Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1873, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1873 Page 1
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. ? ? ? ? ?? ????-?-?? ? ? ? V2S. Vl-NS. 6,26i). WASHINGTON, D. C.. WEDNESDAY, APRIL 28. 1878. TWO CENTS. THE EVEHOfG STAB. fafclUke4 tally, tttiayi tit#pU4f AT TJJK STAB BUILDINGS, hi mm mi nvmn worn. til BTBBING STAB ia a*r.?1 t? earrfera to i?Tiititn? r*? wi*i,?rfMti !><? materttoere at TI<lVt!r(i r*a "t'l.of lotr? JVra Ci*t? ffi Horn. OMta at tha Huta IWy>7w*'?*J iTT'ir'"** TBB T?? V rr?w-|l* lt |?Wnit rgTr^fM^rrH*" ** of KTNtWui fnrniabed oa PIANOa Ae. WttKEf > PIAKOS.UU?Ul.<^ed i? WWtMM ti ur ami excellence of llniah: low aefc-aa?m ?4 ru) i?rn ? G. L. WILI? A BKM..r > Afntu, 4'i? 11th ?tr*e?, near iHrttit**^ er?n?r Penn?ylvanla a>?i?ie. dealera lr g . Mneieal If#rrtini?-ntf feawaMy. ? rtmmum T'.winf and RoytitiLt, MHbh)' ? _j r*nihklu r*rrtr* fmhfhl attertloa. * aptt tr JW. LUCAS, 1149 7u?atTert. _ ? ? R'?u.o*vt tf l*ia?ot mmd 7,;P dera received at ThnaapauaV <?,Tn<>r if a ? gCL? *?rk aearfTTVTl ism AH work pn l*cM and moved mh?lr t*?/&! W?5a ZZ'JZZ *As^i**Tn5L r ftHnrl fU-?a WCHOMACKER A CO."ft PLANod, puiLadelfhia GKEaT BEPUCTlOB Ul PRICE*. ?Ti"?!*?r?* ??<p?Uar here, aa vol] a altSHB ?vwt tke cooatry.can ba katf Mw fcf ito M-HTT^ pianos im #M to **?. who wiab to aave frnan ? !0d to S3W la ?ai chae-ng the imtruniect out, are invited twaSL' ?j't iWina liea. Piauoa for reut. Plant* eirh<m(ed. *td K p?>ni:? &r p?rlj artotidf-' ?* Vi jzMfC&sr . "*~<r P"nnvy lvariaa-'-e^na \\ ILLIaM MtiAHK ? CO., ?5AMI>. SyLAkE AlJD rpRIGH^ PI AM OB. . lutruwiitii have tori befre the pablic ft# y***' ??<> ?*?? ttwhr axoelianea -?--- M ?*'! ** aaparchaaad pr<.rw-?Sjifc vn:cti pn iiuaucea ibfmt uaa^naiw for theirVIl 1~ w?*'k5l ' ">-rka?i?lii? and durability, They Z?Y* rm Anlt d *utl *"u u>d ?ilver m?Wi &rIl?Mftnfk ' conipeUfcra. AH vf l heir ogi ACS PIANOS b?T9 their m? And imBrovd OT^r?tri]iifi Srtia aq4 Afr iff#. _^U*KtJicCaaaaar?al! I'lOIQfl and PIANOS aac ORGANS from wivot wall-known fanoriea for Mia ? k1 r,ut, at REICHKN BAOU'S, darto-tr PI?o Warero- mw. llih atro-4 bankersT Oils Blbtuiw, Hanker, ? 13 D STREET, NEAR SEVENTH, Par* 1NTKRE>T ON LEPO>?ITS, make, COL TIoKc?, Aini triiii?v (? mil buttiueM corin tt'd wit ta ??i.king. a Pl-1 y IM S k 1 > G II O I ) E ~ u tf J. H. SQIIER fc CO., I?4? penwtltania avknuk, OFPoei-rg wih.j??d's h.?tbl, WASHINGTON, I?. C. & f*r rent, infrrest pnfj on dtposus. UniMU'tt- Bade eTerjwb'-re. thVT-".,,,,^*'.,le "? P*T ofllcera la _ 1 ra?o-?l in adtaicv. *?2-tr J. ?. bHvl)HE tU, Broker, M?. W* Prnna a\e., B?t>in a, Washington, D. 0. ?T*<?al <?ttenti^n irtreii to inre?tment *cnriti?*a w/UVtllT'Iir'il'V ,C."'"c"ri,ii? DOW "S-r.M ? prices ? r"r c'nt in nomiti and >f tewgtbf.f rtfetoamt Injaatora. rrlinMe, pe-.Dt ?i'r. .-,<1 tr^K.r.z tbeui iu every resoect riMT CLA6S ?tlRIIlis 1 R^ftra by fo L?-wi< J >hn?on * 0<>.. J "i, D. Jlonea K^IIy, E*i , Caahi-i J??tM?i.m M"tr..p< .itaii U?nk, WaahitiKton, V. C ' ??"??'v?vj?r^?u' ^ -n'1 ?*tr n,*r' ?T^' ? i* E-lwnrn Clark, E?j., Arabitcct C.S.rap mol, Waehiri.t. ti. P 0. mar!7 3bi ?|'HA tiATK'NAL BASK OF THE BKPLBLIO J. <Cof.? r..r 7iU aud DafreeS." 4 OPEN > Rt?il 1U A. M TO J P W ' CHA8 BRADLET, Cw?hler AMEKIU.1 SAVINGS B iVk *3 N?'. ftlA8ar?rH STaaVr, UA,K? Orroim uu iV?-ojka Ommnmmu. +&UZ-.U"***" open nn ek FiiiTfiiX2ft T" Villi j| Howe, Kv. 1^07 Peiioijltaaia aretct _ _ ya??ite ttM Treaaury. PATS SIX^PER CENT. INTEREST. lntrrttt B'f ims Ik* hrst of Has a " -*? FA*? FOUR PER CENT, on . ? . fro* date , f den?R. ?AS BRAhiU ?rPICES in Jl lar*e towna a-.d cate^f the 8?mb and &.>athw??i ban* a^ora,fl a. m. ta 4y. at ^ ?n<l SatnMaj ni?hu #rom Sf tr t ? ckrt, to :i?elt?<l?pat(oiil;. Call at Lbe B* ikor mmdu ftcaw of Ua Charter and By jl^l, JAW CVOKE k to., ~ _ ^r D^t7? - "* **'"ar' ,AF COOEE^cCILLOCH A co., w Chntar 7U ??? Mad L*?ui_ FATS ? PER CENT. interest on deposit latere^ cotnaaepcea froa date of depoaiu. _ e*m ??< drawn at wiH. J"*** ??? A. BCFF. Treaanrer. I^he Rapidity |J? $as* wiih which ara ren>oT?d and the feet r?Jie?ad. tf alllna. from SSlSf;--5!L*e?e9St?r ?Jngly itferrr LV^?eS?in# t * ID CSMta offufti a qmrff*rt K?rt>?? fc? uio, mmiiS Pf?O?1|>0 OOMtHtiy CorM to the^ ?^oftS^ CTM5S2JS5Tti!,^fcW Yfl* **w national market. k smoked heats m .ii Aiade and of, the beat qnaHtr, InrtiUh^J ? 01 ** to^ebrat?tyW;alai.^AMB,l'oCLTRT 9^^. FRi ITf, and VEGkTABLES.\. their "?fS'f*0 t ?? thia Market. ?ar? ly RoDT HTATT. 414 11th ^t. M ^ ^MH.LEOE of obstetrics AND GYN.kcologt. TUl"l^i??C '??'???? C?l|e*? will h tin I?r jf iik ; l??i'''*>,??"?bia II,-pita!,, V rVliKk^i Faaneylrama avenue, ;ll t Pr.^r?t,r of OMHriri, F. A. A.lifor.l, K D Fr^Z^2 v>"*C1h*r' J H Th' ?.?-*??>. M. D. BnikJ) ' " <* Women. J W. ?< Dt^aa?. of Children, S. C. B.i-^y, ?jTETrVU?CT 4"' ,Trf * ?T*"0' "* u<> Car a* or, F. J. Murphy, TUe objeetl of thi* C?Ufe are to e,,?b|.> ?n.l?nt. 9* a?^d.ejn<* t av .ii t t.tni*Uo? ,,f the afcrdad l.p th.- H-??aMal jaTSmi? ?Jje . f M H ill t ^ ' ? f. 522?.1*aiteSenvHrS u, ,L-h Pro ieSber ^ ,h* m May, Jo*. a?l ^ep. ke,J^iK2liis?xr,,T Fr Th.??p?on win Collrae u^fiU?? of thia A*t.f Td " *? ,bo*? of Profrsaor- Buiey and ? *? A. ASH FORD, M D !???.. ?I7 e. tm?)l lua a.? rll^ '*** m*w TM,t a? entte. rpHX CHIN BSE TEA HON? Baa removed to ?!! D atraat. ? Jeen ?b aad 7th, aorth aMa TBAS th?per thaa ava*. Bo neat to aat I*. ???J*MFB. , Roaches, bats or bedbugs caa?<u,x^7i wk?re Olrntwortk'a EXTEBM-^^ 1bator ia nerd. Frr aalr by Z I>. OILMAN M7 Peau?vi>ania ave., aud HOLMES A BRO., aortheaat cur. lat and E ata. B.w. al4-Ma* pgAJUiUi * . *s?y3 AMUSEMENTS. ^ ALL'S OPiRA UUCkE. FOUR NIGHTS AND MATISSE, Cii mminit WKrilnDAT. Anril y;i (iR.'iND MATI^R SATUBDAV AFTKRNOOS. CAb WA?!