Newspaper of Evening Star, March 18, 1857, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 18, 1857 Page 3
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EVENING STAR. mm urt at vmw Orricm n r?KTi ?'ocook. K.; muvu mr ut iot tmu |(TTt TW? ?nt ?IT. L 0 OAL INTELLIGENQE. .v8!; *>**?A large number of the Sod. of the Emerald Isle'* assembled ?t Dnnelly ? restaurant, on Pennsylvania aTf. nae near Sixth street, to celebrate the anniT versary of their patron saint. The din,.; and Iiqaora were aerved np in a stvle ferlor to that of the beat hotels eithlr ta tlu oily or at the North r ln thl* The company tat down abont 9 o'clock n Ms ,?'? **** frona tb* Chair : ' b '1 rick'sDiy ** C#Ubr?U' Muaic-St. Pat J-a* lltiTS,b, VaiM ??? ?kf 'uTb*,m?,nory of ,he htT0?? of the wars of the Evolution and 1811 Music-A Dire#. bome ?f our childhood. Ma sic?Erin ia my home. ** *b* United States-the home of our adoption. Music? Flag of onr Union. ? The memory of Andrew Jackson. Music? A Uirg? T fte Union?"It ahall and matt be rre ferred." Music?Yankee Doodle/ P 8. Civil aad religions liberty. Come, Oh Come with Me. 9 The Hon Henry A. Wiae and the De mocracy of the "Old Dominion " Music See the Conquering Hero Comet. wit? fnr?i*j!,0m fn>m *i!r *?tangling alliances Banner POW9r' Ma.ic-SUrSpangled a-1} Tb^ Army and Nary of the United ?ilC~ ? ' Whit? and Blue. i k I* ? fLT*n~> Qu#rd-1 *>o?o?ch yon, tbe ,Wr> SSSr2^ '? d?r. ?h.t c.n Among the gue*ts were the Hon. Fayette M:Mn!Ien, T Jcaea, E?q , president of the St. Andrew a Society of New York, and Daniel tLLtiVf vr*" vEt. 0 tb# Lab?rer'a Union 2!d mmb?" ' rU','b't,ng M"? "><> During the night eloquent speeches were n Pre,id'n*o??er? the Hon Fay McMullen, and other gentlemen, inter aperaed from time to time with patriotic aongs Stfi'JLS1 "i? T9ptUM'untu two ?'cl(*k wii morning, when the company separate! Uor de,,8bt?<i with the evening's jolliflca Protperi'i fine band contributed auch to tae enjoyment of the evening. Cr* scrrsBixas is istolbbablb. " ? A correspondent, whose effusion we publish be l?Zl M e*ld?nt'y >n a bad way. When he and others who "take on so ' abont that ore cant imposition a very grievous one, probably? lTkir#l?-Ce tb.? pHc* of horM fl"b> b0T>? f?edt labor, drivers w>uresf and coaches. 16f cents JrillVlfai^Lf1'* YvDdr"We/keo' we Fresume, CamfJll f?r? f?r a ride from the Capuol ?? High street, Georgetown, in the P^P^tion. That ia from 6 to 5 cents. eet Hi ? Q' !' the beit P?Mibl? Wa* to Sir v.! .1 V*7 a P*nny "ore than ?^#' !* T urk6n " rat*' "? for those who b^Lr/t*Dw *4K?uge" complacently, to be sura to keep about them a dime, or a half dime and a eopper penny. Isn't it easy ? But to our correspondent's complaint: UL2* 70ur "otJco?in fact, I read all the reading matter of the Star?a few days ago in regard to omnibus drivers takinz seven cents for fare when a quarter is given returning for change enly eighteen cents I read the notice with considerable interest in aamuch as I have been one of the auffe'rera by this new system cf " garroting " Having considerable business between the Capitol and Departments above Fifteenth street, I ride in these public conveyances as often as three or five times per day, and I den't know that I have ever gotten more than eighteen cents change out of a quarter in the last six months. Mow, I wish it distinctly understood that I don t talk about this matter for the intrinsic value of the eoin : it is the principle involved, which. I contend, is a bad one I undertook yesterday (Saturday) to follow ?LCa^ , ?*'*Bd, demanded my cent, which the driver refused, and I Uft the 'bus I got even with them, however, for when I went down, on my return, I only gave them five cent* J Now, Mr. Editor, tha object 1 have In mak ing thiscommunication, Is, to make a sugges Uon to Mr Vanderwerken, who, If I am ena bled to judge from his well known goodness of heart, will take it kindly I suggest that be give order, instanter to his drivers, and notice to the public through the Star, that the fare hereafter will be.fiveetnts, (half dime ) which is the Uiited States coin ; we have no coin iD America oftae denomination of tix ceit?. This will save money to the passengers, increase it te V anderwerken by the increase of travel, save time to the busses, and save trouble to the drivers in makiog change. Let us hear from you. friend Yanderwerken. WasniaoroB, March 15. Pcblic Go>d. Ax Imposiho Fchbbal ?Yesterday after noon, tbe remains of James Fletcher (colored) weru followed through Pennsylvania aveaue to the grave by one of the largest tQa?r4ia that has taken place ia Washington for a long time. The procession was headed by the order of Good Samaritans, a benevolent society of the colored people here, of which tha de ceased was a member. They wore regalia, of course, for fondness for such things is a characteristic of tbe race. We have rarely known a person more highly esteemed th: n 5 ??li-e^8u W"' C r h* w** proverbially truthful, honest, respectful and faithful in all bis relations m life; setting an excellent ex ample to the colorad amotg us, and tbns fairlv earning the warm regard of hundreds of our meat intelligent, respoetab'e and public spirit ed citizens Such is the key to the large o lored f jneral st en jesterd-?y? n Pennsvlvai ia aveour, which mu.t have somewhat suri.ri?ed more or ic?s of the host of northern men now here who have farmed conclosi jns conearning the condition of tha