Newspaper of Evening Star, April 17, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 17, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. it m. lorn mm*. Largest Cireilatta ii the District Beading Matter on Evary Page W A SHIN OTON CITY: Till MBAT April 17, 197S. To Or r Advueti^ehs?In consequence of the great pressure upon our advertising col umn*. we have to wk or customers that they will send in their advertisement* a* early in the day a* pomlble that they may be properly classi fied. Our business men appreciate the advan tage* of an advertising medium like tnat of Thi Star, which ha* not only an immensely preponderating circulation over any other paper, but which ha* aim a general circulation amongst all clause*. and therefore reaches pur chaser* of every variety and style of goods and wares. I.a< Without (Ml. The attempt* heretofore made to manufac ture gas by the decomi-osition of water, aud the snbseonent carbonization of the product by the n>e of petroleum. or bituminous material", have not Iieretofore reached practical success though th-j experiment!' have been interesting iu suggesting |?ossibilities in this way. Now. however, a new gas of this description ha? been developed in England, which is spoken of appiovinglv by a scientific journal of stand ing, the London Xttur*. an<l which also receives favorable notice frvaa the New York Juunt 'l ?f C^r^'rr*. This-g.v, invented by a Mr. Ruck, may. it is asserted, be used in one form for heating |>ur|K)K>. ami in another for illumina tion: anil made out ol the ch<*ap"*t substance*, by a very simple method, aud at small cost. As? iu the various water ga.- processes, Mr. Kuck obtains his hydrogen bv passing steam through incandescent coke; '?ut his mode differs from tliat ol other Inventors in one reaneet: wifh r.,v?. e~- ... M umu old chain or any ii on refuse! are mi icd. and the oxygen of the decomposed water attaches itself to the iron, forming scales of black rust, and then the hydrogen passes into a purifying chamber in a comparatively free condition. Tiie ertect of the iron to promote the perfect separation of the two gases composing water? work being more tardily done by the action of the red-hot coke alone. The charge of iron and coke in the retorts does not need to be re newed for several weeks. This beating gas is s.tid to cost, for making, only 7d. per 1 .Mlcubic fret, which suffices to boil about fifty gallons of cold water. By a familiar arrangement it could be used in stove> or fire-places. The cost would be reduced by using the waste heat of the re toit turnace to raise the steam, instead of sup plying it independently from a boiler. For I'lChtieg purposes, this hydrogen gas is made to bubble through a reservoir containing rec titled petroleum of a specific gravity of about 0.6*>, and i> then ready tor circulation aud consump t.on. ami is reported by .?'mv to liave an illu minating power of !>?> can-lies {% good stand ards with a flow ot five cubic feet an hour in an Argand burner. In this form the gas costs bse than Is. >1. j?er 1,000 cubic feet; the cost of ordinary coal-manufactured gas in I.ondoti being '.>. id . when coal u a ton. The difficulty. hereto!ore. with all the substi tute gases has been their instability, and the question has been raised whether the new gas is a permanent ci'inpoui.d. capable of passing lor long distances through pipes in all weathers without diaintegrating. The scientific journal reierred to says that in a number of experi ments made its i-eruianence seems to be estab lished. and it has been shown that when deli v. ered at point' remote from the works there is no perceptible lose of illuminating power. It is also stated that the necessary work* for 'he manufacture of this gas are so compact tnat those at Batterers, occupying about the space of an ordinary well-picked steam engine of twenty or thirty hor-?-power, are large enough to supply gas to a town or 1,"00 inhabitant*. The Mtrtiou is also made that only one-thir tieth the number of lal>orers are needed in the manufacture of this gas that are required in the old process of coal distiilation. It is hardly probable that all these sanguine claims in behalf of the new gas can be estab lished. but it would seem?according to the a?iage that Necessity is the mother of Inven tion- not unlikely that the present coal ramine m England will <iuickeu the inventive powers ol the nation to the discovery of some more ctoiM.mical mode or making illuminating ga< tl an by the present process of the distillation of ct ml. ^ It is a consoling thought to the opponents of the "Quaker Policy" to know that the noble r?.d men of the forest are not increasing in nnmbers in a way to |>erpetiiate the line of ('apt. .lacks. In ract they are fading away with accelerated rapidity as the report of the ninth census attests. According to this report, which in respect to the enumeration of wander ing tribes ?f Indians must necesmrily be In accnrate, there were in UCObut 25,731 red men in all the states and territories against 11.021 in I*h0. This shows a total decrease in a single decade of l?*,:?t?0, or abont .415 per cent, of the whole number in l^i. Should this per cent age of decrease continue there will have ??passed away" by the year 1"V?0 10,WO souls which will leave but 1.%, 131 Indians on the con tinent at that date. At the same rate of decrea e in IrtX)there will be but 3,852 remain ing; in l:?o but 5,000; in 19W, 3,000; in Wjo, l.T W; in U<30 about 1,000: in 19KI atfout 600, and in W50 bat about 350, and >o on, the number getting smaller and beautifully less until every ve?tige of the race will have faded out. It may not be generally known that a largo majority of all the Indians on this continent tie in the states, aud not in the territories. The census puts down the tola, number in the - ate* at and in the territories but 4,303. ? f the former number Michigan has J.W, aud ? ililornia 7,341. The largest number in auy ... e territory is lfTO iu Washington territory. It. I'M) there were 10J07 Indians In New Me\i n now there arc but 1JV!?. The enumeration Indians does not include half-breeds living *? the whites and cultivating the soil in locali tk n inhabited | by whites, but does include ha i i reeds living iu a wild state among t'.io tub blood*. That pink of propriety, Uenerai Karnswortli, wr im a very long letter saying that he means toe -iribnte his extra compensation among the dlflt irnt counties of bis Congressional district; ukI on this text he holds forth at great length to what a set of scamp* the Congressmen art- who take the extra pay. and, by com pari -??> what aa exceedingly honorable ami lilgh '??' ? >i gentleman is ex-Representative Farns w?i?h. It is a pity the Oeneral's high moral \ it ions come in play ?o late in his olltcial ? Ml tCT. 1 he Rrj-ubiican or this morning had a fnll ac ??? ' nt of the arrest of Patdee alias the Rev. J. Hale Barney, on the charge of fraud through the forgery of General Babcock'sname. The sleepy Ckrtmtcl' hadn't I word of it. fra*SttlICI.-Tln Commute* oa Examination I*r7 of Applicants for aspoiouuewt on the Me tropolitan P' lio-- fore*-, will hold its r?