(E|<I MIIV9TRKL*. J.H HAVIRIT.Imm-t, * ' Wil! here the h' sor of appearing before the ettinem of ttrs rtty. In each Entertainment ENTIRE CHANGE OF PROGRAMME Hifttif nviny P>p ul?r a:.d Talented Artixt?, proraiaant anions wh- ai w < >L WAGNER, E M HALL, SAM PRI' E, BEX BROWN, JOHN Y BOoKER, CHAS. HEY * OOP. Cornelian*. SAKFIELDftnd BOOKER.S>n* and Dance Artist*. HEAT CALIFORNIA UUARTSTTE, composed of WELI IN? BROS, ml J. W, f REETH. with ft FINE ORCHESTRA AND BRASS B AND. Reeerrtd Seat* for sale at Bos Office for three clay In advance. allSt tilltSSTOS THEATIE t'OMIQL'K. (BleTMlth MMt, Math PNUftnola areuue.) Re-en*a*eme?t of the popular torn American Star GEORGE W. THOMPSON. Who will appear on Thursday. April 34th, and each evening thereafter, in toe (Teat eensa IV E. Engagement "f the fained voemJIat a&d oopiedian. Enthusiastic eewoe, M'LLE COUCHITA BONE ATTI. The daring Drill Gymnasts, THE SENYAnS! MAl'DE, the Drill Omeu! SAMUEL, the Ring >f Air' TWO NEW GRAND BALLETS; Fir-t appearance of the b-*utifnl Dansense, MISS MAGGIE WESNER. The charming Un?> n of Vocalists, MISS FANNIE DAVENPORT. Th?- youthful Dntrh Comedian and V<?calist, MASTER HERBERT CAWTIIORNE. The beautiful and da-hii<g ?Unseu?i-?, K IRA I. FY SISTERS. AND OUR MAMMOTH NOVEI.TY TROUPE. THE LAST OF THE MODOCS, Ac., Ac. MYSTERY, Ac.. Ac. Matinees WEDNE8DA Y and SATURDAY. %p51-lf WALL'S NSW OPERA HOUSE. ' ' JOHN T. FORD.?Proprietor aud Manager. M'LLE MARIE AIMEF. THE OUEEN OF OPERA BOI'FFK. AND THE Sew PARISIAN OPERA TROUPE Commencing MONDAY, April 18. ONE WEFK AND SATURDAY MXTISEE, With her Matcbh-ss Company of DUtiug u?he<l French Arti??s. Salnofaeats to c .uiuiencc FRIDAY, April 25,at Elli- Mmic Store. all tt OLD No.i Ob Eibibitiea INiwN 4St> S tad Salt < 43? fTH tiT.S (Ira 8t ,A _ MARERITER 9#. 439 7th street, between I> aud K street*, eight doors above Odd Fellow's Hall. Chutes Oil Paintings, Engravings, Chrotnoc, Me. Also, largest stock Paper Hangings. V indo* ?*hadf>*. Pictures,, Pictnre Corda aid Ta* ?I^SShV&s*!'; ""u Du"la Pleaiw reaMMer Name and Nnrnber. l?2-ly* All kinds of cast-off wearing ap PA KEL can be sold to the very beet adr mtage by adtfrt-esinaior railing on JUSTH, 619 D itriMt. between tth and 7tn n. w. N'te? by mail promptly attended to. Cash paid. <13 LD GOLD, SILVER, BRAS8, OOPPEB, Etc., b-nuht at fair pricee for a New York nous*. HcnseJiold Fnmitnre b?naht and sold. Notes by mail Konptly attended to by ACGEMSTBIN. 1409 ?pnsylvanla avenne dS-ly* SUMMER RESORTS. RUMMER BOARD. TheOSBl'RN HOUSE, Leesbnr*. now open for the accommodation of 8miini-r B *arders. H i Kaibe ? ill be .pared in the end'-av or t<> make all C"m )rt?t'Ie. (arS-lm*) JOAIt OSBUBN. Proprietor. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. YyiLLlAM OI(k?O.V OENERAL INSURANCE AND HEAL ESTATE AGENT, No. ttOi FIFTEENTH STREET, OPPoslTK TXKAjaHT. Nraebut tbe K&fest in-uraucu companies repre teatn!. Pr nipt settlemeat of losses and fair dealiac iniar anteed. " a pa lm Austin p. brown, Corner N. Y. avenue and ISth street, Washington, D 0.. WROLKKALB DlALII IN LI MBER, LIME, CEMENT, SAND. Ac., Ac., Ac H MBER BILLS cut te order on abort notice. BLUB STONE for Building, Macadamising aac Paving purpueea dolivored is any part of the BU trut. REAL ESTATE bought and told and money t* reeted. To this branch of the bnsinea 1 will here after rire my personal attention, and will be at ra; otSce daily from 10 a. a. nntil i p. m. marl-tf EDUCATIONAL. MISS HARROVERS SCHOOL FOR YOl'NG LADIES AND CHILDREN, 133? I at., >pp<> aite Franklin Park. Fourth uuarter will begin April lftb; fall tenu September 9th. aplo-lm* PENMANSHIP AND THE ELEMENTS OF I GRAMMAR ARITHMETIC, aud BOOK KEEPING tanghtto individuals or to claaeim, b?? t*e> n 3 and S o'cleck p. m? a( Prof. Young's School Building, l?h it., between And K. JAMES CORRIDON, Teacher. |y Lettering, Card-writing, and Pen Work of eTery description, executed to order.^BS apS-lm flNE CLOTHING FOR SrRiyG AXD S VMM EH, MADE TO ORDER IN NEW YORE THE LAHUEST ASSORTMENT IN THE COUNTRY. SAMPLE SUITS READY MADE, tOK MEM, HOYS A.W CHILUUEX. SHIRTS MADE TO ORDER. DEVLIN k CO., apt 3m 1113 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. HARNESS: HARNESS! ^ We haee or hand a large otock of all kinds of Sin gle and Dvuble Gilt, Covered, RUBBER, NICKEL, SILVER-MOUNTED HARNESS, of onr own make, which we are deteruiued to sell at *ery low pricee. Sole agents for Hill's celebrated CONCORD HARNESS, of which wa have a large stock at Concord pricee. The Concord Harness and Collars hare a reputation all orer the country for durability and stremgth, TRUNKS and SATCHELS la great variety. CEDAR TBUMK8, for protection again* Botha. Call and eiamtae stock. LVTZ * SROm 497 Peaa. are., next to National Hotel. yiSNNA EXPOSITION. CIRCULAR LETTERS CREDIT, lascaa M JAY COOKS * C4>. The Circular Letter la a letter of la traduction to bankers of character ikrntk?u (As intM, MsntVy ing the bearer aad authorising payments to hiai as reuuiced to tbe extent of hie deposit with as. FuR iafonuat ion will ha famished sptl applica tion ia persoa or by letter. J At COOKS * CO., laaktn, apC IB WASHINGTON. W.BR1?HT WELL, J. CARROLL V. WINSLOW, EUIETMAM.SE A? DiUll til Milt FlI ?W fth Street. HftTiag Mr. WiMtowt jsABras mi ar?e, aod control of hie Use, hie old lseve their 9 th Street. _j. 'aT I^KASIKS TEH GOLD SPECTACLE, om H H. HEMPLBE, 0?*???<*, ? <tre?< SPECIAL NOTICES. FiMUU Whlaky, pine ow Rye w??pky, Pine Old Bye Whisky, Fine Old Bye Whi*kv, Fine Old Bye Whisky, Fine OU Bye Whisky, . Fine Old If? Whisky, _ WnnanttA War rant td WatrmmttU Pure Put* Pun And Vntd mltrraUd, Frr Gtnrrnl and Medicinal On. This \* the article we bur* Bow sold for apwards ortre years with universal satisfaction; pat up in large bottles at One Dollar p*r bottle, or can be had la any quantity. ?^Notice, that we will return th? money tf this Whisky <l?*s not give satisfaction or prave as repra (" lit. d by ns. Also an excellent stock of California Wines?P >rt, Sherry, Angelica. Muscatel, Hock and Claret; also, K' lly's Island Catawba and imported Liquors of all kinds. ABTHUR N ATT A NS, Druggist, ?HJ tr Corner hi and D street* a. w. ON THE BREAKFAST, LUNCHEON, DINNER AND SUPPER TABLE, Lea A Perrlaa' Worcestershire latce IS INDIsraKsABLB. JOHN DUNCAN'S SONS, New fork, OctU lawly Agents for the United States. ?atrkeler'a Hair ?ffctHlw Rest fa tf?