Newspaper of Evening Star, March 20, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated March 20, 1862 Page 3
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I 1 I ?? LOCAL NEWS. AHtilMSNT* TO-!lMI1. Foud'b AraiNsrv ?To-night, a repetition of theopedlng bill. MI? Locllle Wertern la the French Spy, or the storming of Alclora, and aa Kate In the trtoh Be?uty. Mia Olivia la the dance " La Zlogartlla " wAtBi*?TO* ThiaTie.?Mr J. 9. CUrtt ana Mitt Hqmq Denis draw well, and abouta of laughter greet their effort* to amoae Thlaevenlnv Mr C aa Major De Boota, and Mlaa D?nln aa Mm Flatherty, In " Everybody'^ Friend;" concluding with that capital farce, " My bor'a Wife " Cmnirtr Hall ?The graceful danaeuae, Mi?a Millie Fowler, the fhaclnating ballad finger. Mlao J alia Mortimer; the unique performances of tbo Dele van W Broth?ra, and Mr. Jean Cloakle; the stamp apeecbea, and the grace and melody of oiber nfar* at the Canterbnry, make up a very attractive programme. Odd Fellows' Hall ? Sanford'a opera tronpe, with a charming variety of aonga and danoea, concluding e?rh evening with a very comical afterpiece called " Open Houae " WmiT Cbafxl.?Rev.Wm. H. Milbum, the eloqoent blind preacher,will lecture tbla evening ' The life and oharacter of the traitor, Aaron Burr ? in u - 11>?? - * * ' VUAHft.i wti J1 USKI'JI ?JDI ^iiriii ini rauujru^, agreeable Company, and free concerta every'erellig, Wa?hi!?uto1? Mrstc Hall ? Charming female* to wait on you, while the ear drlnka In the music from a Out band. Lkctcvk at WSilky Chapbl ?On Tueaday evening quite a large audience gattered In Wealey Cbapt-1 and listened to an Interesting lecture by Rtv. W. H MUburn, formerly chaplain of the Houae of Representatives, but now of New York, on " W hat a blind man aaw In England " The lecturer commenced by aaking If none could see but those with eye*, la there not another aunabloe besides that of the eye* * Heal muru 10 Dim??ti, ua wra ion somenmfi ne InajjlDcd that he wis living on a kind of border land midway between heaven and earth He believed that God beatowed hia aweeteat grace* ' on those who needed tfc*-m moat Mr. M. described hia setting out to vlalt England, In company with others. In the spring of 1-57, and gave his experience in hunting lodgInga In Kngland and the practices of the nobUs there He would advise all Americana to take a title with them when they propose to vlalt John BuU, for be ia fond of titles. He went on to describe the weather, which, whea it rained onlv three times per week, was conaidered fine, lie thought the weather had much to do with the digestion, and attributed many of the habits of the English to the aoftnrsa of the atmosphere. He then drew a compari son between a buaineaaman of Broadway and ' one of England. While one went to hia buaineaa In a kind of dog-trot, the other would go at hia . leisure. It ?eemed to him aa if Americana were got up on the high pressure principle, and It was good for 'Item that they were all able to blow off I jjasenough to save their bodiea from burating. Tk? L~ nnl-nJ ?< > W - 11 I _ II 1- . w v> **IHI ?U l? U^lllim, I was very beneficial to tbe system. lie tht-n described tbe habits and appearance of Jobn Bull. In appearance be waa enormonaly atrong. He waa al? aya reserved, aoeming aa If be wl?h~d to be let alone He alwaya speaks sicwly, i never too feat. When be makca a promise be keep* It. On presenting his letters to a gentl< man be was almost dlacouraged by what seemed to be a ebilly reception; but waa agreeably sarprlied at hi* treatment afterwards. He waa told that certain attentions would be paid blm. and the Kng liahman not only performed all that te prom- | taed to do, but more. The key to gain John Bull's hospitality Is civility. In Parliament tbe debates are quite different from debates In this country. There, as soon ss a member rise* to apeak he commences to stammer, and as he proceeds be Is greeted with cries of 'bear, bear." When he fir?t FMirt th? n' Parliament be did not know what the "hear, hear,*' meant, bnt he never wii able to tell at what part of the debate he wan to And the ''(train of eloquence" to which be supposed the " hear, hear," to refer. He found all tbe member* who were unfavorable to America were very defective In tb?lr delivery, according to our notion*, while those favorably disposed 'o us seemed to have adopted our style or speaking. Mr fflilburn concluded by describing his vl?lt to Thomas Carlyle, and the agreeable manner in which he was received in comparison to his receptions by ?th-r personages. During the torture, the frequent happv hits, both at the English habits and our own, were greeted with applauae. Smtthsokiak Lkctckb?Last evening a large audience listened to tbe first lecture of Professor Falrinan Rogers, of Philadelphia, on "The Glaciers " The lecturer was aided In his explanations by a series of drawings and paintings, by which tbe audience were able to understand the subject folly. Mr. Rnvera romm?iM'?l h? abMns tt>?* ? central part of Knrope the lead was high, and la bwltxerland there were 96 peaks which were 1J.UJ0 feet above the level ot the ocean. In the vallie* of theae mountains the mow la perpetual, and If nature bad not deviled the meant of carryIngeff some of this mow bv these ft lacier*, the mountains would constantly Increase In height. He continued by describing the general appearance of the glaciers, one of which was some fourteen miles ia length and from one-half to one-anda-half miles In width The thickness of thlsglacier w?i estimated at from seven to ten hundred fret. Th's glacier, whose upper portion rested above the snow line and whose lower part rested below the line, flowed down the valley at the rate of some twenty Inches per day In the central portion The sides do not move so fast as the center on account of tbelr friction against the sides of the valley through which it flows The color of these glaciers were generally a green of about (be same shade as the water In our northern lakes. It bad generally been supposed that the Ice was o brittle that it would not flow; yet it was otherwise Aa It flows down the mountains of Switzerland it seems to be of the consistency of thick mud