Newspaper of Evening Star, December 10, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 10, 1861 Page 3
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JOB PRINTING Or Evany Dnciimo*, Executed ?1th neatnew and dispatch on application at tbe STAR OFFICE. At tbe Loweat Caah Prices, Satisfaction guarantied. nc tt-tf LOCAL NEWS. Paocaaoifsa ov T?sCiTT Councils, Monday, Dec 9, 1661?Board of Aldormen.?Communications from the Mayor?one inclosing a letter from the Mayor of Georgetown, stating that Water street bridge baa been sadly Injured by tbe Government team*; one atatlng that application baa been made to the Mayer's office for the purchase of tbe rail of tbe Waablngton and Alexandria Railroad lying between the Baltimore and Ohio Tall road depot ard tbe Long Bridge, and that no sorb power of course exists In tbe Mayor, but aa this Corporation ha* a lien on the roan, worne prompt action should be taken to protect tbe Intereata of this Corporation by taking possession of and preserving the property cf thfa company; and one tranamlttlng a communication from Dr. McKlm, Physician to the Asylum, containing ome valuable suggestions as to tbe means of preferring tbe public health, and asking Ita reference to the committee On health forsnch action as may "be deemed aeceararv. These communications were appropriately referred A communication from Oden Bowie, President Tif the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Company to W. T Dove, Esq , President of tbe Board of A'derman, stating that the Baltimore and Potomac Railroad bad already a liberal charter from the Maryland Legislature to build such a ro#d Mr Maprnder stated that the company named waa now ready to construct a road, and as according to their charter have no B?r capita tax to pay, tbey can compete successfully with the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad This new roadwtU be independent of tbe Baltimore and Obift Railroad, and of every other Citizens of Washington, in who?e statements be (Mr. M.) could place Implicit relianre, bad mentioned casea of demands for moat exorbitant rates charged on freights brought to this city, and It was well to let them know tbat there was another company which was ready to build a road for which they would not have to go to the Legislature of Maryland for a charter. Tbe communication was referred to tbe joint committee which ha* the subject of a new railroad under consideration. Petitions of B F Sands for payment for burylng a case of death from small-pot; of citizens of tbe Fifth Ward for lighting B street; of the Adams Express company, asking to build a branch road from the Baltimore aud Ohio Railroad to their new warehouse on B street; and of John P. Dennis, asking leave to use his carriage repository on Slith street, between Louisiana avenue and C street, as a stable, were appropriately referred Tbe amendment of the lower board to the bill of the Board of Aldermen for tbe repair of First street east (reducing the appropriation) was not concurred in. An act making an appropriation for a flag footway acroaa north K street was rejected The ommittee on Improvement, to which was I Teferred tbe second nomination of J as H. Birch I a? commissioner of Improvements for the eastern I district, made a report in writing through tbalr chairman, (Mr. Moore.) stating tbat tbey znewof I no reaaons why he should not be confirmed except I wbat appeara upon tbe records of tbe Boards of I Aldermen and Common Council in relation to b!a I official conduct while he was captain of the aux- I lllary guard Tbe report, after recapitulating the I action of tb? boards in tbe case of the inveatiga- I tlon of C*pt. Birch's conduct la releaaing Wash- I lngton Naylor, 4c., argues against the right of | the Mayor to keep in office person* nominated to I and rei^t^d by the Board of Aldermen, citing the I case o? Dr. Aaron Miller before the circuit court, I 4<V, 4c. The report waa signed by Messrs Moore I Utd B rod head Mr. Lloyd said he bad known Capt Bitch, fa- { mlliarly and well, for many years He (Mr L ) I asserted that the onlys^rlov* charge made against I Capt Birch, in the matter of the release of Wash- I lngton Nailor, was an error of Judgment; and he I believed him Wholly Innocent of any criminal In- I tent Was It not unfair that, four years after tbis I error of Judgment, be should be arraigned, in a I voluminous report, as unfit to be Commissioner I of Improvements ? Mr Sargent said the nomination waa postponed I at his suggestion, and daring the week he had | inquired or old and respectable citizens as to the | character of Mr Birch, and not one word was I said by any of them which was not favorable to I the nominee He had a conversation with Mr. I Birch, which Impressed him moat favorably, aud I be /Mr 8 ) would vote for bis nomination. Mr Semmea had known Mr Birch for twenty I years, and never beard a word said agalnat him, I except In the matter named He was as we?l I fitted for the position as any other man in this I city The nomination of James H. Birch was then I confirmed by yeas 7, nays 6 A petition of W. C Cboate and others, for a 1 water main on Sixth street, was referred. A communication from tb? Mayor was received. I nominating for messenger to the Mayor and I Register, Jacob Kiel ben for clerk of tbe Centre | Market. Henry Lyles: for aaslstant clerk of the I Centre Market, Uriah B Mitchell; for clerk of tbe I Northern Market, James Bowen; for inspector of I gas-meters, Jonathan D. Towuley; for scavenger I of the first district of tbe First Ward, Jacob G. I Carr; for scavenger of the Fifth Ward, E. E I Barnes Mr Moore thought the Mayor waa pushing the I board ratber too hard In the matter of these I nominations. Some of these nomlnationa bad | now been presented thrice, othera twice It was I time for tbe board to assert its prerogative. Mr. Wendell aaid tbat oneof these nominations 1 was made by the Mayor at hla (Mr. W >e) request, I as be voted againat the nominee under a mlsap- I prehension. The nomination referred to waa that I of James Bowen. Mr. Clark made a statement In relation to the I nomination of Mr. Lylea of the same tenor as I that of Mr. Wendell In relation to Mr. Bowen Tbe nomlnationa were then acted npon with I the following result: Jaoob Klelber rejected by yeai 8, nays 4, blank 2. I ^ Hvnry Lyles,confirmed by yea^7, niya 5. blank I Uriah B. Mitchell, rejected by yeaa 5, nays 6. I blank * James Bowen, confirmed by yeas 8, nays 2, I blank 3. Jonathan D Townlev, confirmed unanimously. I Ellas E Barnes, confirmed unanimously. Jacob G Carr, referred. A Joint reaolutlon In relation to street railroads I was passed A joint resolution in relation to the Washing-I ton and Alexandria railroad (Instructing the com- I id It tee before Congresa to ask that tbe Govern- i ment wlU take permanent pooseoslon of the road) I was paased. Tbe following preamble and reaelutiona were 1 offered by Mr. Richards: Whereaa tbe Congreos of tbe United States