Newspaper of Evening Star, February 22, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated February 22, 1861 Page 1
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THK DAILY EVENING STAR M rU/ilJSHSn RVRRT APTKRNOON, fSL'NOAVii KXOfcPTKD.) AT THK ITAH BUILOI7IOR, t'c n*r of r*n,i4yi9+ntm avinu* and ll'A " T H. D. WALUCH. Vkform la pmWm by carrier* at #4 a ??w, or n mti per mentA. To Mil ubeerlker* U' ?noe u #3-50 * rear, m drmtut; |1 for six ^"nUw, #1 for three monUe; and for l*ee tfcaa **> w at the rate cf!3 cents ? week. 8u|l* a^n**, r>^? c??rr: ia Tw?ciim. '1 j~ A nrnruiaiMT* ?eoa!4 fco sent to the ol? VvW*** U o'cioek >a.; otkerense tliej may not ?;>Mr r.tii the -voatUay. . V2t. XVII. WASHINGTON. D. C.. FRIDAY. FEBRUARY 22. 1861 N?. 2.500. THE WEEKLY DOLLAR ST AIL Twenty in It laitrubly Mit niiMfi no foaormlly tArau hoot U? < H7'9i&c>oomm(Ib vriffmi a tbo oooator, iwdnti y ?ef U? [ For tbi Stab. EXCURSION FROM WASHINGTON, ft*. 10. Ay Hocr witr Jim Wixcbbll. A walk of four mile* from the depot at Mil lerton to oar countrj borne, along a level, dusty. shadelcss road, in a hot summer's ver ticil mid. is not very desirable, but making the boat of a necessity, we started at a com fortable pace, caring only to reach home by tea time. After patting the first mile, we found ourselves following a drove of about a hundred cattle; their slow pace, and the clouds ?t aust. made 11 quite unpleasant, but ttie ac quaintance of the drover, Jiifl Winchell, made up for theye drawbacks, and as be was going my way," I determined to accompany him. One could not be Ions in company with this genuine Yankee and be ignorant of the locale of the neighborhood. With little parrying, for we were perfect strangers, the early his tory of his youth wan sooa^old, and is a true exponent of thousands of the great M well a?? the unknown, in our Republic. A youth, thrown upon the world without mean?, is by uecessity, compelled to use his wita, his com mon sense, and perseverance, to carve the future. AVinchell has had his share, and knows every crook and turn of affairs, both financial and political in that vicinity. He was anxious to know the complexion of the political hori zon in the latitude of this citj, but more anx ious to double his money on his present specu lation. Drovers from the West cross the river either at Catskill or at Hudson, then turn Tfown the Harlem valley on their way to New York city. It so happened that the drove now in hand had proceeded a^ far as Miller ton, when its owners finding the price rapidly diminishing, determined to sell at almost any price They offered the drove, numbering lit), at $1,200. Winchell offered ?1.000. and the trade was soon completed, he getting them at less than ?10 per bead. After an hour or eo we met a wealthy-looking farmer, with a - r. _ ai i < - ? * - - ? i-s. ream, i'^r iupj nnve iasi norses nere as well as elsewhere, holding races at Copake every week during the season, who, taking a fancy to a particular cow, asked what he would take for her. Yankee like, Winuhell replied, " What will you giro?" ' Thirty dollars," " I'll take thirty-five." * Won't you take le*$ ?'* ' N?. Not a cent." Well, I'll let y.'U know to-morrow:" and he drove on. ' Yoa intend to get a good rrofit on that cow." said I. ' Yes, I know that man, be always offers aVt-t lire dollars lew than he intend* to give. He'll take her to-morrow. I don't intend to sell one less than twenty dollars. I have hay enough to winter one half the drove, and they'll bring a good price in the spring. Just at this time we arrived at-a placo in the road that exhibited a Remarkable Piece or Engineering. The old road passed just at the foot of the hill, following its sinuosities a few feet from the plain. On the lower 6ide of the road, for about aa eighth of a mile some shrub bushes and briars had grown to considerable hight, and the owner of the adioinintr lot nronosed to move the road up the fill that he might de stroy them The question came up in town meeting, and against a spirited opposition, the road was moved up the hill, so that, as Win chell said, they might have the privilege of drawing a load op the hill and then down again, whereas the old road wa? level, and furnished no such advantage. Winchell now proposes to open both roads for a year, and after that to close the least traveled Doubt less his plan will bring the old road again into use. for now every ton of freight that passes through this section has to be hauled over quite a steep hill. However, Winchell says ho will be perfectly satisfied if they will move the road about twenty rods further up the hill, where the ascent on cither side is about forty feet. Dutch Yaskee vs. Coxkecticct Yankee. It seeing hardly possible that the eastern ridge along this villey should separate people tfj entirely different from each other, not only specifically but generically. One point of dif ference is well illustrated by their farm*. In New York a farm is from 100 to 1,000 acres. in Connecticut from 10ft acres to one. Probably no territory on the face of the gjobe produces so many little patents or manufactures so many kniok knacks as Connecticut. This U charac .terUtio of the race Every little conceivable thing ever thought of is made by the inhabit , Aats of this State, and at inconceivably low prices. Buttons are made at half a cent per oosen, pica at a cent per hundred, 4o., Ac. - No man in Harlem valley could ever be in duced to manufacture such trifles at such tri fling prices. He selU his butter and cheesc ? K? I Ka tnn V??a mill# ? 1 ?? J 1?S? ? -.