Newspaper of Evening Star, May 23, 1873, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 23, 1873 Page 2
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EVENING STAR. Bssding Mattsr on Evwy P?g> WASHINGTON PITT: . mi?AT Mmi *** lf7? The Star Kmc tint since wk ">* ground that not one, ten. or a hundred intermittent banging* or spasmodic rnfix'remrnt!' of the law of capital punishment, would have any efToct in dimintohing the crime of murder, but that the prompt ne< Inflexible execution or all amaasine, regardless of their social standing or other cxtraMo? circumstances would inevitably tare mch a tendency. In view of newspaper comiatHM upoa the recent muruers following closely upon executions. the New York Juwmai if Ctmmrrt* In an article under the healing i'pt penalties deter,** emphatically answers the query in the affirmative. It doe* not believe that because several murderers have recently been hanged in New York, and almost simultaneously several other homicides have cccunod, U4 hanging is ineffectual to prevent a --a-vinstten*. and thlak; that, while it is ?ad to ?Lonicle ranteraj oraneeu-ly ahalf-do/.en execu tion* and a half dorea new homicide*, yet w itbout the former there la no telling whether the latter might not haTe been half a score instead ot ikt oaftlki number. No argument a fleeting toe question of capital pmistimeut can be based uj.on the fact*, ur.le* a con nection ean be shown. It furthe^says: "it doe* not follow because a number of mur derers bave lately paid the death penalty that it has heretofore t>een rigidly exacted. We Vnow it has not been. \Ve know, moreover, that moral effect* do not instantly succeed racm. The c irrent period i* more likely to Imj the consequence of former laaity than of exist - liig ptrktuem in the execution of Um law of capital puniaLment The criminal class must bave some enduring experience of the sternm/as ot the law, and become couvinced that they are not merely witnessing a spasmodic exhibition el its severity, likely soon to pan* over, before we can fairly determine theeffect, be it salutary ?.r otherwise, of the scaffbld scene* we have l:.tely been obliged to witne**. Let as wait a fettle.'* - ? - ?>? > ? The cholera seems to have obtained afoot hold in epidemic form in New Orleans. and there are already indications of ita rapid spread to the surrounding country. Indeed, the towns on the M isaissippi and Ohio rlvera, remembering their awful experience of W and 9, are even at this early day alarmed at the prosj?ect of Its advance northward with hot weather, and in ( tome of them steps are dlready taken to stay its progret* as well as to mitigate its horrors should it make its appearance. In view oi' these fact*, the people of Washing ton cai.not pat their houses in order a day too soou. Very hot weather will be upon us before long, and. in all probability with great ?udden nese. and if the disease once gets hold here it a ill be almost impossible to i-tamp it out before the retun of the cold season. We assume that the Board of Health are doing all la their j-ower to put the city tn good sanitary oeadition. but all their eftort* to that end will be in vain unless I hey have the hearty |pu?er%tlon of the public generally. And by this phase ire do not mean *:io?l wishes alone, but earnest support and ac tive assistance. Let every mm and woman in the city vote themselves a vigilance committee of one to see that not only their own premise* tut those of everybody else in their immediate neighborhood are thoroughly cleaned up at once and kept clean ami free from nuisances of all kuidsduriug the summer. By such measures alone can the general health be preserved. ,w * Another distressing accident resnltlngffrom the careless handling of firearms by children occurred in Baltimore yesterday, and should the unfortunate UUle victim recover, which is ' considered extremely doubtful, be will lose the fight of both eyes. Of cours", now that the ; mischief is done, ths 1ml who did it '*is terribly distressed at the occurrence." Many accidents Of tias kind might easily be averted by the ex ercise of a little care on the part of parent*. , l*istob>. which are really more dangerous under ; most circumstances than gun*, as well as the j latter, should be kept out of the reach of chil dren?especially of boys, who have a liking for firearm*?until such time as they fully under stand their daager and the necessity of handling them carefully. Parents who neglect to take j these precautions may Justly consider them : elves responsible for the accidental killing of any of their children from playing with loaded | firearms left lying around loose. The Baltimore Amrricam, tn an article on transportation, and referring to the recent con gressional and gubernatorial conventious, sava they did nothing except to pan resolutions call ing upon CengTess to undertake the construc tion of certain canal* and render navigable cer tain river*. Since these resolutions declare it to be the duty of the United States government to construct tkeee improvements, the American asks. Why not go a step further, and request the government to build railroads? It adds: ?? The scruples which troubled one generation of democratic politicians concerning the consti tutionality of such action have paused away, l/pon this question all the leading men of the ' west a? d south have become whig*, one. We believe it was the late Mr. Stevens, or some , gentleman who held the same view? concerning the power* of t' e general government, who in troduced a bill providing for the building of a great national railroad to the west. The project , cid not m?-ct with much favor-from the gentle- . men who ?re now clamoring for a national ( canal to the west. Have they received any new light since then?" I " An ingenioas Yankee in Pans has, It I* said, perfected a spark and cinder arrester for loco motives, which it is claimed work* well, and fc as been placed on a ieadlag Preach railroad. We don't know why he ahouM go to Paris with his invention, u no people would appreciate it (if it is really a good thing) more than the Americans, who are eminently a nation of trav elers. The main discomfort of railroad travel ing is occasioned by the cinders from the loco motive, which not only operate unpleasantly on the visual organs, bat hair bury a passenger in gritty, grimy soot by the time he reaches his destination. The railroad companies have been trying to obviate this difficulty for years, but as J?t have found no effectual remedy. i/ooked at from the Pennsylvania railroad point of view, the Judiciary of the Keystone state needs reorganising. The recent decision against that corporation in the matter of the Broad ft >1x1 and Mi. Pleasant