negro in slave holding com manuie-, from the spotting cf the Be. caers and scnbblinjs of the Stowes of the l?nd. . ? Boteler has a large obm in the Fair that attrscu general attention. # ? ?vi M iu eontenu are very beauti Jul, things m their way-ei]ver plated war* block tin wara, marbleiied wooden tabic tons painted tin china sets, waiters, eastors, plaQ cVf?' t Ao. As specimens of the ability of Mr Botaler's popular house to sup> ply the requirements of comfert, fashion, or laxury in his line of trade, no house in the covctryconld make a better and more beautiful display?that's evident A caee of bonneu end caps exhibited by Mrs Cassi Jy, Is the admiration cf the ladies of all agea thoee tottering on the verge of old age, as well u the knee high misaes, devoUng themselves to it with as mueh rellab, as bloom ing belles of two and twenty Todd i d isplay of hats and csps for men and bojs, military and civil, to say nothing of his furs and ladies and mister hate, foim one of the most striking featares of the show each article in bis case being in tbe height of fash ion , and modelled with faultless tnsie and skill. Naw Misicu. Socibtt ?A meeting vat held laat evening, at tbe rooms of Professor lrvio, Temperance Hall, and a new mu<ieal ?ociety organised. Washington city, although containing a fair abare of musical talent, which wul compare favorably w>th that of other cltiea, is at the present time far behind the age in regard to societies for the cultiva tion of vocal music The new organisation has been named the " Harmonio," and, under the able direction of Prof. Irvin will no doubt be a source of pleasure, combined with in structioo, to our muocally-ibcliced cititens. Next Thursday eveniigis fixed npon for their flrvt regular meeting, when wc hope to see a fail attendance Wauai ? Italia ?We received this morn ing some pea green cards bearing these mys terious words and "nothing mr-re^ ? ?'Pats the bearer to Rome." A/tar all eortt of a search and ccquirv we leara thst tbe aforesaid pea-green tickets in tro !u?e the l??rcrtotfce beautiful series of Lfe'urer, eatitkd "Waugh i lUi.a*' now ex bibmng at Odd FeUowt' ilall Who goes to ??~?4 H,. JSKf a I g?"' m follows: Lawrence, Esq., tinn^lr' '* p,eM*7??* honor*, at the rug/res t? f ???oral of my brethren of tbis^ar *? Pain(?l duty baa devolved upon metoan noacoo the death of one of the moet estimable membert of this body Alexander H. Law InnmJf Pl?- ,Mt D,ght fle hM ,on? been Known in this community. and thoee who hare had much intercourse with him will unani 5S? *???1r to. him th* character of great abihtj^nd learning in bia manners and integ rity and indefatigable industry in bia nrao tice Those who bare known him in sooial life bare acknowledged and respected bia de portment as a gentleman ; above and beyond all he has for years manifeated the higher virtues of a Chriatian. m *J?" of_B?ch ? the whole com munity suffers The church of which he waa a member haa loat one of their higheat orna menta and lealoua friends The loaa to hif mation ?ffli?ted family ia beyond eati . Iht tff*.?' Mr ^wwnoe may be called !nni#n J J W6ek h? WM PreMnt in thia court and argued a case On his return to his residence he waa seised with a chill, which after aasuming the form of a cold, ended in pneumonia?a disease which haa proved fatal te many eminent in our profession. Mr Law rence a death waa like hfa life, gentle and be coming He aunk to the mighty oonqueror without a groan and without a struggle, &a mildly as an infant ainking to slumber on iu mother a breast. " I move that the court, aa a testimony of its reapect to the memory of our deceased brother, do now adiourn for the day ; where. upon, the court adjourned to 11 o'clock to morrow morning." 41^* ? ?'??ting of the bar immediately after the adjournment of the court, the Hon John i h h .wa< oalled to the chair, and Sam uei ii Huntington waa chosen Secretary. On motion of B. B French, Esq., it was re vived that a committee of three be appointed to prepare resolutions, and report them to this meeting. n fl?n- *? BUir, Vnited States Solicitor of the Court of Claims, R S Coxe, Esq , and B. B -ru' were ?ppeioted. The committee retired, and soon returned end reported the following reaolutions; which were unanimoualy adop'ed : That this bar haa heard, with deep aensibility, of the sudden decease of their re spected aasrciate and brother, Alexander H. Lawrence, Esq , an attorney of thia court. Resolved, That we cherish the higheat re spect for the professional learning of the de ceased, for the purity and uprightness of his profdsaional life, and for the amiable and ex cellent qualitiea whioh belonged to him aa a usan and a Chriatian Resolved, That to testify the;e seit'meits we will attend the funeral of the deceasei in a body, and" will wear the uwal baiga cf mourning for thirty days R"olved, That Mr. Blair, the Solicitor of the Lmted States in-thia court, do move the court that these reaolutions be entered upon the minutes of their prtceediogs A RonwgLL, Chairman. SiMCiL II. U uhtixgtoji, tfeoretarj. Uwited States Police Reports.?Before Jart ice Donn: Tncmaa White, colored, who gave bond* for further examination under a charge of bavins attempted to take a watch from John Chenor, was dismissed, there not being a shadow of charge against him after a hearing of the case. It appears from the evidence that the defend ant and prosecuting witnesses are rivals in the barbering