Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle, April 3, 1873, Page 3

Newspaper of The Toledo chronicle dated April 3, 1873 Page 3
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PHTS1CAXS AND DENTISTS. JOHN NICHOLSON. DENTIST. •AMA CITT, idfWA. OSce oyer 8 Patterson's Stoga. [4G A. C. RICKEY, .Physician and Surgeon,. Toledo. xowa- fjyOffice otsr Ftce & Morse's Store."®! JUsidenee,—1 door east of Bx. Springer's. '5 ri?tf 5 H. W. BOYNTON, M. D. #*hystcian and Surgeon. —ALSO— f£g. EXAMINING TENSION SURGEON. TOLEDO, IOWA. ggp»Residence near Post Office. [32 ATTORNEYS. GEORGEPublic RAINES, Attorney at Law, No tary and Justice of the Peace. Office over Free'i lJuil-Jing, Toledo Iowa. 2 GEO. R. STR\JBLE, Attorney and Coun sellor at Law, Tolede, Tama county, IdWa. O- H. Qoodi'ich, ATTORNEY AT LAAV, ftiBDo, 'TAMA COUNTY, IOWA. (Office in Free's Building.) A-BPMI.QA.TE T- HOM\8 S. FREE, Attomty at law, Toledo, Iowa. Office in Court IloUte. AUe U. S. COMMISSIONER. j[v3«0tf i%EO. L. BAILEY', At'orney & Counsellor \Jf at Law, Toledo, Iowa. Office over W. F. Johnston Go's. Store. filf TYERS,& TT SAFLEY & WILLETT, r^A WYERS, Will practice in the Supreme and District fettrts of Iowa. TOLEDO, TAMA COUNTY. IOWA. HOTELS. HEW FIRST-CLASS HOUSE, KM.7, 9, 11, 13, l.j&17XoTtli Commercial St. CEDAR RAPIDS, IA. BROWN'S nOTEL. I. L. Eso, Proprietor. JEKF. PUIILIPS, FOVR GOOD SAMPLE ROOMS. f|ES 'BU3 TO AND° FROM ALL RU0&& Sl'R VEYf NO. W. H. HOLSTEAD, COUNTY STJUVKYOR. «•—Ajjn— ENGINEER. TOLHBO, 10 .W M.USICAL IN'STRUMKN'Tft, C. J). TKHKY, Aflt:NT foa Western Cottage Organ, Msnufactuiel by Tewk«bitry. Carpenter & Co., Mendo'n, III., agent for the •FARE. BRADBURY. MATHIS1IEK ANI) SHOEMAKER PIANOS. TAMA I Y I O W A 451vJ r. m*Rr, COUNTY SUPSHINTSI'DEITT, (Residence at Orford.) 11T11.L be i* liisi office at Toledo, every If Saturday, frem 10 A. M- to 51 P. M. FREE EXAMINATION the last Saturday of each month at A. Fee for examina tion at any the time, one dollar. 7ly A CARD. A Clergyman, while residing in fefcttth America, as missionary, dis covered a sale and simple remedy for the (-ure of Nervous Weakness, Barly Decay, Disease of the Urinary •ftd Seminal Organs, and the whole •rain disorders brought on by banefel and vicious habits. Great numbers hav* been cured by this no fcle remedy. Prompted by a desire t* benefit tho nfliicted and unfortun ate. 1 will send the receipt for pre paring and t-.Kitig this [Medicine, in a •ealed euv«t»p«, to any one who •••ds it, Free of eJiarga. Address, B. H. Frazee, Jeweller. WATCHES, CLOCKS and JEWELRY 12tf] Repaired and warranted. Notice jliroHic!c, Toledo, Iowa, fttnrsday, Apul 3, 18J3. BUSINESS NOTICES. Under the above head, noliccs will be in serted in this type, leaded, at the rate of ten cents a line for each insertion Special terras given for long notices and long time. BeST" Editorial notices in local reading column will be charged fifteen cents a line, each insertion. IIOLLOWAY'S PILLS AND OINTMIST.—Our bodies discharge all waste matter through the bowels, kidneys and skin, and Hollo way's Pills and Ointment restore these irn I urtant organs to perfect health when di sease in any way. Sold 7*1 .Maiden Lane, N. Y. Price 25ets a bos. Ask lor new style the old is coun terteited. EIN& OF THE BLOOD- CAKOBM.— 8tf & KINNE, Attorneys and CoiMiPO'lors »i i.«w, Toledo, Iowa. Of in-Stone a building, over W. Walter's Grocery Store r3u3tf CB. BRADSHAW, [Successor to Sttu hi* & Bradshaw,"] .\itvi n'jr fc Ov«»~i or at Law, Toledo, Tama County, Iowa.—. Cise :—Your medicine contin­ ues to give entire satisfaction. One case of a cancer on tin lip, of six years, was entirely removed by the use of three bottles, and the person, M. II. Crane, Esq., ex-slieriff, of this [Calhoun] county, has requested us to communicate the same to you, if thereby o:hers suffering from the smne loathesoiue disease may be induced to try the same remedy with a similar result not only by being cured of the disease, but by gaiuing that peace of mind necessary to happiness. WILLIAUS FC DONUVCIIUB, Albion, Mich. See advertisement in another column, LOCAL INTELLIGENCE. Is bpriiiy IItire? Logan & (JanfieliJ ooal lor MIO anid to have "bloomud'' yet, unless the snow that tell on the first is to bo regarded HS tho blossom Iron harrows with 40 and 60 teolh and also the celebrated Eureka dou ble row stalk cutter and roller lor sale at Parker $ Lewis, Tama City. Iowa. .