line controversy would indicate that some Judges are no longer loyal to the power that rules the commonwealth. If this step 1* In earnest, and can be counted on as evidence that the Judiciary is really inde pendent of great corporation*, the public 1* to be congratalated on the event; but If, on the other hand, tt? court meanly took advantage of Tom Scott's absence to give a decision against him, he will make them bounce for it when he gets back. We will wait and see. Under the old revolutionary war cry of "no taxation without representation," the property holding women of Rochester, New York, have been marshalled by Susan B. Anthony for resistance to the tax collector. This organised resistance is doubtless the result of the arrest Of Miss Anthony and a number of other women for voting illegnlly at the election last fall. The trial of the case* was yesterday act for the Juae term of the court, and when it comes off will excite mach interest as the women havesocured the best legal talent to plead their justification under the later amendments to the constitution of the United In forwarding a check for *1,000 for the Cu ban cause, Gerrltt Smith denounce* the policy of England and the United States in remaining neutral while so bar baron* a warfare I* luting waged on Che part of the Spanish government, and pray* for the day to come when the nations Of the earth shall respect each other'* enact ment* only *0 far a* they are in behalf of Jus tice and hamanity. He ini* that the wldei and grandest upward atepe of mankind have been taken In defiant opposition to what had l.itherto been accepted as law. Th? WnttT Stab, now ready, contain* the latest new* from the lava beds and the Po laris castaways proceeding* of the District Lo vinature; latest and beet teles, poems, sketohss und fashion itenm, together with Interesting focal news. Washington news and gossip, agri cultural items, household receipts. Ac., Jtc. Trrmu: One WA? hoourn, la Advance, single eopi?g Au CdtUs, ia wrapper*, ft* ?aTflng. 1 Although the official report from Geu. ?wri dan that we pubHeh to-dmy does not MH ttiat the enmtmrnt with the l.ipan an 1 Kickapoo Indian* took place on Mexican territory, it la thought possible in miUtarj circle* that Mac kenzie did croas the K?o Grafcde in hia pa*anit of the Indiana, a* the temptation M do ao here tofore ha> been Terr great. T%e Mexlcaao and Hlckapoo Indiana who have comaf tted depre dations in Texas hare frequent^ been trailed to the Kio Grande, and, once acrdM, considered themselves shielded from panidhment. Cot. Mackenzie ia oulj about tlurtytwe years of age, hiring the yosngeet officer with the full rank of colonel in the army. He baa the reputation of being an ex cellent officer, but, of course, If he crooned , the Kio Grande ho did ao solely en his own re sponsibility. to a peace commission sent down to negotiate with the Kickapoo* some time since, the head men of that tribe said that they mere about to make a raid on Texas, aad when they returned they would t>? prepared to talk about peace with the ooiaru'asioners. It la thought at the Ii*fl*uofti?e thnt it was that raid which Cel. Mackenzie ae handsomely repelled. The government has ?m several occasions asked permission ot the Mexican author!ties to pursue marauders into Mexican territory, and M. Mar iacal, the Mexican Minister, ia represented a* saying that it it should become an imperious necessity for our troopo to pursue serage and hostile Indiana trom our territory into Mexico, that the Mexican government, in hia opinion, i would not seriously complain. K5?tllt'KAL SOCIETY ?A spncinl meeting U[-y will l>? tn UI at the nvim? oa SATURDAY, H?> 3.15 p ui., to take action on th" death olututsub-r. C.C KW1K. It |B publican) Vice President. P^sTilK MhMBEBS OF MoCNT OLIVE ufy (jK"\E, No. 1. Chrisran Bettilchi'Ui 8nep brtd".ir* resp-< ifully r. gut-nti-d to attend a special itiiiik on SATURDAY next, at 5 p ui , to make *rraiift*-nt?nt" to arteud the funeral of our late bister t in. B> order of the M W Shepherd. If Kir HARD CLAXTON. W Sec. If^aHABMONIAL HALL -DOt f M AYHEW. the Preeideut of the Spiritual Society, will ore opt the desk at 11 a. m. and 8 p. ni. on St'NDA V. May 2Jth Subject, (by special reqneet.) "The B'ble.'" Tb>- Constitution of the Society will be , submitted for signature of th<>ee w ho deal re to be c ru> a? niters. Annual meeting for the ejection if officers, Ac., on TUESDAY. 27 th I not , at 7^tJ p nt. Admission?W 'ruing, free; Evening. lucts. ni33 H" l^aaBOTI'l-A special meeting of the IN PLOYING PLASTERKBS ASSOCIATION t wiH t>? held at the Board of Trade Rooms on MoN DAT, the Mtb lnst., at 7H o'clock p. m. Punctual a tendance is requested, aa business ol importance will 1-e l?r< n?ht before the meeting. Bv order of the Preebieat, n tt 3t STEPHEN F. GILL. Secretary. fy-3?GEOBOE W HAUPTMAN, Justut of r% l^c?X attends to all kinds of Claims and Le galbusiness, southwest corner of 11th and G str-ets mrthweet. mayll ly lp3?BOABD Or PrBLIO WORK?, ! Iswy WVaiSiiToji, Bay SI, 1ST3 Notice is hereby given that all written inquiries for Information iu regard to improvements. either frejected or iu progress, should be addressed 'Vice resident Board of Public Works." Personal application for each information should only be made to the Assistant Secretary, Boom 13, Harrison's Building. B? order of the Board. CHAS 8 JOHNSON, mil At Asaiatant Secretary. jp^TOUNG H1CNS C11KI8ILAN ASjJOCIa" TION. TatK BBADING BOOM?f#ti /?, Weekly. Steu ia' n ml Ktiintoui papers from all p?-ts of the L'ui'in. C'lKCl'LATING L1BKABT; UJU0.toIs. Terms 93 per y?ar: fl per uuartar. PA BLOBS AND CON VKBSATION BOOMS for Ladiea aad Gentie ?eii, Cbeaa, Cheuuera Oraan and Piano. Daily PBATEB MBETINGSat 13.16,6aad 9 p m. LITEBABY SOCIBTT Saturday 7* oVIock. SABBATH AFTERNOON SERVICES In Liacola Hall at 3H o'clock; at Theater Comlgne at o'clock. aT n^S?Si HENCK 9 MANDBAKE PILLS.