\ rec..rd?al in Liber No.CJ, '?folio ?tW. 4c., ..f the land record* for Washing ton c> unty, D.and l>> direction of tlieptrtvse curni thereby, I will a-ll at public auction in front of the premisea,on MONDAY, April I4tn.A D. 1873. ?' 4 oVIoe^ p m.. all of lots numb.Ted one hundred and aeventy-fonr. <!7t.> one hnndrtsi and seventy-live. (175,) one hundr -d and *eventv-ais, (17ii. i one hundre<l an 1 wv-ntv ?even,(IT7,l >ne hun drul and aeventv-eiglil,?17S.I and one lmteli.* and seven!) nine, (179.) in Gilb-rt's recorded aatelivi s'on of square numbered ai* hnndr.-d and s(>v?.nty fi? e, <675.1 iti the city of Washington, with a!! the Improvements thereon, being six nearly finish-d brn k dwellings. Terms of sale: One-third cash: balance in sis ani twelve mouths, t?? be ?"Cured by deed of trust on the property to the aatisfio ti n of the Trust .??. A 4" poait i f one hiindied dollars reijiiir-*l on each house at (lie time of sale. Terms t.- be full* r-.nipli?s| w itH within six dav* after sale, otherwise the Trustee re serve* tlie tight to reei II the property ai tlieri*k and cost of fir*t purchaser. A!1 conveyancing at pur chaser's coet. WILLIAM 11. WARD. TiWt--. nt-eoAd* GREEN A WILLIAMS. \i:ct?. Y GREEN ? WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, No. 1001, northwest corner Itnh and D sts. TRI STF.E S SALE OfTaLUABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY IN SOl'AKB No. 67 j, NEAR ST. ALOYSIt'S OIU'ROH. ^js By virtue of a deed >>f trust. dated onih"tirst ^Hi'ay of June, A D 1*71, and duly rec >rd?d in ?^?liber No. 6tt, fidio 4H< Ac., of the I . I recorJs ror Wasliiiigtou entity. D. C., and liy Jir.-s-ti? >n of the paiti aecured thereby. 1 vaill -ell. ?t puMic aiic B [ion. in front of the premises,on MONDAY, th* 14th day of April. A D. 1>S. ai it o'ebx-k p. in . tlie rollowini; described lots iu Gilbert's r*<v>rde?l sal-di rision of a>|tiare numU>red six hundred and ???venty Ivc (?'.7#).iu the city of Washington, that is: L >ts No*. 11'.'. 113.114 and IIS,each improved by a n-arly inisl.ed h oi*", Ironting on north I street. Lots N ?*. 152 153,164, 155. 156,157.15*. IU. Its). 161 and 1,2. all it111n'proved, and froutiug on Myrtle street. Terms of aale made known at day of sale, and de p sit at sale of on each improved lot, and S25 >n eai h unimproved lot. T -rats of sale to be fully i mplied witn within aix days after day of sale; Kherwise the trustee reserves th-' right to resell, af ter one week^ no?ir.?, at the risk and cost of first Miicl-aser. All conve} ai.cin* at purchas. r's coat. WM. H. WARD, Trustee. n.He.. A da GREEN A