Newspaper of Evening Star, February 18, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 18, 1861 Page 1
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Tilt DALLY LVEN1NU STAR a TULUXiiRD RVSRY AFTERHOON, ?*l*NDAV8 EXCEPTED.) AT THK RTAK Bl'ILOIKOK, Com* ?/ F'?>? t r*<a?ia smiuii ajfrf 11*4 ?<., * H. D. H4IJ.41U. f *?*' *e?m eaokagee hf earnere 11 li J*\r, 01 n oe?t? *e? month. To mail ebseribera the >rw( m f3J>' advance; ?3 for ill i?bU>?. #1 Tor three months; aad for lees than three month* at the rate of 13 ceuts a week. Single oetee, orb ccnt; iu wrae pars, two cihts. iL^A^viKTtssKcnTssnoald be sent to the oBee before 12 o'eiook m.; other vim the; may not a?t?*r ntil the r.-xt dar. (fftmitw V?. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. MONUAY. FEBRUARY 18. 1861 N?. 2.4IM) THE WEEKLY IHILMIi STAR. Vsia e*r*tier| i ?m?if eot News Jtsrisl IIII4 a greater riiisli of ulsnsUii .lac cau te oaadtn asi etiiei-is ? (. i?*ed ee Kiiiia* inorcuig. TuKi-(hti, , s* srfeeaas. < ee ? Ts as *iarisow. per ajjosm.. I ire ct^ni - _ l' o .. Tveotfhvei It laeartaMv couUim the Waakinctor Neve" '.hat has aiade TV? iMtly ???# Stmr et roe late eo genera!!? throegkoat the eoaaUy. ir7"Sin*.eo?pies(ia vra^era) eaa he proeared at thecoaaler. immediate t after u?e ia?ae ef the Mfer. I'rioe?TH Rk? CENT* Whe Saw the Steer. The richest thing of the season, if we exoept vome of the fellies of secession, came off the other daj in the neighborhood of the market. The greenest Jonathan imaginable, decked oat in a Mouch hat, a long blue frock and a pair of cowhide shoes, big as gondolas, with a huge whip under his arm, stalked into a billiard aloon, where half a dosen persons were im proving the time in trundling round the Jvorie1, and after recovering from his first sur prise at the to him singular aspect of the room, io'|uired if 'any of 'em had seen astraj steer," affirming that the "blasted critter got awaj as he oome through taown with his drove tother day and he hadn' seen nothin' on him since." The bloods denied knowledge ?f the animal in Question, and with much alv winkin? at each other, proceeded to condole with him on liii loss in the most heartfelt manner. He -watched the game with much interest, as he ?vidently had never seen or beard of anything of the kind before, and created much amuse ment by bis demonstration of applause when a f;ood shot was made?Je-ru-sa-lem! being a nvorite interjection At least he made bold to request the privilege of trying his skill, when ne set the crowd in a roar by his awk ward movements. However he gradually got his hand in, and played as well as could be ?xpected for a greenhorn. All hand* now began to praise him, which so elated him that he began to think himself a second Phelan, and he actually offered to bet a dollar with his opponent, which of course he lost. The loss aliu iu? mugu M> inimicu uiui tun ue oncrea to play another game and bet two dollar?, whrh he palled out of a big roll?for it seem? hi* cattle hud sold well, and he wag quite flash. This bet he also lost, as the fool might have known ho would, when mad as a March hare he pulled out a fifty spot, the largest bill he tifid, and offered to bet that on another game. The crowd mustered round and raised enough to cover it, and at it they went again, when by some strange turn of luA greeny won. He ?ow offered to put up the hundred which he had just won against another hundred. Of course he couldn't blunder into another game, 00 thej could now win back what they had lost and fleece the fellow of his man roll be sides. They sent out for a famous player, who happened to have money enough to bef with, and another game was played, which Jonathan also won. Another hundred wasalgo raised and bet and won; and it was net till be bad blundered through half a dozen games, and by some ituaecounUihte run of lu?k won t heut all. draining the pockets of his opponents of some four hundred dollars, that they be gan to smell a very large 41 mice." When everybody got tired of talking. Gawkey pulled on bis frock over his bead, took his whip under' his arm, and walked quietly out, turning round at the door, and remarking, " Gentle men, if you should happen to see anything of that steer, I wish you'd just let me know." Ac last accounts they had not seen the steer, but they have come to the conclusion that they saw the elephant.?Newhuryport Herald. A Big Thixg ?The total weight of the plates on both sides of the English frigate Warrior is 1,000 tons. The "skin,' as it is termed, of this immense ship, whieh covers all the ribs on the outside, is of wroaght iron, li inch thick, under the bottom, to nearly 1 inch thick up to the spar deck. From five feet below the water line up to the upper deck comes, fn addition to this, the great armor of teak and iron over all. This is formed of a double casing of the hsrdeiit teak. 20 inches thick, with the beams laid at right angles to one another. Over these again come the plates of iron, so as in all to case the broadside of the vessel with 20 inces of solid teak and 5 inches of the very Jinest wrought iron. Each armor plate is formed of scarp iron carefully welded into a #lab, about 16 feet Une by 4 feet broad, and 4} Inches thick, and weigliing about 12 tons. All the plates are morticed into one another, and bolted through the teak and iron into the ribs of the ship Though the vessel has often been described, it may be interesting at the present moment to relate ber principal dimensions and peculiarity. These are : Extreme length over all, 40 feet; do. breadth, 58 feet; depth. from spar deck to keel, 41 feet 5 inches. Her tonnage is do 1cm than 6,177 tons builders' measurement. The engine* are of 1.250 nomi nal horse p*wcr. Tboir total weight, with boiler*, will be 954) tons, but for these the War rfor is onlj able to stow 950 tons of coal, or little more than enough for six days'steaming. The armament, reckoning her as a 50-gun frigate, with masts and stores complete, will WMgh from 1,200 to 1,500 tons, which will give k?r, with hull and armor, a total weight when ' nii> for sea, of about 9,000 tons, or about the wight of thu Great Eastern