(?Ur nu?t n * at Police Head * a trier* wa MONt'AY. April 31, l?3. al I o'clock p. n. ?17 Jt P. A. LAI1HBT, Secretary. | IT3? SOK5 OF TBMPIRAJICE?BOMB DIYI ti*y SION. M^. ?, ^<>na A Temperance, will be ta* m it a ted at Tmyrraact Hall, THIS ^Tharwlav KVKB1JIU. ?( * ?? o cloeh. All members of the "'-^arsr-.j^,, jDTited to attend. Pjr^ms de * o unite with the new dhrWoa will apply to ' ilM I WhKlrr.In-, ^t3 fth itrpet a??rtb?wt. ? BKADLKT. District Depaty ? i^sTHB TjlACtaBU O* TBt SC HOOLS are rs.>uemed to meet at the Bpa rTikhool Building at hi W clock a. m. oa BAT0B DTWJw called to orgaaixe a aermaaeat Turim' aad also to tn what way rack V u m*9 o*tmla#d m will It. fi. McKBI, tsl Dist , O. C HILTOB. atJHM. iX; * (Bepnh.Chroa M Orttir.J ? THB bbbt ABD C_l!*apbstad ssmi O* FMBTINO A*D ADyBfeTWIB? aCi>' v. Boat*. p.rtiea watteB ea as ">?' ??? ? ' I""""*' "h-" d ^ Qoliete~t TLoee who Urr c'.cnj to stock# for m5nth?i? Wall street seemed yesterdar ? be getting weary of the load. and. baffled *11 calcula tions *a? to the money market and thf Trea?riry policy, to be toeing hope of any 1 reprove m'it ia the immediate future. While this may be dis couraging to atock speculator* operating for higher pncea, it ia good new for the merchants; for at any time within the past three months the money market would hare been greatly re li red l>v a decline in atock?. which would di mmish the Wall street deman l for mon;y, and leave more available for mercantile use.* Late in the day veaierdav a reaction took place from the morning's depression, and prices recovered somewhat from the lowest point of the dav. The decline ranged from 1 ?a4* per cent. Gold waa lower, touching 117but closed firmer at 117*. M oner loaned on call at 1 percent, per diem added to interest. Several failures are expected, and it is now evident that those who formed a combination against the Treasury have been badly beaten^ Cook* * Co. furaiak the toUowingto-dar Hint'* Stiff. H*v t. s*ir? K1 14U I IViJuUi.liiv. isv n _ ? *kW ?- Fibst ~?a*B?. ??V&S!=dr ifSJSt=pr:3L tSSSSftStrr. S3 I BaLT'.mobb, ApnTTr?JT. Va >, c jq At. West Va.'s, l'\ hid t ? U> . Baltimobb, April 17.?Oottondu,. aa<l wik uj n ninsl. low middlings, 1><cL3'4 I' '? > u r dull and nnrliar ged. Wheat Urn ?white ctioice, ?2 10 "4 ?S? 15. cnoir* amber. 15. C ru .lull-w Site s<mth. rn.S, r-llowsouthern,4> ri3; mixed west'-rn, M. Oats dull?south, rn,60; western mixed. C; -1j. white. *>.<sO>. Syequi-t and unchanged. Hay uu chang'd. Pr.??i?i .im very strong and buoyant; M'-ss p"tk. $1~H@$14. Bulk meats?shoulders, 7fa7*?;rib side* bi*!; clear ril? sid-s. Bacon?shoulders, 7\<a4; rib sides, 9*ito<ri; clear rib sides, 9s, (tr H); to gar cured ham?, US'<ilS. Lird held at Xrst<-4. M ^iIitb butter steady and un changed. Wiii-kj ? ?ii!al! sales at 91; now Artuly hold at 91'a. New loll, April 17.?Stocks dull. MoueyArm. '?&? per cent. Gold 17H Exchange, long, 7'?. short, sv.. 0?xemm?nts dull and steady. Kiw York, April 17.?flour juiet, shvls easier. Wheat du!l. C >rn firm and quiet. I.OMX>>. April 1L 11^4 m -r''uivso's ??" W ?%' Qi?. r-i i?>in. n ?litis of tVo. old. 91 -x-C'?jpon lm7, 9J?4; 10 to's, 39'?; new fives, 90. Ii-cimp m Eue. Pa*t?, April 17.?Brutes opeaed at K franc-92 cstwei. Loxooa. April 17. 1 30_p m ?Bonds or 1*57,;?3S. TUB WCATHIB. ~ W*a Dbpabtmbbt, OgU* Chitf Signml OjUw. I Wa*bib?tob,D.C., April 17,183,11a.m. < STSOPsiS MB TBI PAST TWCMTT-FoDft HOOK - The storm center that was Wednesday morning 111 North ( aroims is now on the middle Atlantic coast. That that was In Indiana is apparently now aver the southern part .f Lake Miehigau Ths preUure lias risen sonic? hat on the s .uth Atlantic coast and ha* fallen especially in tlie northwest. N01 th'-ast-rly winds, increasing to brisk and high, with rain, have prevailed 111 th?- middle Atlantic states, and south ?-ast winds, with rain or snow, .mi rh? lower lake. Itnsk northerly and eaaferly wind-, with rain. are leported from Lakes Michigan and Huron. The temperature has fallen throughout th?- Atlantic states,aad to a iesa extent, withi lear weather, in th Gulf states. Probabilities.?The area of low barometer on Lske Michigan w ill probabh caorn the rest of Thurs day northeasterly oti-r Lake Huron. That on the triddl* Atlantic coaat contiuue m.>Ting slowly north eastward. For New England and Sew J-rsey for th*' reat of Thursday continued northeast winds, threatening and rainy weather. For the lower lakes, inrreaeing southeasterly winds, with rain. F >r the western nortion <?f Penusylvani;i and the Ohio val ley and thence ?onthward oxer the eastern Gulf and south Atlantic state*, westerly winds, cloudy anJ clearing weather. For Lake Huron, Increasing east and uonhiast winds, with rain. For Lake Hlrhigxn. tnore*?ni* norihe.m winds, backing to northwest, with rain. and possibly snow, followed by clearing weather Thnrsday night. Cautionary signals cou tinueat MilwaukeeChicag. .Graud Haven,Detroit. T. ledo, ,< |exel:iiid, Beffal . Oswego, R >ch."<ter. Cape May. New T"rk, New Haven, N-w London, s owl s Hole, aad Boston. irS?MA90NIC.-Kl'BKKA K. A CHAPTER >??. 4. will meet In Spec al Convocation, at 7 o>To. k sharp, on Till' R:?I)AY EVKNINti. the 17th instant, t mpauions are earnestly requested to Ih present. Companions of sister Chapters are cordially ln? ited. By order of the M K 11 P alt-it I Rep ) S. JNO. THOMSON. Ssc. ?"? O. O. Jf.-AII members of EASTERN LOli(iE. N >. 7. I. O. O. F.. are earnestly re .jue-ted to attend FRIDAY EVENING, H?h inst.. at i.30 o'clock, to receive the visiting Phalanx M- iiibers of i^her lodges are fraternally invited to be present. By order of N. G. al*> ?? J.T. PETTT. B.3. I BrSeCLAJMS FOR DAMAGES SOT\1 NED IN li^^ CONSKgUKNIE OF 1MPROVEMSNTS. Boast or Ft slic W?bk? J>;?tkict or CoirwBia.l , Wa?Biw?TO*. April 10. 1J73. < .iTh^r? 1llo?111.* ?<??. approved June ?, HT2, Is pub lisned for the luforination of all conc rned: A' I providing for the payment of damages sus tain d by reason of auolic improvemeuis or re pair*. B* U rmnrttd ftp tki L'tifla'irt l.ofsitfy of tKt Ot*tricl qA Co.'urnt,m. That on the application, in ?r'tmg, of the owner or owners of any real estate in the District of Columbia, or of any person having interest therein, to the Board of Fublic feorks, setting farth that special damages have been sustained by hint or them in consequence of any improvements or repairs made by said board, and particularly describing the nature of said dam ages, the said board shall consider the statements of said applicution, and if deemed by them sufficient for that purpoae, the **id board, or a majority there of, shall personally inspect the property alleged to be specially damaged, and make, or cause to be , made, any examination connected with said im provements or repairs which they may deem neces sary or proper. Sac. S. And b* ? fmrthrr enacted. That If, after inspection aad examination as aforesaid, the said hoard, or a maj' rity thereof, shall be of the opinion that special damage* have been sustained by any person or persons, as aforssaid, they shall estimate the same, takiag Into consideration the benefits to said property from said improvements or repairs, and file among the records of their office and in the ? ?ffice of the Secretary of the District written state ikents of their action and estimate of damages, and shall make a fall report, In writing, to the aext ensuing sewJon of the Legislative Aseessbly of all applications made to them under the provisions of this act, and of their action thereon, aad of the amounts awarded as damages aad the reasons and grounds of such awards, for the action of the Legis ! lative Assembly there*.11; aad no sum shall be paid on account of damages until after the same shall have been approved by the Legislative Assembly and an appropriation made for the payment ef the same. Notice is hereby given, that all parties claiming damages under the above act must lile their petitioa* for the same at the Office of the Board within tbn days from this date, in order that such claims may be July considered and reported to the Legislative Assembly for its action. Blank forms may be obtained npon application at the Office of the Vice President of the Board, Co nmt.ia Buildings, tKstreet. all MK ALEX ST SBEPHCRD. Vice President. I Chronicle and Republican.! 