WILLIAMS. An.fa. BY GREEN a WILLIAMS. Auctioneers, Northwest corner lutli and D streets. TWO STORY FRAME H0CSE AND LOT, FRONTING ON 7t* STREET WEST. BE TW EKN B AND S STREETS MORTU, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 14th Inst .at *,'? o'clock E m , we shall sell, on the premises, pan Lot No. 9, ia Sunare No. 419, being a good front and lull tret deep, with the improvements, consisting of i Krame Dwelling House, H?. 1126, aud near the new northern market. Teuns: One-third cash, balance In* nod IX m-mtha, ror note* bearing Interest. and secured by a desd of trust on th* premises. Conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. #100 down on the day of sale. _*Ad GREEN A WILLIAMS. A nets. DT LATIKKK A CLRARI, D R?sl Eat as* Brokers and Aaettnsfver*, Saathweat comer Pennsylvania avenue mud 111h St. Star OMc? Bnihtiag. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF HOUSEHOLD EURMI TUBE. gfk By vlrtne of a d.-ed ?vf lrt?s?, dated the ll'h RI day iif March, laJS, and recorded in L!l>er No |^7iB folio 4K, oue of tlie Chattel Beeorda for rFIWashington county, D. O., I will sell, on ? TUESDAY, April 83d, 1ST3. th? en^re c*n t'-nt* of bouse Ho. 30ft D street, between JJ a lot 41 h ?re?-ts northwest, consisting In part of? W alnut and Mahogany Parlor Tornttnre. W-ilnut Marble-lop aDd other Tables. Bruasel*. Three plv and Ingrain Oarp*t*. Walnut Fxteuslon T?M?, Lace Curiam*. China. Crockery and Glas*? ire. Marble-top Chamber furniture. Painted Cottage Set. _ W 'rdrole-a. Brrean?. B Kf-nd- aul W^' . ,W?n<1?. Bliiii S|kI Cvttna E*tt?' '"' -? TWik.-; Si? i;**. Feather B -tai era ?n*l Pill ?w?. Straw Matting-ToiletS*'a. ? Kitchen Reflnisitef, Ac., tf. Trmacash. WM t. KI MM ELL. Trustee. aU viu LATIMER * CLEARY Aoct*. ATCTION sales. I n green a hiilumk. ' N 1O01. Bonh?i-?( mtuer l*.b aul D at*. JO r>? 7>> MAIM'T CaNESF\T CHAIR* ct fii"" -f r???t ?() I ? ati<: pan ??????. ?? ?i ..? ? V-L ' ' MNP* f, A ?' 11 MB-n-air. at 1(1 i.', i <ck a M If IT -n.-i .>1. GR"EN A V II.' | * V? ?is (r?|Mi?j) iwh^. B1 t.l'Ei N \ WILLI \M,j. * SALE l-F nrr^ERi?M? FrRNITliCE PI \N?'^ rvi>-Kl- INx.&MN vM> (iTHK?: < \rrifT> u m m t ??) i? M"*i sen ?.? IKATHIK* *K1?. h?lg M vTTI.W?r S 4 1.. Ac . AT A1 CTI< >. K--C?v ??n M"M>AV. April I4*k. I?nt *? 10 ? w. a iii , ? ?? anaii wll.n (fiiM t i 111 II ill' -in*. Iw t il mn( ( s?t?. ' ir i ? i|m Utfa 1*4 \ 4** ' .i:tnf k.>g? ? v|uL4, * 1 ? Pia-s*?. P?r! >t Su te?, ape 4*tere.t ia re? vi I ha r cl 'b. I' i< \? al <?.' M M ?-???? < Vamb -r S ir ?. One Marbl- I'f C Suit.