Newspaper of The Sun, 18 Şubat 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated 18 Şubat 1861 Page 4
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ft ffA itienrr f AVPOtTS I AllLfc.IjL.ArA;u.J I ,. vrl hi lleavrw. ar niiiuiB. Talk lo l ! lilt lei im eve. Of ibevalVliedtTlxlOMI tbeaalnta lllve, ful nlrH 1 at-a-d In a troubled dream, nytheBldapfar'aik'y flowing elieem. Aale" Cbutrbman d-wo to the river ram i Win t bterd a etrecge Tc re rail hie name, Mlmd Mtrr, atops '"': ' rnaathM ltd. You muM lev your role "on 11 other aid. Hut fh aged illj to mied. And bin hwig gown A e.ed out behind, Ae down in the hie way be aw, H u pale handa claaplng gill-edged book. - Vm I Hind f hM i n. Bed whan I'm Iher I tbsll not my look of Ommn rrayer Aad though 1 put on a atari j crown, 1 abould leal qull loat without my gown." Tnen he died hla ere on lb (blnlng werk, Dal hie gown ni bevy, end bld Mm beck i And lb poor old lkihr Irted in rain, A glngl (Up In Ih lki ta (tin. I hint egaln on the elber aide, Jtalhladlk gown fljeMd Mine tide; And no on eeked. In the! hllelul t. Whether b bkmgd t 'IV Church" or not. Then d rwn la lb rtvwr a Quaker attayed. Ilia dreea of a filer hu niadei My eoal at d hat muat In all of g rjr, t Mt go any other WIT." Than be buttoned bU e M straight up Id bit Chin, And staidly, eoletuu'y , waned In, And hi broad-brimmed hat he pulled dowa llf M Over bla lorehaed, m cold and while. Kul etmng wind rerrled ewey bla hat) A moment b Mm' J alglud over that. And than, m he ft' I on lb farlheat abort, Tb oual dipped off, ftud wa n do mor. Aa to entored bnna, bla aoll of pay Want quietly selling away, away. And nuua of tb angels qumtloned bun About tb wldtb of bla beever brim. Mart cam Dr. Warn wttb laidie of P mlma, Ttod nUaly up 1 bia agtd anna, And hymue aa many, ft vary wim thing, Vba lb people la tetvso, "all r-uad," mlgbt tint, Rul I thought Ibal ba Ikktm) an antlmia'algh, Aa ba aaw that lha rlvar ran lTd and blf ta. And lookad rather aurpilaad aa, una by ona, Tb Paalina and Ilyiuua In the wara went dawn. And a Vr htm, with hta MM . Cna Wri rr. lha paurni tit (fndltnaaa; Hal ba critd, (I)Mt ikc. wbai atiall I do f Toe water hat eoektd Item throtijb and through." And lliata rn Ilia rttar, tr aad nlda. Away tbay wml down tb aw illt-n 11.1a, Andttia wlnl aaviuumad Ma 1 thrmib alon WlUiout bla inanuacrli, up ti Iba tUroua, Tbra iaraly w'klK, twi ralnte Vy nuua, liwn li Iba ttarn ti,e.hnr ramr ; Hal at biy HTIX'l at bo rlTar'a lirlnt, I aiwont ailntliointbaotUr ahink. 'Bpr1rkitd (r plitnfol, niay 1 ak ynu, friend, II m you a'l i d . 1 frt grfai i !" 'Thii: wliti iVw dmu i.n n.y Now " " hare U rn d p.Ted, yuu'il aaa M now. 'lad I really tblb it Kill bard'y di, Aa lm Vumwi on maun wb, locrtiai with yotl; Yati're Umnd, I know, t . tha realiue of LIIm, Dal )ou muel go lliet way, and I'll go Ibla " Toen atiftlgMway plana W with all bia mlgbt, 'Away to tha left bla frl ud at the HRbt, Apail tbiy went fiotu Ihla wor'd of tin. Hut at laet t"gabar Ihey mn in. And. now when tb rlrer waa rolling on, A Pnaliytftrwn Can ch went dnwn; Of women there emd an lonumerabla throng, Dal lb men I could coast aa they pftaa-! aloE Andennoernlar-ab roaJ.tlay could nerer agre To old or the ruv way, wblob II oou'.d be, W 1 1 ar oteVuenl panatd lo thick That both would lead Id lb rlTai'a Lrtak. An 1 a at tin I of murmuring laog nod laud Came trer up from the moving crowd, 'You're In the old way, and I'm la the mew, Toat la lb hvlee, and Ibla la tba true f Or, "I'm In the old way, and you're hi tb new, TM la th fftlaa, xA Mm la lha tiua." Hut lb brtikrrn only aeenxd lo (peek, Mdeal Ik elaiere wa ked, and meek, And If aver one of tbem ehanoad to aay Wkalttaiblea aba mat with on I he way, Haw ah longed lo paaa la lb oh da, 24ir feaitd to ciom oirer tba ewalllng tide, A eotee ftrc from th brethren then i " no ana apeak but th holf men i" Foe ye nut beard tha word r Fnul, O, 11 lb ran karp alien all r I watched Ihrm long In my carlaoa dream. Till Ihey Mood by lb boritai of ah Mi earn. Then, I art a I Ihoughl, tba Iw way nut. Bat all tba brethren were talking yet, And would talk on, nil th hearing tide Carried lhara orer aide by aldi B da by atda, tir lb way waa one, Tb autlaom Jour ny of Urn wa dona. And all whe la Cnnrr tha gartor died. Cam ant alike on th other aide. Me torma, or ei naaaa, or book a had Ihey, IV gowna of allki or aulla of gray, N oreeda lo guide Iheni, er MBS,'' Por all had put on C'HBnrr HahKouaaaaa . Chrinnam Aiiuet and Journal, THE YEA! NINE. a nuw rtenu. Naw ant Pruaied hi Aanariom. a . U At Authnrtit of "Mary VtorA' Following I ho mlvK rnl truldanra ef tha liumane littlo ty, the j-niing llavarlan, with a Kuod ileal of wtnruip, ami mino mlditional r(Tu eion of U'xxl, normeil bimwlf nlunt; to tha rude lillle carltv nhlrli An.lcrl ha.l dlrfiiillc I l.y the nam of a nut. It touUineil, Iiowcvit, a rouh Iml of lir tranche a (tool and table f rude i.mttrucliun, and a little hidden etoro of rjs uikct and thvcM-. "And now," aad Anderl, after barfiiK a;ooj. Dftturedlr aettled him on the ruitlr coui h, and jmt the food within lila reach, ''I'll fetch you some water: and thro I mutt lear you, or uijr nother will fancy I've one to banu," "I bono the owner of tho hut will not return. though,1' Mid Lht UaTarian wistfully. "You couldn't a-at ma a muaket, could yeu t I dare aay rnlno la down among th great." "Why, now, how can you expect It)" (aid th boy. 