The lecturer noticed the various theories In regard to the movements of the glacier. As tt flows down In some places there are innumerable crevices. while in others tbev were closed He thought that this was owing tothefhet of thee lacier passing over projectloaa In the bottom of the valley la Its descent. The cracks very teldom extended entirety acroaj toe sunace or Um glacier la a strata? bt line; at the aides the cracka took a diagonal direction. Tbc Ice be described aa not being identical wth our freak water lcc,but more like salt water Icor-poroua; and went on to abow bow Ice would bend, and Instanced a circumstance witnessed by Dr Hay In bla Arctic, explorations, when be foond \ large block of lc? exteaded on tbe tops % two rocks In a perfectly straight line, bet afterward* observed it to bead and the center to almost Lfttirh th? crrnnnd Mr Rodgera announced that la hla next lecture b? would explain more folly the earloua tbeorlM held on ito aubjeet of tbtae glacier*. A ?la5die?Yeaterday the auaptclona of the Fwntb Ward patrolmen were excited by the utemerit of a colored man named Bell that a whit* woman named Manr Sheban save birth to a cLlid at?ls bouse last week; that the child was taken away by a man named Wm O'Brien, and was alive when taken away. The patrolmen thought that probably this might be the Infant found by the soldier last Sunday. O'Brien was last night arrested for a violation of the license law, and was also questioned abeut the child He said that the child was dead and he took It to bury It, and could show the place where he buried it He was this morning plaoeu In custody of Patrol mm n Haanaa to go and tod the grave A girl named Patsy Oo*k (white) stated thsttbe child was certainly dead, and tbat when carried away it had turned Mae The fact was as O'Brien stated It The Infant was burled In the old St. Prt r's burls! ground, was probably two days old when it died, and Bell dug the grave. Since i be matter was Investigated Hell haa not been aw i. He abould be punished for his attempt to da this Injury to O'Brien. The lafhnt before Its death was named Wm. Sbehan. Pbbsidc*t Bins' SvoacsTion to ran I'tiACosaa ?President Bates, In his annual addrtas to the ministers and delegates of the Maryland Annual Conference, now Tn session at t'bM(?ru?ii, aneraancuacin# um exceUenicondition of the conference district, considering the advene elrcumstaneea, used the following lan Uriage :?>" Vat If we aeaeharch, during our present session and oar la bora in theeeaing Tear, act with prudence, I.e.,confine ourselvee exclusively te the worh of advancing Chrlat'a kingdom, we will no doubt secure the approval of all honest men, of whatever class of opinion, and obtain such slgnnl favor from God as will give us a fear of unprecedented prosperity " A Vest Paoraa Rivc??r ? Schm'dt, the well known little German cripple, who mnhes a llvtn/ by vending blacking and matches, and who la a harmless poor creature, has been greatly annoyed 1. S^.1 W., wWA tkrvnok k ? uj www, ?mwi|it nkj wiiwutc ui'u *ad!y, probably neu no harm to htm. He has d-stied us to maho public a request, which we dotahlsowalaafuage. "ebeorge Hen/ySchmidt wants rlT-ry bodies to mlad tils own ptulneso arid not do so much talk about biro '' WMkM toe parties at tea It will consent to mind their own business or not la a matter of question, but they wfll, it Is to bo b*pe8, cease to worry the uafortaaate psjttto?r. Ta? Sraino Fiskbbibs ?White the shad aad herring promise to t# more abundant In the Potomac this spring than for many yes re, thsoLpor tunl'ies for JUaiug will ??- more limited. Tbo ft *t-houses ud wines of .a* Urge proprietors bsvr been destroyed, ud I bey will be powerless to carry on thet? bnnlnen* uutll the ? oiulng year. Tb- mall 8?herlr? near Washington, the fillon*, sad the dip-uet? at the utile Palls will if**1') u> supply Ut? demand ______ 9 . . , T? Opsxim o? t*I N?w tium -Tta openlne of *' Ford* Atheneum" laat night brought together a large gathering, and the ex;-f*Alona of aatiefactton with the bulldng and tbe company, expreawel with auch unmtatakab'a emphaala by the audience, nait have been gratifying to tbe liberal and large-m adedproprietor, Mr. John T Ford, who baa, at ao much labor and expenae, provided thla beautiful and apacloua structure Tor dramatic repre?entations in me city of Washington. Cosy, well-lighted, well-ventilated, elegantly furnished, and with facilities of In grew and egress never before afforded by a theater here, It la a very 6?;m? of11 dramatic temple. We have not apace to-day to apeak In detail of the dramatic company, and maat make mere mention of two?the beautiful and brilliant Mlaa Lncille Weatern and the capital comedian Mr. Btahop, both of whom stepped at once Into popular favor, It win quite evident. The opening address, written ftor the occaalon by Mr. H. E. Woodbury, waa delivered with fine effect by Miss Annie Graham. Prom this we take the following: Bright eyes of Beauty,?forms of manly might, Welcome, thrice welcome,on our opening night! Your presence proves our efforts are not vain, And that a generona public will sustain i oe lawrui Drama aere, wnrrc i asie ana ati Have made oar Capital,?the bead and heart Of a great Nation,?beautifully grand A cltv worthy of our native land; Worthy the name of Freedom'a noblest Son, Our own beloved?immortal Washington. We trust ere long that civil strife may cease. That through our land, the olive branch of peace Shall brightly bloom; then fhnned by gentle gales, Commerce shall safely spread hex snow-white sails, And then in every land,?on everr sea,? Our "StaraandStripea"shall the more honored heHasten the time, when all in our loved land Shall be united, both In betrt and hand, And a great people joyfully shall raise, Unto our nation* God,?one hymn of praise When after bloodv wars old Rome and Greece Knjoyed again "the piping times of peace," The ample Amphitheater was built. Where Gladiators struggled hilt to hilt. And be who vanquished was, died in despair, While shouts and cheers and laughter rent tbe air. But in oar day, tbe Thespian Art ran claim A gentler sphere,?a more exalted fame, N r ever does It stronger weapons try, rttan