Las I recently by ita action indicated a willingness to I enact such laws as shall eradicate alavery from I this District; and whereas negro alivery, in con- I tact with the industrial white population, aerves I to degrade the labor of the latter; ard whereas we I desire tbat such obstacles aa are detrimental to the I Interests of any ciaas of men, particularly tbe I white laboring man,should be removed from our I midst, to tbe end tbat our city may expand in tbe I great moral, loyal, educational, and imduitrial I eff>rta of the present day: Therefore, fit solved 6y the Board of Aldermen, (the Board | cf Common Council concurring,) Tbat tbe joint I committee of tbe two Boards to represent the I interests of tbis city before Congrew be Instructed I to urge upon the proper committee of said body I tbe propriety of enacting such laws as sba'l lead | to tbe spe-dy extinguishment of slavery within | the limits of this District. Rttolvod, That in the event of tbe paaaage of I loci) laws provision should be made for tbe com- I pensation of such owners of aiavea aa have given I evidence of loyalty to tbe Government at fair re. I munerati ve prices Rt*olv*d, That in connection with the above I proposed legislation provision should be made for I the gradual removal of emancipated slaves, aa well I aa free persona of color, to some locality where I tbey may enjoy tne advantages sf society exclu- I slvely of their own race, freed from the restraints I and restrictions of tbelr present condition Resolved further. Tbst restrictions sheuid be I prsvlded against the Influx of negroes lrom the I surrounding country, which would otherwise ren- | der our District a common rendezvous Mr that class sf people. Laid over until next Monday Acta were posaed, for tbe laying of water mains I on Sixth street, between C and D sta ; inquiring I of the Water Registrar whether any material haa I been removed from tbe pipe y? d.and If so, by I whom; for tbe relief of M Mct)ermett; for a cross I gutter at the Intersection of Seventh and K streets; and for Improvement of Sixth at., Island (?75 ) Joint resolution granting John P. Dennis tbe I privilege of uamg blscoscn repository aa a stable, I W AetstoP'repalr tbe brldsa at tbe Intersection of I New Jersey aveane and I at. aoutb ; authoring the Mayor to procure pbotofryhlc llkeneaaes of I tbe ex-mayo re; and for tbe erection of flrepluga la I tbe Seventh Ward, were severally referred Adjourned Common Camiuil ?A communication from tbe I SST HSMVSlX'UFftSS andUs-half street, was Informally laid npon tbe I ^Tbe monthly report of tbe Intendanloftha 1 WxhiMtos Asvlnm waa presented and referred I A joint resolution granting to tbe Young Men's I Christian Asaoclstlon the Me of the public acbool 1 oo Um eoeoer oi Tw#aty-second and E I streets for public worship, wss paaaed Also, I bits authorizing tbe placing of fire-plngs on F. or ar?d a half street at IU Intersection with I Maryland avenus, C, F, G, K, M, N, and P ?Uf?U I aojti: sad on the line of Maine avenue and U atreat at their Intersection with Poor-nad-s-half I Sixth, Seventh, Ninth and Tenth streets west; for the Improvement of Sixth street west, between Maine arenas and B street soath| for the Improvement of C street north. Between Tenth and Eleventh streets west; to repair ths gutter on Thirteenth street, between E and F streets; to lay a water main on Fourth atreet, between Massachusetts avenue and K street north; authorising J. C. Cook to bnlld a stable on the reservation at the corner of Sixth street west and B street south; and to erect a Are plug at the corner of Fourteenth and F atreeta. ? ? ? A bill providing for an ass'stant to the Reglater. Increasing his compensation, and imposing additional duties, was referred. The bill amendatory to an act establishing a more efficient organization of the public schools of Washington was taken up, dtscaased, and recommitted to the committee on public schools, i with Instructions to obtain the opinion of the Corporation Attorney In relation to certain sections, and the Board adjourned. Mc?m Casi at a Rocss or ItL Fam*.?l ast night, a man named John Bringllne was ahot at ft house In Prather's alley, and almoat Instantly killed Patrolmen EcklotT and Donn, who were near the spot at the time, immediately arrested Albert Contner, a Government teamster, for firing the fatal shot, and in order to avoid an excited crowd that soon gathered around, carried him to tbe jail Justice Donn was sent for, and an examination was Immediatety held. Chat. Chanty, an employee at the Government stables, was iworn, and testified that be Waft at tbe house of Elisabeth McManus, in Prather's Alley, last night, up ataira In bed with Anna Light The deceased wa? in another bed with Elizabeth McManus; both beds were on tbe flo?r. The defendant, Contner. waa down stairs, witness supposed, lying on the floor. He came tip stairs, and Bringllne got up and told him to go down. Defendant called the Woman, Elizabeth McManus, to come to him. She was awake, but would not come Deceased told tbe prisoner she should not come to bim Tbe prisoner then came up where witness and the others were, and they (tbe prisoner and the deceased) were jawing together. The prisoner pulled out a pistol and presented it. but drew it back; he did so a second time, but the third time be presented it be tired. The tn n who was shot clinched Contne;. W!t I ness then ran down stairs, and Wis caught bv patrolman Donn The womanx Llghl. followed witness Witness had seen the pistol before, and thinks the prisoner got It ftonj aboy. There was I no light In tfce ft*>m, but the moon shone; there I Wat no glass in the windows Witness never j saw the prisoner have the pistol before this nlfljht, I but Is positive that the prisoner shot th* d'ecensed! I Anna Light, sworn ?Testified l\at she was at I the bouse, lying on the floor with Chanev; the I woman McMafcui and tbe deceased were also I i lying the floor, and tbe prisoner was down fttairs. He came up and began jawing with the I deceased because he was with bis girl. Heard the pistol when tbe prisoner shot tVe deeeated. I They then clenched, and Cheney and Witness came down stairs^ wh^n the police caught Chaney. I The wltqfSt Went back and left, but was caught I hiding. Witness saw tbe prisoner have the pistol and saw him shoot. Elixabtth McManus, sworn.?Testified that she was In the bouse as stated by tbe witness, lying I in bed, very drunk, ar d asleep She did not hear the pistol fired; wan told of it when she awoke. I She don't know who was in the room. Adolphus Erkloff, patrolman, sworn?Testified I tbat he went Into Prather's alley last night. Tbe prisoner Came out of the bouse wbere the affair I occurred, and was very noisy. Witness told him tbat UDies? be brhaved himself, Witness would take bim from there Witness heard him go up stairs In tbe bPirB. Witness aiked bim what be I waft ptowlinp around for, and he said he lived I ther* Patuln.aa Donn fr'ittarfc d, "There