Newspaper of Evening Star, March 3, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 3, 1862 Page 2
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" ? I w [?v _ '* * t - FVFNING STAR. I# WASHINGTON CHTY: >1 \ K( M S, !? *. Ilf ru?"u?h Thi mh la | rlnmt ??u u>* th?w?i at?ain f * In u? M>ulb ??f Halttutort, it* r4tU.>n t tt> Ur>?r a* U> rf<qulrr II to hr j ut to |>rr?? at an ?i'ly hour: therefore, ohoalil tr not In hrhirr lit o'olork M : ntWraili* lt,r? nut ?j ' nwy not upp**ar uutll tt?e lie it day. ? , # * ?*?* F*i?ip? at the varloua military oaaaps and postttnn* wMl confer a fh*or ?>y keeping na posted ' i aa to movrmenta and a&fclra In their vlcln'.tlea y Spirit sf the Mtralai Prfta. Th? /aiii/ifMrn treata upon the lgnomn<*e of 'be English 'u relation to the political mid geo_ graphical characteristics of the United State* ^ The Rtfu'iira* urges the abolition of the Canadian reciprocity tresty. Kgl- ? Areo:iTKC?The plac* lu the Poat Office Department. made racant by the death of lieor^e J Fumes*, hna been tilled bv the appointment of V.' - ' B. F Wllklna. EUiy The Gott*<-halk-Strako?ch rnutfrt, townrda which our mualc lovera are looking fort. ' ward with so much Interest, will take pla< e nt Wlllarda Hall on Thursday evening neit. > ^ Financial ?From the New York Kvenlng Tost of Saturda*: f /' The atnck market la qniet but steady. Prices, ? *v. the whole, are better than yesterday, eapeHally 1 4 ' ?m fiovprnment and f*tate atwk*. which are de I' | ?-ldedly Arm The Government U*t i? "tronir Itoth the R?-^'atered and Coupon Sixea of 1^1 are Va)j p?-r j etnt higher than laaf evening. The T.3*? Treasury notea are Arm at Sf' ,aW\. X>* Wfiml! notes aold at 99 V Theae notes are cal 1-d at the Bosrd !n three distinct cla?ses: small, unV? ' -let one thousand dollars, thousand*. and large ^ ^ Tfcere la acarcely ao much presaure for money ,fc? Nv<iav pome or the banfcs are disposed to lend r ? ? cali et T parent , which la the ruling rat*- of ^ Mie marker ' I An impression baa prevailed that tbe detnar?l :'v " i . actea now In eireulat'on are a legal U-ndrr The fell of the bill passed by Oongreta rer'alnly dort yl < not warrant such an opinion?there being special * "wrtions relating to ?bis issue and the n?-w notes. Y? The demand notes are only at a fractional premium to-day. one-sixteenth of nn? per cent. M Yesterday the police discovered that coantersI felt Treasury notes were In circulation The - unterfelts are destitute of the Initials l* S , j ;. ^vhirh appear on the breast of the Goddes* of ' I.lberty In the genuine. . ' Hev*ral of the leading dining saloon* down \ . ? town have issued sbinplastera?good for twentyjr . Hve and fifty rents?and f>ay them out to their ^ ' uatomera in place of change. Should the Hcurntv ' of allver continue we aball probably hive afloat V plenty of paper money of this sort The railr?>-?d .* companies are experiencing conald<?ral>le trouble. !? ( and have their spent* engaged collecting In this w * ?"lty small silver, especially dim**and half dime*. ? I L/-A ?' - " jirrrfnt premium. yj' Affair- 0?t W?iL [Correspondence of TLe Star , ? ** Mocsd City. Pulaiki County. 111., t v . - k F?bruarv VT., W>?! \ I left Washington on 'he mcrnJny of the 1-th - >nst .and met Cul P. U Fouke at Mount VVash *i IngVou, and rime with biiu to Cairo, r< aching * ? * i here on th? morning of the M?t inat MetUen. John M. Paiuier, a man well known to llliaoionm, at the town of Odin, where the Ohio and Ml?al*sippi railroad* croe* the Central The ??eneral and atafl" rame with us to Cairo, and here wa* ordered to Commerce, some diatance f A *? ? up IDf .-Mississippi. We found more mud In these parts than I ever ,f kw before. Yes, mud by the quarter section J The wharf at Cairo Is lined with all sorts of boat*, from tbe steam-tug up to the Iron-clad monsters. t . I naw about ten thousand troops ther** on trans V porta, in a condition for active movements. Several of those huge mortars, made to throw a thlrteen-inch shell some three miles or trior- , have come on the cars, and *re being put into the harness a* t.i?t a* possible. They are much shorter than I wa? ? ? putlog to see them They look m<>r? ^ , like very large kettle* than like gun*. The for\ midable gun-boat, Benton, is abaut rendy for action The prizes. W B Terry and Steven*, are .* at the wharf at Cairo for repairs They are cotton boats. 1 was bound for Donelson but owing to late stringent orders, cltiienscan notgetup. and therefore I came up the Ohio " mile* to Mound City, which place takes Its name from a famous mouiid standing near th?* river bank, which mound i* now covered by trees of about medium siie; and there 1* a tradition among the inhabitants, which has the semblanceof rea*on. that it was put there I by the Indian* at a tiire when ' the memory of I man runneth not to the contrary." The Siman 'i I general hotplfal 1? located bere, and about (** I ?' - am told) I,50??lck and wounded are here, principally from Donclson'a bloody fl?*!d I h.ivc tendered mv *erv!res to I>r. Franklin, ?Lo 1* In charge tbere, and am on duty now In ward A witb *ome ctb?>r friend*. Iri thl.? ward tbere are ebotit forty #*? wounded of tbe I>onelaon men 1 hav? a brother here aervln^ 4< I'ncle i*am,5' and I aba!i art iat To day. w? bear many heavy ?uns in the dlt( .. reetion of Columbus. tbe rebel stronghold. I Z i . 'kink It mutt mean bu?lne*? I am constantly ?-xpe*-'lnu newt of irreat Importance, .it everything * l? Mvlny bere Columbus 1* ab<?it twenty inUes , t below Amonj; those who won distinction, according to tbt ttatement of the wounded men there, are found the nanin of (jcna Saiitb. Wallace. MrClriMiul ?i?H J.iKn A I < ? - > ' ?? ? >* ? jn II . 1 U"pf the authorities at Washington will adhere to the rule of promoting only tho*c who have earned It *t> the stormy Arid Vouri. Ac , B G. O. > , . P t* I saw 20 car load* of ?ec?h prisoners on tae wav to Canop Douglas, Chicago, amoa? them srer?- :?00 7th regiment Texas Kangers, TOO 20th ' f" ? Mississippi, oneccmpany of the Mth MiKisslpjtl, -*?" ?nd nmv boat loaas besides The majority of 4 Tfcf m seemed to be a very xhabby lot of small, ig* . noiant boys, and the men bad the appeiran<*e of savages, more than any lot of men that I have yet , seen. Well, such a conglomeration of brown . * ' ??)e?Ds'' lins*y woolsey' I think that Senator ' J 1 1 W-*? i ? * nuniii"uu iuu uriier IDOK II OOITli lor " mud sills"?yes. r?*al, genuine home*pun l,mnd allls " "'v ' In conversation th?