Newspaper of Evening Star, March 7, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 7, 1862 Page 2
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?!VFNTNG STAR. 1 AaiilNOTON CITY: FRII'W MARCH T, 1M9. L-' ?Ta? Stak Is printed on tb? faateal >?in premt in u*c of Baltimore, Ita edition * *j Uiy<- ns to require It to be put to preoa at an eaMy hour: itfrtrtttmmd, therefore, ahould be aer.t tn before IS o'clock otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. |?7""Tbe n?w Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan news and goaalp, and choice literary rending, la now on our counter ready lor delivery to the public. Embraced In Its enter talnlng content* are the following article*: Tbat Sontt-ern Wagon; How Jack Phillip# Re covered the Mule from tbe9*c??*b: Lord Lvons's Opinion of th?? Southern s tate*; General Grant'* Official Report of tbeCap'nre of Fort Donelsonj I>iss..ti?fce?1on of the Southern Paper* with the new Rpbcl Admlniststlon; Opening the Mis sissippi; The Movement down the Cumber land; The new Iron-clad Steamer*; DUcoveries at Bowling Green: Why Buckner did not Escare from Fort Donel*on. I.atett European Intelligence; Affairs In the West, Sk>utb. on the Atlantic coast, and on the Poto mac; In'eresting Military Budget of removal*, promotion*, appointments, and movements in tbe Armv of tbr Potomac; Jeff. Davis's Mes sage; Death* of Soldi?rs; Funeral of Brigadier General Lander; Proceedings of Congress, Su preme, Criminal and Circuit Courts. latest telegraphic dispatches from all quarters; Agricultural. horticultural and gardening mis cellany; Household, workshop and farm recipes; local ntws, poetry, and general intelligence. This is just tbe paper above all othfcrs for per sons sojourning In the National Metropolis to send to their friends at a distance. Price only three cent* per copy, or $1 per annum; pottage prepaid by stamp* when to arranged. Spirit of the M?rnin< Preaa. The Inttlligtnttr eaehews editorial to-day. The Republican treats ii4.on "Trade with Se rbia " _ Tb* Gottthili Co5C*rt ? Handsome, self complacent Mr. Gottschalk his re-appear anc last nl^ht, after aome year'a absence Havana ward?hands'mer, more self-conscious, more magnificently dishing In style of performance than ever Th* audience was decidedly tonnlsh, (Lent to the contrary notwithstanding,) diplomat! a d families, and all that sort of folk who come out only on "fl'et-society" occasions; and the renowned pianist naturally threw his whole w eight upon the keys. In the performance of hii brilliant, peculiar, and sometimes freakish feats of eiecntion. VI oHph? lttfltf* Mpnrv Sanrlpra<in nf irhnn: h!? frlenda expw t much In the future, assisted Mr. OotUrbaik very charmingly In the performance (four Lands) of that tnvelral oddity, 41 OJIs Crl olloa,"' composed by G<tt?cbdk The accom paniment* were acceptably performed by the public'* old friend. Max Marrti-k. ^usini w-s grandly good, aa always Brlgnoll waaat blaavera^e Pretty M:u Hinckley, though "called cat" a^ain and again, and made much of by the au2>rce, wai not in her beat voice, ap parently v. ff- ri?-gl>om come alight lndlspraition The p!a:;o'.sed was a flr.e Ch'.ckering Grand, brought on specially for the occasion To-nl?lt, Gottschalk'a seeo:>d Concert take* place, at tLeiwn.e ball (WlllardV); and the pro gramm*, as-.vill be seen by the announcement *l*?wher<*, embraes an exceedingly-choice se lection of mutlcitl i:>-ins Among tbe Gottachalk fraturct of to-night will be a very beautiful and appr<^rlat<? paraphrase cal>d "The Union." The ov?*tnre from "TcM" will aUo be given from two pianos, by Mr. Gottscbalk assisted by Mr San derson Thf ? ' corcrta are undoubtedly amongst the u?o?t e-joyable uiu*!cal entertainments ever UlTPn in mis cny. SeaU may I** aecurfd at Metxerott'a for tbe con reTta Tant on to-ojorn w night wiJl positively i*e tbe latr Hkskfit or Mm. Ba*^ki Williams?To night Mr Harney Williams takes Lti benefit tn two pieci well calculated to exhibit bis great capabilities In rendering Iriab character. Hit tpn^'htly and versatile wile also appeara in two i rwmlarrh^rarter* !<eat? will demand VI U^( I*. | ? ? ? a premium tit-night, we take If. Frwr Wairixo ? Thp correspondent of the Philadelphia Inquirtr, de^c'l^lng the funeral of Gen. I<ander, sav? of the corplir: 44 hit whiskets were *o natural ifcat one could hardly fancy that the spirit had depaft>I. "A silver plate, however, told the melancholy tale ! that he had pt his list sleep !' he had fought hi* la?t battle !" Cakb Phoiogkaph* ?From \V. F. Rlchstein^ QT1* Pennsylvania avenue, we haveaome new card photograph* lor ^uie by htm. including excellent representations it Father Boyle. Robert and Willie Lincoln, Gefl Banks, Ac. H ?fl ir IvnM vnL>rd>v ni?d? Mainr Mver's new tlg;>&l? to be "asterWkj" Instead of "asteroids"?as written. Fisascial ? From tLe New York Evening Port of yeverday: 7"he J*tock nu.rke* remains Inactive, but price* are steady and in tome c^.ses better The Government list ia steady, with consider able acttwly In tfce S.xes of 1881 at about yester day's pr'cf* The coupons rema'n almost sta tionary at , wlill* the Repis'ered are a shade lower, ?el.'lP^ at t<2\, against 'J3a93 i? yes terday. Demand notes an n-itiay at per cent. dis count There are orders her* from the W?st. The 7 30 Treasury notes are .-te-dy at for small denominations and for large Money is in fuil demand, but the sapply is much freer than at tLe l^yinniny of the week. The ruling rate* for call loans is 7 per cent. In American gold there wa? only a moderate business, closing at Most of the sales vrere on time at lo2\al(tt]{. * 'i"he Secretary of tu? Treasury has given not I re that t,M* prepared t> p.v on l?e 7tb April pro?. the Trea?<irv notes is*u?-d under the act or De cember, and tbe Gi?