Newspaper of Evening Star, November 1, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated November 1, 1861 Page 2
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THE Fn KNIfNO STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: \ FRTDAY I, 1*61. 1 * - - _- 1 "il F*rt!?Pf at U** vartaM military ram pa and ration* *'1U v<<rtf<*r a faro? by kwpMlg ua pvsted II to rr.CT*Vm.-*i?? a <1 aAftlr* In tkolr Tlrlnldi* Il r To our Baltimore reader* we would bmv tbat tbe flrat and second edition of tbe Star can *e had In Baltimore of E F. tlazeiton, a?ent. No 'i ^Veet Baltimore atreet, near Gay?the flr?t edition at half paat four and tbe aecond a* elgbt ? clock, on tbe arrival of (be train* from *V?ab Higton. giving all tbe la'eat newa from tbe Beat of war wp to tbe time of golny to preaa Tbe new Dollar We?kly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan new* and goaalp, and cboioe literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to tbe public. Embraced In its entertAtntntf ctnteata are tbe following artlclea: A Cba'tft 011 Dreaa, excluaively for l&diea; An Ol*-tiwe Bone Rw, a rlcb fk^tch; TbeEn eld Rifle; Wb*t tb^armv eata; Villlam Brown niul bli tract; A new Cotton Kcltfie from VanItv Fair; !*keti bes of (teoerals ^ to ne and Evans; Important nrwi f*ora the South, with southern aecoauta of ?be b<tUft at Hanta Rem Island and Ball's Bh.ff, Official report of tb?> Suifa Rpm Island affair; Mat of vessels in tbe great naval expedition; Official report of the engagement at the month of the Mississippi; Partirulara of tbe defeat of Zollicoffer In Re ntnckv; List of the woonded In tbe engagement near Leesburg; G?n Stone's report of the battle; Continuation of tbe Barnev case; Highly Important and intereattaig military t-udget; Latest news from Old Point. Weetern Vi'glnla. and tbe ?Vest Telegraphic dispatches up to ?he 'Imc of going to prees. Agricultural, horticultural and gardening mtacel'any: Household and work-hop recipes, fee., Ac ; togetb*r with several columns of choice selections, local otwi, poetry, and general intelligence This la just the paper above all others for persona sojourning In the .National Metropolis to aeod to their friends at a distance Price only throe centa per copy, or SI .00 per annum; postage prepaid by atampa when so arranged. Spirit ( the DltrilBg Press. The l*ttlUgt*ter noticing the fact of the appearaneein a New York pajer of ttelatc reports cf Adjt Gen. Tbomasand lien. 8tone, says. "In alluding ?o tbe natural anxiety of tue Government authorise*. both civil and military, to reach w1?h llgbtntug speed the Yew York prsns. we have not a word of objections to make, sad certainly no romptilut to < ff r, except merely to My that. inyi?-ld'ng t? that anxiety, it does not, we humbly eonceivf, involve tbe uectseity of of Ignoring the Washington public." The Republican thinks the exposure of the exteat of oar forces In Missouri and Kentucky through the publication li the New York paper* of Adjt. Gen Thomas' report, not quite judicious Om MILITARY BUDGET. PBOMOTlO.liS FROM THE BA5t*. Theesoellent effect of promoting the best non eommlssloned officers and p'lvatea tocommlMiors is tbe V. 8. Armv, recently commenced a few days ago by tbe President, la already manifest Pome of the companies are now in the army of tbe Potomac, and at afternoon parade oh tbe day their commission* were sent to the different regiments, the promoted were ordered from their | petitions to tbe ranks to the line of commissioned officers, and tbe orders promoting tbem were duly reed to the respective compenies. They were In 11 ouis 1 stenrd to with hre&thUss s'lenre by tbe men, who at the end of tbe parades crowded ar<mnd their fortanate compantnna with congratulations and exultation over tbe encouragement to common soldiers involved in future assuarance ! het consistent good military conduct will hrrp- I after earn a Just reward in the U. S Army. Wo nay add that 'he commissioned officers are them selves agreeably surprised, aad, Indeed, delighted with the effect of the new rule, upon tbeir re. peetlT* commands la the case of the reading of the order given b?lew, the aubject wa? affected almost to tear* on recalling the unexpected announcement of hi* promotion; and hla fellow-soldiers crowded around him with the beartieat congratulations The order waa as follows: H**iquartir? Battalion Figh k Infantry, I Waahlofc'Oii. 1>. C , Oct. 30, 1?