Newspaper of The Sun, March 8, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of The Sun dated March 8, 1861 Page 4
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.(f jmiiffl.Ti'VitTWi.u jyfffggHamiii Willi! a edfaaJ.tJ akarwfajffgffffWTJtlMtVifai Tf- MISCELLANEOUS MESSAGE FROM THE SEA. wm. oar in iM montnor uc. & ftJPS?w!y"t'r kT-.wlth wo" "JS"". ft.h.,1,,n' ,?V3 ' , muUUk able nltaw that the email drlzile which wil It vMMMnbl day In tha month of Oc- falluur nU coatlaoe for four-oni'dajj,y aaoara at least. It wu cold, and chwcYst . Mtur, and on th deeerted road I wai pur- ' tola tiara waa scarcelj a human Iwing (un- ItM It u ui occasional rtbtonnler or nwl MM) to break tbo tulltnde. A deeertel war indeed, with povnert on etrb (Me of It, wbic had taraad Yellow In the autumn, aud had I lit HICII I wetr leavee in anun'iance an acroat me ru en, no that me mr' fuutairiM hal rimto a in illlad onnd a alie iMmilnl thm umlrr bci hno'a 'Widely rttrmli-d flt'n ra t out on rlllir aide, till tbo now ws lt in anlnonrfvaiji atlanrhaly acn, ant the ro.d It-clf w.i- aiarfeclly atralaht, that youciuU mo nometliln lika ten milaa of It d(minlhin toapi'ntl front of you, while a mmiUr U ' lil.l throaghtha littlo window at the bv.k or lb car r I ace. In the barrr of the mnrnlnii dfpirlnrf. I tA oramitted to Inquire, at I gemralljr (III In trarelintf an ui. known mid, at whtl til la re it would I beat for me to atop, al,a Boon, to bait, and what tko Dame of the nort reapectable houwnf public entertainment U my way ro that when I errired, between twelve and one o'clock, at a certain place where four rnadi met, ami when, at one of ilio coroera 'ormml by their union, I aaw a grrit bare looking in'', with the el KB f the Tete tfoire iwlngiog (n front, I had nothing for it but to pat up tbrre.withimt knowing anytklai; of the maraater ut the bouae. Tha lock of tlm plara did not pleaw me. It wa a ;mt, bare, uninaattlttd-lookiug botiae, which nnl muih lirgrr than waa Beceaaary, and pn-auuici a black aod dirly ap peeranie, wliicn, rmiMrini( the dirt'iurii from any loan, ltwa d III cult to aicmint for. All the dnora and all Be wiiulnnt wiru ehut lb ire waf notiicnof nnv Itlng creature alum 1 1 lio place) and niched lato (he wmJI alMivellie priu cloal aoirani-e erat a trim an I (jb iilly-lixikln lUa-ala tima ir mint Fur a moment I keoltaied whi'tnrr I rnoiitd turn in'o the open gateaof lhea'il-yrrt, or gofiiitLir In earh of aoene Inure attra-tire haltlu-plire. Itut my injre watiml, I wi'iimra thm hair-way on my roid, and Ihla ermill bo the bett tli t aion rf th Jonrwy. H"'! c, -jcntli imn. why not put up her 1 ' K I only gulng 1.1 flop at audi pUco.of rn-rrialnin-nt n roiii,.l"tely aatwfiad m, rile nal'y well a internnlly, I had l tier K'te up irair lin altogether. There were n mure fugnncf lifu in tbo Interior of the yard thtn wrre praxuted by tha extern al aspect of the hiiuaoaa It fronted tho rotd. Krrrrtob aN'melalmt up. All tliottablea and ont-hiaa wara rliiritr'el by cloud deori, wlltiou muih ai a at raw (linlnto i.L L 1 I. .. ....1.-.. .1... k.u. . .1.1. anal llireliotil ie uniivvn iuh uw rwiii- Inga were aoiinitiiiva put toapraitical uaa. I aw no manure atrewed elanit the (due, and no flriag creatures i no pii;a, no duk no f iwla. It waa perfectly till and quirt, in 1 m it wm tnaaf thoe data when a line, mM rain da krendi quite atraUht, without a breath of air fe drlra it one way or the other, the lilcnca waa kompleU and diatraaaing. I gave a loud (Ji'iut, and began undoing the narnow, nhile my turn noni waa taking cflfuct. The drat person whom tha aound of mr vuita ppeared to ha? retched, waa a (mall, but iracocloua boy, whoopened in the bacc ml tha houae, and iloacn.lei the lllghi of atcpi which lad to it, approached to aid mo In my teak. I waa Juat undoing tha final buckle on asy aide of tha htrnea, when, happening to tarn round, I dUcoTeroi, funding dote Behind me, a penonaga who had ap- cz A eo quietly, that it would Lata a confuting thing to Ond him ur. aTfa If there htd been nothtni In hit naaaraaaa which waa calculatea to turtle one Be waa tha moat lll-louklng man, gentlemen 1 that It waa ever my fortune to heholt. Nearer fly than any other age I could gl a him, bit airy, epare nature had kept him aa light and atctrre a a rettUee boy. An aban:e of flnh, koararar, waa not tha oaly want I felt to aim t tha peraenal appearance of the landlord of ha Tata Moire. There waa a much mora aorloaa afaet la him than thlt. A want of any hint aw marry, or coneclenca, or aay accessible ap proach U tha better aide (if there waa a better , amdejef tha man'a nature. TVheo flrat I looked ait kla eyea, aa ba atood bebtnd me In the open court, aad aa ihey rapidly glanced over the amaely paints of my horte, and thence to the !packarea leudde my carriage, aad tha portman ieae strapped on in front of It at that time tha oeler of hie eyea appeaiel to ma to be of an almost arange tinge hut when, a minute fierward. wa stood together lu the dark stable, X noted that a kind of blue phoephorescence . adeemed upon ther surface, vailing their real 2 mue, and tmaarting to them a tigerish lustre. The moment wheal remtrkud this, br-the-br. ejraa when the oraana 1 have bien describing avere Axed upon Uia vry Urge gold ring winch 1 h id not ceaaed te erear when I adopted my atdveatureus life, and which you nuy see upi'a any floger w. Tbore wer.e two other thing a about tufa man that afru k me. These were. J bald red projecting lnnv of rluah at the back 1 of hit head, and admpaar vrhuli ' scran of I Ziousy wnuaer on Bla i lieek Holly Uacuned to conceal. "A natty dy f r a Journry of ploiaure " ejnid the landlord, looking it me with a satirical amtte. 