Newspaper of Evening Star, September 3, 1860, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated September 3, 1860 Page 2
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?9 ?? 1 ???i THE EVENING 8TAR. Wa^HIITOTON OrTT: monday kpwtai 3, iwo. ftpirtt *f the MiriiH F'*?Tbe Con.'MjKf?cn uotfi oa a r?i?fk*b)? ftct that every prominent nun at the So?th, with, perhaps, tbe exception of the Hon. George W. Jones, of Teniifwrf, mtrrtalns and at some period of his political history has expressed opinions diverse as tbe poles to the doctrine of *'squatter sovereignty" as nsw taught by Judge Doug Us Tbe /tbUifMMr quotes history to show that there is no suchtbing as the right of secession from the Cm on. ID" A grand republican ratification meeting Is to be held at tbe Cooper Institute, New York, on the 13th Instant 1ZT The nomination by the Radioal Abolition CoaveiUiaa cf Gerrit Smith for President of the United Slates, and Samnrl MrFarland. of Penn ylvania, for-Vice Prrsldent, will, it 1? thought, Ukf ?ome fifteen or twenty thousand votes from Lincoln, in XewYotk, If the extremists are really In earnest IP" It has b?en Anally determined to have a grand torch-light procession in New York city on the ore an on of the proposed visit of the Princ# of IVale* Tbe precise time fixed la October 13th. Mayor Wood has promised to foot the expenses Incident to the demonstration. It i> estimated that tbe wbole rest will sum np at 92.500?91,500 for mtuie, and 91,000 for torches. A great republican demonstration took place at Indianapolis. Ind , on Wednesday. Tbe procession was very large in numbers, and occupied an hour in passing a given point la it there was a wagon drawn by forty-tbree yoke of oxen, and containing several large saw-logs, with men splitting rails and distributing tbem along ti?e rout* ffr" The Jsj>anese money present In New York feas been dtliuiW ly disposed of, as it would appear. It is to be invented and to constitute a fund to be called the Japanese Merit Fund, tbe annual Interest from which shall be divided on the Irst of November in eaeb year, between tbe most meritorlotn captain of police, two sergeants of police, aud two patrolmen. The plan seemed to meet tbe unanimous approval of the Police Commissioners p* Ft is estimated that the agricultural product of the United States for tbe present year is live bushels of wheat, four bushels of potatoes, and thirty bashrls of corn to each Individn*! ?r ??>< whole population. Be?i<*.e this there in for each j about a quarter of a bushel of barley, half a buahcl ?f rye. one-third of a bushel of buckwheat, and j one-sixth of a bushel of rice. The oat crop is e=timat-d at one hundred and seventy-Arc millions of bushels. rrr- The attempts that have been made to recover the Atlantic Telegraph Cable have proved how erroneously it was constructed The heavy wire covering. twist* d round the central core aud meant to constitute the jnaiu stay of strength, was fonnd to b?qnite rotten; while the copper wire and gutta percha of the core were always in good condition In sonif instances the cable was lifted solely by the strength of the copper wires. In view of these fa'-ts it Is suggested by a London elenttflc journal that the cable has been prenta tr.reiy abandoned. Owing to the rottenness of the wire covering. It may be impossible to raise the cable , but it tue core be sound, it may be possible yet to work the line Kron the entire Atlantic. }{T We thank onr friends. Harper k Brothers, publishers, of Franklin Square, New York city, for sending m, through the bands of Messrs Taylor A Maury, a copy of "Italy in Transition," public scenes and private opinions in the spring of IHiO; illustrated by official documents from the Papal archives of the revolted legations By Wm. Arthur. A >1 .author of "A .Mission to the Mysoe,"' "The Successful Merchant," '-The Tongue of Fire," Ac ; a very agreeable and interesting sensation book, evidently written In sincere sympathy for the cause in which Uaribaldt la now struggling. Also, for " ? T ..|nvi* vi> i*n, " DJ M n. 1118, author of Mothers of Ureat Men,'* a book tk*t ia destined to rank In due time aa a atandard work of Action. Mra Ellis's books are all such aa may not only with Impuuity, but with promise of much aubatantial usefulness. be placed In any family library; for tb*y Invariably inculcate good morala and teach good manners, while affording very interesting light reading. Also, for '-The Woman ia White," a novel by Wilkle Collins, author of "Antonlna," "The Qoeen of Hearts," "The Dead Secret," Ac.; illustrated bv John Mcl^-nan. A work of much apirit and full of incident, tbat will prove a deelded hit for the prevailing taste for such light reading. fstwsi. Capt. M. L Smith, U. 9. A., ia at the National. * Hon. Jos?ph Lane, of Oregon; Hon. J W Kunkel, of Md , are at Browns'. -Several members of the Kuasian royal famUy are spending the summer at Torquay, England Rob't Parka. Collector of Cuatoina at ClevtlauH (Jhin dii-H nil ,7 . | ...? ii(ii?uay. TE7*None but a phvaicinn knows Low much ? reliable mltanti p? is needed by tb? people On ail aides of us. lu all coonuuDities every where are multitudes that suffer from com plaints that nothirg but an mlrrrmiivt cures. Heace a great many ot Ybetn have bevn made and pi it abroad with the aaausanr e of being effectual Hut tbey fall to accomplish thee ure* they promise brHMthey have Wt t&e intrinsic virtu?s they claim. In this s ate of the case. Dr J C. Ayer A Co , of lx>well, have supplied us with a compound Kxtract of Sarsa partus, which does prov?