Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1873 Page 1
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V-- 4I~''N2% tf.264. WASHINGTON, D. C., THURSDAY, APRIL 17. 1873. TWO CENTS. THE EVJRNTNG STAR. Dally, S?4ayi ei??pW, AT TUE STAR BUILDINGS, Arcane, cor. lltk Bt, hi irons stai Jiwira cwm b. u. u pyw.r.r, ?HI ITIH1SO STAB !? served by carrier* to tMrnkr)tm?aTi!<CiUi Hi wife,or loin form fiiT" pii ?'WTH. Copies at tha counter Two Cv?t* ?arh. By mail?tkrw months, $1JU, ?fx moult*, f 3 ?; o?aye?r, fl. rn* WEEELT STAR? Fab!Sh-,d Yrway-fij; ir*w. M^rBvartatly in advance, tn boib ?o faper sent Ion*, r than paid for. i of atfrertWBg fnrnteha* em PIAX03. i-. Jr. Lll A!*, 114" 7tn.(r**t O. - ' f1*?*!"' ? f. u.a o* t/ p. a aftl tf a - O*? "??*? <?* mi dere rfurrt at Them p?-r.'? <"'^"n'r . ? " and N York ave. ; C-?tty *. B. idge, ? ,*r*ll %' * Corrrese. Georgetown; and *- *** . _?rr. 7th and Pa. as Pianos tvl oib? r fnanuuent^ m<->v?d All work gasrant.tjd. mli^-ly rrclIJfl AM* I.CPAIKINO, POLISHING 1 ANP VAUNISH1NO I11A S.?H ANl<-?^ ALL SirSiML INSTRUMENTS. A) KJHB ?ui tM ??t fa'thful ittMtktbinIt' ti e l. WILD A BBO .4?? Hth street wi?t,snr northwest carter <-f PtiinsyOsnle t' raw, over tvL'.y rear* w?-II kn< wn %? practical P uo anrl Hnt>T?l lastrn jxr-t M?krrr. Dealers In Piau <a and Rmtral niltftr rrSUT K U b N. M AtfujkL FIA.V O Ma SI TUT* Eli A.>1) HttAlRKKm=^^ Ot FIA XUS AMX'hbAM S. Orders roJOM ctnrt ml RAEB8 Jewelry fror?, kM Pa.*11 II' a?r , aixJ at NAIKi "S Drug S" r?, coruer ftb street and aver,tie. fll-Ser WCHOMACAEB A CO S PIANOS, O PHILADELPHIA GREAT BEPUCTION IS PBICR8. Tlf**1 fcrtrarr.frts, wfc:rb, on MCOOt of their M irikrHuitr ail Mkcm, a ivs ??? ? f- w y.-sTs_^m^ beetre the a; -I g f..At aa well aa all|BBH| ever the country,cai, be sau bu? for thafol-?t? 1? kvet low tr.css Sol AKK PI A SOS Tt a. fSTI to |PI. "CPRIoHT PIANOS from #?Wito ?700. ?KAJ(D PIANOS fT.-n, .*&! to ? Ptrsoi.s who w*ah to save from SH4) to fSBOtn f't jj.jr the b<-<"t 'n^trnnant oat, ?r? invtt?"d to ca! at?! rctnprvra fi rtUmsi' .w. P.*u * f. r rent. Pl*i.r ticitaj.r-J TiBicf an i atteadar to. CAKL KlQalTKK, Ag?at, dM tr 93} f^Mmiviiifaattrv W ILLIAM KNAHE * CO., ^ (SALtivoac, M*PTt.A!m), bHANO, I'AbH A.NL t PBIUHT PIAMOB. Tli?-~- :: itruEi-Ji-:* harabeen b?-?iirc the pub; c tot lcr?>- yeara, an<l jpnti t&efr eic llenc* alone? ?named ail uiip*i~r ha#?d pr<- t-miu* ao pB3^H| wb?;h pr.uiarvea then ni-eqcaliMj for tbelr'VI IT1 Wi>?, r. cch, ?''rkniaa?Mp and durability. Tbaj ka?K beep awanled sixty 0>e g M and aihvar ?iniiil at <1 (T? rei.t o?er tbor cooipetitora. All of tbaii Mjl A!;t PIANOS hav? their new nod lafroval OTte^trr.c^ Sca> aix AirraSa. Wiliinn MiCao u? n'a PIAliOS ard PIANOS an# OBOANS fr.iju t aii iQf atll kii 'WD Iwrtoriea fo.- aai? Mr.;,r.u EEICH KN BACH'S, declC tr P-ano Warerr. ma. 4?i3 llth arrae* BANKERS. BlbELOW, Hunker, *43 P STBF.KT. NE\B SEVENTH, Pay. 1NTF.RE-T ON DKPuSITS, makes COL LE< TlON^,an<l traBaacta>?il bu^iu-aa conn>-cied ? i* ? P ? a; A N K I .^"tT lT (IIS E J. II. S(|t IER A CO., 14 4ft PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ?rr ?!TS U?liL, w ashinuto.n, p c. ^ p? r ren*. iM!'T-si p..i.t on dtpftnl*. t'f'llerl j->n? nsa 'e tven ?'h? r.-. !>? [ M!? f iyab'e ? drniaul. Pay of offi* ?r? in the Army cvhnl in .M^aiire. ap3 ir Jr. BKubrfi.\o, ? it r <> k e r , Ko. 93S) Penca. av*-., H<->ni i, Wa?Uinetori, D. C. ?* eclal attentioa cirer. to niTentment aer?ri'i?"?. 1l . itea atte: tl' : 1 *i ? or:t i. ? now offered at pri? ?? ? hi*h will pa\ U? to 15 p-r nt. in ani'<nnta an1>>f b l!*tfc "f t'tue tl onil II1^ e-* r?. > :ft*. reliable, pr. It abi?- ai.d ir. cipt. uiaWmt: " ? ui iu every rt-<pect P1FST ? LApS SE'TKITIES K' ter* ty p?rm??ai?>n ti> Lewi? Johnson A On., \t H-tiii.tft" n. IV t M ae? K"ll?, E?<|., Ca?li!?t MaiK>nal >l' tr. p,'l:'?n Batik. H aehiTucton, P. C.; Bit. J. M B ?iitie?il, SvMt C nimller, Wuhi l??n, I> V.. K. warii Ciark, E' j., Architect l7.S.C*p I'. I. Washington. P. C. mar 17-3m HE NATIONAL BANK OK THE BEPCBLIC (C< rii< ruf 7th at.-1 D 4treeta.) OPEN * BOM 10 A. M TO 3 P. M <?17 ly CHA8. BBAPLEY. Ca-M^r 'EEMAM A>IEKlt'AS BATING* BASK, J MO. Hi SEVENTH SlRSBT, Orwfti* iu Pom <if'4 l)<*vtm*nt. '1 konn: f a m. ti- 4 p. m. Saturdays open an tM ? P m , to receive d? p> -it? unly. I;.t<r.M paid n dcp?iia. 0?ilecti D? m?le and ?xohaiiv,- famished. JOHN H1TZ. PrMid*ti?, A EBERLT, V Pre?*t, W If MATTINOH .Sec ,C E. PBEbTISS,'. vM'r wH? THE rREtDtllTI SAVINGS AM) 1 TRl ST COMPANY. Banking Hook-, No. 1JM7 Pniaqltuia nTBtme oepr*ite the Treasury, PATS SIX PERCENT. INTEREST. IM' > rsi ot ??* Mun'%. PAYS rOLB PEB CENT, on buaint*a fi oi date of deposit. Itnilf ot L>%r?r 11 bear in if ( and 4 per c nt uiter^at, available anywhere. HAS BRANCH OFFICES in iu) large town* and citi~? of the S?ntb and SoQthweat. finnk ko*TS. f a. tn. it 4 p. m. Open Wednewlay and Saturday m<h(j from 6* to I o'c". ck. to receive d"P< mU'nly. Call at the Bank or ?end f?r a copy of the Charter and By-lawa. j 18 ly | AT COO BE <t tO., BUT ASP SE1.L POBEICN EACHANOB and IWn CIBCULAB LETTERS OP CBEU1T for Traveler*, araiM'u i? any pmri uf tkt world. Our Prafr? on JAl COOKE. M'CULLOCH A CO,, LONDON, are Caabed In any aart ol EtftLaXb, IkKLalb and Bt oTLani)./r? ?/ maylfl WASH INGTOSIITY SAVINGS HA SR. Cor tun 7 tk itntl aa./ iriaw. PAYS ? PER CENT INTEREST ON DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposits. Deposits cat be made ard drawn at will. J. A. RUPP. Trearaw. Do posit my* if REAL ESTATE AGENTS. %yilXIA>l DICKSON, GENERAL INSURANCE AND HEAL ESTATE AGENT, No. FIFTEENTH STREET, ornaiti trka<lrv. Ncne bnt th> aaleat insurance companies repre sented. Pr. nipt settlement of looses and fair dealing enar anteed. ap9 tin A~CSTIR P BBOWN. Oornsr N.I. atnnoe MhI lBth street, H ashington, D 0., WnoLKaaLB DmaLkS IS LURBEB, LIME, CEMENT, BAND, *?., Ac., *? LI'MBKR BILLS cat tu order on short cotic*. BLUB STONB for BniMing, Macadamliing and Paving purposes dsliforsd in any part of the Dis tiK-t. REAL ESTATE bought and sold and money tn aested. Tu this branch uf the business 1 will bar* after give my personal attention, and will b? at my oflcs daily from 1? a. ? until 4 p. m. marl tf 'j'UI RAPIDITY |BD base with which ?re removed ud tbs feet relieved, tf ailing, fro* Raci 'ns, Bad Mails, Ac., at DR. WHITRA Estnb Ushment. 