Newspaper of The Sun, May 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of The Sun dated May 1, 1861 Page 2
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IT r ' NEW YORK SUN WEDNE8DAT MORNINO, MAY 1, 1M1. T fcaWrtbera waa .tl- Towwy. SaVcttberi to this pspor who af a'wut aana.lnj' tblr residences, ar reminded to notify th cffirt r lb car,r, or at list hart n mr rsaifvwi tetta Iki nei eeeujitdf (A prtmttr tkrj tat ttt, of the slrtet anl number when they art .t-ra'Ur to t found. Wt: trust that tn Vlmtnls' niton, l.iilulin? as ll (lom, men rf Uh aVtlity an J ml..ic c'.nr- 4lCtT, Clll-Ol posxibly flt to I cnilt-ciuUS of t ll (tailed nalare of It 4 re-wn-lli lit !. 1. l i i;wrtunitr to Jo gon or ct II. lias siar-rly Iwn given to mii before tlum. ll l for llifm. probably, to , liuo. l't ocn a M. ra an I -lemrdary liidk-tlm of Ju-dl.. whlih slull conn'm liio pe' if human scile.y an I the staUlity urejtubl'oaii U-tltutlois, f.r tent 1 ties to com 1 anj so cllVnliiite peaco, ,k- I tote rano of the Icri.'ltcd live nf traitors, wdtli-li wll rlrlnsUy prtxlaim Itiitmlty to tlm worst crimes In the power of man, an I lea t our children's rhiMrtn nsked to the knii'e of tli public assassin. Threvull' l hut lh' boin- nlng of a panic llul may wry pro'tably '"'P tlt.uh thKnllnrn states. When the cn- fpiistorsfeel tli title torsillng ihim anl the terror oC iMribution Impcnling orr their fcalv My wi I rtadi'v bend their hiutflity ckt toprrpwa't tf ccnipr 'Hilar and 'ScW to .take the lwt If inn lie ebbing remnant f lh.lrpoer nu.) enable lU.m to ilaim. We We tli it w ft i them inly In this respect Vfe Jrcad lent they may mke It appear tovune of our rulsr and pcopV. that pet:, and amnetj , with cow-ssioiui that were r".ionibl throe inou-is ao, should I preferred to the luurors U a retributive ami .-it-jutln war. While it St-aied possill to resort peace, w were rradytodo arythiiii: comiVcnt with peace to prerr It. lbit now that relxlllon ha UurihM Its murderous weapons at the li'c tf the nati-n, tl.r can le no p.vice airree to hat ve may, loilire hat we ma, there rill W nnp'i'v-until pn h'nent la elToctnalanl truto areextlrit. tcher pfine tlnnllii will Iw "a moik-ry. a ' li:i. il a.l a mum." e iuj-I ieae t Mhin 01' ihiijoH unfiiiNlial t our rucvrT. It I- a l,aer f.i Itii h they .illcur e. an ! th' cu--. wnl e well cle wrve.1. Lrt a m k lh' r.uhh work with re lrJhcu la ttiacvntiy fr the next two cntu rle at leaet. a e haU anwer for our prent truttopterl!y an? I Wi HeaT.-n. N'cr wa the .Jrmn lanpia-e of iiti iratlen m xt emph 1 tlcally JJrvJ to any ruler than to Anna n IH Lltioti tojay : ' Vr ' ienrert a l ikt nvr4 m mm : fif e i tht nioit'tr nf (.mi, n re rrr fa ti utt itra"t "poi him that dth til." ' Hoaiarra Dtlwlaa. A eomiiaii hfteln thU city. hain,te terwrtlrtjin. m riUtkni .'h Havana ami New Oileam, recelrt.l a let'T from ll New Or lea eocrrfponJcnt, en Siiunl.;t in which the wn:etute ' An I ! tbi letter the lanaon are luomini; in hannr cf the eecoiMon of Virginia. TI next dwi wa expert to hear ia that New Totk has alto JolnM In the mocmcnt. V wt down New York city a aure to Kive 4.fJ majority la faor tf etion." If a Krotleman long mptf;! in bu.inaa la tercuurrewith thia city waa dtluaivl, by falie reprexLtattona, Into the Mief that New York would Join the rebelling atatea of the South, how deep the lcorance and how irreat the de luionwhKh rautt prail amon the tnaaa of the kowthern Iojle. Tl.e people of the South Kara toen cruelly deceive- aul la-trajed by Uir lea Irra, aud by men at the North who do turn round and p-ofe the mint devoted attachsent to the I'nion tho I'onMltution aij the lawa. I'.ul ha I t!.e Gnvcrnment, whe 1 Siutli Caro lina to.k the lir-t revolutionary rtep atd with energy, an 1 put lon treaon at Charles ton, th vthem topb, ignorant they are li the d-ep uiler-current t patriotic fwlin which imprla the whol p !oof thu North in one direction, when tie L'nion l thre.itenel, wU not hare Iwn m easily led to t.ike up arnn alint ttie na'ional lioviriimeiit. They w ere prcmiaail an eitj bury, aul riili D)il-i, and the apath if the iuiri.meiit uud its ap parent ltel4eane found the reprewntatiniK uftbeanb coii' irlor. II it now, through the terrible ordeal ol var. with certain defeat mil ruin before them, they will learn how they hae Irwn dfceiie.1. Thr Telriraph onpanlra -aflrrliia. Tut ol truclion of telegraphic coinmunica tion by the aouthern rcla-la, and by the Maryland rioter, haa acrloualy diiiniilied the hane.-t which the tUHkbolJert in outhern linea of le'.egraph excted to reap from the preneit war cxcitcmcM. The proprietors of the Iliila-'tlpLU LeJgtr, who are lar-ly iute rmted iu the tileraph biulnoaa, and whoaUi own that mwakln eifawion ori;aii, tlta HiUl- luore Shi, now maku a paretic aieal to the tiovernuieiit to p'otott tho teleapli by meaiu of arml ccanpanioe eutiontd aloun the linen, and to order new linre to bv laid net retly, and alourf the bottoml of riven and baya, ao ai to be avcure from moWntatiun. The present bu.iinom of the (Soernment li to ruh out treaHon, and to hrinic to iuninlimeiit 11 who aid and aUt it. When it haa auoin pllthel iLia work, the Ulegrafh, aa well aa the, will he unobstructed. It in wot the .iilneM of Oo(rnnicnt, ut thli crlaii, to look tpaclally after the interta of tlnaie who wor ship only "the almlty dollar." 1 1 U rufreli. tug to hear the proprietors of the llillimorc A'mi declaring that We waola M nu iff (orenirent, but almng to pie led all ytlibtt (nlTiill aa we 1 aa iuoll. Inaeol Ihua 11 bmt jarolavu lUc If. The way to protect " all poeaiblo iutcnmta" ia to teach, by the aevtreat di jpline, " all wv sible Intereitii," that their tx't tecurily li to be found In a wiili and wnliei ltd nupport ol he Constitution un I lawf. Mb. i. T. Slcht, t'liltf Knuiiiei-r of the steamship Jamestown, aelzol at Itlchmon l, Va., wUlics ua to torreit tli-statement in yeaterJ iyV bos, that tlw ofliit-ra and irew of thut oal, Be klaoof the Vorktown were lmTinitel fur six- tia-n daja, Vecause they would nut enter the re Ul army. They were a-ktl tojdn tut n Ihreats or compulsory means were utfd. Tli men wire allowed to remain on hoard theii shls until tht-if d-parture, and their full pat was allowi-d uutil that Umi . Twelio por cent. (uot eihtwin) tllittiunl waa tli.irod litem ful specie that lein(? the rurnnt rate. Mr. M.OAT makes tills statement, a In- dues not dwiire that nthor imrthcrners at Kit hineii I i-houl I lai prt-jn- ilU-ed by exantrated bUteniouU in tnrihern Isrs. Anstr HcKURtiis aid Si'KartiK,' Maim. A commiaalon fur the examiiutlon of tail h datea fur surgeon ami sureun mates, in ac cordance with law, will mtiei at lhahar.piKi General's office, at tho raplml ln Hi div ol Albany, on WeJueaday, May mh, rtJin , lu O'llock. Union Vt.rK.Xcr. Co-JIITrKK. The amnunl U money reoelved by tbe Union Defame C mi mlltee. up to Monday nlut laat, waa l-V :. and their exnendlturea up to the aams tin amounted to l3,8C3.C7, leailna hal ao In baud of 15,M0.!i3. Wi tiiaikel out of onr WaahlnRton dlpitcri caof eater day a fooliali farrago about troutJe with fortlffn powera, la conaequenre of Inauf fclecit lotice cf the bkxkvle, KevertheleM, br farce tnaanr, It crept In ajraln, and we therefore refer to It, only to remark th it every reader of rommon aen inaj penclve that no treaty bin la tit tnkeap any artlciiUf por" t,n at all t(ma. Tlia poaer ami rlht of the l'nltMl State to ,), a porlinnof lt ortfor ItcccKsan piitio,e, at my niotiu-nt, raimul Ixi ipieatiinel. IV tin ,i Hr-tnp tlit niHiNa. nii-hop (lxnnii"'a- "fill' li"ro of New York, died .t later I .a m. inln. In till' it, at I1I1 reai iIiiik1, iii '.'