* to be the long desired remedy. Its peculiar difference from other k nijred orewi ration? in - " ?? it cures iLe disease* for whlcb it Is recommended. while they do not We are aaaured of tbia fact bv more than one of our intelligent pliyaiclana In tb(a neighborhood and have the further evidence of our own experience of ita truth.?T*n*u*t? farmer, Nashville, Teun. rvTt-THE MEMBERS OF THE REPI'B' IUJJ can Association reaiU ut m Ue Socoad H ?re r>?u?<t?d to n?-??t at the Wigwam TO-MORR U\V ('1 ue?day > EV EX ING, at 7 o'clock. It* (r"5? RELIGIOUS NOTICK -Ur. \V. A. Bri.nUj ixs,of Ohio, will preach in W. W.Corcora? Library Buildmc.on H ?t.?">t, b.tween 13 h ami Uth ?t eta.on THIS EVENING at7)4 o'ci k. Seata free. lt^ ATTENTION, WIDE A-WAKKS.-You u'l ?' reeuetted to meet at th*" Wi*waio" Ou IflTlSSDAY EV K.N | SG nm. *t "MoA u ? _ r _? . w v mi oi tie KepuMi an Association wishing to unite ? ith the W ide a waWes, are oo,diail> to be preeent_and enroll tneirnames. _ It* rv^SF* SEVENTH WARD ?The regu ar monthly U 9 meeting of the Young Men'* Deiucm alic Club wf the gevnth Ward for September, will Uke p ao? at Island H?liun Tl'E&UAY EVENING, ti ith inst., at 7>* o'clock. By orUe o| the Mi ft* PRESIDE XT. fY"*** JACKSON DEMOCRATIC ASSOC'ALL 3 TIO.V?The regular weehl* e-.tiiu will be jeld MONDAY EVENING, the 31 inst S?v?ral eimnout tp tkeri ill address ln? A??oci% i?o. TM l>?viocratii of WastiiaftLin and sui round:tig counties are invited. CORNELIUS BOYLE. Pres't. WM. J. DONuMOO S#-. ? _ n<r 1 ~?\ fY-=?A SPECIAL MEETING .OF l,HK IL < Yo# M?n'a Ch. i?ti?n Association wilJU Rid altMinoouii.uM >atM Hrovn ?H<>t'l, MONDAY EVENING, Srpt?nit<?r 3d, *l8 o'clock l?portnnt bo?i?e??. Tin pra*?nc? of every member i? 2mi r?L By ord*T of th? President. w i-< StM'l/ Ni?,y? tout. rv-*?|. O O. F-GEANU IODOE-A. v* IL < iwirnxl m^etins of th* R. WTt.iant L<>U" n. 0. wilt be held at Odil Fellow*' IUU 7th -trret, on MONDAY EVKMNG, the Ski ofs pu?mlier. at 7J4 o'clock. JNo. T.lTASMiB, ?u ji st lirMU A^ercmry. NfcW HMLDING A9MO- lATlOX -The IL? H??rd moutnJ* of th; Lnited Build inc Aho li'ii'B for th* f> m*nt o due* will brbeM UltVh' ^ ?->? lo'eWk .1 i. -- r-\VVV n?". September ?d" at li iuk i goiomme Halt, corner of Ma^ viand av 0^UEW^?^W|mjvo SBSfelK. 3>i? <>. a_ . , ** n???t beautiful at* lei. au 27-4 * ' A* A T" L#t w?*"> ?" . ? V\ A4lfl?.l*n? AN 1>LN ARKT8 PORTABLE FKNCR. II? Abt ?>? Mm ^xranchuifsrtMalLBAl.i-Y OHF-AP m?4 u 'inF?nc?, ol A*3t L W. rALlO.N.cormro < oventh rtrMt and Pa. avail**. wurrw tw iaud?la cm to m?t for & imw dara - ' jl1!..! / A** i*' ? * -wf Bbavtivcl Ambbicak Wolfs of AtT ?Tb?e| beautiful, novel, and truly American designs. ( which we noticed some time ago, m having been designed by Mr. Bniif, artl?t, of Washington ctty. have been produced in metal by Mews Cornelius ft Baker, of Philadelphia.^ A They consist of two cMfidfllers and several brackets, for gas. The large cbtiaielier represents, centrally, for its stem, the great tr tree of California ; around the baseef which U an Indian lodge, j| I'pon the four arms or branchM are figures of Indians hunting buffalo arid dmr In the foliated 1 scroll work below the arms are other indigenous animals of onr continent, vis : the grlzly bear, panther, wild cat, wolf, Ac. Around the under | part are thirteen shields with the arms of the orl- i ginal States. Four panel* exhibit American eaglet in alto relievo, and there i* a terminal of elk horns and *cull*. The burner* represent pine stump*. A mmmilt chandelier has Indians sitting upon the branches smoking, &c , showing their various stages of progressive civilization. The brackets on the walls embody representations of our staple vegetable productions and aulmals; buffaloes, snakes, Ac , being conspicuous nmong them. These articles reflect great credit on the artist and artisans who designed and executed tliem. We understand that a very handsome and appropriate set of stair balusters, the design also of Mr. Bruff, will soon be finished and put up in the Treasury extension, which office is an fnrtnn?u aa to have the service* of this artist. wbcse talent and aklll In ornamental designing have been ao long and so favorably known to us. A set of the gas fixtures above dearrl bed has been placed in the office of construction, Treasury extension, and one of the large chandeliers adorns the room of the Attorney General A recent account of a visit to the establishment of Cornelius Jt Baker, in I'hiladelphia, published in that city, notices among other Interesting matter those beautiful drawings furnished by Mr. Brutl and the artist modeling froin them, but omitted naming the original designer. By the by, we are informed that these new and beautiful productions of genius and skill cost no more than the various patterns of ordinary gas ornamental fixture! for sale iu the shop* Army Intelligence.?Maj. Henry Hill, paymaster. lias been directed to proceed, on or after the first proximo, to West Point, Water^liet Araeual, PlatUburg Barracks, and the headquarters of the Department of the East to pay the troops at these stations for the month of July, 1-fii. Maj Thomas J. I^rslle, paymaster, has been directed to pcoceed forthwith to Fort Independence, Watertown Arsenal, Frankfort Arsenal, and Fort Hamilton to pay the troops at these stations for the months of July and August. First Lieut John C Uonnycastle, 4th inhatry, has been directed to join bis proper company at Fori Caarario \V T Capt. Ff D. Callender hu been directed to proceed to San Francisco and attend to the duties of his department, when be will rejoin hli station. The undermentioned Brevet Second Lieutenants (eraduates of this year) attached to the mounted corps have been assigned to duty With the companies, and at the stations, set forth opposite their respective names: Dragoons ?Brevet Second Lieut Benjamin F. Sloan, jr., G, second regiment, at Fort Uarland, V M. Brevet Second Lieut. Josiah H. Kcllocj;, E, 1st regiment, at Fort Walla Walla,\V T. Brevet Second Lieut Wesley Merritt, E, *2d regiment, at Camp Floyd,W .T. Cavalry.?Brevet Second Lieut. John R. B. Burtwell, C, tirst regiment, at Fort WasbiU, C. N. Brevet Second Lieut. W. H. Glbbcs, I r> -* - - - ? v, second regiment, at Camp Cooper, Texas. Brevet Second Lieut. Charles 8. Bowman, K, first regiment, at Fort Cobb, Indian Country. | Brevet Second Lieut. John J. Sweet, ?, second reeim-nt, at Camp Hudson, Texas. Regiment of Mounted Riflemen.