Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1862 Page 1
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w aiming Star, V2t. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C.. THURSDAY, APRIL S, 1862. N?. 2,844. THE EVENING STAR * ? PUBLISHED KVKRY AFTERNOON, (SUNDAT EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BUILDINGS, C erntr of Pimwyirwi ?? **d EUr<mtk ftrml, ?T *V. U. W 'vLJiAUH. Papen aerred in package* by cvrlm at ?4 a ya*r, or 37 c?nU per month. TomaUaabacrlb*r* the price la 33.50 a year, m ad*****; #2 (or alz mrnth*. SI for three months; and foi leaa than three mnntha at the rate of 19 eenta a week 81b. gle coplw, out !n wrapper*, two czHTa. 117 AsrRTiiiimTi should be aant to the ?ttce before 12 o'clock otherwise they may not appear until the next day. PARSON BROWNLOW IN CINCINNATIHI!! SPEECH. The Cincinnati Oaiette gives a lengthy account of the reception of Parson Brownlow in that city, on Friday last, together with his speech The speech was delivered at the Merchants' Exchange, during the afternoon, in response to an invitation of a select committee of tne Chamber of Commerce Mr Brownlow waa introduced to the memhere by the President of the Chamber, and then addressed them as follows : I am aorry. gentlemen and fellow-aitiians, that I am not in a condition to make yen even a short speech I have been aecustomed for thirty-five jears to making public apeeches, and hare only failed in tne art dnring the past three years, while Buffering from a Bronchial affection of the throat. I am getting better, however, and although for two years part I could hardly ?pe*k above a whisper, I can now make myself heard at the distance of a few feet, particularly when I am talking on Disunion?for I never get on that subject that God, in hia providence, does not increase the volume of my voice. In addition to my other sufferings, I have mu idhitm >icu iu a usiup, giuumjr jail, snui oat from the fresh air and free exercise, for three month? This has been hard on me. who waa always accustomed to jump high?r, fall flatter and squall louder than any other man in Tennessee, [cheers, j always saying what I pleased, going where I pleased, and coming when I pleased. For three months I have beer, kept in close confinement, and the only favor allowed me was that my little son should bring me my meals three times a day. The food that wis given my fellow-prisoners by the offioers in charge of the jail was the foulest offal from the hotel. No truo Virginian weald give such food to his dog. My food was prepared by my wife, and was brought to me by my little son in a little basket. The officers in charge used to take this basket, lift off the napkin, examine between the plates and watch all my movements to see that some little bit of paper containing information from my friends was not concealed in the basket, and when I had finished my meal, the same examination was made to see that I did not communicate with them The only information I obtained was from my little son, who would whisper to mo that a fight had occurred here, or an engagement there, but no details whatever were given me, for they charged that in the absence of (Jov. Johnson and Horace Maynard. that i was at the bottom of the conm.tracv and the leailinv ?nirir in nnrvnaitir.n tn iLe Southern Confederacy I, however, entered into a learned diplomatie correspondence with a little miserable Jew, named Judith P. Benjamin, the s-s-called Secretary of War of the bogus Confederacy. In that correspondence I have the vanity to believe that I got the better of him. This correspondence has never been printed, although now that I am at the North, I shall take the opportunity to lay it before the public. In that correspondence he stipulated to let me out. He said I was a baa man, and a dangerous man to the Southern Confederacy; and. said he. "I have directed Major General Geerge B. Crittenden to send you through the lines to the people you serve." "Agreed." said I; ,;I propose to do for the Southern Confederacy what the devil never did?quit the country." (Cheers I About the time I was ready to start, an inferior officer came in with warrant for my arrest. Holding in my pocket the passport of the Secretary of War ef the bogus Government of the Southern Confederacy, and the order for my removal signed by Crittenden, I declined to notice the warrant. This officer, a little upstart named James C. Ramsey, seised upon me, and swearing to his own warrant, the perjured villain, that I had committed treason against the Bute of Tennessee in writing a certain editorial which was published in the Knoxville Whig, and which, mark you, was printed May 24, one month before the ordinance of secession was passed and Tennessee had passed into the Southern Confederacy. and yet this was treason to the State. I was taken out of the bands of the military authorities, denied a trial, and thrust into Jail on the affidavit of this miserable, debauched little puke. The brigadier general aomman.lin? at Era*. Till* came in to see me one day. The prisoners all rallied around to hear what was said. He said " Brownlow, yon ought not to be here " "I thiok so, too,1'said I. "Now,'1 ays be. 