0^?* Bow sag ltTVs to aee^y oana wife, a mot he 1 ofiamily who requires all her physical strength to fulfil her hoossttold duties, and all her moral ca pacities to accept the responsibility which falls upon ?hy. but yet stdferiag enough to be utterly misers able I This state of weakness and debilitv Is mors fatal to her than a severe spell of slcknsss, for In that case she will receive the proper care, as in the other she will linger months after months, not thinking worth while to see a physician about It. until nature, exhausted, gives out. aad she is carried to the grave, when a little precaattoa |B proper time would have spared her life. To prevent, to care, r thing can compare with the LOVQ-LIFB BIT TERS ofDr.L. (TllEBTRAM. Ther are a safs and n fallible remedy against malaria, dyspepaia, cos tiveaeas, biliousness, headaches, morning aick and all coot plaints peculiar to womea. These I.e. .kUk .? ?I? -1. -? tTs,wiwr^id Fsrs rSSr^.,Tr^ QDeDce of their virtue aad most agreeable taste, the medicine par sxcsUaus for ladles. M-C, P^moLic i ? of 8c he tick'? r uimonic Bfiii, and while as pleasant to the fT-jf-fyy yfeonfections, its medicinal properties rfttder it eifedMl ia couIh, colds, broochiaJ catarrhal affect ions. Ac. It la thTmo?i w Jm remedy for children or lafants, and cm be STef^itk Impunity: while for ? ? ?*v? with the cans at msaklwl. Bo terrible Jadheaa at lomi psriods ef Pie worWs history that a psrsoa kaowa to be lnfsctsd with It aeald not be aUowsd to ssix with socisty. Happily sjsstrippsd of its terror by ths abb Hbbb Joicas.aad Clsers, Sores, Pimples, . sb i*e rsstored te sound hsatth t^3?THB I MDEB8IGNBB HAVB THIS DAT dlspssrd of their entire stock aad trucking b^laem toGEO. W. KNOX, Beq., aad solicit for him from oar former patrons a contlaaancs of the patronage which they have so kindly riven us dor rpg the past year. BECK A CO. WasamaToa. P. C., April 1, MF?. alt-?w ?TOLMG "MENS^CHRIsrriAN ASSOCIA p.?r sale by 1. CALVBBT FORD, UM Peanapl w?bu |Lioa : BBW DBUO gTOBB, *0.1?S* Phiitituu Avbvbb, Depot for Soda aad Hiaerai Waters. l?U-ly [VS* BOARD 0F PUBLIC WOBKB. *r-Lr!c t of Coimiti, ?_.Wa?1U!??;to!?. D. C., April 1Mb, M7J. BEVABD.-A B - ward of Twenty D liars will be raid (or the apprehension and conviction befor* the P'?? Court of tkc District, of tar ptrtiee guilty of injuring, defacing, or destroying the trees or sbrub tety plmtH by the B ?rd of Public ff rkj iu tht ?'reet?, and intersections of the cities of Wathii gton and Georgetown. ALEX. B. SHEPHEBD, *I8-4t fChroo Beptil I Vice Piesident. ? ?HO ? B P. PB. IT. H. BABBBTT. _ VMHT18K Bm rewired to Bo. 14M H street aortttMl. ?or ?* Mthstreet. je?ly {^jREEN TCBTLB SOUP JOHN'S RESTAURANT, eS9K al7-3t* corner7th and D st*. TO DAT. HAS. HARTaI,. CARPENTER ANl) BUILDER. **14 C street southeast. Ail order* promptly at tended to on reasonable term*. a!7lm* Having fitted up a portion of the Washington OlaM W..rk- a* a Machine and Repair Shop, I respect fall* ??licit the pmr mitc of those requiring work in my line, guaranteeing sat isfaction in all ca??s. al/-3f JOHN PTRDY, J*. ^'ATAWBA WINE, "" OLD AND DELICATE FLAV0B. #J PER OALLON. * C< WITMER *17 At Grocer, 1919 P<*ausyi\ ami avenue. ^JTlll'F'ti flAKU8,uutiiM>w4 in sweetness of toue and excellence of finish, l"? and easy tern>?. G. L. WILD A BRO.JeSSE) Agents, 4'JO 11th afreet, near northwest HTWl corner Pennsylvania avenue, dealers in Pianos and Musical Instrument* geneially. Tuning and Repairiucr. Polishing and Varnishing receive faithful attention. apl7tt QLD BYE Will.SKI Kg, ? Pcr< li.viee of lH6r ds. m-t put on drauglit. ALES. PORTER, BROWN STOUT, Of be*t brands. Pi ices low. C WITMFR "1" 6t Grocer. 11*1 ** Pennsylvania aven?i*?. ?OLLE<iE OF OBST^TBICS AND GYNECOLOGY -TiieC^itree of I jnlhis College will besia vn vnt i A 1 . A A) 1. tli^ u ->j?iiaittor nfr. street AiiJ Peuu*> Ivduia aw-utu*. ut 6 o clock p. ni. Professor of Ot?tfdric*, F. A. Ashford, M D. Professor of O>n;>-c >1og> , J. H Thompson. M D. Professor of Vener*l Disetaes of Women. J W. Buckler, M. D. Professor of Diseases of Children, S.C. Busey, Jl lv. Pro/<"!2,oroof Microscopical Auatomy and Path 1 >25 , C. M. Scliaeff^r, M. D. P'osector of Anatomy as.d Curator, P. J. Murphy, H ? V ? Th? objects of this College are to enable stud^uti ind practitioners of medicine t?> av?il themselves of t lie facilities afforded l.y this Hospital and Dispen sary to obtain a practical knowledge of the Mjietice and art of Midw ifery, to atudy ami observe the pa L'l< gy, diagnosis and treatment of diseases ..f '? omen and children, and to secure ?thorough knowi ?*ige of Microscopical anatomy and pathologj. 1 wo lectures a week will be delivered l.y each Pro ?eauor during th< months of May,Juue an 1 S-p : ember. "r The Clinical Lecture- by 1'rofes-or Thompson will l>e free throughout the winter to the students of this 'lal'f''rd ^ at*? of Profe??or? Busey and Terms- For an entire course, including gradaati >n lee, 0tti; when two coursAs are taken?for the first, .?*30; for the second, #20. For further particulars i.ddres-. F. A. ASIIFdRD, M D . Dean, ali -eotmayl liJ.'tONew York avenue. IN BANKUl PTC\ District or Colcmb:*, ss : At ?whingtciD, the 16th day ef April. A. D 1J73. the nuaerwigned herefcj gives notice of his appointment as asaiguee ot JOHN LANK, of Georgetown, D C.,?h ? has been adjudged a bank rupt upon the petition of his creditors, r.y tht Supreui Court of said District RKUINALD KENDALL, ( - a!7 CHARLES WALTKR, ( Assignee. 'PHIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscriber A ha* obtained from the Supreme Court of the Dis trict of Columbia, holding a Special Term, letters ?'^?ni'-ntary on the personal eetate or LUCY A n IIEALER. late of Washington counrv.D. C.,de ceased. All persons naving claims against tne said decesaea are hereby warnea to exhibit the same, witn the vouchers thereof, to the subscril>ert on or before the 15th day of April next: they may otherwise bylaw be excluded from all benent ot the said e?tate. Given tinaer my hand, this 16th day of April, 1873. al7 tb.3i* rHBlSTTANA SIM PSOX, ExeeUtrix. Architect s office. CAMDEN STATION, B*LTi*oitE, April 15.13TS. SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at this Oflice until THURSDAY, May 1st. 1K73,at IJo'clork JJ^. for the ERECTION OF FOUR STATION HOi SKS at Dicker*n?Oermantown, R**ckvillc t'he ^'a O 8rfrrf,0n tht' Metr0,,0,,t*u Branch of Plans and Specifications can be seen at this Offlce. The right is reserved to reject any or all of said pro posals. Bids will be opened at this Office at 12 o'clock M. of same day. E F BALDWIN, a!7 ec4t Architect B. A O. R. R. A CHOICE LOT OK MAPLE SLUAR. AT lb cents per pound, iu?t arrives! at ANDREWS .V HADE'S, 90i Louisiana avenue, under WmU'? Opera Honae. 