-j ?u? ?v??t uio uiitA uj mo uinci, auu uio hog? by the hundred. He knows not nor cares for lhe hundred little articles which hia neigh bors over the inoantain consider indispensable. A historic incident in each locality will serve to show a peculiarity of the ancient inhabit ants net now wholly obliterated in either sec tion. Tne First Cos??cticct Clock. In the early settlement of this country time piece* were very expensive, and only the mot>t wealthy could afford to import them. A good clock cest several hundred dollars, and a Con . nectieut Yankee ' couldn't afford to pay that price," nor conld he do without it. Accord ' ingly. a youth of eighteen whittled ono out of * limb of an apple tree, with hi3 "jack knife *' This wooden elnok. tko first manufactured in Jft.the new world, made entirely with a knife, kept excellent time lor nearly 200 years, and a few years since, Col James Loomis. one of the descendants of this yonth, to whom this ? cloek had o<>me as an heirloom from gener ation to <r*narMtton. nrM*ntiu< it tn th* Wuia J worth Atbwneum at Hartford, where it still v? may be Men, a curiosity not only eommemo ;w^?stiTe of the skill ?f the lad, bot a aurad ' "Ifc mooument of the inventive genius of that Tns Old Ditch Church Bill. About the Mine time the wooden olook waa _ being made in Connecticut, an incident oc curred in Tarrytown, S. Y., which may he illustrative of the ability to call into exereiee the inventive talent of the early settlers in that region. The good people desiring to have *11 ?W* mnrl A*n ia?n?A**(?*Aak?a II tuu tUWIVIU IUipiVVVUIT7UV?) 9^UI IV ll'/liH UU ^ for a bell weighing about 200 pounds for their church, now known ma the Old Dntch Church. Iu due proeeaa of time the bell eame, wholly encased in a wooden frame, braced in all dt reetiona so aa not to be damaged by the "great #? tea." On iu arriral the people of the place all eame to the charch to see and aaaiat in hang ing it. bat notwithstanding their long con sultation, no one eould tell how it was to be done, and the eoancii decided to send to New , York and proeure a man of - curious attain ments" to bang the bell. On hia arrival, by ?, the aaaiatanoe of the authorities, he took the It hell out of iu confined oondition and hung it " in the belfry of the church, but after reneate4 trials, left, not being able to bang the bell so <1 It wna MAW ?taa-in iv\a/4 fA * I" Mist It MUUtU 1I(IK A* w?r UV TT uctviuiiucu IU **' tend to Holland (or direction* bow to proceed. During this interval of many months, a Dutch man more wise than the rest, revolved in bis 'i mind tha idea of knocking out the braoee that kept the tongue from bitting the aide* of the hell. "Possibly it might destroy the VII." Shit he proposed the thing in town meeting, . aad after a long debate be was allowed to try experiment. Of coarse the moment the! , tongue was at liberty the bell woald ring, and ? great was the rejoicing at the result. The Old Dutch Cburoh, with its notable Holland bell, r Is now standing, and ii occupied every Bab V.tV la wlftun ttHPflAiM Prom that 4?j to thi* there ha? been a com mingling of rMw, end in ?Mt of the farni lies thtf ?li*r characteristic of tbe genuine Dutchman ere but faintly aeea. l'*t aa a * whole they ere marked, and tbe diatinetive naaaea. batch Yankee and Connection Yan kee, .art no) without significance. I Harlem Railroad. ThU road, tike moat ethers, waa began with great ezpeotationa. but a* the oompTetion of the lladaon River Road opened a more direet route for travel and freight, this stock became worthless, and the road failed to pay running expenses. On either side its whole length lie within* few miles of the Housatonic and Hud son River Roads, thereby confining its sources of revenue to a very small space. Thus matters hare remained for several years, but unex pectedly to the public generally, and the Hud Central Road have purchased a controlling interest, and now there is to be a connection between these two roads, such that through travel and freight will pass from the Central almost wholly on this road, and Harlem Rail road stock will become of note in Wall street. Cosifkcticct Railroads. Tho system of railroads east of the Hudson River, is, with one exception, a series of near ly parallel lines lying north and south, viz : 1. The Hudton River Road. 2. Harlem. Hou*atonie. 4. Naugatuck. 5. Canal. 6. Springfield, Hartford and New Haven 7. Palmer and Willimantio. 8. Norwich and Worcester. 9. Boston, Providence and Stonington. 10. Old Colony and Fall River. These roads, with the exception of the Old Colosy and Fall River, are crowed nearly at their centers by the Providence, Hartford and Fishkill Road. A second road has been nrn posed, to cut this parallel aeries diagonally, from New York city to Boston, but will prob ably never be built, as its success would be injurious to existing corporations. Next week we propose to cross this series of roads, and take a lateral riew of Connecticut. Victor Lacrentz. Fraice. The French Chambeis were opened on the 4th inst. The Emperor Napoleon commenced his speech by explaining the measures of re- I form which had been accordcd to the Cham bers, and then adverted to the industrial and couimcrcial aff iirs of the country, and to the economic reforms accomplished by the treaty with England and by the projected treaties with other countries. He said that, notwith standing the great reduction in duties, tho bmlget presents a balanco without Any addi tion to the imposts or to the public crcdit. On foreign affairs he spoke as follows : ' As regards the exterior, I have endeavored to prove, in my relations with foreign Power*, that France sincerely desires peace, and that, without renouncing a legitimate influence, she does not pretend to interfere in