Is I going to oc a fl*ht," and be went around to the back of tbfe house Witness beard 'be pistol I fired while he stood at the frontdoor; and soon I hea d Donn, when he both caught the priaouer I and Chaney Witness then went around to Donn I "nd took charge if th- pVisone s, and went into I the house wfcrn the women made their escape I Donn and witne*s carried tbe prisoner and | Cbaney to Justice Drnn's office, having ascer- I talned tbat the man, Bringll e, was dead. They I then returned to the house and found tbe two I women, and took them to jail Patrolman Alphonto T Donn, sworn ?Said he I was In Prather's alley with Eckloff', and beard I quarreling b-tween the parties Contner and I BrSnalia^. Prisoner threatened what be would I do, If tbe deceased took bis sister from him; witness and bis partner went into the house before I the firing, and found tbe three men (deceased, the prisoner and Chaney) and the two women there I They (tbe police) came out, tbe house being I quiet. The prisoner came out, and was cursing I In the alle>; tbe patrolmen told bim if be did not I hush, thev would take him to the watch-house. I He returned to tbe bouse, and again came out; be I went over to Mr. Mulqueen's, in the alley, and came back with a blanket, and knocked at tbe I door One of the women answered, " We're all I in bed," and asked why be didn't stay when he I was In. Tbe woman Light came down and un- I locksd tbe door. He went in, and all was quiet. I We lietered, and heard the prisoner call for I " Lib." Heard deceased, at the middle door, I ask what he wanted Tbe prisoner said, "Tell I her to come down?1 want to tell her something." I The reply was that the prisoner should not come I up. He then said "I will show you whether I I will not come up " He then ran toward tbe mid- I die door, and came back and laid down on tbe I floor. After a while be got up and called "Lib" I again. He jumped up, and witness heard his I feet going up stairs, and remarked to Eckloff I "there will be a fight" Witness went to the I back of the house, and told Eckloff to stay in I front. Witness had got partly around when he I heard the report of the pistol. He ran to the gate I and found it bolted A second after Cbaney tumped on the fence, and witness caught bim by I lis ooat cape and p jlled bim over bead foremost. I A second after tbe prisoner came over tbe fence. I Witness pulled Chaney along, and seized Contner I as he wa* ge't'ng down, and bold them both till | Eckloff came. Witness then jumped tbe fence I and found the two gtrls In tbe back room There I was no light Witness went to a house and got a light; went back and found the man lying dead. I Witness felt for bis pulse; it was gone Opened I bis clothing, and found he was shot in thebreaft. I Witness heard the voice of tbe woman McManus I during tbe difficulty. Tbe patrolmen went with the prisoners to Justice Donn's office, and returned ard arrested the two women, and searched the house, and found tbe pistol In a stove-pipe I hole near where the dead man was lying. Justice Donn committed all the parties found I In the house?Contner as the principal, and the other as witnesses. A Rouoh Fillow ? Last night, a stout man I was arrested by roundsman Fenwick, upon a I charge of robbery. He was taken to the office of | Justice Donn, where he was about to be searched by tbe officer. He resisted the search by the I officer, but gave up a loaded revolver and bowie- I knife which be had, to tbe Justice He aoon after I became vervabusive to the magistrate and patrol- I man, and finally made show of fight, when he I was made harmless by patrolman Leach, who I seized bim when be was preparing to attack the I Justice with an inkstand. Justice Donn recog- I nlzed him as a man connected with the "States I Hose" roughs, be had once sent to jail upon several charges; one of which waa tbat be was here to shoot certain members of Congress, about I tbe time of tbe Kansas-Montgomery troubles. I The witnesses failed to appear, and he was re- I leased He refused to give his name last night; I but he was committed to jail by Justice Donn, I who intends to lay the case before tbe grand jury, believing him to "be a person too dangerous to be I at large. ???????? * Th*at**.?Everybody wenttosee "TheSeven | Siste's" last night, and those who started early I got la, and those who didn't, didn't. The piece I is what our late fellow cltlxen, E B Robinson, I Esq , would call "a conglomeration,"?an odd I hash of scenic effects, local hits, mythology. Starspangled-ban nerlsm. Dundreary isms, (dreary enough!) Yankee-gal-lams and all sorts ending in a blaze of (colored light) glory. Tbe scenic effects sad machinery by Roberts, and the local scenery by Lamb, are verv good; I aud by to-night all tbe dramatis persons will I doubtless be thoroughly up in their parts, so that the pieae will run off without any hitch. Lieut. I Denln's female Zouaves will appear again to- 1 night. They ehow great aptitude for being J drilled, and we shall expect to see them charm- I ingiy proficient In their next evolutions. ccntbal GCASDHOCSK CaSXS? BtfOTI JuttlCt i Waltir ?J as Riley drunk; turned over to the mrtltary Chas Ersklne, drunk snd disorderly; I lined SI 58 Dennis Dunnswln, suspicion of tbe | mu der of his wlf-; held for trial. Jos Wright, I drunk and dlaorderly; fined ti 58 James Cun- I nlngbam, drunk; do ?1 58 .Nlargaet Lynlln. I do; dlamlsaed Jno Kenney, disorderly; fined I SI 58 Humphrey Galwan, drunk and profane; I do ? I 5* Jaa Barry, drunk; turned over to the I military M Little, do ; rfned SI 58 Wm. Green, (eol'd,) larceny; dismissed Daniel Curtain, cruelty to animals; fined SI 58 Of the I arrests, four ware by the Second, five by the Third, one by tbe Fourth, and two by the Seventh Ward patrols. Eleven lodgers were accommodated. Tbact CiactJLATtos ?Tbe Tract Society of I the Methodist Episcopal Church haa distributed, through the Rev. Henry C. Westwood. pastor of I Union Chspel In this city, to tbe soidlws of the army of the Potomac, since msy last. 12,84? I pipers, tracts, fee , Including " Good News " "Sunday School Advocate,'r"Chrlstlan Advocate I and Journal," miniature and German tracts, etc , I etc. Besides this, great numbers of tract pub I licatlons have been sent monthly, directly to the 1 chaplains of different regiments, by Rev Dr Wise, tbe efficient secretary of the society We leara that the society Is making arragement* to meat all the demands which may be made for religious reading matter Rbmovic ?Ws hear tbat tbe Wudsa ol the Jfi hM been ordered to release the alavea of M ar\ lard owners upon the order of the committii.g m Kistrate Also, that twelve contrabands, or Virginia fugitives, nave been removed tr-m I the County j?U. SCPPOSID Mr ID KB or iWlfl by HSR H~S* band?A coroner's Inquest wu held this morning, at the shanty on the corner of Twelfth and C streets,in view of the body of Bridget Donovnn, a white married woman, of Irish birth ebout 3u years