'come along with me, and we will make it all right. We will go up to Judge Humphrey, at the ooart-house, and you cao take the oath of allegiance to the Southern Confederacy I turned round to him at this insulting proposition "Sir," said I, " before I,will take the oath of allegianoe to the Southern Confederacy to obtain my freedom. I will rot in jail with disease, or die with old age. Nay. more?I deny that you hare a Governr ? . ?? - - - - mem; i. aeny mat 700 are aat&onzed to administer the oath of allegiance to your rotten mob Government, which no Power un earth will ever recognise Before I will do to, I will s#? the entire Southern Confederacy in hell, and voa and I on the top of it. |Great oheer"U little valley, fort? miles wide and about sixty miles long, of which Knoxrille is the center, is fall of such Union men and women. Whan I came away, the jail of Knoxrille was fall of Union men. I was there in jail when theT took my companions oat and hung them 1 did not see them hang, because this was done over the hill; but I saw them go out, with the bUck poplar coffins, and the soldiers would turn round, and pointing to Brownlow, would say, "You will swing next." My reply was, " I am ready to be hung, and all I want is on< hour under the gallows, to give the pedicree of these men." I expected to be htmg. end had made up mj mind to it. I ?u told that the drum-head eimrt-marti*I lacked one vote of confirming my doom, and that waa the vote of a Seoesaioni?t. No man ever came eo near being hunj and wu not. One of my oompaniona, A. C Hewn?the gallant Hawn, one of the mos! moral and apright men in Knoxrille, with a wife and two jmall children?waa sentenced U be hang by this coart-Bartial and he had bu one hoar's notice to prepare himself, lie asked for a minister of one or the churches in Knoxrille to be sent for, bat the reply of the jsilei was "No d?d traitor in the 6cath has th< right to be prayed for, and God does not heai such prayers." Poor Hawn was placed on th? ryvatviu, ?uu ? uiioviauiv, VIHUAQU VI on* of the southern regiment* vu sent to at tand him. Jut m they were about to launch Hawt into eternity, the chaplain said, ' Thii pooi unfortunate man deairea to aay that he vat led into committing the aota for which he ij now to atone with hia life, bj the Union men, and he ia really an object of pity." Hewn rote, end in atentorien voice replied, " I desire to say that every word that man baa ?eid ia false. I am the identical man that put the torch to the timbers of that bridge, anJ f am tfl c.w\tlf foP it. Hinir ma ni mi ii yoo *an." He Mid h* woufj do it gala if ha koaw thi? waj to b? bla fat* for It. Th* jail* in th* South ar* literally fall ol Union wen. many of th*m taken from East Tiihiii. Nerer waa p*ople to broker down Th* Gor*ram*nt own it to th* people it th*y mt? go anywh*r* *Lm, to tak* oaf* of Ea#t I*nne?ee. They har* itood firm. Th*re are no Union preeeee l*ft in th* Soath a ul & TTbIm uiitnr knt MU anj tklt ii mrartf. Thay htrt Ji'koon ta^fht up.ThYy offarod mo l?i* turn* of ma nay, bat bj nplv waa, "Tky money poriah with thao. I wiU n* you to tko doril int." Thoy took my noper, 1*7 proaa and my typo, and gar* mo notioo that I ahould not publiah any more ?*pers. I took tko adrioe of my friMuU ana my family, and ctoppod tho Whig. It vu tko only timo in my life tkat I erar Cia, for, like Collin*' ram, I alwayt kad a of my own. [Laughter J And ihia wm not ail. An Alabama regimont ? V. a oune along one Sabbath day and stola from ma my only nigger. a young man of whom I thought very much I might-hare expected thin from the northern army If I had believed all that was aaid of it, but I did not expect that the ohivalry and flower of the South would be gnilty of such an aot, after all their boaating. I tell you to day, upon the honor of a man, that the Southern army and ita hangers-on have atolen more negroes in Virginia, Teanessee, and Kentuoky during tha past nix months than the Abolitionists have enticed or aidad away in the laat forty years, and today, so help me God ! one-half tha soldiers in the South never owned a slave er were ever related by vhe ties of eonaanguinity with any one that ever did. [Cheers 1 They are the offscourings of the lowest order of society, the meaneat set of cowards on the faoe of the earth. Look how thev fled at Fishing Croak. and everywhere alaa when the Union army got after them. This is my first effort at speaking in four months, and I find that I am getting hoar?e and must stop. Thank God' I can now see daylight. This wicked rebellion is about played ont; all that is needed to finish the work is "a