-These U>i?y pills are composed exclusively of vegetable ingredients, and although they entirely supersede the use < f mercury,do m>t leave any of its In urlous .Reefs. They act directly upon the liver, and are a valual-le remedy in all cases of d- raiiK' uent result ing fr-sn a diaordered state of that organ, Liver C.'Uialftint, Biliou* Disorders, Iudigeation, Sick H'-anache, Typhoid Pevera, Ac., Ac .all succumb to tlie free use of 8<-henck's Mandrake Pills. For sale by all Driid(i*ts and Dealers. mt-tT Fa? ? _ JO LAD1BB. ~ How sa4 tt fts to aee a yoana srtfe. a mother orrsmily who rsaalra all har poraicaj strength to fnlftll bar household dutlea, and all her moral ea Ccities to aoeaft the reaponaibility which faUa apoa r, U aaa bar prostrated, losing every day her strength, filing badly without being able to ear why, bat yet suffering enough to be utterly misera able 1 This state of weakneea and debility la more fatal ta her than a severe speil of sickneea. for in that caae she will receive the proper care, aa in the other she will linger months after moatha, not thinking worth while to see a physiciaa about it, until nature, ezhaaated, aivea out, and she ia carried to the grave, whoa a little precaution la proper time would hare ?pared har Ufa. To prevent, to eSrenfthen. to cure. To prevent,'to strengthen .to curs', nothing can compare with the LONG-LIFE BIT TEBS of Dr. L GJBEBTBAM. Thar are a safe and Infallible remedy againat malaria, dyapepaia, eoa tiveneaa, blMousneaa, heedachee, morning sickness and all compiainta peculiar to wnmsn. Tbeee Bit rhich are aold by all druegtata, are, ta oom*. e of tWr virtue and moat agreeable taste, the We per srssHswts tor Udiaa. tfi tr ? I LB VB II ? NEW DBUQ BTOBB, ?o. HW PeimrTLvama A triim, Depot fer Bode aad Mlaeral Waters. felS-ly ra?FR?M THE EAELIUT MU TO Ijr the preaeut day, Scrofula haa been the bane, ana. aa tt were, the cane rfrisi'il BetarrtMa aad loat haome aad bean at rate periada of the world's history that a person known to ha Infected with It weald not be allowed to mix with socisgp. Happily In oar dap the dlseaee la stilppsd of Its terror by ths (tsU. pftSMONp * 00.. Til PABTNBBBHIP HEBBTOFOBE EX 1 istine between HANSON PBBBT and JAM& PABKEB, Black MBit ha, is this day dissolved by mutual coaeert The bualaeaa will hereafter be carried oa bv Henaou Perry, who will collect and eetrle alt bifla. BENSON PEBBT. May gth. 1873 m? p? JH* ttl'ITA|J.I^I|t iSURiNie ? ? w The breinees of this Company haa for years b? u the largest of any ainulsr inatituti <n in the world. f. HETEB, Gimuil A?xi, mayM-ly >03 and Mi Tth Urwt yy hits goods AT HAhP PB1CB! l .AOO TABDS WHITE PIQUB, or MaraeHlea, at 10 and 3? casta, former price 37>6 aad AOcaats. Great Bargains. DBBSS OOODS, CASSIMEBE8 and PABASOLS at Greatly Beduced Prices. JOHHSON * COLLEV, mil Jl" 711 Market Space ^jEOrn. OUTER ft CO , WHOLESALE AND BETAIL DBALEBS IN FIXE BI TTER AND EGGS. ("PHILADELPHIA PRINT** BUTTER A SPECIALTY.) CENTER AND NORTHERN MABKETS. G. M OYSTEB, G. M OYSTEB, Jx? J F. OYSTEB. m?Ot V"OTIt'E?PARTIES HAVING YABDS TO BOD .> or Brkk Walke to lay, will ttnd It to their ad \ aiitage te rail at 611 N street northweet.aa such work will be promptly attended to aad done In the neatest style. niSk' JOSEPH J. MAT'S PARIS BID GLOVE DEPOT, ?J? Pxjijistlvajiia Avi., M tt Brr.FraaMSltfrasTe. ^|MORlC BIOALIA. Wears prepared to furnish Haaonie Boulpaec lor ail C?a>inanderiee at FACTORY PRICES. CHAPEACX SWOBDS AND BILT^ aad every article pertaining to Order. CAPS, > the order We guarantee all Suits sold I maySMm Vo/Veansrtvsnla aveode. u>id to be racalation. jysETT r^UOFFs $ Psausytvanla arsons 1POY8' AND YOCTHS SClTS a apacialty this t> asaaoe at A. STBACS , 1*11 Pa. are., aeaI Uta street ^1 pATENT SELF-VENTING BBSS FAUCETS, fur sale at Maaufactarers Prices, viz: It Inches In Length 11* ?? 13 ? ? " IS M PALMES A GREEN, mM lw *9 Oreeae St., Gsewisloaa, P. 0. ? \lAGONAL COATS aad TMTte wM USsrtitrKtt^sti'ai i la tea There was rgUur more doing in Wall street yesterday, but the market* are still wm<> degreo* rtiaavtd rtqB active. Money was in demand lata In the 4tv, and 9me thing over interest wadpaid to refcew loiol, bat the closing quota ' ions were U?7 per crat. per annam. miMML **? foUowingtO-d* B*?t. r->* VVsJnAJy.W 1<\ ? ??sJbAJt.WJI ft-?<B,Jn*Iy/nj9S IMfs hut Bant. MrsJan.AJly.MB African Oold ??'?', IIW T n " Currencjr l i imju. A Jlv,?-.19 |*? Fires. S-HTtJan. * Jl). ?? -21 : lh? BaLTIMOBB, May 23.?Virginia sixes, couaoli rted.Atft; West Virginia's, UH, bid t" d?r Biltiioii, M?i a?Cotton steady?low mid dlings,L^ttflS Flour steady and unchanged, a beat firm and in good demand, prices unch .aged. C<.rn?whits sonth?rn, set ire and higher, 75; yellow southern.64; mixed western doll. dsjj. Oats firm ? southern.S2W83; wester* mi*?i.4t??v>: whits, Sl(gf 62. Bye dull. ?<fc:i6c. Provlsi hi* dull; prices no chanted. Western butter, receipts light? good to fh 'ice, 2>(a.11 Wliiaky firm and scarce, #4.S<?36. 11 s> unchanged. Sugar anchaiiKed. Niw Yobk, May rf.-St >ck. dnll. Money steady, 6'<t7. Gold string, 18. Exchange? I^ng, 9, short. It). Governments very qniet. N kw Tobk, Ma> 23 ?Flour dall and unchanged. \N heat (juiet sad st-adv. t orn steady. Lokimim, May Xi, 11 Jit a. m.?Consols opened at <R? ft.rj.vlh, B-nds ..f 1366, old, 13j7, ?!?,; lo 4tiV.,fc\; new fivee.SSV Erie, *9't Lokih?x, May 23. J p. m ? Cons.Is, for account, ?4 Boadsof l?7,W'?. Erie, t9s. TUB WCATMBK. Was DlfiiTiiVT, OJks Cktef Awaal GfUsr, 1 Vakbi>?TO>, May 23, 1878, 10.30 a. B?. ( Bvgorsis POB TBI PAST TWBBTT-POBB B0tTB?.? Tu. barinn-ter ha* fallen with southwesterly anil uorthwtMi-rly winds, rising temperature, partly cloud;, foggy and rlesriuu weather in the iui-ldl< ststi-s and l' wer lake region. Filling baruaieter, rising tetnaeratore, eoutnea-terly and nortliua<tlv winds, cleft'iiijr weather and occasions! rsin prevail in Nr* England snd Canada. 8 ntliwesterly to northwesterly ? lnd?,risifit barometer, partly cloudy and r| -sriug weather in tin- gulf and south Atlantic stst>n. Southwesterly winds, high temperatui low meter, partlyrloudy and foggy weather in the Ohio snd lower Missouri valley. and northward to the upper lake region. Pro aBH TIE*.? For the lower lake region and ni.MIr states diminishing pressure, southwesterly wind*, higher temperature, partly cloudy aud clear ing weather w ill prevail, with possibly an octasional local rsin. For new England uLd Canada falling bsroiB'-ter. riping temperature, cloud) weather and occasti dsI rain For the snath Atlantic and gulf ?tatts snd Tennises generally clearing weatnT, rising baroDieter an 1 northwesterly tosonthwesterly winds. For the northwest and upper lake*, and thence to Kentnc'.jr and Missouri, tow hut rising barr im ter, high temperature. falling to-night, cloudy snd clearing weather, followed by occasional litfht r?In In the riser valleys. Reports are missing from ti e npper lakes, the northwest, the southwest, the Pa-iflc caast.and generally from w?t of the Mississippi river. 1873 GRA5D OPEMKG I ST3 or 1 SUMMER STYLES CP BLACK ALPACA OOATB, DitAB D'ETB COATS, PI AGONAL MOB A IB COATS, FRENCH HE ROE COATS, LICIIT COLORED STRIPED ALPACA COATS A. STRAITS, the < lothier, 1011 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. n<y23-tr Between K>*>i and 11th struts. 1MIIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the subscri tier has obtained from the Supreme C>urt of the DnBrict of Columbia, holding a Special Term, letter' testamentary on the persona) estate of J* P. Cll APE, late of W a-hingtnn, D. C.. d -ceaeed. All peis< ns having clainis aeamst the said deceased are n-rtby warned to e*MI?it the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the snbs<-riber, on or before the 3th day of May next: they may otherwise by law b?- esclnded from all ben-fit of the said estate. Given auder Btty hand this 2"jth dav of May, UT3 m?3 f.3t H. D. COOKE. Execat^r. T~\llE srPBFME COURT OF THE PISTKH?T OF COLUMBIA, IIOLPING A DISTBICT COCBT OF THE t'NITED STATES FOR THE SAIP DISTRICT Jo all trSsffi it may ronrrrn. 9*etttnt: N ?tic? is hereby given that on the 22d day of M*v, 1T3, M tons of Carlwtone ha? been arrested by tli Marshal for tlie reasons in the libel stated; and that mid cause will stand for trial at the City Hall, in Ihe city of Washington on th* first Monday <>f Jt'LY next, ? hen and where all persona are warned appear tu sli. w can?e why c -ndemnation should not be d< creed, and to int- rvenn f?>r th?lr Inter'-sts. R J. MKIOS, Clerk, By L. P. WILLIAMS, Asa t Clerk. May 22.1873. m23Aje!3 IN 1I1ESL PBEME COURT OF THE DISTRICT OF COLl MBIA, ifolltnt a Sprrttl Term, May JO i, 13T3. In the case of Charles M. Mat hew*, executor of Al.I.^ON 8. TaTEH, deceaeed, the executor aforesaid has, with the approbation of the Su preme Court of the District of Columbia aforesaid, appointed TCESDAY, the 10th d?y of June, A. D. ISTS, for the final settlement and distribution of ths personal estate of said deceased, and of the assets in band, a* far as the same have been collected and taraed into money; when and where all the creditors and heirs of said deceased are notified to attead, with their claims properly vouched, or they may otherwise by law be exc uded from all benefit in said deceased's estate- Proritl'd, a copy of this order be published once a week for three weeks in the Star previous to the said day. mg fjw Test:?A. WEBSTER. Register of Willi. |\J?TICE.?All persons having claims against the i l late firm of POE A SELIGSON are requested to present them to me within thirty days from this late, if they desire to participate In the dividend; sad all iadebt to said flraa wfu please call and settle at once. H. H BRADLEY. Assignee, At J. B.'Dawson'a Weod and C >afTard, alHt Mo. Ill* New Fork avenue-. TBI '?LITTLE W9ELD" WILL RIOPIV t>n the 21st of this month, at No. 1*04 SEVENTH STREET* Between ftaad T streets. HOSIERY, VaNOT GOODS. NOTIONS. JBWRLRT, STATIONERY, ml> tr "LITfLR^ORLD." P(l riMK BOOTS, SHOKS, ftl " AND ** UAZTXKS, AT LOW PK1CKS. BTRASBUROER BRO.'I, V06 SxvE.MH (TRIET, BETWEEN I ASDK, Base now oa hand a full line of BOOTS, SHOES, UAITEB8, SLIPPERS, and LOW TIE SHOES, f.T ladies, gent's, and children's wear, which they will sell retail at wholesale prices. Children's and Misses Celored Sboee, at man-jfac turers' prices. Ladies' low-price Gsiters and Slippers for bouse comfort, a specialty. Ladies' Slippers, from 3S cents to )). Ladies' Gaiters, from #1 to $3.50. Gent's Roots, from tl W to ad. Gent's Shoes, from B1 U to ?6. Please sail and examine, and yon will save 23 per cent. BTRASBl'RGEB BB0.1S. Bil3-lm 906 Seventh street IB ONLY GENC1NE Middlesex Flannell id and mads to l Pa.ave.,near 1Mb. a26 THB ONLY GBNC1NB B Suits, thoroughly sponged be bad at A.STRAUS', 1011 P IVO HCMBCG.-L. BICE will pay a fair cash i v price for any kind of Ladles', Gents'aud Chil dren's Seoend-haud Clothing, Boots,Shoes,#c. 6:13 rth street, between F and 0, south. Not* by mail proaptly attended. xA-ly elTcious CBEAMS AND ICES Always on hand at the newly refitted Saloons of HENBY ALBRBS, Confectioner and Ice Cream Manufacturer, mW-eolm* No. IBIS 11th st., bet. E and L. D DEF0BE GOING ELSEWHRRB exanine the BJ Diagonal Dress Suit for B17,j aspeclalty,) and only tote bad at A. STRAUS, 10U Peana. ave., near Uth. aM fB^HE ELLIPTIC YORE SHIRT is pronounced B by thousands of wt arers to be the aerfec- ill tlon of elegance a ad comfort. Tk* system offlHGfc cptting enables me to fit any form, or deformity with absolute presusiun. In tb* matter of Ba-^V< teriais and manufacture, experience enables me to ruarantee entiresatisfsotioa. J. W. BRIGHT WELL, No.??? Pth st , Waabiagton, P. C. mlt tr QSOBBXAB ? sasi iiisLta. ? V street, ?l tea I ight Colored drbss parts in Peart, Kj Laveader, aad Tea colors, a?d of excellent workmanship, at A STRAPS', BS11 Peaaa. are. aear 11th. XSSOLOTIOR mm and firm J RLPRONZO YOURQS * 00., la dtsaolved bi mntiAJ conseat.tbe secoad tana of sach cepartnership having this dap expired. The boai aees will be onaKaasd at the aid staad (Masonic "eLPHOREO TOPROS. _WM. U. SEARS. Thank lag ay Meads and the public fee their lib eral patronage in the past, 1 would ceepectfuHy aaticilaoofcttaaaareof thasajBe. RLPH0NZ0 YGURGS. Bavtag spent the past two years rery aatMbotorlly with Mr. Jomam ta the above-nanad busiaesa, 1 would take tbia oppartaaity to tbaak my IHtads aad the pwbttc for tbelr aatwaata^atfr^swfBUy rec ssr siSu* I^BMK! L1REI UHB1 BEST WOOD BUBBT LIMB at ?1 par barrel, delivered to all parts of the city. . _ WOMiS FAMRT, loth Street, ?Bo?. WANTS. WANTKN-Twu CABUKT MAKES:* Apply to CI BET A IKoUl,C*l)iMl Makers and Joint rs. 4 IP M ?treet nofthwest. mat' -tk'ss \VaNT?EP-A tlly who* Ul4l*,ab<0ft 15 or l? t?_miud lUy art b-votberwi.. m>?M Apply at BOO H Mreet n-Oth wx*. Bts X* WAN rst>-To rent, aWil t4N'SE.kor pa t .J a HMD', between PwiKTltah a?ean~ tid N *tr?tf,anf ftlanlMtUsta. AJtieH "T-MJit ." buX 3,9Uri,aw |K W AKTCD?Bt two r?Jp*ctab rLulm th- CARS " of a HOUSE for the summer for ?>me family leaving the city . b?et of referen<:? furnished. Ad drees "Sisters," Star office. It* \ETANTED?A BOY,t<tteud * Hin>r,*i)1 make ?? himself generally useful. Apply to HI'QS H ). 8<3 A street south -ast, nearCspit ?! grounds. ?? mt? V * W AM ED?B i * luunx Col"i ad M*no(? ?*u4 ?? habtTi, * efTCATinf U C inchmau or Watt er for a prh ate f?mil>:^ >od references. Addre?s ??Coachman," Star oOlrw. m2J St* WANTED-To BUT, a r??l >?<m? HOR8K. ?loo. a CARBIAUE or BCGt;Y. Apply to UE0BCE W. HAI'PTM AN. Jastie*..f the Nm, ( Ace soutbw e*t corner of lit h aatl o streets n-rth ?4sf mil St lVAKTHD-r^r g.?.*l ? AfcPBNTEBS ?? ately. Apply at 123.corner 10 h ami B st.<. southeast. or LlW IS 8E WELL, Georgetown. Wo*t St., ?? at the bridge. _m? 3T WILLIAMS A SEWILL. lVfANTEP-A PI RCIlASBB for *a new T"p<> vv graphical Atlas of Mart laud, District of Cto Imiibia, apd United grates: j<i?t nubli-hed. Sub scription prtce $12; will b' aoldior f6; perfectlv nf?. Apply 8:iO 4), etreef ii<>rthwvet. m 23-31* WANTED?A Prtig Clerk of n- <rly eiitbt yeara' " experience wisb"? a SITUATION. Addrea* ??ALTHEA," Star oBce. mST It* <>u? to \\ANTEP-Two tint < 1m* SERVANTS v ? d? caking, and the other to do washing :?ud ironing. Inquire 1813 K ?t. n"Hhw<l. m" 2t \\ ANTKIV- A flrM . la?