Newspaper of Evening Star, April 4, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 4, 1862 Page 4
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KV K jV I N cTSTAK" LCLLilY., Now rh? twlMght abadnwa tit, Now the evening lamp It lit; Sleep, baby, aie?p? l.lUie held on nw^her'a arm, , ?*be will keep him ?afc from harm. Heap him sale and fold him warm : Sleep, baby, aiecp! H*hv'? hltfr, far awav. Think* of pirn a* but of day, SUsfcp, baby, ilnp * Hi most guard the alrrplnc camp, fl-ark'ning, In the cold ana damp, Fur the foeman's stealthy tramp . Sleep, baby, sleep* lie caa bear the lullaby, He can aee the latching eye, Sleep, baby, sleep' And he knows, though we a/e dumb. How wa long to hare him come Back to baby, mother, home Sleep, baby, sleep HOUSEHOLD RECIPES. RAKED REASS Few people know the luxury of baked beans, simply because few cooks properly prepare them Baa as, generally, ere not cooked naif long enough. This is our method: Two auarts of middling-sized white beans, twe pounds salt pork, and one spoonful of molasses. Piok the beans over carefully, wash, and add a gallon of boiling hot soft water; let them soak in it over night. In the morning put them in fresh water. ?nd boil them gently until the skin is very tender and about to break. Take them up dry, and put them in your dish; strain our molasses, gash the perk, and put it down in the disb, so as to have the beans cover all but the upper surface; turn in boiling water till tbo top is just covered; bake with a steady fi r A fan r rv? ftvo Knnri W ut?K an/4 more water from time to time as it dries away. Tbe molasses may be omitted.?Ex. BOW TO PRBPARB TRIPS. I bare tried almost every conceivable method for preparing tripe, and I send you the subj ine^l direction*, for the benefit of your readers When it ia taken from the beef, tarn it inside oat. taking care not to get any more dir* than possible on the ontside, after which sew it up and rinse it well. Then pat it in lime water over night, and the next morning "at it into nieces of convenient size, and lay them on a ooard or table and scrape them well with a knife, after which they t-hoald be thrown into clean water and there remain un- I til the following mnminj. wh?n it will kn fit I for U59. Tills ii decidedly the best way to prepare tripe, as it makes it look maoh nicer, lives it a better flavor and requires infinitely lees labor. A Jkalovs Wifk Cowhide* her Husband ? La?t evening considerable e*clteinent and much merriment was created In the neighborhood cf f nion Avenue, Wllllamsbnrgh, by a whipping inflicted by aj-alons woman upon her spouse It appear* the offending Benedict had attended a in :?.juerade party on Thursday night, leaving hia tetter half' at home. He went directly from the party to his businers, an! while on his way home about R o'clock last evening, was met .put before reaching that refuge, bv hli indignant wife, who falling t? receive satisiactorv answers to her Inquiries touching his whereabouts the nl^Ltbefore, drewacowhide and applied it with much vigor abo'it his head aid face. Bys.anders i-.terfering. the wcmiin finally left, satin? she wo?:id "now go home to her mothfr "?H-YTSmm M'.'ii Rebbl Prisoners ? A train which ar rivea at the Camden station Bsltimore, over the )a-? railroad at a late hour on Tueaday night tuon-T^-t In the following named additional prisoner* captured at Winchester: J Uarabardla, Win K Simp^n, David Garber, Ldward Allen, David Bra thwa'.te, Thomas Campbell Jameo Pu?jh, J W Harris. James Lowe, Dennla Couley, David Vanmeter, Solomon Vanmeter, Edward Lev* is, thirteen !n number. 1 hey are all young men, and belonged to the several commands of ??en Burke, Captaina Ashby. Cummings, Scheie. Moar ard Harnes?, under Gen. Jackson. The prle nera were en route for Fort Delaware, v hltiier they were conveyed yesterday afternoon ^T*TI UOVtRSMKIIS.?mt following named State* hiv? a doable-headed*. som? roving sad others stationary: 5 Governors K- ntijrkv 5 BerUh Magofin, tv.nrocay, > .ieorge W. JohMon uiM. < Hamilton R. Gamble, ) vJlaiborn F. Jackson ? c Marble Nash Taylor. North Caroi.m, ) Henry T Cjark -r ^( Andrew Johnson, Tennessee, ) Jsham G H trrls.. V(.?in,, s Francia H. Plerpont, Mr^nla. J Jobi. Letcher. r. sa d the Doctor to the J udge, "the (.?> t F-inland toward our Government Is lafiir :< and never will be forgiven. She has ctj lev ly destroyed all affections for our mother cou y?she has cut the umbilical cord "True," replied t?e Judge, "and thereby lost her naval rjprtmacy."?Boston Post. n? % M? *?- - - n. .iivimvn woman icus writes u> a laay 1t r id "While you of the North and South have tj> ne to k.alrig each other off, we of Salt Lake a-e pcpuia:t"4 tte country Wth extraordinary - p d.'. One of oar eld'ri recently had no 1c* than nine children born to b!m In one week." Eie cka?i5? ?Cornaro, the Italian, was a y boy arid fast. until he was forty years old, t . 