-Brevet Shroud Lieutenant John M. Kerr?F, at Fort Cral; , N. M. Naval Ixtklliskxce.?Lieut. W. E. Hopkins a:.d Fierce Crosby have been ordered to tbs receiving ship at Philadelphia, and Chief Engineer Robert Dauby to the Navy Yard at Norfolk. Passed Midshipman N. H. Farquhar, who returned from the coast of Africa In charge of the prize brig Triton, has been detached and is waiting ordeis. Lieut. E C. tirafton has been directed to re pert for ordnance duty at the Navy Yard, Boston. Acting Gunner Charles Stuart, of tbe U 9. steamer Mohican, having performed satisfactorily tbe probationary service at sea, has received a warrant as a gunner in the Navy. Appointmbnt* it thk Premium.?Jacob F. Kroutz. esq., of Lancaster, Pa., has been appointed by the President, commissary of an expedition organized under a late act of Congress, of which Capt Murray and Lieut. Ives, of the army, ar?; the head. Joseph E. Kales to be deputy postmaster at Iowa City, Iowa, In place of Samuel Workman, removed The New ({uabtebmaater or tub Mabinr Corp* ?Major William II Slack, recently appointed Quartermaster of the Marine Coy*, baa ent> red upon hia duties, in the discbar^^ of which we are sure, from hia marked efficiency and many titrable qualities, be will command the approval of all with whom be may be brought in contact. ? Death or a Naval Captain .?Information baa neen received In this city of the death of Captain J iui Mclntoib, Commander of the Navy-yard at i'jnsacoia, who died on Saturday morning The deceased waa a native of Georgia, and entered the service in September, 1811. He was promoted to bit pieseut grade of cornmiaaioa, (September 5, 18*). ? Naval Fkoxotios and Appointment ?Pasted Assistant Surgeon Thomas B Steele haa been promoted to a surgeon in the navy, vice Surgeon Ad. dlsou, deceased ; and Osborn S Iglekart, of Annapolis. Md., has been appointed as assistant sur i>eon to fill the vacancy created by the promotion of Passed Assistant Surgeon Steele. ? ? TH* NATIONAL K*? ?Mrt R?U?? ? ? vauvj) ?u?? pit Ullabrr of the .National Kra of thla city, annua icea in a circular, the permanent aucpenaion of that Tai Wuthu.-1'he following report of the weather for the morning la made from the American Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smithaoniaa Institution The time of observation ia aboit 7 o'clock Septkmbtk 2. ln6G New York. N. V clear, pleaaint. ' ?? J ' Dsinojurr. ma...... cloudy, pleasant Waiuiusion. D.C cloudy, wind NK Richmond, Va. cloudy, 78? Petersburg, Va raining, 7*2*. Norfolk, Va raining, 72*, wind E Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 725. Wilmington, N .C cloudy, plenaant. Columbia, 8. C cloudy, pleaaant Charleston, S. 0 clear. 7s*, wind ?K Augusta. Ga ......Houdy, warm. i 9av:-nnab, Ga cloudy, 84c, wind NK Macon, Ga clear. Columbus, Ga clear, warm. Montgomery, Ala clear, hot. Jacks'Hi, Ala clear V(nt II. *1-. ciw'i warm riOM THl WEST Pittabur*. Pa clear, pleasant. Cleveland. O clear, wind 8E F.I (tin, 111 cloudy, 55 , wind 8E Otta * a, IlL cloudy, 65?. < ek Island, ill clondy, wind 9 Cedar Rapids, lotra cloudy, 61?. jmuaith-; ?i toe 8mitbsootan ?t 7 a. m., (Merer ted for temperature,) 30/266; at noon. SO 301 Thermometer at 7 a. na., <fc! ; at neon, 74?. Maximum dnrlax 48 h?<?ra ending 6 a. IS today. 79* *; Blalmuaa 56**. lyOUAVE 8IGNAI* HORN Price ?3ii. PARENTS AND GUaKDIANB Will fcnd WJ r .<? vl tfuok ?~?. ?OR k m u-RVP. t.3 iw VU P* avrni* (, |kw b?rtMM*u Ml * ??'<! 8K..o>D Wand pianos',! ' ^ ?1r.,? 1 JOHN K. KL.U8, , *S 306 Pa. tr . >et.9tb *nd ? ? _ ( p^AP^HOAI. niM??r??" *-/ TIONFK Y of fs jat?rm?. at tAAWafiSoa 10 ** 1 1 e S iw TA^ i MAURY'S, a ' Pi &v#iiu?. A 'ikTHR hooks usm IN~THT~VT7b7 77, 1 .'?? ? i< I .YJU I II I I I CmrttpmUme #/ 1*4 Star pAtinaiiU, Vt , August 23. 160U. 35 t? Balximobb a*? Ohio Railboab?Tbs ' Join BW?r* RaI??jCapital Railboad official*?<r*fcat*b:?* or El(ioba!tt??A ?tb050 ill or TajmV?A Ridb o* Tigt fiqtism? , , THI Nomwwinx Road?A PgttViftQCB 1 Cou?t?T?1" ?intm " Df?r Stm: Following in the track <?fee alitor f the Si?t fn his recent trip over the Baltkurre ' Mid Ohio road, I Boon abandoned the fraMfot attempt to (tain an additional descriptive lMm to ! sua w tun uncrating HOCK IiirniSDF4 DJT UK letter?. and pocketingmf note-hook, settled tack in one of the comfortable seata they have here, and abandoned myself to the idle enjoyment of the glorious scenery. The last time 1 was over this road was upon the memorable occasion of the execution of Jebn Brown, and when, in accordance with the edict of 6ov. Wise, our "pas?