>, s- c-nrf baud CHILPS ?v CARRIAGE Add rem "Theodore,' Siarof | fiee,stating price. ni22-3t" | \E"ANTICP?A N?r???i?n Lady desire* ? SITf " AT ION as -e*ntatr?se or,operator on Wheeler * WBson machine, In a private family; beet <>f r>-f ereude giteu. Addre?? I> G.,C'ity P O. ' WANTK1>-A (OLOBKl) LAUNI'KKsS, ?ho thoron*lih itudoratandN her buciuAN* Ap at Rn ttl 4 E atroet nortb?ei?t, between the omaof 9 atid 12 a. m. tn22-3t' tU WANTEK-A WHITE OIBL to do (jeneral 7 ? h"iiaew?rk. and to no north duriug th? anmnier; city r*fvrence? reouired. Apply l?'t wen 5 au?l t> p. m , at No. 1101 H Htreet n?rfhw<?tit. ni2J 3t* U'ANTElT- WET XCRWE. To ? renin r. NTectable party, wko valne<4h - health of th?-ir offspring, a moat rare opportauity ia at praaent of fered, by one who U youug aud perfectly healthy. Addrfa? Box S, 8tar offico. mK 3t* W4nTED-Two fABMIMO ai d GABltltMNO ?? 8 AKI>S. and a T<auiit<'r,?itli or withont faiu ilief; honae* furnished on the premise*, ?b >rt die tanc?- from city limit*, on 7th street road. Address Bo* S, at thia offlae. mK St" W ANTEP-CAN VA8SEKS "nbite" to sell P. " Appl"ton A Co 'a ni>* book*: Pictnre?.jne Amerba, Portrait Uallery, Life of Webater. and other valuable works. Apply at K'M>m 3, Iatelii genccr building, betwen 2 and 3 p. m V . W. HATNE \\*ANTKP? To Bent for the snmm*r inontha?a riKNISUIl) UUI SK. or aaitabie for houaekceplns, in the section bounded by liib and 29th sts. ana K street and New Tork avenue uortba i?at. Family small; b-st references. No no tice taken of any communication not statiag location of h< nae, lo? eat prke per month, aad name of owner or ageut. Addreee H. II. II., Evening Star of Ike. ru22-2?* W'ANTFP- A good COOK, WA8IIEB~a^d ?" IKON KR, none other nee^ apply. Call at N >. 1013 N street northweat, from 7 to V a m or from J to 7 p.m. m213t' WANTEP?A Oi-rmangirl wislus a SITUATION fcy the 1st of Jun>' for gcueral hi>usew<<rk, rlmmbeniiaid or seamstreak. can furai.>li, if de -irid, her osra machine; l>?*?t of city references can Ire had at her last place. Addiess M 8. Star Office. Iii21-3t* VV'ANTEP?All thoae ?h . value their wight to VT know |bat the b< at "ONE DOLLAB SPEC TACLE"' in the country ia acenrntely anited to tlie fyes;?llt by H B. Optician, corner j street and P<-nusyivatiia a\eboc. Depot for Thermometers of all kinds. myl9 ly" IVAkTKP ?A U1RL that can com* well rer >m " mended; can call at 933 New York avenue, to do the cooking, washing and ironing of a small fam ily. A|>?ly from ? a. m. te 3 p. m., or 6 to 8 o'clock P m. mU-u WaJiTKP?PLCMBERS to know that we are pr- part-d to furnish them with all kinds of BRASS WORE, at 1006 C street northwest. \VM II. P0t'C4jA? A CO. N B.?Brass Casting done daily. ml lm* 11/ANTEB? LAPIE9 to take notice that Madame *? P. E MAISCN, of New York, h;*s opened h,*r Millinery Parlors at No. 413 13th street north weet. a30 lm \ET AMTEP?Immediately ?Famlliee or persons ia

v v need of Arat-claaa SERVANTS of every deecrlp 'ion, male at4 female, to call and get supplied ait oace. Servants also can get good home* ana best of wages by apply iiia at the Eureka Employment Office, to Mrs. LOUrSE C. BUTLEB, ?0T Utb street^ near E. al6 2m VV ANTED? B?ery one to fcaow that the YIOTOfc H SEWING.MACHINE has it. ntedU ULf m ?ta?: tha moat perfect shuttle In use, resting In a cradle; needle bar and works of steel. Agency, 409 P-nnsylvania avetMe. Also, Branch of Mnaa. Dm. oreatlr Pattern Emponoas. ang^ly T. W. BPICEE, A?L LOST AND FOUND. \I0CH1N0 BIBB LOST.?A suitable r*-m~ i"l a a?d will bt-paid for lis return to 610 EI0 street northwest. It* LQlf -Ou LbeUat of May.a POCKKT-B l7th street, between O and F. The _ be rewarded $14 by leaving it at the Second A tu tor's office, room 112 rnSS-St* LOST-A lue SETT MB POO; ai.swsrs m the uamr of "Scotty." The finder will re cehre a llb?--al reward if he will l???eU animal at the Cuuuting-rosm of the St. office. LOST. ? Saturday evening in the Pr Oroonde, or between l.^tTi street and avenue, a gold SB AWL PIN. Suitable its retnrb to 1?01 F atr^'t. OQC BEWABP.?Lost, on the ljth iMWijL* *2 imO pair of BaMratd and diamoud EAE tied in a handkerchief. By retnruing them clerk of the Ebbitt House the above rew paid. I OM-- Yesterday aJteruoou, goi ug fri II dary street along mirth Capital to U, terminus of Columbia cars, and theuce to lis? from Bj II^ B'ldge, a straight handled green silk UM si'* caae. The BUeLLA in grvea st'* caae. The Ander will be re Bank st ?til ? be rewarded on returuiu* same to Fr- Itnaa*! mSl-ft* COST?A white and liver colored Pointer DO#; about 9 months old. A liberal re ward will be gi?en if retnrB"d to J. B., CASS1Ni Apothecai y, coruer 7th and M rtreeu. ? mSOfc* On the 1st of March, on E street, betweaa \ fcud 3d streets northwest, a BUB I BLMO, with two pearls. A liberal reward will be paid if returned to No. OOOld street northwest. ml PERSONAL. G 0 AND CONSULT MADAM DE ORAFF, the wonderful Beer aad Clairvoyant; she 1s the styeuth daughter of Mie ssveuth daughter; she cau be consnlted at 306 Pennat U ania avenue, between S>1 and iH streets, for a short time only; she gives adv ice on all bnalnes* matters; tells l*>w to recover l<wt or stolen property, tells of lovera, and even tells the name of the person you are to marry. Fees 01 AII letter* answered promptly by incloaing ?1 aud stamp Hours from 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. tali 12i* MEDICAL, Ac. M1 BS. H. J. FBENCH, tk* CtUbrfd HtimbU Usitrfirssi, Mtdtc%l and Tut Mtdtum, can be seen a short time only ail 00 11th street nort a wet. Hours from lo a. m. to 7 p. m. ui6 liu* ?*?TA3UV0LENCE," OB THE WILL CUBE^ O THE O BEAT EST DISCOVERY OF THE W0BLD. By it all diseases are cared. No medicines used, and no laying on of bauds. Taught by Mrs. J. B. EL IOT, 478 C street northwest. ap7-tr EMAtE DtSEASlkH of all kinds treated. De t scribe caae ana enclose Oi; advioe and medi cine will be sent. Address Mra. Dr. THOMPSON, No. 640 llortb 19th street, PhMadelphia. jarS7-ly* \iadaMe W1LSOB, P H T 8 I I W~a\ Vm'i B Will, DISEASES^NCIDENTAL TO LADIES udence and CoMlHsllw Baema, 911 Sth I f kBSTAJCLES TO MASEIAOK.-ilavv U for lWl Mta from the etracts of Errors ana Abuses in early life. Manhood restored. Ijaparti menu to Marriage removed. New method of treat ment. Nhw aud resaarkable remedies. Book a and Circulars seat free, in isslad et.velopes. A "" i la early lire. Man] to Marriage removed New aud rtsaarkabli are. seat free, In sea , Hvtratrd itwisiiM, No. 8 souta hh street, Phila delphia, Pa.,?an iuatltntlon hairing a hlghsepota tlen for honorable coafoct Aad professiatuU skill. J^|<WEt BE^&NBD IE" ^ To L hM^TBSA^ ft ^JnL.oorm York avcgiue. Themnat privata loan oAosj ? tha ??. Money U?aasd a? the lew sat raSi | i uteres ea OoM and Silver Ettch?, BUa_ yalna. , ift-ly Must and shall he soLiv-eK SACRIFICE8 AT CAROLS LOAN OFFICII ANb BAZAAR, No. OAABeoaayl. Cliatr.s, Biug*, Hmda, st rumen* mint and sIm to my nfw store, He ?ndar Nitionai Hotel cent, by tuj tug hero. ?o?0o all andaee, if will pay yon. . o. 014 penngrltantenTenM, 8ALK. -Jrnlah.