7 p- ut d. became abstemious, and lived slaty years u ore. U7" U: e f tu?r boy? teila of a scare-crow made by Lh b? !. It not only scared off every crow taat saw it, but one crow was so frightened that Le brou^nt back the corn he stole three days befare irrLucv Stone s^vs the cradle Is a woman's y a< t bo* Tben we have unlawful voting, wiiere two billots were deposited at a time. C URE-COKNS?B UNIONS. MR r t-.K !>Ri AT, y?r?*on Chiropodist, from 1 v ?. to inform yoa taat he c%n effeota a t r-11 <vs Cor: ? anu tfusi'm. without pa n. ?o !i*' i ? 'hfecan worn immediately af-er the op -j' i.a, w.t. >it incciivenipuoe. A!?o remove* v> ? '.? aud other eupc, 8uous flash from the haada, b thnt taer w. appear ?ma ! aad delicate. No. It ?**?treet. near City Hall. Chacee moderate. Ill/* Refers to the dootors of Waahuftou ceaara.>T mfrfi-tf SMITH AID Bn.OTELBR.'8 NEW YORK riTi'P A\ I.L EEEBEEE f'p H.r.P.. U' ekeeeee L AAA A LI, EE IT AA AA LL EK PP PPP AA AA LI. KKfcli I I'PPF AA AA LI. EEEE ?'P AAA A AAA LL rf? PP A A AA LL EE U av Va mm mm$ A 1 lttm M $ 8" X "AA ffifcfcfcfcfc IliiEgg muii AMBER ALE, PORTER, AND EXTRA BROWIV STOUT, 1* Wk?U, H+if, *nd Qmrtor C?k$, BRBWED FROM THE CHOICEST BARLEY MALT AND HOPS. BREWERY. l*tk iirMt, Wtwtta 7U a?4 Hh Atnim, NEW YORK. tfta<K)?? r|'Q MILITARY OFFICERS AMD OTHERS. BATCH BLOB: 8 QBTfWIJfB HAIR BYB. Th? Bert In tha World. TU 0+1v iUlimiU HmrmUu Hm%* Dy? Kmtw. oo.> w iu wifiiw, ?.?, u Binn?*'? Pat?> MVwim 8tor?,??. F?t?nt OMo*. oor. P * Ttfc, ih'i Hur etort, Ml Phi'i itnu, vkm 0?u o??* It ue?.r?d. T.i zt-Wl H&rolft* it. (MAJS Brauivftj) P. T. ?*-< l-ly HfcAL PAR iS KID 9LOVK8, FOK LAD1BS. *1. ?!? ? and r'iort, wi r>*t qaaltty A. .*o otrnu fail tioos cf Dry Ooooa. la All tfc?c epivi m-Lt? of ;*<m t tuu. Ore >ri: on.y. marked lr tlain Hcarat. PKKRV A. JMIO., !< ' 26 ? P* ?Td and Niatfl ?Ir?at. V<?Cr* DEBILITY, OR SPKKMaTOSRHOCA -A Hrm?c?a ud l**tl'| I'KBpm ll)iat?fiiwriii<4Mii.t? cm tu?ui tb? Mln-ftm*i?i l.-ifc* oki?C !.nu??if aad. tut***MaUj, iiBotlrcU* ol other* Kbc.^m uMiUai. and tddma bo* 17#, ~ nUft-la im AJIO WVOMIK0 aOltVIKHI 111 OS PI TAX PuMitksd in ronformity v?<4 tks wlution of Ui Bonat* of July 19, 1841. it | Moffimly (#?tfdowm, M*rek 88 M U K. Infantry 5 W?th New York Vol... 4 4th do <lo........ 1 tfcid do do. 10 1<l Hn irlllUrn t Mlh H A df> 3 2d Maine Volunteers . 1 77th do do....19 3d, do do 3 H?th do do....19 7th do do 11 OGd do do.... I 'idVermontVolnnteers 4 3d New York Artlllery?3 3d Massachusetts Vol. 1 3d Penn. Volunteers. l 7th do do.. 1 36th do do 1 9th do do.. 3 Slat do do 1 10th do do.. 1 63d do do 1 19th do do..17 71at do do 1 72d do do..96 93d do do *28 3d do Art.. 1 93d do do 6 10th New Jersey Vol. l 98th do do 7 Stockton's Mlcb. Vol.23 99th do do 1 '2d Michigan Vol 1 102d do do 1 4th do do 15 1st do Reserve.... 4 5th do do 1 3d do do 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 4th do do 1 5th do do 1 5th do do...... 1 2d Rhode Island Vol.11 42d do do 1 4th do Art. a 8th do Cavalry... .35 13th New York Vol... 8 3d do do 12 14th do do.... P 1st do Rifles 4 17th do ,do....12 4lh Cameron Dragoons 1 35th do do.... 5 1st U. Cha?a?urs... 1 33d do do.... 2 19th Indiana Vol fi 35th do do 1 Ofllcer'a servant...,,. 1 J. J. n OQIQ tiu au.*,( %i - - ? 43d do do.... 1 Total,.... 393 44th do do... .29 At Qtntral Hospital, Union Hottl, com*r Bridg* and Washington ttrotts, Oiorgttmm, March 28. lit New York Art. .. 1 7lst Penn. Volunteers. 1 13th do Vol...17 83d do do 11 14th do do.... 10 93d do do 3 17th do ~~do.... 7 HrJd do do:..... 2 19th do do.... 1 Kane1* Rlflr-a 3 V5th do do.... 1 7th Mik. Volunteer!. 3 ?Mh do do.... 1 9th do do 6 ?Jd do do.... 3 16th do do...... 4 41th do do....17 ttd do do 16 49th do do.... 1 Stockton's Mich Vol.12 Wth do do.... 2 4th Michigan Vol.... 3 G2d do do.... 5 2d Maine Volunteers..14 Nit,t do do.... 5 3d Excelsior Brigade. 2 !)3d do do.... 2 1st do do.... 1 9th New York Cavalry 1 4th Vermont Vol 1 1st Penn. Cavalry.... 4 5th do do 3 *th do do 10 6th do do 2 ad do Volunteers. 1 Mott'a Battery 1 < J _ ) n i m ? IIU uv - onuiciun I\IUI'P 1 6th do do...... *2 1st I,one Island Vol.. 1 sth do do?...? 1 Signal Corps 2 9th do do...... :j 6 h U. 8. Cavalry 2 loth do do 1 11th do Infantry.... 1 23-1 do do...... 1 lit do (fhasaeurs... 1 49th do do 4 61st do do I Total ?8 Mj do do 7 At Brniral (Cirtl*,) Wtakingtem, March 28. 1?t U. 8. Cavalry..... 1 17th U. 9. Infantry.... 2 id do do 1 litNew York Artillery 2 4th do do 2 2d do Cavalry . 1 5th do do 2 l.lth do Vol 1 6th do do 3 62d do do 1 | l?t do Artillery.... 7 3d Penn. Cavalry.... 1 I. OJ MOiiiv J- *r -? /. ? -<i u<r j| <"iu an faiunmrr. i 31 do do 7 88th do do...... 1 4th do do 4 99th do do...... 1 5ta do do 5 1st Vermont Cavalry . 1 2d do Infantry 83 :3d Vermont Volunteer! 1 3d do do. II 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 1 4th do do ..10 lit Minnesota Vol.... 1 Oth do do 3 Htcckton'? Mich Vol{i)l Krth do do... 4 11th do do 2 Total 130 12th do do 5 (a) Aialftant Surgeon. At Indvmm Hotptlml (Pnttnt OJfUt), Waikingtom, D. C., March 29. 