Newspaper of Evening Star, April 8, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated April 8, 1862 Page 1
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f 4 r - < >i. o n 11 . ,i " i > Jf*' * * f ? ? - ; - ? , V^. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C. TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 1862. IN9. 2,848 THE EVENING STAR M ITBLISHBD KVKKY AFTERNOON (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BC1LDINGS, ( n*ntr linnnfitmmta ???. mm4 EUrfntk i??l, St W- D. WALLAOH. Fd peri aer\ed In package* by carriers at #4 a Year or 3? centa per month. To mall subscriber* the price la S3 .V> a year, ta advance, 92 for alx tncnthv 91 for three months, and fot lew than three months at the rate of 13 cents a week. BingJr copies, owa r*nT; In wrappers, two c*HTe. trr AavaaTisimsm should be sent !o the o?cf bdfrrr 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. AFi AIRS in DIXIE. From late Southern papers we take the following : The Richmond Enquirtr says. ' The President has appointed, and the Senate confirmed, the following officers for thft Territory of Arisona : Governor, John R Haylor; Secretary, Robert Jowelyn; Chief Justice, Alexander M Jackson; Associate Justice, Columbus Upson; District Attorney, Russell Howard Marshal, Samuel J. Jones. Their commissions will be taken to the Territory by the Secretary, Robert Josselyn, esq." The Memphis Appeal of the 16th ult., says of the evaruaton of New Madrid by tfce Conr a a Thi* movement gives no particular advantage to the enemy, aa the position is not one of any strategical importance in defending Island in This great work is being pushed forward as rapidly as poaaible, and oar information ia that it will, it is believed, offer a successful obstruction to the passage of the enemy's gunboats. In doing this, New Madrid eould offer no asaistance, being below on the river. There is nothing to create despondency in the minds of the people, who should continue hopeful and reliant. The movement has been contemplated for some days aud has only been postponed for a contingency that was about accomplished, hut of whieh it would be imprudent to apeak. A day or two later, at most, would have brought about an evacuation, even had the enemy not made his appearance. The Richmond Dispatch say] of the death of liiqHtin * l-fifl l*?it aarmnn was on Thursday of last week, when he assisted in the consecration of Rev. Dr. Wilmer to the Episcopate of Alabama. He was then in such leeble health that he could with difficulty get through that portion of the services which fell to his let. The Dispatch says. The returns, so far as received, indicate that the amended Constitution of Virgiaia, end the clause requiring the payment of a poll tax as a condition of suffrage, have been carried bjr a large majority A correspondent of the Dispatch describing the combat between the Merrimao (Virginia i and the Monitor, gives the latter the following fir*t rate notiee : " Tbo?e on board the Virginia state that t. iru -u- u i cu mi iu'- uvu ?an?r/ cnosoo ner tower revolved with great rapidity, and that when the ball struck, the sound was like the r i nging of an immense gong. The Briosaon ha* a revolving circular tower, in which there are two powerful guns worked by an engine. The machinery, gun tables, and all the apparatus for working them, i>re said to be remarkable end complete The guns being elevated, tbe balls probably struck the iron roof of the Virginia at nearly right angles, but the powerful timbers of our great marine battery resisted the well-directed and powerful blows of her antagonist " The DijMleh i* lnnil in nrftija r>f martial law ia suppressing rowdyism io Richmond, and 5*js " The establishment of the Confederate capital in Richmond and the stirring times have not only brought among ui manj persona eminent in talent, virtue, and social position, bat tha* multitude of birds of prey, from the eagle to the buziard, which always follow the scent >f spoils and battle. The consequence has been not onlv an amount of rufianiaa, drunk* ?nnf?, and bloodshed, unprecedented in eur Daals, but emissaries of Lincoln bare had full weep amongst a crowd where all were Grangers to each other, and spies and traitors have held high holiday. The civil law, with its gracious courteay, was uaceremoniously kicked from the pavement, and its functionaries, including the moat rfoporifio of the watchmen, actually opened their eyes with am&seineni Bui behold the wonders that martial law ha* accomplished, Ever ?ince civil law ha* been placed on the retired list, hi* martial brother ha* given as a taste of hi* quality,which makes us almost wish that cities were always governed by martial law." An alarmed " Old Subscriber'' of the Richmond Enquirer write* from Madison county, Va., that there is*- great oonsteraatiea" there in view of the prospect of being overrun by the Yankees, and inquire* : ' Would it b? beat tar firman "lin ? - many negro women and children to atay at home, and suffer themselves to bo overrun, or carry such servants into eonntiea not likely to be overran at present, thereby incurring heavy expense and a great loss of crops, Ac., on the farms Vhich they leave ? Would there probably bo mach risk in suffering negro women ' and children to remain on the farms? Woald it be beat for mtn onr f u ?V, nuv wmu 1 : enter the army from constitutional debiliiy, to stay at home, or leave their farms and cegroes and go uut of the present reach of the enemy ?'