business, frequent difficulties occur ring between them, one of whish occurred on the 4th instant, they coming in close proximi ty the watch chain became entangleu in the clothing of the defendant Hence the charge with the result* aa aforesaid White sustafns a good character Giberson and Bradley. ir for defence J>J > The mas Bell, oclored, waa arrested Ky Offi cer rarham under the charge of committing an assault and battery on a fellow servant? blua Jackson, eolored?bonded for peace. James Clagett and George W. Gaines, col ored, were arrested by Officers Norwood and U. ? Ward of the auxiliary guard, under the jnarga of stealing .a silver watch from W Bowie, (also colored.) In default of security ?bey were both committed to jail. Th* ? National" Epidemic ?The follow ingare the committee appointed by the Board >f Health, at their meeting yesterday, to make a survey of the National Hotel premises . Dr. P- Johnston. Chaa. L Coltman, and Dr. C. F. Force Tbey ware to meet at 11 a in. to-day to proceed t*i9fc*e aDother examina tion ; members of tbe Board haviog made leveral previous examinations of the aame premises The medical membera of the Board are -?aid to be of opinion that the disease originatea from deficient aewerage By thorough ventil ation, in warm weather, the bouse haa been once or twice freed from the affection (efflu na ) When kept cloae on account of cool weather it again affecta the inmatea of the sstablishment. The stent h trap at the corner operates to prevent the mxious odora from ea e?ping into the atreet. Similar trapa atrike a as being required throughout the bouse, ao that, with the required alterations in its sew-' erage, the noxioua odora may be forced to take the channel prepared for thtm?the main sewer into the caoal? instead of rising up in the premises to scatter disease broad cast Metropolitan Mechanics' Fair. The following ia a programme of musio for this week : 1. Metropolitan Mechanics' Iuatitue Grand , ?; ; W. Withers 2 Duttto?from "Lucia " 3. Chicken Polka, with imitations. 4 Josephine Schottische W. Withers 5. Flute obligato, from "Fille du Regiment." 7 Cwary B.rd Wnlt, . W Withers 7. Grand March, or The People's Choice. The Victoria Inflated Skirt, which has been ao much admired by the ladiea at the Fair waa made and deposited b? Mua H C Trap hagen, of 6W Broadway, New Ycrk. There waa an unintentional error in our former no tice of it By the way, the Managera of the Fair will do well to tee to the ventilation of the room when it is crowded as waa the case last night Tha air waa not lit to breathe. ?! A Mas Crr is Two?The town of Boaton Indiana, a few daja aince, waa thrown into great excitement by a ferocious and fatal at tack, made by a man named Thoa E. Brakea apon a wortbloaa fellow who had been loafing about Brakes' wagon ahop. Being haaty and hot of temper, Brakes became provoked at the 1 >afer, and uking up a brosd axe, literally chopped him m two. The murderer was ar rx-ud at onse. ' Lord, Low th'i world is given to "sers''' ?ince the u?mue of that lamanted aboriginal. ??k w. wLe haTe ,een notMi>g more horrible than the above, copied innocently into our exchang?. and which figures in the Baltimore Clipper this morning. If it should turn out that the''worthless fellew" is only a worthless ft/loe the affair might satume a less sanguinary aspcct. Asothbr ART LECTrBB.-The third lecture before the Washington Art Association is to bi delivered to morrow evening in the fine hall under the gallery of the art exhibition, 2^??' building, H street between Egjjrffc 'oarteentb, by Frederick W. aatiUJ[I?"*niAn U ?lr*dj favorably known with P^!a- ,,man1 thrcu8h Ws oonnection rai,r0?<l surveys, and his lucid ports theraon, and he is represented to bo to doTusUel"' t ed b? Li* Me0mP,ieh?*nts tJ ?r?eit0#% :*?. mind for ,h.nlnn3?$ will b? faand th. more Conference for this part of the The late hoar at which they were rec?i?d ? Tbe Paeokama or Chiea will be exhibited th e afternoon tor tbe apeoi .l aecommod%tion of families, and in tbe evening for tha b nefit of ail oreation. Frcf. Woroester will continue hit adnuable explaaMory lectuxes. Tmi Gallubt _of m Wmnr#ro* Aar Association it deservedly attracting each dsj more and mora of the publio ettention. Among the viaitora of yeeterday, we noticed the venerable Joseph Qales, who, leaning npon the arm of hia faithful aervant, made the round of the gallery, and paused not un frequently to note mora in detail the exoeilen oies of partioular pictures We are happy to ?ay that he waa looking in remarkably good health ? Crivixal Court.?Dump Jordan, guiHy of riot, also of aasault and battery, was sentenced to two months and one weak in the county jail and pay a fine of SI. Reily Taylor, for riot, was acquitted John Crown waa on trial for reoeiviog stolen gooda when we left the Court. Psmaoxs desirous of buying or ranting houses should read the eolumn on our first page, headed " For Sale or Rent." Prof Mfkdrr gives one of bis delightful aoireea to-night at hia daneing academy, cor ner of Ninth and D streets. Watch Report?Margaret Cunningham, drunk and disorderly, jail sixty days. Thir teen lodgers were accommodated; mo?t of them are on their way to the fisheries. ItliRHIEU On the 17th instant, by the Rev. Mr. Turner, JAMES R CORDON to Miss REBECCA A. AMBUSH, all or this city i Baltimore Sua p'ease copy.) ? In Georgetown, on the 23th of February, by the Rev benjamin N Brown, Mr \VM. F. HAMILTON, of