19th Indiana Vol 61 91at Penn. Volunteer* 0 13th do do 1 licth do do.... 2 52d New York Vol... 1 56th do <11 at do do.... 6 61st do do.... I 81*t do do.... 3 101th do do.... 7 6Jd do do.... 2 t?3d do do.... 1 03th do do.... 2 5th do Artillery.. 3 #31 do do.... 6 1st I' g Sharp*hooters 4 55'h do do.... 5 id do do 3 7tfih do do.... 1 tth Michigan Vol.... 2 "th do do.... 1 34 do do.... 1 33d do do.... 1 Oneida Cavalry 10 I 57th do do.... 4 McClellan Dragoon*.. 8 urn qq xi Virginia Vol 1 <?th New York Cavalry 16 11th Maine Volunteers 5 8th do do. .13 14th U. 0 Infantry... 3 7th do do.. 2 Cameron Dragoons... 7 *24 Peon. Volunteers. 3 Cltlien 1 IliJd do do.... 2 wth do do.... a Total 219 elat do do.... 6 At St. Elimubttk Hospital, Easum Br onek, March. 28. 29th New York Vol... 1 54th New York Vol.. 2 SttaVermontVolunteers 1 73d Penn. Volunteer!. 1 22d New York Vol... 1 68th New York Vol... 1 ll?t da do.... 1 13th do do.... 12 Cameron Rifle* 1 IStfc Mas*. Volunteer*. 1 Kxcelslor Artillery Vol 2 85th Penn. Volunteers. 6 64th New York Vol... 1 43d New York Vol... 1* 6th N. Hampahtre Vol 1 5th Wlaoonsln Vol... 7 76th New York Vol .. 1 49th Penn.Volunteers. 6 57th Penn Volunteers. 6 6th Maine Volunteers. 4 ICth New Jersey Vol. 5 1st U. 8. Chasseurs... 1 50th New York Vol .. 7 66th New Yark Vol . - ?i #2d Penn. Volunteers. J ?? 2d Maine Volunteer! . 3 Total... ...91 SSth New York Vol.. 1 S*6k remaining in tk* Hotfifl for Brvpti** LhJimstt, mt Ealotama, March 98. id U. 3. Infantry 1 81st New York^ol... 3 #th do do 1 Mth do do.... 9 id do Cavalry 3 Oneida Cavalry 1 5th do do 2 1st New Jersey Cavalry 1 9th do do 6 10th New Jersey Vol. 1 4th do Artillery. .. 1 52d Penn. Volunteers. 2 11th Maine Volunteer* 1 104th do do 1 1st Massachusetts Vol. 1 107th do do 1 l?th do do.. 1 19th Indiana Vol 1 do do.. 1 2d D. C. Volunteera... 8 1st New York Artillery 1 2d Bfrdan Sharps'rs.. 2 12th New York Vol... 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 rmh do do.... i _ 6l?t do do.... 1 Total .*..43 At Fifth District School Ho* ft Hospital, Branch f Gtrural Hosyual at Eckington, March 28. lal California Vol 1 22d New York Vol... 2 1st U. 8. Chasseurs ... 1931 do do.... 1 2d D. C Volunteers.. 1 103d do do.... 1 5th U. 8. Artillery.... I ? Tint Penn. Volunteers. 1 Total.............23 20th New York Vol ...14 At titntrnl Ho*r*i*l, Alexandria, March 28. id U. ?*. Infantry ....11 52d New York Vol... 6 od do do........ 3 STtfa do du.. . Id 4th do do 11 list do do.... 4 Mb do do 12 ?3d do do.... 14 8th do do I Mth do do.... 4 10th d? do I Mth do do....17 llth do do 3 dfth do do....17 12th do do 2ti[77th do do. ...27 14th do do 9|87t'a do do.... 6 | 17th do do........ blSSth do do ? Jd do Sharps'rs. .. 2|Wh do do.... 1 4th do Cavalry 11 l?t NewYoik Artillery 11 5th do do 5 3d do do.... I Oth do 9 Independent Battery . ft Ut do Artillery.... 1 11th do Battery, ft I iA do do. 7 12th do do.... 1 | 3d do do 1 lit do Cavalry. 1 Sth do do 4 '2d do do.... I 2d Maine Volunteer*. 5 9th do do.... 4 3d do do 14 3d Penn. Volunteer* . 8 4th do do 7 5th do do 1 5th do do.....,5M 6th do do 6 ftth do do 3 7th do do 1 7th do do 23 10th do do 2 5th N Hampshire Vol. 6 14th do do 5 flth do do. 1 32d do do 1 2d Maaaachuaetta Vol. 4 4?th do do 1 9th do do.. 2 49th do do 2 12th do do.. 2 53d do do 20 16th a?? ? ? ? r -v.. >iw uv UU.iata? I J?d do do.. 7 57th do do U 1* do Bat.. 1 01* do do 3 1M do Art.. 1 did do do 7 4th Rhode Island Art. 1 03d do do 8 M VermontVolunteers 6 74th do do 1 3d do do 4 Slat do do 5 4th do do 29 83d do do l Mh do do 81 83d do do...... 9 Oth do do 10 95th do do......10 IK New JeraeyCavalry33 90th do do 3 lit do Vol.... 3 99th do do 8 3d do do 0 106 th do do 90 4th do do 10 lat do Rlftaa o 7th do do 1 lat do Cavalry 3 lit do Art.... im do do 1 lat New York Vol.... 1 3d do do * 12th do do.... < Uth do do 8 13th do do.... 8 lat* do Artillery ... 8 14th do do.... 1 19th Indiana Vol..... 7 Uth do do.... 187th do do 1 10th do do....ll 8d Michigan Vol 8 17th do do.... 0i3d do Ha ? 19th do do.... 14th do do...... *d do do.... 1 3th do do. 81 99th do do.... 3 ad Wlaooarin Vol.... 4 Hlh do do.... 3 3d do do..... 1 trth do do....105th do do..... 3 Mth do do.... 1 9th do do..... 9 9|ih do do.... 4 9th Illinois Otvnlry...SO 99th do do.... 1 Cu>?m Dragoon a.. .3* 3d do do.... 3 Ut Mlnn?*ott Vol 1 :tfd do do.... 8 Stockton* Mlrh Vol. 3 3?ta do do.... 7 Q9art?rmuter'a em. 3*- do do....16 ployora,..; 8 .19-t (to do.... t CltlxMW 3 ?oi?- >i?> ?*. .... l! Prisoner of *w l ij<! do d?'.... 4 44 tt do do..,.14 foWmii) 1990 I 49th 40 do....11 41 Douglas Hotpunl, emtr ?/ / ttrut mmd N*w Jtrttf mhim, Martk IP Major, ParniMtor .... 1|?M Now York Vol ... 3 i.> f a i .filial 1 luiv Ja J? a L*\ V* W- ' v itiw f I * a vi u ? *? ! V 3d do do t Mth do do.... 4 ftth do Cavalry..(?) 6 69th do do ... 3 3d do Infantry 1 78th do do.... 1 6th do do 1 88th do do.... 2 12th do do 14101th d" do.... 1 17th do do ?M?h do do.... 1 th Maine Volunteer*. 