.lh ftrnl. MinclMI, bin rejiula-ti-n hua l-ecii tindet a iluiid In loniierliuii with n 'tn'C' ' r ubt aninrt him by the 1 bun h to vl.ii li le l'linin"il. I lion nil it n m-er ail if.ic'0lil proteil. mid to the IuhI the llinhop bid h Toin? Ily of filrnd. Minre let.lP i tc.i' lo vliii li tho limine of liiihopi ro ll d ti)iileMr In a filial petition to renlora I n. Hie lliidinp'n health and epirlU have r.ipi I li ,.e,ln,el. 'lheiliMiM-, whlih fliiHlly proNt 1 1l.1l, vat m eli run the brain. A rR" MMi' ha minil the people of New Orieiiin. 'I he niyro 1 hori Iwn In e bci'n ( lownl l order of the Mayor, aud all iiwinbUuei of ii'roia, i.r free, Ime been forbiddeR. lilllRoiN 1M b..a boin hiiuit in e(li ry, 1 1 thia and cllnr (ilh-a, but the rlhl win to Inn hitn i hi lilt iimii ncik. I nrl .Innror aHlr We have the patihiii(( liifiiriiiilliin, ib-riel f- -in a.i a 1 , fli 1 r . f tlli rul.k lu tlie arm u? tlm t-il.,1 Kali, Hud CI llni'K. at Kurt Hmrir, hi Hirtb-i bicniiiiinl twoiegtmei.w 'f volimteera ..11I a, leu e an auiea of rrgtfar, and tint w tli t r e 1 e ia Mn tif mouth to boid tlie foit ajri iml any twihly tho-n meu wlinin tlie reUlN i-an I riot a,rilaat it lie tin alao lim hlicra ly mii. I I e I villi erer from New Yrk. A ltrll of HcrrUn. Ski I mii ba wamed the Southern I'acifle ltailruad Conipany. The Texai brain h (the Texia Central run I), ha liocn aold out by lt irHili rn; and in a ri-cout I-muh of the New Or- ' If in fVoyune, we tin I a lard from (ion. Rh-ii. ai.nioN, aent for the S. 1. I!, li. Co., In whiih he Implore the MOi khotdcra to come to ihe retieof tliComiany or all will be lout, The liniynnr in Tim coiiiiny In the hue quiet Ha m wi at w.Mk liullililitf lt4 roaj. pi-MHlttif fora,rt Ita coti triirtioli, tiiafeinir A uiih tal ai raDjfuiiivnlH In Kiiimjmi aud Anieilc-I to iiikiI itl eiigtrnialit. A'lat once I lie a), j In overeart. tlie li ivrt f.illi upon the land. 1 r.etimoi-iiiy in caiulit at ana; It wauta t ra-w h the lurr. Iicaiii.i-t Jo It iiiiIpiw Ita frli-n Ii and aluie hoMria will lie'p. IvUa have aicrued fur woik d-Mie; 11. ey inu-.t li ld, or the pro, ei of the law w til e.l the fivimhiaea and propwty of the coui luy. The "late jwief limrt" did not unit Texas and other Houthcrii etatea, akd now they a'o Iraa liTng to reap the Iniita of their Jitnirt. Cipi tal will not ro where it cannot be proloitcl iigaln-t mob lolenee. 7he Ti nally ofl'atrlollani. I'nder thin head, we publldieil yo.iler.Uy a paragraph Mating briilty the treatment to whiih Jawn Tract, an Irlidi naturalitcdil'l- 7en, was aubjected In South Carolina, because he would not forswear his alienism e to the I'niteil Mates. From one of our contempoM riea, we copy the following fuller statement, made I) Mr. Thai himself i jauin mi s srttavaiT, I rraldrd seven aSm north-vex! ol' Columbia, K. I . aai a 1 liuen H awelli uanlilu ami ut the United S atva; I look the oafu of alletf iaiu.e to the Vnlled Platen, I liave bt euDt over forty years a clt'xea of the I'tiud Hiates; was a boiiiuan la the K.orlda Vir, under tViU nt Uibmiv (ncwtleneral HiairY; buva lived tor aevaral ywn at and uear Culuiutita. (itiitieialiitayot April, lu-t, I waa aerved with the fuilowlug ar, veilailro t I.iiiiiitom l)ir., H. C, April , 1V.I. A I a meeting of the l-.xet'uiiva Ooutulitva o' the I'olk Vtgllame Aaecvliilion, Lrld Una dy at Ken I rilli'a ineil.ii bouen, ll.a lo.loaln orvaiub e aud re-nlni ona were unuilniiualy adopted 1 llaereai. It iakumutooar Aic!aitti tLat Mr. J. Tni vainl fimily, whi realda In llio li 1111 U of imrAiaeatalinn amn vnioila waysdiitui-lanaof the f4tue, quietude and aafily of our uaighborhotl. And as tlieohje.1 of our AsK-iailou la toprotad tits country bom aiiih liiiruilt-r-i, we tie) it our duly to it I ouraflviaof 1-1 n and bis faiollyi then-fore, ttfnolvt J, '1 1 ul the and Tit u V and f-nutly are notl tndt. liave tuia -lata will lit tiu d.iys fnun the nine tley are f-i d with this u tuc, or tbey will I irn.ovid I v fill e. l;em.lcti,'t HiJu. V. II1VIV4S, Cit. WuiA, I.AK11 k, and HiO.MV NiNSRiiikin lie aiN,lulel a lNiiiiuiiti-e lole Mr. Too v theabva u aics, aud furuikh liiBl Wlh aiov ol tlivau niaohitio in. I' N III ll'MN, I'rmi.lentuflheAsaa-lation. Hie iea-oiiv,liy wa were notified lo Isuva, was Dial I and my a-ns wne onlarod to do military ilut, which order I refuard to ol, bolh as con iri.ed luynelf an-t lny sons. O-i the 13lh day of Ajirll. I an I lny ai l i were N4ild at Coliuniila, wl tie we bd tiona wt..i 11 u-aui ot two Imiai-a. an I we wee lakin to the (1 uird bona and Impii oiie.1 over ntght. la Hie uiornln before daylight, w w ere laki 11 by the mob, of about toil mun, to a pis, e almitt Cil yapla lrm tl e cars, where wa ware sin) s-tl 1 1 the kln, an I va. h ware glvan Avo buu diiU la'hes. Toe mob thi-n vlsltvil uiy lumsa, where they t-aized my family, eonslalkng of my wife and nv iblldieu, threw tbatn vtoloiitly Into a luntla-r waou. and brought thorn la Columbia. We wpre lbt-u put on thn ruiliMal and ooiivitted to Cliallesbm, wh,- ewe embaikud fir this polt. The mob rob d mo of all my ta.ous, four lioaoH, ami ewiyaiii- o ! peraiual iuoHily ttiat I i-ia-MlbcJ. t'l iiii - a.liu tlie uln drau's cloth , 11 cnetl.t I - .. a aia l.r 1'iebille nvro,a. Tne lluatd linuii- In fi..wl wllb ie,aiie who refutw to laka mi at ma f ir the Houll erti t' itiiedelaev. and the f.tai biv a 1 1 IVnui eotiA id Is only a luilf loaf of Mead and a pan 01 waier per uay. THE LATEST NEWS. BY TKLKQtlA ra TO TIIK A. Y. SVS. o Foreign Intelligence. 0 Two Days later from Europe. Arrival of Ihe Adriatic. 0SI.Y ttX DA VS MOST 11AI.WA Y TO UT. J0I1SS. X. f. :o: St. .hJtN't, .V. '., Apii' 2?. The A'rlMlc, rinfnna,ay, Aill83d, airirtdLere Ikis awriawu tn roufe luNtw lurk. The AlrUa anlvetl ul l.lverp-s.l on the S3l. Ma-lntl 1 4tim. il, uy llul lla 9,-iiiiMh lluvernnieitl liiieintst-- irjiil His iiln ot ie-liicuiialLu o( 8u line liigi- will, rtpaiii Kriiuer. At Paris t' e leitra ets nrin aod hud advam ed l.i uil. t-o, Il Is it'itr0 Puma Nikhkin w m almul lu laaie rans fir, t tic. mil fstiuuiiiu fnnulle Imke IfAimair, for lh latiat'a ,.l,irv ttiinalua lettut ini UUlluJurMia l" ilia I'niaaN liounr. 