<>I \ Orrferr tfe ie It Is with the meet unccrc pleasure that tbe commanding officer announces to the command tha promotion of Sergeant Wnj Fletcher, to be a second lieutenant In the 11th Infantry. He take* this occ6ion to impreaa upon the rank and file tha aocesstty of qualifying themselves for atmilar positions. If they have the laudable ambition of rising In their profession Obedience, sobriety, aad an honest discharge of their various duties, BUSt be tbe SttDDtnff itone - and tfc? fommanHinc? eCoer will not forget to notice ?te conduct of the men under bit command, and, to far ai in Li* power, will endeavor to aid thoee wbo exhibit the high tone and military pride in the performance of duty, which ntver fails to command toe raapect of their cflsera By erdor of Captain Willard . . (Signed) H K Hazkt. td Lieut >jih Infant!y, Act'g Adj't. WSLk-KAB*BX> COXMISatON?. We meot'.oned a day or two ?lnre that Merc^anta Franklin Cook. T D Farker and R K Killnwood h?T? been appointed Second Lieutenants in the army. They reached Washington to-day Theae gentlemen have recently eacuped from Han AaWmio. Tesaa. where they were beldas prisoners by the rebels. Their adventure* In making their J aaoape would ftli a volume Tbey escaped from Uwlr gmrdi In San AntonH at night, and made their way, guided by a compass, through tbe ter. rlble ehapparel country to Laredo on the Rio (sraade They were ptir?ue<i by the rebel cavalry, which at oae time waa within a few rods nf where they were accreting themselves among tbe Span!sh bayonet buabes and prickly pear Tbey had determined not to be rtraptvrtd aiirt. On roach log Laredo, on tbe ftio Grande, tbey proceeded to Monterey, Mexico, and from there to Tamplco. From tbe latter place tbey sailed *o Havana, and from there to New York. Our Consul at Havana waa moot kind to them, advancing tbrrn means to roach New Vo'k, Ac. Tbey state that our Ceneul at Tamplco wwuld do nothing for tbeni, but tbey got along without bta assistance Until tbey reached Laredo they subsisted upon a ttw crackers they bad supplied themselve* with. Three finer looking men we have never seen, and our Government shows again In these raaes that It knows bow te reward faithful men and good soldiers. These gentlemen have all tiled honorable eed blgb poettloae as non-commissioned vftctrs la tbelr regiments, and will be welcoiued by ike army In tbelr new position* as officer* term* saieaDisa okkkbal msxs's uroar. TKe r * iVU - " ?- -r>n vi nicer (coionei of iu tiunchuaetta UihJ concerning bla aha re In the battle ?f Beli'a Bluff h*a been published, lie waa evidently personally in command on Harrlaon'a lalend tavelgba against the amount of transportation, wnleh Col Devena aaya he knew to bt tujif+mt I# rrott A*e hundred mi a par hour A* the oouimander on Harrlaoo'a lalaad, It waa certalaW Cot Hlncka'a duty to protect (guard; tbe biah JXnt ha evidently failed to do. Hence, W aoepect, bla appareat indignation about the lnangrlaaay of tfta transportation. From hie own a pit, N la dear that be. tad be oaly, la reaponatbie for tbe loea of the boats a aioos?oi?ajica os mi mabtlajid ?m?bk A reeonnoleance waa made Wednesday by Uen klea aad ataf. accompanied by a squad of Indiana cavalry aleog 'he Maryland chore of the Nunae about forty ml Lea frost WaeblDgton: wbra they ww Bred opon by ? rebel battery on tteVirgial* shore. One of the ahota fell abort t?4 aaothe. paeaed over then. Ytalerday tbe picket* of Ueneral Wadaworth cep*a~e<i a private of a South Carolina regiment bout three mi lee beyood Fall* Church There are ma to bqpo doubt that the reteUbave large number of hat bu*U at Ocoquan ererk, mail factored at Fr<4rr1ct;>burg, de*:gred for crooking the Potca+c ti.forBtettoo hta reachcd the Na*y Depiruiient tb?t the Gpurge Page ha* been worked by the rebtt* ?o far up Quaatlco Creek a* no I^igor to be la fight kM tk? Marytaad afcon. trc BICHMO*t> theatkb to bb Or isrd Captain Ld I' Sherlock, of Company A, Fifth Infantry, who waa for many yeara the proprietor and manager of the Detroit Theater, write* from Muuaon'a HIU to theeditot of the Detroit Dally Trtlmm*: " We are kept prepared to move at any hour. and, under our lighting leader. Of n Riehardaon (' fighting Dick*), expect to take dinner in Richmond, Va , January lat, 1S0>2; at which time I ahall open the Richmond Theater for a abort avaaon. for a little recraatloo for the boya A ' private boi' ahall be at votir dUpoaal." ro?r ofticb. The Tost Office I>epartment ha.* IwnH the following order t ' The Postmaster General order* that all letters endorsed 'soldiers letters' bv anv acting field or staiTofficer In the service of the United States, stall be forwarded In the malls without prepayment of postage. In accordance with the provisions of the eleventh section of the act to employ volunteers, etc , approved Julv?M. 1&61. T. R. Trott, Chief Clerk ? !