when launched. With the fine line, great length, and immense hm*r power of the Warrior, a speed of not less fSan 14 knots is counted upon as certain. One ttw of the armor plates with which the greater I art of the broadside will hereafter be covered i already in its place, covering a space of 5 feet deep by 213 feet long on each side. Only the lowest row has thus been bolted, as the immense weight might hare strained the ship during the launch. The others will be bolted ip her piece bj piece while in the dock. There It no external keel to ?he ship, bat an inner kind of girder, which acta u a keelson. A Rattlssxakc Story.?" I had been, ' he Mid, "projecting all day for minerals, and bad found some copper and lead, and some curious sulphur springs of, I believe, a unique kind: and, coning back to my camp, had lit my fire, and cooked some deer meat; then, Site tired out, looked round to select a conve ent and sheltered place under a high crumb b^looking rock not far from my fire, and, load iay my rifle, first bandaging the lock and slip ring it into my mackintosh case to guard it Aom the damp, I wrapped myself like a mum ^y in my Mackinaw blanket and lay down un der the rock to sleep; intending to rise early %nd push fast, to overtake my men, who were 4day'a march ahead, looking after bears I bad a bad night, for rats or something or other vpi pawing over me ana nan waking m?. About the grey of the morning, I roused mj ttlf from that sort of torpid paralysed mom of fbdorance that a prolonged nightmare throws you in, and rose ap to my elbow to see if my ..^Ws were qaite burnt oat, or if there was, per kips, enough fire left to warm me some coffee, #>r the night had been frosty and oold. I looked, ana to my horror saw a writhing heap, of a boat thirty rattlesnakes coiled or mo Ting found the brands of mv fire. I had been keeping under a rock whioh was perforated by their holes, and my fire had drawn them out by ita alluring warmth. It was theee snakea I had felt moving over me in my long nightmare. Loramussy, mister! How quiek I did get feet, sure; and a* I ran off I banged my rifle nght among them, just to give them t sort of parting Udiiiig. Bat what ham I did to them I never knew, for I did not care to go hack to that hire of rattle tnake#.?All ths Year Round. The Rnaeian censoa, juat completed, give* ?9.?u0,<>00 mm the total population, the women being In excea* of the mm to the number of 1,750,000 The noble* and highergutldaof trader* number a boat lyt 0,000, the noble* poeeeelng 2t.uu0,U00 aerfa The lower elaaae*, Winding erfb, petty trader*,and artlaana, number 53.500,000, (1^ A wbaertber, Mr. Stanford Lyne, hi for ma u* that a am*II piece of tobacco fastened upon the bridle bit of a foundered bone, ao that It Impreg nate* the aplttle, will I variable etfect a cure. Mr. ? any* thla baa never failed in hi* experience, v hen applied In time ? W?odft4 frnaaai. IjMg a l Si(^crace.?a iirue mlow ooc aiy oon fluaaed bis mother by making the following tn Anlry : "Mother, If a aua ia a nlater, n't a wo m mam a Dilatory " ' IET Tb? aeeeakloolal* prafe? to be la favor of carrying oot the Cn?tltatloo. No doubt tferr mM >ik? to have it carried oot and burled.?. Artali>< l?7"TUe WeeUulnrter Psloro Hotel (l.oadoa) bao adopted the plan of the Fifth brim Hotel, Mow York, of havloo a lifting platform to ralaa loifage aod the upper itortee Mars ok thk Plaisb or Stria.?The Syrian correspondent of the London Times describes the celebration of mass before the Frenoh army in Syria. The forces were encampcd upon a plain, and the altar was built upon an emi nence overlooking the plain, at the verge of the oamp. It was composed of empty biscuit boxes covered with white linen cloths, and the 8teDS with rufrs lent hv thu in #Wu>t at each angle, was a mounted sun. The mil itary were disposed in favoraole positions in front and on either side of the altar. The musicians were on the right of the altar, and the drums and bugles on the left, with the cavalry trumpets directly behind. At intervals the drums and bugles, alternating with the trumpets, broke in, and gave the ceremony a warlike, fierce, and menacing character, which was again changed and softened, when a really respectable choir pealed forth to him of thanks giving and praise to the God of infinite mercies and loving kindness. At the elevation of the llost, arms were presented with a rattling sound, and salutes were fired from the four corners of the camp. The sight of an European army thus at devotion on the plains of Syria was a strange, imposing spectacle, and carried tho mind back to the days of Godfrey and Cocur de Leon. Thk Episcopal Church Dividkp ?In Louisi ana the Protectant Episcopal Church secedes wltb the State. A pastoral letter from Bishop Polk, of that diocese, contains this extraordinary passage: " Our reparation from our brethren of'The Pro * ^? ----- nwnt i^piKupai vourcD in IDS Lllllfd SUtfl' baa been effected, because we muat follow our nationality. Not becauae there has been any dif ference of opinion aa to Cbriatian doctrine or Catholic usage. Upon those potnta we are atlll one With ua It ia a separation, not dtvialon? certainly not alienation. And there ia no reason why, If we ahould find the union of our diocese under our national Church Impracticable, we ahould cease to feel for each other the reapcct and ^rrgard with which purity of manners, high prin ciple and a manly devotion to truth never fall to inspire generous minda O ir relation to each other hereafter will be the relatioua we both now hold to the men of our Mother Church of Kngland." Tub Seized M cruets?The ten cases of mus keta consigned to parties in Georgia, and taken charge of by Superintendent Kennedy, to the great indignation of Gov. Brown, it Is said were yesterday replevtaicd by 11. U. Cromwell 4. Co., agrnta of the Monticello The guns bad been laying at the armory, waiting a claimant, over tllfW UfM>kl Mr 1^ " V"- A J" ~ * . rai. ?cuncu? uas rr^awuiy ur clared that he would not deliver them up until compelled to do so by leyal procfss; nor has the high handed, but quickly repented, act of the governor of Georgia, followed Lv the