* FRON T ROOM iff. bttwaea 4 ?n<1 ? p n'? *1* etaITt Apal.' Cor ia and *1 ?lr?rt mS V* loom) , betweei f t hn?' >u K *')<1 m? K* f -r ?nmtn~r. furn >diI B-l R "m? n.? ?* n Oi ikFl KN ? iriirt-'iVfa 'J& JJ'- *,v sTOKK8 UclSkili 41?t.P* **? ?*? TIIO> K B*''uailAa, ?>IW 7th?frwt. nri3 St F?PASm?um"A >>*"I??y''''?rTii.?ied fl'ITE or luL lltbll"S/>n ??x' -td fl >or.Terv cli>ap, at 7 5*0 "*L1Hxn*? Hiaaea u and II Al*o. atb.-r room?' _ arts-*' fro* aiK'f-rwrvrnishbp rooms u?ud ?ue ?* t** **rt W"wT??"k arr "frnd ' w,tPr- *"<1 attendance Jf re tn? *? FaS.mAh I'?lk,!'*n ?<* 1*J? K??iu? mere IK 41 ? i li l,itJLrequire, ar<- deairon. ..f rkn t &8xJksr"" ?" F ?hR R * NT-TART Or A Hor?E in ? > two rhJlirlioni ;i!r'" llR* P?rl >r dtulag r.?m, ?IC,f riil!!T.r?' h. r'*"* ??"?< *'?t?r < lo-.*t. Ac ! ?*n for fh1,! ^ wl" V*1"*- t0 * and r? i7,'rr ,uja"" m ?iow reur, L OB RENT^ ? n?../lPif*,,"lr *?vn,g their re?idence in aev.rai rH A M DKRg '^^ in* each a chance will call ?? ?n. ?u L nlidaiia pnne, lie! y^n 9 . m and 3 p. to. tn23-*!** I^OR UKT-Two large HOOM* is bnildlng *,*<? rvw"1"0 avenue. Apply to \V U. 6 TKfcl" _______ ni22 3t* V,R opp. l'4H?nilJ .? 1 rio Wl Clifuruisli d .. . o' 'rtr; MS"?8ouri a> etme, '?"If tne B 'aural Oardep. lutt rtt* K* .. deairable 6 r.>>m F k A M K TH08 V Wa?i-5s?i v ? VLfr m c*r~- t14' itl< 8. I M A(><rA M A N. 31 9 7fh ml?^f li"!'? RRNT-Fi-oat ROOM. niitaMf f,r on* or I .fitiSn i'i? prir,*,p '?""l: *'"t t liorth Ullintrett, betwreu M tu,.l K -ir. fts * ? dj22 3t * r i' K KKNT-Wry .l^ir?tl?- Hul CR; all u, ?| ru * C BTeuirDm; Jua>- 1.1; 5.. |qi^ Vtuim- TU0S * waooaman, !<A^E-rWA^/*-A FRAME B0L'9(,con ? taiiiiLB 6 roonaaiM ?nn)ni?r kjj. h^n and l>atli room price fsM f ("Mi, htUticf in unarterlv mOallnif-nta. Ko. 1X44 Mew Jcr^-y avenn- lo guire CD pren.iaea mXl'.*? IKT pOR A bl? ?vviiio, urnwuni, ior Ddow kw-Mnc an >%te wriiirp; Bunlh fryat; wat-i and xm*, r-Lr IiKjuire between " c.~ J'.'.f'JrV 1013 Ynrti avenne, d<*?lra bl* ftOOHK, fariiubrd, for huow k??kia( (t All! miirw 1 fi< inl k ft ni>t ? ^. j * enc<* required. ii'flofl tbree and ?ix Bltt-J'." U^ORKALE OR KXcHaNuE-'Jo ACftKH ?< 7tK *,.r?*'.,,n,r,>',ik^'? nill? north from b^nnd . ?.v T :' ?? v 1 ,,,,r nmr^ iiorrn iroin c,,u-r'Au'yfTnir -, ? ? ;? vv"bj ' *?"* 1 ? I* 1 una ct t. hi jh. niatrict Of Columbia. l-LLjIiilSi f aireet. Mill' RANT?HOL'SE. ?!? fM ~. ?r* ?? r* ?vv av uJi), rem |A) pt-r montb. ??????*? ? w?#fh*nJoDf l?t; hu nn.d? r n c^nv#*vii?-or?^i *rM fur!,??*? k.y ifflT be h^1 at N? 717 F r 'TT-t* , , JTr^i" Hpl> " Gt? 8 PARKEK 613 ISrll t"OR SALE OR . A MrW; price AC OOl); fl?t; n.n Iw L'OR REKT-A tlireeKtor; H KICK Iliilst W rownm, al?o, a largf tti?? r -m.c r' n^r |ik and O street* nortbwoat ^ r ?:^1 .r^1 ??? llth and r >tr^?. Kilol s5NJ"^I5l?e'!!i,Tl? Pr^??l brick ? IJ'H ? i lOriM-m* and nn?* nic?> fir r"'>*'"J brick stabla; in a bealtbt and thicki . popn/Med partof tbeclty: a No. 1 ?tand for tli.- gro ?lt nated on tb- corner of ?lre,i;>0CP"?it?: Haniline church,i white > near ? orcoran Market at;d 7ih street car*, ,r oar ticularj iu.inire at I4|h ?-h utreet. clo#e br rb propeity. rut?t?<i(Hi|iTni ian^liat' ly. mf2 3f F?Rin?L^aiww^rj: ?n'1 M*nMr1 Mof a uKK K 1IU18E, c< titainirif t?-n room*. r^-'w?ai'iUr roo,M" ou br>t mi,h u"'d ru alti^'nT: B.aiWi"? LOTS, IS by lUOf-et to an 'I! 'i?kl '1 J ?n atre.-;* i, .ri.. ?< at v lor ? I Ml) each; wooden pavement: n> c*.h (hen laier'Li ?of,th# fr,,ra wlio'/l iniprov. th> ni, iiitereM si> per c?ui. ii^2 3l llth atr?e<. b*t. W and 0 tt?V^Mrtliw^it. FC?fJf5ri^>itHiSiCSi? Nu* 33 B ?*r?*-( i .uth,-p * t/apitol Oardcn; cuntau.? 6 b^th r.Kini, ^c, water, Ac. Apply to A in An Sitect > Office. Capit d SCflOMI'IRN, m-'13t* ?y-"' ^ V'"' r, v ' r? | ? 11' ? |. F?ta lEE"-^MWHKiTHorSi, c ruplete, a-^jWss :oT~? t^rr,atr^fc' fc atfawaat coraar of IHh aadb at^S, m. " m?T gjrgias^psu?' 11? anertloa of nioiiiken orCongreM la invited t ? Pr P 71,?. ?SL'BV^1!L*R * co ? InavaMeand Baal B.tat? Ac ate. B Wraet. Bar 7th aortkwe.t ^AS^T{5oT(Pr7ll^5Triek0^r I tlT k> rooy .t cellar, caa, and water-cl ???? ** * ^"Arable neigh WCBlltF, Bear Core raa market . atrael cam Price, BSAtM. Itm: |ho ^ In Sye^ra with 9 per caat. Intere?|. . . . _ Aim,, t-A I ton iriBti brick DWELL * t and all aodm iMproveoxaU. ?waii ?n . fro* f , aflar ?"?J "fvO^fc'.caiJar and all ia<-dern iaarovam?Mi Marx "'n,h Alalia a5u ? "*rp4>t ?? w". ?S>? !??? #th atre- t northw-at, aft, >-^SMWM?<>^rnh.he.<.tf0 I4i> t two tetj. praaand Wiek ubroon.'r^nt porch,aad i Wi* Mate Pt parUneut. rSBSiZf-rJsz&e PMJJJJ* BerchaaU, ooraar Sk il SottTfJIr. walnut itaaide, aad pot "Lt4t ai?,i. C3^ Utli ?tre?-t notthweat, near Agricalturai . Dtpartajeul. LotMjawfeet, wide aaJ jack alley. 1 ; '"Jwa A K atid MAT2?1.??J'T 4 ^ HEKLiR, fch atraet, near E mreat. F(i3eBT,nt7k,jyi d^i"b'? BUlLDTBfl LOtjfor ? A^SyWi tween Atj aa.l Utb ^reaaTKrtkw^. liVfW^ Fa1?BICR HQ18EI ,? ? . ? ? vu. .wui naif i%rd nicety terraced. l>YRH~v - JII?* renosylvaula aveaae. - ?ith. DAMDH bum'a DrngOore. over Mil nils 1w I" mil iw VuRtelcB BOOM8.',^,:.r,^tUTt,reA) Zi^'i^^er^Mrde^'ldT^io'n0 fc convenient to Uotela and car8. WeUiSad.^33 m 19-1 tn ^OR 8ALX OR EXCHANGE?An uultiiDniTMl V farm, of .bout A?i,'ra: -k *?aP Railroad,comenient to three raihi ay ctatiotia. Price, A3U per acre Ann . Bro^ }?;X\IS ??, TJeM.r?i 141,1 *PPo?i:e U. 8. treanury. atttlw FOB RKl-A uew three-?ti?ry BRICB HOUSK JfHi BtfiiaY?.1a 13th .treet ?UUJS "W I WlUbi M V, W AM 1AI 11 B| i atreot vxeat. aU7 I.^IKhtLi-. B, , BK It S bucak.j ruflnia n*U; nn^arn laiarovementa: HO'Aath atreeL Itirtt between fiew York avenue and L *tr?*t- ml7-lw* L'OB KIKT-Hnif atiuare Iruoi ? a fow-rooui new BBLME U ttontb, paaai aeton gtrea the let o a four-room ne <-oi"Tj7^?,ei^on K' ? < " ik oi J uc _ iiomfciana aTenne, betweaa ? and a. my 17 lm ?treet cat*. ? 15 per IiQiur? ni|i/-uu . JrOB BKNT-Tha BR^UK HOUAE KJ~3* B ?rce?, a little w?at o7the OoveVrient Pri Jiu^ wffiu.: cot,tain* 7root?, with Latrohe, hot water j^.??;sagwa?a r^Bted ob ttrss, ImiMiliBto sns* 3fe' if?Vr '? ?'RB0(S4?a ?U eotf .Ml atmat, be KuA?f||T^S?a?^t., weat, centalalng arraa rooaa. bath ^aanjIZr fawjssiES TiSavsa^t llth HM M ?traa< worthw !<>!??; watar aad good fawdac i<ABS OT LAK1); aina-rooa I l?55?' ? l*mtr IT A cloaeta, large quantity i ffilf.'