Newspaper of Evening Star, 18 Şubat 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 18 Şubat 1861 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS \,jr TLon^b 1 HI Stab 1i printed on the fastest vmcjb prt-ss In use sonth of Baltimore. Its edition *? 90 largo u to require he pot to press at an early henr, A4v?-r i?ementa, therefore, should he iiat in before li o'clock m.; otherwise they may uct arpeer until the nest day. *ot:c*.?District of Columbia Advertisements tc be Inserted in UnButmou Srn are receirrd at and fwmrted from The Star Office. Reii?iocs ?Yesterday the churcbea of the cltf -Arrrr well attended, the morning aerrlcea es pecially, Jf. P. rkuttk, A'tmk street.?Re*. Mr. McFall, of the Methodist Kpiscopal Church, conducted the morn'ng services. preaching from the text of John, 5 40 At night, the pastor, Rev. P Light ' Viltor. preached from the text of Jeremiah, 13th ?-h*p , first clause of (6th Terse, a sermon appro priate to the times The propbet had been de nouncing the Jews for their sina. tad exhorted them to hear what God hid done for them, and not to repel him In the pride of their hearts, and oolnts out In the text the coarse for tbem to pur sue?" Give glory to the Lord your God before he cause darkness " The essential glorv of God was alluded to. It mold not he increased or dimin ished, and the visible reflections of tbla glory were enlarged upon. Tbe ascription of glory to Cod Is a ptivilege snd duty of man We may give u'orv toGod by a practical acknowledgment T?f hi* existence, by seeking after and entertaining proper views of God, by giving tbe beirt to blm ?nd etujai-lng In bis service. The word darkneta !i here used hi a metaphorical sense, and means )i*tlo>ial calamity, though fooietlme* It Implies the Mine of communities, families or individuals. Natlona are pnnlshed in tbla world because tbey have no national uistence In the future. Tbe withdrawal of Gsd's favor results in tbe darkness The speaker advised the reading of tbe 13th chapter of Jeremiah and comparison with our times. He eloquently discoursed of the past history of our country, and attribnted Its prosper ity to tfcefnvor if God. Introducing Washington, end describing Llm in prayer toGod. kneeling tinder the white oak tree, and asking divine aid, relying more upon that than in the skill of his generals or the ftrength ?>f his army. 41 Poll tioi'ina rnav rr> * Va lt?*Kf n t fKa VIWIIV a* .mmy > < UB- a I ^ U< ?'? tUV nvUWK* VI U V times and scum th? rtmedy proposed, but our be loved country is in danger Are thirty million culs of no importance' Great God, live thy people, and save qni< kly !" A fervent prayer wot vff tfd in conclusion for the whole people, the Oacint. the Peace Convention, the State con ventions and Execntlve officers, supplicating the divir.e assistance for them at this time. Capitol ?Rev Dr. Butler, rector of Trinity Church, preached frotn Pbilllppians, 4 22 if there were men who could maintain their Chris tian integrity while surrounded by the pomp, pleasure Mid allurements of Ciesar's corrupt court, the men In high places of to-day have >ot excuse for neglecting solvation The maintenance cf i'h iitisn principles can In no way Interfere with tfco proper performance of duty, and religion should never be excluded from the arena of politi cal lif?- The men who occupy high plac?s in the eyes of the world could. If tney professed the re ligion of the gcspel, exert a more powerful in fl nence for good upon the world than the minister cf the i'0?nei from the milntt WVj/fy Chapel.?Rev. Saml. Dickson, of Alex andria. Va , preached In the morning, upon the operation and effects of faith, from the text of Hebrews. 11.8. Re* Mr McCaoley, at night, preached from Acts t.ll?The coming of Christ. M'tkchst E Church South?Rev Wm G. Croes, P E , conducted the service of the dar, and preached from lat John, 4 8, "God i?love '> At night, from Mark ti 6. St Paul's Lutkrran Church.?Rev. J.G. Cutler i pastor ) preached in the morning from John. *.! 17. At ni^ht. Rev. Mr Flncke, of Pennsylvania, preached from Daniel, 3 16,17 and 18. Church of the Ascension ?At night, Rev Mr. Pinckney preached from Rev? lationa, 7 17. fore shadowing the joys that await the truly righteous tfltr death. Assemhijr's Church ?Ref. Varni:m D. Collins preacbefl Id 1I?* morning Irom Mark, 5 W), and at i>!ght discoursed upon India. Trk Pbaci Cosfsrxmci ?On Saturday, in the Peace Conference, Mr. Baldwin, of Conn., moved to substitute his proposition for a National Con vention, In lieu of Mr. Uuthrie'a proposition, re> ported from the committee. He sustained bis motion in an elaborate speech, in which b? re viewed the condition of affjira and the cauaes which bad produced them He believed theonly remedv now was a National Convention. Any other proposed remedies would fall to meet the wishes of the two House* of Congress. Mr. Guthrie, of Ky , opposed the motion In an able aptech, and supported the report of the com mittee. of which he was chairman. He urged upon the Convention spe?dy action. There was no time to be lost. If the Convention really In tended to adopt measure* which would restore peace and KoJd brotherhood between the States, thev ought to do so at once. Mr Curtis, of Iowa, followed, bat did not sus tain either the caJl of a National Convention or the report of the committee. It was a disquisition ipon political affairs generally, and could be In terpreted to mean everything or nothing, as the oHr might be The question next aroae as to what the report of t%e committee meant respecting the Territorial question. It was contended by several?among vuLntn was Reverdy Johnson?that It not only applies to our present Territories, but to future acquisitions also; and with that view he (Mr Joiinson) should move an amendment so as to ex clude territory hereafter to be acquired The debate was kept up to nearly 3 o'clock, vUn tiey adjourned until this morning at eleven Mock ?*.RKAn* ? i errapin ts a aim peculiarly lndl to this section of country?to tbat border lay ttie waters of the Chesapeake. Ileynnd all <?Mfctlon, when properly prepared, it i* equal In nftor to any edible known to the history of tbe wgrli. 