'Here hare I had tnorcy on you, oar enejnjt and you want ma to give you the meam ef (booting on of my friend 1" "Dut I am dofeiicekM," luifgeatcd th Dare 'jlan. "Your Mfaty liciln that," Mil Anderl. "It njr of our men abould com and ba unetpect dly uluted by yuu with a (hot, of coura he wouia ba leinptM to return year nr pret ty effectually) but H be Dud you ly ing; helpleaa M I did, he will havaroinpaa Jun; becanaa tha Sandwlrth told hi tbii very nwroln, that non Lot a coward would harm tfallwifoe." "Cotne, that' eoc comfort," tatd th young oldUr, "Haatyou gof" , "Ay, that 1 mutt, but 111 com and look niter you In a day or two, 1 I can," "OU 1 auy ba dead beor that. "Why. your leg hae left off bleeding; already, -od re nive plantr to oat I What htr yuu to do but U 11 (till M1 get wU 1 don't think yo (re eery brare I" Tula unexpected rebok mad th color mount la theyonng- Uararlaa'i fao and Aaherl, after looking at him for moment, turned awayi awl taking a beocben bowl from a nail In tb wall, aalUod forth to tho (priag and filled it to the brim with water. "There, ow."aid he, amil lng, ft h pbtoed it beaide the aoldiar, "do you faal all orer red-bet to tar" "No what do vou mean?" "Why, lather Joachim My, "If tbJneanamy buoKtr, feed him i If ha thirit gi him drink, for lo ao doing, tliou abalt Leap cualt of fir on Wahead.'" "Why, am not yenr eaemy, you little boy! What harm base we ever 'done on an. Dtnarf" "l're don yen none, certainly; but you have bean killing my frleudr; and would gladly hare kill! my father!" "Who U your father " "1 muat not tell vou that. However. I tnar tell you that halt oh, aucb a brave nun ' I and ao good I Every one love him." 'llofer, l(uppoae?,, "No, not Iloferi but I mutt not tell you any more, ao now good lye, I don't think any erne will com laur jea ualuaa It abould lie th bill-aprit." "WbolitbehiU-rrriter" "Well, 1 can't Juttly uv; hut If UauuU the bill-top: and wben the beril. ikb .eve gone clown into lb valley for tbej winter, lit tax poaaaaalon of one of 111 r deter' I halt, to b more mug and comfort- able, I (uppoae, while nobodyi el to wanti It; and, aometimea, when the bardamu hu aron back again for emnetblng halkatforgotUo b ha found th hill-Bprite alraudy aettllny tlauetf la th chalet, and ajTeagi;t bit ghoatly aana aad paUa." llunl And are you gning to.leav me to ma auorvy oi iuib uiii-i rner Ou,b won', hurt you. You got her Drat, itwllf be. looki l and arm yen, he'll K (war, stwU u frlshlK17" tbatdarniila, If lie waara a often lacket nd red Man, and 1 rarrleaarillaotcr biaehoul- .1-, i.r.l,V.I. I i,.n I-" "Ki'l If be Jia ( not point It at y. Rveidea, It wouldn't go off." "I ahan't nndoMtanl lil langnare." 'Why, lou iinilem'end . Hat lie doean t talk at all. miai-a dlrmnl nom, and krep tirillng bin baud. I adria tou to My your prajrm, and tbrn yi'U won't llluk of bhn any rn'. Away cnt Amlrrl, wilh a very unfavorable Improtalun of ILivarlnn cuurage. Mennwbil. tb wminded anldlcr felt very lonely wttboai tila llltle rotnpanioni and weak from the lou of Mend. Aimed deal of what eourac lie had. had art Bin It cblnd away wllhlt: for hnwM preaanlly aadly ftcared by a (udden, mablniz, unaccountaUe aound of many (mall feet which he thought muat ba thoea of a legion of hill rprltai rather than of one. It only proceeded, however, from the flock of abeeri, who, having remained under th hill while the (prlrur, (torm laited, were now re tdrning le tb (weet ahort gran higher op. A ooople of day( afterward. Anderl, who had often thought of the Uevarlan, mad up a little packet of cake and char, and (at off an a walk of aeveral mllra to ae after bluv. "The gate waa there, but a 4 the Ud I" Anderl looked about, but could And nothing of blm. Tb food waa eaten, and he wm gone 1 It waa tmat for all nartlei that keatuwU have made off. After a good nlght'a eleep,h bad awoke (ulEiienlly rof rralied to make a heart v breakfut of what would have fed a temperate Tyrolrwa for two or throe day? and then, eiariinioghl wotmd, be found hunaelf aid to bind it up (of firlantly well to admit of bla moving (lowly, with a good deal of limping. II wm very daairoua of going down tb ravine, U bunt for hi muaket, but hardly felt equal to It) and the aound ef men' voice among the tree decldnl blm on keeping on hla nreacnt level, and maktngolT aa faat aa ha could. Veer enabled him to do thia lietter than he would otberwlae have thought pnaalb1e aval ha mad ronaidrraM progrcM along th mountain aid, tui n negan to i-e unrrriain ei nia iiaannga, and t fear that h might b rrnetratlng Into the enrmy'a country, inalend of setting out of It. Iteaidee, he waa by thia time very tired and vriy hungry and it wai therefore with conalderahle, tlmuKb net unmixed ,t iafactlna, that he deacril a lone lint. Though lonely, It mlbt not bo unmcupltd t therefore, he ap-proac)-d It with extrrma rautiin. On ilono inveatlgation, however, there ap peared nn algna of life. Made Iml 1 by hunger, lie ralMxl the latih, went in and finni'l the but empty empty of InhibitanK that K but not of atbtk for It ap)ieared to lie a klod of little tlirp cr atom, contain ing niotliiinea for man, borM and cow i cheap cToikcry and cutlery aietea, tube, and pniiii liouarhnld ami ai;riultural Implement!) mid a few rnlla of yrivn i loth, (auva, and cal ico ; am h good n the peaiAiitry wore lik ly to want during tha long winter mnntha, without finding it ronvenu'iit to go In a town fur them. Kvery article waa tit ketrd olili the prirej thr waa a till for the monry, and t look wherein to enter what had la-en purctui d. Tbnae good, hotiaet penile could rely upon not being de frauded by on another I I It atruilc the llavarlant though not ao much ai It would atrtke tie. He opened tho till; thnr waa a UttU heap of kreularra In It, and (hut It BB again. Ho locked into th ladgor, and read lucn enirira at tneac Waller Landaueri a Dutch hoe (ao many krawtatr ) A loir Wtnkel, three yda. green cloth. Madeline Wetaa, t yd, auarlat ribtwi. IllUo. t oi onaree whlU thread. Ditto. 