-. -'i?k Set*. n?ar> new, 1. r^ i*- >rmt' Tit * *it-'???J i h\ir? I'M fi 1 F 1 ?. Curtain sn4 Lambr--**'i? a IC'fiuH, B- ??-wi-. 11 ?iaiu *.n.L ?; .tr Car p ?*-. W i:.!' 0?k Km 1 'D ?r.J D : u * T O H ill n*"4 J1' <ii Oil will., 1' ??!??? |! -I- . I* i!..?r? it..I 11 la* ?? M <ir. 11 !>k, ?'"1 1 *H?n- | M Ut.?-s I. i - Hat Tr *?. aid Spring*, i a* tU- uil i r ker? W ir-, P?-l r and ?*lirt St i 'frt'tSty y gp.efs ? wr* * -?? I* V l?t >i VVmiN . HOV> LISG A i'i? . A i ? !?. I' hxlk wt cvjiim Vk t?l D >tr t. ,-rth?-*t <MF I CARRMGi:* W ?an>. rilUT'iNx. 11 r *>" t p m ?miev p<?>tp??me4? f apu |W w t i i ???. Ar ?? i- mii t? ?, ,1 ?. I, , r ? ? i f n n.ltlir tl> >m .I kk. .?? i i j:' . ? t. ?w ?I ' Uf f I' ?. 11 1)1 N? ?N=OV pom ISO t ? |> \ r\ ? h7 vi a kkkC K Hi K? ?'? Brukt* sui<l liKtioiiivr, N . *<>9 7ttiuc I I' -l?rM U *...1 11. Pi lTKUMF OF BCIl.MKC I 'ToNTMK ? KST MI K ?i? I-t .^rKKICl ?bl. l< VMKKN !? AM1 K >TKK.KT^ 1 > 1- .i?kl'M.?l'\V.\p l?i l\l, v K9 p*?i S oVIuck, Mit ? ; iu ml l l ?lrf t ?i>t,uij lui.tiniK b.-i ? lit I : l.i il'l? . all >. T.-rtn?- OM-litlf' *?h; h^'?tir? Intli itrflarfttn m? ?ith $.'?i J *n >u l* ?> ??.??. C.."imMtiriux *r |iur> hiw t s.!J ?A? i- Jl H U_ARXEB.A- ?. HV B a. >\ A lfN > R. K ?*; Kutat' H* k?r K>\ K *W"l?i<rirl,tiftwi d (? tuJ U M'BLIO J-ALF y'V I.?T ON Till' K A>T-II?E 1?>T >TRELT W tt>T. KtN I' AND ?. m tm 4J5* 1 ?iU?I' ? i W Kl?M>I"* Y. \r- ! ih ii 1C IQvm tin!f iw-* im . I k r .ti ? pi ' 1- t E,i'. - -In i-i. a ? ! - .v ?f (U>. ! >' n.." a lr ' 11! ! i'U bt Kifm ?r?t. mm! raumus ?ul li<\:..< :? !*? t.t i ti llt'ltvari-ai?n?? i4U fi t T-r:i - l?ii?- k*irraak; Irtltutf *. I! tu I If ui . h? w ifk ill I f ?I. f M Aowm wkn tjh* profMtt wAra '? ? C ?' i *?-jan( '.nit *1 tli>- <? - i,i; .1 Ail? P II WARNER. Ant |?\ I. ATI MR I. -V ? LEAKY. I * Am * -U-. i? ;iu?1 K *1 I'-'nl Br h S ulbt *t?.nrp ; l'--titi?> ??? mi-? t litU S Office B riJitiK. I VKRV PFMRABLF IM -INE>< rilOJ KUTY? N IIIK m ITII -H'K I'I.NNMI.VaNU , M * lun |ioki.> u i>i >i \ ;i ?ti;i y r v ?>i. ?OU SALE AT P! Bl.n A| f'TIuS XAi NV w II n -r f. i * I.', at t>u> l. ,i -| t L;;. *? ' i m i! \ . )',3. ,i ti ??* | > b di.,tli ' II u- .? L . . <(ii|>i>i| hi Jim I h Pia'i m a r >lluiiit.l' -iii . t. N ?iO I P. i ns) l? am i afcniH*. l?- lit? I >t iitin l .T>-i! (1.? in Sji-nr-- tiii'ul. r. | { ur 'it ? l atMt-i \t>< Cl| ) ? nitaii.e! ? itlnn tlr-1 .i ? iii'l' mim) Immr CV tniii-iM ii.2 at a |K>lnt P-un ?yl? a>- a ?\eiiTi- ii ithwat lortjr-li* f I isl i ? ? ("I <t.< li<r wci.t?ardl> lr.>m lh<- n rtli.a-4r. ru r<l ?ai?i a-inare. at .1 rtinnit < tli. n<-? w - ?? i U? a! ? til.- iill. ?.f an:<I Al tilOi- tuititk t? tS t??