• ,M" REORGANISED I JOSEPH T. INMAN, Station D. Bible House, Sly York Citg. of disolutiott. Tlie firm of Wallers & Reynolds has this dissolved, by -mutual consent—11' R. ftcyuolils retiring. All persons indebted to the firm or W. C. Walters will call and settlo at oace. as (hey must ba?o a set'le iflcu-t with all. WALTERS & REYNOLDS. Marcli 2'itli, 1873. All indebtedness ef the first assumed by W«£. Walters. 14-16 Oi D. Terry, Dealer in timber, Lath, Shingles, Doors Windows, Blinds, Etc., XIMAUE OK SMALL (QUANTITIES. fSfcrds opposite Elsv.itsr, Tolodo. Town. *M with C. Lamb & Sons, Tama City. j|m ready to deliver in ear-loads, lots Belle l'laine, .elsea, Tama Citj', Toledo, 0* tad, Ifariluil •f B?iart. 14yl —The Toledo Cornet Band, which was recently dissolved, was reorganized on Tuesday evening this wetk, with inamberahip oJ eluven. PEIISOV.H,.—lTso CHICAGO Dr. L. Hurst's Vinegar Cough Cure for Coughs Colds, whoopirg cough Croup, Con sumption and diseases of the Pul monary Organs. 8-20 Jafa.NAI/.—This daily comes to ou. table with an entire new dress, and is enlarged to a nine column paper: all ol which speaks for the success of that Journal. FOR SAf.E.-^-One dwelling in Toledo. Will take OK THEK ttonsKS wiH hold public examination at Chelsea, Wednesday, April 2 Wal thara, April 3 and Buckingham, Wednesday, April 9, beginning at 9 o'clock A. M. F. IIITRD, 13 1-1J Co. Supt. of Schools. $ho8e desiring Abstracts of Title mlmiiM onnaitl* J. •*•%.•»* A4i« Yeifur ts a practical examiner ol Titles, lias had long experience in the business and is entirely reliable and responsible. The best selected slock of Farm Implements ever brought to Tama Couuty at Parker & Lewis Tama City. The Pearl, John Deere's Advance .and Peru City Walking cultivators. Also Buckeye Jr. com bined. tf. Use Dr. L. Hursts' Anti-Dyspep tic aud Liver Pills for Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint. A cure, warranted in every case. lIurst'H Family Med icines are for sale by Berger& Yeiser and Springer »fc Co., Toledo. Bv Jas. Thompson, jr., Tama City, and deal ers generally. 8-20 WANTKd—A case of I^henmatisin, Lumbago and Swollen Joints in man flesh cuts, sprains, sore shoulder?, and scratches in horses that can't be cured by Hursts' Tar Liniment.— lluibt's Family Medicines are for sale by Berger & Yeiser and Spring er Jk Co To! edo. Jas. Thompson, Tama CHy,nod dealers generally 20 CHILDREN'S COXCKRT.—The by Parker & Lewis, Tama City, at $6,60 per ton, Cash. Just one hundred and sevcutesn "school-marma"—more or less—in Toledo last Saturday. 'Another lull car-load of COOPER Wagons just received by Parker 4b Lewis, Tama City. tf Dim.—At the residence of hta mother in Toledo, April 1st 1873, Ilenry Miller, aged 22 y^ars. Cl'k. —o— this Hottse is entirely new, and furnished With new furniture throughout. The pats reaage ef tha IcaveHing public is cordially lurited. The usual number of hoys nny be lound on our utreet eoruer* any day now, loafing, whittling, whistling or jumping. Key-atone bay-rakes City. Also, OTTAWA CLIPPEU BREAKERS. U April is lu re, but it concert given at tha Court House last Fri day evening by the school children was one ol the most enjoyable occas ions that has occurred in Toledo tor many months. The persons taking part are entitled to considerable credit, for the concert was gotten up and carried through with iittle assis tance from "older heads.'