old. The evidence wan to the effect that deceased had (offered ill-treatment and abuse from her husband, Dennis Donovan, for a long time paat, and that he waa a very dissipated man Thev have lived in the ahanty where the body was found for abont two montha. It is the onestory building?No. 457?formerly a wood and coal office, situated on the northwest corner of Twelfth and C streets. There waa evidence of his having almost dally drank to excess since they lived there, also of his having beaten her on several occasions. Some of the witnesses testified she said to thein that she was Buffering from want, also that he had threatened to take her life, as- thfere was a young womap he could get who was worth 5400. Ponovan treated his wife very badly on Sunday last, and her sister (Mrs. Lee) came in the evening and induced her to go to her mother's. Yesterday she came to the house to get her things, when she found her husband drunk, with a number of men in the house. He refused to let her have her things, and there was some trouble, when she went to a magistrate's office to have him arfested As late as five o'clock In tfife fevsning she was seen as well and as hearty as ever in her life, and perfectly sober Aii hour or two later she and her husband were found In bed together. When attempts were made to awake her, between six and seven o'clock, it was found that she was dead, th& body being then cold and rigid, and the face and neck much discolored from a r parent coagulation of the blood. This discoloration had increased this miming. No marks of fresh wounds or bruises were fjund tipon the body. The verdict of the jury waa to the effee.t that deceased came to her death by continued ill treatment and abuse at the hands of her reputed husband, Dennis Donovan, \fcas a dissipated man, atid was in tlv? habit of beating and abusing her frequently; that liquor seemed to be the prlw*ary cause of their troubles; that there was evidence of her having come to her death by suffocation or strangulation; and that previous to her dea'h she was In want and deep distress. CriMiNal CorsT ?Yesterday, Richard Johnson, found guilty of an assault and battery on James Cornell, (both free colored men of George* town,) was sentenced to six weeks in jail Ana to pav a fine of tl. . Jame". Celt, liiaicted for arson in setting fire to 'he stable of Tbos Berry, was acquitted. James Briscoe, James (or George) Cole and J. Franklin Thomas, (free colored boys.) were found guilty of malicious mischief, having one night last summer entered the store of Mr. Joseph Davis and turned the spigots of the liquor casks In his store, thu? wasting several hundred dollars worth of property. , bows Rivkr by Steam.?The trips of the little steamer Reindeer, Capt. Kiehl, down river some forty-five miles, to our csmps on the Maryland shore, are a great public convenience. The Reindeer leaves Washington at 5) a m , on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, returning on the intermediate days, arriving at her wharf here about half-past 1 p m on her return trips The ?? Volunteer," another boat, is soon to be added to the line, and a boat will then bs run daily #acbway. Dird?Since our last report the following deaths of soldiers have occurred: Philip Dulenly, company t, Fifteenth New York volunteers, at Circle Hospital Joseph Ward, company C, New York Mounted Guards, at Hunter's Chapel Wm Carman, company E. Fifty second Pennsylvania volunteers, at Columbian College Thomas H. Wbi'e. Eighth Pennsylvania volunteers, at Camp Pierpont. A huge bill at Christy s Opera House to-night, crammed with jokes and burlesques entirely original Go. Mr. Christy bas adopted a rule excluding improper persons from his establishment, and the result is that his house is crowded nightly by the elite of the city. Wasblngtomans are glad to recognize as the business agent of the Christy's, that popular gentleman, Mr. John P. Smith. The Cow-stealino Case.?Thomas, or Emanuel Miller, as he is sometimes called, was brought out of jail for further bearing before Justice Donn, yesterday. The witnesses Identified him as the man from whom they bought the cows. Five of tbem were identified as the property of Michael Kennedy, and five of Margaret Bresnaban, who are engaged in the dairy business. He was sent to jail for court. Postponed.?The case of Capt. Noah Wilson, who is charged with selling to the Government a cargo of coal for the full amount as recorded in his manifest, when a quantity bad been otherwise disposed of. was postponed yesterday by Justice Donn The presence of witnesses now with the flotilla on the Lower Potomac is necessary. Another Railroad Switch.?The track along Maryland avenue is being continued from Sixth street in the direction of the Long Bridge, and the portion of the track already laid is occupied with cars laden with lumber and coal. The lumber is Government property, but the coal is for the most part for dealers here, Castleman and others. Officers Elected?At the meeting of the Columbia Typographical Society, on Saturday evening, the following officers were elected for the vear 1862:?Wm. E. Nott. President; Wm. R McLean, vice president: H S Bowen, recording secretary; J C C. Whaiey, financial secretary; Michael Caton, treasurer. Miss Carrie I.iMost makes her appearance at Canterbury Hall to-nigljt. Manager Perclval Is now adding new stars to bis company nightly. To-morrow night a nimble jig dancer makes his debut. Wrat the magician, ventriloquist, comedian, and banj^ist, and Johnny Boyd, the jig dancer, still remain at Odd Fellows' Hall, attracting immense crowds. A novel entertainment this evening. Look out for the grand ball of the Stewart Holland boys, to-night, at Stott's Hall. India Rubber Corks?Manufacturtd under Goodyrar'j Patent, Extended June 15, 1858. A new and desirable article which has long been needed to take the place of the common cork for Champagne, Porter, Ale, Cider, Ac., afrer the original cork is drawn. They prevent any loss of fixed air and keep the liquor In the same state as when first opened It be'ng air-tight, it is the only article suitable for Aolds, Aqua Ammonia, Smelling Salts, Indelible Ink, and a great variety of articles which are more or less volatile, and which destroy the common cork, but have no effect upon the Rubber The Rubber Stopp-r will not chip or break off as the common cork Is liable to, making it necessary to dig out the part left in the neck of the bottle or phial. Its toughness and tenacity obviates this objection to the common cork. They are prepared with the purest articles, imparting no smell or taste to the most delicate preparation, and may be relied upon by all Physicians and Surgeons. On the score of economy, it will take the place of all other corks and stoppers, as quantities of liquors of all kinds and medicines are obliged to be thrown away, having become stale and worthless, for the want of being tightly corked. They are also s perfect substitute for ground