3t* POTATOES! Three carloads choice stock to arrire Thursda\ and Friday. For sale low in lots, to dealers, deliv ered from cars. JNO. W. LUMSDON A CO., alt-3t ilO'* >th street, opposite Center Market. QUR LATEST EXCITEMENT. ATTRACTIONS FOR SPRING. THE MOST INCREDULOUS BEING BAPIDLT CONVINCED. $ 10?Hitmstylish Suitsat #10 Please E< erybod^. $ 10?Them Serviceable Suits at #10 Suit Bveryb >dy. $ 10?Them Handsome Suiti at 910 Become Everybody. $ 10?Them Nobbr. well -made Suits, at #10. ABE SOLD TO EVERYBODY. 01 R JUVENILE NOVELTY. NEW SPBINO STYLES. Our full Suit for Boys' School Wear at 4 5. Our School Suits at ?? *. #5-All the Boys like-#5 *? 5 o?All the Boys want?S3 #4?Our School Suits at #4. All the Bofs wear? A3 #3?Our School Suits at #3. gi ?Our fashioual'Ie and well -made School Suits at $ 3 AEE MADE OF DURABLE MATERIAL. FASHIONABLE TAILORS, ?pis tr Oo?!ti? Ttr awn D SriiBTt. CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES!! CARRIAGES:!! On haud a large and complete stock. cf all kinda of Aral claaa Family Carri-i ages, at reasonable price#. Pony Phss-J tons, (all stjlee,) Top and No-top Busgies in great variety. Several fine Victorias at a bargain. Re pairing promptly attended to. ROBT. 0. GRAHAM, New Repository and Factory 410,414 8th street northwest. al5-3t* CARPETS CLEANED AT TUB STEAM CAR PET BBATIBG W0BK8, 4W0 M alne avenue, bet. 4M and 4th sts. Carpets railed for and returned free of eatra charge. LORENZO BICB. aplft ly* ylW SPRING GOODS. B. H. DUVALL. Merrhant Tailor, 439 Pennsyl vania av enue, between 4S and 4th streets, has just received a choice assortment of the4 latest styles 8PBINO GOODS, comprisin French and English Cloths, Caaslmmss an Vestincs. Diagonal, Basket,aad other l. suitable for the present and approaching season, which will be made tip to order in the moef fashion able Banner, at Moderate prices. Alao,geatlemen*s fins Dress Shirts, Ganse Merino SnderaUrta, Muslin and Jsan Drawers, Scarfi.Tles, loves, Handkerchiefs, Umbrellas, Sc. His friends and the public are Invited to ctBT alft-eoSw INATOB is nsed. For sale by E D. OILMAN, 4)17 Pennsylvania are., and BOLMBS A BBO., northeMt ror. St and S ets. a.w. aM-Sn* f\j B WEJWOLAND C1D nj' ^ now Ci?orgetowa, at very krv prioea. la barrels, kegs and bottles. aM-dlw TVIOTTCB TO FOVBDBY MEM ARB BLACK fvr melting peraeeee. Hereon hand,also, a Una lot of CUMBERLAND COAL, for sale low. WM. OUINAND. al3-Jt* SS3 La. ai?., aad foot of 3d at. s. e. jjjTONB MASONS AMP BUILPBBS. Attention iscaltodttotee OKI _ ? landed iat 14>h street and other wharves from the scows of J. T.I. HALL. Orders received at office. Boom 0. May Building, or on board steam t?( Julia, foot of High street, Georgetown. ap7 lm* WANTa AKTED?A 'good TEAM \adDRITBWfo ^ and haul wood and limb** near the city. \4 dress TIMBER. Star office. WANTED?3?t LADIES to examine something new, tod what oeKh-r wi ?r "?**??? ?f with >nl when one* Met. Witt H U w???. ?* X* 1\T A NTier?A respecrabl- white woman wishes a VI SITUATION as c<>ok, w**h?r ami fa>n*r? "ft ate family. G ><>d ri'feronc*- given. Cell at Be. .?lti Wh street, between E and F. It H7 A HTED-To ?th?n*f REAL _K8TATI n f* Virginia for a DRUG PRESCRIPTION STORK. <>r purchase th? whole or half inter at m oi?. Apply >ttb?8?ttr?flc#, aI7-y AKTtI>-A HOf'SR LOT, W to 7? feet front; guml depth: well ?ituat<sl, mirth??i; moderat price. Address forjwo days, stating price, locatinu, terms. HOUSE LOT. Star offlc-. et7 Jt* WA*TED?A good WOMAN a* c#.*,?"h?r and iroaer for w familv of Jh'''. Must com* well r'-comjnended. Apply N>. 403 7th strset. be tufc-n |> ?nd K oonliw-nt. aw WANTED-A MAN that unders-eiids th- ?ar? of rattle >nAtl?in g?nl?n!n*. Call at 1109 F street northwest between lln hours of t aud 11 am. ai7-st* IV ANTKB-A IHKIHE With ?b .uteight ROOMS: f I modcru jmprov^raent"; mu*t b<* ?? latnaiyi ?Mt cf lut itr^tM ftiid ?oiith of T itrfft. B *ntjnot |?> Ad<ire?s B'?i >t8'>r office. >17 it AMTED-?A in-at and mdnrtrione WOM*N to d<> houx'vt rK ?ud assist in * i?hi?g. Must be well rec O xvl wages aud a gnod h>n?e ..ffi red. Apply 1M Washingtonstreet,Oeorg?to** DC. al7-?t? VI/* ANTED?T*o respeotabie WHITE WOMEN. ?l One to cook, wash end iron; tta- o'her fiir housework and to ss-ist wi'h washing and ironing; at tiarth<*a"t raniw tisj ati'l Orwi Atr^etn, 0*'>rrt town. alT-lt' Vlr ANTED?Immediately ? A go vt. st-ad* 41IKL II a*Cook, washer vnd ironi-r tor a small family. Good wages w ill be given to a suitable girl. Also, a GIRL alien* 15 years old t> Ui.e care orone child. Apply N" H04 H street, botweeU Sth aud 9th north wwt. It* VVANTED?A SITUATION in a Grocery 8t..r* II or m a BARKEEPK K bv a young man whs tiRM !?ad *xf**rienc? tn both and ran fit# tn?* b*4 rcfcrcnc*'. A tfood how pr"fhrr?'dto a Jar^r salary*. Apply to TRESLY A BRENARD, corner Wk and ? streets northwest. a!7 -I* "ANTF I>?Aii e? p-rienced M R>K to take c?K ?f chlldrei.: at 170?* I street. al6 tf w . Art! WANTED?A . >nipetent WOMAN to do the Iv general housi-wor* in :? private fat at No. 1 0 street. between I5th and I6tli. W a KTKD- Immediately ? A kosI at* I ve W IIITS II WOW AN to do general hnn??w?rk anl a??i?t with cooking. Reference* required. Inquire at *33 M street. alt-it * \VANTED-A good BARBEK at WATSONS II Hair Cutting and Bathing Rooms, (immediate - ljr;)C Mrtet, or LuuisUna avrnm , between 6th and 7th strs-ts. alii 8.* H'ANTED?As nurs ? and seamstress, a SEK ?? VANT (white pr.-ferr d> who is capable of taking entire chatge <.f u child two >.',?rs old. Ap ply immediately at 1100 N<-? York avenue. slt? ?* 11" ANTED?A MAN to drive a milk wagon and '? attend to cow*. at place known as the Villa, on ths Tennalljtoa n rvnd iwu miles from Georgetown. ?W .it* ANTED-A g.-nl WHITE WOM\Na-,ook. washer and ironer for a famih of two,in G 'orgetown. Moat come well tveommeuded. Apply at the 8tnr i fiu-e from -tS to 4'? p. ni ???^t WANTKD?B* a r?-*p<^tsbh- youtig white ?.>man aUITI'ATION aschamh rmaid or waitress >>r tfi do g< n<-ral hou-ework for s sm.^ll tnmily. Applt one door fr >m the Uortheast corner of 6th, on Q ?nut, WB* \|." AN I ED?To Pl'K< H A?>E CNIMPROVED ?v ORODKD; sitigle lots or a sonar*. W W METCALr. R-?l E?t*t. Bnker, Plant's Uuilding, corner 16th street a*d New V-.rk n\ enne! a 16 5t lVr ANTED?Immediately?Kai?iili>-s or p?rnons iii vv n<-,-d of lirst-class SEBVANTSof ?very dsscrip lion, male and l>male, to i ail and g^siipplied at once. Serv ants also can g^t gi?od horn" and l?*st ot ? ag"* hy applvf'ie :>t tIf E'.reka Employtnent Office, to Mr- LOUISE Bl'TI.EK, ,"?U7 11th stre t. nearE. al6-lm 117ANTED?F ur rir*' <lass SHIRT H ANDS at II OEO. T. KEEN'S, 4'^'i 9th street, l>etw*-en D and E northwest,* * A NTED?A COACH PAIN'lER apply at FUNK A BF.KK. Bridge street, Georgetown, n?ar R. R. bridge. a"15 3t* \VANTED-A good \\t?M\N to do geu.ral *v house work: apply at 1013 N street uorth west. Call from 7U o'clock to 9 a. tn. or fr'tnltos o'clock p. m. al>-3t* VirANTEI>-A SMART \CTIVE W HITE BOT. II from 16 to 17 >.