1 email hair eleve. Jerome Hrlakal, a bruah of bog' balr briatle." and lo forth. Tb Ilavarian began to look about for om thing to eat. He found onroaatad coffee In tb berryr tar, turpentine, oil, black and yellow paint, and cobbler'a wax none of which artl ciea, acparately or conjointly, promlMd a very deairabl repeat, even if there war a fir lighted by which to cook them. At length ba came to a raiall canlater of augar-plunu aad poured It content! Into hla pocket, that hla month might not b altogether unemployed. If be eoold nothing better to fill it. Jutt then ha beard a loud xclamalloa of urprii and, with a guilty (tart, h turned aooui ana met tee great, round, wondering eye of a Itoirt, thlokaet girt wh locked u ft ah were not quit Hire of fall not being th hill anritr. Hla (tart, and th uniform h worn, awtei t indecelve her fox aba aocoatad him with aa ejaculation tantamount to "vrau, t mmir: " 'Tretty maiden, doei thli ihop belong to you K laid th Ilavarian. "No more than It doea to you I" mM aha, planting herself boldly In the door-way, "How dunt you como bare ? ' "I am a wounded man dont you eee?" (pointing to bia bandage) "and a atranger. Women alwava bare pity on the unfortunate." " How do I know you re unfortunate f You are a thief 1 you were Mtlng liana Steffan'a augar-pluma 1 " Uecauaa I waa (tarving." "Ware your" relenting a littl. " I can't think what I rhall do." 'What do you want to do ?" "To get out of the Tyrol aa quick at I can.' "You may do that in a few houra, if yon look alurn." n ' "But I am wundod aud cmnot walk fait." "Humph poor fellow! And you are bun-Rtyr- "Aa a hunter." "Hump well here' aomo bread ami iheeae I waa carrying to my faih.-r i J'ou can have it, and I will filch blm aonio nioro. Auu now I biItI yon to Iw cir u faat hh you can will pay for tha augir-pluina. Tint la, Buppoaing jou huve no monej." "Not a kreuUcr." 'Well t hero aiaacouple of kieuUtn fur you. Kow. ff." ' "Which way?" "rtitbt toward! that old tweronthe dUtanl hill. When you reach It vou will get a distant view or innairiMK, wnirit or lource you keap clear of, aa wo bate re-taken It 1'' !llvo youf" ill "That bav we. Kow depart." 'fJraclou( maiden, permit me" He luted her on th cheek. She watched blm down the hill, and then turned on her heel, with an ejtculatory "Uumih! what mannenl" CIIAITER XI. rTROiru cuiKTaiur, A young man la busily examining th water worn rock i along the edge of a TyroleM stream Now and then h itrlkea them with a bug lledgo-hammer, eagerly inatebe up aomathlng allr. and popi it Into a banket. A wild foda'I from a mountain-tide, half a mil off, makn him look ap, and diacovari tb fac of our old, but not very reapectable acquaintance, Franx. Th wild try wax uttered by a arlrl, who, la coura of time, drew near him, knitting u aha cam along) for a TyroleM woman Dvr It Idle. "What ar yon about there, Franx I" "Can't you Me, There f Look at that nloalavketoffith." "How can you ba about uch nonaeoaa, when vry mas deaerring th nam of man la up In armi I I am nulla aahamad of von !" "Well, Thorasa, you ar not over-pollu bat don't jou know that (om muat plough, and eoin muat bow, and home muit handle th mat tock end boe?" "Well, all I can My in, I think It very con temptible id you!" ' "Why, now, Thereaa, I call that nry un kind. lh )u know I wm catching Umm tmeltl on purpoae for yuu?" "1 would not giv a pin for there; I am not dainty In my eating, aid if 1 were, we hat plenty of good trout ba the 1'aas.jr, to le caught at our own door," 'Those would fetch a good price In Innx bruik matket, I ran tell you'" " Then you bad batter carry thorn to Inni I ruck maiket. Only, take car non of our Pauaj nra aak you what you hat a been thee ibreo ibty. "Why, Tbereaa, how blttar yoa are ! Veu've net er had a ch 11 word to My to me tlnre I Wat Rudolf at IkjwI." " lou f Ha, ha, ba !" " 1 m.i, though I" " Very likclv vou mluht i Lnt I have f.irirat tta all about It, People tliat attend to notblog but himnurlng atone foremeltl, and playing uowUand nturpina, are likely to excel in iucE ihlngi." " 1 do attend to a prectoua lot of Ihlngt b. "Wh(t? Ob, looking after th cowa, and muirgling brandy, and eelllng Ud burnaa for food cnea well, you do all that, 1 allow." Irani did not anawtr her for a few mlnutei but iMpt acllialy from rock to rock along tba tream; darling bar and there on A (mult, and coming lack wilh hit band full. 'There!" aald ba, throwing them Into the buketi "parhap your mother will accept them I . "' ""' ' w " carry tbem to ber, I d we can walk along together. I've a wor , a r two to aay to jou." 'What laltf Mid There, puranlng her knitting, aad (Upping out at a good pace. "All that you add iuit now, ' rejoined be, after a ahort aflence " altont getting brandy, and Felling horeeft, and looking afur cow, to which jou might have added doctoring tbem when 111,-4 true enough. Thereto and what la more. It hu pat a good lab. bit of money into my pnrnai.