glass stoppers for druggists' bottles and phials, which often stick and are difficult to get out They are put up a dozen in a box of different sizes expressly for families, so that when any bottle of liquid is opened, the Rubber cofk should be used. They can be put up differently, assorted for Winesnd Liquor Stores, Beer Bottlers, Hotels, Club Rooms, Bar-rooms, Ac , Ac , of such sizes and quantities as may be wanted. They will be for sale at all the principal Druggist and Rubber Stores throughout the L'nlted States A company has been formed under ths title of the Goodyear India Rubber Cork Company, for the manufacture of the above article, under the exclusive license from Mr. Goodyear's Executors for the United States, and they intend to place them before the public at prices so reasonable that they will come into general use, and in a great measure supercede the common cork. For sale at H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pennsylvania avenue, Washington, D C- eo3t Ths Star in the Fjrst Ward?Mr. John Mathews ia the sole agent for serving the Star to subscribers in the First Ward of this city All arrearages of subscriptions will therefore be paid only to him. as well as all arrearages due In that ward for the Baltimore 5?n, of which he is also the agent there lw mihrikh On the Vh instant, by the Rev. Father Knight, Mr. JOHN SHbCKLES to Miss AGNES NEWTON, daot liter orthe late John and Chanty Davis, grauddaugiite.-of the late Newton Creggcn, and the adopted daughter of John T. Whuaker, printer. DIRO, In this oity. on the 9th instant, of typhoid fever and pneumonia. cHARLbS D. H* LtfUKEV, in the list year of his age, eldest son of Char lee t. Hurfriends and those of his fattier are reepeotfuily invited to attene his funeral to morrow (Wednesday) afternoon at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, on I street, between 4th and 6th. In Long meadow, Mass., on the 1st instant, MA

E1A ft., wife of Dr. H. B. Noble, of this oitr. Oa the aigat of Mh instant, at his residence, on ayland avenue, Mr. CHA8. B. SNOW, m the year of his age, after a long and suffering tu""(New York and Provide nee papers oopy.] On Monday, Mh instant, CHRISTINE, sister of Jaoob and Christopher Arth, aged 30 years, a native of Rhine Hesse. Her funeral will take slaee on Wednesday, 11th sswwsw AMUSEMENTS. (GEORGE CHRISTY'S * OPERA HOME, IWTH ?T*W*T. BHTWWS * *1?? OPEN ETRKY S fENING. t?UKSpvV,D9? in. GEORGK CHKI* n*vuti every nnht! ] CLAlRVILLBandPTkATTON.innew tailada! HASLAM. W4| | the great Flntist, in n w sVoe every night! JAPAN E8K T> V M Y in songs, danoes, anl imitations of cel?bra'ea op ra *tngers! ? TIM HAYFS, theChampion J't D*no-r ! ; 5. O'NEIL, the celebrated Comedisa! and the whole ceir.pviy in lanrhsb'e performances ALL THIS WEEK. A?Mif*ios?Parquet 60 oents ; Gallery 25 cents. N" half price. t . Doors open at quarter to ?ommeno* at oarur to ? ge ** ^ANTERBtRY H A L L . (Formerlr the Washington A??emb'v Booms.) Louisiana avenue, near oorner of 6 b street. .n tne rear ftf the National and Brown's Hotels, OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With tha first talent in Americv ENTIRE CHANGE OFPROGRAMME. The front of the auditorium is seated with e'egant ro*ewcod orchester chairs. . The ce!e iia'ed Violinist, Mr. GOOPALL, ootduots the Urc&ester. MISS CARRiE LA MONT. finfcv S Eg*f: JAMES WARD. BILL? PlfcgCR. JAMES WARD, BILLY PIERCE, Miss MA RION PIERCE. GEORGE W. ARCHER ss At as to night to-night, TH^beautiful ballet MISS CARRIE LA MONT. Pick Pabrik (funny Dicki... .at the Casts* fctimT. Harry Fox ?t the Oahti*b?by. w. B. H?k;ii?oi*?- at theCA*T*i?BC*Y. M'lLK Frank La Foll* at the Cahtmbckt. Mim Julia hrDsf*,the beautiful ?onrstres* at the Castibbcxt. Misses Fmma Milss Willis. Vwpinw.PaBKKX CLITTOS anu a host of others... tha Ca5 TEEBrBT. MATINEE, For Families, hadte*, an4?}kildren. BAtURDAY AFTEWOON, at i o'clock. Admission?Children - 1? oents. PrfcKs of Admission?Parquet, 25ots ; Orchestra Chat e, 60 Qftif. <iC f-i R A N D BALL VI B? 'h* n COLUMBIA ACTIVE ASSOCIA XI TION, F% To b" given on TUESDAY EVENING/** 'New Year's E*"".) Dee? nb*r 31. at Columb a H*l , Ossitol fiili. Tiokets SI, admitting a gectlenwn % d 'adiea. 11 rlHfc STEWART HOLLAND SOVS IN THE I FIELD AGAIN! ThePIXTH GRAND BALL of the STEWART HO 1.1. AND CLUB w II 'ako place> ?t lA ptottV Hall, oorner of Pa ave-ue and J^th Sf* st on TUESDAY. December 10th . fUm. The members pledge th?rns?lvea that nei-tSibBs ther pains nor expense will be spared to m*ke tins the b.'Ft Bail gf the ?eas"n , , Hays' Band has b*en eugagrd for the occasion. Tiokets One Dollar. Committee of Arrangements. H C. F.spr, Wm Grower, F. J Read, C. Crump, <*e 1 at* v^ASHINGTON THEATRE. IXTRA ~NOTICE. Thepnb'icare most r?speetfa'!y informed that th? great novelty which has been for irsni wc-ka in active prep?'?.ti<?n wil he brought f- rwaru on MONDAY EVENING. tb? 1t'? :*s that of the SEVE* SISTERS OR THE BIRTH OF THE BUTTERFLY, IN THS BOWFR OF FERNS. The piec* wiii be proceed und-?r th?d- action > of Mr. JOHN MaOONOUH ot PMa^e'ph a. at whose Tl the p'a* mn an e tire season; I as also a* Mis" Larra Keene's. New Yoik. **eats can ba seou'ed tare* d*ys in advanca. Box | Sheet open MONDAY MORNING at i0 oMock. j N<> advance in the price of a?'misr.ion. de 7 6t I ODD FELLOWS' HALL! A "uvsnth, Aaova D Si. I TWO NEW STARS: Wfl|.~WRAYt , , I The greatest perfumer of the age! WRAY THE ORFAT COMEDIAN! W R A Y T HEGR EAT H A N JOI^T! j WR\\ THE?RKAT VFNTRILOQLiST! WRAY THE GREAT MAGICIAN! BVERY NlGHT! JOHN N~Y" BOYD, Tht I ightning Jig Dancer. EVERY NIGH A ! In connection with the Campbell Minstrels six- J teen Star Performers, in a Lew and varied pro- J g-ammo nig fitly. Doors open at7o'oiock; perform- j ance oommecoing at 8 o'olook precisely. Aomjs- j sion X oents. no I WA^TS. ANTED-At SOO D street, between '2th a:id J 13th. a email GIRL, to take charge of acbini. j oe lo-It* ] WANTED?A GARDKNER, or farm hand. I Also, a fine-toned Piano to rent. A?l? at No S4* st eer. de lft"3t \irANTED?A good VES T HAND wanted im W medittoW at WILLIAMI TU?'KKR;s. 4?a Pcnn. avenue, between 4S and 6ih sts. de 10 M WANTED 1 VMEDIATEI.Y?S"<vf r-l g^od W DRE"*?M * HERS. App y at Mrs BRAIN- I ARP'S. 424 Fifteenth s*. de 10 8t* J WANTED?Two active CH^MCPRMAIIW. Aeply to Miss SARAH AUSTIN. ftOO 6.h street, b^low Pa- av. de 10 'I' I WANTED?Br a first-rate cooV, who can com# wei recoiiim?n ed. ? TriJATIO^. Apply j at 3'23 Eleventh street, below C. d? 10 2t* I \1/"ANTED? A large size HORSE, for a bust * ? iies? WAgon, net over 8 v??r? o d : black pre- I ferred. Apply to C WOODWARD. It" WANTED?A young MAN, to t?-va as clerk in IT a retail store. Adlrs s, with references. Box I 417 Washington city PostJJffiod. VI/ANTED?A first-rate TOOK; none o*her I ?