'Terhapa It la not a journey of pleasure," I answered, dryly. "W have lew anch t'aiclera on the roil Ifnaw," aald tha evil raced nun, "The rail roads nuke tba unun'ry a deaort, and the roa la aua as Wild ai they wrr threo LuodroJ yuara ga." "Tkev are well enongh," I answered rire leaaly, ''tvr those ihiaro obliaed to traiol by them. Mobody elae, I should think, would be Vkily to make naa of them. "Will you ci ma Into the lioune?" said the landlord, abruptly, loukiog me fnll la the I never felt a stronger repitiraince thin I anUrtaloed toward the idea nf entcrine; this Raan'a doors. Yat what other tourse was open tame I Mmtr waa already half through tha flrat Ualalmcnt of hvT oats, ao there was no laaire excuse for remiltW In the (table. To take a walk in tba drem lilor! rain wjh out of the (jucellon, and to remain slttiiu in my cal. aUche would have been a worso iiiJicanun or uspU Ion and tolsi ma', Ilj iales, 1 had liothlnn panue mv morninu't enftre, and I wanted iutne thinjtoaatanl drlok. There was nothing to ba dona, then, but to a -cept mv lll-lookuin triend'a offer. He Id the way up 'tho flight or sAepa which gave ac.eea to the lutcrlur of the building. Th room In which I found myvU on pas-ln Uirouah tha door at the top of tbo stcia, was eaa of thuee rooms abah an ete of ll( Paot only falle to enliven, hut mini men to laveet with an addltlonid denroo or gloom. ua Ki'io.l. uuwwfr'd sowed a luwre as svaaenaara tais tniiracier aunut I aa d I hare aoen before now a work houao aad barren achool-reom. which have oa good share of tbeir meleucholy to an Immode rate amount of cold arsy daylight. This room, thea, lata which I waa shown was one ef tboee wrblch oa a wet day, aeeroed aeveral degrcoa lithtar than tha oiaa air. Of course It could net be really lighter than the thin x that lit It, laet It seemed en. It alao appeared larger th in tha whole out door world; and tliif certainly, euld uet be, either, hot seemed o. Vast as it Waa, there aptwared ibroutwo clast doora In aa of the walls ano-her apartmaut of timiltr tUmonaiooi. k w u net a e.uare room, mr in oblong room, but waa smaller at oue end thtn at tha other; a phenomeam which, aa you btvu aarw likely obearved, gentlemen, haa aiwavt an amaUaaant effect. Tba billiard table, which " In the middle of the aptrlment, thmili mlly of the usual sua, looked quite a trilling Idaca of furniture: and aa to the other tables, Thldi were plantel sparingly here and wm theia for purposes of refruahment, thev wara quite luet In tba immonsitr o't knaca alaout them. Acup'oard-a raikot" bil. Herd, a marking-board ami a print of the Murder of tha Archb shop of Paris, In a bla k Xraiae, alone broke the ut.lformity of wall. The aeU'n (, at far as one eonld Juds uf anything at that altitude, eipetre.1 lv ba traversed by an aaormoua beam with rings faatenad lntu It adapted for suicidal num. a .n i .,.i..i..,i -in. the whliewaah wlthwhU 'be ceding Itaalf aad tha walla had just been daxoreud. Even my Utile termer, whom I had beea oidiged to tat. p ta my arms on account of tne diapneiilon aba laid aianifeeteal to flr at the ahlna of our deteaU si laodlo'd, looawl rouoil tha r nm with a gate erf hereof aa I aat bar down, and trembled aud fleered aa if aba wmnld nmi nut of bar akia. "Jl2& 10 .TOO don't lika him, Nelly, and yunr tkile baoda cf ayaa, that look up at aa from ua Aer that hairy penthouse, arirh ootbtag but lava la t beat ar all aMaie with fury whan tha ;re tamod npoa bit eitJeter rcl Ao bow did In nt Uul lear. Kellr ! Did M H It wham b elaaeditejraat kU latt traveler Aad what do rot think of hit Tat, mtM And what doroathUkof Uo need or ma net, mv laoetr What do ra tilnk ha'a about bow. ch f Whit ralachiof do roa thtt k bo's hatching? Don't won wUh rm wef tittlrut by mp aide la tbo caleteA and that wo woro cmt on the froa road again " To all theae rjoaatloei aod remarkl tnj little roenn.alnaa ea.aaae'.d were IntallliH'JV bv feint tbaronlnraof tbo (rroand with br tall, and br c,ru,. HuM,riDl T f her , long htlitaof Intercnor.a 1 " tS mean that whetev.r j ,1,, coincided In It. VBTB, WDIV. anna luiderttood vary uiy opinion might I bad ordered an omelet end some wtna when 1 drat entered the bnuae, and ai I now aat wait log for It, I observed that my landlord would etervmwand than leave what ha waa about In the other loom where I concluded he waa ingaged preparing my meal and would come and peer at me furmety through the g'at dnora whiib connected the room I waa In a-ith that in which be waa. Unce, ton, I beard him go out, nnd I fell aure that be had retired to the attMea, to eamlae mire mlflultl)r the alna or my borre a' d carriage. I trx a it into my bead that my landlord was a itixpurato rogiiog thai Ida buaineaa waa not Miflirlert loenpport hbn; that he li id rem it k ml that I In pnaebia of a very valuable here, a carriage which wnuld fe(h something, and a quantity or Inggige In which there were probably artii tea or priit, I had other thlnja of euit h aU'Ut mv poraon. Including a sum of mnney, without which I could not be traveling alout, as he saw me, from place to pi ire. While mv mind waa amnatng Itself with there thoorfol reflrctinna a little girl, of about twelve years ol t, entered the room through tha fjaaa-doors, and, after honoring me with a ong stare, went to the cun'ward at the other end of the apartment, ami, opening It with a bunch or kevs which she hrmitrht wl'h her in her hand, took out a small white paper pat Wet, about rour ln bei square, and reilrcd with it b) Ilia way by ebuli alio htd eulered; still aiaring at me so diligently that, from want or proper attention to ohrrn rlie waa going, she got (I am happy to elt'e) a severe bump agaioat the d'Mr a a he pa'wxl through It. Sie waa a horrid little girl thla, with eyes that In rLirking tte mccity or looking straight at any bolv or any thing, had got at last to look only at her nnec lliiiling, probably, aa bad a n re as ceuld In- me' wlte. and thrrrore a con jcnlil cimpenion. 