- " Vary likely," aal.l Tliernt i "but what of that t Money in net th thing of moat ooaae nuenr in lb wot Id." " Well, afmoat think It la." ' It U of muth conaeiioeuee, onrtamtr, Franx, in feia way, I grant yon, Ilia way It la emplored, whether good or aril. If It enable (and Incline) you to b gencrooi and belul to your old blind motber, and your hard-working tUter, It1 aa instrument of good but If you only bid it In a hola, It ii of no good at all and If yon apeod It In betting aad drinking, It I wore than no good, for It la downright rrll." "AH thU U very weU to gay," began craim. Nothing U verv wall to Mr. nnleu It be true " Interrupted Tliereea. "Dot It' iolU oerUla," continued Franx, " that money la a real good, whether or no and for thia Jab) raaaoa that It giraa yoa Power of aoma Mrt." aald There. "Almoet endloM power," returned Frani, warmrng with bit rabjeet. " Why, now, hiw oauld Duonapart carry aa, thli war without "Without wit. rather," Mid Tbereea. "I never heard that b wm very rich to atart with, but quit tb revere; th thing waa, fa hud a rfciarr kfttd, ami mad tit, lie wan very pain taking, very reaolutet and that ha mad blm anpowfrfoli not money." "It baa nut him in poaaeeeion ef money, with out which be could not pay hla troop, "argued Franxi "and if they were not paid, they would not right for hint." "Wot they I I believe ytm there," aald The re. "Tbey bar not th motivM for fighting that w pour Tyroteae bave and that la why we ao often beat thorn." Tt b Omlinuti. IKDICINHM. FUUUAM'8 KHF.UMATICAND NKUttAL 010 ANNUIILATOH, For rh McmaunDl our ef Khrwmarlaaa aad arl Ma kbiarad aAUoa. Ihlarauatlr haa bea tftoroiiihlr wetfd, and many ho were aunena from tee eicre tlatjne Blna of ftheumtlm are new eaiejrln good Uwltn. Ulve II ft trial aad yeu will anon bmfl eon vtnrcdef tta tnaalral eflnrta It ta ale a attain eure for ai re tlint afnihte. palna 1 'ha hark. 4 We hav ratal.lhihrd a d4 lu Wlltlana-lnira, at 44 pVuth tnd at- It ra atai had at Um ' J.Mo I im mnre. our nouui nn ana u at at me varu sbve, Ul,lnx eve eppiireitn la Niw York at the Nrwa Pepnt, PTJ THvUI m et; at U I 'alumina .! ai 4. Ijtti Bl.AI.ra the Kaaa iMant, rACalumbl Kaal tj-Irrf Ji Irr ftorr. UH Bewary. Prlea, II eeule r hottla. IM TUB PILba. f DB-UnlAIIW VmlCTABtal gUKTtTJAJBT la a Mtala anra w PtWalnantT CtaaB ad aooditkaVM Puruloa, ftamraa, ii and Umrttxmt at Ota wnwahv era the maot er aefinataa er hvare the mmM efweainaled ar awdly-tmaial ,Whm alTlntn with althar at ahaaadkarnwlB pllra. Wbnw aTlntn with eRhar or and.daotereae mmli auana tlmmttitmmm. tha aillmnawij aonaiM DV beetoranwxwUlr.aklaatnaa.ajflroarwaak Thayery Kernamaarfw. ana fti dhraaa, aalloaU ear won ftU altanWaua raautttng from Ur. UP1I All Bi a Humlar aliiwilaii haa davaaad aaaa diuualilaltenUoaih Hue euuaaf aaWalow fcr aaere meal Wa caara. and war c - a r - -- ! akA aniil tin a - - a I UiaevanbUbiMalynlaOWrtwrmawtod IaaorrmmiaerJawwry,am. waa nqwary ana r we. franVUa Ttawnat TTJNO'S CKLXBBATXD BALTB. a ParB the a afadona. aart awha,aadaIlkhiaBOf eU ewaa weonda. Thai ililntil ealre haa taaa aaad ha Ueeland far a Banm har at yean, aad la lha ehev dleat awearbiaeto MAQIO OIL atADAM HOBBO WB ItAgb OU and BereUtlwitoer af aha Haxaaa Brewaa atvWthtawfTomaU aahaa aad aatoa. BSOiwUI ha paid gw any aaadtoTna thatVuTeaaJ ttde garth M. towtng II Bhaaaaaaxam, aaaralaja. eootraetag iahaak faua ha Ih alaa r aaaBjhaaeaaaa, feochactah aareina TaadT aaaa ahfaaa. Prteela ala gar hattasTgn eauataawaxhBAwaB,tM laalewaa, eta goare babx aasi anal OMTTini ANIBBED 00D0H DROPS ARB O aaafrraainaraaaadylhi aaaaha, aalda, and all af- i of tne enaet aad rung aa awtuea a 11 an xt aWMMtMlrraathara. gatltalM QAKDtT WILD OHKBBT K27BCTOBAJTT P POM OOIXIBB, OOUM AMD WftWJatPTlOIl. uaa aaai a aaaw aaaa. wa ma a ran an 'V& ahaww TO TUB PEOPLE BOWTEBI SPIKES. -L jJMOIjrnnpeThwataaT 1 1 i ly 1 ear ah Jhu b bow for lb BraTUia oBaral I tb pahrJa f Hew York. It haa beaa oaed la prtvala nraotlav (a thki mr, tat ever twenty yaara, daring which period nfhaa aa ICh the aval nattrrtat aurr Penooaaf aaoauUry bablta, arpfclally fenuUm (aw whom thai article la dMlaard), wlU bnd It tha bad regulaaor af th human eraUm aver Introduced. II hi very eleaaaal ttehute-u rnoCjll eho have taken tt, like at m II thaA Khar will nKh L. -111, u aok ar walL t be eithoul It. rich ar w naiuTC laaandla Ita prn XlVof reohk A-nd ll wouuia er a oeletrnoua nr ef ranee, aa-and it win In na eaaa aaueeajaiawa ta Cbe weakeat aoaatltii Om weakeat wmMrtnlLnw. Btott kaaaie taf aeakly enaMtlhitkwirakoeld try bV aad we will auaranlea OtU the win ba atreniriw Bag healtbire naunark unuTuirr were nrevtoaaao taaing n. iaa at noMrum but a arnuinaliDot aad llnrb Medi mat an pjat on ui caoa or the aloha. Youay eina, wlthnat an e rwl on the caoa or th tlnba. Youay men af dallcaCe eomaltutkma ahoald Ida (iv Uua ertl ele e trial, aatltey will find a areat ehanga In their game- ral bralth, after taktag law hoaUae aaa ai i Finx txmtpounav- Tba ahw eaeedea eaaaaiattou aaa he had el the fallowing well known driutebde J New Yoaa-Uoatlrr, VI Klxhth ere. t Omy Oo4 4T geonrid ava, eor guth at, and ear. Allan and Man am a.i Hllven. 440 rtrand ail Bead - Oe. ear. 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UAJUUCX. mUtieae COAL 1 4 , NUT BIZE, STOVE, RANGE Bag and Purnaoe alaa, $5 th, prime qoalttiaa at the eual yaae, no. a? ntanioo a onwaea i Karvrthand BJUIBJCND. CbrWtle. near tha Bowery. KDTYAJLU raia xxeeux COAL I COAL 1 1 COAL II I HK ..Mi. .Jiao. Te uau lalere. tjoai CATtmax ane reauu. Mew diaeharxtn at Terry at Dock. N baateuaUtoatove eoal. aai aaaaa aa the aaah. Weighed br a awerw welaber. It, for 00 dare. Dock,fttt4l B. TaVKADWaXI, la WaTarlrTlaea. 16 Wea 11th at. 104 Waablagtoa it Iklttaenoi ftOAL OF SUPERIOR QUALITT. PRE Vpared eipraaly for family aaa. etaaa aultahl lor far. aeaoa, grakaaU,HBndrana,ftad Ura alae nut far amall atevaalur aal at lha lowwa market prtoa far eaah atteeUeahaahsxaMQaeJYare.UglManer, eoronr Uoarek ai. M4 4aall ,-tOAI-PXACn o J aaaUBattvexxag OBCHABD. BED ASH max yard, aaraapaa, BlU go m, Vtegraam. nbm. dS ami! aw aaiwai um ana aaar llfgy, BU Otwyja, aa 4Tg POAL-FAB grTXTBatlOet Of QUALITT TO hwiutavi MxttAawlw) yKlbT rpO THX SICK AJTD AFFLICTED DB. 