*v ?ay 'bat they have been fighting for their rights and for their niggers I uppcse that tbfV wt^re afraid of l>r Cbeever, ? ; Lovejoy A C?. Yours, A-c.. B G. O '1,1 ' ' Farther Partlcmar* ?f the Mavrnrut of ?J ' ' ?e? bank*. f^Wr'' . * H Airrt * Fve k*. . Feb J? ? A ponton bridge arrived h?*re by tL?- train frum Baltimore ye*terl day morning in ebr.r/* of Captain Duau*- ami a ^ corps of engineer*, who had it throun across the .it? , river at Laif-past 3 o'clock, ready for a?rvlre Oen Banks was about the ttrnt tocroa?, followed " by Hamilton* brigade, the 3d Wlwronsln being **> ' ,? on the right of the advance I fv ' C*1 Geary'* command had been in f?j?sesslon A," * . of Harper's Ferry for aeveral days, havingcros-ed I* . over by a rone Ferry on Monday Koapp's battery succt-eded Hamilton'* cotriuiand. and Gen Gorman'** and squadron "iv*i of Michigan cavalry, under Major Atwood and hut ct.k? * ---? * ? ...... . ivuuwrw, aim rrnrut-fl ILe " Si." red ? *' oil" at dusk TW- inhabitants of Harper's Ferry, Campt<>wn, ' and Bolivar received our troop* with ? very demv^-, ' , onstration of rejoicing and joy "Yankee Doodle" and " Dille" were performed bv the regimental , ' *% J * Wnd? respectively as tbey reacted tbe laud. ,* >** Col Geary, who was In Harper's Ferry, learn1 ing during the forenoon that secession scouts were hi l.oudouii Heights, and witbin rifle sbot of the , bridge, crossed tbe Shenandoah with four com'^?*'4 panUs, who ascended the mountain on three , <?f . hides and routed two companies of their cavalry. ijL;, ' . who were evidently observing our operations , ij.' t The Colonel held the mountain until our position ?n the Virginia side w&s safe from attack ' J*t % Capt Hampton's battery also passed over the bridge and took position on HollvarjH?,!ghti? last s night This battery ia now attached toljen.Hamilton s brigade, which also occupied the same ITli . ??M~_ hi HuvduiT oi nioer romitliilfll i , The ?l?n?l rorp*, a division which was s?a{4i . tlcned In Kollvar during the tranalt of the irmv. * rendered Important aervice. The river wa? quite hlgn, and consequently a strong cnrrent was running, but not the least apprehension was felt for tbe safety of man or beast, and do accident occurred Iat? JWgrin e from Poolesville >tate? that on Tuesday night tbe rebel batteries opj*i?;te Kd* . - ward's Ferry opened oi? ?h? canal Miorebouses .'1 ' * there, end also directed?ev,ral shot* at thr locks of tbe rauai. with the evident Intention of drat roving them and draining the . ana) abort-. It >s liar stattd that tbey have strengthened tt-lr earthworks tb fronl oi I.erfburg t*- a Wmldible eitent A f 1 - ? ' A nw icw ? ..i?;rnmi uarieswwn BSTe been i ,? observed beyond B"llv*r Height* reconnoitering, bat no large bodies have be*-n seen Hundred* of refugee* are thronging Sandy Hook, anxious to return to their deserted home* Hiiru'iFuiT, Feb.*- ?Yesterday morning the llr*t squadron of Michigan Cavalry, Major Atwood, appr arbed near Cbarleatown Tbey dVarovered no large body of rebels there, but raptured three cavalrymen <iud three line horaes. It is rumored Lere that Winchester bas been largely reinforced by troops from Manassas. The ponton bridge withstood the gale of la-it Bight without moving Wagons with forage, provisions, and camp equipage are crossing this wrning (JT Ohio pays its Governor only Ml buu a year mUrr, and tbere Is talk of even reducing that to tE^The ?ie of r?b*J property at Ht Louis x Velded the mid of ?4.4m> . t IH t r i . OI H NILITART BI'IMm. N?VV IttP Tte Y?ukc? caittc up (ruin tu> flotttlA IMlrrtUy uit.ru11.4 brlutflng u \\ BUil UrH Hook?r tad ietuiB*4 In lit* fteruoea iM*. rum it urn ?i uiiii (.all advln-a My that I tin Builder wu at Cad It, aud itie Tuararoi* ibctr ai*u after utr I'HUH Of uBM. URDU. The brave (ieneral Lander died v?-*leid?y alter no?n at l'?w I'aw, Weatern Virginia, from the d>bl Mutiny eftrcta of hla wound* received al I dw trd i Perry llu body la uu the way to Ihla city, where hla widow realdea (i?n Iund-r had every attention which the old nnd well trud friend* around htm rould bentuw Hla death waa somewhat rudden It wna not until 5 o'clock yeateidny afternoon that hla Wife received Intelligence of hla lllneaa Hhe Immediately took treasures for nbtalnluit a ?pe*lsl train to proceed thither, but before the arrangement* were completed, Heeretnry Stanton Called In person, and with much feeling and delicacy acquainted Ler with the fort of her husband's dr-ath Secretary Chaae.and other dlatlutfulabed friend*, subsequently visited her In her ?miction, tien Shield* succeed* (Jen. Lander In coin -M maim. ABMY affair* Judge Freese has obtained leave to vacate, for the time bet oh, his otflcti as Assistant Adjutant General and Provost Judge of Alexandria. In order to join Helntxelmen'* Division as Provott Marshal The War Department refuse* to transmit any letter* to the Southern States Numerous passes have been given to women and children and persons in Ill-health to return to their friends and families. Pa?*ts for business purposes or topersons merely desiring to visit the South and West are Invariably refused. Major Rensral Hitchcock declines his appointment to that position on the ground that the bad health with which he has been suffering for several years will not permit blm to perform the duties of the field. LATE NEWS FRO?1 THE SOI'IH .4 Southern Aeervntfrom Fort Dontlson?Fame in SafKville ?A JV'tr ('onfe'lerat* CaStmf. CONFEDERATE RErOBT* KBOM DOM L?ON. The Confederate correspondent* who describe the siege t>f Fort Donelson represent that the bom reuuiBPiu was xerrioie sua quite unendurable. One writer sty* I The Pederal commander finding that hit right had b*>jn turned, and that th? day would be lost but for tome derisive effort, concentrated his troop* In the af.ff noon on our right, and making a ?udd?n plunge, after a long and rfesperate struggle. redeemed his moraine's loss by capturing a portion of our entrenchments. The dead lay piled up la heaps, their gore trickling In red 1 nes along the snow in every direction Still o?;r troops fought on, contesting Inch bv Inch the ground they were compelled to vacate At nightfall the firing ceased, and at 12 o'clock Pillow telegraphed to Nashville, "The day Is ours. We have repulsed the enemy with great loss to them and con s?id? rable low to ourtelvee \Y#? want reinforceim>nta." Relr.forcementa were not forthcoming, however, and Sunday morning found the Federal army strengthened by thirty thousand fre*h men, encompassing the place and completely aurroundin^ onr forcea The tight w?? renewed at live o'clock a in . but It being uaelena to contend <:i;alnit such odd?. the fort and army capitulated To the enemy on their own terms Flo\d. I'lllow and Buckuer, fought like heroea I They were everywhere, animating their men, constantly under Are. and encouraging them by 'heir example and preaenr e Aa the regiment moved on the charge. Floyd would rlae In hla aMrpiins nl ?j ?