|ort?" were subjected to a shsrp scr?Unv at the Kelsy House by Preeident Garrett and Prescott Smith, who, however, managed the affair with a bland conrtesy that smoothed down the Ire of such testy travelers as were disgruntled bysticb surveillance I wish to say here that I consider the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad the best officered road of its length In the country. From oar own station at Washington, where Superintendent Parsons and the Messrs Gilbert officiate *o acceptably, over the whole line of the road, tnain stem and branches, the company seems to be capitally served. On our train to day we have some two hundred German emigrants, just landed, and who, in a perk of trouble in a strange country, have button-holed the conductors at a fearful rate; hut 1 Lave failed to note th* Instance in which a prompt, courteous, aud Intelligent answer ha* not been returned to the multitudinous inquiries?a marked contrast to the curt treatment I have teen emigrant* receive 011 other road*. Plaid over night at Oakland, the culmlnat ng point upon tbe line, mainly to go over the remain, der of the road by dayligbt, but Incidentally to t-ste the raritled air they brag al>out up here in tbe Glade*. Looked about for the plumptudinous centennarlan natives who thrive on pure air. Couldn't see 'em. The healthiest looking people in the place were visitors who caine here to get well. (jetting upon the Cumberland and Wheeling accommodation train next morning, there was an all-pervading smell of tansy in the cars. A worn* out, sickly-looking woman was moistening and readjusting a tansy bug apiece upon the bosoms of her three children, as a vermifuge, or, ?? *Le expressed It, to keep the worm* from coming up their throats and choking them." What an Idea: Seduced by your glowing description, Mr. Kdltor. 1 took a cow-catrher ride through the Cheat-river region, and think on the whole I prefer the tail end of the train. 1 sharpened my pencil, preparatory to taking some glowing notes about the up grade* and the down grades and the twelve-hundred feet abysses; bat the wind blew, and it took one band to keep my hat on, and 1 thought it judicious to grasp the railing with the other. Morever it rained ; moreover 1 found myself in a Topbet of coal smoke; moreover 1 was getting all the snorting, whts'ling and bell ringing of the conrern at first bands; moreover 1 was afraid 1 might be in the way of the engineer, and o s.ia irom my " l>ad eminence" at tbe first convenient stopping place. What an astonishing work is this road, carricd over Alpine blights or piercing their granitic bulks, and what consummate ability and indomitable energy must have been brought to the task of achieving It! But I think the traveler's great surprise is not so much that it whs done at all, but that everything has been done so well iu the fsc.e of such apparently insurmountable material obstacles, and that its management since has been such that though climbing and descending these heights many times daily (passing through two zones of temperature in the trausit) not a life has been lost nor an accident, worth dignifying by tbe name, has occurred on tbe road iu eight years time! Diverging from the main stem at Grafton, I took the Northwestern road for Parkersburg, encountering as I entered the cars the venial face of Con. doctor John II. Scott, who Liu host* of friend* In Washington who will be glad to know th'.t he la look I uk " aa fine as cilk." But for the wonders of the road just gone over, the Parkeraburg branch would have teamed a prodigy of engineering, with its twenty-two tunnels, bold bridge-spans, and difficult grades Few roada in the country paaa through a more picturesque region. The land, though abounding in inequalities, is heavily timbered, and clothed to the summit* of the hills with a rich vegetat on, which tells well for the quality of the soil. Some of the fi'iest corn I have seen this aeaaon we passed on this road. We crossed, or coursed along, so many sparkling streams that 1 soon got tired of asking their naruea, and in fact they seemed so nbundant that names were not forthcoming In many instances. The houaes, for some distance after leaving Grafton, were of wonderfully primitive appearance?small log cabins, with stick chimney* chinked with clay; but on striking that beautiful stream, the Little Kanawha, we came upon buildings that told of comfort and even elegance. 1'arkersburg seems to be growing moderately, but might perhaps increase more rrp'.dly bat for the speculative |>rlce at which real estate Is held within her limits?a short sighted policy which has checked the growth of other sit s on Western rivers The riv*r view (>>end) at Parkersburg Is exquisite, especially a* seen clothed in the lustre of a golden sunset. But beautiful rivers have their drawbacks! On going to my room at the Swan House, I found the air lutolerably close and catechised my darkey pioneer as to the wherefore. ? Well, master, ' said be, 41 I'll jest tell you de trote It's the skeeters Dey's awful, no mistake, on dls ere river. We jcas has ter keep der winders shet But you jlst hist em when yuse ready to git under the skeeter bar, and yuse all light. " C.8.'IV. |MPORTANT TO OWNERS OF HOR 3E PASTFRAOE can lie had by arplwnt to cv MR. RAIN BY, at Jo;,n (i. A boll's Mabif, (formerly l.akemevcr's,; uear the corner "I ' St*vxn'?out(i and (j sts au3l Iw* yoR A SHORT TIME OSIA'.-DKAFSKSS r ASO fiOISES t.\ THe: n*\D.~Dit.tOI. S'l'O ? , member of the R.yal C? ilen* of Mirfeons of Knglauri, has arrived, snd is now prepared to apply his new and astraordinary treatment by winch he ?as himself cured after eleven years intense sutfemiK. Pa tioulars f ir self-aura sent to aii* address for postage; consultations daily from 1?