Newspaper of Evening Star, April 23, 1873, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 23, 1873 Page 4
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EVENING STAR. >T April si, i*ri. LOCAL NEWS. AmaMMFiU, *f? To-atcK. Ou*r% 11,u.i?.?Cnl WAlitor'* miitftrek T\**ur Coam.{ut?Songs, burlesjaes, dances, Ac. 4 <>n?lf (W'd l??aK The pound mu La?e commenced tueir mm YwUTiljii^irvm rtil'4 in the Center Market V(rr Mini at premiums nunfing trom tJu to ii# i^d Crocker, ihc w krJtn of th# jail, wi# has been s?ek several Jays past, ia much better **?!*: A. Nailor, Jr.'s horee "," while starring in front of Mr. N.'a residence last evening. ??? "?n ?nto bT ? h"M7. and falling fcteke hi* leg. He was subsequently killed. Mrs. Bamry Woods yesterday tiled a kill ng.emst the estate of the late E. L. Fay tor ?-Vm, which she claims to be due her deceased hus hai.d for goods furnished and i"Mh advanced. The- will of Cunningham Haxlett, bequeath ing hia gold watch to liis half brother. _ Willie )Um*s Clark, of Mon Istown, Ohio; all hie per sonal e>t?tf to hU wife, and all h'? real e?Utt to bin mother, was tiled in the Probate Court jesterdav. __ . V.ctor La Roque and Jacob O'Neill. charged with sfhbl'irg a man named M Manon, bar; kf, [fr at a restaurant, corner of nth and E streets northwest. on Monday night last.were arretted yesterday, and subsequently released Pat?'iits hare just been granted to the follow ing Wasbingtonians ?A. M. Hobbe, tor appar ratiis for cleaning privica: Geo. A. Mclllieny, <ss-ret.>rt closing; W. S. Tappan, suspension i. k? for eye-glasses; C. S. Trevitt, cabinet cha;r and secretary. Several ladies or the Diplomatic corps arc making irrangements for a grand promenade concert at the Inauguration ball building, early i*> M.. v. The Marine l and h;u? been directed to attend by Secretary Bobeeon. The proceed.* mrc to be "devoted to "the benetit of the home nn der the auspices of the Little Sister*of the Poor, where old |k rfoii.* are cared for, no matter ot what religion* belief. ??n Friday night last the members of Colom bia 0?3?mandery No. 2. Knight* Templar. pre sented Past E minent Commander >J. w. Griflin with a handsome saord. Mr. Robert Ball ma le the i resentation speech on behalf of the mem ber*. At the banquet which followed addresses were made by Sir Knights Thompson, Gibbs, StfTfTu. .1. Yanghn I?ewis and Bennett. Washington Temple of Honor No. 3, a tera ji^rnncc organization, have elected loliow Irg ?fcer? for the ensuing rear:?W. C. T., J K. Prown; W. V. T., W. W. Peake; W. R.. J. W. t aa \ leek; W. A. K , C. M. II. Phelps; V N J. 8. Benedict; W.D.K., .lulius Ber tram; W. P. K., J. H. Goodwin; W. T-, Mr. H< l*> n: W. G., N. Head; W. S., J. C. Fcr , P. M. C., T. II S. Phelps. ? ? Roard of Health. KIPORT.-. ?Vl>MlT 1 KI>?TilK A1LASTHV* TEKK ?h?a3ce-a pathktic appial is BituaLr ?>r TW > AIHNTMtS HTV*r?. The'o rdef health held a regular meeting last n;gh.. Treasurer Marbury anj Health ?Hllcer.Verdl submitted their annual reports, wbi> h are to be embodied in the president's re port for presentation to the legislature. I>r. Yemi ottered a reailntiM, which was adopted. itcluinj: as a nuisance the frame ton-* situate i next to No I.?? >ih street,between <) a?d P ?tr?ets nortliaest. and re.iuesf.u,; tht b>>ard of pihic a oiks to cause the same 10 be torn down. The h? alib f ticer called attention to the f.ict thti? the t?eu(> days' grace allowed for the pn. > ing of the .lilantbu.- trees had eipired, aixl tua |iursua7it .o a resolution passed by the )x>ai l some ago he shoul?l at once proceed too*-troy all sue!; treesaahave not been prop rrlv >rimmed. 1:. this connection theclerk was re?t"''?ted to re??i the following letter from a riti/i4] residing oi< Fstreet, betweenStli ami !th aUeets; . . . ? ??Lm yr ar two citizens. American by both. All j <11. by itrwrirtrilileflfl i-y a lellow-wlti^-.'li m-ither b\ birth nor descent American, but an e*rraetof Hibernia, awd he still further tinder onlirn of one from over the Rhine, reduced two h?TMU>me .?i.a?w trees in front of my res denee to i!ie concltion of simple ailan tbus posts eightee n W> t high. During the j^w t ?riwm these poor. B^raggliug stumps n.i\ e done >?fcai fi.?-v could in their feeble, unaided wav to rtfma their to|? tor their own lives and our com ii rt. I wi.-U W> kn >w if the board ?>f health won't, for God's fcake. and without regard to Him lor the sum: of the tax-payers wt.o I .e Oehiisl what ia lo.t of theso trees, allow tLtrn to reuiain tinto?tev>ed for this sea t|f"' It IS malerstoiai chat this tourhing appeal will U fa^orvoly cons???? red by the board,anMe the trees ia .|?.-*tiou w-*-? reiwifieei l^oHeusive by ttin.Ui.og iaM year. Thk Mrrt'TOLiTA j KAiLRoaD.~-This rail way company, having nearly completed t ieir tra.-k !?oiu Uw Arwnai gate, on 4^ street, to M afreet north na Kh. are aUwt j.Ia. tug kX the in trrseetion corner of i?h abl F streets a well balancod turn-table, the object being to facilL tate travel, so that person* leaving Lln. V.n Hail or Wall's Opera Honse at night may t ike at those points ;cars for the navy yard, ?;?-< rg.-town. or the northern section of the city, and they mav thus go through .without the neceaBity of charging cars. It U e*pecUd that this arraugem* nt will be put in i>peratW>n during the hrst week in May. The ^ar? are noa x on this raad ou Concecti ,j? avenue to th?? boundary , ami the next line tbev w !i lar will be ?!?**'?) ? street in thia city, and W ?t street ???d other streets In f?eorgel4?wn to the Tonvent ^ i*itatUwi in the latter place, and this bra:>ch t**ej protuusi to have in oj/i.ration in a few months. Sr>5!? n? Tmpirasix?Last even'.ng a ttew division of Sons ol Temperance was instituted, under the name of Fidelity No. 6, with 23 char ter mr rubers. The following ofttaers were X}?f??u IvVtTt. the presH-nt .,uarter:-Edward Jofcn^n, W. P ; *. t f w Lakeuur. R L. S F. S-t. w. Brown, chaplain; Patrick Cu.;*lD? cotid'ACtOf, 0. B. Punning. P. W. P. . . P.*;rue DivuTiin No. 'last night fil(e<"t . ?'" loaiiig vacancies.?W. W. Peake. trea^rifv ? ?lam. - MeN'abb, Jr., assistant recording scrilns; T. W. S. Phelps, assist wt i-ondnctor; Phil. A. Ju'lien. financial scribe; Chiis. Phelpi, outride aeatiacl. * L??t Y. M. C. A. RKi Ki'TioN The Yo-ing Ura'ttkriMiu Association are to give taelr last reception of tlie srason this evening, ami it is to 1m> an unusually interesting and instrm live one. called an < ?riental entertainment, to couaist of tableaux of the lite of .losepb; descriptive atl-lr* ?M-s ,.f Bible scenes ami characters, Xc., Ar . by Hon. 4. S. Diehl. formerly C. S. consul at .lava; imsic and promenadi'ng, Jtf., Sc. Refreshments are to be furnished to thos- .le sirit'g them. The tickets are limited to ar.d no niore tban tuat number of person* will be admitted. Tn*Srr*5TH Dinau i Rki'i rlican rt.rn l*.