Newspaper of Evening Star, April 3, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 3, 1862 Page 4
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t I i i . . i KVKMlftCr STAK. I Drmmn'lc ItMU Mia Lucille Western la OH at tbe Holidayetreet Theater, Baltimore At N*w York tbe .unnapfDenta are generally well parroolxM At Nlblo's, Jamta combtna tlon company ere eoirurd for twelve ntibh At W&Uack'atber are still playing tbe old comedies. Tbe "Peep-o'-day" 1* still on tbe boarda at Laura Keen'a At thf Winter Garden the principal attraction la Mlaa Matilda Heron, who la playing Gamilie. J \VUkea Bootb ta at Marr Provost's Theatre George Chrlaty'a Minstrels open at Rochester, Wew York, thla (Thursday) evening. The Holman Opera Troupe are at the Metropolitan Town, IB lacmar city. Campbell's Minstrels are In Nashville. Tenmww, performing to good houses Tbetilaaablowert are In Buhlo. Mtos Annie genter m the chief attraction at the Providence (R.I.) Theatre. Via Ambnrg's Menagerje opena la New York on Thursday night. John Brougham la pitying In Dublin. Saunders' New* Letter aavs of his 9ir Patrick O'Plenlpo/fo the "Irish Amlwwdor'' Mr. Brougham made Sir Plealpo what be ?u Intended to or?an Irlab gentlemen; and bv means the moat natural nd legit:a?ate kept the audience in roam of laughter (n the truest and strictest sense of the term. Mr. Brragham Is an actor who has brought . into hit profession refined taate, keen perceptive qualities, and the art of thoroughly identifying himself with the character be represents on the tage ? Mlaa Ada Isaars Menkin la playing Pip. in 'Great Expectations." at the Louisville (Ky ) Theater. The Old Folk* opened in Cincinnati on Mon, day evening. Miss Annetia loee la at Wood's Theater In the same city. J. B. Roberts played Belpbegor for hla benefit at the National Theater on Friday night last. As Ihm-jdttw Cowvlict ?It la dimcult to see i how the two adverse armies at Savannah and Corlatb can be long kept apart A battle in that quart r would seenri to be imminent, though it may not take place for several days. The rebel* bave for soice time been concentrating large lorcos there, and 3 determined stand will undoubtedly bt- made Corinth, Tishlmlngo county, Mississippi, Is situated in a hilly country, dotted spurs of the Apalacbtan range It Is the junction of the Mem pc:c ana CBariestnn and Mobile and Charleston Railroads, srd trrtn the intact communication of the Atlantic and Gulf seaboards It fortfm the jlih%0i\nz ot Beauregard's Vine for the defense cf Memphis. the left resting a; Jackson, fenBm?e. Expelled from Corinth. the right wing of the rebels wool J probably fall back upon Grand j jaactiorf. the converging point of the Memphis ? and Charleston red Mississippi Central Railroads, forty-one mile* from Corinth and fifty-two from Memphis. In the capture of Memphis we anticipate some of the finest military maneuvers that have been witnessed !c the art of war for many yeara. A plendid field is presented for strategic and tactical skill on both s?d?s, and It may'not be many day* brfare .ne active operations are begun.?Sf? l.ouu Keyuritcan. EX-PRBSTPK-ST PlKRCK a*t> the GoLDK!* ClEclk ?It appears from an official correspondence that, towara the close of last year, a letter written by a Dr. Hopklifs came into the possession of the Stilts inont I? ?? ?l.?.1- J L-4 lucicia siaicu iiiai an or^anlz Uiosi bad been formed by which the roem* bers of the "Knights of the Golden Circle' were to rush 'ato the army and naval service of the Federal Government, and thnsgain influence and position for carrying out their treasonable schemes. *nd further, that ex-President Pierre was among the prominent members When this letter was received, a note wu Esut to ex-Presideut Pierce, ^nclosirg an eitract from It. xaying, "Yonr name Is connected with a secret league, the object of which is to overthrow tfce Government. Any Information on the subject will be acceptable.'' Ex President Pictee in Vfiv, exj reused bis surprise thai esen a seeming credence should be given to the charge. He appvaled to hi* general course as a complete refutation of tbe siauder, and remarks that he never belonged to any secret league, society or association, and further objecta to the form of the Dote Secretary Seward, in reply, explains that the note was written by William Hunter. ehl*"f clerk of the l>epartment, ai:d ,.r?.uo .hi un uiwuiKn unarr waiCQ Br 9!gEr<l it. He regrets that It gave offence, and offers en apology. II7"Br,g tisn Phelps, in command at Bhip lgl'-ud, is & very plain man In hla dress, and In speecu very alow and precise It it said when Col French's regiment arrived, h* waiked a? to a ?qnad of Capt. Kelly's Zouaves, whose ^?c:)tiar dress attracted h s attention, and asked, " Wh?t-p?n-of the show-do yew-belongto*" "Capt Kelly's Zouave:, Sir," replied one. 