Newspaper of Evening Star, June 10, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 10, 1873 Page 3
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GROCERS. V. 5. O UAKE * SO*. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GBOCEBS. I HI J Ttm STBEET IOBTIWMTi (Between II and M st*.? BIW BrniBI HCW CHEESE! BAM* /UGAB CUBED HAMS l?c. PBB LB. 1* 16 16 16 IB B6 DOOLEYB TEABT POWDEB. CBAI1AM FLO IB. OAT VUL Hecker's Whf?i* Grits, Hecker's Farina, Br* Ikiur, Biri'j Tapioca, Sag- .Manioca, Durjo'i Corn Btutk. Vu C?MIm, Cmm A Black well's Plcklee, Col* m*n'? Mustard, Htk kM) A Poor's Mustard, Olive Oil, Sauces, Salid Dressing. CINCINNATI OLEINE SOAP. g>nry*a'e Satin GUa* Starch, Baker'* Chocolate, Cucw, and Cocoa Shells, Brums, Pruu'-s, Currants, Baisinn. MEDICINAL LIQCOBS Old P rt B i?f. French Branny, P llatid Gin, Blackberry Brandv, fin* Old Whisky, California Brandy. C. S, O UARC k BUM. ? 9>tr I ill3 7th st. ?. w., between M and N. i> u i R : KECMVtD VIliter from the Stalls la VALLEY of vibginia. U1 sell to bmilln BO cents per barre less than usual pricea. Price* of SCOABS and TEAS all marked down. CATAWBA WINE, Vist recetved from Pleasant Valley Win* Company, 0:1 a gallon. S. H. BACON,TOS Market Space, irarX between 7th and 8th streets. A ? =? PROPOSAL& JBBOPOsALS FOB STATION EBY. Wai Department, / Wa?hisgio* fur, M?y28,KJ. ( 8<*l?l Proposals, aldrr-M to the Secretary of V>r,?ill Ih< r?r?ji<-d at this Department until 12 * 'cliw k ?ATl BP AY the Wist day of June, 1N73, f .r supply ius the stationery deacrilnd in the trhel g.1- twk'S, for the fiscal year ending Jane ju, The staliouerv mutt be of the I-est quality. Samples must accompany each bid. The *u< cessfal bi-lder will be required to give f tid, * itb appr<>Ted niflirt. forth'- faitbtul tui i'lmetit < t his c<infract, and the Department will tb' ritbt to order the article* a? it may d-etn ? per. and to increase or diminish the quantities f e|i w stated. A rticle* n->t named in the *chedale below are to B e titrtiished at the option of the Department, at tbe 1< ?? si market price. * M. W. BELKNAP, Secretary of War. PAPKB MADE OF LINKS STOCK. 3 reams folio post, w-igbnig iu lb?., p^r ream. 3 ream- mw ium, weighing 3u lbs., per ream. 1 ream despatch cap. ruled to pattern, weigh in* 16 lbs., per ream. SS reams letal cap. wi-ighlne It lbs , per ream. 139 r> ams folxcap, ruled or plain, weighing 11 It*., per ream. 269 ream* quarto p?*t, ruled or plain, weighing 16 11m., per ream. IT-, ream* quarto p. -t, ruled or plain, weighing )ii lb*., heafled a.- per pattern, per ream. 131 resin* note pner, ruled or plain, weighing 6 I be., per ream. 62 reams note paper, or plain, weighing 5 lbs., headed as per pattern, p- r ream. V ream* copying paper, Mann s patent, per r>-am. 3 reams blotting paper, red, per ream. JlUshtet* double elephant drawing paper, per sheet. 43 reams blotting loaids, weighing Wo lbs , per ream. 4J rewus envelope paper, buff or yell >w, royal, weighing J- lbs . per r-am M rcum; Manilla wrappm? paper, super royal, w - ighing 3U lbs., per ream. fC ream* shoe pap- r, p*-r ream. bi reams brown wrappmx paper. 21 by 36 inches, weighing Su lb*., per ream. 3u ream- brown- wrapping paper, 37 by 40 incliee, weighing 90 lbs.. per ream BnOJX# er.vel. pen. Nos 9, lo, II and 12, per 1.000. Js'-UtJ envelopes, Mos t,4,6 and 7, per lvUnu. 1 ,UUI tin *!? p?-*. Manilla paper, cloth lined, 13 bv 17 iuche*. ?er 1 aim 1.0C0 enVslopes, Manilla paper, cloth lined, 13 by 19 inches, per l.u?> 4 .QCO envelopes, Manilla paper, not lined, 12 by 9 inches, per ljOUV. 4,000 envelopes, Manilla pater, not lined. 12 by 7 Inches, per l.uuu iSHO envelope*, Manilla paper, not lined, V* by 7 inches, per UtW. 96.' gr *e metallic pens, assorted, per gross. fi.i'V quills. No. 80, per UWi. 3T7do7?r< Faber's. American or Eagle black lead Pencils, per dozen. Iu3 dozen Faber's red and blue pencils, per dozen. Ilii ?en pen bolder*, assorted, per dozen. lOdo/en pen h. Id. r?, nss- rtsd, robber, per doxen. Kdozeu ivory folder*, lo inch Congress, per 4ukb. SB do/en B-dgers' erasers, ivory or cocoa hacdles. per dozen, t'Si i-u Bulgers Jl S ins' or W ietenholn's 4 biail- penknives, per do/en. 8 dc7*n Bod^ers scissors, 43i,B and 6-inch, per dusen. 9dozen *hear?. $, lo and 11 inch, per dozen. K d<-zen Mayoard A Noyea' ink, viuaru, per d'>?Mi. 23 dozen Maynard A Noyea1 inks, pinta, per d-men. 8 dnzeo quarts Carter's copying ink, per d vzen. 6 dor^n luarts Arnold'* copying ink. per dofen. lfxtdozeti French carmine ink. per doz-n. Iidozen DoveU*s copying Ink, quart*, per dozen. 30dozen inkstands. Draper'*, Whitney's or e^ual. ptr dozen. 4C [ unds sealing wax. scarlet, per ponnd. 16 pound-. India rubber, prepared in pieces, per pontxi. tS dozen silk taste or braid, assorted, per dozen. 30 dozen r-dtape.ia pieces, assorted, perdozea, 129 dozen roils led tape. N f 17,19,31 and 25, par dne* 366 pr unds linen twine, aaeorted, per pound. 72 ponnds cabb- cord, per p-.nnd 26 D"imds hemp twise.^er pound. 32<ioz^n M organ's mucilage, jars, perdosea. fj d' 7en auart bottles mncilage, per dozen, lii'oaen blank b< ? -k?, assorted, perdosen. S3 Ji zen packs visiting cards, per dozen. L* Jv>zen ruler*, 12. 16,1* and 14 inch, per dozen. ? IwC* irross India rnl'fi-r bands,Maorti-d, per gr>wa. 13 J. zen msiuorandom books, assorted, p^r d zen. 6 dozen bozee B tarisl seals, per d<>zen. 7S Joz-n bo*es ev elets. p-*r dozen. 2 doses eyelet punches, psr d zen. 16 dozen quarts Arnold'* writing fluid, per dozea. 4 <?oz-n letter clips, per dozen. SO nonnds sponge,"pe' P< nnd. lo ao7- n so|d pen* and ti <lders, per dozen. 1,213 yards txtting linen, per vard. 29 dozen sponge enps, per dozen. lld.zen paper wHchts, per dozen. 164 1- zee McGill * patent paper fasteners, per b<J*. 134 ruling pens, each. 13 p-^nnd wafers, per ponnd. yw dozen 1-ounce bottles pounce. ?er dozen. H d? zen M ore's blotters, per dozen. h d>7eo nn uioranduni blocks, assorte-l. per d.?en. m27-ie3.1oA17 j^BBOFOSALC FOB STATION EBY. Skc?ct**t's Orrirs, J Swat* of thi I'liren > \\ D C., June 3,1-473. > Sealeit I'rup -sale will b~ r?-ceived at this ofl ? *.i.tii l'i > 'i ii* i v.. Jrii 24,1873, for furnishing Stationery f^r the use of the Senate of tbe United (ttalee. I Blank forms of proposal*, *howing the quantity and qnalitv of each article, and the form of bond to |.e signed by thi I ldder and sureties, will be fnrnished an application to this offi. e. The yuarto p *t and Commercial Nute Papers to ?e put up in package* of five onires >? *< h, a!l perfect "Bs per, of uniform quality, with no "outside" or lm rfect quires. All the Manilla Taper mn*t be of pnre Manilla fct <k, flat and *mo. tn sh. et-, anl of the touehest Duality. The Adhesive Envelopemu-t be extra well gum *-.?-il with pure white gum, or they will not be re ceived. anil samples of all kinds of envelopes must g - submitted in soch boxes, and pat up in ev-ry way ae the) are to tie delivered All white envelopes are to be delivered in boxes containing not over ZM ?*ch. Tbe inantitiesof tbe different article* above set Y rth are n pp. -se.1 to Oe what will he required, but gL - S>-cretary of tbe Senate reserves to binself the Bight to order from contractors more or less of the ?several articlse. according to tbe want* ef the De (srtntat Prsr-?al< from eetablishsd dealers only will b* *' ncidered. aiel preference will tie given to produc tion- of American industry, If eqiislly cheap and of Br .-xil quality. (inch of the above articles as may b? designated ?