<7*iioslrt contracts. The stationery contract* for the House of Representatives has been awardid to-day to Messrs Phtlp &. Solomon. Latimer Brothers and Hudson Taylor [For the SUr. thk dead huu ?by park 3knjam1n. Bind the oak leaves round his head, He has shown himself a man; Bravely charging he fell dead, Figbtiug fomnoat in the Yin. Cheering with a mighty cheer On he led the serried band; , Now he lies upon his bier, Cold and stately. atlll and Slowly gather round Mm now. Ye, his soldiers! and be dumb, Cast one look upon hia brow As your hear the muffled drum. Then with solemn feet and slow, Mournidg for hlae^rly doom, ? un yocr toiaed banners go, Lay the hero in bla tomb. A Nkw Fiklo or Cotton 8uppr.v. ? Editor Sta> I wiib to show you what can be done in Kansas hy wav of ratal ng cotton A neighbor of mine (Mm Kidrldge) hsd one Cotton aced, which *hp planted on the 1st of June las', and gathered forty bulla of cotton from that one a*ed I a?tid vu one boll?nn average of tb? whole lot Mra Eldrldge Int-nds planting quite a lot of It next year, and expects to ralae enough, at least, for aomc consumption. Your*, truly, j h Steer. Ash Point. Nemaha co., Kan , Oct. 17, 1861. yote?The specimen of cotton contained in the above letter la a auperior specimen of Upland cotton, certainly, and if cotton of thla quality can be raised in any quantity in Kansas, the fact will be hit-'hU satisfactory as showing that the area of cotton-producing land la widening in a way to make the world Independent ef the Confederate states for a supply. Thx orlrati< Concert To-mum ?The tick eta for tbe great concert are being sought for at our neighbor Metzerott'a In a manner to Indicate that there will be lMtle available spare left at the thea'er to night after the aud'ence Is fully seated. J Thus aside from tbe musical attractions of the evening the display will be one of exceeding brilliancy. With such performers, such gems of operatic music performed, and such an audience to listen, the evening's entertainment will be a memorable one Indeed Tw?MASONIC.?A stftt*! oomraunioft'ion of J*? L?i*n< n Lodge. No 7, will he held at Ontr~' M&'cnie Hal, oorro- of Ninth and U stu . 1 i^'i. a?, la'f-pant 7 o'clock T lie Hrand f.odre wii! be present in their annoil visitation. Pnrctua'attendance of the meiri^era ic re ?> ??ttd >Ia ter Mi? .n? in rood Biandins are fraterr.a'iy U'vifd to atteuJ- it* YT5? ATTKNTIO N. PR KSiDKNT'3 J 1 MOUNTED GUARD.-T^ members, ex membrra and citi*?na of this District, who wish to sustain r>ur i.ieral orrani jafit.a are requ??tod to iT.eet at tlie I atari's Houie.(Capitol Hi Ijnn TfJtiSDAY EVENING next. No eniI??-r 6'h, 1f$!, at 7>< o'eloek. On that eveninr < ffirers wiil be c;eoted for the C?>m;any. and should ther* be a ecfSoient nu ? ber pr*s n*,toen roli themselves into a regiment, offioers wi!l he elected for tlie companies a? soon a? fil'ed B? crier oftha Committee. op 1-w * Tr^RfcOlttTHR'S OKFiOK, JJJ Octobe* "i'i. |h?1. TO 4LL WHOM IT MAY fOXCBKH. Notioe is herebr riven that licensee riven to tavern*, retailers of spirituous ard fermented liqu ig, wines ami oordi&ls to groceries,dry goods, hardware, medicine*, pe iumery. watones a.jd Jewelry, lumber, wood a',d coil, oonsmisuon n era* an'a. a so, to keeper* of l.ackne> carriages and rmnibuaea, b;l lari. isli'ei. ten-pin alleys and oon feo ionari. and 1 r hawkin# ard >?mi< i.'?ai??rs in old iron, Kraea. O'pp^r. An , will expire on Monday, the 4'h day of November next, and th?t K&id lioanae* ii!u?t b-? renewed a* this otfice within ten days after that time. SAMUEL E. I>orBLA?4t?, "O ? tit* Nov. Register. YV? DEPARTMENT OF METROPOLITAN li_5 POuICE?The Hoard of I'olioe Commia8i'?L??ri bavi&g tak 'D the hou*9 51b ?leveuth at., ail buain'aa oonnr-Ctrd wi'h the Polioe of the oity will be 'rainai'ed at that ? \ ceiiera oumpiami book will he opened, and citi?9u? are result"! to ca!! and enter anr cmplalnta the; may have to it,alee ol any matter rela itiz to the poiiue or health of the oity as 27 W B WEBB. Superintendent VTg^COMPANY A." U. 9. ENGINEERS.? 'MS Kilty intelligent and ahle bodied mechanics wTII he enlisted to fill tins Company to th?? max imam fixeo by law?120 men. Inquire at No. J4* 6 street Pay front ?IS to 834 per month, be?ides food aad clothing. %u 17 tf NOTICE TO FARM.' R3.-IUR VEY has ten thousand bushels .>f Oyster Shells, whi'h h-? will sire t?. any one who will l aol th'-m avar. A ? . at llU 1 t 1 - ' nyyi ?i kci < foomm in rnMt nol 3t T,HOMPS?>N'H MfcOiriNCKS, 1 I.IKK rRKSf fVRK AND CORDIAL, For vale, who,e?a!? and reUii , hr >. ?* KURD, Orucgist, no 1-1 m Corner K'erenth ?t ?rd Pa ay>nu<?. ONOTICR. AlNIFl'SK^ Will or\?1 ooTner of 8Avecth *t and l'? avenge for MOUNT _ ULIVI-T CKM-TKR\ i ' il T tUgm i f U" D^ Y !*1<>RN|NG. at .t and o'clock for th* aac'immolation of per?<>n* deairoua of at'<?r<li"g tha celebration of Huh Mats. Fare ?a^h way & oen'a. It* WAGONS. WAGONS, WAGONS ?Jam r?0' i ved one dozen Warw* suitable for Grooers and Sutlers. For ? l? cli ap at ROH'T H. GRAHAM'S Coann Shop. Kitlith at. Repvrinf of ail kinds promptly att*nrted w. _ no i St* NEW rKNN8Y!, V AN 1A BUCKWHEAT. ?