'lie liii-roi'a n-la i ul uy 11 !, iiuIiIihIixI a eoutiadutliai tif a cvu-u-f In tl.s ijin t.i,iiian.-t!iii7 the thariuler uf llin h.itiwrir. AU tl v ttval uieix-anlila huiettia lu M it-atiUlea lni, siiaaiiilitlsi)uirut. Tue aiiiuloua wtia rsustui iiythe Tu-'ali Keiuir-I ll"t ptuiUlliu t lis t tt pi in. (-,, un 1 toe ii-fusat uf lbs lUnk ul Kiau a i tui.l.iiiiu its ajiuita. Iiulr. Tl.eliiiirtMitiltUtte In fie Ilillsu rarllticant, hi the n-.ig.:.1' t.uiiuf the btniihein army o n tinutl tsi ll.a '.'m'l llml. (.'uiit I'itnu aa'd ibai IK pun mm ut n wfltuir U use the Ititlaim- f..i t-nli-e, and cmi'd unl es-fl Iiasiiiai.I'i''- i--- itlitii la tavot u( rs-oustrutUutf In iasu nf war, limvever, llie i i itiHits vt.'ii'd le ir-uifiin risl, und liiaiatuu ie-,1 ehti-il I- t. riiu'iiisl ul thain lUmiiAi il a tl, thai as the pnwi.s-la weiealann lua l.s w ti d iiatial n llierw m tnuutl in. U l" iaj.ta 1 1, fmul y ad ttii, liy a v 'te of I'll ia iiNl "iJi, Ijs Iml jwIi tf ordui, piujuatd liyUita an r: Tl t C aiuUr Itavln heartl Ihn deo'aratlon of tlta VinUti-m nave In I c II le aa thai the tlta'ieafor tti-1-aii at u ut v iliiuletrs will lie IsilUully iilaui vtd ut il jc to the uitler o' the tlay, Tulantl. Tie affjirs uf ro aisl utre wll-uot a'teration. fi -HTta iuk-ir tal laitttliit a ni-Ovlaliialiiin, sltlllif It til aNHeiulilaes fur ltHlltMl tlicuas on will lat Utleratetl, I ul lltul .Mar tat) ititT- lie maintains,! by t.s civil mitrs wtiu sua aasisuua e oi lua luitiiary, lltaittuliatif delaxslfs by Iheclllgeua, and puUlo -"iitu, naa liven iiruutuiMMt aiaouaiiunai pray ere UWeihurclifsol Walsavt, uudar a lUnial of mili tary lnli-rtsirtu.a, A I l ltn,li.n truops lu ru'anlbadtwaionn SPUau t Wantaw. TUslvwkjl4ft,llll,l-of lel frtha fiM, of p.uudst, out tu &ia wtire eUlugulaUed. oiea by Teleampw. taveJuom April S, A Sf -The Pa-Is D)uit I Urn d buoyant la ivntinir si W'. 'A- OaMnlaiMs Dvanlna ate si SI 7 SaW. )irraM'irTa dull, with a der.inutg tendency, ft mrlaoyant. IVffeeflnu Tea q let, but steady, Kiradill. Jaisioia Hrot mi Tin alest "ales on Mmdy verefl Inn's Oi lit a' ah.ii On W a X W" mnt Krta Itailrmvl, ,. Livmi-ooi tnio Makrr. The u'ea of itoa at l.lvetinvil on Moilny tivihtd 1.'. 000 l:ea. T'te II aiket Is Mtive w tit a alight advatn-e, t-jwinad by tie Aniertuui advloes l-er tet mt A ru-ft. Slid tHingO hanaqiiott-dkiT a I, and Mi J lliiirf M bllaatld. A wilt of evertitiot t.'ia been Ism''! ailnal the (lnl the into' r tt Iti -aria, lor the antlsllw-tian ol lib Manns 1wtl Jiam I'lssni lad raid that tl. p-nposed e lifrtrme, in rtMl t.i 11 e ave tial- l.a I ittjt Is-rn held, is raune the AaHrte-n g ietlttnttit hid ttlosrd to tase sil In it. Tl e P-i-iKft meet, with n very told re, etlun In l:iU and. II e o n l Mdt nl y coii-idtirlnif tSe i Vtllloilta no ilkab y lXsusve t in. li na. The Mulnpi t'liturefrrthe jr-.l Is Xtl !,! (HSU Tn n vpi oe is ImIi-i at,d nl X7l.l.t,(SiO, inuiiiti th t-nnliftiiaiH-t of li.e t and su4 ir , a id an lo itsnetix r i si-UK il Willi the etli,te1 exHn diitnenf ii ' Mdnoo, iha-v w-V I ,i'!tr i rM untied aiiipti ol Xl,WS,nai. War Movements, &.c. h'tom Miulitnton. H'fiA.'n'on, April ft. So ftr rt- (inlm n rttMnel.'iili Uit frfi I r tttrtf il y itrf t'n Ctf duty linfiHr. ,ifM.,t tlr. W lh lh Tp.n tiniiilrtT imiw lift n I tli' sfi imt-i'.t y ftriKInt. ntir c tirowi tiw-l Mtri t ttfiure fnmi ttiUlsl vr d' inlon . i h, mi 1 ilif rt fti tt tf arc t'nrrtlv y liHf fitnrit 'M-w tu in in Tl n-uhiil' Irirlrn, m n eN, i lrn N.ifir'.nr iitlln if ! tiiv, .'il t sviw ijHiini. li f w.n.t r c. Tim ftiir if Ik-hk 'iM'rTrl mrt In .1M.itM Hn(eliM of ri v ml i iher ii'vfnar.m ppmc nt-htly iMfi1 (jpmt tn j. rirat lm l.ktn pIkc In rnr trit. 8 Mtif tit.o I Aak nitMUry ip inYi'l on oitr (firtt I'i'HO'aa, t '," iMti'itttti.tHfy. a i' I girt nrfllirty tt)f fly (in !lr,oo! noHI'y, il flmi at llii ti llii-ii Itorf H),.tl M.iHry tourti-'ri fiia iwtiiMiuitly utiiiif, r aUr rvitif lUr linoeK,'lMllU f ll"i wua mi, finiii una ni'lnMhrnviiiitpIo II ftiitlur. Kj iM lh t( ! i taiiPit wm n-tl Mtinti el'MCt Kill atjir- lilil I CTPUnrd ill tin ll nf WII.'U irvl nlirtfi.i'l prri!y B(iirr'lat n tlitMP iniVfninl4 Tl' 'nr v ai r-ytiriUul y i(ttpl tint vhii ilrHtwl Tt.l w, lii'i ni linf at nun j-t Lt in ai 'titer U ! k h tfc tii'lit try ! tiiifvtll. It la Mid 1.1 pin tt Oia A lni Mtmtinn In a ii(nii ha , iiK itn aUrullnn rt nl ft tliU nulJ t tt at oil' atriatht.'d thf propiirtT of niiikliLaT urrtiii,imtitN ..r D CTf.filtl In ll rr.-tj-ln'-t of lti inHiUiy ani dUirr tiMrtrinrnt thfn with ri-iiiMt VaJ, filler ill ittftm t nrtsllr i mllitiry iltpp'nya or iii,Tir.a trf piiliatbttoii of Iioim- Q all a Kr fn(nir atwt. Ttf ult i iMiii-imlivr mltt anl ai-ji-rml ftnUiiiiinQ the t lafllii- ifpii Urty aa'tiaitUf, fniii tits' lusr.. alarm uhlili lifnt ifi-rr rT.'lrd 1hiiiirtillMDarfll nT'faaiiiy fr lhi lit faw itta Lata Imii fuJ'artawM on mr tiutit llliM-arrily of nilh It H anpi-oH-) that tlicrpkr 0"W more than HtfM inilll"n of dullarfl Mijit to aiiiniviit draft In tliAitilTerPht I'lllmi, 1ut owinw l' thr otni(,ln.n of llifl nli ly lli rfiuiiioiiiHK tlipHcrnluy of thi Trewmry ,aw t it atlu5lf trlrr IM trmiifp-iilitiot. Inthrr. Col. If rMT K Cpkut, tht haa 1 of tha, OMntna I.')irtitiiit, Iiim Urn rallrvrd, a-t-1 onlaral In othrr duly, I .In it. Col. Javm AV. l.iri.iT M r.pi..nUHi lu lila .liu. II. ItijtuirN, Ch.ef Clatlvlntfif K.vy t)firtaatnt. ban Urn a) k'hiii f-imth uditor o'iuu lrMuiy. A RrtMrwl otjar frtitn iha Ad)uUnt flcnanie t.fKim. umi Vlrtat 1.Unteii.aiit CiikKl ra U. Mil. I avlnff fatlM V- rtialpr hU arcminta aa riwpilra.1 by the art " citnrtrntiajc lha d ataiTapmant -f pnhHo nio twy," afp-orrd January 811, 1113, lh Trail lmt dirfi-tatli t h br diamUafd from tlta array or tha t'nltrd HtatM, Ha U iw tdina$!y hereby dropjwl from the roll of the a my. The 'ollowlnff aliilfi'aiite, llcle appeura In the Vlrrlnla Stntintl of fiiturday, Our people miwl real quiet upon the fa t thai the DilliUry pten4intM fur ftiir di-fnteaje u d?r the dirntUn of ahrrwd. vkUltn', IndetUltOible, ex rlrtiCfd end Mlrlllc offl-era. O'lr cuinnundinf Keneia'. K"iiruT K. Iak( hiw long len tlie prMe of the a Mice; and he li anpportMby auhndlnatcHuf iuki)nwteitfrdccity aul Inrtfe exptti lenre. Th' plana of our toTeniTrtvil ttre f murieiiol a'litfthlf tnf tter of pulillc pif tclftin ttiou. Ojr mi1U lary hmrda keep tbolr own contwela, iw ll la ob. ounly p oir they ehoull do. The im-pla ahould pt tmUftlly niwliifirtintit tlieatt'inpt tin riddla thn, fr the wli'nt plain areotvu nwfil ) 1 by diNilcsmei bonrner mad. From HnrrUbnr. Jtarrilnry, 'uM April HO. Tha Chirf .Tum ti' e of Vnriboiit, who wm In l;iehnmd on Yrhlay