-d<iy notes liaued in 1961. M. E. Coxraaiwc:* ?In the Baltlmcre Confer enre yesterday, the arrival report of the Preach ara' Aid S*o*iety wis read, ?fcowJnj{ that the whole amount of invested funds ia 30 642.07; received during the past year In Interrw, donations, Ac., Sl,MS-59: amount paid for the reliefof superan nuated preachers ?1.4io in consequent of the unsettled condition oftue Conference the SocWy ?u unable to distribute tbe whole sum set apvt for the purpose, and In vi.w thereof tbe minagers were ready to receive and consider any and all case* recommended by tbe Conference for the re lief of preachers, tbe amount at pro printed for ne> e*s:?owa cas?? not to exceed S64X), and for edu cation*! purposes t2M> Tbe amount donated last year by the }*oc!e?v was ?J ft*) for uecessitona claimants, and ?*>50 for tbe education of preach f ra: rhlldr. n bts were made by several of the members of tbe Conference, and tbe report of Dickinson r?IUu? re.-ent>-d nnd md ?? panying pa era. It speaks encouragingly of the literary character if the institution, the progress made by the stuOcpt* rf the graduating class, but the fluaitre* nir nuch m to appeal to Its friends for their support In the Ka.?? iiatlimor" Conference. the resolu tlons of Mr Ket-ie relative to the condition of the country wer?- discussed at rouMdf'ibt* length, and the Conference adjourned. THK Irst-tAN tiOVKRNMENT UH THK TSKHT Arri:i'?Baron Ricasnll has transmitted through the Chevalier Bertlnnatl, the Italian Minister st Washington, a despatch on the Trent a*alr. The Turin government expresses much satisfaction at iu settlement "on the principle of the freedom of the sea*." to which it baa always been attach'd By adhering to that policy whleb the United Ptatrs have Always pursued, "Mr Lincoln," It la added, "and his Ministry have ylven an example of wiadom md moderation which wtll nave the beat results for America as well as for the European nations." The reply of Secretary Seward acknowledges the congratulations received from all quarters, and u>e warm irieooaaipmown by tbenew King dom of Italy, '-whose v?lce will have more than an ordinary prophetic weight, as the voice of a .nation that ha* risen from amogg (be dead " p" A destructive Art occurred at the Michigan State Prison at Jack?>n, on Tuesday, which was eoalaed principally to the ahops used for manu facturing farrnijii; Implements The loaa aroouata to upward* of C38,000 jfT The Btwrly rubber factory at BoiIoq was burnt on Wediuaoay nigh', Involving a loea of 9100,000 Insurance fTo.WW. The company had a contract for the o?_nuliuture of 70,000 rubber Jataakets H7"Tbe Michigan Democratic Stale c'woven tloa, which met at Detroit aa Wedaiaday, ?n largely attended It waa doomed Inexpedient to pooDinate candidates for 0tateoflcera at tfcla flute. OUR MILITARY BUDGET. TBS SITUATION. We have every reason to believe that instead of withdrawing troop* from their army of the Po tomac/the oligarchy are straining every nerve to Increase thefr numbers everywhere in our front from their lowest Potomac battery to Winchester, crowding thither nearly >11 <b? new levies they can obtain by volunteering and drafting. Such la the opinion of the best jadgea In our army on the other aide of the rirer. bicrsh VKlMILt AND carooes pritrotrd. The following official report dearrlbea the re cent destruction, by a Union blockading ahlp, of three aecesh vewela and their cargoea: U. 8. Bark Riktiih. ) Off Bull's J?ay, S V., Fib. 15, 15?2. J Ql? 1 Vtva (Va Viaras ?a ?W.? 10?V ? icpun lUOt Wll mc w.? Instant, about li o'clock a. id., we discovered a vessel ashore on a shoal In Bull's Bay. I sent two armed boats In, for tbe purpose of recnnnolterlng, and, If possible, to bring her off. On boarding they found her to be a very old and worthless craft, without a cargo, and only four negroes on board. While on board the sloop they discovered three vessels lying at anchor Inside the shoals, apparently laden with rica, Ac. At 1 30 a. m on tbe 14th Instant, 1 sent another mmaJ V.a.? M.UW A- * n wuiCU uual WIIU llliiruuuuill 1U CUl IQCVe Vl"WCJI out or destroy them. There not being enough wind all dav to bring these vessels out, they were destro\ed after dark, and their flags, papers and arms taken In the boat and brought off, with two prisoners. The following are the names of the vessels de stroyed, with their cargoes, which consisted of rice, for the city of Charleston : Sloop Kdisto, 1,600 bushels of rice, "ink; sloop Elizabeth, 1,800 bushels rice, sunl? Theo dore Stoney, 2,500 bushels rice, bur I tv ? * mi a cm ? ? ? I ? i ur Bcuwjurr i neoucre woney w | jnf craii of 54 tons, but could not be got out, k? there was a battery of three guns near her anchorage, and, consequently, was burned. Their respective crews were all foreigners and negroes, and not having room enough In the boa* to bring them off, thev were set ashore and al lowed to retain their personal effect*, except arms. I send you a rebel flag, with the rt quest to for ward the same,with my compliments, to the flag officer. In closing, I feel It my duty to mention the ef ficient manner la which my order* were carried out by Acting Master's Mates Henry Eason and J. Walter Mackte, and to call your attention to the same. Inclosed I transmit the papers of the destroyed vessels. I am, sir, very respectfully, vour ob't serv't, kdwarp Conroy, Ac tin* Vol. Lieut Comd'g. To Commander J. G Parrot, II. 9 N., com'dg U. 9 steamer Augusta, blockading sqmdron, off Charleston, 8. C. I RI/ected In the course of late proceedings in executive session of the Senate, they rejected the following military nominations Viz: Of Aulitant Adju tant Generals, with the rank of Captain?Tappan Wright, of ?; Chas Mundec, of Kansas; John .Murray, of N. V.; Frederick Hawey, of Pa.J Chas Stewart, of Md. Commissary of Subsist ence. with the rank of Captain?John Clark, of Max*. Additional Paymasters? Wm C Barney, of N . v.; J dun-* W. Schaurnburg, of Pa ; Wm. H. Hitter, of N. Y ; C. R. Saunders, of Cal. TIED CP. 1 In lately considering the President's military nomination*, the Semte paued over the follow ing, not confirming them, at least for the time being: Adjutant General'! Department? As?!stant Ad jutant Generala with the rank of Captain?Nathan Reeve, of Mich.; John Pound, of N. Y.; Andrew C. Kemper, of Ohio; John P. Fencklemler, of N. J.; \V. P. Prentice, of N. Y. Commissary of Subaliteuee, with the rank of Captain?W. W. Iceland, of N. Y. To