>a-berti r, an<i new No. 1 Mackerel, B??' Su*ar cur-d Ham?.on>y 12H 't?.. 1\ e?- CcHiri?l? snd lftk:>tMor Herring, E'. Iienal Oil. and Ramus. Currents, Citron, Almond', Ac. JOS W DAVIS, It* Corpwr Ninth aod V. ??s. MIMTAR V, FIEL11, MAHINE, AND SPY' GLaSSRS, POCKET COMPASSES. AoJn*t received a large assortment of Military Field, Marine, a id Spy Glas e*. Pocket Compiate*, and oth?sr Ann? and Na?y Ofiioe'?' RequUitos. M W. GALT A BRO , JeweHars, 354 Pa. av.,4 dour* w< *t of no 1-at Brown'* Hotal. I -SOLUTION"oF copartnership. iNotto* ip hereby given that the partnersh p here tofore exiati' K under the firm and style ol Wm. a E Loud i* thi* A\y ilissoiv d by mutual oonsrnt i "o >'u?uni wi i n'rwin' ue OOQQUCUM Oy KDeiuxer Lord, at the old st^od, w : <> assume* and will par all tn-> liabilities of the said fi ni,a"d who is hereby authorised to oollert all moneys due the said firm. WM. MiRu EBENEZBR LORD. November 1,1831.?3t* I WATCH K8 j\DIK*' AND UKNTi EMEN?S NEW Styles ot very supe>ior 6"ld Watoies by all the Iv most oelcDrsted makers Also, reliable ?K} Timekeepers in 8i ver Case*. a? very low^UdK rs'>i A large aaro tment ju t rfosivej. ET Wa'o'ies, Chronometers, Jewelry,ko ,carefuuy repaired. M.W GAI.T4 BROTHKR, Jewelers, 354 Pa. avenue, ao 1-at Four doors wmt of Brown's Hotel. ^ R M Y CLOTHS. uuaitsbmastn Gi.niril's Orrici/ Waihimtoi. October 3i, 1961 \ Pa posals are invited ai.d will be received by the U.rt Qusrtermaaie at Philadelehia, f fuu , until U o'c'ook at u oa o" to- ]&t. day ol NoveingjfMrt. joHiriuluii CLO'l HS FOR aKMY bach ji'oio?al mast be aooompanied by samples of U<e o oth whioh it is p ?eoe*d to famish The clo'ft efeoald be tirM (ur'tri to six qu\rtere TftnL* vide Li?nt or dark tlue will t-j pm.erred, Ui4l!>lt(r*M wiU ?"? be ooualder <1. tticdera m??t ?t*te tke m?iD?r of Tarda th?y will b**ra?irrjt>)itni'liiiMo mo th.atdfo' b<>w nni m in h?. at taeololniua o>-pci* |r. New York or r A1 adeiphia, or b'Hfc. tod ik- p. ioe Mr jard lor "WM? Mid *<i(Lr^"?ed to U?# li &.Q?a:terina?ter, t?hila hfil'roait be aoooaapanied by a p-oper itir -tVt." Mtcivc M?rtl? 'b*t if *ka 'VitrV* ?aw?rdei if.n^'oTrtf Jim *1 therein, bo will at otoe exeont* 11I .?!? *?l CIT? t-?'d. in tionbio ?k? amount of it Sntrio! I i U?* i-u'-n*.; per For ?^tuereot t^ursrterniMtar General U.S. Army. Mtt 1-IMkINoT i t * i ' a ???immmmI?I LlftTfir LETTERS REMiMltlfl I* THE j PO*T OFFHE, WASHinGTOM CITV, N?Tialier 1, 1*61 (Urdared to he inserted tn the Kvkfih* f*T*k tt ' bmng the Mvir*)? h&nng the lftrf*?t ciron atioti of my daily paper pabluhed in WMhinfton.) ID^Al! persona applying for lettert in th* follow nc list, will fle&ae My thet are advihiipbd. ladtkc list. Atflfr MUi Carrie Fraokliuu Mu? H Miller Mi** Adam* Dri kllit? % Pu.lerto ? Mr* M J MifriJir Mim T J A-kl?.*oo Mr* Rnllte French Mrs C K Millar M ** Sarah A?h Mra Ubsrlatte GiWoo Mit Mootfo?t*r?Mr?Cf* A Jan.* Mr* L V Gleeton Mim Aume Miliar Mrs B Adjtn* car* of Mr CGriudtr Mrs Michel Mi** Eilao Arlam* M*rj C Uovdtwtorh Mr? M Miller Mi** Htnr'u Btddla Mim Mdrjr SU;trtlu?r Mil* M A M !lar M;?* viral* fcradler Mr? Shrill Ur*Hnu Mi*l Emm.'Mrfr Mis* Aline Blociier Mr* Gibbon C&iH Jno Murnhtr Mi** Suah Birnard MrtM R (iouid Miu Fannie Mi; Mitt Liura V Browuell Mra W!> iut?"i Miu K R Moore MiaaMal'taC Betuent Mra M L Uink Miaa M A Mi!1* Mist Lydti A Bradley Miaa 9 A Green Mrt E U V Veileoe Mia Hall Bildani Miaa M Gunnell Mri E Nickereroi Mra C Brooaugh Mra J O Gray Mra J no A Ncrria Mra Aun L Birbtr Mn K R P Gr?ee M irrarn Oafn Miaa Ellra Bartho f Mra Juo J H.itkail M at Sallie P.rf ut M'lle Alei 2 Burnhiui Mita G T Hill* Mrt Join W Powera MrtSirah L Brinkley Miu M ? Hicham Miat A J HnW<n? Mitt July Bright Mrt M E Hurlbtm Mahal* t'reuuet M at L Rromue Miaa AO Haritoo Mra Jane Pitttraon Mrt A E Baal'. Miaa 3 E Han ton Mra M^ria Powell Miat 8 A Rrowu Mrt F R Hoaiton Mra M E Prall Miaa Mary M Bir|ji Mra Mary AHutied Mra Aon ESPoa Mrt Eleanor | Bun Mita S L Hollaca Mrt E R PVppt Mra Brooka Miaa Holiaiy Mitt Varan Pierttoa Mrt T Bojge Either A Hayea Miaa M iry Ruttall Mra Rath Bru? n Miaa Jeaae Hail M ta Mary Rlchardtoo MrtBrig Beard M tt Nanme Hocka Mra Aaruata Uao S Brown Mra Jacob Harti Mra M V Roberta Mia E W Boa Mita Julia Harm Mrt Edinuod Ri<-hardt Mrt M Boyd Mra John Hong Miaa MaraaretReere Mra Elmb'h Btye Miat Mina Hoyi Mra Henry E Richirdt Mrt S C Bnei Mrt E H Htynet Miat Allan Simpioo Miaa M O Ball Mra Hill Miaa Carolina Stirpton Mrt M R Chipley Mra Rjtia Hall Mrt Geo W StntoaMraH Chu nan Miat Mary Hall Mra L M SI itford Mra Gao Cunningham Mm J Hank Mrt 8erena S.iwler Mra Hanoa Chr ttopher MraMAtlill Mitt Ellen A Seldeu Mitt LaurjH Cooper Sar^h Heck. Mrt M A Smith Mra Peraelia v-irpimcr inri *n J noiiiaaj nrirs O IMII(nlillWIV|>ni Cul*er Mist J Jenkins Mitt V