8bs had, moreover, fritry ml llurr bair, waa ei-raively dirty, and had a slow, "trail likj wu; of going along without looking at what rlie w.n about, which was tery ttoiMime and ilctei table. It was net loe g lieore this young lady re appeared bearing la her hand the plate on tuiiilii' tie, whiih she placed on tha table wilJmiit (.ulog thriUith I ho pravleua form uriatiogaclotn, .She next cut an Immense piece of bnad from a I itf shapml like a ring, mil. having clnppel tbia also down npnn tho dirtiett part of tlietabKand hiving further favored me eltha wiped knife rnd fork, dla nparcd on"e more. She die.ippe.ird to fa th the wine. WhcutMi hal been brought, and Mme water the preparations for my feaat were considered complete, and I we left to enjoy It alone. To lit Con'UueJ. AUXICL.US FOB BALE. BIRDS rOH 8AI.B TtlZ FINEST OOU lectloalnthawarll ABel(tan,and rfattnuea. larlea, operlor moeklna blrda, aad laney J ''"? anc euneana ninij. oi tu au n, iii verv.epwMr'HIeexiiaratniea. .141MUJ 110 DOwrtVTa OltAiniSd MACHINES FOB 8A.LE-71 L Mnraldu-a M'chlraa, etth ahat,tailta aad banshee, 1 liouhllas; and 1 win m a e achloea i one email ateain nalua. inuit'e i.uuioii.i duiiivabi, cot. ei Litre, aua but CO 1 at. lu-aia power and rrooi to it. CAMUAORS FOU SALE CHEAP TW) m eoad kand rorkawaa a: one 4 eeataand eaa a aaat trr liaht built, eoav a lew moaUia la nae br a private fanllri also, tome new leir waaona, aolUaa taut anaie ne vp; onie errnna DBuq mui hpinivw new and rona hand lltht rxprnae er greoerr waeoo M.CtMY,t1rtlhhat,I.Y. I.llU 1 i CABAUT BIRDS) rOtt ItALK LOBU briod loflraetalartae,teaaltFarchaaata. Apalf t Tt (IranawWih ae,tnUa rear, between IUhbm' at Banks atnata,M.V. UlttCrtr UAitia ajiu WAiti.n run dalk-in fanaorslantatlen carte, t aad 4 horae warans nahtlharan waRone, Kane earts. oprtas carta, A-a, an. tiameaaoi au xinoaattueiaetoi UAIXVMK, Warren tt, Jnrae Cltr DINKLE AND LYONS, SEWING MA. SV ebioea, prlcea rmAacM. Au maohlnea warraated w aire better eatlafactioa than anr la the market er none relet t A few marhloao lo rent, Office Me. kit Breadwap. ei' I4tnil HORSE FOR SAI.E-6 YEARS OLD, 1 butcher cart and hern-wa, 1 eaoaera maehlae, lea Imx, aud all tool, pertalolna te the bntoliertaa. hualucaa. ApplateS'l-hlrdare. T,1M,1 H orses for Hki.K ., sri.F.snii) h rmML. t aerei I. It a rare old itan biowne. T veara o'd.lllao luV haoda lilarh, pinv built, luet trom the rnuntrr, laet walarra tit lor cart, truck er eipreaa lnan. ur ear heat a.urk Warratiteil emnd and kind la all nature. To lr aeen a tii llailaneei .t.V.M HOKSfS, Ac, IOIt A 1'AIK OK h'raee, harnavsand hrearr for saK fnr luoft, with Ilea nee lor Oatral I'aik le.julro on the at.od, HUi Iveaodnitli at. calllain. Vl.l: oral Ills ttahle. rihtk l, u t uroauaa aau jin era. o.ioo o sAi.r. on r.xciiANUic IJf forothrr b -r.c , : lil.aoe hav marei wl'h fjaU 1 i--are cm jnuiille at le eiaoiee ol tno nriianna I ailraad Co. l.aat New erk t) ivt,3 HOK.SE AND WAIiON ItlKS-il-IIChotn, eitharoodetpiT imuie la Ma hnuitualf ark t, n'eoall'iunretn - Hvl Tailor rraaia pltenf.reel ll.if. Appl at li West W that. 0, 10-1,11 tCHOONfclt IX)ll HAI.K I.OW-4'ARRlK.S O iratona Crawa 0'. Iret loaciel. am.d ttroiia, fliaht and well Inuud. price f J.JIIO. Appl at O'aert, l. PLllUN.HlMC'niri at. ft, I Old OLOOP FOR SALE niR, Pari oail O loelo.p.lonN OUrrKPLUof nrldrrporlatiao ai-ia burden In prrf.M't erdnr . tat.1 tmproaemaata, lalU. draweliaht Jrafl water, wlllb. anld low Of a cHaruaed rir a aman tow u-tat. rev runner portion m - aa a-Min....... nviaira of P. U.PRlMlilaK.1 Battarv I'laee, N Y, .w was iiriot 'HUM KNi.lNrt AND IIOIlKK Foil tale ahoi u hurae piwer, with a flua holler i tanumlier af laraer cnslmw, ol it aoi So horse it, utn - anur-orriaiuiai eiau a lot or raooer j- i tint;, a le cheap from ', to a thick. AP'r.b r riliAMiVi coiuniuia at. i.i-i ,c 'rKS HOiaJEHTKAU I.MSI.NK AND M )l I lerfor aalet eillnder Oxiaorhe.; bolliT 14 it ta Ro tnoliea. with two return fluee. huld h Wllnta h, id .toetou- all In cmuh to ruuulug orderi yiiee $ t li. AvplleB.O,lllLLd.llPUttsC 0,U I I7AC.0N FOR SALE A OOJD LEAT I. fv ertop waren and haruea,ln nae foae man l.itiumroer. The ewber lias no lurther uaator Pr'rellxh. Alat3ViBieetkeraaraaat,or l.t't) llltlll. tVllM WAGONS FOR SALE ONE lJUU-c aarueuaira wseona and bnaloaaa waaona. new aa I 'dhaud. Apulte IHOS. LthU, Iflth at. belaeeu l.oadwa aud loth tie, N. Y. l.lW.alao I 80,000 BAWlOFTOUDllETT-; I nut lodi UAMCVArrrL'kiNa ilivpivv. tr aale la aula to nil purrhaeera. till manure an aereof Corn, wM Incraaae in Kaa.aa.a r erxiuaer in marxat as vara atci.aaajona.wwi increase tne crop a and will rinu, Ika .Ma tmm aaeka earlier. Prloa, am 1 barreU, ii IM per barrel xu oaaaiira a onevoau, and a. VamahtA. With aatlefaitnr mlAmnmM a e.ll Mk i levtan, lithe asm rratu to ear ona aeodloi aeanes a RUHNii.BKoiiu.Ratxi; No. u) Conrtlandt at N. Y Oaneral Afeata for the United Biotaa. aid numvuEtm cnjkitcES. llARrRY JOR S.LK IN WILMAM3. Lurch, with S VMr' wa ftnd flitiirc. i pri lurto, with S ear.' Icaea and fiiuiret i ptioe I ufl. I er lunnrr paraicniarecaiita aaroa-w., one cuor dom 10th a irout sue r, at. M)I'n AND FKED SrOKE FOR SALE I- Ihoatetlr. Axtureeond toed a 111 of a fl me aad r. t ttoie, cor, ef Myrtle end larand area, II rook Ira, i, iw eolm atoid huslnaa.1 aatlafaatorreaarnatlvea ma at vi T.itia li a ea-aaiaie. lu'iwiro ou las pramuea. (ROCFRY STORE FOR SALF WITH .a leaea'. ita rk, and dxlnn a, dolnt a eeod eaah kuaU iaet elllheautdrlapap; thltla a chance taldool offor im with or without horac sad wa.nn. Por further P rtlrulara Ueiulro la tht store, l-ii Last loth a', near teniae c. 7,iCu,t ( 'I'-OflUY STORK. FOR SALE-OLD F.3- 4 taMl.hid. now dMet a ver rood bualae e. wlb I m id at e lriee; this la a rare chaaee for ea ta eat . mnmA u,.tUM. .nl. a. aT atirPif. nnete I LL, Keel latate office, TT Cedar et. 