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B UILDINO TO LEASE-FOB I OB yean, tlie building C4 Wat Tartleta at, t etoriei teriai deep. blah, mfvatbr Ml feat deept lota abaol 10 iepi lou aoeot ivo reea arep. a etabU, brewery or any Agaty M.AOl IB WRr-Kg amuuiii woata anewer (or a manuiaeaanag aaiiwoBX, BIB kM4elai TTOCSES, . TO LET A FIRST CLASS A A market and fixture for aale on 4th eve. near Sid at, alae erveral eottaaea ow 4th ave. aad Sad it, near 4tk ave: met gxOO and ttSO; vary deau-able lor imalL (enteel famDlaa. InoalnM Biaillat at, felt rill TIGHT BOOMS AND arraWDYMWEB s UTt BY jnifat OA! aM4MnN MO. VaLEBSbpT. OTEAU FOWZB TO LKASS TOR A t-J Irif oi rwafAfB, locxilt4 Vftaxwhingtrpti , jtn&f Ulf ITtWQXtf UM fflUT WM UTIEag a. fOtM I bultdlDfi tvtrw ind MMini Uhl Uk$ o troi4 tUhf lof UM aUUMlMCV tteb4 It mUli mx b Bor m watt m wraU m ftfmtxBt. m I ' T llf mill 1 aaJH .BaxBal .Mmba-f xf ft 5 W-Md" SrS 2Q?2 SEWING MACHINES FOB BALE, BENT ar aiahaaai glnierw, Waaatar WUaaa'B. Orw. let Dakar", and ether, ejhaag Bar aaah, ar eel aa ijwaaax, au miaamaa wwaanxaaf maenra. aaehengadaad( O. A, DlTXHt, ar.raoma. au aeae-t SrS EWTJtQ MAGHDYES TO xuajT Axn won air.xc vrawaaaiai rvueuaw. PiIIsSel'Sxlz- At red 4 Parttm Y. 81 WING MACUlNB XuVPataTTJll, laMXaae'lOt 4aT Bread war ar. aVaaaa at BVSCfaGSH CBARCKa. -RAREST AND ICE CBEAM SALOON a-r for aala,togrthar with houae aad art. toe pwmiaea, eor. at uaw ana at 10,181,8 I ale, BrooUya, BUTTER STORE FOR SALE THE baarnient 441 Eiahth ave, fitted up for the aale af buttar, cliram, lard, em, and oouahry predeaa la gen eral, now doing a good bualnaaa. For term. Ae, In quire at MS Eighth ave. 1M1M GROCERY FOR SAIJt OR TO LET AT TrrmofttA firvl rate grocery atond. epeaalt the or t of the Uarara Kallmad; alee aerera) bVawTand Into for aal. Apply to. IOUNK FBAJCK. Waahuig-h-n ave, bat Fttuh and Mott at, Tremont, Weetcbealer (Xiuuty. Iu,lt4,xJ fJROCERY AND FEED STORE FOB 81 vv...,. n.ii. ,.v uiuai. resit oaie cheap, or would exrhance for a good milk round l I apei tmrata ud long laaaa If roniu-ed, and eheaa I I new doing a good eaah trade, end In a mad la- -" eneai giod rent i e.ttoafor buaintaai haa laaa aatabllaked to raara. Add rem PS Bedford PSUedIor4lt,H.Y. 14.14U MARKET FOR SALE 100 Til E Stock, .T1 ." w00' ef geed ead wp . Ubuahad market, loeeted la a prlnelpal buaaaa atraat aeer the Olr Mali. Uroaklra. Tela U aa axoallent clianmfoakmartandactlvgniaa. Apply aTliphae .next U,li4 TVJEW YORK CITT AND COUNTY LL i' ouor Dealera l'rotretlva Boekdr A meetlu ef ineeoevai on Mnoaa WAUI KIDKiniKKO'S UCnrSED LOAH Oataa, awidltnadwar,ew,aaaaaMlaLfn,T. Mm ay Bbaraily adranewg ew watahaa, l imaadiTlmralry, ahV na inif ali-ril nan ilitlilaa ti r a ill 1 1 1tli aad aaJatraaaTaxca 1 J. W. WUMUiajl A&JalfcldlBhrah are, aa-. aaarty ofBiwtoaJ are aaw pnaajwd to aaawwr ardare Bar ShafllaaauaUiihaiKVthaaowad, haa ar bar, veredfrwaafaharea aa Bay aart oft (Mr tt York. Breekiy er wmiamahiwah. A UheralM. iw--i2a5g Bad M haa a aaalL TTxtxTAim MohurfXaTraTlT ntirno-HABTi areataat DUmvary ef hhe A OrTB ThMAC WUX TOXTTTW gaTaU h aU Iwwa Oraeem, rnltri gaaurillr. gay-A liberal dU aAvJOni WAMTKD BTBB re II ,b4 M0ma aTaa BV WW fBtmifWTI IM aMBBJ aaa Bceretery. ' iVg mArvxam uaioblm. THIRD AVF.NUZ 8AVIN09 BAKC, Cm Trw53iSl t IX Prm rrXT INTKRM-T allowag all Ha, fnm ana dollar la ena thoaaand delUra. Iiank epm dallr from l'l a. m. to I a m ata ew Mender, Wcdoeeda and hat iHay rrntnaa, from to t e-iaaek. BPRNCkdl X. OKJr.-i Pra.t, B. 8. anUK, Beey. ... flail taaa'Zh aVMTlCX.Bg rOaft SaVUB, BIHD.S-LONU WtF.KD BELUIAM CA nary htnla and eaget for aale abeee. at I Waal M at, U theater. fcSnoacnU BIRDS FOR 8ALKTUE FINEST C0L-. IxelhialauVawarld. A Batalan, and auurlaaea narVa,aaaartraaoekla ktrda, aad faner elf eeaa. forelaa and donwile Mrda, f Ul aanaa. r, . r . m. xia Howary, eyyaalta Neaaaar rait xaae'i u CAlfABT BIRDS FOB RALE LONO heaad aa Beifaa auurtaa. laaaUaurchaMT. Aaelr at TT Qreeaeloh are, ta fh rear, bateei'u flaaaaiaaal aa4BBkttrea,ir.Y. at teaaMIa. TTDTIXB AJfDLTOirr IRWDTa atlnea, grlaea wlim. AJaaaahham war baatefaaakxaanaai thaai any ha DM ABawBaaeaaxaateaaa. attirua HORSE FOB BALK OKI SORREL bona, It head high, t yean aid, pony hwllt, hut ream tha eouatrr, At lor earl, treek or aaeraaa aaaa. and le a faat walker i warrant! aound aad Bin la all aarneaa. Tea m at la PeUnaaret, 1 TT0R8KS, CARRIAGES, 0B0CEB1I AND XI boinnaM wagon, ebaaha aad har a, far aaaa The larmH atnek t ha foaad ta tha eilr, antllaa ehaaa lot aaah, at lha C irrl tee Bafoattorr aad aUhlaa. Ie4Tiirloaar4aiidlirTlaaatbrkla. iadtdaa' MARE FOB SALE A BAT MARE, aound end kladi will ataad wHhoattrtar, alee. waaon, aultehle mr oeiirenn paraeia, or for a lehaa eana, will be eold lew, tog.dlir er aryarata. Oaa he aeanBtthaaUbleof kV VUtkUUtKI, Aultyal , ailaOlAI PIAKO FOR 8ALR-175 FOR A 3i riano: rlrh rneewnnd eeaei lill Teearat nearly aew; bnd city maker; rleh tenet Ml warranto; ha nstt a arratch oaea H, and maffnlneewt throuaiioaC-. Apply ' Blxth are, near iU at, tul Meodar, Bar ar vuig. lMfli SCHOONER FOR SALE THE WELL known aohoewer PA CU1H, C taea, Tim bbU,haJ ef live eah aad ondar, well found and readf furaea, andwlllheenld Inw. C-n liM at plr tt "1 R. Aa bly I U. UULXIEN MbkKAT, i South et. (aU I 'ill QCUOONER FOR SALE DX OOOD Oft- O drr and la readlnrai lor aea. earrlea m tenet f llahtirart. ahw a number of Mhonaeraof llrht rtraAt rarrtMfrnmhutotulona. Ayoty U U. M. V7INAN I, yterMM.M. (aixdae-Ut VI7AG0NS it.. FOR SALE AT Price If to eult the tlmi-a Tmcka, einrtaa. I hndneaa and lea waaeua. Alae new an4 100084 haad cellar carta, eoal carta and Inniher Irucka. all new. Arrlrla war rantrd tl l of mia.'riarniil"r. Cell al K. 1'KIAL'd rectory, 10 and 14 Ninth Ave , ear. 13th at. 15,111, Af BAKRKW OF OLD BOURDON Wh!. JI kr? frr family ne, at $1 yr aaJkm: nampla boa tbw M eta; old Irlah Whlaker ii jfr aallea. aaatpla eta i All