'Oh. oldiers'" said the General, "I thonght >ou www?t/il I ? riVT7S * RSSKLUO* P HA ICED DcUV'S. pfior Lt^sxae^i'd. for three-sn^nttu soldier* prays, Fit which he noucty prvmiae* and thank* 3a* f.ooialana drafts at ninety dipt CiD't meet toe checks 011 Mlssiaalppi iauks ' ~~CrnE-C0RNS-BUNI01VS. MR PERUR!.\T, Yirjeoa Chiropodist, from Par:*, fejs u> Intern yon mat ho can effects aily remoy-j Coras and Ujt.iols without ?ain, *o that tha shae eaa be vera in. n?d!at?iy af ?r tfte rperat.ou, t :.< at iuooc*. jpj'cc?. Also retnav*e Waruv. > < ??* : awous fiaab from tea fcandt. a' that tba? ?ili ?pp?ar sua,. a&U deucats. No. la Seuaet.neatC":? Hal!. Chares woJerate. P"7* Refere to tile d'*Jtor? of v. aahiifton generally; n?h 6 tf snsiTis: a*D i3aOTHBH'? NEW TOKX &%, A\ it iliSSii pp m Aa\\ ii &IV AA AA ft :KK f?P JUL A A AAA Lb ; EE ft AA^ AA ilLLLLL EEF.EEEE ?F AA AA LLLLLL EEEEEEE %*Y>X VMS? J|% 4|y^x AA I*!. EEEEEEK AAA ? , EfcEEF.EK A AAA i i EE A AAA A i < EE AA AA EE KK AA AA ^ EEEE AA AAA AAA * j EE AA *A m:i?fcfc ilfliii AA AA LLLLLLL CiLLLLhA ftmiot AMBCh ALE, fORTKK, AND SXTAA BROWN STOUT, In ITkoU, H*lf, **i Qu+rUr Cmakt, BtBWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY, 191k Strut, kttwwi Ttfc aa4 Mk Artaitt, NEW YORK. ??T-4ti?a Wall, Stephens * Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AMD DliUU I* ? WORDS. BAME8, BELTS. E*A'JLETS. SHOULDER STRAP*. A UNTLET8, ?LOV ES, * . AW very nrMr ? ( MM AD J MADE CLOTHING, A* 1*1 lAti* *f Pa*** WALL. STEPHENS k. CO.. 994 P?nn?>.T*Ei* fcreaae, betVMa u 11 UttWl * ?lh md h*i f. rpo AHLlTAftY Q17IOISl< AND OTMSftS. MATCHSLOK'S & EN Wilt* MAJA M7M. | TIM B?M im Xk? World. tU OW* IUkm*U mmd HmmUu Mr B? Ktmm. ssKtvrsr raaes&fiSsm ?w? ?..... DIAL VARiB KID GL0VE8, FOR LADIES, 1% ail w\%m Ked ooiora, ve-y S??t ?uaJ!ty. Also. Mr mtl /nil utook of Dry Boodm, in all dMMparuMauorfupiir iu'i. On* ftiM omy, narked Id pi*:c tntM. " PERRV A IIRO., mhUSt Pnw-Md Ninth ?tra?c A NERVOUS DEBILITY, OR BFERoBmqmI of U?AdT?rUMT, who hu thu ?3?i$PiggS6 co?t yrioM, for afcj d^i ??.-?.p A FINK mH?gl of TiM ftiii? Ajteh ftttrt* Tracks. H*u Mi lw k ^aJITH'S.'-Tfo. 711 WMiwVo,! * ? * > 37th do do.... f Qaartermacter'a em39th do do.... 10 ^ plor***... 39th do t Cltlx^m, . 5 40th do do....11 PrlMMrofwar I 43d do do.... 4 TTtTT 44th do do.... 14 Vdd.tti?....?.IM9 ?0th do do..,. 11 * % f 14|h do do 1 !Vth iadlaiu Vol7 l?tb do do.... 1 27tk do do 1 l*h do 4#....UldMlcUn?V?J a?A 1?*? 8 ?* 40 d0 ? M 22 do.... 14th do do ? 21 5? *? 1 **i do do. 81 2? 1??* 5 ? Wtaeoarta Vol.... 4 *Kh do do.... a jd do do 1 ?Ttk do do....10 5th do do 3 ?tl do do.... 1 Oth do do 2a a?'" t n* mn?oU Cininr'.'.Uo ?JOvfi QO do. ?|( 1 CsiQCfOQ DfftffOOBl flU atd do dr.... 3 , *?u uo ao Ma ao ao.,Mt, 1 5th do do?...8l Wd do do t 6th do do 10 96th do do 10 LstNewJeraeyCavalrv33 with do do a lit do Vol.... 3 90th do do 8 3d do do 9 106 th do do......So 4th do do 10 1st do Rtflr* 0 ?th do do 1 lit do Cavalry..... 3 Ut do Art.... 1 *d do do i 1st New York Vol..., ij3d do do 8 itth do do.... tf111th do do a 13th do do.... 8list da Artlllorv ... 4 ~ I UU UU. . ? 1 3d do do 1 lit do Cavalry. 1 5th do do 4 2d do do 1 2d Maine Volunteers. 5 91k do do 4 3d do do......14 2d Penn. Voluntatis . 6 4th do do 7 5th do do 1 5th do do..,...!ltf (Mh do do...... 5 8th do do...... 2 7th do do I 7th do do 23 10th do do 2 5t a N Hampshire Vol. 6 l*h do do 3 9th do do. 1 30d do do...... 1 id Massachusetts Vol. 4 4?th do do i 9th do do.. 2 49th do do...... a 12th do do.. 2 53d do do 20 18th do do.. 2 54th do do...... 1 ?*<1 do do.. 7 57th do do..,...11 lrt do Itat.. 1 81st do do...... 'J lit do Art.. 1 OJd do do ^ 4th Khods Island Art. 1 63d do do 8 2d VermontVolunteers 8 74th do do...... l 3d do do..... 4 Slat do do s daW J. J- J -M - m. uu IAO* >> il/IQ UO (10* 10 4th do do 11 61st do do.... 4 6ch do do 13 (13d do do....14 8th do do 1 Mth do do.... 4 10th d? do 1 Mth do do....17 11th do do 3 09th do do....17 18th do do. 26 77th do do....97 14th do do. 0 87th do do.... 0 I7lh do do 8 98th do do.... 6 'id do SLarps'rs... 2 Wth do do.,.. 1 4th do Cavalry 1 l?t New York ArtlUaryM 5th do do 5.3d do do.... 1 fith do do 9iIndependent Battery . 6 .1st do Artillery.... 1 11th do Battery. 0 >,? Ai. in ?>"?** M ?u uu vaviuy jj unema uavairy ..... 1 5th do do S|l*tNewJeraeyCavairy 1 tli dft do 0 Utta New Jersey Vol. 1 4th do Artillery. .. 1 54d Prnn. Volunteer*. J 11th .'daine Volunteer* 1 UMthdo do...... 1 l*t Ma&sachu*etta Vol. 1 107thdo do...... 1 19th do do.. 1 19th Indiana Vol 1 tttd do d*.. 1 ad D C. Volunteer*... 9 lit New York Artillery 4 'id Berdan t*harp*'r*.. 