0,11 ', fJHOCF.RY AN OLD F.STAULISHED - trocrrvte lt, atoek and Ititnree fr aala. Per ,',"i.'p.lal', bBaNBH, ltd Wtwt Uroadea. Sufi T4acyuh CTOUE FOR SALE-TOE STOCK AND JJ OttuaaM i ef tha dr anode and fancy stern, IM 'JT. .lb Oork U well aaaorteat, aad wuTae aald flfil.T.',SI. M!l3.M.ta leave iy cJtkV:T """ BaaiBB mMaue. apwt oaths a,seate MEicrrBv rM)llCMrTIoa AD ALL DMKABM Raws af the tfewAewn 4iiMiknwMSr ""Avtee alvew. sad Bar aale br Dr. 0. wd CO, M IMM. ar at. wear hraadarer. tall veawia pOHSCWTIOM CURED BT WHATEVER Veo Induced. Toom wtte an auaVrlad wrtfe ear of 1'ie tymptowaa of eoavumrtlen, each a couth or sir. lot ef matter frem th Ian tatter from IM lenaa, mrrmm at pelae la Ideer kMk.rMiTa bnalMNI or dhnnV he.4. aNneld eoasaR Dr ITTUtHA wha ha treatment ana ami of eoaaanaytioa hat Man the huaaaaat aveelal endr for raar eat who eaa res ea pa'teeto to 11 eitr mi oetahtairboed tira tie aa eneej e enfuBfnilan la renw te atnar- ofNewTeiw eu eureoie eaaea. ralleffraio auilrrtaa la ffoaranteM kf tba fret t4 bnoTt Heahnerit lr M.C. (rTHOLF. (Vmaims Mee PhrMelaa. en Tkleil ava M V lk.llVI.eau DB. DOXR, IM WEST UOUSToa 8T., em elaeeaea af IS keart. 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Csoaa, ef tlanonnr fna, had aa ama. tloa ea hie aeek, ahnuldera, hack and lera, which enrered about one-thiol of hla body. It kept toe parte aflided enured altto a aeah, and bales ofteaaraw tore, waa ef course very troublnauine and dlatreadae. ltaomueb Imvalred bis health aa te nnfit hint for boelnaa aad kept hlia In eniMtant aaBerlna. All mad teal aid failed Idm until be tnokATta'e Cove.Ki. aaaaaraan.ui, whlcb cured him. Ilia kin aull ahowi sotneaeanrrsatha uioeraUon, bat tt la otherwise aa aiear aa an Infanta. .j. Johw IL Bhiiox. Eao., an emmerel lawrar, of Mat avwd. Va took a eold which settled ea hla lance. A severe pain eel In on the left aide, with a had eooaa, wnico waa eoon reutwei vy xnm nmnieiee ow irwe toma of oaranimytion. When redened verr low ba eoaaiMoeed Ukina ATSJCaCuraat paomaau which seoa sbopeed the eonxh aad completely eared nun. rreparedbr UR. J U ATVdtdl UOe LVKH,m eideVaUbraMUIr. lMA4aa SMTTn-S ANISEED 0000 n DROPS ARK aa rAeeeWea reaaedr for eoaiha, eolda, and all at tnotlousol Ike cheat aad tonaa. la hettlee at 11 aad eenie warn m anw anami ave eaiiaaaariae Tuou.MAf.Da wau rtu tkaks 11AVK OROAMKD WITH RnctMATTRHa faew onto eerf ct health alter uainff DR. UUTifini YkXLOW DOCK BYRITT. Reader. II is lleare eataUUhed, ar eared b we oae, ptlea en cured br Ita aat, females find It taveluable. IVpot, ISO Chatham at. Bald DM Oread at, and bv whaleaala and reavll aYauWa, TOOTnACIIE CORED IN ORB MINUTE A. -J AMA'Toothaclva Rawaedr. Thta areaareUaa wtn itlr end wnraianeiattr cure toe coast oxoreaV atlna and termantine esse ef toothache ce aearalala. ittna case or looti rrtce jo eaaej per doom, nam avail arafiwa. rrm. oil druaxteta. 1 W . tu. I aa, 1 10 raueu at, liroaaua. lsl4aenil u NPABALLELKD SUCCESS OF PCKMAN'S RHEUMAT1U ANNIHILATOS. I'atca in ccara. Praah evidenea af Re wonderful efneae la eeaee of Bkeamatlam, Paeuraltia, Bore Throat, 1 praise, Bralam, Launvuem, loloa la the lleok. Bide, Ac Ac a pearlnfl la dall. Ihla excellent (aa well at cheap) article haa been tnoroaxhl taaoaad durtnf tlie last two wtntera and many who were euaWlna from tlie eiorutlatina paloj ef llheumaUam. ara new lu eoed keek k. Iteaaafwara be had of the followtua Asenta t At the Oeneral Va rletr Btnre, 4 South Beooad at. i the Drna Btore, ear. (South Oth aad Wh a, and alike Varlet aton, W vtdon ev, nppotiu 1th at Wllllemaburak. Mew Yark-Ornai Itore, 47U Beooad av, eor. of mth at. l Kven Depot, tTl PirUlon et. I Near. Depot, BO et. end at LITV LhHALK-a, M llower. Prion. TWPL CI JaTB per botaia. saUltae lACUOiBaKYi 1"ICKS ANTI-FRICTION MACHINE, U POR PI Ni'lllNO, PlIKtHINO, AND PKKcjBINO IKON. r , TIIK MOST bmClKN f, l.l!lN(lMlt'AI, AND l,aiHIHVAVIMlMAClllUINTllK YTUKLP. Prlrtiot, la all bat done awa with, itxt to no oil a reauin a in runoiar uicm: ana no repairs are need ed foriaara: the larseai machine rwiulre leee than otio-hnrae power, fol Bhi-arh.1 and l'u chine Iron, to cue iLchlu thUkmaa.e Ilk lo pere- ptILle edort. do ina the work In the mca-t eniooth and ea-rtVct manner. We refer to the larartt aad m vt eurceadiil aaatab llehinonte I the caanitna tu learn the value of the arhaie m-rhlaee mode nndrr DIC'K'8 PATKNT, eiirh ea Ciau aa A llrwrrr, Trenton, N J t Oni lea Brxau i:iiimCo, Provaitenon, K l. .1. II.A W. W. tiunm alaerja, HxanaACo Now orkt Wraa laiTTBllomao Mn La, I stroll Mich. Coi.i.lna Ais V'alti.iir, ( and man othera In New i rt. New hnpland, lr Inla, Illln U Unortla, Ohio, A e Ae maa ef w eotn. efter unit thnm for two er three care, ur 'he would not he without them for threeerf air tlmea their coaat annotheraaar tli t tn erniparlaan with eor other machine, hue. u to tliaei. that the pa far Ui-dr owu curt la ever six mouiha' ave. AU or dire promptly attended to, aad all Information, tlvta b BTfvtrNB nmvnirii co . , . ROI.P. AUUflB, .:. 1'lURI. HfRFCT, iaStrru NF.W YliRK. LK11K1I1 METALLIC I'AINT TIIE UN derlaxned. aavi.ta for Una Invaluable paint, ore prw perrd toaaupel the larse claa. dwleera et tho loweat maainlactnrerapiloea. The warrant tne article to be euierlor lo snv aadd 1. tula market, belna full II p r ca-nt. aartal; fur praservloa U ai and oth-r metal, aud word aiid canvass It haa ne eu.ual llrick bulldlma eali.ted Ith one coat of thla put will be kept por b ctl dr for man veara et about ooodhlrd tlie price ef pure lead It la wotti! va.U more (or all such par- Tl'.-m.. ITtVENB BROTIirR CO . lat, U1J mi Peail eL, NewYark. NEW YORK HACU1N&RI DElVr. 