P Smith Mi?? Virjit Campbell Mri PeterJenkms Mr? J P Scolts Mrs Jane Ciley Mn Hetue Jones Mrs Ann Sc mtlln Mrs A M Oorninj Mist A \V Kennedy Mr?M A BThorn Mrs CbampTin Mrs Job Kenney Mrs E A C Tutile Mrs DorcasA Carter Margaret D Kennedy Mrss Ann Thatcher Mrs C??oper Mrs Jas ? KuitTer Ifliss Mary Thompson Miss M Cooke Mrs C A Karuey Miss M Tnrner Mrs SarahA Cnsh Miss Mary Lawrence Mrs Col Taylor Miss Jane J? CUrke Mrs NetoeHLofans Mrs AuriilaTomney Mrs Mary Cook Mrs Wm Lanfmiid Mrs MW Valentine Mrs ? Cam Mrs E 1. Leach Mite Emm* Vittal? Mrs M D *2 [) r *y Mrs Elita Lee Miss Jennie Vnle Mri Gen E L Downag-<n Mary Lamb Airs Emma Wilkinson Mrs M L rhjvall Mrs 8ar*li EL*e Mrs WiTlajna Mrs Doooho^ue Mr W OM icDoujill Mri Williams Mrs D Doohttle Mrs M A McBnde Mi*s M A Willrus Mrs Mary DeGing MrsMajPMMcManns Mrs E A Million Mrs H Dowlii ? Miss F Mc Daniel Mrs FI T W?se Mrs Samuel LicsgUft ivir* A'lit XVlcl.tot.'i 3lrs J B Warner Mr? J Edward* Mr* A McPhtrson MistM A Woodland Mi?? M Ermworth Mri McMthon Mim M Wagner Mis* K?te Es'in Harriet E McCarthy Mrs Ann Wood* MraCbirl'te Erie Mis* McDonald Mrs M EWe*t Mn Poiter Mr* Geo McKeaii Mis* L Welch Mi?s Mary Forest Mrs K ite Mmhersbaach MriSWoo*! Mffca Fanny Fair bank Mis* K Merlo Mr* Esther Yoouf Mr* JS 1/ Fogtrty Miss Elua Mahonev Mr* L Y<>un?r Mr* Mary Farmer Miss Marshall Mi** Julia GENTLEMEN'S LIST. A<j Wm Biker J W&Ce Ca*t>manDrAL Atwater W M-S Hro*db!")k Jim cole * i\ A gold VVni Z Barer* J o Cox IV A 8 Alder Win C Herruen Jrn> C an D' A Appenzoller WHRoobler J F Clark A B Av?rr Wm A B atmhard JaaMCouover AIIr*d Arnold Wm H Higelow Jeff Cniiimmss Aiox &ll?u Oul W H Hoarert Henry Clover And-2 Aruistror* W H lietma H S < ninw?ll Jim R Amoy T fl BartowR?vH?i 3Cu'tis Jaa Aresy T A B*a 1 H A C ' aroeuter Jno Aiut> osy Cap THent">" Herry NCulver M?j J O ; Armstrong TliosBettorf Henry Caldwell J no B Auerews ? Ba cnardt K 3 Cas'idyJas AiynSDi Bro*cn H'-nry Comslook Cap .1 AjersfaptRB SHerry Col H G t'ammoie Hugh ArnoldCapt R 2 Bayard Henry C-.op'r Henry A Aiphuard Kioh'dBsnnett Henry Clara H A Av ry Kev H 8 B'a> H D Crampion H L ddbrorer .Ino B ady Hugli CarpenterHarry Adams Win Bow-n H \V Car Henry Askey Miles Bro ke H J nesCocnolt Henry Artn A Leina 3 BuOkii Kham H ?'urti- Hecry Aldrich LC Broa^ws I H Cairp H^nry Arnold Lrk- M BuwersfieoO ?'art->r H P Alexanderl8aaoJB<vB8e t G?o W t arnist Geo AlexauderLtCol Bnnk*r Geo W CrosmacCoIGH J H Benohler G F Coit Girdeon Aliatat J to >- urgtss G?o P < o'eN'xman Appieton Jno Bowman Gen WCarl'ton N-wel Anderson J D Hoult-if Geo W Crawford N I Andrews J K Baldwin Geo Co'burn M A And* son Jno 2 Ba. Mr Geo A Cnl? M F 2 ' Abel Jno Bly G W rook Matnew I A;neu"evJno Bowlcy M?J F Crooker L W-a Avery F G Bucket F M Lt Ch^rdler W M i /vioora mo n J m ancaaro p" A ?"rost>* L K AndereouHunii ttrandon K Clo.?e I, V P-2 Burn* Frirk Core? 1/oreoio A'ignyCouiitHF U*au Fr&uk Cox Jno (tie Bir^ns E CaunJuoW ! Allen Geo Ba imor F,a* Coefce Ino Arnold Ed Heim> K H cross J'o A the D f Barium Enooh Coy!* J no Anderson E bsldwin E M CoilJno A.'jern fcugena Bark - Ewd ColJnoT Abbott Ch*s A B-nnett E*lw C Crsrr: Jas B Appleton ?* I) 2 Bimie Kwd A I liit.'i Jno \V Aii .r- we Cha* Fiisker Liy vh Cock n Alit >uChM Butt Eli C two J H 3 App;neB.igjjs Bliss E'iaha Croul-. oiJ Atderson BP B ?rroa E vV Corns J<>a Adams Albert B jrma'l ?dw R Cook J H A<neis Adelbert Bail David CoxJno Boe Wm Barr Dar 1 Coj J no 8 Sums Wm IJifiey Daul J Coinr>? J no W rook^B icGen3tiarcity 1> ?* Ctialsey 1G n ditUr nm burns Oennis Cia:aet> Jn? 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Wm TackerJnoB Mo^o-d Allen Saele W p Tamer Jdo MoO?ffjyAA Shermin W?n TkomuJao A Mor*tz \ngaat 9 toheoker W HTerhu:e J a* R M< ffi't Alex Suttle Wm Taylo- Capt J H Moorhead Arm- Stewart Wm D Temwitle??r J l stead Siiaiven vv M TownaendJaa McKoanCo'Al'n&arceaU W 6 Treadweli J J Molnttre Albion Sk'paer Wm Taylor Jpo L> Morrill Alio* f Snath W A Son Troxell Jm\ MaT*iDAhrah'm?qiiirea \Nm H Ttu>n?pa.>u M F vo<^larinA Sr<1rwi;k L W Tayior Harvy M*,-tin\bnerPHSt ook? Wm Tunp Gee MoDoaa dArcua9tewa-t Dr W DTownie d G A R Smi h W J Tappan Go U MoL.n'yJa* Stall Wm Thone Cm Geo Mt 't^n H P Simpann WAS ThayrGeo Marshall Col H Si pea Wm B Tobay Geo Male Win sa!t*r DrH M Tracy Geo A Nye T S Sw? low V F Thayer Jylw Nue Lt T C Smith T W Tyrrell F.wd Nalton Sam! W Smith Capt T 2 Torapy l>ann Nelaon i.yl J Stck;a T F Thoropaon D .Noivee R D Statford Lt ThoaTabor DaU \I^.aa u IT w :*L -r. i' E* n uui iv riniiii t ir? z uuiiiim v/ i Niootl! Dr RobtPoottT T Torn* Conrad Noltn Mich St^pel T1 Tv-mpkin* HodC Neriu Mich J-ohellerTK Tobt>? Cha* H NaddJnoH Smi'h Thos Taylor Chaa 2 Northrop J J S-mith Ethan A ' hom*on Cba* Ni*bet J K Stiie*C&ptT WThompunC P 2 Newi.ouic Isaac Sc* ley ' ho* TdompaonO! A Neik'.ein Jno Scniley Tho* Tyler t ha* R Nicholec J T 8 ford Hod J 9 Thorn BerJ Newrt liah . Soct and SHt Twining B F NiocersooL' >0 >Miuth ?