-t.lh i ? f" i.tliuardiv aril at rt^ht anil -? witl. >a> t" M t*. (Mlf.?t thepr ilU' KHI'li tlf!? r f,. r, 5 l>'t ' itli' (- ? imkr. 1 . tli ? I n ..j 11 ,.|th B ?' 1 ? ? Il' re ? .41 its, PHl.l etre.-t twtilt ? 'it! t I : theot'" 1. >rtii fi?rl?-aix 1 #<1 feef .itrf uiri' iit'ti. h< ?, aatl tli.'Mf ti'>rth? anllf t>> th p ? ?? I. Klntniik Tl,e itiTprot>lii< ns * *" tiaist i.| a Urif** It'll? i* ?: >? Br!' k II 'ittf.ri'iitaiuinf rli irti late r tn?.?i In -i e ??! tlie ri -i'tn ?>d tli*- fit -t *'i -?-?r. * Iin'n tr*tut* t it Ii ?in T''-iiti??liai'iaaifim-aiiil B ?tr?-?*i t, .rt>1 *1 ? rni> <4 a.lle III" tlllll .if t lie pill '11 v m 'l . ra^li. aliil III l alain e in ei^'iii iuathl'in titu I ?!\ (t,ltWelti (121 atnl elKlit'-en (In iat ii*(1 u? .late ? t aai<-: tb-- purrka* 1 w ill b<- r?iuirf?I I, ?" li.itt-a ft-r tlii-deferred pa\n.<':it.. l><-*riiiR iH'erft t tile r.tte tf .-ffclit (1 ? p*-t relit per atllllllli. 11>4 .... nr...| I v d'tnl .?! ?iii?i t>Ti the |.r<>|e-rt> . \ <|. p ,,f will l>e r. t|?iirvd t? lien (lie prop -it) is l id u* t i^ leyaDCtUB at coat "t pi n b^-et LKU lf J. IlWH. KI OEXRt - \IM>I WM F LEACH, I xecivot - of estate ,.f L J . hti - 11, <|.^ 1 al; .1 L ATlMEl; A TI E A I: Y. \urt> ik 1 iiKKI N - W ILI.IAMS. Au> :i 1. ? t>. ' S?. looi iit>rtb?-eal coru-T 1#:U atij !??;?. ? AH ABLE BUSINESS PR"tPERTY. <>N THE north mi?e ?<k Pennsylvania a\> Nl ?: BFTVELM 4 , AMI tint STKEh.T> M KST, KtK SALE AT PUBLIt* At ? TltlN *'? mill oft'r f<-r sale at mMi 11 >n. :<i |fr nt ?>f the fnwiim, ua SATI KHA 1 . A?ril ?' 1S73. at t? . I - p. 111 . t !if H ? . aii ft L t kis ?11 as \ 1. 4 *9 P>-iinf> I laoi a ai ein u.rth>'?-!. aiiii liiitis the emtem p.irt of 'iriirinal L t nutn I. T'?! ?i* (6'. ill ? iuare nnuib?pe1 f..m litiwlred a'i<l 1 i< '' lie< |?| >, frtTitin? "U P 'tinsf Ivaiiia avetiu* litn-'teeii (te?t f iur ill iwli*i, exten.lni^ th deptli "f she lot to an alley tliii t> 1 ?i f -^t *rt.|-. awi I-oat 1 ilitiii .* aai'l allei niiiet. en c l 'lf' .-t ei|(lit an I a bail , s1,? iurlifa. with :U'- iinprut. iu n:-. <>f athri't ?t"t> Brick H >0" Tertna of Mile: One tliinl of the pur. !i? m in^r raali. ill thr l>alait< "tn e.jual iiiatalm. nt?.at ?i\ {<?. t? < I. ? (1; I and eixhteeu (Ml tin lit ha from date of i-ai'-. the 1 nrrhast-r to gi?e I11- note? f,.r tSe d' t t r-.| Ia\111' tit-, beartu^ llit?-re?t ai the rate I < j>ei rent, per aMiutii.ard s-cuf-d b)~ a deed of truit on th" proptrtT. A dep.?it of ?jt*i will b* renttired ? !, n th.- rrop?