and aaa aua, MevibAiiK, 14 Ana at, and II Canal at. lug 80,000 BAojrorjDBTrK, . TlIB LODI atABTJPAOTbaM OOMTAMY, mr aaia ui ami in aon woirnaawa ThlaU the ehaepo Frrtlltaarhi aarhed M worth will mannre aa aera af Oera. wfO meraaaa lha ere Vim eo4t,lrd to aaa-hAat. ana will rlpea Ch eray tw LTller. Prtoa, erar T berrekb a 1 BO per hama. A aamahkw. wah aatlafaeterr laraerary araaanea ana atla to anyowa aaadlag Nci, BBxrrum oo. vhianeaand pnvaar- naaaata, wux pa wyv H uau iinu. iwiimiii m im IM. a ueoTUaaot ev P, T danarai Agnate aw ah Uwttad BUtoa, karleAaon ABSIQITEE'S SALE WILL BE SOLD alruhltoaoetloaantheMddayaf reby-allh ladUiBabher Paetery, rartoryruV, Baatea lalaaia-. alaamenalnea, hellrra, ahaTtma, helUag, lathee, aur ohlnrryTteeto. aad aiatieiah far the maamfaeharfn ef welt paper aad oltaUah, aad a etook af wall paper, Bahkal aad anfmlahad The areyti aaa he eianUn ed al the aramhwa. beiag tha fuaary laMyeeeasMVr TirnMaoMITlL Taraatat (all, wih, crUKLU Y. atAJ-EoTAaagn. 1,1M, A SMALL nOUSB (Mxl6) lei aa- B4BV hlaaka Aram aaral I AND FULL 'f41B,tbkeka from Bare; fTgauhand ttUaatd. AaeaeormerheoaewlOiatorafor paid, am eormer aeuaawun aiore ler i a anal 1 1 leory aaa aamnt aaam lor IMOO la a jeulml iialabnerhannl Trrma rerr aaer. L . BAY. ft Plfliiiah at, Beaxh Braeklya. AlS.4 BTJILDiNQ LOTS FOB SALE-OtT BER 1 gaa HlHa eeiartl verynleaty laraang lehi aaar Ikotaaaaaad JaraarCny.e huree ear rewt a, Bwaau Sw-i-Lnw1y pnXAP FARMS NEAB THE R. B, STA. -vUoaeeajraiaua-aea Ik.I-A. xmei at axcBUag liaal all produetlve loam aaO, btvat. btvat, fr aaraalah -r?-B n aaa, aid eaally ealttvalad. aar KT taa aaa, aa a: . tto an ear. Tana aar. B. A. aar. I (3ay Ball plaa JT 14 Cax- BUHGM, Zltfwvattt FARM FOR SALE A FARM OF 80 Acre In Inlaaaa, . J- with bulldlaxa, fro It. wood, ,. wtthla two houra' ride of New Voce. Prtoa ItOoO. Trrma vi verreaay. inquire ot rYt. ana N.Y. I8.1M. IB-em, FARMINU AND GARDENING LAND for aale aad te let 10 aana of valuable bud aa liooglaland. A coorfderable etrt la cleared, and eiorllent farmlna laud, tae nwldne hlekory and oak Umber land, eontUuaua to railroad, elUnw altoatad mr la) lag out Into waall farnM, belar pu-roeadad br reada. la a nourtahlne aeietiborhaod, with a aeheol boaaeoaeoe eorurr. Will be aald al Super aera, ha vhole or part, with rear paymnuukteeloeeaeonovra. A lot of land, near Nrateu, I I Are mile from Brooklra, N. Y , cobUlalni 8'viaer,, oa wblok ther kt houae, tarn, Ae , and a lot eoutlrwoaa to aama, eootalnlng btaona auluble for a aantaueri will be h4 nr l-ard on favorable h ma. Applr ta P, (llhV TkXVOU, s Bead at , u p aUlra. fall ixlM FARMS FOR SALE OB EXCHANGE 10 cheap farm for mle aad exehange 1011 aerm, ta, PC, la, ID, vu, O", ao, II. !' acrr a mwi.a Hwa PUIonvid. ill aa TIIOBM. lWWal Wuhwla Market: BTKPrKCN TAIL, rt Pultoa V Btssr froealOteKaUCa, 'inainneia al YTODSE AND LOT FOB SALE CHEAP a. The aterr neiuo and kM wa. Na. taxwaveet ath al, authTktoe Xi.oiie, booaa VBIot U 4M erua JV5I i aUu. No. 14 a fi alnrr and Tiaanmimt attAVa at, pnr a0 t ftlaa, ft heuaa aad let la 4id at, prtoa gl.ual i aba, a 4 aUry brir beam and lot la etttk at, near Pth arewna, xrlee tififV i alaa. lot In tth at , near 8th avenue, wtthft htaat bwlld. Apply te J, Y AM WAUMtJU 100 weat aid at, U.14DJ HOUSE AND LOT FOB SALH nOUSB two alary end baaement. Prtoa gogo. Apply ea the tirimleea. aauth-waat Burner of Bleharaaua aad Bmltb ata. rrtuiaroawurgh, a ih Ua af lha Bnahwlck boulevird. palld-lM HOUSES FOR SALE 8KCU1E TOUB aatfabema Ta earwa-.manhaalna aadothara Per ail eoe. ew ar three bee ma, I aaeaaaeot, IpOO each, oa eaay torma, wl HKdi2i tSLr-Ss sSara' rMW. Apply M UM IvBhTT 1101 OT For aaia eoe. w ar urea naaaa, taw atarvm wtthla elx' i block af a ear Eve&yl' gaUani TOTS FOB SALE AT A BARGAIN-NO - exahaaga-B ert lata, laandlag a eoraar ea IM al Aaaa, . winia malar rat alaa, 1 aaaag ariah hi Indulreei au w aa, aweeaira. I Bhllrno thI: R0PEBTT FOB SALE OB DE-FOB ill haaaa ap towa, he. Id aad 4th area, th a Eaa Xwwaawaw. iwaaa far B L.XOU forgkeooearraart iam for knot aar aaailuapreaartr.UtCohwihlaat, real for yean aiaem preparer. fiBtra are.ral( far Aw per yaari tat aaad aad aa J. LTUMB, VUf Uau Plaea. frma 1 to 4 gAa. IM4 TI C. BTJLKLET. AUCTIONEERS X e BtTTJUMB OOC MOT.aAOJOrTALWABIJ, I WAV P. C. BUiLfr allf aellen Ta. 11 a'tioea. el the xterehaaga' Bxaha I rn l T ill IT II t I.n aaim T, Fab. iPta, al .pyerdarWB. C:-i., .,.wi... a7nus i MA, BO UlUUt ttaraprjpni. BT, I BTOHY BEIOK PaOHT NO. ei CnXKXY I'iuririci. MO. 14 CUEJUtY aYBBKX FBONT I ttl IaO, Mapattheolae3VTaUat,Jauncyciurt. fcK"r PROPEBTT FOB SALE AND EXCHANGE . -Utr.eeanti itrr.Bi i aaaotlaaed eo'eaur eraenrtr. tlMH'aUthMl OOBeal Patoto aad anranhrabara, U Watt at, aMs4aea4fi QJTORE TO LET-THE STOBK tT BAXe O trr at, with dweUlnt Bpanmewta attaobad tharata, toeethrr wttti reer buUqJng, eontalnlng th teaemante, alae eubllng for 4 horwa. The atore la one of th beat etaada la the eltr for a (Teeary and liquor atoreiiavhu bean favorably kaewn ea the bad helal and iwuq yUaaof bcaloeatnthlaalt far that aettoyeata, wlfl rM,MI5b-v,a.," gmmt iimF STORES FOB BALE ON FULTON Avenue, Breeklyn-lwe af tkoaa faaretory brkk atoree etm alaioa the aertharlr aide af PaUoa ave, baa. Lawraaee CvTORE, HOUSE,., FOB SALE-UOOO &Twyt!retf-..r tnmcr.ijLTr.ovm. EP U A L 10 PILL", cckb ncx HZAD1CZTE. CVKE8 KEKYOCI UZADACUK. CTJ&Z ALL KCTDs OP DZADAniaV By Ih aa (f Omm pnta, th yertegl attack ef Arw4 er BU BtaiatU maybe arereolad, aad If laxaa M th naamiaiiawcal of aa attaok ImwedlaM relief nwaa aeka aad alekneaa will be ebtalnad. Thar eetaaaa fall U ramerla th jraaue aad 04 4ki to walea lemalea ar a aahjent TheyaotgawclyByoathahoaila reaaaitagCVaWee- Par IMww