• It is a very befiting way ol closing the asso ciations ota school ttrin, and the ex ercises were such as could hardly fail to please the most sordid or sat please the most critical. We have not spate to speak ol eaoh part, and person separately, but the solo en titled "The Chinaman"' by Miss. Carrie Guilford (fourteen years old) was rendered in such a manner as to deserve special remark. The others, each and all acted their respective parts well, and it, at the end of an other term, the Scholars feel like giv inga like concert the sticcessof the one last week would seetn to warraut a good attendance. The Court room was crowded, despite the inclement weather and the not proceeds foot up twenty eight dollars and five cents, the admittance being fifteen and ten cents. tVe subjoin the pro gramme, as presented. Chorus. Solo, Castles in the Air. The Drunkards Daughter. The Skating Chorus. Dialogue by the Boys. Tableaux, Wife and Wheelbarrow. The Sleigh litdo Dialogue (Little Folks). Solo (The Chinaman). The Old and the Now. The Beggar Girl. Belle Miller and Em White. Come all ye Bachelors. Dialogue —The New Scholar. Swiss Shepard's Song. Tableaux—Ignorance is Bliss. Billy Grimes, the Drover. Yankee Doodle. TOLEDJ, IOWA, April 1,1873. ED. CHBOMCI.K and cofn- sliellers, at Parker tfc Lewis' Tamil oan hardly be :—At an adjourned meeting of the stock subscribers to the Citizens' National Bank, held this day, which was attended by a large number of other citizens, it was unanimoasly resolved to change the organization from a National to a Savings Bank,, to be called the "Citizen's Sayings Bank of Toldo," with a capital of one hundred thous and dollars. A subscription was opened, and a large amount of slock subscribed ou the spot. The utmost good feeling pervaded tho meeting, and much enthusiasm prevailed. The speedy organization ol litis bank is assured v. llhout a doubt, as every citizen of our town feels the great need of increased privileges of this character. L. B. NELSON. GONE HOME—Mr. two story frame TWO in p*rt payment and give lime on the balance. Apply to C. C. Whitten, Toledo, Iowa. J^tf PERSONAL.—Bro. Cambridge, of the Citizen, was in town last week with a new suit of cloths, and a pock et full of good "Havanas," Ol course ho reported at newspaper head quar ters. J. W. Willelt, of the law firm Slivers Safley & Willett, started yesterday morn ing to his old home in Illinois, whence he will pro'ably not return before July or August" He has, for some time, had in contemplation a visit home, which has been some what hastened by the receipt of the news of his mother's sickness. Dur iug his sojourn in Toledo, Mr. W. has made many friends, who regret his departure at this timo under ex isting circumstancs. By a strict adkerance to his duties, ho has won the highest, esteem of as many uiern bers ol the Bar as know him aud in his departure from tho old firm a loss is sustained, that will be keenly tell and hard to overcome. The Spiritual Meetings that have been in progress at Motitcello, this county, tor some time were broken up the latter part ot last week, by a number of "young Americans." In formation has been filed before N. Fisher, J. P., asking for the arrest of a number of the peisons thus con nected with the disturbance, aud we expect a number will be arratgnen |#iv|/ca ui/uil BOOO. Bnr Tm BEST.—219,758 Sewing Machines sold last year, over 45,000 more than was sold by any other Company. Kept for sale at Frazee's Jewelery Store, also Mach ine Oil and Needles. W. C. WAYT, Vf e hope soon to hear of some addi tional steps taken toward securing a Graiu Elevator at this place John Deere, Ottawa Clipper and Peru City Stirring Plows, at Parker fc Lewis', Tama City. tf The Board of Supervisors, con sisting of A. N. Poyneer, G. Jaqtia and John llamsdell, will meet uext Monday. Keystone and Star Corn Piauterb, tho best in the market, at Parser & Lewis', Tama City. Sole agents for Tama county. tf A fire occurred at Dunlap, this State, on Monday morning, loss esti mated at $26,000* Insurance about $15,000. Dennis & Averill have a tew more Buckeye Seeders left. While at Buckingham a few days ago, wo heard that every dealer In Tama For fine hair dressing, a clean shave, and a sweet smell that has a high pressure ol 1,000 pound* to the round inch, go to John G^ben, tho barber, in Foster House basement. Asmus Wohlk continues to dis pose ot large quantities of goods every day. His store is near the elevator, and