* neeH app y; German prffjrrcd. Apply J>rng I Store oorner 12th and Avenue. it* I WANTED?A few GIRLS, to da plain sewinr I Also, a good opera o- on !i?dd <* Web?terrs I machine. Apply tj Mrs. IRWIN, 434 Seventh! st.. gp stairs. H* I VVANTEJ)?A respectable young WOMAN I V? (white or colored'to assist in doing general! hou??work. Apply at Af-7 Twelfth street, betw<-?is | G and H. deio 2t? j ANTED?A vouug M?*N. to make linis If J generally useful. Apply immsdiately et T. | POTENTINi'S, 279 Penn avenue, between l"tL j and llthsts^ It* | WANTED?Uy a former government clerk, a j CLKRK-HIP with a payma ttr qua'ter J master, commissary or sutler. Address "H. K ." I S;ar Offio^ ^l? y* I W ANTED TO H ENT-Two or three ROOMS, wi'h a Kitohen. near the Patent < ?ffio3 by a gentleman and his wile. Add:ess"F. J.s*.." Post Offioe deld 3t* j VVANTED?A BOY. from 16 to 18 rears of ag?, J * T to driv" a horse and cart?one ih\t oan read j and write. Good wages and tteadT emp oyipfnt. j Insuire at the Gas Works, 26th and G si?.. First VN ard.of Mr i.'HARE. de 10-St WANTED-WOOD CUTTERS, to cut wood I v T I y the cord, about 5 miles from the city. . A i c lmfortahl? house to live in, and the highest P^n e j given. App y tmirediate'y to W H CLAliETT, J at Win. >hu?ter A Co.'* D'y Goods Sto-?\lNo '<9 Pa. avenue, between 7th at.d 8th st?. de io-e.>tw WANTED I M M E D I A T E L Y-A good NURSE. Apply at No. 4^6 Third street west. de 9 2t? WANTEFV-Three DRESSMAKERS, at No. 359 13th s'ree', between H and I. None but good hauds need apply. Als ?, two Young j.auies tole^rn 'he busmejr. Worg the year rou'id. de9 3t* WANTED?In a private family, a competent GlRl. a* cook, washer and lroter G i< d wages will be given to suoh, by applying at 895 Pa. avenue up stairs. de 7 3t* WANTED TO RENT-FURNITURE lor a house of 10 to IS rooms, or a Furnished House of th*t six?. Ad ress, with particulars, * H?" Star i ffioe. d?7-3t* WANTED?Good able-bodied MEN. For particnlars apo ly at the Reville Houce, on (>, between 21st and sts de 5 6t* WANTED-A good MILLINER ; nonebu' th? best need a;ply. S. H KLLF.R, No. 31 Market Space, between 7th and 8th sts. de 5 lw* WANTED?A good COOK and CHAMBERMAID. Word recommendations will secure the highest wages. Apply at No 3S9 North Capi tol street, between B and C streets. de 5 tf WANTED?At the Government Hospital for the Imanej six single WHi l'E WOMEN, to do chamber aaa laundry work. Apply at the hospital, de 8 1w 1*7ANTED? lO.ono whisky and brandy BOTW <LW t CO.. A'23 l> stree*, no 25 tf Philharmocic Building. WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the market, ready to pay oash for all aniolee in the hi usefurnishing line. Those leaving the oity, or having a surplus, wiL do well tfl oaM. R. BUCH LY, 48S Seventh ?t,between Gana k sts^ (east side, )Dealer in New and Seoond-haad Furnitare. DO16 W7 ANTED-TAILORS, T4/L0RS.-pTailora W oompeteat to work on BUlitary goods. Apply 6. KOLP/at Wall. Stephens A Co se & EDUOATIONAL. Sbvxr Bvildijiss. No. 130 P*uui,iv*MtM mvenut. JSnyMimS* ?t the Bookstoree^Md ^ e LOST AND FOUND. TAFnK?\ UP?Ob Saturd?v !ut. a arse bay * HOR4E. with saddle a^d brid'e. The ev owrer is requested to oome forward fror'TTT* property, pay charges. and take him awav ^^ ? . ,, JACOB Nh.UK A l H. oorner llth st. and Maryland av.,e?st. CTRAY ED-Broke fr >m hehird b wagoa on the C? road betw.en Ternallftownand ?*orte town, on Tbu edsy laet,? whit* MARf Trp three yeara old; had osa head halter. lio*al r-ward wi'l b* ptid foi her return to my Stab e on Pa. avenue, h*t. !3X and '4th str?et? ?<? > * 3 * THOMPSON XAVLOR. | OST?This morring. between lmk ?Dd ig'h s s , JUion Penrs* vani* ??e., b Mfc.MOKAi>D ?1 BOOK. on'ainuir a discharge and oher papers of v?l?e to th* ownfr. Th* finder ?ri!( he uiahV rewarded by returning t^e rati- to tte SI M ?*f?? N HOU."K. t orn r l'th arid Pa ave. de 0 2t* LO.-T?On Sunday morning la??, on 14 h stree'. near the fcot of Mend an Hill.a p?okacerf private PAPERS, of no nee onl* to th* p reoa whose nam* tf.ey bear. The fi d?r will be ruitAb j rewarded by ipafr* th*m at the star OfR~e. or with SIMEON WHITELY. ro -m No. S War lterer mAn) de jt? LOST?Yesterday evening, on 10th street, between J) stroe: and Fmittuosia-i 'Jrounis, a Brown Morooeo RKTIOIiLfc. containing a Vint $9>; one rote of the Plarters' Ba- ic of b'sitimore, anil the balance in gold an! s iver, Tte finder will be suits hi* re^ardet by l*a*ing the fame wi'h J.S HARVEY A CO.wocdar.d coal cm^> t arefn D and K streets Ue 10 2t* |"VSTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Washixsto* *" Cor*TT,fo wit: -J hereby ceriify that ?v_ Lew s Dyer, ol said coontr, brought before m?, as straT, trf ?fa?aing on fci? ensloau *r, asorel HORSE about 12 years old, a!.?ut 15J* hard" h (l!j; hind feet wh't?. and ft wht* strip* down Ma forehead; a few wtite taJj.a ma^ka; and shod a 1ronnd, Given nrder hand of me, one of the Justl-e? of the Peace ic and for the co jcty afo-esaid, tl ia 10 h darof Dumber, 1961. Th? owrsr of the above ''eacnbed horse la re quested to prove property, pay e>h*.feee. *nd take him awn. LEWI* OYER, de 10 8;* Georgetown, rear the Aqa* n*t. I" OST?On the6th instant, a' the correr tf 12th 1 * and Pa. avenue a very fmall Kack^ > and tan Wnri- SI.UT; an*w*re to <h*^4^^ n*"1? of'"Fan'; haa 'ad ev*a ; had n> oollar on when loaf. A liberal rew*r w 11 eaiv c 1! returned to C. GAUTit R'S,25J P?cnay!v?' la Avenue. It* ^ O^T?On ^e^ti-'s'ar fvsnirs laat, (supposed w-iif-ii in omni we f'om kBorcetnwn.?s brown fur MUFF. A suitable r*wa<-.i "ill i-e giv*n(if >e turned t^ th* ow i?r, a? ^91^ "t'e?t. de * w I (| REWARD.?I ojt.f o'*'my p ace, on the C?*? H^nht* of Gforyttown a liv>-r c It** aid trh te pcinter S|,l)T- w th e white atiesk .n her ftce. aid ainc'e dewclvwa. Ala:. ?ne ai:h <iouh edew olr.wa The at ov* reward w.I b< eiven for eith?r < f *he?e d ?a if l< ft at Or. J. G. (i 8 EQSTON'S stable, on E, between Uth&nd 14th a'*, de 9-3i* ^JTRAYED AWAY?From the ?ub?criber'a B'able. Jaoitacn Ha .* l ey, on t^e 5th in ev *ta?it,a sn.&ii aorr'l MARK A liberal re 1-.^ ward will be.pai' for h*r re*orn my ata ble. (-le_ ?-? 1 THUS GKAHY. I(?ST?Or the 7th ihat, a !ar:? Gnr II?? L N D. j wi'h a et*p abound h'ia neck, and &<3t a ohain ar.d card at'echeri, ?>>th the ad | dreaa of tiie secreta-y of War. A No a " oartofth^A am-i Kapre a Co:np\-w. Thefiider w.llle hh?ra!ly rew?rd'<d ly retu:Dinir to G n. OA ME HON, comer ?4;li ana I at. de 7 3t* CjO^ REWARD W ( rtiMrttara*f Wit*) ' no B'aek H(?RSK. Hamegi. a* d ovrred Ructy, with 1> n?r In inca; hir*<l ' T\1* the stabje ??fC h E WiO", G?ft t, b? tie* I7tn and 18th ?*r,vt8, on Fn'dsi, Now?.ber 22',l?Cl.hy i'lfn F f?aler, Sai I F. etar l?ato>t5 fe?t 10 or 11 inches h:<*.: ?>f *a ify t.o?n .ex,o thir. via'ge, 'a'ge noae. Loiwe n f Tty five a (if ? years of ate, r*?;d co* Ni I u ?f''et near S'e.'n^ atre*t. Phiiadelphi", Said H >ue is- ab it 1 V banda I iKh,??p left l.ip. Tha a' ove re . aid wi 1 be t aid for thrf return ol the Hu-w. Harn? ?, ard }tuf t;r. Also, hf'y <lo lara wl 1 ..e prwd lor tue a"e- ai,d <?onvicti- n of John r .?:er _d_7 1 #2 S? Ml. b 1. P. A E WKOK. Ran AWAY F1COM THk M.B^ORIRfR near Blad*naburf, BO? ANTHONY, cuimiio .!