any place where her interests ara not concerned; and, finally, that if she sympathizes with all that is great and noble she does not hesitate to con demn everything which violates international right and justice. Events, difficult to before seen, have combined in Italy to complicate a state of things already embarrassed. My Gov ernment, agreeing with its allies, has con sidered that the beet means of obviating tho OPAltAfft A mv* MA?? -n- * '* giuwtvtfv uuu^vio woo tu uave rccoursc 10 mo principle of non-intervention, which leaves each covntry master of its destiny. localizes questions. and prevents them from degenera ting into European conflicts. I xertainly am not ignorant that this system possesses the in convenience of appearing to authorize many f;rievous excesses. Extreme views would pre or another course?some that France should participate and make common caurt in every revolution; others thnt France should place herself at the head of general reaction. I will not allow myself to be diverted from my path by these opposite inducements. It is sufficient for the greatness of *hc country that hor rights be maintained in the auartors in which they are incontcstible, to defend its honor wherever it may be attacked, and to afford her support where it is supplicated by a just cause. The City or Mostgomrrv.?The Provi sional Capital of the New Confederacy.?The city of Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, has assumed such a sudden importance as the capital of the Southern Confederacy and the seat of the Federal operations of the new Gov ernment, that we give below a brief sketch of ift locality and surroundings. It is situated oh the left bank of the Alabama river, 331 miles by water from Mobile, and is 839 miles from Washington, D. C. It is the second city in the 8tat? in respect to trade ani population, and is on* of the most flourishing inland towns of the southern States, possessing great facilities for communication with the surrounding coun try. For steamboat navigation the Alabama .1 t ? -? river is one oi me nest in toe loion, the lar gest steamers ascending to this point from Mo- ' bile. Thecitj is alto the western terminus of the Montgomery and West Point Railroad. It hit* several extensive iron-foundries, mills, facto ries. large warehouses, numerous elegnnt stores and privat? residences. The cotton shipped at this place annually amounts to about one hundred thousand bales. The public records were removed from Tuscaloosa to Montgomery in November, 1817. The State House ww de stroyed by fire in 1849, aud another one was erected on the same site in 1851. The present population of the city is not far from 16,000. AScEfE iw th* Alabama Legislature ? An interestiog incident transpired in the loir A r Llrnis* nf th* A lokitmi I a.mjI ahi ???* in February 2. Mr. Clitherall, in the course of his remarks denouncing the stay lair, just p?.?5e1 by the Legislature, took occasion to say that, had he supposed such a measure would beootne a law, he should hare preferred to live for four years under Mr. Lincoln'* rule. This elicited a hiss from some member, and Mr. Clitherall retorted by observing that if the i gentleman who bused would show himself, he would put bis mouth in suoh a condition that he would not repeat the operation for a week toeooae. Thereupon Mr. Geo. G. Henry, of Mobile, arose from his seat, and stated that he wu the sibilant individual, and that he held hiBMlf responsible for the method in which he had disapproved of Mr. Clitherall's remark. The Mxt moment he was dodging an inkstand which that gentleman lawxHied at his head As the combatants were about earning to close quarters, the bystanders separated them. Colummads.?A Columbiad is heavy gun, capable of projecting a ootid shot or shall, with a large charge of powder, at an angle of pro jection of from fire degrees below to thirty above the horison. It may b?. said, therefore, to combine the eseeatial qualities of the gnn,the howitser, and the inortar, and may be used in {tlaee of either one or the other of these pieces D seaoeast defense. It does not differ in its external shape from ordinary seacoaat eannon. At present there are twe sisesof Coluinbiads in use in our servioe, vis : the eight inch and the ten inch. The former weighs about 9.000 lbs., the charge of powder 10 lbs., the solid shot 64 lbs., and the .-hell 48 lbs. The latter weighs about 10,000 lbs., the charge of powder 16 lbs., the solid shot 12S lbs., and the shell 100 lbs. riiiivniw ioik?Aura oroaeoui in wew York ou Wednesday morning, about half past 7 o'clock, In the building corner of Park Place and Church at It la supposed the Are wma communi cated br the radiator to the window easing*, our whioh It was located The store and basement was occupied by Wm Watsoo ft Co , dry-good merchants, snd the rooms above bjr Chapman, Lron & Co., Importers at jewelry and fancy ar ticles The damage to the property of Cha|flna, I,von k. Noyes will amount te about ?711,(XKi; which was covered by Insurance to the amount of IMUV The goods of Wataoe 4 Ce. were dam aged io the amount of 70.0U), which la also cev ered bv Insurance te the amouot of #176 .WW The . i_ a J L , - - ii * - ? iQMr.torf wiu d inhi vrru uwniMQ auoui as w?ur or^vUiwIy; b?t for wblcb < irruinatw* thr flsMi#* ronkl have iMsrn dlaftovrred wtibMt dotiig modi damage. - . \ BJ- Gowrot Audrewa, of MaancbuaetU, in . bU rercmt mnave, recommenda the abolition of ?pltol punUhmeot lp U*t Stat*. 11 CLOTHING, &c. I ASTONISHING, BUT TRUE ! T IS Very ettange that SMITH should net in New Goodi wh?n every body ia oryiajt bard tunes. But ha tall* his *<?od? at *0011 low prioes that tha people will buv them. N B ? Just received a lot of CLOTHING and FURNISHING GOO!)