> till 4 o clock free; reference to hundreds of persons cured. Address No. Al'i Twelfth ntieet, Washington, D C. Nervous persons sh< uld read iiwi r-isucE n>r nen-euro. Sent lre? to finy ai dress lor 12 cent* in stamps. au 27-8w" HATS! HATS!! FALL STYLES. I have now r?ady for sal" several new and elagant st > les i f l)RrW H AT^ (or gentlemen. n My curom* and the public are invited cull and examine ttiem. JAS. Y. DAVIS. re I I* ??tates, lnte . A Cuui ) 7SCHjOL BOOKS. SCHOOL BOOKS, LI SCHOOL REQUISITES You wilt find it to yoar interest to oall and exuniue the nev "took just received at SHEPHERD'S, oorner 7th ana D streets. Everything >u the rtohool line at his usuii low ^rioea- Call aod save your m>aey. y A SCHOOL BOOKS. FULL Ani ooinplete Mock of all the Books used in the public and private schools, at the vary lowest prices Teacher-and retailers supplied at New York Wholesale prices, by WM. UaLLAN l'LN$,.49s Seventh ?t., au3!3t above Odd Fellows'Mall. i C^LAY'S HOTEL, " J ' <fm?*ltc?it?d Statx*,) PFNt*. ATENUE, WAZHIKGT JN, O C. Tha Unitsu States Hotel having passed into Ihu hsatlsof the undersigned,thev respec - A . , A r..ll> i.r,..n. Ik... r- 't r- m. ihivi 111 ?u^ii ii icnuB AUU me pu Dlio VCTA ? t that th? hou?e ha? been closed for the la tLF?lM 1 two taontha, and haa tee* tl.o.ouuhl* reSorTST, rr paired and turniahed.aad will be reopened on tke lai >ept?<i.ber mkt. The ftonee bciu? heated with team.and provided with other modem improvement*,' may now lie ciaaa- d with the firtt hotola of the oountry. It wil. 1 now a. commodate ?ouio three k undred peiaoaa. ' The | roprieloi a giving th? ir peraonalattention to , l>uaiaeaa, no effort wiil be apared on their part, or heir attrndanta, to contribute to the comfort of ih' H gueata. Unpin* U> .eceive our abare of pnhlio eatronaae, ? remain, very reapcctfuUy, J. H.CLAY A CO. t J\'aaiun*toB Augn?t?. 1WJ^ j V / rmiriiiouurwilMJ D<?aru can hint BIPA.A. i knt loom? at in dp rata*?. fin I Ht'NOtKD RllN SPEECH PAPER J 1r?'isiffiscsg": I J'Mk H?:.; ! ! ' * ' " 4 J ? pLEASl'KE WITHOUTNEGLECTor Bl"Mgrano Moonlight excursion To GLVMONT. On THURSDAY EVF.NINO. Sept. 6. Th? members.of th? EAST WASHINGTON 1 iy rr'i rir ifj -> : M-H.\M<.irT crRpff'N toeLYM(1NT..fcTHi>^DAv J%VFRl N O.J^ptpmher 6; and the* v-MIM k!m> h?'? that M hm brc ._ ?py* I tor*;"l-i : im ple??nt inp ivwim imv invar irith th?"lr pre ??'. f he nt^m'rTjion. Cot i.ykb hu !?? arH h?n wharf qnarter of 1 %-harfi NavT^nrd. quarter of R , Alexandria ?'?. Coaches will leave7th ?t and Pa av.at6*?. Prof. f*chroeder'? hr&ai and vtrinjc hand hat l>een ens:n?ed. Tickets Srt c*nts, admittiaic a tortl^nirn and ladies ; to be had of the Committae or at Ute boat. Uemtn it ft rf Ammmrfnti. James Kenton, Jas. Mathi??on. ,I4n Unil?!, Frank Thompson, W.M?5illi; . Jo. H.Pe? f<atrrl ITowelf, ?e S-4t* pflct. ftti-nT rffuN'-roojr orr for i the phi yyy phellows -tt? ?l PIC NIC of the Ptioanr Ph?Ilow* wi'I take SH pla<>>> at Cot cmbu 9pbi5o* on Tl'FSDAV.#^^ i ^rpi. ? iiWi out ior pnnnnr timer TickrtiiMm lb ct? . admitting a gentleman and ladi?*. Coa.-h?a ave 7th st. and Avanue fruni lu o'clock a. m to 10 p. <" Fvf to o?i>tii each wai. Rj- ord?r of Cf>mimtt?e. <? l-3t* F '/.oi AVK n,rn. I R ST GRAND bl FT PIC NIC OS tm? Zouave Club, of Washington, ARLINGTON SPMNOS. On TI!K?*nA V ilk. i?!n 1 The beautiful Gifts con-i?t of Jewelry of all The full Marino Band hits been gap?d for the occasion. t-fi New swings have l?eon erected, the Itall room 111 complete order, an>1 the grounds in pood order. and, in fact, everything to enliven the visitor* during the da*. Onrihases will leave7th ?t. and the Avenne every hour for th?> Spring a direct. Ticket* for Kt?utiemeu,50 ocnta. " ladies, 25 "

Children froe. an 3! 4t awwa??????????? AMUSEMENTS. W Y M A if, | The Magician and Ventrlltqalsi! SIX NIGHTS ONLY. ALSO. WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY AFTERN'NS. AT ODD FELLOWS' HALL. NEW TRICKS! LOTS OF FUN ! au 31 at ASH1NOTON THEATER. Sole Leasee and Manager S W. GLIS3. THIS ESTABLISHMENT Will oirn for th" regular Fall and Winter Sra?on on the night of ThT'RSDAY. Nvvimbkh Uf. josf.hi jefferson, The Comedian of the Age, will commence an engagement of Twe ve Night* on .MONDAY. Noveinlwr 5th, and will l?? fo:low-d bythe moat PR I L I, I \ NT STARS lb the Theatrical Firmamei-t. ITT" Communication* if addrenaed to S. \V. I Olksx. "Old Hnwery Theater," Now Y??rk. will me*t with prompt attention. an la-tf in F-RKK CONCKKTS! ! r^RNPT l#OEKKLKR, Nen York ?r?Mrf, bttwrtH and 2d struts, would respectfully stats to the puiflio that A CO.WKRT <>f4Mt ?KLB('T MIJSiC will t>? Kiven every MONHAY and I'll 1' RMJAY KVF.NING8 durmt the i neason. at his I'aviTiou, oommenein* at 3 o'olork and ending at in p. I'revioas to the <' the Salmon is open to those rtemrin* to wtiiie away a few honrs iu the maxy danoe. l?'K CRKAM. VVATKR ICKS.anfl every rtcicriitlnn of ro.NPECTION KRY always ready at city prtoe*. | I'artios desirinr the Garden for Pm Nic purposes, are requested to fi*e a day or two untioe. j? IR Sm FOR SALE ANDRKNT [#1?r othtr"For Silt and Rtnt" adrertiirmmtt, tfjlrtt pays 1 COMFORTABLE ROOMS AND TABLE * ' HOAKU.nn ha had at MISS BOWIKV. No. 45? Twelfth at., lietwoen G and H ?e 3 6t*_ A RAKE CHANCE-FOR SALE?The Good Will and Fixtures of a Tailor's Store, in a <ood hum news location, hoinx an old stand, nn 7th ?tre t Rent moderate. For addreas apply at Box office we 3 3.* LM)R KF.NT?Three atory FRAME HOl'SF, 1. No 2**5l, with eicht r??onn and larre yard, oi> 7th rtreet, between l< and M aire* ta n rth. I qime at il^O, nextdoor.of R. J. FALCONER. ae3-3i" fH>R KK~T?Tworomfortahie frame HOISE?, each enntai iog?> oom*. on Eleventh street, i b-twe-n O and P. Rent !?* per y^arrach. Aptly t? O. F RICHARDSON, Baoon Dealer. Crrter and Nortlern .Market*. ae3-eo3t fc^OR RENT-A handsome COTTAGE RE3I IjKNC R on Georgetown Height* on th" corn r of Frode ick and Eighth atre^tj. The piace c nlams more than en acre of ground, adorned with nhade tree?,shruM>ery, Ac. Apply on the premises. 