*mue: Taber Beuj Norton Jas Stock?? Sam'l HUrie L?t Newcomb H 2 Shannon US U?herJnoP-2 Nir?' H N 3 S?mor* 9 lTnde?wood J N iuli' n U 1) Shur'ock Robt LpperaianJo* Need Gni Salton Harry Ui.?unJn?T Nel*oa Ferg Shelby LtR U I'pman H Bi NayerLtCoIF fton-DrKK l'ni*r E J Nugent Dan-2 St'phen*MK2 Vihbard tpep L Newmon D W Sherlock Robt Vock J L No'dini C Stub* BP Van horn Senator Nutter C L Schtnck Brig Vermesn Piere Nicholas ACo 2 Oen 2 Valentine T N<>rt!ine*?CTru*Sohonborn A. Vanaman CaptL NoMe Benj F mchter Vioter* Jerry Noy * Alien R SnoderJr Volante L Noble A T Syer* Kobt Varney Jno W 4 u ?verL,tuoisn; ?*?Jonni' van uyteurj Hi O Connelly M Spsneer Oddie Verrel Jm o'?bai:vh-ncyMf*!mp?cn O Villard Henry Oliver Jaa ?tor*r N W Vandewater ti H Owen Jno Smith N A Virnard Edw O'Urta-.iy Mioh Schneider Mish Virtue A C? Oehae J F *<anaer Martin Vanoatran C E Oliver Ja?B Smith Mont V?iey Cim Oweu J^ff R Stratton Milton Vencant A W OwraEd Joe W Sohaffar VVm Vou Ksaen Alb Overton J jb J-nutii Wm VoegelieA O'Hrieii Felix Sheridan ML WhitfordRev 0'< oil'er Hani Stanley Mr W C S CK?efe Chas Hto. e Milton Warkena Wm 0<et?rCha? Snanklo'd M R Wiley Wm H QuIatAlenso Stake* Wm H Wagner Wm H O'Neill F K A Solimicki'ig Mr Wagner WWolf PorierComWD Saei g I uia u gat-f Parker Wm bwett Hon L W hite W J Paine Wm A Btinohfie.d L M Walker Capt W PaksWmJ Seile L M Pit?an Wm Schwartx L W hitney Wm R Klummer Wm **ohn i.oun Whitney Capt P raona Wm Svertfaver JHA Nelaon Piper Wm onvder J S WoodworthWm Parker W ? Schu a J V Weaterly W n _ rw* i / v r< . * x i_ i -? VI? ran trior inniu bibiui jeri?i?n weiaen w m i p. at I hoa Sbaw J rf . Warrea Wm J Paul Thoe Johnson Robt Wi'dron \\ ? 8 Powells W Smith >e*ao Waliaoe Hon H Pirksna Sarol Smith J H W Piper A. Shifflsr Shop T M Winthip Wm O Postle* S B Scott J %a Walter Wash 0 Proctor Re?ifieldSt<.ry Jacob Williama Wm Player R SeaverJohn Wuoa T A P.uuips Piuiif fptckerintn J Wood Thoe H Philips Peter 1) Staman J no WebierCapTh Peck A S X-4 So ttJosK WrichtJG Ph llipa Oliver Snyder Jno Wrifh'TboaB Palmer NeleonAShuber Joe WouofaH Thoe Pugcau^huMr ft?rjrock Jno Wo- dward Tim P,unk"? >1 H, Sukel Julius M _ I? S N 2 Snowdena Brig WheatleyTh H Paicter Mosee &?ie WhalenTho* P.-iiner Major S.iuonds J W Wood fall Thoe Prindle M l) Sv.tsinger ' J Woodeook Tboe Phase Marshall Me>eoi J R Wise Ho?ersi.J Sp'0?ser John Watkins SamW Phi 111 pa L bteinbercer Col J W etherill M >j Peiroe John Stevens BrigGen Sam P^ck Jas A J J Wo 'dford SarPearoeJas Sul'ivan 'os cent PecaJolia Sullivan Juo wain Saml 3 Pecs John H S o in k. Co'J {Williamson Sam Poor Uo < J A Sanders 0?Dt J Warner Seth Phil ipa Joe 8 Sullivan J1.0 O W?t?ri Roht 1'arker Lt J C Hiteppa d GapJFWilliani" Koht r e.lun Job H Sma lwo?>d J B \\ aliug Peter O Pay ton Jaa Sti!!wcl Ju J W Praetor J O t-nydfr J H Weet PrM'on C Phiuney J H t oorebeNi Jaa Wmta Col PhilS Hur,kettJ*?L Sw^Ua.-i Jaok White SergtJaU Peteraon Jno 0 Spifford J W Wolf P*tT Paokall John B 5-ajer JliM W1 no heater Mer I'ataneaude Jus Stanley Jo* P ritt porter Col J R Staff ord J R WiWonMoaaaR Partridge J H i Stabler J Willaon M E Powen Dr J ?V Sam r>?r Isaao 8\V ska W ? Pennypao.erJ B feta-el Gen J Wright M P Petit Jaa 2 Me Iwuien J WriabtMacLi Purnnjton J A Sea>rook Jaa Whitney MordaI'angoom H H !?n ck?nb* *er J oai Toiiaok HrrmaaSmal. wood JuRW^rd Michael Potter l>r H A ?- epp\rd Capt J Wheat Lutuer 6 Taj? H ?raoe il ?? *&; H-nr? C Wi'lin* Loaia fiattiiN Sea^r Henry Wiltjaorb Peroo?e Henry Sa*(er Hiram WannJP Pau. UHW ^tevena H A Wood I>r Jno D I'ls.atin wen? Capt H J W a! ah J no Po la k Herman Seeier Henry N Weat Jeremiah t aine Dr h striokUrd HonHWenea John Parker (1 A Smith d L Waill John K* It til: pa ?i? I Kte-Ucc Hush White Joa Pitera lieo H ?mith H N WelthJna Tarter Frank H t? nn th W Ward John i'eckina E T Mniti- Hon B Walker Ja? u. , L* U " - ? ? *' *1 " ' . e..u. poiim nenry nuitoeuo';u PiticsChuF Stidmin H VVWIbtri JasU !/"?** K ? Hdnfford H W W??ccat Jtio 8 j,oor < iia?i H hau.lere He^ry Wiiaon Lt J H h 8htar?rGei Wad?worth Brig I I> Smith G Clay Geo Jm S?'*T n . , Ip^T Geo VV Wood'uffCa* l ur1^' Brit Jocatliar.-3 1 rails t,has \\ General 9 Woodrxiry JaaB g?rv?ri? UC Sotiioder Geo Wiualov Jno M Piumley BR2 8n >v Geo K Waltera Jacob , Faru.ioi u Htatlar Geo Wataon J J Po?t Aloert N Sax ton G*rah Wataon CorpJaa Hr'ttr A \ Srmtn G D W hitte-> ore jr P .