U-t, Mtiiiiiaea the muulat-r of troupe there at t l.OoO. A mnlleinai. ihi1iiut au oiiiu. puwitmn in vVimh Irtfit n arrlvrd here t diy fnina VirKioia. lie swya Ihwl tha n4 aaaliwt aei etUiU-u In the a ret aoan.on of tha Viri'iilaCoTiTnition wnatully ftOund nut 11 aa r ported, lie jrnt thli Infrmition fm a a prnni nciii inenuwr oi ma injnin u. ci irviiua jHMr dare mb'iah ll, lM,ii. HiTthMi., nn.l.lul-t, U'li nIrur to Perry C'ouirty, IVimay vuula, lmarrlTrd hre lnd Kith, mind, lie waafma.1 1 volunteer In thitt illy but inndu hht ttke at night. Only 8.1 tni'vU'iHuruiwetcd to lleir rniM In the limine today. In the Himate, on root Inn of Prnatnr Pimnrt. e. tea hillon wae iw4 detUrlnf tbiit the nbJsLtaof the pjttHtal Haaloii 1 lotiniidl t-i the atllijttita lu lite OoTcittor'ri Mnaiife, aitd ! I aokaaul U mk log, Fife eoldura of Oelnware Comity Commny. tMlay, weie a ut out l arrest deHtilinie They uhnatfd aett-T'.l iltlznat nn t auMwtPtitly entered public hoiine, ff"t frenx e-l With 11 pior, and ttiariteil 1armU In the irowdisl rtni, wott'hltii; ai'lnxcn aeMTi ly but u-t djtDiftmMia'y, One of the fotitura 4 etrely cut iu a rem hi tie with aril len. The luiora were airt-uted end htd'ed lu Jail. From I'hHudrlphl. J'hittuMjihitt, April .W. The v hale force of tie Nrw Jemey vo utitrert. II 000 nii'ti, will !? Tl Hit' m kmoirow, for VahlinirViu They will eiulik lu twelve propulTera, cb arreed wttU two KUiH, hikI k Ihiounh Vw ratutl to It r Iritlown. ami th. inedowa the lh twie t the Otilaware ajul Cbew4vkerauHl, auJ pr-K-e-nl to Atm'IU. 1 lie provideiH'e Artillery Company lull I'bUidel phla .Ida inorniea;, hr the H uttu A hvg miQjUrof IU.t)Doreui)t, who were driven fioin thnlr iHtinea under tuub rule, have returned lo thitliltywth tlmlr fiiuill.eH, the Volou Busjonly leiag teatnnl to e. The Ht-olt 1T((liin KHlruetit wu rouatered Into tlie wtvlt-e liliy. lu nthvrni and many of the tut n were tutha Mvttran war, S I Ittsprutialila llmt IIS) ol HIM rlilla-lalplila tronps i I will leave laiiinht fur the H milt via I'erryrUla. Coitcenlrwlloii nf lili-ral Troopa. J'litlitdrlphin, Apiit IKI.TIm chaiiKeof sen-ti-iiit lu It-irylanil nIis e sliei titan's Iwilteiy In tlieplate, Is wtn-terftj. At nne lima lull Ihe Inlishltitltta aat-mitl t 4j''e furl nl- He,caai,dils's hut the preaeiii e ul I'liit-al .Litis tr-Kips i'Uuii3d the cm rent iiictaiit.iti.-tautly 1 litsti t.n Ihe let ui ttuMot-'lt Ibnt tru-Mis are con, inlmtiiiif wllb rrst lup.d ty a A'ln I fti tiniure and Wutltliietnn. Troop are alrtnity in Writ, trn Virginia W thiti a t-w days te'Uiiity as siMai a tiiti Harjlaisl l-eilslature a-ljotirni alt-e uf fiiiiislvitliliiiis will he iw-ttnl at Fte-laritk. The rntuiii-iii-iil will Inrm a caiup at 'atltlliKt'ill, ami at leat tblity tluiiisitiiil lns(Ht wUllie irithurel lheiesilitlily fifty llumsiuiil. Tine was t'te I'anti-ft ailvlteof tfenulur Kiau mure tusuawesk aro. It Is true, usrtpurlel, lh it 0 mnur l.rMirn haa rrCHlvetl nMliv that any aiprtisoh of 1501111 lentte tnNSjM totvartls Wanlthuitun will tie the alguul lur an stltitk uiiu Kitl.tituud or N 11I0U, I'roin New Jeraiy. 7'icntm, .I;ni;10. lhecv.tra sestion of tho I.eftlrlalure rniveniHl .tuy tit twelve nvloi k, all the Ht-uauira were pn sent, but sevtu iutuulaisof tlie lltnina wi-le abacnt. Iliedovrnaiia mtsaAga was reeel ved ami re id. He ii-cuiiinieiiiled a loai o' ;.oofl,(S)il at si'ven )ier tt ut. and a stile tax 1 ( Iu0,'" 1 also the repair of the atale anna, tl epuruhaaeuf ten llattiaind atin-l of anus, flild pinna and muuil out, lie also re. -niniinds the ralslmj uf four lealmenta fur atite sei vtir. tt I he'd sube. I to lbs call of the neuaral guv ailiitiftit 1 ala.1 provision tor the tli-felK-e uf tha aouilicin pert uf the stile, by fuiunsd posts or ail Iblietshid ttarrp. All four is" tho New .leisey relmenls are now lit-rt', Kii.l am int-ivioir llii-lrurta- aul e piipiiieula. A latre iiiittila-rof vaiaels tire rea ly I t the taual, and tbe truops will be huh . IT t-ntorrt w. Tlie llhmlp lalnud.llnrlBp Artillery. "irrvi'i'i, .1.., .lymV .10. Cupt. Tomp kiki. ait tl ItlutJe I. sttl M trim A l.lleiy lime lut-ianlvrit ht'ie H x i'iHe, n'm-ty It 'rues uud 1-sl un 11 will Is, hipK-l, i tl.t- M 11 v uud, to Aun Spoils aud WaablliVtll 1 1 s tfUlll.' I.oul.illlo till,! Su.IhIIIb Ittillroid. m.i'si Ulr. .1 in if 2. 'I he l.tmlv llle and Na-th-vil c Kiiilrotfl t Ivmitap in 1 1, , mutt- tltro'itrh fullibl will Iw let led al luirMJ utilil (ailber A i'iiiv.un'ni,'' "tut i iipuli klvniiiioiin. iftl in tlie Niw Orlfuiis siar'. Till. lOU.imlMJl tUtUl.MUM'KM 1 h.nlr.1.1. Miiud : IltlllMuKl', April 17, lmll. Ml PiunStiN Yoiirii'inarkaol'liat sil.luth wi'iutileraplied to ILiltliuore, and pulilislusl In ..11 extra. HasGud sentjou toptwii.1 the moid, ur to pioaik Or 1st I Vour Mnu11.1t. IhisTnv, April ... Mr llatlt MorHflt "tiialhaseiit"iiiit. not uiih "loreiiihllieord "liiittoitaelt. When tliislioverinm-iit liuiiMcs lot k umon'el the ruins for Vour Sraii Sianoi u lltNM it Sot. A BuiitHKiniuN mas arturni in lticlimonid. Va., lur the reiki' if tlie feuillioa uf the toluittoeta. ,Vetal .p-i.llcaieti hate mt down five hundrud tlollais oath. Vt'. 1 llan-lil-a)N, tf lleurit 0 Ceunly, OlTeiS 1000 iu 1'iryMHu" HtMtt lltndt. , Navml Mimry Mrrewteu. Today the Mir llear ahtp of th borne (W, lh RtCftni rrlgie Klnneeote, w n t pot f irtMlly la eotumUeton ! the Navy Yard, Cbarleatowa. Sba Li about lo eommenMofM of th mntvt IvporUal crvlaeaovtr made ly an American mo of ar. Tbe comm.ndar la thief of tha aquadroo. fly ofBoer Bi iMHiAH.hM preaenl la thirrtXt. waltiuordetl to rati. IlaUaiativt of KewYork, andenterel tha najylnlioo. lie la credited with 86 yean active er lie. of whit h ovr Vl were Nj-enl at am. Thtt. H. tHtro'war Prny, hlch m nt In w tntnUaUio at tbta jmrt a few diya aj-s aivl nulwe q-ieul'y left At Ani.ap.-Hn, tf I., tf Mrned ye.terdayi fti.d van e tp to tl e Nvy Yard. I vety day the Nv Yi'd turre charttfrl era! l&toagtnlioaL Tliere mt tMjrl 1,.0 tnei iw 0 i th" ttit'. A tnriilt:.infl..wfr Ihena. I.m been rpen'l In New He I'crd.'Mi" . f hfftf 1 triloM wn'jurn amp- 'i(un't) tite their com try. Tet'ie i , lh ltV) le anl I.t.ev, meie tip i tin Nv,. Yrl ti Uy. ad weiacharteiej b the t'VPtn mmi A di'ljihmtut of I 'luted Mitea troops arrival her je-,terJy ntd wete e it over It 0)veiuoi4 h'nnd. Tne l. 8 alenn lrau-pirt Mtrion. C-mh, arrived t lh a wt yertef.lay. having lu tow lite V, H. br.a; Perry. The MriDleft Aoo.pVin April .sih, at C,V A. M , reimrta the light pfa'p on York fjdt awl Wol'Ti ftp I" I'rt removed, and the light on Hint'h'a pt.lnt. Windmill Point. 