little moro grape, Capt. Bragg." PREWTICEAPIA. The Southern Government is all the time issuing proclamations. It talks too muoh. We are disposed to say to it a* the man said to his wife when the was speaking her parting words to him in her last moments?"Pooh pooh! don't trouble yourself to talk, but go on with your dying." Tha rebels are glad to exchange their Jeff Davis money for Aba Lincoln money and pay sixty per cent premium. They are getting to think that eld Abe's face upon the Treasury notes is a perfect beauty Those enemies of Gen. McCIellan that m?st fiercely longafor his defeat are not in the Southern Confederacy. We wish they were. There are 260 distilleries in two distriots alone in South Carolina. Not only "the Southern heart" but the Southern brain seems iiKeiy to oe "area." It is fine spring weather with us, bat as for the rebels, "now is the winter of their disoontent." The number of Union men in Kuhrille is increasing daily and rapidly. The men of the Union army must be admirable eleotioneerers. It is Mid that the rebels don't go to church now at all. Thev hare seven days per week of "humiliation," but not one day of "prayer." We have heard a great many Generals deDAnni>?j fnr rnfinln* Knt (! > ? - - - ? '? ?j ) WW VI wu. ittUVlVI" lan ia abused because hii enemies ran away. Within the last few weeks the rebels hare keen driven from four Gibraltar*, five Thermepyluss, and any number of Quebecs. It is said that the Merrimac's prow ww? no matoh for the Monitor's prowess. Floyd has just bravery enough to steal guns, and far too little to stand before them. We trust to our Foote. The rebels troops trust to their feet. The Eransville Journal thinks that the peopie's oonfidonce in Fremont as a military man U nerer been shaken. We are not sure they ever had any to s'lake. But we e?rnestly hope that the "Pathfinder" will fulfil the highest expectations of hia admirers. The telegraph informs as that the Provisional Government of Kentuoky ia now located in a Sibley tent near Orittenden's headquarters at Hantgrille, Alabama. It aeems to have adopted a regular nomadic life, always ready to more and to Fold their tents like the Arabs, And ai lenUy steal away. The ohronlc disease of the Southern Confederacy ia getting worse and worae. Its last evacuation the one at New Madrid, was a bloody one. Yon may think what yen please, ladies and fsntlemen of Memphis, bat we tell you Com. oote is "the coming man." At the last dates, Humphrey Marshall was resting his immense flanks upon two ooatiguoas hills beyond Pound Gap. Ah what would not the Confederate authorities fire, in these day* of rebel fopacity, for one standing army ? The Southern Confederacy oan't be "pat to her tram pa," for she has played them ail oat. The New Orleans Delta says that "the Yankees are down npon wooden Teasels." New , Orleans had better believe they will soon be down'' upon gunboats and mortar-boats. One aooount says that Gen. Bragg is at PenI sacala, another that he is at Norfolk, another that he is at Island No. 10. No doubt Rebel Bragg m*J be fo*nd wherever there are Rebel*. 1 It ia becoming a very common expression i among the rebel troop*,th*t the moat fertunate thing that ooold befall them would be their capture u priaonera of war by oar forcea. The New Tork Tribaue ia violently pralaing Mr. Linooln That's carrying malic* too far There waa a grand sDelling bntines" dona at i Pea Eidge. The rebel wamen havn't vet, in obedienoe to tha oall of the man, volunteered for the i public service We auppoae they want to be i pressea. [ ' 1 Thk Prbsidbvt aitd the Coumanpbr or > the Monitor.?The following extract is from > a private letter, dated Washington, published ' ia the Detroit Advertiser. It illustrates the warm and generous sympathies of the Presi' dent: i That night I left the fortreea and got Worden safe home in Washington eitj, when leaving him to the oare of my wife, I want with ; the Secretary to the President and gave him the particulars of the engagement. As soon as ? I had done, Mr. Lincoln said, "Oentleman, I > am going to shake hands with that man," and > presently he walked round with me to our t little houae. I led him up stairs to the little I room where WorHun wu r?ah ' bandages over hia scorched eyes and face, and r said, "Jack, here ia the President, who has J oome to aee you." He raised himself on bis r elb?w aa Mr. Lincoln took him by the hand, t and aaid, "Yon do me great honor, Mr. Preaif dent, and I am only aorry that I cannot see yoa." The President was viaibly affected, aa with tall frame and earnea* gase he bent over i hia wounded subordinate; but, after a pauae he said, with a quiver in the tone of hia voice, i "You hare done me more honor, air, than I i can ever do you." He than aet down while Worden gave him an aooount of the battle. ' _ a ? " ? a ana on leaving ne promised, mat it be oould , legally do ?o, that be would make him a l oaptain. piRE AND UURGJ.AR PROOF SAFES! The subscriber# hare oonstantly la store an assortment of Herring A Co.'e ociebrated Fire and . Buriiar Prooi Safes. ranciac m prioe from $*o to ' 9am each, whioh they sell at the manufacturers' ; prioee. J AS. O. MobUIRE A CO., l mh M 6t Agents for Herring A Co. 