8 18ihNew York Vol... 1 Quartermaster'* Dep't 1 37th do do.... 1 ? 61st do da.... 1 Total. ....43 At Fifth District School Howt Hospital, Branch of U*%*ral HosjilM at Eckingtom, March 86. i*i California Vol lj9Sd New York Vol ... 8 1st U. B. Chasaeurg ... 1931 do do.... 1 2d D. C Volnnteera,. 1 lOQd do do.... 1 8th U. 8 Artillery.... 1 ? Tint Peon Volunteer*. 1 Total & 8Mb New York Vol-...14 At Owil HotfiUU, AUztuUrim, Alarch SB. ?Tu7*. Infantry....1 l|Vid New~Ywk Vol... tl A* ?>* nvjpuoi, jstuiim i>fO* A, MarsA SS. 25tb New York Vol... 1 54th New York Vol... 9 5th Vermont Volunteers 1 73d Penn. Volunteers. 1 22d New York Vol... 1 ?teth New York Vol... 1 41st do do.... 1 13th do do.. ..19 Cameron Rifles 1 I5tb Ma?s Volunteer*. 1 Excelsior Artillery Vol 2 ?*th Penn.Volunteers. 0 6-4'b New York Vol... 1 43d New York Vol... 1? 0th N Hemoshlre Vol 1 5th Wisconsin Vol... 7 7dih New York Vol .. 1 49th Penn Volunteers. 6 C7tb Penn Volnnteers. C 6th Maine Volunteers. 4 ICth New Jersey Vol. 5 1st U 8. Chasseurs... 1 6?th New York Vol .. 7 &6th New York Vol.. S fl-Ji Penn. Volunteers. 1 2d Maine Volnnteers. 3 Total .......91 6e?h New York Vol.. 1 St'k 1m tkt Horpitml /or ErupHu Kaioramm, March 8s. 2d U. S. Infantry 1 Slst Nrw York Vol... 3 6th do do 1 9Gth do do.... 2 OA "?* * ? " At lnitw Hapifl (J'aten f OJtle?), Wanking Ion, d. c.t m*tck 29. lWh Indian* Vol 61 Slut Venn. Volunteers 9 13th do do....*. I 10?tb do do,... 2 52d New York Vol... 126th do do.... 6 6!?t do do.... ? 61st do do.... 1 6:it do do*... 3 do do.... 7 PM do do,... 2 i<3d do do 1 ?5th do do.... 215th do Artillery.. 3 93d do do.... 6 IstU 8 Sharpshooters 4 55th do do.... 5 2d do d?...... 3 7CJh do do.... I itb Michigan Vol.... 2 77th do do.... 1 31 do do.... 1 ?d do do.....1 Oneida Cavalry 10 57th do do.... 4 McClellan Dragoons.. 2 13th do do....13 3d Virginia Vol 1 9th New York CaTmlrylO 11th Maine Volunteers 5 8th do do.. 13 14th U. 8 Infantry ... 3 7th do do., i Cameron Dragoon*... 7 ?24 Penn. Volunteers. 3 Citizen 1 l?3d do do.... 2 ?? Geth do do.... 2 Total............219 % 1st do do.... 6 4* C? rr (ft J do do 71 At Gimr*1 Hoifital, (CirtU,) Watkmgtom, March 2fl. lit U. ?. Cavalry I 17th U. 8. Infantry.... 8 '2d do do 1 t?tNew York Artillery 2 ifh do do 2 2d do Cavalry . 1 5th do do 2 '3th do Vol,.... 4 Oth do do.. 3 fi'2d do do..... 1 1st do Artillery.... 7 3d Penn. Cavalry.... 1 2d do do y -6'.u do Volunteers. 1 31 do do 7 96th do do...... 1 4th do do........ 4 V9tb do do...... t 5th do do 5i lit Vermont Cavalry . 1 2d do Infantry.....23 3d Vermont Volunteers 1 3d do do........H 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 4'h do do 19 1st Minnesota Vol.... 1 6th do do 3 Stockton's Mich.V?1(?)1 10th do do 4 ltth do do 2 Total 130 12th do do 5 (a) Assistant Surgeon. 38th do do.... 3. ?? 43d do do.... 1 Total 3? 44tk do do....29; At (intral HotpiuU, Union Hottl, romtt Bridft m*rt Washington Urttts, OtorgHown, Mirth 28. tat New York Art. .. 1 7i?tPer.a. Volunteers. 1 13th do Vol...l7*?34 do do 11 14th do do.... 10 034 do do 3 17th do do.... 7 Kftd do do 2 19th do do.... 1 Kane'? Rlftp* 3 25th do do.... 1,7th Mom. Volunteer*. 3 2Sth do do.... 1 iith do do...... 6 33d do do.... 3 Hth do do \ 44th do do.... 17 i2d do do 16 4*th do do.... 1 Stockton'sMich Vol.151 Mth do do.... 2 4th Michigan Vol.... 3 62d do do,... 5 2d Main* Volunteers..14 81st do do.... 5 3d Kxrelalor Brigade. 3 93d do do.... 2 1st do do.... 1 0th New York Cavalry 1 4th Vermont Vol 1 let Pern. Cavalry.... 4 5th do do...... 3 8th do do..:...10 6ih do do...... 3 2d do- Volunteer#. 1 Mott'i Battery 1 4th do do 2 Cameron Rifles 1 fith do do...... 2 1st Long Island Vol.. 1 Pth do do..,,,. 1 Signe.l Corps 2 9th do do...... 3 6 h U. 8. Cavalry,.... 2 10th dn do 1 11th do infantry.... 1 23d do do.?..?. 1 1st do Cha*?eura... 1 49th do do...... 4 ? filst do do 1 Total 20R t-tockton's Mirb Vol.23 9?th do do 1 2d Michigan Vol 1 103d do do...... 1 4th do do IS tut do Rwnt.... 4 5th do do I 3d do do 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 4th do do 1 5th do do 1 5th do do. 1 2d Rhode Island Vol.11 43d do do 1 4th do Art . 9 6th do Cavalry 35 13th New York Vol... 8 3d do do 12 14th do. do.... p 1st do Rifle* 4 l?th do do.... 13 4lhCameron Dragoons 6 35th do do.... 5' 1st U. 9. Obnswurs... 1 33d do do.... 2 l?th Indiana Vol 5 35th dr. do l Officer's servant...... 1 ?ta AHO movnvxM* solvism IN L- BMriTU P%Mitksd in eomfermdty Vftth tks rttofution of tk* BmsU oj July 16, 1881 At flmlMfy Itupitml, emrguim, Mmrtk ? MU 1 luffcntry 5169th New York V*1... 4 4 4 V Ag\ 1 I fr)?4 (4n A*\ 1(1 ^ Ui UV WW. ? * J WV 3d do AnlU?rr.... 1 ?6th do do.... 3 id M?ine VolnrOeert . 