*#??* ? . * " *" 1 * ' ..... 14 ft uuu .^uwu?. i?r imuf, nnu ami low?fear not, th<; dav will be our*.'' The total number oi our killed and wounded la estimated at from twentv-Mve hundred to three thoiiinnd That of tLe Federal* at from four to aiz thousand. * ? * Had reinforcemeuts been aent forward. ho that ei^htor ten thouaand freab men could have stood the brunt of the battle on Saturday afternoon, Instead of our jaded aoldlera, Fort Donelson would not have fallen; but the luck of thl? ettectlve strength enabled the enemy to completely hem our little army in and extend their lines increscent shape front river bank to river hank arnnn^ ?i? HOW A PA5IC WAS CRIATXD t> NAHHV1L11. Tt>e tame correspondent tells this story of the .Nashville panic, of which we have had some Imperfect account* Tb" newi of the surrender of Donelson reached Nashville. Tenn , by telegraph, on Sunday morn- | ing about church time, while many of the cititena were on their way to tbetr accustomed places cf worship. Instantly, of course, every other consideration give place to th? thought of personal safety. Every me<ns of transportation at hand was employed'to remove furniture and valuables; the depot was thronged with men, women and children, anxious to leave the city; train after train was put In motion; government stores were thrown open to all who choae to carry them away, and negroea, laborers, and ven genteel-looking persons, could be seen ' toting" r.ff their pile of hog, clothing, or other properly i>e>onging to the army, though, by order of the military authorities, much of thla wr..-, rfrov^r?4 on the enaulng d#y. In a word. I he city was rrazy ir?f* a panic. Governor Hr-rrt* la aaid to have rode through the atreeN, at the top of hia .speed, on horaeback. crying om' that the papera In the rapitol must be removed, and. aub^f quentlv, with the Legislature, which had *t once aa?<embled. left the city in a apef 1al tra'n for Memphia Still there were aome in the city who manifeated a determination to make a stand an<^ apply the torch to every houae l>ef?re i! ahonld be aurrendered Thia atate of affairs laated. without much modification, until MondhV #?V*?nl nor u?K?n ? ' A- ' __ kur ?AVKciiacin urgan 10 j cubs'.de Alt the rolling stork of the railroads converging in Nashville wan brought Into requi- I si'ion, and the machinery in the armory, guns and much valuable provision*.A c .were removed Seven trains, loaded with women and children Inoide and crowded with frightened men on the top, left the rlty In one day. The city is said to have bttn e*ry vn!>ouh.{. and McClernand hlm?elf confessed that he was In dally receipt of in formation concerning | the movements of our troops Phosphorus ana other imflamimble compounds have since been found concealed ready for use. and it is also stated that a batch of Union flags were discovered, but whether or no! those were the remains of some former celebration )* unknown. tiriine !?iwi now ckntikvillx A private letter received from Centrerille last mah!, stated that the Confederate force* bad received orders fo send their sick t? the rear, and put theniHelvea tn marching order. By passengers who arrived on lsst nlgb''s train tLe above report la confirmed and they also state 'hat the woman and < hlldren were ordered to leave yesterday morning We understand from ttie aanie source that the ^ ankee* have succeeded lit rutting another road through tLe wood* to Fairfax ?lynch Virginian. sew CaBINRT A Richmond paper the following'will, In :?U probability, constitute the Cabinet ofPresident l)avU: J 1' Benjamin, of Louisiana, Secretary of State; Gen. Lee, Secretary of War; Brig. Gen. George Randolph, of Virginia, Secretary of the NnVt" I ' I. 11 1 ' " V. HI rrwuiu I BrOIIIlli, re'ary of the Treasury; Mr. Henry,M.C. from Kentucky, Po?tmaater tieneral; Herechel V Johnson, of fieorgla, Attorney General. "<S=?NOTICK ? A luejtini of the Hotel and } J? KNtai'ii.' Keepera of thia o tr wrl be held at fr"ranliiin Hail, ??nf 9th and D atreeta, on WKI)Ntt*I)AY NKX1. vh inatant, at4 p. in. By order Committee. ruU J-St* Trf NATIONAL BABE BALL CLUB.-The J. 7 meml?era are requested to meet at the office of J H MoCutoneu. f^o. 474 Seventh street, between baud F, on WKD.NESUAY EVENING, Marsh ^Ui, at 8 o'clock- A fall at'endenae m par tioulatly required, aa odroera are to he eleoted and other huaioeaa of importanoe will ooiue t>efore the ineotoK. JAM Ed MORROW. _mh 1 3t^ I'reai tent. Y^EVI-RY ONE'8 INTKRKST-ro THE Ik? C1TUEN8. sTRAXGEKS, AH1) SULblEKS 1 r.aveiuat received a very larce and trie a?aorininnt of Spring Clothina. which I am itferiLK at our uaual low prioea, at No. 4HO Pev eum ?treat, t p?ont? f?o?t (Him, near F. 1>27 3m |f? 1HE UNION I'KAVtR MKETINO Will 1,S he hoiden ever; da? this week in the Lutheran Church, i Kev. J. G Bntler'a,) at the corner of Uttiand H itreeta, commencing at 4X o'oiook p m., ana continued but one hour. j| SO b O R SAL E?The"STOCK, FIXTURES, r GOOD WILL, Ac., of a well eatab!ieh*d preduoe Louie. Hum tne bed huaineaa in Alrxandrla. AppU tc K. M JOHNSON. Nintii ?treet, near the Cai.&J. mh 8 3t* Hto the public. AVIN'6 to pay oub fir ever* article we par- 1 ci.up, wo ?re onngeo to sen tor oaeti only. Wfe hop?> to retain the !ioeral patronage that dm been t?*towed upon KB, bf keeping jhe"beat *?<*? lB Inn. SMITH ' A*'' , Hranch of P. Tleman ft 8"n, Baltimore.) All set' ath street, rah_s Neit^o Natio n aU nte I h gencer. MH Mf. S. OOl> jtTEILLH. lrom f*ri?, ftt_468 ti ev nth street. corner r, t*e r?oeiyed by laet stealer the most te>ot atsortm'nt of Point lAoee, ?'<> lars t'r m 93 up *?rcs, r*ete lrom ?'to w50* 'I hrea1 i,?ee V ci.a fiom $3.15 upwards, Ba'bee, C&pre. etc.; eharminR Headd esses such as Di*dciiisand i.'aohopetgQes ; Parisian Hoop Skirts of lit rnjst graceful patterns Also, a *arietf or Fmt>roideries and other floods. |t*_ SPRING CAS5MMKRE!?, Also, medium ftnd fine CI >ths ami Vest wigs Nev? Uiue Cloth*. I- lannels, and Caasirnires. Cravats. Neak Tie?, ttioves, Hair Hose. L'mi r?. a '. Pocket H e.iidk.rolt??. ' ?* ? VMNIIIIII, Duvrra ko. Oor ."Northern ltd hu.iri owrrM?ond?DU ?