*, wh'oh will be sold at an ner oeat less than thair ac tual value. At HMITH S, No. 4P0 Seventh at., opposite Tost Office. ja24-lm WMERCHAXT TAILQRlWt. KW FALL STYLES of CLOTHS, CASSI MERS, AND VEST1NG8. WALL, STEPHENS k. CO., 33tf Feniiajlva nia Avenue, hava just received a large variety of new Fall wmoh they invite the attention of their friends and nuetomera. au Siutf /^ENTLEMKN'S VJ KE*DVMADEOLdTHlNG. Our present asaortmeut of GENTLEMEN'S KbAUY-MADb CLOTHING offers to citizous and slranKers wistun* an immediate not fit bupe nor inducements, embracing, at thin tin>, all styles and qualities of Dress and Business Gar meats and Overcoats In all varieties. Fine Sliuta and Under-olnthinr of all kinds. Kid and other Gloves of best quality. Scarfs, Ties, Cravau, 8to?>k?, Hosiery. Ac., Ao. All of which wo aic offering at "ur usua inw prioee. IGT Clothm* made to order in the most superior manner. WALL, STEPHENS A Co.. no 16-tf H'2'i Pa. avenue. glO TO THE PEOPLES' ClOTHING STORE, "I No. 4SO Seventh St., to set your CLOTH ING, FURNISHING GOOtitt, HATS and C A PS. fe 2 6w W MERCHANT TAILORING. K Invite oar oustomers, and oitnens general ly, to an invpec ion of enr present new, at i< *12 -i * * - wauiifn. aim oi^gani twwurjnt nt oi CLOTHS. CA3SIMfcRES.DOKSKIN8, VfcSTINGS, OVERCOATINGS, fto. WW which we will make to order in superior1?1 ?ty le at very low prices. WALL, STEPHENS ft CO., oo 25 tf 3U2 Pa. nv? betw. 9th and loth sta. GAS FITTING, &c. pLUMBERS AND GAS FITTERS J. W. THOMPSON ft CO. Would call the attention ol water taker* to their full assortment of Fixtures neec*sar? to iUuitro i u?tiou,as toilo ws:-K I TO H KN R AN GES, U A T H TUBS. WATKR CLOSETS. HOT WATER BOILERS, KITCHEN SINKS, PUMPS, Cast lr<>n. Wrousht iron. I.ead and Ga!v<vn:s<Hl WA TER PIPES, HVI>AANTS and PAVE WASH ERS, RUlliER HOSE, fte tlavnu su|.?>rior advantages, with pr'ctioal tl_owld'l*e, we aie prepared to introduce Water mtn d-veiling* with all the latest improves eats, prorofty, at prices that cannot fail to witioly. VW9 Penn. avenue, no 54-dtMar 1 b?t 9!h and l"th tti? south wide. AW*. T. DO V K & CO. | Rl? N??w prepared to execute any orders wit* Winch lb ft inaj be farored it, the , PLUMBING, GAS OK STEAM FITTING BUSINESS. 1 \nr Store on *?'? ?tre?t, a few doore north of Pa. irenue, where u.M be found a com a'eta assortment >f CHaNDELI KRH and other GAS, STEAM au< WATER FIXTURES. i%t1 ly WGAS FIXTURES. E Havo in store, aud are dai.y receiving, OAS FIXTURES of entirely New Pattern* and Designs md hinuh. superior in style to anything heretofore >fferod in tins market. W?invite citizens general t to call and examine onr stook of Gas ana Water fixtures, feeling confident that we have the beet (elected stook in Washington. All Work in the atiove lino intrusted to our e*r? nn do prompt: j atte.i let to. MYERS & McGHAN. m*.r h-lt 37 W D rtreet. | SNYDER, I. PLUMBER AND GAS FITTBR, Hu removed to the corner of Twoifth and F ata. fie ia prepared u> introduce Water and Gaa upon iie mort favorable tar ins, and guarantiea entire latiafiaotion llehas on hand a lot of COOKING and other 5TOVKS, whioh ha will aril Iom than coat, a* ho nahea to ret rid cf them. no 1? riFFiGE OF INSPECTOR AND SEA ESS. LI OF GAS METERS. WAaKUV0TO9> Juiy i?, I860. NOTICE IS HE RE It Y GIVEN. Tbat.air** tbiy to tho provisions of the oidu.anoe of tue Cor poration Approved Mar 12,13C0. the undersigned ia iow prepared, "whenaver reanlred in writing, ana >n pre paj merit of the fee of fifty eenta, to inapeat. ixamino, lest, prove, and ascertain the accuracy of egMtraiion of *37 rta meter in una in tfeia oity.:' Kvsry inetor.UKund incorrect, will ho condemned, ind anollior. ?.nd mar ted a.R will m istini'* place. If pro veil to be accurate in ita n?warini?it of ea*, it vi'.! be dialed accordingly, e UN team put in BosKioa for use. i OlTtoe Ni. ftlrt Seventh street,(near Odd F?l- ! ovi' Hail ) Opea from t? a. m., to 5 ?. m. J OHARI.E8 W. CUNNINGHAM, Jy 111 tf Inspector and Sealer of Om Meters. | (*. O. DKMUTH ft CO., , IMPORTERS And Wholesaleaud Retail Deal- ( er* in HAVANA CIGARS, F 'OREmy WIXES, BRANDIES, mys. te., I No. 40 North Charles Strhkt, fiv* door.1 above L?rin*ton it., no22-ly Uoltimore. 1/ ? 30.000. |< 1FTV THOU8ANI> OOLl.ARS WORTH OF J F.WKLR Y. AT ONE DOLLAk THE CHOICE. Just received on containment,from Iheassignees if ?h? mftniif?Atiir?r *r\A mint aK^ua o liquidate aocounts and close the business. As iom? people must profit by the misfortunes of ithers, we hope our friend* will be ain?>ng the num *?r to s?oore unprecedented bargains iu Gold aud E. A- LAKE 4t CO'S Marble Hall ii&zaar, .170 Brown's Hotel. 370 fe 16-'t* WASHING ION AND GEORGETOWN PEOPLE lake aotioe. as it will be to their Interest to do so, that W. H. RF.AP'h COMPOUND SYRUP OF LIVERWORT for Cou$k>, <'ol<U, Hoanetun, Croup and oth^r amotions of the throat and chest, tod also hi- SORK THROAT PuWDER. are two of the most in alltble remedies of the day, and do family should bo without them: and besides. the* are so cheap to be within the reacn ol all. j We do not expcct etranjer* to be!;ev? what we ( Trite in regard t<> onr own i. edioint b, <-onie^uent- i I* we refer you to the I n ov?iu< woli known gen- i tlemeu'a oeruHearts, wnicb can he se?u attiie> rus store* where the &tti<>leR are for tale; the? ?ay thoy ire the bwt Cornell and Sore Throat Medicines I they have ever known: P ev. Jan . H. Brown, Pev. G?orge Hildt. I R?v. Sam'l A. \Vii?