-ar? of age to m?k? himself use ful in (rents furnishing go<d?: apply at CABO'S Its/nar. No. 914 Penns\Uauia avenue, betwt^n mh and 10th streets. alS 3t VV" ANTED?A g'-tith mm ai.d -le,ir<' ROOMS II and BOARD where a part < "iiipensation w >uld be taken in either vocal or instrumental musical instructions, oi in drau ing ai d painting, or t>oth Address ARTIST. 1141 northwest 7th st. alf.-3i' WANTED ? Si::te .>t in furnished FRONT ROOMS, on second floor, with board. f>r eentlenian and w ife for one year or more, from the r.ri>t of July n***t; nmst be in pl-asant locality and not far from stn-M cars. Pr-ferred in a private family not over half mile from the Treasury depart ment. References exchanged. Addiess P.O.Box 20. Washington, D. C.. giving L>cati<>n and term*. al5-3t* WANTED?One hundred MEN to work on the 8"Uthern Maryland Railroad Inquire at No 1703 N?-w York avenue, and OANTZ ft APPLE MAN. 14th street, between Ohio avenue and C street. sltSt* VV' ANTED?A clean, sound H0USE,of 6 roonw. It ou a lettered street, between K and I and 9th and 9th streets n> ithwest. b) 1st May next: pay in advance. Addrt-s. W. W. WOOD FOR D7 *7 2* * City Pot OAK e. 11/ANTED? BOARDING in the country, near II Washington, by a Lady who wishes to teach Music in payment. Ad Iress L, Star o<Bc?. a3-lw* ANTED?LADIESrotake noticethat Madame D. E. MAISON, of New York, has opened her Millinery parlors, at No. 413 13th street north west. mM-Ini* w V1V'ANTED?Evsry one to know that the VICTOR

vI SEWING MACHINE has iu nttdU nU-m M*?: the most perfect shuttle in use, resting in ? cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency, 46V Pennsylvania avenue. Also, Branch of Mme. Dem urest's Pattern Emporium. sugan-ly T. W. SPICER, Agent. LOST AND FOUND. LOST?At the circus, on Taesday night, a Ivly's PLAID SHAWL. A suitable reward will be laid for its return to 1110 What, northwest. It* i/OUND?A small, diamond set PIECE OF JEW r ELKY. which will be returned to owner by call ing at MILBLRN'B Drug Store, No. 14?y Penna. avenue, ana paying for this advertisement. Call be tween 3 and 8 p. ni. al7-lt IOST?On the 16ih instant, on lcuhst., batw^en a E aud the avenue, or on the avenue from 10th st. to the Opera House, a GOLD BRACELET. A lib eral reward will be paid if returned to sou heast corner 8th and Dstreets northwest. a!7->t* CjfT REWARD?Lost, on the evening of the 16th V" instant .betv een corner 6tli st. and Mass. ave nue and H and 7th via 7th street, a heavy, plain GOLD RING. Inscribed on the inside,"lata,'' with day and month, latter not recollected. It* DEAN A THOMPHON, 14B4 F st. MONEY LOST?On thetth instant, between the cnief clerk's room. Patent Offlce, and R. Cohen's store. Pa. avenue,(via7th street, through the mar ket.) Anyone having it advising Mr. COHEN, a d scription will be given aud the party satisfactorily lewarded. It* ar REWARD ?Lost, in Georgetown, on th. 13th V?i instant, au Esquimaux or Spit/en-< berg DOG. answers to the name of "Cap-t tain;" bad a piece of red tarletan around hls neck. The above reu nrd w ill be given if left at 1108 lflth street, one door above L. al7 3t* LOST?Monday afternoon, on Pennsylvania av enue, between 3d and 4th streets east, a baby's STRAW HAT, trimmed with white ribbon. The tinder will be rewarded by leaving it at southwest ? orner of Pennsylvania ave. and 6thst. al6-2t* V OST?In the dome of the Capitol, on the 14th in 1 j stant, a pair of large FIELD GLASSES. A liberal reward will be paid if left at this offlce. al3-3t <&in REWARD.?Lost, a MEDALION LOCK V I U ET, black and red onyx; different crest on each side, aud contained a photograph. Only val uable to owner. Above reward paid to tinder. Ap ply at Star offlce. a!3 3t* ftlA REWARD -L ost.ou Sunday night a GOLD I U LOCKET, black enameled,coutaining pho t'graph colored. Lost possibly on the line of the Pennsylvania avenue cars, betw t-en the Capitol and the circle. The abov ?? reward given if left at comer el r>? and C streets, or at this offlce. a!3-3t* oinn REWARD AND SUM FOR CONVIC $1UU TION OF TH* THIEF?Stolen i on the 7th instant. a DA RK BROWN M A RK' MULE, with a thick neck; branded ou the^ left shoulder tiaure 2; about S years old. The wove reward will be given if returned to GEORGE NI ITZEY. N street, between 6th and 7th. slit* HOARD OF PUBLIC WORKS. 13 DlsTBICT OP COLFMBta, Wasmikotow. Apnl 3.187S. A reward ef FIFTY ( ?ft? DOLLARS will be paid for the detection and conviction of any person or Brsons w ho have stolen, or who may hereafter be tind stealing, the Man-hole and Sewer-trap Covers in the cities of Washington and Georgetown. By order of the Boarl.^ ^ J()HN80IC a3 tf (Repub.Chron.) Chiet Ol-rfc. I OST?On the 1st of Sarch, ?? ? street, between 1J luth and td streets northwest, ? RUBY RIM81 with two pearl*. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to Mo. AO* ad street northwest. wJ PREMIUM HAIR-WOKE ESTABLISHMENT, i Mtdal mud Diploma Aieetrdtd (Fiamet, 1*1. > i I desire to inform the Ladies of my return from New York with a large stock of HuMAR HAIR, W hk-h I have just received at the Mew York custom house. This kiair was selected in Rritanny and Ij{ niandy, with great care by my special agent In Paria. Having on band a large supply of fcatr of all lengths aud color. I am new ready for all torders in hair work. By direct importation I am enabled to sell at manufacturers prices. Always on band the latest styles in hair work and made to aider with ladies own hair at the shortest notice. Ladies combings set ted hy the roots by a new vro cess. All work done in the best manner and satisfac tion guaranteed. Orders by mail promptly " * ' to. WIGS and TOl'PETS a snecuHy. H. PHIL1PPI, C IMPOKTICK AKD MA.VfftCTliWi 719 Market Space, bet. 7th and 8th Greets, slMm Washington, P. C UMBER! LUMBER!! Mave just recJi^^a Uf|e? rtock^ofSrH IT* m*1 UkkyZ* FENCE PALINOt^all of which weare 'line at low prices. Great indnceownte for carti. <r. ttth and Rsts . near State Department. ap4-lm* .London R Oo.J _ _ ** CHANT TAIL OA FOB BKNT AND SALE. fT?'B5.TSqi?. jsisvmr y?y immediately. Reference. eschan?d. aI7 St* IT*'* ?OOM8. oa wiU fl.ry, !L?Z?.'.5* ! for gentlemen ?ly. 1M'"? HOT Kh itwi. L and M. *17-St" ffa? **NT-Fynlal?ed HOUSE, complete l?w~~a. <chu a, 4r.; *t|M rw?>.?it?r. gas. and Nk room. Apply on premiaaa. 731 1Mb -treet. al7-3t* IVOR RENT?Two BaLm, 7th street, between D i2fl avenue; j$ si ni,<l *??.. TH08. K. W AUG A If AN. *19 7th st&et. ifi? IVOR RENT?Two connecting furnished ROOMS, , ??[J? *5r * ?*** ^Poa,tf# **ntl??menj n#tr ftrnt class B*ard lug-bouse 111* H street ...r?h *Wh. nlT-fc* hrirtf]??i lyfcwwl; contain!* 11 r w?tm; pr"? brfefc frort h?n**, ?toiie trimmed* oi?H)<?rn imnroT# WINDER bird Mo.i*T MlsJuri.rt ""'j *17-Si' F?PK, \rr; **<**?**<? un xr?r * ?f.LAt'?' k.aif ? fro* 0^.r?How?, on Ten l?!l x*? r**d. lu,rroT?' bjr * very comfort ?|.i. trB J? ??''?IT.'-"'i*? C?rU Racaaaarj out hmMtug*. ^ JUAN BOY LI A CO., 6O4 15th street. K'if/iiiV^w T!^ ?nb?cHb?T e#ars~f.* ?s!r hi* * , , A[ .*LOT on the flr*t ?imrr j ot the ( apitol. The lot is situated ?.n Ibe south r.'^f.LiTf Jp,,lL!,reW.Mtd;'n M str^< ?rxl u tf " inches wide and 116 fee* deea. on W ?i CHARLES P TlUSSBLL. F 'l*.8!! L*~A I!n? acre* 00 tl.e Marlboro r?