be additional Paymasters? laaac N. Pumphrey, Zeblna C. Pangborn, of Mau; Trueman C. Wright, of Wis ; John J Patterson, of Pa. SPECIAL MESSAGE OF THE PRESI DENT. The President of the United States yesterday communicated to both Houses of Congress the ubjolned special message on the subject of slavery. It was read and referred In the House, but not read during the brief public session of the Senate Fellow Citimtnt of the Senate and Home of Representatives: I rppAmm^nii thh adontinn ftf A Inlnt rKnlntlnn by your honorable bodle*. which shall be sub stantially u follows t "Rtiolftd, That the United wtut?s nught to co-operale with any State which ma/ adopt grad ual abolishment of slavery, Riving to such State pecuniary aid, to be used by such State In Its discretion to compensate for the Inconveniences, public and private, produced by such change of system." If the proposition contained In the resolution dor? Ml meet the approval of Congress, and the country, la the end ; but If It does command such approval, 1 deem it of importance that the States and people lmaaedtaUly interested should be at once distinctly notified of the fact, so that they may begin to consider whether to accent or reject It. The Pederal government would and lt? k1ah?Mt intfrMt in liirh H m nn? nf ?Ho most efficient mean* of self-preservation Tbe leader* of tbe exiating insurrection entertain the hope that this Government will ultimately be forced to acknowledge tbe Independence of some part of tbe disaffected region, and tbat all the slave States north of aucb part will tben aay "tbe Union for which we have struggled being already gone, we now ilu>ose to go with tbe Southern ectlon." To deprive Mum of this hope sub stantially ends tbe rebellion; and tbe initiation of emancipation completely deprives them 01 It as to alt tbe Htates initiating It. The rw>'nt Is not that all tfa^ Statoa ininniu,. ? t ? ? --r - ? ? Bfy>w winauit^ slavery would very toon, if at all, Initiate pij:an clpation, bat that, while the offer la equally made to all, the more northern afaall, by auch Initiation, make It certain to the more southern th?t In no event will the former ever Join the latter la thefr proposed Confederacy 1 say "Initiation," be caiiae, In sty judgment, gradual, and not midden, emancipation m better for all In the mere finan cial or pecuniary view, any member of CongreHt, with the cenaua tabl?9and Treasury reports before him, can readily see for himself how very soon the current expenditures of this war would pu( chase, at fair valuation, all the slaves In any named State Such a nroDosiUon. on th? nart nf the General Government, ?eu up no claim o? ? right by Federal authority to Interfere with slavery wtthln State limit*, referring, as It does, the absolute control of tie subject, In each case, to the Htale and 1Upeopleimmediately interested. It la propoaed as matter of perfectly fre* choice with them. In the annual message last December, 1 thought tit to say " the Union must be preseiyed, and feenste all Indispensable means must be employed .*? 1 said tbJs not hastily, but deliberately. War has been made, ?o4 continues to be an indispensable means to thUend. ? practical acknowledgment of the national authority would render the war unnecessary, and it would at on<w pease. If, however, resistance continues, the war rau?t *]to conUnue, and it Is Impossible to foresee all the incidents whieh Day attenf, and all the rnln which may follow it. Buch as may seeoa Indis pensable, or msy obviously promise great e$l cisncy towards ending the straggia, mast and will come. Ths proposition now made, though an offer only, I hope it nay be esteemed no offense to ask whether the pecuniary consideration tendered would not be af mora value to the States and pit rate persons concerned, than are the institution and property (n It, 1a the present aspeat of affairs WbUe U U true thst the adoption of the pro posed resolution would be meraly Initiatory, and not within Itaelf a practical meeaure, It la recom mended In the hope that it would seen lend to important practical reeulta In foil view of my great responsibility to mjr God and to py country, f earnestly beg the at'en lion of Con^nas and the people to the enbject. .M.r^hd, le?# ASK4HAM Uwhi. CONGRESSIONAL. UITIItk COWCRHI liewj Hutu, Smiti ?Yeeterday, after the cloae of our re port? The bill regulating the pay ?f Congress wai discussed, and after an executive session the Senate adjourned. Hova*.?After the cloae of our report? The bill organixlng tbe staff of the several divi sions of the army was pawed, and the bill regu lating the franking privilege diacuaaed at length Ktt .nil ir.11 ? wf mcMia. rcn j, auu ncuvj. Adjourned. LATE FROM THE SOUTH From late Southern papers we take the follow ing: moss akrssts of rnion mix. The Richmond Dispatch of Tueaday say* : Mr. Charles Kraus, one of the city night watch, was arretted yesterday evening and locked up In v/unc uiuwni." i ne rauw oi nit arrest was bla .declaring himself a Union man. He 1* re ported to bare aald that be bad a knife with which he fought In tbe Florida war. and that he would die by It. on bis own floor, before be would go against the Union. Auguatua O. Brummell was arretted on suspi cion. He formerly belonged to Captain Klrbv's company, joined the Wise Legion, and was cap tured by tbe Yankee* Afterwards h? was released on parole to seek in exchange After his term had expired be went to Norfolk and then returned to this city, stating that Gen. Wool bad granted him an extension of parole. He was also Incar cerated. The Government store* were rapidly transferred from Nashville to less exposed points. One hun dred and thirty thousand pounds of bacon arrived at Atlanta on the 20th, and other stores were on their way. GENERAL MAGRUDKR. Gen. Mag ruder has gone to Weldon, N. C , to take command at that point. REBEL GENERALS We hear that Gen E. Klrby Smith has been sent to command our forces In the neighborhood of Cumberland Gap. Gen. Loring la relieved from the department of Virginia, and it is under stood that he will go South, probably to North Carolina. Gen. Crittenden has demanded a Court of Inquiry with reference to the Somerset disaster. * The following 1b from the Richmond Exam iner of the 3d Instant: TAMPERING WITH XI0BOK8. A? Mr. Paul Mlchard was walking down Main street, yesterday morning, he observed a seedy and suspicious-looking white mau in close con versation with two negroes. Mr. Mlchard stopped and inquired of the negroes whether they were iree or aiavea. 