8TKYKNB BROTHER A CO tt. PaarlRuaet. PNrerv deecrletlon of at.tlouarv and oortahla enrltia-i enttne and band lathee power and hand plan era, ditlla,xair-euttlns maehlnea, boll eattera, mertie Ina end troejetj,a aiachiuea, Aei alas eireeler and np rll t aaw milla o( varloua klndai train mill, la era-t vsiietr- AU br sale at the ver lowest prloee intuit tUtlnvta. lad trill IS CW TURK MACHINERY DEPOT. RTKTPNS. ItKOTIirR A CO. 11 I'KAKI. BrKJ. NKW YORK,. MANTtAt-MKrRflendMK A1.WR8 la ererr deerrle. tlnnnf BTATIOAHY end POHTalll.K dTRAM VS. OlhPBand BOILKKS. WOODWORrU'S PLANEM aud all other Woaiu Wiirxiho If aoiiiara. IJtTitus ri.vr n,iiniuiJS LstaAiiir.i. ts mnnMi iirLti.Ti. P-aBBITi ui olllUt COM11 Hill ION ItfKTAU, a' .eaa.. a.' A. a.e-w.t.r-al aaa raa a atV tacit iir IM11MII Vl lUl all o her arti. lee oeedfal In a Maehlae tthep. stamur Aiit. nr.n.n ur "T 1)1 K.B" Celel rated AeH-Wrjctlon HI IKA II. PI N IIM APHMM HtltltlH- I'AlKMT BIPTlMII MACnlVKA UtRkVatbObULK-AirriNU BALL VALYI PORTABI.P. BCAI.tA IN (IReAT VARUCTY' And mau oJier valuable Artlciaa. XXIMT Bmim FODltD. T00 FOUND- NOTICFIJvROE MAS- 'vrilllamL and llmAnaar Tha -- tiff dfiaT UutA Wlfur illtasL anillmariaa- owurca b.vti blm ibi vro-log pcopwrt o ftTln,, ajaaaawraaawewa. wiaaa sa av ara vow m M. Jm lilVeT,! DOS IX)ST-I.OST .r.STERi)AYrA small blek aed tan Imkralut, wlit her tall end ears cropped I had no ahea loet traall leather strap. Aerearaarer'turnloshertn trtl Weatlts-at, wUlrroelrs Bland the tkankenftheewoer. 1,14,1 DOCKErilOOK L0Sil-7 1-5 RKWaRD A - LimA. aa Peh. Ijltlu a amatl n.ank.t Inah ... talolaf about $10 aad a few meuioianeama, with the edvertleei'a cerd Ihe tinder lll receive tlie ah. to reerd h retumlmr It to W, II, linl.T, at l)lert,AladneA Cot, DO Wallet. 0 IM,! WAJ1TKD, SADDLE vTANTKD-ANT ONE IUTIRQ Oa aood LADYYJ BAilDLB to dlepoa. ef AT A BAR ye nod LADYYJ BAilDLB Mdkmooa IAIN, eaer lad a eautoavat br oddrea IAIN, mat lad a eautoavat Of addraadae a neU te Uritjata ftr'teivnl. lan.HAl.nneSee Wj tf PARTNER WANTED-AIU A SMART A active man wit thle amount, wanted at partner Utakeekarewaf awhaieeale end nwall li.rn ar atere. kit dor. et will tell aa ee hae ether buatasm U atte ad J- dprl it d. rLYfta, M Thoaaas at, near West Brtadear, 101 rraMoif ax ntmom. Douirrr tktrD-mnnaar, sUrLOM TKrOBMATIOM WANTED OF JOHN A aad RlCUalll) pngTeRKirbn, atfa of CnTfrVreTaa, Irelaad, br toelr atax AMN PO. TIlrtriD, WThea le beard fnie ?; la care ef 1 0Tntie, Hupte-oo, B'aten lalaed. Molt NOTICE THI8 IS TO fOKBID ArTT eerwo frem tmeaaa raf wtM, MARY NIVKO. 10 it, Janav Cite, for I etll ea on dWa I her eon tracUaa after this oata. OKOfcORrUMetO. Ml W REAL ESTATE OWNEHH OF REAL eetate kanea baaiaa, ateree and Iota tn anr part of the cltr, vblcb ther a-t to anil, rant or leva, eie ami eoeteaien foe tba aame, hr aQlrlnf at W. II HlTrnrlX'8 Keel btata OflUe, Tt Cedar rt. faTItau'144 i:.-r.nAia nuHi.ti:r4S nnt'iiiKS flf tTKRI aKjaCHlPriJe .l. im fc r.rfin. rja PeeI bi llarnera llllla. rSSrt Hltf-T SnVeaSl &&, i-ttt HAl:.M'M'.S AMKIMCaN Mt'SF.UM lllkllRAMA. V? M'NIM -WHIIB ., . 1UIS 4'1Km.iiS A P.VeMM , at I T n'elock KireUiirtneeitls Muumad oeie Ada I I kllaren tinder 10 feani, iMl Laet eaa butenenf the nva llvlna: Aa'ee Cblldrel aid Altdne famllr at llarjnma Muanni If foil vnold tee Ihetn. reaiemb-r It la 1 vda, or oarer. WBianlo W i lie," at land IM f M ll CHEAP nOOFINO-aATUrUTED FELT end tarrad rp-r for mio and aaaerlarlna tin ..a l.tde,H. Mtnaelnee Buealtlan for all kind ef raoflna. Ileelera enrpi4 ftn liberal terma. .IKt. 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Uarea' aaxner, II Fatten street. Newark, M. i at Dr. Wm. T. aaarosra, tad Broad Uorrlstown, M. J at a V. Preeman's atarw. tawi4aaMS PERUTIAN SYRUP THE UENUIUK article can be had at 15 coat per bottle (oaul prlea II). at 44 Beulh Reooad et, Willi aauburfh. ),0ta POUDINS. WALBralDUE ISAACS t. CO,, IV MAW VEBEY B ritEKT. have pnreheoed the entire annnal lot cf JlAMAOmi INDIA KIHHPHOOMM, Of IheUilXA MLB1UXH COMII COMPANY. aad I oner these m T1IK TR4UR cheap. .,. m POHOABH 1141 A SAVE YOUR DOLLARS

ghtirii, ean he fonnd at hla NEW BTORR, 111 Natanaii n-rnlrrna. Two doors from Beekman at., aad next door te ths nasocu laaaa. Wtiere he oftVra or aale 111 BPRINO nrvi.Kop flNR MOLKttalN BILK UATB ATtl. Tha same as ara sola elsewhere for $S and $4. CALL ANlt CXAMI.tE. Tlmeehavernaniivd-and aver maa should ears his doilaria If be can. l oa een mve a dntlar bv 1ILY1NO AT BMini-S. m.,UW SPECTACLES-BOOKS-WKAK fllUUT Imareved k Prohaaer PRANK'S eeleorated ara chanted er repaired, etore 11 Orand at aai xinoa aa aoertacaat ooacna. eoia, ex- ox Orud ataear KUrldae. Hoax sraoo. eor. (arena eaa aaonato te eta, rer sals, a lellMaet fwaulna toed kwfaia. TO THOSE WHO POSSESS A SEWINO macblaav-A new rneklog and plaitlof attaebmaaat for eewtne machloee, that U ao elmele aud parlect la It. tperaMon aa te eatonleh everrkndr. exclusive unmet, atne IIMJ'IBKH m Msrule Dee Medaa, 471 Itmadwav Prion s5otitt warranteA to eive eatla fartlen Tofamlllealt It aaoeth 10 timet lie ewt. Te diraamakera It Is Invaluable. Pleaee call end evaaa Inett. tVleua 'fVjUiAS' DKKUY CO.NUUION POW. A dera for llitraet A safe, anre aad rp-wid euro for besvea, enuxhe, eolda. distemper, hide boand. lot. ef epprtltas Ae Olres a floe sllkr coat, aiad will brine aboienliiteeoutltlunln teat daja. Per feat atork the are lovalu able, tt etnt. a hex. Bold bv ell bruaWtata. Oflloa 66 ttoetianSt atreet. IM8,4aa'Ul 'I'Kl'BSfcte-DR. RlUUS' WATER fstOOP A multlpaidal Trues haa met with a euoosae la Ike euro of ruptures aud a demand ankoowu la the biete 17 ef Truuoa. Warranted clean 1 and perfect In all resprete for five rreie 'ounf enhieeui tavarlablr etuad Alao a varleonale Tnsaa ead oopUaacea lor co- araedvelns 1 HaeeUe a IM'l"4aa W; ATCI1ES ' EVERT DESOdirt ION v aadd, or rif.ued la author braichea: all work waraitrddonenaltehoal4te. br apreottaal aod ex- rarlencen aa kmajn, at muah belew the aaual otct. I V I'lAUI'.T, .e'elim-k-r end repalrt, anthnr of the traallae un "Tbo Watch," (arks & oanU ) 11 J oka at. 4.13T w ILLCOX ft GIBBS', n&nutAJ sua lliar;. PRICE 0, DOol uaoAxir DWAT, tall !414 lOl' I M'MIS. DKUOIlf.Sl'S UUAND 1 tJ vl 1 opevlna ef Hrln p.ttenaa nf Pare Peao- aotua 471 Bruadwty. 