contains a large assort ment of Dry Goods, groceries Boots, Shoes, Hals, caps, Clothing,etc. etc. Dennis & Averill, of Tama City, keep a stock of Seeds. They are selling lots of Clover, Timothy and Blue Grass Seeds. They pay the highest price in cash for good Timo thy Seed. Next week our Popular Druggists Mussel's Berger & Yeiser will re move their splendid stook ot Drugs Ac. into their new stote room in Galley & Johnston's briok block. See Supplement. Parlies wanting anything in the Hard ware and Machinery line will consult their own interest by calling on Camery Son, as it is well known that the more goods you buy of one firm the lawor you can buy them. The finest assortment ot papor hangings ever brought to Toledo, now at the Medical Emporium ot Springer & Co. They have also a large and well selected st«ck of Drugs, Dye Stuffs, Oils, Ipaiatt, Var nishes, Glass, Putty, etc., etc. PCBLIC SCHOOL.—The ALMOST Agent Tama Citv. If Just Received by Camery & Sou 100 Kags Naila, 5 Tons of Wire, and full line of other Hardware: Also, a full car load ot tho celebrated Moliue Plows, Cultivators, Wagons, and pumps. Wo also have the Climax Planter the lightest draft and IIMist perfcct planter made. GHIST MILL.—We Winter term of the Toledo Public Schools closed on Friday ot last weetT with appro priate exercises. Notwithstanding the rigorous winter, the past term has been one of much progress, and to Prof. Sterrvtt is due nnichtrcdit tor the good conduct of our shcools. SATIXOS BANK.—By reference to a communication in another part of this paper, it will be seeu that prelim inary steps have already been taken to establish a ''Citizen's Savings Bank" in this place. A meeting in the Court House, for th'j further con sideration ol the subject is announced for this (Thursday) evening, at 7 o'clock, to which all laterested are earnestly invited. An advertises ''lyjysaograDhs gotten up .villi neatness and dis patch." Another tells its readers of such nice "jickotypes" printed at ihit office, while a third is more mod ern and elegant in expression, ass til ing the world that none put superb "horse chromes" a-e seui out. In work ot this kind Tks Ca*o{FFGI.E office can't brt excelled. A direct the at tention to a communication in this paper, concerning the building of a sleatn Grist Mill at this place. The suggestion made by Mr. Sweatt, are well worthy a candid cousidera tiou, which it wil! doubtless receive. PRESBVTEKIAN CHURCH.—Service on Sabbath morning next at 10:30, sub ject: "Fatherhood ol GoJ. 7 30 P. M., "Obligations of young people to Mutual Assistance." IIL-NAWAV.—.lust before goi«H! to press a littlu—just a little— excitement occurred on the street and this is the way it happened. As a Bohemian was driving through town, his horses w»k fright wlion in

front ol Berjfer Vciser drug store, and started (", run. Singer One of tho fie'-y steeds kicked over the tongue ot the wagon, breaking it— the tougue. The wagon came to a full slop. The driver was thrown out into the tnu I, but with a good measure ot pluck held to the lines unlil assistance reached htm. All things were properly adjusted in a few minotes, and the di#er went «n his way. 9 HYMENEAL.—During the blustry month of March there havo been marriage licenses issued from the Clerk's office, of Tama County, to to the following persons: W. S. Welch aud Emery E. Kerns, Ilenry A. ilawley and Maria Belor, James M. Hayes and Laura A. Stiigari, Martin Limberer and Saravina Sin ilh, Wm. II. Hawk and DoraD. Granger, Byron N. Avery and Gertrude E. Mooers, Clias. llauch and iria E Hanchet, Robert E. Missellin" and Mercer A. Thurston, Alwin C. Wal ling and Cristena A. Korns, E Igar N. Finch and Lucin la Shirley, Dau'l Hess and Uocella Miller, Alex. B. Bowdeu and Jounio li Sullivon, Hugh Dougan and Susau blow. NE IF A VEK TfSluMENTS. ORIGINAL NOTICE. gTATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S3. To J. T. Hiller, C. N. Miller, S. 0. McKe nan, i B. Taylor, and Ilaydcn & Kay: You, and eash of you, arc hereby notified that on or before the '2.1th day of April A. D., l«ST i, there will be on file, in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama County, Iowa, a petition ot C. II. Uradshaw, claiming of you the foreclosure of a mort gage on Lots No. one [11, aud two [2] in block No. three [3], in McUohcrta fir.