-rt> 1* bid oil. t'uniei am-iu( ai pnrrha~ -r - e\p; ii*e. LEWIS J. DAVIS, ei <;fne ( ARrsi. W*. E LEACH. Executor" of est ate ,,t L. .1 dm- IB. Hi: I. All ORKKN A WILLIAMS An.' BV LATIMER A CLBART. Aucthiwera atitl Real E-t*te Bt 'ker., Southweat corner Penn?> I* am i a**, au-1 ll:h street, btar tiftice Uuildlbjfa. VERY I'ESI B \ Rl F LOT AND HWKlLIVt;. (LATE THE RESlliVNCE OF LKWIS JOHN SON. FSO^. I>E''EA^EI>.I ON TIIK W<iKTII E\ST ( oRN EK OF I I th \N1> Ii STKEETS K"R1 H WEST, FOR SAI.E AT PUBLIC AUCTION. B? lirtue of a decree ?>f the Supretu- Ciitirt of I the Di-trict of Columbia, pnwaetl in a raqae u. aaid C' ttrt depetidinx t>et? eeu Lewi- J I> ' v i- et al .cinplainaiita, and l?. reiana K. Davia et al., de fendarta. I will puldi'' auction, iu trout "f'he prtni -es, on MOND\Y. April i*th, H73. at 6 c'click p. 111 . p^i to of original L"t- iiumb -r-d three i.l' and (our (41. 111 Smare Hi*. .?MA. in th -city of WaahitiKton.D. C , particularly de*eril?ed a* foli CoB.nieiirib|r at tb? ?? utliae?t corner of ^aid - (Hire and rwDiiiiie thence north al.'iiz th? line of 111U at rut ? we liundred ai d t liir'y-iiiue 1 ijm fe,-t. tli-tne ea-r f?rt> f-ttr (41) f* et nine (9? incbe?; th-ii' ? a.?u ii dne bundt'd and thirty-nine t IV) fee* to O atreot; tlieiM'e *e-t fort 1 foar i 44 I fe.*t tin (t) in. bt ? '?> th* p'*im oMiegiiiuiiig. with the improv-ni'Mit*. c ni~i*t 11??'-t n fine tlirt e st..rv Brick Itaellinc,containing ali tlie iionlein' ?ii\euieu< <-a, and Brick Staid aal ( arriage-h"iMP. .Tli'- yard i- *npplted with a pr.n.p auo well of tine <Ji inking tra'er. Temi- of sale a* praacrihod hv th- d"cre " <?n ?? tl'itd '-f the purcha- ? ni 'lie* ca?h, and the balance in six (6), twelve i l*i arid eighteen t H? ni 'ntli. Tie d-f r?t-d pavmebta to tK'ar iutere-t at tlie rate <.f tight (S) per cent, per aunnm. A ilep ?tt of ( m will l? repaired when the pro|s rty ia bid ..If. t* ,n \e}aiiciiig at Coat of purchaser El GENE CARUM. Tiu*t. . al: - All- latimer A CLE \ BY. Amu. 1?Y I ATIMF.R A CLEARY, 1? An. ti' net ra and ReaJ E-tate Broker*, tkutfaweat coiner P -un?)l?aula aveuue aud 11th ?*., Star Office Buildiug*. SINGLE ANDDOCBLK < ar\ Kl> OAK OESKS. ? UJ\ EI?OAK LEATHEBOOVKKKIH'H vIK> To MATCH; IMMENSE ^CANTITV Of BHl'SSELS C'ARI'KT. OFFICE I'E-KS ANH TABLES* WALNI T ANf? o.AK CAVE SE \T OFFICE ARM CHAIRS 80FAS.