Louden county, Va , to Miss SARAH VIRGINIA, fourth daughter of the late John 8. Stilling, Esq , of this city. ? UIRTH. In Philadelphia, Pa ,ontbel7th,Mrs. EMILY CROUCB, (wife of the Lecturer and Cempoter) of a daughter. ? UIKi>, At 3 o'clock thU morning, of congestion of the lungs, JOHN BRECKENRIDGE, Infant son of America Brush and Alex. E.Drake, United States Armv ? On the ISth Instant, after a lingering 1'lneM, S. L W. MONTGOMERY, son of Cap: J. B. Montgomory, U. 8. Navy, aged 20 years and 0 months. The funeral will tike plsce To-Monow,/Thurs day) from the residence of his father, on I street, at 3% o'clock p m , at which time and place the friends of the family are Invited to attend. * On tlie 6th Instant, ALEXANDER H. LAW RENCE, aged 46 >ears On the l*ta Instant, ROBERT, son of James aDd Mattle E Steele, aged 7 montos and 9 d*<s. In Welatka. Florida In the 22d vrarof bis age J WESLEY ETCH1NSON, of Wsshlng:on Some month* since he went South, hoping the genlnal breezes of :heflower lar.d would restore bit heath Alas! hU hopes were doomed to be blighted When his friends least expected it he Ea?sed away to his home in heaven, there to join ts beloved ones who had gone tv fore, but wboee memory ha* been as a guldiug star to bis pilgrim age beiow; and although destined to take his de parture while far from LI* native p ace, aad de a led the privilege of beholding hia parents, ard the faces of maiy who were near and dear, be was surrounded by those who feeling a deep 1-1 - rest la him did every thtng to allevlite his suffer mg Doubtlesa he Is still permitted to hover near, new that his weary spirit Is freed from its frail casement of clay Ob, the s enes of his youth ! why so short and so fleeting, Yeaiegone liae a shadow that declines with the light; Our dear Mend has left us where the billows are beating, Ard sailed to the harbour of eternal delight ? E. P. C. Lost and Found. TEN DOLLARS REWARD STRAY BORSE.?A SMALL BAY HORSE, well conditioned, escaped on the night ?J\? of the lath Im-tant, with saddle. Who- /Q? ever will return said Horse, or give Information where be may be found, shall receive the above re ward R. C. FOX, Columbian College, I) C , 14th street. mar 17-3t* Cf| R E W A RD WILL BE PAID, AND ^PcfU no questions asked, for the return of my WATCH and CHAIN that was taken from my pocket, at the Capitol, on the 4th Instaat It in a large Hold Hunting Wat h, whi'e dial, trade by Robert Roskill, Liverpool, No. TO17 A email Gold Chain with vest hook. S D CASTLEMAN, marl6-e?lw (Int) oppo. National Hotel. Lost?on Saturday afternoon, a Calf Skin POCKET BOOK, containing ac ceptances and notes, also memorandums. Ac., of bo use to an? person but the owner. As the rsy ment of which have been stopped, the finder will be suitably rewarded by returning tiietame to Mr. JOS. HAMLIN, Caphol Hill. mar l6-3t* GOLD MEDAL PREMIUM PIANO FORTES. WILLIAM KNABE, (Senior partner in tbe late firm of Knabk GashlkIPCo ,) CONTINUES 1HK MANUFACTURE AND sale af grand and square PIANO^Tan FORTCT, under tbe nam* of WtlllamrTeff' Knabe A Co , at the old stand. Nos 1,3,5 and 7 North fcutaw street, opposite the Eutaw House, Baltimore They bave also )u?t opered a new Sales Room at No 207 Baltimore street, between Chsrles and Light sue ts, on the premise* partly o-cupitd by vir. Henry McCafle y as a music | toro, where th*y will keep constantly on band a large assort ment of plain and highly finished grand and equare Piano Fortes; alco. Melodeons, from the bent makers from 4 to 5-octave, some with double key-boards, double reeds, and stops to suit small churches Being extensively engaged in the manufacture of Piai os. we will sell wholeiale and retail, on the most liberal terms. Our Pianos were awarded the highest premium (gold medal) at the Fairs of tbe (War.ylard Insti tute t o successive years-October. 1^53, and 1W?la opposition to fourteen and eighteen pi anos from some of the best maAers fiom New York, Hoaton, and Baltimore W? were also .-?warded the first premium at the Industrial Ex hibition held in Richmond, Virginia, 1S55 and 1826. In addition to this we are in possession of tes. tlmoniala flrcm the most distinguished professors and amateurs In the country. which caa be?een at O'jr warerooms, speaking for themselves end others of the high appreciatloa In which our In struments are every were held All instruments are guaranteed for five years, and a prlva ege of exchange i* granted within the first i-ix months from tbedav of sale if the in struments do not give entire satisfaction. W holesale dealers will find It to their advantage to give us a call b fore purchasing. Pianos exchanged, hired, and tuned. WM KNABE A CO. ITT" Three of these superior Pianos, two square 7-ortaves and one gr<nd 7-oct*vrs, are now on exhibition at the" Metropolitan Me-hanlcs' In stltne Fair" in this city. The public Is respect fully Invited to call and Judge for themselves, mar 10 NEW SPRING GOODS. WE nAVE JUST RECEIVED AN ELF gant assortment of NEW 8PH1NG ** - GOODS, consisting of? ^1 Ladles and Children's Straw Bonaets JKr Rlbbtns, French Flowers Blondes, Florence Ructes, Crapes Tarletons, B jbblnetts (all colors) Illusions Bonnet Frames and Crowns And Millinery Goods of all descriptions Also, Dress Trimmings to match any color; Rich Embroidered Collars and Sleeves; "Thread, Valencia and Brussels LvJbs; Ladles and Chil dren's Kid Glov.