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We loot bat one man and had but one wounded The enemy suffered more, but I cannot atate the extent. Col. Aahbv received a ahot through hla cap, which he exhibited with aorce satisfaction to the people of Woodstock Others suffered more severely. our men behaved amirably during tbeadvance of yeaterday Our skirmishers were frequently fired upon by the rear guard of Jackson's retreating force We shelled them through the town as often as they appeared In range. After passing the bridge over Stony creek they set fire to it, but our troops arrived In time to save It Also, another pike t'ldgeandtbe railroad bridge, all In two miles this side of Edlnburg. Our artillerists endeavored, but unsuccessfully, to prevent tbe destruction, by pouring Into the enemy showers of shell. The Richmond Enquirer of the 27th places our loss at the Winchester battle at 1,300 to 1,5(<0, and theirs at 350 to 400. Among their casualties, Col. T. L. Moore, of Winchester, and T. H. Towner, of the General Assembly, were killed, and Col. Echols, of the -27th Virginia regiment, wounded. The '2d Virginia regiment lost 100 men. Interesting frana the Fleet off Sa?antah. Philadelphia, April 2.?A private letter received here, dated on board the U. 8. gunboat Seminole, says that the Seminole, Wyandotte and Norwich, under command of Captain Gllles, senior officer, proceeded up Wilmington river and arriving within a mile of the rebel batteries, dispersed the rebel cavalry by throwing shell, after which the batteries were shelled. The rebel force fled inglorlously, leaving everything behind, even their dinners. Capt. Gilles landed and holstM f hP nil) flatr An th? rorr\ nm1 and another was hoisted on the rebel headquarters bv Acting Master Steele. The batteries were then all destroyed, but the dwellings in the neighborhood were spared, but they were afterwards burnt by the rebels. The batteries mounted ten guns and were well built. The squadron returned to Warsaw Inlet. Fort Polaskt has not surrendered at the AnU> of this letter, bat It would be compelled to do so shortly. New York Charter Election OeDKKSBcao, April 1.?At the charter election to-day the entire democratic ticket wa? elected except the collector. Hon David C. Judson was elected president of the bo*rd of trustees by majority. ScHixkCTADY, April I.?The whole democratic city ticket was elected to-day by an increased majority. i m * m CONGRESS IP HA U llXVJIth COWORKM?Second Ssssitn. Binatk.?After our report closed vesterdav? The joint resolution declaring that Congress should co-operate with and assist any State which may adopt means for the gradual abolishment of slavery, was adopted, aa follows : Yeas?Messrs. Anthony, Wfowning, Chandler, Clark, Collamer, Dav s, Dlx-">n, Doollttle, Fessenden, Foot, Foster, Grimes. Hale. Harlan Hsndor. on. Howard, Howe. King, Lane of Indiana, Lane of Kansas, Morrill, Pomeroy, Sherman, Sumner, Ten Eyck, Thomson, Trumbull, Wade, Wilkinson, WUlry, W ilmot, and Wllaon of Man ?32. Na^??Messrs. Haya d, Carlile. Kennedy. Latham. Neamith, Powell,Saulabury, Stark,Wilson -?f Mo., and Wright?10. The Dili to aboliah slavery in the District of Columbia wa* then takeu up and discussed; but before coming to any definite result the Senate adjourned. Hocss ?After our report closed? Tb* Senate joint resolution providing that whan two or more officer*of the same grade are serving In the aame department, the President may assign the command of that department without regard to seniority, was passed by a vote of 81 to 40. The Tax hill waa then taken up, and aerupied the House until near Ave o'clock, the bill being left unfinished. A Haaoic Achuvkmjit.? A correspondent of the Missouri Democrat, writes from Island No. 10, gives the following account of a gallant achlvement by Lieut. Allen, of the Twenty-seventh Illinois Regiment: "In a former letter I wrote of a contemplated attempt on the part of Lieut. Allen, of Company C, of the Twenty-seventh Illinois, to spike thguns of the upper Rebel fort at this place, christened, we have been told, Port Polk. This bold task waa undertaken last Friday night, when the Lieutenant, In company with four other men, dropped down In a skit and found a large body of Rebels at work constructlngplatforms for supporting their cannon. "The Lieutenant resolved not to be totally disappointed, and landing, very ooolly approached a senttn?l, who was pacing a parapet at tha lower extremity ef the fort,and, reprraenting himself as a brother rebel, remarked: 'i will relieve you from duty now, sir.' The rei-el guard, wearied and thankful, moved eff to hl? q uarters, when the Lieutenant spiked the 64-po?nder at the lower part of the fort, which was served with such accuracy against us on last Monday The proximity of the laboring rebels w <nld not suffer him to pioaerute any further a work which had already proven him a daring officer " Southern Jockxals in Lite land?It Is Instructive to read the commenu of those English guns which are written in the int#rp?? ?