tbe?w:ft ib '.ftatbat shoot from Beauty'*eye, Causing of Pleasure, aurt ?f Pain a tbrlll, A dangerous wound,?but one that does not kill. When from the far off Scandinavia, There came a child of song.?a brilliant star, On yonder site, wbere er*t the flames had played, Aroee a temple worthy of the maid. But fated seemed the spot, for lire once more, Assailed the Drama, as it had before And, bere,wheie oft the solemn sounds of prayer, And anthem's note have fhllen on the air,* We shift the scene, and mirror on the state, The fashions and the follies of each age; Show human nature in its varied guise, Teach yon the vile to shun,?ti e good to prize. Here oft as Momus shall assert his right, Or graver Tragedy shall rule the night, Give but your count?nance,?your friendly cheer, A# faUnpA (Kan n>A akall MM* V*?WA V?? V ??v VUQil HV? liC?C o ) Bat acting ever)- part oar very beat, W llUo your generous kindness leave tbe reat. *Tbe Athen?am oulldlng wa? lately tbe Tenth-street Baptist Church. THI Thasksoivino PRATKR in a Giamitown CHcacH?A Sctnt?On Saturday lMt Bishop Whlttlngbam aent to every Episcopal clergyman la the District of Columbia In charge of a pariah, a prayer of thanksgiving. with direction! to uae It on all occaalona of public worship within eight dava following tbe 9unday after the receipt ?f bis letter. Tbe prayer, wblcb bat been published in this paper, thanka Almighty God for the happy successes vouchsafed in so many instances to the arms of tbla nation; and more especially for tbe deliverance of tbla city and District from tbe terrors of blockade and aiege This wa understand caused nnlte a fl nf??r In some congregations In the District, and particularly In that of Chrtat Church, Georgetown, formerly presided over by that rampant shepherd, Rev. Mr. Norwood, whose very positive secession proclivities induced him to take leave of his flock at a critical time, wben he no doubt had hep"s that he would soon return to his charge under toe wing of a victorious reb*l army; as he locked a favorite cat in the cellar with food enough, as be supposed, to last it until his return Poor puss would have starved had It not been for her rescue by some Union neighbors of the reverend secessionist Dr. N. wasnrreeded by Rev. Mr. Harris. On I 1?.S w _ _ * ? ? A- ? cuuuay lut, wurri lie COHiniCQCra M) rda IOC prayer of Bishop W hitting Lam, many of tbe Irate, weak-minded brethren rose to leave, and there wai a terrible rustling of silks, and flutter of crinoline, as the wrarers thereof turned up their pretty noses and crushed through tbe pews end aisles to reach tbe outer door. Tbe clergyman, we understand, announced In an apologetic way that a seose of duty obliged bim to comply with the directions of bis Bishop. This mollified some of tbe moderate*, but their attitudes and gestures were tbe reverse of devout while tbe prayer was read We bear that one of tbe ladles fainted at the door or ner residence from the excitement unreasonably occasioned by the returning thanks for the aafetv of our home* and Ureal dp* All aboot a. Watch.?L. Wineburg was arre*W-d at the Instance of Philip Corrlgan, a soldier, who testified that he went to Wineburg to get that Individual to regulate his watch. Wlneburg prepoa?d to give the witne? a much better watch In exchange for hla time piece, and boot Corrlgan's watch was an old faahloned fcnglish time-keeper; and the one ottered In exchange was of the new style, more ornamental than useful Corrlgan left his watch and promlaed to brlDjr the S>20. boot, but failed to r&lM th? amount When be applied for hi* watch, Wineburg refused to give It up. Wlnebarg wax brougbt before Justice Johnson, when he surrendered Corrigan's watch, and waa released. Hoksk rarotskxd.?A private la Blrney's Zouave Regiment, a tew davs since, took without authority a horse b longing to Mr Merrill, and trotted him out to the camp of the regiment near Bladenaburg. Patrolman Hannan, with fhn loaer of the none, proceeded to the camp onMonday la*t to recover the animal, bat on making, their buaineaa known, they ware aurrounded by aom? unruly members of the regiment, who threatened an application it lyuca law. The patrolman finally aucceeded by an exhibition of nla revolver, to ctlm the refractory Zouavei, and bring off the hora?. Cb*tbal Guakshousz Casbt?Bi/ort Justict Thompson ?George Flue, E B. Mack, drunk; and Joseph McKeever and Wm Dougherty, firing guna in a market; turned over to the military. Mary A. Wreck, drunk and dtaorderlv; fined 8194. Lou la Julian. dlao-derlv: dlamlaxM John Moore, Indecent exposure; do Francis Sanfuroff. Frederick Berg and Levi Ogle, drank; turned over to the military. P. Hogan, selling liquor to soldier*; do. Cavsbt at Last ?John Mortimer wu arretted yesterday morning on the Island, by Offlcer McCauley, on a bench warrant, and sent to jail. It will be recollected that Mortimer was chsrgrd with being an accomplice of George Goldsmith In rnhhlnu m mlfti?r An f h# lahnH mmo Mm? acta a* holding ?h? man while Goldsmith emptled^la pockets Goldamltb hu already been tried and aent to th? Penitentiary, and It la probable that he will soon have the ccmpany of Mortimer. The Ooslino ktataca* t la without doubt one of tte brat In town. Everything can be had there to satlufy the wanta of the inner man, be It flah, fleah or foul, with the choicest liquor* to waafc tt down, and clgara of the moat exqulalte flavor to aid digestion. In fact It la kept upon the tame neeilent clan which ha> m. taurant of the same name in New York so famous. Roastsr ? On Moaday afternoon a w ell dressed Individual called at the boarding honae of Mrs. Nevlna, on E street, between Stxtn and Seventh, on the pretense of seeing a boarder, and while the errant girl's back was tamed stole two sets of fun and two overcoats, which were hanging la the passage Mb. Fbark Hmat, local reporter cf the Rtpublic**, who was severely stricken with paralysis at theofflceof Justice Johnson on Tuesday -lAa W -I.J a- 1 ? - - mgoi, uas, we arc i?i iv miu, rrcovcrew nis speech, and hopes are entertained of his early recovery. Dr. May is sttendirg him. Tj* cotillon r Annas of Professor Barnes, at Temperance Hail, sre very enjoyable sffslrs. There