1 ney replied mat tbey were both slavea. Here the man who bad been talking with the negroea lnterpoaed and aald, * Yea, they are slave* now, but they will toon be free The Yankeea will aoon be here, and will give all ne groea their freedom " Without loaa of time, Mr. Mlchard repaired to the watch-home, and. se curing the services of Bibb and Vlinkinship, had the negro sympathizer arrested. RICHMOND CNDKR MARTIAL LAW. [From the Examiner ] The President haa placed Richmond under the protection of martial law. If the entire Southern t;onieaeracy wai at iui* moment under that law there would be a benefit to It* cause, to lta gov ernment, and to every tingle citizen of lta popu lation. Under the operation of that law the southern rountrf may be defended. But under the rules of State Governor* and Legislatures that duty is impossible. We hope the time haa come when the Confederate executive and Congress will recollect that there ) one right paramount to all other*?the right of self-preservation; one ob ligation superior to every other consideration? that of protecting thlscountry In tlmeof Invasion For its fulfilment the government must assume, without hesitation, all the power that Is necessary. The least attention to what is pasting dally In the Legislature of Vtrelbla Is enough to satisfy every candid mind thai no measures Adequate to the occasion will be manufactured by the lawyers and the country politicians lit time to be of real service. If the Southern Confederacy Intends to occupy Itself with statutes and amendment, with discus sions and deliberations, with speeches to show, that this cannot be done and that cannot be done because there is no power and no constitutional ity, the country U lost. What are needed now are peremptory orders and sternly anforced obe dience. Let the Legislatures, Senate* and Con ventions legalize hereafter what must be done for the salvation of all; or, If they will not, let court* punish the glorious crime when arms no longer overawe them O'that wt had in th* War De partment the man who dares to take the respon>i bility?the fearless man, who would throw consid erations of self to the vxndu?who would ratse the armies needed, organise th?m for absolute obedience, strike opposition powerless, that to every domestic traitor a sudden death, burn every shred of cotton and tobacco that the enemy ap proaches, make a cinder-heap of every city that numtu uim mey would net tbelr authority? they would find their justification? they would read tbelr law, In the heart*of a people aaved from utter ruin and degradation. The first operation of martial law ha* been the arrest of half a dozen notorious traitors who call themselves "Unionists." The invader has count ed much on the promises of these miscreants. Their number has been greatly exaggerated both here and elsewhere. If the farts are examined by the light of reason, the conclusion will be ar rived at that there are not fifty Unionists In Richmond. But one man that halloos, makes more noise than five hundred that remain silent; so, after a disaster, these creatures contrive, by their odious joy, to render themselves more ap parent than multitudes of depressed patriots. a? they are, thejr do incalculable mischief to the if-trit of our peoplt, and give enormous en couragement to the cntmy A correspondent aenda u? the following copies of fceceah letteia taken at Fort Donelaon: Fort Doxblsos, Stewart county, Tenn , ) February 8, lbfli. f Mr. T. W. M?rtry?Dear Sir: As John haa finished and there is aome room left, I will drop you a few lines though 1 hava nothing of Interest to write only ain well you will have beard of the defeat at Fort Henry ere this reaches you it 1* now in poaacaalon of the Yankeys our forces re treated and hare been coming in here two or three together ever since the attact lost every thing thev had many of them loat their guna it la reported that the gun boata are In thla river a short distance below us will attact ua soon if they do 1 ahall take care of number one and if they don't git me 1 will tend you a Yaokev akelp we are being reinforced General Floyd la here wun in* command it>uu strong General Uuckner is expected here to-day If the V'ankeys come we have got enough men here to make a good fight our pickets brought in a prisoner yesterday full Blooded Yankey I should like very much to be at home a few days could Interest you some time but don't see any chance we sent our sick oft some day ago Henry Clende ilng was among the sick dont know whether be went home or not they sent all the sick to Clarksvllle hoping to hf?r from you soon I will closs Remember me U' I U I,.-?--.. ? ? ??? > ?? . luumtM;!!-'' my w an inquiring friends nothing in6r*. Respectfully youra D. B. C. M<mTi*om?*t. From a letter written by J. W. M.Lauraine, Hospital Btewjr$, dated Fort Donelson, Feb. 0, we extract tiie following: "puring tli" bombardment of Fort Henry we counted ppe thousand and fourteen shots which were distinctly beard at this place. FogT l>QNKL30ii, Stewart County, Tenn , > Febreuary 8, ld#2. i Dear FatKtr : i seat my self to write you a lew linen to let you know tuat I am well at this tjmp hoping when these few lines come to hand tWv may find you and family enjoyl-g the name good uisjth we are expectin a Ate her every day they had a little &te at fort henry on the 6 Instant an the yankey taken tLu &;t in 2 hours they did not loo>e many meu in the fite but bn; men retreated and fame the double quick to this piac? th? yaa #e? ba? |^ut the fort an every thing lu their pro vision our men i?