<?n, Kev. Win A. Hicks, Kev. Win- A. Si?iv??!y, Kev. John Folev. Kev, Ja? S. Ife"?lurr?y, Kev. Win. K. Mills. Of th< Iloltimore Conjtrttw.. Each artioie 26 o- nls a (Kittle. , Wnolesa.e ti? W. H Head A Co., Druggists, 63 Broadway, Baltimore. At retail by R. S. T. Cissel & Co., Diueg,ist, 8eor??t3wn. Chart's Stott, Druggist, 374 P?. avenue. Wat. H. Thompson. Druggist, Fifteenth st. and New York avenue, Washington. John E. Bat*?, Druggist. Navy Yard, fa 7* 1m TIIK EUROPEAN IIOTKL, KEPT BY P. EMRlCi?. at the oomer of fouuo muu r<JDvciiiu dmiioa 'r(H,|1Tk*BT greatly improved recently and now ortt?r? JJgdiUL Creator inducements for the patronage ot oltlzeus and strangers than any other public house in the oit?, his prices being leas than those of any otner hotel on Penn. avenue, and his atooranu>datmrs (orpermaaent ortransioit boarders unexception able. The b*r and re?iaurant arrangements ol the European Hotel have already become very popu lar,"bf mg aii that oan b? desired by the most fas tidious. Tue proprietor pledges unremitted atten tion and oontieued liberal expenditures to give sat isfaction to all, and thus renews hi* luvit&tion all to ?ive the Kuiopean Hotel a oall. de? u Fyou want to save the union Call at HARVEY'S, Who hu justreoeived a large supply of frech LT?H STERS, PISH, and fine OYSTER which he will serve to customers at the -JgCT shortest notoe ar.d on iilwral terms. r. ciyatera eervoa to familtee anil hotel* are not aoalded; they arc only aoaided for persons eat ing them at the ca.oon. qe8 T. M. HARVEY. 275 ALLEN 2?5 JACKSON, PLASTERERS, P*hha. Avimuk, Between loth and 11th atreota. It II /9V NOTICE. /<K ?~\ ,. R S KO r iL. ? lto"'?SwSWFICE ? " to Si 1 C atreet, between 4K and 6th atreeta, imme diately m the rear of the National Hotel, where the bnuneee will be continued aa heretofore at the old aland. [nolMail ISAAC HERZBERtf. WATCB*EW^?A^VrVE" WARB I hare one of the beet eet^biiahmenU, and fur niahed withi a ooroplete aet of tkjola for repair- jK lag every deecnption of ftae Watehea, and fn] particular attention mve to Um same, hj aJMtf thoroegh ooinpetent workman And a., work ruaran tied ?l?o, every deaerip ton of atandard SIl.VEK W AH r.. jinn tutu ornamenuu, HHIMa ?>d umler mj own supervision, whmti my customer* will finO far rnperior in ftiality and finjeh to northern w?r? ml.! by (iotvfers in general ami re?re*?uU?! &* own MiacufacluiO. H. O. IK M '!> ?* 6 *3* l?*. ?vpub(. nmr tfth ?V TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. T BE ACCOMMODATION UNB.-Tb?*tMm

er JaM"!" ?UY will mime _|l 11 ^ her trip. oaTV B*D\ of Fet> &?^W^ rmvi, M>. Wi!l leave \V ASHING-*"'fiilTT 1 > TON even 11 EsDAV aud FttH)AY.? 6n'olook a ra.,an-1 ALEXANDRIA at baif pan. 6 o'cnck, for t!l KRIOM a N and Uit? i til arm diate l.aodini*. Ob her return trip* she will leave CURRIOMaN every WEDNESDAY aud SATURDAY, at 6 o'clock a. m. / ._ I.UCI\N ?. P*fiE, Proprietor. NATH'L BOUSH, A ft. Alexandria. _ fe 17 |>ALTIMORF AND OHIO RAILROAD. 1> WASHINGTON BRANCH. CHANGE OF HOURS. Oft .ft? OMain * * ? vr- diver ou l/A 1 9 r*uyemi>or ?5tii, lBfjfl, the Itllli Will run M follows: LEAVE WASHINOTOy: First train at a. m. Second Train at,7.4? a m. Third train a' 3.10 p. m., Express. Fourth trait! at 6 p m. l.EAV K BALTIMORE: Fust train at 415 a. m., Express. Second train at ?.S5 a. in. Third at3.H> p.m. Fourth M 4-2" p. m., Kxpres*. The first, sec<>n<l and third train* from Wash irgton oorflaect through: o Philadelphia and Now Y??tk. The seoond and third onnneot at Washington Junction with tiaina for Uit West, South, and Nortnwest; al?o, at Annapolis Junotion,for Au napolis. For Norfolk take the ?40a. m. trai i. !.r?, ? VI tuv nvvuiulHU'l?ll4UIl f?I tflfl Wllf IIHTW tween Washington find Laurel, a pa?eenger oar will be attached to the tonnage tram which leaves at 11 a in. On Saturday the 3.10 p. m. train goea to Philadel phia only. no 2B d T. H. PARSONS, Agert. DENTISTRY. DRS. I OCKVV001>,* DARRR'.I.ARE PRK pared to insert TfcKTHon Vl'l,C\N->?j?^ ITK BASK, a new and improved mode Wh^n mvio on this p un they a-e coin ^1'' " fortabie to wear and tiiuon cheaper than any other. Also. T??th insetted on G''ld Plate, and all CeoVtl opoiation* of any kind that inav be den red Of fire Room No 3. in the Washington Building.cor ner Pa av. aad Sevecth at. ja <o ;m* M teeth. loom IS, M. D., the inventor and patentee ofth? MINERAL PLATE teeth, tenia personally at In* office in thin cut m^sT; i* M%ny person* can wear these teeth wnnN t . .J natinot wear ot'iors, atjd no person can w?ar other* who cannot wsar these. f'*rsons ballisic at my oflioe can h? accommodated with an? styl?and prio* of Teeth th-y may desire; hut tothos? wro a><< particular and wish the purest. Bleariest, strongest, and most perfect denture that fcrt can pr-tduoc, the M IN hRA.JLj PLATE will l?e morefu'ly w^rrar.tod. Rooms in this oity?No. 33"> !\*. avenue, Itetween and 10th sti. Also, y07 Arab str< et, i'hilad^l WW. oo 15 tf French flowers of the very be*t quality, aui an extensive( v*rietj. ^ At STEVENS'S Fancy Store, fpff t?o 23 tt "*3fi. hetw. ftth ?nH 1??h jf*. Best fancy gooi>s, AT prices to SUIT THK TIMES Aao O** P*ic*Onlt, At STEVENS'S FANCY STORK. no 22-tf 336. betw. 9ta and 10th ctd. Wf 10.000 0RTH OF BOOTS, SHOES akd TRUNKS. Of all Styles and Qualities, AT A GREAT RACRJF1CK ON COST. Store/or Kent and Fixtures far Sale, All the Stock in S. pThOOVER'S STORE, Iron Hail.embra-Jinievery h^i-i L.adiea\ Gent*', Children * an Mf3 ' ^ Servante' SH O ES Alio.TRAVf Bl SI-ING TRUNKS are now boing told, for' Mfkjkt groat Montioe? on usual retail seliiugjptioea, ndeed much below original cot. The attention of he ia solicited, aa g-eat inducements will ? tn purchaser a. ih^ Nbo V -? m Urir# n' *> **__/- ? - ?