* world. the only tme and perfect Hair Dye* no ridiculous (Into, no disappointment, harmless, reliable, instan tan eons black or brown; at all druggists', and 16 Bond street, New York. fS-eoly A Card. A Clergyman, whils residing In South America M missionary, discovered a sue and simple remedy for the cure of Nervous Weakaeas. Early Decay, Dteeaae of the Urinary and Seminal Organs, and the whole train of disorders brought on br baneful and vicious habits. Great numbers have been cored by this n-.Me remedy. Prompted br a destre to benefit the afflicted and unfortunate, I will send the recipe for preparing and us!?ik this medicine. In a sealed envelope to any one who needs it, i*es ?/ Ckargt. Address, JOSEPH ?. INMAN, _ . ? Station D, Bible House, It New fork CUy. BALLS, Ac. ILITAR V RECEPTION. A GRAND UNION BALL, 1* Ain r>? THE DISTRICT MILITIA, WILt, BK atVKN AT THE ISAUGURAL BU1LDINO, OH THURSDAY, Aprtl 84. IWEXA.MPLEU IX ITS PREPARATION. MILITARY, PROMENADE, AND STRING BANDS. Tickets, admitting Gentleman and Ladies, HI; to be had of the members of the militia organization and at all the principal bnsin?s honses. N > spirit uous liquors allowed to be sold at the Ball Ro..m. O B. DUFFY. n2S 3t* Chairman Kx. C >m. LECTURES. *tfJpUE STAGE, ' by HON. DANIEL DOUGHERTY, LINCOLN HALL, THURSDAY EVENINO, April 84. Re?er\ed neat* at J. C. Parker's, 087 7th street. Notice?This will be the closina lecture of th Star Course. and season ticket- must pr^nti-d i Parker's, ??il7 7th street, and exchang**!, if tha holder" desire reserved seats. itl* LADIES GOODS. ~ OTI< KB*rgaius srf now brine offered in MILLINERY and FANCY GOODS, by E. LINZBF.Ktf & CO., sJS-tr 7 07 Market Space, m H AIR GOODS. P1RST CLASS GOODS AT LOW PRICES. Fine BRAIDS, CUBL8, etc., of onr own make, soiii at manufacturer's prices, at H PHILIPPI'S Hairwork Factory and Store, 71? Market Spa.-e, between 7th and 8th streets. a21-<5t* miss Mccormick, 905 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE,' J* (Up Staib*,) Will open on THURSDAY, April 4th, a large stwl attractive assortment of Imported BONNETS AND ROUND HAT*, to whirh the special attention of the ladies is called, aj-tr gTAMPINO DEPOT, ?17 SlVRNTH STBKBT, fet'tl-tr Opposite Patent Office. WELLING OFr I *3 SELLING OFF I AT COST, TO DISSOLVE PARTNERSHIP, the entire stock OP THE NEW YORK BAZAB, 441 Seventh street, near B. B?sr7-tr NO HCMBUG. JMPOBTER OP HUMAN HAIR. GRAND BABGAIN8 AT MADAME EITREN'I, SIS UrA ttrtet, ttcond door from G mm. Remember the name and number. Cheap Onrls, Switches, Chignons, Braids, Puffs, Prizsottes, of the latest st) les. Call and ass oar new stock before par* shaslng elsewhere. dectltr I f ADIES' L PBl the beat art nalin. It ii or sale by all Grocers. icBHHAM^COJ PBBNCH STARCH BNAMEL the beat article In the world for doing up Linen or nalin. It hnjjsrUa beautiful gloaa to the fabric. _ j Manufacturers, rest Lombard street, )aal4-ly Baltimore, Maryland. 1873 spring. 1873 TBBMBNDOUS STOCK, TREMENDOUS STOCK, TRBMENDOU8 STOCK, TBEMENDOl'S STOCK, TBEMENDOUS STOCK, SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, SPRING AND SUMMER OLOTHINO! SPRING AND SCMMBR CLOTHING SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING SPRING AMD SUMMBB OLOTHINO MENS', TOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, MENS', YOUTHS' AND BOYS, At A. STRAUS'S. CALL AND SMMt CALL AND SEE ! CALL AND SSK ' CALL AND SKff CALL AND SMM t U UK AT BARGAINS! HEAT BARGAINS! ummmh ^HIBTS MAM NOUU. In connection with my Merchant Talloriag baal nsss, I aa> bow prepared to MAKE 8H1BT8 TO OKDKR, having wcm?I the serrices of ass ot the beat cat* tars la tha caaatry for that parpoae. BelagsatU* Bad ofay ability to gtre eatire aaUsfactiOB, both la ??yU and fit, 1 respectfully solicit a* patronage of tkepablic. g T ? Skirt tmdDrnweri Mmmftilvef, EVENING STAR. Washington News and Gossip. Intebnai P-BVKwtrr?The nwlptt from this source to-day were S19tf.M0.84.. - The Softherb Claims ConmiK^ yester day beard the claims of John C. Green, of Cal peper county, V*., and several ?0?r cases. Fain Roc a, U. S. Consul at Msazanillo, was drowned on the 15th last., white oa a tithing excursion. Presii>kbt Ggabt will leave fit. Louis to mi rrow morning for Idaho Springs, Colorado. He will remain there two or threo days, aud then go direct to Galena. Illinois. Mb. Jon* S. Delabo, chief clcrk, Depart ment of the Interior, telegraphed to the Secre tary to-day that he would be In St. Louis this evening. He said nothing of his health, hut from previous telegrams it is inferred that it is improved. Naval Orders ?Ltenf <?oiranAmler A. S. Crowninshteld ordered to tho Lackawanna. Commander It. W. Meade deta-hed from the Narragansett, aiul placed on waiting order*. Lit ut. Commander A. G. Kellogg detached from the Lackawanna, aud ordered to return to the I'nited States. Assistant Surgeon Henry C. Eckstein detached from the Narragansett, an-1 placed en waiting orders. The Vienba Exposition Scandal Min ister Jay and Thomas McLlrath, in addition to being instructed to examine fully into the charge of the sale of the rec-tauraut fites on the American ground of the Vienna Exposition, have been instructed by telegraph to exton<i their examination to the charges recently madf ot the sale of commissioners!)ips. They have the I'Ower to suspend any commissioner thus implieated. I be i>ower of removal rests with the President. Afraip or Laeoe Gamk.?The letters re ceived at the Post Office Department in refer ence to the little ?ame of " Kev. J. Hale l-ainey" would indicato that he was guided bv the Post Office directory in sending out his ? irculars, and tliat he made his levies on post masters whose salaries range from ?3fl0 to ?'5 .Iim) It is not believed that he ?? strnck" the*post - masters or large ? hke New York, ptiila d.lphta and Baltimore, as nothing has been heard from them, but that he confined his operations