exertions of Mr. I,amar, and other*. In this city, had the etlect lo make the Superintendent swerve from that po sition It is probable that if an attempt is made to ship them to the seceding States they will be reseized.?JV. Y. Tribune. Shipwreck ard Loss of Lir*.?The brig James Madison, of Baltimore, bound from Attakapaa to Baltimore, with a cargo of sugar and molaaaea. sprang a leak on the 3d of February, which con tinued to Increase, notwithstanding the exertions of the crew at the pumps, and on Sunday night, the Kith instant, having six feet of water in the hold, while trying to make the port of Charleston, got ashore, and soon went to pieces In the terrible sea that was constantly breaking over her. The captain was swept overboard ov a huge wave, and the remainder, except one, strove to gain the shore by means of spars, tec , but who we:e lost In the breakers The vt-ssel Is a total loss, and of the whole crew, but ntrn man !?? Present to Major A.nderso.n.?Mr. Lorin Brooks of Fulton street, New York, has just com pleted tbe manufacture of a splendid pair of mili tary boots for presentation to Major Anderson, tbe United states officer In command of Fort Sumter Tbe boots are manufactured of the finest calf skin, and reach above the knee The sen u s are what arv termed the closed flat seams, and a strap ex tends from the heel to tbe lop of the leg. Attached to tbe heels area pair of splendid gilded spurs. Tbe boot* are finished according to the most approved military style. Tbi Bokapartz Cask.?This case, involving the legitimacy of the American Bona partes, is now progressing before the Frcne.h courts The illustrious Berryer opened the case for the defense, and argued at great length that the marriage in question was not clandemine, or made " iu fraud of the French law," but that it was only for want of proper publication and maternal consent. Mr. All?u, a talented advocate opened the case for Prince Napoleon, who considered the case so overlaid with romance that it was almost impos sible to determine facts or to arrive at correct con clusions. A Crcel Hoax.?A humorous druggist in Petersburg the other dav cut out the portraits of Perry Davis, the pain killer man, and Or Javnr, the universal health nstorer, and pasting tnem ingeniously upon pieces of enameled board, ex hibited th-m respectively as ti e portraits of Gov ernor Pickens, of South Carolini, and Major An derson, whose nationality Is not exactly known. < 'u - cuiuunui went so tar at to purchase the pur trait of '-Governor Pickens," and hung tt up In his room, in a 95 frame. Hkart-Rekdino Accidk*t?The Paulding (Ala ) Clarion give* an account of a moat heart rending accident which took place In Perry county. Three children, a^ed two, five, and sev?n, in the absence of their mother, found a vial of strychnine, and pouring water into It, each one drank of its contenta When the mother re turned she found one already dead, and tUe other two speechless. They all died within a few minute* of each other, and were burled lu the same coffin tUT"The Wisconsin Legislature, "inspired by such examples of patriotism" as are furnished by the States of Kentucky and Maryland, and "ready at all times to meet fraternal advances In th? spirit they are made," have without dissent instructed thp JudirJirv 1 Liberty laws of the State to as to make them In all thine* conform to the Constitution of the Uni ted States. Arrival of Grain From California ?The ship C<4vper, Captain Stephen*, from San Fran claco, arrived in our harbor yesterday for order* Her cargo consists of 1,4W> tons priuie wheat, and 3(10 bales of wool. This Is the first arrival of grain from California at this port The captain reports that he left a large number of ships at San Fran cisco loading grain for the United Kingdom.? Cork (Ireland) R'porttr. ff^The bruiara in Boston were greatly exas perated when tbe Canada arrived at ber wharf on Monday, to find that they had been sold by the announcement Tom Sayers was among tbe passen gers. Tbe hoax was conceived lust as the vessel In question was eaterlns Halifax, and an woll waa'it carried out, that the Bluenoses were com pletely bamboozled. (D-Tbe N. Y. Poet says a gentleman froinOblo discovered by accident hla long-loat wife in a Bowery concert aaloon. laat week, where she waa adanseoae. She ran away from htm two years ago. being then in love with the stage Now abe la glad to d lac over his regard for herla unchanged and to return home with him. Fatal Shooting Arrbat Two brothers, Zack and Calhoun EUerbe, Lad an altercation at Cash's Depot on the C. k. D. Railroad, on Sunday laat. and while Calhoun waa approaching his brother, Zack drew a pistol and shot him dead ? Ckarlttton Mtrcury. 07" A proposition has been made to hang Par son Brownlow for his opposition to the secession ista. The Parson designates the day he prefers for the hanging, Invites tbe public to the exhibi tion, and promises to make * speech under the gallows. ?7-The men who were stationed at Newport (Ky.) barracks have been moved to St Louis, where there are now seven hundred and thirty United AtftUfl nldivrt l?ffWr?An iwKI<?K were temporarily ungarrlsoned, are now manned at usual. HIT" On Wednesday morning a Are. damaging the Eastern Penitentiary. Philadelphia, to tbe amount of t2SU, was extinguished by three steam fire-englaes so quietly that bat one or two of the prisoners were a ware of the occurrence. South Carolina Beys a Steamboat ?Tbe steam tug James Gray, has been sold by the Towlug Company, of Richmond, Va., to tbe au'h >rHies of South Carolina, for 13,000 Stewart, tbe New York dry goods million aire, was so vouth pleased with something tbat Fanny Fern wrote (bat b? aent her tbe richest silk dre?* pattern be bad la bit store. |p" la a small ultra Presbyterian town la Scot land, a srhoot teacher was lately expelled from church hi saw b# MPKwfr ?? Willing God with a smallrwio i CLOTHING, &c. I ASTONISHING. BUT TRUE ! T IS Very stinnge that SMITH should Ret in Sew Good* when every txxlr is orying hard times, ut he sails his goods at such low prices that the people will bur them. N B ?Just received a lot of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOODS, which wilt be soil %t an per cent less than their ac tcal value. At SMITH'S, No. 460 Seventh St., opposite Post Office. ja24-1m ny MERCHANT TAILORING. KW FALL STYLE8 or CLOTHS, CASSI MF.RS. AND VESTINGS. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 3S3 Pennsylva nia Avenue, have just reoeived a large vanetv of new Fall Goods, to wmoh they invite the attention of their friend* and customers. au ?>-tf f GENTLEMEN'S Ijr RE kDY-MADF. CLOTHING. Our present assortment of GF.NTLEMEN'9 READY-MADE CLOTHING offers to oitizens and stranger* wishing an immediate outfit supe rior inducement*, embraoiag, at this time, all styles and aualities of Dress and Business Gar ments and Overooats in all varieties. Fine Shirts and Under-olothing ol all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of beat quality. Soarfs, Ties, Cravats, Stock*, Hosiery, Ao., 4.0.. All of whioh we are offering at our usual low prices. fllT Clothing made to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., no 16-tf 322 Pa. avenue. fOTOTHE PEOPLES'ClOTHINGSTOR F, VI No. 460 Seventh st., to get your CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOOuS, HATH aad CAP*. fe2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. E Invite our oustomers, and oitizens gene-al ly, to an inspootion of onr present new, at traotive, and elecant assortment of CLOTHS. CASS1MEBES, DOESKINS, VEST1NGS, OVERCOATINGS, Ac.. whioh we will make to order in superior' gene-ai & ktid at toiy iuw priflPB* WALL, 8TEPHKNS ft CO. oo 25 tf Hit'2 I')i. av., betw. 9th and 10th sts. GAS FTrTING, ic. _ pLUMUEKS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON ft CO. Would cull the attention ol water takers t<> their full a*S'>rtment of Fixtures necessarv to its intro duction,as follow*:?KITCIIEN RANOES.KATH Til Hj*. WATER CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, IMJMPS, Cut Iron. W rout lit Iron. I.oad and Galvanised WA TER PIPES. HYDRANTS and PAVE WASH ERS, RUBBER HOSE.fto. Having superior advantages, with practical knowledge, wo are prepared to introdnco Water into dwolifngs with all the latest improverrents, promptly, and at prioes that cannot Tail to satisfy. tfttO Ponn. avenue, no 24 dtMar 1 bet. 9th and l<?th st*.. m-iith side. Awm. t. DOVE A CO. RE Now piapaj-'vl to execute any oitfert w:tk wiiieh they may l>? fHv?rred iti the PLUMBING, GAS on STEAM I'iTTlN# DUSfNEHS. |[^ Store on <th utreot, * few doom north of Pa, avenue, where nuiibe found a complete assortment of CIlANDEi.lERSand other GAb. STEA M and WATER FIXTURES. ia27-lT WGAS FIXTURES. K Havo in store, and are dai.y receivmi, O^S F/.X2'tf/iiiS of entirely New Patterns and Dosicna and Finish. superior in style to anything heretofore ottered in this market. We invftecitizens general It to call and examine our stock of Has and Water Fixtures, feelinc confident that we have the beet elected stock in Washington. All Work in tlixalxive lino intrusted to our care will be promptly attended t<j. MYEKS 4 McGHAN. mar S-tf 31 a I) street. I SNYDER. I'LUMBER AND HAS FITTER, Ha* removed to the corner of Twelfth and F sts. He ia prepared to lntrnduoe Wator and <?as upon tlie most favorable terms, and guaranties entire OWMOQilUll He has on bund a lot of COOKING and other HTOVKS, which he will aell lesa thr.n eoat. aa he wuhM to get rid ol them. no 17 Office OF INSPECTOR AND SEALER OF GAS MF.TER3. WaarnHGToit, Jnty 18, W. NOTICE IS HKKk'HY OirEN,* ably to the pp'viaioua of the ordinance of the Cor poration approve J Mar 12. I8fi?, the an<icrai(ncd ia now prepared,"whenever ree aired in writing, and on pro jayineniof the lMof fifty oents, to inxprot. examine, teat, prove, ami aeoerlaii; the accuracy of registration of any raa meter in nae ii. tiii r citj." Every meter, if (nurd n. correct, will be condemned, and another, abated and marked as true-, will Ins et in i?? place. If proved t > he accurate u it* ineaaur. inert of g-.e, it will be sealed aocordmfly, and again put iu po?i*i<>? lor uae. Office No. 510 Seventh street,(near Odd I'el .owa' Hall.) <>pen from 8 n. rn., to S p. in. CHAR I F.S \V. CUNNINGHAM, jy 18 tf Inepoctor and Sealer of ttaa Metera. o. dkmtjth it co? MPORTERS And Wholesale and Retail Deal era in HAVANA CIGARS, FOREIGN WiyKS, BRANDIES, (HNS, kt? No. 40 North Oharlir Strfbt, Five door* above Lexington .?t., no33-ly .Baltimore. Wf lo.o no ORTH OF BOOTS, SHOES and TRUNKS, Of all Stylet and Qualitit*, AT A GRKAT SACRIFICE ON COST. Store for Rent and Fixturei for Sale. All the Stock in S. pThOOVER'S STORK, ???lroii Ha!l,enibra^inc<tv?>rjr variety BHwof IP*', 'ion's', Children's aniBSif W"^r?wili* SHOES Alao.TRA V-fll El.iNG TRUNKS are now being sold, for cash jit great *acnfio?? on usual retail sollinglpnoes, indeed muoh below original oott. The attention of the public ia solicited, a* great inducements will be mad'' to purchasers. The above comprises a large stook of the finest Xuality Freuohand AmericanGaitoia.Shoea, Boots, ,o., An., lor ladies aud uentlemen Tn* Store is for rent and the Fixtures for eale. Apply on tHe premises, Iron Hall. N. B.?The above stock, either in whol?or in part, will be sold at private sale. To ant one do riroua of entering the U<x>t, Shoe and Trunk fttini neaa this aflorda a bettor opportunity than may agftin be presented. IVraoaa indebted will confer a favor by promptly calling and settling their acsnunta. ja7 tf rpHK EUROPEAN HOTEL. KEPT BY P. 1 EMKICH. at the corner of Penn. A . A avenue and Eleventh street, has beenVCa^V greatly improved reoently and now offer* JLUHUL greater inducement! for the patronage ol eiti**ns and strangers than any other public house in the citj, hia prioea being less than those of any otner hot-s ou Ceiin. avenue, and hia acoommodationa for permanent or transient boarders unexception al'!#. The bar ami restaurant arrangements of the European Hotel have already become very popu lar, bring all that can I* desired by the moat fas tidious. Tne proprietor pledges unremitted atten tion and continued liberal expenditures to giveaat isfaotion to ah, and thus renews hia invitation ?