8 J" ataad Ut Pierrepout I, t reeklu, also Mlrrer ef 1 a itlooa, pat encrariaxa, e mho WacllB $1 WKlTLWU OUUWfcA UUNriMUKlr BuotkeevtB. BS eaw month, a BIO au. limited i wrlUnt and artthmeUe 110 par martaw, Tl maonaeaca rAnaHatwaoawawwa,eaiaeariw7 and loa I uitoo at, Breakla. OoL PA1MR. the wall known teacher of arrltlnt, la eae al WaSlaelroeUra Kaea-Si..iiia aaaaa"H rajBts. A FEW DATS LONGER TORS. TheladleewtlldoweUte mark tte fee will, for a abort time, aoll the balaaea of out Uoer, to eloee tea aunx. new tore tar maniq mOkathamst. fete lAeeai tall NO. aaaoaawt. TaAVltwUH HAVAIA. afJIRD AVEMUH SAV1NOS BAA A , Corner Third Aveuns and Twaaatr-tath st Chartered loM TX PER COrr INTEaKST allowed oa aOaepoalto, ream oue oeller te one tnouaaaa aouara. Bank open dall from 10 a. to I a. m.. alee oa ouaa, we and Bthu-da aaenlnra, flinl aPENORB at BRRRnVr'aal luev ehit a-l aa a o-caoea. tV ACHIL KaKJLXt ESTATB. J?AM FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE A . toed fana of led aeree with nee aaarv balldlnea, e0k of cattle, train, farmlni uten-lla, ei rne f In. eurobrtnnei win be aid very cheap JOlIt MAbV Tlbk,Ti)Mamaaat,eritoaWaaltteiiat mh4v4ae HOUSE & IA1T FOR SALE AT HBle mae, Wtwtchesrer Oantr. N. Y.. 0 mtantee walk ft Drrad In. nrCer Loeatad In Melroae at, aeonnd bnuee fr lierailroaa. Vmm r,. thar 1 at rm.uou. in luie. on IB premleea, orof B.R POWI.W.W- hat rtora, 'ran etbatwaan Persian and Pldrtdte eU AIM,nna T OTSFOR SALE-SEVERAL LOIS FOR Ld aale on paved etreete aad eenve. 1-el 1 1 the O-ead B'reet Rallread -price, from ' la 1V la'iulr nf W -'NdH.YtA,coref N rth tdet .ndiljaVam ave, vtliliaaieoarto, everin.euaav. TOI1 T.AND FOa 8 LB. ICO ACKtS OF Land A tne bad In HUanka. rtaar a lartw t W1 . r tne ted In HUanka. r.aar a larc t wi . r would rxcheoaw for a beuee eed twdno, near New r loo, aaar New i r. ta I near e rail road dee.' retn.mbaatlandlax I qul efJ.K UATCIt, NaThNuiinaaN. V. 4 I'J.C TO TRADE ON STATfN ISLAND IVlR . ether proaertv I" thla ellta Braoelre teeeev iJ'f. aVet aleo 4 si acee- timber lead, clear frem eecew. braaca. laimlee tTl V id et, M fleer, tree- iaa, tutll tl. JAaaLMYMJUa .1IT, BflAIi BeeTTATBt RTjTLPgo urn ronjuut-jom bsb. ekclea alaVereVw,ew,aaTee-a no. COUHTRT SEAT FOR SALE OR TO LET. en the aorth .bank ef tte brewa2Hj-r. a MooafitlMae-inuiewiiTna " r"""liXE2 Ua boaeaia3alna 10 oaaa,, e I bathto Mea,anuiewiiTiiB a"o, r""r aaatalaa Id twaaa. oet-hemee. aei bi aTiedtowsiIXlAMRiallT, anwasih Ue4 M. J, ac eo the premie and IwnlAaT villa. Una fstf leaariM POTTA0E3 FOR SALE CfIEAP-2 BEAU-a-Aiful eottaeea,altaated ea Bedfwd ave. 4th hones fiean Part are, tweatr mleu'ea frem raiton renjra and twelre mloutee from Peek Blip, rrlse t 'lift. Part eaa rental, ea booi ted morUaee laqelf e en IMtirefDleeasefU.a. VTRIUUTl or exehaay. for a brick hooae? T.1GM fARM OF 80 ACRES FOR SALE-21 tnllee feom New York, half nil from depit, with weed houaa, well eu'tlaaUd, ruanlaj beui. o4 well of watar, will be sold chatp Arpl at oi Ua Hwn at. I7AIIMT0 EXCHANOE-WAST TO EX- A rhanse a aerrfine faimofeaef 10d acrea. M miles from New Y . for a houaa and lot la !aee ieS n vlrlmte- eM f.em la free from enewmnraoe.. 1IIAUI, boi laT.diiaerllse. for t3redare. T.11I.S IAHM FOR 8ALE-2.TM FOU A SMALL sardea. farae aod residence eids A oillee fr en N Y.a en L. la ewe enre M eae-lent laad. with aood bimen, bars end e jt-hnlMI -ffa pten'r of fr-i(i. e i aien a rnnl hnnee and lot In Newlo.n, u tfor fiV). E. A M M Y 1 Cltr UaU riaee and U Caatre atreet. T1MI C-ALM FOR SALE-35 MILES OH L. I., " i.e,r the d pi. 40 acre., pond b na and out-balld-Irsa. well feneee. aieyl eMl, plentr of wood, water and fault, paica tlWK ll.iaajcae Urate par cent R. ULAKrittlbemberaet. I.IIH.1 ?ARM FOR SALE. 1,000 FOR A FARM A of 40 aerea, onlv W ailiea on t. I, till laud It all well fenced anaander rood en tlvatlon. wl'h larae house, barn aad eifbatleloita, of frull and water. Alaneneof flo aerea. aonil anil, onlldinae. fruit, Ac , arlee Msl. K. A. Ut.NCI 1 tllty Utll Place, and II Centra street. tU'SI,! PARU OF 100 ACRES 10R HALE Cheap, a. en boas Itleod, 4) miles f era arankir-'t or ea cbanae fie cltr P opt-rtr. Ioulie No r14 Votiimbla et, aoiita iiiotjaira. mnu ik in IJARM TOR SALE A VERY OOOD AND . ennvenWnt farm of lOacraat Mtanrvllle L t. lie., an. w-m, p-,m.w craehfrrr heat; lirlce ll.o 0. llARK, IM llrwailwsrt N. Y. near the It K. dpit; aome fmlt aood water, Sne leuuue n u, n c . ,l4 1 1?AIIM FOR SALE A SHALL FaKM -S cmitalnlna CI from Wamc karen cnnUlnloa V acre, eltn feed b illdlaia: 1 mils ai taut. I.. I. elan now a cue IJt inr tale Imiiilre 110 Alaalle at, llrooklra, E. IJ , el U. BOITIIAKII. FAbM OF 16 AChE-UUILDIMUS AND one of 6 aerea. witabntldl ra, t lat te aarde ere crmllkmen liuulre oath, pr-mle, near st-rtle ae l-.ja, Hrouklrn, ef RALl'd LANK. 6,15,0 T?ARM FOR I.E. cult' A traa nnflee .1 aerea, under ;ond cultivation. Urine bath atd.0 ofthernad. Will beajldae-parateorloaeuior. This farm la ntuatad one mile Mef the thrlvlua vlllaae el Jamaica, tee mtuatea' wala Irm and oppjelle the Willow tree station. 1'ecrme wantlaa a farm ahould look et thla. Can leave South ferrr direct, or ears fr. m William-banrh to K. New Yerk, thoeee br eteaa. I er particulars coll en L. CORNKXJ. oa the premises, Jsn.elca. U I. maoldae'll rARM FOR SALE ON L. I., tO HILES . from Brenklrn, 10 aerea, house, barn, waten. Ae alao t Iota In lb h Ward Breoklrni aald let. weald be told low or excoanaed for a farm or for boots aad shore, Innnlra J. BAMIIIS, HI Oread st N Y.erP.O. BKLU Ml Pulton st Brookla. (est! WaairL T7ARM FOR SALE ON STATES ISLAND A J1 aerea, et Bloomlnavtew, vltk abundance of frolt and nae waUr view, b mine tee walk frem depet, oburrlua and acboola. B. KUU Y A UO, 61 Ukert st. fetaalOMd GKOCERT AND LIQUOR STORE FOR eejewlhlleeee,slMkaannd will aad fitmreaef a rMTy and IPraor etore, eo Tbompwan atreet, above Grand. 