ATea, ne.fa, gatwrnli Paxulaj axel all iiiiaftaefeMawreyrhaealBhayareTalaahlea taaaran.haiPfeabag aha mrtuiu, gtrmg ama aad etiwtothaJsttTarana,aMlwilar1auilMBBa al alaaUoilf aad traagak ef IM whole (rateex, Tha CKPUAUO PHAal are th raaaJB at leag bm llelloaBBaoxreeallyiiBlaalil miiitaraiaw,kThag aaaa U as Baaay yaarx, aarhag whlah txaaa thay bar aeMtMBrattTWavaalamiiirlefahaBa4aad. larlaifriaiHiilr-'- --"-'r -"-" (iBi(jwaxt,rrmaeTageatofMfrmo. Thar jw BDlsraU Twretaht ta nhatr iimiiaww (aeyMtakeaM entente) with yartaal aaraay wraheat xaaking aay akanga of diet, aad fAd aM wxeaVavearTaVaBVwwT gaTawJ rrnAaxey f gV PaxaaTjf eav wxaaJaTaTafwTeaT faxexaanl x ilgWIfkaa BaTrTABM OT OOVbTTaXPaTri I Iw ganahn haral gre atgaatarai at BX(1T a PAtDBfO em eh Bex, U by DredaWb and all ether Daalara ta Medial aaa ABaaaH a aani by man Breeald a raeatot at the nuci caarta. Al (rear ahoald be altriaw ig to HXNKT OBPAIDDfri, Ho, a Ua at, Be w York. rue roLLOwcta doouuizxts op BPAtDUtai CEPHALIC TILLS, wux co!YDae all who surrat from UEADACUE, THAT A oTCKDY AKD BCEC CURB U WITUUt TlUUlt BXACIL At raae TraKwienfata unantL-tfd hv Ifr.flealA. LBa, rnev turorrt vnqitmmHmonaot ' fT-on QJ CAB ara ao a fAw triahy anevMvae eueoi kUaoirnixa, Cows, Feb. S, IWL MX. BraunM, am T bar Wed your Chfle Pflla, and la (hem a avU thai 1 want ywa ta mad m Iw dollan worth part ef tbem are far tb netibbor, to whom I gar a raw out af the neat hoi I got freea yoa. aaaa ma run ar man, aaa eoiuro Tear obi Biciant, JAMES Ki-tNHDT. SAVB-aroan, Pa., Fab. 8, ISO, Ifa. rALarw. Brat I week ywa to vend me one mar hex ef year Oyha HePUaa, I Aaee rteaaeed a graaf anal a hamUUrvm Tear, , reepeetfhny. MAJtY AJCK aTODCIIOCBB. , Brrmumi O P) .taBADta. - mi YeawfllpwwaeeandBaatweboxeaef yoar C-ap-halU Flax, gaaatlitoi illalit. BmpeelfaUy yewra, P J 1 bav aaal aa haa (f yaw PUla and gad hbaa ofc ahauranoa.OhkSa'aa.U.lMI a Bad aaaaaad twastr-gv aaaha gar wtilah Bead avLLLhaV LairAUawa.awa. tw-h(HaaBMalreaMnaBiawahewhirhjtok(ag pwwOaaWlePtUe aaer xarklaaTarly before axy ewa li lit, UyehaayaaagahhekUd.g1iiiiam OaefaVeetoBmWll aaWaat to arvare Bkk sakMBSaTeSitf2 rrTarTl-nx. awrawxAaaWM, Frank i O, Obl, waa, a,uiii, iWffiLVr, Badleaali a aaa Oa whleh aaad pax ef -Ceyhalle Plus Band to endaaae af Bev. W. OJlaaTkUrwataabara, IraakllacV, Ohl. TearPina wwrhllaa a aharm ear llaedaarm aV WeatBasaajklar. , ""nni .C. PILIXB. Trroajni, Mich, Jan. 14, IStt, Kr.BrAiAxBd, Bat leag at tvLTaarlhe laant to na aw a box of Oeahalt aera af the tfarvoa Uaa (ache and Laa- ttvaaaa. and maHvad the ana tner Bad ae geaa aaataot that Iwaatadaaagtoaead fee mora. rataae aaaa ay ratiira man nrveate A. B. WMW-LKB., . YpaUai.ll, IflcB. From tto gxmrUntr, BorfoUt, Ys. Crphalle FUU aoaompllah th bleet far whleh they were made, vuu Cure ef heedecha La all lie forma. From tht afMmvMr, "orelk, Ya They have bam hwted la aaer thaa a tbeuaud caaaa, wua auure Frv tto XVwieCTwf, oX Cleml, Af inn. If yea are, or bare braa troubled with the huedaeha, emdmrabax, (Ceohalle rtuaj ae thai yoa may bat of aaattaak. From tto A&emtxtrr, FnvUtrut, R. I. The Cephalle PUla ar raid to ha a remarkably err. xtv remedy fur the haadarh,and one of tha vary bant Par thai vary Ireeaeal eojayuuWl whleh hat ever beaa dlamvared, iwrwm Ito Wtfr ". R. QattVt, CMavtt,n. Wa heartily eealoaae Mr JpaUUg, aad hla eul vailed OrphailePUa. mm fAAmawA ralewatariXarvMBka, rg. Wr rare that paraana mOarhag with th hV , ah try tbem, will etlok to tbam- Vw HU ie!lhira Pfk FWar. Jtewi Orfiaaa, Im. Try them t re that are aflietad. aad wa are (nra arnanajeea oaeoaaa latae auwaay ne thal haa reealved hanaam that a akkar Fnm tto M.LomiDimtmmt. Thetym,! ii JaaiallartaeBrtlma CCapkaUe P nka Prewt tad Oaxatfa, Dmm rml, leeaa. atr.flaaLII tag waall aal lanaiat hat aaaa arlhx aa BJtka4BMAait pomawrwai IvrPrBV IrM A flwPw"irWaav YVBBaFXM Ma X TAliillmixymlxwrlBTWMBtravBnaxa(Bmat aajaamam From tto DoOf Mow, Mowptrt, K, I Oapmalle PTJa ar tak lag th bum af all ataAav FromuOmmm-t1mBMMmfrmM4m. BaUtoWlwyifflmaimfcrhWheadach. PVee tha Chmatereeat, Omrmaat. Ohio. aa av M naeved. BTALDINa'S PREPARED GLUE I PALDDIQ1 FREFAXZD 01X1 SPALDING'S PREPARED BLUE I AYXTIIKrDXXSI ocwroxtTi dupatchi far- "A trrrcai m Tor Itm Rrwa.a j Aiaerelenfe akra, even (a traO-reotilafad miliee, tt le very dedrable te have aoma obaap aad aonreutoai way fcr repairing ftnlfcira, Tort, foc XT. BXAiA'tncrB ruruiii UL.CH -AAi'k!kB?AIS,,-" M. 4$ OaaaTTt, Bew Yerk. MAtmT AIrt VOUIVav. Doa lost-strated, a small wd fex den, with rellow leen, lot,, hear aad early 1 Whoever .m return htm lie xit II B' 0.1 lilt BUy rewarwtd. la,U AT ARE AND -WACOS STOLEN Al. Batwrday and toy weeon, Babarday momma, tb rth I net-, a black ml raa Door, neenwa Teaeer, wj 1 he mare la a llltle lama en bind Ira,, will be taid to anr wraa who 11 retara Iheta HjUH UOL8MI, Htt.11 are A. at Y. TVJEWFOtlNDIJIND DOO FOUND ON ( A v nA A tplaea Bad liw an. Thaewaareaal him br pryrtna prnt'rtT aad aavmg aauaayn a Deal aera at an vreea rno aa. m a ear. ftio no Sr-T0,,whOTS5rKv.f-'- doqanEEWwicn btrhbi Bar veer batter liataTlg eta. M Mm aadMaV a. yoor white aad hewwa eugar. Bay rejr nastad aa MloeaLllohlrhsllleta. lv eht. Bar Ka iiwHiamwawa wa aa, ae aaj. T roar hama, ahonlaWa aad fork, tnm 4M Urafl whit,yainvwila fWM BBlVBBUaUaTL w. n Mtdarna Liuru 'nrrrvTw. ATEW TORE, FEB. 4, IMI AN EL A x Boa ef gv Dh-atara af tb Taapaia-diok I Compear, will ba bald el the office of th Onui M -wuuaa M- ea laaoaay, reornirr With, t-ial the haun of 19 a-ra. and I p.aa. The tranaVr t-aaaj JlObe cloaed tw aera prwrloaa to tha ei-nVm. A Otrg BcrT M " " N' OTICE OF ASSIGNHKBT. Motlee la hereby alTa that MOCB, of the tewaahlp al HVnmheld, aM-r af ana pih, m mww r Jeraey, hath