* inality Frenoh and Am?r?n baiters .Shoes, Boota, tc., fto., lor la?iies ami gentlemen ThoStoro u for rautand the Fixturea for aale. tpply on t' e prennteg, Iron Hall. N. B.?The above stock, either in whole or in lart, will be aold at private rale. To any ore <io irons of entering th? B-H?t, ^hoe and Trunk Hnei iess this affords a better opportunity than may igMn lie preaenied. Persons indebted will confer & favor by promptly felting and settling their accounts. j?7 tS piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AN I) GEORGETOWN. Capital 9200,ooo. Jfflct torn r C itrtrt nnd Louisiana as., over Bank 0f Washtngtvn. N8URE HOUSES ANDOTHFR PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Directors. Geo. Sh"(Mnakor, Samuel Red tern, Samuel Cropley, Wi! lift in Wilson, Richard Jones, John D- Barclay. Jacob Gidoon, Andrew HothwoH, Thos. Parker, Riahard Barry, B. B. Frenoh. No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Abel G. Davie, Secretary, oo 10 eo6n PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL Ann BLOOD RENOVATES Is precisely what its name indicates, for, while pleasant to thetaste, it is revlvrfying, extul?-atiijg, invigorating sud siren themng to the vita* powers, md at the ?anie tnno revivifie*, reinst&cos, at d re news the Blood i < a I iU> oricmal j*u lty.and thus it onoe rtsiorti and rewisrt tk, tysfn inrulni*iible to attack* of tfisvut. It is th? only preparation p>ver oflere<i to the world, eo chemieall? and skill r?Uy o- mbined astob-tiie nost powcrlul ionic. Mid at the miuie time so perfectly adapted to. as to act in perfect accordance with the laws of nature. aa<i henoo will /ootkt Ike wtakrst *to*nacK, and tone up the digestive organs, an J thus alia) art n?-r vousa d other irritation. It is perfectly exhrara tin? and at tne sair.e tune it is composed entirely of vegetables, yet so o?inbui"d as tu produce the most thorough tomo eflrct, without producing any in jurious oonsequenoes. bttoli a remedy lias long been felt to be a desiderattu j in Uie medical vr "Id, for it needs no medical II 'jo see that debility f llows all attafkH of dUease, snd proceed* ?'? in deed lays tha s)*leui open to tl?% "andious atta< ks ot many cf tho moht lata!,such, for example, as liio following: Consumption, Indigestion, Lry?p.p*ia, i omoI Appetite, *oiut)>e??,.ftervous Ir. liability, Reuraigia, ra'pitation of t>ie heart, Melanc.'ioiy, :rht t?weats, [Augnr, Giddiness, Retention of, as veil as Painful obstr?oted. too profuse, or loo *o*nL Menstruation, aud Fallins of the Womb. These all depend upon general debilit*. Thi? pure, healthy tnmo Cordial and H imkI Renovator it> &? ure to eure m the mn u to r'se and set. There in do nurt&k* anout it . But thi* is not all If tha system is weakened we are open to biliou* at tMki, the liver beoome* torpid, or worse di*ea*pd, the kidneys refuse to perforin their function*, awl we are troubled with scalding and incontinence of urine, or involuntary discharge o( tr.^ name, pain in the back, Hide and Iw-tweeu the shouidera. ex oeedm*ly liable to a)ight colds, cough*, and if uu ouecked, aoon emaciation follow*,and tliepatiert goea down to a premature crave. Hut apace wiii not allow ua to enumerate the manv ills to whioh we arnliab'e in a weakened oondition of the avatein. But we will a*y in Una Cordial and Btood K enova tor *<>n have a perfect safe, pleaaant and effect ua remedy for loss of Appetite, foil. >u*noi>a. Flatu lence, weak and ciok Stomach. L,an*our. I aver Complaint, Chills and Fever, or anv B:liou? attack Coitiveneaa. Acidity of theSt-mach, Nervousness, Neuralgia, Palpitation of the Heart, Depression ofSpiritR.Sore*. Fimplea on the Faoe, it any dis ease arisinf from impure blood, such as Horofiila, Erysipelas. Bronchitis, Courn, difficulty of Breath ing, and all that clans of aieeaies oa! ed female weakness, and enumerated above. We willaleol 1RV thft tPS VAlar ?vn.kaaH a?*Hauni/is r\f iiwe ohinate and wator, will find it a pleaaai.t. Mtor.nd aura re-' fly, and bo on* shosid over travel with out. Re*d<*r, try it,for we ?nsurfl you yoa will find in it a friend well a* alriendinr.eod. All persons of xeriei.tary habit* will find it a per feo? preventive ol, as well as a cure for thoae ail menu whieli they are partioul&rly exposed HeuM ministers, stndents, attorneys, litenu* grn'lemon, and ladins who are not aesust >med to muoh out door exeroue, will find it to thair advantage to keep a bottle eou?tautly on hand; and above all mothers, or thone neoominr such, will so throuih tliat most dangerous period not only with all their ooiistomed strength, bat safe and free from the thoiiMvnd ailments so prevalent anon* the female portion of the woi Id. In short, is indeed a mother nordutl. Try it old and yoing; no lo ger run the of delay; it will relieve and prove iteelf emphat 10*11 y a Rufralwt Cordial ond Blood Fmovaior. . O. J. WOOD, propri?tor, 444 i>road?aj. New York, and 114 Market Street. St. Louis. Mo., and o'dJ>y all food Dniggiata. Prioe One Dollar par PROF. WOOD'S RESTORATIVE CORDIAL t k KD BLOOD RENOVATOR. Soid m thia oity by C. !*TOTT, S7S Pa. stmii?, nty.aiw _ ^RKtiU KRjy Tg IN ?ANS, 1 KEMIIL.KC^ rjtUink CARRIAGE FACTORIES. WASHINGTON CARRIAGE FACTORY, ? D Strtet, iHtwttn 9tk and \*tk Street*. We have jnet finished a lumber of first ciaaa CARRIAGES. ?vo)i m l.utht rKm.jnf, WmrvH*, Park Phe\t<m*, rtW* W nam, and Rtuttut, whio* we will eellatW^ I v?r? kin&il profit. B?inr praof-oal w?ohaniea ia d;3ereat I ar.rfcee of the luaineea, ve flatter nun^tree that we knoV the sty ice and q?Ahty of wvrk that wiii (ire sat)* faction, oomHung hcktaeM, oonf jit acd darattfll ty. Bepa nr j *rompt!;'?c<l carefully attended to Uif eborteet notice and n oet reae"ijal?.e < !>&; cea, WALTER, KARMANN * BOfV. C< ac i.u.