1 77th do do....19 3d do do 2 Wh do do....10 7th do do 11 904 do do.... 1 MVermontVolanteera 4 3d NewYork ArtlU?ry43 3d Ma*?arhn*tt? Vol. 1 Id Penn Voluntw*. 1 7th do do.. 1 rmh do do 1 9th do d*.. 3 (1st do do 1 10th do do.. 1 6*1 do do 1 10th do do..17 Tlat do do 1 92d do do..90 33d do do ? 3d do Art.. 1 0.3d do do 8 10th New Jerapy Vol. 1 |06th do do 7 At DoufUu Hospital, eomtr of I ttrtit and Nrw Jtrtrf mwIM, Match t8 Major, Paytnaater.... 1 C3d N#w York Vol... 3 lat (J. ft. Artlliary.... 1 Mth do do.... ? 3d do do. awn ao ao.... ? 5th do Cavalry..( ) 0 00th do do...) 31 do Ialkntay.... 1 70th do do.... l Ath do do........ A 88tk do do.... s ltth do do. 14 Otth do do.... l 17th do do 0 00th do do.... 1 Oth Maine Volunteer*. 3 lOUt do d".... 4 5th N. BampabUe Vol 3 I03d 1 de do ... a Sd Vermont volunteer* 6 I04th do d*.... l 4th do do...(ft) 1 let NewJeraeyCaralry 0 31 Maaaachoaetta Art. 1 Cameron Dragoon*. * 4 15th do Vol. 3 let Penn. Cavalry .... 1 80th d? do.. 1 3d do do...... 1 Wd do do.. 3 0th do do 5 9d Rhode I aland Vol. * 3d do ftmrre .. I Ut New York Artillery 4 3d do Volntrteera.. S K-? ? w . I Ittk An J. ' 7 IUI . 1 . A(Ui'V?r*t A ?V UU,IMM 1 Dlek'n N Y. Art..(e) 193d do do 7 4tk New York Cava'rv 1 97?h do do 1 8th do do (d) 1 31st do do 6 lat U 8. Cbmaaeura ..lft 4Mb do do | 1 at Long Ialaad Vol..14 53d do do...... 4 2d New York Vol ... 1 61at do do 9 8th do do.... 3 74th do do 6 17th do do,... 3 S3d do do..(V) 1 90th do do....13 88th do do...... 1 93d do do.... 18 Oiat do do...... 9 95th do do.... 3 did do do......17 33d do do.(?) 1 98th do do (g) 1 34th do do.... 7 109d do do ..... 1 41et do do.... 2 107thdo do ..... 5 491 do do.... 2 2d D. C. Volunteer* .. 1 43d do do.... 3 7th Michigan Vol.... 1 45th do do.... 4 5th Wlsconnln Vol... 9 53d do do 1 5ith do do.... I Total 873 56th do do.... 1 fa) Chaplain, (b) CaDtafn it\ vim tenant (d) Analttsnt Surgeon* 'C.)~C*&n. I (/) First Lieutenant. (g) Captain. At Ottmul Horpital, (E eking ton,) Was king ton, Marrk 23 lit U S. Cavalry..... 6 0?tb New York Vol... 2 3d do do 3 li#d do do.... 3 Gth do do lu lOQd do do.... 4 1st NpwJeraeyCtvalry 2 107th do do.... 3 8th Penn. Cavalry.... 3 1st tferdan Sharps'r*.. 1 lat do Artillery... 7 id do do...... 2 l*t New York Artillery 2|5th U. 9. Artillery.... 1 54th Penn.Volunteera. 2 17th do Infantry.... 1 75th do do 1 7th Maine Volunteer*. 2 23d New YorkVol... 1 Michigan Indp't Vol. 1 27th do do.... 1 'id D C. Volunteer*.. 1 fifth do do.... 1 ? !ua ao do.... 2| Total.............6-2 (?7* Washington paper* pleue copy and aend bills to the War Department. *pr 2?3t Bu* joKKkTon, A&tlliUBE LUCi HOIPIIAI, Xw dtu?*rU tk? *#rt Crnm, Sfttijr umI Miy Jiftetumi A*mu4f m tti Trtrirf, FOJt ALL DISiiASKSOF IMPRVDEMOK. AMY NO FALSE DELICACY FREfMNT. APPLY 1MMED1A?LY. A 99KE WARRANTED, OR NO CHAKOM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WMkiMaaf U? Saak, vrliiarai, Afcttiaca af U? Eldaara and ladder .:aT?iaai?TT Dliuupi, ImpniMf, ?Mil Da Ml it 7, Iiiknkw. Dyapapaa, kirriu, Oafaataa af Idaaa, fcr? punta, rilpuun N lb* liut, Ttaalditt, TnaMinft, Dimnax af fe(k! if iddii.aa*, Dlaaaaa af Ua ad, Tsraat, Kmi ar kin, Afaattana af tha Larri, '. rank ?r Tarrtala Diaardara uuh| frrta Mi*.rj lafeita af Vaa-.l?thaaa DtaacUal aud Dar-raettva Piaatlaai whiafe Ntlil Mvfilfl lrapaaaibla, la* 4hV*t *aU ad* aad MUd. YOVN& MEN Ba pa el illy vba hare bawni the Ticuma af Salluir Tlaa, thai diaadtal and iiitneuti habit tMU aacull; tvatpa la an utinaly frava tlieaaanda af Tearf Maa af tha aaat aukad ulaou ?od kn lianl luullaat, wba might atha??iaa ha*a aotranaad liaumnf Saoataa with tha thandara af aieBauaa ar waked ta ecetaap the llviag ljrra, ataf tail with il taaldaat*. MARRIAVB. lilllll rilll*i,nTau| Mas aaateapiaUaf Marriage, k?luj_?ware af phjtleal araakaaai, erftale detHitr. tntmiau, * ,, IDMHI? iMM. vba puctt hiraaal: aadar tfct tut W Bt. S. at ay rallfl aa!y aatilda la hla kauar u a faailasta u4 aaai-iaaUy raly ap?o hli skill u a f kjaleiaa. OFFICE Ho. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. I?ft kud aid* ratof f?*m lalumara itttit. ill* <wn tnm Ik* misii. fill hi W itaim uai u4 inkir. kimn M kt paid ui aauitla a lUaf. DR JOHNSTON, MmMi af Ua Eayai Oa?Ufa < Bmrf tn, LmIm, nidiat* ham *t Uia icaat arosi.tot Caliifta U Ua Icliad luui, and th? r???ta? failaf vtaaaa lift baa kaan apaot la Ik* kaaatula ?l Laadaa, Paria, Ptuladalphia and vfcara, kaa afaciad aama af Ik* raaat aaianiaMng aaraa thai vara it<( knave i many ttaaklad arith vutfi-if in iba baad and aan whaa atlaap; fraet aarvaaanaaa, kainf alarratd at aaddaa aaanda. kaahfalcaaa wilk frtqaaut klaialnc, attandad aamaun** vtia aaraa( . ?m af Bind, tsit ?ar*4 taaaattatalj. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. 