-t addition to the town of Toledo, in Tama County, Iswa, and asking a personal judg ment against you, the said J- T. Miller and C.N. Miller, for the sum of two hundred and seventy four dollars and eight cents, OS] a9 money due hi n on your cer taiu Promissory note, secured kv said mort gage. ami tor costs, liolli said" note and mortgage will be particularly described iu said petition. And that, unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before Noou, of th? second day of the uext term of said Court, being the May term of said Court, for the year A. D., 1873, commencing on the first Mon day of May, A. l, ISTfl, at the Court House, iu Toledo, in said County, default will bo entered againit you, and julgmont rendered thsnsa, and decree entered as prayed. C. B. URAL'SIIAW, 14il7 Plaintiff. ORIGINAL NO TILE, (^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, !|8, To Edwin Gibbs, John Underson, Heasty & Morgan and liappook & Greenwood: You, and each of you, are hereby tiotilisd that there is now on file, in the otlice of the Clerk of the Circuit Court ot' Tama county, Iowa, a petitioner Levi 11. Nelson, claiming of you the foreclosure of a contract for the s iL-aml coaveyanco of tlie sou'heast quart er of the northeast quarter of section No. 20, in township No. 85, north of range No. li, west of the 5th P. M. in Tama county, Iowa, and asking a personal judgment against you, the said ii I iviti Uibbs. tVu* the amount duo on three promissory notes, amounting to four hundred dol.nrs aud in terest thereon from June ?"2, lSijS. And that unless you appear thereto, and defend ou or before i oon »f the seeoud day of the next term ofsaid Court, being the May term of said Court for the year A. D. 1S73, com mencing ou the lirst Monday of May, A. D. 1 S7-». at the Court Knuse in Toledo, iu said couuty, defcult will be entered against you, and judgment rendered thereon, and decree entered as prayed. C. B. BKADSI1AW, 14-17] Att'y for Plaintiff. ORIGINAL NOTICE. I^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY.S.S. To .Tohn W. Crouse, and Mary Crotise. Ysu, an 1 each of you, are hereby notified that ou or before April ^5, 1H7 !, there will be on file in the office of the Clerk of tlie Cir cuit. Court, of Tama Co., Iowa, apetition of 15. R. Woley claiming of you said John W Crouso Thirteen Hun ired Dollars, on live promis sory notes, and claiming of all the defend ants, the forccloMire oi' a curtain mortgage, giyen to secure said notes, said notes anil mortgage being described iu the said peti tion. And that, unless you appear thereto, and defend, ou or before Noou, of the second day of the next term of s lid Court, beiog the May term of silid Court for the year A. I, 187.", comracneing on the first Mon day of May, A. l., 1873. at the Court House in Toledo, in said County, ilxfauU will be entered against ycu, and judgment tender ed thereon. (J. U. Sl'KUHLK l-J-17 Attorney for Plaiuliff. SHERIFF'S SALE NOTICE. BYme virtue or an Execution, directed to from the Clerk of the Disrict Court of Tama County, Iowa, on a judgment obtained in snid Court on the Ulst day of February. 1^7:'. in favor of Webster Uroth ers, as plaiuliffs, and agaiust. II CJoodcnough as defendant, for the sum of Two Hun Ived and Fourteen dollars, and forty-two cents and co ts l«ed at and scorning costs. I have levied upon tho following personal property, taken as the property of said defendant, lo saiisfy said execution, to wit: One Urover & liaker Sewing Ma chine, one Show Case, ami a lot of Milli nery Goods, Noiions, Trimming*, and La dies' Fu-nisliing Goods. And I will offer the same for sale, to the highest bi ldor, for citsh in hand, ou Ilia lth2day of April, A. D. 1873, at the Jail in Tiled Tama County, Iowa, al the hour of 1 o'clock of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated at my otiiae In Toledo, Tana