131 Uth street, opposite the Treasury, is suits surprising to persons unaccustomed t<> bis meth -d of operating,which is satirely different from or months, and no doubt ts jded to shorten life, ? laast to make it far Isss pleasant and useful, but Pr. W kite's operations are fraqaently borne by children without complaint .there is iittls or no pain, no loss of time, and u nous bat suitabls sboss bs worn, tk* triatment, even in extreme ess as, sffscts ? perfect care: t bough the fast being used so constantly Corns ?re liable to cons* occasionally with svsn tk* bsst Btting shoes, and Industrious persona tkink there to economy of time, comfort, and hsaltk in an occa ?ional visit to tbs Chiropodist; and tt Is ? well-know* tart that thonaands of persons, many of them thoas ' wbom Dr. Wkits has wKtidtad psrm _ to rMt Dr. WkksWBBaMitkM^ to of wbom Dr. Wkits has ?KS55a psrmjssio* * P-tr yiENNA EXPOSITION. t IBCI'LAB LETTERS OE CREDIT, i?rii *t ' JAY fOOKE A CO. Tbs Cucnlar Letter is ? let'er of intr-xluetios to l ukrri of charartar ivmmwiM i*> tor '4, identify ing the bearer an?I authorising pavm^ara to him as required to tbe extent of bis deposit with us. Fall inf. i mat ion will be fnruisked Hpm applica tion in person or by letter. JAY CUOkE A CO., ?aakere, spglm WASniNUTOM. AVE YOU SEEN II THE LITTLE WORLD? If got, ws ndvwe yon to call *?* d 7th rre4, between K ami L at reels. (mrarB ?aa A ?y I-.'- ? The L?l?e World Is kep? by Nichols, dealer !r Hosiery. Fast; 0-*?ls. Jewelry. S'ati^nerv, No Jl neTlc . Ac., aod u supposed to be Ike chaspst .rs of Wasbiagtoa ap?_ PffiSSL arPthmetic!* mI!iN boo'e* P. elding, Mtk ^'I^Tl7ii,,|?,,DD?rjoM. Tsar her ?*?7 JAMES CORRIDOR, Teacher. AMUSEMENTS. 'ALL'S NEW UCtKA HOUSE. JOHN T. VO Hl> Pi opi letor aud Miniffr, W CPBlmMHlT crowded houses !?f?cet t tie uoprece d< popularity of the world fani'-d PEERLESS yU KEN dF BC RLKSCJUE, Ml? LYDIA THOMPSON AND HFR MA MM OTB COMPANY. Fourth night and uul? tw.i more, aud SATURDAY MATINEE. THUB8DAY EVENING, April IT, if* j>l>?b B:irl?!?i??e, ROBIN HOOD. FRIDAY EVENING. April l?, BENEFIT OK MISS L?I>IA THOMPSON". ALADDIN. Sests can c w be ??;ar?d for any evening tn>4 Sa[iirda? Matins*. *17 J^ns ubkiens Great Six Teut Show, SOW ON exhibition ON SIXTH STREET LOT. FOR ONE WEEK ONLY. ADMISSION ONLY 9* CENTS-SO 1I\LF PR1CBS?to ?<??? the wonders cf the Triple Ciica?, th? Triole Menagerie, the Triple Caravan, ai.ti Triple Mnsentn. THE MONSTER ELEPHANTS-. the monster 4 ton rhinoceros, the wondar of the world. THE CREAT BRAZILIAN FAMILY, THJ ORE AT CIA RIND A LOWANDE, The great CHILD RIDER. MOLLIE BROWN, The GREAT CLOWN. PETE l'J other S'ar Artist*. YHREE PERFORMANCES DAILY. AT 10 A. M , a P. M. AND T P ?. Whenever the procession is given in the mori inc. there will be only 2 peifonaanc-s, at 2 aid 7 ? m. tlll't' WASHINGTON THEATER COWIIfTl^ ( Eleventh itml, aouth Pennsylvania avenue.) ANOTHER AVALANCHE OF NOVELTIIS 1 SEVEN NEW STARS. T Second week ot the Monarch of lintrh Comedian*. GEORGE W. THOMPSON. EiiKaff'-inrht of the incomparable SENYAn^, MAUDE and 8AMITL, tbe pr-at' -t of Europe ;md AmericaV Gymnast* First appearance In Washington of the Brilliant S'.utuct. K'P- Ascensioniat and Premier* Danm-nte. M'Ll.E COCCBITA BONZATTI. First appearance in Wa?biiiet.ui of the Juvenile Pri-digy, Master HERBERT CAW THORNE.iilhis una: Duuh comicalities aud specialities. Tu ? ur~ ?t and unexcelled S?.ng and Dance B >)r?. MANCHES TER ami JENNI S'-9. iMW'mitnt of th" Bewitch ing Oiieen ot S. n?{, M ?? FANNIE DAVENPORT. Onr Gri at Ballet Troupe in THE CAPTIVE: Or, THE BIRD CAGE OF EDEN Twelve Beautiful Ladies, under the direction ?f M >n?. Al?-x. Bl:ii?l'>v?ki. George F. Th mp- >n, D:ck Tarkcr. Otto B:irliank. L?ura and Bimualltr rison, and our entire Mamm< th Novelty Troup* in the screaming Dutch farce entitled ?? Dinklespiers Blunder*. "* The great Burlesque Cirrus will alio h pnsluced. Matinees \*EDNE>I?AY and SATl'R 1>A V. FRIDAY. April 18, 1jC3. Grand Complin ?nt ar\ Benefit to the (rrat Tumlderonicons. B. S. PA R K EBand SAMl'KL C. PROCTOR. i JI OlpNo j On Eihihiitti tNiw.No 4Sfc J aad Sal* { 4.1M fru St \ M.D?iUPo,. '7th . MARKRITCR 9) So. 43" 7th rtreet, between D and E streets, eight doer* above Odd Fellow's Hall. Choice Oil Pai.-itinz-, Engravings, Ciir?mos, Ac. Al-*", largest at><k Paper Hangings. Wirw ?? Sh'wlee. Pictures, Frames. Picture Gords and T*e "l^rruils'cA *H ' 'B Diatrict. Pleas- remember B ?me and N amber. Jelly* All kinds of cast-off weabino ap PA BEL can be sold to the very beet a.!vanta?c by addreasingor calling on JUSTH, 019 D atr??t, betwaen tth and 7th n. w. Notes by mall promptly attended to. Cash paid. fU OLD GOLD, 8ILVEb7bbAS8, COPPEbT btc., bought at fair prices for ? New Tork house Hctuehold Furniture bought andwdd. Notes by mall promptly attended to by ACGKNSTK1N, 14OS Pennsylvania avenue dJl ly* SUMMER RESORTS. ^lmmkb board. TheOSBCBN hol'SE. Leesbtirg. Va., Is now open for the Rcc>,iiiniodatiuu of Summer Boarders. No pain- v? ill be spared in the endeavor t?' make all C'>nr tuitable. (ap3-lm*] JOABOSBl'BN. Proprietor. INSURANCE COMPANIES. THE CORCORAN FIRE INSIRASCE COMPANY, OF TUK DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, O'tiHi-ft April l.?f, lg73. Capital RIOO,ooo. OFFICE Mo. 14510 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl'E. (OuiMiiim't Dme Stork.) JOHN T. LENMAN. President. A II HERB, Vice Preeideut. J. T. D?ER, Secretary. D.RKCIoRs; Wtu.Orme, H. Clay Stewart, t'hae. A. Jair.ea, J as. L. Barbour, Edward Droop, J.-hn T. Lenman, Michael Green, John Bailey, npl-tf A. H. H?-rr. INSLBX IOU* LIFE 1 in that STRONG OLD COM TAX T, THE Hll'Tl'AL BENEFIT LIPB INSI R ANl E tO.,*f Newark, N.J.. Organized 1S4S. Amets. f44,0?O.SSO ?? J. STANLEY JONBS, Ageo', _jau7_ly^ Mo. Ill Tth greet. OP TBR DISTRICT OP COLUMBIA. OKtiAHllbU ACU VST tt?, 1870 CASH CAPITAL 100.004 CSce in Shepberd'a Building, No. 009H Pen nay I tan la avenue. ~ i A .'nW y !l 'A" ? *?