? "wwwgy t Pnorg o t. b. ? ?" Halara conwi HSr WltWato iiP?B BBIOK iff&Q.wtth ?n ?od'nflmprov emt ita, i F FOR RENT AND BALK. OK RINT-Kwf rhoMbj ?of?ty nrtr riv?l HOt-81. |t?i?WtaWWa: <lr. cej It. mltr In nij. ?? * "??! ?' et. Mwwn ?\\M feet ruk ?AL*- LOT < cheat'onjfrb ?tr< L ^tiOSSTZSi ,VK% <?Ofc SA&X-Twi new Br-xfeBBICK Bol'SKtt &b OOff-"4. between 1Mb ?t<l M 1-iiItNi; ba.b, th' r idg*. uieab locfttod roi t>AB-ROl'?loac rwoflWi *1x1 I ?t? Dt rt P r??t on Mb, hrMN II te?t c% !??., M0tabl?B>r five ate* Uoana; Koch of fbe ncnurUi 1a ?> wea tbe r rOH >Ht-Tlm?ury and Wimt pr???d brick IIOIpV* (?b r-.tna, all m <d?ni impc-ve nxnf*. ?i H itwli 4th Him airthtMi FAB* VoaMLKOK BENT-1* mile. it am B"ft?vntia. a ?bo?t .flatware Muirkirk *?*tiou. on B JOB B H ut? iul 4 or S tax* n>j be rental i.crarete.Iy,iAe!i?klag ereiuwd. WM I Ml 5 NIX.SO3 lMh-treer, n.l4-?w* UppKiii-thi- Ttr??iiH. j Fob sale-a f mim of *o BCBKsininat if*'ii.6! > aou>il> , Man>?M*4. "tuilea fr ?oi WMk inirtnii, on ? tn."?ptk.?s a:al IS HiitM fr >m th? rail roa.1 depot Imp! "irsmld fmmt o( foor Iriac dwell-ne b n?r?, ,?u?- tl?i k??irth akop. and a Mora' we!, situated f ?? biuiLK** G-*al water aad tacrine The whole can be bou-rbt for UJw < Mb. FOB REST?A f aBK of**0 At BBS S m<le* from Washington. on the tttrnpikc, ?n t IS nil lea fr in the railroad 4ep,>t. T<i* ^wiiiu* ii u-r con laic II rovni*. T?? f..rui ta wall worl?d and wtti-wd; g.vod itkMiuc and >?M, ha* fin# orchaitl ?anj ?>*-ture* ai..I wilt a* rente.! to a Aral cla?a trnant on reaeonaMe termrfor a term f j? ara For further particular* apply at M? 703 fc - ' ml-wa.lin j L*Ob RtNT FIKSIsHID M0OMS: a feck I I Parlor fnrio-h~>i aa a E-Jroom. iH two pi- a* ' ai.t ro-n.a, ta. k ai>4 front, on second ?tory. in as eligiMy-located Dwelling or t 'Wwl.iirar fta, will ' t?* r-nted on rea*<nable terw*W? *~nt terpen only "A. J.,"" National Republican effl.-e. ml* tf |IU? | H)R SALE. I/OB SAI.E?A dr. tp rf Oblo it *KSK?, pair of ir?ti srao c?o ir t'Ta, Work and Driving II .r*e*. *.\ Krv'r ? ?r. &ti rtrrft, I" ;w?*n I an i K aoutbweai un aij hitch ?>rir.i,KV F^OK SALE?An I BOS >AFk, mt??l ? rl<ar. Ap pi) C A BO'S. 914 I' ui.?>haii.a a?.nu?, !? - : t?<H i. 91 h an.l l<Mli Kti< eta. tuii St SIX M.k TOF M'KINli \* AliOJiS*. 1 ONE ? tr seat TBOTTING IU liUV. n^a . , loi ?<!<? at 47 Pi.iapiot Mrr?l,Q*<'nt wum t ai. IVf JOS K HBOLY niBN'lt-=JU | | I^OB [SALE ? Oaa pair of C AKB1 Al*B i iloKSES 11.(1111 re at Fay 1<. partm-nt L.uilii BK, No. 1430 F at. n.>r.b??at. mJI-4t*^ |/OlT SALE?.loT#-ji"\ES ?vlTTn\ uTTauJ~U j I ill-be* (leer, IU <1^*1 ord?. I?oM EST1'' SE W . " I NO MACHINE CO , ?V4 F Street, ( Maaouk T- :u i pie.! m;i 3t* I . SALE? A bail ti.ter ?t in a I'UHB WAIT I LK and ELEVATt >|{. ..|>^rnted lif *at?r pr^~ tire iii cwaatta milb aniM^-MfMi; n?. pnllf-T* .?r ' ropea. cheaply conMructod; Price, B1.AW caaii ! T. L.,^0. Pcrmi ift Offico. mil 31* J L'OB SALE-A HAK OOl'NTEB, about | I 13 f??t lour, walnut top, oaa em! tnruel. Ala., I t! >nM<' Cairiace UaiiK-M. nearly u- a GEO W t 1-KI \ KB. S*?rlc It'ionM* comer l'-nn-> l? ?ma 1 avei*ae xtd *h et. n.ri jt - ?.""OH SALE CHE VP-A It HOIUJE PoVek r l FB1UUT B01LEB aud BNU1NE la ?ao.l crOer. BOBEBT POSTNEK. I " ak (t* Atasaadria Innq | ? ATEB APPAOATFB FOB lALB. ; A great rariety of White and T-nn?a?..e Marble S<'11A W ATEH APPABATLb. at lna<tiifactiirer4' prk<-a add teima; aecnnd-hand on"? takeu in chaise Silver plat-il Apparatus and Steel Foun tam# to loah, fr-e of iharge, by ml4 bii* PALMEK 0 GBIEH. 0?nrt"to*!i. I^OB SALE? SMALL FAUX?A place f.?r luilia a tioribraal fivai tbia city. containing 23 acrea, about oi.a foarth in heavy titul>er. The inipr >Tt uielit* C' Dsiat of a doable Frann ll nai , in g ~?4 . ider. wit!,ali the inrewaary outbuildiiifa.lncladlnc an ice b 'Uee, lull of ice. Plenty of *?o3 pore water ai d M-reral I.Dudied fruit tr?<* of the beat varietiea. W ill be avid on eaav teraia, ami city property tak-u in part e*< Price an.l tcniit ma-le known uu application to BK IIABI' B. MOUt'X .t CO.. ii l; lot III! J Peonayivania arena* I a 1,'OK SALE-50 0t?? tirat-claaa B(?SE9, Climb JT itig PUnta, Oruaaieutal Shruba, and Treea.a^ Parlor Plauts, A?. A. JORDAN, Connecticut IB? avenue. iM Im* I'BIVATB SALE. The beautiful Country B*-?i<iet?c* called *'DCN DAK1 ON II ALL," mtuated >n the road from Pierces Mill to Tetiuallytawn, about 29* Dole* fri ll! WaabltiMtou, D C < The place contain* alniut twenty-throe acr^pof I and. improved by a niatiaiou koMt c<.bUimu| eirb te< n roon>?, and two Mnall colt**a?, one contain inn nix, the other three rooue. tee bon?e, barn. Ac There are seven acrea oi grape* la boarutg, pear*, p> ach*s and other fruit*. The v lew from tit* boua* la oaa *f tka lasl ta tb* District. Any oaa w ? 'uld do a *11 Iftbe *tua ?< lurk a? h. ||M0B CTat >01 IUjT ?A ?w& BOARDINO. A FEW FAMILIES ran b* aocuMntihl with . B'>-n>* and Board for the ful by L B > n>* and B >?m for tbe swaiaer la aOaligbt BOABD.B11 B ?tre*t, b*twa*t? Stk aadttk aortb ?H. a*13 lis PROFESSION Ali. JAMB* OCLEPUAWB B. I. BBAILBT CLCPHANI % BBAILET, SHOBTUABD WB1TEB8 A LAW BEPOBTBBS OBlea?Ma. 11? 0 otraat, b*tv?oo h* aad ad facing I adtaaa ar?Ma. aihM ly IM WMhfncMa.D.O. PIANOS, A*. A LA EOF. LOT OF NliEiT HEW AMD SB40MD HABD P&K?, frotu different factories, now on ban* aad for *al* or r*at on Ea?t Trs*?, to make room at BKICHK9BACH*8 PIANO WABEBOOMS, 4)13 Uth stre*t, abcr* Pwnnvylratiia arena*. Agwacy ftr bktaale t 9u.% and Win. He Cammoa's UAKOS. Second-hand PIANOS tak.m Inpnrt payment fa r new Piano*. m?-tr r^UBTAV KLHN. PHU'TiCAL PIANO VI MAM BH, formerly foreman fbr r. C ^jml _ Lighte A Co., tuner for Stetnway A Son>,|MOT JB ?ad late tuuerfor Metaerott A Co. Tuntrllla F1 and repairer of PIANO* and OBOANS, No. ? 3* Sew York avenue. Order* left at Karr'* Jew.try >re, (19 Paauiylvania aveiu*; Nairn's E'rug fctre, corner Penn*ylvanla a venae and fth *t.e*t: K' aetithiw'*, #?1 7th street,cornernf H, will meal i aitb pt.ti;pt attention, aad satisfaction gnaran- ] teed. Oily f ^TlBFr*S PIANOS, ananaaased In sweatneso of; O tone and excellence of f ?i*k: low pricea_MB. and eaay fern*. O. L. W1L? k tBO JMB/ i Agents, A5I0 11th street, near nortbw.?t?TTVV T corner Pfnuay lvania avenue, dealers in Pinnea a M Muaiaal Instrument* genaiaMy. Tunias and Bepairing, PaHaMag and Varnish (BC receive faithfal attention. ap*7 ta Jr. LUCAS. 1149 71 h street a. w., Tmmm mU % litt?Ial?i a' fiame: amd Oriasi. Or _ji der* received at Thompooa'* corner 16th at.lES fl^B tui N. fork ave. . GettyV Brnife, near*H/ ?| | Cjuereee, Georgetown; and Moae*', cor. 7ta ai U Pa. ax. Piano* and other instrument* packed anrt t .