>v tbe Secretary of the Senate must be delivered at Br* office in the ctty of Wa*bingt >a, free of any Cl.arge for carriage, <>a or before tne 1st day of No vember next. _ Every article must be of the verv beat quality un ites an inferior quality is called for. A snMcieat specimen of each article propo?eil fee ? to arrowtpsnv tbe proposal.and to bemarkeii with ?fi" name of the proposer and of paper the weight p~r Jeam. Tbe whole of each article specit*d in the 1-^regc mg li*t will be deemed a class, and tlie person yre'ii.g to furnisb any snch class St tbe lowest price ?,aaltty considered> ? ill receive a contract f..r the Srl'i'I.' iievcut'ag a tK>o<i, with two or more sureties Mtlsfactorv t>. the Secretary of the Senate, for the ^.rformanee tbereaf. which bond ie to be filed in the ? -li,wukiB t,u ,h' yji*n!f.b>..tul>r*]<'<1 for sboald not be deli v ^rr?,sr^.steisssrftiisr4-. ???ari of the 8. nate. Washington %h Pre sl. swd specimen- must b?d?H.ier*d at the +Ac>' free of charge. CKORGIc gokham Ke?re?ary of tbe Senate of tbe United State yet-lawgw 34 A""? ^ Several thousand, jast received, wboleaalennd ratafl. ft _. BEBD A SONS, *H-2w 1 HI4 F street aorthweat. "*BB BBOADWAT OOAT aad TEST to Mteh In _ nl|Ibejage n^A^. STy^rrtWOlogbl^. 1^ 1 BANKERS. 0*u...^.wkfc>r ?43 D BTBEBT. NBAS BBVBNTH, P?r> INTEBEST OB DEPOSITS, uku COL LECTIONS, tod tmncti all katUNi miicM with Bank inc. MH B J. H. SQLIER ft CO., 1446 PENNSYLVANIA AVBNUB, orrosrrx willaxd*b hotel, WASHINGTON, D O. ? MT Mat. ?NMr?M paid M dtpotxu. OtbcttoDi made every where. Depoetts parable on demand. Par of offlcera la the Army caahed in advance. apltr Jr. BBVDBEAB, ? B r o k ? l . Bo. Ml Penna. n(.t Boom Waahlagtoa, D. 0. I attention |Itm to la Invites attention to securities now which will par tt to 16 per cent. In amounts and of length oftteetoaait investors. Safe,reliable,profit able and prompt.maklng then ia everr raapaot FIBST-CLASS SBCUBITIES. Befers br pennMon to Lewis JohnNi A Oo., " " D. G.; Motel Kelly, Esq., Cashier i Bank, Washington, D. O.; Second Controller, Washing Washington. D. G.; M National Metropolitan Boa. J.M. Bredhead, 8 _ ton, B. 0.; Edward Clark, Esq., Architect U.S. Cap itol, Washington, D. 0. mar 17-3m I1 HB BATIONAL BAKE OP THB BBPUBLIC (Coini rof 7th and D streets.) OPEN PBOM IB A. M. TO 3P. M. dectfly CHAfl. BRADLET, Cashier. PEKHAN AMERICAN SAVINGS BANK, VI Mo. Aid SxrxTTH Btxext, Orrcsu* tk? Fut-Ofita IHpmtmmU. Beak boon: ? s. m. to 4 s. m. Baturdaya open aa dl If. ai., to receive deposits only. Interest paid on deposits. Collection! Bad* and ?xehanse furnished. IOHN HITS, Preeident, A. EBEBLT, V. Prest, W F MATTiNGLI,8ec.,0. E. PBENTISa.Cssh'r soTUr 1'HE FREEBMAN'B savings anb TRI ST COMPANY. Banking Boose. Me. 14#T Pennsylvania avenne, opposite the Treasury. PATS Bit PBB OBMT. IMTKRK8T, lnftU Btgtns th* First of Eark Month. PAIS FOUE FEB CENT, on buuna accounts from data of deposit. Urtut ChrtiM'Hs of Dtpetit bearing ? and 4 par oent. interest, available anywhere. BAB BBAMCH Or VICES In all large towns and cities of the South and Soathwest. Bank horns, t 4 p.m. Open Wednesday and Saturday nights from IH to I o'clock, to receive deposits only. Call at the Bank or aaad for a oopr of the Charter and Br-laws. jM-lr COOKE * CO., BUT AND BELL FOREIGN EXCHANGE and ISSUE CIBCULAB LETTERS OP CBBDIT for Travelers, araxLabit ta any port of tks world. Oar Drafts on JAT OOOKB^cCULLOCH B GO,. ars Gashed fa nay part of Essum, Iitum and Be on. a !?p , frtt a f chart*. maris WASHINGTON CITT SAVINGS BANK Com?r 7th ims mnd Lontfiona naw, PATS S PBB CENT. IBTBBEST OH DEPOSIT Interest commences from date of deposits. Depots can be Made and drawn at wilt. myio-tf J. A. BCFF. Treasurer. RAILROADS. |>ALT1MURE AMI) OHlOf^^a^, 13 BAILROAD. i*M. .^aSSSE On and after SI'NDAT, Jnne 1.?? " ?** li73, trains viill leave WASHINGTON CITT as f?'lli-WS, VIZ : Baltimore sDd Way Points...........................5 00 a m. B iltinjure ami Wjj Points 6 15 a. m. Cincinnati Express, via Metropolitan RK. .7:30a. ru B .(on,\'r? York a-,J Philadelphia Exp.a. m. Baltimore and W ay Points- .8.15 a.m. Baltimore Fast Express, without (tops ? .5 a m. Baltimore aid Way Point* 12:00 m. N-w York and Philadelphia Exprees._ lo.5p m Baltimore Eipreae, without stop* 3:30 p. ni Baltimore and Way P.dLts 3:10 pi. W uxheeter ai.d Metropolitan Accum 4 00 p. m. Baltimore end Way p >iDt? p m. Cincinnati, Cslunil'us and St. Lkuh Exp... .#-.v> p. m. Philadelpliia Expreae 6-iW p. m Baltimore Way Points 7:15 p. m. li<>aton. New York and Philadelphia Exp...8 50 p. m. Baltimore and Way Point* 9:30 p. m St Lonis Cincinnati and Culumbns Exp...9.40 p. m. FROM BALTIMORE FOR WASHINGTON. Leave at l 30.5 7,8, 8:15,9:15 and 11:15a. m.; and 1:45 , 3:20, 4:30, 5:30. 6 10. 8 10 and 1:50 p. m FOB ANNAPOLIS. At 6:45 a. m. and 5 p. m.: but not on Sunday. FOB MOBFOLK. At 1:06 p. m., but not on Sunday. SUNDAY TRAINS Fr"m Baltimore?The 4:30 stopping at Relay and Laurel only, the 5 30a. ru. and 4:30 p. m., stopping at Rela>; the 8 30 p. m., without stops; the 8 a. in . 3 2l>, 5:2J. and 8:60 p in stopping at all stations. From Washington.?The 5 and 8 *. in., 6.7:15 and 9 2" p m. train* stopping at all stations; the 1:06 and the Relay only; and the ?:80 p. m without at< p? FOB POINT OF ROCK S AND INTERMEDIATE POINTS. Al SB. m. and 4:80 p. ni Returning. !?ave Point of Rocks at 7:06 a. m and 3.11 p. m., arriving at Wash ington at 9:36 a. m. and 7.16 p. m. No local traina on Saadar. Through tickets to the West can be had at the Washington Station Ticket Office at all hours of ths day; also, at the Company 's office, 494 Pennsylva nia avenue Passenger* purchasing tickets at tba Avenne office, can there arrange to have their baggage called for and checked at their residence, taken to the depot, and put into the baggage car. For Mew Tork, Philadelphia, and Beaton,sec ad vertisement of" Through Line." THOS. B. SHARP, Master of Transportation. L. M. COLE, General Ticket Agent. OBO. 8. EOOMT8, J el General Agent, Washington. THBOl'4'H LINE BETWEEN WASHINGTON, PHILADELPHIA AND NEW TOBK. WA.sHi.xtfTo*, May 36,1873-Moon. Trains between Washington >'idin*r^^Ma New Tork arc new run as followa^CAE^B^^E viz: siaa^Ml FOB MEW TORE.withoat change of cars. Leave dailr (cxcept Sunday) Mil, m., 1:06 and 8.60 p. m. PHILADELPHIA. Leave daily (except Buii lay)at8a:ai.,l:05atid 6.-00 *' OK BrNDAT. Leave for New Tork at 8:60 p.m., and Philadel phia at 6:00 p. m. Sleepipg cars for Mew Tork on 8:S0 train onlr. Throngn tickets to Philadelphia, New York, or Boston can be bad at the Station Office at all hours of the day. See Baltimore and Ohio Rail re ad advertisement for schedule between Washington, Baltimore, An napolis. and the West THOS B. SHABP. Master of Transportation. L. M. COLB. General Ticket Ageut. OBO. 8. KOONTZ. Agent, Washington. tnST AXD ? ALEXANDRIA * FBEDEB1CESBUBQ E. E. Cb?asr 9f B ?a4 Sixth Strut*. I.?<al Trains leave for Alesandria as follows:?6,7, 8. 9. lo. 11, a. m , 13 n a>n. 1 2. 3, 4. 6, 6. 7. 8. p. m.; 9 a m. and 7 p.m. daily, all other trains dally except Sunday. L"cal Trains from Alexandria arrive as follower? 6J3,7.33, 8 33, #33, H33. 11 33. a. m, 12^3, 1J3, 2-S3. 333. 4.33,6.33.6,33. 7 33, 8.33 p. m.; 8.33 a. m. and 6J3 p m. from Alexandria daily, all other trains daily except Sunday. "Tratas marked thas oonaect with traina on Waab lagton and Ohio E. E. QCAET1CO Accommodatloa leavsa Waahlagtoa f:? a^m. dallv. nmit *n~l" lasvea Waahlagtoa 11 oo p. a. BESS, via Elc iavsa Waahlagtoa 11 oo p. m. daily , exoept Sunday Throagh tick eta to all pointa Booth aad Southweal for sale at Officea, corner 13th street aad Penney Ira nls avenae, and corner 0th street and Pennarlvaala where pasaeagere eaa leave orders for laqui to b* ebec ksdatPH hotels aad rsatdeacea throngs to dsgtl ^."s! TOUMQ. Oenl rasssngar Agent. 1/36-tf U ALTIMOBE AMD POTOMAC i D BAILBOAD, J IMrot ear. tU mU B str$*t?, &. \ TEA IBB LBATE FOB BALTIMOBE. 