11 HalRLEU LOTS FOR BALE MOFTHB awatt dwdrabU lota to llarlawa, read fcr Imesedl te hnproveoaoBt, at lew prlcea and en eaa terms. lMiMdae B. BOUY AOO 01 libert tt Tl OUSE FOR SALE OR TO LET A Neat AA tweeter end haaamcnl brtch hnnaa, hUh brown alone stone, end Iran ratlins. In 47th at. near ll'h av reiiltUitl. lnquitaataUl Weat th at, ori at 13 Urn stmt. 1,181,1 fJ0UE3 FOR SALE IN JRRSETCITY, AA artthln B mlnutee walk of theferrr T ve later atd baatmatit brick tHattaee: each heuee eeatalea B nam, with water and aaa; price ef earner hnose, $a,Hn the other li-Mo-. ll.iaio eaah on each re. uaired: th. aelance Vt rewaaja en bend sad mnrtcaee. roe eafUMtinta innuire at jtau aiei.a iHilldef, eor of York aad lleudaraoa at or J. HILL, lit Railroad avo, I nl HOUaE FOR SALE OR LEASb-BRlCK house, weal aids 11th av, tfl feet eoutli from edrtt at, 17 rooms and 1 etiwve price fA huO t rente lor $745. Abas bnuae K) West XOUl et, lliuat end 4 loUeor.' lie Kaib aad Noatrend area, lirnkln, for r it Ana. irrnueea. citutiaeJ won ami si. 0,110,3 HOUSE AUD LOT YOU 8ALE-1.800 a comfortable pouae and lot. la a toad loca tion e Park Avenoa, Brookla. about 15 mlnutee' wait from the fe-rv r shade trees and fruit on the piamlais. l.quiteoiM Park Avenue,llroekln.C,liW,l HOUSE FOR SALE 1,100 WILL BUT a rrw i-atorr hnnse, with od cellar- lot tTl73. Alea one brick store for $ t JWM on fith eve; eoe 1 etnry end beat meat, with tub ell-r, brick houae for 1.0K); abo one alee dweplot en ceroer f.r t3-tal0. Tevnta- f ma. tviai te tW" down; balaaee can ba eala IKi er tuvi quart nr. Appiv to l C 11AMICLL9, of lih ae and 14tb at, Brsokla. (sleO,( HOl'bE FOR SALE IN WILLIAMS burab Two atorr frame hoaee. fall lirt. fnitt tree end evervthlui In tood order. lo-ielre en the prvniUea No IVvoe it, or 1 Grand at aaat win be aSMeeM4 eoia ea ra aanoaoae ten HOUSE TOR SALE TO CARTMEN, Manufacturura. &e,A frame hmue arlth 10 anart. mental al a, tlie next lot, there belnt .a anoeeupled frnalelliOfeait,Aeallliefontof North 7th na,t, mu ll tnaburah t prior " B al l BI (aa) on mnrttatei alee. e tne verr cheap brick hona and lots. inquire ei iia ja et. urooaiaa, al l er vcio a. 4.HM.1 HOUSE aND LOT FOR SALE IN WIL. Uamahuseh Uouae two storr, bseeaaeet and atlln i lot lb br ion water la. Thle er nr a well worth the atteotloo ef capltaitata er thoe. la went of e hanee. Prto. SV,9ia) C 11 and eee the premleea WM tauuth Beeone (, wUllemahurih, where all Infer-tuotl-.Q wU bo tlven. tkKiu.14 ae. UOUSE, It., AT ROSSVILLE, STATES AA laiana-a let-rr and attloa frame beuaa, barn, Ae,toretherwltA dacrreef land, verr plaeaantly lo- eated near Ike vitiate, on tha Wood-row Rood, s-rew Hnao aeoa 1 aaw and la teed tea totoeaewe. ibenouaauorarij repair, Ar, leere la also a rope walk vyaRAii mnrt aawaaj am aaw auaaai waia w tea. Pit brma. Ac emdr to JOIL Ea iaa erst COKr'i III dcUKt'i ii U04.14 RA CO IM Psarl at. HOUSE FOR SALE-A J-dlOUY ND baeeraeat hooae and lot, en th. notta tide ef llrld at, bet, d and ad area, llarlem Por u.rt.ea. Ian Inquire uiiaieaoia j. aiiL.aii.-a. aiaa aa aua ea eve, A lea, a farm of abuut lao acre In tne t awn of Bethel, ft, Poe eartleulan afplesabove. er to It A, JlllD, UanaeLct. ld,lf,U ffat HOUSES FOR SALS IN JERSEY CITY Six aaaaD BrteB aoaana also come ef the beet Lett la the en, aleeene larae honee with 1. lutaef around on Berten till Tarwaa aseeVe ver near la ouvtsaeiaea-awat t " "" '.'i aa.i?) j Hucerjj tub mu-i Iwu alOoT Cud katement brtex amAM. with the modera lm frevemenlaasltiiteed In De Ralb ae. adjolalat the ear gt Aaiiiniaia at, Ureotlrn. Iniulra cf BADRAUa taOCRWOtiD A CO, tsT Wealllnttoa at, Mew Yertw fclileaenol - T IQUOU STORE CORNER WANrED- ei-e bva reeooetble peraea. a oaroer far a whelmela abd retail ll.ior stare: nn eblectaue te e I d ataad la oat at T,b the black. Adairae uvt oa, 51 1 1 tiunontee. OallM LOIS TO LEASE OR FOR SALE-ONE lot en Mat at, and en. la the rear co Aid at, bet 1 th end lith an) alao 4 full kite north aide rMh at, iiai tea-t waat of Id ave 1 three fourth, ma r mala oa wertreie foratvrui of yitrt. ApiM iitti w ten st. 0,170,1 e-lOKE IOK SALE THE STOCK, FIX. w lurre ana rood will ef a enuntr etore, eltuatad la oeetf the meat buelneee locaUtlet la DutcHaee coaat, aod where buelneee te tue amount of 111,'aK) per 1 ear haa beau dona. 1 be uodTala net weull leaae tha bullcluse one tell tue otoce, or. 11 in. purei feirrd, wotdd aoll tue propero eutlre. Te a raoae wttaesroali, caene-eiaai, en eineiiena opponunll. dereePodTMAAreR. Altiehur P. O, lletehret Co, N Y. 7,11,1 1 1C1U0& SlOhE FOR SALE TO LIQ. j tt dealera achareataeldtim m.t with a whalaaala ea d eti Idiuoe at f-r t le, with er without stork. 1 1 panic prlea i mnot ba w-la tnla da or t mor-ew, ee in er pneuru le vuu tne elar. Apply to T, "I Uf i, ui lot r r ra l, arv uroaaeav, loeaiv. LAND FOR SALE TO FARMERS AND tlardetrra- Ml acne of lre. In plot, from Mo V0 actee. ahuated lo the tow. of Hatlau h, near the wana. tl taiiUbaa, atd wl'Un 1 mllea of the I Ita . llaJL l'r tl.a 'Term, n,. Appl to la. T, B R 1 EN, 10 l-re,t.N. Y, M'sl T 1QUOR SI ORE FORSALE THE Stock U .ad future, ef tte ll.ue store e ejier twV Jeaa tod M.leaant ream le-ee !;fil atU nerd tpplr. appl ea tut pramlaet. o,110al r AJTDUIRD ABU CBnAaTi -nn fxiniTtwr' T"" ira ornoa KFHALIC FILLS, CCU SICK HEADACHE. cctxa mkbtovi niADACnx Cl'RX ALL KIKDf. OF tUADACU E. mi By the net of theae Pltla, tha pwledle attacks of 'errewsor Bick faadarV ma be prvreated, aad If takea at the eoauaeneemeat ef an ataaek lmasedlata relief from ptla and tlskneat wtq be ebtalned. They seldom fall la remevtns, tba .Vauent and ttmU tvaa to which feaaalea are ee aahct. They act leutly npoa tba bewsl-ramevla Cbsf s note. rorJfcrarp-lfen, Sfwdrnt, lellcsta Frmaleeand sJlrawaooeefscdewiar noWa, ther are aaluaVIe aa a iaraflra, uaprovlnt the appttil, iivla fens aad rfper to the dlreetlrs orjai and reetorbti the natur al elaatkltr and atransth of the whole artt'tn. 1 he CEPIULIC riLU are the reeult of leaf love tlaetloo, and earcfullr conducted etperuneata, kavlnc been ba nae maar raora, durlna which time ther have ra area ted and relieved a vaet am ot ef pale anl euf. tVrtag from Ueadachae whether -llnUo la the imt root ajatc m, or from a deruued state of the elontoya, Ibej are entlnl vesetabls la their oompoal tlon, map be taken st all times with perfect stfstr without enailos taf chaniraef diet, and tht akaenos 0 any iUatirtmblt fosfi renders tt oat y fo administer f ACM f cAalatrrn BEWlRkTeOr COt7TERraT8 1 The (enuloe Lave Ire tliaatuna of UCMIY C. BTiLM.Na ea each Box. Bold br Drmurls s and all ether Dealer! la U edlelaea. A Box will be aOLt br mall prepaid oa reoalpt of tha rBICK V, CENT. All orders ahould be addraaaed to IlllNUY C. IPaLDINd, ho. ii Cedar sL, New York, tug roixowiNc, rvnoiiKURxn or PALI I WI'A CEPHALIC 1'ILUS, WILL COMV1.N K ALL Wild IlitH FROM IlEAUkCilA, THAT 4 spfypy ami si ri: crtr Id WiruiM TUEltt reach. A t thtt TrttnMmxalt aeere wnaofcired bf Jf r Beat O' niM v ojrerd wnvweatrionaWc frwif a IAs tjfa rtKt 0 (Ait fnifv ectcnCVio efferoccry. Iftiio'iviut, Coxa Feb. 5, IML Ha. Bi'aliiuio, 8m t I have tried rear Cephalle Hlls. and tikt farm so ireU that 1 waat reu tt eeod me tiro dad era' wrtn more. I'artrf theae aee for the nele-hbere, te whom I lata a few oat ef tha find box 1 ant from row. Beam ua rcua or mau, ana onure Yeurebt aervanL JAKE KCRfEDV. H tt uiroin, Pa , Feb. 0, 1811. Ma. BrALOtio, flint 1 wleh yen te aend me one more box of rear Cepha lic Pills 1 nort rrertcctf a vreaf deal bmejttjrom nam. Teurt. respectfHlt, fcfaltY AUX BTOIKIIOl'SB. Bmrrx Cxrxa, Upemrna Oi , Pal Januar 18, 1MU I IL C. BPALD1NO, Pel BIB I Yon wtll please aend me two boxes ef 7ur Cephalic 1111a. toudthaamlmmaeUtad. ReapcctfaUl ours, , . J NO. B SIMONS. V. S.-I bare aaod ens box of jour l'UJt and nnd them rxccllcnf , llru Vxxkoh, Ohio, Jan. 15, 15C1. UaaavC Sraii.iio, Ki Pleeae find led lead tweaty-llve e nta far which end of vnair CephaUe I'Uls. TAey art lllMH ever fried. i anotner box er box of fmvfAetVefiae Ulreet A RallVltR- P If. Belle Vernon, Waadot Co BtvttLT, Matt Pec. 11, 19W. H. C. BraXM0. El 8m i IwUh fcr some etrealamertarteahow Mils tabrlat rout Cephalle PUls more pertlcale'lr before m eav hmitra. If J eu bare anthlo of tba kind, pleaee ssBdtama. llaaaf mvenetemers whole snmeet te cevare Rlek aeedachea (ueaall latklna twe daa a,) waa eared ef aa attack In one hour b our Pllle which I erst her. Jteepiictfullrean. W. B. WILKES. KHWOLriDlxo, Pranklla Co., Ohio,) Jan.9, ISCl. J. Uxwiv C. SraUHwoa No.4JCealaltt.N. Y. llauaSmt loeaoeed find tventr-nve cents (2B), for which send It I of "Ophelia Pllla BVnd to adJreaa of Rev. Wm. C Filler, KarBoiaehurt, t reaklla Cat Ob la. Yenr Pllla vatk Uke a ckara-cure lleadacha al most luefanfcr, Tru'y woiira, ' WM.C. PIIXER. YraiLAan, Mich , Jaa. It, lSuL Mr. BrUJiin. Sill Net lont ainca I aant to on for a box of Cephalle PlUa foe the cure of the Nervone lleadaaha end Uce tivveeea. end received the saaae, and the had so good an effect that I was Induced to send for more. Pleaee send return malt Direct to A.U WflkCLKR, YptllanU,Mlch. Frem Ike Ktamlnrr, tiorM, To, Cephalle PUls aeeomptUh the ohlect for whloh they were made, via.! Cure of headache la ell Its fanes. From f Ae Examiner, XorM, I'd. The have been t-e ed In mora thaa a thtusead cases, w Ua ettlre cuoceoa. from f At Drniocraf, SI. Clout, Minn. If roa are, er tare been Irauhled with the headache, tend fur a box, CcrphtUe Plllsj to that ea us have them locate of an attack. From On Aitertir, lytrUtnet, tt. I. , The Orballe Pills are taid to be a remarkable tf. fociive rewaeer for the headache, and one of the ver beat for that ver frequent eemplalut w kick haa ever been dlseoveted. fVom f Ar Frsfcru B. R, Oaurffe, CAlciow, Jit. We heartily and. raw Kr, Bpaldlag, and hla anrlval- ledCephellol'UJe. JFrom f Ae A'anairAd Policy Star, Kanavha, Vt. Wt ere euro that penaona euffcrlnt with the head ache, w he try them w UI atlck te them. From (In Rnuthtrn TWA Fiiufcr, .Vn Oilcans, La. Trytbvm! toothal araafHlcted, aod we arc sure that oar leetlmoay een be added 1 1 Ihe already na mermi. Uat that hat received benefits that ne other medicine can produce. from f At 81. 7-oaie Prtnocraf. The Immenae demand far tha artlolt (Oephallo mia le rapidly Increaslnf . From tht Gairttt, Davenport, JetM. If r Spalding would not oonoect hie aame witli ta ar. tide he old net iiaote te limit real merit. from fAf Adrevr,YvridA64 A r. The ltlmo.y la their (aver Is strand, fern the meet rtwpncWble aatdaem. From (At DoaV A'ewt, .Vrwperf, A. . Cevballc PUls ara taklm Ihe place tf all kinds. From tht Ommrrciavl Kulleftn, Beefea, Jfjet, Bald te be very efiloacloae for tha headache, From t At fmaatrraail CaatHianoft, OAl'e, Bufiertot humanity eaa new ba rellered. M'ALDINO'S rREPAUED GLUE BPALD1N0-8 PREPARED QLl'E. SrALDlNQ'S I'BEl'AKKD OLUE I BAVBTURPIRCEBl ECONOMY I DISPATCBI tne- A Btiti n in Tun Barsa Hiaa" .ATI jtsavrldmfs arfll MfW tern in weU-ewuloed yanui.ra. It a. verr te naee acme ehcae a.d cua.vaavi.nt wa let npeirmi PumlTer, T,, Crock. "r'0' BPAtHIbO PRE'tRf-D ULITI meets a1! such aeneve ene'e a. aad ne household eaa af fid to be without It. 'It it always rued, and u to tne mice awe pan a "CnPIL IN EVERY U0V8R.- pl BA Bnieh aererepanlea each betite. Price to. otota. aaaraee uuini u erai.iiiMU, Bo, ii Cedar at haw Yerk, CAUTION. 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