will be one to morrow evening whrn s very pleasant time may be anticipated. All lovers of dancing should be on band. UHSIM O* SIXTH STBBBT.? A bill U now pending la Congress, which appropriate* 93,000 for the purpose of opening Sixth street weet from Maine avenue to Missouri avenue, Including n bridge across the etnal. R*v. Wit. H. MiLBOan, the eloquent blind preacher, deliver* hi* last lecture th> a evening, at Wesley Chapel. Subject: " The Traitor, Aaron Burr." Mr Milburn** reputation as a popular lecturer need* no comment from us. The. public end the press tkrongheut the country unite In pronouncing him one of the most eloquent preaob* we and lecturer* in the field. Lot all our reader* who wl*h to enjoy a rich treat repair to Wealey Chapel tonuht TH> Lvmm. A C*rd ?Dr. Hunter will deinitely cioee kit ottce la Washington on Saturday evening, the 39th instant, after which dele ell pert mm afflicted with Pa nop- disease cm consult hi n personally or b., icUr r A L s offlce, No. 57 east Twelfth street, nr*.r Broadway, New Yorh. Hit o?her * v an open fer the reception of ptiieuui .flicted with Caurrb. Sraachl* tie. Consnmntton. and Asthma, no to the event urn f 8*tur4?f, 2iXh tnatont 903 ftancylvmnla I ue, WHUMHa. mkto I T' 1 * - r * 1 } Optralvtc iin Ann Imiww, <97 Pean* jlnsU avenue (opposite Wlllard'a), devoted to the treatment, medically aad surgically of all maladies of tbe ey? and ear, In charge of Dr. Von Moschxlsker, from Clinton Place, New York. Deafness, Impaired sight, noises In the bead, scientifically treated. 2t consumption ccaao in thi last stag*. [Sworn to before his Honor the Mayor of Washington.] > Washington, March 14, '62. India Htrb Doctor?F. TumbUty, M D : Dear Sir?Supposing tbst others sfflloted as I nave been may be benefitted by ?be Bnowieage and u*e of your remedlet and treatment, 1 am Induced to make the following atatement: For a long time I have been afflicted with ! Conaumptlon, aald to be in the laat stage by moat all the Doctor* in Waahlngton and the Dlatrlct of Columbia. They all failed to cure me. I applied to Dr. Tumblety, the Indian Herb Doctor. My couching, spitting blood, pain In cheat, are all gone, and have been for aome time. My voice la quite reetored. I feel aa atrong aa ever, and from having been reduced to a akeleI -? ? a a. a I ton, now weign one nunarea ana xnirxy-iwo pound*. At I experienced to much benefit from the uae of Dr. Tumblety'a medicines, I frel aa though I could not My enough in thrlr favor. Still, 1 feel thankful to God, the author and preaerver of my life, that He haa guided me to go to Dr. Turnblety, who has cured me. Johw A. Laird, U. 8. Capitol. matok's officb, f WA*Hi:??Tor?, March 18,1?6V f On thla 18th day of March. 186*2, personally appeared before me, Wm. T. Dove, acting Mayor ?.# IL. >14.. - a 1IT 1_ I 4 f .L. A f .I.J ..J VI iuv Cliy UX >YBBUIU)(IUU, JUUU A. liftlltt, BDU made oath to the truth cf said statement mar 19-tf Wm. T. Dova, Acting Mayor. Pain and sickness is produced by the pretence of these matters or bumora which are retained beyond the time designed. Urandreth's Pills removes these matters or humors, and their use always relieves, and perseverance infallibly cures. Ob, that the sick everywhere appreciated the Importance of these few lines, how much disease would be diminished, and the general health of tb? community Improved. Brandreth's fills are old at 25 cents per box, witb full directions, at No. Canal street. New York,and ?t the branch ofire, corner Nlnlh and E streets, Washington, D C P 8. Sutlers supplied by the dozen, mh 15 lw V/OR.1S, tiUMOJi*. dad i>a>LS, hSUHGKU JUIMI and all diseases <>f the feet cured without pain or Inconvenience to the r>atl?nt by Dr. White,Surgeon Chiropodist, 426 Pennsylvania avenue. Office hour* from ?TS. m. to 6 p. m. * All pkr805s can find the best stock of Clothing, Furnishing Good?, Trunks, Hats and Caps, at Smith's, No. 470 Seventh street, near F. fe 27-3m Takk ko more ukfliasant an" v.1pavb M rd- . 1CJNKS ?For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, 1 use Helmboid's Extract Oucbu, which ha? rec?lv- , mA (ho Andnrtpmpnf r?f (hp m/t>t nrnmi npnt nhowl - I v? *hv vx\4wi *' mm* v??i V v? Bti v*? f v Iia m v h> ^>h j wi i clans In the United State? Is now offered to afflicted humanity ai a certain cure for the following dlaeasea and abuse of tbe urinary or aexu&l organs: General debility,mental and physical deprewlon, imbecility, determination of bl*od to the head, confused ldeaa, hv?terla, general Irritability, rest less n ess and sleeplessness at night, Iom of appetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dv?pep?la, emaciation, low aplrlta, disorganization or paralys's of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, and. In fact, all the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated atste of the system. To Insure tU.genuine cut this out. Ask for Helmbold's Take no other. Cures guaranteed. bee advertisement In another column. feb 4-tf Boldisr*, Attbntion !?Pain, disease and exposure, with a hot climate, inuddy water and oad diet, will be unavoidable, but armed with Holloway'a Purifying and Strengthening Pills you can endure all these and still retain good health. Only *25 cents per box. 220 Drop in at the ''People's Dollar Store," 438 Pennsylvania avenue, near Four and-a-half street. r-? i 41. s ji J a a _ > * ? iMBmiae me spienaiu assortment 01 jeweiry, Silver Plated Ware, ar.d man.motb Gold Pern, and "take your choice for one dollar." mar &-lw? India Rtrux* Goods. India rubber Sheets for protecting children's beds, that no family should b? without; 75 cent* each. Rubber Blanket*, for soldlera. *1 25 each. Rubber Ponchoa and Blanket* combined, S3.50 each. India Robber Coat*, white or black, S^.50 each. India Rubber Legglna SI per pair. And Ml klndt of Rubber Gooda, Including Rubber Boota and Sboen, Rubber stoppers for bottlea. Door Mata, Under Sheeting* for b?da In alckneaa, k. c.. Ac . at manufacturer's orlcea. a! 11. A H all'a India Rubber Warehouse, Sub Pa. av., between Ninth and Tenth streets. feb i-tf MAKRIKI). On the 15th in?taot, Mr. WILLIAM K, 0RO8 BKR, of Bridgeport, Ct, to Miss ELENORA NIPPER, of Wathmgton, D. C. I