1 L? Romans of (Id. who were famous as history tells, have donated to us tbe nw'tf half a dozen somewhat similar edible pNfftMtious. which now live only In tbe memory through history. We are among those believe that "terrapin" Is destined to an VftT*'-"' Nine as wide spread as tbat of tbe KMtfifd choice dishes of any of the feats of the vfftMre&ns of the aute-Cbrtstian era of Rome. jiNfrnow, there are thousands of strangers here wh* have never tasttd ' terrapin." We advise than, before leaving Washington, to go to Gau ffer's and call for it He prep ires it in a style that was never surpassed, and ?f?er eat! ig it at Lis >isit they will duly comprehend wny terrapin baa Or half a century past been tbe favorite dish la the region of country tbc shores and waters of *Mch produce the finest eating known to the erttU/ed world. Tub MBTBoroLiTA.i Policb Bill ?We learn that the section of the original Metr?po'ltan Police Bill, authorizing the appointment of sixty night police, t<J be paid an annual salary of six hundred dntta-i each, to be paid out of the treasury of the United States, sod appropriating the sum of Stt.OUi for the payment thereof, has been replaced in to- substitute recently reported by the House CoDUilttee on the District of Columbia. The rlaaae as reported the other day, authorized the coaMBissiourrs to ux the people to defray the ex ;?aadpt the Metropolitan force, and to issue etr tift^hr* of indebtedness, if necessary, to d fray HMfj^usr The bill requires other radical Juieuts to link* it acceptable to this com ky; In fact, a measure better calculattd to odium upon (he party introducing it could noteas'ly have been devised Washington city !M(kd with a police of notorious incompetency, rplKHl lod luperlnteDdrd at propoted by *?. all feel that it will be merely substituting 6rkfor King Log. Smdat School AnmiuiT.?The anni*er ^Mgtfxfrclses of the Monday School attached to tGCr?urttl Presbyterian Church were held yester day afternoon In the body at that churcn, and ?Mt#1argely attended The exerc lata commenced ?Mk the singing of a Sabbath School cborua by i auptla, after which prayer waaofl'ered by Rev. if Hmlth. Au interesting history of the or Ixttioa and pi ogress of the school was then en by Super!atendent M H. Miller. A sweet waa then sung by the Infant class attached to the school, w be a Rev V. D. Collin*, of the Assembly's Church, addressed a few remarks to It*** hildrea, which were liatened to with great Urntlon Rev Dr Smith alao (poke to the chll i, after wh'ch the hymn? My country 'eta of thee? Sweet l?n<X of liberty? Of thee I alng,'? waa ions by the entire congregation, all rlalnz to teir feet. Tat Fcsmal of Mr. John BobUyer,yeaterdav afternoon, waa attended bv the 6rai*d Lodge and Harmony Lodge, No. #, I O. O P., with Proa per: 'a bud of muatc, aud two trlbea of Ked .Men. With martial mualc. After rellgloua exeretaea at tb? Louae of the deceaaed by the Rev. Meat a. UBniB aad Efflnger, tbe corpae waa conveyed to til Cougreaa|.>nal Cemetery, where the crremo ntoa of tbe Odd Kellowa and Red Men were per f*ni d. and tbe body Inter re* tOrr IkMtirra't Coxm:??iox ? It is said ttet a . cxntinttee. cousistlag of Mtssrs Geo VV. RiQi Jm M Carlisle and Robert Ould, walt-d o0ib>- President of the lulled States tut Friday eesalag In reJ-^o* to the return to the Wax De pAtm-nt ?>f tb?- commission of Capt. Hehaeffer is 4Mfll in the District of Colnmbia militia, sad iwTw? lal?*i?w rtult?d In "an order from the PrNM'Ht for another commission to ho made out. YVi t?i> ?The firoprieif of a general observance lull's city of the approaching anniversary of the r.irttdav of Waahliiginn was uryod ia thla pap r oui- tiuie since, but while there seems ?n wi|. verbal desire that the d?y should be so eeielyaled, there -or? not seem to bo any active movement to that eod It is lime that stops should be U*?t> at W#. 1/ there Is to he a celebration Th* Inacgttratios ?We ?ar* on Sat urday tbs dimensions and otber particulars rrlative to tha ball-room to be erected by Angus k Lewis for the Inauguration ball. W? learn that tbe building wlllbe covered with a felt roofing and lined inside wltb white muslin, or red, white, and blue, to be hereafter determined by tbe com iTilttee of arrangement*. Tbe orchestra will be large enough to accommodate sixty musicians The main ball will be capable of holding eight thousand persons. Tbe bdiidlng will cosf, when finished. *5 'wo; upholstery, ?1.()U0; supper. *3.(M>. Including wln???; music, probably Dod worth i, >1.200; gas-fitting, chandeliers. Ac , >-.K? , doorkeeper*, attendants upon drawing room*, hall, incidental expenses, Ac , 85?>? total *11,500. Contracts, we learn, have been made with Gau tler to furnish the supper, J. \V Thompson A Co the lighting, and John Alexander the uphol stery atiddecorations Messrs Phllp A Solomon will furnish the Invitation cards The design of the invitation card Is yet incomplete, though suf ftciently ad ranc?d to show that it will be of much elegance and tastefulness The heading Is em blematic of Union, and consists of the eagle with ! extended pinions holding in his beak a scroll, with the motto " E Plwribus I'num," and In his talons the olive branch and arrows, and beside him the shteld. These emblems are represented in a blaze of light or glory, emanating from the constellation of stars representing the States of the Union by which thevare encircled. Overall, In large and beautiful ornamented characters, are engraved the words "Union Bsll." The succeasof the ball seems to be guaranteed beyond question by the tact that all the arrangements thus far have been pla-ed In most responsible hands. The grouna for the ball-room was broken this morn ing with aboat one hundred hands at work, and the job progresses rapidly, of course. Theatm ?The immense bouse of Saturday night is lik?ly to be duplicated to-night. from the fact that Miss Cuihman Is to appear In Shak spare's play of Henry VIII?not as "Queen Kath arine," ner role of last week?but a?' Cardinal Woolaey;" Mi? Alice Mann representing the Ciuwn on this occasion. The success of Mi*s Ciuhman has been culminating nightly, until the tbeaW does not afford capacity for a tenth part of those anxious to see ber To-morrow night ends her engagement In this city, affording the last opportunity of seeing her ere she quits the stage. Manager Glenn, with good judgement, will further vary his bill of f>re by introducing to us on Wednesday night a comedy actress whose beauty, vivacity, and versatility are of the mar velous order?so report says. Obphass' Coubt?Judge Purcell.?The busi ness of tbe court on Saturday was principally of a routine character, and the Judge and Register were kept quite busy during tbe first hours. J alius A Bohrer, K?q , gave bond as the executor lkA U.t?.lll ? A a ? - *"? ? - ui .uc iui win ouu icauiineiu 01 ?amuei Jamei, dece**ed. The