<t n'^ht elreted .Joseph H. .tackson, W . J. J1. a:ker, aad Willinm Schroe?ler delegates to the cetitral commitue, ami aiso adopted r -so iatn.ns u.dotsing the course ot H.>n. A. R. Shepherd tur the wisdom and hnsin-ss tact dis rlaved in the management of the a ffair* or the listict ot Coiumbiii; ileclariug that he h i? the e?>iie?ler.ce of the seventh district, who be'' himtobi the right man iu the right i>' .?vc hoping that he may be continued ?? _ .*ee. and the great work ot improving * .u oW.*e nntil tally coi.-..u.ii;.?'--I. m oar city has :,een Thi Boab' Waswr*' _ of Wiir^s Attn thk C?v . 401* A>t?.Gl ?Ki.KT??^ 1 KtlLKOAD .??AW'ios?In the Court in Gen ?er*: TYrm to-dav the c?*? of the lioard of pub lic works against the Washington and George town Railroad eowpnnv and ri?e r<r*n were resumed. Mr. S. S. Phillips, for the board, having conrludeel hts argument yesterday. Mr. .1. H. Bradley, jr., this morning followed for the railroad company, aisl Judm Phillips fol lownl him on the same side. Mr. W. A. Cook will make the closing argument. o The Graxd Miutarv Rjc? grnox aid Ball, at the Inangnrat ball building, to-uior row evening, will be an impoaiug and verv pie asant social reunion, and tlie prices of ad mission ba\e been lived at a rate which will enable tho?e to go and ?ee the beautiful decora t'ons of the buiMing and take part ia the mili tarv reeeption. who cannot well aitord from dve to twentv dollar* for an evening's am isenaent. Ko drinking of spiritumis liquors will be allowed In or about the bnihling. Gal. Tai>iu'( Mix*tk*ls attracted atten tion bv marching down the avenue this morn li'g. while the brass band of the compauv die Thev commence an engagement at Wall's opera Houae to-night. This troupe Is spoken of a* the leading organ, i/ation of the <lav. the individual members of It all being trst-class actors, and there are sev eral of them whose names <and high in the pro femwn. ? Tfb Mepical Asaoi iatiox of the District yesterday elected the following delegates to the National Medical Conventiou. which meets in Mav, In St. Uals: Doctors Miller, N. Young, ?J. Tyler, C. Boyle. A. W. Miller, William Marburv, 8. ?!. Radcliffe. J. F. Thompson, W. W. B. Drmkard. A. F. A. King, W. G. H. Nrwman. C. W. Franxonl, H. A. Dnneanson, C. F. Hagner, W. C. Briscoe, R. 8. L. WaLsh. ai d W. y. Baldwin. ? The Lurrrns of Daniel Dougherty, at L'.n ft>!u Hail, to morrow evening, will afford our citizens a most enjoyable literary tre*t. Stage** is the topic, and the etoquence of the s? e kt r .-elebmted. A crowded house will nc .'?? bt attend. SnaLL POX oa?m have been reported as fo! luv salnee yesterday: John Stewart, from Ylr gn I., walkol to the hospital; one at dU New ?It rs? y avenue ^outhenst, and one K U F ?Uut rt-U-m-st. ,4a |?imh-<??IiiI Attempt at W1R Wnnlfr. A WAT* ri'Kr* II EKE FROM rALTtWOBE Tn KILL HI" WIFE. AND IS W>*HT ME FAILS TU 1 " ... A <<ut h o'clock Ust night Sati-lr Barnes. 1 colored n an, ??!> ;uro>t?l bvOSctf Lutkri and locked up in Ihe central guanl-hoiise. oi the charjje off r?mmi'tin( an assault and bat on bia wite by tiring three i?istol shots al her on the street, none of which, fortunate)] tor her. took effcct. The statement of the wif* is that th< v have l>$en living in Baltimore until re? f ntly, but that on account of hart treatment on the part of Sandy. she left him and cam? to thin city, and ha* since been living with hei mother on H street, between 9th and 10th north' * ext. iSaialv followed her here on Hunda; last, and asked her to return with him. promt* in It better treatment, but she refusal to go witt him. He returned to Baltimore,but came back yesterday and renewed his entreaties, when sin flatly refused to go with him. He then drew oui a Colt's revolver and fired at her. She started to run down the street, and he pursued her and fired two more shots, neither of whiel took effect. An alarm was raised, and wot < >fficer I.uakey appeared, and took Barnes iutc custody. He Is scavenger of the 15th ward ir Baltimore, and on his arrival at the guard house said he had come all the way here to kil Lie,* He, and was sorry he had not succeeded. Till HHtiSTKR III THirOLICKCOrRT. Barnes (whose front name ia Sandy A) wai briugbt into the Police Court this morning charged with assault and battery on his wife Kmily, with intent to kill her. Sandy said h< was guilty of shooting a pistol at her to frightet her, Tut not to kill her. Kmily said her hus band to the house on H street, between tut ai.d loth streets, where she was, and commence, to quarrel with her; she saw him putting hi? hand in his i^ocketfor something, and she start ed to rnn. when he tired three shots at her. Shi sen ametl murder, and some white man ran and pnlltd him away. The pistol (a five shooter was found in the inclosnre of Mr. Woodruff", near by, with two loads in it, three having Orel discharged. Officer Lusky testified to making the arrest of B<irties, who told him that he caiuf fr< ni Baltimore to kill his wife. The accused was committed to Jail for action of the gr,ui<1 iur y Tom Wright Wnntn His Sentence t'banged. VHfHV. ARE THK COM*T'TEU?? Tom Wright, who is under sentence of death for the murder of the peddler Kogerski, re mains in his old quarters at the jail, and is ap parently as indifferent as ever, especially in his talk. He continues to assert his innocence of the crime and to reiterate that Bembry did the deed and laid it on him. A few days since a note from him was detected going np stairs tn Margaret Wood, begging her to state that it w as Bembry who had <Ione the bloody work. Yesterday tin officer of the court calleal on him and Wright said he was not guilty. The officer informed him that he had better prepare tor death, as it was probable that the 30th of May would close his earthly career. Wright then asked if his sentence could not be commutod On receiving a reply that it was hardly prova ble, he said that he didn't like to be hung any how, but would much rather be shot. BEMBRY RELEASED. District Attorney Harrington to-day ordered the release of Sain Bembry. referred to above, who was one of the witnesses on the trial ot Wright. Margaret Wood and her sun will be retained until alter the hearing of the motion for a new trial before the Court in Mineral Terra. Bembry has been retained Hi* days, and the sum due him as fees will probablv amount to more money than he ever before had at one time. Real KMnte TrHnsfcrs. The following transfers of real estate have been tiled in the office of the Becorder of D';od fc.nce our last report: April 15.?F. 8. Lumseti to Anna E. McClery and l>!a 1 ie' ii, sub. 13. square tW, (lib- estate,) 8J.M); S. L. Levine to T1oriia> Mcltormott. pari 11. ? - ' II. : Mary 1* lermau to Pht-he W. It F, -..uare 7ul. .'jJJiiO; Ann* Maria *'it> i to J'iIi.i A B lies, sut' 9, s<|iiare 37". $15.Oil); T \. furt,-, trustee, tr> E.ppieva. tail 2S, square .v.' .?