*t every thing they had but what they had on loiueof theqn lost there coats an pome lost tht*r? gun? an f.omf of them jjJv up an lay out all nlzbi I real to you a few fiav? a go an sent It by karbtrt konty cutti an have art received u? tsjwer yet you must write as soon ss you k?' this toil BlU ilongomery that 1 would like for him to come down ae; an If be cant come tell blm to write to me you m i^ht luer yju a good band an you fpust get a good if yon bare to givy a price 1 baj>e apt got much to write now I willtrv an do better after the flte give my respects to J. * . *q viikvm*c* jf oiiw wnngiuy to ac lose so nothing more al present pot reaajni your affectionate son ?nttl death wtt? toon J0M? w To T. W. McMurtry. RkcxytimN 07 Okn La.* die's R*mains ... Baltixoss.?The remains of General Lander reached Baltimore laat evening at tve o'clock, accompanied by the President and Master of Transportation of the Baltimore and Ohio Rail road Tbe engine and the car la which the corpse was placed were tastefully draped In mourning At the Camden station there was ? iir?? ??? Ended across the railroad track drapeif in mourn g, and alio one from the Adama House Hospital. Two companies of the 17th Massachusetts resl ment were drawn op at the depot to receive the remain* of the deceased, Which were escorted to the President atreel atatlon by the milltaiy, With a ine band playing an appropriate air. The roof of a large building In fittaleld, Man., was crashed through qn Tuesday by tb? anow, killing Sydney Wright and Miss folly Baruas, and also badlT Injuring H W. Hubbard; William Olds and Mi?a ffuth Taylor.' Consider able damage was also done to other property by the snow, including the Berk?hlre County Eagle uevrapapei cftce. atFrankhn Ha.i,oornar cf 9th and D ?t?., eoaa ?*?!) bad ?t Mr No^rr ?, oorner of K and 11th atraeta, at Mr. Faaail'a oornar of F and ltth atraata. or at tha door. Sini'.a admiaaion 10 oaata. m* 7 St !> EVERY one'S INTKRKST-rP THt JJf CITIZENS. OTRANQKRS, A*U SOL DIERS 1 Have met reoeiTed ft T*ry larae u4 fineaeeonnMot of Spring ClotbiDC. which 1 am offerm* at oer u?oal lowprio?e,at No 460 enth atreet, oppoaite Poat Oftot, near F. fa S7 Sm nion PRAYER mekt1n? Will en every day thia week In the Lother anXhnrch,(Rar. J. 6. Batler'e,) at the oorner of Hth and H itreeu, oomraenoioc at o'oiook p mM and oontinned hat one hoar. ja 20 All thk best cooking stoves, ta ble cutlery. *o . to be had of W. H. HAftR"ver. rah 7 gm 338 7 h atreet pamp FURNITURE AND tin ware OF all kinda to be had of W. H. HARROVER, mh 7 6m iSa 7th atreet. 1? SHOW cases OR 8ALE?'Two Show Caaea, ailrer plated utd. wait k pio. ?4 L<ouiaiana avenue rah 7 St* M. 8. FRIEND ^PRING WRAPPINGS AND SHAWLS.

New suMliea in the above good a Ladies' real Paria Kid Glovee, allatiesanJoo'.ora, New Silka, a fall aeaortment, Snepherd'a Plaifla, far dreaaea and aaita. One prioeonlT. marked in plain fit urea. PERR\ A HRU, mh 7 6t Penn. avecue and 9th atreet. SPRING "RESS GOODS.?Manr new and ohoioe thinge Alao, our uiuall fall atook of all kinda of Poreifn aud Domeatio Dry Gooda, for the current wauta of families and houeekeeeere. One price only, marge! In plain figure*, tkt at tual cath value, PERRY k BRO . mh 7 ?t Pa. av and Ninth atreet. |J t C I D E D BARGAINS! Linen Govds, a fail assortment all kinds cf the beet OlMS, Embroideries and Pooket Handkerohiefs, recent supplies in all grades. Fine an * medium white Flannels, F ain White and Plaid Cambrios and Muslins. All of theaboveat one proverbiallT low pnoe, marked in plain figuraa, the actual oash standard vslse An inspMtion of stock implies no obligation to purchase. PERRY fc HRO., rah 7tt Penn. avenue and *th st PROFESSOR MORRIS' AZUMEA THE PREMIUM YEAST OR BAKING POWDER. Manufactured by E. MOCK RIDGE * CO., No. 6'i *orth Fourth Street. Philadelphia, and No. 183 Reade street. New York. This excellent composition does not oontatn a partiole of Alum, Salcratus, or any kind of delete rious drug; but is perfeotly pure and healthy, and, as a culinary preparation, is in allible and invalu able At the Fair in Cinomnati. there were a number of Raking Powders on exhibition?the Atumea, with several others, was analysed, and obtained the first prise, as the purest and best known- It raises the flourdireotly it is introduoed. ....... n.ui ic?Tiug any staiment, and retains *11 the nutritive qualities of the wheit, the bent of whioh are lost by the ordinary ferment ing process. (hence one loaf of Amine* bread oon. tains as muoh nutriment as two loaves of yeast bieart, and weighs IS perosct more); it keeps moist lor many days, and peter sours. Many oeiebrated physicians. both in this oountry and En>ope. have deolsred this to be the only true ani natural pro oe*s for making bread, ana at least families in Phila:e:phiiv hava, by their oons*ant use of the Azumea for bread,cakes, pastry,4o .during the last three years, fiven their hearty approval. For sale by 6rccers in Washington and Georgetown. mh7-lw I Ann POTATOES. IUUU Bushels prime Maine Jaokson white Potatoes, suitable for planting or Uble use. PETER BERRY, mh 6^t^ ?< Water st., Georgetown. FOR SALE.?A GROCERY STORE, on K street, between 6th and 7th east. Nary Yard. Any person desirous of going into the Grooery business will find this a rare ohai.ce. Particulars given by applying on tne premise. mh 6-3t* .'I'lin iinUKKflGNED ia prepared to procure 1. Caraand attend to the loaoint ume witn Hart Grain, or other gooria. for the oity of Waahington. All ordera tor the purohaae of gooda of erery de aoription promptly attended to. Terma moderate. Address JOHN MITCHELL, at J. Atom's Hay, Feed, and Coal Depot, No T8 North atreet, Haiti - more. mh 6 3t* NERVOUS DEBILITY, OR SFER MATOKRHiEA?A permanent and laat iok CURE for thia terriblediaeaae may be obtained ot the Advertiser, who haa thaa oured himaelfaud, auhaequeutly, nundrcda of oth em Enoloae one stamp, and addreaa Hoz 17 a, Charleatown, Mass. nib 6 1m pLOUR, CLOVER HEED, 4o. SW bbla. EXTRA (Penn'a) FLOUR, 150 buaUela prime CLOVER SEED, 70 <lo. do. T1MOTUY SEED, juai !e39ivou anJ lor sal? by J. HENRY U1ESE, 31 SriAK'a Wharf, mh 6 2t* Baltimore. CI R EAT BARGAINS I FOB THE TRADE AND SUTLERS! The mbaoriber mtenda oloaing out bnaineaa on the 15th March, and will sell bis entire atook of Proviaiona