-a, all colors; Hosiery; Buttons; aud f mall Wares generally, and as low price as can be bought lb the city, at G H CASSIDY A CO , 314 Pa. avenue, between lOtti and 11th sta. mar i7-lw* CARRIAGES. CARRIAGES, CARRIAGES 1THK SUBSCRIBERS HAVE NOW UN band, for sale at low prices, a good r^*3RZy assortment of new KOCKAWA Y 8, BUGGIbS, LIGHT WAWONS. Ac , Ac , to which they respectfully invite the attention of those wishing to purchase good and durable Ve hicles. They also bave on band several second band Rockaways, Ac , which they otter very low for cash. N. B. Particular attention paid to Repairing. GARDNER A PLACE, mar l*-?t 533 J2th stnet. A GOOD CHANCE WOOD ANO COAL VAKU FOR BALE. The subscriber being about to leave the city will sell out h s Wood au?f Coal V ard on the most reasonab.e terms 1 will ?ell stork, and cvery? thing, just as It If, or the good will of the Ya'd office, wharf, Ac , juntas the purchaser may de sire There Is no better stand in tte Second Ward and under ve<y cheap rent Apply to F. T. Wilson, next to the Foundry Church on 14th street, b.-tween G and New Yoik avenue, mar 16-lw GEORGETOWN FERRY ?OR THE ACCOMMODATION OF THE cltix*ns of the District and Fairfax county, the s ibscriber has commenced running between Geo ge own end Analoetan Inland a *t?fe std comm>dloq| Ferry Beat Fo-'t paa?tngers, ani

mals and an kinds of vebldl?a ar- transported ?cross he River in tbe moat sale and speedy manner. Chiagas moderate. 17-Jt* W.J. GARY. F ATJCTIOH CHAiIl ^Awm ^?cGD,R?' Auctioneer. S ?M U| f. rJ.^T k**411* H'Jr?B Uth streeta at AulSLm t!WS2" 18lh ??? AFTERNOON iKlfh Mfcfc !! _W,BDMiS?DAY ..w?fSf-JEX lid w!i.'2?i* 18 " north I, F??. BESSr1 ""?fflBSBSH i"S,R,3: " Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. uocskhold andiitchen purni.">T? V **<*'?? ? Ob WEDNESDAY the 18 h instant i shall sell at the mideno* ?e 1 'in*d t?u#eke?Pln?- No. 230 tth Mafcogany soft Haxior Chai'rs.and Rocker Do Dre?slrg Bureau H.lnM CMt"s"s?P "d ?*" T,bto w*Pr1?*f^ other Bff? ends and Stand. \\ ardrobe, car e and wood-seat Chairs fcssasasr m? Vnd *U1' Carpets and Rods JMrWtSTtW _ SSKEi,. By A GREEN, Auctioneer. S k THE MARINE BARRACKS THUR8UAV ?' thf0 <iB*r*?'"*?M?er. ? On T1 Jh* lfl,h iostant, I fhall, at 14 ? at the Marine Barracks, In Washlie ton, D. C , at public auction- g Lot of Carpet, lot of Oilcloth Cast-iron Plates and Grata* Lc??kl.DK Stove and fixtures 40 Woohen Psnts, 31 Woollen Jackets 5 Uniform Coats * Fatigue Caps, 16 Linen Pants. a green. mar 13d Aoctloneer. By WALL, BARNARD A CO., Auctioneers uodiehold AND KITCHEN FCRNI. we 8ha|rl^U<v^^hHyK8i>A^', 18 h ,r8l},nt' we snail sell, without reserve, at store No 419 Penn. avenue, between 3d an<i 4* street*, south side. commencing at in o'clock a. m , a large and handsome asscrtment of Home Furnishing Goods, consisting In part of? Mahogany Sofas, Tete e-Tete,and Lonngs. i? ? 5lre' Erra and ouwe Rockers Wo Tables, Wa*hsian?is, Bedsteads Cane and wootf-seat Chairs. Clocis Looking Classes, Hacks, Mats Toilet Sets, Knives and Forks. Carvers ? ^!.abl? and de??l Spions ai d Fork* Castors, fluid, oil, end other Lamps Walters, Trays. Vases solar Lamps, Cups and Saucers China Tea Sets, Decanters *lop and Foot Jsrs, Dusting Brushes Tumblers, Goblets, Pitchers Cream and Sugar Dishes, Tureens Compoteers coppcr and ether Saucepans Kreuch Gilddles, 6cs Coolinr* Stoves ' J2ZKe assortment of House Furnishing T.?S ?*' ^blch will bo soid without reserve Terms of sale: All bums under S30 r??h ? over dcr^ed*?!1 ?|f 30| e,? and 80 da>*? to* notes en dorsed, bearing Interest. ? ? WALL, BARNARD A CO , mar 18-dts Auctioneers. Fori AM C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. IRKtlUKK AND HUt'SCHilLD EF fects at Auction.?On THURSDAY MORNING, March 19th, at 10 o'clock at the residence of Lieut Ives, U S A., No 191 Sev enteenth street, between H and I streets north 1 shall eeil all his Furniture and Effects, compri - V\ ainut carved hair spring Sofa Rockers and Parlor Cnalrs Walnut Serr tary and Whatnot Centre, sofa and rout Tables Walnut leather-covered reclining Chair Gas Chandeliers and Fixture* throughout the house A few flue Oil Paintings Velvet, Brussels and other Carpe's, Rues Brocatelle and Lace Curtain*, Coml e, Ac. V} alnut ext nslon dining Table. Mdeboard China. Glass, and Crockery Ware Can* and wood seat Chairs Clock Walnot Dressing Bureas, Wash^tands Looking Glasses, Chinf2 Curttins bedsteads Wardrobe", Crib Hair and Husk Mattre&es Bolsters and Pillows Supeilor Refrigerator, Chamber Stoves Cocking i?tove and Fixtures, Oilcl-th Ac Together wi h a general assortment of housshold and Kitchen Requisites Terms: $2S and unaer. rash : over that turn n ?iSi1 ?^0,and,flW days' 'or satisfactorily endorsed notes, bearing Interest. marJ6-d J. C McGUIRE, Auct. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. LTAROSOUETWO.SrORY AND ATTIC Jwihav Ut ?tA?ctis?._Op r MIDAY, tfce iOch instant, 1 *ba)l ?elif at 5 o clock p m , in frott of the premises, a band some two-story and attic Bilck House, containing nine good and conveniently arranged Rooms and Passage, with Stable and Carriage-house attach ?d, and the lot o?whlch it standi, being w?st partof Let No 9, In Square No. 3^4, having a front on North C street of twenty-nine feet one inch, between 11th and 12th streets west running back to a wide allev. 