*>4 Pen nay ? BBLLT, Preeident. TODD, Flee President BAMC1L CBOSS, Secretary. , . t UlRRCTURP : L* S'f' Wm B.Todd, Charles Jnst, *? # Metierott, John T. Lenman. nr8htte?ptCf<}. Mo~.A-I,Wm ^INE CLOTHING FOB SPIilMii AMD SUMMER, MADE TO OKDEB IN NEW YOBK THt LAKtiliST ASSORTMENT IN TUK COUNTRY. SAMPLE SV1TS READY MADE, tOK MEM, EOiS A.W CHILDREN. S1IIBTS MADE TO OBDEB. DEVLIN * CO., apt 3m 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB W. BRIGHT WELL, J CABBOLL P. WIBSLOW, SUJMTMAKMK AND DKALI* 131 lix'l PcR5UHI!tS(, 4 JO Oth Street. Having Mr. WiMlow'a area, *m control of hie ? tiee, his old cuatumera are I?re their order with ?. J>H? HEW NATIONAL MABEBT. FBESH, SALT u4 SMOKBD KB ATS, ot all inda aud of. the beet ^uaiitT, lurnished ^. *jpHB CHINKS! TBA BOMB Haa retaoved to MIDittK, Between ?b and 7tb, north rU? rer. Bo not tow L. BBBJAMIM, MS|?4KS?cV4?iSS/,u.,'11%SZ f V , y.' '"nrthquartf r will begin April Mtk; fall term September Rth. ?i.Ia lml paaiujja ifTil SPECIAL NOTICES. Tkf Supreme C? nrt of the Vailed *tiln H?? recently civ?-n a decision in favor '>f the Gorham Manufacturing Cootnsnv, enabling th-m to protect their de*ign> fruo all other manufacturer* who :mi tate and c?p> theui. ? ranTtcriaB *ott* is reo netted to th?- fact that the sain* artists are ea faffed in'be production of designs, whether for the t--rliug Silver DeMrtmcnt or fur the celebrated O >rh >m Plate, bat t.'ie C unpany never repr.idtKt in their Electro-Ptatc Impart men! the designs which tliey devo e |o Sterling Silver. Each baa its own special trade mark, as follows, htampMl upon every article: Tradt mark for Trade mirk f?r (jirhain 8:~rlmt Sur-r. <rcr/iau Btnirv- Piatt GORHAM MANUFACTURING GO. Preri,lf*cr, R. /., an J No. 1 Bend St., Mtte Y.rrk, Manufacturers of Sterling Sliver, Tea, Dessert. and Pinner Srnicti, and Wedding Outfit*; aleo Man uf>?rtnrers of the celebrated Gorham Electro plate. a 10-th Jt Fiae Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Kye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whisky, Fine Old Kye Whisky, Fine Old Rye Whieky, , Fine Old Rye WhMky. ?nnnu"d WnriaMed "Wnrmnni Fur* Pnrt Part And Vuailultfra''d, For (i ntra! and Mtdmnai Uu. This Is the article w.* have now sold for npward< of Itve year* with universal satisfaction; put up in large bottles at One Dollar ptr bottle, or can be L td in am- Quantity. W^Motice, that we will return the mnner if this Whisky does not give satisfaction or prove as repre ss uted by us. Also an excellent stock of California Wine??P-irt, Sherry, Angelica. Muscatel, Hock an l Claret; also, Reliy's Inland Ca'awlia and imported Liquors of all kinds. ABTIICR NATTANS, Druggist, aW tr Corner 21 and D streets n. w. A Ctr?. A Clergyman, while residing In Booth America ?a missionary, discovered a sale aud simple remedy fcr the core of Nervous Weakness. Early Decay, Disease of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on by baneful and vicious habits. Great numbers have been cured by this noble remedy. Prompted by a desire to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe Tor preparing and as Wig this medlciue, in a sealed envelop'', to any one who needs it, PrrM of Chart*. Address, JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D, Bible House, ?r,H-g ly N"W Fork Pity. Lectures. i.'I'IIF TOSER LECTURES." Tlie second li-ctiire of the conr*e, instituted meter tli<'Touei fund to encourage "The discovery of new trn lis*' f?r "Hi" advancement "f medicine/* will delivered l.v C. K. IIIWWS SUQl'ARD. E 1? it Marini s Hall. 5114 K street northwest, on FRI 1>AT, April lH.ars p.m. Subject of the lecture: 'Nervou* Force; tii* e\ tent, variety . tml power it? manifestations." The in"dical profession, and all ethers interested in scientific "Indies ar>* iuviteil to attend. JOSKPH HKNRY, Hit; J * President of Board of Trustee*. LADIES' GOODS. >nss mccornkk, OO'i PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,?^ (Up Stair*,) Will open on THURSDAY, April 4th. a large and attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND BOUND HATS, to which the special attention of tbe ladies is called. a2-tr TAMFfsG DEPOT, 017 Seventh Stkket, feMl-tr Opposite Patent Qffl. e. SELLING OFF I SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OF THE NEW YORK BAZAR, 441 Seventh street, near E. tnar7 tr NO HUMBUG. E LEKZBERO * CO. Belling ont entire stock of MILLINERY AND FARCY GOODS, at and below coat. TOT Market Space, )?n?-4m betweer 7th and 8th streets northwest. |MP0RTEB OF HUMAN HAIR. GBAND BARGAINS AT MADAME BIIREN'I, ?18 1Si A strut, stctmii doer from O strut. Bemeuiber tbe name and number. Cheap Curia. Switches. Chignons, Braids, Puffs, Frizzettee, of the at est style*. Call and see our new stock before par* shasing elsewhere. decXl - tr ??f ADIES*" L< FRENCH STARCH ENAMEL la the beat article in the world for doing up Linen or Muslin. It imparts a beautiful float to the fabric fur sale by all Grocers. BURRHAM * CO., Manufacturers, 100 West Lombard street, )anl4-ly Baltimore, Maryland. 1873 spring. 1873 TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK. SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING! SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, 255s ' YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MFNS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, At A. At A. At A. STRAUS'S. AtA.lliiVll At A. STRAUS'S. At A. STRAUS'S. CALL AND SBKi CALL AND SUM ? CALL AND SBBf CALL AND SBB! CALL AND SMMI SSfiffiSgiiJSi: OR EAT BARGAINS Third Door from Uth Third Door from Uth Third Door from Uth ?4 HARNESS: harness: ^4 We have on hand a large stock of all kinds of Bin gls and Double Gilt, Covered, RURRRR, RIOERL, SILVER-MOUNTED HARNR8S, at oar own make, which we an determined to Mil at very low prices. Sole acenta for Hill* celebrated CONCORD HARNESS, of which we hare a large stock at Concord prices. The Concord Harness and Collar* have a reputation all over the country for durability aad strength, TRUNKS and SATCHELS In great variety. CEDAR TRUNKS, for protection against moth*. Call and examine stock. LUTZ * BROm aB-lm 40T Penn. are., next to National Hotel. K7XAMINR THE GOLD SPECTACLE, OaiT ?*, R H. HER PI,Eg, Oytiofaa, 4* EVENING STAR. Washington News qpd Gossip. Internal Rivuri?1The receipts fiom this source to-day were $363,043.22. $10,000 DiVA?u?The Department of State baa received information of the payment by the Haytien government of an award of $10,000 against that government for the illegal arrest ot Charles F. Teel, consular agent ot the United States at Miragoane, on a false charge ot cir culating counterfeit money. Toi Cask of Minister DeI.ono The President has received the letter of resignation of Mr. DelxHig, our Minister to-Japan, bat it has not yet been accepted, a request having been received from the Japanese authorities that be be allowed to remain there. It seems to be the impression in official circles that Mr. 1>* T-ong's resignation will be accepted. The pats ot the itinerant mini-try have re turned, and the Bev. Dr. Newman will go on circuit to.lajan. He travels, like I<orenzo and Peggy Dow, with his wife, M. F. , on a free steamship pass. 1 refer to the M. F. be cause under these modest initials the lad* ww concealed in the appointment iu fihi ooyo Tiitune. Arht Chances.