Baltimore Sen copy 1 November Sth, IhIO. by Rev. Robert Arnold, of Virginia. Mr HaNHON K. WEAVER, of this city, to Mm MABY W. K-. eldent daughter of Edgar Z Steerer, Eeq., late of Phiiadeiptua. * DIED* Of pneumonia, on Wednesday evening, the 13th on>\/. ruia,*|ni " mun'oi iiuu ito*;i. The funeral will take place front Hie residence of Mr*. Jane Bat ay. 406 1 street, on Friday, the 21*t instant, at 1 o'olook p ni. The friend* of the family are respectfully invited to attend. [Baltimore papers ocpy.l On tbe morn ids of trie 19th inataLt. of oonsuinp tioo, Mrs. KLIZABtiH WENTW ORTH, wife of Conrad Wentwor'h, id the 18th year of her a?e The friecda of the family are rrqurat'd to attend the funeral, from the reaidenoa of her parent*, 7tli. between P and U streets, on Friday, tha 21st. at 3 o'clock p m. [St Louie, Mo., papers oepj.] * Maroh 19th. LAURA. daughter of W. T. and Caroline Wood, aged 3 months. Her funeral will take place from the reaidecoe oi her parents, oorner Sixth and N street* north, on Fnday, lOo'oioot a, m " On the 19th inatant, FREDERICK HARRIS, yonngeat child of John A. and Ma'garet btepben on, ated 30 month*. Suffer little ohildren to oome uato me. and torbid them not; for ol auoh la the kingdom of Heaven. The irienda of the 'amily are Invited to attend thefunera., to morrow ( Friday) afternooa, at two o'oiock, from the residence or his parent*. * On the afternoon of the 19ih in'tant. of oonaumiUon, ALFRED D., the yonogntt aos of Jam*a and Elisabeth tugga. aged 18 month* and 20 daja. Our little aafferer gone, aiaa ! While from our hearta be baa been riven; He waa too aweet on ea'th to atay, And Jeana took him home to Beaven ! Friend* and ao? uaint\noea are invited to attend the funera , without further notice, No. 189 23d street, between H ana t, on Friday, at3 o'olook. * 8n the 19th inetant, after a brief iiineee. EL Zfc'I'H i.OElLIGEK, wife of John Loalllfer, aged ju?t 45 yean on the day of her dsoease. Mar faner&l will take alaoe Irora the reaidanoe of her husband. on East Capitol street, tomorrow I (Friday) afternoon at 4 o'olwk * ? ??????? Modern shapes and sty. vs, spring mantles and wrappings. Spring Shawls, assorted as above. tpnnc Par%?ois, very st>:is!i. Oar Northern ar.d ha*tern correspondents send as new supplies daiiv. We also offer a'l kinds of Drv Goods for family oonsuinption. One prioe only, marked in plain fijures. the aetvil task sta*dar<X value. PERRT & BRO., mh 13 fit Pa. av and Nintli street. GOLI> AND 8ILVKR COIN and USCURRKNT BANK NOTAS wljtlll by

JAY COOKE A co., Bamiikj, mh 8-2w 43* Fift??o'h atreel J HAIR NETT8-HAIR NETTt*. U9T Received another lot of thoae bandaome double Chi nolle Neita. Also, & fine assortment of twisted 8ilk and Corded Netta, in all colors, at the fnmmuii Store of MRS. LOWE, ?9T I'a. ave.. aoith aide. p>h * GoATTli^J^nWe^teB^iSSa! ! *> e?jTecdlf? d0 do imimiil SS' Aleo, ail other rtylee of Ladies and Miaaes' BnJmoia:Boots, the ohea?<*t and beet assortment Lb theoity. J. ROBENTETl. Ho. 16 Market f>pao*. I Ja7 eo Penn avenge. between 8th and ?t?i ?ia /M BOTF.l.ER * WILSON, 4?IKON HALL. Viw No. 319 Pwiw. Avium, g^^?glletw<-eu 9th ud luui Strr-t?. I ^ * Wt cordially IDTIU the attention of all who contemplate tarnishing to onr nandsoae and well assorted stock of CABINET FURNITURE, bracing every style auJ quality, from the finest Parlor &uitd?vn to the cheapest Byreae. Bed stead and Chair, and at prioes whloh defy competition. Give us a oall and oouvinoe yourselves. h?eo6t fcoKM for on* dollar. Gr?y, red or fiaien hair ota be oh?M*t in % few Mo^nda to ?lft or browo. by nainf Upnfcm'a Liquid Hair Dre, the t<oet tad obWMatu tho world, jroduclti, the Bonont 5% MKTM itfittii nvzxz, sssjis; h maota tear 4m u otMra Mil for mm Mar! fexfeysiSK'sfe COOK * Co., Draniate. utm^U itoiScoAWWNfcSS 0OAT?. PANTALOl NS %ad VfigTS. i3ttV&3u??'?-** "* ^cr?w?**? *volt ?? * .r ' AMUSEMENT^ M .J^o^'Browt ??Vv* NEIGHBOR' WIFE. &nd Smfc'hinftoD, in U>? ? 8M ABBiNQXON'H Cl>A+. Mi as HU8AN DENIN ?i Louis* Lovotrio' with h?r irwt Song of " WhMk, Row do Dow ! ruiui's ATHKNBi n. John T. Fo?d .. Proprietor awl Maaat< Jonn B. Wi.sHt ? Sta<e Mtufi THIS irstriXG. Second Nifht of the New TEMPLE OF THE DRAMA ! Second A pp??raBoe cf the Heiatifu! and Daehic Aotreee, MI S3 LUCILLE WESTERN. ?? % Celeate'a Great Military Drama, entit'ed THE FRENCH SPY; or THE STORMING OF ALGIERS. The Beautiful and Graoefa! Danieure, MISS OLIVIA. will appear in LA ZINUABILLA. To oonoude with THE IRISH BEAUTY. Rats (with a Song) Mm Luotlle Writer Box Clfije open from 9 to 4 o'olook every da] when seats cau be aeon red. Admission. Dress Cirole and Parquette..... ....*flceit*s Balofcny sweats . Si Otohestra t**at? it Faili ily Cirole .. 25 oents No extra eh%rge for reserved seats. Jt CHARLEte E. FORD. Treasurer. LAD1K8AND GKNTI.EMEN CAN UAVI a pleatant time by attending Professor Barnes' select weotly Co'illtn Party, at W Tem?eranoe Hall. B street, TOMORFO W JB EVENING, (Friday) M?roli 81st The?eHi rart'^s ar* *tno?ly e*ieot ? none hu' r?sspectaK v -raon^ nr<* a imitted Tio* t- SI. for saioMth following p ao?s:?El.ia's Munc store; A Mohan's Bookstore; Willaid?' Hotel Pofct o, fi?e; Hi kwood House r!igar fctore; Metropolis Ho el do do.; National Hotel do. do.; Waslungto Hu?-e at til" desk; C ay's Hatdl do. do., a.-.d < Prof, lls'jti and pupils It* fc.KtfUKY HALL! CANTERBURY HALL ! TO NI9I1T TO-NIOHT The Brilliant N*w Couctellation of Beaut? ! PV.R CI V A 1IMML'VUL- PiiMniviTinv a M nva < M <'? t WU VX/.'I V* * ? * * VH iV/SS M1LLTE FOWLER, Br far the moat perfect and beautiful Dancent preaentad to the Amenoan poblio. MISS JULIA MORTIMER, The Ideaiixa'ion of Me ody and Beauty. MI8b LIZZIE FRANCIS, MISS MARY BLARE, MtlJ3 *# ? ? ??* * n?c ijiL. l DliAPt MISJ FRANK SECOR. MISS JULIA RICHMONI THE DELEVANTE BKOThERS, CHARLEY NEIL, BILLY QUINN. "AM I RIGHT r M. JEAN CLOSKI, JOHN HEANY. AND NUMEROUS OTHERS. E^No charge in the Admission Prto?