3; 101?t do do.... 4 5th N. Hampshire Vol 3'103d do dp.... 3 3d VermontVolunteera 6 104th do do.... 1 4th do - do...(ft) 1 1st New JeraeyCaralry (I 3d Maaaachuaetta Art. 1 Cameron Dragoon*... 4 15th do Vol.3 I at l>nn. Cavalry .... 1 20th do do.. 1 3d do do I 22d do do.. 3 9th do do...... 5 3d Rhode I aland Vol. 2 3d do Reaenre.... 1 lat New York Artillery 4 3d do Volunteera.. 3 Taft N. Y. Artillery.. 1 11th do do 1 Dlok'n N Y. Art. ..(e) 1 23d do do 7 4 th New York Cava'ry 1 27th do do 1 6th do do (rf) 1 31st do do...... 6 lat U. 8. Chaaaeura ...16 40th do do...... 0 lat Long I?1 and Vol..11 53d do do 4 2d New York Vol ... 1 61?t do do 3 8th do do.... 3 74th do do 6 17th do do.... 383d do do.. (/) l 20th do do.... 13 68th do do 1 23d do do....18 9lat do do...... 2 25th do do.... 3 93d do do 17 33d do do.(?) 1 98th do do...(t) i 34ih do do.... 7 I02d do do 1 41st do do.... 2 lOTthdo do .5 421 do do.... 212d D. C. Volunteers __ 1 43d do do.... 317th Michigan Vol 1 45th do do.... 4!5th Wisconsin Vol... 3 53d do do.... 1 ?? 5Uh do do.... 1 Total 973 56th do do.... 1 (?) Chaplain. (6) Captain. (<> First Lieutenant (it) Assistant Surgeon. (?) Captain. (f) First Lieutenant. (?) Captain. At Gintral Hoffital, (Erkingto*,) Washington, March 28 1st U S Cavalry ? aeth New York Vol... 3 2d do do 3 102d do do.... 3 >th do do 10 103d do do.... 4 latNewJeraeyCavalry 2 107th do do.... 3 feth Penn. Cavalry.... 3 1st Bcrdan Sharps'rs.. 1 1st do Artillery... 7 2d do do 8 1st NewYork Artillery 2|5th U 8. Artillery.... 1 54th I'enn. Volunteers. 2 17th do infantry.... 1 75th do do 1 7th Maine Volunteers. 2 C3d New York Vol... 1 .Michigan Ind^t Vol. 1 27th do do.... 1 2d I). C. Volunteer*.. 1 fiMh do do.... 1 ? 'J3d do do.... 2 Total 62 C7 Washington papers pleaae copy ud send bills to the War Department. apr 2?3t' BUS. JCURKTUft, ilTIMIIK JLOVX HOIFITAi, lu ditt?irtd tJki mi Ctrimim, Study mid tmtf X/i;iwJ Rtwudf ?? til W*rld, FOE ALL DISEASES OF IMPRVDEMOK. kMT NO FALSE DELICACY FRETMKT. APPLY IMMEDIATELY. A 99AS WARRANTED. OR NO CHAMOM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Vithiu ?f ;k* f*ak, ttmur**, ifaiUoi af Ui IIIa*j* and lladd*? .'.( iimtn i'laaharg**, lnp*l**?T. ral D*kUity, H*n?*?*u***, I>y*p*p*v, Lmjmtt, Caofaatas af Id***, U< Spirit*, fiipiuuau af tfca Inn, Timidity, Tr*mkOnf?, Lhmn*** af lifktai tddin***, |)inui ?f Ut tad, Thrmt, Wot* *r Skin. Aftctian* af th* Lan??, Slamask ar B*w*l*?th*** T?rna'.* L>n?f1*r* ariaiof fraa *lllary B?kiu *f Y** Ji?&** Urtadfal and D**traetiv* r*aaU*** which r*ad*r Hirnu* ixopa*ilkl*, aad d**ir*y kalk lady aad Mlad. YOVNB MEN lifltUUr akitaf* tiMn* Ik* victim* af Solitary flM, Ual df**ritai and d**U?eU?* haklt ihieH aoi.aally *v*?p* la aa *?tlm*ly (ra?* tha***n4* ?f Yiir[M*a*f tka ataat *ial<*<l ul*nu and krtllUnl ln<*ll*et, wha mifht *tS*r?m UI| ntruttil Htt>nu(liutii VIIk th? li an?1tr? af alamidii ar wakad u ttaitty tki U'lug Ijit, ull vlth ret] wlilmi. MARRIAOE. Htllilt nilHi,u T?U( Hi! aaataaptatiaf Kir batng inn af kbjalttl viitim, nftilt oik dtlarmltiaa. ta., apaadilr tared. a vha pltto hiraaan andtf ika ttit rf Dt. J. rtllflaaaly aanlda In hit banar u a f aaiiaaaa tad aaaldaatiy raly a pan hit aklll at a phytltlaa. OFFICE N?. 1 SOUTH FREDERICK. ST. iaft hand atda jatnf frana Balumara atraat. a faw daara fraa Ui aarnar. fiil ut ta tkttr tuia n< aukn. battan tat ba paid aad Mtult a iua?. DR. JOHNSTON, Ma?kar af tha Ratal Calltf t af Barf MM, btain, f?ad?ata fran ana af tha raati am'oant Callaraa la tha Ballad taut, and iba ftaatar pan af vbaat Ufa bat katn apant la tha baapiula af fcaaidan, Pant, Philadelphia and alaavhers, baa affected tame af tha mat! aataniahinf aaraa that wtra a i knawn; many traabled with ringing In tha baad aad aara whan aaleep; great oerraaeneee, helng alarmed al taddtn aaanda, baahwlnatt wilh freqment hlatEing, attandad temevaee arltb derange tat af mlaJ, van aaiad laatdltttly, TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taaaf Man aad albert wha hata tnjued theateltaa by a Mrtala pntUca tndalgad ta wbaa tlana?a habit freaaently learned frara a*ll eempaniana. at at tehaai, tha effeata af vhiab ara nightly fall e?en wbaa aalaap, and if aM eared, raadara marriage impaeaible, aad deetreya bath atlad aaa bad*, thaald apply immediately. naai ara earn* af tha aad aad aeiaaahaiy afaata pradaaed B early habita af raa-Jb, *ta i Weakneea af tha Baek aad aba, Paint in tha Hand, Dtmntaa af Might, baa af Maaaaiti Paver, Palpitatian af ua lean, Dyepepey, Uttreaa Irritability, DertngtmtQi af tha Digeetira TanaUaaa, Central ability, ymptetnt af Canaaortian, 4a. MlNTALLr.?The faarfal effect* an tha aalad ara awt ta ba dreaded?baee af Mamary, Caofaaiaa af Idaaa, Daaraaaiaa af Iptrita, Itii rertbedingt, Attraiao af Satiety, lelf-Dietraat, Lata af Sal it ad a, fluidity, an., ara eaae af tha aril* Nuiaii IBILITT.'