estate, after tbe payment of debts, i* bequeathed to the children of hla brother, John J. James The bond is required of course on the personal, not the real estate, which passes directly to the heirs. The case of the boy Minor, who was bound by two separate Indentures, was taken up, and after hearing the witnesses present, the case v-as continued till Tuesday- nextfor decision. Dr. Ritchie made the required oath as adminis trator upon tit t-state of the late Win. Deeth, of Georgetown, D. C Ixcixdmkiks 15 th* First Wits -Saturday night, about 12 o'clock, tbe dwelling of Mr. H. C. Wilson, on Twenty-second street, near the Avenue, was set on fire. Fortunately, it was dis covered and extinguished before It had made much progress. An hour later, a dwelling on Twenty-fourth street was llred In the same w?y ; and this also was extinguished. Three different sheds-one on Twentieth street : another h^lnnt/. lng to Mr. J. B Turton?were set on Are, In the same Ward. Hu the Mayer taken any sVps, by offering rewards or otherwise, to detect this gang of incendiaries ' National Volunteers? We are informed that application has been made to Maj.Oen'l Weight man for commissions for the officer!, and arms for the men of this noted organization. Doubtless the General will consider the application, and return an answer when he has done considering it. The uniform of the Volunteers consists of a grey frock coat and pants, with red trimmings; buttons gilt, and bearing the Maryland coat of arms: the cap Is a fatigue, of the modern style, with a red top. Ncwlt Elected Officer*?The National Rifles have elected Chas. Forsyth orderly sergeant of this corps, in place of A D. Davis promoted to a v'd lieutenancy; Mr. Webb, ;}d lieutenant, in place of Henry Noe, resigned; Geo. Tboinis Cox, 3d corporal, in place of Webb, promoted; atid Hudson Taylor, paymaster The National Rifles are making extra preparations for the parade on the 22d Inst The Circuit Cocrt drcided on Saturday, in the c*te of Davis rj. Bibb, after argument by counsel, that where a Lady during marriage makes a contract In reference to her separate estate, and subsequently, after the death of her hunltand, promises to pay the same, she Is liable thereupon at law. Mathews for plaiutifT, and Thrift for de fendant. Scdie* Death i* the Central Guardhouse Yesterday afternoon a man named Pickerel was picked up in the streets of the Seventh Ward, in a verv low condition, and removed to the Central guardhouse, where he arrived about 4 o'clock. A physician was sent for, as the man appeared to be par.thzed and stiflering with cramps. But before * doctor was obtained the man died, about 5X o'clock. Police Matters?Btfor* Justice Donn ? Kd ward Hoy and Rudolph Grant gen were arrested hy policemen Gill and Beitiell, in the Seventh Ward, yesterday, for fighting a stone battle and breaking lamps. They w?re each fined *6.15 Mary McCann was arrested by policeman Ross. for petty larceny la the Center 'Market. She was committed to jail. Central Guardhouse Cask*?B'fort Justice Donn ?Sunday, Geo YYInana wa? brought out for trial for beinn drunk and disorderly; ordered to p:?v a fine and costs of S3 15.* John Kelly, do ; do >5. John VVes'on, do ; do. 82 15. Peter Gorman. do ; do. #6 15. Mary Ware, (col ,) do ; po 15. Margaret Kcki, do ; do. S3 15. Wi wuCLD bkmijid our readers of the birth nliiht ball of Company A. National Guard ilat talinn, on the 2*<id. The list of managers embraces some of the beat name* in the city. Whoever spends an hour with Company A upon that oc casion will not regret it. Seethe notice in another column. Otstkks ?See Mcintosh's announcement of goo-1 things at bts new Northern Liberties' estab lishment He has undoubtedly some of the most succulent and juicy bivalves to be found in this region, tnd knows how to serve them up to a nicety. Thk Youth Hawkiss, mentioned tn the Star as arrested on charge of an attempt to obtain money from the Treasury on a forged check, was, we are informed, a messenger of the Quartermaster General1! Office, instead of the Adjutant General's Office. Look oct for the cotillion party of the George Washington Quadrille Association at Thorn's Hall to-night Tbe young men composing thla association are of the right stripe, and they will undoubtedly do things up handsomely U>-nlght. Railroad Accidijit.?The locomotive on tbe Alexandria and Washington Railroad ran off the track ne;*r tbe Canal bastn, on Saturday. No damage eusued, but tbe train was prevented from making its regular trips. H>vz you seen those Album Cards, taken with a beautiful fancy background, that Whiteburst, 434 Pennsylvania avenue. Is daily making? Re member his prices are arranged to suit the times Thi ?emaijid** of Company I, Second Cavalry, arrived tn Washington Saturday evening, num bering 40 men and horses. Thrv Immediately repaired to tbelr quarter* at B arch's (table. Whoh abe thet ??Officer Keeee baa In hia poaaeaalon a number of gold and silver watches, appoaed to have been atolen. They are left with Juatice Donn to b? Identified. Rev. Johw Loan lectureaat the Smithsonian to night oa Oliver Cromwell An unuaually In teresting lecture may be expected. To Pnioiu whoh Health u Bkokbn Down It tea Uct, *?ut>lished br mtihoal staustioa. thousands of p'rsoos di* from shear debility, with oat aaartal diaaaas. Every suoh disease might un quest'onabii ba prevented if natara were asaiated to raliy with that moat wonderf 1 of all 10 vibra tors. Hoitttter'* Stomach . Bitter*. When the flame of ife wanea aad quivera from exhaustion, hJaiEiatrr thia famous restorative. It will onoe mur<< beoome steady and strong. In the debility whioh lellewa vioeatfever; in diarrhoea d??ente ry. dyspsptio ootn plaints and oholio; in the w*ak ne>? couseqaent upon natural decay, or resulting from free living or over exertion, ana also in thoae d inful and too muoh naglected ailmenta to whioh fadiec ar? axoluaively snhjeet. the Bitters are pre aor be i by moat of oar practising physioians. and never fail to give permanent relief. For sale by druggista and dealers generally every where. re 12 ft ad them tf _ Pertone desiring penniaewi'll always for cxchanje at the Star Office oounter. To trz Afflicted !? Be sure to read the idnr c?rd"1 r Homeopathic R J of Dr. Humphreys *f?o.'