_m A'lmiaaion 25 oecta; OroL?tw C taunt W oenu. Afternoon Bnimtmmmtiu For L&diea and Fftauliea, on WEDNEBDAY AND SATUKDAY AFTER NOONS, at 2 o'clock, Whan a lavinh distribution of Elecant Preaenta i made: Rioh and Coetly Jews;-j, Books, Tots, Fanoy Artio!?a. and ma<nifioant 8i'k Dresaea. The Bilk Dreaa vu ?r"?ent* I, \\>dneed?y, Id! lnat&ot, to Miss Mary Oibbona, oorner 23d stre< and Pennsylvania Admission 30 cents; Children 1> o?ntw. mh 19 OUD FKLLOWS' HALL 8*rK?rrn Ranlord Opera Troupe. QUE WK&K MOHK! This Evfnmc. NliW BONGS. DANCES. Ao. Miscellaneous Gem* of the Opera, Drama, anA Comedy Couohidint with the ino?t Iftuchal.le Aftorpieoa < the day. eutitied OPEN HOUSE! In whioh Mrs. acd Mr. Bordwe:i.i*auford, Hn|h? Edmond*. aud tr.o Entire Troupe will appear. 1)urine the pieoe, a GRANI) !*KA 1 INtt H>'EfSE wil! be introduced. Door a open at 1; commenoinc quarter to *. Admimio* 23 Cist* OtCHIBT BR SlAT? iO CKNTS mh n it pLARKNDO.N Ml BKl'M. Com?*tk Strut am Vv Pa. avtnre, so*t'-k side, und'r tAe Clarmdo Hotel ? Free Oono?rt Every Evening from not 10 o'olook by the Bra?a Band. ?entlemsn vt?ii me tftia plaoe oar be waited on by f'm&e waiter; Tnar>eat of Wine Liquor, Cigara. and every thin in aewn lor the inner man rah 13 1 w* |A/A?HJN6TON MUHigAL HALL?* K El CONCERT EVERY NIGHT, from 5o'oloo to 9 p. m. Ueat of Kefreahineuta. Fine Femal Watera. Open all day. At the oatr#>aet oorn? of Peonaylvania avenue and oorner of sixth etree ur.def tha Central Houae. opposite the Natiota Brown'a. and C larerden Hot'la. fe 18 lro* DATENT OFFICE CURIOSlTlES-tiaide t f P?fAnfl. of (^.nriniihaa arii Cnw?f* raent Garden*, at the stand in Patent Orfioe; Rar Antiquarian Books; Government Books; Dcoi nents furnished: Mail road Reports; Military K< K>rts; Burnt Patent Offioe Reports; Cheap Book rniihed to Pedlars; Military Trials; Militar Lavs; Army Regulations; Panorama of theCoai showing over 2,90 miles; many tAousand Chea Books. Reooiieot cheap rent. Large sales, ioi prices. Up stairs,over Bank of Wasbinston. ja29-2m* ALFRED HUNTER. PROF. C. F. BARNES' FASHIONABLE DANCING AC ADEM V. at Teniperanoe il Hall, b: street, between 9th and loth Jn every Tuesday and Friday?afternoon ca?s/H ai i, evening ciaaa at 7. soiroe ' 017 r ruai L3M eveningat o'olock. Musio hy Prof. tJeo. Arth. Temperance Hall will be let for Balls. Partial ?io. Appiy *s abov*- to U 2m* l UBT RECEIVED AT L A- HE ALL A CO.'i J No. 361 Seventh. between I and K streets, new stock ?f CLOTHING, FLKRlSHlNt GOODS, TRUNKS, HATS acd CAi*S. LA BEALL & CO *8, No 3bl seventh streei between 1 and K. is 'h? plaoe to bay yot CLOTHING. FURMSH1NG GOODS: TRUNKS, HaIS and CAPS at N*w V?rk trioei COME ONK AND ALL, A1 L,. A. BEALL J CO'S, No. 361 (Seventh street, between I an K, to buy your CL.OTHINU, FURNISHING GOODS, IIATS and CAPS. TVTOW IS VOUR TIME TO BUY YOU1 CLOTHING. FURNISHING GOODS HATS acd CAPS at very low prioet. at L f Bkall ? CO.'S, No.361 Seveuth, between and K streets. mh 18 WE Of FEB TO MILITARY MEN a lars aasortmentofGREv ana BLUE FLANNEJ OVER HH1RTS, WHITE SHIRTS, D?AV\ ERS^ CAMP BLANKETS, HALF HOSE, Ao wuicn ^e invite ai casn puroaaaera to examm ??:of8 making ta*ir aeieoHnna. WALL., 8TKPHKNS & CO , m28 33a Pa. ay ,b?twwii xh and inth ata. COALAT 36.?0 FOI 9.000 LBi. At YaioNjias B.uidO DxroT. _ mh 15 ti J. i ANGDQN A CO. T- COPARTNERS!?!?. HP. Copartnership hereto! j'^ex aUae betvrae Walter, Karmann k. Hopp.navmc beep dissolve in oonaeteenoeof the death f>( one of th? firm, tb business will hereafter b? oarrled on under the nam and &rm of W altkk at -k?a m a m w. We are prepare to 1 mid to order, and keep constantly ra uaa-. a kinds of the moat faahion*b>e CAK RiAol? a of th err beet workma-shif. Repairing promptly an carefully atier.ued to at the moat reaeonable prioei Thankful tor past favors, we hope for a ooctiuu anc* of the same, at oar oil estaLusr ment. on 1 -gsig*"' "Wia-ifr fgSggg; ?te??K^3wrJa,s U'y Goods for the genera* aad anohU waata o p.^sr"'^auft wjc " k U ?t ???. >KBM ?d tth atT?C CO 1 L| WHOLESALE AND BET AIL AtMuOflM,N*w Jmwmj a?nMi oppowto S J. LAWWWPN A on ROAMS' EXFftEMCOMPANY. NOTICE OFJLMMOTAL. m+r -? * * j 4. -ft i \ . i ,<i ?0H i j 'i a?> . ... i L03T AND POUND. m ??? i i f OST-FrMi Um oorMr ofBud JMh atrMta, 5 SJfc, fcTlttSa ?nwv unuund- """W ? r OBT?On the rnh lust, * pair of 60LD Li SPECTACLE*. in a m'M *eive< oim, - mounted with steel end a ate?l book to it. The finder will b? satisfactorily reward^ by leering tr it at No. 3?T nth street, between F and 6. ir mh!%-?? T'AKBN UP A8TRAY.-A large ox, ooior 1 white and brown; the richt sar oat off, ^M| tie lrft. a piece cut oat; with larre * orna yUr The owner ia requested to oome forward, rove property, pay ehargw, ami ^ke^maway. t mhl?-3t* oomsr 7th at., and Boundary. T?AKENFROM THK NORTHERN LIBER X ty Market Houa?,on Paturday ertn |TV , . irg.the isthioet., a dark brown H<>RS? 1JI ol medium siae; with oiusena saddle and bridle; bine blanket ander the raddle; no ma'ks recollected bat a soar under the fit'oekofone hind leg, and spav ned; short mane; and heavy built to reward will be aaid tor the return ol aaid m horse, or Information. WILLIAM PHIPP3, mk 1A.Stv fUMnlh eU,v?in<U.. ? FU& 8ALK AND SENT. TO LET?Two frost ROOMS, (ay ouittiri]t with every oonveniecoe for boaMkeeping for a email family. The bed room i large acd veil furoiahad, and baa a p too. The other room la veil fu niched withdininr room a'4 kitahen r*qataitee. Apsly up atairv, 3 A*"? C street, betweenand tth mn y atw _ FU OR RENT?A ftrcished front PARLOH . with or without hoard. Aii.t at No. 943 i> ?t*eet. betweer Hth and 'Vh sts. mh 19 St* Kb HE9T\URANT FOR SALE-Th?? test RESfTaURANT for lit on Pennsylvania ave. near National ai d Brown'* H< te . Established ten years; where twe fortunes has he*n wads. For partioulara uldresa "A. R. Restaurant." in this off,oe, statics when and where an interview iray K_ ' " I'O umi mti 21" ' if OR SALE?The GOOD WILL and FIXF TVRKfe ci an Ealiaj Room Am*. large 'eepinc apartment fitted up App.r croc Qf , ?<1 asd t'a avPLn?. noh i? St* A HARK OH'N^KI-TOR fi'l.E-A l?rr? e t\ <j(, ;h"? LR'CK HOUSE, ooLtainiDt 11 roum, ,p mith p\*sac?:nce .tr; wa<e>- '.id :u throutbout vi th* bp- o'lic ; attain a tino l*r?e br ok ?ta : b evi'. ^r ? z ail?. *it!> s'vania' rooir* aod oarn ria^e . ->*? Alticued ae.?t-. 1 b? al> v? d?nd tioL d property m ?.'