>? rebels, on the recent Union victories !n the West. The London Herald says Port Donelson and Fort Henry are, it appear*, mere earthworks, which were thrown up last sumrrer, sod goes on to demonstrate that General Grant made a great mistake In attacking those places, because he must be overwhelmed by Polk's army from Columbus. The Saturday Review, which some months ago held that the South could not be brought back to the Union "because It was unanimous," now, having heard of Union demonstrations in the Southwest, says: " The rumors of enthusiasm shown for the Union in Kentucky and Tennessee are neither trustworthy nor important. It is highly probable that there was in many of the States a strong feeling against disruption, and It is more certain that in every dispute numerous converts are readv to desert to the stronger side. It is Immaterial wneiner ine suuioern population wa* unanimous." An Axxivsksart.?Some "contraband*," who recently escaped from Charleston, South Carolina, state that the people of that city expect it will be attacked on the 15th of April byan overwhelming land and naval force; and that thus the anniversary of the fall of Sumter will be celebrated by the capture of the Palmetto metropolis. This is a pleasant idea for them to dwell upon, certainly, whether correct or not. 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Notici ia hibxbt inn of the readlnets of this Department to redeem the Treasury notes payable In one year from date, authorlied by the act of Congress approved December ?d, 1867. and the Treasury note* payable In sixty days from date, authorised by the act of Congress approved 2d March, 1WI. lowest on Treasury notes of the above tames wH1 ceaae on the 7th day of April next by Urma of those acta reapectivelv fe 6-tap7 Department of state, WasBiNeTOR, January 86, IiMS The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Cempress on business on Saturdays, commencing with Saturday, the first of next month. Jan S7-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. War department, JsnvaiT 91, 1MB. Oimn, That the War Department will be dosed Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and rruuys against all other business but that which relates to active military operation* In th? Isld. Saturdays will be devoted to the business of Senators and Representative*. Mondays to the builneaa of the Public. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 42-tf Secretary of War. SOLDIER S^MONE Y~ AKD ' ALLOTMENT DRAFTS. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDIKRS* REMITTANCES To their Families at anr piaoa on ths Heps of their Express at a charge of TWENTV.FIVE i'Pvra Fo* ant sum not xxoikdiho flftt DollaUS; \ And a proportionate additional oharje to plaot* reached by connecting Expresses. The remittal)oe, whether Gold, Treasury Note*, or Allotment Draft*, should be eaoloaed in an eeve lope and securely sealed, and have the full address (inoluding town, Post Offioe.aci State and in oities the street and number) of the person to whom to be aent, and the amount legibly marked , thereon. Knvelopea for this purpose may te had at our offioe To facilitate prompt delivery the charge for remittanoe should be ?rrpai<1 mh 28 lm aDAMS fcXPRFgfl COMPANY. Depot quartermaster's office Corner 18<A aarf O itrtet:?, Washington. D. C., M&roh23,1862. Hkalkd PiorofA? 8 will be received at this cffioe until Saturday, the 12th day ot April. IH62. u 12 o oiock in.. lor aeiivermt in taecity of Washington, at soon a point as tUe Depot Unartermnsttr mar direct, the jollowlns named FINE Lt'.Mt)?<R: 180,wi feet 4-4(1 inott) common ouliintr, ?0.a 0D " 6-4 (IK moll) * 25.000 " joist 3 Ly 6,16 feet lour. l<>.000 " w 3 bye, 14 " *? 10,000 " M 8 by 6.12 " M so 0"0 scant lies s by 4.16 " " 10.r?