1 Ni| Mac ud athara -aba h*?a la)mrad thairialraa by a Mrum praeuca lodklf ad m vhan alasa?a habit fraqaantfy laamad fraia ?t11 taapaiiiaoa. ar at ubMl, iha alaaia af ?hl*? art oljb'Jy fait a?an whaa aalaap, and if aat catad, ran Jar* c prrt*j? lmpaaaiala. tad daauaya b*U miad aad bady, ahaaid apply lmmadiau'y. Thata .;a aaroa af uba tad aad malaaabaly afiautradaaad by aar!? habit# af yaaU, all I Waaknaas af tha lack aad Uiaba, Paina totha Haad, Pimnaaa af Bight, baaa af Ma?a?-a? Pavar, F*lp:uuao af loa Maatt, Oyipapay, Mar au tinukUliT, Dararfaman: af tha Uifaativa rmaauaaa, 4aaaral ability, y.r.piaraa af Cataampuau, 4a. MIKTtLLT.-ni faarfai affaet* ao tka rUad in aaak ta ka draadid?Uaaa af Mamary, Canfaaian af Idaa?, Daaraaaiaa f Mptrlu, K?il Farakalicici, Araraiao * Sac aty, 4alf-OUiraat, U'l af Iwtwtda, Timidity, aw., af* nsi af Ua arm pradaaad. Mur?Ti BlIILIir.-naMali mi aav jadfa vkai la Ua taaaa af Uai* datiinlaf baalU, laaiaf Ualr vtfar, baaaalaf vaak, pala, nartaaa aad aisaciatad, haTitf a aiafaiu igM?l ikut Ua ayaa, aal|k ar ajmpvaoi af waiwp DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Vku tke 'JfiiJid and imp radeat 'ituy ef fiHilll lidi kt tu lskikad tae ?eed? af ih<* par.fai dlaaaaa, it taa aft a* aappeoe tfcat aa Illumed eaoea af ek> ite at dread cf dlua'an dtie re Kin frem applying ta thaee vba, (Vara edacaura aad teapeetakUuy, ua eiaoe kefriead hum. la fall* lc.a Die kaade af lfoaraat aad deelgnlnf preundtre, vha, loeapakle ef carina, tick kit peeuuary ??% '. ree, keep kiia tntiag aaantk aflat maotk, ar u laar ae taa ercaileet fee tea ke eetalaed,

and ia deapalr leaveaim vltk rained he&ha ta ?!*k ever aie falling die;ppetauaaot; er ky the ate af Otsl deadly pe.aeti?Mercery?hittea tka (aaau:auaael eynaiazae af tfcfe tarrikla dleeata, eack ae Af eatieae ef the Be* r., TJ-reai, lead, kia, Aa., pregreeting with frigkifal rapidity, ulldtatk pat* a er?4 u ei? dietdfal eafertnge ky eeadiiif klsteiketaadUaarered aaaatrr (ram whaae ku,.> u - DR. JOHNSON'S RBMEDT FOR OR&ANM WEAKNESS AND 1M POTENCY. B ? Ola met u4 lBMrtui itaii; viUtui *f U* Ntui at* ?tartd udhu ?lpi rmttid. TkNtudi *7 Ut mi a?r>?? ud daklUiuad, vka k&4 Uat UI Mp?, kin bill uaaaadUtaiy Hllmi All la*f*dUa??ta U UuTU[l,rk;titil u Moul BlicMillMtlMM.kMi ( FNWulifl Ptvii, liniu Wrlukil'i*, TmakLU* ud WuUm *t Buiuila* W U? mm rMinl kfed ipaadUj UMd. ENDORSEMENT Of 1 HE PRESS. m hkt ia**d *t u? u??iutu? W<UU Ik* Uat U'tillH ud (k? r.iaimi in|?rtut ??irlMl qiitUMi parftKMd k* Dr. Mvui, vttatMtd ky a* NMiun ?f uipi>?iiud bu; <U<> iiih-i, ulliu ?f Vtia kti? iniuil iftla ud tftli k*f?>* Ui aakiU, k?ddu ki* nuoaf u a (utltau ?f ikintMi ui mnimitdlltf, la a id*Uil tuiulM M Ui llillid. aui lUf /^\nSO&i EJ a INIf NEW I y-% ? - mm uimctim f ai XlKf inXti! mlUf 4* 891 C J(TH), ctpatiu oyey e {' Vlr^iLM k d la the Baail anc VhvromrJy Cooke-i (&r m 6 r?ut) l& mi ?,ffcvt?j, tk$ fmtUii H?u m rtivrd. 0*. and *?, *h# acaereiiaM ?-ea*Mtf?iiy inform* hu friend* In the Dutriot, and aialtora to the oity, that he haa refitted Ua old w-c aitwiiowH 5it*.bliik**h* 3h a moet thorough manner, and _u made com ate arrantemenu to forniah oySTEKS in any style and in any quantity. 400 to 400 gallona ahnokea aer day. 1,000 to 1/00 oana of Myioed and Fneaa aut ay daily?oana hermetically aealed. fr'arnianed In the eaell by the baahel or barrelT Persona wiahinc to have Oyater* furniahad re*atarly throeih the viator, at Baiunor# pnsee, without toaro/lailaro, ahoald oail and make ar. ?a/tunor# Mtabh.hmeau. rVtr?* ' JI*??Ii?? Frsah Lob?t?r?, Cod. Halibut. &e. kiu^.V.TTf/tf"ni'?/ " in P?8 riorthera mar;?5KaM8? saavwres-* ^ saa; s staa&ss** s^^^Sr^y.t&.Tr &s a ?"? T. M. HARVET. E^\YnF?iRJSVN'? INTEREST -That fine J-< stock of Clothing for sale orer 6alU* Jewelry Store ia now offered at lean than whniMkin mri*Z2 ?i BJgJTtt'd, No. 4BO 8?venth striwIyO^OBlie THK PEOPLE'S CLOTHING BTOEE, No, 464) seventh ai, Always ahead! NewarnYal of Htnnf Good*, all the lateet atrlw of Clothing, at No. 4?0 beveatL street, near r. fall ta |?OK BALE-A fine (took of Clotbinf, Furaiah r mc Good*, Trunk*. Hau ana Cap*? at whol* m e at No 4?0 aeyeuUi atreet, o?j>o*ite mi ?a r<KNr8 Furnishing Goods, Trunks, Clothing, VJ Trunks, Hat* aud Ciii.illtt Northern fnoea, at the People's Clouuuc Store, Ne. 460 7th atrs t. CH1RT8, SHIRTS, ?RIRTS!