? speeifto Ho patMe Romanes rat ?? expressly for family in boxes, at * and ? wnU each. Also, case*, eoataininr ? rials. from M to U rttwcf* ^ sto * y F. B. Winter, oornerof 1 SC^Pa. also byT. B. Winter, oorner <A MasMohusetts are nut and Sixth street. Alao, Pond's Extract of WiUiI Sfd'tfjar"53 x=sav AMUSEMENTS. WASHINGTON THEATER! L??m 9 W. Gmn Ao'ing Manager i.T. R*tmosd THIS EVENING, Potitivsly. Last Niicht but One, Farewell E"i?t?ra ntrf MISS CHARi.OTTK CI'SHMAN, Who will, by reqne?t. apps&r in her art* a ler ful Itn ?er onat'on of CARDINAL WOLSEY, la ? i/tvr? iil'vox* tritt ninu r 1 o.i n 1 mi. !*urp >rteii hy MR J. B STUDLEY. To concede with THE SVVI?S COTTAGE. Natx Ticok Mr. Raymond Lissette (with scugs)....??.....M?s Mary Shaw MISS JOEY GOUGENHE1M, The btautifal, brilliant, and accomplished Come dienne it 9'Mt<d aad will aapear on WEDNESDAY NEXfr It o D D FELLOW S' HALL! * THE NIGHTINGALES. Mil* Fa*!?y Fobkbkt, (Authoress of Gay and Happy,) Little Ella. Kiehard Parker, Frank La Folle, Fanner Bustor, and numerous other Artistes, FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT TO-MOR ROW A FTMR NOON, at S o'click. For Ladies and Children. Admission 15 cents ; clii'drei 10 oenta. A new and delightful programme FORTY BEAUTIFUL PRESENTS. Of unusual magnificence. This afternoon nrrs*i:t? > to th? A superb Alpine Glacier Silk "rta* for 15 oenta, Set* of rich Jewnry, Silver Ware, Elegant Ornaments. Ac. splendid ENTERTAINMENT TO-night. It Admission Two D.ines. BALLS, PARTIES, &c. Grand union ball or THI Federal Bifles, At FRANKLIN HALL, corner 9tk and D stt., FRIDAY evening. Febrnary 2td. The Federal R ides, in announcing this Ball, moat reopeoifully solicit a lib-ral share of the pa- * tr<>ia<e of their fellow citiiens, as nothing JS will be left undone on th'ir part to msaeeaoh#M ai.d every o- e tha'. may honor them with theirWA presence enjoy themselves. No invitation osria wi 1 be eent out, and the ladies are oordiaily in vited. Ticketa One Dollar, admitting a pent eman and ladies. * Managers onpart of the Military Wil. en. G?n R C \Voightm*n( Capt Coi J Y D%vis, Capt Col J A Tan. Capt Thtaai:lton, Col S J Middleton, Capt t?erhaidt, L, 10nt C<?1 Sonwarzeman,'-apt Ba'bacli, Capt Rutherford, Capt S W Owona Capt I.em Tower*, Capt P M Dubant, Caot K C Stevens, C*pt T B Sohaetfer, Capt K (I CarrioKton, Capt HH Hint, Capt Hen dereon. On part of th* Citizens. C&ft Kelly, Opt Goddard, Capt Berry, Capt Marka, Capt Kodier, Capt Arnold. Hon J G Berret, Hon W W Sraton, Richard \Val:aoh, Eaq. Ben Ogle Taylor, Ea<i. J M Carliaie, Eaq, Geo 8 Gideon. Eaq. vv D Wallach, Eaq, Jno $av<ge, fcaq, Lewis Clephane, Thoa Donatio. E?q, Sainl Lewis, Keq, t erdmnnd Butler, Eeq, Woodlord Stone, Esq, Dr J B H ako, Wm T Dove, Erg, Graf'on Powell, Eaq, Dr J E Morgan, C J Burrh. Ecq, Geo H Plant, E'q, M. Smith Lincoln, Eaq, Jno P Hilton, Esq, Jno Petti bone, Eaq, Jno T Given, Eeq, Jno F Coyle, R Doyle, C W Cunningham. itn pnrt of (he Company. Cap? J H Dub&r.t, Quarte master Quintar, Liout (iooduoh, Paymaster J E Stuart. la 1??It* jyjILITARY andCIVIC B1RTHNIGHT BALL Company A, Nat l Guard Battalion, To l>e e i ven at tin ASSEMBLY ROOMS, FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2Sd, 1861. Company A. National Guard Battalion, beg moit respectfully to announce to their many frieq>1s H ami the public that their Annual Bali wiiljn take place at the Assemb'y Rooms, FR1 /U 1>A Y. February Utt The Company pledge themre!ve? that nothing hall he wanting on their part to make this one of I ho most agreeable And on. Managers on the JasG Berret, Mayor, W m T Dove, Grafton Powell, Richard Wallaoh, Georj* W Riggs, Pr Jos Borrows, Henry W Martin, Cornelius Boyle, D B Clark, J no F Kllis, Or R Cleary, Oiho Boswell, Thus MoGrath, L F Cia?ke, Saml K Dou* ass, JamesG Ellis, Joseph L Pearson, Wm H Ward. Juo H Seinmes, P MoNerhauy, Job W Angus. K C Dyer, Wm Mrown, Chas Abert, J F Hiionfl. ir. pleasant Balls of the part of the Citizen*. Jas Skirving, J no A Stephenson, U J French, G Cameron, J awes Brown, Thos P Morgan. B P Smith, Wm A Mul oy, Ut J E Wiliett, Adam Gaddis, J no T Given, Geo Jiliard. James Gordon, Henry Polkinhorn. Hnoson Taylor, Wm P Batly, J fc. Ho.mead, Jos Red fern, Thos J Fisher. Wm B Webb, >?aml Pumphrey, Reuben Clark, J no C Cook, Geo H Plant, J K A r.ttll Alex Bull?',' W G Mttierott, J Mol Mar ingert on tke Mij Gen Wmghtinan, Maj Gea Force, Brig tien Hickcy, Brig (icn Bacon, Brig Gen (Juid, Brig Gen C&perton. A?)j Gen Joneu, Inspector Gen dtone, C?j1 T&it, Co! Davis, C<?l 'oxe, Col i h M'-rgan, F Mohun, Thus i.ewia, bar. son. art of the Military, Col M i<Uil-ton, Col Bright, Col Fa lm stack, Coi Hoover, Lieut Col t*chwarxeman. l.ieut Col Peck. I i?ut Col Kan'n Coyie. I.ieur Col Holuiigtwort'i, Mnj \V?tt, Mnj Wallach, Maj Klopfer, Maj Williams. \jtnn-m\iire aj ^rromrtmnlli, LientTELl yd, Lieut Kane, Lieut K 8 Alien, Capt .McKiin, Cipt Kins, Lieat Bar Iter, Lieut Lacker, Lieut Lighter, - Lieut ula: k. Extcultve Committee, Ensign B F Lloyd, Private Juo Ho'brook. Sergt Bartle, Private 1 hj? l.aroomhe, Private J0U11 Crook. Sergt K. II. GRAHAM, Treat. TICKKT* ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentle nun ?nd ladiet. l?? 15-*?t GHAMDRAI.L lO BE GIVEN BY MADAME FELIX, on MONDAY EVENING. Februa j f8.h, 18CI, at Vibdt's Hall, corner of Tenth aud E treats. Sioketa One Dollar?to bj had at the door. 15 a* 1 One Dollar. si?si?si?s>-*i-si-si-si-si-si: si?si?si-si?*i-si-si?si?si? sr. 4T6 Pa. A v. EVANS'S. 476 Pa.Av. YOUR CHOICE of ANY ARTICLE of JEWELRY IN OUR stork for ONE DOLLAR. BPLKNDID ASSORTMENT. Elegant CARBUNCLE Set? for $1 Elegant LAVA..... .................. Sets for 91 Elegtnt GARNET Sete for ?1 Elegant JET ?? ? ...Sfta lor SI Elegant CORAL and GOLD. Sets for $' Elegant MEDALLION Pets for 91 Elegant RIM MOSAIC... Sets for 91 Elegant PLAIN GOLD Seta for 91 Ladies'GUARD CHAINS for 91 Ladies' CHATELAINE CHAINS for 91 Ladies' NECK CHAINS....? _for 91 Gent's VEST CHAINS, (10 dilTerect patterns) % for 91 LARGE LOT OF PLATED WARE. . oonsisting of TABLB.TEA and DKSERT SPOONS, FORKS, CREAM PITCHERS, CAKE BASKETS, CREAM LADLES, TEA SETS OF KNIVES and FORKS, BUTTER KNIVES, CUJP8, *o., &o. Also; A Large Assortment ol JEWELRY, whioh we oan sell at SO oents per article. BOOKS-BOOKS. CLOS'NG OUT OUR STOCK AT A GREAT SACRIFICE. 41.00 BOOKS Selling for............. 50 oen'i #1.25 BOOKS Selling for . 60 to 75 c-nt?