.aaic 1 on Eie??n?t? ?tre*i f-e>I twesn I *n 1 M at'eeta worth. For term* tnaaire or SE'?K<Jt. T. LAN1! LKV, Woo * .1 Vo?i Dealer. oorper Ninth an^_K e. inh 18 lw* |?OR SALF-A two fctjV/rRAME DWKLL* INS iiOL'SK, W.?0 FishtL street. between M an". S"i toou order, containing six rooms, frioe #1.S??. AFply to ^EVI LOOMIt?, U3 K at. mh 17 lw r-?nu d l-v**? ? ?- * * ' ' ?' rviv nri.\ j-vihb or iwo ot>njiorrar<ie ut.v ROOMS and a *ni*U Stttmr Koom, ail neatly and o.-mfortablr fcroiahed, at 4?0 12'.h atreet, wit ! aile, betweea G aid H atreeta The l"catior is one of the moat deairable is Waahlneton. roh 14 1 w l^OR SALE?A two-atorj HOUSE, with baoko I building, oonta'nioc eix room*. looated on Fourteenth atri et ???. ce?' L. atreet north. The lot ha? a frcnt c f ?> feet <n Fourteenth atre?t, and rune back to Vo ir.ont avenue. Pump in the yard, briok milk hou- e, and atable. Title perfect. Addreta No 373 Seventeenth at. rah 14-6t* BURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, at 170 K atreet, betw ?n l?th and 19th atreeta, or If preferred, the wL ) lurniahed fccuae wou!d be rentfd. mh 3-4t* EMIR HALE-Twofin'.-jiua BILLIARD TA t, marble a abe. and errrr ananireir.ept ootnp!e<e. These dMinau ?} ? above -*ill fair their iflt-rest b? uailinr iimiMillib at fh - ) u I pr^n "1. oo'u.. l i.. si: - and Pf uL*yi?? 7* av?r>u?. mh J GE >B?KTOWN AHVKKTMT8 Prices reduced: WOOD AND COAL f The auh?ciber w:ll. after to Jar. reduce the prices of Wood acd Coal: Best Seasoned Oak Wood at <8, Hiofcorj at $9, Ha f seasoned at 9?. Bakers' Pine at $8, Half-seasoned Fine at 96 <0, Asthraoite Coal, Red and White Ash, at 98 per ton. Delivered in Oeorvetovn, or First Ward, Wash intton. Terms Cash. JOHN A. GRIM KB, Agent, mh 13-lw* Canal W' harf, George own. J POTATOES. U8T Reoeived a let of Potatoes of different klUCS. YiZ: BLCKEVH, WHITE MERCER. JA' KSON WHITES, 1 carter* ?nj PEACH BLOWS Alto. & lot of DRIED APPLES ud DRIED PEAl* HKS I or atle at lowest rate* id lot* to aalt h by BU8EY A UARN'ARD, mh i: lw Baorftown, D. C. gHGKBKIN 6LOVE8I Ram*bur? Jt Ebert, 10ft HI?H SIRIIT, GEORGETOWN. D. O, The only in&onf&otnrers of decline BUCKSKIN 9LOVP.S. MILITARY 6AUNTLETS, ?ad MIT TENS in the Diatnot. Oftoors' GaunUete rr%<je to or<i?r. Baofcakin Drawer* and tfhirU. ia U ! |\1 ASSEY. COLLINS * CO.*S ITI PHILADELPHIA DRA VtiHT ALE. ,r We hire just reoeiTed a "otply ol the above Ale, vhinh va rAAnmmnr.1 tn Ka of a va r w nikAnAr ? wL ity. Persona wiahing to purohaae. by making im , mediate application, can be formatted. '* ARNY ft SHINN. DO ** *i?rtrceU?Wn QftG PKVBNTH STRKET, Q?Q OOy BETWEEN I AND K STS. e>D5f CHEAT CASH STORK. We have juat received a large assortment of Perfumery. t?oap* and Fan or aruoiea, wluoh we offer much below the market pnoe, at either ,d w&olesaie or retail. * Also, ii Id Store, two Seoond hand Cottage Seta, in eice.t lent oondition a. ? Also, g One New Cotta e Set, in oon.piete order, whioh we will cell cheap for the eash. K A large assortment so any and Walnit I Dressing bureaus, Waahstanda, Marble-top Tables, Sofas Rockers, 'r Hair Seat, Can* and Wood Seat Chairs, large nnrieiiti ana patterns, Cottage Union, Japanese ud Jenny Lind Bedsteads, ~ Walnut and Cherry Leaf Tables, , Feather Beds, Mattresses. ? 1 Ail at a great taorifioe for cash. . Remember the number, 369 Seventh street, between 1 and K streets. j _mh l7 3? BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. I POR A FEW DAYS ONLY.-! hare removed , r my tine s ook of Clothina from over Salts' * Jewelry Store to J. H. SMITH'S. No. 460 Sov enth street, near F, where I f ball offer it at Jess th?n who.esaieooet prices, for a few days only. fen 8m J. W KF.EP. b | >KEaT BARGAINS IN CLOTHING,at the vY People's Clothing Store, No. 4*0 7th street. fe 14-1m k VV COAL OIL LAMPS , ~ " r A<-e now opening and shall keep oonstaztly ' on haud a good supply r f Table, Hanging and Side LAMPS. CHIMNKYS, I'A cR SHADES, Wica? ; also CHINA a-d GLASS WtRLi, wtioh we oiler iu tL< m-rob .uts of Washington a and beorge?own at the lowest Laalern Fnoe?, i hoping they wi.l site us a call. Also, Coal Oil of tfc? be?t bra< Us, by the tarrel,(warranted.) at Haiti more pnoes. t. Also, oidsr-taten for Wrest?rn Glass Ware ir Bamaies and srioeu tan he seen at ?ur newatore. 5, No. 476 Seventh atrMt, opposite the Post Other, I \V a?tV'.?toij, v. C. inn t?-iw * HENRY RAVLEY A CO. * \1K?. fcATON, 9 i~l _ . Fa?hio!?*bli Dimiiu *, Hu removed from 484 Tenth *tr?et to 469 1 street, between 8th and 9th. south tide. 8 T. Tay Ijr's d'essoatting rnle by Mrs fc.. mh l?-l ?' UARTER M ASTER 6ENER'L'SOFFICII, i H Washington ClTT, M&roh 11. 1883. Wmtid at Ship Isiand, Mltsissipsi. two iight - draught Steamers, suited for towing boata. a Proposal*, stating terms and time* at which they L will be> eLiwod at 8hijp Island, with descriptions - ol the boats chared, will be reoeived at tfee offioe of the Quartermaster General until the klst of e March. F.oposa'.s shoo>d be anvoloaad and endorsed I"l*ropoaa!a for H: ?mhoaU tor Vh>p Island " an<l audreeaed to u? ??aartennaater General, Wublnxtoti, 1). C. M C. MK168, Quart*' master Geaeiat irh13 (Intel.. Repab. ft Chron ] WHCLE8ALK DRY OOO08 flOfflS. J fi. HOUL1TZ lib Jk oO.Uv* im.iK itd a la/i? hoc* o: DKY GOOi>? NOTIONS*. *<u, 4 at No. 347 Woit Baltimore street. l*a.timora ? Tbe entire ttook ?aa paronased in tHptambar and October !a*t, at prioee ei.&!.ai taem to *e ! to M ^^1^. Ak - - - Mill _ - w- ? . - ?r^loia uu buou wnua aw w?u uummw ? ww tuivmt ? of both oily iod oommtry m#rohanU to lummi " their cu>ck. Their Iran will be?h. fe ? 3w* i. i cash notice. - AN CooMfitno* of oar having to *ay ouli for > vwerr arUole of good* vmbtoum. we vi foroed * to r*d?oe oar baaiacee to C?eh xoluir*iy, for the thil mmUj7 "'^WALT.'ef fcPH'K^ it CO i w'rMscggn'K,<'"jU l U COAL OIL-COAL OIL. AAAVIN8 The a?ene7 of OfMof Um largo* CmI Oil companion in tfco Uaitod Kiatoo, wo eaa Mil ; : ? Milf Cora- finf ?0 B ?rooU.? |\IKW STYLE SPRING OVERCOAT* AND - L~ Sue ttiaok f rook Coato Jut r?oirod at ' HA* A KEO 'a, mktX twm ooruT fc. aad7^Ji ottto-a i ? A in ?f oouyt_?? f. ** i . -j * i I?> i*-*???$ v*h fkv' * SECOND EIMTTO 1 THRM n-Cioct. r. OUR tZIUTART BUDORT The Very Latest from Itl&nd Wo. 10. THK ACTIUN PROGRESSING! OUR GIN SO ATS GAINING ON THE Ul ELS THERE HOUR BV HOUR. THE FLOATING BATTERY OF THK REBEL!