-Juet reeeired ? !? doieo Shirts, which w? offer at old arioee, at HMITH'S. No. 4641 t*?vitnth at. i* n-sm /iLOJllOUB NEWS?BURN SIDE'S EXPEU dinona perfect auooess. But sextto thatia the Great Bargains now offered in Clothing,Famishing lioods. Trunka, Hati and Cape, at the P t? raet 0?oeU* 466 7th sU-eH^o^pivVV ALL. STEPHENS * CO., ? t-tf Kp,R0AM1 ?TUIA^NKKT?. H^L/^OBK^AO.", wuoa w* UiTttaail ouh rutMMnu??1n? .? m^SSSWSAftfc, 1 m* r ^ ? THE GREAT "AMERICA*! REMEDIED" Known * HELMBOLD'S GBNUIHE PREPARATIONS, vix: HBLMBOLD'S EXTRACT ?BVCHV,? ? " 8AR8APAEJLLA " IMPROVED ROSE WASH HBLMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. -HJOHL Y CONCENTRATED" COMPO VXD FL UID EXTRACT E UCH U. A Poeitive and Sjeo.fio Reinedy For PUmii of the BLADDER. KIDiSEYS, ?RAVEL, and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thia Madioioe morMMi the fower of Di*esaoB. and tscUee the ABSOR BENTS into healthy Mtion. bywtichtha WATERY OR CALCAREOUS demolition*, and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS are rftdaoeJ, a? veil aa PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and la good for MEN, WOMEN, UR CHILDREN. HELMEOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHl\ For WaakneetM Artaing from Exombm, Habit* of DlMipatioa, Early Indlvoretion or Abuee. x AttrndfdwitX tktfoUoiriu* Svmpt?m<:? l&dispoiibon to Exertion, Loss ?! Tover, Wm of Memory, Difficult/ of Rreathin*, eak Nfrves. Trembling, Horror n? Disease, Wakefn'Lees, pnnneegof Vision, Pud in tie Back, Universal Lasntmie of the Museular System, Ilot Hands, i- lnshinx of the fo't Dryness of the 8kin, Eruptions on the Ftre PALLID COUNTENANCE, These synptomt. if allowed togonn. vhioh ti-ia medicine invariably removes, soon follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of whioh the patient may expire. Who o?n say that they are not frequently followed by those "DIKEFUL DISEASES," "iiwanin apiu uu^biinun." Man? are ?*?r? of the oant* of their *ffVru,<, BIT NONE WILL CONFES*. THK RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. And the Melancholy Deaths hy Consvmption, ua ajfpi.v witmsh* to thb truth cf tht? iHltTlOS. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH OR8ANIC WEAKNESS. Requires the aid of medicine to strengthen acd InTifom'e the Sjttem. WkuK HSLMBOLL'S EXTRACT BUCHV in variably dots. l triai. wtll cohvisck thk most skspt'f al. FEMALES? FEMALES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In many Affections peculiar to Females, the Extract Bnnho i? nn?qualled bjr anr other rnme?ljr, a? in Chloria or Retention, Irrexa'aritr, P*icfulne?? or Suppression of Customary * vncu auona, U loeratea or scirrhon* atate ol Ute I torus, Leuonrrhcea or Whitea. Stori'.ity, and for all ?omp!aiat? inoiden' to the box whether anting rom Indiscretion, Habtta of l)uaipati>n>, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. SEE fTMPTOMS ABOVK. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! tak? no hori balaam, ms&ccr . .or rsplra*akt mrdicimks for bsplral! ant aso dasojrol" di8rabb*. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT PUCHU CV res SECRET DISEA^JS In all their states. At littJe Kipenee, Little or no change tn Diet, No inconvenience, Ani no IspotVTt, Itoauses a fre?oent <ie*i-e and givea strength to Urinate, thereby removing obitrootions. rroT0Ri;nx un murine cinctures 01 tne b ret firs. A laying Pain and Infla.mnna.tion, frequent in tboc.Msof dueaaea. and 'xpe.libg all Po.stncus, Diuattd and worn out Matter. thoriand* upon thoc?aj?m WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have Mid hkavt fki to he cored in a kortnme, h&ve foimd they were deoerved. and that the " POTION" haa- h? iheo6e<"-f' powebftl a?tki*o?wts," been dn?d up in the tyatem, to Dreak out in an aggravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Uea Hklxbold's FxT*AOf Buchtj tor Ml tfeatl^ns Mid d>?ease* of th? URINARY ORGANS, WbetL r matin* in MALE OR FEMALE, Prom what?\ er cans? originating, and so natter of HOW LONG STANDING, Dtaeaaea ot theae Organa r^uire the aid of a DIURETIC. HKI MBOLD'S EITRACTSVCHV IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, And la certain t.? have uie desired 6lfeot ia ali Diseases FOR WHICH IT 19 RECOMMENDED. ULUUDULUOD! HI.OOD' Halrnbold's Highly Corcmtrat-d Compound FLUID EXTRACT 8ARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. Tiaa is la an affection of ti<e bicoo. an J ATTACKS X IE SEXUAL ORGANS, LININGS OF THE NOSE, EARS, THROAT, WINDPIPE AND OTHEK MUCOUS SURFACES, Mak'.nc ita appear&noe m ma form of ULCERS. Helmboid'a Extract S&rMp&rilia, Purifiea the Blood, and removec all Scaly Eruptiona of the Skin, GIVING TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. it beibg prepared eapreealv ior tfcia c lib r.t nnm piUblt, tU Blood Purifying Properties are preserved to a greater extent loan ui oUir preparation of t<artapatilla. HELMBOLD'8 KOSK WASH, An exoeliecit Lotion for Diseatet of a SyphUitio Nature, and at an injection in Uimwm of tha Urinary Organ* anting Iroui uabiuof Di?tip*Uon, ated in oonneotion with the Kxuaott Builu or Elartaparnla. m tnoh JDiteatet at recommended. Evident* of the most reliable and res-pontible character will accompany Ik* mat nines. CERTIFICATES OF CtKES. >V*M 8 to 20 years' ztandint, ] 11t *t inn lvammh I50WK TO SC1KNCK AND FAME. ' For Medioal PioprieUa* ol UUCH W, im DUpeusatory of the Uiuttil State*. 