^4 * B Ch'-rch to <J. W I?ree- mtb. C,?|u?r . B un-* Harlan to Elizabeth M. Van J- i liucti, lot north of lilix-k 12.", (Virnitiin .iveaite. C street and Tweutieth street,) ?;'sl6. H.I': w.iti-U F. Gulick, part 9.?iuar>> iSV.tvi; K .1- I t" P. H. Gre^n, sub. 13, s-.iiar' 35?i, P 11. ('* ri.4man to W. II. Lee, *ut. 67, square" i7l .< T:n v* . Ii Lee to Aim rhri>tmav, same, .<fso \v. H. I w ar B. #'iil (i. W. Webster, sub. 38, njnare ill', f SM; W. C.7 id to W. H Philliaet al . lot 1, * ,u-re south of n>7, ; Q. f. Appi-Iiy. trustee, t?> K~te Winter, all of square 7.>9, ; CJaru it l!a C -lirctonto .Inlia G Jerome, loi ,r., re- rva ti n !!'. *l/?);8. A. II Mark^to B. J. Wysre, part 4. sunare -77. /}>Cll: O II. Bright" ell et ?l.,tu J;i McMahen, part 15, s-iusre8tii, f2I4. April 16 ? It. Keh. trustee, et al ,toG .1 Johnson, par'- .l IS, siiuare 11 SKilien !?? C. I>. Gi'more, lot 4.s.^n?re 7->5. #1?? <M'; A. K. 8'iep herd to James W. Patterson, anbr.. 54 lo &?. ?mare '7.1 ,*16.I0P. Janie? fr??er to Emily L. Trnes<I a1-. kt l7-.|nare 17, S2*?; T. Biley to W. A. Tti tuip-.'U, fart n, -nuare K*2, ^ BriLPisr; Pekmitb The following hare lieen issued since our last report: N. A. Ball, frame a.i<!:i on, C street, between North Capi tol street and Delaware avenue: Stephen Moffat, rwo story frame, corner K ajd Water street, outhwest: John Carroll, oue ?tory fram^, I ?treet, between 22d and 23?1 northwest; Wm. I>egaii. stable in rear of 1>, between Jih aud 10th southeast. ? I'AiSPri Acopkxt.?Last night a yoirtig man. t amed Wintleld. son of the late Bichard JV'inljeld, met with a painful accident by hav ng all four lingers on the left bftnd choppe?l off ait!: % straw-cutter while lie was employed in ?rej.anng some horse feed oil 1) street, between 2th ai.d i:;th southwest. I)r. McBlair was ailed in and rendere<l surgical assistance. The ATTEJiTww of purchasers is again called 0 the auction sale of valuable business pr.ip rty on 7th street, between F and O, opposite he Parent Office, advertised by B. H. Warner or to-morrow. f THE rorKTB. POLK'S COl BT, Ju<it* SnHl.-Tn-**y, J^s ph tishnp. lurcebv i.t a pair of paiita w>.rtk ?5. tb.rtj ays in jail. Francis Luc kett, threats of violence t<. ??aa<' P.CliiW-: in the sunt ,,f ?%vto keep he pcare. Frauk I>ougla-s and Willie Burke wer harped with the larr>tiy ,?f apieoaof rlotk, w.,rl!i fl?, froiu Mar?iiall Berry, who testitie<i thut fit ccuse.l came fT?f> hia *tor?, ami while one wa< !??* iiat -i. ne pants furthe preten<lei| piiri^enf pur hasirz them, the other piehed np the cloth awl rai, ff with it. Burke was discharged, an l Dni^lass '?nt to jail for three months. ,?o?-pli Twnmey, is anlt an I' attery on MaryTweniey. hi<wif>?. Jo nh said ihey were disputing, aa*l h? jpn? -u? ?- snl to push Iter away, when she struck 'tim ? '? broomstick. M ?ry said it was not IhLi kwtin.' *ierdow n an-1 kicked lier in the ride. ,.^i?iV it.. 'd t,,at lh* ?wr,ie* *rt' Z. iTT.I.L '.^DVlr ? man and rife, al\ IPH % Ml ,, n I A ?J lth? uch thw ar?* mfvfirj; ^30 *5? ? . *!' 1 .l bornis in the sum of to k.e?? l,,l,i htry E. ehiuii. ass.iult and battery on i unc. Mary and Julia met at the pump. Jti,.. iade face* at Mary, and Mary threw bricks a: ?alia; .*5. Geot?e Fairfax, as<u?uit and batteiy on ,aura Fairfax, hia wife; matrimonial iuf-licity over Ii break fast talde ten iao|ith? after marriage. The ife came off second l>e?t, w ith a knot uujer her ar; %lu and coats. Peter MeGinnis, aasauit au?i attery i?d Martin Kelly Peter said he had nothing > aai ?lie was drunk. Martin said he was on his a\ home, and peter followed after and gave In n a ft handed whack His face, and followed it up -i _ ?? r"-*. The judge lined him *3?just > the workhouse. Two Fa milieu Cr <rfin to Death-?^ ter ble accident ?t BelleTille. Kepublic *.nnsas, laat wet*. Tu? none of Mr. J was bunied on Saturday, and lilt family, jr'i?ting of wife and four children, took she' tr in the bovje of Bennett. On Monday night i violent storm took the roof oft of Mr. Ben iett'p house, a stone building, and blew in the table, which leU into the cellar, wheie the lu intes had uken refuge. Mr. Bennett was se rerely injured. In the morning Bennett went o procure assistance, and whenhe returned he ound that the floor had fallen In, and his wite ind three children, together with Mr*. Crane ind two of her children, were crushed to death \ boy and girl of Mrs. Crane were still alive ind were taken to a neighbor's, but the boy lied shortly after reaching there. SimifL A R B**t LT FKOV a StBATrn BY A Wire A very singular result was produce! hv a scratch from a wire In taking oft a "strike" m a brick-vard in the city on last Friday. Mr. lieorge Fult* received a slight wound in the lett wrist fro in a wire, and since that time has l>een growing continuallr worse, notwithstanding m:dical aid. until the entire left side has be come rold and inanimate as in death, while the Dpi>Okite side of the body is at fever heat. His friends are very much alarmed for fear that the accident, it not of a fatal nature, will at least cause the paralysis of the affected side?Louit txUh Cwtrier-Juu ma I. 1 t*tk. A ;Boy Dyisq or Hydrophobia?About ten weeks ago Thomas Murray, of South Eighth street, Jersey City, was bitten by a dog sup posed to b? rabid. The wound healed up in a short time, and with the exception of inflamma tory symptoms was apparently quite well. YtaterUav the bov showed decided symptoms of hydrophobia. He attempted to bite his sister, ami foamed at the mouth. Toward evening he became so wild that he haul to be tied down In bed. l>r. Early says there is no hope of his recoTei y.?A. T. .*aa, J1?f. ?7* A boy. William J. BrvSn, is on trial In Saa Francisco for the murder of Ah Hlng, a Chinaman. ?7-Whispeiing In church constitute* a breach of the peace at Murtreewboro. Teun.. and as Meh is punished by a fine of ?20 and costs. mTA voungman in Patcrson, N. J., was taken handcuffed to the house of Father McXulty the ether dav, and there united in marriage to Miw E Ik n Tynan. ?*There has been no disturbance on account of the gas stokers strike in Chicago. The strikers have been filled. A police guard Is on duty at the gas works to prevent any outbreak. ^Hatrimn Ladington. repabllean, ww terday elected mayor ?r Milwaukee, to fill the vMiict occAiioiMfd br the tiwllflWlity ot the candidate elected at the MCrBt election. ?yrln ProvHlenoe. B. L Francis Hughes was yesterday conrictrd of the murder of his wlfo bv stamping, kicking, and beating her leff N'ovemlier in 1 jucoln, :uul sentenced to the sUUc prison tor life, Alriandria Fith X?rki>t uf new n?li tor thu day, furnished to The Star by Ooorge W. Harrison Go.r I wlioWaV etealer* in fish. No*. 42 King street, 50. 