to the smaller fry of country towns. The applicants for positions in the Treasury department, who were before the civil service examining board several we^ks ari? anxiously awaiting the result, but the'v vwll l e in suspense for several days yet, as die Secretary has not selected any names from the list other than the seven appoint-d shortly alter the examination. Th re are thirty-three apiKjintinenfs yet to be nude, and there ar?? over tour hundred names to select from. Or. r tire hundred persons competed at the examina tion, and over fourhuncretl of them passed. The PnrnMONT Kailroad Case.?Attorney General W.liiams has recently made a decision <n the Piedmont railroad case, which has been lor some time pending in the courts, on a mortgage. Application was made that the road be seiz. d, on the ground that it was confiscate.! arrt nt?a?i havin? *>een constructed ai d used in the interests of the rebellion. The dicision is that tile President's proclamation ot part.on of 18(V> operated so as to restore to the corporators or stockholders all their rights, thus acting as a bar against proceedings of the gov ? ri.ment. The district attorney will theretor. be instructed to discontinue all proceeding and to fo. e lose the mortgage given by the road to tlie coiiicdcrate government. Aiveb Farewell Season.?The acknowl edged i;n.en of Opera Boutfe, MU'e. Marie Aimee, with the new Parisian troupe, will ap fZlJlue ,,ext wtek- to "?* #*** hW. id, farewell engagement in Washington will com HoX? Z'L*UX(,::y at Wall/xew o??a hoi se, when will be presented the ever imw ^MiV'? A?0,,e,a Lar f'r x*'u lhteke$?et in which Mile. Aimee, as La Grande Duehesse, Moa?. Jnte n as Fritz, and Mom. Duchesne as Gen Banm, have no rivals. On Tuesday tho neiv opera L*s Cent Vie rye*, on Wednesday Let ,Ai;n?iiT,-,irfdaKy on Kr.ftav Mil e. Aimee takes hor farewell benefit as A.. Belle Helen*-, on Saturday matinee Barbe Hi- m. im i?- Saturday n'ght the final performance win be Orfketu amx Knfert. Thesa?e of seat will commence on Fri.lay at Ellis' music store Revisiob of Ubitkd States Laws.?Th committees of the Senate and House on the revision of the laws, met here on Monday in joint session, in pursuance of the law i>a?sed at the last session ot Congress. There were t>res cnt Senators Conkling, Carpenter and ltansom of the Senate committee, and General Butler Judge Poland and Mr. Leach of the House' committee. The object of this meeting isto arrangement towards closing u.. 1 ?b ? e?/ ,?e commi?"on. *hich has been in ?T l k three years codifying the 'i i? work 115 uow nearly completed 1 lie committee will also make provision to have all the Indian treaties properly indexed and arranged, ami for this purpose some suitable person will be selected to do the-work. Tliev will clotoe up the wwion to-morrow or next day. Edicatiobal Progress ib China,?Gen. Eaton, commissioner of education, is in receipt oi a letter from Dr. M. A. Martin, president of the Iniversity of Pekiug. China, organized th^r't hV* >ea5T **0' in w^ich tl?? writer says that two departments have been organized, viz one of languages and oue of science. The first includes in its course of instruction English, French. German, Kusoian and Chinese, and the latter mathematics, physics, chemistry and medical science. Dr. Martin savs of the medi cal science division: "This lastchair is nearlv established,itnd involves a daring innorlC. of. the prejudices of the people. <tve regard it a ' but one step towards the formation of a medical

lioVi ? TUt/ *L 81,411 seud forth a bodv ot ??? Physician to supersede the empi ?,^ii"r ?ow lui^oae ou the credulity of the public.' He says instructions will be given next mfr l?n .'', rd,,tion1*1 '?w political ec?no tH kJ u 1'i1' e tUe university seems tha Permanent basis, and that its prospects tor tlie future are better than i loustime in its brief history. The waf ^taMished after the model of within. !n'tltl,t,.?M ul learning, and has met with much opposition. esi?erlally from the con servatives, who attribute i>estilences earth existence!n<1 ot^er to the fact of its Sharp Practice o? a New York IJahk Tellbr? He Aitet*j>ft to Sicindh the Treasury out ?f t500.? Several weeks ago a letter was received vIuMU,r-r ^P^ment from a party in "1?? requested that At? hundre<l ?] .n ne.w be sent him in place of an old hve hundred dollar bill which heu?u?ed .* * tke bill it was discov ered that It ww considerably shorter than the ordinary bills, and a further investigation re waled the liict that it was a pi^eSf ingenuity, it being wholly constructed, with the bnV??K? ^OB? 0?rl>tI^? "trips of other of the denomination of *500. Those strins Ineatly pasted on tissue paper, through * .c^' howerer, the back ot the note could ?>e ii 7 seesi. There were twelve or fiwn sUips In all, bat the right-hand nnn!! which contained the figures "500^'wMeSm atkrr wii* 1^T*?^9rnere<l piece torn from an 2SS,SL.1i?2?T1, ta? M?. rtSS SSSS^tia!:KuS bill, and ratting other bills in the same Pl?ce? when laid together fitted nicely, the engraved lines and I>iTnted worth* beftig distinct and. bill. 1 he writer reaneeted tint ? M, be seat him at a certain station In New York watch detective was instructed to y*1 Who eallfed for 23r^s,%2: ? lMUlk to"*, was ?- ^ wrote a letter re Gen. SidnnerT I??l7ii*kj? tion m Art JtofM. At Lamb's may be seen a new picture of the Great Falls of the Potomac. whk-h tle*en ?? attention. It to not only the best work we hav seen by the art'st who painted it, (M?. Mac Leod,) but we think we may say it to also thf beet picture of the Falls that has yet hee; pointed. This, in one sens*, to not saying much for we are bound to arid that up tot hi* time w. have seen little that was either creditable to th. artist or satisfactory to the observer in any ? the efforts to transfer to canvas the wildnos and grandeur et this particular scene. But w* do not make the remark ia the limited sense o coaiparUwn. The picture to reaWy good. is natter what has gone before, or what may cam alter; and this in spite of vory serious difflcul tics in the way of the artist. The subject though picturesque in Itself and in the higlie* degree Interesting to the sight-sear, is yet s hard and unpromising one to paint; and. takin,. into account the chances against esthetic sue cess, it may be said to be hardly worth the wort of reproducing it. Not that the task should ?