-0 M " 3 by 4.14 ' u fcMO " " 3 by 4.12 " 44 All the Lumbar to be del;vered within ? days after signing the oontract. The Lumfer o be inspevted by an inspector ap- 1 potntec on the part of the 0overtm?nt. Payment to be made upon the satisfactory completion of the contract. Proposal4 must be plainly marked "Pkoposali yok Lvmbrx." Tae ab.iity of the bidder to fill the oontraot. J chnnlH i* K? ** k"" 1 .. w iw uiuii uiuii; uo EUftrsrti<f(i by two r sponsible porsona, vhose signvur?s niuat be appended to the nuarant**. The respoasihllity of the gnarantora mut M shown br the cffioi&l osrtl&oate of the olsrir of the nearest distnot court or of the United btatas dis- i triot attorney. Bidders must ha present in parson when the bida 1 are opecea or thatr proposals will not ba oonsidered Bonds, in the aum of ? thousand dollars, signed br the oontrao'or and botn of bis guaran tors, will he r*4uir*l of the successful bidder upon , atgning the oontraot. The right to rejeot any or all bids that cay be d?emedt>o high is reserved by the Depc. Quartermaster. Informal proposals wiU be rajectfd. Form <J Quirantc* J We, .of theooontr 01 , acd Ptate of , < and ?, of tha county of ?, and 8tara r f ,do 1 hereby guarantee that ? la able to fa ki a oon- i tract in acoordanoe with the terma of bia propoaition, ana that, ahon<d his proposition be aooapted, he will at oaoe en tar intr % oontraot m aocordanoa therewith. , -nuu.u mnwinirwii twaraea mm we are orefared to become his ?eo? nti e*. (To this t uarantee must be appnuJea the certificate above mentioned.) D. H. Kt'CKER 1 mh 28 Coicnej and Quartermaster. 1 SJEALED PROPOSALS A re invited till tho I5th 1 ?u ft' ?[April. 1802, at Uo'olock m , for sups: jinr i *u? I*'? Wlth 6 080 Sead of Bfcfcr CAlTLL on the hoof. Tne Cattle to be delivered at Washington city. ' and each animal to average l^no pounds cross ! wjipht; no animal admitted which weighs lees than < l.ono pounds cross The Cattle to be delivered at s?oh times and In such quantities as the Government mar reeaire. Cattie will be required under this oontraot eoon ' after the oontraot is oloaed. Heffara and bulla not 1 wanted. A bond, with rood and aatisfiMtorr iMiiritt. < -vitl b? required. ?ov*rnment reiervei to itself the right to pay in J Treaeurr note*. ' No bid wil: be e&tertained when pat m by contractors who have previously fat led ro comply with their ountrao'a or where th* bidder is not prefect i to respond tn hia bid and all bida to be aoooiapanied br two guaranties. The numea of firms should be stated in fnll, with ! the preciae. Address of a>l tbo mem Here of the firm. bida to be directed to Major A. Beck with, C. tf. U.S. A? Washington, 1). C. Form 4/ (rV WMlM. I We.-?;?iof the owucty of?r?, and State of , ana ,01 oncounty of .and:*'ate of . do hereby guarantee teat is able to fulfil a oontraot m aooordanoa with the *f tua proposition, and that should hi* proposition be acbepted, he wih at onoe enter into a contract in aoeordonoe therewith. Should the oontract be awarded h m we are prepared to become hia eeoa ritiea. Tliia guarantee mujt be appended to e%oh i hid mh 28 P NOTICE. ROPOSALS, From dealers and millers. are iovited till the 10th of April, 1864, for FUKNISHiNW FLOUR to the Sub D*p'tnf the same kiud which haa ueen received by the U. S. Government, and known aa No. 1 extra ' Samples of this Flour oan be seen at the Capitol bakery in this oity. It i? dtaired to make aoontraot for 90 oro barrels. Shovld. however, any person desire to furi sh a le?s quantity, he will staf j the preoise number of ' barrels in his bid. me oontraotor wlii he rrquirert to fnrr.ish at the rate of 600 barrel* daily until the control i? filled. No*-lour will be reoeived whioa does tot oome up to the standard at the inspection mate just be fere the purohaae. The Flour to be delivered at the railrotd depot , In Waahinjton or a; an; of the warehouses in Georgetown, D. C ' Government rtaervee the right to reject any bid for ar.y o&uaePayments to be made in Treaaarr notes, and the bids to be directed to Major A. BKCK WITH. C U. 9 A . Washicgton, D. O. mh 85 THE GOSLING RESTAURANT, 847 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, South Sim, (Formerly of New York,) Hm the name ud & me of balac One of the Bit Restaurants in Tovon ! 1 yi7*fllTe as trial, and judge for job ? li-ztl ' l Everj tKlng in the home is ? be8t j&a,ibt18^ 1 irr Don't forget the namber? 947 fenbBjiv&m& avenue, between 13th and 14th itreete, Mh H-lm soath afata. rfiHE AMERICAN TKLKORAPH nn?- f ^iirini re-OMoed JrA ri^fittad ? BRANCH OFFICE in Willaxm' flow, ttis oom^fif M pr?Mr?d to Moooxmpdtto th# nwti cf tbat hiuM, and tha ' public, with ry Mlacr%ph:o facility. Commumo*0'>c direot With BALn?S|glLABELpH^ ; ^ SraaflftC1 J. & * 4 ~ 1 **+' *# 0 * ISO riRHITLTARU ATINDI. EMILK DUPBI. Jut R?oelw4 ts4 Opntl, large and tnt-claa aUck ot ofcotae family groceries, oouUttaf oft SUGARS, oi ail fradw, TEAS, COFFEE, BbMn&ft. LARD, FLOUR* MAILLARD* CHOCOLATE, Ac., Ao.t Ac. 9 All oi which he offer* at U>w?st cuh prloesPIKE *8 CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 barato Magnolia, 500 bvnli XXX, 500 b&rrela Mlllrra Rye Mw-^UT&feelt, *<X> barrels Snf Old B ye, MO barrels floe Old Boar bos, AT CINCINNATI PRICKS. __ Ail Ul? favorite brands c4 CHAMPAONB, Ma mm Verteay, Green Seal, Hsld*l&k, rbich, being bought low, we offer at unufaaltf low rates. Also, Bole Agent tor PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, feb 14-tf (?IB: $*Oe BET. 1HAT ilAYTON'H THAT DAY TON'S THAT DAYTON'tJ { HiSKB IWfci nK SLICED APPLE PIES. ARE'THR BEST AM F THE BEBT ARE THE BEST MADK IN WASHINGTON, MADE IN WASHINGTON. MAi/E IN WASHI.NGTON. BAKERY 456 11th Stbrit. BAKERY #? 