>?.l. half mile from Qood Hope The ni.nseis rir* and i ontains 8 fine ro-m- and amp p a/7*-. i<nd command* a moat magi.ifi. "Bt view tne city at.d Mil rounding country. ?I7-eoSt 4ll7th?irfH,i<|ip. Pki OC e. EH?B UtE l board or public workk certifi GATES TAREN IK PAYMENT"" "VV suable BRICK HOl'SE. well l7<atAj. ai*' ro water and ga- Certificate- taken at theii market ?alue. Far other particulars apply to H. CLAGETT, R^ai K*tate A?ent, lw No. **1V Market dpac . F?Afi!?*T?.i* per U,u"th' ? '?>???' room Urn k ? pUypR. ?'-;if square from ltth street c.?rs !.Q.<1 location. Inquire 6-J4 La avenue. :<l?>-1s? POR HALE UK RENT-HOI'SK N >. H i "it a street, Georgetown. For sale on <-a?)r tetm?. Apply on preini?ea. al > :? K'l? k*nt-large ^toremki fixti res, *,. ,?io-343, P'?,P*yJ.V?n'? a*enue. AU >,aCOL"N . *"d ^'r 8C \ LE8 for ?aleclie.p. I.i i<iir?- in the tfgar Store. al-> :? L^OR RENT?A three--!ory BRK K~ lllU'SE, m. containing uine>. t>atli roon. *>' J"r' fr"nt hIul ?"1<? >ard, ?it h *hrnM?Tr ainl -.hadetr^a. MINSIX. ^ Nit. 603 1Mb <tre t. POR RBNT-HOl>E Ul? f. atre.-,, ne?rtTT !L* **' *???rtn??-?j?; gnu and water. R nt 15 m per morth in advance. Key at 13IO K at reel I., twe n Uth and l?li aorthweet. 1^ ?'6 T. A Mi LAUGIIUN. L^OR KENT?P<ame<Miiou given 011 ihe luTh irT three ?tory BRU'K DUELLING B0. b06 MaaBachiiaett? m^nii-. containing In nninu and bath. Colnmhia railroad p w?. ? t h- .loor EiKinire at NOAH WALKER A CO . Oil Penn ?) I' ania mirnt. al<i 2* F'OR ^ENT-rinely furnnli l |r..nt ROOMS Apply at 4V3 Mb atreet. al5-2w* L-OK RENT?An OFFICE, ?-ll for aTy R WiKineaa. Apply at No. ill Uth etre.t.i* twerp K and T. St * aatte of nicely famish"! . ROOM8 on ioM ,.nd floor; at 7S0 ISth street, be tw?an O and H. All Modern conveniencea. ali St * *NT-Koor uiifuriiishwi R11OM8 and 3r..5 R(>OM on second floor; No. 7 it O lit I, street, tetieen O nnd H rtreetn. nl5-5t* It'OR RENT?D?iirable RUOM8 f,?i -uaiiu-r. ?..iith j ?.^,n,JJrn *1 .*?."I *#ngle; furnisheil or unfur his tied, at No. 1421 8 street north* eat. *15 jj* i^OR RENT-By the 1-t of May, 'hree or f >nr fnr 1 nixhed or uiifurni.?l.?-d ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping or otherwise; No. 2.1 street east Hli<1 south. ( ^pftol If: II, h15 'it * IVOR RENT?Twenty good KooMtS. well fnr ? Lish.d, at the EXCHANGE HOTEL, l.v the a eet or mouth during the summer beaaon. > itlier L'Xigmy ru>f?m^ for transient* ^ al5 .tt* KENT?M mt deairabli- OFFICE RtXiMsTn .V'*- northwest Corner building of 7th and G ?ts northwest. H. GAS< 11. slSlm u-J J 7th street northwest. I"4 A< f>K8 of chotc? BOT *TaKI V ?' Ciesboro', with HOCSE. i?\vinSr\w C ; -w11 "f *?,H' water. DYER A . lUSOH, n rtheant corner 7tli -tr et aud Louis iana avenue, M-cond floor. alS-.Ti F'RBfi?t-trhkhed. *11V cxrcg HnrJKBSS'ln!h,t& ?14, ^'. t^fTOKE and ?8U; htore^? A?i;??rprcB8, ?ao. *25, 41?. 510. TUOS. E. WAGGAMAN. "'?'fr 419 7th strait. *:x< hange for city prop ERT1, a two-story HOCSE with brick ba-* .iient, and also a corner LOT and a FARM of..! screx near the city. Apply to.I. p CO X. corner 6th .?nd I ayette streets, Georgetown, D. C. alS-lm* L"0R.8ALt?Desirable BfILDIN0~LtITSattbe w?lt of 121? MountPieasant; within ten minutes r?'.^ihecara. The str.-et railroad will b? ex 2 "** "l1" '?' ? ?<? village by Septem l-erne*t. Terms: One-ioui-th cash; balance ail(] ?'i'5r? r> , ^ 8 P BltiiWN. a!5-.a Corner 15th street and New York ava. POR SALE-Bexeuteen heat BUILDING LOTS the City. Seventean Lots, Suit by hsif^et.on noK, o <T '!'Ji "? rr'l ?"?rti west. ron, mencing at the circle ,, the iatera^i of Ma-a! < husetts ai d Rhode Island avenues, being the entire front of square south of 136. Apply to -n* i- _ 8. P. BROWN. 8,5 31 ( orner IMh street and New York a\e. |< SALE?Three pieces PROPERTY for *2JM TwTp'fiv'ws"/ 2J*U P*r PJll.t'ES for $24!U0 eathTrentinK for #28 per m<tit hPI*CIS f?r ?S3WMch; renting for ^Ju per are,JI N1W HOUSES; paying about 11 percent. L S i'iupwin Office: Uth street, between N and O streets, north alt 3t tt*~",r<BS!i,01IS in the baat location lt'OB 8ALB?FARM of ten acrea in Virginia corner 14th street aud New York are. al4-6t* ' j.?sa,,is-sr5ss: northeast. aI4 ?w? ^ttr.*c!!Te RESIDENCE, villa iw-n Saloon Parlor, with K^OR SALE CHEAP?Terms, |lu) cash, and **) Hni^wfl i?n*! n'*'1 * ?tory BRICK t^^?r? ? '"nated on New Hampshire avenue, bet JiH I I, "!!' "Orth; hare six rooms, hall, Jront and backyards; houaet completely flu>h>sl. alt 2w Northeast corner N. Y. are 'and L5Ui st. ( Chronicle, Republican, tf. ] F^OR 8ALE-ON LONG TIME-A neat, well built three story BRICK HOUSE, with two ? Biiilding; house fronts southeast; lias !"?? fr,.'Dt. fMjli Mid Side entrance; contaias nine r<^nis, lies idea bath-rooms and closets. Cellar und. r m /*"., IS*?!' ^.,'1 ,fir* Places, (as aud water: can w.i^.n ^rt,d ,uto ^meut rooms if desired; Lot Wxlwi In.iiiire on the premises of the owner of the rri perty after5 P-W., 944 Rhode Island avenue, between 9th aud luth sts. al2 lm t 0R LEASE?That delightful Coun 8P?lfeJiH ilk m !J co||ntr, Va? "CARLIN K.i.rJ 8' W l,h a!i ,he necessary buildings for Summer Pi. -Nics or Touruaments, ale.ut four miles illjLVi'l* la^ge bar-room, dining ''"'J^^i i ; tTL? '?If'" "P.rings of water; large and delightful grounds. The Waahinfton and Alex cars stop at this place daily. The Furniture 8ALE l,i ACRES OF LAND bordering on this city, and joining Mrs. Gales' land with a House containing 7 l ooms; a grove of shade trees; good water; good location; ?4,uuu; oua-third cash, balance lu oue aud two years. Real Eatate AgenUA319A7?h st. F'OB RENT-At a reasonable price, a comfortable seven-rooni HOI SE with gas and water. Ap ply on the premise., 1209 ltf.h street, above M all-1 in fj^ORRENT-A desirable RESIDENCE. tlOOA I Street,i*Kh and Slat streets?, has twehe room., and all modern improvements. Possession given on th^_lrtof May. Inquire at 17 :<3 I street. al I -rtt * |T 0 5 BENT Ihre- story and Basement BRICK HOUSE, on Massai husetts avenue, between luth and Uth streets northweot. containing ten rooms, hall, bath-room aud two water-cb^ets, milk vault In the yard, go?sl ce lar, cooking range, stoves, hot and Cold water in all of the rooms, call bells, marble mantels* potch in front and rear. Bent ?1 aJUO a year to a good responsible tenant. Apply to P. A. BYRNE, 707 7th street northwest, or to COX * CALLAN. *19 7th street. all tc* f^OR BALE?By JUAN BOYLE A C0.,?0al5Th j "?*"??*? tOT south side K street, between lMh and Uth streets,S7*10S. One third cash; balance on tint* alo-at f'OR SALE AT A BARGAIN.-A neat FRAME COTTAGE, situated in one of the flnest Iw" ties in the city. House contains? roan, hall, and tefi^?tf?Sistsr t?,sa Iruntb, BIM <*?<?? For terms apply of tha owner on the arnmisca No 11S7 13th street northwaat, after S p. m. alo in* whole orJa loto Apply ?? JOHN ^10WARD. ?i^3?5^s[cssteasn4-?i?! EBT. ?a3 G street aorthwsat. a7 1m* Bor... o p.,,^^ Bhod. tsland avenae, bH^roen^h ?JSJ*h'atreeu t^^Weoe^of the ' Pc^wter Gen' S'J tz.'lik M kr- U3KSP.R. 9?Id? lflEjPtiFSPe.'wfc hch i Mount ??^hTio JSTS ? of Commissiaasr ot B> -with stone tt bath-room, bat i rooms and hath room, hot Uit Setwaen 0 aid P s?rwets ???? ^Jjss&E StWit?Si tiSSWiS.f-Sffi FOR SENT AND SALE. BKI*T-riNK LARGE -T''LI m In Pennaylv ania H e?e . aH *w* | PR pen SALt -Tlirr? *.