#*.00 BOOKS Selling for .61 to 3125 NOW IS YOUR TIME to eiT BOOKS and, JEWELRY LOWER THAN EVER BfaFORE. CALL EARLT AT 4T6 Pa. Av. EVANS'S. fa IS tr A VEK\\miS BKTltlM-UCTAVE riANO, A h?TiB| b*?n lmitf hw wMki only, will sMw-ss'i tha Mat to (Mora of W. G. METZKROTT. fall j UMI OFFICERS. PETTY OFFICERS, AND Hm mm wko w?re on board o| any U. 8. ikiM ?t tha uahira of ut tltTar au mm their alunn for Bounty UN Hud Money promptly attended to i liSBSBAV^ c- K WA,J.L^ f WAN YVAN'TKD-A oompptert M RSEanl SE*M " 9 rRF,?S. who oan aom? w? I resomm'ndad App'T at 386), C ?t., north aide, betvsea 3d and 4fc street*. le ? at" VI/ANTED-A SITUATION, by a re?p?ctabU " woman, a* cook, masher and or a fm%t; family. Good refer^ne'". Apply to J Mo QAKVtiY, oorner K an4 gttli at*. It* YVANTED-A rood WHITE <JIRL thai c?n *? wain and iron for a ?m\l arrilr. Mu'tiome vfU r?oon>mended. App. j at the Star office. h 18 3t* _ WANTED-A GIRL, abont 10 ?f a^s of ato. to ? nmaX iu the housework o' a ?uisti lanmy. A f n!j at the first briok house on Fiurtsenth stro t alK'W P it. fe 18 Jt* VV ANTED? By a respectable young girl, a 8IT UATiUN as nurse or chambermaid and do plain sewing. Has go objection to travel. B??t reference given. Address Box 18, Star Office, lor two days. fa 16 2t* WanTED-HA!*d3 to crnb. Apply ti BU TT SEV A BAKiMARIi. Georgetown f? 15 3t WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?A throushly "" oompeteot COOK. Arpijr to Mrs. UKOWGK PtKKKli ? il AT-i WANTED IMMEDIATELY?From ?5 to 510,000 worth ol SECOND-HAND FURNI TUR K of all kind*, for which 1 will guaranty to pa; the highest prioea, and, a* uiual, at the ahorteat no tioe. R. BliCHLY, Dealer in Furniture, Stoves, Ao., oo 9 4 08 7th ?t.. bet. G and H eaat tide. \I7ANTED-8ECOND HAND FURNITURE. " Peraooa declining housekeeping, or having aaarplua of Furniture on hand, oan obtain theo*ah and fair prioea by applying at 369 Seventh at. no 17 ? BONTZ A GRIFFITH. LOST AND FOUND. A |AA REWARD?Ran ?*m from the aul? aoril>er. near Baena Vista Pout Of ?:?. Prince George'a county. Md., on th" fl'h (CI inat. NEGRO MJ?N vv.i 1 am Pinith A1 lan n about 84 jeara old; black; 4^ a litt'e round-shouldered; at out 6 f et hi?h;?2J^ lightly hard of hearing; very polite to strangera. Dre*a, light fulled cloth pants, linsey striped vent and gray p*** jacket He has a wife at Co onel Odec Howie's. William Smith is about 5 f-et a inches huh, ?trai|ht ar.d rather atoutly bui't; color between dark brown and black; area about S5 years; very po.ite, but Ira a decrtful look. William baa alao a wife at Col. Bowie a and a father at W J Berry's in the Forreat, Prince George'a county. Dress, a pea jacket of fulled cloth ar.d panra of ths same. I will give $50 a piece reward if tak'n in Prinoe George's courity or the Distriot of uafombia, and a pieoe si taken in any tree State. In every case they most be deliver* d to me at Dladcnaburg, or secured so tbat I g'tthem again. fe 18 N* MARTHA. A DUCKETT T NOTICE. HE Following Notes were atolen from or de atroyed in the office of the undersigned on the 13th instant. All per?uns are cautioned against recaiv UK ?' puron?sinn mo ??me. II Ottered. A uote of A. Aldnch, dated January lit, 1861, at 90 days, A note of W. H. Harrover, for 81S?, 6><!ay? from Janusr* lot, 1861, 2 not ( f James Wormier, for .550each, at 3) and W> days from February 1st, A note of Petflr Krr.rtoh. tor $43, at 60 days from December 20th, 1860, A n"tn of tieorce R. Ha!!, from Deoember ixtti, at 6>< days, for $R3, 2 n< tes of J P. Dennis, for 850 each, at 30 and Go days, and one for 873 63. at 4 months from Jan.. A not?) of W. H. Thomas, for 837 06, at 60 days ftom February 7th, 1B61. The al.ove payable to our order. 9 notes of 9. J. Thompson, datod April 5 1857, pay able to order < f J. \V. Fitzhugh, for $3" each, 2 notes of J J. Sh?dd. for A9Mi ?*/>h ? to h i# mmths from July 5, I860. J. B. WARD A BRO , fe 1*> 3t Twe'fth and Canal sts LOST?On Fifth or G street. a HAIR~BRA^"E LKT with & gold cla*p. The fiider will he rewa dod and recivethe thanks of th1* owner bv leaving it at the banemectof Assembly's Church, comer o( Fifth and 1 sts. fe 15 si BOARDING. SEVERAL GENTLEMEN OR FAMILIES can be aoa mmodated w th pie?sar.t Rooms and Hoard at Mrs WEST'S, 42S H at, betworn ?>th and 7ta Also, Table Boarders. fe5*.?teo* IlOARDINIi.?Persor.B desirous of a cornforta 13 b e home can obtain coo l Hoard and pleasant Apartments on F fctrert, No. 339, between 9th and loth sts. Table Boarders can also be accommo dated. Terms reaeoaab'>e. fe5-^w Wood and Coal ?2 A l.TfiJ CITT STEAM FIREWOOD HILLS ASD COAL DEPOT, Foot or Sbvextksnth Street. Btloxo War Department. IO" WOOD AND COAL of all Kinds. Wood prepared to suit the wants of each customer, or de livered oord length. ITT Coal kept in Coal delivered free from slate, dirt.and other impurities. Personal attention riven to all orders. fe 15-tf T. J. 4 W. M. GALT. G'REAT BARGAINS IN I DAMAGED CLOTHING, -* atthk USITED STATES CLOTHING STORE, 276 P*S5. AVESCB. fe 14 lw Between I ith and 12th sts BIRDS, BIRDS FOR SAl.K.-l tare just re cai o<i a splendid asrortmentof Bird* fronts**. Kurope of German Cnna i-s, English B actftfy Birds, Thrusliei, Uull Pinches, G?-ld Finche>,'*^ Muets, Sky Larks, Ye low Hammer*. I have Parroque?*, J*va Sparrows, Starlen*, the K?"d vMuc*w Parrot an-' jreon a'd grev. 1 hive ,M< ok iii* Bird*. Red Wing Black Bird*, Red Birds, Doves, aud Hobo ink< Price 25cents to 35o Csges o? all kinds f oin 10 c??nta to $li>, at JOHN O'MISARA'S Bird Store, No 566 Pa. avenue, at the Capitol sata. fe9-lrn I HOOP skirtsT HAVE Just received a new supply of Ladies' and Mis?e*" Hoop Skirts of the newest and l^est s.yes. Also, a new supply of Frenoh Corsets. J ou?in'K Kid Gloves at our nsua! low prices. HENRY KUAN, 323 (south side) Pa. av? Vt.6th and ?th sts., 1? ll-6t New Iron Buil :ings. m* l>lliTI.'X HPBIVi: PHI VT7 L.*41 /?-v a ? .1 W .1 A IJf J OPENED THIS DAY. 25 dozen Fine and Medium Shirt Boioma. 50 do?-n Gent?'and l.adi>s' Linnn Pocket Haa<*ker chief? some at ?1.45 p<?r dozen, which are a v?tt Sreat barcair. Rich D?<ainea, Reps, Poplins, and ilk tio<>di at oo-t (?