1* a. m? Niagara Exp., dailr. ?;63 a.m., Baltimore Mall, dalir, MJB a. Wartara Exp., dailr, except Sandap. 1.-00 p.m. Baltimore Acc., daily , except fcundar. 3:36 p. a., Baltimore Ac coaomodatioB, dailr, ax cept Saadar. 6 ? p. m., Cincinnati Ex jrewydaUr, except Baa TM }.' a., Wastera Exp T rains learlag W? U8 p. ?jCoaaect at TRAINS ABBIVB at ^-^ashimgtom. 4:? a m., Wsstera Bxp., dally, exceptBundar 8;** ? '*au.?l? daily. -waMp., 3.(Bp. m Cincinnati Ex., . daily.except Sunday. iM pjn., Pacific Exp dally, except Bnada 3L8r-' M:40 p. Southern Bx jrjss, dally, except Baa 138 p. Bo oonaect at Bo^ew&ISwibr Mariber?1 leaving Bowls 7:68and 1128a. ' rtV2f. "* V?- ^ ? aad IS! m Trains arrtviag at Washington 8-38 in u/m and S-SS a ? mt aJ'X and Ml p.ja., coaaect at Bowls with trains leaving Marlboro'7.DO a. ?- and 1:40 and 6:33 p. aa. fsaiiyin t^jSHMw OMea^ northwest corner of Sixth street aad PeaasrivaBla avenae, eaa bare their baggage called far aad cheok ed at hotels aad maidaacia to all pointa B 1872 PBMBBTLVANLA BOUTB 1872 TO THB ?OETHWEBT^>OTH. AMD fiODTH Trains leare aa^fotlowa: ^ " t S: I S?. S: ?? iM p. m. I - ttm p. m. THE OEEAT BOUBLB TEAGE BOUTB, iligart fi i aaai j, Palacs State-roca day aad mt^sU atdwa iajrOTeaMM^ ^ 'IS.' ?a,*sa.... ?jaj j^HCoaaacTiOM OEE la B1AOAEA aad AUCTION SALES. milll DAYS. DT LaTIMEB A CLEABY, U Auctioneers ud Real Betste Broker*, lontkwMl corner Pennsylvania arenas and 11th it.. Star Office Biildlai CHANCEBY BALI OF~V ALU ABLE BEAL IS TATB IB BQUABB BO. ?6?. . Br rirtne of a decree of tbe Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, passed tn cense Bo. lj.073, William Flemmias and others against McBair aad ntken, I will sell, <? front of the prem ises, cn TUB8DAT. the 17th day of Jane, 1 <73, at ?X o'clock a. m , the north half of lot B<>. I, front - Inn thirty feet eight inchea on Massachusetts are line, br elchtr feet deep more or leaa. Also, the south anli of lot Bo S, having a front of thirty f?et on aorth 0 street, by ninety-two feat deep, more or leea, with the improvements thereon. Alao the north half of lot Bo. 4, having a front of thirty feet eight inchea on Massachusetts avenue by eightj-fiv_e fe<-t, more or leaa. Also tbs seath part of lot Bo. 4, with improvements thereon .having a front ot thirty feet on north 0 street, by one hundred feet deep, more or leaa. Alao, the south part of lot Bo. 7, with tbe improvement* thereon, he- it* a front of thirty feat on north G street by oi andrad feet deep, more or leaa. Alao, lot 8, ha> i , a fronton Maasa chnaetta avenue aeventy fact eight inchea. br an average depth of ninety-fire f"et and a halt; all in a"are Hi. Thle property la aitnated between assachnsetts avenne, north O street, Bew Jersey avenue and 3d street northwest. Terms of aale: One-third cash: balance in si*, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest at the rate of eight par cent per annum The purchaters to give tneir note* endorsed to the aatisfaction of the Trustee. A lien will be retained on the proper ty sold nntil final payment is made. If the terms of sale are not complied with in six days the property will be resold at the cost of the defaulting purcha ser. A deposit of (loo will he required from the pujcha*er of each lot. All conveyancing at the ex p<-n*s of the purchaser. B 8 DAVIS, Trusts?, j4-I LATIMEB A t'LEABY. Anc's. REAL ESTATE AGENTS. JUAB BOYLE. FRANK BARNUM jrAN BOYLE It CO., REAL ESTATE AHl> NOTE BROKERS, No. 60S 16th street, opposite U. 8.Treasury. FOB SALB?A handsome HOUSB on I street, No VI3. A new large doable IiOUSK, corner Slat and H. HOUSE No. 1010 Masaachasetta avenue. HOl'BE No. 836 3d street east, for sale or rent, fur nished or unfurnished. A COTTAGE In Willaid's Bow: price. #2.600. Several small Houses, from #3.400 to #6.001); small cash payments. We have aeveral very fine FABH8, improve* and unim proved, on different railroads running from the city, for aale at low figures or exchange for city property. 3U0.0U0 feet of O BO UNO in various portions of the city for sale at low figures, on easy terms, or will exchange for productive improved property. ap3ttr (""vEO. TBUESDELL A CO., * HEAL ESTATE BROKERS, ?Id 7th street, (over German American Savin Bank.) Special attention given to BBNTING, COLLECT ING, PAYING TAXES and NEGOTIATING LOANS. Refer <by permission > to?General Beaj. Alvord, Ph>master General U.S.A.; James 8. Grinnell, Chief Clerk U. 8. Patent Office: John Fraser, Arch itect; Hon. P. P. Blair; Hon. J. W. Douglaaa.Ooaa mlseloner Internal Revenue; Wm. B Moses, Furni ture Dealer; C. B. Prentiss.Caahier German Ameri can Savings' Batik; Col. Jonn M. Peaaenden; Hon. John HiU, Consul General of Switserland. a33-3m' AUSTIN P. BBOWB, Ooner B. Y. avenne and 1Mb ?reet, Washington, D. 0.. Wbolwalb Duin in LUMBER, LIMB, CEMENT, BAND, Ac., Ac., Aa LUMBER BILLS cut to order on short notice. BLUB STONE for Building, Macadamising and Paving purpoaea delivered in any part of the Die trict. REAL E8TATE bought and sold and money In vested. To this branch of the business 1 will here after give my peraonal attention, and will be at my office dally from 10 a. m. nntil 4 p. m. marl-tf LIVERY STABLES. JB. OLCOTT A SOB, . BOARDING, LIVERY d SALB STABLBS. 416 8th street, bet. D and B, and Chain Alley, H. between 13th and 14th. Office, Wiliards. Beet carriages furnished. Special care paid to tht boarding of horsea. dectl -ly Allison nailob, j*., L1VEBY AND HIB1NO STABLBS. STYLISH 0ABB1AGE8 and COACHMBB. decM-ly 13HI B street northwest. AHL1NGTON STABLES ?R. CBU1T, JB. G STREET, Bktwkkn 17th and IStH. Carriages by day or night, and for waddings or ^ar r^OBGBESS STABLES 1/ 0TB STBEET, B ^"haKMAIIT. proprietor IB/ASH. BAILOB'S STABLBS 1S*? B 8T. vv CABBLAGES of the latest styles constantly on band and for hire by tbe day or month. Parties, weddings, and receptions furnished wttl tbe moat comfortable and elegant Carriages. Particular attention to boarding Horses, an* Horsss always for sals aad exchange. decu-tf w I HAVE JUST RECEIVED ?O DOZEN LADIES' SK1KTS, WHICH WE ARK 8KLL11W AT 98 CEBTS PEB SKIBT. IiOCBWOOD, BlIfTY ft TAYLOR, ??? PBBB8YLVAB1A AVBBUB, ag-tr Metropolitan Hotel Block. ??EAL. ESTATE NOTICE. After to-day I shall occupy the office rooms in the second story No. 1418 Pennsylvania avenue, oppo site Willard's Hotel, and continue the Beat Estate and Broken' business in all its branches. Witb th<- assistance of my father, for twenty yeara bookkeeper of William M. Sinister A Bro., we shall be enabled to give careful auJ prompt attention to all matters intrusted to us. IIOrSES FOB SALE AND BENT, and vacant lots in every section of the District. LOANS ON BEAL ESTATE and all other avail able securities promptlv negotiated. I can com mand at once, for good note, well ascared, from e4<wto#*Mw. JOHN B WHtKLBBt 1416 Pennsylvania avenue, je 4-ecdlOth Oppoeite Willard's Hotel. A railroad AID ftctl t>t*t# ??FtfBg# C?BklM4i In mtMOoU Bonds tbe Northern PacMs Ball read Ooafuy fnmisbss to tbe public an invaatusal security which combines tbe ready negotiability, the oonv enience, and the high credit ef a first-class rail road bond, with the solidity and safety of a real es tate mortgage on land worth at least twtoe the ssaount oaned. They are offered at par In currency, aad yield ? HANDSOMB PROFIT to those exchanging 130s. The bonds are a first and only mortgage oa tbs road, its sanipawals and sarnlngs, aad alao on a land grant which, on the completion of tbs road, will everags MfiOO acrss to sack mils of traok. They ars tastied tn denominations from #igp w BliOW Coupon, and #100 to #10,000 Begistered, have thirty ysars to ran, bear an intersst of 7:30 per cent, tn gold, and are EXEMPT TROM UNITED STATES TAX to Us bolder. Tbe senol-ennnal Interest en tbe Registered Bond* Is paid with GOLD CHECKS, sent to tbe post oftos address sf tbs boMsr. All Marfcstabls Stocks and Bonds received tn ibange, without expenss to tbs Investor, at their highest current prtoss. H1LDBBB *8 HOSPITAL AMD DISPBBBABY 1/ Nt A Strm. A. IF., hnsssi m4 Mm. Supported by voluntary contributions. Bos pita free to chlULrsa under M ysars efsgs. Dispensary itsdiciass fnrnJshe^gnttTitoally. Consult In/phv rictaas, Drs. J. 0. Ra?, Thomas MUIsr.0. HTL&L E! w .SJSlrt.iT, Dr.WJ "W: IE N1W BATIOB AL MARKET. II xaa bs procured at this Markst. I1 BMT. RTATT, <14 Htbit. rTEM PBOBLBM TVAT was EASILY SOLVED L jtt >A'Lj!!!r *WW1 ms AUCTION SALES. to-morrow. TBOS. E. WiGQAlAfl, Beal butt Auctioneer, 319 7th street. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. No. 1001, northwest corner UMfc and D sU. BT CS???I,lT 8ALK OriMPBOVED BEAL Cfl i?> Iw,h*u uffer forv??r?7ub H ructiul, ll front of the premises, on wMdnF'* DAT, the 11th <Uy of JuneT^a # O*clojk ? ?, jbe south 11 feet front by tLe depth of the lot of !?? north 8 feet front by th^ d-pth of the rrimr noanr1WO Improved by a neat two-story , #700 (Mh. of which #50 must be paid at ii- !?k . baiM!ce ,n H months from day of ? " . ^' *er cent, interest, and secured hi th? lf?.rCh**<'r ^ 4 ''en npoo the property If tern* are not complied with within WWl from day of Mil#* trusts ItHorv^fl riffht * -j -"" r^?8M?S2r JM? THOU. I KAOOAiAfflf^ B PRIVATE RESIDENCE OPK). * the e t *n o r t hR mtw * E v ? ?T 1 ^'i OM * iTBEET8 M E8T>T AUCTION ? AND 30 On WEDNESDAY, the 11th instant, at 6 Jut & h?lf * ?;vw* "il*" tfi' ?n premises, ~~? a handsome three-story Brick BOUSE with a fine doable hack building, with all m.Sero im pro\ement*. In perfect ord?r; having a fine Stable and Carriage-house. Lot being 10 feet s inches Ho 83o fCet de<,p 10 * PU,'"C ,Uey B?ln* h"w Terms: ?2,000 cwh; balance 1,2,9, 4 and 5 veam. for note* bearing 8 Per cent interest and secuf?d bv a deed of trust on the Premises told. All ??onrpTun - on'?h?^day of sale"'1 ?* ,h" purcha* r- 3*0 down GREEN A WILLIAMS. A nets. # BY MM. L. W ALL A CO., Auctioneers, New Marble Building, Nos. 900 and 008 Fa. avenue, corner of 9th street. TRUSTEE 8 SALE OE VALUABLE IMPknvcn PROPERTY IN SOUABE No 07 J, NKAR Sr ALOY81LS CBURCB. "'??.?HB Hi. | . B> ?,'5?ne of a deed of trnst. dated October 2M, and duly recorded in Liber No 643 B?rt? ? '&?' a?d b?'thp written direction oif the party secured thereby, 1 will sell, at pul.lic auction fn front of the premises, on MONDAY,the Ititb day Mm Mann wi I P , all of Lots Mo?. 99 anil liiu, in Gilbert ? recorded subdivision of Square numbered six hnndred and seventy-flve<675> - of J* sshington, w ith all the improve-' met l* thereon, being two nearly-finished Dwellin* Bouses, fronting on north I street. "g of saJ*: 0n,*-h?|t' <n cash, of which *100 ^r.'I V* J,aid ?n lot at the dafetred pay Pi ii *e ?n six and twelvemonths after day of rale, with interest at ten per cent. p?r annum and l'L^ trust fo the sat^faAion of*he Trustee. Terms tobe complied with withiti six davs afl**r day of sale, otherwise the Trustee reserves the right tc resell the property. after one week's notice, at the risk and co?t of defaulting purchaser All cemeyancingat purchaser's cost. ' ? ?n * J J1 CAPEBTO*. Trusts p30 <1 W L WALL * CO.. Ancts. IJY LATIMER A CLEABY, J .> Auctioneers and Beal Estate Broken, Southeast corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th <t . Btar Office Building. THE BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY REHinrvPv ?&"??? DUNBABTON IIALL. BITCATED VkNNAI I ?T(l>?fVOMi?o1ri'(:S 8 MILL TO J KrirlALLi TOU N, AHOI7T TWO a Vn a AT AUCTION. lK<iM ^ASHiJJtO^D C , rfal On TBCB8DAY, tha liith day of June, ICS. E"!' the premises, at 4 o c|.?ck, we ^hall sell the !7^,. . e'llt".,[ba" Pr?P??v The place contains about twenty-three acres c.t Und, improved bv a niaiis'on house, containing eighteen r.H?tus; also, two ,'?i itf tenement houses, with all the necessary outbuildings. There are seven acres of grapes ia bearing, pears, peaches and other fruits n,T.,eJ? Vr"m th". h, u,-e U "aH of ll,<- ?"e?t in the District. Any one desiring a tine country residence would do w?ll to attend this sale. ?Ti'Vi"; ?,,e ,h'r<' cash; the balance l? one, two and three years, with notes bearing interest, and secured by a deed of trust on the premises Com et - timel* "ah C"Bt ?' purchaser. grJoo down at LATIMER a CLEARY. Auctioneers. BY LATIMER A CLEABY, Auctioneers and Beal Estate Brokers, Booihwest coruer Pennsyhania avenue and 11th at Star Office Building. CBANCEBT SALE OF VALUABLE Bl ILDINO D . _ LOT8. I f of a ^ecree of the Supreme Court -!(o ^? Sir.j ?,f Columbia, pa ?ed in cause in r 8lad* al ?1 Sl.tdeet al., I will sell in front or the premises, on MONDAY , the l?th day of June, 1573. at 6^ o clock p. m , Lot 24 and 20 ?? fKM hS t'16 dopth thereof, in 8.,uare ^rr.V. rf^.1 r ^ fe t/r""f' and will be sold iu three parcels of 2u feet each. Tins property is situated on fierce street. I,etweeu L anX M and 1st and New *?? * north went. a 'd *ale ^ One-third cash, and the balance in .1 niontli'i, with eight per cent, interest per annum, the purchaser to give his notes for the de ferred payments, endorsed to the satisfaction of the Trustee. A lien will be reserved on the property until final payment is made. A deposit of Sloow-ilt l.e reijuired on the sale of each lot. If theT-rms of sale are cot complied withiln six days the property y 4 dAds LATIMER I B WTTK^LL * DDNNlNGTON.Anctlon ?>r *-? 917 Louisiana ave .bet, 9th and 10th sts N. W. T5?'7rSAW O* VALUABLE IMPROVED rtl/Vl l iwnJ*'.^Sv0 TWO-STORY FRAME * ** AMD SEV ERAIi & i t vd I"*" ?UT^pi^r?ING8 ON1DELAWARE NORTbIaST **N ? AND D 8TB1E*TS I tifraa<T>?^i dPe!j ?,,t' h.'tri,t date ?!*7 JJl A. D. W71, and fluly recordail in Liber u- ? ? *?3, oneor the land records for Washington county, in the District of Columbia,

*!,rtr secured thereby, I will self kj ?' '] ,c f!,c^on' Ln ^r?nt of the premiBe^, to the ii'vT,1 2n WEDNESDAY.'june IS, A D !2j ^ ? j i P- m.. all that certain piece or par KLf^i5ri?u aBd in cltr of w^h ISRhJ#*1 District and known as part of orl foii? ?? (whi'A \ " ,"inare ?'? hundred and eiahtr iSHIiiiiu Vji !d.c'u<'5 m.h-lots C and D, of J. H. " ? ?n'xliv'sioti of said original lot four, ft.) ll/t i'izr ?'* hundreil and eighty-four. (69i,) and bounded as follows, to wit: Beginning Vo> the same on Delaware avenue, at the northwest corner w^Iik- fwnr,(t,>and running thence aontheast ?t^jjt ?ngles to said avenne 1(9 feet, to rear line of said lot four, (4;) thence south along said rear lire <1 feet 8 inches; thence west 46 feef thence northwestwardly M fee't 6 inches, 1. a thn^W ?lley; thence north along said alley ao f,-et 4* inches thence northwestwardly 81 feet to .aid Delaware alon? ,h? Uno of S Ziehen to the northwest corner of said lot four,(4,) and theplaceof beginning to* get her with the improvements thereon be ./If Le: ,0r'?"Uiir? ca"h. Of which ?100 must si* tweWe eili fj? ' ba,fnc*!n ^nal P*rments in six. twelve, eighteen, and twenty-four months, with ! ?. JiT ! rate of eight per cent, per annum, Ih5 ' semi-annually, nntil paid, from nay of sale, the purchaser giving notes, to be secured on the property sold, to satisfaction of the trustee. Con vey anclng aud recording ?t purchaser's cost. The the right to resell the property at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser fn case the ?< rn? are not complied with within six dayTlfter sale. WM F HOLTZMAN.TrostJe LCTTBELL A DUNNINGTON. - -J's ood Auctioneers. IV GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, *-* 1001 D street northwest, corner of 10th St. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF A VALUABLE MABKET farm A virtue of a de^l of trust from Emanuel La ^Mceyand wife, dated 29th day of January, ldt8. i!t i y r?H'"-Jed in liber U. B? No. 1, Tofio 7S a?e. ? r,'cor<l? of I'riace George's county, State of Maryland, and at the r eg nest of the parties secured thereby,! will offer at public sale, <>n the premises, on MONDAY, 83d da? of June, li73, at the hour of 4 o clw-k p. m., all that tract or parcel or land lying and being iu Prince George's county. State of Maryland, and being part of ?'Chillum Cas tle Manner, and described as follows: Beginning at a pin oak tree, on the south side of the Bladensburg and w asbington rosd, and running thence south 2 degrees east 16S perches, then south 66 degrees west i? l"? District line, and with said lin? nonh ?\ derreeg west ? Perches to the Bladens burg and M asnington road .then with said road north 77 degreas east 111 3-10 pen hes to the beginning,con taining 40 acres more or less, being the same prem ises conveyed by Thomas Auderson and wife to the said Lacey, as per deed recorded in llbsr t. 8 , No. 3, folio all. This lan<l adjoins John F. Cl.rkanl Hoover's, and b?>iug near the Washington market renders it desirable property. On the premises is a g<xsl dwelling, 24 feet by 40. with acellar; a barn 100 feet ?<iuare, with sheds, corn house, meat house and other buildings. The property will be sold alto gether or in lots of io to 2U acres. Te.rnis of sale: One-third cash; the residue in 1, 2. and 3 years,the purchaser giving his notes bearing intereat from the day of sale; a deed given and a deed of trust taken to teenre the deferred payments All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser. mio tw.<t !OBEENPAJWILL1AM*Anets'. BY B. B. WARNER. " ? _ Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer. No. Y80 7th street, between G and H. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF PROPERTY ON A? J,^K?^SiV*fkV38T%1frt#o'i,4' a^w"r?? "f the Supreme Lourt of the District of Columbia passed in EuuitT -S S,aiB'^ockft U' M,,stituting the uoder' signed Trustee In place of Daniel E: Eaton de ceased, I will sell, at public auction, In front of the rn?'T^W^Y3,J?ne ,IB 1W, at 6 oVli?k i'J?V 'iS1' ll'?* ?? Jesse B. Bay's suh A R N??4so f ,f1, a^*nt'.a*. r"CO"led In Liber J AH, No. 229, folio 341, of the land reoords of Hsshington county, D. C. rocoroa oi . Terms tobe made knwn on the day of sale ?l<m down on accepunce of bid. If terms of sale are not complied with within fire days after sale, the Trtis the right to resell the property at the risk and coat of the defaulting purchaser. Convey ancing at purchaser's cost, s W.8TICRWEY. Trustee. ji'3-eoAds B. B W A Bit EM, A net. KENBY, DENT k CO., General Anctttmetrt and Ccmmxtnon Aferri?i?rj, No?. 313 mad 31# |TI rr?i7Srsto^"ss!5S,.,i3 m o? anw Maarr, ?W-lyflj 1 'VITS In Scotch and diagonal, very n< bby, at A. BTBAUB', 1811 Pa. ave., new BEOOIfD-HAHD OLOTBIEfl si munm half the coat of ready-made mm. BILK DRE88E8 s specialty. MS-lF YOtTB'b 8 nobbv Uth str*?t. [ OT1CE! ' DISSOLUTION I BARGAINS, BARGAINS, in FANCT GOODS AND NOTIONS, at the Hew York Bazar, 441 7th ?treet, near E, to settle the old firm. i<*-u J. I. YOUNG IN' AUCTION SALES. this irmiMR. THOB BLWAOOAIAM, Batate AtctoMtr, til Tlk BT wrm?, aadjot i, wHh the Improver-.nts. oo^H sqaaraHe' a?***" ??ooae ud 0 street,in J?*??** One-third r?th; balance In ?. 11 and IS months, at 7 per cent interest AM to be boM oa day of sale. T1I0S. K.VaOiiIMaN. je4-d* Auction -er. ?* GBEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*, u Ho. 1H1 northwest corner MU u< D all. SALE OF VALUABLE LIBRARY, AT PUBLIC A C CTIOW. SOn TUESDAY, the lOth lam.. at T o'clock p. we shall sell.vithin our auction room*, a large, collectioni?f valuable Standard and iaaoroa Worki We tnmnatf. in pari Tdf ffMfrtj Novels, C..>!?'? Movel*. gbakspeerers W orks. Muldbarh's Works rtvffi k Maaaaine, frutn Tolia? I to XX t III, bMdnonel; bound ^Llttell*a Living Age, and other valuable m.\ga Bee's Encyclopedia, la UTola. The Annuals of Congress. from 17-e to ifls. Together with an elegant aaeortiu? nt d Miscella neous Literature. Term* cash JJJ GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. By QBE KM A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers Ro lOOl Berthweet corner 10th and D ata. CHANCERY SALE OF BEAL ESTATE IN THE *>OUBTT OF WASH INGTON, IN TH E PIS ?Sr.?r . -COLUMBIA (OF V. D. C Ml'R JJOTK,) ABO> I GEORGETOWN. SALE TO r???*iPkA?5, AUCTIoM BOOMS OF ?>>*#?* kobthwest cor inoBton oTtt amd d ste"?- " wash S B> virtue of a decree pasaed bv the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. in E iuit? caaiw Mo. S.7M. George W Linville et a( vs. v, imam D C. Murdock et al., we will sell, at public auction, at the auction room? of Ureen A William^ ?*?"r ofWth *tid D streets, In the citv of Washington, I> C , on TUBSDaY. the lTthday ef II l?VV.h? '* "irf#.oVlock P m-.Lots 21, 9,33. it. 25. J6, S),31. nnrt 31. of our subdivision of of I*t"1 'L'ne","l '?i the CMinrr of Washington, in the District of Columbia, called Jar >D Philip aLd Jacob, and resurvey on ^E:ich of the above lots contains from five to twenty The land is situated on two mads leading into the Ridge road, atKl by these roads to Ue>rg?t?wn and W ai-hington, and is only two aud a L?lfmil?? from Georgetown. The new nail about to be m*de bv the Board of Public Works will bring this property much nearer to Georgetown. The land Is of good quality, and part of It wood land, all well watered. The land ia suitable f. rag ricultural purpose*, and Win a very h althi loca tion. There is erected on said lot Jfi a large new Flonr Mill, in Rood running order ahd conditi n, with watercourse. The mill will be open and object to inspection to all p^rnon** One lot will be noid with privilege of two or lot* on line of lot told. A mop of the prop, rty to be sold can be seon at Gr**?* n x M i * Main?4 auction room. T rm? of sale: One-sixth cash, and th? balance in thirty equal monthly payments, with interest at the rate of ten percentnm per annum from day of sale until paid, with security to the satisfaction of the receivers, and a lien retained on the property sold or the purchase money can be paid in cash or up >n ?hcrter time than as aforesaid, at same rate of inter est. A deposit of ?euwill be required of th* pur chaser at time of aale. All convevancing and staniD" M f'7! P?r<"h,M"'r- **??** of the property will br exhibited at the time of sale. WM F.MATT1SGLT, 1 ?UL.,,L4i?i5l,Bn.LE.S Beceivrra MM J. MILLER. \ _jtd.*f1s GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancts. Bi KkLLEY A GATCUEL. Auctioaeera, Corner 11th and F streets northweat TETSTEE'S SALE OF LOT IN SiiPAKK. NO 1JI. ON 1 *t 8TRI> ET. CAPITOL IIILI* ofadoed of trust, dat-d February 4th, 1S71, and dnly recorded in Liber No 6.12, ioiio 491, Ac .and by the written direction of the party aecured thereby, I will aell, at publi.- anc i"r';i1",rPllt the premises, on WEDNESDAY. (lie ISthday of June, A D., 1873, at A o'clock p m , Lot G, of siitxhrlsion of original Lot numbered t"nr,(4,)in Sgiiar?' nnmb^r^d *evn hnndr^i and thirt) -. ne (731 ) on 1st street, Capitol Hill, iu the cit) of W ashington, D. C. Terms of Pale: Cash, and to be complied with with within six daya after day of sals, otlierwi?e the Trustee reserves the right to resell the property, afterone week'snotice, at the ri-k and cost of de faulting purchaser. J A L MORRELL, Trustee _l-_ RELLEY A GATCHEL. Ancts. By latimeb a cleart, Auctioneers and Real Estate Broken Southwest corner Pennay h ania avenue and Uth at Star Office Building. "" CHABCERTSALEOF IMPROVED PROPERTY MAk By virtne of adecre<>of the Supreme Conrt of aiLlCt '/ F0,n?hU? paastrd in cause N > ?"