-By direction of the Presi dent Col. Richard C. DruiA. assistant adjutant general, has been detailed as a member of the retiring board in New York, in place ot" Col. Kutus Ingalls, assistant quartermaster, who has been detached from duty as a member of that board, and ordered to Europe on a special mission. The President lias accepted the resig nation of 1st lieutenant Alpheus K. Clarke, 3d artillery. Appointments by the Presioknt Before his departure for St. Louis last evening the President appointed the following collectors of internal revenue. Max Weber, for 2d district, New York, vice M. H. Treadwell; K. P. Latli rop, for 14th district. New Vork, vice .lohn M. Bailey; Alexander P. Ketchnin, for Wh district. New York, vice A. Willman: Edward Rhtif, bib district, Pennsylvania, vice Breitenooch. He also apj>ointed Tliom.'is A. Foul-Is, po*tmvs ter at Cincinnati. A coKRifroitpent writes as that a letter to him from Copenhagen, Denmark, dated the 2.>t:i of March, did not reach him until the 2"-l day of April; having been thirty-three days on the passage. The mystery was solved, however, by the fact that tlie letter reached Washington from Copenhagen >n'<? Chicago, as the postmark shows, alj^ough the address in plainly Washing ton. This shows that Chicago and not Boston is really the Hub of the universe, and that everything, letters included, gravitates in that direction. About tb? time look out for a cartoon in the illustrated papers to this effect: iaii'fforfy, rratlintf potlnl car-l {spelling n'it slowly.)? ?' Dear Smith: Your exauiin ition is satisfactory. You are to be appointed fourth class clerk." You will getofficial letter by mail." Tli*re now. and I'm so glad I didn't see pvor Mr. Smith this morning, because if I had I was going to tell linn I wanted his room, or iuv money. It's all right now; he'll get his place, and of course he'il pay me! (Smith had bought a package of |?ostal card- that morning?"such convenient thing-, you know.'') Mokeabout the Portal Cards The Post master General ha.- decided that an ordinary printed business card may be sent through the mails when prepaid by a one cent |>ostage stamp attached: but such card must contain absolute ly no written matter except the address, othrr wise it will be treated as not fully prepaid and refused admission into the mails. All card different from the regular postal cards, bea. ing embossed or printed postage utaaim a ad purporting to be 1 nited States po-tal cards, are counterfeit, and the manufacturer of such cards or the attempt to use the same, w ill subject the offenders to a tine of *000 and imprisonment ror five years. Naval Transfers.? Bear Admiral T. 0. Selfridge, relieved from the command of the navy-yard at Mare Island, Cal., and placed on waiting orders. Bear Admiral C. S. Boggs, de tached from duty as secretary of the light house lioard. and placed on waiting orders. Commodore Win. h. Le Boy, detached from duty as senior officer of the board of inspectors, on May 15th, and ordered to command the Mare Island navy-vard. Commander .lohn G. Walk er, detached from the Boston navy-vard, and ordered to di\ty as secretary to the light-boas-' board. I.ieut. J. .1. Hunker, detached from torpedo duty at Newport, and ordered to the Michigan, at Erie, Pa. Personal.?Senator Morrill, of Vermont, has written a letter to tbe treasurer of that state, inclosing fc4.340.tW, the amount of his back pay, with a 1 e<juett that it be applied to the reduction of the state debt. General .lefferaon C. Davis, successor to General Canby in command of the Department of Columbia, passed through Chicago vesterdav, on his wav to his post of duty. (Jen. A. B. Dver, chief oi ordnance, w ho has for some time past l?een suffering with Bright'* disease of the kidneys, at his residence, Washington ar-enal. was tapped for the resulting droi>sr again yesterday, by Dr. Basil Norris. of the V. S. army, assisted by Drs. J. B. Beily and .Johnson Elliott. He had been tap]>ed only four weeks ago. but the dropsy increased so rapidly a.- to i-e<iuire a rep

etition of the operation much sooner than was anticipated. Bev. Dr. Newman let .ere yesterday for San Francisco to sail froui itaat port for Japan. ????Mr. J. P. Wlielplev, of the Treasurer's office v sails from New York on Satuiday for London fordutv with Mr. Cattail, the government tinancial agent in that city. The paters are, I think, on the wrong tack when they re|?ort an engagement between Miss Nellie Grant and Mr. Dick Murphy, only sen of Mr. Tom Murphy, of New York. There is another fair voung lady to whom he has been quite devoted. She waa his father's guest the first part of the winter, and when ihe came to Washington all the party came to gether. 1 allude to Miss Lucy Worthiugton, ihe handsome niece of the late Mrs. Belknap. Mr. Dick Murphy staved at the White House with Fred Grant, and as Is well known, there is the greatest intimacy between the families, hut is the same intimacy with the Secretary of War and tbe ladies of his family. The papers state Miss Nellie Grant is about nineteen. She will be eighteen the 4th of next July. Mias Nellie has such an enviable position, and enjovs dancing and ammement so much, that I don't think 6he will be in a hurry to marrv, nor do I think her parents will be "willing to part with her while she is so young??? Fag,'' in Louifille Courier-Journal. -? mmm ? ?? Divorcixu a Colored Minister Rev. Alexander H. Newton, a colored clergyman, brought suit against his wife, Victoriner?n oc toroon about ?