8.'utf. point, Nw point (unifott, Cherry Hum., It k Klver Point, Cw llrury uud flinilh liftud, hva been H' ehid nre Thutwla -'.lb l&at. pwwed M amltisj Y.tikee off New poift, bo-int N. at 5 V M ,-elCpfl VirKlnlad f)p. M April smb. MA. M.. ! o.1 a m Kurfllnh tnpellar with 1 aoi, (K-L r J'J A. M , piHneUtMnhlpQi.krr ItO'lh l-uid ft tub , at 0 P. M , .wi-d Key atif rtl4 hoar'Ln,, tin-1 t. TlBieai.h'IJlieF ipetike '.'ap. Cam n I., fnnu PuilMrii, O'd PmIiiI Cvnior', arrival M-n'ay b pl t. Antotff 1 1 1 iwKieneri aiethe Iter. If. la. CnrviRA, ire anl two daughter, !ate ChipUln hi P'ttM one. lie left New YoiL In 111, aul Ul iraidtd ho'tto anae Dien. Nrw lioailhe With Ce1mrnl i.r.nrn hvim tut rniin.. We am jicrtu'tted lo publish tha follow iitj inU'ii tin letter from Col. CuiuoKtt. of tho tJlMli rtK'"pllti ft'MreNee.1 to M-ij-ir IUrf vr an 1 Capt. KmKHt. let In IbN city. It Indited Aniutpoli. April 27: Vt are undar nnlera to march at 3 oYbxk thli hHti ijiit f'r Wtwihln,t"ii iity. We had a eo Ial order lait erentoff, which reenteal u orb ewitentent. A report hftlrefhet Oeu. BcTiit,at thhetiton, that tho tnAcrof the lith recline-1 wna attai ked, and, w'.lb lie earrl, mtolTa hula beloffthe nillnnvl depo. tie then did the Cnli tho horwrnf irolng at oiR-e lo the rea cue, 1 y hi4 ordering a OKiipaoy Oi gn down and re tke ajfl otcrcoma all opKutiou. oa the receipt of whlih ordir aliuoht uij mm In tie regime. I wlnhrd to vo'titiUH-r hU eervue. Hut rnly the 1 inludnumlier Cfuld Iw taken, and In fire ruiniitei l?.t rank and file were Rolng off from here In double qnhk, amidst tha chnera or over 8,fK" aoldiere. Hut to My i.a leaet, U va really t m twl,the nonor turned out tulw uiifouuded, htil my o.-ava fjllowe wi r dlnapjwjriiU-d, aa they met ift an enemy to op - I"oh iitvtu iw an your own fooa juiineiuruy euageat ttrour 1e.t lnterHte without any (; i at iiM.ruc.ioisM. tiitr voyage nere, unaer -lie circum ntArure, w a perfect nurcee. Father MMnrT ban done nvmi tnftnlta aervlee, and watt nevr omaing tit hi a laboia. I aai-n'tly hope lite immt Kev. An hblahop will allow hint t it main. We were terribly annoyed by aoino bud hit n who amuggled Ihemnelvea on Uiard the rftOAm ahlponour drM.rture, atl who, thmnfh etval ng eny liquor they could flnl, got frenaied. and two if them JuOtpel oveflxard, and oua wm loit. The ctheiaaieln hoapiUl here. There la no alcueM ftiinrngit the old veteran ol tha regitrent. One of our ptNr volunteer frll thrtnth two 1 atrhwayn, aud ia In hwiUl, with food hopee of till movery. Fond renieiubtkn e la i all. YMirfrletid. Co.. H. C'rV"av.. Spirit of the People. IIuMF. Skmvke. Tho following order was r-eive-l yutleiday 1 Atuniin-OrjiniiilOiTin, Atratr, April ITih, lHs;i It having lawn re)reaetiied Ui tuaCnnimind enln Cbtrf tl jit there are, within the ImuniU ot the lni lHvll tn Utatriit, many iltlsana who are anxious la urffiinlas aa a military force for Home Harvice, to attiiilv the iilaceof tha ratrularlv -ruanlxe-t Militia whlt.ll Is laiw Inactive service, be tltea hereby order autl ilirect M 0r-ieneral Cnsa. xt. 8saiHr,mn to org ailse. In his dtacratlon, atah a iniber aa he shall tteam advlalie, Int-i llafjlnieut-t fr teiKary a-rvtte In the of New Y-uk atKh o.-ganltioui t-t lai and rerua n only luttll sut.h time aa tba C im-iiiatslar-in-4.'hlcf shall deem propar anl ntHesay, ami lo lie dislstudrd whenever, lu his duaretlun,tbe ptil-llc Inlet eata will warrant 11. It is ptrtlter ordered aol dlret4nl, that In such orfisinxitt tut, the Htttta Is to ba sultjetla-l ti no evicns lly order uf ll.e Cummitidewn-Clitef, J. Ukssoitii Hun, J a., Adjuluut-Uniteral. llrsiKji AKTrra Visst Piviaioi N. V H M-. Ni at

Vuaa, Apill Willi, l'lil. Tha f.treuliu i4!' tl iiitlors, Ni. ltsi, frnin Uenetal 11.k1 IJ urters, ate heiehy pronttilKStetl. Clliratts desirous to form Compan'- and Kejrt rttenia lur lluxe Ht-rvits. In a,-etirda-i -a w-ttli the forerulni; order, will reuele aH n ee siry Informs, ll 11 lit 1 w- etl t-i their ornnnls itlua, by apiily-n? at the Otlt e of Ihe Msur-()ennral, N 1. ' Tiyott iw. lly order f Mijor-tleitcrat Ctitaiist V rJiNnruKO, 01.11. S' H-issi-U !ivl ti.iti lAtpwtor. I.IMITA1 Hi's. TI10 follow lute order will ha f-iund luUieatlnj t) Ibuae 6 it 1 1 m up lir;e reji ineru : ( HrAiKjrASTnta, grivi or Near Vim-AiuuiAvi-4.lKNi.KAe OrrirK, Alkasv, April Will, isol. -Tl.e Cuiitiitantler.ln-Cltief been in f rine,l that the nfllreis of the army, boll!; g)verneJ by the laws of Ihe failed Ht ilea, refuse 10 muster Into servlie rcstmoiiU wbk.liiHiuialn mote Ibnu Uni itnitjHutlisi uf ssveittysieveu men each, fttala csa atiatiied t-i urdar unf tlitet t that ni re.luiants oon. sillulliuj a rtiisi uf the talllury force ot this Rtite 1st irui'tlrd ti einliark until lhay altall have been mttatered Into tLe sen Ice of the Lulled aulas. UA lera detailed fur IhitisM'.ini will latum to Uea 1 pier. lata, tnaildttluti t-tthe toll of thoae wlineie muster 1 l I11U1 sen lie, the itautea of those ga Unt uit-o who are nut mtutWied, In t,rstt-r that lbs Cuin-niualer liw llilvfiuay be emitted lu avail himself uf tltelr see vliesss a-smaa Mtwulile. iii h i-utiiHis uf Ueueml or Fpet'lal urdors heri-t - Ptie lsau. aa coiiHicS with tha previa ous of this cider ai-e heri-by ouulrrinaudad. Maur tleneral rliNi'Voatils tlurf d with lua im mediate iintintiltrttion of this ordei. Hy urtfar tit thsC-unnianden-ln Clt er. J. Mkbsiiith Ksais Jr., A-ljt lant General. The order has lie, u prwiulaled by Major Uene. ra! 8i'ioii. TiiKTrihrn IlruiMP.sir. The 20th l!e- blmaut uri Inter tlottrtty resche-1 tMs iltyon flun tay ulifht, aial weie tpisrteivd sleidsy ealuif, wlii-u they wrut to the Park Htrracks. The rejH inent, Includiti reciiiits, ntualrs upwards of 600 men. The recruits aie only pirily uulftnned. Moie recruits are expat tod tsifure Va nctsUit hails. Ilisntttknowulstwsoonlt will her Hred off. The Sold and staff officers are provided with good horns whlih are etalled up town. Btilot ml. htary unlar prevails al the bairacks. Gjardsare ondiay nt all times. Ciaputy tlrll'aare can led m during the dsy, within and witti ut tho bar ratks. The men sit epou mattrassea, coierel with thrlr Msiiki-ta, and wish and drill in the room on l'aik Itow, the maitrasaea belujpllel up in one nor dui I114 taedsy They mesa in tlie toug luoats oil lirtstdwuy. lluelunlred rrnuits fioni Misest'husetts, cum. iitsudcd by l.ieutfuuiit llaxaarrx, are qiuittered a ttb lite V ster Cuuuty buys at ILo barra. ki, haling reathid heir uu M mdsy night. Tbey are all uul ftiriiid aud armed, and are ridded to Ca.-t. Dm 1 am Ve Z utavts, new al Washington. t'tl'TIIN I.AMIl'a CoMI'ANV OF THE MoXlK- 71 Mt l.VtuMFNT is almost completed, hut a fvw giasl n vu would l received by the command ant, wlm Wen txiierieuiid ao.dier of the Uexicaa wai. ll Is expected that tins cor will lie a,uit ou, A lavurab'e (ppuiluuity la uffiro-1 tothoK who wlh tutlistiugnlsh Iheuse.ves. Tbe ctptam hits his letidesvuua ut N' 4? Charles elreit. Hisiiu-uaiv uow iu couifottab'.e t utrters eleeultiie. TiifctifAn fiim tsTKR'a IlKP.tnTMriT. Tlta (Jiiarterinaster'a Uepartment was notldcd joi urduy that the hulkllnK 73 llroudaay, In whkh troops havo lawn quartereil, wsa let and could no Ioiiki r la- usiM for that purpose. Also, the Hcv'lii liiiUdint;, I" Canal street, cannot Iw used in v more. Mr. Put I is w-Uos to rent It. A ituit rat thus alao boon entered into lor ,uvu tents, to bo delit end at the rate or 100 per diera. 