8 Terms: One-ha f cash; balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing Interest from <UMM>r sale A deed given and a deed of trust i ltie indisputable, and sale peremptory, as the owner is going to leave the city. mar 14- d A. ??Rh.KN, Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. HANUSO.nE AND NEARlV-NEW Hoasebold and Hilchea Kuraltnre at Aactloa.-Oa FRIDAY, the 20th Instant, 1 fhal- sell, at the reiilence of Mrs Gage, at the Webster House, ceit to the Unitarian Church, cn Louisiana avenue, at lo o'clock a. m an ex cellent assoitment cf Furniture, viz: Mahogany spring seat Sofks and ("hairs Do Centre. Sofa, and other Tab es Do French and Cottage Bedsteads Do Dressing and cthfr Bureaus, and Washstands Mahogauy rnarble-top Wash Closets and Stands Cherry Kx'enslon Dirlng Table Iron Hat R ick, Wardrobes aud Closets Cane seat Oak Di .ing Chairs Brocatelle Window Curtains ar.d Shades Fe ther Beds, Hair and other Mattresses, Bed ding China, Glass, and Crockery Ware Castois, Girandoles, Looking Gl esrs Large lot cf Stone China Toilet Seta Brussels, Three-ply, and other Carpets Oilcloth, Matting, Hearth Rugs,and Mats to iking Range, Radiotor, Alr-fijrLt and other Stoves Stair Rods, Shovel and Tongs Al-?o, a good lot of Kitchen Requisites. 'Verms: All sums under f25, cash; over $25 a credit of :i0 and 60 days, for notes satisfactorily endorsed .beating interest. A.GREEN. mar H'** Auctioneer. By A. GREEN, Auctioneer. IIANDSUnE AND ELIGIBLE BUILD. I I log Lot near the Capitol, at Aactloa. On MONDAY, the 23d Instant, I shall cell, at 6 o'clock p. m.. In front of the premises, a very haedfeme Building Lot, being part of Lot No. ?, in square No. 7?t, having a front of 31 feet ten inches on sooth B street, between Pennsylvania avenue and 3d street east, with a depth of one hundred and thirty ilx feet one inch, to a thirty feet alley This handsome property is near (he resideuce ofR. Beall, E a., and near the Capitol. Terms: One-fou:th cash; balance in8, 12and 18 months, the purchaser to give notes for the de ferred payments, bearing interest. A deed given, and a deed of trust taken. All conveyance at the cost of the pirrhaser mar 17-d A. GREEN, Au.t. By J AS. O. McGUIRE, Auctioneer. BRICK AND STONE of THE Natleaal Theatre at Fabilc Anclion On FRI DAY AFTERNOON, April 10th, at 4 o'clock, on the premises, I shall sell the entire lot of Brick and stone standing in the walls and stacked up in fr ">ntof the National Theatre comprisingabeat 600 OK' brick ?nd large quantity of blue rock In the foundation. Offers for the above at private sale will be en tertained, the brick sold by measurement In the walls and taken down by the purchaser A credit of two and four months will be given, for approved endorsed, bearing interest mar 17-d J AS C. McGUIRE, Auct. By JA3. C. McGUIRE. Auctioneer. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VALUABLE Property la the First Ward.? On THUKSDAY AFTERNOON, March <9, at 5 o'c'.ock. on the premises, I shaU sell to the high est bidder, Lot No 4, In ?quare No HO, fronting 63 feet 7 Inches on north F, between Sist and 22d streets wea'. umlng lwck-38 feet bft inches, con taining 8.18J square feet. auo, immediately after the above ? Part cf Lot No. 11, In Square No *0, fronting 31 fee ,6 Inches on north F, between 25th and i?ih Streets, running back 7# feet, containing 2,5b0 square fee', and all of Lot No 12, same square, fronting 54 feet 6 Inches on same street, running back l( 5 feet to a thirty feet alley, eontainlng 4.987 squ T? feet. With the Improvements, con slotlng ??f two until frame Dweilirg House* Terms: One-itl'd ca-ii; the residue la *lx and twelve months, with Interest, secartd by a deed of trust on the premises. mx W-4 JA8. C. M09UUUS, Aaot, FROM THE ASSOCIATED PRB93. Appoint meat ? Baltimore M. X. Conference. (SPECIAL DISFATCB.] Baltivobb, March 18.?Tbe Baltimore An* Dual Conference of the M. ?? Church adjourn ed about midnight last night, after a seseion of twelve days. Wesley Chapel, in year oi?y, was felected an the place for holding the next meeting of the conference., The following are the appointments for tha ensuing year: Baltimore District?W*. HajSILTOB, P E. Baltimore.?City Station?W B Edward*, R L Dashiell, Fielder Israel, James Sewell; Charles Street?B. F Brooke; City Mission James M. Clarke; Fayette Street?John 8. Martin, May berry Goheen, Thomas Sewall; South Baltimore?John Thrush, J. W Bull, eup ; Columbia Street?Thomas Myers ; Sea men's Bethel?Geo O Brooke; Sharp Street and John Wesley?Wm. H Laney; Asbury and Orchard Street?Isaac Collins Baltimore Circuit?John Poisal, W. M Sho waiter, A. J. Myers, sup , J. L. Gibbons, sop - Summerfield?W. T. D. Clemm. and B. P. Brown. Patuxent?John L Gilbert, one to be sun plied. Severn?T. A. Morgaa, W. V. Tudor, J. Turner, sup. Annapolis?E R. Veitch. West Kirer?James Sanks, F. S. Cafcady, J. J Leatherbury, sup. Ca!vert?Samuel Cornelius, Adam B. Dolly, Thomas B Chew, sup Patapsoo? Joshua M Grandin. Patapsco Circuit?Thomas McGee, J. W. Cornelius John Bear, Agent of the Maryland State Bible Society, Member of City Station Quuar ly Conference P D Lipscomb, Agent Maryland Col'iniia tion S->cietjr, Member of Fayette Street Quar terly Conference. Charles Collins, President of Dickinson Col lege, Member of City Station Q?