?3.0M, Blade, et al., vs. Slade, et al , I will ??|| in front of the nri-mises, on SATURDAY, the ltta day of June, 1873, at 6'i o'clock p m , part of lot S, in Fgnare No iM, beginningfor tnesame at the north east comer of said h>t, and running thence west 14 ?'oches, thence south S5 feet 6<nches. thence l*st fe?t tf inches, to a fifteen foot alley, theno north 8S feet 6 inches, to the place of beginning. Th? improveaieiits consist of two two-story brick houses, four ro^nis each, and a brick stable with twelve atallff. This property ia located between |>*. tween #th and 7th stroets and G and H streets north wept. .JSZFl One-third cash; balance tn ?, 12 and 18 months, with Interest at the rate of eight ner cent , per annum, the purchaser to give his notes indorsed to the satisfaction of the Trustee If the terms of sale are not complied with i? six davs the property will be resold at the cist of 4sf^Tti? purchaser A deposit of flu> will be required at th" time <-f sale. The stable will be sold separately All conveyancing at purchasers cost. au jc< dAda LATIMER A OLEARYTTnfO% BYGREENA WILLIAMS, Auc^on^ Mo. 1001, northwest corner 10th ?H D streets. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF IMPROVED BEAL IS Ta?ci?YTsf i$NsxrTm "" *' f J''*' Mo. (11. folio JJt, one of the land record* for W ashington county, in the District of Calnm ^?odky the written requast of the parties secur '.lif'i' /1.pob,le anctfoB on WED NESDAY, the 18th of June, A. D. 1873. at S o'clk If; IP, Lr,"nt of the Premises, to wit: All thet piece or parcel of grennd, known and designated as Lot T , C) 'n Leonard 8. Chapman's recorded subdivision of original lots Nos. 4 toll inclnsire. In square three hundred and slxty-fonr. (3M.I in the wHh0! ^h'ogton. District of Columbia, improved with a three-story and basement Brick Dwelling, With a two-story and basement back building with motlern improvements, location on Rhode Island av entie,Iietween 9th and 10th streets northwest Terms: One-third cash: balance in 6 and 1J months for iiotes bearln* interact and soenred by a deed of trust on the premises sold. All conveyancing at the Vt m ? , PPTchay. fvo down on day of 'ale, and if the terms of sale are not complied within five days after the day of sale, the Trust*-e reserves the !l*bi V? TJT" lhe ?ro">er,> the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser; by advertising three time, in some newspaper published in Washington cttv i ^ MOBRELL, Trustee. i.r ,t> G,?iK*N A WILLfAMS, _j?S eod&ds fRep.) Auctioneers UY B. H. WARNKR, t siav*~ 0SSNS5S?lAiS%K?%,i%B^,.,4TI; AND 14th BTBBETS WEST 14lH Byjlrtne of a decree of the Sapreme Conrt, D W5C ' 111 i*1* caaae of Rilejr et al. Qraly ?t al. No. 3?2i5t Eqnlty, I will aell ot nni.iir auction, ob THDR8DAT. Jnne 19,1873,'at 6ocl.?k P? ? ?!" ^''t/'ftlie premises, parts of Lota 8 and 10. in Square SZ7, beginning for the same at the north west corner of lot 10, on the south line of north E running dne east U feet, thence sooth ^ I'iT?a7?j5rhw,; thence west is feet; and thence north <9 feet 7>? inches to the beginning imnroved by a two story Frame Dwelling. , Provea Tenns of sale: One third cash: the residue in two eon ill payments at ? and U months from day of sale with interest at 8 per ce it. per annum. The title to be retained until all of the purchase money, with in terest, is paid. If the terms of sale are not complied with within seven days from day of sale I rewrm S5M?f*2 V? 'IT11 tbe *?"rt7 the risk and <XMt of the defaulting purchaser. All o.nreyanciug ^5 purchaser s cost . deposit on acceptance of bid. - . . , JAM\8 S. KDWARDS. Trustee ***-?**? B H WAB^ER, Aort. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, Ko. 1001 MorthwoM Utth and D street I'w* StiaSiW*?" * iN?" ?" ? By virtne of a dee<l of trust to Jishua Whit * "^ "'Jself, dfU?d October 1, 1872. and duly recorded m Liber 638, folio 183, one of the land ,rh??di,0J,WT1,ingU>,1'.brC ,a?A by direction^ froJ^^r r.if,'cur<,dJ 1 wUI ^"i*1 public anc ?iJfWlSRl0' the prenusvs, to the bichest bidder ? THURSDAY, June 19.1S73, at 6 oCt,B J^Ph t. Relley's record^-'j snbdirision of the west half of square three hundred ???, *ty-flve,<Ste,) together with tbe improvements Bnck?&i'u?? ^ ? '" "orr bas^t .:. One-third cash, and balance in six, twslvs JkiLIL? i * mo.rj'hs, wlth 7 percent, interest, pay able semi-annually. If terms of sale are nniV,? plied with within Ave days after sale, the nronerTr je6 ?oAds GREEN A WTLLlAMAVsTncts ItT B. H. WARNER, u. Estate Broker and Anctlonoer. TU9 Seventh street, between G and H GUAKDIAN 8 SALE OF A DESIRABLE BI7TLD {Mg ^OTj GM THE CORNBB OF ?4tb AMD * ?tBB.1?8 MOBTHWB8T, AT AU0TI0M. ?A By 'virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of gythe IHstrlct of Colasabia, I will soil, at public -*-aaction, in front of tke premises, en THUB3 L* al 6 oxloek p. m.. Lot A. in subdivision of original lot 1, sanare LI, /rontiag SO fcet ob M Moot aorthwest by a depth of lut feet , Terms: One-half cash; balance ia 3 and < months h'L^Tr.^ l* ynrchaaer beariM sight per cent. j7 eoAd B. H. WARMER. Auct. IIY LATIMER A CLBART, * S-k Auctleneers and Beal Estate Brokers, Southwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Kiev ?w 1| stM- Office Bnildlng. Mo. I HOI SK, No. 1824 Lot A la aerie's sab. of lota 7,8 ^ ?,la eauSs' ?o ?l, fronting 1? feet M Inches on tke east side of rZ!I nJT^ LATIMEB A OLEARf. je7-dAde [Bop.] AUCTION SALES. BT ? ? 4^1^. Ne. 7 99 7th |U*?C, benwii 0 ud H T?r?ri?* sale orT~two htoit buck DWELLING ON THBttOCTM SIDBOFJEF PERSON aTBBBT. IB CNIOBTOWN. D. C . WITH BIGHT ACBEfe OF GBOUND. AT AUCTION. ? Br virtue of a deed ?f tract trrm Benjamin F. Wilkin. ?i.d ?tf l Diii'l L Bat >a ?r,l m? ?etf.doled Jw K ICi'.twl duly iKf^od is Liber <19. folio 17X, one o4 It* land iw?r4l of Wt>h ington county. l> C , I w ill aell il pabMc tartly, in front of the IWfcH. to th? htgiivet bidder, WIDH|g|iAV . Jdm 11. ISTJ, at A o'clock p m , Lou 7id and 7u), ia the e<il>di? i?i ? of Woodland, ?' rnloi towt. D C..^aUlilMi irm 1 road ui 14'j pert he*. loffth?r with the improvement* there ?n This property overlookd lh? entire District, and lb? (ri oixlt trr M ?ttk choir* Bruit Tr?<? ia<l ihnib*. It ia > biuM dftuibU Nlxirku twi den re. T? rm? of sale Two thirds ca?b. htluitf It ail ?ii 1 twelve months. with interval M !>?' wrarid by ? d-*ed of trn-t upon the property: ?K\J down on ar c?ptance of bid If term* of **!>? aienot c v pii ?d >i h < ithin ???'* day* after aale, tb> property te I* re*. Id at the risk and coat of drhnlM?| urchmr. Convey aucilig at purchaeerV coet. GEORGE W STICKNBT, Surviving Tru*'*e. jelOtt n H WABBEB. A net. T JAMES GI'll-TV AttoMoneer, K> IOI4 Pennsylvania avenue. BEGI LAB 8ALB OF FLOWERING PUNTS, kiMS.UtiUMl MS. HANGING BASKETS, At , Ac ? L OnTIIURSPAT.Jan- m, In auction r ? m, 1014 Penuevlrarta WWI. B^IO it JAWBS OUILP. Ann BY LATIMER A CLEARY, Auctioneer* and R-al Estate Broker* Southweet Corner Peuntylvanla av~ou? au-l Elev enth street. Star Office BuiUings. B B TWELVE fASES or WINE AT AUCTION , OnTIU B>P%Y, Jul? l<i:h,*t I J . l-k ,ni . * e * ill veil, at the Freight D*P I of the Baltimo-e and I'utamac railroad, MM i d Mar) land avein;e ani s?lh street vouthweel, twelve case* of Win*, on ac utif of freight aud charge* All parties cou - rued plea* > take notice. T ra.? cash E. L PI BURT, SnP"rirtendent of R * P R K Co. jeW-eoAd* LATIMER A CLIC?RY, Anctv. B? latimeb a cleary Auctioneer* and K al Estate Broker*. South*, si corner Peninyluina avenue aud llth at., Star Office Buildings. VALl'ARLE BUILDING LOTS FOR BALE. <?N lOTH hi RE KT EAST m. We will oiler for sale, on SATCRDAY, th* HlUth da> of Juiie. In A, at ?