-a>ved All work guaranteed. Bib Mly 8^0MA0?B B CO^PIANOSUv ~~ QBEAT BEDCCTIOH IN PBI'Jl i, which, on tteool. of IBM an r over all others, bare la afew yeara. T he moat popular here, as wall aa alBHM over tbe oonntry,can be bad aow for tias toWTiln bUUAK^TpTaNOS fram |>lto #? CP BIGHT PIANOS fromBOM to t OBAND PIANUS.from BafltoBlj ohaaing tbe beat Inatmmeat oat, are in*; and compare for tbu?tiWrn. Pianos forH LIVERY STABLES. M. OLOOTT A BOM JB. OLOOTT a BOB, rpil BBW NATIONAL EUJlt BUS1KB9B GHAJfOOL 'l-o m *-r~, Ml, ? yy mrt; fsam ar?, -?. _ . Baal A'tMa and bwrnrif. BrnBara. 1 ?W? T ar-ai Fv i - Uil^fTK*. til ewTfc. <(.. H a Or* c#r> aad #*w*I?i<mi m< tt rt-Mi.* a *?.*; |,?M p*: 11? m TO loajf 05 EnVi'iJnn Tt #nxi?e) *ill Imt pr^nnfM!* >*ur 1 if m nnlr Of?r?d W MUlrf. t;r? Af?T tfif * |>i |>Lltl , Bi23 )w <!h ?rM irid T. $5,000 ?*aa ><????. L'OB KAI b-Tk* I MX plBblT L Kk.K of k?< r 4B4rtli atiwt Ixv.wb'i mm* rd fcif Ivt >im. Price Bi <WP p?r >??t. unii.iTikKKYt. u< ami B?tat* nij} 3j* E atreot . n?ar Tth r mCooo, *",o v nun KDOMs. j, j| J? 6<*> Imiltitni \'|(iMi( t NfTASIH t'N tl VM> To LOAM 1^1 <m rea, *Btat?-,iu ?ua?at aat UKU. TRll.OELL A CO., nnl7 1"?* |r?l |M?I> ilt 71k 4. L'cw fAfct *>p will uU t fxu rb** r ? ? a GBCf EBY ST 'lilt .!<? ti? a ??? >1 l?i?tw<? a. A. p.. Mar o?r*. 1 ' rim w -k* ia ?. n 11* >? * KIAL Ll?AB*-MuNEY In I u In atttna Mht n-T hniltU > t *<->?. M anM nA3 lot B H ? ARVCR. 1tf<? 7th atro* L'OB S>itra? .ralHrlaae KRI' K r t?n kjinm fr ?? 4 IfMol Park. ai.,1 I(m> ?an r diatui ' u> "? '?*? [virm M .rkal. c ??e t" ti c*l Itaiiia l<rnur a!r?al R^R rata. well locafvl; lh?' ko?w? vr ?4I l>iili. i?a r>' ii.k e?rh. ft.. I I and c><ld waiar, aw4 ? -??ar T?-rn.? rwr. Insane ?? Um imam*. lit C airaat ? ntli"a?? ^la* ?, t'R >?LI-Tb? ST'i'^R. WILL aa. ? ? IXTUBKS ol Ttf W Miner* ?rl r.a N?. *Bf M.lkatf?p.e?.l,* '!%?* ? -at. I 'grr] K LE8/BEBO A \ai.Iablb rAft? rwi "V ilI m iff". A ?o* nwnyf l* tauoiA bAhft 11A ii'Tji vt*ri lawnor ^n.1, ?--p?ri?iIf f<* t?h*rm; '?v* new TV Barn, Jtbtut U?ma ai,d ciiUotiili R ARK CHAKl'B to purrkcar a r-.*l KTuba ? 1>* KLLINU c>i?-ar. n-ar rww n?rk?L -? v.. 11 .a b^i... >? '1*W*4 . J>??. 1114. M''r,i}>( ? ? UAMlLTOS A PV.Uool, r>*? tf 1. M V A MIUii>? rt unri [l o I'D s r {Tk *JT? I TU? larr* roT H ST^I HOCVB, wttfe ttew t. ry 91A ? ?i <?K, rmrn mem. immtm iWMct^(M Mid va??r. vhk I art* , mMmmi tal.lf ill r?ar. Trix t bulf |>r ?r ^l> Ja* k?rn rm Mltl >ut in r 'itirlr-U rcwMr, ?r.4 fa ? rtj ohmuki f.w m ar(?. ?f*nt?wl faunlT, .>r t-n ? U<?r4ia> kl mi Will f awkl low, lngura tl f rw4niM% ?N?Ml "r?-aaur> . PrnturWaiila a>tun? fr m mum DRY OOODa I^XTkA FINK LA* K KA'HCC J u*t tr ??! iBii' Urrt Mil iou au n?? tod >4 RIAL LLAMA I SAClilJCS. ' all ?)U>. wli.cli atll be ao44 rxli*'ivU?aiilr ll? Mp. Tin* i- 41 'ill t tl" ImiMt lot of LAOS AOyl'ISiirt lni'Uilit tn th?* *H?. (tall aii4 br-iti ?i COMIOLt) ? Mia^kxr^, njDSt* (Ipr attr aflha. LA- H bilks OF ALL UBAULb, MW 1UMI rABJUv'B, Llatra La<<* haoq?M, Para? l?. Wl B* 9tf>4t, 4 luiitK*. ftn tlw. Lav I.- Orcaatfiaa, Lib . ... *" " %mm? Sl'ikMri, Tk 15 lu>, Ac. Ulark tirrq?4iura, A>|?.??a. ilntilW, ui-r. Visual, Crap?->. ai.d <>? ItM Via. k <_?? .-4a W' "Mtilica, b?iliua- < I)-, T? D? liiliilica, Klamu4? and ' Kat> Bl??* Katrica l/"T?W? l>a<na-ka, Pill ?? Limm,,li" < ' it. r| <4? 1 ?i. 1 'i. BV Ok? Frier OuJ? . ?n plaanr?-a. A WVfcIC, n 17 tr I Ol *? and 10'JO Tth atra^t ?.'rt1i?r? I'lii: modck: wau II m n<4 In Alt*- l?M 'al?t-r<4 ? th WOLFORII B tUILBAMt 'iMVikl tlwir UMial attracfioi# ia 1>BY UO01W f?f ?| tinf Mill lutiati ??M. Ladt?* ah' iiM Nar In mind 4m1 tturf aatkbliaLBii lit u4 ?ui li ir<M>dh ?? I'lain and ttr vuiardr, Black nd C"lor?^1 i thai thw la tAa b?at ?44 of Mva ToBl* ?icssFa ra4 Mripad lir?,a4tnM, ('ligmr Pi<f4iii? lit aU Uad?a, ? iifif and 4?ul ' m? ?onnilBK QooU I <kmM? wMtL.U4rnaui.u-*. A tall TUB ORB AT M'ECI ALT V.. LLAMA LACk JACK ETH AAi> POlAm l11 tbe D Tcltiaa id ftl K ?M ABM a-4 PAAUMNA 1 ? ai?*tica la lar^.- vart'-tt , and> oltir' artt l?a, too ttucT -an t" mention p?ra<.aa tLat valur t a^ir d illara aad rwoa <h??l4 "i f ail tw call at lAia L. <uaa talur* t-ai I aaim aiaa JtaM?l'?r 9? "THE ABOADB. mlMr 4MT Jth straM, bciwaaa D and E. B. V, REDUCTION ;iN rhWES AT T HI ABC ABB. Oal&c to ta? tock- aarda>-aa^>i U>? aaa?*.and ka? tig a r . ? - - tBc V*ck- aarda'-aa ol ib* aaa?*.and ka*. _ T4tr?k of CABPETts n lian 1 m^val or tbattMaf pit, waaka.Lfr^ia MOKi>AT , Mar I J r?dnctit>a in prica on aU CAB KETBt.tB.b~~. iah Tapaatrr*. Encliab lafruai, ratua aiul Initial ion Braaaal* ciaaat Onr atjl?a ta k rurrican iagratna ? ll'-d anjwln ? ixcrlH tiifwbn APlarf* atoek *1 ita arOn?ck feattuif* la atura t low faguraa. V i ud a BUad". aud rtilora*. Mow ia a Bit o?| on nutty fkr hotimiwyn to pra it? i ale* Oarpw for a littia nwaoy. W?LF0r.B.A MUUIEB, nU7 tr 4<T 7tli atrgft, b<-tw**n I) and E,B W. ?A BOA 1MB 1M 1*BT UifUDK-Aodrw"*.,! L> Cottea. I7? . Wm>?h. Ma.; Mr* f *k MJla, lie .. Bta?-tipf Cog oil ID 8 4, 9-*, and MK4; Tabla n> Outto ? __ ul a?ti,7Br ' Towala. ?1 a??r dua?a. i PlJB, worth 81 75, Paraaola, ior. to ?y, L j? U?, 7fc . ??4o?ti. Bla. k AlM-aa. 04. . t? Victoria r.awi. ttr ; Llnib( ( amt rlra, -R* ; prl?*?, #c - iil?acb?d C? ttoB.dc. All Aiitda oldr " I. wrat Bark*t prti?a. at BBoDBEaD A OBB, a ll tr 1*BA F atrr*t. M*a^i Utkaad Utk |^Kl QOOV6 at PAMIO price.. Omt bargain* in DU OOOD8 froa tba Maw Vr.rk and Philadflplia auctloaa Draaa Branadlnaa at ?,Ml and US c*at? par rar#; . baan tftal lia* of l>rraa Uooda M leaa bbaa imputMa' fri. aa, HirtpaA gwba libra yard .worth Ma., Biaj Liaaa at a varr low wric*. Utriaod 1 o*??iit* M ?? ., wartk 44c , job lot Lara Curt at ua at B^Aa a piac*; . l?a* at i^wakl ful Paraaola at rt?bt prlcaa- a faw Llama Laa bbawl. M ball prioa. . EkuBT baxteb, ilb-l> 1BBB P*wayl*aaia ariaaa. I>KS1CN& FuR LAMES AMD CU'L DEENS' [?'BE9BE0 AT MRS Q H MATBEBM' bTAMriNO PKPOT 111] tr t> 17 7tli a'.vat C LITTBBLL. U. A. DlKKlB'iTO B ' LI TTBELL fc~D(!IXI5I?TO!l, Aartiaarrra aid (aniMlaaiaa MncUlta, BIT La. Are.,!**. V:h and lt>th atr?*ta Berthwaat. B^bpacial and Peraonal attcutioL (i roa to tba iB??Ctt*lfclBi. aX-ka* M UCBELT UOKDERb kever C&ABE.-AB C7 ?<x4 M'-n'a buita in tbre?- diff^r*ut ahadaafor the triflaoic atun of B8, at A. bTR> U5*, 1B11 Fa. ava., n?ar lltk ?tr?<*t aW ^OBT WOKDEBILL^INVEMIltHt OF TUB JL M?***' El??tr* Gal>amc bPECZA ClaBS, PaifiilHl J.iti* S. 1(*?. H llOFFA.B?l* Ar.jit, Dialer to Wm< Ihw, J?w*lry, aaat Watob Mat?riala, fk>. Ml Fa. a??., l"-t. 4tb and 7^ ata. d?c7 If A railboad ABB ftCBl bUte iBrtfEfB la M7JD?old B< nda tba B ortbara PactBc BaJI aacorMy which eoaablnaa tba raad? aacotlabllUr, tba ooDventaocc, and tba bi?a cradU at a Arat-nlaai raB road bond, with tba aoUdttj and aalati of aradaa Tb?r ara oBarad at par ta BAMDBOME PROFIT to) Tbr kotda l road, Mi aqtsl land (rant wbicB, m iM ? A W A m m 91

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