<! ai new ufpli** dkilj. ()r,? r.oet.n M?k aUnJftrd oflooJM ?o oWUMKW ? LATE NEWN IIV TELEUKACII. reOM rORTRRU MONROlt ? NUN AHHiVAl.wi nil. CORCOJU* AND 1 HE OTUFH I NION i'K ISONFRti ? - 1HK sTKAMFH NA8HVII.I.K HI N8 THE BLOCK APE INTO WII.MiNftTON, N. C - Foaraaaa .MoNBnfc Majwii ? (via ttalMmof*, Mon li 3 )?'l'lir tiroutrj EiprtWa, Capi CaU*4/, lefl old Polul yeolettlay at 1U a fit , lot Jaiurt iivri, in receive tl??i t nlou prisoners who MN eip#< ted on Friday They were uul mH, bow ever, < e<>r<iIu?r to appointment; and having remained at lite appointed meeting plare until noon to day, tbe itnortfr \VaibtugU>n Waa ami up with the order for tLe F.ipreaa Ui return, unlet* something had been heard from them J*he ar rordinyly raiue t?a< k, arriving at ii p m About 3 o'clock yeatefdny afternoon the t'onI'ederate wteamer Jameatown (which with the Yerktown ia stationed oil ll"gn laland) steamed down to the Kxpreaa, with a dag of truce, lo ascertain the cauae of her appearance In the river on two successive dava Hhe atopped abreast, at a few rod* dlatant from her, and lowered a boat with a lieutenant on board, to communicate. He was Informed of the errand of the Kipress, and that nhe wna acting upon Information fnrnlahed by Gen. Htiger, lie eiplained that his luiuiiiaim unu no (nowira|(e or any fipfi'iffl prisoners; and frrm seeing the Kxpreas on two days In succession, be had comedown to learn the occasion of her visit He expreaaed himself satisfied, and returning to th? Janieatown ahe went back to her at&tlon. She ban been armed with a gun at her bow and another at her atern, and has a sharp iron cutwater projecting some three feet from her bowe at the water-line. She ! rumored to be commanded bv Capt. Barnard. Having been twice disappointed In relation to the expected prisoner*, It Is not known when thev will be sent down tbe river. It Is uncertain whether Col Corcoran will be among the number, although it Is quite probable. Another Interview took place yesterday, off Craney Island, between General? Wool rod Cobb, In reference to the exchange of prisoners. We bear, via Norfolk, that the steamer Nashville arrived at Wilmington, N. C.. yesterday, having run the blockade at that place. A quantity of telegraphic cable has arrived here for the completion af the line across the bay. As soon as the nonndings can be corrfpleted thecable will be extended to Cape Charles. This will be within two or three days. It Is supposed. THIS IS TO G1VK NOTICE. That the subscriber hath obtained from Mie Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District o( Columbia, letters of administration 011 the personal estate of Darner Donnelly, late of Washington nnnnlf ftfnr^uid H^o?aa/i Ail ? ?.?? - u. <mu fOi?vua iiaviUK claim* a<ainst the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the saire, with the vouchers thereof, to the subsoriber, on or before tlie first day of Varoh next: tney mar otherwise by law be excluded irom all lieneht ol the saiu estate. Given under my band this first day of Marob, 1862. JOHN O'UONNKLL. Jr., mh3-law3? Administrator. JJ| E C I 1) E D BARGAIN!*: InMi i<ii ens, all jrades, thick, medium and tnin. Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings, all of the best brands p >>duce1 in the U"ion or Kurope, CaAton's Stitched Linen Shirt Uesom*. various qualities, choice styles. Ralmoral Ckiru, new tupplies, W hite iirillaut' and Cambrios, ali qualities, "Shepherd's Piaids," for dresnes. Many new Ore is Goods for early Spring Wear, Hlkrinf V K n* 1 One prtoo only, the actuaJ cMh value, marked in plain figures. PKRRY* BRO., mh 3 6t 1'enn. avenue and 9th atreet. RARK CHANCE, FOR AN ENTfcRPRlf* in* buaineaa man. to follow ihe army. For aie a humneaa started expresalr for that purp ae. For partioulara,apply to L). PETKRS, New Jeree> Pie Bakery. cornrr H and 11th ata mh I st* HrOAL OIL-COAL OIL. AVINtt Theagrno> of one of the largest Coa! Oil Companies in the United States, we can sell Coa: On wh I' bale and retail, cheaper than oan he bought in Washington. Also. Lamps. cans and Shades. GfcO. W. STK?v ART A HON. mh 1 I in* Corn- r 12th and H streets. D E A D AN A L~8 . Mayor's Orr < i. f Wafkin%ton February 28, 1862 S D>ad Amx Als will imiredi?t?ly be removed and barieti uu notioej>eing left at either of the Police aikiions oi me ."ueiropoutan rulioe t'artioulanty should be had in lotvicc the a&roftio, to insure prcinpt attention. K1CUAR1) WALLACH, mh l-3t Mayor. MAYOR'S OFK1CK, Wamiinstos, Marohl.MEt. PiornHAL* will be received a' t nn ffioe up to 12 o'o!<>ok M.on Wednesday, Wth instant, for the oonstruotion of water olosets. with the needfni ap purtenanoes, drama;e. Ao , .n the bassment of the w?*t end of the *?i ty Hal, "suniar in style and manner to the fixtures adapt *<t to the tame turiose whioh have recently been constructed t? the L inted States ?n the eastern wing of said building " iiihj^ St RICHARD WALLACH, Mayor. ARARK CHANCK-FOR SALR.-An elek icant family HORSE and new sarins <cv WAGON , made t>y one of the b-st makeia T ?T* in Pennsylvania, and entirely new, witn^-*-*harneBs all complete. The horse has not hU su perior in the oity of Washington, for strength and beauty, wa-ranted in every respect; will work anywhere. aud well broke; can be left standing with out hitching, before U>oomotive or mHsio. The whole estaiilichmen* would suit a or any trading person. Call at JOHm p. SHKOOKR, Lancaster county Provision Store, comer of 13th mid ft its. 1 ol* ?? ? mil o? |?ALTlMORE BARGAIN 8TOKE : NKW GOOD*?NKW GOODS : LANSBl'RSH Sc. BRO. take pteasuie to inform their customers and the public that they have taken Hal 's old store, No. 37A 7th street, between 1 and K, where the* will always keea on hand a fa 1 at ortn.ent of I)RV GOODS, MILMNKRY and FANCY GOODS Confideotof our ability to give satisfaction to all. roth in priee and quality of food*. ladies w II find it gr<>a<ly to their advantage to oall and eiamihe onr stock. mh 1 7t* J^EW WHOLESALE PRY GOODS HOUSE. J. H. HOBLITZ* CO. have ioat opened m. ar.fl atrktfe nl HU V llllfina W/iTf/iMu - a i im* % v, vi VI* W W I/O 11 A IV/tlOf (X Uif at ixo. 34 7 Wert Baltimore atreet, Baltimore. The entire atouk ?aa purohaa'd in Heptemher and October ant, at pno*a enablin* them to aeil to dealera on aiioh terma aa will make it tiie interest of both oitjr and country merohanta to examine their atook. (17 Their terma will be oa?h. fe 18-3 w* DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT I DAYTON'S LEMON BISCUIT! DAYTON'S LEMON BISLIMT! Are aind by tiiroo a ai m nrui., corner Vermont avenue anil 16th at P, WHITE. o.irner F and 13th sL L. A. DKLl/Wlli, SS??7:h ?t. Navy Yard. M. GREEN, oorner L and ISth at. fe 17 1 w r y feet! the bis8ia water proof mak?a and k*ep* Knots and Shoes impervious to water, and will make them last ai long again. Sold by E. l)U PRE, 3410 Penn avenue, and all K< ot and fehoe Dea.ers. and Druggists and othera. Try it! feST lw' Anew daily link between Washington 4nl> matawoman creek, maryland, Running daily to Gmm, Hoektr's and bithUsf Itirisiont, n* lk4 I.mot* Potomae. T??ching at Pyne's Wharf. T 11 ?? O Ml a ? ? a ? ? 