>'? v 'clock p in , the pr? itiise-, L' la numberedM to 47. in ?u'> ?livi?ioti of a*iu?re 933, frontireoti imtiatreet emt. l>et?eenH *?id I-?v north. Th?ae I-da are of antt abh-vlr.e for bnildinc*. are adjacent to the II ?tr?? t railroad, and ? ill L>e aold on ea?? term*, aa folloart Olx fourth caeb reaidue at 4,12,13, and24 uiou*U?, aith iutei?-at The 9 hole fronl? feet on 1"h ?t. j?? dAda LATIMER .t CLEARY. Ai f T GBEEN * WILLIAMS, Anctlonovra, Hi rtbvMt corner of loth and D atreeta. TRI STEE HALE OK A TWO STORY BRI' K HOl>E AND LOT rB 'NT1NQ ON NEW JER 8EY AVENl'E. BETWEEN I AND K STS north jtj, By virtue of a deed of tmat. dated Iflth dav of BSiiiienilK r. A l?. 1<00. and duly rer-rdad in ??tLitn-r M '. a'i3, folio ]U, <'n<' -f the land record* foi Waahinictoti county. In the l?i?trict <>f Columbia, aid b> direction of the bolder of tben>>lev, I ?halt wll at public ancti ia, on Tl' ITthdaj of June, A. D 1473, in front of th- rretni*e<>, at t? o'clock p.m., all that certain piece or parcel of ground I) ins and being in the eaid city of Wa<hluv ton. and km wii and devcrilwd on the plat- ot aaid citv av lot tiiimbered fifteen (16), in I?avidg? aud EifIter1*auhdivivion of *.iuare nnaihf-red five hun dred and viity -one (5611, hating 22 fe?d front by 125 feet d'-ep,nior>- or 1- v i ti -aid ?nt>divi?l.>n ia re corded iu the office of th- Surveyor of aaid city.witli the ttnnrov??nient* thereou,con?latiug of a two-?tory l'rick awelling-h' n?e. Terma: One-third ca?h; balance in 6, 12 and 18 month*, for note- bearing internal and aeenred by a d ?d of trust oti th>- pr?uii*ea. All couveyancing at the C""t "f the )Htrchaa<,r. 51i*? do?rn on the dav of-ale. And if t)ie term* of -ah- are not complied ?ith ?ithin live day* after the nay of *ale, the tru tee r'-?er?e- the right to revell the property at the riak and cost "f the defaulting purchaser by adver tising three timea in aolne ue??p.iper pul li?li -d in \Vaehii>i?to& city. J. C. M( KELPEN, Tmatee je7--d GBEBN A WILLIAMS. Auct*. By latimeb a cleary. Auctioneer* and Heal K?tate Broker*, South*eel corner Penna. avenn- aud Uth atreat, btar Office Buildiug. PE?IRABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON ??tr >TRPtT EAST. OPl-WITE THE MARINE BARRACKS. AT Al'CTION. Oi. TIITRSPAY AETERNOON. June ia, at ' M? o'cl' ? l?,??? -hall aeli, in front "t the i>re:ni Lan., Lot 25 and * uth ? feet 10 inch"* of Lot 24. in Square MM. with th" improvement* thereau.con -ivling olt Brick Pwelling. Thi? property front* fifty feet on Sth atreet eaat, and i- immediately opp.>aitethe Mar'ne Bairack*. Terma: One fonrtn caah; n *idue ia thr?e eqnal , pa) UKiita at 6,12 and It month*, with note* b-arina intereat, and aecured by de?-d oftruat on the premi se* *old. BlUOdepovit repaired at time of *alv. Con veyancing at purcha*erV coat. If the tenn* of aale are not complied with within aii dav*. the right will be reaerTed to readvertiae the pr 'perty at the ri*k and coat of the pnrchaaer in default j.6 d LATIMEB A CLEARY, Anc'a. B1 r B. II. WARNV.R, Real Estate Broker and Auctioneer, No. T89 7th etreet, between G aud H ata. By virtue of a deed of truat to me, dated Niv. IBili. 141, of rec?id? in Lil>er No. Ail, foli. 169, oue of the laud record for the county of Waah iDfton. D C., and by direction of the party aecared thereby, I shall offer at pablic aale in froat of the premiaea. on TUESDAY, the 17thday of Juna mat., at 6 o'clock p m., all the right, titl* and interest of S.J. Fague, ia and to a leaaebold for ten year*, from January 1, late, granted by the traatee* of Columbia College, of lot No. 25. of anbdivlaioa of aocth college arounda, renewable on certain con ditioua, Mwtlfh*ae*n by reference to the record thereof in Liber Mo. 661 .folio lst,one oft be Land Bec ord- forthe county of W aahiagton, together with the improvement* there a, being a nearly new two story Frame Houae, titaate on Uth afreet, dm Boundary. Terma of aale are: One-fonrth caah; (Of which $SU rouat be immediately paid.) balance in three, aix. nine and twelve month* after the day of ?ale with intereat, secured by a deed of trurt oa the property. All conveyancing and recording at the coat of the pnrcliaaer, aad if the terma of *ale are not complied with in ten daya after the day of sale the trui*tee reaerrev the right to reaell the property at theribk and coat of the defaulting purchaaer. j6 d W. B. WEBB. TnrnHe. B B Y DPNCANSON. DOW LINO A CO., AnctYa, boutheaet corner 9th and D atraeto northweat. I On FBIPAY AFTERNOON, Jane 13th, 11473, at 3.30 o'clock, we ahall offer for aale, I at public auction, to the higb??t bidder, in fryat of the prenii*4>a. Lot 22 In c<juare 1 .mo. annate on 12th street eaat. between south M and aouth N -treet*. having a front of 48 feet, with a depth of 117 feet 6 inches, improved by a Frame House. Terms: Ona-third caah; balanca In all and twelve montha, with notea bearing interest, secured by deed of tru<t. Conveyancing at anrchater's coat. A ?**p<>sit of ?sn required at nnte of aale. DUN< ANSON, DOWLIBO A CO , je6 d Ancl jopeers Y LCTTBELL A Dl'N NINGTON, Auctioneers, 917 Louisiana avenue. VALUABLE SALE OF REAL ESTATE?A BABE | CHANCE FOB IIVE8TMENT. , OnTHl'BBDAY, Jan. C o'clock p. im.. we will aell in froat of the nremiaea, to the Miigliest bidder, two elegant Brick Ht>ua*a. kaowa as 316 and SIB C street, between Id and IS nort hw est, f rent lug 64 feet on C street aad ranni ug back 18ufeet to an 18-foot alley, upon which there are brick stable* running the width of the lota. The houses contain 44 rooms, with all the modera aoave nienc<-s. water, gas, Ac. The property will be aolJ separately or aa a whole. Termsof aale: One third ca?h. of which ?U0 on each honse must be paid oa day of aale: baiaace iu 6,12, and 13 moat ha .secured by a deed of trust oa the premiaea. Ll'TTBKLL A Dl'NNINGTOH, | jefr-dA'ls Auctioneer*. 917 Louisiana av". DT GKEKH A WILLIAMS, Auctloaeara, L> Northwest coraer luth and D streets TWO GOOD FRAME HOrSES AND LOTS, KBONTING ON BAST CAPITOL STBEET, BETWEEN AND 9th STB?BTS EAST, AT ACrTION. A on THURSDAY, the I llth inat., at B o'clock ? r m , we shall sell, on the premises. Fart of ^??Lot 11, in ayuare No. 9iM>, being 46 feet front by 96 feet I inch deep, with two g<xid Frame Dwail ing Houses, with basements, auitabie for private residences, to which we aak the attention of per*. >na in want of comfortable homes, as they will be aold poaitive to the liicheat bidder*. Title perfect. Terma: One-half caah; balance 6 and 12m-mtha, for nolea bearing iatereat aad secured by a de-d f trust on the premiaea sold. Goaveyaaciag cost of purchaser. BlOUdowa on each house time of sale. M j7-d |Bep ) GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aacts, By latimkb a cleary. Auctionears aad Real Estate Broker*. bouth weat coraer Pen nay Ivania are. and llth street, Btar Office Buildings. VALUABLE UNIMPBOVED BEAL ESTATE IN DIFFEBENT SECTI0N8 OF THB CITT AT AUCTION-SALE TO TAKE FLaCB AT OCR AUCTION BOOHS. oa SATUBDAT AFTEBNOON, Juae 14th, MM1H73, at d o'clock, within oar Sale-rooaM, we s^-shall sail the foilowiug described valuable real estate: Lot S, la ariaare 666. aituated oa the r->rth aide of Mew Y?rk avenue, between 1st street aad Maw Jer sey avenue aorthweat. Part *f Lot M, in square W, coraar of Kh aad 0 itrt^ii loutbccvt. Also, L?a 4,6.6,7.8. J7,?