<tt b? undertaken, by any maeaa. It needs, in deed, that they should be |Hin this form, with the advantages of size and color, li> order that the public may be able to appreciate the Wonderful attractions of the spot,?attri tion*, we may add, which would be far mon familiar to tourists if situated within fifty or a hundred milesot Montreal or Quebec than thev now axe, though within easy two hours* drive oi the national capital. But the results, so far a* artistic effects go, are so disproportion*^ to th amount ot labor to be performed a.? to well nigh deter most artists from undertaking the task unless their love tor the picture*)ue be couple*i also with a desire that a spot which ha* ?o main charms for them ?hould be better known to the public. And something of this spirit, we *a? pect, has inspired Mr. MacLeod in his difllcul' labors. But, whatever the Inspiration, tin effort is a success. The picture gives not onlv a lair portrait but also much of tuts spirit of the place. The view is a general one, taken from a high point on the Virginia side of the river, lookup northward. The time chosen to evening tti early autumn, when the action of the tirst t'r.ists on the foliage of tne softer woods gives richness and variety to the sombre evergreen tones th t' prevail in that locality. The atmosphere is re markably clear and pure, the perspective is good, and the distances arc rendered with tint effect. The texture and co'or of the rocks, a well as their peculiar formation, are reproduce" w ith rare fidelity, as are also the action and tints of the rushing and eddying waters. Over all tails the sott lient ot the setting sun, wins, parting lays illuminate with a richer color t h* high rocks and distant hill tops, giving a plea sanl feeling of repose U> a scene that to in al, other respects- the very essence of r;i^gednes> and . .irbtile nee. Were we disposed to criticise where therein -o much to commend, we should sav that th< canvas is too laige, and that the effect Of' the picture woald l>e heightened by taking from four to live Inches from both the top and bot tom. The height of sky above and the exten sion of rocks and water in the immediate fore ground add nothing to its force, and rather serve to distract from the motlva and action 01 the picture, upon which t'.e attention of th obeervcr s* ould be concentrated. Beside, th. shape Of the canvas, which is rather awkward and unusual, would, in our opinion, be im proved by the change proposed. ? Ulke is hard at work on his series of por traits of Secretaries for the War Department, finding time the while to till occasional private orders, ills portrait ot Gen. Ra wlins, just com pleted, to remarkably life-like, considering that the artist wu without the advantage of having se? n his suoject in life, and it only need* a I'ttle deeper black in the hair and beard to ?< perfect. The likeness of Judge Holt, now wel under way, promises to be good, as does al- > the beginning of that of Senator Cameron which to just laid in. ? Speaking of portraits reminds uatosay a word of the very flue likenesses, in crayon, turned out by that talented young artist, Mr. Rudolph Keichmann. In several respects thest have advantages over portraits in oil. They are cheaper for one thing, and the color doe notcnangeor grow dim, for another. Theu. again, in thehandsof au artist like Ueichmtnt; there is opportunity for freedom of action aiuI grace of style that is not afforded in the use o< colors, exawpt to thorouga misters of that of art; and thorough masters in tlia; line are not over plenty now-a-daya. Mi Rcichmanu's studio is well worth a visit, aim when he gets Into iiis handsome new quarters In Vernon Row, we have no doubt It will be ccme a place of re: ort to those who have an eye for crcditable productions in art, whether they go in the capacity of patrons or otherwise. ? Mr. Witt, an artist lately arrived here from Ohio, has opened a studio on Kith street, oppo site the Congregational church, where lie ha on view a few pictures which show him to be a painter of very decided merit, both in land scape and portraits, lie has a large view oi the upper Ohio that Is particularly tine, ami also a clever marine. His portraits are east and delicate iu treatment and pure and trans parent in color, and, we should judge, taithfu as likenesses. But upon the latter point w. cannot speak to confidently, since those we saw are of strangers. Mr. Witt is, however, at work ?on some Washington face*, and when they ar. finished we shall be able to tell better as to th< lidelity with which he reproduces the feature and expression of his sitters. ? The sale of pictures by local artists at Latimer & deary's Monday and Tuesday evenings, was quite largely attended, but the bidding was not as spirited and the prices brought not as high as most persons expect ed. Indeed, with few exceptions, the pieces offered failed to bring anything near studio prices, and it is doubtful if the artists wit; care to repeat the experiment next year. \V trust, however, they will not be discouraged Au annual sale causes pictures to be talked about and notes to be compared, and the*<. things exert an imperceptible but nevertheL-n. ini|>ortant influence throughout the whole year and thus an interest in art to created aud tnuci. ood done, aside from the mere question o. ollars and cents for the time being. It wu apparent, from the competition and the prices brought, that Weyl was the favorite of tin evening. His "Shady Nook on Rock Creek.