at ooat. Alaoalot of aup*rior Cigars ot different brands, of abuut ?5,000. wh on waaoon tigned to him and will be sold at the ooat arioe. O. 11 ? - " * xjm 11 uu ?oo. aibj, on* of ()< '?eat ho?tiie?a atanda m tlie oity to lei. JOHN F. fHRODER. mh 6 1 w* corn?r of '3th and 6 ate. ?iL09IN6 OUT AT cost! The underaigred b?iug abou to oloae hia buai naaa in Waahicgtoii and return to New York. otfera f0r onk WEEK ONLY hia large aVok cf LADIES' FINE LMBRO|D KRM> aud PLAIN linen HaNOKER CHIEFS. and GEN TLEMEN'S FLRN13H1NS GOODS, inoludinj SHIRTS, COLLARS, UNDERBAR MKNTs, HANDKERCHIEFS*. NECK ties, SCARFrf, HOSIERY. TOWELS *? . *o. No better opportunity eau pcaaiblr be prraented to the oitisena of Waalungton and cantiaman in the army for toonricg ih'se very Leocssary aVudes of merchandise, SAMUEL W. THOMPSON, 370 Pennsylvania aveme, mh 6-lw under Bro t n't Hotel. CECILIA A. REDMOND, M. D., Graduate of the Peuoajtvama Medical University, Phila delphia. wnl jive professional attention to those of tier ovn sex and ohildren. Thursday of eaoh week will be devoted to the indigent. gratuitous. Offioe at Kedmon ;'s Gaile?y. No 12 Pennsylvania avonoe. between 8tb aud 9th sts. Office hou a from 9 to 11 a. in. and from 3 to 4 p m. mh 5 wJt* CJCHENCITS SEA \VEED TONIC, FOE C9 the core of Dyspepsia, Neivous Weakness, General Debility, Seur and Siolf Stomach, Palpi tation of the Heart, and all diseases amine from a Disordered oondition of the Siomaoh and Organs of Digestion, wciob are frequently greatly jm paired in Consumption. The SKA WEED TONIC ia a stimulant dis tilled otrefuliy from the sea weed and kelp, whioh are lound in great abandanoe on the sea shore. The Sea WeedTonio ia a mi d, pleasant drink, as pure as the beet Frenoh brandy, and possesses the peouliar property of enabling t^e atomaoh to oon ven ine looa into neaithy chime, and thus for warding the prcoeaa of digestion, without which tfie reneral health and strength or the system can not be maintained This wonderful sower of the 8ea Weed Tone will aooount for the rapidity , with whioh moat peraona gain tidih while taking it,e&d which, unlike other attmuianta, doea not 1 leave the ayetegu prostrated when ita uae haa be?n abandoned, aa It la distilled from ate WMd after theaame manner aa Jamaioa Spirits is from the near oane. It ia, therefore, efitirely harmlM?, and free from the fhjurions properties of oofn whiakT or a'offhoi. which form the basis of almoat : *36 ^iracfiong k-0 U> fake from ? half to a wine glass full immediately ?ue' eaou mea', acJ fpr the patient to tnd ont what agreee with the atomaefc, an<: take what he eats well masticated. when the atomaoH la very wealr, and apparently in an nloerated atate, it ia better to nothing but a tale bread and butter, fat meat, fiat of fowla ol any kind, beef, mutton, lamb, but no kind cf aalt meat, bctf'a m*rroy ia alto very good The Toaio aota directly on the food, lud tprn? it to a aoaay sub stance called achy me, the firat prooeaa ujigea tion. hd I a anODunv ?: 11 l. -a l ; ? i/x%? rf u oi;nwiu w 1( oil agouti IU? B White's,) oorner Louisiana avonue and 7th at, on Wedaeeda?. February 36th, and Wednesday, Mar oh 46th,"to aei p&tienta oomslaining witn Concha, Coida, Liver Uompimnt, Dyapepua, or any disease leading to Conauirption. He give* advice withrut oharge, vuleaa they want atho nngh examination with hia Reapirometor, then hia fee ia three dollars. Priee of the Pulinonio St my, 91 far bottle or 96 Mr ha>f dogen. l'rioe of Sea Weed Topic, 91 per bottle or f5 i par half dozen. Pnoa of Mandrake Pilla, 25 oecta per box. fafr-Tn&F.lm* &JEsri}& Ms?Si 3^srsafc2? .rd? I have alao ope very in eloee Pannel Carnage, whioli originally ooal 91JM. but little need, and ruT. Ju ja tt-laa Corner l|th aa{ E a^reat#. Shs | Glove Call _ do Mm ADA**?KwsfM5istJ NOTICE or MMMOTat., <?tt$insac?fensR.* AMUSEMENTS. THEATER-Mr. Bi'Mj WilliUM* BanalI 1 Friday Maroh 7th th? parforaanca will oom manoa with tha oomady of MI<iah Ahkido* tad TufeN Mode>ty"? p?t, Mr. Baroay William a, N^.fOTt (A Yankaa 6irl, with annr.) Mra B*r?#r Wil'iaaaa. Aftar wh oS ?ha faro# of "Law lor L^dUat"?Mra. Rarnay Wil >am? is 5 aharactara. To oosfladc with the far?e of "Pat'i Blander"? PMtj Ifr. Barnay W|iliana. 9hu o?d t* ae ourad at tha Box Uflio? 3 c'aya in advanca. It* ^yiLLAED9' HALL?6QTTSCHALK. MR. GRAU hla lha honor to anaoanoa tl at L M OOTTSCHALK'S Second Grand Concert WILL TAKI PLACI THIS K\RNING. (FRIDAY i When he will be a?ai?ted by SIG'A HINKLKV, BR IGNOLI. 818INI. HENRY8ANDERPO*, The diat!ncn'?hed Piani t haa kindly ro'ucteer? d to aaaiat Mr. 6otUonalk on Uia aooalon. MAX MARET7.EC. Director and Condvotor. JET WO MORROW EVENING. (SatardaO Third and poaitively Laat Appearance of L. M. GOTTSCBALK in Warhincton. PROGRAMME. FAIT r.*?T. 1. Duetto Beliaario Brignoli and Puaini 8. Aria Barbierre !*n'a Hick ley S Overture William rail arranged for two p anoa by Sotuohalk, and performed by Sander eon and 6ottMha!k 4 Aria Betly Svcim ft. Oeranade Phnbert. Brifnoit ft. Fastaaiadi Bravoura on Th?mee from the Op-ra' La Favonta," oompo?eH and performed br PART IKO*D. 7. Brendiai Martha ?uiini I Dnette Traviata. Hinkiey toil Bnino'i 9. (A i I a ?arane tOmpoeed and f*r ( B Mu'inorN Kolieiii..\ formed by GotUchalk 10. In terra oi (li Tiaera Brunei 11. Katleen Ma?onrn?'n Htnkley 12 The Union Paraphrase de Conoert, ooinpoa>d and performed bT Oottaeha k The Piano Med by Mr. Gottfoha k la fro n the oelebrated factory cf Chickerinc A. Bona, in Boa ton THIRD AND MOST POSTIVKLY LAST QOTTSCHALK COSCKRT. TO MORROW EVENING.(Saturday.) When an entir?1w n?w will K? The pnoe of admiation ia fix'd ooodol'ir Reserved Seats 50 ccnta extra, heat* l?>r either of the two Gotreohalk Ooroerteoac beaecored at Mr. Metzerott'a Mnaio Store, oorner of 11th etreet and Pennsylvania avenue. Doora open at Vf; Concert to oommenos at I. mh 7 FELLOWS' HALL! THE FAR-FAMED Sandford'a Opera Troupe. S. 9. SANDFORD. Mav.ater and Proprietor of SASDFORD'S OPERA NOUSF, PHIUDWLPHIa This famoua Comaauy of VooaltaU,, and Com?