*r.Ar .BE ING THE Fl'RNITCKE RECENTLY IN ( SK IN THE HALL of TIIK HOUSE of KKP Rl SENTATIVKS. lobbies. <? ALf.EICI ES, AND COMMITTEE ROOMS AT auction A tin ti B8DAY M"RN I Nti. A?r1l -^?i-h. 1IA. W.i. c..tiinieticit.g at IS 0VI.1ck.we w ill a ll ?HB it the Capitol of ih Tutted S/at- a? MM |Al"'Ut tm ainicle and doubt Carred Owl. * Dcaka, About SOU t'arTetl Oak Leethcr-corered Vrm * k?.t? to ma'ch. Large number ? f WalutA and Oak Can --aeat and back Arai Chairs, Office p<~ks and Tabl<*,8nf*i lu.liienae t|qaii*it> of Brnast-la Carpet- which will Ite aoltl in lota to a tut pur Itaarr*. The carxed'leak- and ch?tr? will be aold >ii 'he cliaml'tr of tha H"i?e of tt"Bre?euta?i*ea Ttie rai|4ta and other furniture ia the larg. hall diat' li under the chamber t>f the Houar. Tertua caah. B> orderof EDWARD M< PHEBSoB. ? Clerk of th* )L"iae of B- preaentativaa, 0. 8. ais- [Bep.cbi Latimer i olkarv. a.H-ta. By latimbkaclbabt. Auctioaaetv and Bi ni Estate Brokera* ?out Iiw rat corarr Petiuay Ivania ava. and Utk atraat, btar OBaa Building. SECOND ANNUAL RALJt BY CATALOG!'! OP OIL PAlNTINGrt BY OUB LOCAL ABTISTA On WEDNESDAY BVKNINO. April t?th. li'V conin?e?K-Hig at 7 oVbick. at onr Auction R >an, we s'.aHaell atx nt ISO Oil Paiutlug-,eoaaariaiBg Lai*! rape and Pigure piecaa Br tkf luUuwtng l eal aitii b: Tht ad me Eauftuana, Max Werl, It -a* Turner, k'urn* A. Po >le, V ui M> Lewd. H-iae. ? _ and otbar Washington arti-t*. . N. B ?Painting* will 1m ou exkikitkia on Mttu da> . the kith inat. T e i ifla caah. all -*Ad* LATIMEB X CLE\BY. A .<-?, Y THOS B. W AGO AM A V R-al Eat ate A urtioaaer, til 7?h atreet. Br rirtna nf a d??d of triaat frji Cliarlea li A Br virtna of a M of triaat ti ia unar El Y. Gordon and wife to j An D. McPherat ?*rec 'ided Iu Likarn, folio Stl M the land re cord* for Washington tonnt*, ia the Olarid of Col.imbla. I will, on nokdat, tha Blat dav of Aptil, ItCJ. at 4 oYlnrk p. a.,<d?r 1st aale at public aac'Kwi, in front of tha pre?al*ea, th* proper-v de scribed in aaid deed, to wk Lm nuaabered 17. la* ho. IM with the iuiproi eaeuta, being four ffiUilfi h('llf?C, T> raia: Ou?-4hird caah.the balance la ?lt and tw-lie m< . tha froai day of aade aodserared b> ptterhxaerV ao?e* and deed of trust upon the mniift. Cauver atci4 a: pQt.hae*r'ac 4*. . J D McPHKBIMjN.Trustee. | n-.3Aeo4A? TllOb E. M'AGO AM AN . \ t EVENING STAR. W?irn?*T Marry i* t?? lTtn * nio< tkr UWnr U/u-tr ' *i ? Malta R V.. tl *? I .!???? ' Vhet hilghta ffr?dn?Le ot th* N?trwI .m rouT rlli, a u> to K mat-ivi t"> one ??f Malt a'a fa:tt'?t atwl with'I a ? <w m of ??'?* ( firiifcvj iii an?, a? ??;! %> at uik^WM J j rfputatn ti. 1 lie gn-?ti. ?.-rr all a?jiab'e.l , th. ??nld Ik- l?ri?4?- a*dkr> tagroom ?errdx-k-4 ; ia lfe>4r |aTwt kturr for Ui* m "1*^ ! It*1* Mr. ^'flwVr, ot arrtv 4 ' t* |>ul on Iht* l??il lb- Mjti al ktivt wLen Mf. krrglit ?? a |H1?tlr ink. i - tl> ? ?:fi tli aiihl-trf Jar lutn * I- ? b-'i'if ?r?iil?il he f u?il tn I" iwaiiiHt '.