* which seemed to be by common consent re garded as the gem of the collection, started at ninety dollars, and rapidly run up to 9125, at which figure it was taken by Mr. ?. B. French. His " Lost River Vail, y," a larger and more Important if less ponplar picture than the other, went to Mr. C. S. Noyes at $92.90; and his "Hanging Rock," also a characteristic and rxl picture, was knocked down at 970 to Mr. Anglam. Other pictures by the same artist brought comparatively fair prioes, as did also several by Poole and Turner. TBXY FOLLOW A PACK TBAIV I WTO CA HT. A pack train, under esoort of Lieut. Howe and twenty men, was attacked near the Modoc lava beds on Saturday last, about It o'clock a. m. Previous to that hour, as an escort from Mason's earn# was coming to MM Ik, they were j attacked at the head or Long Cave. Lieut. Leary's men sought shelter behind the rocks. ; and drove the Modoc* back. When Lieut. Howe's train came near them the Modocs at tacked It, but wore again driven back. Lieut. Leary lost one man milled and one wounded. The train arrived safely, but was fired Into when entering the lava bed, and again on the return. When returning, Lieut. Howe was again at tacked by the Modocs, who followed him to ?sfet&sz swasrwu: and sent a volley through the camp. Major Thomas east a well into their midst, which scattered them. There were eleven in the at. tacking party. Arm were distributed to all in camp, and the Medoea soon tied anou the rocks. ^ Aw A mux raon Colored Mm ur Kaw OtiiAM.?A large meeting of colored citixens In New Orleans Mat night endorsed the Kellou stste sd in in ration, tad denounced mm* sacre in Grant Pariah. The President end Congress were urged to sustain Gov. KeUorg end save the colored men frem the wrath of the SiLvxn Plats fob Babox di Itajtba? The UnMed States government, through Minis tar Washhnrne, has pteeentad to Baron do Ita juba. Brazilian ambassador to Parte, two ease of silver plate, in recognition of the ability end impartiality with whica be discharged his da ties as a member of the Geneva tribunal. The Oiiat Arsu 8*ow Stork Genera Custer at Yankton, Dakota, reports that th. snow storm on the Mtfi and 19th instant, wa the severest which has prevailed these. fW ?ears. M*?V persons are badly ftvxea am some hate tost U*air lift*. TELEGRAMS TO THE STAB Tbu inwlin Piipatciiw. ASSOCIATED PRhSS REPORTS. 0 LITEST r?01 THE LiTA REI1. VHEB); ABB THE ??MCH? ?f? Tr?l| 4H.U44* the Ur> ^ Tw* ?ore >wi MIm Milieu Ulfrrailac Ud4eato Th?* Umyn riVht. ?r.L __gAW ??*?<??*?, April ?._The Ironi the tront arrived at VrrKa tb'v morning. Some ot the volunteer* who (wortcii Eocrre Horry's reaii.u to town, bad a talk will Fair. hiid. ^ ase.rui?ed that Scarf^Ti Charlej a a* not killed, the body stipponed to be his1 beiit^ tlte or Sback Nmt Frank Schonclun wan wrt tilled by Mr Meat ham but wa? otilv wonndrd In the breast. He was killed 01 hl" hody below the wa? torn to pieces. Another voting Mo th^'d"? Wftchu*^* Wl reoogniited among ? ,TJ'E sttkll that Kit ltd ?TffrtjrrHi* Waohnataie l>ei\?re it fipMiM. rroin tfe# tiv thtnjp looked fn Of ammunition. provision* and oth.T articles, It was evident that the In , Jefl ^*'[ur7i ?o doubt hup|KM>iiiK tliat their stoonghold would be blown ?,!. Tr?n? ?, at least seven Indians were wen between Ka-r cbiki sp.ace and lower Klamath Lake. Many persons are ot the opinion that small hand* or *OIH**S WII.L RAID ARofXD THK roCXTEY to obtain good horses, while a sufficient number * ill r^inum in tlte lava beda to keep the soldier* busy tiieM". Nnndsy at the Front. At thk Frost, April *1, 4 o'clock p. re ? The cavalry have returned. Thev tailed to discover any signs ot an Inliati "trail. l>r. lahoneso has returned from the lava beds. He reports that two aqnaws have been captured An old squaw was brought in yesterday and *hown Schonchin's head and aaid it was his head. CoL Perry traveled aboutei^Ltv rnilo* making the circuit of the lava b<^ls. He saw no Indian*. The Warm Spring Indians w ill won be OS THK TRAIL or THE RAttBLIRQ Mot** * who bothered the troops last night. Dr. Cahoueao was along the line during the day of the tight, and savs lie counted twelve warriors slain. Haw many were buried no one knows. Modoc* were seen to-dav from the lookout at the si^n 4! station. >fr. Tickner started to-day with an express for LinkvUle, but he saw a party 01 IiuliaiiM anil h%<! to torn back TWO MORE R?I>-?KtNS W1PVD OfT. Two Modocs are supposed to have been killed In the fights yesterday. There 1* much snecu lat.oii in rfgurd to the Motloc* gaining *i<l from wiJ" r??nbts- 11,fa possible that all tribe*except the V arm Spring Indians sympathise w.tli Captain .lack, but they are satisfied that to aid uim n.eans extermination. The Pitt K'ver Ih d ans will not be likely to join -la- k unless h. force* them. They are a miserable set an<l liHv0 neooiDP no ?i? niornl ntsl otfr iu-iiiy tefsit ctiasti ements by tieneral Crook tit at th?*v have ti'ST Alt COlKAOt TO PlfiUT THK WHITK? The Snakes about Ked river are a m. an set an. really belong *o ihe Piutes. The 3nukes ami Piute* who roam about Goose Lake and further north, are vicious customs*. Although twietn* Ing to aomt northern rese rvation in Idaho and O rep on. th.y are constantly prowling around the s. etion comprising Goum Lake, Cher van and oilier valleys in eastern Oregon, northern >e*a-la and southern Idaho. The .*>ha*ta scar.ely number hall a dozen warriors. Thev have always been ? BITTKE DtKtV nw THE HODOe 9. The Scott Valley and River In diars, although sought for aid, have shown disposition to take part in Captain Jack * crusade. The Indians. lierealieiilsandCiroii?h out Scott's valley, are well ixmtud in the move ments ot the Modoc*. Signal fires have boen reported on some of the liills insert valley but whether they are signals ot tbe Modoc* or not is not known. o I?w York Katea. THK BCl.L'S HKAD B VXK. New York, April Tbe ball's Head bank reope ned to-day at the old idee*. A. S. Cam. ron, president. The capital ha* all beea tut,, up, flW.Ono of which has been snbsrribe?