51. !K fish wharves, Alexandria. V?. Shad, fresh. per hundred, 910.00 to 91100; Potomac family. pt-r bbl., 911 00 to 912.00. Kconcmy family, (I)el*ware.) per bbl., 014.00. i Herring, fresh, per thousand, 9.1.00 to 9?.0O; I Potomac,'No. 1, per bbl.. 95.00to 96.00; Potomac, family. (n>e.) per bbl., *7.On; Potomac, family, per half bl>l., 94.00; Labrador, family, per bb(., e*tra.?.1.iV Port land gibbed, per bbl..95 00; Ray of laM, No. l.fnew.) *5.0"; do., family me**, 95.SD; Lake herring. Chicaio, extra. 9<:.00, 8k John's alewivcs,9<; 00; old So. 1 Potomac, 93.00. Washiwotow Fish Makkkt.?At the Wiwh ington ti*h wliarvM to-d ?y the following **!?* to shipper* were maile by K. A. Golden Jb Bro., agent*: 15,000 shad, from f?> to 914; 40,000 her ring*, from 95 50 to 96; 100 taylor*, at I cent; 1.000 bonche* i>ereh. from 20" to 25 cents; 190 rock, at 25 cent#; J sturgeon*, at 9.155. New York Dry Uoo?U Market. The New York HtiUrlin, of Ttiesd ay, ("ay: The market for cotton goodf present*" none-.* feature*, and price* are nominally unchanged; bnt in their eagerness to effect sains the jobbers in Nome instance* made conception* in discount or otherwise for large lot*. In tirst hands stand ard qnalitwa of brown, bleached and colored cettons are steady, bnt inferior makes are weuk and irregular, but moving with more freedom "ince the reduced rates were established. Stocks of standard browns, tine browns and line bleached shirting* coutinuc well sold up by t'ie agents, anel several prominent brands are even ?carce, but light weight* of both brown and bleached good* are in ample supply. Ticks, strip*, denims and brown ducks of the bo*t make* areal?> cloaely sold up. Woolens remain qniet, and holders of light weight cassimer-**, etc., are treely offering price inducement* in order to reduce stocks, and are meeting with some success in that direction. IterejuiT there the agent* re|>ort small sales of fall weights to the clothing trade, but there is only a light movement in overcoatings.^ There "was very bttle improvement In the demand for importeo fabric*, although in one or two branches tli rc i* somewhat less sluggish movement. White goo-l* are certainly more active in tirst hau ls. Mript d Victoria lawn* for suitings are meeting with liberal sales. Thi Claim of D?>n Carlo* to tub Span ish Tniu?B?Don Curios, the claimant to the throne of Spain, bus been interviewed, and jus tifies hi* prt?ent source by saying that the act by which the throne of Spain was given to I a bella was a violation of the organic law of the kin idoin, therefore illegal, and he proposed to continue the tight for the right* of hi* house be gun by his giandfather. Persons who are in doubt as to who i* really the rightful pn-cwot ol ttte Spanish throne will be better able to de cide- the ?|ue?tion after reading the following: Doi Carlos is not the descendant of lienrv V. of Spain.* Ferdinand VII., the grandfather of Doi A'l'onso XII., was the elder brother of the Dor Carlos whose grandson ie the present-Don Carlos, Who lavs claim to the throne in virtnc of the Salic law which prevailed in Spain fnm 17i:itol7??. But thi* was merelv a French in novation brought Into Spain by Philip V., Sandson of Lx>uis XIV., w lio himself ascended e throne a* the heir of Donna Maria Ther. For seven centuries the right of females to in herit the Spanish throne ha*, however, been re cog ilztd. and the Salic law, too, waseonng'Hl from the Code ot Spain in 17*?. Ferdinand'* nat iral successor was hi* only child, Donna Isaliel. and, notwithstanding the fact that, when dangerously ill in 1X32, the King sign d a dccument recogr izing his brother, Don Car los, as his successor, yeT when he recovere<l in 1K3 he swore fidelity to his daughter in the Church of St. Jerome, at Marid. Attf.mpt to Mtruer in Coprt. Tanies Gallagher wasoue of the lodger* inth- Newark l-oli .-e court at Newaik ye?tqrday, being j ut among the other* on the charge of being a vag rant. During the morning ho was put to cleen in"ont spittoons and refused to do it. Me fin ally consented, however, and did the work he wns ordered to <lo. He was excessively over heating in his manner to the guardian of the pHsur. XI hen brought before Justice Lambert the prisoner was informed that his sentence w i? three month* in jail. Justice I. imb -rt de livering the sentence of the court lagher was sentenced to this penalty he rus'ied at the keeper u ith a drawn knife, but the l it ter *a? too .|iiick m hi* movement*, and then Gallagher sprang upon the judge and endeav ored to stab bim. The judge wasonlv ju.-* in time to parry the b'ow. and attempted to de fend hirawll against the furious onslaught. At lergih tlie judge was rescued. and the assaiUut was rrmai deel to the cells. During the scene the spectator* in the court were excited to the ?I7di>t elogrec.?.V. I'. /Prgi'i, ?Hih. The Gf.rmax Navv?The memorandum pre ?nted by the German admiralty to the fed eral council expressly states that (n future all the shipbuilding for the German navv will be informed in the country. The following ves sel* are to be built up to the yeiar l**2:?Three iron-clad corvettes, three monitors, three iron clad batteries, four screw corvettes, four avi-os, five large torpedo ship* an<l eighteen torpc*lo lioats, or forty ves: el* in all. The corvettes, which are to be used in the iron-clad stpiadron on the I'aitic. will l.u arnn d with eight centi metre gnu*. The new monitors will carry from three to four guns of the heaviest calibre, and the batterhvt trom twelve to sixteen such gun*. The new gunboats, two of which?the Nautilus and the Albatro**? are already afloat, are to l>e armed with two fifteen centimetre coil guns and two twelve centimetre coil gun*, and the smaller gunboat* vriil probably carry one gun of the heav ie*t calibre apiece. DlSHSATK LKAI* OF A PehoSER Flp'Vf a Traik.?Albert Fortune, the notorious liorse thiet, desperado and convict, captured in Hai ti more Saturday, escaped from the custodv of Deputy Warden Strother, of Virginia, yester day morning, soon after the t*ain passed Ash land, which Is fifteen mile* from Richmond. Strother and Feirtune went to the stove to w*r,n'al ,d '?tler, seizing an opportunity when tue door of the coach was open, slipped out upon the platform and leaped from ?he train, which wa* running at the rate of twenty tive mile* an hour. The train wa*stopped after it had gone three-quarter* of a mile, and search tor Fortune wa* made without succeso all day. At the time of his escape he wa* manacled uud chained at the feet. Ho is snpposed to be litrk mg in the swamp* or woods, and will prob tblv be recaptured, as a large band of niounUHl men are securing the conntry for him. The late Mr*. James Gordon Bennett was the daughter of Mr*. Creed, who kept a small hoeirrv and fancy store, in Williams atr.