^asontonCapt s?n Got fred Lt J M a?h. ? o n W J Williams J C Piodel Aadi 8 3 UroncGoerrmsy Whiteforue Jaa { oher. A 'ewalrredD ?j Paige a L Snow F M We. ley John Paine A W 8mith F c. Walker Jno(ool) L? Dc ***** K U Witbey J J Heuney Francia 8m?ad tap J R Wi: tera Jera'ah SJL. ti?T ,?Si??jraF.f?J White H T A.ioe er Wm Wctiala t-rantl Wi * H<r%m 8 Ro .ni Win Stanton Hon FP Whalen Henry Kobin,"u WmHMraao Frad Wyckoffu H Rankin \\ni B Spsara Oa?t Wood benny Rodcera W A-S Vhnrt In. \1 w>rH if KusiVVmEMD Stewart Jno Williams 6w M Reynold* W H StevartJ E William. Geo Robe Hon Wm Shult* Jno 3 WiLiams Henry R ubbir.s \\ m H ^harp Jos Wil*on Goo F R:,n KenJorfl LtSmith ! **-? T Willej GO} \V m Sterrar? Jo* Wright 600 A Ro??* Spencer 8hinn J ? Walton Garry Riley Teroaoe Sternlt F 8 William. Geo A J'uH? ^haughnaaaoy-J Warner Geo H Rielt M KB 2 Smith Jo. 8 William-Geo Rom Miohd Spark Jno 1. Woodraf G 8 *' J10" 8 sfachi J a* C Wallaoe Franoi* JJ?"1R .. ftnart Jan A Warren DrFU Rhodes Robt Stahel Brig Gen Williston F P Rioa Reuben H Shield* Jno Wbite K H a fmith A Hant Wiliard Edward Reed Oliver H Spor Joseph Wilson Bdwf' *^7*^** J Sohmee* Ephm Ward E J _ttea A . ? puu E G Williams Ed?.i un?M Mr Scrotta tdw Wwi Kraery Russell Esq Speyer K W Wolf X g??er * euihemann Mr}<Ayers Kd w W*Urs Edward Root Lewis Serrell Edw M Woodbary D 11 6ossiter L Spenoer Eit t Ward l)ul eeve John F >i ijEDWwt D?ol Kosi Jsoob W Stanton Dr I' WairathCol Kawli Lt J B Smith . r E S Wnitmaa* 8 Read Jos a Sw\?art D A While Cbas H Roche J as Smith D P riiht *-hae B K"*nods Brig Stork 1) Williams CB Gen J F 3 beamioa DwightWerU Chas M R-llins Wm H ?*pr?gu?> Dan WUlChn?toph?f Riohard l)r J no Simui.-s D E Wilaon Chaa F Rep *n Jw> Simpson Dr W airidfe <l, Ripley J W Sarrtelli CapCO Whttaker C K Roberts J no P Stewart Chae W*rrea CC? Ra oliff-i CehmandtChas WajoowC H Reynold. J E Sexton C W C Houusavi leJas 4hr? dh Chae C i Riley J. o* Sch i.erO -Wi derChMB Knm It Juo SDOwden Ch%sF Roi'&uJoa S m ' Col C Widditomh B fuoTcoldt Jao Seymour L4 0 J W'auaoe a F 2 oil and Jko A Si?ter Cha? W Whitma Carl atdallJaaW ^bitOrpt US il*j J are m1 ah ?i*u?r Carl Wohbraba A amor Col J no Shaman Cha* Walker Hon A Hiuer Joi BUtlMii C E Wil.i Alibouo RiuaaiI?&ao PtWB * CoLin* Wiieon A W Hounds Hanry Kawt*i!eCaptCu Wo diuffA P Riteaourch H Sharp C L Waloott A!b r: Kejrnoida 0 L BborialiO Wet3> M?j A V S?*V7 U u r? ? 8 Wo u A A Ruthin* H ? 3 Sherman C WbrlorAUtar Renoh H Mrrvona C K Wa th<nao A Relohart Lt col gull A Fiuhio Wa ttrAiiutui _H n_ Straoi Beif 3 W tuttier A <* Rich GTiu man rmitft BonJ VbmL-2 Sl^iEr sbmas ?F h A^berC Youag Kw?3 Rri^.n^r,/r" Su kwCMtA Venae KS Ferd UDd W ph?r A J Your D*eI ? 9 Rtfcdiuf Hr&nkR8eiiiQiii*Clri?t'r Yaaki* t t> ? PrnT'^^P"' jas*X _ ' Zimmm K A??t 7.. A4a? IN .Tl AL? -! ? A<tt r?M?? Clamja. Ait Hamthe Fort north .id* 4 ?!* ??! Taam^ar . Adjttt R*c ArUUar*. ^ , A liat of dro? nolo* will b* fcaad on Um W%U?ib bo*M at tb? Poat < >?oa CTLrmw ?tn m m cnw at Picnt*. Drop I^tUri, ia *11 oaaaa. ?a?t ba pra paM. JNov I LEWI9 CLEPHANK. P. M. . | ' * AUCTION SALES. MA iff O F VlF. G ANTL VSBUkm79k ij mmi. Fxnu Oil Paiitn w??. ntvu Plata* ari> iiosa Boom at Acctios.? By virtna ofiZ ord?r of d atrtia If #o??? r?nt. w? ?h%i| a*l ?u rMidcno* o' Hoi J. P n~ ?t innST of 6ta ab-1 H fU-Mts.ojt-ostto LaIbtcUc K?u,a pi ilkhdav MORNING. Ocoh#r I o'a'oik. A .arc* And unul ?o ctioi of |)MM hold Firiutire, ?ilr?r Pi*t?d Way*. Oil PalntiiKs ta ,vu f??ver? HArdaoiD* PirlorSnt i. Fine PAr or A< i Chamber CnrtAloa, MA'bla Iw vVftlnnt?Dd MAhoiAL? Book Cami. "i'i^afry. V?iT't Breea-le, and vfker Cat>?u, \\^| out ?n1 M*ho(?ny BMatfadi, wAloot A< d .MftAof?ay Draaain* C?Ua?U. vn* mrUMM.. . _ I W|!ailudMtHo|MT ?aafcataoaa, wiu Marbta (Of, Ppnaf MattrMMt, 0ol**ra aad PllJowa. A i?'|? an<i rery aapartor coilfiuot i>( Bihvae P ?t*d Ware, auoh *?? W?Ur?, Ca*lori, Ww*?. Salt Cai.ara. Grary Diahaa. PitaJMra, ??? < P<nka, Kit Cod a. Fiah _ . La-Maa Cha&cc aaJ other Diakaa, Sagfcr Dtafcaa, Cof?? an Tea Po?a, Caetora. A F #? TaMa Cut ?'?. Klegant French (Jut Clock and Caodeabcaa Twenty two fine Oil Paintinga, by oM MliHra, of grrat value. Writing D?ek?. Kmj Chaira. Wa!nat Tab lea, Pma Bratta, Large Mania. and Pit tiiaaia*, L"nntea. Krenoii China and ?>yatal OSa^aw%ra. Tor?ther with masr ttoer artip m of Boutakoi< r urunure well wormy 01 ma mhiuoi ( f? e poiitiTP. cth in imci*. OH A R LK* KKMBfcT?- Bailiff oojgd BUTKLLR ft ^ILLSO*N. Aiota. IETTHK AKOVFsTTi 18 UNAVOrOABLY n>?T?cn?d until FKIOAV MORNING. fforrm htr 1st. aam? boar and >ao* CHARLK8 KKMriFLL, Raiuf. oo? 5t BOTKI.E* A WILLSON. Am??. JETTHP AB?VF, SALE 18 AGAIN FT8Trou?d unt.l Tti-MOR ROW (8amr<i*? ) MOANING, ?*ra? hour and plao* OH A"4 KKM BELL. Bailiff no 1 BOTELKR A WILlB ?N. Awola, Br WALL A BARNARD A*?HoiiMr? IIOhSKS AND WAGONS AT AI'CriON n Ob 8ATlR<>AVMORMN0,N?wal?ffm, at in o'cI<>?k. wr will ??ll in rroat "f our a. actio* Room*. a number of Horaoa and WifOH,Moi( which i? ?*reral ^xcallratHarufM. Rfinr and Draught Horaaa. 