>r ca*h, to which we a<k the epfcial attention of the ladios. J. W. COLLEY k. CO., f* U- 6t 323 Seventh et . above Pa av 1KEAT BARGAINS IN - r DAMAGED CLOTHING, AT THI UNITED STATE* CLOTHING STORE, U7fi PKSN. A VE UK, fe 14-1 w Between 11th and 12th gf. "iREAT SACRIFICE! X BARGAINS!' BARGAINS'!! Having my large ctook of Clothing dama* Al by fire and water laat w?ek, 1 will comn noi thu day 11v riinrinc nlT niv AntirA itnnlr r Atr rri I aos nf swi* t G and so icit all those that wish to prooure a COAT, I PANTS, VEST, in., at le?B than h?lf the original cost, to give ine an earl; call, as the-stock must he sold within 10 days. JONAS GI.IOK, N'\ 274 Pa av- betw. 11th and 12th sts , fe 13 lw Washington, D. C. Another fresh supply of uoojj uooks. J ust received by FRENCH A RICH9TEIN. 278 1'ixn. vkntk. Washington, l ife iq the old Wond by t-rednka Bremer ; 3 vols., l2mo , cloth; prioe $2 50. One of Them by Charlrs Lever, paper 50 cents. Message fom the Sea, by Charles Li tokens, paper 50 oenta The American Quest'on, 12-no , eloth : prioe 6< cents; by mail free on reoeipt of prioe. Heavy die count at our store for cash. fe IS OVAL FRAMES, Ac. Different styles and sixes OVAL FRAMES fo Photographs, PICTURE CdKI) and TASSM.S. tU .it,. oolora tAp*RHANGINGS,all iradea and price", EMNaNTS PA PER HANGINGS, at on* fourth leas than ooat, at JOHN MARKRITER'S, No. 4Stt Seventh at., 8 doo a above ja 2S-eolflt Odd Follow a' Hall. CLARENDON HOTEL RESl'AURANT BENJAvtlN HOBUn 'ega lure. t. i..form hi* friend* and the pulicj gfueral.y that he haa taken ai d fitted' up ina auperuT ma tin-r the Restau rant at the toutheaat corner of eon. aveuue and Hxth atreet He will at all tiinea tx prrrar dto nerve al who may favor him with i ca l. with the Ix-at WINES, LIQUORS and 01 G A RS. M well aa OYSTERS GAME a d othe delioaoiMof theaea<ou. fe 4J m I_? TAKE NOTICES WI LL Take a l kinda of Virginia money for mj book debta aud for Boota, Shoes, and Trnnka. Al perauna mdob ed to me will pleaa* oaH and aettli up, or I ahall be compelled to giv* their acoounL f.V. L. a / . - - -a illiu uiiai ui i ounocwi, 8. P. HOOVER. Iron Hall, no 21 J'v *?.. between 9th and I'Hh ?t? IPOR TWO WEEKS LONGER WE 8HAL1 continue to run off our whol# etock of noi Dre?? G<>od?. and Cloakr, m faot, ali Wiu ter G.xxU it eoit, nnu> at 1m* for ?a*n,in o dei to o om out thi* month. Call at one* ifT^H wi?l the aitiolw at the loweat prioea. _ _ J. W. > OLLEY k. CO., fell 3J3 Seventh at.ahov* Pa. av. fUtT JLRCKIVKJJ AT FRKNCH * RICH J 8TMN, 178 Pcnn.avenue, Washington." rh< pickwiok P?p?r?," being the irat of the elejao ?o?a*?oiii<! edition ortM works or CMries mok ?m; ii!nstr?ted by T. O. C. D*r if and Johu Oil tort. Riverside pr- ss. C?ll ard examine th?m. Also. ? u* snpp[r of T wr, the finest edition pa H s Imutrated Cow fel lull ? GEORGETOWN. Corretffmdtne* of Tks Star. Giomitows. February I?. 1961. The MiftgMtton of "A Military Subscriber." In 9atnrday*f Star, that the military procMaion on the vttd tnitsnt should Tisit our city, 1* a cool our, and we bop* will harp the effect intended Georgetown la seldom honored by a visit of milt l tarv or civic processions from her sistor city, and i our r-laima should be taken into consideration at this time for several reasons. In the first place, a military spirit la prevalent here, and we have t several companies which, for patriotiam and mil itary /cal. w|H compare favorably with any in the couiiirv We had lately the pleasure of witneas inga drill by that excellent company, tbe Poto mac Light Infantry. Capt Mr Kenny, and find there la a decided improvement in the corpa in tbe lsat few montba. In many thing* they are equal to the crack rompaniea which have vlaittd , Washington ar.d been ao lauded In tbe nrws pspers Company A, Anderson Riflr*. Cantaln Rodier, we have *?en on the street with Mil men in the ranks, and their marching waa equal to that of veterans. An officer who has teen them all sssnres ua that thl? company, a* well as company B, Cant. Jones, the Csrrington Home Guards, Capt Goddard. and the Scott Rifle*, Capt Berry, all are progressing with great rapidity In the acquisition of a knowledge of military tactics, ana that they would do credit to any community. The same might be said of the Georgetown Mounted Guard. Capt Stuart, who, at their parade on Bridge stmt a few days since, acquitted them lelVes with great telat. Some of theee companies will no doubt be prepared to take a place in the procession, If one is contemplated. Another reason we should not be overlooked is that our citizens are devoted to the I'nion and cherish the memory of Washington, and would like to parti eipite In any movement In honor of tbe day And still another reason is that there are several objecta hWe well worth a visit. There la the new and beautiful bridge across Rock Creek; and that ataunch Union man, Mr. Robert King, superin tendent of the water works, says he will not only have the national flag flying, but la preparing a fountain at tbe bridge which will be (i operation on that day. Then there la that unique looking object, the high service reservoir. Lieut. Morton has had tbe walk* and terraces around It all "graveled with cinders," ai an lr!?h friend says; and if the march ia not too far, arrangements will be made for the troons to form there, which wonld be a sight worth looking at. Will they come* The young jrentlemen of the Georgetown di vision of tbe National Volunteer organization, anxious no doubt to perfect themselves In tbe military art, proceeded on Tuesday evening to their room (or what was their room) In Forrwt Hull, but found tbe door seenrelv fastened. thus barring all Ingres* On iuquiry tbev were in formed that the Government bad leased the entire building, and the room they wanted was already occupied, the ac outretnents of Company 4, An derson Rifles, being stored therein They de parted, but whether they drilled, and if so, whereabouts, are questions we are unable to answer Capt Kodler has the key of that room, we understand. It looks very much as tf the Georgetown division is to share the fate of the parent Association in yoar city, which seems like a "Zincalf,'- to have no permanont abiding place; or t be like the ilert sent out by father Noah from the Ark, which ' found no rest for the sole of her foot;" but that similitude goes no further. GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS 'V"**NOTICE.?On tia? Foirth Monday o' this j 7 month?being the 25th instant?an Election will be held in th* several precinta of t?eorgetown, for Mayor of the Town, and for eleven members to compose the Board of Common Council, fe 13 3tawtd WM LAIKD, Clerk._ GEORGETOWN MAYORALTY .?To O prevent any doubt, at the in?t*i.ce nl mj fiieiid*. I hereby *ive notice tliat I siiall mot ?i b draw as a candidate for the mayoralty at tue eneu ing election. fe 14-tf RICH A RPR. CKAWKO R D_ SOLD FOR FREM.HT.-Eight bbls. APPLES ami ON ION ? received from Boston ?omc two months ?i noe, marked Francis Carter to A. I.iw rence, in store, and if not ctl ed for immediately, will be told for ireislst and expenses. HARTLEY A BKOTHER, fe 14-4t 99 and 101 Water st.. Georgetown m i a c.k i" r K itii- w n i v.: 1*1" " AND ALE WIVE*. 5< barrels Extra No. i LABRADOR HER KINO so do. ne 1 do. do. 117 d?. N'n.3 spm! mackerel. 