<* all to give the Knropean Hotel a call. de4-ti IF YOU WANT TO SAVE THE UNION Call at H A R V E Y'S, Who haa juatreoeivedalarge auprly offreah LOB STERS, FISH, and fine G\>TKRS,^W whioh he will aerve to cjistomera at the^^^S? shorteat not oe and on liberal term*. r. s ? oysters served to families and hoteis are not soalded; they are only scalded for persona oat ing them at the aaloon. de 8 T. M. HARVEY. /Ov NOTICE. /4K iWA REMOVAL. J?*JL V V I have removed my IP V PAWN OFFICE to 331 Q atreet, Between 4% and 6th street*, imme diately m the rear of the National Hotel, where the buainess will be oontinned aa heretofore at the old stand. [nol5- m] ISAAC HKRZBKRG. NEW PAWN OFFICE. 6 O E. W A R D,"Dealer in NewQ ? and cast Off Clothing, respeotfally informs the puHio th?t he Iim opened a L1CEN8KD PAWN OFFICE at No. 76 Louisiana avenue, between 9th and inth sta., a few doors east of the new Cen tral ttuard-housa, where he will ho at all times prepared to wait on his patrons with promptness, attention and the stnotest jnstioe. N. B.?Jewelry, Dry Goods, Clothing, Mechan ics' Tools. *o.i always on hand at privalo sale, ia lfi lm* THE INSURANCE COMPANY or THE STATE or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 9300,000. Insure* Merchandise, Buildings, Household Furniture, Ac , tfiinit loss or damage by fire. HEATH k KNOWLES. AimU, OOoo?Room 16 ovor Bank of Washington. J?J? wnon avn noAt. ner qA ffrtxmt* ttrett and Canal, JOEO HA6K, A?nt) They ??}1 M*fpr and fire better measure Arent) TMj ??*li on??**r ana five kmur measure than any othere in the eity?out,"flit, atd deliv ered frie of charge. If y?>n don't beheve it. (irt

the Pioneer Mill* a trial, and We eattefttd. Ja?-Ar.r ?BK S save your roouer. - ja 19 1m DENTISTRY. 0R9. i OCKWOODg* DARREi-L ARE PRE pared to insert TfeETHon VULCAN-^ gyi 1TE BASF., a new and improved mode.MSS^ Whra made on this plan they are com TP fortable to wear and ir.non cheaper than any ether. Ai?o,T?*th inaeited on Gold Plate, and ail Dental Operation* of any kind that may be detued of fice Room No 3. in the Washington Building.oor ner Pa ay. and Seventh et. ja m 2m* M TEETH. LOOM!?, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofthe MiNKR AT. PI.ATI.- Vc-c-ru WM m W a UU J u, ? * tend a peraonaily at hia offioe in thia citr-l Many peraona oan xrear theae teeth who cannot wear othera, and no person oan wear othera who cannot wear theae. peraona oallinc at my offioe oan be accommodated with any atyle and prioe of Treth they may doaire; but to thoae who are partiouiar and wich the purest, cleanest, strongest, and moat perfeot denture that art oan produce, the MINERAL fLATE will be more fuily warranted. Room* in thia oity ? No. 339 Pa. avenue, between 9th and 10th ata. Also, 907 Aroh atreet, Philadel phia. . oc 15 tf -TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. Baltimore and ohio rah.road. WASHINGTON BRANCH. rm vno rv*-? viiAiiurt xjt nuuns. On and after SUNDAY, November 25th, 186",the trams will run as follow*: LEAVE WASHINGTON: First train atfi.2" a. m. Second Train at 7.4? a. m. Third train at 3.10 p. in., Express. Fourth tuftin at 6 pm. LEAVE BALTIMORE: First train at 4.15 a. in., Express. Second trai n at 835 a. m. Third at 3.1" p. m. Fourth at 4.2n p. m., F.xprMS. The first, second and third trains from Wash ington corfhect through^ o I'hiladelphia and New York. The second and third connect at \Vanhincton Junction with trains for the West, South, and Northwest; also, at Annapolis Junction, lor A:i nftpoPis. For Norfolk take the ' 4" a. m. trai . H?r the accommodation of the war travel be tw?eu Washington and Laurel, a passencar car will he attached to the tonnage train which leavos at 11 a in. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train roes to Hhilitdel fill* only. no 26-a T. H. PARSONS, Agent. EMtENOH FLOWERS OF THE VERY KIS?T 1 quality, and an exfconsive variotY. ?> gfci ( At STF.VhN^'S jftfui Faney Store, JB&?9 no S? It 33#?. N?tw. nth anrl 1ft*b ?ts. WATCIIREPAIRING ANl?SILVER WARE MANUFACTORY. I havo one of tlie liest establishments. and fur nished with a complete s*t of tools for repair ine every description of fmo Watches, and ffrA particular attenti<m give to the sain?, I>t s(Hn thoroueli oompetent work man .and a. work guaran tied Also, every descrip ion of standard SI (. V ER WARE, pla^nand ornamental, manufactured under lit) own supervision, which my customers will find far superior in quality and finish to northern ware sold Ity dealers in ceueral ami represeutel as their own manufacture. H. o. iHtOit ?*<5 *3* P?. av??inio. n?a<-9th it. |^E8T FANCY GOODS, AT PRICES TO SUIT TIIK TIMES, And On* Pkics OlfLY, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK, no 22 U .l.'th. I>?lw. 9ti< ami l(>th ?ta. IjM REM EN'S INSURANCE COMPANY O* WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 777... f 5100,000. Qfflet corn r C street nnd Louisiana av., otsr Hank af Wfi'/itHfton. INSURE HOUSES A NDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS DY FIRE. Dihsctobk. Geo. Shoemaker, Smm?1 Rmlfem, Samuel Cropley, William Wiirou, UinharH I,...? " a?.vii?n? woiivn, ?/*riTn J/. I>AiCI Jacob Andrew Holli\?o[l, Thou. I'arlier, Knhard L'arrv, II. It. I'rcuch. No chargo for Policies JAMfIS ADAMS, I'rosi.lmL A r el 0. Da vis, Seoret&i >, oo in eu6in PROF. HOOD'S HEST0KAT1Y E CORDIAL AND BLOOD RENOVATFJl Is precisely what Us name indicate*, for, while pleasant to tnetasle, itis reviviijin;, exhi!