8?r?iai coring '<>? wscodi. Ail of whioh will b? ion without reaarTe. Tfri cash. no I WALLA BARNARD, A acta. Ci WALL A BARNARD. Asetinrwn. FURNH UKK aw* HOI'*KHOLD KFFECT* at Aucnow?On TUESDAY MO* NINO, Not.5?h. at 10 o'clock, we will a?, cn?<-*t of our auo'ion rooma, an aaiortm#at of exraila t Fnfmtur* and Hoaaohold Fornltarc for aec?*nt of whom it may ooncern, witbou t riwvi, to How cooaiccmec ta. coinpria'r g? Mahogany ana walnut So aa and Tatea Do Pallor and Kaay Chaira wa;nut and mahor*ny marhla top TaMaa Muhnitm mtr'iis to* Sireimarrii an' Kt?*'M h uah-oai.e, and w<??-d ?*at Chai^a and Rooktrf Bed*t-??/1?, hair, chuck, and (hack and ootton , M?t'e?K? Rart-aua, ?ith and without flaeeee ' Wa?hatanda, Tablea. Sid?l>oarde I Wainat acd ir aioeany S'e<-*tariea and BookoaMi 1 Oval, Kilt,and m*h'cany Mirrore ? Wait ut, iron and other Hat r?eke II and mac j luruabiac good a sot her#?ea* u tioned. F Teriua oaah. norl WALL k BABNAKD. Aaet'ra I Bf GRKKN * WILLIAMS, Aeetioneer*. I EXTKNB.VE8ALKOF FllBNlTURK,BUT- ' Tin, Li^roaa, Ac . at Acctiok ?Oe SAT C KDA Y, the 24 N.iMmWr. we will Mil la froat of oar Store, No. >196 Seventh atreet, at to o'clock I. re A large and exoellant aaeortment of Eommko',4 Furniture, Ala", > Firkina of Batter, 2 Caaka *f fine Hollaed Oin, With a lane lot of other artieiee. whiok we dee* unneoeeearr to enuneat* ?<l.9t >. I) F P V A Wll I liUfi i B* GRKEN A WILLIAMS. Aactioaaera, E*XTKN8IVE BALK OF J>ECOND BAND Jiwilit ? Heoond-band GjW and Silver Watche*, Guard, V?t and Fob Okaiaa, Breact Pina, Finger aod EarKitgr. Marine ana Opera GIm??#, FanoT Work and other Boxee, 6dl? an* Piatola. Sil?er-pl%teu Ware. F??ey Artielee, IM a large tot of other article# we deem euneoeeaary la enumerate. "n MONDAY, the 4'h of November, we ahati our Auction Stoie, No. Seventh a reel, commencing at lo o'clock, and continue from day to dar untilall ia ao'd, a very extensive aaeort inert of 'he above mecionel and other goods, ?ui4 on aooount of whom it may oonoern. Terms oaah, in epeoie oca M ORfc?-N A WILLIAMS. Ancta. RUCTION SALES IN PHILADELPHIA. WM- R. SMITH, 0mur*i Amcttmt*r, AO* Cbeanut at., above 5th Regaiar salee TUESDAY and SaTURDAV Morninge at I" a ra /^tne Table an?l Pooket Cutlery, Hfc'dware. ency Gooda BoaH< 'Mia, Braahec. *o . Ac. Foreign ana Lomeetie ** inee aod Luan . 1,000 lota every Thn'aday Morning oe 18 la* I HORSE. BUGGY AND HARNESS FOE XI !*\lE Appli to WaLI< a BAR cv NaRD, Auotion and Corarrt??i>ii Mrr-T?^9 cbanta, oor. Ninth at. and south aide Pa.^-*-1WWW tx ? I'OSU I LERSA**t> OTHERS -F0* SALEI One tew ?ity bailt two liow EXP1EM WAGON, with oov?red top: one fonr paufif*' oa*-hor??(new) CARR1 AGE, with ourto di im Satan iron huba and ax lea ; one foar patenter tOCKAWAV ; two trottiaj SULKIES; a'l tew and oity-baiit; will ba aold ow Acdreaa T MACKENZIE A SONS. **? Ba.umore at., Baltimore^ 00 >1 lw* BUTTER -300 Firkin*, oI all tradaa J a at raoaiTW And for aale br JOHN ? LYLE * CO. oo ? lw No. <3 Loaiaiana aTae? f LOUR.?400 Bbia. Choke* Sahara' ALd Family F.oar ia Store, And tor sala by JOHN G LYLK A CO., oo 86-1w No 4? Loaiaiaaa aranue _ U A MS.?40 Tieroea ?f Choiea Cln. K1 Branca, reoatvtax And for tale by JOHN 13. I.VI.K A CO oc ?-lw No. M Loii?iy? UHOULDERS-lti UMi. reoeinoc ? Ado for mb br JOHN O LYLK A CO.. oc 86 Iw No. ii Lonmnua >y?? CHEESE.-300 Boim of the B'rt For aalo by JOHN oVtvLE ft OO.. ooXlw Nu.f3 LoiiaiMiTtMt. SOLDIERS, | ? SOMETHING FOE YOU! Pocket Combs. M mU. ^ Do. L<* H ci 16 " U aion E?vf op?, per hundred ~ .? M Plain do. do. M " Amtirotj*?? of Soott, MoCI?llaa,Ae^ oceli 1A " Sent by mail to mt ad rora. ALFRED ft. ROBINSON. oo ?-*w* r?blMkw, Bartford.Coan. ARTIFICIAL LEGS AND HANDS. Selpho'? Patent Elactio Ltg 4 Hani. No. S16 BnoADWT Nbw tone. Those nrmallod cubctitntee far lost liaba. wiiiJit ubto iiui'u ine vrvi ui vtt *i jtw> r*p??. enoe. and tm been ear*aa?ed, eao be had onl* of WM 8ELPHO, Pataatae, ?ld IriMdnr, Naw York. ' a?U Im _ W| E WOULD REfePBCTTULLY INFORM oar form*' pairoaa. and oiUsaoe repgraui. that we hare ro* r? rrd oar fall aappiy air ALL ar d WINTER OOOD*. aod are praaerad to fern ah then at an early iicuoe a?d ia u? '* * aaa y CLIPAN AND Ei.EG ANTK8 FG A Rp Alas, a rnaber of othar a^ebratod whoiaaalaaud retail. WM 6ROS8E, ee 3?1m ?or Pa av. aiSVl^ wartiagtaa. ^ SEALED PRUPO?ALJBaraiaT5tf4f?7fcOUR O till the Itrh day Noratnbar. W1 at II o'aioafc About t.noo berrale will he reqai'-ad. ia I"**' lot to be m*d? by Ue J6th Nor??b?r. 1?. . TM F.oor required to bo rftfc* foltowiof WOBM. bis KSteSE SS 'usS DofArtmrct mtj direei. Arlington Eitn. C'-n* reii do. ft ?n fr x t v rv do. MirViii C Kieavooi 4m. M. Smith do. Koxtury OOk JooCkorlM do. J. Do* daoa 4 Co. <io h u r : > oo link iL JBN1 Mti klKl tu; yuioM to ftrwk. , . .. . The WiT?i?^BiA??io? ii? Fjimit to f <"* > c<ag* Nt&tfR sswL.'ja^aat *>' ^Aiw'i^.^r-| -? " ">Kt,'iimSti

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