<>!?? Mi Wi Mrr rivi!< loan off ! jf part o: Ik ? cer mont wberr if read*. ? ?j- l.*ag a? y >?i ib? b-??h Ii*. ?Iiir,' s?t? Mr. Ixtiight. -tli !????! ik-1 ?iat? ({rant a <1* <rr* mi Oerftain ro?M?iie. ami I <1 iH't know ?> I . an li*?* watU bet mil uajr ?*le ai:.t I do iM>t arant to it'? va?ra autarli tli at I nuM i tut in able foluii;'!' Mi W<-k ?I't n tkU lir ? w aI thrt* a- a law ?.* II hau oiljr in an i i i li'i iMlli al * it, ? it ht- wi-l ? t.? iv. inarm t lit ?.mi'k1 mirr* h ? mr.'h!ni([(Mll<'m''* o> tii* i '.mi h. W i?if ?i|*.i Mr kM(, t J .mo a l?v al di?-. aa ru~?lun tV.r "'kj .s t :;?it. ihr ?! \ t? <-jiw ing 'li?y-.*?ti.1. the ?iim..n'r iu 'Inn. an-l ilit< i til* 4 lii*i t lat k iti^ii ?li*l t.M' n >,i til ui y ' f lier ..Jt;.gbt. r. ;aud l?-i? I *? .ia-* i. i, * n^?t a tfcan t:onoral> o t-> ?U> ti it ihr |?n>nu a*4 ri'Utirir |>ri v t: ??{ *'t , ; ? .1, 4 . tilt Manual." I'.-^r* -"cu' u \> ? ut down a tr< ? (liirli ? v in tlir ? w Mu1 l?\ Whi'i U gut it *l><>u? rr?.i* tall, l.e li.t?l..d a rape 1 ? tt. and liU arifi* an I witeV Matter and latkn and 1'iiti** I ? ' kail 1 (M tlir i |^, *? ' m nt ?>?! untlie* .IV ad"1 n<ti -ret to J'ti i l;ut tk< Ir-. <1 4n*t I > '? ' m lie t "i ili?n <? k.-ef. | nlling * .ir <k the avr ami nt.*'" -4 it a little Sii li?? '? n1 i"> t ? Ir in- m|>i? it. ai?i ?>|? baI titbit Mnuti. aa4imkAiot!ttli?i | < yi >? a?(i ('(?U- a'?^> < to ok MieL an ??>'<? ?? j mimI li? I :t tl.e tri-* a ml ellj> wttli tti?* a? 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I'atton lerlutn, n--*! ? a ??, "(I Scaadalour Politi>>." ?A'l'I-e Ai ac'ue raid?-in tho V > > ??> t-~ ? are umm! alcd. atid Btnlrrt a tl rukkrr ie* a?? of l r?'.| in nt on urr< tn e. 1/ Viihifan utrt r ????? lia- u a I iV la roin.v woman a- **a lla? li lor ??: > ??? " I ?Alt iT|:iiri'? tineta.te mtUe a l j guiit without muchtriaaaalac S#*Statl*ticahbuw tl.a*. las.tni* i-iu'?ttr<* <1 ui nt iii Iiouk cUat.ili^ aea*oii?. ?^'1 br lx>\ wlio u ?- a marl> ; ' t' ^ with w ill come to a l>a>l eu<t. l.i \ . you're a j jj," n J a tall: *! V>ln? ti\? -x? ?r-",<i I "y. "Now do >a? Wi. >w ? '.ia' ? |-ig ie. \ e.?. Mr. a tu<g'? little l?t?y .\ an n: ?*{! ni'-lit l.rta 11 S; an I'.1? fit tau I* undi i?l ii.- i' gout* ii ar M tn cam !'?.<' alia. reot-iitly. tao a ul>at^ and twelve S)> ta w? re kilit-d. ?.'"Taio tl.oa-in.l rj arrr-Bi n ii It ^ i m Itavr rtmrk tot Iii^Ihi waji'> Tiiea a*' -nt|?t -4 to aiake a ?li-tnoi -trati.?a t?at t.. 1 f, n <1 a. -n ? lit-jM.ttl ail gathering* I >IEI). 