&iei ft, eacoeMorc toWm.1. Hook. m r-dir ? ? CARRIAGES. X HE Sttfcnt1?; Having tnaCe aodiUeae If 111 iaottfryjiiMJciat iibow one oi U.e in the Dietriot, wherr b a faoiUtine fori tbanrtaotunoc CAK I? I ASK A LIGHT* WA?ON8of all klu Is cunol be :r^M9M,u( 'romhie long experience ia the bunw, he hp ronnie long experience ia IM buiiw, he a??e? tc l'it* general eat;?f?otioa. AH ki?ti?fO?rnKM?W UfM Wi(tul?lN toad. Jul KKPAI R8Baalta?**a,ijU ail aNar* *:?*?! 17 attAb4o4 l?. 6?Miiku4 Carriage* taken in eBakaa(* fer aw eaea. ANDREW J. JO\CK, 4 le-tf Mnr rnt utb a*e K ite. THK INSURANCE COMPANY o w THE 8TATK or VIRGINIA. CASH CAPITAL 3300.00O. Insure* Merchandise, Bliidinci, Ho??ehold Furniture, Ac . ifiunat lou or duni|( by ire. HEATH A KNOWLES, A(Uta, Office?Room 16 over Dank of Washington. ja in Pit. J. H. McLKAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL A.ll) HLOOD PCRIFIER. THE GREATEST REMEDY M tki WORLD, and the moat Dkliciofs and DELIGHTFUL CORDIAL 1EVER TAKEN.] It i* itriflW * ?ei itiie ar.4 V?f?u kl* C?fimi, pr? cartd t j tin 4ialiila oor *r r<x>u, . ?rb?, nd b&rka. ftllnv Deck, Blond Root, Black Rc?, Biranpa rtUt, * ild Cfcarry Bart, ar.d DaidtliM nttra into ita cm NUL-r ^jrtfss saMi * ! - Mof ofa^ch lojniiicm IkToretakSfrt^Tftlr1 er tflkm? 4iatillinr, pradaeia* * rfalieioaa, aihilSfaiinf apirK, u< tba UM irfiuliMa ram* W far racoraui,* <ha diaaaaad ijmb, u4 raaiarir.f tha alck, aadaiuif, and dakiliuud tnralld la kaillh and atxaoftk. McLEAN'S STRENGTHENING CORDIAL . Will aC?ctaally e?r? Li'it Complaint, Dmipni, J?m- ' dit?, Chtttn ar Ntrwa* Dabiltty, Duanaai iftkt lidtifi, u4 til flHUN arising fraro a diaerdarad bnr ar Btaaaek, P*apaj>?ia, Maaribaru, lavaid Pilaa, Aeidur ar IwkiMi af l>? ff.oniach, FaJloaaa af Blcod la tha Haai, Dmll Pain a* Bviraminf In Iha >aad, Pal fit man af tha Hatri. Paliiiaaa a* Wairhi to tha Btaraaeh, Bear Eraetctiana, Chaktnr ar Faca'Jnf Paahnf vbaa laTWif down, l>rynaaa ar TatiaV rata af ika Ikla ud l^ia, NifM Iwatti, Uatrd Patara, J Palo ib tha mall af tba U-ck, Ckaat, or lida, Saddan Firahaa af Maat, Dipraaaien of 8p:rr.a, Prifhtfcl Draaaaa, ' banfsar, Daaaaodauc? ar any narreaa dlaaiaa, Brraa ar Kintcbaa an tta Ikis, and Faaar and A ft a (ar CkiUa and | OTii.i met hi i U faUad in F^iitg anurt iMjaUcUnu Wh*. th#o, ] vm >rff?r frara ViUMu at Mobility vk?ii Mi LEAM1I fKKMGTIKWlflS CORDIAL will cur. 1 Ma itnf aafa cu aar.ray aa f.dic|Ut? Ida* ?f lha lanf dl la ud iIbhi nuiuiltu thai.g? pHuid by ULkinf tkU > Cardial ta tha diaauad, datiliuiad, uid ihtlttrad aarrata ' ytitm, vbtOiar krakaa dawn br aicau, watk by oaiara, ar lupdrad ky aicknaaa, tha r?l?nrf aid ar.x?anf arffaal s >;iao la raaWtad u ua priatina kaaltb uiJ Tif?r HARRIED PERSONS, ar athira, aar.aciaaa af in*b?'.itT Iron *rtaata*ar caaaa, will 1 fad McbKAHl fTRKMGTMERiHO COKDUb a tha ta?fh ragaoarawr af tha ayaiam: and ail wha ma* bara ia Sr. J thauaaWt* by i:npr*aar itdalj ancaa will tad la Ihia uJ il a aari'la and ipaidy ramadj. TO THE LADIES. McLEAKS rrRKnerilKMIHQ COailULU a aavar irn iiaii** para far Irr'^rii! r'urikmiiiiM 1 On..-ic:?r, ar DliScalt MaaatrmaUao, lnpontinanca ef Cnna r l:i?a ar Ury IHabharft tharaaf, Palling if tha Womb, Cltidliax, Painting, ana all diaaaaa* ir.cidant ta Pantalaa. THERE IS NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT Rafftr na langar. Tab* it according ta diractiana. It will aUmalatt. atraogthan, and invigorata m and eaaaa tha blaair af baaltk ta naant r?ai cbaak again. K*ar? batUa 1a vtnaotad la gi*t aatlafactian. FOR CHILDREN If raa? cbildian art sickly, pan* ar aflictad, McLEAIfl CORDIAL will raaka thatr haaltby, fat, and rabaat. DrWy bm a mamtnl; uj it, and ya? will ba caoaiaead. It ta da lle i?ai l* tr.k*. CAUTION, avara af drafgiata ar dallara arha may try ta palm apan yaa aaraa biuar ar aawpartlla traab, vbioh tbay can bay Chaar, by aaming it la tait m rood. A raid aach man. Aa| lar Mt-LfcAft'l VrREN'JTHENlHO CORDIAL, aad taka natliinf alaa. It la tha anly ran ady that will rariff tha '.S >raagtilf andattha aania lima atrangxhco tha aya'rta. Ona ttup?wial takan avary car i.:( fhttiu* ia a ccruia pra?arui?a tor Ghoiara, (.'hilla *i>d Ft'ii, Tallow aav iira*al?Qt diaataa It ia put aj> la larga bottlaa frit* aoW 91 par batJt, ar t b?-.ia? for J7 H McLEAN. B* 1 prapriaiar of thia Cardial; alaa, McLaan'i Volcanic Oil L'aii.taot. Pricei^at Dapat ac tba caroar af TLtr J and ru.a atraaU, k. Laiit, Ma. McLean's Volcanic Oil Liniment, (Tmk sc*t uiriMCirr w thk world.) Th> unit mmfm *nd emrtain run far Handera Pilaa T* aa*ia. willing! and tfrnotiiil* or Oorra, Paralra;*, N*a. ralfia, Wa%knaaaaf Ui? Mutlti, Oirnnic m I r.fl* minatory (Lbcamatuiu, CLifu****/ lha Jotr.u, < outrac'al KmcIh or kifuRouU) ?ra*ba ??T?ethj..ha, Brcia**. pruiua, Freak Cdh Wwanda, near*, rim Horaa, (>k*4 Braaat, Sort H'pplaa, Btma, ScaMt, Sora Throat, or uty laliumlioa or aaii, ii? difinnci haw aavara or Imi tna diaraaa ma* kara txtatad. McLKAM? CiO.Et5R.ATED LINIMENT U a cart u. rauady. Yboaaanda af fcaraar. bar* b?