8e 3-eo3t* A RAH F. OPPORTUNITY?A roasmficent 1\. KARM f>r sa'e or rxchance (or oit; poprrtr, ountaiaii.g f4 a';res, hail mite from Fairfax Ptak>on,??ran*e and Al?x?n Iria Railroad. It is unut r a hich stale o( cultivation, well watered, good hui dints and Umber; it can he tiou'ii' 'ow. Call "iiO.W. BRAS' ft CO., at their Jewelry dto-e, .">16 Seventh streot._ seS-lm* I^OR RKNT?One throe-*tory BRICK HOUSE on C Ktreet, l>et ween 6th and 4'i streets, Islan I. with6 *ood room*, a .<] one Prame lltmse on Maryland avenue. wiih l(? room*. betwocn end nth stron'a, with stalde for 2 or 3 horses To a cood tenant the runt will ho reasonable Apply to ||. }*. JOHNSTON. Pa. avenu?\ between 4S ai.dlth sts., opposite the National Hot. I, No. 3?3. se I 2t* FOR RKNT?One of those pleasant. comfortable, and convenient DWELLING HOUSES in the Brown Front Row, on 13th s'reet, betaeen B and C, Island. Inquire of Mr. MKEKE. next door; or of D B. CLARKE, corner 4 Si st. and Pa. av. Rent $200. au 31-31* IVOR SALE OR RKNT-The reoentlv huiltand I very pleasant BRICK DWELLING, third house from tlie ooner of llth and M ktreets north. Also for rent, tho upper part of the house No. 293 l*a. avenue. Iietween Wh ami l?:h sts For eitSer or bothapplv to Mr*, r*. H V.MILTON.99* Pa. av. _au ?i at* FOR SALE?A small F \R.\I of3 aore? of land, kihiul.llZ milaa ??rtrtk ??f a3..LL-- f II * _ r..??>vvu */g >maw (IVMVII wj m/miOl t> nuilH' BTiU 4 mil ? from \Va>)iin^ti>n city, tteins % pait of CtailIuiii Cast I Manor; I5acrt<? in market ratten and tne ha'a-ieft?? heavily timbered, with a sprint of never failing water, a > on iik orchard of p?salie* an t apples, havine oil it a cn alt frame house. Appi* at etaodSio. g?l Center Ma ket. oi Mr*. MoRTlMKK oronthepl MORTIMER. an ?i-<t* FOR RENT?a new 4-atory BRICK HOUSE with marble mantle* and grates, *;vt ?r fixtures, with t-a ii rooms Al o, ita< lu nverj rooru, situated oil Thi teeuth street, lietwren I, and .Watss avenue. Also, a lhr?*e-stor*-aiid-aUic Brick Dwelling on il street, lietween 1STti and 14th street*. Apply at WM. P. rHEl)i>'S Fancy store,No 504 llth ?t. a.125/w* f HE GREAT BULK OF OUR EXTENSIVE ' stock of AUTUMN ami WIMER D*V GOODS was selected with an eye to the watiu of person* in moderate circumstances. i v < k-i-i - * - * prv3, \>aivnn?, uncium, tto , upper Boon, On? prioe only, in*' k-d in j?*iu hcure*. PKRRY A BROTHER. Pcnn avenue and ."Ninth *tre?t, re 1-tit "Perry Buildiag." I. M. SIN GEE & CO '8 IMPROVED SEWING MACHINES, PENNSYLVANIA AVEIOI, <UnDxm National HOTEL ) A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF achlses, Thready Teedles, k TtH(, KEPT ON HAND. e 1-lm WM M. GLOVER, Agent JUST RECEIVED, a fine .look or FALL CLOTHING, Prinoe of Wale* Halt, Janan*** > A ?. S . J All - * ** - ' " * naw, ?nu m.i Of U?ll. tt Ul? fKOPLE'8 CLOTHING STORE, No. 460 SctouU atreet, opposite Post Ofioe. an 31 lm ASHJNGTON aQI E1HJCT OFFICE, WttiiMtoi. Auruat 3?, 1*60 8**l?d ra0P0?*L* are invited for oorapletiar the brick work of tho high-*ervioe reaervoir of the WaehiiiKton AqueJuot. at tke corner of High&nd R?>?d Ktroet?,Ue>irse'owa. Pinna and ?pt oifinationa caa be aaen at tkia oinoe until Thurndaj, i?e 6th S*>pteml>er. on which <I?t, ?t i.oon, all niODoanls reoeived will ha opened in Brexenoe of biddara. Proponala ?houl<l be endoraad "Propoaala for Brick Work," and uddreeaed to CftpL II. W. IS EN HA K.I/. 8 Enfineara, Chi?f EacuMr Washington Aniiednut au N MERCHANT TAIl OKINQ. EW pA^ SryLESOT AoTgB, CA99IWALL. STKPliENS k CO.. S?S Penoeytrama Avenue, have just received a large vanetv of n?*w Fall Good*, tn which they invite the atteab->u ifthwir frieintaand ou*tomer?. au ? tf ^CUOOLi AND COLLK9K OUTFITS. Fotrf**' and Boys' Clothing for School and I Year. Parents and ga\rdiari wmiiin* to fbraoh *?.? jhrrfren and ward* wi th %.d CoIWeOutAU orthaooounf iitiW to *x%wii?out OSlM.SLaSb ?f~rt'K? larabla ,oality. at vary inXrate hpu WALu 8TEr&VS>?52u f 1ST OF HNCL41MK0 ?(W Li Oft*aftto Ateat Kxrr?w Company. w?#mfton. D C., to b? told lor fVoicht ted oiWfM, if Lot immediately oft) >d for ?EO?UE H. BU1N8. Agaat An bin, N W>T. Prof id?m?o?4 \ I.*nrei)c?, A B f?d? i,Va F,VeTr?-" ' AH?!k?, J F Utrak?,ll Alexander, C l.^urd, *? C Idimi, B O 1-idlieh. Aiim Adair, O l.?w?on. t*#r?t W AbMy Wm l-inuin, M Arli*> WS l*wr*ao?. Col \ ? -v. k I" 1 I UilM. O N I . A<Hi?on, 4 W Loaf.& 8 B*rh?r, RctS l<anh?rt, C 6 Ba land, H L< ng a troth R?t L L Branoh, J W Lae, Mrs M Brown. A H l<*ng J Briu*r, M D Laharre. F Bmrrlay. A P lMwmf, C?rt Be'moat, Augustas linker, 6 H Suits, \\ m B Matt. A."1 C rown.A Nnrt, Ool B"mi?SjPrnf 9 M MoPhe'son,J A fcm R J* "a'dwin. li H MoAbee^JB gaird.Dr NtMl. Hon C BirnMi.AE MotfatiK.KL Suras, Mary McCreary. FA urns, P Muldoon'Vl B'ack'nors, B C M*nnys?pnT, Col Bom* MorfM. KB Butler, Rev H II MootfoinsrT, J B?l*n. K T MsrtioVD ft Brown*. HF MoKeever. A Wm McLtsa. W T Brown. A V MoUrackan, J Barnard. O C Mitaha.l.AS Bu iar, J 0 Mtader, J ??_ i_ II' ' La A. _ ai I ? ?WT Err. ? ? ri*ni m. v^o nvkii, j ? aton, B H MoCo'lum, Mary, wn A H MMon, R K Bank * K D Morton, J II Bennett, C W Mvkl?y,T Brink, K H Minister of Per?, Brrnrs. Ori Mtrrill tfwrn, Cfark, BH Merray.T Coleman. C W Morzaa, J B Cox, J h McMurrar, C H Cochran*, J A Manmo?, Catnerine, Cieeell, R*T Mitchell, H Carter, C H Merrill, I H asFa lh Sfn.'itf0"-Cnnnnlly, PC MoKenny.9 Chontean, C P Mi tone* I, A 9 Coleman, Mr* M B Musty, F Conrollr, J McPberenn, C H Colby. PT Mitchell. w P Coopor, Wm Morrell.Jlev J Chapman, Win Mindelui M Cnirer. L Mn(nt?re,J ? rook. G W M *?cCarty, A Chamberlain, J Macmre, J no Cooker, J 1, Mudd. Mm K Campbell, J H Newbrouita, J B ' ooper, J?hn N?