<?7 BKlCh H >1 SIC m ?* WV *art P?|ainl. Call H ?U Jtli feet INai. Brick IrtYs km m ?*i??i?d.I ta pani.t .<? the rK?. Bed e?t U' *i.l be ? H>1 paijnte'nt. C?ll ?? *!? " north* eas. ab? B BALE-That taiualle Ui>( SC >11 LOT at >u he?*t i oriwr of??h and F street-. north* The konae ha* t%" atari--*, baaatiient and attic. L??t KxlllS. with brick Mul'l" tud wikJIi ^w. B. B WILSON. III P.?l Dflli'#. L'i'K RKNT-(Mrf> <4 the m.?I d?iraMe OAhI'ES r FARMS.> mtatyi! g a+><>nt|ai rem ? ith6nc bntl.l irga. hare.rial'lM. rurntr li ii?e. an.] Sue *prinf of lilfr at ibr d?tr This ?I<k* m ?ilkia ?w mile of tk< Cspttol. klo la a fr? Month* * stre-t t ?ilr -ad frill Pmi through It; mm! it w .uM MMM*<4 the In* ylmrr garden* in tlw rkt. Any g<*<d club or MHiHiir w. oMlo * ell Cr> k?A at it TV ?li.n? place m.aul be *old ? hoop. * ?b It wrx arWW. an-1 ("did mtkr tkc U-st fair fi fl'id in the District. Apply to GEO MATTINGLY art e,<U* Bo. MS *"!i street. l/OK SALE-A nutilxT of two-story BRICK F HOUSES 'n T ?lrM>t,Mwi??o l?th and 15th n.Tthweat. containing six r?*m each, mill bf sold on term* a* foll. w* luf HorMj fr<>?n |Mtu ca?h on ?a> h, an-' ba'ancc in monthly pa> m* ct. to *uit pan Iimm . Five HOUSES at fr.w |?>tn ?l.a<i cwti. an.| balance in m athlv. Quarterly, or half > -arl. p*jr no nta. to suit pr.r?h*~-r Three HOUSES mill be exchauged tu part for *a< ant ground AI?o, t^Teral HOUSIs ittlK'Mnf block mill t? aold ch ip for ch<H. Bach the above Ri?M have hat!, r?Vsr. bath r*mi. wster-cloaet. wr. gm?. Ac , mi l ?r- *.41 snil.-d for s prOate faa<ily. Tk? d>?iroii? A ar curlli|1i> a < ??mfortsble H'*nse on "a?jr teima.-ho'ild ml tail to call mt ?) offi e prev i >ua to purchasing else* here. JO? F. KIIXET. B'al E*tat Ag-nt *? No. WO-.J **h *tre,-t n"rth* "et.b?-t. I and K. 1/OR SaLK-Oii Capit.J Hill, a gente-i ? r ai? l a-cnieut BRlt K ll<?OE.c.<atalum* mue r?.oni?,b?-?id.-* l-ah aid ?t>re nu>n? It ha cold and hot mst*-r, and wat?-r-cloeeta. heated by La tr.-be and Empire Hating range It in n-aru new, in thorough order, iu a very b<-aJlhy ai?d agr*" abli* neighborhood, and mill N? mold very low on em?r tenaa. Apply to tlte o?o?*r on the pr. uika***. 'J01 A Btreet aftutheaat. n il-4?" ^OBTaLB-1W?> riECKSOr HSP.u ?i a7 r lii.gtoii. nl. 'iit onr iiumrter .<f a mil- fr im the A'iimlnct brldre. One containa t aud th? other J acre*: iojprovcl by two winall fraoir honaea. Appiv to JACOB B1R< H, Ko. tf? 3d atro-t, 0-..rve to* n. BUS Itm* Lh>B BBVT-PUBMI8HBO BOO MB: m back I Pailor f<iriiiah<?1 m? a B dr?<?i. and two pi- a* ant haik and front, on ?eco.'id atorv. in hi eligibly lu< a!<tl D* i-lling on I street, memr fftlT; will be rented on r? aimtiable ternia to g<-ntl?nieu ou.y . Addreaa "A. J.," Nmtionml B>apubl.caii afflce. nilStf (Rep.| L^oTsAH-A two-atory UK1CK HuC!>R. Mo. A III I atreet north meet, containiug four r ?oui? ale' paeaage, kitchen, cellar, batbroon with ?rmter cloaet, hot and e ld water io chamber*, beater ;n farlor. and cooking raage in kitchen Tti* M la M ?<*1 front br l?i feet deep, to a Blf.m* paved alter, with a brick etable and carriage bonae J. w THOMPSON,corner of 17th atreet and New Y >rk avenue. feblp-tf FOR SALE. VSU TOP BtG?k' AND SETT OB HN?.LK HaBKEKB. aecond-hand. in g<H?l cowditiom <itter<-d at h great -a< rihee. the o?b> i ahoat 1' aMng the city. (.5 will purchase them. If aold within thre?-da}?. Apply at the H -ward Stable* U *reat*?*n *tli and 7th. al7-Jt * l<ob sAi.E cheap-two nkw countkiu* r N-rtli Carolina Pine, oiled. ? feet e?, h. Alao. CHkLVINO and PARTITION. Inquire at the S(or> .coiner Itli aud A ata. aontheaat. all jt* |^0R SALE CHEAP-A ORAY M ARE, U Itauda I hk'h. 7 y?ar? old, warrant. <t -?\iul.i Alao a t *'? aeated < A Rill AG E an'l MAR NK?S. ln-iaire ot E. LKN/BERO A CO . }V7 Market Space. a!5-tr J 1ST ARRIVBI* AMTToR SALE-T-n < lui I lead of Miuiid young Hi'RSKS and cv MA RE.-, to be ae.,, at the IIoWAKO Sta TL^TJJI IN, on 0 atreet. betmeen ttb and Tth *** ' al?3t- H J LOEREB F'iiR SALE?One pair ru<-<liiim aire MI LKS. ?lUick, active^tuil ?ithout blemish. Al*<>, ffv one tine dt uut or l>u-ineaa HORSE Penna. avtnne, bvtmcen 3d and *S atreet alt 6t? O L. 8HER1KK tj'OR SALE?Two atyliah at d taet pfiNlES, gray and baj , y omug, aountl and kitel ."thirteen and a fall b?ndi high. Also, PuMV i^Tfl PH.tlTON, mith ?hafta and pole, with^ZX. doulde and single HARNESS Apply to C-Jtuninnder A. W. WEAVER, U. S Navy Y-ard. al<? F'OR SALK-Three brat . laa. SKWINO MX CHINES. TWO SODA FOUNTAINS, an.l ">E STEAM ENGINE, at R. ITLTON * Co . Loan Office, 314 9th street, near PcunayIvxiiia avenue. all 13t* L'(?R SALE?Au excellent ate.>ud band tmo borae. I plattoim spring WAGON, wide body, jnat tb thing fur carry ibg paaacngersji atage, or gr.s er V wagon, can be aeen at Fl'NK A I1KCK 8 Wacoi. Factory, on Bli.lge atreet, near uem Rock-creek Btidge, Georgetomn, D C. alo 1m II RICE CLAY FOB BALK, D Apply to DO DOE * DA RB BILLS, jir-tf 14?T F atreet. BOARDING. LAD1K8 and GENTLEMEN, either nugly or In partiea, and families,can bear of the tery beat aiHl rh'-ap'-at Boarding arrangement in tke city, by a<idreaaing Dep't Club, Box 16. Star oSce. aT trual I^OOD BOARD, PLKA8AMT BOOMS, AND ^ I price* moderate, at BIBB corner of rwaarWanl* avenge and Mat <rwt. ? ?kyl ly PERSONAL. j\|RS. H. J. FRENCH, tin Ctl+rnu* Hah*M> 1*1 (ilairroyMl mad Tut Mtdttrm, can be aeen ? 7*4 11th atreet northweet'alao,glvea deiiniationaof charactar br photograph hand writing or lock ol hair. 117 Sir* DRY GOODS. ?W SPRIXO ilUI ANB OTHER DRESS GOODS. We call the particular attention of onr customer* and the public te onr new atock of SPRING GOODS comprising all the new *n>l faahionabla fabrics out thi* season,and to our unusmally large and cheap stock of STRIPED SILKS, as we have a>?>? *m? kiimlrrd rttctt, bought at amction much tinder the importer's coat, and range from ?1 per yard up, and we would state bere that we have bad customers in onr atore within the paet few days with -ampies af similar goods from New York, mt much htgktr jrice. */" On* fr%tt mli, is pIsm flints. W. M. SHISTER ft BRO., sM dHlenK 91* Pennaylvania avenue. L^OK NEW AND HANDSOMB DRESS GOODS r co to WOLfrORD A SHILBKRG. ? E,"OR LLAMA LACK SHAWLS AND JACKETS, r of the richegt patterns, CO TO WOLFOBD A SHILBERG. ? I/OR THE LATEST NOVELTIES IS P.VKV r fcOLS CO TO WOLFOBD A SHILBERG. ? F'OU ALL CLASSKS WHITK GOODS MEN tiouable co to WOLFOKD A SHILBKRG. ? F'OR A LARGE ASSORTMENT TABLE LIN ENS, 1RIMI LINENS, NAPKINS, TOWELS and BED SPBEADS, CO TO WOLFOBD A SHILBERG. ? i/OR NICE SPRING CASSIMERES, SUIT r able for men and boys' wear, CO TO WOLFOBD A SHILBERG. ? F'OR ENGLISH BRl'SSELB, THREE PLYS aud INGRAIN CARPETS. OIL CLOTHS. MATHNGS,of the Dewest production*, CO TO WOLFOBD A SHILBKRG. ? 'THE BEST GOOD^FOR THE LEAST MoNEY 1 can In- had at WOLFOEO It IHILBEROt, 4217 SEVENTH STBKET, Betmeen D and K.aootbwest. alMr KT*THE ARCADE_ J^FKI^U A.> >OL StE.nE.M. ?60.000 STOCK OF DRY GOODS. tn*00 in DRESS GOODS. i lu.OWJ in CLOTHS and CABSIMKKKS. iIujwu in HoSIKRY and FANCY GOODS, 'vw in LINENS and WHITE GOODS. ^7AMI 'n STAPLE GOODS. Ac. NEW GOODS OPENING DAILY. Three hundred new PABASOLS and SUN UM BRELLAS inst received. Prices from II cent* each t< #7. Bargains in BLACK SILKS and BLACK AL PACAS. WONK PRICK TO ALL- _ " BOGAB A WYLIK, al-tr 1018 and lOBBZth street aorthweat. Lovely polka dot goopb, tm iw ewb "tzsoq'agon 2?SkS? *' GOODS jnat rwcaitad at BBODHBAD A COW, INI F atrsst. 