-et, ?hen lower Bwadwav was still a place of resl dene*. She was a bright, vivacious woman, of large frame and great vitality. At tin- tiui^ of his marriage Mr. Bcunett made the occasion conspicuous in the column* of his newspaper, and afterward faithfully recorded the birth of ^children in the same manner. Fourchildren were m.r*? to them, two of whom, a *on a'nl a daughter, survive. Mr*. Bennett at one time wrote a numbef pf letters from Fnrope for the Herald, and they ere distinguished by much vivacity and umUi It ^ ycUkfl'Jwnth*? ??????? later years ot their married life, Mr. and Mn Bennett liveel unhappily, ami this is said to be the rfWii why the entire property was left at the disposal of the son. A Ghastly SrBCTAe LR Amonr ... remarkable incidents n*' " , - ?r ,0,,s, tbi?? ,-?? T,r't>g l(6sheM is ? -"'en O^Ctlfred on tb# Arkansas river, several mile* below Little ktock. A cemerery on the river's bank wa* overflowed and wa?hea until It* entire surface was swept away w ith the restless tarr~nt. Ad tte water rapidly wore away the bank the coffins were unearthed anu floated ofi, the remnants of many bexliea, some of which had been buried for twenty v irs, were exposal, and the sight isdesciil>e<'l 1?> 'he local journal* aa most horrible. F.te hunired coffins were disinterred. The people of the neighborhood have beentryii gto recorn the tKMUt*, but have found.very few which can be rece>gni?tU. A SriciDB by Haxoiite.. About half-pas' 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon Fred. Puhil, a shoe maker, resitting at 33 May street, committed suicide by hanging himself* with a clothes-Une He committed the act in the front room of bis house, and was dtscovejred by his wife. He had been suffering for the past six year* with epilep tic fits, and during the last two years he ha I ex perienced violent attack*, at which times he was out of his mind. The decea*eel wa* 7J years old, and leaves a wife and lire children. Coroner Sultzer was notified, but declined holding an inquest, being satisfied that be hung himself rhile laboring under a ht of iiuanity.?Halt. Gazette, 22<*. jy"Christian gymua?U" give moral enter tainments in Chicago. ?fiTTrov prohibits wooden cornices ou build ing* within ite lire limits. . KTA convict at Rlmlra dug his way oat of | jail with a table-spoon last weok. KTFarmers in the vicinity of Norfolk, Va., are talking of devoting their lands to cotton. KTMtss Mary Wad*worth, M. D., of Frank lin, N. H., is appointed physician to the harem of the Sultan of Tarkey. Li) MY K VSUisKIgfi, PurrbaM* of U67-V6, jast pat on draught. ALBS. POBTKK, BKOWN 8TOCT, Of l?-?t brands. Prices low. sl7 tt tiroctr, 1918 Peaasyl'vaaia www. Oli aag* ssr BsodhiIdTco^ r ^ bB a,a m?s GEORGETOWN. PRrMDKjiT Gurmah ot the Chewapeake and Ohio canal arrived here last eyening. It Is hoped here that his trtp of inspection of the canal has informed him of the necessity of r - pairing the lock gates between this cltv nrl l'***"- Creek, and also the Seneca aqueduct Kiv*r nkwa?The steamer John Ui'-on arrived la?t evening with a fail cargo of geu?>r-U merchandise. Tbe British barbae Ihana niear> d to-day for Baltimore, where she will receive \ cargo of gram for Liverpool. Or am Tr*i>??The sales on 'Change to-dav were 2,300 bushel* good wheat at Sl.'JO an 1 1,375 1 h-'I"!1 prime red do., from store at |ljj, al.-o IjO barrels ear corn at *3.50 per barrel. WHf*???'The receipt of fish to-day were 20,000 herring, 3,000 tavlors, and 10.) oha-l. LA ^'"5 ^y'or at 75 cent per hundred, and the shad at ?15. Cabal Trad*.?The Cumberland Xewt of savs: Thirty-four boats, carrying 3,w? 0!) tons ot coal, cleared from this port ve-? terday. . * ALEXANDRIA. .,/;ipfI*9?Another band of gipsies Joined tnose who bave been encamped near Four-Mile run lor several days, yesterday. They have many horses and wagons, and the encampment is quite large. Several persons from this city and neighborhood have visited the camp to have their fortunes told and to gratify their curiosity with a glance at their habits and ens

??", g0 ^ 8wap horses with them, i he latter, it is needless to sav. are always ac commodated, for the gipsies are "death on a | horse trade," and they are very shrewd in th it line of business?Smiintl. Uut evening. xr Coal Depot.?The Alexandria and Washington railroad cotnpanv, which some time ago boughta lot at the aqueduct, over t ie tVi8 v1!'0" an<* Alexandri t turnpike, have es trblished a coal depot, and have alreadv com? menced unloading coal boats from Camberla-id th*re.?Car'He. la,I , r,nin0. C I T Y ITE MS. SrRiTfo Overcoats reduced to *#. former Price ?I2 at A. Straps', J 1011 Pa. ave., bet. loth and 11th sts. Ot-R Ci'rtom Durartmejct. The largest stock of piece goods tor Suits- the v/l^rr0,' P'ect for a.?d P?,t?. ??in^*TrtnVV,t of ?"ece *?ods tor i ants, the most fashionable cut; a faultier* m and Mrst-el*. workman.hip. A caM KK d At IIablS Brothers, Fashionable Tailors, Corner 7th and I) >ts ? .. . Heliablk. Fathers and Mothe; we are adding to our stock a Urge assortment youth's ait?l children's clothing The W averly Suit*? ,r^T! 3/,? >*?cnr* of age, from ?*> to* H. The Harvard Suits? from 4 to 10 years of age, from ?7 to 820. Sailor Suits, Farragut? 8 ya? of age, and other styles in e d ^ 0,,rf' are the beet made. Best material and newest styles in the market. a <v> a /*,? t% XoAH Walker Co., til Pa. ave., Metropolitan Hotel. k. 'J* waitts a Bottle of Whisky, let him bn, t and take it home like a man, and not snraK home with a bottle of "Bitters," or Cordial," aii*l pretend that it is medicine. It he wants a tonic that is something better th m a temporary stimulant, boHhonld get a bottle of Peruviati Svn,,,. (,? ,ron ToniV.) that will thcTsystem6 vXn* au<1 ?'ve durable strength to JS?" TO 'Gentlemen f ;r nshing their own material, can have their KeenvT?eiVor/,, r?Ilt notice, at i ^ street northwest. Satisfactioi guaranteed. 4.19,1: 7akk r't C*. rry Pectoral to stop your ar"' bronchial affections before they run into consumption that von cannot J'* ^ m,w,lJtw nrliT!tLLESfli,0f l>ool?yf? than o! any other Yeast or Baking I owder. as it is much stronger. I' m ?ell it! Wu* Give 11 a tuir trial* Wiocc'ra ^ <? T?r>S'.TOIt*'* Bit l?When !>r. Wis tar 9 Ba.sam of W ild Cherry will ci rk conahs. Weeding at tlie lungs, and arrest the fall destroyer, Consumption, it does more than most a,J8 caT',l?* The use of a single bottle, iwV/L ; wi" s;ui<v the Incredulous that they need look no lurtlier for the required "* C v,*LAT,?WAL 'Avwa Bam, comer of jSew \ork avenue ar.d 15th street, pays 6 uer ct ?ie.r,t?U1IV on dePOMt?for each calender mouth! Bauking hours, y to 4. Saturdays, ? to 1 and 6 K>8, ^ Wt3,14t!? Tn* COifMtTNiTT at large appreciate the ?'??. fulnes.- of Singer's Sewing M^hine. U aiSn^?!?#being maispetisable to health com tort thousands of person* come from r'ar Chft2S5.2 th? well-itmivrn ?? ?2 1Sth rtreet- "PPwite he Treasury, for relief from corns, bad nails.. Ai? and advice ae to soltable shoes. ' ?IBB^ Sawma Maohisi. The oelebratod Baiaar Patterns. Agency at Chan Baum s hoopsklrt and corset factorv itii sti ??' InteUi^ncei Building. UJ y' TUl Thihoiihbus and Barotnetwr? are rena!r<wi and made to order by Hempler. near 4* str,-et. QUR LATEST EXCITEMENT. ATTRACTIONS FOR SPRING. THE MOST INCREDCLOUS BEIN'd RAPinLY COH VINC ID. S10?Th<nj stj llth Suits at ?10 Please Every U niy. ?10?Them Serviceable Suite at .