%rterly Con ference. Potomac Diftrirt?Johb Laxahas, P. K. Alexandria?L F. Morgan, T^e^ore Car son, Alfred Griffith, sup ; Princcss street? J. L Gardiner. Georgetown?B. N. Brown, W. R. White, lup. West Georgetown and Tenellytown-?John N. Coombs. Washington ?Foundry?Samuel Rege-ter ; Wesley Chapel?William Krebs; Capitol Hill? H R S Hough, y A Turner sup.; McKec iree and Fletcher Chapel? Dabney liall ; Ebeneier? William H. Chapman ; Ebeneter Mission?To be supplied; Ryland Chapel? lobn S. Deal; Gorsuoh Chapel?Henry N. Sipes ; Union Chapel?Samuel Rogers, W. 0. L imsdeo, sup.; Asbury and Mount Zion? John W. Hoover Fairfax?John W Tongue, Samael Dickson. Stafford MissiOL?W. Gwynn Coe, R. R. Murphy. _ ? Fredericksburg?EzraF. Busey. St. Marys?J. W. Lambeth, J. H.Wolff, 1 Bunting, sup Bladecsburfc?C. G. Linthicam, one to be supplied WocdvilW?John H. Ryland. Charles?Bennett H. Smith, F A Mercer. Rockville?Wm G. Eggleston, P. B. Smith, B Barry, sup. Montgomery?Charles A. Rcid, Gaorge R. Jefferson. Pohick?To be supplied Winchester District? William Hirst, P. E. Winchester?N. J. B. Morgan ; Winchester Circuit?S McMullin, L. Wn'son Berrv. Jefferson?Norval Wilson, Wm. 8. Edwards. Berryrille?Wm. Prettyman, one to be sup plied. Shanondale?To be supplied. Martinsburg?John Landstret, J. T. Eakin, <ap Berkeley?F H. Ricbey, J. T. Trone, T. T Wyson, sup. Berkeley Springs?J. W Start, one to be applied. Canon?J. H- Lemon. W*Tdensville?S. H. Griffith, Edward F. Si trick. Springfield?Wm Champion, one to be sup plied, C Parkinson, sup. Sbepherdstown?James H March. Harper's Ferry and Bolivar?Joseph T. Phelps. Hillcbcro'?William S. Baird, J. C. Dice, I S. Rostel, sup Leesburg?Elisha D Owen. Kehoboth?To be supplied. East Loudon?R. M. Lipscomb, T. E. Car ion. West London?J. Hoffman Waugh. George V Ltech. W arrenton?David Thoina', W illiam H, Hol iday. tioikwgham District.?S. V. Blaxb, P. E. Staunton?John M. Green. Augusta?James N. Duv s, Aiam Y Gray ham. Rockingham?Elias Welty, J. M. Lit tell. Ru?bvill* Mission?Joseph K Wasson E^st Rockingham?John W. Wolff, one to ba supplied. Woodstock?John W. Kelley, one 'o be ap plied. .Front Royal?Jamea A. McCau'ey, II. Mc Nemar. Luray?James Beatty Lost River Mission?Henry H< ffman. South Branch?Thomas Hildebrar.d, Wm. Thomas New Creek Mission?Hamilton A. Gave-. Moorefield?Charles B Young, John R. Ef finger. Franklin?Robert Smith, S. II. Cunnings. Wesleyan Female Institute, John Wilson, Principal, Member of Staunton Quarterly Con ference. Roanoke District-B II Nadal, P. E Salem?Joseph R Wheeler, T. U McBalls. Obristiansburg?Isaac Gibson, William R. Stringer. Jacksonville?J W Ewan. Fincftstle?James E. Armstrong. Jamas F. Liggett. . I Lexington?William F. Sptase; Iexrgton Circuit-James N Eakin Rockbridge?F C Tebbs West Rockbridge?To be supplhd. Churohville?0. P. Wirgnan, J. H. Clip ^ ifswcastle and Newport?Shilip S Sixeas. Jacob Montgomery, Agent of Ohn ai-d Pres ton Institute, Member of Christiansburg Quar terly Conference. lAioithurg District?E. P. Phblps, P. E. 1 Lewisburg?Henry C.Westwood : Lewuburg Circuit?David W Arnold. J^ J Engle Blue Sulphur?Henry Leber, Jos. 1>. Chit tum. ? Monroe?J J Largent. Sweet Spring? Lorenso D. Nixon. | Covington?Alfred Buhrman, John F. ttra ^ h4Warm Springs?A. W. Wilson, W. G. Fur gUHCigblaad-M L. Uawley. Samuel B Dol Green Bank?C C. Cronin. j Little LevelF-Jwon P. Etcbiaon. Uniot?H C McDaniel. Governor Geary's Statemeat in Eagard; to the decent Affairs in Kansas 6t Louis. Mrtrvh 17 ?The Democrat pub lishes Gov. Geary's statement relative to the recent affairs in Kansas. The cause which in duces his (the Governor's) resignation is the failure of the President to fulfil the pledges he made at the time of his appointment to support him with the army ana militia, and with the treasury if necessary. But, instead of receiving aid he has paid $12 000 out of his own pocket to support tbe administration. He has been refusea the aid of the military under the most urgent cireumstances, and thwarted by tbe judiciary of the Territory in every possible manner. Tbe Governor states that thero were n. y persors under oath from the day he enter* d the country till he left to assassinate him pro vided Lis official career did not meet their at Erobation Tbe Governor regrets the step be [obliged to take, and says he feels oonfident bad the promised asaistance been rendered 1 bim, he could have administered the ?"'f* of tbe Territory in a manner eooeptable to the honest settlers of both sides. In relation to the outrages committed by tbe proelavery men, be s^ys that half has not been told, end Le procounoee tha murder of Baffata bv Hays ike most oold-Mooded and atrocioaS affair he .?vex witnessed Got. Oeary'i Ta'adiatory. Sr. Loct?, March IT -Gov Qearv's tkr, sMm ?M p.Miahed W.TJ? i,' tb? r^ihl" Wh?]* ?d*inirtr??'??. tatting forth ri? a *n<l P1***11* ^Okditioa of the Tai f???*bUd? diflcaltiee ud imb.r the rS?bir!,3 i"LU w7' H? -7? that ?nd laTabS,- f V P*0*1* ar* rificw for SiSJLSTi^ TUh!li0w"*k* **<s oocasicned by b##B 'pecial intent * "a **???" ^ BO never desired p??c^^I*^ntM^7., w*lf*r*' wk? tinoe, If they tK^f W,U *Uow ** *> oca The QotcraorV?i i *? Pn*Ml It. ft.rr w?SSS u' h'V:! u* K*? "<1 ritory. ?cungVtiTerDor of th? T?r 1 nblie Reception to Gen Cuahia* Bestow, Marrb 17 A nabii* ** to be given to General Cashin* W1" U 4 ? Faval Court-Mart I al, Boston, March 17 ?At the naval v*m?S J llnf?? ef Senatsr Hal*. BoiTos. March 17. ? Ser.ator Hale of v.. h.'r?S"7; bt' d,U?'"?r M <,'*?? fAcuj l.rrr.1"""*5*>*?? w ?. iracted at their hotel in Washington. Baltimore Market*. ci?ir^d oKWrS^.i^.w' Wheat I. dull and \U.i,??f4 874 too unsettled to give corrJ., ' P*l**? ?re continues brisk end Arm wSfliTaL ?0r? yellow 60*64?. ' ?letfte, aod oZ*"' * *?