'lhis will do awar In a irreat meaeuro with lh ik 1 ersity of barrack building. Umux PriEMsK Fc mil Additional Still acilSiuoa, Aiiljath, 1-W1, I,-'- Dubscriptioua retetvtd al M I'tus street. Boom . T 1 vvuat UsiuJi, Titxuurrr, POSTSCRIPT, GoTornir Pickens Savage. o UMngttm, April 3 J. Governor r.ftisf Inati official addreaa to to tba tg'. untie of iuth Carolina, aiyi Hnld ymireelvev In wed neae t mtrrh ftt thj vofdtilh tettbof Wehington, and awear thil no no thmqOvHliean.l . in-Uia nht i-vei die ir..te IU exrred prnlutia. ani I iaty ii w II nuke of ll an AtiierhnM-n'lwhl'h ihe foiuleeot fiee dom aud lnd'(eudiu e from the 4itith aMill iuke pi fi 'inngt throuKh all lim. l.itiientliiff front AnnapoIU -Ilitlilwiorr lalrrnrlied. Avnl$ ApnttiO V0 men of tin? I'.ilitti fNt Y"n) lUelmeid, with two pits ee of arnMerr. aie e IteuihliifC tiiemaelvra nn an etotaUon amrie ten nllei In in Aiitpil, ompottdy (t'mtii.iu'1'iii .hut-fid u lUdiu. ue. TheoNttiaiu a on tuenoilh alileof tli Hi'idii ICitei. AU the do Ihriu umi a ! re now to go via Ainiipollfi and l'eirjv.l r. I'loin lluyll, Art Acr' Otf"ft April 27. The link I.iiim from lUtl l.Mh laet.t refoU Ihe opture ! lu talk WilllaT, ihrje-l with taklni alarea f ou tha Hjiul-h part o' the l'mid to t'obt. und- r U e 1 ft" trrce of t Abu; tltm t th Oiimuj Is'andt P eeidrttl OKftavao liad IiauI an d ire. pro. tefttln agint the tiau-dVr of lKitulflca to the Pp-llllrdl. Iln ftaniel Well tee n,vii. fflhe birjeVe d iy, butdiiHitfd muie JUle I u feur of ae'riu. I'niftlne In MIhhIppI. ( 'hirtty ).t pr H'AQ, 1m tin nitty Jo'Mftt ivh fioma kolI iniHii, )ut rtturmd f m Mutduiijpi, Ihttt In uauy tia 'f llmt atat nitui1 ftmnr pre valV, awl the jc'p'eareauffer iijfot wut f eMih 1 1 tat. tlfttrvlitnd IssTMUltiturr. r"tfl'ri.k, Ajntl ill, 7he S n i'o t M-k up the nn.ell n e b.ll m amend d I thq II mi i limit Ihe itiite to 1') par itiJ, f ll.e iaiiI j! paaieiNl ll. The bill lentil rt 117 fie tiiHmi -n ifep .1 pty lurtaLa ti lMi wa -aied. !;rMui(na wm inluduiid. ThJ y providing f'r a Cobv nt m. " the p-Hip'e of Mity'aiDl. the t'oiKlusloiiHiif aid C I'eu'n" ti 1 enhrji.tUd t'l Ike trojile, aud ei' 4tl i-uin'M-luf; the Oennnl v rnmrut icel (,ie iMtlin( etalce loabnum fnun furthe, 4 .lt w until alter the iinet.iwf of CoiinreM. The ltfIiit'' iw wne re lentil tr ll e Comrnlliee on F dtrt ra'atmni. A c-minuiiU-al on wai rere.vxl fn.m tl.epetp1e of WatrtMiifit. n and Fiederhk ruii,tie, asking t r"t-4' th'li from the Virginia audiem. U.rpei'n I'm y. nhoni they al'ee itini, to M irj'and, aid ird- r prfteirt-e of obiainng ann, Mve dirt'ir el the enre of theielhborh" nI, u1 outrnje I the tv tt o'c't reiuf 1-y wanbiiit' 1 r v.tednl ' 1 8 dd trw-i dc taring that they had oltn nd te nUu-u fnm theOiveriol Mtrylaud. to eeirrh thf prl Tatedwelllnga a1xva aUied, t the etleut of 'i't lulha lulhetertltory of thia at ile. War Items. Tiik Cut op (Ui.veitii: h u appropriate t IJ.'i.iKjO for harlatr drfensca. Tiik. CiiAitt tarot Cucnir.n of Monday says that the suUtrlpllon to the (!onfe,lerate Loan In that city amounted to $2,360,000. Thf. Sot tii ttoAxrn aoai-. It Is sail that the Irish regiments In the Abolition States have offered their srrvicea to 1 real lent I)A 11. Narannah Rrpuhltean. Fir-rrrev mf- iiwk net awat from the 2d replment if the army of (laorRla, ami Uil. K. vY. CilAsTAti, the iiinimaiidant of tha K'sl lant corjia, will v thirty dollars cath fur their rccowTy and ilelnerv at the arsenal of the Mate. Not AM. Biiw." The old loader of tho 7tll Itcitiiiient Itand, applying for the post of hu Khr. said in broken Knltsh:" I can't com mand soldier, lut 1 can May the pugle so well aa an' other nun. I can sound any note, hut I swears to dio pelore I will sound the re treat." WiorAM. As A SptrtT A gentleman -hi) atritetl in New Haven, Kridav, from Waahlntc ton. states that he t rattled thro.igh Sjulh and North lUrnllna with the scape-callows, WuiK.ll.l, late Senator from Texas. Wmr tt.l. waa offatliiK all the war to "lict his pile" thtt the relu'la would lake'Washlnon and hau rresitlsnt 1.IM.OLX, within thirty days. Tiir. K11011K lai.AinTltimrt, notwithstand Inthe promptnttas with whlih they were for. warded, were not only thoroughly 'well armed and miplK)il; hut were prov isioued for tweuty data and well provisioned; hriii tiippliel. imiitea tne ordinary rations, vs it 11 proaerved meats, pliklcs, an4 oilier tlrsariptiuns of fool, lmt oTiliuarily sen etl, hut the want of which would be fi It hy men unacciKtonioil to active military life. Thomas II., a son of lli:xnr ha athlresacda letter to the citizens of Fayette totinty, Ky reviowlnj tho action of the'Con feilera'tis, and tlenouncini; secetaion. Ila s.ij s Kviittnkv hasone hundroil millions In slate prtiptrti, wh 1 li woultl lai ilestrovod by set a ion iiiiirtho est.ililihhment of a foreiii border on the Not 111. lie advises a con'erento uf the border Hates for the purpueo of comuiniuj; to maintain a neutrality. Whim. I.iki't. Si tmmkii was in commtnd of Kort 1'itkriis, (icueral lliinws, ol ths accest-loii fortes, scut uilemanl for ita aurremler. I.ijut. SllMMUt, lio-tead uf complying with the de iitantl, Mitt to lniiuira the number of trouiia le sleirlnir the fort, lleneral IIkii(, evi.l.-nil ihvirnusuf ftiruii-hiiii; him with lull liifonnAtiou on this Point, replied that he had 1,710 nn'il under his immediate command, and fi.OiH) muro within whi.-tlo call. I.ieut. Ml. mm Fit's reply wiir "Ton had la-tter beln to whieple." ltrntintMo to tub Nkw- Yobk lltru'l building tho Stars and Stripes at the last mo ment, to preient its annihilation, tho M mt pitnery -rei-fisersayat llax-ETT sous which wa tl'ieiurrent nf n'orthoru seutiinent is sot- tin,;, and Its has 1 handed his course to sail uloiv with it. We are not at all surprised at the llmi'd'i desnrtlon of th 8uuth. We e petted it. Tho pcuple of tlm Sonth, c.n how. ntr, p't a Inn very well without the lfnnl.1. Sii'(iin Vmuiiit. The ltlchtnnnl A iimt'irr, rabideat of the raldd. saya 1 Wo lie lirie that wr Inform the pnblic with consider, able accuracy on this point, when w declare that the State's public moans o' defence aro f imply nil. Virginia has few servlco iMa arms, ami si'srcrlr any powder; the whole sum oil litiid istno'liunitreil kesandtaro bundreil anl br Iv n ti e ordered iu all tour hundred aul futi kf;s. SliehasIJ,00()Oii.f liahillties, and her people aro ulready llts-init from taxi th 11. She haa only about' 1 PMXX) men canaldo