*,? aad W. la square 9to. bounded by south G aad 1 streets, aad Uth aud ljih streets east ., Terms of sale: One-fourth caah. balance ia thrae'1 equal payments, at 6,12 aad 18 months, with note* bearing iatereat aad secured by deed of trust on the premises aold. Conveyancing at purchasers' coat, A80 will be required oa eachbot at Uasaof aale. If tW terms of sale are oot complied with within six days, the right will be reserved to reaell the proper ty at the risk and coat of parehassr in default. Plata of the property can be aaaa by applying to the auctioneers. J d LATIMtB A CLMABT, AaNs. B. H. WABWEB, , Beal Estate Broker and As No. TB9 7lh street, hatwaaaB aad M?a. BT SALI OF VALUABLE-BUILDING LOT OB 1 ? ill Offer for aale to th? highest H^THUBSDAT, fuae 19:h, 1873, at ? o"clerk p. Aa,, a valaable BafMiag Lot, 1 scat ad aa above, tlteet 6 Inches froat aa M street, kg a depth rfM feet to aMfeet paved alley. All w<K>daa pavea i.. ? 16 meatha, at 7 par cart, latereet, secured by a deed of truat. #100 down en day of aale. i as&s*u'irB,rK&iy^Wh??. EVENING STAR '* ? brilliant object v miM eta-. ?ClOOk IB the early if !**_**?" **? throagboat tbr I ?oath aa tZZXHk?Jr'rt"* ****** i?JL~r ? ?* ?reata*t hnl nancy on Im IWfc. and i# thf r a mpdrh ol? lAt't to l A Old. thelargo^ aad wUiSTlSr'ES t#rn from the evtk Venus hw baea morning star rm siroa ber infer tor ma Junctlon on the Mb of May. She ?u lh^ *l k*"r neara* point to the earth, am ar v^erixl twenty f vr time* an largr a* *h.- d<?J? when at her superior coajn action, bar mo* <1i? tant potnt. She woald shine like a rounc bom in this part of her orbit if It were not that am. ? mail portion of ber illuminated snrtaor u '"Tf^ toward m. H?t period* of irrttMt brilliancy occur about thirty sit day* before and after ber Inferior ooajunction. One of occurred on tbe 2ath of March, tne other to tbe bom Int^reatinr r'.anetarv nhe yy ?<a ?wAr, l)T? Thtorad?ant quae a f ?tar* will repav an rarlr riser with a charming vtewot ber soft.pensfie beaut\ aa heralding the dawa. *ha bing, NteV ??l?a lampraspoaSad ill tbe heaved A specUl la tere*! to now attached to her movement*frol the approach of her transit. the great astro n< mo al epoch ol tilt' at vt >. at Saturn I* a morning >tar rising toward miA , night on the brat part and about aiae oclocb on the last part of tbe month. He ia tncreaaia* ^Jr ^i>cr ?fj* NwchJ bi15SSS2 with tbe ?un. and mat be easilv tra.'ed In the constellation Capricorn us. a? "hr retrogrades among tbe stars of that cluster. Ai hi* rear i. equal to about thirty of our*, he remain* two V ?"* aiid a ball In a constellation. and it ia therefore easy to follow bis cour?e War* to m.*t con?picuou? anon; the ercain* *tar*, although hi* brilliancy to kw^mi.f ar bo travel* farther from u*. barlnt iiamel !.i? on position or aeareat j,.lut oa. tbe .Tth ol ApnL He I* visible throughout tbe aigbt until he *eta IV - .e>tiy morning hours, at two o'clock on the first part ot the month and aliout midnight Vik**1 ,*rt He U ,n *** conntefia tion I.lhra. ?| proachir.g Alpha Libra-, tbe brightest *tar of tbe cliu'er. and may be rcad ffy reeognired by hi* ruddv light. .luplter to an evening star. but ha< lost a i?r tioii of the lustre that made Inm *o beautitui an object during the winter night*. He net- at.-it uMi.ight In tbe first pa-t. and near ten o'clock - <>f month. He to in the con i?^ ."L1011 *f?! V1 wUI nw lu leading bril liant *tar. ltegulus, on the 21st _.,.e^f"ury reachca hto *upertor conjunction With the *un on the Mb. alter which lie ia an erenlng pUr an.I towards the la*t of the m inth 3'? to ** IbTorably *!tuated lor ol.aerrat on. being rtoible more than an hour alter ?un?et I ranu* to an evening *tar. He mar be ?*en on clear moonlen* night, tracing hi* slow path among the *mail *tar* of the conatellation r%a where he will remain for nearly seven **? be requires eighty-four rear* to com plete a revolution. It takes a practiced eve to detect tbe di*tant wanderer a mot is tbe lntla *tnts around him.?/V.>ruf'*ior Journal. M.Tl"f.nK>,P*.R Of M.m By letters and through the medium of one uf our exchange*, we have rceivedsume more in tormation concerning tlie last reiurted act in the great tragedt of souiberu K*u*a> tbe *? icideot Nichola* Minon. The people have In come interested to kuow what were the confes sions made by him. which tbe telegraph m dimlv hinted at. 1 be story ae reintrted I* that lie admitted that he went s?>utb witb the ftendor ^ .V MK1" a,ttr tlie murders m k? ,.?* ai^l that he knew them, and that tbev wera going fiom Dallas to Kautman He savs that ? r wkaowtatoed there have t>een U I m. n killed in Kansas. It does not *eeni iro.-u th.* in tn iif.'^t \?trece'^ Minon bad anything tbe tact, but It aoukl ap|>ear that be in stins mannergot Into their confidence afterward, aixl buried in La liOMim the dreadful secrets re vealed. When he did make them public, and found that the eye of suspicion wa? fastenod ii|?on bim. and tbat a Uuited State- detective W?*?t?ln| bin, ami ?mI4 not lot him iret ofl at Caddo, and that be ? as even being one of the Renders, despair seised bim ?nd Ee rashly took his own lile Tbe circuuT stance* were that the priftonor wa* seated ir tbe passenger car It was not known to the 1'iiit^ States detective, who wa* dogging hi* every step and watching all his motion.-, that ha had a hW I'erson. He suddenly dren a Snath & Reason i*ocket-pi*tol. placed the muzzle to bis forehead and fired, blow.tiit a tap-inch hole in hto *kull. from which the brain protruded ?Lravn,rorU ( Kan.) Comm<rci*l, ttk ?^"Tbe CarlUt wear flat re.1 caps ?*>v of seventeen has lately married a girl ot twelve in Jackson, Tenn. KTAn old Kentucky gentleman, whont aon ia urnlfci arrest lor crime, has died ot griet. mfLt Cyrtairt. a Paris newspaper has b en anpprei?ed by order of General 1/Admirault atu^f!i?nMOdOC 8witct U capUary ?^"1 5-00 vei7 ?olemnly. saya Kuskin to pnt tbat idea of knowing all thing* in hear* and earth out of roar heads. It i* vary littl tbat wernnevcr know, either of the ways ot Providence or of the law* ot eautencw Bat that little I* enough, and exactly enough. ?E?T!Jl*I'0n*c0f ^ oat of .loaqvia Miller's new "Songs of the Sun Lands Tnen the great ran died, and a roae-red (doom Grew over bis grave ia a border of gold. And a cloud with asllrer wkite rim wasrol.'d. I^ke a great gray stone at the door of a tomb. ?abbied. ,he of April. IC1 uJd' 'wil* T H X. Cieva '?siivi city.1" "TTIK COKStfc. both o? T"ii ABT W AT KB? On th?> #*h inatant, at ib? umLS' iif" l>rMe'a fatbar, b> thr !(?? f^'h-r LI* 'fiffi?;: tE "l lkT and Utm MoL L.IK K. siTl.K8. Mkvl thiacity. Mo card*. ? v BI?. O TOOLK In Brooklyn, N T. or Sataniu JT.V'11,*'#JuB' rth? M-Larf, aisu*r of H \ T J O"Toole, f..rn>' rlj of thia city. Ttosremalaa ?ilJJ* conve> .d from tb<- Bali mora andOhio d. ?.? to Houat OK* C?.t?,T.wJ SSMla) iiiornius. lllb luataul, at $ ./clock. ? kt'TIIiUl BT. On th?- Mil inataid. after a luat and painful |lla?-a*. which lie b>r? witb < hriatiaa !^r,i*EM "AED u *oTK**^*.*???2b ..T'- P'"0" lets rsai - j1"**' bo. 40H lOtli *tr?M-t n nawtwt, thi? < Tu<a <!a?i. at ? o'clock p m. Tb* fri.ada of tb- famlZ r!LleT^N,l> *???"?; ?v mtx"^ | P**"" ^ Philadelphia, Pa., L <?X aZ1 hhlW, MARJ E F WILLIAMS, only daughter (.f Tb. inas H ani Francu t Wllliami ag*d 7 month* and U data. ????*, run?ral service at Si MartinV Charch Tnnn day, nth iD?taat. at J o'clock ^"?rcti, Tbnra VI1EELEB In PhilaA-lahia. Pa? Safl'ath i^r *# 'J1 i11" h?r fstfcw. vf v7 i ' 'I*" 'ifllrt* Oreiirtoa M Wh *k uf ^^hlngton^D^C^^^I Bi pablican pleass cop) | * UNDERTAKER^ gKHABB r. BABTBT iinuert (SMtsuar t* MAM TB 11 Bo. ?N r tnm, between I METALLIC BVKIAL CASKS AND CASBBtB ?11 ** SHKOViiS, HABITS, ta. jJ'tBABB W. IABUB, ~~ CAblNBT MABBB AMD OMDBBTAEMB. ?IB ELBTBKT1 STBEET, near V. rthMlTVBB OF ALL BIMUS MADE ABM HBPAIBBD. Z?Z ^yiUlAB BACUTT~ JN OTICB or BEMOTAL CAIO toil leave to Inform hto ^J4 W?c^."o5T?;> s?r ? rSCTCMUL 8TEDP, H otel. IP OOOBHS An OOLN. _ BOLD B T ALL DBB9B ?tB-ir

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