} railed Tin.''y. He ia a fof t j ir.citea IQLV huh, v\r? b.aclf, short hair, jrum c^unt'- W ?h*n apoi?n ti. *:th a. ain-^ I fk over ore of bis *?. Wen; nvai w.fh black J jacket{United States butt ons o:iu,? ca^'Ett pants, yellow aauntlet ?lavea. 1 wiilgive #130 lo any one th?t will t>ring him honne to ! e. d*2 2w" HELPER MAGRt'DF R. FOB 8ALB AiS D AENT. FOR RENT?Two furnished CHAMBERS in Georuetown. For aitua'ion inquire at No. 121 Bridge at. de 10 tf l^OR RENT?A furniahed four atory HtiU>F.f A No 24 Loniaiana avenue, opposite Filth et , and nea' City Ha i. Inquire on tue premise*. de lo-eo-ot i O I.ET?'The aecond at^ry rfa b'irk HOUSF, unfur..isheor wcu d t*.? iurn a .eJ t>a de* airabepartr. iLquircat 3S2 t? ?treet. letw en 12th and 13 h. de ui st* TO LE r-With or without Board, one ?pie; did A PAK LOI?, and two fine auits < f Roon s. we'l luriaat.fld. Alao four mug1* Rr>oms Wat'r and ras. App y at >99 weat .8th at, between F ana 9, onesqearef om the White House delOSt* LTRMSHEI) HOUSE IN GEORGETOWN l for rent, (former re?id*nc? of the late Hon. Georee M. Bibb.) corner of Fayette and Secoia ?r^Dr- K SON'S Law Office, lor terms. Ac de 10 St* HOUSE FOR.REN r-A verr dMimbl* three s'ory HOL SE on P et, between 4H and 6 h at?. It haa a back buildinc> gas, water ard ail S,.'^?rn?i5' n^*r2.itPoe*- Apply to T H. HAVKNNER. No. 347 C s'reet, opposite the prcmiaee. de 1" 3t* Ml MBERS OF CONGRESS ANU OTHERS ea find very pleasant ROONS apailor and oaocr two l.edroums, in a prira e famils aud t!esirabl - ai'ua'irn within fiva niinntea' welt of the city Post ( nice. Inquire at this office. Rtfrrei.ce squired. d3 ;o-tf larf^ three-atory BHICK RESIUKNCE No. 448, on the m. rth tide o! J- 8t^f?t, between 6th aid 7td ats , lately cctip:> d by Co . Luk^ I.m. F??r prio^, Ac , irqui'? of FRANCIS MOHIIN, E?q , 6th atrt**f, Le we n E aiid F, or of R. H. LAsK EY. No. 36 l/u?i> ib a de 10-1 w S^LENOIH SUITE OF RO' 'N*1 FOR RENT C? 'I he adv?rtia-?r h^s the (olow a: Koo^i or^nt w th< ut boa d: One parlor arid oed room, w.;h fuel ard ta*. SI'O per month fi ?t floor. One parlor, t?^d n> m a^d dres'in^ room, aeo nd floor, 91 :o per month. Three bed rooms in the third atory at S90per month The location ia the most detirab e in th* ri?f, n-ar the Tr<asury Departm-nt ana the lmme^uite ^,l^b..rhoodt'fseort;tary Caiieron'aand Gene ?1 M cCitllan'a. Arranr^menti might he made with the housekeeper t ? furnish Oreairfast and tea, f'n y firit data peop'e neel app y, and tl o'e wl 0 a-ew.. ing to pay the abova prices. AddreaaJ.G, f ar Olhce oe iQ- t* I^Ofct RENT?Two FURNISHED ROOMS,on the2i floor, in a pi asantand h*a!thv part of th* city. Apply at 460 Elevtnta at., Letwfen F *"d G. de 9 3t* FOR RENT-A FURNISHED HOUSE, in Georretown, o >nlaming II rooma, he-idea the kitc en I'ia titua'ed in a v*ry deafa! N ntuhborhood. For part ou ara addiesa "R. P ,"Georretown References ?xobagged de 9 3t* ROOM-" FOR RFNT^?The large hu. di g on iout:iWfbt corner of r a avenue and Sixth st , opposite Brown's aid the National, having tin ierfone thorough repair and ieon s'lucti. n. rff^rs to rantient aud p<'rms.nent residents leautifully locate and arranged Rooms, furnished <Tr unfurnished. ? ntra^ce at lart * portico on Sixth st. Also, a large Store on the Av nu* for rent. Address R. H. GELSToN, Washington. da 9 St* ipOR RENT.?Tha large DWE! ? INGS sitnl ated on the corner of Ninth anl E street* are for rent They are sBmirabljr ca cu'ateo for bu*ine s purposes and well adapted to B'ore rooms !>>r so'emment purposes, being con'irw >ua to the General Poet Oflloe Department and hut Ta moment's walk from Pennsylvania avnu* ? <i ih? Center Mark't hous-< Apply to NI HOLAS CAI.LAN. No ary Pmblie, No. 913 F st ent, i etween 14th and f5 i ?* tpOR SALE?4.0CHI bnshels Maine POTA1 TOE1^. Oil toard schooner S B. Stebbf rs, at Berr>'s V\ harf, fce?i getown de7-1 w* T G. YOUNG. tpURNlSHED APAR'I MENTS?Very r.^a y A rurn shed Rooma. ana very conveniently ar* rargr-d; location verr dea'rabie?* few doo'a a?t o? R gga ft Co.'a Bank?ou New Yo k aveaH", No. <60 u?73t SUILEKS. ATTENTION! -FjH LEASkA i&rttf LOT at tue corner cf P^Qjiihi'ua avenneandthe Ciro'e. | ? the First War , fqTa e No. 51, we 1 loca'ed for the erection r{ bai dings for sutler's husmet a. / ppl to H. C. SPALD!KG. No 3St* t> tt? between 9th and l<th ats dt 7 St* FOR lea-JE AT a SACRIFICE- At the very low rentrf $50 sera'nem. paid in advance, fcr two or three years, ^o ?, on Fourteenth atr*tt west jwsa s de.) bet are n B and : streets south. containing 5 rooms and kitchen in back hB'ldi g. y located *V9 y at Mr. BEKRYMAN'.*. 530. east side ?t. wast, between C and D streets no<i.. d*7 st* |TOR RENT-A inefo?r-e^07 BRICK BUILD Wltj' water ted gas throathoBt, very n'oely io.^ated, can be rented to exchange for a, plainer h?ia( is Bi me of the ouifkirts of tue city 1 here are 'amily reasons for the p oposed exo^ange. Persons who know of a an-all b2^VJP%T personally or by letter M. J. F.. 844 Penn avenue. de? 4 * K ARe CHANCP; TO SECURE A LU* CR ATI VE BUSINESS -The SBbBerib-iTa^ anthorned to sell the sntire Fixtures of a firstolass Billiard Saloon, centrally located on Penn sy.vania avanue. and now doing a good basiB*ee. It w comp etely farni?h*d ib every respect, aad haa Pheaa'a best MosswooI Marble bed Tablea. ApMc8U1RE * CO., Aaotioaeera. FARM Pom SALE.?a Farm eontaining Z2A acres, of which one half ia ib timber, the rrai due of arable lard of good quality. A band an ae of good water, well distrioated. ^Vitiiia half an h'ljra haul of Soagg'a ewiteh, or oraearng o Washington Braaoh Kail road ia Criaos George's oountv. and *ithtn a half Mile of the Tampike of Ba timore and Washington.and withia aln< u.. -s fiom Waekingtou. An ApF'^and Ptach Orchard, of r*oent growth. Htwae, Barn, and other ana) buiAiitga. For partieuiara and Uraa, BMBireif tM aubaenber, 1ST Sth atraet, between N ard O streeu north. Washmrton. D. C. SECOND EDITION. ~ THREE OTLOCt, P. M. conor rsstonal 1XTTIIU CWWMg-fcwal imiu Tii?D4T. Dw?b?r 10 V"*"?? >? pwoufai of MtlUoM f?."? introduction and reference cf eundrr bl lie?the onlr one of which, of public Import"*,n* j??nt rf^lut on introduce by Mr. w ltoon, to reorganise the medical drptrtMat at the ArmyMr Chandler announeed the death of u-tah Coring tbe late recess. offered tbo dlTV . J y ** ! Ill, and delivered art euluey upon the deceased He w? followed by Mr. King, Mr Clark, and left tbe'hair l" ,lmlUr eui<*^ ***? ??* report Hocst ?Mr. R. Conkling. from the Committee on the Dls'rlct of Columbia, reported a resolution requesting of the Att.xney General hie r.r.H.T ??th r^srd *? tb* ProP*r m- aaurea to bo luatitated for the retroc<ssion of tbat portion of tfce District now In Virginia; Adopted. Mr Patter, from the committee on PabU? l<cnda. reported a bill eecuring homesteads to actual settlers on th?