of loariiik arms and alio has very fear i'uih or otlior imi?einenls uf war. In 'her tulunteer furto tin re are 1 1 ly about 2,-'il7 sahwa an I pis tols, not oter 'JO ' field pieces, 5,50J aiuikc'.s. and l.KoO rifles. ' Mt iiiii'r. ia im dim thtt our r.iu-tltu-titiiul ciieiuiu,-ut and Union wilt Is) niiiu taini'd and that traitors olid fucs to the Mill' limy be confounded and brought to na'ilit. I thank (isl lint suth unanimity Is fount ail hown In the free statea Juit the -pint of 177(1 1 et rives aul that so in my are rea ty to rally arotuid the l'roi-ident. If worst corn-is to worst, bt the he'p of (lifl, I am ready to tlm flghtliiKlor the true and right, ua ini; aud a ing fur the same. It is one and the same thing to prea.hfor, pray for, and tight In tho iuiuo uf (tod tt mtiiitalu whit hits Ikxu ro cited from our fathers aul mothers, anl enjojed by ui, that it may bo traiiMiiitted to our ihlldren." Wrote Rn: A. MiKrn of Tiverton, Mii-a., writing to his tuolhir, whii ha his regiment as chap lain. Unit parson will make bis mark, IIlu- In. as will as breiiih'u'. WiiAi'a A KtMivtciMif Ir Must iw a Tntiroit The Mongiamrv (Ala.) AJr rtUtr, of the loth, sat t: "Tha Cabinet was in sesiiun ft r scleral hours thia morning. The provlami tlmi uf I.tMPii. cal'l igtmt the to sub. Jugate lh Soiilh, wa Isld liel'ire them; l w.H ilitirtiiinail to immediately call for I.',')1"'' al ditional triatps to meet tho lucrctn tries of the uUilltlon kingaroo at Washington.' The Sa irvtaiy nf Wur will call fur S,0"M) of the troupi I rent of the confo b-rate sta'os except Florida, and 2,0"0 from ihtt state. Tin c ill will I n ponded to iu an incniltble short spice of tmi. The war fuicr Isralug, not onlt in the confederate states, but even u the hoMer Hales, und ullt-rs ut the w-rtlt'es of troops are lotitliiuallv siurlng In, Vice-l'reaidout SrK I hens anlted oil Monday bight, to as.-ums the iiiluiiiilstrution of tho -overnmeut while Presi dent Dttli Is to lake the Hold aaComnunler- j lrfhief of thearllly of ,10 South, proposing to make Itichmond his lioahinartora, In tha event ' of th scotsision of Virginia. Private dispatchea receitedtotlay from Kichmond, give anaureni that the state will promptly aocede. The con tention is in secret suasion, preliminary to taking final action upon the ordinance. Real. It, tit speedy abdication o vVaihlnton by tli Likc.ui dynasty U Uoorlu qulta toaai ble I" CITY NEWS. ' Tiia NAttOwAi, Zooavm. T!w National Zoustm were Inspected at the WaJJngtim rrale(!ronnd, jeatardaj- forenoon, an I rery fesv were tha rejections. The regiment has eight full companies. Idsi-rcTrn Air AtTnovitn. The United Tnnur TlifltA, a regiment compneetl almoat e cltiMielv of itienilara of the Turnvereln of New York an I vicinity, were Inspected an.l pasvtt almost to a rxan. Tliey miinla-ral 770 men. Tl.ey are ctn nuimlctt lij till. SikhI.k, win) w.i a reMilutidiary (leneral In Uef.atnyln 1MK. Cirv Mil!TLlt. I'eaths for lite list wielt, tn-lnf Aiu, 4iSi liureaae frooa :aat wnk, I, (It-criaw fron aaTe week latleir, CI. Anile tlimwit.VW.e'ii. in'. 114. evlernil cn", Ac.,4H, Adults, Ht.cltMif a, fa7,iii-i!ii '-, & mi la, 13 1, culnrtd io!t.-, 1. I'l.Ati -RtlsiM. Tlie U it hers of Wa i IS hoI No. 21, on Kim street, Istween frinktin anl IsioiurJ streela, ral.l a dig over their sclimil htituw yesterday aflernonn. The tlilMren were moat riilbiislvtlc over the ecnt. Nt sih. ita op Volux IlKniMitxra. Tl a following lealmenta 1 Volunteers have thus far I ren niimlicrrd aa follows 1 Col An ss-a-1 t lt(r.' N. V. Vo'tmVrs, First V,..'olt Llfadlisri rourtll ls-1. In nrrA'a Adisot-e tluurd, Kifiri V.I. Wllitosw- Kotiiva II. IU Intl. tt Xtli tlol. HrNi.ix'aruetitje.i Vtdunteera.... Aivsnth The numlieis Saeo- 1 a id Third aroreacrted for regiments from Ihi vhi.iily of Albany. Ttir. lelmhip llaTimoiila arrlte-l yester. d,v. with l-lx firat cihinaial 410 srcotll ibln tas. Krngirs. Her news Is artlc'pstel. Tiik Ski kishi.v Ofih his Iisk Mhiik I'm lu, m Vratertlay the I'll i I'd Suite Marshal (Mi a .'tSPreda box dralipe-l for the rlil'th onsas. p(t in. O-i rjifnlnt thelsix It wns found to con I t S 1 1 u ronna I'dendrd for rhlrf offueia In Ilia set ct on army. They were made of first quality Ut In a-lt-,l sud Irtoimed with exlrtordinary frill I a ids at I braid an 1 eeteslou buttons. Mir a'al Mi mar hat ac'nelJtbelioiisa ia whithlhay wne made, and will follow the m-tlt-r tip, IloARt. or Si;iiBt lins. At tlin regular nf tl ll-nrd of Stifcrvlsors, yesterday, a itn,iiiiiitlcatkn was roc tied from the Comi trollcr, stathiglhat owing to the alivnca t4" Jtisri'ii II. Vt mi, Clt-rk to this H isrd, no ironcts could la) pitl from tha Countt Trtit. ury, the n.ime ol I ho clerk countersigned un est It warrant la-lnif necessary, Mr. Pur HT. to obviate the ilillicullv, preaimtttl a reao lutlnn, a pointing Ilfr.VK Ti. Sklmis First As alstant Clerk, aaCleiktn this Hoard, to sign warrants, , during Mr. Ydi'sij's aWnre atluptetl. (Mr. Yurx Is a Lieutenant In tha 7th liegirnent. A communication was rcivil from the Comptroller, reporting the balance In tho Coun ty Treasury ftiil.931.9. Mr. TwVn oftVred a resolution that the Cmintv Treaurr lai reoiieetisl to Par all war- rants fur salaries by tlie Mat or ami Crmpl roller, and hold the asm nnt.lproperjy signed by the Clerk of thia Hoard. This waa aflered in 1 lew of tha refusal nl the Mavor to sign any pajsr passed thia Hoard, and his expected refusal to sign the resolution sulisll tuting Mr. Ssi-Mite for Mr, Yovsa. Alter some uh'fclion, it was adoptetl. Adjourned to Thursday next. F.rca, Aecl-eats I-wel, Jtc Finic tf Sixth AvrHR. A fair minutes lav f-ire t o'clock last evening, a fir broke out In th rrar portion of a row of three story frame build luge, Noa. ". GT, 01 and C91 Blxlh avenne, h. laseo Wat40th and 4Mh atrtela. Tbe Br urln naud In tbe pratwlaes of Jons Pattrruos, rti'h maker. In lh upper portion of N-t. 0s7. The bulltt. lugs N si, 65 and 6tt were nearly daatioyad, arvi alao lh roola of Noa. Ct9 and 09 1. Th daman lo lh buildings, which ar owned by fi turn. It. Horr man, la alitmt $2,000; tnatlred. Mr. rATTLltaoi oe cup1d the ttpi purttons uf N t.s e7 an-1 IVS9. and bis luaa la almul tl.'OO; Insn rd. Th Brat floor of No. IWt was orcnplod by .1-His WsLKra, eane maker, aod his luaa Is alattit $3i; Insured. The secon-l floor waa occupied lyllte Tigrlm lUptlst chunh (GeiniuD) and tba tbunli pn ty, valued at f.'S0, was litally tlastroysd. The talid tloor wtittmsi. tle-l by a skit! mauufat-ttiier, wbuaa lona la said t s alsmt a-IOi). Finr in r.tsT!3iiSTRFrT. About 11 oMmk on Moud-ty Ll(l t, a fir bruk out la th aatistge uutoiy, a iu r.isi vaj street, octipiaa nyjtvia RvsiMRe Th premises war lUniagad t-t tha v In : of s.vM. Instire-I In th Nirtlt K.rer and Noith -u-ru Insurant t; a. Fil:r. IN 1t0.tnw.vr. At II o'bxk on Mon day night, a flie occurred In the basement of the lulldiiig. No. liio llroadwav, ts-uniitl fur Ihe stor age of ml lr goods, bv IK8 Sim 1 six. Tlie st.s-k was daiuugod ataitit t,s0ti l)e tbe flames were put out. I'liit. If Wkst 3Crn Sr. Ttvtwern 12 and 1 uMiak yrsti-rday noon th premises No. tHT and l.tu Tfrt-liiCtlt o.vii.l.l by J.nis It Hrsw AST aa a ilolli fattoty, tattsht fire, but th fltme were saun est ngtiiidied. Uiiitug alutd $aoo, lu suie.1. Fn.K tf Wrar ICtii Si.