{b\ oePpa*tora, and tbe remainder by the stock holders. Of the million due the depoeiton *T'0,000 has been paid. The former cleric* force ot the bank haa been retired. *<? MURK KUKK P ASH KM OVKR TIIK C. P. R. *. Horace F. Clark, preaident of the Union Pa cific railroad, according to an interviewer, sav "the condition of tbe bnances ol the road ne sitates tlie abrogation ot the free pa>s syt THK WOSKntOMM'* AaaortATtOlia h*ve organised an eight-hour enforcement league, composed of two delegates from each uuion in the state. At a meeting last uiidit A. Garvey, ot" the bricklavers' anion, raised a Btorm by saying that, althongh be betong^l to a nr.ion, he did not believe in the principle, ami the sixty thousand men who walked tbe street> in idleness last winter owed it to unions. THKliR U'KRK 1 KM OFPKRS OK ROMI>fl ^ ^ at irom 114 ft* t? llfi M. A half Baiilion was bought at from 114.99 to 115.38. ' ?TOKKs'CHAWCK? mWISri?HIS<I. In the supreme court to-day Judiro I>avi? granted the motion of the dietrict attortK-y to act aside tbe allegations of error made by de iCMint^i attomeyp. This dcci?iou leancui tlie chances for a new trial. > KW VC'RK THItVEs TH P.EATEN I SO RECOKDBE HACKETT. Hecorder Hackett produced in the court ot general sessions this morning a letter be had throngh the mail, Ihreateulng him with death in ca?e he again aenteuces prisoner* to long terrna of impriaonment. for what, in the judgment of the senders, are light crimes. Tbe letter states that a bodv of men have leairut*l together, aud ate bonnd by oath to be aveii^etl on the recorder by killiiie bim or some member of his tamily, in case lie does not heed tbi warning. THE MAD MOXKV OS EMIOKANTS. The state assembly to-day passed a hill in creasing the bead money on emigrants one dol lRr additional to that now assessed. THE TBtAL OP BLAKt.ET tor the murder ot his niece, has been p ?*t;>ou>x1 till next Monday. 4 lo day. ?100,000. ? ? tWtaj. 1SCRKA8KO CABLK RATKS. Losdos, April Si.?As intimatod yestcrdar. tbe managers ot tbe Atlantic cable companier have determined to increase tbe tanfip to tit shillings ((1.50 gold) per word. The advanced rate will go into effect on the 1st of May. Tbe reaaon assigned for this heavy addition to tbe tolls ta tbe limited facilities tor transminsMM. caused by tbe interruption of communication by tbe French cable. TUB WBATHER. The weather to-day throughout England is fair and favorable to crof*. THK CEAROW-ITCH TO VISIT LOXDOB. Losdos? April The Crarowitch ot Uus sia ami bis vifer tbe Grand Duchess Marie Dagmar, will vieit Lonelon during May. TIK PARIS \ ACASCT IS THKPRRBiB A SSI* BLT. Paris, April S?M. Isaac Ad?>lpb? Cremer*. who was a member of tbe Government ot National Defence of tlte 4tb September. liCO, is supporting Count De Rem uaat, Miaister Foreign Affairs, for tbe vacant seat in the Natl nal Am aemblv from this City. PCKKCAL OK THK WIPB OP r RCSZI>KST Piorr.RAS, op spaiv. Madrid, April a?Tbe remains of tbe wife of Preaident Figtaeraa were buried to-day. Tbe funeral was attended by an immense number of persons, inc'u-ling members ?f the government, Foreign HlBbttn and other dignitaries. TRB BBKR JUOT* IV PRASKPORT. Fxakkfobt. Or-trb-Maib, April WM expected tbat ttes persons iaoensed at tbe advance in the frier Of freer would r|M* tbair riotous deBtOBilravaiua vasteruav ???< u,? military guards througboIt tJki ci^ w^ stPeugly reinforced. The rioters, bewavw were overawed by the iacreaaed nuBhlTT!r Madrtd Atfr*q,'a"An^Xmton VH#d thA ? jspni zs?Ooneral Velarde baa re signed the captain generalship of Catalonia, to which be wasenlv recently appointed, in eo? aeqneoee ef rHsapptoval by the gevern aaent ot yigorous msseurea be bad taken to secure the lsTstakllabmsiii of dlacipUns an.s* ?The Britiah brig cargo ^Ss^^eJh^SrST; CiscnmATi, 0?i^ A?rti m?Th? house aad the Barnes house, in Miteholl. Indiana, were burned last night. Loss estimated MUM* X^tfivred. mm mi Fir# h t '??Burn A?rti. ?*itvb%*( A V?w Ton. April to? The Mt*?U mmmI convention of the MdWM Hoard at fiar i? 4e? wittrf. m,? here to* ttWiMMt. The ?*? '? ifld to order by 3Tr H-n V at oftkr aattaaal boat*. At ?t'MMmUd w*re Hi* Tr%i Wri( lit r ?????I1IB| , tv r:> \ :.T.-? hHfMBaH ::anne. Horn PLiladc rfc a, N*tiv*?:. Uvu. imh.iqom; f?rt?r? ud T i? i?. 1 ram V*w i >mm. ?Im * i iMkr of ?"rfi?n wfti>n?. IV wntiapi wa? largely aft< mlrd. TU treasurer > repot t ?' owed UM fliMl <M ll^miHaT in ? ? ?.l WII diuan. JTraahleat < >ak.?M -t^vrwd ??i Miry Corgtatu'atlug the aatac.atioa u|wb IU |iiw ihiBi . and that Tta AbWtt ft* Lane* mentot ?ii-ura???etnt?>ee*ta?br??gg^a?j^J country were kiaf attended He aaid tha t kk?|0 lid B?M(I to-' that ittfunm In ooi-mtw ?>t?i)ii f?I r< Bi|< titton j rt*min? ?w a mv bad policy irt.-T all. TH>-tr prmirw w rtaka were ao l?n that w hen kcttT taM' i rmt TMy *mv not abh" to bm?t (km, u4 tbe |itlttrj ImM< ra bad to *f fer. l ffmini to thr Huston lir.WauU ikf Mai yrm* wu <wt1ai?tr>l at fTn.fWi.nOG. * >n Uii* then ?w tn l?nninf? ta Ma?ancT?n*efta mm panlea at 9Mam.m+, ever et% w Mm m parte* la other lain. an4 ?m ** MM in .. ntrani-* C! ??UiU Oi thta ? > ?" *i have been paid, whirV ni ? I? r cetit. ot the entire kMM> The average j*r ceat. last yw pad to New York state on capital Ineeeted m T "M M?. a i falling o?VOf 3 per cent IUp?rtttr e? mfl ? trthad, an! roaaiiirM Hit *MtT? tH?iiiUa. Adjourned mi te wiriso. j Wstll Wtrwi .. New Yobk. April All aale?ot pnbi to <u,r Lave Iwmi at: 17 * to 117*-the pre-ent pri.4 belrx 11.?,. (?a gold loans Um ratce ttavcW* 1 to 3 per rout. tbr carry ing. Tbe tone of the geld market la hraw, the caleti'atloti being that. luc'adng the Of the May 'tit* rant and the weekly "alee. tliere ?'iU be about f >duu,i??) g ?.?( to come on the market within the next foar or influence la faror ut a atoady iuaJhe: at about * l>er cent. r.