> years old, for an absolute di vorce on the ground of adulterv, and the case was referred. Yesterday the referee reported in favor of allowing the divorce, and an appli cation for the same was granted by Judge Pratt. The divorced couple lived in PlncaMde street?A. Y. H>-raid, 16tt. The Biotimo at Ksiohtsville, Indiana, between the white miner* and puddlers, on a strike, and negro laborers brought from Vir ginia to take their places, has been suppressed by the aid of the police and the militarv A number of arrests of the strikers was made a very Mtter feeling on their part is said to con tinue, and only great caution and strength can prevent a serious riot While the negroes re Thb Case op Faknv Hyde The counsel tor Fanny Hyde, the lady who shot Mr. Georss Watson at his factory In Williamsburg, inform ed the district attorney that he would not be re"dy to try the case this month. The tr ial will probably be put off until the next tent ?f the court?.V. F. Star. BillAoaisst a Bishop?The I.vcom ng court of common pleas of Pennsylvania holds that a Catholic priest, duly ordained and np 1-ointed pastor of a church, may file hi* bill against the bishop of his diocese for a wrongful interference with the exercise of lus office as pastor. A Striker in Trouble?James Grace, the "??????*?? who kicked to death Michael Fox, at Cincinnati, for refusing to Join in the strike, was yesterday held In $t< bail to answer the charge of murder In the second degree. The Poi-s PBVFiciaaa believes his Indiana* siUon will last some time, but la not dangerous. _ tBTAn Iowa men locted his marriageable daughter In her room, but her lover got her ent by a writ of habeas corpus, and named her.; Boston newspapers are to receive their ex* change* trom the ikw poet office by means of pneumatic tubes. * ?f llw McallMn. The sixteenth annual convention of the Na tional Academy of Sciences, now in teseion in this city, and the proceeding* of which are noted from day to day in our local column* met yesterday in the Smithaonlan insti tute, which is used a* the geological cabinet and contain a large number of cases filled with in teresting specimens The walla are drnaxaenieu with m ?ps, and colored photographs 01 the re m* k?ble features of the Yellowstone valley. * JOSEM HENRY. The most notable, at least in appearance. the assembled savans is Professor Joseph Henry the venerable secretary of the Smith sonian Institution, and president of the Acad-. 0T*e^iwhom *** to have no domi'l L? . ri?ke most men who have reached hit age, especially those who have been hard ?t i i JiVM' he retains .full h^a^ tinn * thi,? taken in counec IL , f caIm b,ue eye"' c,ean shaved face, and white, transparent skin, makes his appear ance quite striking. He wears an old uffiud stat.dmg collar with rounded corners, and pre skhi with a quiet dignity peculiarly his J,.., the c,OM!-Ht ???*???? to scientists. d?l?Wtions of his brother A .. ftT-WTAMfK 81LLI*AN. Another notable savant present who has a wor.d *nle reputation, is Benjamin Silliiuan. professor oi chemistry in Yale College. He is a stout, florid-faced gentleman, about fifty-five; wears a full red b???"? t* .Mk ?ra"r ai..i has hazel even and brown hair, through which a large -ection of the scalp shows in the rear In his general appearance one is reminded of a well-lt d i-ea captain, and is almost prei?are<l to hear him roar out inset nautical phrase. "Ship al oy! What craft is that."1 instead 01 discours ing Uamtdly on scientific matters. m. c. anus. ,/'*n- *'? C. Meigs, Vuarterma?ter General. L . ft. A., is a member of the Academy and is an interested listener at every session. He w about fifty-five years of age, is slightly bald, and has iron gray hair and whiskers, the 1-attei cropped military fashion. He lias a sharp, but pleasant black eye. Is dark complexioned, an-i ?s ?'iie 01 the handsomest of the assembled sa\ans. The General has alwavstaken a dee? interest In scientific subjects and has made many investigations in that direction wUicli attest his ability and powers of analysis. I1KR.1AMIK IMKRCE. Another savant present whose appeiranc* i someuhat striking is Prof. Benjamin Pierce su|?crintendet of the I nited States Ooa-it Sur vey, who looks more like a poet than a man or facts and figures, and who reminds one of the pictures of Henrv \Y. Longfellow. His faee ;s -mall and classical, his ey?s brown, and his complexion quite dark. He wears a full iron gray beard, and his hair, which is oi the ?aiu -hade, is quite thick and long. The Protestor is apparently al?out fifty-five years of aje. fcemit?r Bajard Rises to liiplain. 11E ECTCRM HIS 44 RKTROACT1V* IKCKK 18KO r*v." Secretary Richardson this morning received the following letter from Senator Bayard : Ki, i* !>????. April n,18Ti hit. \ nder the appropri* bill p^saod on the last night of Uie 4.'d Congr -. f Uvauie en titled to$M,*(>5.?0 increase oi j .i\ ior ti^at On gross. and I now enclose inv check on the Na tional Metropolitan bank of this eitv for the full amount, to be paid into U.c Treasury of the Lnited States. ' As a member of the Senate committee of con jfreccc, to whom this hill whu reteirvd I ? ndeavored unavailingiy to have this feature of v 'roar Itrr increased pay stricken out. I l ad tin n the alternative of voting to defeat one of the principal bills for the necessary expens t of the government, because pf this objecti-,li able teature, and as a consequence to make an extra session of Congress immediately nee s sary. the cost of which would alone have ex ceeded the amount of this "back pay," and which, for other reasons, I deemed prejudicial the public interest, and there lore I preferred lU? llll should L>ass. ii.!!i?4,L111)f I'g-il right to receive this back pay. and it rests solely in my di?--re Uon whether I retain it. My hesitancy on this question has chiefly arisen from an utiwiliiii* HSmL?*!" to T?1' iu refusing this money ito reflect tij.011 those of my fellow-mem bers who honorably and conscientiously tak ? a different view of the matter. As. however. 