-Last ctonlngat a quaiter lifter 0 uMotk, lu cuiuaueia.' of a dvtet live flue, the lUketv Nn. XTsl Weit 16th st. caitaht fire, liaa almul f3lR; Insttrcl. Fiki- ix F.iiihtii At M t'K. Shortly after 7 o'uock, la-it evening, a fits tiroke out In a bed moo, un tl e satond fls:r of tLe build. ng, Na &64 I'.ighth avenue, owned sod tciiild by Cmsn.111 ritiiVAN. Ditiuau 1H1. A wouun rante-l Lrrt tia Moraiw who liad furmerly occupied tha ad toinlug room, was aeen ruouiug itway from tba oulldUigJa-tt linr lli fire, aud ahe was arrntd on stisiltim and lorkett up. Al l IDKKTAU.T ASI) FATA! I T SlIOT. A few renlnga sliue, a number of vo.uiara wrreeujoy lug tbemaelvea in a ptiblto bouse tn Centra street, iar Ionsrd stret, wheu a revolver, whUb waa lu the bauds of a man named llaisiaa, wua actiitlenlally dlat-ltargeil, and the ball ffuiu It eutannl tha ankle or Marti m uomv, who reei-im in . 1. Mi 11 oa Hi ilrftt. Its was convetcl t-i th N. V. U niiltil, wlire the ball was exlia-te,1 and ll.e wonnt dreaa e-l. Ansr brlnr in the lloapital a few dsys, h was ren.oved.liy hia own reipiealjo bis resldentv, where 1 e died 011 M'tiidiy ultrht. A verdict ! a vl'ttmul death waa lelala-sd. Unceaavd wtl a u-tltve of Ire land. 40 ears uf age, aud leevsea wls aud saveral chl dran. AcnnrNT to a Voif!crrn. PATRtrn Misoxv, a tnriater of the Sstnxt Ilelmect, while paaalng duwu llruadwny, near Htli street on M in day night, sllpied and fall ukio hla sword, lb 1, -lni of tbescablard 1 nteruiir uia Dk au-1 iuflkt itwr a Revere wuttuij. The jiollce co iveyed him t-t lirl'svue II isp'tal. Ilia juienU reelds al N. 20 lhriiyat'. Totxn Dr.ovrrt Tho body of Mr. F. Pmitu, a losnufaclurar of Jaweliy boxes at N . 7 Nas-111 streil, was found on Mouiay night In tbe d.ak ft of Canal street. IU left hia raid U- eir.yln lb vn.luj, and by wbst means hegr't luto lb wilr Isu'l knuwu. Vidkt " l)utb ky drowning. The lain Om"er held an Immest ttpol ths holy ofanuotnawn msn, aSatt Nl years of age, found drowued In th d k fait of IIu.don street, E. R. Uecfjd Is stip(oad ta huv betu a u.ght wakh uisu. Pun or uia Ixjcmes. Sir. IIp.xry Vitt-rmo-x, tf No. 69 Howard atrett, who was tlm wn from bis wsgou on th B'..oruUtgdsl Tt at 1, naar arth streil, on lsst Frldir nlabt, d.ett yfstardsyof li I11J arlia. Verdlt l"Aceideulal deiih." Pollee Intelllgeuec, dke. Am. ist op A Piiki-ochET. A Scotihraan named J Asia Wua i, known y the jsille as a pikfikit, waa kiie.ted yr.tsrdty, ill rgl wllb I elr.g a cou'edsrat uf Ht-rna raiosra, who, ar. lest was n-lliedaffwdays ago, fir rt dj Dr. Fhitarx, w-sldlngiullli aveou. of a wullt-t e Isiiaug valuable peis and aotit rti'iise, Tii lirlsuutt U alao charged with eaaaulilg lr, o. ttbllsentlauvurlna; toaneai Ibe woman, lie waa looked up to aoawer. PiiKPCKKkTS Ar WoK. While the Fire men Zouaiee were o arching on Mntday altDinoun, several pltklkets took advantage of tbe crowd u ply their avocation. Mr. J. II. Sihiwom, the Pawaliroker, wus relievid of a vsltttli e (roli wak-b, end Mr, Uavs, sou of Ihe Chief uf Politsi of Toronto, Cauada, waa alao relieved o( a valuable fcold reis-ater. UXJAI, It-i'OKTH-aT'ENDAY. Court af Oyer aad Teraslaer. Ileror Ur, Justin IsnsiHsa. I Trial of A ndrev J. Hartley or Contempt Thl TtopU, d., u. Andrtw J, Xftl4tr. Waterbnry, tbe Dlrlea Alttrtay, tnVrval talk trial of Andrew J. Hack'ey, lodlrted (or Criminal Oaaempt, tn raf-ring 10 answer a eieawoa p w lira by lb Brand Jury, Mr. J-irT. Drady -unt-l that a rxsvwitn. liot-l quealion waa In to. ved In this raa an-uay, wbst hi r lb Legislalur bad th po war I compel ms.1 lo o er a question which might etlralwtla bit L There srsa a raa of habeas corpus waw p-stluf In leltalf of Mr. Ilsck'ry, in which lh is 01 Mtltut onal question w uud le p-at-ed upnn Why l4 watt ur.til that de taint was renderad, and Ihe present I, to ILe Utmral lerai, which reeta netl M'Stdiv. Mr Waleil u-y said bis t-l.lect wss lo strtirs ol dlnas rial nsurtlor the lasofthe laud. Hi bail no 1 bpclH -n In Itwtlt g by pnnier leiai tribtinsls the cttfiatitutlontlPy of Ibe act, but he deaire.1, Ihw foic ronsentl g. Ilinl the pilaonee gtva a wntiru s'ltillitti tn answer the tpirdlon In rase lh Outs suslsined the set, Mr. I'ri dy said that If tl.r 0 tut of Apiea u, asliif-l ibeiat, 1 would t.' v ll. stipulaluat Mr Wale-bury Uien ctm-viitt,! Ut a pmotcrjt till WVIi ea-lay luol 11.114 Ua alipu,atiot, Lt be firth laird III tl e 1, eanttme bj the eotineel. I'nllol Wales t'otniuimlanri ( nrt. AHrgrd Trtatnn of a Gun Jitater,-The Uni ted Htntit tt Vanitl FinK This ease cams ap (a eiamlnaltou trfuie lou.tiilasloner Mirtou. I'raa tie evidence It S peats that Mr. t'lsb lias fir a lung rkst e-sagnl In a lrgltimite sititlitni Ita le, ait al the titillireak of trouble had In bla hsislis amouLt of reohey id In ailvanc f fi arota. At IB camrjiriiceniciii 01 noaiiuiiea sir. riah bad pre. nd a letter to hla aouthern corre uileula (wdi, k wse liaised by the uf-cers, at tte satne It aie Mr. Finh waa sctMsJ aiiiiounclug Hat In areonl-r with tbe law be could no lunger ship them say more goods, but saying that thilr money wasssfa, sn t that although he euuld neither remit that with asfvty, be would allow siren par cent fi Its use un. Ill diflicu't ea should be selliad, at tha asm t raa etpreestriglhe hnp tbst at to eitra arwtloa of CiSgresa th rntir difficulty veotild W smlmbiy nllit I, ami ttatl again resfaed. Titer war trad pevrral isber disrttttenls of about th sain tsiir, Tl.e exauilnatlt u Is in yet C' ttrl ulsd. I'osrl of t.'encrnl hro-dona. llefoi Uticorder H-irratsa. 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T AinrKST. About 6 o'cltnk last evening, jotini man named Jons Tnnts, realdio; al No. SIT (intnil atrret, waa severely injured by betttj thr wn from a wai,on that Be- was driving. The i iilurtuiiate man austatned a fra-.iire uf two of hla rilia aial une arm. I.toxs MtoFTic liisriT l'ownai. Th ortitlnal and aanutoe article, will eatC-ilaata ltMtchea, Ant and all varntfn. Krea frmn poiaou. I.YiiNa' MAliNKTIO PIIXH Are sure dtstth to Kat and Mlta. Hold by all dnur rvrryw here. II. ft. BARMA Proprietor, No. IS I'srk lUw, sod 4M Itroadw.r. Kow wtthi- itrAcn or All. GROVFR IIAKKK-S CrXtBRtTKDNOIKlUrtS 8WINO MifTOKt ISO aud opaarde tilt Urnadaay, N. Vf. ir..i:RAIa KOTICEH. Javnr Allrrmllvr. 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