-Tkautada aaa aaw Jmdg what Is Ua at aaa af thair declining health, laainf thai* rigev, beaeaiag veaJr, pala, otrreaa aad emaciated. hating a eingaiaf MMMMU ikflil Ik* mm mm m tawMwrn mt iMiMAi 1" DISEASES OF IMPR VDENCX. Wlu tka aiafatdad aad laaradiot raury af pliuara b4i ka ku lmktkati if nidi ?( th>a Bainfai dlaaaaa, 11 taa ?Am kt^tci that an Ill-timid iar.i??fakama ar d r tad af diiaar iry dawn kin (rtn ?ypl J uig i? ibaaa wba, Ct?i idiwiM ul raiyaatakility, Ms alaoa kafnacd Mm. (all* tat* Ut kaada af ifnarut ud daaif niuf armndiri, wha, taaaaakla af aarur, tick kii paeamory aaaatiwca. kaaa hia tnllag aaolh artar aaaotk, ar aa lanf ai tna araallaat faa lu ka aktaluad, and la dupair laa*a kin witk raioad kaalta ia aljrk a?ir in ralliof diaappatounaatt ar ky tka aaa af tkat daadVy pataan ? Martary?hajun tka aaoatitatianal ayaatama af tku tarilkla dtaaaaa, aach r.i Afaatiaoi af tka laart, Tbraat, laad, Ida, fca., pnnaiali f vitk frifktfal rapidity, ull daatk piu a Jarad u aia driadfal i?f?Fic|i ky aandiof ktml a ikat mlaaararad Mtnur hia wkata kaarua aa traralar ratavaa. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGAlfM WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCT. By tkla fraat aad lnaamat raaady vaakaaaaaf tka affaaa ara ipaadlly aarad aad fail vlgai raiiarad. Tkaaaaada a? Ua Mat aarraaa aad dikliitatad, vka kad laat all kapa, kara

kaaa InnadUtaly rallarad. All Uapadlaaati t? MarrUf a,PkyaUal at Maatal Vtaaaa.1llattlaaa, kaaa af Paaaraatlra ravai, Marraaa Irritability. Ttankliaf aad Waakaaaa at BiaaaatU* af tka aaal faarral Uad ipaaally a arid. ENDORSEMENT OF 1HM PRESS. TBI Mm TB?*l4a?l ??Md tl Ul? luilutlM wlikla lk? UM IITHUII / */ , aad Ik* auinu laptrtul tmffl al pmtiuipiiwaid ky Dr. Jafcna-.*a, vtuxMid ky U? iiMrun *f tk? iipin ud but aUar fiwni, aatlaai ri vkitk k>n uMU*d afala ud afala karat* Ik* Mklia, ka Ida* ku lUadtay u a (iilltau *f tkintui ul kUlty,tea iiltlMtfUiuiH m U? tat?ud. mi if-1? Z^S SOMKTHINV NEW /~N SUr'mT,v?%7nT ,rwy X 981 C ttrttt, arrant* iA? ro??s?r. OY81KRB STEAMED la tit Bkeil ana ThgroatMr Cooked (far raMTior to a roast) in tw mtmmtu, tk* (hri a* Ttttrd. Call an<l aee. VM undereuned r??feotfillj informs hu friesda In the Distrust, and Yiaitors to the city, that he haa refitted his old and wiij-iwih anaaLifUfaxv in a moet thoroash maunrr. and haa made oompl^tearra&iomente to fmnish OY8TER8 In ut tr!e and in anr snantity. 4>w to too fallen* shocked perdar. t,W to IJTO cam of Bpieed and Freak rat ?p <aiiT-?acii hermetioaliy sealed. Farmahed nthe fhellhy the bnshel or harre!, Feraons w:shlnc to hare Ovatara famiahaa ? ? tarty throaih the winter, at DfJimftt friSS, without f??' of nulare, ahonld o*H *nd inaie arranieroenta at onoe. I reicht, time, and money eared l>y fnrchMinc } me.M I iinaiib *n ?rliol? am aal to u* oelebrat*a Bain mora establishments, frituJutH low. ??b, tie*, Terrapins, Freeh Lo haters, Cod. Halltmt,*?, In fact, erery thinr for aale in the Norther* mm* feet*alwayaon hand,atreaeonableprloes^ Hotels and feral:tee applied with Orator*, delivered without otiarte to any wt of the Dtstriet, la hmoh. if the money la eent with the or4er. A My eetabliakmfUit ii open from a. m. to U at night. er?ry day, exoejt 0*nday, when I oioee At 10 o'clock a. a. _ ? _ , tat-tl ! M. HAITgf. I?VBRY PERBQN'fl INTEREST?That fin* L a took of Clothing for aale over Salts' Jewelry sfiBHnc'wCM'ws ^ ygy THE PEOPLE'S CLOTHING STORE, No, 460 S?Tectn si. Alwayaaioad! N*w arrival of Sprint Good a, all thalaUat i(t1m of Clothinc, ?t No. 460 S?T?nth itrwl, ne*r F. XatrSm (7?OR SALE-A fia? .took of Clotlun*, Piriiik r in* Good*, Trunka, Hata and Caps, at whaM aX'."1" gsaaagc GH1RT8, SHIRTS, SHIRTS !-Joat roMivod Sffflnra** ?sdBr /1LORIOU8 NE Wft?BURNBIOIS'S KXPEvl ditiona Mrfaot auoooaa. But next to that la rfisr 'iS"aa;'ra Mm No. ? nk raig^N>W^SKSSRliS0! . ^yKOKPHR JtO MILITARY MEN ft UrM fcR*. CAMPB^NlKrrt, H\LFtfO?R\?.", which w? ibvim ?>1 wuti porebSMri to txuiM / - M THE 6REAT "AMERICAN REMEDIES,'* Known u HEl.MBOLD't* GIN UI HE PREPARATIONS, viz: HELMBOajD'3 EXTRACT "BVCHV ? 44 4 4 8AKSAPARILLA ' IMPROVED HOSK WASH HELMBOLD 9 GENUINE PREPARATION. "HWHLI CONCRNTRATED" COMPOUND FL VID EXTRACT RUCH V. A Poaitireand Spao (in Remedy For Diaeaeea or the BLADDER. KIDNEYS. ?RAVEL.and DROPSICAL SWELLINGS, Thi? Medicine inor???es the power of Digeation, and exoitea the ABSORBENTS into healthy action, by whioli the WATERY OR CAL CAREDU3 defoeitioni, and all UNNATURAL ENLARGEMENTS are radaoed. aa vail as PAIN AND INFLAMMATION, and la good for MR If, WOMEN, OR CHILDREN. HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT MUCHU. For Waaknaaaea Arising from Exieaaea, HabiU of DiaaipaUoa, Early Indiaoretion or Abuae, Atttnd'd with tk? following Symptom!:? Indiapoaition to Exertion, Loaaol Poorer, L'wa of Memory, Difficulty of Breathing, Weak Nervea, Trembling. ?? - * tgT. Ir.f,.lll?aa xiurrur ui i/nouo, unu uv?*? 