4 XT A O X A i) ill A A j1 ft W (J$ CAPT. E. W. DITIDDOH, Leaving Riley's Wharf, loot ot 1'th atreet, at o'olock, on and after Monday next. JT**^ 24th imt., returning umt dar at o'olock. Refreahmenta on hoard. Fare 91 each way. Freight taken at reasonable rates JTTTRIPON SUNDAY. For further partioalara apply to Cae'ain on board. _ fe IT SEAL, ED PROFOBAL8 ARE 1WVITED ti 1 the 13th day of Maroh, 18t?2. at 13 rn., for uroiiaaing from the Government the Hideaand Tallow Hoofa. and Horn*, Tonguea, Chuoka, and ?hiu?, of all the Reef Cattle used by the Amy of of the Potomac, exoept thoae killed within th? indent limits of the Distriot of Columbia. Nil bid will be eotertaiuea unlets the bidder U present to recpoud to his bid. The Hides, Tallow, &o., obtained at the i isc of the contractor - he w li I be held aoeon ntabie for Hides,4o.. of all aniiaals killed, whether he gets them or not. The bids to be directed to "Major A BECK WITH.C.B.U.S.A., Washington, 1). C. feiift-td ANOTHER CONSIGNMENT! A MORE S I L KB' The great snooess attending the sale of Rich Bilk 8obes. (Spring Mlkt by the yard, hvening Dresses, ereges, Grenadines, Jto., consigned to ns from one of the Larg??t Siii Houses in New York, ha* induoed the assignees to send on more goods, and .we take pleaiure n sayihg to the ladies that the ^nmease assortment w* now offer them to ee; ii?wnri?; 01 tinee. ana the prioe* ther are being sold kt ia oertainly 1 ot more than one half tbe ouet of importation ? Tboee who have not availed thomfelve of thia ?o" fc '^BvK8V's?as5aM*"""

would do well to call e*rly, a* the tooda will remain on a?l?in thl.yej.^ IVf JI'bT OPKNKD. ifllJtiHMLL'tf Park Uouee R ret\u rant. No i*)t C etreot, rtetwee U aad Uth eta. fe? lw* t ' WANTS. Vv ifcli?A I?<tfitfiii 4?'ire? ^SITUATION ? ? y m *.i?o? or burse, or' otv ? AiG ? <m: N ? "tot Ofw^ H* ?T I H or* r. N ? ciiit s f nii.ii. will) ?< o4 ci'f [ firitcii A?#u M No 406 Tt.rd ?/ H v?il. let wet, fl >ndO?itft citrti. ?,L ? 91* W/ AS Tfcl>? witkti i to tm t c? * i?iy *? iu itv en WM .?rt Wi'Ml'i or BinfM'b Mfini uiftuLiue p.?ftre ft<1 ft i.u'e Ui pa h a h J jonkg <uv. e _u' WiNTKI) H? ft i?spe?Mt,ie |m*| ii'ftc. ft SITUATION ft? cuftci ii.fti.. or ?).*' .? cm mftfce kuuM * gaiiftrftJi? (ittwi r*f?r?<?? ?iV?u Aadrr?a"J D Plftf OA ?. It* WANTKD-A MM I.AIIY <f good tueiftftaa knowtdf fiift?if? l*tW??o 14 And 23 ffftra of ft(* AdJfo?? "(iifti.?*<," Wftabmctou I'ott OAo? It* W4flXI*ILr4 ftdj to 'Mil ft KUE ? .n.-iir.K Biiun IK(?*H lit I (111 Ifttll lU. I an I P? ui.ayivama n?e ueatjl H at. Kefurereea &i?eu. Addreaa, atatini loeUuic, Ao ,"B U B lAf Otto*. If HOl'MK WANTKD.? Auy una viaLiog to diap ?aeof a amail Uvxtllni. eor.tammc. aay b?? or ai* tormi. looatri id the northern part of the 01 ti or la aed, may hear of a rurehaier by addreealog "T. P. ? Boa t? City Poat Otto*. W aahtnfton. mh 3 tt OLD LETTERS WANTED-I will five frofc two to (en aol ara f?r l,et'*ra written hr ben'l Waahincton, ard a fair p-ioe for Old L,et?ra written b? celebrated Americana, Revolutionary Ce lebritiee, Prraider.ta. Generala. i'omm"doree, Jooini, D?>ntora. Dlvinea. Lawyera. Ac. Addreea KOtfEKT SPRING. S4ft N. Twelltli atreet. Ptu!alelphia. Rare Booka and Pamphleta on America boe?ht. mh 3 1m* \R7ANTED?Kor a eerio<t of three month*, a well- fnruialieat HflllWK ? the Wfit fc'nd. for a small family, fjr whi*h a lib eral r?t will b? paid. Apply to JAMES C. MoGUIRK A CO.. Auctioreers, fe?i6t WANTED?One thonsand (l.non) gross of wine and ale ll 'TTI-KS of various sti's. for whioh cash will be p*id Inquire of ANDERSON A IO. at Hawley A Maughrn's Portable Tent Depot, oorner of Tenth and fcj streets, Washing ton. D C. f?a It' WANTED?Old Amerioan History, 3d and 4th volume*; Mark's Histcy of Virginia; Drayton's South Carolina J voiuwes: Nile's Register, Ramsay's So*th Carolina; Wilkinson's Trial; Burr's Trial: O d Coins; Autographs; Old Paintin's; Old Documents, Writings, Letters; Lees Memoirs. In moviuj. ?<>iue Volumes were lost; their value will be paid, if returned to me ALFRED HI'NTIlR, fegB-3t* Over Hunk "I Washingtur. IVANTEP-To have every ocekrov that they v v can tind the best s'ook of Clothing. Hats ana Caps, at the very lowe?t ra'es, at SMITH'*. No. 460 Seventh street, nelow F. fe WT-Sm WANTED?ToerKagea0ENTLEMA^ familiar with Washington oily, to attend U> some ont door hnsine*a. Apply to JOHN IRWIN, Room No- 4, 476 7th st. fe 37 lir A \ITrn 1*/k UDI * a * mi|/ aii a c*MM 1 Vi r*Ciiiij ?A DU 1 Mj QOlDg ft "? geod Iiiiiiiin< trill be sold on good terms. The propnfnr wi?li?a to retire from t>a*lneee u tr.e only reason for aelling Apply at No. <>30 11th at, Washi gton city. fe 27 3'.* WANTED TO H1RE-A WOMAN to do cooking and honaework in general. To one well reoomm?ided good wages will be given. Apply at No. ftOl 7th etreet, oppotit# Odd Fellowa' Hall. fe 27 3t* WANTED-Three good 8TABLE HANDS, and one Man to wa?h narriagea. Apply to W. C HAZKI,. Heall street, between High and Congreea. Georgetown. fe 26 6t* \\TANTED? Anexperienoed WOMAN.aannrae ? ? for two infant children; alto another aa oook and waiher tor a amall family. For honeat and faithful aerv:oe? good wagea will be given. App y at No. 69 Louiaiaaa avenue, between 6th and 7th eta. feKtf \f U3ICIANS WANTED FOK 1ST CAVAL,1*1 RY BAND?"no first c aas Muaician, capable of oompoaing ard arranging musio&cd inatruot ids and leading a mounted band. Alao. eight or ten good Muaioian*. Term of enliatmsnt 3 yeara; the ufual pay. rationa< olotbing, %o., of the regular aervioe given. WauteJ alao aix or eight Trumpetera Inquire at Regini*ntai Headauartera. Camp Sprague. Washington, D. C., (late Ca<ri of R hode la and Reg'i,)of Lt J. H. KELLOGG, Adj't lat Cavalry. fe22 2w* WANTED?Every peraon to know that I am in the market, ready to pay ea*h for all artiolea in the houaefnrniahing lin<>. Thoae leaving the oity, or havine a aurplu*, will do well to nail. R. BUCHLY, 4'i* Seventh at., betweenG and H ata., (e&at aide,) Dealer in New and Seoond hand Furniture^ no 16 tf WANTED?Putter* and Soldierato ki.ow that they oan buy CAMP STOVES and TIN WARE cheap of H. J. GREGORY. 