*n H'I< a lifa af dia trapitad* and miaary by tb? a>* aftbia mrtluMi ramady. N-LEAN'S VOLCANIC OIL LINIMENT Will ralirra pain almoat laataaunaoaaly, and it will claaa, parify t aal lb* foalaat acraa id an lueradtMa ahort uaa. FOR HOUSE* AND OTHER ANIMALS. MclEAN* CELEBRATED LINIMENT ta tb* oulr aafa au< raitabia rtmady (or (ba<Ara at Hpiria, Kiubrnt, Wiadfalla, #riiota. Ounataral Lin|<L Nodaa or 3wt litre*, li aarar fai'.ad to ci ra Big Haad, T*tla?U, Fiatulr, OI4 Ku-. .in/ ftat, or Iwaaey, if projMrly appliad. Pa* *pr* r.a, Braiara, BcratrMa, Crackad Haala, Cbafaa, tUridla at Ollar Oalu,?:?ta, Morta, ?r Wo an ila, it la an infallibla r*ri*ti?. Afply it aa Uaractad ar.d a ear* ia caruua ia arary laataoea. IT. an uita ba lanaar wiifc lb a many wnrtblaaa Linimmta farad u y<*. Obtain a aapplr of Da. McLEAN"8 CELE BRATED LiNlMENT. It wifl car* to*. J. H. McLEaN, Ma Praprfataa. Coraar VTiird and Pto* at*., 01. Lost*, Ma CliULEI tfTOTT, r 5 Pa. a*., a*la uaot ia Waabiag taa . K. S. T. CIBSlX.Oaarratawn. aaUIUWIt Ywood and coal OU Will anrely get joii' monoy'a worth by cal'in* at tiie PIONKKR M 11.L8, r<mtkw**t tor ntr of Ftvtnlk strett and Gonni, (OfcO PAKK, Afent ) Th?y bell oiwi^r and civ* hotter DMUvr? than ?n ' others in the nit??out, split, ai.d deliv er*! free of oharr*. If T-?a oon't iiek>?ve it, giva the Pion*rr Mi^a atrial, aud be aatisC d. ja H-lr.r D (TWIT'S GUNPOWDKR, For sale at inaaafactcters pnoo*,J>y JOHN J. bog UK, ftioumwH, d. C.. SoU Aromev (or tko Dintnei of Calnwlia. A larre supp.y, enattracio; every vanfty, always on nand, and delivered free to all parts of the l).s tiflt. Orders oanalsn baleftat theofcoeof Adame* Kxaree* Coiraanr. Washincton. p. C. fe J-Iavlr ri^HB OIUiATKST BARBAIN9 IN CIAJTH 1 ING, F?)RNi&rttN6 GOODS, hats and nXCMi \<> ISO Hnutk > French a richstein. 7$ fraii. Atkrts. Are areata for the Baltimore An? lean and Kjc inge, Charlaeton Mere* , Ac. Snheeribera tn at low rate* Pap* a from every oitj in the ien?weekly, nonthly and quarterW. Call aad ->aorifce. Now lathe time. New \ ork. Phila ehange, Charineton Jferevy, Ae. Snheeribm Ueioo ratiiriW. deiphia, Baltimore and other rapen delivered ia the citjr and Georgetown immediately after the ar nral o? traina )a 15 t. ? c. uiui. ?. k? Horr. t. k avtkt. LAMA?.?o ?A.W. fMMjir 9 EDUCATIONAL. TroSK oeire a t boron k Mid vctematia thairphyaioai train, nt will reoeiT* attention. ?W*?r th# tgo?t m tWnic* and (> vmuattioa. arc visit the I'dioo F?m?>? Uwctk at. and N>w Yurk a*. MR. 4 MIS L llClltm. mv-it PriBj 17 KM ALE HOARDING AMU DAY SCHOOL ' Mr*. The thirteenth knnutJ mmkk of tm a IntiUtM wii^flpimuence on Taeeday. gap term?r IU, Uae ^'iin orcj^iW by SylrMter Soott, Ehi Tt.c courae of atndy pursued vill tli# lirtoohM requisite to I thorough K ofttion, and M u?jo. French, Lfttia nn<1 ml rrr, Drawing^ In addition to da? aebolnr*. Mrs. McCorouafc M prepared to raoeive a limited number of papila aa >a'?iera. who, eonati tu tine a part of bar o?? mm itj. w?ll l?e ui.dec l:er immediate eare and auperri aion. will ?M|wTor , aa tar m poaniW ,u> ear eaal tK??a withtbaeowjhrto-TCSliriifc?? of Hone. Rtjrrmt'i.?Her C gltrrtiKiD, Rev. D. K. m-. K<Uar gnowde J?eo. H. Norton. Rer. Dr. Kliaa Harrieon. Kev. i). F. finti, W i! i?un H Fowle, ' 'K.Km . Kilaiiiul a- w ?? " KJ" k'SS, il'.ftKi.'fe,- T^vHrtSGB fcdOor Kv?mnt!*t?r1 B? Rown n. niBon, , w. u Board, vith Tuitioinn V*'u. Kn(tL.h B ??forU?anaaai mmiob?parable eo?M-? in advanoe. M Dtio and I juig uacee at Profetaora' prieee. IC7* N? extra charcee. Cmrt Comtk. feM, Wi?riwi?. Ja JLutrxa any Imtaif* m Smt a<*? / lit TVm*. htlitTt tk* MMIi Cimfk m i ttom. ?r?Kii(w, # CaxarrA, riear aarf hn mrtngik to th* run ef ARC F?w are aware of the nneortauo* of oheoKta* a Coach or "Con.mon OoW'' in IU tret etac*; thai which in the t>*r 11. l( would y laid to a mild r?n dr, if Deflected, ?oon attack a f he Lena*. ? <*??**? Brtmf fctei Trnr? *." oontai^Dc aefneTeent iefreat vhm, ww} rai nuoarj hi BlOflMW ItTlMM. _ _ . . "That troahio la air Tkrotl, (for BROWNS which the "T*oclutn area ?^ci6o) having made nt often a m?r( vkli TROCHES, jerer BROWN'S TROCHE? BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES BROWN'S TROCHES ni made me often a ??r? vhta r." N.I'. WILLIS. M I reoommmtd their aee to Pvauc Spuim." REV. E. H. CHAPIN. "GraataervioeinaaMaiog Hmiu HSm." REV. DANIEL WIRE. ** Almost initaU relief la the die traaeinc labor of bratUung pooalw to Aenr**..** REV. A. C. EOGLESTON. " Contain bo Qpiaai or aaiUiif injnnoa*." DR. A. A HA?ES. Cktmtn, Bmim. 14 A nmpieand pi Uob for toTOM, Ae." DR. d. F. BIGELOW. B ?MW. Si-.J'rSTXN.. " | tare proved than asoolloat for wiivk. TK I F?K MAR, Not. 1, S UMl ?. are friMrrt Ml Lh? form of * lo**nj?. de*??id of ImM ud can t>e carried . r the waistooat pocket. ts>id in tin oaftoa, and divided into separate doses, as ad mi mat* red t>? VdKH, LaVetnand. Nou, Rioord, \.c Pnnm #3 each, or foar cmm for 09. whteh naves S3; and in *27 cases, wberebt thera is asav in*of#9. To be ?d, wkoiaaaJaaad r??ail, of I>t. BARROW,of 194 lllmeker rtrwt. Naw York, limoeuiateiv ouraoeivinc ? reinittanoo. Dr. Barrow will forward the TriMMV to any part of tha wor'd, Mcnreiy j.aoked, and acfdraaaac aaoordiag to t*a la trooti-na of the writer. . The B<Kik, of a'I others, that sboold ba read fey men with damaged and broken down onatotvticr* is "Human Fnuitf, or PhisiotosioaJ Keaoafafcea ' It is hosvoli fuliy illustrated, and tr?U ??init?ly of all tlia r?<np oni? th*t itranabj (forelos them ?e ye*. x?pner or later. reiu tn.i irooi the fratitlea find vit.atiug habits of earn jou'h. iiicappc .taking ibe victim from ab&nr ic the frai'ioa rn the mafri mo Dial slate, aid. if not r tieekao ?n tins. deceMr liung all t ie function* of manhood. *-d brintnyt hiiu. fctep by step toa lingering &cd *n?i?aelv death. Bold by nr. **A kROW, 191 h'.^eoker it H, frtr doors b-*l?>w Mao1?orai. New York. Prioe 25 oaots Sect free every whera, {told aiui hr 9. C. F?-rd, Jrm Drag Store. Wash ington D C. deM f D| I a P 1 El! P AR III! IIIAIIKS*! ? 1M1. * lP?t, 1ML CMMAFXM THAU MTMM. Wa will taka aa ?*tr* di Mount ?f #> ft a^ji. of aril Diariea porohaartf fro? f?r oa?k. 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No. a haa entirely tupplacteo the injurious aif of meroarr.tberehy tneariat to tiie infer** ?p?dy re lef. tatperainc ail impaxiUaa, and rooUag oa Die virnn. of dlMAM.