8imness ot Vi?ion, Pain in the Back, niversa! Lassitude of the Muscular System. Hot Hands, Mat hint of the Ho*t, Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on th* Face PALLID COUNTENANCE, Thest symptoms. if allowed to go on. whioh tbia medioine invariably removes, eocn follows IMPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FITS, in one of whioh the patient may expire. Who can say that they are not frequently followed bv those "DIREFUL DISEASES." 'INSANITY AND CON8UM PION." Many are aware of the cause of their suffering, BUT NONE WILL CONFESS. THE RECORDS OF THE INSANE ASYLUMS. Andlht Mtlancholy Dtatks by Consumption, BE ATI AMPLE WITNESS TO Till TRUTH 0? THIS ASSERTION. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires the aid ol medicine to strengthen and Invtgora'e the System. Wh'cA HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU in variably dot*. A TRIAL WILL CONVINCE THE MO?T SCEPTICAL. FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMA LES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED Oil CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In many Affections peculiar to Females, the Extraot Bnehu is anrq nailed by any other remedy, as in Chloria or Retention. Irregularity. P*infulne?e or Suppretaion of Coetomftrf Kv&ouatinna, Ulcerated or Scirrhous atate of the I'terns, Leucorrbrr* or Whites, Stonlity, and lor all oomjlaint* incident to the a?x. whether uriatne from Indiaorntmn, Habits of Diftaip%tioo, or in the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE. BE atMPTOMS above. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT! Takb n? *<>rb Rama*, M?m c*Y.'>n ri?rL*A?ANT ntKi'in:iK? FOE r?trLBA*Aj?T AND pasobroii DM BAB**. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CURBS SECRET DISEASES In all their states, At little Kxpenae, Little or no chance in Diet, No inoonvenience, And no Isposurt, It causes a frequent desre and gi7es strength to Urinate, thereby removing obstruction*. Presenting and Curing Strictures of the Urethra. A'layirg Pain and Inflammation, ?> frequ?rt 1 n the c'.ao* of disease*. and expelling nil Potfontmt, Ditcaud and worn out Matter. THOE9ASD* CrOM THUVtSAKtX WHO HAVE BEES THE VICTJMS 01 QUACKS, and who have raid hiavt rsisto h? cured ins short time, have found they were deefived. and that the"rOlSK)N" has. b? the uneof' rowua*ci Ast*in?**t?," beer, dried np in the system, to break out in an aggravated for n, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. U?* Hklmbold'* Extract Broau for ail affections ana diaeaaee of the URINARY ORGANS. Whether dieting in MALE OR FEMALE, From whatever came originate*, aid no matter o| HOW LONG STANDING. Diabase* of there Organo require the aid of a DIURETIC. HBLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU IS THE OREAT DIURETIC, And ia certain to have me deaired effect ii all DiieiHi FOR WHICH IT IS RECOMMENDED. BLOOD!BLOOD' BLOOD! Hefmbotd's Highly Concentrated Compound FLUID EXTRACT 8ARSAPARILLA, SYPHILIS. Thia ia ia an affection of the blood, and ATTACKS THE SEXUAL ORGANS. LININGS OF THE NOSE, " EARS, THKOAT. WINDPIPE AND OTHER MUCOUS SURFACES, Making its appearanoa m the form of ULCERS. Helmbold's Extract Sarsaparula, Purifies the Blood,and removes ail Scaly Eruptions of the Skin, ttlViNO TO THE COMPLEXION A CLEAR AND HEALTHY COLOR. It bainc prepared expressly lor this o:ass of complaints, its Hlood Purifying Properties are preserved to a creator extent than any other prryaration of Sarsapanlla, HELMBOLD'S ROSE WASH. An exoellont Lotion for Piaeaaea of a Syphilitio Cat"ire, and as an mjeotion in Diseaaea of the rinary O.'gaiiaarioinc trom Habuaof DiMipatioc, need in connection with the Extracta BuoMi or Saraitparnla. in auoh Diseases aa recommenced. Et idenct oj tht mott rtliabl* ind Ttiponnblt ckaraatr trill attompanv tht me4utni$. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From 8 to 20 yetts' standint. With Nam?* ksown to SOIKNCK AN UFA ME. For Me<fical Piopnetiea of SUCHUiaee Dig. penaatory of the Umt?l State*. See Piofeaiior DEW EE'S valuable worka on the Fraotice ot Fhyaic. See remarka made by Uie lata celebrated Dr. PHYBICK. Philadelphia. See remark* made bp Dr. EPHRAIM MeDOWKLL. a celebrated Pbyaician and Member of the Royal Collet? of *nrc eona, Ireland, fcnd published in the Traneaetiona of >> > ?? Queen's Journal. See Mediflo Chirvrgioa! Review, published by BENJAMIN TRAVERS, Fellow of Royai College ol Surgeons. See most of the late Standard works ou Medieine. Extract Buchu, fl OP per bottle, or six for 9b V*. Kxtraot Harsaparilia, #100 per Dottle, or six for 9 b 00. Improved Rom Wash, 10 per bottle, or six for 3 50. Or, halfdosen ofeaoh lor 913M, whioh will be sufficient to oure the moet obstinate oases, if di reouons are adhered to. Delivered to any Address, securely packed from observation. DESCRIBE SYMPJTOAie ALL GOMMDCures Guaranteed! Adrloe Gratis!! AFFIDAVIT. Personally appeared before me, an Alderman of the oity of Philadelphia, 11. T. Hslmbold, who being duly sworn, doth say. his preparations oontain no narootio, no merenry, or other ujmriois *? ??? """ MLM.OLO. SSLWAddreu letter* for Information In ooafidwM I* H. B. HKLMBOLD, Chonuat, Depot, 104 South Tenth Bt M. ChM&nt Pkii*. BSWARE Or COUNTERFEITS AND UNPK1NGIPLBD DKALBR8, Who tatefor to di^oa* "o? rna own" u4 ''OTIU ' UTICLM OB TBI tmUTIOI itUlUB M ' i??ro*ed*R^MIU)hih. Bo)4 by ALL DH OQBIttB E WEE YWHEHE. ABM. FOB HBLMBOLO'B. 7 A KB NO OTH?B. Cut oat U* MnrtiMaot and *mm1 Ivr it, AND AtO!D l*P2JLl|ON AND KXWBhM-ar J M POETAST TO TAl*lllMB~ RMTAPRANTI, MOTEI ? ' '* " | VrLEM, HROCEM, AND OTHER*. WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP WHOLE9ALJI AND RETAUL GROCERY WAREHOU.SK, 3?? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, 38* PKNNDVLVANIA AVENUE. J GROCKRIKft AT HALF THK USUAL PRICES, Mi*iag tin jtrntkmntd of Bumkruf* MtrtKmmtu * mm4 otktft. TUCKER'S TUCKER'S Oroceriei, Liquors, Wines, Cigar I, Ac FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. T EAS, PINE. U NION CIGARS.: C RACKKRS, BOSTON. K ETCH UPS, IMPORTED. E XTRA COFFEES. R AI9IN9, MA LAO A. READ OUR PRICES READ OUR F R IC E SI Extra Brown Sugar..* ?. V cents per pound White ^u^ar.....i..c??taaiat%l!t cents per pound Fine Green Tea *? ? 90 cents per pound Pair Black Tea .St amIb m i*nid I Extra Coffee 20 cente per pound Good Coffee mmmII cente pot pound Wax Candle* 35 cente per pound Maltha Ralalna..... ...15 centii per p?und Cod flab t cent* per pound Imported Clgara..............SO ceiite per 10) Havana Clgara II toi S3 per 14 j Almond* 12 oenta per pound [ Bait cente per b?? Good Hutter.. ...Ift cents ner pound Extra Butter 20ctnt per pound Fine Wlnea 91 per bottle Whiskey to SO cents per bottle All other kinds of LIQUORS In proportion. Gall and see for yourself. TUCKER'S, T? FennsylTwtn A??SM WILLIAM TUCKER'S 1 CHEAT GROCERY WAIUMDII, 3J? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. * , if I OUOCEHIK8 AT H4LK THE USUAL TRICKS, Hax mg b?tn ft*r?4?Mrf V Bankrupt M it cA an It nnd I ? t*tuart'? Refined Su^ar* from 9 to Ul cU per pound Extra Fine Green Tea.? ? enM 6r?M Tm. ? " " Extra Floe Black Tea 73 " ?? Good Black re a 50 " ? Old Java Coffee *0 < < Good Coffee 1? ? " Every thins else in proportion r hFMEMBEit, TICKER'S, 3W? PENNSYLVANIA AVERTS TICKER's, sift PENNSYLVANIA AVEMTE WUIIMTM. . f important to families, restaurants, e0tel8, grocers, and others. WILLIAM TtCURI CHEAT WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCERY WAREHOUSE, 34* PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, ?S PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. QROOERIPB AT HALF THE USUAL PRICES, Having b*t* n?tk***d of Baahtmpl MtreJkamU and etkfi. ? - , - -i 7 V C K C R|' B 1 TUCKER'S Wfc?^?AXI AND KIT AIL I GrooeriM, Liquor*, Cig&ii, Win?,fte FOR FAMILIES, FOR SUTLERS, FOR OFFICERS. \ T EAS, FINK. . , U NION CIGARS. C RACKERS, BOSTON. ] K ETCHUPS, IMPORTED. . E XTRA COFFEES. ' R A1SINS, MALAGA. : READ OUR PRICES ^ i READ 091 F R 10 E St < WILLIAM TUCKER'S CHEAP GROCER Y WAREHOUSE, j 88 8 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE 1 181 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. 1 GOODWIN18 TOBACCO. 1 1. JL WATTS'i VOLUHTKXR TOBACCO. J GROCERIES AT HALF Til USUAL PSICES, md atkmt. MMMMM3MM, j TUCEES'S, IU PENNSYLVANIA A VENUE TWC?K*'8,3>** PENNSYLVANIA A VKNUE * WAiiuwm, ; M'4S I TKAVKLiiKBS' IMRECTOKT. BALTIMORE A OHIO RAILROAD. ?ot,? C HA HQ E OF HO U *8 Oh 41*? aptfi WmmiM , April t, IMS, TBI rtMIMH TltH> PITWIW WASHINGTON, BALTIM0KI, AND THE WIST Will rma m follow*: Fu t ito*4t IVtwi irnvt mi Dtp**? Kmh w*'k*attorn Dwi'? Mim '*? ?Mi, mi M Fur PHILADELPHIA and NEW Y<?ltKL?a?? v*a?kti?t??at ?a m? 7.??a. .11* m.h4 V" ANNAPOLIS-Leave WMkiaftni at 7*P VI* FREDRICK ?Lear# M'a?hinft?n at 7 ?* L. V, aD<2 3 J*> P. Ill FU* ALL POINT? Wl 8T. for Harper's Ferry* Martinat>?r* aal Wiaofcestar, leave W askiaf ton at 7.?o a. m. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH I/in Nev Vork kt?t a., Pm.iwie poia MJh* m.; Buiinur* 3 so p. m. Arnw at wmIhi|W? t*e '"Leave New York at 6 p m.; pin.ade r*ua lose p. m , Baltimore 4 3" a. m. Arntf at Washington b ? s. m. Leave New Yo<k at 11 p. is ; Phi ade phia 3 30 a. a> , Baltimore 7.40 a. m. Arrive at Washia?ioa 9.* a m. Lcovi Aooemirrxlatiofi Train i*?ve Ba'timore at 10a.m. aoo *10 p.m. for Washington; arrive there at it a. m an?l 7 on p m. Ob Sundays at 4 JO and 7 ?0 a m on y from Baltimore. No Aacapolie or Frrderiok e?ksaotioH on Sunday. Passes rer Traits ieavtrg Washiartoa at 7 SO a. m. and 6 <? p. m., aod Bail: mure at 14ta.a and 110 a* m, make > ireot ooaaeetw as lor Annapolis at the JiiLction. The 7.40 a. in oo*nrots at F * i' for Frederiok. Hagerstovn Harper's Perry. Martinsbarg. Wiooheeter. Whee ing, Paraerabarg, As., exoept Part ay*. '1 rain* leave Anaapol.s for Bait more and Washraxtou at 6 so v m. and 3.40 p m. Fsssenger Trams lravibi W ashmgtoa atiWa. m. II a m. and 5 p. nr.., and Baltimore at 4 3"and 7.4* am. acd 35) p. m , trill step emit at 4*mh<ii Junction Way Passengers amcttaks the drremwisdaium Tra<ns ?'