3U1 Penn. avenue. ja H WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BED niWfi ? - - ' ' i/iiiv, lur wiuou we lire J&JIDJ xno ni(n9VI oub prices. Families deolininj housekeeping, or harmf a ?urp!u? of furniture, will find it to toalr advantage to five u? a nail. BONTZ * GRIFFITH. jell-tf No. 369 Tth ?t.. betw. 1 ana K nkm. THE EAR l>R ? A VOU MOSCHZI8KEK, Oculist and Anrtot. (I.&t? of Clinton P'.aoe, New York,) r?r, Ka *11 ... .1 al. vwm uv wuemwu VH Mi l/itMWI l?l mo KYE AND KAft that require medical or anrgioal operation*. Or. Vow Moichii?ui ia the inventor and introdaoer Into the medioaJ prao'ioe of tba BTHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, ] for the treatment of obatiuate caaea of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEAD. Hundred* of Testimonials mar be examined at the Dootor'a Offne from aome of the moat eminent men in the Uun>n ; also, a tetter of referenoa from the following gentlemen now under his treatment: W. H. Cooke, Treasury Department; H. WaahIniton, Hnrveymg Depa.*.ment; Henry Heard, interior Department; John Wood, Capitol Kiteti alon; F. t*. Walsh, Kightii atceet *aa? ; N. P. White, fee*., Ool'I Henry K. White, Hamilton jonnsion, m<. hat. h. w . Read. Patiects wishing their family physician to aooompany them to witness operations or for the purpose of oonsoitatlon are at liberty to bring them Medioal men will be at all times we loomed to witness Dr. Voa M's operations, and examine some of the instruments ha has introduced for tha facilitation of Optbalmio and Aural Surgery. Artificial Eyee Inserted without oaosiag any pats to the patient. Offloe hours from t a. m. to t p. m. and from S te p. m. O F F I C F S, Ne. *8T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, OPPOStTB W1LLARIVS HOTEL. | mh t lm 1 NOTICE. HEREBY Forewarn all persons frcin harborI ing one Margaret Degon. who left ay bed and tjL>?iuin* wimoui any pro vooauon. 1 will not bs responsible for any debta oontraoted b> bar She i* now better known aa Margaret Brownmiller. having married the said George Brownmi ltr, of the United Statee Cavalry in Utah Territory, AlGUrtTUS DKRON. Washington. P. C.. Fsb'y 34.1888. fea?.MhS.iO* fiCHb-NCK'S MANDKAKJi PILLS.-Thia la 9 on* of the THKtK bHEAT REMEDIES whion have made 1JK. SCH KNCK more aucoaafal in the treatment of aeveral very dangemua ard fatal diabases that any other m*dioal praotitioner in the United States. The Mandrake Pilla are offered aa A SUBSTITUTE FOR CALOMEL. DR. SCHENCK avera that hie Mandrake Pills will effsot every object for whioh the preparations of merosry oan possibly l>e useful; and he deoiaraa moat aolennly and oonaoientionaly that these Pills mav be naed with oerfeet ?n ?? where aTter&tivee or purgative* are repaired. n la not maoh wonder when we reflect that the liver ia the largaat organ iu the haraan organisation, that it beoomee io tre*uently diseased. The yellow and ?liow akin, the ooatad tongue in the morning acd the anil pain in the limba: tall at one* that this great deporating organ la doing its work by halvee only. An* per eon who will take one of theee Pills at night will not only be relieved of dneaa*. but likewise lU disagreeable at tendaat*. aaoh aa headache,aour stomach, ooatire bowela. piles, acd the dnll, heavy feehoga over the whole frame, whieh oftentimes make life bardenaome, and render the patient wholly anfit for enloymentor basiraee of any kinvl. ? ? DR. J. H.sCHKNCK will be at hiaaaentotS B. Waite'a), ocner Louisiana avenue and 7Ui street, on Wedneeday, February Mth, and March Wth, to aee patient* oomptaininc with Coughe, OoMp. LjIter Complaint, Djrspepeia, or aay ifeeaee wading to CoaeampUoo. He givea advi? without etearae. un ess thay want a thorouah aiaaUaikUo* with aw KMviroimtflr. th?n hit fM It lb r?? dollar?. . f/lfi of Pilmoa,# p? nip |l M' MM* or Mr nail do80q, ) Ur Tmm ?1 pf hottl. or 9* nr TBBrv f lilt? H?u t?r box. I AJfllfHKMKNTU. rpBJCATt* Fu*! Mr u< M'i. I BAt.?f Wi itu (Of UkM ?ilA li? f?'0? ( ' * I"*fc f/< >?"-T?i. Mwri, M . Btdtf Wl'llll I Mrs FUtMig Mr* lbii,?.uiai After vkuc^. |? au4 Out of l; ?a?T' r wl. Wi' Toc n? ?.d? wifk tb? fare*?T'Ti |n?* lg,-l"~ Pulit; >? ;?o M' B? li ? >*l Jul il* HUM. JHINt, NEW! M A O JO' A L Jllcmoms: Phumt.2' ipugon.i Vtfw, of rht W^r ' V..w m. v.. II...... . m ww vp j ? 4t V?in? M?i> CubAmxhtiun ROOM*. OpootiM Ur?*t'i H?'?i. Cubb?hc1oi TCL8UAV EUMNtt, M?rc:. ?. A<3ni!*ricB 26 e*nti . Ch !4r*o 1? o?t?. Doora op#u ?t ; Ka lUticu evmioraoM ftl I o o'oga ymntiy iti t-6<* P. T. HAKNlM rt MUSEUM OF LI VITiG WONDERS ' Chine of Lo?*tion to PHILHARMONIC HALL. Ojh*i Th%* and Evtry Day dvrtng tkt v**i Tba Weadirfii ALBINO FAMILY, and th? MYSTERIOUS WHAT IP IT, will hoid tteir LEVKKC FOR LADIES, JUVHNILKP. AND FAMILY PARTI El* Day. from 10 a. m i? 6 p. m. And at Night in oonjonnti on with tba CAMPBELL M1XSTRBL3 dmlaalon W o*uta; children and Mrvact* |n oeata PHILHARMONIC HALL! PlRNITLVillU Avivci, Ab<>tb IIth f*T. CAMPBFLL MINBTRBL8! SIXTEEN STAR PKRFORMKRP: in a fftw Protrammt Krtry Nttki ' I u vv'UHvviiug w I?II P. T H A K N II M * S CABINET OF CORIOSIT1M*. ALBINO PAMILY. and the what i" it? (hand Mttine* Every IVtdv**day nod Sat urday A f'i*rnoons FOR LA DIE? AND CHILDREN, mh l |y WASHINGTON MUSICAL H ALL?FR KK CONCERT EVERY NIGHT. fr<.? 5 o'clock to 9 p. m. Best of K efreshmeata. Fine Fema.e Waiters. Open all day. At the ?ou?tievnt oorrcer of Pennsylvania aver ue and oorner of Si*th street, nuder th: Centra: Hoaie, opposite the National, BroWc'?. ard C larendt-n Hot*is. fe 18 lm* w the t* ashin6ton academy of music. Pi5?i. Avawra, ((*octh Side.) No. ?*9, fittwtr* 9lk and lf*t* ill. KT?ry evening a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, embracing elections from the beet claeaio in u bio. and the most popular operaw-rendered in bet*?r etyje than at any other Amerioan oonoert aaioon. The caeaU?and the pnblio are freely innted, withoin charge for entranoe,?may re. j upon h&v ing every oomfort they desire. In addition to tb? bneet music in Waahington, they will obtain, on oali, from the attentive attendants, deoidedly the beet Refreshment* for sale in the Pedera. Metropolis Officers constantly in attendance to keep good order. Conoert oommenomg at? p. m. HENRY ROSENTHAL. feb 7 lm Proprilor. KING'S NATIONAL AMPHITHEATER. P???f A tt . wr. L a. V? - !TslU.iet ? afi mi* u i? kji ( rv miotim T. Kin*- ? Sol* Le???x? and Manager C. SootL _ . Aeaociata Macag ?r F. Whtttaier Equeetriac Manager THIS EVKNIN6, Tom KIqc will five hie Comio Imitation*of CLASSIC STATUARY horseback: Have you *e*n old DAN GARDINER In hi* great Burle??ue Dance. A la (V6??i?r ! AND ScABAMotcn! The Ueantifal M'lle HKLOISh. Every Evening ! K1NCADK. the 100 Summersault Mac ' TKf Great Zo-uave Halt Must be seen to be appreciated. DON JUAN Every Night until further notioe. Niw Novklti** in Paxr akation : Semi* tkf Prtt4$?Orcheater Chair* 78 oecta, Dreai r* I paI a ca aar r* klMrAn n M<4ar t A baa ra , . f ?. . yuviowvoumi vuiiuiuu yuun i> vi r m? Dress Circle 25 centa; Social Kacce H oents; Colored Gallery 25 oents: Colored Boxes SO oenU. Doors open at 7 o'clock; performances will oommenoe at f> precisely. fe 7 PATENT OFFICE CURIOSITl ES-Gnide to Patents, Catalogue of Cariosities and Government Uardens. at the stand in Patent Oftoe; Raro Antiquarian Books ; Governmet t Books; Dora ments furnished: Railroad Reports; Military Re orts; Bnrnt Patent Offioe Reports; Cheap Hooks rarmshed to Pedla'*; Mi.itary Trials: Military Laws; Army Herniations; Panorama of the Coast shoving over 2,t??0 miiea; many Uwusand Cheap Rrwkhra R?