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IK ELEVENTH STREET, n-%r F tVhMTlUM Ob ALL KINDS MAOK A30 KKPAlKkU aula W IIXIAM HAl RKTT, UNDBRTAK ER, Mo T3A Tth 8i aeki, BetwkimO a?D U ftatm, avCS-lr Ooffloa aad Oaafe??a <4 all klndi ME UTOOrtS, Jti'i'ii flvtrrr'mm, ? hae MOVE1' front htlJ 7th ?trwl 14.TO ah rtrwt ii"rth?i*l krtwreeai II and E atrotH". ? b.-re ?lta w ill b* clad t" rrci'iai t!:?- liberal oat i na?' hit h ill! exti-Mhd to her, mt* lm* 'pHt NEW KATIUIAL HAUCt. FRESH, BALT and SMOKED MEATM ot all kindx and of ibe b?-at inalitv. tnrui?liwl . ' in the h~?t it>'I* ala. AiAME.POtLTkV . 9^^. FKI 11.-. and VEGETABLES, n tl.. u a>-at-"ii,< an l?- proruriil ai tin- MarkH Diartl It Rt'BT II f A TT ,414 I It h at. ?? r w ^OK BALLS AM) FARTIEII. RIO HLOVCk. #1 TO ?1 ?? PEE PAtK R ALL, ROBINS< 'N 4 COT lucli'tf Ml PeDbarivaata avaoaa. ^ O T 1 t) E . _ Th?* C'.partn'-r?tii> of AX DUER J JOV< E I IKI. la thl> day diaaolaad Itl arntnai coaiwui of ? rai tiaa aKplew J JtlVCE, PKKt>KRI('R A JACRaoB. JOUR L. JOTCR Jannari Pth, 1ST]. ANDREW J. JOYCE la aothortM4 to raoaiv* Boiieya and aettle all ai'coant* acainat ? b<- trm andre*Tjoi:i, FKEDERK k A JACRSOR. JOHN L. JOTCR. AHPREW J JOTCE. Oamar ?atmfa< iar-r, ktt.dl? aad ?!? lath atraor jauM-ti |\R. R OHM LEV B l'JKCTURAL SrEUl', fol OOCOH8 AMD OOLM SOLD Mf ALL VRVUyiHTS to" j^|OST vonuiob IKVttTWk u> 1RR J. BF10TA ,L" HOFFA " ' ?? __ laaja Wlckaa. Jaarafcr.aaTVaMB ?atertale. ?>?>* Pa.ara.,bat.*.h aadrtkaaa. ?ao/ if wortk ot" FlT? " DARBTR Pharaaacf, ooraar 4 i*a a*a., anaciaal daaot. ail* Ua? 'r MIS IF TO eiVt ROTK E ,TW tka aub- nl. -ra 1 kaic obiaiatd froai tke Snrr. no Cnart d the Dis trict ?| Colaaibia, boidiiwr a aperiaJ tna, Mtera taa taaieiitan ?*u tke pet><i.aJ eat ate of FRAMCIH S. CLARKE, Ute cf Wa?hia?t.* cotaaty. D. C? <l-t .-a-"d. All ?araoaa haaiaf claim a?ainat tka an id dt-eeaaed are hetebi wanxd to aatdbR tke aaa-, a ilk Ibe toatk-ra thereof, ta the aabacrtbere. oa ur tM-f. r" Ih. 11th day of March aeaf thef aaaf otk?r a iat b> la* be ea. lad -d all beaett d th- im| ?-?<tat?*. Ojvea under oar haada Uaaa 14th da) of Mar. U. M A CLA a M-. k* ALBERT F. FOX, \ 1 TKITED UTATRk ^ATBKT OFFlCt. ^*rt^|maitoARV8L I Infrr N U prajlac far tke aatiiMhia .if a aaian ctea'rr, an. praj in? tor tke uttnalia t# a w?4 vian'id t? hlru oa tk^ Mb day of Jnl.. MM ft aa unpi^i ',?"'-nMu^Pleh>T^llot'ow f. r Poar. r Lo 'be M day of Jane Un!; thai ST t^a'Ti ? Oa.,l nlinr arriwa'auaad tk ExaaitaarV Mfwt b lim ited to the Uth day td Ji m aeat. aad fha- aaU m* t ita -i. ?? baard on tk< 14 ii day of J ant arart. t,, j. ^ fe~* ""SiiiwT nitaa un at in nnqm

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