*10 Suit Ev eryb -ly. 810?Them Handsome gnitdat *10 Become Kverybo-ly. 810?Them Nobby, well-made Suits, at .a I It, AKB SOLD TO EVERYBODY. OCR JUVENILE NOVELTY. NEW SPRING STYLES. $3-Our fun Suit for Boys'School Wert* At jg .>. 96?All the Boys like? If 5 %i?Ottr School Suits at 5 S?All the Boys want? fj& ?4?Our School Suits at $4. 5 5? All the Boys wear? * 5 . Si?Our School Suits at ?$&?Our faahiouable and well-made School Suits At $;> ARE MADE oV DURABLE MATERIAL. VASB ION ABLE TAILORS, a?lM? Ooiim 7n in D Streets. po R FAMILY OSS. THft LEICESTERSHIRE TABLE SAUCE, THE VERY BE8T 8ADCB AMD MBLISB MADE IM AMY f ART 0? TBI WOBLD FOB FAMILY OSM. Sa^ytiFra"''' ?* CBWra. MALV PIMT8. M Uum. 101 BALM MV ALL 9MOCMMM. ' JMO. W. LUM8DOM ft CO. ?ATAWB* #lMB, OLD AMD DELICATE FLA YOB. . ?? PER GALLON. ?W-H UX9C?> 1919 Penasjriy Georgetown Advertisement*. Dry goods at p??pilar price*. For GOOD BAR<. AI SS be ?>ir??to go to BENJAMIN MILLER, 101 Bridge -trvet, Georgetown. J * peu<-se Poplins at 18 *i .1 .V*' , J ?? ?ilkr . SU. . 'tc., 91; pl?m Dreas G- mU. In all the new c> l?fs V-' . iV , 5(W\: Black Silks from 01 JSto At; Hla? A Orenadines fr. m 3V. to ?1; Plaid- frrrMMwi, JSc . *>r*c ; Victoria L?*n?. ??., 15c., XV.. Planes, Wc , 25c , 37c , * ; Black A'as and M"h?'r?, a splendid uuali'v. a* low as 50c. Cloths. C-tssimers, Ltn?n Drill*. all tl?e norel ties In P*ra-o1?, one e*ge more of the splendid I | Bleached Cotton, 12Sc. ap3 tr pOTATUKS! POTATi K9 ! POTATOES !I PRIME MAINE JACKSON WHITES. 3.4*0 Bushels prime No 1 JACKSON WHITE POTATOES, bow lauding i?r schooner Oarne II. Spofford, and for sale in lots to suit pure haaers. Apply t? B AKTLBY A BROTHER. sl7-lw* *4 axl y'J W it* at., OwnrMovn.D. C. READY FOR THE SPRING TRADE. With a foil wrH of first clam workman. * com plete stock of the beet foreign and do meat ic D> e Stuffs, Ac., Sc., I am fully prepare to CLEAN OR RECOLOR LADIES' ANI) ?ENTS' 8PU.NO AND ST" MM ER W SARINS APFA BEL, promptly and in the best manner. W. M. wheatlkv, PREMIUM STEAM UYE'NO AN U SCO OR INU WORKS. ESTABLISHED 1831. Premium saarded 1H67. ? Office.?? Ji-ITfrunn m .Georgetown, D. 0 Post Office B"i 723. apT-tr THE TRADES. C^HAS. I1ARTEL, J CARPENTER AMU B CILVEK. Ml O atre?-t - ufheast. All orders promptly at tended to on reasonable term*. aU Ira' ^WNINflS. e? JOHN C. HOG AN, 713 Market Sp:?c*, Manutai Hirer of AWNING!*, f<>r Stores, City and Country Residences. TENTS and FLAGS for sale or rent. AWNING MATERIAL of all for *sle. Sole A Kent for I'OWLKS A OO.'S MILDEW PKO?E_AWMNQ MATERIAL. af lfi-tr pLLMBINU AND GAS PITTING. Those desiring to hare their Plumbing and Gas Fitting done hi a neat and substantial manner, and on reasonable terms, should leuve their orders at 113 p.-nnrj lxania aTenue, Capitol Hill. Work warranted. mff-tai* WM. ROTHWELL. / ''ALL ON JAMES K BRIEN, P'artica! Plumber a?,l (;?j Fitter, to hare your Plumbing, Gas Fitting, and &ewsr\*e Er< u ptl) attended to on reasonable terms, No. b ja ?>nisiana avenue, near itb street, north side. Reeidt-uce, UU9 3d street, northeast. mil M CUNNINGHAM, HATTEB, ? 1011 F Street, between lOtn and lith, has the pleasure to announce tnat he haa receit?1 r-m the Sprinn St) 1? of Bn>?dway BLOCK, and ia^l f.reparej to furnish New Hats made to ord?*r on^ hem or r ?ni<lel old style*; also, an Maortnient of felt Hats for sale, on reasonable terms. f#-tr ^BSISGS, FLAGS, TEXTS. M G. COPELAND, ?43 Louisiana avenue, one dour ea?t 7th streat. AWNIBGS for and County 1 TtrAtTck* in #tyle and finish. FLAGS ana TENTS f?r sal" and rent, BOOMS DECORATED. All Csnras* artici-s made to order. DANCING ?'LOTH8. J. t. TDRTO^I, CAHPENTEK. bLILVER, ARB CONTRACTOR Orders f< r Honse Cnrpentertn^, JobblnC, or 0*' ractcr's Workapocdily attended to. ?w S st. northwest. Shops and Office, jai ZS-tf ljth street, belo LIVERY STABLES. JB OLCOTT A SON, . BOARMNG, LIVEKY d SALE STABLE!} 416 8'h street, bet. D and E. *'>d Chain Alley, H bet we.'n 1J h and 14th. Office, Willards. Best carrntees fnrnished. Special care paid to '?i# boaniin* of horm-s. decXl -1? Allison nail?jr. jr., LIVkUY AND HIKING STABLES. STYLISH CARRIAGE* and COACHMKN deOU ly lH'ja E street n >rthw Arlington tiTABLK^-R cbuit, jk. G STREET, Bktwkkn 17th axi 1">tb. Carriages by day or eight, and for weddincs or . .r tiee det? It CONGRESS STABLES, BlH STREET, Bnvtl<? D a?IE B. Horse# and Bcgirics for Hire, and a fresh snpply ol good Homa for sale every web*. _jy31 ly RICHARD VANT, Proprietor. WASH. KAILOR'S STABLES 14^6 E ST. CARRIAGES of the lat -st styles constantly on hand and for hire by tbe day or month. Parties, weddings, and receptions furnished witt the niost comfortable and elegant Carriage*. Particuiitr attention to boarding Horse*, and Horses always for sale and ?tchange. dec 14-1? INSURANCE COMPANIES. THE CORCORAN FIRE INSIRANCE COMPANY, OF TH* DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Ortnniz<td April l.<f,ld7J. lapital Si oo.ood. OFFICE No. I4US PENNSYLVANIA AVESl E. (Ovbh AIilbcks's Dkcg Sto^k.) JOnN T. LENMAN, President. A. H. HERR, Vice President. J. T. DYER, Secretary. DIBKCTOIt?: Wm. Orme, H. Clay Stewsrt, Chas. A. James, Jas. L. Barboitr, Edward Dio?.>p, J-lin T. Lennian, Michael Green. John Bailey, ap4-tf A. H. Herr. |NSt'RE YOUB LIPS In that STKOyti ULU COMPANY, THE MCIl'AL BE.Nk.PIT LIFE I5ISIM* AXI E CO., ?( Newark, Jl. J., Organised 184*. * ' J?n7-ly" .^vss v? ?? ?? *Ss tf s| I. Aaae's, |fH4,0?V,VM0.44 J. 8TANLLY JONES. Agent, No. 411 hh street. Abb you insuredr _ IF NOT, APPLY TO TH* OLD FRANKLIN INSURANCE COMPANY. OF WASHINGTON, D. C. IKCOIPOIHTID BT CoN?llm IM ISIS. Office lu tbe bnilding of the National Bank of tbt Republic, No. 7Ob D street aorUurert. Ho cbargt for Policies. Dirtciert.?Dr. Jas. 0. Hall, John Purdy.Dr. J M Brodhead, J. Keyworth, Jan. C. McGulre, lieurr Brsdley. Jos. H. Bradley, C. H. Wiltborger, W. / McDonald, F. F. McGuire, Dr. D. B. Clarce, M G Emery. HEN BY BRADLEY, Presidei t CHABLES BBADLEY.Becretary. df<S4c4a THE NATIONAL METROPOLITAN FIRE INSURANCE COMFART, or TBI DiSTEICT COLUMBIA, ORGANIZED a VP VST SB, 1870. CASH CAPITAL? ??1U0,00? Office In Shepherd's Building, No. 90*H Pencsyl uaitatciiae. MOSES KELLY. President. WM. B. TODD, Vice Preside-t SAMUEL CROSS, Secretary. BIBBCTOKS : J. B. Blake, Wm B. Todd, Wra. Wall, Charle* Just, Wm. G. Mvtrerott, John T. Leumaa, Geo. F Gnlick, Mom* Rally. A. B. Shepherd. ocK tt PROPOSALS. p&OFOSALS FOB STATIONERY. Det*abtme*t op Statk, Aprit 21. K'l. Sealed Proposals for furnishing stationery for the year ending June 90.1574. will be received at this Department until 31st day of Msy, 1573, ?t 12 