1 joined iu the report of the committee of couior ence. and voted in favor of the bill on grouiid3 of public duty, so I feel entitled to eliminate from the result of my official action an item of pecuniary advantage to myself, which I felt constrained to vote for under thecircumstan -es I have stated, but for which 1 would not h tve vf'te<I as a separate measure. a,T^ ,r';nj1lt1tanceJ." mZ voluntary and personal n ? iv,1 aV* tfl"upht Pror-t-r toaccom^.niy with the foregoing Mtateuieiit. Respectfully, your obedient servant, Hl_ w . ? T. F. Bayarh. Ho*, w A. Richardsok, Secretary oi the Treasury, Washington. Orleaeb races yesterday, uti ler the auspices of the Louisiana Jockey Cl'ib t^?Vnry ?ucoe?f"1- The first, a hurdle race,' two mies over eight hunlles. was won by Vil K Blacksmith, beating Tom < orbett. Blind Second race, mile ami a quarter, for all aires club purse of *3oo. There wtre eleven entrW. The race was won by Krogtown, Mary I^mise ^con. , Cape Race tb.rd. Cademma. ^?,Zm Sauceleat, Llvina Mabrcy. Sir Kufus K>nn Tfme^lu T?m I^eTs, and Warwick* H,^ir.d r*fe- LeuWana stake, tor colts and Allies tour years old, SOoentrance. ?i,ami adde.1. Second horse ?300, third horse SiXAi, mile heats. ill . Ze,Tt ,elKht nominations, tour started. ?Silent t riend, 1.1; Funnie M . ? 2* Ali?*r* \ i Bell Buckle, 4,4. Time, l?. i'lfi. The Urn heat was won easily by a length. The second heat was won by half a length. i.A.r'K'U, ,A!',T ??arry triangle U now via ble in the early evening. It is made up of the three brightest stars that are ever in our latitude, with the exception of Mars, when in opitosiUon. \ enus, Jupiter and Slrius form the shininit points ot the celestial triad, and make the ge ometrical marvel easy to recognize. Venus must be looked for in the we**, Jupiter towards Uie zenith in the east, and Suius iu the south. i ^olor apparent dxe between thrtJ) t rong,.LmvkM- Ven,,f tak?? the lea<l as she hangs like a golden lamp in the glowing west; Jupiter is of aa<>eper tint, shading oran?e.' wbile Siring, glittering with ?I*i18 oi a softened white, tinged startling addition to ito crimson page yesterday The victini In this Instance, Mr. Murray, is a collector tor the New Turk g%s comp&nv ' Hp visited one Dr. Brown, tn WllHam street for the purpose of collecting a gas bill, and while writing out a receipt for the same he was aav it?T ??>? i*ked by the doctor, armed with a hatchet. He succeeded in knocking down his asrailant and making his escape, not, however i?-ire ?rf. rece'ye<1 lnJQri?* which may prove txzT?. zz8, a* ^ sa .i 5 OB*AT ?wow stobv in the west con nputo ^terday af ternoon when it abated. f nWer^ work cleaning the I inon Pacific railroad track, and It vu at petted that trains would be runnning to-day ??nntrytwo hun dred miles wide, lasted about three day*, and wn the wont ever known. Amoot the dumt! I?'1 detained at Omaha by the storm la Gen John P. Hawkins, brother to Mrs. Canhy. who ?f0GneJU^yWerttobri-* ^ A Hcenann avd Kmia alleged, he had * of the parties pursued and overtook (ST Jority being O^maia T^^I' amounts toi2JOO. Tho - "***. better condition to go w?7t?aa^i ? ?nunTSut't,1nc Kj?*. ?,-? u. ? M. Pul, Mian., Ma pfec ^lDmtT*r to ? Mw hotel mmd Sk. on ?ccoant<*Mu?toVf5^5UI,rt*e TELEGRAMS TO THE STAR Thil Afternoon'* Dispatches. ? ASSOCIATED PRESS REPORTS. ?T ing ? 15,(i RETORTED HTRDEK OF SIR ANP LADT FACER in A FBI1 'A. lordor, April IT.?A pai'iul from Alexandria, Fgvpt. that Sir Katuae! Biker ami hi* wile. !.?lr H?ker. have bivti murdered in the interior or Africa by natives or that country. Sir Samuel Baker, * bv his wile."took an Fgyptian expedition up tlie Kile. Tn* WKATHK A*D THE ClnrS. A nnmber of severe thunder >torm? occurred jf*tenl?T in Wale*. The crop* were injure! and *e\eral person* were struck by lightning and killed. The weather throughout England to-day U fair and favorable to tlie crop". diplomatic TRAN*FFr.s IK PERM ANT. berlin, April IT.?Count Von Arnlm.iier man ambassador at Par<*. will be transferred to lx>ndon. and General Manteuf'el, now com mander of the German army of occupation iu France, w 11 be appointed successor t?> Connt Von Arnim when the evacuation of Fremi territory by the German tioops has been com plettd. ko crip:* in tiii ?r*sifH mikistrt. Madrid, April IT?Uenial in given tbi? morning to the rumor wl.ich *?? current yes terday, that a crisis in tlie luitustrv was immi nent. Y?rk Nete*. KICKIR" A LITTLE ?<?Y TO PIATH I# o?i? MIRI'I.R I* Til K rot'RTH UB4.KKK. new V?>RK, April IT?I'eter Fay. of Brook lyn. who kicked hi* little bov to death because lie would not buy rum for htm, wn ve?terda\ I four.d guilty of manslaughter in the fourth de gree. t t it a rte? hatlcr, one of the m#u accused ot stealing and destrov bundle# of voucher* representing nearly two years ago, died la?t night. lIltBK WEKK Rl.E\ EN RIO* X??R salu to-dav. amounting to *2,1nmm? at from 1W41 to 11" 51-10. 1 The government ?>M a milliou and a half oi gold at 116.SC to 11" .51 110. Wall HI reel Nkw York, April IT At the opening of the ; stock exchange there wa* a very full attend ance. and many expected a relapse into the ex citement which at it# height yesterday afternoon between 2 and Jo'clwk. When, however, bun- i ness fairly opeued. it became evident that an improved feeling prevaibd. tor prices ad vanced. This continued until the money m trket opened, when it wa* found that money wa* -till very dear?4a>? per cent. )K?r'lay. Sale# began an-' | have continued, everybody putting hi# liou?? in order lor any contingency, t'p to 1 o'clock there lia# been no outbreak, and the change* are fully even that we shall have no further panic, even iu stock*. ? The luti?e and *laehinf hmuii(:i< liirer*' t'onteaiiiw. Philadelphia. April IT Tlie national as sociation of engine and machine turer# met thi# morning; Henry Blandy, presi dent, in the chair. Tlie delegates who wore at sent yesterday were in attendance to-day. Mr. Biaisiv delivered an address,reviewing the condition ot the trade, and congratulating the in< ui'ki> on the nociety as* ming a Rational iin{*>rlance. Kemarks were ai-?? ui ?dc by meiu l>ers. This afternoon, the weather permitting, the viators will be taken through Fa:rinouut park. - ? ' Hecrelarj Belknap andbrn. Sherid iu la Texan. Nh\v York. April IT Secretary of War BHk nap and Gen. Sheridan arrived at San Automo, Texas, on the 5th instant. They were cordially reeeived by the m.i\or, city official* and a large | number of former ottioer# of the confederate army. A grand ball airtl a banquet was to suc ceed" the formal reception at the City park on the Tth inet. > ? - Killed In a Coal liM. PoTTSViLLR, April IT Win. Grant. on-% ol the proprietors of the Plank U'dge colliery, and Walter Gibbes, inside boss, were killed bv tail ing eool from the roof of n new slope while ex anlining it to see if it was safe for the miners to work under. They wounded the roof and deci ded it wa# not sale, when the roof came down, .lohn Laflin and Michael Monaghati, laboi rs, were injured by the fall. A 1'ellege Bnrned 1?