*!?r. t? Campbell. T A Nichniwa.S W S Cltrkn. Mi?? J Out a, JO Crbtchttt, J Oppet.heimer, M folr.orn, JO Owen*,J Coy.e A. Hro PtMnt, Com of Campbell, Archy D.i do Cook?. J D ? Pa mer, E Conriid, C M Pnrtw, W D Cr?ij#i, Dr W J Prioa, Mim J*nnf Conrad, C M l'arker,G A T ?;unmu?ta n, C \V I'at nt, Com of C!%pp, ED Do do Cook. A f Do do |)i>Kh?rtf, J K D> do Doby n?. Cr>l T J Do do Damn. Felix Do (to Diokeya, Mr l?o do D?bnmf Ck?t P^pfer, Col J P D? Mont l oiliwk. K A Pen?ionf, Com of D"?vine. R J A Patent C?-m of Do-r? J K Patent O&oa B P?rrj, 1" W Kiflu, M?Q Parry W B H DfiMM. W s Put* nt, Com of ?enni?. JP Randolph, Col J J L)%vi?, R W K odcera, J Danh*m, E W Pitt ing, J I nniap, R P Rob?e?>n. Capt J I'arb?, J A t*<.n Kmk.ti W '>< ?(], K (or Donna) R>d{evay, W E<lw%'d*, w Bobinfou. Mra A I )n I K It ft wo ?4n*i A?r *"a'on, W K^'d. U??-j Eav?5 \Vm Hichird?<'0, F Mr Kobc>mn. w J Hiippprrd Wm baling. Dr HfvUC * ng:ipj?in?. J D >?l;ivan J FrsxT, J I- !*ton?>. ft B l-'?rin?r. MG !* -ward, J 1, Tr'ncli, fc. U sfeitpi, l)r Fprd. M boloiii n. H Ficdd, M Hchmidi. F Fur**, J Hon**-. Wa F<??t*r, J 8miUi. Lh * F?tku?oc, S W Seiecman, J tl Fancy, Mr? J Weinman, M Kreip, Frrd St?n? H Fa lor G C! tsoibm, J* Farrill. J Mnnner, A P Finckl*. D Hpunc't, Both Nn?r. J W Shmrt. A G'-ffii, PC >n>m<?r,J H G 6asti?n, 6 Sago, F Giv*n?-?i,J? H.r?uton,JH Greason W Hohro lor, A Gill.*, B W 8t*vrni, ? R G->g?e't. Mn Suvt-uc, G W G%z?-:tt? (JffiSallivau, N 9 Ureen rrn O W SnyrW, J firimM, J W Mnntk, W Uvdner. A >V >utU?u, C Gater, MrsN Stephens, Alax Gekyl, F 8aha*tian, C Gibson, W N Saui tiers. T 1$ Gftspair, O hiir.ns.J Gray. M- s K S one, Oapt C P Gairs, Miss Shremake', B Hyam, H 1) Smith. HC HummeU, John Se?m>ur.J H?II.a ftCo Ton*y. E Honlent, J J Do, J'atch, K D Tyler, C N Hayes. J Taompson k. Bash, Hooka SB T'iei, R C H-nry.N S Thoira*, H Hankneoht. G i. 'i't>n?.u u M Hat,mar. M Thon pton. W A H*?d. J T Thra-tler k Hoff.nan.C Tuok'r, Wm Horninc. D ? Taft. F 8 Harrington, W H Th<nip?on, Eiijah Haaku*. Col J A Tailor, Jw Hyam.BD Tun?*, Mr HuKiia.AJ Tra t-aJi.DrCA Hervr,, H Todd. Wm D Hujber. N H Twinkle, n & Hutchinii, W E Throop. B F Harman, ? TrowbrHi*. W Hao:u?, H fo.1d L? J Hannar, P*?t??r T J Har .nidp, T Tajlor, W K Huawr.T Van Viat, H F HaiUhorne, J Vouch H H??r, 3 Wiihtmi. Mias E Jonra.S Wricnt. W JoHftn, G )*? Ivw. Mr* M J W *? Wbuokar. J B Jamea, PI. Wiuian.?.J Jark?on, T B Wtmmim, J J j? r*, A. Woo.Ur, J R I 'f rwi). Hon 8 IV. J?nf?, P VTrtvrr IIE John#ton. Mri? K W? r, W H KiiIiiw, H A W> <off. W C KAininertiurber. VT W?r?, K T K rkup, t'otu A Co W.Kwlrufl. J B * ^ ? Wb:t?leT.A K?nrjErt?r. N R Well*, don D K 'DdKll, fc. j) Whipple, C K*eliler, G \V? *r?, J C Kkoifaatraoch, O WMht u n.CG 5?T.J R Whit. MM Kirohnwr. M AW Knort, Mr* A M Wcooi-y. V D, W Wnlfr.g M Kooes, Mr* K Wat on, A Kennnn, W J Zmc'ar, 6?o iiim, n m l?lm BH. STINKMETZ, U3ti Pa. Av., bit. 1'Jth asp 13m Sr? . Having just returned from New York, l* now opening a compl?t? as<ortin*nt of coodi id his liaeuf trad*? GENTS' DRESS HAlS, various KM tries, M4B BKK.HKi* VENTILATING >gl UK k SS HATS, ^SnHLa CA-S1MKRK DRESS HATS,%^^B# sweat proof. PRINCE OF WALES HAT. for young iiien, A tnautifu! ansortTent of CAPS for yoanc men, tors, and children. Fine Calfskin HOOTS, eewed and p*gg*d. 93 75, Calf GAITERS, good qualities, low prioea. aa 31 R~ NEW BOOKS. ECEI VEDThis dajr, Woudi and Watera, by Alfred U. Sueot. The Littie Beauty, by Mrs. Grey. The Mother tn Law, by Mrs. Emma D. Soothworth. Preach. German.Spanish, Latinaad Italian Laaguages witnouta Master, by A. H. Mont'ith. lat-nded for th* iiaui of 1 r?. ?uu;iU? MIO wit out a teacher. Cheap edition of the Mill on the Floss. Charles Dickens's Novels, cheap eriiunn, paper. BEN. F. FRENCH. #18 Pa.a*., au ?-eo3t Wtw 11th and lith sts SEVENTH STREET. 486 A b?aatifal assortment of GOI.D PAPERS, witk a varied stock of medium and low priced OOOlH, FIREBOARDS. PRINTS. PICTCRB$, CORD anil TASSEl.,9. to.. remnants of low friaed1 PAPERS. with a handsome took of WINDOW SHADE*, at greatly rodneed pnoe*. Orders left ST PAPERS a NG'NOS and WINDOW SHADES saU?faotorily executed with skill sad dispatch in city or country, Please give me a call. Don't forget the number. J NO. MARVRITER, No. 4S6 Seventh at., 8 ii or* above au 27-aoAt* Odd Pillows' Hall. Fofrnew a^rrCIs fashionable DRESS HAT-, with improved Sweatr* thiMW At a,,d FMkionabU Hm mm! r?, Kmp^num, *? ?^o6t (sttuuRosy* *~f 4* " EW SUPPLlKfl II* FIRST-CLASS PTAPLK , . . DRY OOOD8. s^iiSss kercliiffi, price* from * oent# io 92 a <k>s?n; alt \ery cheap; with mknjr other Muoukblt ruodt which w? art Mini at the lowwt market price*. J. W. COLLBV * *<rr ao It tw *83 Serf th it, abort Pa. >t J COAL OIL. U9T Reeelred from tjha Virginia Oil Coaiur SO uarrtlt ?nme Pa RAPINE COAL OIL* wait* A POTIONS A LBS. f jnrPor cth* $m 0rm p*f,7 THIS AFTERNOON ? TO MuK ROW m i mi m ? Br BAftNAAD 4 BL'CKEV. ANbnNr< . 6'?f|finp?, D. C. ijowtiveiiai.kof vai tahf.f and ps at Arnruis sww?^wan!? i.iz QDrk i nil _ A. ft jil .'il.wik m fr.*nt . , f ik? ? A * * tbftt rfiiah? |Mi4 ?oyi do%u?t>l? L*>t. v*t?d h? John ailaa* A f>? ?H? aorttlVat oof aerof froap^i(ui PuWimt itrwi, id Gfor|? loirn, and f ontMif (It;-fo?r Jactjema or Jaas oa former atr*rt. ao<t nmatT It* mar* or l?a* a Mm Ift'Mr. Titto iWwfitohle. Tor** cm*. #y>o( u* par chair ovnti u> k? y%ul tlM> (rt>?u?, or tM prf#my will h* :mmxJiat"!y raaod. runattioi rir*? ?r?'? snmp m?c? %rtt It mmM i?r?? uli UlNAMb A Ml'<'KKV, Aaoia. id"iw co^*ktirrwcg of the aim. the ib?t* Ml* la p tpona* lo MONDAY AK I't.K NOO.V 5apt.Ji.7im.. Uoor **> MaHMAJLUA BLCKRY.Atto. Dy A. OR KEN A?oii?i*N. Sale offtflnltlrf Ac . at auction. Oa I ( KROAY. tkfc < k of Vitnalwi. at |? o'ofefc a. m . I ah*,, i ii.MNr.40n Nds. mr**, batw*?n <> a?d b'a atr*ou. ???