|>l?rnpal ttrml-trsleaMlal. Piiii mhi rata, A|?rll ?.?A arrtea of Inter esting meeting*- are kia| heM la St. Aaltm KpiM-upal ehurrh. o? oiuii atoraUng the Mil centennial autiversary. The aermon wiU ba dflhfrfd thla morning by Bi?hot> t'Larke. of NIhhIc lalaint. rorim rlj i?aator of the oongrega ttoii. r're. St. rrTrnanrRn, Tv., April 2R.?The S*. ?lam-'a Hotel ami a nambfrnf other halMIng* ir thl* ntt were burned thla n??ru ng. l*m a boat WM?h l.rnrral Haarark la Half It Kali iMohk. April St.? Major General Han cock, of the I nitml state* arm v. atxi axta are at Itarauai'a hotel, in 'hi- city, to day ?? ? ? a - ?? ^ ?i ? Tub UaaTKiiTioa or Sa? Sai.vaim>r? The lull account* from iorrMyaqdaata?*|B acroonta include tlie ?tatem nt? of aereral iither tTe-aitufan*??>f the eart4i<|iiahe at Sua Salvador cuiittrm the 0t -I report* at the eatim ?le*tructioti ol the city. Ua? auiitarj tkiiict ot' wood naa left uninjured. The oulv other buildirga not completely levelled with *h?i earth aere the governmett* honae and the Ho tel de Panut-. b<>th built ot atone. Kiltynwrpae* acre ca?t up Irvni their grave* iu the Meigbbor iiig ctuctrry ami lav till murtring???aii>*t>iou< ot the dead* among the ru tu. More than tlfT* deatl and one httiMlr. <i ami fiftv ?onndnl bad been gathered t'rom the dean* oi the town: ami although the loa* of lite from the feartli'jaake a so- probably uot a* exw-UMve a? it was at tirot said to be, it'was ao great, and the deatraction wh* ao coinpl' te. aa to inspire wonder at th-? t< menty oi the authoririea. who have re?olved to rebuild tbe city <ot t.inl?er thi* tun } ou a site which haa been by eight acr.oua eaith'tuakea aince th<- year I tTV A niTlcrivi Cat omt.?A Nea Vork Hua day | a| ti ha* a atoiy ??t a wealUty f?aiHatn of city, tiame<l I'auut, alio wac ruli#d of ai,.V? worth iiT jewelrv in a h?n>e car oa the P.thof Petmrr la*. Within a w?--k be a a? induced to consult a regular deta<"tiveaf Nea \ork. wli n bed.- oier. d a diamond ring ? hirh bad beeu atulou truiu hiiu ou th* tinger ol the detective, lie thcreujwu gave the .!?*. .? tive three day* to | roducc the real of the plun der . a hich a iw done a day or two after, tbo ot IWr pr*-temltt,g to have ?e<--i?edit from a rtnef ot Ki w V'rk. who bad t1?l to I'UlaMfkia. The detective ducluied to aec< pt a #IUM (Mil t^r hie aatuteaea* Thi Cm** ConrutT?The new I'aptaln Oebeial ol Caba, Pieitata, arrirad at h?raiv yeateiUay.ili the pieaeuoc of aa Uuiuei:a? a? Kmli'ag. of cfttaen*, but aa he paaerd through tbe ctowd tiot a fh"frwv nCterad. Pieltain hae since taaued a proclamation to "the ?nl diera, tite people,ami the v.dantoera," la whicli be he watit* tio ui to laake another eacr Cctic ami deciaite effVfrt to crush the iusurgent*. leatiwlille the inmrrgen** inert aae in ?trengt!? ard gain in the amount ol territory fliey hold. A Phiiadeli>h?a d>*|>?tcti re|M*rt* the ciearan-d of a m? rchanuuati from that port. wu iiMk)/ 'or N. w Orleans, but really to be fitted up aa a Cuban gunboat at aoroe |H>int aoatb. RecOVIRT or N EAUI.V A Vt'aKTKK '?r A Millmw ur tH? Haak or Ex.uin Saau.? Nearly ?^l,UO?ot t inted Statoa homi*. Hletili ried as Laving been obtained by the Bidwell brands on the Bank ot Knglamf, arere Mitel veater.iay at tlie ?Wee of the North Atlantic Kxprea* company. No. 71 Broadway, where 'hey had been aui'ce their arrival Irom London, oti ihe 20th ult. Thev were in a trunk de scribed aa containing old clothe*. ?inly ?Tn.?w)> of the proceeda of tbeae t'rau?t? remains to bo recovered A. I*. JW. Com., tid. BtPP r^B iKniAH SrrrLiKa.-Theiittrchaaiiig committee of the board of Indian cora'dlaaloii. era yestetday in New York, in connection with lion. E. P." Smith, oocimiaaioner ot i ml .an aflalra.and M.?*rs. Cox aiul White, ot the- In. terlor department, opened prot>oeals for the an nual supplies of annuitT goods. One hundred biddera corapetctl for the ooatracta, and tho price* were lower than ever before ottered bv the government. On uut Thurwlay tliey wilt 0|?ii liie bid* for proviaiona and grooeriosi A Wolf A a WlTHOfT MoRALa TO H t" KT AT thi Tbaih Matikck?I Miring tlie Tram lunacy investigation, in New York, yoator da\ ,J udge Daly reuueoted the female* to ret re, aa evldeiice a^e aiiout to b? givea unht tor tbem to hear. Mrs. Brooker. atafer ot Victoria Woodhnll, reluaed to leave, waving that tiro evidence would not hart her moral*. ?) adg** Haly ordered the ofhoera to clear the Court, and both mnle and female audltora were obliged to depart. THEr.i.ooDY uiot 111 I raukiort, tiertuauy, was cauaed bv an advance in the price of beer. The disorderly demon?tra?ion? laated until mid night; and the trno|* a ere pelted with rtoaea aevoral timea daring the evening. ttixtoen breweries were wre-cked by the riotara and there waa much plundering. During the con flicts which took place twelve i?e--on? werJ killed and forty woundeil. Out haudrcd an-l twenty of the riotcra were arreated. The Dvt? h Caarak.k A?ai?t thk ATe HEKKaas.?Later advii-esfrom Sumatra re port that the e*|"edition of the Dutch against Atcbeen haa been recalled, a* further out breaks are feared, and in otlier porta Of tin; island* In the late campaign it Lm been oth clally announced that the loeaea ot the Dutch were ?even officer# and thir^v-eight men kltled, and thirty-five o?oer* and three hundred anl eighty-three men wounded. Th? ltttlb ?ot aaved from the wreck of tha At'antic was not aared for nothing. Otory waiti him. Alao monev. Together with a giraffe, a I at woman, elephanta, and othor curtoaitiaa, he is ottered the proud privilege of traveling with Mr. Barnnm. It la aratiiyTng to know that the terms propoeed by Mr. B. include tJS.'HM and the right to aeil his photograph The Ersoa lUvat in Earn add Tlie Kp aom spring meeting near London owmmenoed yesterday. The city and suburban handicap was won by Morn lag ton ? oad, and Bertram third. ond, and Bertram mm. Betting jaat areeioaa to tbe start waa forty to one aaalaat Morniav ion, nine to two yainet Cremorne, and twelve to one against Bertram. Twenty-flv9 ran. ' ' Brai?r> witb a Skillit Will a colored barber in Chic -T., a Clayton Houae. Xpuoo.?Kearlfali Me zsggUEESL2: i etdadt CmM, Iowa, .. ?? ? n?MO people who advertiae an fewoM M mix a lilVo gelling in along with (Mr fit*

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