*ratit)i, invigoiatiMK and siren, thening to the vita powers, and at tlie ?aine time iovivifie?, reinstates, and re ncva the ftiood in a I its original pu>itv,ahd thua atonoe testate* and tendtrt tkr system invulnerable to attacks nf dismse. It is tti* only pirpaiation ever offered to the world, so ohemioallT and skill fully o< inlnned astohetne most powerful tonic, and at the same time so perfectly adapted to, as to ! act in perfect aooordanofl wiih the l*wi?fn?!iir? mm hence will soothe tk*. wakrst stomach, and U>ne op the digesti ve organs, an'l thus allay all ner voiisand other irritation, it la perfectly exhiiara i tine and at the ume time it is oomposed entirely of i vegetables, yet so combined as to produce ih>* most I thorough touic effect, without producing any in- I iunous oonse^ueuoes. buch a remedy has long J neon felt t<> be a desideratum in the medical w "Id, for it noeds no medical sk II to see that debility I f flows all attacka of disease, and proceed* ar.d in deed lays the system open to the insidious attacks 1 ol many of the most fatal, inch, for example, as the following: Consumption, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, ' i oss of Appetite, Faintness, Nervous Irritability, Neuralgia. Palpitation of the heart. Melancholy, ' Night sweats, hangar, Oid'tmess, Retention ol. as well as Painful obstructed, too profuse, or too scant Menstruation, atd Falliac of the Wotnb These all depend upon general dobility. Tin* pure, healthy touio Cordial and U>ood Kcnovator is as sure to cure as the sun is to rise and set. There is no mistake about it . But this is not all If the system is weakened we are open to bilious at tacks, the liver becomes torpid, or worse diseased, the kidneys refuse to perform their functions, and we arc troubled with scaldiug and incontinence of urine, or involuntary discharge of the same, pain in the t>aok, side and between the shoulders. ex i eeedincly liable to (light oolrfs, coughs, and if an I o ieckM, soon emaoiatinn lo!lovs,an<i the patient goes down to a premature crave. Hut space wiii not allow us to enumerate the manv ills to which we are liable in a weakened condition ot the Bystem, i But we will say in this Cordial and IJlood Renova tor yon have a perfect sate, pleasant and effectua remedy for loss of Apprtit*. biliousness. Flatu lence, w?ak and sick Stomaah. Lanrour. laver Complaint, Chills and Fever.or an? H'licui-attack Co?tiven?ss, Acidity of the St *Biaoh, Nervousiiess, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, i>8pre*sion of Spirits, Sores. Pimples 011 the Faoe, or any dis ease arising from impure blood, such as Sorofula, Erysipelas. Bronchitis, Couch,difficulty of Breath ing, and all that class of diseases oal ed female weakness, and enumerated above. We will al?o eay the traveler exposed to epidemios, ohance of climate and wator, will find it a p'eaear.t. safe and sure remedy, and no one should ever travel with out. Reader, try it, for we assura you ?ou will ! find in it a friend indeed, as well a* air lend in need. All persons of sedentary habits will find it a per- 1 feet preventive ol, as well as a onre for those ail- ] menta wbioh they are particularly exposed Henca I ministers, students, attorneys, literarv gen'lemen, and ladies who are not aocust<<med to rauoh out door exeroi^e, will find it to their advantage to keep a bottle constantly on hand; and above all i mothers or tnose becoming such, will go through ] that most dangerous period not only with all their j accustomed strength, but safe ana free from the thousand ailments so prevalent among the femaie ( portion of the world. In short, is indeed a mother oordial. Try it old and young; no lor ger run th? risk of delay; it will relieve ana prove itself emphat* t ioally a Kit tor at it* Cordial and Blowl litnovaifr. O. J. WOOD, proprietor, 444 tiroad#ay. New York, and 114 Market Street. St. Louis, Mo., and sold by all good Druggists, l'rioe One Dollar per Bottle. PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL AMD BLOOD RENOVATOR. Sold in this city by C. 8TOTT,375 Pa. avenue. au 2ft-eoly. m T ADIEB THICK WINTER BOOTS of Kid u Mcroooo, Gnats Skin, Lastincs, Buttoned, Laced nnd Velvet T'imaMdrWHl Alio Miiroi Boot* f the same style-, arewHj selling from 50 o*nta to f 1. per pair, lower" lib t tan elsewhere in the "ity. at J. ROSENTHAL'S, No. 16 Market Space Pa. ?v. bet. 8th and 9th streets. LadJes^and Misses' Lot* Rubber Boots. ja2eo W TRAVELING trunks. F. Have jast received the largest assortment and now offer in. Una orty, wblohweare seli-of at very ^ow WALL, STEPHENS * CO , *M P*. *wn??. pnoes. oe as tf ? nimcnKLU I (Ti II (I VMt* ?" vuw1^ ?w * m mw VioiloctUo^MaioibviUg kc ,lor rent fill CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, D Strut, Bttwtn 3tk *md 10U Struts, We have Jn?t fimahed a number of firat elaaa CARRIAGES, auch M Lttkt Fn*cyrmMB Waron.'. Park Ptuatpns. Family Car llHg rtatu, and Burn*t, which we will Mli it* ** ft T6r? email profit. /Iwnc practical m*obamoa in different branch** the buuncM, we flatter ouraelvee thnt we know the striae and qnanty of work that wiii kit* aatta (notion, oombininc lichtneaa, comfort and darabill tj, Repairing promptly and carefully attended to Uie anorteet notioe and moat reasonable cuariea. WALTER. KARMANN a koiA?. Coaokmakera, inooauon U Wm. t. Hook. M HhUt T CARRIAGES. HE Sabeeribor harinc nut addiUena Jo ki factory . al-.Dg it dow one of tke largest. In the MButot, where his faoilities fori manufacturinc CARR1A6E A LiGHTJ WAUONi* of ail kinda cannot be earpaased, at* from tua lone experience m tke baaiseea, ke kepeo to five general eatiefaetton. All kiuda ol C-arnat?? a&d Litkt VTageaa key101 Ail RErAlRBnaatlr deao.aadallerdsr* pieatyt ly attended M. Seeoad-kaxd < MM, d 1 CarrlAgea takes in exikani? for arv ANDREW7.JOYCE, rear <f tub as 4 K eta. Dr. J. n. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL AND BLOOD PURIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY ta ik* WORLD and the most Delicious akd DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL EVER TAKEN. it i* atnetW a aei i.u*c ??jau kla Caiupoaud, fr? tared by tha d nulla tian ?f rtou, htrha, and barka. Yallow Pack. Dlo*d Rnvi, Black &o?,|aruM nlla, %ild Gharry B'rk, and Daudalira n?ra mw ita can paaltlaa. Tha anura atu?a ramadial principle of each ir.f raciaru ta Dciurr in King, ~.7^-"?E2*Allcr I diatlllinf, pr*dacia; ? dalicieaa, thiln/aunj ipirlt, ud lha maat infallible rataa J* far nuonunf tka 4(HU|4 Iftun, J md raaiarinf tha titi. ahfaring, and dakiliuiad iapaiid la kaalth and atranfth. . ' Mt LEAN'S STR ENUTHENING COR DIAL , Will afaciaaliy cara l?i?ar Ompltim, Dyapapam, .'tan dlca, Chranic ar Sii?