o'clock M. Blank forms Jor bidding will be fornishe<l i;pon application. ,, . , ^ . The bids will be considered and accepted or re jected item by item; and this advertisement and the proposals, se far as accepted by the Secretary of State, and the bond accompanying the same, shall constitute the contract between the Government and the bidder or bidders, and no farther contract will l>e executed. ? ? The articles contracted for must be furnished fr?m time to t<me, during the year, in quantities pur suant to orders froui the Department. The entire ouantities of each article will, how ever, be ciUied iorduringthe year. Each bioi ?al must be signed by the individual or flini mafcuifi it, and be accompanied by a bond, with sufficient snrities, iu a sun ' of the bid or Mds accepted. Slates officer uf tbe district L sidtvor do busitv>?s, ob a fona to be furtiisbsd by the Department conditioned for furnishingtnch por tions of the articles as may be awarded underit, e accompanieu uy a oonu. wini a sum e<inaltoflfty percent. ?pt?d, appj?T*d by a United ? strict in which tbe sureties re ? ibt performance of tbe t oatract. Ail delireries will be subject to inspection by an ?vpert detailed for the the Secretary of State, and tbe delivery of an inferior article ?ill be deemed sufficient cause to annul the contract, at the option of the Secretary. Deliveries must be free of charge at tbe Depart ment of State, Washington. The failure to comply *R>> *ny one order under tbe contract will, at the option of the Secretary of State, operate as a forfeiture of the eutire penalty of the bond; or the 8-cretary of State may direct the vuirhnse, in open market, of such quantities ef any articles as shall be necessary to supply the 4efi eteucy caused by such fail are. and charge to tbe contractors my per centum of the price which it shall be found necessary to nor for such articles. Proposals unaccompanied by a satisfactory bond - wiU not be considered* and contractu will he award ed only to established manufacturers of or dealers iu the art Idee. Pro toes l? to be addresasd to the undersigned, and SECOND-HARD CLOTHIHR GROCERS. I. O'UARE ft ?U.\ HIS 7tw STREET N0RTHWR5T, t Between M aod SiUJ SOAP! SOAP!! ^PTWt/r* CuiMr ? (rUbntnl Ciiwinnati OIIt* ??"A P. Ihe N?t m thr market?it) ce^la pel pi lurl lar, s. tc. bj the box of gj It#. HAMS, Ac. MAMS01* ,b*" *xtr* Quality Sncar-Cimd ? ?bite LARD, fl. ^REMI OATMEAL. KTK FLOCIi LIQUORS! LIQUORS!! OklBakar WUKKY. Old Cabinet WUISKT. r.urkr 4 Jri%rm <>?? P-r Ktl- . ....f l ?> 11'* Brandy. p< r bottle H?ji>i>4(Qto7^iLa;P^" {2 Trfttcb Branaj, per bottle. j SWEET CATAWBA WINK, SI I*r gail..n. EH'TfWKJtT CIDER Philadelphia ALE ?i.a FORTES. r. s. O HAKF k su !*, _!?? t?ia 7th ?f . u. w., M an jj LH v b r : KECEIVEV DlRh -T frtmthe Mill* in VALLEY Or VIRGINIA. ill Kll to families AO cent* per barrel le** than usual prico*. Prion of SUGARS and TEAS all marked town. CATAWBA WINE, W?rS5i2!fr, ffi P!e:UMt VftUir " iu< *? H. BAO0N,T09, - l-tw?en 7th HP J *h a'r.-ets. STEAMER LINES. J^'EW REPRESS LINE VIA CANAL, saiLiae i>ar*. sr^? tblTiff:"?* "a"{ ????<1 r A r?7?tSF * ?& f}tSlU::. " 0 wiiiir. Va. t WALDO A. PLAKCK.44 Congress 9tr>H. B ?1'-! ^yASUINaTON^HO^RroL*. BOSTON. AND srsz&ts?>z TU? "?? MUK?- r;*'?'<>!? Umiiu. > ' ln., touching at principal River f Norfolk with sEK^ g.Sj?.A eetc -? - Plant V St or*. c. rB?-r 18th ?t and P, iva. {JCNABD LINE. TOE PEiTISU AND NORTH AUERK'AR ROYAL MAIL STEAMSUITS, BETUEKN NEW YORK AND LIVERPOCU CALLING AT COBK HARBOR ?p *KOM NIW roKK asstrsafls' ?sa? k- j ??s **.? * ?? cany A^^f^MWU a,. SATCR. lttn? toti55S^ tu'^w' St. .ra.e, ??, ctur "ncy Wrm.. bills of Ik, ng tfivtn to Rnlfnr- <? i^f" Throttfb ?age.apply the C .ap?By> [|fic? si a*u n }**' I BnimtS8' ? Br^dw^f U??T18 17 ? IIA8 O FRANCKLrM. A<?i>t ^NCHOR LINK STKAMKRS BAIL KVEBT SATLBDAT. PtMrn(?n book^l to and from aot Hail wit tit*. iij; RXCrBSIOJI TICKETS, i HQ ?" payable la ?? cAMiteMsr ^|RRCHANT 8 LISR^OF oTRAMSHIFS. WASHINGTON AND NEW TOBR. ioSngiS^tir,o,"'3?T?A MKW YHUK. AI IIAN WA-SB INGTOH iid OKOKO E-SI^* T*1foUowa.?L??^NEW XORR from Par SV Bast Rfvrr.overy BATI'RDAT af 4 > GEORGETOWN arerr FB1DAY Ar?rXi?iMD?IA '5f ????*?? at 1? m * 1 For nitl inforiDAtioD tpplr to R P 4 ntvniM A*ent, ottioa aad whan to.4 ot Hi?h'ttrMt, Owr/L* ?/?rrcifhtt Arl!rn?d by Kn?x*? E\prf-? <?r dera left al G< nerxl Otic-. tt03 P< nnaylv%iiiaar^ stag ?"' ?"?*" "??" ?v&zsssrz M1"tf I W. thompsom.i PL >Al C V ()( R no\EV VI HFRP ix WILL do THE MOIT tOo" T Tliere ib cttUiti!} no Mter place iu tUa city than the METROPOLITAN DOLLARS STORK, 3151 7th street, where. If yon ;nT< <st a dollar, yon may wart aasuted yon alwvyi* tktfmll tmiue *f irowr monry, and whore a aaving of a to M cant* on the dollar i? jsunrant.? d to yon, with mt the draw Lack of recei* in? inferior good*. Tin variety offerad In ik> large, cc?iprioing everyth ng pretty and qm ful, that it has bt^one a vain ta^k of enumerating the different article* offered, and your altouUun it only called to below-mentiouej g>> k!?, as all are good, desirable, and very cheap, and immense qnao tities have lately been sold: Gluts' Brit'Ah HALF II08E, 3 pxir f >r *1 Ladiea' IRON FRAME HOSE.S pair f?*?l Children.' IRON FRAME HOhE. S pair for #1 Lxdies' BIAS-TUCK KD SKIRT, %i nnBotV bought elsewhere !???? than ' La.iie? RUFFLE APRONS, prim* mnslin'90c FineBnxlHh HAIR BRl'SHES, tl F rench Plat* HAND MIRRORS, fl. Eirellent Rubber Prewing COMBi. X and Sue* HI *Ules G'-nts' 81LK BOWS, V aiid SUr. kadies' SILK 8CA RF8, all new mr olid Walnnt.3 Phmng TOWFL RACi.Bc Boys' Leather BOOKSTRAP8. 25c. F?ur Piece* Rxcellent SOAP.ISc. Six Handeotn* GOBLETS, flic BeantifnlOval PIOTCRE FRAMES,80c. A Pretty Carted BRACKET, 16c. Conjer and Side BRACKETS. SOc. e?rh. TOW KL RACKS. PAPER RACKS, HAT RACK8, Cl.OTU KSRACKtt, all walnut, 4l each. For a farther list of CHEAP GOODS, call at SILVBRBBRQ'8 METROPOLITAN DOLLAR STORK, SIM SEVENTH STREET, **?-** mr Pennsylvania I^CMBER! LCMBRRtl WM. JOHNSON A BON Have jn?t received a large stock of WHITE and YELLOW PINB LCYBER, bATHS, SHIN GLES, and FENCE PALINGS, all of which we ar* selling at low pricea Cor. Uth Md Rata., VGreat inducements forW t?aarStatePapaif sat, af-lm* 1H BANKRUPTCY. A _. .. _ Dt?TBtcTOf , Waahlagtot!, the Wth dap ?? April. A. D. ure, I he nnaerogned hereby give* notice of his -? y.'s.'alf??:'.' n < MliCT..?L!i)5,,L Weorgetowe, D. t? who has aaua adjndc?d a bank nipt upon the petition of his creditors, or the Supreme Conn of said District. Ba\ivS?r i Iff CB l"???}t?ggj ^TONR MASONS AND BUILDERS. Atteatiot la callsd to th* flna other wh^ PROFESSIONAL. D* VARY O. IPUKViX, J J ? "mgr.. n&* ?iM5r?? ?s-^8SSJ$ef CHtRTII AM> W BIT! SS A LAM REPORTERS. *?<??Ba. 11* 0 a.r??t, txt??