Cea a ty, Iowa, Marck 2ot i 1*7 '. KNIGHT DEXTER, H. Marstntter You, and each you are hereby notified that there is now on file, in the office of the Clerk of ih» Circuit Court of Tama County, Iowa, a petitien of Isaac Strawn. claiming of you ihe foreclosure of a certain mort gage, executed by said Jo'io Oaks and Eliz abeth Oaks, on the following described real estate, situate in Tama County, Iowa, to* wit: The north-east quarter and the n rth hilf of the south-east quarter of section No. •1(1, in township No. *o, north of raniK* Vn 10, west, of tlie Id- w asmng a per ouuiii judgment against you said John Oaks the sum of three hundred and seveuty fivedollars,|with imereit thereon from the first day of April, A. IX, 1872, as money due him ou your certain promissory note, secured by (aid mortgage, and for costs Both said note and mortgage are particular ly described in said petition. s And that, unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or fore noon, of the second day of the next term of said Court, being the May term-of said Court for ihe year A D., 1873, commencing on the first Monday of May, A. D., 1873 at ihe Court House, ui Toledo, in said County, default will be en tered against you, aud judgment rendered tliereon and decree eutered as prayed. C. 15. UKADKU AW, 4. STKM & STI ART, 14-17 Attorneys for plaintiff. ADMINISTRATORS SALE. BYmade VIRTUE OF AN ORDER OF SALE, by the Circuit Court of Hamilton CotMty, Iowa, md to me directed, I shnll expose to sale, on the 2!)th day of April, A. D., 1878, at the door of the Court hou-e, in tho village of Toledo, Tama County, Iowa, the following lands and tenements belong ing .o the estate of James Clark, late of said Hamilton County, deceased, and de scribed as follows, to-wit: The south half of the aorth-cast quarter and the south-east quarter of the north west quarter of sertiou number thirteen, (13) in lowuship number eighty-four, [84] north of range number sixteen, [l'i] west of the 5th P. M. of Iowa. Said premises were appraised at the sum of .wo 1'housand and Forty Dollars [$2,040.00], and will be sold lo satisfy the debts of said estate. Sale to commence at the hour of 10 o'olock, A. M., of said day. Ter ns of sale, onc-'ialf cash baUiicin one year, O. H. PRAY, Administrator. Dsfed, Ma*# 24, W&. STOP i AND LOOK IN AT THE NEW BOOT iSHOESTORE OF W. J. BURNS, Just established in th« build ing south N. W. Br«wr.'« grocery, NEW GOODS, NEW STORE AND NEW PRICES. LADIES and GENTLEMEN will consult their own in terest by examining goods and prices before puroh asing, A Specialty made of S2WED vVORK. JfaWW _™.do, I..., liE.VJ.^STONlVS RESTAURANT Is where you can get A GOOD SQUARE MEAL At any hour. A large assortment of Boots and Shoes and O E I E S Kept, constantly on hand. One door west of Berger & Yelser's Drug Store. Toledo, Iowa. !iJ«ly "PUBLIC SALE OF SCllOOL LANI). ATOTICK is hereby given, that I will on 1* tho 2'.tlh day of April, A. 1». 1S7-4, at the hour of two o'clock P. M., at the front door of the Court House, In Toledo, Tama cotintv, Iowa, offer for tsalo and sell, to the highest bidder, provided tlie same brings the appraised value, tho following describ ed school land, to-wit, The northeast quurter£J]of aeotion No. sixteen [lti]. in township No. eighty six [Hti], north of inge No. fourteen [I t] west of ilie •th P. M. Terms:—Oue fourth cash down, the bal ance in ten years, with annual interest at the rate of ten per cont. per anuum. March 21, 1373. Sheriff of eaid County. By 8 Bailby, Deputy Sheriff of eaid County'. nl4-w2 ORIGINAL NOTICE. ^TATB OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. To John Oaks, Elitiheth Oaks, George W. Oaks, John A. Kelley, N Lucas, George T. Woolston. Mary 1. Woolston, and Levi THOMAS 3. FREE, 13-10] Auditor. Notice ol Dissolution. The firm of Smith & Gibson ha# this day by mutual co'isent, dissolved their partner ship. A'l the aocouuts of the firm are FRO BATE NQTIC&. V^TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, S. S. In Circuit Court for taid County. Notice is hereby given to all whom it may concern, that at a term of the Circuit Cot§ri in vacation of Tama county, held at tlu Court House at Toledo in said county on the I8lh day of March A U. KS73, an instru ment in writing, bearing date the 20th day of February A. D, IK73, and purporting to be the last will aud testament of Henry Colaw. lute of said County, deceased, was produced and publicly read in open Coutl: and that the next term of said 0urt, to be holden on the Sih day of May A. 1). 