* k( wUl 4? ignat* the lwn?M > iba toilow'np a-timM, rtir F*r*1oak?r*ay ? top S larga French P.atr Mirro'a atoat ?* iaot hi<W, l*arpe (Ml Paintlnca and oth?r Picture#, 4 UrjetJaa Cha> deli.ira, I hi* Oak S- cr*t*r,, I Wa'net F.xtMM?n, wrj & *, La<V? And other Cll> taira, Braaae!? Carp- ta at.d Oil Clotfc, Cook Hantaan' Kittarea. Lot <tf Kittheu R ui?it' a. And many other ari.o!?a loo m?eroaa to e* ner ala, Tariaa made knowa on day of Ml*. au ;? d . ORCKN. Aaef Bj wall a barmarp. /2EOCERIKS LiqCOR? WHIT* ? FAT, tl tt. *T Arrrinn.-tn TV7BS0AV NUKM INO.dthS ptwmner at in o'oiook, we will front ?1 Uia Aaatiuu Roooia, a latga atock of print* Gr'oenea, Liquora. ? a, comprising? K?r-*'a Refine-t and Ya.Ioa- tS.r?ra, Ban Ja*a C?#>*. CliaaU ( y?9<im aa?i Vonnc Ilraon and Black T?"*a, y> traXet Carffie. ot?aa aatf crown *< apa aad Can dlM. 35 H/?*e* Qrovad Cuaaroon. clove*. 0<nger aad Aliapiee, Nutragr. Popper, F.xtraet ticf**. k o. Boxm Around Cof?e, t*tarch and Maeearaau. moxm SwoM Oil. Indigo and saeka Salt, 5* kega White I ead. 30,'?H> Cicara, difl-rent b'tnda Boxea Chearia* T?kac?i, Caeea Claret and lta*k> t< Champagne, Knti a fkk# &. ru\ P.IiilliA* Pi a*. 4" horrela ?ud oo'?v??? B'ftnOioa Bud Wh^lMi. A <1 m*ry othw ?rtir o? ir Uh> ??ro fry lin*, T?fin?: |J ewk; mrtbttMHmiitic oditnf v ao'J CO d*ja, for W>?rorrd ^ixlorBod bo*m hid WAI.Ii * HaKNaRd. Aoeu. FUTURE DATS By a. tikken, a?ot?<>o?*r. On monday.ttfptrmbtr U, IMI, w* afctl *t|, Itfronliif th? ( u'tiiick p m'. in oompli*- c* *|ih th? trran of * df*4 or truat to Ma from IV A. rirown ?nl ^if?. i'4lh H*pirni b'r. I8-8,? d rcc rded ic>?r J. A. ? . No M, C;? t-b Ao., O <of h?lniilrr?oi<laor Wukm a oo'iDtr. ta <>f ;<>u I kill I/, n n?rr No 2*7, beginning mr ' h" mir* > M 9 ipoom from ika ?uthw??t oflrnar rf f>i<i rquro, ru rising U*bc? *\*t oa * Itaa with U atr??H a-'uh i? fat I, thonoo north 7 f+?t; th< n?i? w*at 16 Im*; <li?ne? aoatb ? roat l<t fkua a'oa* nf KA^iXMin* I I"V? ?v mv Y "v" VI n^mnn ? ?* ? ?*'' w r%Tf ?H? I imrr itfmri U, o n'iiuni cf * l?rHfrj frame home vi<b?ne ?tvr? tank bniltlinc. Term*: Onr foti.tb o%?h the War o* m ft. 12 ?iH I* ifiiintiio. aii?r ?U? . ftae. with n -t'? " eared r>j aHeotlo tru?l <Mi l'ie pf*atM% Iflh?te aofafei* a no" o?>inj. i?ti w in wi'hlo fcre <la?a aft?f the >l? l u[?ai? tliatimtvi re*er-e the ruht to r?*il lli* property at 'he j>??th<i?ti'? i ink and cost, (j(inc oh W**k a I ot c*. ?*??. HtNNI-VQ. I TriaaftJMM GKO R. THOMPffnNJ an 2* StawAda A. (ill EF. v , A art. Br A. 6RF.KN, Auati?-n?er. Desireblk improvkd and t mm rnorrn Pm>rii?tt at Prst-ir ^*l? ? For aaie at tl?? Aaution Mm* of the anaeraigueri. ooro#r of (erantii atreet *<?t %n<2 I) atreet, oa V\ r.DNt^ DAY. the IttJi of September next, at 5 o*cVt>* p. m., tn?foPo?iDC Lot*: Iw-t 5. in l.otn, it Wvj kt lfl, ID Square I,-27. ?rt of Lot la. in ^iiare 7*>. frontlat 23 fe?t l')? inohaa on fc>at Capitol at-aet. lapruvrd a? two ira.l tenefnenU i an pi"p"iir li w 'n? ^rofiM UMMi< n of tft? f round# Tit * p?rf ct. Terip* : On?-f<>arth c??h; tk rrn>li? II month*. ecmred hy dr?<J?f tract. All ?o?r*j reinr *: the font ut Ike p-rrli*??r. If tW t?rm? of Mi? ?r? Lot compHe?l with within fir# c*ra from d\j of >?! tb? prop.-rtj wi;l be resold a: fh?oo?t of -eh??er. M ? 3tawtwA<1. A.GREEN. Anol. "GET THE BEIT." THOMSON 3CELEBE ATED SIIEIS. NOVELTIES NK ACTIMI, Ike Esgralf Peru n?rt. ? UartitatlM l?ilk(ra Qatfi. ? fairy. " ParrUa Trail. ? Z'phjr Re-nod*;>1 from thfl la teat Pariaian daaijna. Mamfaetu'od l<| from Tbomaon'a PaUnt Ioipr vni C?i rented Spring* aod lumitaM* WVd-? 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H Signa pat ur fiw ?f eharca, m ?ai. ac 3 3 n TO SOUTHERN k M KoTKKN MERCHANTS RODEWALfT* MND4LL, COMMISSION MERCHANTS. AW L>l A Lkk? IX INOl'iO. JtpIC* i?, SOAP. ?TAK^B. wmA A*H, ?M. ?'?r>V RIOAKP. S.tpt, PAL KR ATtT<. ni>d G itOCERt*' D* PM*. ?1> . HKAPMUK BALTIMORE. invit* th? ittftmn of U rtM'im tkneiU to an xtmiM i n?l ikdi it > <k, ?his!i in r?M?i? andaio? it cot ?i?rf? nod oitfc** m Uua or M) of tii" > orthnrn ILr'N?i rrape?*fully aolMitcsl aid Authfally A* ..>!? nA ? . ? * a. ? ?u?? M n'inw DBPARTMF.NT OK THK INTKRIOR. Pb*?ioi Vrr.cB, Au? it. IW. Sealed p-npoaal* will be rec irerf at tma often until 12 o cl?x k at noun on the i"th <la? of tteptem her n?it, for ft?rn?hin*. for h* aeeof ??-ia ?? <*?. ninety onr*a ol kttt dr? hickory wo d Md IN norda bent liak-r'a pine *? d. I??ur f?"*t ia ImiUi, to be dHivnr?*d ard cOr<t?wi on tl.e llasnira on the ??' front of tke Patent Hnildin* r-n Ninth pt-re?l vest, oa or Mt>r the irri dti of <'alitor n?i'. Proponala ?ki>akl he a?l-1r?-??ed to lha ComaMnai^a r of Pnn?i?na, tud nndoraed ** Pri>>"?ti? for Wood." GKO. C. \VHm%0. au M-d Hepio < <'<?LD ANDMLVRR i<FKCTACL*-?*.-Hb*ing ted m?ch ezfOrieeee a * kauaiac tariaf and aala of fp-oiaela*.^-*1 am now pieparad to *<ttpiy an; or a'i that vast a wj aaaer'nr aaa It; of ?laa?-a. with rt an that t-ehnateal nla' d t?tH-neh' tint'aiahi ffavitgaa^ imt.-b prac'ioe ia fitting lha un* d-a??H anaaa, I i?*-i *wr>BlM la Mtinc U?t lo I M *11 tim** U??t Will raltl** w-*r#r. aa4ml Um iMt but esn ?#ll th-m at ? low a *r??? tta? *11 t*at w.?fi to aa? lb? * c*n aford lo ___ H O. HOOD??>! Wo ?F-am. >r?a?? TTAKK NOT1CK! HAT K.MRICII Koo?a bia MoaUa Ml 1 owner of I'a ami 1 lib ?treot. ta . 1 Kmvp-an fiotol. whoro GKMR ia at-OnA# Mm. th? bmt of MOTOR*. CIO\R9 aa'll.AUKN HKkii.vktek Urn Ue pah ie u Irotu too Ur. werj from which to* ha* tot it for ? ?<"?' f\r? whoa at th- pile which ha k*?t t*f??re hi') imk to hi* oroaoit I- ration JM ? 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