?. W. p. SMITH, IB 2 Mll!tr of TrAntiAfiAUnn ?? IMS] THE Pennsylvania Central Kailror.d, (with iU winwtior .. IS A FIRST CLASS ROU* . TO ALL THE 1 VK^TI K N 1'ITIKf SPEED, SAFETY AN u COMFORT! ONE BALLASTED ANP FREE FROM P JS*. BA'dGACE CHECKED THOOM FROM BALTIMORE! THKll B4H1 Tli!!tf ??>* rHjLADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH' Two of them ir.afcuic CLOSI CONNXCTIOIM ?.t IU1IIWM witft trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILROAD, and fominc THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE rmoM WUHINOTOI AND BALTIMORE 10 all point* to the WHTi NOKTH-WI&T UIS SotTB-WIIT. IT^For Thronch Tioketn, app'T at the Oftoa ? the Northern Central Kail Road Company, Calvert Station, ValtimoM. Spl'ndid Sfr*jnn? Cart on mil lixrkt Trmnin SmoA ing Scuoon Cmrt on mil Traxm. FROM WAIHIN6TON. Pnsaengsr* win take the a. m. ano I p. . trains, am Tint >b Baltimore at I P" a. m. aii ! <>tf p. m . where ciw oonneot-.nnr are male with train* ?a tae NorthernCentra! K. R.,and arnva in Harn?rurf at 1 p. m. and 1.4S a m , there oonaeoCiac wit4 ua trains on the !'?!,,? ulu Railroad for a.1 part* of the vtxi FREI6HTS. By ttiia route, freight* of all deeenptiot,* oan ha forwarded to and from any point on the Railroad* of Ohio, Rentaaky, Indiana, llliaoia, M imomib, low?, or M laiotm, by Ratlro*d dtrtct. The Penney, vama Central Railroad aaooenneata at Pittabarg with Steamers, by which Good a oaa 6s forwarded to any port on the Oh o. Muskmgaai, entneky. Tenneseee.Cumberland. IlliEoie. Mie?laaipai, Wieeonein, Mieacnri, Kanaaa, Arkacaaa, and Red Rivera; and at Cleveland. ^ar.daaky and Cfcicago with ateamera to all Northweetern Lake*. Merchant* and thippera entruat:ng the tranaportatlon of their Freight to Una Company,can rely with coijideaoe on ita ?Fe?dy Uauait. THE RATES OF FREIGHT to and from acy point in the Wert, by the Pennaylvaoia On trail Railroad, ar? at aIt itm?? an jm+cmlit u ?? ?kmr$?d ky ctkf hMtiromd CtimpmmUn. IU*Hc particular to mark paokagea"m Tana. MMiRAW A KOON9, Freight Agent*. No. 80 North atreet, Baltimore. ENOCH LHWI8, Ber'l taaarint't, Altoona. Pa. L. L. m)UPT,?en*l I cket Ag't. Pui aaeiphia. 1JLJBOU8TON, Ben'; Freight Agent. Pnila wgwfc )> NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY. Hi Skftttt, Qmiekut mmA B*n Rtmufrom B+lHWE8T, NORTHLAND NORTHWEST. WINTER SCHEDULE. Ciami or Tin. Oa and at?t SUNDA yTmUi November. Pimmiir tmiM will arrive ud diftrl ire is Caivert Btafcon as follows: Tuim North Lmavm M??at t.*a.m. Baffklo Eiprni * p. m. Parktoc Aoeommodation 4 ?. a. Pittabarf atd Harrubarg Express MS p. m. Txains South Aaxivx Park ten Aooonunodatioa at a. m. KSfc a?J5: . W1U HWilWUIl Ufim I f. > kail JP MS. The l h s. train from WubiutoB ooumH With the 8J6> a. m. train from B&Ttimorf fur tt>o WmS atu for Buffalo. Elmira.RocheaUr, Dukirk, Canadaigua and Niagara Pails, and tor New York oitr. The If a. m. train from Washington congoota with the S*. m. tram frcin Baltimore to Weet, Berth ?rd N orthveet aid K raira and Buffalo M OMMtrr. The i p. m. train from Washington oonneote witk U.e tJD p. m. train Irom Baltimore for PittSDurg, Harris b a rg and the West and ia a direct oocr ^c tion for Lebanon. Bastc-n. Atlentown an<t New York via Cehtral Rai.road ol Ntw Jeraey. Trr tfcis route for New York. ICTThf only train leaving Baittmaieon SJacdaj u* I'm \apiai_'OT Harriaburg. Pittsburg, Chi j no oniy uain B* t^mor* on Monday la the ?jn a. m. train. JaU. G. CL.ARRK. no li ly BuiniljiMgi T NOTICE TO TKAVKLKRS. t r??uMi"' Seror*. Laving ordoro4 U? Mil MTVI4* OatWOOC WwiiiCftOB. _IT? fc. Baltimore, ud Old Point i Fortre aocroe) to he rocnmoc, on and the 10th inetant. the Bar I. * no of ?teamera Will loo re Baltimore KVKRY l?A V (eaoept ht (tar) from thou wh? f, footof I'nion Pock, at *\ a'claoli p. m.,or iniioediatoiy aitei the arrival of Iks Waahinf ton Train, which leavoa Waaiuactoa _mV tT^ ' m' M. N. FALL*. Prwt. NOTICE. 4PAM8' KXfREU COMPANYV J'hia Codiml; ?flora to tue nt,io" loo*naik?d anUfM^for the Safe %r.c Qaick Dia?atoh of Int? Krairhta, PteotN, NMtf, kt, bo.,to all part*of tHaUmtad&tai?a. Kutmm to and froa tk* port* ud Waittepart from aa<i arr it* iu V> aaiiia*tor twioa dally, All K*|raaaaa ara 1B ?harc? of aayarawaad mmd All Paekacoa'for"Tka BaMtara oameo at "au Iaxf' oar aaaal rataa. AU fioods for the ao-aa lad "Coatee erata fttaloa" WW all Artoaiaa ** Contrat*ad oFwar" will ba f53&rsr #st?s?s\Vit si is rfe?^sise6.-Jiv?Aa 11 ait jferaaaaa for all aomta North and Waal iaara VvaaninxtoiiatlJD a?M. and UO P. M.daily. ByaaiaTOoataaata for tarca anastibaa of Praa?M 2jga wo, w.. ?-g? ^1 TOP? A.H't SB in j ^|l jLmp Prims jsflsrtt's^sss1 g^ac^iSllt^: Trmti? Mtutd ut t ami fit M abort nraafc. Seeaa da ivettklfree vf oharee tuMir^afiafil* 1 ti? r^Mi' .?c,aiuli ii?v^ i> im/* ^ornaw. iuww. *.twffy " vi'sw

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