8M Fiofea?or UEWEi'8 valuable work* on the Pr aotioe of Pliyelo. See remarks mads by tta lata celebrated Dr. PHYS1CK, Philadelphia. Sea remark* made by Dr. EPHRAIM Me DOWtLL. a celebrated Phyaioian and Member of the Royal Collece of Hurteona, Ireland, aid Sbashed in the Tranaacuon* ot the King ana ueen's Journal. See Medico Chirureioal Review, pnbliahed by BENJAMIN TRAVERS, Fellow of Royai Collece ol Surgeon*. See moat of the late Standard works on Medieine. Extract Buohu, ? 1U" per bottle, or a'z lor %b 00. Extract Sara&panha. #1 u0 per boite. or m for AC AA v WV. ^Imjproved Kom Wuh, so per bottle, or nix for Or, kalfdoaen ofeaoh lor 91200, whioh will be suAoieut to euro the most obstinate rases, if dl reotions are adhered to. Delivered to lay Address, seonreiy rooked from obeervation. DESCRIBE BYMPTO^S^IN ALL COMMUCvm Guaranteed 1 Adrtoe Gratis!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally before me, an Alderman of the city of Philadelphia, II. T. Hslmbolb, who be Lac daly sworn, doth say. his preparations oontain no narootio, no me'oary.or other injarione BEL?BOLa Sworn and sabeoribed before me^this 33d day of Addrara letters for information in oonfidoaoo to II. B. HELMBOLD. CbMUit, | 04 Sonth TootkSt bel.ChMnut Pkito. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS, Who endeavor to diepoee "or tint own" ui oimi* ' UTICLH Ol THB ummoi attawjb tr Mpboid'. Oonjun. gjWfgug. ' ? Sold br ALL DR UQ9ISTS frxMYWHjtRl ASK FOR HELMBOLDV. TAKE NO OTHER. Cat oat the advertisement aad send for it* AND AVOID IMPgwrnON AND t. ... ? ' 1MP0KTAHT TO FAailllt. > * v??"> tt ? HMrAIVANTS, HOTEL#. ftVlfV CBiii ?tia WV ?M0v?(yt vttWUK9f Al^ir v u in? WILI^iH TVGUR'I CHEAP WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, *?? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 6ROCCRIE8 AT HALF THE USUAL PRICE?, Havtng bun jtwrtkastd if Bankrupt M*rck?t$ Md otktri lUOKSI'l TUCK UK'S Groceries Liquors, Winet, Cigar*, * FOR FA MIL IKS, FOR nUTl KKS, ftH OFFICERS. T HAS, PINK. V MON C1GAK?.: C RACKKRS, BOSTON. K ETCHW9, IMPORThli, F. XTRA COFFEES. R AJSINS, MALAGA. READ OUR PRICES READ O V R PRICES t Extra Brown 9ngnr 9 "ents per pound White Sugar ..12 oent* per pound Fine Green Tea 50 centa per pound Fair Black Tea.... 50 centa per pound Extra Coffee W> centa per pound Good Coffee 16 centa per pound Wax Candlea ...3S centa per pound ' Malaga Ratal na 15 centa per pound Codfish,.... A centa per pound Imported Clgara ..50 centa per 109 Hrvana Clgara SI to S3 per loO Almonds 13 centa per pound Salt centa per bag Good Butter 19 cento *?er pound Extra Butter 30 ctnt per pound Fine Wines SI per bottle Whiskey 45 to 50 cento per bottle All other klnda of LIQUORS In proportion. Call and nee for youraelf. TUCKER'S. 325 i'ennaylnwta Amu ? WILtalAM TUSKER*' CHEAP URUt'ERY ffARCHOriS, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 38# PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUK. GROCERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having btm pwtUiW if Btutkruft Mt'cianti mmd Stuart'a Reined Sugara from 9 to U eta per j- r>und Extra Fine Green Tern 7ft " M Good Green Tea SO " ? Extra Fine Black Tea 7ft " " Good Black Tea Sw ? ? Old J&va Ooffee............30 ? Gcod CoSae lo >' t>ery ttfng elie in proporUoa HMMMMBBM, ?3CE?K*fl,39# PENNSYLVANIA AV&MVB TBCAii* I'ENNaVLVAMA A>A**B WiUIMM UfW)RTANT TO *AM1U1?3, &WTAURAJSTa, HOXBLS, GROOMS. AND OTHERS WILLIAM TVCUE1 CHEAP WHOLESALE AND AETAJL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, SM PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, St* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. GROCERIES kg MAL.1" THE USUAL PKiCEtf, pmchwd of h***rupt Kmthmmu mmi otkirt. TVCKKIf 8 TUCKER'S WU'^SSALB A.HD UtA.IL Rtaaapim T.lomwi Wi?*? FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, FINE. U NION CIGARS. C RACKERB, BOSTON. K ETCliLPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R A1SINS, MALAGA READ OUR FRICES READ OUR F R I C E Sf WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 3 9 4 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE ?iS PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE GOODWIN'S TOBACCO. H. H. WATTS'8 VOLUNTEER TOBAOCO. OROOERIES AT HALF THE USUAL PRICKS, Nhmi Um r*rtk*ud ff Bwmk* mpt Mtnktmt' mdmJksr,. REMEMBER, TUfflLER?,SS? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE TVCEER?S,SSf PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE P)+m W"BW1W' ' ?