* KNOCKED INTO A COCKED HAT' Tbe N?ry Department received at li - m today i dispatch from Cairo dated at piidalffct IM night, announcing that the action had conttaMd at Ialand No. 10 througboet Tuesday, Toaaday night and re?terd:.y and that our guaboata throughout It had gat nod atradlly upon tha ratal worka, which wore much rtronger la poeldM, *e., than thooe they abandoned at Columbia. Our gun and mortar boata were performing ad trably. Tbla diapatch entered Into no particular* of the action, froon which we Infer that there had bee* do casualties on our aide worth mentioning The fortllcat iona on the 1 aland are ranged mm above another In the course of ves??rday ooa of our shells made ?t -rt work with the rebol float lng batter?, completely cleaning It ?nt. It la clear from the method to wnlch Commodore Foote is conducting the siege (for such It la) of the lalanu that the aim ot our foreea, military and naval there, la surely to make prls onera of the rebel force defending It, aa vll aa to reduce the stronghold COXISO TO TKKIR SUlf The U. 8 mall agent on the line of th? Louis vllle and NaxhvlUe railroad atataa that various vvuiuiuuiim in ibut joiner who biv? r wetsed no t". t? mails for months past are pernio '.offer their, restoration, after having with grea nasalmity taken the oath of allegiance, and ei pressed In public meeting their determination to adhere to ita obligations in spirit a* well as in form 1LLXKSS AT T HI WbiTK HoCSl ?It W'll b< a source of regret to the nation to learn that Mrs Lincoln, haa been *o 111 for some time past as ?s confide her to her r am But few persors have been allowed to see hor, and He** fcer me?t lstlmate friends. W e are glad to aav thel to la? sh? Is somewhat better and It Is hoped that s*e will so"n we iu toe enjoyment of her usual hes th Since the loss of W Ulie Lincoln, both tl - Pres.'. dent and his lady have been soreiy sS ted la mma ana ootty. AUafd to this, tUe onerous duties of the Executive tiu ao heavily v el (bad upon lila mind u to bring about an Indisposition, from which he is slowly recovering. I: ooase quenoe of the lil health of Mr and Mrs LlMaln, It Is probable that no more receptions will be bald during the pe*s*nt session of Cong ess. R*t?r*xd ?Secretary C. B Sta'.tt, wbo has been absent In Philadelphia for aom dap past, returned Leie i*at evening, end Is agmln ?o-day at his po*t In the Interior Department. THB LATEST Ht TtiLUGKAFH. ARRIVAL I'HOU ?HIP ISUNO. New York, March 90.?The steamship Fallen brings *hlp Island dites of the 13th. The health of the troop* Is exoelleat. The steamship Constitution arrived at Ship Island on the Hth ? CONGR R8S lOi\AL Thcmdiv, March 30. Sksati ?Mr Trumbull reported bark from the Judiciary Committer the resolution prondlcg aid to any Stat* that may elect to abolish slavery, embraced in the President's late mmngs on that subject, with a recommendation that II be adopted by Congress Several prlva'e bills were then passed, and re* ports on private bills were then msde. They then took up the bill for the reorpaalsa VI on of the Navy Department, which ww diseased hy m?njr Senators on various propositions to amerd It; after which it w&* pawed The bill for the abolition of alavenr wm Wen taken up. Hoc** ?The House resolved Itoeif into Committee of the WbMf and took up the tax bill, which waa under consideration when enr rept*" closed. LA TB LOCAL NB WO. Dsaih or Mb. kmo. rut Aiti?t?The veteran artiat, Charles B King, died at tola mldence In thu city on Tueaday la*t, of heart diaeaae He waa born in Newport, Rhode I aland, and was about 7* year* old at the time of hla death He baa been a real dent of thla city mot* than forty veara. end waa much eeteemed for hta aoclable and kindly dlapoaltion. Aa a palaUr of the human face and figure he ranked very h'gh He haa left a will, giving a large part of hi* eetate to publte and charitable inatltutiona Many ofhla Ineat painting*, original and collected, be has bestowed on the Redwood Library and Ath'neum at Newport. UU remalna were veater day placed In the can to be taken to hla former home. SCBDSR DkatB?a women reeidinff mi Maaaa. chuaett* avenue, near Third street, wbo?e bum we have not ascertained, wan found dial la bar bed this morning Cp to the hour of oar felng to prem an inqueat had not been held. uavv mitflftkmobidon ?? ** LY STAR, TO BE MAILED TOYOUR FEIEND OR RELATIVE T IT 18 THE BEST DOLLAR WEBRLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS IS UNEQUALLED ' ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEERLY! 1TB AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL M WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YEARLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIFES WILL 8AYB TEN TIMES ITS QOST EACH YKAR TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for this to be out on Frt day Morning?fries Three Gent*?will be a remarkably interesting one. Every Person at a distance who would ieep Posted with referente to what is molly going on lure in these tmeresting times should receive it regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THE STAR OFFICE iNR HIT RAT B IRK POD IT L. Towik. J. M. Towns. J.B. ?owm L. TOWKRB * CO* 8TKAM BOOK AND JOB PMJrTI3& BSTABLISHJLKNT. OmmtT L minw mmmm* mmd 9*tU it. Tho attonUrtn of Uo bustnoaa ooounait) la ra sr?or?aUv mvltod to tfce Nov Uo?fe ^id Job rriottag Katab.iaIUL.Mt* wciot uu booa ftttoi ra vitt ii?v ir in Uo most oocajaaa ?i i'.ii ao* pra9*r?4 toexoovto, in a aauanotorj stria, ovary variety of Prujrng.yic: iIaaWo UaaaaKaa p. SntiM-r' !> *& ,*t , c. The attention of laenMra of Coucraaa ia oialiy ro*u<-?t?d for oar faoiliuaa for Ppoeonoo, a* w havatba Jarful ataaa ?ov?r li theoitr. ~?T-ia??B PAMP Fl'RMITURt AND TIN WAftK OF V/ all kiada to b? had of W. H. HAtROVUl, hTtol Mb. ralrad from tht buiaaaa vhtah ho toaa b<-?t> oo v faay to adriw tha aaolio'tha" M asfcwg &?!ar or to mant th*ir aoatiaaaaca. ma n-uwf A. tkfcMULLK* a >(|| PVIIUIMB IM Mi.i??????Ai?rnm EEBUrtWffis-;? JUSS&&83 yr iom |inii<4 w a?*t tte imiinwtt* of Mm cm of > >?? M?n taJMftt C .. JKiSfWi "* ""* riur MOTaut. ik t> -tr r flit W M? 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