187S, at the Court House in Toledo aforesaid, has been tiied for proving said wi iiud at one o'clock P. M. of the day lust above mentioned all persons interested are here hy notifi and required to appear in said Court, and show cause, if any they have, why said instrument should not be probat ed and allowed as and for the last will and testament oftheB'iid deceased. Dated Toledo, A I arch IN, 1K73. L. IJLINN, Clerk rcuit Court, Tama Co Iowa. 18-14] ORIGINAL NOTICE. j^TATEOF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. To The Great Western Insurance Company, You, are hereby notified that there is now on fi le,in the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Taint County, lown, a petition ol A. W. Guernsey, da:ming of you one hundred and ninety six aud 2'.-lllO Dollars with interest thereon from January 80th 1872 and costs as justly due him for money paid on your behalf and services performed for you, and :ost8 of protest of draft, an I that a writ of attachment has been issued against your property. And unless you appear thereto, and de fend. on or before noon, of the «»«oud Jav oi tue next'l'erm of said Court, being the .May Term of said Court for the year A 1) 18751 commeiK ing un tho first Moiduy of May, A '.873 at the Court House in Toledo in said coun'y defa lit will be en» lerei agaiust you, and judgment render ed thereon. STIVERS, SAFLEY $ WILLI.TT, la 10 Att'ys for PlaintiiTs. ORIGINAL NOTICE. S TATE OF IOWA, TAMA COUNTY, SS. To William Provan, Lydia Provan, J. II. Shutts, Nimrod Norris, B. F. Smith, Charles Whenton, C. II. McCormi'jk & Bro., F. J. Upton & Co, ,'ohn Young, Arthur Farrar & Co., E. A. McNair, and Norman Jordan, Partners as .McNair & Jordan aud U. II. Pardee & Co. You, and each of you, are herebv notified that there is now on file, in the ollicc of the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Tama county, Iowa, a petition of W. F. Johnston, claim ing of you William Provan the sum of eight thousand two hundred end seventy five dollars as I.MIIJV due ou seven promis sory notes, and on contracts for sale of real estate and for money paid as mortgages in redeeming land from (ax sale, with in terest at leu per cent from May 1st 1878, and with costs including $35:), as attorneys fees, and claiming of all of IOU Ihe fore closure of Two Mortgages given to secure the payment of said notes, and lbs forc c'osure of the afrcssid couiracts for saly of real estate fcnd oilier rel'ef. And that unless you appear thereto, and defend, on or before noon, of the Second day of ihe next term of said Court, being the May term of said Court for the year A. D. 187S, commencing on tho first Monday of May A. D. 1873, al the Court House, in Toledo, in said County, de fault will be cnteted against you, and julg meat and decree rendend thereon. OH Yes, A NEW THING A New Wagon. The place to get the best WAGON or BUGGY made iu Iowa U at the BRADBROOK WAGON & CARRIAGE Where is kept a full supply ofWAOOMS and BUGGIKSon hand and everything la Waller Bradbrook's line made to order.— All orders for repair* «r «*a*trv«tUti nromptly filled. None but the BEST AfATrmiAT. used, aud only the BEST WORKMEN EMPI.OYLD. All Work Warranted to give satisfaction, A new thing about his Wagoaa is tk HJIASS TIIIMR'LE SKEINS, #|ich excel! all others All wanting \Va§ ons or Carriages should call upot} the Rd dersijrned before purchasing. U VGON and CAKKIAOE TAIftV. INU done to order. WALTEli BRADHKOOIv, TOLEDO. IOWA. LeCrand Christian Institute. l.K 4. (tax V. IOWA. F. R. If A I) E, Principal. CALANDES 1S72 I'. Fall Term commences Sept. 9, 1872 Winter Term Dec. 9, 1872 Spring Mar. 24, '73 Fall Sept. 3,1878 