^ol,Ant aKn rant I 1a* prices. Cp ?Uar?,orer fisr.* of Wukinfton. ALfRED HUSiTKR. BALLS, PARTIES, ic. The 6th cotillon party wik b? i:ven at % TEMPBHASCE HALL, M K s'r?et. bet ?r??en 9th fctd U'th. M On FRIDAY EVENiNG, March 7 Gdb D&comc to commpn oe SH o'clock. M usio br Prof. Arth's fail b&cd. Tickets 01, admitting a gentleman and ladies. oih 1 IW PROF. C. P. BARNK8, Manager. May tk? nntnt of Andtrson nr'tr wi'btr, <1. - A? -/ 1-. -I -M THE" MEMBERS* "OK TH ANDERSON Clnh take great pleasure in announcing to their iiiftny friendsand thipob.ic general- in It that the* u 1 give th'tr THI KD t>KA N D/JA Att^EMBLY atVrankhr H*!;, corner it' Qb and D streets, on TUES*DAY. March ?th. lf?~ The Committee pledge 'hemse.ves to leave nothing undone that will add to the comfort and pl'aaaraof tboiswhoma? honor them with their areaecoe Artf.'s cele rated Cotillon Band has been engaged for the oooaston. Ticket* 91, admitting a gentleman and iadies. F.ocr Miaagtrt. P. Kelly, J. Biasneara. J. Hngnea. H. Reeaide. mh 1 8t* ROBERT EMMET. GRAND BALL f To ClLBBKATa thi Rirti op Rouit Kviflt. Under the Auapieea of Tbe Fenian Brotherhood or THiaCITT, WiU be bald at TEMPERAXCB HALL, (b aueet, l>etweei. and l"th atreeu, ) Oo MONDAY KVKMNQ, Maroh Mailt. No effort on tbe part of the manag?ra ar>^ m*'nbera will be apare<l to render thia Bali truly * worthy oftheoaaae and entire y agreeable to wM ita participant* /IS A good Braaa and String Band ia er.gatedUMA for the oooaaion. The Supper and other Refreshment* wiU be farniahed by an eiperlenoed oaterer. tiobKTt* v ><> - ? . . wwunc%t wuiiniiti |?U" tiem\n and ladiee. Tti* Ball Room opens at 7 o'clock p. m. (\>miRillr< of Arra*t?mi*n. J.J.Kane, J.B. PtulliM. J. Lackty, r. Duffy, U. Cailaghan. J. Recan. J_. Hyan. Mr. DuJfy. P. H. Dun??au, to W if PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY.atTiinMruM 3* Hail, b. atreet, between ?th and luth C.aa> ea JM every Tueeday and Friday?afternoon olaaa/^B at S. evening data at 7. Soiree every Friday evening at * o'oiook. Muaio by Prof. Geo. Arm. Temperance Hall will be let for Ball a, Parties, Ao. Apply aa above. fa 1? In* AOi* CARD PHOTOfi 1PR* *OU AND framed" 'Iflt) Card Pbotof raph? la variety. i colliding ooj?im ot Cboioe Picture*. A!?o CARD VlSITE and OV AL PICTURE FRAMES, the largest aatortneot, ir " "" isatisiflira."-No. 496 Seventh (tree', f> 1> g Joore above Odd Fellow' Hail. GROCERS. 8ROCKRS. ROGERS. Study tour intertit and the intereet of your ou?tomeri by calling and examining our i?Hn?r BOSTON CRACKERS. SODA CRACKERS BUTTER CRACKERS. WATER CRACK fe.KS. GRAHAM CKAcKKKB. DAYTON'S CRACKER BAKERY. 4i? EI.?T?I?T" fe*T-lw Between G and H. rBARUlII fc CO., O F T I C 1 A N S, 944 Penn'fc? ..tnorth aid*,) twelfth ud Uth ate. E YEG LAPSES, MARINE AND P1KLD GLASSES, COMPASSES, * ., of th? boat aaaiitiaa, soututT on haadT T< OO PARTNERSHIP. HE Corartnerahi?~ker?toforeaxi?tini betweee Walter, Karmanu k Bom, having boes dieaolrad in toDW^itno* of the da*lb of pa* of tbe firm, tha ktaiaaM will hereafter heaarried oa aader the name tad ft'm of Waltkk* Kakhanm. W e are mimtm varj baat workmacehij. Repamac prMMtly and oarrf?lly MMnJ?si to ai the moet reaeonahla WMt, niujil for pact favor*, we lio?i~f?r a ooatintane* of U?e earn*, at par old aetakU?*?eat, oa D ?tnisr" A histumr AUCTION 8k r.EK THIS A FT RR NOON * T*J MOli ROW Ut WALL* (MftvA>D. A<Kt ,?*r?. " Emt'Kf ?' r* ?ii?hm GOHHtM IUTTH AT A?"TI??M . e tUKt*l?AV M it M>??. M*rot ?H ??? " Hour > uct OB rcx>n? SS k*|? pr > ? Y> k I4U Cot'er T*ruifc?'h. ?? '.\AI7t. * UARN Ml Dt AacU. Il? J. A' '?! IKK A COn f i.' <?B?r*. I AM' K TWO ?T<iHV KRICI IIWKLI / I N>. W I ATltlur ? ? ?*aLB.~"a MORItA\ A\ i r H \ , Mt'rt 31. at 4 ?.Y oek. on 'he ?l.a . ?e i ..t No if. in rttatr* No. ??>, Inottac MiMtf* Mgth ?t'e?t w*?t. <? M.<J H atra-t? ?urth ar,1 r?r nlnf li*ck *5 f?*t t" ??i a. 7. together wtt* th* n?iBinven>??n'a c?'n?i?>ir? of % tw r?ry t-rirk dwrlutt b?c?e. w th ttrick tokerj attachvd T?'Ibi: "nt furUi oa?t; tn? rer: a cdar ie??, twlve, *l J ei|ht*ec mortha with int*t*??, Myrwl b? a de?d of truat vB Ut t'?n ?f ' itle MrfecL f? 2' J J r. MK.I IIIK k C?? . A set*. by BUMZ 4 OMiFMTH. Anotunoa '~ POHTIVK ?ALK OF A crooK or URV Good*. Pa*cr **!< Niuidut Voo&a. *r. Ac?On ri'f.*J)AV MOKNlNw. Ma'oh ?in. O'Tinirncint at |*io'eicrk. Aid eortinamc dti and n tfc* ever.itc at < * o e.ook. on'i tna?ti'<? t*>ok ia dl?p"?rd "f.T? will eotl at the etr.Te .f Me?ar? t* k W. Meyenberf, No. 4A, Center Market under the Awr?? H<>uaa, their entire *t * k of feoori*. oonariaiBC in p?rt? Kiim trj f*a' .e Ci ak?. Cape* and Viotoricea, Muff a and ? uffa. Mink. >ao rre.. Fitob. Stone Martin. W'Uw Mink aid Olotka, H kqI V Vtctor;nea, Mutfa,< ulfi.4c.Ac., h me aaa?>-tnie-,t of :.i <Jrn?' Fane? I?eu*a' ur C<>. %'?. l? o?N, Wotf,D?*r||id Butr?ln r*rnaf* ALSO Ck.leoi, dr.tiuM. b?nn*i. ch%i in, Mona.ica, Va eociea. Fafcey rMka. Pheeti&f ar.d ^hirtiu* '< ttoca. Linen ?he?tit<c*. T?*ei?, Napkins. Ta'-ie Cl"tfia. Caeinmcr'* at.d <a?inetc*, Si.k Vt.vCtDd other, AL"0 A fine aasnrtmec? of C i< akt, Mm'? ?< ar>-1 ?* > ten. Proctie. ftel u ard Wooieu fhawla. enflld ?a?i>rtT?iit of K "laer*. VII i i\mv elm ny ?a a ijkji ' wv?rrFine French Flowa?s. M iSNor a. K uihM, Trimminc s ?>f a . * i r<J . Krobroirferj. Laes. I dgiugs, Cambric Hands, Insartibcs, &?., 4fco., Together with a gerera am>rtmect of TVj a?H Fanor Goods. t*a.e pontive. w.thoat regard to weather. Term" cash. fe?rd PONT/ * GR'FFITH. Auots By U A LI. A KARMAR1). Anotioneers f c*'\ r<ni't Pa. ?r ??rf W* Ifrrri. SA1.F. (lKGR<iCKRiKl?,M'TLKRf,eiMtD*' LlQCO*?, tR (KIRI Willi fii>?i?, fcc . >i All HUM.