72 do. No S meoium dn. 15 illf. bbls. do. do. do. 5 do. No. 1 do, 5 qr bbls. No i do. 10 kits No. 1 do. lo small kits No. 1 do. 10 do. No. 1 SALMON lo kits No 1 do. Ail of which we look for next wwk p?r schooner Marjr Ann M&^ee, and will be sold on ple??ing terms on or before arrival. Also, in store? eastportaod Boston her rm?, Gippe-J herritic. moremichi Extra No. 1 A'ewtvea Arp i to hartley a fro? fell-zw 99 and 101 Water st.. <?eorgetown. Philadelphia draught ale.-wc are daily leoeivi % fresh supplies of Masrey, Col lins a <*o.*? nmiv?lm i'hi in. * in winch we are ready to deli verr to cuai*>niera for ca?n. (leu) ARMY A SHIN'N. MONEY. MONEY?All persona who have the cash can l>uy a >uper;c?r artjole oi unadultera ted C1DEH. guarantied to be the pare juice ol the aspics, by applying to fr8 ARXY k. gHlNN. JUST RECEIVED? 10 hhd?. prime Porto Rioo SUGARS, lfin bbla. niil Rye WHISKY, SO fcbla. HERRING and ALE WIVES. SO bbla. Crushed and Refin?d ?UG ARs. 3" bags Rio and Java COFFEE, lohhdKjiiciw priced) MOLAS'SFS. For aale by JOHN J. BOGUE. te IP ^HERE'S A BETTER TIME COMING! Viotimaof Self Ahoae and Secret Duea?ea ahould appiy at SUL MAN'S Southern Medical H<>u?e. under the Clarendon Hotel, corner rsxth atreetand I'*, avenr.e, immediate') opposite th^ Hotel, and trv Dr. S?outhey'i> Celebra'ed l<ondon at _ : ?V?u ? > 1 ? ;?i?fj!cixir?*. i ii*-* are wirraiiio.* i?? curt* i C most viru.wt forms of Uoniorrhcea, tilett. Syphi:i?, Nocturnal hinissions, Strictures, and Weakness of the Bladder in 3 to ?i da> *. The Remedies c.\n be soot by mail. Office hours from 9 a. m. to 10 p m. ja 28-1 m The boruer states; their power and duty in the present disordered condition of the country; by the Hon. John P. Kennedy. Price 10 cents; sent by mail ior 12 oents t> any ad dress. BLANCHA KD ft-MOHUN, fe 9 Corner Pa. av. and Eleventh st. Ladles, Call Early RIDDlVs ORIGINAL 91 STORE, RIDDLE'S ORIGINAL $1 STORE, Bo. 308 PENNA. AVENUE, o. 3051 PENNA- AVENUE. Additional invoices just received of New and Beautiful Jewelry. Fro* (Its Kxtiii Stot? at these unheard of prioea will p!*aee oall early at our ORIGINAL ONE DOLLAR STORK. 302 Poena; I varan avenue, bet\?eeu 9th and loth street* D yv. RIDDLE. 117 Remember the ft umber?.10*?as ve have no connection witu uthera, professing to eei! at oar prioea, iu this oity. Reoeived thia dav a larre invo:o* of SILVER WARK, oonsistmg of Breakfast and Tea Sete; Ca>dand Cake iiaskeU; Patent Strap Pitchers; Butter JJishes: Fruit Knives; Tea Knivea, Forks; Table, Deatert. and t etv Spoon?; Tol>?ooo Boxes; Sugarand Cream Spoons; Napkin Rings; Butter Knives, in sete and ?ingle:Kn?'? and >-orks, in ?t?: lue Cream. Pie and Fish Knives; Breakfast aod Dinner Castors; Double and Single Saits; a lance variety of Plain, t.haeed, and Gilt Goblets, Cups, *c. Ail the M>ove articles to beeold with out regard to origioal cost, at from 91 to #30, and warranted to be what they are represented. and fnlly 100 per oeat. lees than they eaa be bought. 36-tr 308 Pa. av.. hat- tth and 1th eta. , D REMOVAL. R. M UN SON Has removed hie Office to No. 804 Pennsylvania avenue, next door vest> of Ellis's Slas.e Store. fit eo HeaUTIFUL AND VERY CHEAP. 'curtain materials at a sacrifice. The stock aov oa hand at the old store of CLA. B SETT * DODB0N of alt kind* of >nUj mkI d* ttrat>l? ?f rials for Parlor, (Having and othar rooas Curtains is ?UU ran snfl*H.aad ta n?* ?f the utaU of the timna will ba sold or at a vary raia ?UMemlI*r? of Cotfrwi and otbara who iroald add to Ika b*aiit> and oomfort of tMr bona* will find a great saving and advance to make their ?ha?? her?. as the oonoarr mit ba eioeedoatto I Gvass "- ? ^ YOU CAN FOR ONLY K?vu?iyai|^fj|||'s5is. LA VA w>d BfcAU v, j* 1ST SETS. 8KT8, gMff M OSMC SOLDKTONE S VASl^|N^KCHAl>8,fcl null f>?l' ^ * CHIU>KK:\'fe ARMLETS, GENTS' VEST CHAINS, GENTS' WATCH KETS. GENTS' SEA1.S ud CHAINS. ! GEN rs1 SLEEVE B1 TTONS and STUDS, THIMBLES. PENS, PENCILS. KINGS. SILVEH PLATED SPOONS, ; GOBLETS, CUPS. to. Everything id the store new and perfeot, and ) guarantied to bs such a* represented \Lf~ Every article m*n*.fac ured for tke regular retail trad*, <uid warranted to b* the same quality aa ia retailed lrom five to thirty dollara each. J YOUR CHOICE FOR ONE DOLLAR. Rc6AK.Di.tas or Cost. " Aa thia grc*t aal% oontinaea but a short time, BArtnnidAKirirr to innnlt th#mi*l VM with Java!rv THE LATEST NEWS. TELEGRAPHIC. Farther fr?? Ewrmpr \ n.. P.K I" Tk. A rl*rd bm to-day with Liverpool dates to the CM iaat She brlatra X 13.H00 la apacle The conference at Maacbeater on ladla aflhlra attrarta considerable attention Vanoua rcaoto tiona ln*r been adopted, one railing oa the Get ernnoent to efTord every encouragement U? Faro pesn trad*ra. p'antaraand rapltaliata Another pro-formal meeting of the abareboidera of the Galwar line baa been held, bat aothing Im portant tranaplred ynfe* Victoria waa to open Parllamcat ?a tba Stb. In peraou. Tbe b*rk Victor Kmmanoel had been wrecked on tbe l(.e of VV^bt. aad flfle?a out of mnetern of tbe crew periabed. Tbe Kmperor Napoleon would open tbe Freafh l.egialatur*- on tbe 4th. It waa rumored that the bullion in tbe iUuk of France baa materially la creaaed The Bot:rae waa flat at fi?f 95c .Nothiag waa known relative lotiaribaldla ra portcd departure from Caprera Tbe aiege of Uaeta roatinned aaapended Tba cauae wat aaaigaed to bean Inauffic'.eacjr of maaoa 1 to carrv it ou It vii reported, vU Route, on the tat. that the Irtng recommenced with vigor on both (I4n It vu said that Francis II bad received letter from Napoleon < ounae lime the K1 ng to retf rv> iifance The King'* reply wa* not known Out of three hundred and aixtv elertlont known of In the south of Italy two hundred and ninety favor a moderate poltcv ft ta aatd that Prince Carignan has gone to Gaeta to negotiate for the surrender cf the fortress The Italian troops In pursuing th- reactionists had entered the Roman states. Sardinia baa demanded the restoration of the aoldie a made prisoner* bv the Papal Zouave*. and baa aelzed the Biabop of Stllnru a b wtage Tbe Debate nn that tbe Italian Parliament will proclaim Victor Kmmanuel King of Italy Immediately after aaaent fell tig It wai thought by acme that Uarlbald! bad cone to Dalmntia. In a retter to bla Kngllab friend* be expreaaed an anxioua wlah to mak' a journey to England to tb*nk tbe people for their material and natloual aid, but be w*a unable to fix tbe time It la aald that the Kmperor of Auatria baa de cided to grant a Constitution to