Tuition from $itQ0 ls$6,0 I per term, 25 per cent, discount to soldiers' and minis. ters' children. Good board can be had for $2,60 to 3,0(i per week. Uoouis furnished or not, for those who wish to board them selves—can be had on reasonable term*— For further particulars address the prineU pal- 421y HI 3 7) 0 n co co a l&H •m o 2 5 as­ sumed by .lames F. Smith, Toledo, Iowa, March 24, 1H73. JAMKK F. SMITH, 1H-14] W. GilJSU.N. V) PI 73 i s EXT. Formerly Witt HCLMfiOlaD. FLUID EXTRACT BVZHUi 1 a the only Known Keaicly for HrUntu. Die. ea«', and has cured every ca«c of PiabeKH la wliU it his liccn given, Irriutiou of the NecK, of the llladilfr and Inflammation of the Kidney*. Ulceration ofthe Kidneys and Bladiicr, Rcten* tion of Urine, Disease* ot the I'rio-mte C.luntL Stone in the ISIadder, Gravel, IlrickDtii-tTU porit, and Mucous or Milky Di-rhatyes, and for En feebled and Delicate ('on-titutiout of both Seiest attended with the following sviuptomn Loce of 1'ower, Loss of Memory, Difficulty of Breatb. Ing, Weak Nerves, Wakefulness, pnjn jn t,e Back, Flushing of the Body, Erupliou on the Face, l'allid Countenance, Lassitude of the Syntem, ctc. Used ny persons In the decline or change of life, after confinement or labor pains, bed-wet Ing iu children, etc. In many affections peculiar to ladies, tho Eli tract Mich u Is nnequaled by any other remedy— Aslu Chlorosis or Retention, Irregularity, Pain fulness or Suppcsslon of Customary Kvacnationa Xllcerutcd or Echinus flute of the I'terns, I.en corrhiea or Whites, Sterility, and for all com plaints Incident to tho si x. It is prescribe4 extensively by the mont eminent rhytiicians anil Miiluives for enfteliled and delicate constlu tlons of both eexes aud all ages. KEARNEY'S EXTRACT BUCHTT. C'/res fii'/smatnett, «.n« ij iJMiwatton, «/.%, In all their stages, at little expense, little or no change in diet, no in convenience, and no exposure. It cmite* a fre quent desire, and etves strength to I'rlnate. thereby removingOnstrnrtirtis, 1'reve- tingani Curing Strictures of tlie I'reil.a, Allaying Pain and liiflammation.sofrcnncnt in this class of dls» ea*es, and expelling all Poisouoas matter KEABNEI'S EXTRACT BUCHU iJ.dO per bottle or six bottles for $5 00. delivered to any address, secure from observation. Sola by druggists evervwhere. Prepared by KKARNEV & CO., UH Dunne SI..N. T. to whom all letters for information should be addressed. Avoid Quacks and Impostors. No Charge for Advice and Consnlation. Dr. J. li. liyott. Graduate Mtdieat Co!!rge, Philadelphia, autliorof several valuable works, can be consulted on all disease# of the Sexual or Urinary Organs, (which bo has made an especial study) either in wale or female, ne matter from what cause originating or of how long standing. A practice of 30 years enables' him to treat disease with success. Cures guar anteed. Charges reasonable. Those at a dis tance can forward letter describing symptoms and enclosing stump to prepay postage. .Send for the Guide to JItalln. Price 10 Cents, J. B. DYOTT, M.D., Physician and Surgeon, 104 Duano St. New York. 1k That Pale, Yellow, Sickly-Looking Skla JS ehan«el to one ot freshness nluOiealtb. Those Itisrascs or (be Mltin, {are SU-We. Salley & W'illelU jUtorasjs for Plslutiff. HMBIM, Piiktulra, IllolrliM niiU CrnMlvna ars removed. Nrrol'iiln, Krrafnlnaa Plseews »f *-'•'«. ints KwrlllMir, llrera. Old Kor-» or any kind of Humor rapidly dwindle nnd disappear under it* Influence. In tuot it will lo you more good,and CUM you more speedily than nny nnd nil other iui'p.irutloiiN coin Dined. Wkit li it I It is on lur!'H own restorer! A soluble ox yd of Iron combined with the iiiedlelmil properties of l'olto Itoot vested ot all Uisiigreeablequali ties li will euro any Chronic or LeS» MMiidiua llM-nae wtiosa real or direct cause 1.1 but) MhsnaiallSBS, Palaa In Usibs or Itaum, MslllnlieM lr» ken ds»n by Mercurial or other polaous, nil cured tiv it. Kor Hjrstkllla, or SyHih IHr taint, tliero is nntnfni|t OOUHItoit. A riti win .rov« it. AWK roi n. te'SAS"""'"" ""'w

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