> au Ineemliary. Chicago, April IT A at lMamtteld, Will county, Tuesday night, entirely destroyed the Plainheld college. Loss FlOjMO; insurance ?2.5oO. It Is believed the lire was the work of an ineendiarv, there being considerable feeling against the location of the college at Pla.ii tteld. The Vffttrrn WlmMIII II Omaha. April 17?The telegraph wires remain in the same condition a# yesterday, though the storm has ceased. Repairing men starte d from Grand Island with an engine early thi# morning, aud it i# thought that telegraphic communication with San Francisco will be re stored thia afternoon. ? The Hew lark 41<y Charter. Ai. \ant, N. Y., April IT ?The engrossiug of the New York charter wa# liinished at noon aud transmitted to the Governor, who, it is uad? stood, will examine the bill careiullv and with deliberation before deciding u|m>ii whether he will sign it or not. Death or Three Hauuded knklnx. FliANKPonT. ky., April IT?Additional a< vices from the late kuklux outrage in He .ry county, say that three of the kuklux who were wounded have since died of their wounds. Death ef a JonraaliM., Tksr., April IT?Wat. H>?nry Smith, agent of the Western Atwociated Pie-* at Nashville, and an old journalist of this city, died this morning alter a protracted illness. A Medical Sttiikkt Ar&b*tei> in Vkr mont?There was considerable excitement at Milton, Friday, over the discovery that the grave of a Frenchman named <iefmain, w ho died about a fortnight since, had been rohtted of his body l>v Frank Packard, a medical stu dent. who Lad sold it to parties in this city for ?30. Packaid was arrested ami brought belore Justice Fairchiid. who held him iu S*J0Q bail to await the action of the grand jurv at the next term ol the conntv court. Hia father furnished the bail, and Packard left town on the ncrtn-ru train this evening.?Buriiufton (l"t.) Frtt /V n, April 14. A woiia' School iiibo tor?The II ?n Nathaniel Moore, of Wenona, who is now i member of the house of representatives of this state, has for several years held the honorable eltion of school director. His term ex? irod week. Mr. Moore and Mrs. W. B. Keeling, wife of Rev. W. B. Keeling, a Presbyterian minister of Wenona, were the candidates aatie election on Saturday for the position of si-fRwl director, formerly held bv Nr. Moore. It was found on coi nting the votes that Mr*. Keeling was ahead in the proportion ol two to one Cuioayo Leficl A'wi, April 12. step for Lra?iko ar Ixfrctrd Horse udge Booth Is to-day trying a carious case ot trespass. On the Tth day of February last. Judge Booth is to-day trying a carious case ot trespass. On the Tth day of February last. John Auer rented from George Keminger, tn the town of Hyde Park, a house to occupy as residence. The family moved in there, an some dajs after Aner's wife and several of the children were taken with tfce frightful di ?mall pox. Inquiry revealed that the had been lafeeted, and that Remiager, kt log it to toe ae infected, had rented the place to plaintiff. Damages are laid at SIMM? Clu eafo Pest, April 11 A smart Tor*o ladt at a social gath?ring a hsardlsss wretch replied; "Gn. ?a?wt ought never to faint, becaaas, you r***' donniooh pretty after some ofceious old .t. their faces aad it has ?Jtheir cheeha." That i's fate. au .CrnA^-The Mew Tork Her SSSvrL!2S?^E mainly valnahta^ae ef the revolntlon is by no meaas dsad. ? ?1 The ??filBreeFr" to the latest tL.i.g in hou>? tliraM*. rl*tt to tto fitxat woollrn fabr.c (ttt manuftutnrr.i The "Alexandra red ? coic" to a new lndxe' Suiteof grey f.itt with stripes that look *1 *>rgr are ?ui n. ?Crarge t?l.?w at tailto" * the loteet meter .ai for bridal ilrewr'. \ elret awl yak lace are the standard trim p.. lift Qi ti*< K 'iMtH ?TlI veil* covwed alt* |>e*rt beads. arc a novelty ia evening ?au. W4f awl very W ??*? of colore! grrli feline a Ml he worn toTh. summer Tlx L ????? Vani>c awl I'ton I'.oa are two new awi *ty t-h buMjTif shape*. Fancy jenelty to uutli nom ?u tiif lUitl again. which to In a very bed ta?te Maw-ire ml *^?1 button- are trx '?'<?-Ta <*jrn ?e*t for ladie-' The Medtcis, tb# 1; libera the Yaierle awl tiM' KUtll* ftff Mff r?li M It**# Ol iKlllllflA Tlie "" oi ?.tr.iirj.f \ rau* to the neaea- tiling In tola It n "kurrU " Tlx vnlgar ni?t m of iib|>lavlii( vMilii T"1- P|W| I'IUt <Mtt or r?<4u.>?. J M w iiMt Uim ribbon h%? i?cew vrr? ?* !ar, it ncais l?i Im tter than grus gram Material* Torn si of altrnut? ?trw*? nf w ai'<1 velrrt are rtry fashionable for aatrta. Tlx fadr tint* ?rf going out ami the old fa owd, kiifht. p?a(.?? (h4pii are tow ?... ? again. fame's hair |?.)otiaxes a ill Ix as raech ? m this ap-ing a? muLu t re t\. iAuu ant ?? icai> ago. ? oivttd ribbon* about the neck. vita a W?w in fiont with diamond* Uirnwn, arc mncl. amu in full drew. Yery pretty lltt> raatle nheat straw to* w leta are noa uartl for the subetructare of i?4 >onabto bouqueta. The great novelty ol :be see-on is the 'H rtlir on coetunua. It in ?juite an ei |m n-irf a* it to oorel. Snanrnh veils ate W rj much worn, ?a the hair w ith tlx Irigl.t red iwae. w?xh ta wliapeiistl 1? ta ai Andatasian Imtntr. 8trel button* arc bluish, or l>ro? mn hk> a rife barrel. engraved,or rise eat mu> g> iuti** jx-int- Carved wooden button* are a won A new mH material like Turkish * ??fl'rg i? very |<o|>ular. ml a? aoon ?? it get* ? link) later in tb<- M.a?n mil Ix aery uix?iau>rta ble. I Hi* t in WtxImigUin tlx Hioral ?- .|.l nt ha# Ixeoaue the ?-??rre< t thing It h ?a trxd in New York, with no nri mirknt oueet'X I.a?-e w u? J in great j.rol uaion on ta? Ut roae hada. The lu?'M laehionable aalaing CW inxa ar? of very light colored cloth, triurni rt a ?> daek vel*?t hand*. The akiit to *ti ijxd l< <?? hwaja with iela-et l>awla. Kaahea are atirn lined ? th another ?r. a.? blue lined aith ro?e. or hutl for Inwtaii. . Tlx* are made aith a long swinging looi> Xo - .Id u|> tto /??/? of tlx draw.?K f.rl tout. A Small isioi i Am**bo tmb ti* i I T Om? K HoLDBRK An eatena >r a win d!ing ?|h ratM>n haa Wen going on f?