Venttta, which will leave the Government to the lUllana Tbe Spanish Infanta, l>on Juan, baa decided to relinquish bla pretentions to the crown, reserving only the eventuality of being elected by universal suflVage. It is averted that the Pope insiata on tbe extea aion of tbe Pari* Convention on tbe subject of the occupation of Syria Host a. Jau *9 ?Schiaveri, one of tbe cblefr of iuc in. i.uuur iMiiua in Auruw . uu p'i rrrnafrro Tbe fighting continues, and a spirit of revenge Is strongly manifested on both sides Several vll llages tinvp been set on Are and Sardinian o fflcers captured and rut In pieces ! NtrUt, Jan. 29?A popular demonstration baa occurred, and tbe presses of two newspapers have bt-en broken up. L nous, Saturday evening?Tbe funds eloM firm at tbe lift Improvement General Kyre wlU probably be Commanderl n Chief of tbe British forces In Canada. Vir|isls ltat? CstTeattss. Richmond. Feb. IC ?Tbe first business before tbe Convention to-day being tbe reception of resolutions? Mr. Mnrr of Fauquier, Mr. Morton of Orance. tit ^nru*ie 01 tiarrison. >1 r uease oi uoocb laud, Mr Richardson of Hanover, and Mr Flour noy of Halifax, introduced resolution*, which were read ;>nd referred to the Committee on K< deral Melation* These resolutions. generally, whilst expressing a hope that the existing difficulties may be recon riled and the I nlon perpetuated, deuounee the ld?a of coercing in any way the seceding States Conalderabie debate touching national matter* followed, during which Mr. Wise reiterated his policv of lighting in the I'nion, end counselled speedy action. Mr. Moore, of Rockbridge, opposed all haste he would not be driven by tbe North, or dragged by the cotton State*, wLo had acted without con suiting Virginia. He was opposed to coercion, but if tbe seceded States cboose to assnult the Arts, let them take tbe consequences. Mr. Carlisle contended that the Government had never >et attempted to coerce the South. When St was done, the people would resist fUrlda LegisUtare. TtLitiUMii. Feb 10 ?The Legislature ad journed last night. The election or {Senators to the Congress of the Confederated States wu not brought on A bill authorizing the issue of Treasury notes amounting to S5UU.O00 wu passed A Stay law was also paaaed. The Convention will toon be re-convened President McGhee ia here for that purpose The Preaident will aoon recommend Preaident McGhee here for thatpurpoae. [What purpoae la not itited.?Reporter. Fe*i**yIvaaia Tannage Tax. HaRR fbc bg, Feb. 18 ?Tbe bill to commute the tonnage tax on the Pennsylvania Railroad phased the llouae this morning by a vote of 75 to ilaltiaaara ntrkau. Haltimoi*. Feb. 18?Float dull; Howard at. and Ohio $5.12; City Mills WNI firm, red #1 25*1 white SI 40al <*t Corn active; yellow 53a5?t,white 6<iu63-. Provisions steady, meas pork *17.75; prime 413.00 L?rd steady at 10c. Coffee steady at 12al3c Whisky dull at lT^alT^c How York .TTarkiu. Nkw Von. Feb. 18.?Floor lower, State SalOc lower. Wheat lower; white lc. lower Cora lower; mixed 1 cent lower. Provisions quiet. Whisky steady at 17^ai?\c Financial Niw Voek, Feb 16 ? Storks are lower Chi cago and Rock Island 5T\; Cumberland Illinois Ortial share* 7fc\; Lacrosse 16; Michigan Southern 31 K; New York Central 76 fc; Reading 4*2\; Hudson River RR 43JS; Va ?'sT?; Mo ?s #tt. frnt Wkatkbr?The following report of the v rather for tbe morning Is made from the A mar lean Consolidated Telegraph Line to the Smith sonian institution. The lime of obaervattM to -.bout 7 o'clock Fbbkvakt 18,1801. Burlington, Vt overcast, XP, wind S M?-w * err a, N. Y sd6W? pleasant. Washington, D. C clear, wind NW Richmond, Va... cloudy, 41?. Petersburg, Va... clear, cool. tf. AOC VI 1V1A] V ( M Raleigh, N. C cloudy, 45?. Wilmington, N. C cloudy, mild Charleston, ?. C.... clear,'4(7?. Augusta, 6a. ......clear, cool. Sevannan, Ga cloudy, 30?, wind NW Macon, Oa cloudy, cool Columbna, Ga... .....clear. pleasant. Grlffen. Ga cloudy, cool. >ion:gomery, Ala. cloudy. Jackson, Ala .....cloudy Mobile. Ala foggw, 4t?. New Or leant, La cloudy, 51? rrom tub wssy Pittsburg, Pa,.... tnowlng, *6?. Karometer at the Smithsonian at 7 a m ., (cor rected for temperature,) 29.878; at bom, sWJPIO TfctrmocofW-f at 7 a m . 3d*; at noon, 96?. Maximum during 48 hour*, ending a. a. to day. 54*; a Inlamm 48 Fro* Fobt t*cxrta ?A soldier writes from Fort ?nmtrr, Feb. Tib. aa follow* ?' We expert to be attacked every day They haw not quite flniahed tbeir batteries Tbey are building one about 1,400 yard* from oar fort, la Imitation of the Iron abipa built now la Kurope, ao that we hall have a piece of bard work to dualis^t. 1 expect we aha 11 have an attack before ?PeM? reacbea ypu. We all thlak we ahall be able to atand It for about tea days. Tbay can not lake tbe fort by aaaault unleaa tbey wish to aacrlAea from three to four thouaand lives It Is Imposslblatter should enter the fort, and tbey cannot come acar enough to make a breach. Tbey know It very well, and their plan la to bombar<f us till tbey kill na one after another, or till ws are starvad to death " Loan Baoroaaa Ricummikm CoariOMiai ? in a ir'wi aau'viathi w wv ?r????h ? -? - race, l?ord Bwuluoi nn: ' Tht tltna felt by all the frlrnds ofhonin InoproTement at the risk of disunion In America, nre naturally uppermost In one's mind nt the present time How mack It . Is to be wished that thr contending parties la bath Italy a d America would take a leaf out of oar books, and learn the wisdom as well as vlrtae of compromise and mutual concession'" Governor Brown, of Georgia, has ant a ad dress- d Gov Morgan, of NewYok.ontbe sab ject of the recant seizures of arms by the jpolioe at that city Governor Brown hopes that Governor M organ will now And aa eicnat for not replviaf on account of the u*olcl?l character of the doco meat The letter la said to he very bitter la its tooe A IjOCD CtLt.?The Charleston .Mercury esys: " By the noti. a elsewhere in oar columaa, It will be seen that th? els per eeat. alack of the Mate ia for sale |u times like these. when the s?tate la a>ilv ouwid to -.trsr keavr amissss, we ara arc that bo farther o il will fee a-Vd-d u> Indue* lb* p?-ople of *ooth far' lina to coma forward and take liberal tbtna of ihr itork " Aa? rom Olo Pout ? TheaUaaaerGeo g?, from Haltlmorr. broiiy bt to-day aa part of bar frr ybt |rf large caaaa of I?fifc from Harper* !1 Parry Tbara ta alreodr tbara a ?*rj? aupplr of tuitafcrta, and g.UU# more looki very wort like a -etnfnroemrat may afcortlj ba expee??4.?A#r / Ut l?% Book ISiA.