#u I'abilitj, lliaa&aaa afiSa lidnaya, and all diaaaaaa ?riamj frwa a dtanidarad Livar ar limuch, Dvapcpain, aartbam, luward Ftlaa, Aeiditr ar Stcknaaa af , lha Vlainath, Fallnaaa af Bl^*! t? tlia Hand, Dall Tain or 1 wimmirf in tha Maad, Palpit"U?n af tha Naart, Kailnaaa r Waicht In lha Stomach, *;vr Eraciauona, Cbaking ar afar.atinf Faalirj ?hao larinc '???, Drjnaaa ar Yal[aW. naaa af tha Ikin and Kraa, Nir ht Svanta, Inward Pa?ara, J Palo in tha roall af tha Back, Chaat, ar Itda, Raddan Pltahaa af Baal, Uapraaaioa of flpinta, Krightfal Praama, Uanf aaf, Daiaanrianej ar aaj iar?oa? diaaaaa, ftaraa m Klaict.aa an lha Skin, md Farar and Agia (ar ChiUa and ] flm.) OVER A MILLION BOTTLES kiTi baar aald danrf th? laat a.i nxmlha, and in na In lUoca haa u fallad in H?inf ar.ura anuafactian. W.ia, lha~. ] 111 aafar frain Waaknaaa or Pat-i'-ty whan MiLEAM'f ITRK!f?Tlli:><-I?U COKPIAL will cara 7aa > Ma lungaaf a con canray an ada<jB?ta idaa ?f tha iirmadi ita and aiuaat m itei'Mi eh?nga predacad b? mki r jc.i l Jarlial la tha iliMttid, (tafciuutad, and ahauarari mi'iu Ifilip, wbathar krakan .lawn by atcaaa, ?aak ay naitta, r tr-]>*i?a<l k? a<?krtaa, tha ralasad aod Bt.tirsuf ?r|ui> I*llM i* rtilaid ( iw pnauna liaillfc iuid aifar MAR M FU PERSONS, n athara, Mnaeiaaa af inability frriti whatatar eaaia, will ind M< kf Alf'l ITKEHGTHENilia CORDIAL a iIm rc j ja raja u ma tar af th* ayatau; and all ?h? ?uc? ha?i in uad ibaikaaWaa by lmpraaar indtlgancta will led In tbia Jaillil a caru-ic and apaady ramady. TO THE LADIES. HcIiIAWI ITKr.HorilKNIMG CORDIAL la a aavar tlrn and apaadr cara far lueipiant Onaamptiati, Whitaa, JHtrattad at L>i?cait Macairaauaii, !nc?uo?i,ci af L'rina If Invalantary Diaeh?rra thtraaf, railing af tha Waaib, llddtutaa, Fi'inli. (, ana all diaaaaaa iLtiutrila Kamalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT lafar i.a lauc?r. Taka il according laduactiana It will iiinialaii, alraiiflbau, and inaigoraia yaa and caaaa tba ileani af haalth ta luaanl T?ar cbaak a jam. Lmi; baula ia airranlaJ ta fi?a a&tiaf ctiau. FOR CHILDREN If T??f r>il! Iran sra aid!?, r*;,F er >fl iclad. M( LE A N'l A'u wiii rauka tbla'.r. .'at, and rataaL Palap UJ II, ILJ ft3 *111 CI iirin.rn. ill a*! llittl, Sawata af rtr?jftt? or danlara wta ru?/ try I* palm a pan Mint bitttr w ianrpu<!k traah, which tha? can l>ay ihaar, bjimoi i! ulwufool At<hJ acch niti A?k ar Mi l-fcAN-S HTR.VWrHE?lt!?G COllllAL, and uka tctbirf alaa. It iba on!y racnady that ?ili rarify (ha ilaod thcraajblr and a', 'ha ma tuna airat.ftnan Uia ava:ero. Out taaapenr.ful takan avary marninf f?at)n* la a ccrtMu traianlna far ( linlara, (*h>tla and Ka??r, Yalio* Katar, or hit rra>alant diaaaaa. It ia p?t ?p to larja houlaa Prtca lata propriaior ?f ihia Cordial; alaa, MrLnn'a Volcanic Oil kinttnani. Principal Ilapat aa tha cornar af Tbird and Puia alraau, St. Laaia, Ma. IfcLean'i Toloanic Oil Liniment, (THE BEST LINIMENT ill THE WORLP.) Tha an)? tafa and eart&in c?ra for Cancara, Pilta, T? ar?, Bwallinfa and Bronchila ar Goitfa, Paralraia, Naa ralfia, Waaknaaa af tha Mtatiaa, Chronic or IcdUinmaiiry (itaunaiiam, Sufnaaa af tha Jamu, Comractad Maaclra ar kifamanta, Eair.?ba ar Tootbaeba, Brviaaa, Spraina, Praah CA UTION. ? Jatt, Woanda, Clcara, Fmr Seroa, Cakad Sort Hipploa, Barua, lulii, Sort Throat, or any iuiammatioa or tain, no diftronca bow Httri or lour tho diataac mar afl axittod, Mi LEAN'S CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia i eartain raroady. Thonaandi of haman bain ja ha?a baan **?? ' a I if a of dia irapitada and miaory by tha aat of tbia inralaabla ramady. MrLEAPTS VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Till raliara pain a I moat inilantanaeaaly, and it will cloan, parify snd haal tba foaiaat aoraa in an mcrodihla ahort tima. FOR HORSES AND OTHER ANIMALS. McLKAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT ia tba ooly aafa >nd raliaMa raoadr for tha eari of Spavin, RinrVono, Wirdfnlla, Sphala,Vnnateral Lorrpa, Nodaa or Swallinra. I na*ar failad to eara Big Head, Polla*il, Fiotala, Old banning Soraa, or Swaany, if proparly arpliod. For Iprama, Erctaaa, Scratcbaa, Craekad Ratia, Chafaa, Saddlo ?r Collar Oilla, Cola, Soraa, or Wcor,da, it ia an iiifailiblt >aready. Apply it aa diractod aud a ear* ia eartain in ovary Mtaaca. Than trtla a* lonetr wMi tba many wortblaaa Liniraanla rfarad to y.->?. Obtain aaapply of DR. MCLEAN'S CELE BRATED LINIMENT. It win caro too. J. H. McLEAN, Sola Proprietor, Conor Third and Pin a aw., St. Loaia, Mo. CHARLES 8TOTT, Ifl Pl ir.f aali irigt in Waahinc ..O s T Piwoi ri * a. lore furowioi eieewuere, M wr ar? determined to offer (r?tt induoements >o purchasers ie 8 TAYLOR A HUTrHlSON. C. K. ItTT. I.kimT. LAMAS.iton . on, tie Federal Court it Pontotoc, the Seventh Jadieuu District of Mi* ? pi i attend *? the OollMtisa *f Clata* N*rtl> MlWIWMt. M M Q I^RKAT BARGAIN** IN GOOD ?RC<>ND V* H AND PIAN? S. <.1so, r.ev Pianos at prioss to Mit the times Call and see JOB* F EI.LIS. fa 13 SQ6 Pa ? .. bet. 9th md 10th it*. PRUNKHOF OUR OWN IMPORTATION M Weir? to-d*? in rse ipt of omr aaoa! uhI| at thia ?aa?ii of first qaalitr Hordeaax I'-nn^a. as lee ted for wa in Pranoe. They ara especially largs and rich in flavor. _ 17 KINO * BURCSKLU ItAMILJ RTBftFAMIDr RYE IkwmsKFrrakwTTTsit^^ The above PURE WHISKY,Cofrn Distilled from M axtxc Grain, Heine aaaerior and mnrtonu in *uality, and hirhly unproved by age, it preferred by oc-nanmera tc ill other Whiakiea, and larly recommended ' " *" 1 partisa by the beet phyaioiana and i< all the reaair^meata of a the disnHatien of thia Whiaky, ia proved by aaAly aia to be toe aofleet and p areat water in the United Statae: and to this may, in a t tribnted the exoetlecoe of thia^ For aale by FRBKMA Front street, Philadelphia. mar St-It T COST! AT COST! In order to redaoe oar toe It previous to laying in our spring supplies, we will from tbia day until lit March, ?el' oar entire stook of DRY 6001>8 at cost for task. Farcy Silke and Silk R obes we offer for wuoh less than cost. Mouslis, Barege and Lawn Robes at half price. Buyers woull do well to examine oar stook be EDUCATIONAL. Tfkmalk kovcation. HUSK Parent* who with thair dMrtlm U> re ceive a thoroach and ar*t?maUc diioati^E. ?h*r? their phTaicaJ training wi I receive 4aiiv HdnMMl UMtaon. y uder the qotl fcppmreft eratoa of Out* tn?Bio? and