11th !*tr*RT, BAKERY 496 11th Strrbt. ir.h 2S-tf CH. R1VART A CO. SILLER Y CHAMP AGUE DEPOT REMOVED TO J. E. COR"?*B or PRHB. AVBHVB AMT) f iXTH ST.. C ?rm<ion Hotel Boiidtcr. Wat Kington. H. KOSKY, Asitr, New Yoke. FAMES MOLAN, AAZNT. WA?ri?O?IO!I, D. C. cherry, port and madeira wines. FlNK OLD BRANDY lad WH|)8Y, irr A libera! diMCBBt to dealer*. mh 19 LADIES' RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES. Ail ?1sm. ftl J. B. PUDNEY'S, , 344 P?&n itenu, fcaek of CitfBtt'a Dry Ooooi stors. \IEN,? MUBflKR BOOTS LTI AND 8BOES. At J. U fOMKVl. fcH-tf 384 P?ew. n,r., KOfiB. HOYSTKKS-OVSTKWS! OTEL8, R*ctn.uranu Private Families tan b? snjpliaddany viikOYSTKKS ^ /->. -e-ih fr<-m the atiell. dry mu?:?, J * VH*T IV ? we V y i iuo. P eine five aa a caiL No. 509 Nitth^t^et J??b 0 W At. frr Oyatera of trie beet q aalitr aptoed to order. wi>i 28 . I HAiR NKTTU?^Alft NK1TS. k?U3T Keoeired acotLer :ot of tlaoee handaoina ioahle Chinelle Ne?u. Also, a fino aeaortaMat of ianated Silt ua Corded Netu, iu *i oolora, at ie XrimmiDf ?tore of MRS. LOWE, 89T fa it* . snath eirfe. nh JU81 RKCKlVKD A TLA. BKALL* CO/S, No. *61 Bereolh, between 1 and K etreeta, a jew a took of CLOrnj^Q. PL'RRISHING iOODri, 1 RuNKS. HATt? a:.J CAfg. LA- BEAi^l. at CO UNf abl Seventh at reel, . between j ?nd K, ta the eiaoe to bay roar J LOTH IN *. FURNISH INS GOODS, rftUNRS. JUT*and CAP* at New York prioea POMK ONc. .* ND ALU AT U. A. BEALLA y GO.'8, N?. 1<1 Hereutn * tree t^bet ween 1 and K, to bur ,we. CLOTHING, FURNISHING iOODS, HAT* ?ndCAPS. IVJOW IS toJR TIME TO BUY YOUR 1^1 CLOTBim*. FURNISHING 6 0 0 1)8, RATS and Ca.1 s at rrj ;ow prioaa. at L A. BKALL A Ckj i. No. 361 SeveutaT between I Lad R atreete. wh tt Orient Oysters! SHE OVtve ..AND QY^Tc-R EXPRESS COMPANY Restan^ants *ad ?rlT?te fasuhee^na f - J would do wall lb ?all and trr them. wllJV Those oyators ?re told SI hours after VRf they oone fro*, vie water. CT O&oo n?h 49 Market Syaoe, below the 1 venue Houm )a I-lm T^HE MtkcuANTf EXPRESS COMPANY htwhn BALTiXuAE +N1) WASHINGTON. Are daili Ivrwardw* (with du^atatu by the WaehinftoB iLanroad. MeroaaaItse of every description, to anyHHfcflfi&l?''*' itnouut h'pprrsmay reenire. the lowest rate*. Agent tor Baltimore, JOHN E. WILSON, u&oe, N. W. oorner Howard and PAmdAn eta naari* -aaA.1#^ ? ?- n - ,H VBUM? SUIUUil . 0 R R. Office aco vtoi ,e,4#2 ?outh Seventh atxeet. >ppo?ite Center Market, Washington, D. C. mn 5-lm* P FiTCH. Agent. WE HAve JL'BT RECEIVED A LARGE aaaortment of Kavsn, bacon A Co.'a? ind Pteinvft; * Bon'a PIANO F O H?TK9 JHHHft known at me beat now maaufaotured.MI ehioh we are offering at the >owe?t factor* prioea. persona in March ot a reliable Piaco are relocated .0 call and examine. Aiao, ora fc^oona hand Piano for #6) and one for 925. At On tfdaio Store of g w. B. H.KT7RROTT. C-*ENTLEMEMS READY MADE 6ARM SiNTS. OF FINE QUALITY. ? We offer oiQaenU ar..i atrancera a tage aeeoit meat of OVER COATS. ORES* COATS. tf USINESS COAT8. PANTALOCNS aZtf VR8T9, if ail coiora and tualitiea, e?o?.i in make and Inlah to the beat ouatora work, WALL, STEPHENS A CO? Merchant VaJora ud Ciotaera, saa Pa. ave.. bet i m and mk ate a 9-tf' ilmtrnK M * < pOR PKRSONS^IN^HJO^EKATE CIRCUMThe greet btlk of oa.r atook of Anenean and tuu.fK>*L un awji", im au iMMtukMBto of (aaeral Mid ipMULl funilr *wU, m Mlteied And ;rioe? Arranged to meet the r?f cii emanU of the I am of ??raona a bore indiOAtM. Dm priof oilr. th* AOtnal ouh taIms, mtk?d Jt dktlBM fifirMi W SPRING WRAPPINGS. B Hats Jut reoeivad a Jarn tad baAatlfa ras5ss?iiw^^&?5 sa fi?S2?r mhOAQCt Wait O?'At A""r *"" company! I NOTICE Of MMMOfAU Sffig&tt&nBiug& LlORlUStS K?k fcxLik, _ " ~ ! 1 " * ? ?i ^ . *. , ? , - - * **% * .' -3 ' * K THE WEEKLY MAR. talalagt grmtm rvimtf mt iriwwiin raatiac feu Ml b? (ou4 la uy otbar?to pabd?h<4 o? Frtdtr morning. TtUlt-^uV imvur%ab*f, ta u?Mu ropy, per mbuu< W PNooplii ? * Taa t 00 Tveaty-lTf copies ................ fO OP It lavartably omhlu Uw " Waihiagton New*" that hu made I%< ??;y Evumg Btmr ctrealMi o geaareli? throughout the eouatrf* E7* Stasia capias (U wrappata) Ma to p++ cured at the coaatar. immaOlaMy Wler tfc? tana f the paper. Prlco?THREE CENT# DBNT1STBT. fvt. J. H. PEA.BODT, LP rLwwi. H T1S T, Attend* U ail braj*haa of kia profaertoc ? tta frags KataM lltk .^1 ixw J ? - - I Iiu *uu BU IVIfi coon wn oi tcf kirfr wr houm. u> atma vi'fe p* p?* a ? la'ju &?jjjSag3iai SueSm wr^ weSSE ilWMit, ?troL?Mt. icd r.o?\ H?r*t?ot tntmh tEH mew a.nd improved invennow AN tr ARTIFICIAL CHAOfLASTl BCNM TESTS, Witbovt Mnu run om Oum. DR. S. B 81TESMOND, ill Brp*dwa%, jVr*? t?mj ,imeat* a* MM, tUWM ISlA Mi 13** HI , Cfcila the attention of the aabUe u, tl a to.iowim never eoroae nor eh&nrr eo-er t>r un ll ' *oid?. being three flMrtfca licfcier thee mac*. J. No tee*-h or roete ut+i he ext*?oted. m tfc* trttfdiai on** can be inserted nrer thmr. ?. The rood wiii he t?c? -vntttmaiTe. tc ?