* -# TilA V ULLKKa' mum li'K t BALTIMORE * OHIO RAILROAD nv IIV*. c ha m& k or Horn*. \ ON AND AFTFE WXB*K?t<AT, AFBJL * IWt. TBI FUIIMII TIA.11M IITWIH WAtHINCTOfl, IlLimuill, AND THK WAST WU1 ram fo; ova: *" A~ For PHI LADHLl'HI A and NEW YOKKL*a?* Waahiftftor. at 6a in ,11 a m.aM 5 W ANNAPOLIS-Laara Watkmftoa at :?> * ?>r% R BI&fiCK ?Lear* Wa*hia|inn at 7.An a. si. and 3 V ?. m _ KK A I-1. P< 1NTP W W, _ oar'i Farrv. Martieibarc aa' Wiaehaatar, laara Wailn^ics ai:.4<a. m. TlLAtN* MOVING SOl'TH L*ar? Ne # Vorfr at 7 a m.; Phiadatpbi* 11 9* a. a Biiumora 3 an p n Arnvaat Waauicctoal*# p. m. LaavaNav Voik at fl . Pih:m* ?Ki? m v > I; Mm 4H4 m att.v* at e s>?. m. L???N??Yo'kull f.ra; Piu 'atejh.a f * in ; Ba'tnnor# 7.4/1 ?, in. Arrive at 'vaahinf faiMi Trail* 1ht? ha I.omk* at l&a- aa ano t\U p. m (ai nuljuior, arrive thore a* ii a. n u<l 7 ??> p m. Oa Sunday* at <_V ard : ? a m ot. y from R* i; 0?or?. No Atur'in or Frederick ooanoottoaa on Sanday. PaaaocKer Trama leaving w aaLitrton at 7 afa a. m. aad 5co?. ra.,a*d Baltimore at 7 an a m. a?-J 5 k) f. m.,make c ireot oosneotirne lor Anaapciie at ihe J a notion. The 7 a* a. m oonreou at Rom? for Prodoriok. Ha*er?u>*c. Harpor'e Kerry. Matuihnri, Wineboeter, Wheo.inf, Parsonl* rg, Ac.. rxoept Pundare Train* leave Atnapoha for Bait more and Waah lagton at6 5" a. m and \ao p m. Paaaoater Trait* ieam i 1% aihiagton at ? w a. Ux. Ma in. and S a. it., ac' Ha::imore a! ? Sfand 7.?r< a m , and 3 SO p. ni , win ttop omit mt Amnapo.u JlTHCtifH. Way Paaeocfora ranat take the Accommodation Trn ims *nJw, W. P. 9MITH, ap 2 Matter of Traceportatior., Bait. IMS] THE [!?? Pennsylvania Central Railroad, Soman (with it* c i.unction*) 19 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN C1TIKS SPEED, SAFETV AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AISU FREE FROM DUST! ) BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! mn ran.T inn* rmo* PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBCRGM' Two of th?rr mftkinc ctosi roNifBcrioiK u Bitmnu trili trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RA1L RUAU, and formiBf TEE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE noM WASHINGTON AND SALTIMOKS to aii pointa IB the Wnt, No*th-w??t 4.58 ho?TH watt. IDTFor Throatii Ticket*,app>r at tee OSkoe er the Northern Central Rail Road Com pacy. Calvert station, kit tm??. Splendid UStennng Cars on all Nirkt Trains SmoA-trifr Stuoon Cars en all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Paaaancera wt.i ut? the 6 a. tn. a*>. t p. a. trajue, irrmm in Baltimore at 7A a. r?. and t U p. ou. vi.ere oto?e oonneotiona are ina.* with traioa oa the Northern Centra! R. arrive in Harnebarp at l p. m. and l.?5 a- in , there oonaeednc witr tr.e tra:na on the Pennsylvania Caatra! Railroad for a!! parte of the VM(. FREIGHT*. By thia recta, ?r#ijr:u of all description oan t* forwarded to and from ary point oa the Railroads of Ohio, K?<:tuoky, Indiana, liiiaoia, WwoudsIb, Iowa, or Miaaron, hy Kaxlr^oA d\rtci. ThePennay ran.a Central Railroada:e?ocnaeota at Pittsburg with Steamers, by wiiiah OooOe oaa be U rwardad to any port on too Umo. Mn.kmrdti?, entuoky. Tenneeaee. tkmur at f.-iaoia. Niaelamppi, *V lsooaam. Miaaoari. Kausas. Arka..aac, and Red Rivera; and at, Bar (larky Cbio&co vith atcair.rrs to al! N >rth wjtern I akaa Merchant* and ahiepera entrusting the iracaportatioL of th?r Freight tothia Company, oar ra.y I vith oocfideeoe oc ;ta 'p<*>dy t-ansit. THE RATES OF FKKlfeRTto and froaany Cint in the Vvest,)/ the Pennay.vania Centra. Liiroad, ar$ a: ail ttmt* as favoralU < m tkargsd <>* elhrr Pat'rcad (V <npoj>?< . | tTr Be narticnar to mark aaokaaea **tia Pan a cSrvtiTmr ... nw?*n ? kuui> 3, ! r?i|ai akhu, No. S? Nortk H% i mora. ENOCH LE^ in, ?en'. Svpennt't, a1 toor.*. Fa. L. L. HOUPT, ?rn'! Ticket Ag't. Pa>,*> ?sia. b , IF HOUSTON, ?er~ Fr?igUt Acwt, Pfaui^****** fc *-01? jyrob / central railway. I r*? bkorntI, -Mit mU ?im ^MU/rni ??te ?tor? l? Uf WL8T. NORTH ANi> NORTHWEST. WIlfTXii SCHEDULE. CftAjMB o? TlKA. O- aad At*? SUNOA YiMtA Normnber. PM?eavcr TrAinr vili arriT? alJ d??trt tr*c CktmI etAtioB m follows: T&Aitts Nobte lain Put ton AooommodAtior 4 ?. m. fittabsrc ftnd Hftrrubftrg CuiNiUt) w. T*.ftiw? Scttth Anin Ptrkton AeooQiBiodatioD ft! t ft. m. BaDftlo ?i^rM? 8* ft. m. Pitwt'iirg nui Hftri nbari t zpr*e? I?. ol ILftll ?Jf< ?. OU &e 6 ft. jr.. trftia from Wn^iMton eocBMta the t JO ft. m. trftir from BftTtunca for u>? West ftnd for Butfftlo. K nurt, Koohf*t*r, l)?tkirk. C?nftiftitc* ftcd N ft(i * Fftii", ftti tor Nov V ork city. fbe 11 ft to. trftiu from ^ ftah:&ctos eoia*oU wit.. in. t-*;n frcm )i*.,_,n;or? V> wot Ncrt:. ft'4 S orti tMi ft&d F .jxuta ft*.-' BftSft.o ftM Roohftfttar. The I p. 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