- public domain, and providing bounty for aoldlera In lien of grante of pubiir lands; postponed till Wednesday of ne*t week. A joint resolution from the Senate, appoiatlnc a committee to consist of three from the Ssasto and four from the House to Inqnlre into the conduct of th<> present war, and with power to and fcrper?ons and papers was concurred In Mr ({Ingham asked t*at the Committee on tbo Juiiciary be discharged from the further oonsideratlon ..f the petition of .Messrs Howard, Gatchell, and Davie, of the Board of Police of Baltimore, now confined In Port Warren, ask leg tbo Initiation of m<>aaue* f <r th?lr rele?.ae Mr Pendleton objected, and m rod that the * Ition be reroiDit ltt-d to the committee, with instructions to rep*rt a r-solotlon (which he sent lu ? V ? to ^ '? < ) that Congress alone hae tberight of suspending the right of 4*6.<u ctrpmt; i' ? f*lll,ou''rs he bunded over to tbo Loit^d State** Mirsujil, In order thtl they my bare an Immediate trial in the district oourt under whose jur sdlction they ree ded Mr I'enaieion pr<#v*-d-d to addrees the Hooee closed*** re,?'ulioB? wbon our report necessarily pi^itoi Bsiout?We hear it stated that at recent meeting of Republican Senator*, it was de teruiiord to bring forward, on Thursday next, resolutions for the expulsion of Senato' Bright, of Indiana, on account of his letter of Introduction, addnsi.d to Jfff Davis, ftund epos a person who deaired to se ] the patent right for aa MB, to that Individual's so called Government. Though writing the letter in question was car talnly to be greatly condemned, we qoeetion whether it furnishes a justiflcatio.i for such action ?s is prrpuaed to be predicated upon It. Had Senator Bright in any manner bided nod abetted the cause of the rebels, or given any other erider.c* of sympathy with them, such action might be justified by public opinion. Toe contrary !s the ca>? , however, and the proposed experiment of expelling blm f.-ono the Senate simply on account of a funllsb letter, Is a really dangeroua one, if the active sympathy of hln frieud* in Indiana, In th* military service of the Government, b.- \e .rta the eff )rt to prrsenrs it. Tacy are now in v i..s for the gcod cause as gen?rally, quite, as their political opponents. The path cf wltdonr. Is to k* political bye-gones remain byt-gone:, until .e end of \he war, If bnt to induce all ptr'.ic j emulate eacu other In the w?t'b prosecution RxptbltcaX Cat cV> ?The Republican caucus was in Mseion last right for several hours. Gen Pomeroy. pf Kansas, actfd as Chairman and Mr. Mr Pbereon, of Pennsylvania. ?? Secretary. Ten minute spee Les were made by Messrs Ster-ns, Pp'>r, Duer Bingham, Kelly, Elv^ards, Lane, Campbell, Arhley and Davis. The d!s* umlon la represented as having be.-n very spirited. The general feeling seemed to be to confiscate the alavea and all other property of the Rebel* and of their aiders and abettors, but not to Interfere with those of tfce Unionists A resolution aom* what to this efie< t,*1t Issaid, Is pending Owing to an insufficient notice the attendance of Reptesentativ(s and Senators was not as larga as was desired, hence, no vote was taken, and the caucus adjourned until Wednesday night Pke^omai, ?Among the distinguished men now here is Edmund L. Hearne. of New York, late Queen's counsel, and counsel for Col. Kerrigan > In the court-martial before which be Is being tried Mr Hearne is st Brown's Hotel late local news. Criminal Cocbt ?To-day ?Benjamin Gant, free colored, Indicted for atealing five hogs fiom Terrence Boyle. Gnllty. Thomas Michael, inalcted for stealing a tidy from Ch'oe Ann Wardell Guilty. Goiri Thsocoh ?Tbe let Michigan Cavalry passed through this city to-day, route for Frederick " the latest by telegraph FROM FlIKlKESS MUXROK. THE REBELS EXPECT AN IMMEDIATM battle o\ the potomac. NEWS FRO.> SAVANNAH. Foamiss Monaos, l>ec. 9?A flsg of trues went to Norfolk this morning, aaTrying thirty, two priaoners, who were discharged by ths United Sta'es on their parole. A rebel fla^ of truce met our boata, and transferred thereto seme ladies coming from Rich* bmtl From to-day's Norfolk Day Bock we leant that a battle is Immedlstely expected on the Potomac, as the sutlers are removing their stores Wsr rumors and the war fever are very high. A telegram dated Savannah, Dec 7. says that Gen Butler's expedition had arrived on tbat day. Nothing la said abont Parson BrownloWs reported victory, or of the Port Pickens affair. Dr Johnson Clark, 9ur*eon of the Union Coast Gunrd, died at Old Point today of typhoid Ibver. His hodv was sent N Tth by the evening's bost. BOARDING. WIX PERSONS CAN BK ACCOMMODATED C? with sojd Rooms and Hoard, within f>nr sqnsr>s<>nh?\\n- Ds^nrtneLt, west by add smmg E. S," this o? >e. de7 tt* Iki'ARn.?Res:ectihle parties may find c<x?d U Boaid a d wel fo.n ?hed Rooms by day, wees, or tn<ip*h, ir h o<< s No. 479 and 47T ISth street, three do >rs fiom **a. avenue and rniflwar betwee- W tlinrds' and Ktrkvoxls' Hole s. noS6 lm* ?to the public! A VINB My atte tion oniled to n rarasraah in tie Globe, vh oh is reposed as part of the statement of-H'-r. Mr. Wilson, in the jsnsts lUosmber 4th, 1861, in rer%rd to the *rre?{ of colored yeorle whoa-ecow in oonfioement ia tho county jai, of Wskhmiton, D. C , whiob also gives the dp're* of the eonstables who arresiesj t'/m, I I d . my name mentioned, and at the bottom of this list a etatemniit that "one of rhoss eoostat les, a Mr. Kirg, notorioss here i n this oity as or? o; th? o eatnres that lire by this business. took u? a poor hoy named Armrtroni, wao ran awny irom Alexandria joined an Ohio recuaont, ai d was left in this oity when the reclmstit went ; N<mp. Petnok h:m ?o jail and took froia him a do.tar scd a ha f mat the aoidiers had nvsn h;?." A? my f? low oitizena micb' suspect me of beisc tj e one tha*. has committsi this srsat ontrase.T feo' t say duty to inform ths psblio that it ia not J. F. Kirj, as 1 never arrested a b iy by that name, which the record of the jail will ahow.ano. farther. ' will be aeen by that list there was ssm(her oAoer King. 1 would like the h< norable members who wi'l ha*stbis case nr.der invsstication to wateh aa; aee the actions aud deeds of u>ri? oertaia persoi e who make aoeb reports on th* siore statemente of uejroea. J. F KINS, C pi ted-States Deceetivs. Snbsoribed and sworn to befa s me. tais Sth day cf Iteoember. 1?1. TH"MAS C. DONN. ^ Jssuoe of the peaoe for M athiagton oosnt*. D. 150,000 Also. saii?o-IM> ibe. Armr Grease and K oiifb fallow, tor whiah the hicbeet pries will be paid at ths National Sua? and usocis Worka, sot. Gre?? st. ano Cana , Georsstown. U. C. so 7 lm fl. B. JEWELL. I'rosnetoTf. A RMY GLOVES! A ARMY GLOVES 2 At ths SUrrs Depot of f b habting'stoo, >** D at , hsiM Pa sv., 2r ",wi" I j^avs aow^s hand a ?s-?e stock of all the ssost ce.ebraied Waiobsa, that I aa selllac at tke very Iowmi prtsse that food and reliable tisse ksspers KJtvezh.1&S2. xir,?H?5 oon aa mhMm. anf sfered at * ts as Kevolvers. Swords, Rashss. BalU. Bevt* teuysssetal ai4ornaiyp?aJ ^Peny^vyi^

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