>rr? VTo tempo** t teeth ?r* M(te?, u rmMM OEM ou he Md<t ?, ther*t>y innsnlw the Mtuti exereoMou 01 the i*t*. v;.ieh ude: the old >7?tecila freeoest.'r i k. Thia wort heat>*e* felry tea ted over Aee r?*ra hr nur ef the Ji-et or--, da r" "m~ ef Uua luN invested ? whlta endeetreeUve netki fiuicc, with wtie* the bom eeuattrre teeth oas So filled vithont sets. ud oan banc c; ? iv feot. ?or.:j< tooth on ut u?e roota, vhieii vUl leal Sff?^2rwssa?r- & J acra Wayne, of the Bepreme C**rt of WMhlsc toe. pod thoasfeade of oihera. C*I1 *nd examine for ronreatf. not-tm OAS FITTINO, 4o. AWM * DuVft * ft.hi Ha* to eitsiit ut aNan Wi-Jk WJ'.jj t':#j jr?? N* *tc.m it the , Ajgjj^ijl FTTTlKft K?* fU-re (L fii atraet. % iew ieera aerth a: fv ey*r.?*. v&ere il*t be a oorsaieu e".*ort- ? wifemviay *?- m U' ?AB FIIVI1C6, TV B Hera il atora, andtw4m t reeanr.Of, 9A * WlJTWflff*of*otiT^j N?m f'erterL.Bfc&il Daa,*^? FmUh. raponor ts atria to laribin* kar?to/*'? ffar-xTr tain mVK, we inrite eit:?*r= fwoere, lj to Mil fcad tuiuae <wr rock of En vc Wrier ay-as^K? * to" u" Ail Work in thetbo** lUMiatrMto* to Mr ?*-% trM IfTTtrf, READ! FKAD!! UUD!!I AND BE CONVINCED A?i> BS ^NIINCED AND BR OONViNCEi). Eztnct f'*m tkt ' Ster," F*bru*rt 87, 19W Dayton'* to &aceie? >mi> Cicuii%t ? onHotel and Moalaurart K?tp ?. M>t.ere*, keepers. r.nd Groove', hcm.w tot fail t-> a^-nre & Bup^j ui wto mpmor rasKorv *r" HM. inItr. factored by Dayton, 4*6 llth er?e?r, btt?*?n ? and H. Da?ti?- n:aocfactar?* al. k?.ide of (>ii? axul C raaker? f tr.e ?Cit irmteri* , arvl a* t i,o< kp?>a wail aware of the (rtat ?apet ur -r ?f u>? latter, wkw frenu from the o??c?,;j those skipped from Northern eitiea. Pttlera wu naJ :t greatly to tk??r interest to examine Dayton's <"Vteitere sxd F;*a before purchase We will show th* name* of mo-* than * <kv-r^ r f Sutlers who have im4 Pira iun?i other Bakers, and wen* obi>f?? ?o c.-?a<i te '.4 ?si!1t, ana pay ?t two flo :ar? suots pet ^asr vt in urdrr to ?et an artiote wttu?li ~U$ lU'iu Jvtt.'4 V* without mak ng tiu-in sick. f-<rm tk* Oorritpomdmt cflir Yr? Ymi Dirp?tk. ??wa ccuoe with na?t p easo e is f..?nan?r of oar *ot?r rriaira fe'.ow sit i?r. / u. L. Dayton, tn n# Bakery >ara ae il this ait?, h'.e aaoaees has oeen taiaed by tl? cxoeltenoe -f L .c jooca. We Uara that members of tha Saaltarr Co& mi tree have iu ofnia Pica, aad pro'.oaroe th?n hea'UJtj.; and wa mast oar to jatma. that w? never aartook of more deltatsa* Piae in oar 1 fe tie, from every seouca ard FaiaU.ea from ail?Barterk ?4 lae city, aN? to iui liuary Wa atroncI* invite famiU?e to try oar FlO NIC CRACKLES, BOSTtiN CR ACKKKS. FLICE^ APPlE PlEi. Kaspbkkrt PIER. DAYTONti Bakery, *** Ctf'Mi etreaf mi ?-tl B^aaat 6 aad H. I? R I V A T *. R IV A. V J8. DR. LA BOSTA bavin* removed hit to Ro^tr Xo 5, artj-K i-t the t-nouay Chromoie < fcoe, ic Waaiiiafu,'j Hu.if inc. Pa i?MM, eorur of 7tu klre^t. u row tt^nr to o?re a I D:?9m* of a Pr.vato- Nutura, without the km ol dangerous or (Jiigaating Oinji oi ?cr kind, &l: do iata-fereccc wiii your btuiDoaa aroaation* hs-nct d*To?ed kit ume to tfe? ataoy and oara of Private f?<saa*ej of botfc i*xn and to Chronic S??t.on< ?/ ik? Womb !>? ?, K>or?r?. K'bpuona. *9 .and rracutih* ta Ibe beata-tfi >oi In Ue woiid, m Nov Yoik Olf Hoapit^a. aaior Prola Cm.ton aad Pi k? f? whom I most ra?p*etfally refer lnl! r?f fits to the fumuhiDc ice a ea-e cf any of tM abjve die- mm wh>oh ! oaoant M"*?dilT and |frrv aently oare, iettheea?e beoid or c-v. No4i?>tmc rMOirtd ; aothiac 1'HpNtbM la Mr P*r'- af Uta J0?n?Aatioue free. Eoojb* vary jrivat*. M. La BO.NTA. Room (flret floor) Washington Bci .^let. mh J5-l:n" Pa. avaaa* ?uj nil at. n . (h?iiunfn m ilnj IMIII tA ln<nm ?- ? * tendad tE?i rExer eaa to \VU)n.end *?-. _j? H?p?rr1 tn Trarairr' Marob&rdiae^ Hank ^oM?, ^r?o<?. Jewe'ry, Jba.jtn ail p?n? of tha MiddU, Vw SntlmtU uic W?IM Stttw %aa OriU?. Consaotlnc with the moat ^w>ocrb:* throughont tue oowt'i, we are eoan.*d m> ewer aaiwel/irf /aeiltivai to all who sum ta*or ua wivh their Mtrouace. For t?nn? and further ioforsa?k???WtT _ K * ftMlt H, AtaeC TUixd at.,*; dror ba^w Pa. ?*aoaa, **?-?"> WMCmmTDC., QECIDEO bargains. naep Gooda, a fall asaortawut au klnda ol the b?t Embroid'enea end Pooket Baadk while. rani nff&ZISS N^iw'FlMn.L,, _ P.aan W bite and Plaid Cambrtoa aod Maaiia*. All of theaU>reai oae p roverbially lrv pitta, marked is plain ftrnraa, the aotaal oaah mu4t! " ^S8??RSL* WH ?2;vj: 2?rffi32i ? *Lt n"? rfwi?v<j ^ntli n Uif iMt ufty 0^ two % swa: - '4 ?J which we ve eelinc at *eif , ??.^ggiRSAg?lfc, DEAD WITH DECISION AWD AOX ?IT? [ - ?,^ub."^5sgsg^ E?tt^u? fur^jLdiw&!5?*rT' jjuswasrsnsstsa 3pffi?^<2?5 perfect and mdioal wwiWM ton OMtpfv MT* or "? W-fcw* I ** _ OOAL ClJb-jgOAt OIL' .. ~

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