*'*?? for Cltj Kew Yor^ Marketa h^dechned; sales at S? 40af q 75 * ho?!*?era W heat ?? arm, *?ies uf 3 0?o k0,L . n ? heavj; 8*le. of 35) 000 b??heto ?,>.d v'le" Pork ?s easier; ue. W B?f (? n?i 2 14^ repMked CWCfo 51# Lard i? dull Whisky is a trifle higher; Ohio ?J<j. .. Pxnarcitl. *?W Iork March 18.?Stocks are lower CoimVTni H^r If,m"d JW; C??berland r?n MT ii. ^ Cen,r*1 ?harts 135j; Miehi p? JU r2]; New Yo'k, Central 881; 5 . 9l7 * Wi *??**?? 79; Virginia AaOTiyft ksiLiftsT~ By BARNARD A BUCKKV, Georgetown F'l!!,U,Cn"*RM,D,,C,t *? Psbllc r, m wt'^,Mn ^R.,D* Y' ln?"t at 5 e'cLk mh T ' ln^f t>nt of tt,e PMlM,at fll?. ^ '?uoertor and commodious U?' ?r'R lately occupied by Pror k?i K-ith -* houae is bnllt in the be?t manner wltn Hie comfort aid convenient e There V. ? batter? ** and green-bo?w>, cistern In tbe nnl ac The L'tlroatsaOfrf.tof1 Boall ?; o?t, ne*V C^nfrast borLl?hLiI^^ ,,} ffc<1 Ti.ere are beantirni looiJirw tl trees on tie front rf the lot. The DlM^t 5*5?^' 'w* ??,K*??rh<?od li q jlet ?i?d Altogatber it Is ote tf the &oat fletlr abl., babltatiorsT,, Georgetown. win Mle? wh'ck ar? "tremely Uberal, known on ?te day of sale Sale posl'jve 1 BARNARD A BUCKEV, Aacts. DrePS^' ^^^ PurcbM? can lnspeet the Prr,^ ?n to BAB A S1W5 ?ALK B* AUC*IO!*._ ? i?m '^iP ^ ' e April proximo, at 1* ,?,K' v. n.n<lef?'?D<<l will eei], on tbe preml o?io^2L ?!fhUB^OKN PAKN, sr??* city tiC Columbl? Tarnplle to Washington P?rtIcolor? concerning fth farm, see an advertisement in another column of the ??tar fh* "*?n" 4e*'rl,nK to ?>?"? fiie oremlseacan reach tbere by Inqulrltg at Balley^s x Koadt. at tha H?li'i?sS Z T%r*J*ke* mentioned aboire, or at uli* . Ca?% ou lh? road leading from George i.Tm,S11.u??.wt F"r> "* r"? 84 One-third cash, on thedellTera, J 5 and the balance la equal Instilments j j , years time, with lnieresi. A warrar ted ?** "tr-"1"??- -?? o.? mar 17 W D WAT.LACH. By A. GIEtN, A act louder ITANDiO>1E UltLUI!?a !,<>* ON 4k: ?treet. near Maryland arsiii at i?? sell"^0? !V1<?NOAY? the t34 Instant, I shall I ot'4? iV. P m i,ln ,rOBt ^ ,be premises, iZSrVt^inm*quil,? *,4> bavtof .ftantoa ')? street, ofi^ieet, between Maryland a?enno f ? S? C n,nnlaK hack 145 feet to a ? ??e*tblrd cash; balance la 9, i* and S months; the purchaser to gl*e notes f rthe "f nlr p4yinea,*i bwtal Interest from the d?y a at* d elren and a dead of tru?t taken Ia*r 17-d A GKKbiN, Auct A NEW ?Vei?IIIO PAPER. T"^ SIJBSCR1BEE WILL COMMENCE , the pnV^licatlcn of a new evening paper, on tue 1st cf April next to be called Th R^lMBS t?nbscrlptlon prtre. fll^c per week Its colamrs will be principally dt? t?d to the gea*ral news of the day. the local news of the cm, and all mat te.s of public inter st wLich may e ?hrongh the d.ffcren: Departments of the Uorerc w A N TED?KnergeUc Csnrassen, to eellslt aubscrlptior.s j>0 P. HE 188, b? .2?' * Todd Buildings, west end of Browns Hotel. max 17-4t* VARNELL'S PAtNTING EMPURll 1*7 No 51 Lomttiai.m arenut. north tiit, bttw. 9th and ?t& streets, OEHPECTFULLV 8()LlCiT- OROER8 for AV all kinds cf HOUSE, 81GN AND ORNA MENTAL PAINTING. Jcbtlag promptly atterd*d to at the sh or eat notice Tfce estibllaLment wl'l b* o^-en from *k a m. to?)< p ro , and all calls will Le reedlly at ended to. 8Un Work Un per cent, rheapet than tfcaold stan lard price mar 17-?w ' Mga of the Large Eagle. VOCAL MCS1C. CI L. IRVING BA8 THE PLEASURE OP /? announcing that his Vocal Music Claaaaa f r the next term will be organic d at hla muale win in Temperan e Hall, on E street, between w:h and 10;h, on TUESDAY EVENING, March V4th, at 7h o'clock. Those wishing to unite, lor either eiemeniary or advanced course, (to be rlv ea at day or night ) are requested to be present. Nothing will be omitted In the eenrae ?eoeraary to make every memb? rthoroochly acquainted with ttoie principles which wlll*enable them to reed n uilc unde standingly and alcg without the aid of an instrument. Terms : Ttwentf two lessons, St. Private instruction (vocal or InstrumeatalVklvaa at the Hall cr at the pupil's residence. Appilaa aatlon *an he made to Mr. Irvlag the post tffice. mar ir At? NOTICE OF COPARTNERSHIP. TBE UNDERSIGNED BEGS LEAVE TO inform his customers ttat he baa a le a change in hla busluess, which rerders It Impera tively necessary that the aRklrs of the old concern should be imoney istely settled up either by cash or note, at abort dares. He would fclso embrace this as a favorable op. portualty of returning thanks to his many fr.enos and the public generally, for the patror age here to/ore extended t > him. and to Inform them that he h?* associated with him Joax T Killmsr. and hat tbe busioesa will hereafter be conducted at tbe o;d stacd. ?outhwr?t corner of lfth and C streets, under the name and title of WARDER A KIL.LMON.wb'-reasuppiyof WOOD.COAL, LIME. SAND, CEMtST. PLASTEH, fc . csn at all times be obtslred st tbe lowest market price WILLIAM WARDER. mar 17 3: SPRING eoooi. {HWE JUST RECEIVED A SPLENDID assortment of BONNKTB. RIBBONS, rn1 FLOWERS, all of the veiy In est im-JKA| portttlon-o and beat stylea. Also, a large? ^ lot of ha! f wire Bonnet F rames. which i wli? sell lo?? to mi li'ters I have aiao on hand a lay stock of Embroideries, comprising, J?P*rt' some s?wlss and Cambric ?etts, OaUy No 1* Market space N B -I would tcm *rs who have -,t w 4?wtrsble aa I c u t? tb.t an early b^ors Lew wuu'd like all January bUv r<"m? owore mw -VfT1- MRS. ft. ?. STOAltOM.