^<|c>. aaalated by MRS. ANNA BORDWELL, The Queen Bird of Hone, will appear FK1DAY AND HATL'RUAY KVKNINUS, At thi Odd Fbllows' Hall. The entertainment will he of a anterior order, em hraomt Burlesque Opera, Comedy, Tragedy, Panto mime, and Extravaganza, tu vtioh the Sandford Troupe exoel the world. The opemnc programme will prevent the lateat Sonja, Ral a?f?, Ohoruaea, Danes*. Ao Drautni Room Seme*?Old Dra\ton't. Conoludini with th? Bnrleaeue Opera of LA EOMNAMBULA A mini... Mra. A. Pordwe'l fcl?ino.--_ Mr. J. A Paica Count Rodolpho ? ? M-. J. A Arnold aimio , .. ? Mr. Sandtord Notar?....?.. Mr. Rdmond Dona Thareaa. Mr. VV Bordwa I Eli*a Mr. F. X Arno'd Conduotor of Oiol.eai.*r Mr. J. VV. Holden For partioulara *ee billaof the day. Carda of adiniaaiou 25 oenta. a few a?onrcd a?ati reaerved. S? oe ita. Doer a open &t htlf-p&st 6 o'clock ; oomruecoe at ha!f-pas? 7o'c!ook. Box offioa open from li&lf p&at 10 to 12 o'olook. mh5 tf PHILHARMONIC 11 ALL! Fe??n?tlva!<ii Avenue, Abov* 11th St. CAMPBELL MINSTRELS! SIXTEEN ST AK PERFORMERS? in ft Ntw Programme Witkt! In ooncectiou Willi P T BARNHM'S cabinet or cvhwsities, ALBINO FAMILV, &n'1 the WHAT IS IT? Criivd Matinee Every Wednesday and Sal vrday a fternoons, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, mh 11* pANTERBURY HALLJ v VAjVTtKUVRY HALL ! The entertainment at this p'aoe far eclipsee in spleidor and magnitude aa? thing of the tied ever 10 JVa*hmtton The immense oompait at the Cmterburv STANDS FIRST IN THEiR LINE! To-Night, the Olebratsd Comic Singer, TONY PASTOR. TONY PASTOR, The Best Comic SiM^er of th* Am?' POSITIVELY FOK THREE NIGHTS ONLY. Br request of inan* patrona of ttia eetabliah ment, the manager* have re eniaced the LEON I PANTOMIME LEON I PA NTOMIME COMPANY, compact, FOR ONE WEEK LONGER! This *1! be 1CTPOSITIVELY THE LAST WREE-TR Thia troupe a?peari in Baltimore Moncay, March 10. I.aat W?ek if the CANTERBURY MINSTRELS J CANTERBURY MINSTRELS ! TO NIGHT, The Partsmnne rose of&har0n. rose op sflA&oar. And an iumt&M bill in which *11 ihe Aruata a??a*r no AND SKR The funny Bob Hutior! it.? giorioaa who UkoitiM o 1 A, J Taibot! Ill eonuoallties of Dick Parker! The bvaatUttl ballade offiiee Sfcl lle Duval! The oL&raoicg iolu of Mm Awiil Welle ! The daring u intieat, I i?m Ward! The exeuwit* dancing of M 'lie La Foil* and Fauaa Miles! The splendid jugglncof Willie Arnstroag! The Old Vlrjinny dano* of rrwJr Wjant! Admission *5 oenu; OrotaaMr Ckairs * eenu. Afternoon Enh?rtmt%mmt For Ladies and Ftauliea, on WEDNESDAY AND SATURDAY AFTER NOONS, at 3 o'olook, When a lavish distribution of Klerant Presents la made: Richand Cost:? Jewrl-y, Books, Tnta - -J ?? ? ?v/?| ? vuw/ ii I uumi (MIU UUk| - nifioent St'k Draaaaa. Mn. M. Fow?!T, oorner Wh atraat tnU Muu chute!ts avenn?, r6oeived ? apleaAid Silk Draaa co ^A^mUaiQn??oentt; Children 14 aeota. ah 4-6t 81 GOMKTHIN0 NEW! 9 MAGICAL ILLUSIONS! Phantasmagoria Views #/ the War I For % Few Da?a cnly, at the Yovns Miii'a Ch*ibtu.m Association Koomi, HnKAaita D??? vrwa>?v ui v?u nuirii Commenoinc TUL8DAY EVENING, March 4. Admiaaion 35 centa : Children 15 oenta. Doors cpec at 7Jtf ; Exhibition oommenoea at o'olook preoiael j. id a Mt* WASHINGTON MUSICAL HALL?FREE CONCERT EVERY NIGHT, from 5 o'olook to 9 p. m. Beat of Hefreehroeata. Fine Female Waiters. Open ail day. At ttie ?oo?nsaat oorner of Peonayivania avenue and corner of Sixth atreet, under the Central House, opposite the National, Brown's, and C larerden ll<<t*ls. fe la lm* WT11 ASHtNeTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC* rWN. AvincIi(?*outh Sipi.) No. 899, fit9tk and 10[k sli. Every evenmc a remarkably fine Free Conotrt, mbraoiBf fweotioEs from the beat oiaaaio music, and the moat popular operae?rendered is better trio ILan at lii other -->-? TJ?? ike pnbho w? ir?*iy inrile4, witbgrf^h|r?Mo^ntriiio?,-iijkj re.j opoo h?? >7 d?ir?. iDtcamoa to tA? our ? good onler fob 7 Im ^^nUan^d*?a3ty ^' tSS jaFBVass&ta; "isffKTcKsatau, ProyrMtr, T1ATK&IT UFFICS CURIOSITIES CUllOBITIKt-Siiib It * fiowm ernmwt Boi Eraisr^rv PSK'Cl wJ ? nfr>. aCwiAiwM, AUCTION 8ALE8. FUTURE DATE MARSHAL'S 8ALK.?It TlrlM of I wrt of fori fariM. ina*4 from 'b? e rk'? oiriof ti oi*rat o?art of th? D>*tri?t of Co aatbia. f> . tba ooartf of Wukliiton, ud to r* | Will iuon to ?abJie ? ?. for oa*b. ib front ?f th? Cotrt Hoaw door of mid oust tv, on M<iNDAr, th? 51st day ol March, iratant. MB, at It u o?#i m. th* followirit pr ?? J to wn. tii Lot No 15, ib M"*r* No 41, ot No 2 ib f<uar? No 4i, ot N?. ), ? Matrt No. ??, let No. U. ib Hiitr* No. 96. lot No. 1? in iquar* No. ?i. and iot No. Is, in a?aar? No. *, m tk? city < f \\ * ninetor. DC. togatliar with ail M.d I'calar Ua iapr< * intbia theroon. Boiifd and levied apon aa Ua pro part* of " *- ?ill ?*-* - ? * 0iwb mwi* w? "to 10 nuny tinic.t: No. 4), to Maj term 1MI, in taver of H?>o# UroUior ft Co . W. SELDKN. mh 7 dts late Marshal, r 0. R^H AL'8 HALK ?la virtue of % writ of fee? i soias an<ler lien law. ie?a*d from the Clerk's officw of the Ciroait Court of the IMstriot .?f Co lambta for the eosntr or WashingUni.a^d to n* directed. I will expose to ptiKie s*,e. for c**ti id front ol tbe court ioim door of said ooimty. on FRIDAY, the tlst day of Nrc;> next. 1*82 at 18 o'oloek m .the tricwint deoo-i^od proper!*, to wit, vis All <ief?ndani's right, titla. o aim or in teract in and to a oeitiaic dwe' inc ho?s?|erect*d on lot No. I and the south Id feet 4 iLcueeof lot "lo. I, in square No 3T7. ic the orty of Waihiifton, > C .^ and ened upon u the ercpertv of _a!i?? Viedt. an" wi:l bes>ld to sau<" ledicia.s No S*> to <>?tot??r term 185T, in favor vf JoiiKtnan T. Walker. J. D HOOVKR, fe & dts Marsi.a.. <>i I BALLS, PARTIES, 4c. 