404 - 404 vad BUSINESS CHANCES. ((? |IA/| ?!.??? TO L041 97,000, fr ?r a ?i( v Leuiataaa a?*u? Pt? ?AlI~A itlitMt PiTIST & ? n ? article e?ay f. ? awl ??~"*,af ? h t"?l| ?alr Uai'rt Q. L WILD I II'1 i ll^h ?rr<pi a <ih? -at 3 * f>>E8AH-4 ?4 a K r?ivrf-|( ? wm4 , t.iM< CMtl IK |l? m?l? ?l?i' ???? pbame Horn L 'r bf. |m M water, ApH ?< "IT ?ntiv at. FOI^U ?-4 mod.rat? <ua r?k aill tirrh ?a tbe S (rk, *r . ( ? ??>al' Mid OBCM'KBl AND FBO* IfttON *T?'R? ||)1 it .r ?W <4 IIU (Ml M mrrrnt' ? v?11<* *4 E-?t F ia<l-*dtV.* ?n"d cellar R.a*.-n f >r *?il<n? r* ??"' owner parp?-*e. leatm tl? c it>. -IT r* l~ mtavii farm from mh n r? > change ro? pbopbriv in t???oit? A OKfAThAKti t IN ?T?r**uper..M M ??** nallt ft* tobacco; lanenf* T-l?o Barn l?a-ti l>4,Tmul R.oar a~d oakbwild or. ut 1*1 C?>te-?>rd fr*pe tin**. In *?niii ai?4 ti*:iiae.l 1 <' arrw *aluai?l? timt?*r, I<alan<??? ?r?M? aaaJ ? -II Irnnal: a-ar nll^wl two h.ura fr-a. tH ? ctty. rrii-?,onl) IJ *? B. A. PNII.LIfV ?p!7 3m'-.ii.'HiHiii 9 C M????;* to Loan <V k* al fst\tk M VI EV * RR<> Beat Eeiat. k>d In*ur*uc Rr>ki? ? |K In. I AS1 T ?tr ? * C|W) TO ?ia.oo?-M ??> i.'loMltMiM'i 9?)UU (ri?|iO?:M|in.?M <ri r t? p-n* if. MM ROHRER. all 10? .'.IS 7th aire* OK BALK -One 1 ??.. *..wT i> t ?I R Mil- ? BtMKI.V f>TA!(Mi< *"I -1 r.r Mir n? <?.r WW a ill .Ai Iw: ?? pa pr ?*??**? Applj lo thf o?'wr n tl>?> ir mi* V(i. l?OI rortbeaat comer Itth ?: i I* north ???t. all-at* mivNEV?< n>- s , \ N HARD TO I.OAM a?I ON UK A L l>T\Tt. ? . mm <A ?1 <>*> m?? upward* KILIIOURN A LAfTA. ?T-Hit I* h Kbit Q ?!r?-t?. |?OARl> OK Pl'BI IC A. KIP. Vf bur for ?ale in *I<W fMillflfc* th*ah..Ta Scrip. ?ti" ti ? i <? if - at par in pa) u.-nt of ? p. <ial tax-*. Ami*1 V.<.-t.nt all. t?-il !? mhI? ?rn. Ll ? J"?USs?oN A CO , *p3 lm (' in -t II i I Htnl*ri. 1,'i'K SALA uB KAi H iN<>i !??? clicibi* ci.f I pr< p?-rt? ()Aw mJ ?tMi- note*. On* ?? tout) iirwdiidm Ltud, *f .1 ? ?( pnitml ??a lo itrrn 'Ml. V AOR ER, Oil4rr, llH IIU WU P"'iM?l>UWttNM 1,'oE lALI-4?M.?M~in~ Ml M< I PAL r iH?t offrrvd m? ? ?p? ul?M-n b?( ? ?? milii* iHv-nrltr. PhtiliC ft >ui It) In u p-r <?ol . A (mitoiii glkt-u with Mi !? ? uA- ? 14 J P RU'UWIEAD.. Biff In p.-titift kit., Bu.n I, \|l M' lTAL P<?NP8 A"EE~THI ??\LT M i?I cirl I'-* id Kbith ? mitll ? *p t?U?u br *?'?% ii vf^n] al lilrt-ral lalrt. hltuli i?-i <. ??? oa bot<i off?rt*. aud (tleranirtJi Arply t ' J r. BRODUKAD , aiff'lm R3V P'-nna a%>? . K<v.<n I, Bonus in uenominatiom <4 ???, hn ??AI. i-AK. |IUI. ???<. and fl4M>. M> in* l?l? 14 D<*t rrni ., ixiiinnc Irani I to JU >?<?? Inir>r??t kM pribci^al t jll?>it<4 without rtiar** f it mI* bp _ _ J P RRutXIKAD, ?iff lm *31 Pi-iiMjItuiiitmia* RA?5<;HaN. K to p?RhM( a Itu.4 UTOKR ?. ? HVk HL1 Nti ch<ap, a-ar no aiarkrt. 7U ?trort.No. 1711 Pr.. A? terai* Mwt w . .. ? HAMILTON A PEARSON, l[ % M 1 A BniMiug. fi h and l> *tm J LAN BOYLE. riUkk BABNll JI'AX MYLK ft t o., ? tSTATt AMli MuTh t* A OH kKS. No. tiVft 1Mb Opp <tti I' tt Tr? FOB HA1.E ?A kaiidx sir HofhE at I ilrwt, Mo. MIX. A n?w !ar?.- il .uhl<* HOl'^E. r ri*-r Hat ai.o 11 11 Ol >K N >. 1010 M>?>a> tiuwtta at ri<?? llol >E N". >i alrrM i-a??, I it ?* rant, (umiolusi or uufartiiili'-l. A COT T AO R >u to illard'a row, pnr* fj.Srn cv-ti-ral small U 'tv???, U-m & 1Mb to axnail < aali pa>tn^nt?. Turw LOTS notlli mil* and <>n* *u aontii anlr BhMr lalaal ? ii'iiar.bMvmi 1Mb and l&ih. H> hava arraral trr) t>ti?- FARM!*, inpntrd and iiuuiipr.?T"d. oa diftt r?-iit raili vad? ivuuinc In-w tbr cit) , for aala at low lip"r<-? ?r r*i IjaiiKP fi>r < ttl pr. p? rty. f?*t of GBOl'ND la ?arlftu? p .?f th* cltj for -*l?- at low DKiirm. oa rtn) U-rm,, or will ex. ban^a for pri^liH tiTr inipro\rd pr p- rtf. mR) lm L^OB t?ALE NEAR W A^UlSUTuN, D ?, TWO Rl'PEBlOB FUl'lT FA EMS, Tbr Codar flrott Vio?| atd?; etcHltuI fruit traaa and i mil iit braribf bn- tiakM land* Mid < ran It a ALSO, Bl 1LMNU L0T> IN 1 UE CITT. li. Sinare No. 17, Lot N' bnuatt- M>u;b ot No. 17, L a 1 anJ t. Square No. Z4. L -t No. U. ?a 14 jy tt 2 ?* 44 SI *? t. S and 7. " " 7? " H), U and U. " 71 ? ft. " ?* M ?? 1" and 0. m w |gg u fff For particular appii by Mt?r or la P"r?>o tm toM READING, C.-iai Quit* \ .u?->aid, naar OimHHiiwu, D. C. nlt la MEDICAL, Ac. DB MOTTV french PoM DEEh certain rarw fot all iliiH-aa*r of the orfaua aud all annarf , -niplainta and blood and ?km diaraam raw?d br ? Ddiacrrtioa la youtb. Price, MS par bot. F *r aai? l>? to M B BNTVI?LK,Dru(|i>t. < .irn?-r I2tb at. and P^aaayltrania aTe , WaaMioctuu. It C. alt la* |\B. B1NQHAH, OF NEW YoBB, EP'TOft Of TUB Eitclro- Mtdtcml Journal, treata Paral>ai?, Eb^umatiaui, Catarrh, the Bye aad Ear, to - aA Laa^a, Cancer*. Mlood Poiaona. and ait N. num Cbronic Uiaeaa<*. OfBic Bo-bw. 4 IJ lAh atreet, near Peunajltania avenue. all Iw* (t^TATCTOLBNCB, OB TDK to ILL CLBB. ?9 THB 0beatb8t M8COVEEY OF THE WOBLD. By it >11 i1i?>aaa? are cured. No mi-diciaea aaad, aad no layiiur on of baud*. Taught b> Mr>. J. B BL IOT, 471 C atrt'et nortiiweat. ap7-tr I ALilEtt dUflerinc from wi-wkneaa, irierularity, or K^Nntuwi Debility, can liatr akililul treatment bp ?iaAiiic raar, and a<l .? .-eaing Mt> A. C. B08HEB, WaehiDffton, P. C. ai lm* I)B LBOB, COHSULTJM* PH VSICIAX, Tba .Idert aat at tubed Specialut m tha ctty Mo. 911 Mtb atraat, above H. Kuan: 11 to? and 7 tot,daily. ?^Specialty?F?male Cotnplaluta and EMALB D18EA8ER treats, mm* - caaea taken. Deacriba caae aua encKwe ||: M ?MM and MMdicina will ba aent Addraaa Mr* Di THOMPSON, No. b4b North ISbSMt, PlutaAai Pbf*- janffly* \| A LAMB WILSON, P H T S IV lW?fc ,? M 1 ? W I F B. can be conanlted oa all DISEASKiTlNCIDEhTALTO LADI Beeidrnpe and Oonaaltntian Bo?tna. "II ft. between H and I. Booaai,Board, Madirai att-ndaM*, Ac.,at reaaonable price*. Tapewonn mn ird wt head m two bonra. Befar lo patlaaf *uc^i *afal treated In Waahinctou. aa'B ? n ? \I0NET BBTtBNEV IF 1V1 ShNKAO KLIA1R FAILS TO CUBE CHILLS. To be bad of BBACB A CI8SEL,corner BriSca aaS ?LAWsSff^^^^a^SBA ?treat, whera taaliiuoniaia can ba aaar --- - ??U4y* THE TRADES. Abrinci. JOHN t U0UAS Tia Market Spare, Mannlaittiier of Ato MINGH, |..r Store* Cit> an I 1'onstry Bf a Ulnar i a TENTS and FLAGS for *?la or rent AWNING MATERIAL of all kind* for aata. Sola Afaut for COWLES k CO b MILDEW PBOOF AWMKQ MATERIAL a|>U tr pLIMUING AND OAS FITTING. Thoae deairfnf to bare their PTntnbinr aad Oaa Fittiuc done in a neat and cubatantial asusi-r, and oo reweonal.le t<-tiue. ahould leave ttielr order* at lis Penna)It aaia ateuue, Capitol Hill Work warranted. mff dni* WM. BOTHWELL. tt ALL ON JAMES F. BBIBN, / fratfwkl Plmmtm tmd Out Hum, to have yoar Plttmbmg. Oa* Fitunx, and .?-w ?nmptl) alt?Si4 to oa reaaonable tenue. No. tiiW?k a?ewwe, near ftth atraat, aortb aide. " , BBS Sd atraat, r ^ * KINGS, FUSft, TMNTB. S ?iMMtoa * 00rM'*|riP' A WBINOS for Storaa.Citr MS j: Br. TLMtON. _ CAE PEA TAB. fBU.AU, an I'll "B0I0BTI FEE BEING UlftlfiEiA TOE" ara. Alan. LBAFTS oa Low*.t and the eetraral Coutli.en'ai rltie.."^ an*?~tc auTt~~J^Ui^fTb^T bational 0\NK. H . C IB AU.Caablar,

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