*n lat an.1 M, farina lix!Una a* aaar aiUll '? BOOKS, STATIONERY. *?. UkYANTS L IBB A BY OF PUKTII AJID U t? ? N vj , B B.STOWE * L1BBABY OF FAMOUS FIQ TlON, BKVrHF*-9 LIFI OF CHBlFT.Ac. Kukmniiivaf r*cM??4K I4U NM'tltultkf ?l?l< by ? l? lni* Bt?BOP ? HAKARTV ^fcklCCLTCBAL BOOR1. JvUrurtxB'f A*t1cnltnm' Cb*atWry ?|I7I A*rnrw titrdffl'l ... ? I M All<*iT* A nor van Fur* B ?ok...? iw HQm<ilint hf rnwj I so Warm* a Drauiiiidfor pr"lli aad Haaitti I 50 F ll.r\ Small Frail CalturM ? I h) F'llVr'a C?H?r?_. 1 t>l F'tr'a 8- ?thrrti ArpH- fllNriM I 73 Wright Practical P.nrttrr l???er . t ?? I ?ntha 1 "M Raid all'. bliwp Mnakaad *E??.. I H"i? Oycl,pa-di 3 7ft T'liattnii ??(<? p.ig* 3 71 All tki ^ a* a n a- |Nil>|iAfJ t>> kllHABPB MonrN I IN), tr IfU p. nm r.rrxn- ll-h atrwl. |^IM OF KB? Books A't Ml ILL I Mi TORI'S BVOEITORR t LITTLE KATE KIRBT. A N >*??! Rv ikr nihw vl M.uir A-tiaj and Cai n. '. C.Mit- *<i -ii Tilt- COMING EAOK. B> U**r<l Buiw.-r, L *r>l THE WIDOW LCKOUI E. A tiorrl. Br Rrr.lJa G?l?n?u. THE BERBER; pa, THE M(H NTAINEER Or THE ATLAS t>l S Mkp. NoT EAMLY JEALOUS A N .t?A To THE BITTEk ESP. B Bi?- Ii -add .n. LaKEMLLE. B? Man BomII*. W I'llLKS AND BIRO*. A Sr? Edition. EPILATION IB JAPAN. HALF Hoi R RECREATION* IS POPULAR N IEKCE, Ko. 7. All th* l>?? k nuinl'Ti ??> hand. Fori LAk SCIENCE M ntiil) ?ol?n..-? I ami J. ELEMENTARY THEATRE ON NATlRkU PHILOSOPHY. B> P' BEY To NORTH AMkkK'AR BlkK.S doaltk il l *oosriH?rr?nu of M?n *|*< m o( Lt\in% aria F<?>il Bird*. HARPERS BAND BOOK OF TRAVEL IH FIROpK A Urw atock <4 B m k M< Pw B - k?, at t Min.randutn ftokn. N t? Pap* r, L< to-r Pn?, > ? and Pla?iMi Card* at t!?-? ?<-ry IimM n| ir f^YERY MOTHER THE POCToR OF HF<1 A OW N FAMILY It ?h? eta Pr MALLS HEALTH AT HOME at STOCkMAN A SON**. Stf* *h ?trw"* n<*"iti??"aT , Tlw COTT A<>E BIBLE to It* toad thai* ala>. T*ir"v1 UJIlfTf n.29 *r 'I'ua. W*.<kkB OA IHi'MU ulTlik7lt. U p". fba Onagri '? lie Saint* Inb<-ritaoc?. Tt>? Way '4 Life. (In the Paralloa. Ill Hut rat-J. llM-akiniU> th>- B"art. Ktuitim of Tharacta*. Pi>-a l<>r Kafr>il 8cli?"l?. TIk' t!t> , it* t*'iu? ait4 ?>rr?wa. At \*M BALLANTTKE ?. aS 4 51* 7ih <TT 1 O B. OPENIHO or A FEW BTATfBEBT FT'?SB AKP BLANK BOOK MABUFAOTOET. rir?t -rl%<<? c. >??l? u* fair iwv-?a, f r caab LITB^<JRAFHI*0. EN'JRAVINO. FRIFTISOI ANP FIN PINO PONE To ORPKK TK* fnbllc arf io%it?d to v?<l nr??| ?lock. BFN r FRKN'H. CtuJw Hatlnfiai M?tn>fK>lttaB Bai.k. arid o**Kt d kit to Jit 0?.*?? A <V>.S, a"U rf #aatiin*tnn. P. O. railroads. ALESANPKIA A V ASHISQ I TON K k. a AM ALEXANPR1A A FRFPEUICKSBl'BO k B. Co>n*n a/ b M4 o./i? Hit tit. lio^al tratuwfor AWxan.lrla Inara aa f. ||fw?r?<> 1 *, 'A 7D.B. IJH, h':U, 11:54 a. lu . 12 Ui 1 ? & , 3.4H. 4.V-. o.A:, ii d 4 M !?. lu. Local iraina Ir .? At' >?i Ina arriTa ?- r?'|..w?'? C;rt. 7:41. !:?. 9:33. MJt. ll:*>a. ai . 12 Si I.?. 2?J, 3JB^4.3. L.Z-. 7.XI. - > | in. 'TiaibamarkM uaa> ooi.uact with traibaon Waab* i .tftnn arid 01ii< B. B. QL'AkTiOO Acreram <dati<* It-avaa Wanuiactga 7:Su a. i.i. lUilr, nin-M . lakEAT bol THEUN EXPRESS, rla Bt< hm ?d, iaa\ -<a Wanton ?ti>fe III 41 f lu daily, atr^p tiuiila/. Ttoroocli tkkru !<? all f"inti t^-atli aiul Snmbiraat f..r ??.!. at OOica*. corn<-r ID to atrarf and P-uri?> !*? ula av -nac, aid c?r?i?>?*ito ?rr?K ai.d F.-dio) Iva.ila ? har? r*a**ricT ra can Irara >rd?r? fur toaciraca |n ?hi I to?c k?d at all outaia and reaidaaoaa Utroocb to 4?aU ikloa. E. 8. YOP>t,Q>l1 raaaenrar Arant Ir* tf LtALTLMOkE ANP PuTOBAC, IF RMLKOAP. J lt*T<* tv. 6.a oju< b tttutt, y. W.? TRAINS LFAVE FOB ^TRAINS ARRIVB AT BALTIMORE WASHINGTON. iBt n>., fciafara Ei?.,'<:Ba. m Exf ? latlr. i dailr,escpt Sunday. 6:51 id . BalOraopa Hall,18.38 a. tn .^y, aK ftfi ?> ShM??, ! capt Snudnr. 1} ? a bi . Wanirrfi Fip 11 '?? a. m , w? ^-it_ ? a. as 1 - ? r^iiw^ ("fiuV."-' wu"*'rD *"? s? ? 0">n ; ?V Baltimore Ac 13 f m , PaclUc Ei|r?, , ti.modfian.daUy,e?-| daily, ??*<-??*! Sm?u?. ?ff Monday. 8.t'C p.n.AuuQBi-jdalloa. US p. si.,Cincinnati E* ! daily. ?r^aa.lailj , ?xc?pt Sot, ,K) 33 p. a . Sontb m Kz Ext..I T rat lit tearing WaaMtiet- ti at * \tanl V .f ?.? ?sd *> a ? .contiart at B >w- ? it, ira'i.a f i Marlburo't iaa<rlL? B->wte 7..W and II 7* a. ??and 4.S3 . ar rl?'i.? at Marlb >ro " 13 ? ? an .17 1 iM 3S p m. TnMni vrivin( al Waaklr.kUr. a.n. and IB and p. a.,connrrt at B >?ia wl'h traiua Utiiu Barltoro'7^??. m and 3:40 ind S^"! p. m. Paaa?nr*r? Irairlii* i|i?-(r nrdm at Tlrkat Oflo4>. cvrrrrot 13th atrrwt ai,<f P ? n? a*<. n< u Ttliaoai conuT uf bistto atraat and PranrvlTantn ar??io?>, caa ha?a th?*?r bacrmra caJ!?d f.?r and oW-ck ?1 at b'>trli and raaUeucoa t" all polnta N rtA aaA v?.-t Thnifurti tx-k-ta to CHnniiuatt. f ?'motaa, Ii.lianap'1U, Lontaril!' , St. L*?u, B*? it, ?utf i ^icae , Omaha, San Fmn-taco, and all |Mb north, i. irtLwaat, want, and arnithw?at. E L PrBARBT.O??1 Stiff. F 8 TOrNQ. r*aa*r A**nt. j)l If Yi?a:MTOI. Jan ?. UFS Tiaiita butwaM WASHINiJTOB ANP BALTI* BOkE aud WASB1KOTOB AND THB WHTm ?o? ran aa fulloan, vlt: FOR BALTIBORB. L"ara daily, at'-'pi S-m day. at 4 4i. ? ?. Mi. ? 4B and K):4t a. m.: 1:00, LU, 4.10, ftM, ft*. 8* and ftJS P'"' ON STNPAT YOB BALTIMORB. Ua?? at 4.46 and bM a. in., aud ljuo, Lift. ft-B). 840 d tM p.m. JTOB ALL WAT STATIONS loving ???.' only," ir:' iWNiSJ|7MSw/iTa* Atmapolto Juncti >n, Hauioar aud Bxlay. fj*0' ^ ,;US' ?i'** "* 'aa>Q'^ t*?i. and Um 01*1 p. m. at Pcud'h CruaairiK. rOB ANNAPOLIS. U?T( at 4 4ft a. m. aud 4 10 p. m, tat no train* to ar fruw Aauapulia on Buuda* FOB NOBFOLK. Lmm at 140 p. m ,?kc< pt Sunday. FOB ALL PABTS OF THB l^avdnilr, Hf'fi batnrday and Bnaday . at 04? a. m and 3:1ft and IB l. m On Batnrday at lift an J a:ki ? UU p. m , and on Sunday at t:lft and R40 p. a. TRAINS ARRIVE AS FOLLOWS: Frorn N? w York, Ptoiladrlphla and Baluwor?, at S JO a. ni., abd ft:3ft and l ift p. m. Frcta Plriladrlphiaand Baltiaot* aft Ika.a Fr<>ni Baltimore at im, ? ?. 8 40 and II M a. a., aud 1:?0,3.40, ?:36, ( 31. 7 M ? SB. and Ifcfto p. a. FROM THE WEST. ?rrlra at 1 JO. ( 3b and UiM p. ni tiruaitb UcAota u th? Weat etaka had al t*a ffaahinfUti Station Tickat OUca at alt katn if tba lay; also, at tkrCuaipaurYi>Sc*. 4P^nmrrOaoia wcum. Paaaeuc?r* pnixbaalnc tickXa at tke Ara iw ?S(? can tk?n arran?<- to toa? a tMr hucvt ballad for and ch^kxd at i rn*ir raatdnf.ftakaa to M lajx't, and pat Into tlw t-ajvaca car. fir Bwr T"rk. PMIalwJ* aad ?artia?-mfnt of ?'Tbronft Ltua.n THUS. B SHABPriaat Martar L. B. COLF.O-narai Tickat Afaot. GEO. S. KOONT1 ttr.1AHt.Vai>1 'I'HRorOH LINE RrTWElHi 1 WASHINGTON .PHILAPEL PULA, AND NEW YORK.1 W A?H'*?Ti W. B< yonbr ft MR Train*batwaan Washington aad bbw yobk are mn aa follow*: . FOB NEW YORK. MIMrlaan^ wi. ? LraradaU/iaxoept 6luday ) at ft.HO a. a ,l?lft| *'*' FOB PHILAPELPBIA Leava daily (aaoept buuda) ) at! a. a., 1? aud m OB SrBDAY. York at 8JI p. a.. 1872 rmtY^vX BOCTB 1872 ? lOBTIYMr WCT1, AND SOVTA* THBQKBATBOL JjS utni cara, Waa B afrn Two kaaSnd ate a B^Y?k. ^ ^ ?au CoMictioa rfta? BALT1BOBB U BUBABA mt

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