'I'BU b'IH GKAN1' COTILLON PART\ 1 Wui b? siven Qt TuxrsHANcr r K street, i^ivtw t .On FRIDAY EVEN J W Daroinc to comraen oe a' $H o'oloek. ' 11 r ah i i , Si o'clock. Wusie : t rrol. Arth's mil hand. Tieketi fl. a eDtiemari uul .adi-*. mli 1 1W PROF. C. F. BARNES. Mnm?r. ROF. C. F. BARN ES' FASHIONABLE PROF. C. F. BARNK8' FASHION A OANC1N6 ACADKNV.atTMMrtDM Hall, b. street, 9tk aixl lotii C.u>*a & fT*rr Tu??itr Ud FriUa*?after toon c? at S. evfLii,| c ui at 7. foirw ever* Friday I venine ?' o'clock. Musio by Prof. '?eo. Ar.i,. Ten peranoe Hal. will be let lor Bills, Partita, Ac. Apply a? above. fe 14 lm* MILITARY BOOKS! if! MILITARY BOOKS At the .National Bookstore, No. 979 HcnuM ra nia avence, all the New Jtilitary Books are to be foand as S'xin as issued iiom the Press. Call ate exam'ue our stork WK, F. RICHSTEIN. fe28 2w* Pennsylvaniaavsnue. ?UT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OUT! CUT THIS ADVERTISEMENT OLV' AND UBIVfi IT WITH vim The aubaertbar will adTtnoe, in th? vtf mt oh&te or :<>&&, cm v! itmi for abort pari Oaa, oa U DIAMONDS. WATCHES. VALUABLE JEWELSr. or any deaer.ption of aatmaotory eeoantiae lay lad* or gentleman wbo would like to obtain tm <Sohar? temporarily, in a qai*t matt er, may do ?o by spa'ytnr at 496 11th atreat, between U ai d H, from 11 to 2 o'c.oofc. fe B-la Hcoal oil-coal oil. AVING Theaaency rf one of the largest <\>a Oil Cotupaniea in tha United *tatea. we oaa eel! Coal On ?n l?aa.e and re?ail, cheaper than oar. be bough! in Wa-hinfton. A!ao. LAtrspa. cane and Shade.. GfcO W. 9IK* ?RT* BON. mh 1 Im* Corn i 12t*h and H atreeta. PROF. ALE VOLOWm BEG9 LEA N E to inform hia frianda and the pub io, that, hav lug met with ao oiaeh euooaea. ta continuing hia Couiee i>i inatruouon on the Piano and in fr'i.gim, by hia new method. All tboaa who daaira to be oome, in a ahort time, fine * inger* or exoellen* par viuivi* ??i fruv pittas iuuuiu ?r?u iBMnif vei 01 hia new ?jitem of icatruotion. by appWir* at hi* reaidenes. No. 3036U1 street, between K atreet and Nmt Vork avenue. Reoeption houra >?tveen 10 tad 12 o'olock a. m , Teeadaja. Thur?daja and (tetania*a. le ti In. \N HOLESALK OR V GOO US HOI'SK. J. H. HOB LIT'/v LI. A CO. have iort o??aM a large atoak ot DK V GOODS NOTION*. Ao., at %o. 34 7 Weal Baltimore atreet, Baltimore. Tte entire atook ?ai purchaad in f?pieru*r and October ut. at prioee eaabling them to ?e ! t-> e*aiera on auob terma aa will make it the it?r?et of both oit> and oountry mercktnta to ex an me their <took. [H7** Their terma will be caah. fe>8 ^OR A FEW "AYS ONLY ?I k&M I' hit fine oclc of CIoUudx from orer bn V Jewtlrj 9tore to J. M. 5MITH,?. No. 4t0 ><?v ei.ih street, near F, where I ahai. ofle< it at 0)?n wto.eaalo ooet price*, for* lew data only. J. W KF.KP. HAKNUKN'8 fcXPKKttt*. ( K?T*^1.I8HED ! 1*19.1 Bef leave to inform the p-t) ie that the- have ex tended their Kxpreea to Waehincton. and ire now prepared to Traveeort McrohanCiaa, tiauk Nute?, specie. Jewelry. ?c . to ail pa-(a of the MxddU, >rt? England and ICaiJar* Stmtu ano Canada, Connecting with the moet reeeosaib;e Kxpreaaee throughout the oountry, we are enacted to offer imurvalUd /(WiiUui to all who may tavor ua wita their catronace. For torma and farther inform* Uon apply to E. M. SMITH, Agent. Third at., 3d door baiow Ha. a verge. j?? am Washington. D C. THHK MOST 6 RATIFY IN 6 1NPOHMA tion that we can tivo ?o oar rtnlwi who a-e Lffenc* from Cnlda, la the fact that PEARSON'S MEDICATED TAK DROPS are raalir a good rentedf. Many of oar fneuia have tried then. with auooeaa for Cougca- Sore Throat, Hcaraeneit and A?thma. Theae confection* a ao gi?e leliaf to Couaumptivea Sincere and Public SMftkerawho are troabled with Throat Piaaaaaa and re iet by uaing Peareon'a Medicated 1 arDropa, whiahc.ear the throat ol husky and tiokling aenaationa, pro duoed by too muoh exertion of the vooa. orgaua. ai.d giTe alrength, tone aud ful naea to the wioe. Prepare 1 ar.d aold by UEO. PEARSON, No. t North Liberty at., Baltimore. Sold al?oat4Vl Right atreet, Waaiiington; No. 4 Fairfax atreet Alexandria; A. H. Hunt. Frederick; and by the principal druggiaU an J oonfeot.oi.era, at in oeuta per package. fe >4 lui COIN WANTED! The Hit heat Pnoe paid for GOLD AND SILVER? Srac.z Fox Sxlii* Sana to St!?. LEWIS JOHMON * CO., BANKERS, Pbnmsyitaiiia Avim, It g-tf Coraer Tenth street. DKALKRS IN WiTCIKS Wo?!d4o?l. to oai) and examine the atock of 8 A I. M YKK8, wuioh they are reilinc * jer cent. :#*? than acr other bocae in ttie o?ty. 10 Washiacton Buud I i \1/ATCU MA&&K4 W i.l *av? Uu.eand tro?t>.e br caihui ?-ii ?. A J. MYERS U> purcaaae Wateh Material*, Wa-eti ii a*a a, Too:?, axiJ I Jewehera' Jobhu.f MatmaU. 10 Waaitinfloo Buiidiac. Sit J. M VKKt, h%*ia* Modwt kmI that ee* erai trave.iiiK ar. *vin? rejreeented tMt the* are oouLcuUd with Uie.r L.:?.?*, and aeilini an inferior artlole. they take ti.u iu**eure in in forming the tra<'? the? are ia ?o waj CMS nectad wiUi an* tiouae o* a?*nta ta tMa oit*. tOT Uranc'i of H >aioi. Houae 1 ?* Waaninctoa Bttlditj, Waahincton. fe I I A OIKS' RUBBKR HO OTS I i AND SHOES, AU ai?M, at J. B. PUDNBY'S. S J4 P*nn beck of C Mfti'i Drr Goods ft tore. \IEN S KIBtiKR BOOTS ITI AND SHOEf. At J B PUDNEVS, fe U-tf Si? H>eii. ?r.. Bxt Room. COAL, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL, AtoarOiM.Nev Jersey tmi?, opposite B. J. LAN?DON A co tA. DELLWIttJCSnkM., N**y Ysrd. A. ?iKLc.Wj6.?'?*7ifc ?t, N?Tf Y?m. A. DELL wig, 7th ?t, N*rt Yard, h&i for nle DAYTON'S* LEMON BISCUIT, DAYTON'S SPICKD fcNAPft, DAYION'S BOSTON CKAOKKKS. D* YTON'S SODA CRACK * ??, UA^TOV^ tiKllHAN CRACRERS ( St iw |1 K C 1 D K D BARGAINS! k ! L??*na, all indei, tLioJr, medium and tmc, Cottou Sheetinga and Shirtiaga, ail or the bset brands p-?d#oe1 in the l/"io?> or Kirn**, 3D Castoc'a Stitched Linen Shirt Ruoni. rari^ce tuantiea, ohoio* atjlea. 8?l,?lor?1 S*irt?? new mp???e*, Bnllanti and Caaib ioa, ail <aalit:ee, Shopherd'a FiH?'a," for dreaaei, w? Dre?a Go>di f?r early Sprint Wear. Siring thfcyla. One pnoe only, tie actua: oa?h ralae, marked tn plunfrurea. PKRRY * BRO.. Food. iv?li< and M atreet GHIRTINe COTTONS,>od Cottoaa for ladtee' C aDd ohiidreL'o wear, a Ml eaeply of the beet lrao*a, ander the narked ratee N<->twitheta:.c li the daily advauM la ?rioe of 'rVK:''"??&?" fotttr Fee a ?*. and Nintfc at 1'HB MERCHANT-KXFRBSS COMPANY bstwkbh . BALTIMORE AND WASHINGTON. diM cf tr?rT denorirtiun, to Moo?nt ahippvn mar r??ir*. the lo*Ht rttoi Al?nl fnr Bi'1, JOHN K. WILSON, Ofte*, N. W. mtmt How: *.r,<! gfthUei hi , ne?rlr o??o?ttt CttndM MMiod U * 486 CAE*%8?/2SHPM 486 ?<ioar. m?.

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