>i a abort tiane. tlx extent ot it ??nta l?e<*<?niing ikiimii alter the ro^oe had et>ea|xd. Ki inra a ?i in|>M and a ell-eoiiti; ve?l aUirj a aeau. ua olitaiued money froni marly every gov< i ?? at official in the *tate. The numlier of ?. m? taken In. a? far a* ktaoam, air Collector V ??? re|?. ot New Haven tXJtoctor Marat .. New l.ondoii; Hanover, of Hndge|>or |4iatmaaterat Hr..ig< ^wt. and Collectors of Norwich. The alory the fellow t?ll? . ? follows He a ill eenx to a hen* abont i tinic awl introduce lrma l: ar Win H la tlx Tieaaury department. Waahington li - ha? l?e?vii hoinc In a few daya, ami I beeti aent for to return to the Tr?-aj-ur> . lie It got a* far a* New Haven or |trtdgr|?iH. a* ti eaae innv be, awl ha* got out or n?*xy. It< aoul.l like euough to jf^t t>ack tn Wachiiiftiiii. and aould aend a drait on immediately. He?*. pect?-d wnie monet from Mr , li'-ad clerk at New Hiven. but it l ?>?'t C'<nx lie muat I??? l>ack at IN'aahmgton the m ?t daar. He th"n -hoa ? dociinxnta at.<l olhetwiae ahoaaatieh a tainillarity aith the TreaauM <ie|iartai<*nt and th' men emj.'.oy? <1 there. that there aocia? to l?a no doubt almnt hia trutjifuln 'x. Ae a rea.ilt he haa swindled all tli??ar j;eiitlem>n nam-sl out of Bum* varying from a:; to a|o. an.| h< a many [ more nt> one knoaa. It i- a gam** Ix can |*lay miywhere.? Narff<.r>i C< H,e. ?, H.'A. TilrimiHEVTI'ra Ptv-rv I>uriH|{ Preaident Urant'a late ao^onrn in New York he tirited Fair l^and Fat m. at t?ra wd, Ixing Idand. ArterinaiM-etingthe atock. in.'l..a ing Oberon. a thoreughl.rcd of the lam iia l/e? in^'ton awl tilencoe eroa.-eroaii. iinwa! of tlx yonng colta were harixaaotl ami driven on <tia ruad in front of the taiiu ta ah .w tlieir gait, vnoed, At. one of them. ?alled Claviwore, r?Vaeed the Preci >Jent ao micli tKat he |iiirchax4 him. at^l ha* wit him to hi* farm, n *r St. l?uto. t lay more will be four yearawM nert ?luuc. He ia a aoii ol Tea*'* m ?kot. a ann of Hambletoniiin. Ill* dam aaa a weli kiioan roadater l.r Henrv Clay, a aon of Atnlr. a L k ?<n. awl tfironrh him bark to the I'tshaa liarh. Cl?yanore to tlm* a very gwai e<>mhlna*ioii ot thoronghbred and trotting blood. He ta a txglit bay, aith black |>oiiit? an.1 wd a alii'e hair. Hr atatidp njiward* of Bttoi'n ami a half iiaii I* high . ha? creaf bone and wiacle. ?n<?a-m ch ap?e?l. and l<M>k?a*arroncaa* lion Hene*mi?*? to be exactly fitted for wliat the f'reaident in U'ti?i.? him?viz: croaaing with thoroughlxe<i?.? .V. r B'rald. A r^aaoy at Kaxi ..?Tnr l!r*?v 1. \r?t From a atory in circulatioti in the t'ltv o> Churchea thia morning, n would appear that the grten-tvetl moi.?t?-t recentlv erej.t into '.he <lw?-H;ng of Mr. Thoiuaa K'liatlla. e*-M C., in < ml?er of the board ol << meat ion. and editor of the HrooWlyn Fagle. Mia. knxlla'a eye* rested upon Mn. Thnma? Field*, the wife ol the ?u|ierintendent of |iuldic achoola. ;i woman who to a ecrtain extent, ahe Ixlieeed. had *up nlaiited her place iu the afleeliona of her Ixare lord. The aouu n met. a* the atorv g*?<-a at rlir honseof Cafd. 01m?teed. on the Coney l?!anl road, where Mra. Kinxlla Vo^ no time in eon veytitf to M re. Fx Ida her opinion of her. awt the aforeaaid opinion wax anything hial fiaUar ing. Not lacitiji ahle to control her unjoveni ableteHiper. Mm. Kttnella proeeoded to "move on" her enemy, ami Mra. FieWa felt the weight ot Mra. K inaella'a right hand. Mra. FiekU has tened to her cart iag< and drove home aa laai ao 'he conld go, lea\ing Mra KinaHIa im^vi ol the aitnation. Mr? Field* and Mr. K naella bare been |?eraonai rrieiwla for year-, and v r? naturally regret the unpleaaant aflair totwua the women - ,V. F. tynvn. bif?. Affairs in Lnrm ?'??t-|kTa*. V* r^-4 Xci't?On Mondav laai. .1 I.. Hinker. auction, eer. aold tot M. Ham-on awl -lohn ?. Fancoaat, truatee* of U'm H. Schoolev. 212 acrea ol land, tbur mile* northeaat of Waterford, for el.', per acre, John 8. llillon. purchaser The farm lx longiug to the estate of the late H W Harri. son, situated near Nolawt'a terrv. in thia cwow tv. containing Tnnacrea was pur< li iae.1 on ia<4 Wednesday by Mr. PoweM Harri-on, lor -l? per acre. H?*t' flaiiterf.?Tlx stone dwelling lio-on the farm of AI ?*. H, I?aris. near Mi /ion church, in thia county, waa con?nne<i bv fire on Thtirsilny last. Tlx hvuae waa oecupi-I by Mr Vm. I.ightfoot. who aucee??ded in a?ving all of hto furniture. Ac. The lire broke out al>out the middle of thedaa. awl was, we nn deratand, the re?ult ol acc.dent?L" M,r ror, M. The Forrst Firks ik Viaoiata "*<?' TimUr Urtt.v*,*'?A telegram from Not ? folk, Va.. April 15. HC3, aaya The conflagra tions in the IMamal 8aamp along the line of the Seaboard and Koanoke railroad continue to rage. A large nnmlxr of residences hare been cotisnnxd. among them that of .loaenli stoke* and others near Great Bridge. IWidcs theae. 2,2no cotdaol cord wood, belonging to arreral parties in that Ticinitv, were burned ap, awl thonsand- of acres of the finest timber land !? ttx swamp are destroyed It to sui>fa>aed that a large nuaber of cattle awt poultry hare bxa sa allowed up br the llamc* and wild antmala? such as beam, panthers, awl wolres?an r vm? before the march of the fire. The |*ojilc neat Great Bridge and other inhabltad Recto * ot thesaamp are leaving tor safety. Ao far, how ever, no lives are reported lost. A ri*oclar ?tit haa Ixen brought in fi l ouiaiatia coan againt Governor ft ?? moth, who to sued for damage* bv a convict auom he Pardoned The perto>n bringing aoit a hich to ror ?K)^aO daaaagea?aets forth la the complaint that while solving a Rentei.ce for manalanjbter in the atete peat tan Uarv he waa f*?"? "7 governor, and that he w entitled to hto relaaae on February 2S, l?a. :.e VJ?*; fto* antil Augnat I* ?-7J. and claiaxtheamownt mantiuncil ->*th ?ivrw4 ^ retention in priaan was can1.* (r the "i of Governor Warmoth Mrtcnltnrwu are h^glnniug toaee *^^*r I1 ?ppM K. C.^1# entrauoed by the fit a color*d dergywoman. ?? a color* d clergy wi that tton. _ Ball-.,^** laCaltfbmu that the kam ara a. "* I#r t? ? on the Peansylvauia 1 DMVy ?Train delayed fifteen minataa on necoant ol Udy. Don't know ahether H tea Wyer a girl XEleven deaaocrato who hnva qatotly t winter lu the alafiwar ? " Ma., lndlgnawlx toft tha aatnh a* the republicana obtained control of the city. ?FA LoutoviUa ftnetteal joker anoceeded in imitating a canine growl ao nerflactlv the wkrr night, that one of hto ma InOaaatc trtond- waa "April footod" into tafrr*"*- k.? ?- - ham with ? ?. Into lading vttotara ta the groat AaerUa aMan wal4e wall ta look to their vnr ina il'

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