l?vmna?lioa, are re?pecuu,i? invited to viait the Union Female Aeademy. coramr Foir Ueatfe at. and ?w York a*. _ __ ^ mr. 4 MRS. Z. RirpAllJMlj^ ITEM ale boarding and DAY scdool The thirteenth annual aaaaton of ton lnaUtu'ior. wiU gpniiMin? on Taeeday, 8eytem>*r lath, in the koui rwtatlt awMiai h* B?l?1?. ?? No. 190 King street. The ootrM of stody porssed will comprise all the branches ra^iinu to a thorough Knjlith M? oation, and Music, Fiench, Latin and Drawing, if wrini. In addition to day ssholars. Mrs. MeCormiok is prepared to receive a limited number of pupils as MMMa who. constituting a part of her owl n ity.will bs sorter her iwMilIf oars aad supervi sion. Slis will endeavor,aa tar a* sar round them with UN oomfortsand kindly tnfiseaoes of noma. RtfrrtGw. H. Norton, R?r. Dr. Klias Harrison. Re*. D. F. S*prn*. William H Fowls. Km.. Kdgar S?nowdsn, fcss.. Kdwunrt F. Witwar Em? Henry Marhsry, Km., Lewis MoKeuiie Km., Robert H. Hunion. Rm ? " fl. w ailaoh Kditor Kveninc t*tar, Benjamin Waters. KM .Jas Knt wi slo.Jr_ Km-,Col.Jukiw.Minsr, Losdoaa Messrs. Blacs ook k. Marshal!, Messrs Cor Brothers. Taaics. Board, with Tnition in all ths English Branches, ?*? for the annaaJ session?payabie semi -aaaaally. in advaaoe. Mutie and I.angnages at Professors' pnoaa. |[7 No extra charges. aa ?-U (V? Crmtk. Cold. Ht<mrim*n. /mrm My 'mtaltM er eu mf tkr TVeel. Rtlitr* Ik* H<ukmr TottfA wt ('M.nwr twn. f>rpnr aifti, Atkmn, t Catatrk, f7?tr n?^ r?r? *W ftrmttk to tk* rtirt Qf f PUBLIC K P K A K E R 9 asp SINGERS. Bronchial Few are ?w*r? of the importance of oheeata* a Couch or "Common Cold'' in iu fcnrt ?n*t which in lb* beeinine vmid yield tn a mila rw?? It, if neglected. soou attaok* the L.unca. "firm Brtmrkfl Trorkts." Oontain-OK demulcent iofr , iilr?li Bnta, allay Palmonar? and Utonohial Irritation. "That troaMe in my Threat, (for BROWN'S which the "Trodus" area iy*?ik<!l hannt made me often a mere whl* TROCHES perer* K.P. WILLIH. BROWN'S Sr"i.?, nd their im to Praic REV. R. H. CHAPIN. "Great service in uhdnmc HoiUi nut." REV.DAN1KL WISE. r ROCHES BROWN'S rat\ra i.-? " Almost metar.t relief in the dia rK " trejuin* lat^r ?>f breathing pee liar BROWN'S ^ ifkv. a r trtitu rROCHES BROWN'S rROCHKJ* BROWNE rROCIIES BROWN'S rRocHi;s BROWN'S TROdlES UROWN'P rROCIIES BROWN'S " CoRtkll DO injanoaa." (VmuI, Bona*. lion fur Co it oombina K. BISCLOW. ?mM. " Beneficial in Brohcbttib." DR. J. F. W. LAWK^ " I h*v proved them exoellenl for w~*Ttsrrv;. JwMa. M Benefioial when compiled to naeafc, *w<|erinc from Chip." AfcV. 8. J.P.ANDERSON, IK KrrrcrirAl. in removing Hoar* _ and Irritation of the Throat, eo oommon with Brumi and Bma M Pmf M *TArv inRNfinftf muonr.? JROWN'S rROCHES Mid After UROWNf H *r I thmb they rROCHES j naiuc tom. R fc V. h< L* Grmmt*, dm. sher of M uiio S< itthera Femaie Collefe. benefit vbn taken before aa U? irrerect u. I- rom their put effect. #y will be of MnMMt ad JROWN'S! rnocHEs _ ROWLEY, A. M President of Athena College* T de 1 1y ITTPold l.y all OrucKiBtK at TWEN ITY FIVE CENTS A BOX.Jjj 1 'HE ALL-SUFFICIENT THREE. TK1KSEMAR.1.2 and *-Proieoted by Ronl ipttem 1'a.ifut of Encaud. and ?!?? by the Vain of tiie Kcoie de I'tt&rmacie de Isti*. and the rrperiai Colleceof Medialne. Vienna N<>. I ia in .a!u%t>le for exhaustion aad natorThea, ,: .1 a! physical disabilities. No. 3 completely eradicates ail traoea of Unm Useaaes that have been hitherto treated by the u eouk and ocrmri'iis *se of eoaaivaaad eaheka. No. 3 hu entirely aupplanted the injenoea ?ae of neronry,thereby inaaring to U*e iu8nm apeedy e'icf. ai?pAr?in* all impariUee, &od rooting oat he venom of TRIKKEHAR, Not, 1,8 Mid l.trc prepared in ho form of a lo?en*e. devoid of tMt* and arveil. .ad can be earned iu the *?iiUo?I poekeL bo.d n tn omn. and divided intoaeparatedoaea. ae ad mnistered by Veipeau, La'emaud. Hou, Rioord, eo Price #3 each, or four oaeea for#?, which Avea 93; and in #*? o&aea, wherebv there la a ?av OK of #9. To be nad, wholesale ar.J retail, of Dr. lARROW.of 194 fe!*ck?r ftreet, New York, immediately on reoelvtng a reanittanoe, I)r. Barrow rill forward the Trieeemar to any part or the world, ecu rely packed, and addreeeeo aeoording to the ia truoti <na of the writer. The Book, or all others, that ahoaUl be read by nen with damaged and broken down oocatitntion* a "Human Frailty, or Phyaioiot ieal Researches " t ia heaatifully illustrated, and treat* minutely of Jl Uia aynp om? that invanablv develop them elves, sooner or later, reeelbnc from the ftailOee nd vitiating hat its of earl? rnitk. ineapaeitatinc he victim from sharing the fruition of the natri .o.i.l . t .v<vt -J . ii uu? uiKTiAiKt hi unir, uovmrr .ting ail the function* of manhood. ? <! brfnttnc lim, etee by ?t?p to* linrerini and antimely death. So.d by Dr. HA U ROW, 194 Bleecker ?t>eet. fbar !oor? below Mftodoura.. New York. Pr?oe ? pent*. Sent free every where. Sold ?l?o by 9.<5. Ford, Jr., Drmj Store. Wwh Bjtoii. P C. 4 FOB STAMPING a PACKET OF PAPER and ENVELOPES TO MATCH. at the METROPOLITAN BOOKSTORE. PHILP * BOLOMONB, Atemtt fm Lmwrtmcft eaittr*t*d Lmtn f*NM. "Mttrom'ita* Miilt,' #"t., #*. e v ly 318 Pa. a*.. beC?t? and l*k la 1861 c diarjes. 186| tke Year w%tk Duiry. A valaabl* Pocket Companion for r?jiit?Tini irenta put, ereeeot, ud fatarc; ocataioins nln if po?ta*e, almanac, a blank epic for om or every day in tbe year, oaah uonvit anaal uwaary of o* nonth, anneal iinmary of ova aoooant btila tayable and r?oeivable, lK>n*t be witkott om of beee neefal little eon venire. The moat eoiapiete. recast, and desirable aeeoruaaot *w;n|M,k? Odeon Beading, oorner of.4* t treat aad Odeoc Blading, oomer a treat de? Pene a' l**ckMlPKR THAir srsl?1' We will take an extra di??<>ant.?f fipitml ?f all lhariM paratope* froa ae f.?c oat k. We leairoaa of c.o*irt out Uir ruuiMR 01 o?r wn ?f At i? r?i. kTuu.MirinSrikM.or Hnkfr u a r>a?s. b* Mator Ludar, ]>m., oloth; wot t>? mail IMfe.; am*. sloth; ?1.2S t>T mail. Smovmt'i illdtrnM Poems; aloth gilt; |t? \Jamb;a F,mn on Lalia; llmo, alott portrait, "t-i Md Ik* MaiyaTa W?-ki Oar hmTb*Tj diaooaat am M>ot? from U* pw Mkora* prioaa tor rub. m*cB m'seel. jj^CBOOL AND COLLBSS OUTFIT?.