-T i.e ?Jotk "1 ? A W K14 1 O.M' <1 from the fcre. on 1UKHDAY Mt'RMNG, ? h Mareh. at 1" o'clock. ? will eel ?t tbeAaotion Rooms without receive, the remainder of sv ; ?t<TCk compnsiug? y> Bb<s Crush*". K--fice1 and Yallow Cigars. Bags Green and Bu'nt C? tf"ee. rbf>*re, ^tsreh.atid Candles, and ap. Bags Rioeand ? aces Maiseua. Cases Crar.bery acd Ton ato Sauce, ard Pick es. Cases Mu>t?r>i. Cir.amon, Pepper. Mustard, and other Apices, I . ? 1 . U -. J 1 ' - j I * O H ??? H<>i?? Tobacco. ^ardicM a ad Mackere.. <'a?ks Ham', Ha?fa-id fork. Cum \V Maker. brandy. Sharrr, toheidan Scbnapa, Hupiery. B k'l"?r? firandr. Casea C &'?!. Hur.carun ard beinoL C<>ij.a.?. Bar re ? \Vhi?k?, rj; if --??il '-arda, ^ andS Caaka Biandr and Jamt'M fpirta, ?in, J^O 'tcn Wfi -^ye. Ha reia New \ ork tyrtp, K?c Lemon f*?rap, 500 W i [ do w ?*a?!: . 75 Barf a F.ocr. Oi e near ? raw r-'rnoc ( .irared Fip'eaa \\ a? a. Toe attention of deai?ra and ott>er* la oa led to thia ?>, aa the w oiaat'^k w, ta ?< : win.raeerve. to oloae tha huaii.a?a. Iei3 WALLA KAKNARll. Au>'? FUTURE DATS. By THOMAS DO\NLJ>e. Auot:< neer litont'ttnm, D. C. T^HK STOCK OF A Kt.TAlL OROChK it Ari TTd* ?? >n w I. IIMB??? V u"u ' IN*, st!. etast. a: ' 'c ' ca . I w, it i ic ir >i ol the auctior rcoma, th? at?ck < lar"v <> ? oomprlaint the u?u*. variety kept in a reap*cta' ? trocery, ii^oiuoinc Fixti rea, r*ca?Coui.t?r>. Bin*. s*tie.v?a, Ao . A.o. Term* ca?h. inti 3-?] THOMAS* IHlWI.INU.Auct. By J. C MoGltKE k. CO. Auctioneer*. OWKLLING HOL'HE ON MARYLAND A VENT I. UlTW 5*11 AXTi 6lH t?T V\ *- 1 , A T Ft'PLi< A 'Tiov ?Ob VN h 1)Nh t;A\ A I I ' K .NOUN March 6t!;, at Ot > c oca. i t. the pren , we thai ?e tr.e went ha : >f L"t > un.t ?re.* ?qcare 1?. froi.t r.e 21 !?et oo Mary at.J * . l etweec Sth ai d 6 h *ta treat, rnr.i.i< (. '-act feet 3 itc . et to a tr. ie a ?y. tnrr w ti ,t rt pr"Yemei.u.O"L8i?,ir t o: atwo-at -r? 1-an ' -:we lag houae with f.ack f.u: . cj.anj ot>LU.L.n? * rooim. Turrna k. .1? -- ? -- - - _??. ?.v > ISM! mr miwiuuvr IBS. *. and 8 month*. with intercut, eeoun *1 ly a deed of trust on the premise? n,h 3 3t i_ ( M li' IRK ? (O. A urn VOTIOE.-BAIL1FFj? ?ALF.-By > 'tue of 1^ an order "f o ?tr*in from John m. a*ai&*? the i" 'de an. chatte < f W i ian. W * e?, for stable rent, due and in *-re?r'. ar.d to men rected. 1 t.ave, t.iiB let i(a? <f Ma-c^, ?.e*iteo ani taken or e t?r*t Mare. r. efir*y Hokch. r# Ba? llortr, md I ner-by c?eii' tioe that cr, ?AI IKUAt MORMNO Mar^b ?tn iLsta t. at II o'c!c~k ii. f'ont of VV.I k. Ba/r.?r>'? aur'ion tore, I ?ha" ff?r tne ea;d horeee at piibaa h ? t" thefatheat htdder/.T cat fc. j_m. BryHi;w, Ba :.<f Br i. r.. V ob I' I K E ft HI , Aiictioneere. PK.rtKMPTOK\ SAl.KOF TDK I Mint! Fcemttre. Krrtf n, *>d t? v\ ll or LHKt! *Y Hi Ttl, i> THII '"iTT -Ul, I hi K> AV MORMVti, March 6th. at 1' o'clock in tha Hn.l of tiie H-te.. < n I' ana II? U'waar, m *>d aK. - * . - r. -* i e wirem. we iriH f t<> the hieheat hinder the eitire Fornitif* ao't Effect* an 1 ?i<>od U i ..f the <" ay H"'e , cot m l ibg at>out <>i.? huLdred ro< r. a> au'1 dong an exoellent fcuMueaa Im-red ate pi s*e?sior will I* given ,a? trie pr?pnetor ha? * ade hia %"a&cemeijta to eiiage c oUier I caiceaa. Terma One ha I caah; the remainder 'wo, four, ana ax months, ?atiifaetori.T e ecu red with interest. fegi-d J. r. McSIIRK A CO . A rets. MARSHALL ?ALB-? In virtue of * writ ol bei.* I facia* under lien law. leaned from the Clerk's office ol the Circuit Court of the Dtstr-.ot of Co Inmhia for the county of Washington, aid to me directed. 1 will expose to puWiie sa e. for cmh iu front of the ourt I onre doer of aaid ?o*ntj. on FRIDAY, the jlst <lay of March r.ext. UK2 at U o'e ooa m, the ftllowmc drao i ad propert*. t? w,l wa. . a ...... .i,.??ii awaww inet. WW o aim <*r id tereat in and to a oertiain avtl'iki hou'-lerected on lot No. Sard the ronth li f?*t 4 inche?o? iot No. 9. id Muare No S77. in theoity of Wa?hj??tno. p.C .i' i'xl and evied upon a# tba erope'ty of JaltiM Viedt. an-i wi I be -id to satis? ludieta* No SW to October term I8W, in f?vr of Jon?thkn T, Walker. J. D. HOOVBB, feJb-dU Vs i V. MAR"?HAL't* t*ALK.?In rfrtoe of a writ of heri fsciaa, tvtued from the o erk's office of Ue ci-' u? c >urt o! District of Coiumtia. for II county of Waehtreton, and to me diraoted, I wi l expo?e to put?.ic oaah, id front yj the C?'Urt Houne >1" . ? ! 0% d o- ui ty, <m. W tl)N Kr1DAY. tne srh 0a? ->l March 1*2. at U "'p. >ek mthe t?'l"Wtn* deeor''^! v^ertf. t<> ? it ?A d? nKit, tit e. e a m ar. 1 interest in anO to tt.e loutb >S feet ? n.'Mie# >1 Lot in r'quar* No,KB. Jri>i ".:.g * l -ti, if*et w^tt, l.ptw<?en t? a:. : P et-eeU north, in city of \V?ahi r ct<>n, U. 0., together with an and tintuar the ini^rorenei : thereon, ?eia??l and levied upon at the proper;* of Irwin t?. Bark-r, au' will be ?old to satisfy ju :,o.a.? No ^"T to January term i?B. in favor of John E. Kendell. WARD H LAMON. 4V - iw fa US Martha: L). V.*. GEORGETOWN ADVEKT'MT8 pi8H WHARF. tihOKUKTOWN, O. C. Miioi'i Onici. ( Georgetown. 1). C.. Fab'j ?>. IS-wC.{ >01 ic* itk<'*b, *ir?a, that J>ea.e?i Proa >aa c wi,, bt rNoivtd at Uiii (l&ot nnti t(.e lat Monday <f Ma-ch next. f?r t.'ie rentine of the Fi?l? Wharf, owned by the Corporation ot thia to^n, |jr one itu from tnat date. Teruta i uh fe22 3awtd HKNRV ADDISON, M?jor | /w\ I WW I BUSHKl ? OF LIMK. for B?r>1 UU,l/"" ru tura auraoaea.on tand a> d f jr ,?]a irnnH:-) K1KKLAND A DOWLIW_ Innn B18HEL8 POTATOES. fUllU tiuctey* and Peaohblow Potal??a I in atore and for *a!e b> JOHN I. BE ALL. mfa 1 31' No. 4t, Caon*toT?. IjVbtEklN 8 LO V ?81 Ramsburg Jl Ebert, 105 Hies Stiut, GEOHOETOWS. D. C. Theoniy manufacturer* of Genome Bt'CSKiN 8LOV KS, MILITARY GAUNTLET*. and MITTENS in the Di-trict. OAoera' Gaunleu made to order. Bncfcakic Drawer* and Shirt*. <* * MASSE Y, COLLINS * CO.IS MU_ _ PHILADELPHIA OHAVhHT ALE. We harejuet reoeiyed a ?n?r l ot theabore A e, wbich we recommend to be ofa rerr eaperior <ua> tty. ,Peraom wiahinf to pnrehase. bj making id mad .at* a?? ,?at;oL. oas be faraieuea. ARNY * SHINN. no V <J?or*Wowfi 00?0?. KKAL LACES. EMBKOIUtMlEli. Ac., Ac.?1 take pleaaare in informing the Mies tkkt? k>?* >? ' ' took of^ujpnor tui r t j'TTa dTe^'r A'W MADI^ L'NDEE-CLOTfllN?, itch Obemiae. NuU DrNWt.^nrU. Ladiee' Drawers, Jko , fco.. irbioh I do?ir?theia to mapeot, aa the? were imported before i<xxla got eo high, and are titer*. ETCHISON .No.1*. Pwii. Arairca, Between lUiadMi t^treeU. N. B. Pmttn? done to orijy. fil l"1 l^OR 8ALE-M ALT GRAIN. saitabie lood ?K r ho ? ?owi, eto.. at It* cents per basbel Apt'' at LOEFFLKR*8 Brewery, New York avenue. eetween let and U sta. le^lin* W AW?I?"S3 sti Peaa. aeoeaa. ft U U imh Brewa a.

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