thia day mad aa aarlaa. man! le tha wihaerlbM-a ef bla aetata far the gt of hi eredltora, aad that th aald eredaV-ra maataa hlhlt their rwpartlva alalma, under oath or afflraatlnal wlthlawiatetiwof Cane moot) a. Dated, Jaauarr 18 tolUa14 n0W' b- WAM&ng OT1CK TO TAX PATKMS-OFK1CE Of vie (JowuiawnRaaa or Taim in Aiwa-aauarri Me. Chambera at, Hew Yerk, Jan. I, HaihtoMae I awwbr (tTaa thai tb taaeml Boha of Beal aal Paraa-alfcauUeef th Cltr and Uiuntr of Hew YorS nruiareax i-mc, wiu oeepaaeac-a Mondar.tM aratant, for ynhUe lapa and will eantlnae i aatu the Wah dar ef April ait tnelaalTa. All tax past em am oaraaetlr rennartad to ealL and axaanaaa axi aaaaa, la erdar that aay areara u tne aaiaaiaiiiiai vaag ha earraoh-d. Alee, all peraane anOtlnd hr law leal awnwa m nam iawan ar naaaa ai aaa( anarttahla InaXmhWaa hr law axarm-a n-n am rewoaatod to aaaa ain-dlaatloa r eaah aaaaaa erexaJnyaoaiiiiUmtowiliBiaaglxteaaUaMl wmm ay ea ann. TbalbUewtmg eeehtaa of ax Ad tt Apr 14,1 h pahlafaed for th lajhrmathm ef tax ywrant aaonna lu-tuxmg-aMtuaMBT-aneoMibaa' mr puone uiawecaioa, aa aaraaaijia pro-rtded, i Itoo mar ba aaade br ear MirlevwdbTthaiMii ilrahaattoa efhajraala annaj aaaia, m nava me aama at atlmalBa he aaada In rahalaa ta I af aaaleatatottaaaat te aaaaa MTttlna.a arennd of eMeatlaaa tharata. end Huwatniaa i mlawniMwa aball examine Inie Ih eompuOnl, and 1 aw iwpni mm UMMnMau ai erroaaowa, V aaaaa the aaaaa to taearreetad. IfwanhaiaU aaaaa ha wtonoate the aaaaaad vahmttoa of i aelate. the aapUeaal ahall be axamlnad aadar gaa aald Oammmdimiwe, wa ahall ha aaahnrWd t mtn latere l.auah oath, ar anyef thiaa, aad lta ppm tua aavn m arvTDaawa, laaraaatl the aaaae to be aurtaiaaa. and aa thaaaaaaali aaanmaaatrnthTmawhaUevetoh had. and I whaareataVh. tharaoa .wwhia thirty dan afhar i awpnmnwa anau nava eaaa mafia m tneaa, na BMBaOtteaaawlrlteBaardefBeparTaami aaaamaant.aa real ar pareanal aahato hnpoaal mia aotaaawaaaMa appear, andar each fj "waaeaiaa aawawwi ar apwma J. W.ALXWJL .W. BBOtTM, JPaxawjaaaaawj at Tarn and A BM BUTI BiatM-lvi auarriii. pOB HEW ORLEANS-THE 8PLE1 A aM nrDIaHA win peaHtveiy eall ea M Febnarylftih. Par paaaaa lo eehln,Id aah Par paaaaaw lo eahln. Id a eo board, ptar 10 E. kL, er to IxtPuKefl Wall at, u,io TJOCHr OLD BBTaVBLUHBD Pi AVaoVm. Si Baaxh (a. Pare to UvaraeeLtd a SB let da. to Loagrav. Thorn eaadhae I aaa kdre xhaaa hrnwahl aa al ledaaaTm I delac. Thar wtU aal have towaB to mm awaar, aa ma aay tne amp aana a on tae l ahar aaa eeaae wtawxW ihmm. aTarkatafL ami I ream ahlpa, , itlto ""-BlimStl Mt4anM OTEAM TO GLASGOW, LIYERf -'- ir. Thia awamahlp U fitted ba the atyla, to Inanra tha aonuart and aafetr of pa-rj i ena too I Balm of taamiii nalila. g00 Intel medlabs ' eteerare, $ ii; IneJudlag aa aboaaant aupplr auimlvnr prevUlona. to FILAJtCla McDilNAl pply t -lUUI MclMINAUlAt na. tn riroa at. eorner or ponta vvllllam al aieeeadlaa ateamahlf JONU UXXI, wul mil Tn torn March. -. fc)ir K. vt Broad at, eorner of Fonth William at nnAPSCOTT'S LINE A. OP UTKKPiX OP UTKBPOOL PACKKTB. Tba mbwrfberf eanUnne te grant watiaeafea ef I maw io ana rmni uwrpooi oy nwar lavarUe Hit ra. oniupviiua in pan in mime mmr u nr . . .a. w, n. arm, a...... .a .. . m. im 9ji ,, r a bHEADNALtlUr.Mli WSJ. AIIAM3. MIND WPnTrfllMT. BVTnXlhl.ANIh PllOhNIX.1 1-MiKKWkMTV.K, tSHAMIUICaV CAMKI Making toaether with eLUera, a ahla evarr Bra Tb aubaorlbere are bIm aaeuU for the iuiKuruwiug rACaurTS. N PALKKT1 leertlAoatoa a or ait m wnioa vmj graai in tannx. . BXMiTTArJCla TO TBBXAND. 1 T. La. alaa eoattnae to Ban draihs narabU eal uano, uireagnout Bumiano, tl ialea. BaadavaallrorriiaaUi Clrailarewtta all parhkalara mar be had ea anal aattee IfhrlrtBaravialomanaaawammp-te TAPkJAMptir aaa it aa - -. a. "" ilat i &ll-iU7 JB. J. T. HAWKINS, DENTIST. A MOST WONDEBFUL DISCOVERTJ Teath exhraeted wttheai pala by aaaw braambl pptUttea). flamtlfullerthlaeartoagleaehrwllal wllaout aitraetlna tha reolei a ar ea fellver aa. I rkB. HOTT, BOWEBT, OPPOST Mtaw.awM.aXI I (la Baaartid wHheat fahtlM eaaa goiJ no , m-al aaangamioueaam. u won - - magxy DB. J. a EENNEDT HAS BEM0Yr. la 1 Bowery, g dean haaew Byrug at, wherel aaabmaae to toaart ka haaaatml UfUaU4n, at aJ fuaur low piteae-. wbote uppar ar aalrr aeta oa af irmm gin, wr ea aarvwr from Ik parti U aaei ea aoU fl Maaeh toethjor aa aUvwrlrwm til na ehanre I wyi ai mnmanxmrj mmm aaaa pat uianani area , (til ta- 'a, 'J "POB THE rBBSEMT, TO THOSE. Citomttday? NB. GRIFFIN BROa, DfSEETTeJ e wtrwtkhantaatraaxuigtMraoUaawUrrJ EtervJKi." Lw53h!r?o: rZ3-.Tn BwaBg gagxewg aWlfxaTaUW CBxxU aeig-mwi-i, mmjf at,Kt,aa4x0llfaUaai,lakVa.f.Itl aftv,Mtwijitri,tfte44. fTEETII IF TOU WISH TO HAVE TOl A- torth ntraeled U eoaafarUnle aod scbml manner attbout pain, eall aneralt l I la doua hr a n at aiiateipetaaim I amaiao prepared lo give a a flttlaa alaia and loath to lha wwmt eaae reu eea Ird, ftill aa 0 aad apwarde, I, NUKkUKIlX. -"ilt I4ac OM plataa (amend, at Bprhigat. W. B, -wi; JOB COUOI BBONfJHTTISJ ,b; fift Jlfllax aVwl 1 aC.1T. TW -TTT-f IT A tag) .JlrSaaIriiTT-Ar-A.T.r-.' ' ". " T. M "-i rTO.HiWa5T-A"BSE " " ii r dOaaall hAIM Aa t BeafcPaS'U m-ffi'immjiir tCwSjl rpHX CHZAFUl S1URB an'ncVTl.'Tj' fSaaTfa? -'.'.77!' are naehTtowhlah ilje" ada aaa Jaitinr, (Mtj7 Ann BARBELS PICKLED MXaUJwi 'xVWaaaakarel.aalBatavwUtoi hah, hallinh, hha rilxam?lsw,g&"l 0griClAgLi AM. LKaAl.T a r a na. iwuniituar, cAia. or WJWriT. I baa turuaual CaelllHfa for the maajafi atore of ettllr teeth ef every amcxtptloo. at EaWwml pomihla prld Bxtraetmg raa Bared a prrftaflr eeaunrtahle eseratl hr hie aaw method aftoeal apyOeatlna. Call a kara tar torma kafareaaellmg ebewhare. lS,U4.fl

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