* The Enquirer advises to remove from neighborhx*ij nkely to be overran by the enemy, all the negroes, except the old men and women and the yoang children ; also all valuables, a c 1 farm and family supplies, <ko. The Memphis papers of the 2.3d alt. ghre the rebel account of the battle of Pea Ridge : thc wan m th? ?ut-tii battle or ELKHOBS?GEM. VAM POM'S omCUL REPORT. We have the Fort Smith Bulletin of the 11th, in which we find the following official telegraphic report of the battle of Klkhorn, sent : uen. a. 5> Johnston and the War Department at Richmond : Hfdqumfttrs Trans Mi4*issippi District, I March 9, W02. Tia Hog Eye. March 10. j Fought the enem^ about 30,000 strong, bit the 7th and 8th, at Elhhorn, Ark Battle, first day. from 10 a. m until after dark. Loss heavy on both ridea. Uens MoCullecb and Melatuik.asd Col. Hcrbait.nMkfliMi n*u Prioe Mid Slack war* wounded. Price fieeh wound in the arm; the other severely, if not mortally Many officers were killed and wounded, but as there ia some doubt in regard to several, I cannot yet report their names Slept oa the battle-field nrvt eight, having driven the enemy from their position. The death of Gene. McCulieeh. Mcintosh and Herbert early ia the aetien threw the troops cn the right under the commaad in confusion. The enemy took s aeoond and stronger position. and being witheut provisions and the right wing somewhat disorganised, I determined to give battle on the fttn on their fronts for the purpose of getting off the field withoat the daa i ger of a panic, which I did with sqpftea^hat with some leans, i am now encamed with my whole amy fourteen alias west of Kay ettavilla, having gene entirely around the enemy. [ am MniraUit fmwm m V train WJi .i. * Mft onr the Elm Spring road to the Sottas mountains. The reason why I 4?%eemJ4a4 lb give haul* at onae upon mr snivel vj u?eme command of the anaJ, I will give in mf report it as aarij day. Km Va* Dorr, Major General Commanding litis pabticviab*. [-pectil L)> patch to the Memphis Appeal] Foa* Smith, Mareh 19-?Mr Kittle, orderly tergeaaa of Capt. Galloway's oompanr, ia McCalloeh's brigade,who was taken prisoner on the last day of the ight at Elkhora, mada hi# escape, along with several others. SO mile* this ide <>f ^pringteld, Mo., ob the 17th Inst., and arrived hare to-day. from hiln I am able to Sire jam the additional particulars ct the ght: The enemy 's lose, killed and- wounded, was 2 000-Mft lam than 606 killnd . ' v The 36th Illinois regimant, 0?1. 91aai?r,wa? o*aiy cut ?p. Tl*f l??t woamded " * ;_ When Mr KlttU p??^ thro^fa CMfTilU, th?r? w?r? 300 vooMld ?t tk?t pfte*. They took 490 of onr bod pri*?n?rt, inwuo'l ro<nai<^Mnoi ofieer*, private# and eitf**?#- . < I be K*a?raia are preparing If in ke ab<t(L?r attack ' * \ lieutenant Colonel waa lb* hifbwl 0?0#r killed on the Federal aide. Two oompanies of ft Texas regiment were sent under a flag of . truce to bury oar dead. They were fired upon by the enemy. Our total killed was 196. We brought all , our wounded away with us when we fell baok. 1 A* INTERESTING INTERVIEW. , PreMdent Liacela a?d the East Dahlmorf Conference. i [From the Methodist.] At the late session of the East Baltimore 1 Conference it was ordered that a copy of the 1 natriotie resolutions nreoenteri hv the R?r A. A. Reese. D-D., and which passed by 132 ayes to IS nays, should be transmitted to the President of the United States, sifted by the President and Secretary of the Conference Accordingly the Bishop appointed a committee of three, consisting or Revs. John A. (Jere, D. A. A. Reese, and George D. Chenowith, who. on Monday morning, March 17th, proceeded to Washington for that purpose, and accompanied by Senator Wright, of fnd., Senator Willey, of Va., and Representative T.aarv af Mrf . iter* formally nr??nnt?H tn I President Lincoln by the Hon. Mr. Leary in a brief bat eloquent ad drew Whereupon Rev. Mr. Gere.-on behalf of the committee, said "President Lincoln?We appear before you, air. in behalf of the East Baltimore Conference ef the Methodist Episcopal Church. Thia body numbers two hundred and twanty Itinerant ministers, having the pastoral care of upward of thirty-seven thousand communicants. Our Conference territory includes a large portion of the Western shore of Maryland and of Central Pennsylvania It is made our very pleasant duty to present to you. sir. the document I hold in my hand, as an expression of ourquali i fled loyalty to the Federal Constitution, and ? the Federal Union?our abhorrenoe of the existing causeless and wtoked rebellion, and our 1 approval and firm support of your administration, with assurance of our constant prayers 1 for its entire success. , " Should it comport with your oeerous a nd | multitudinous engagement* it will afford high j gratification to many thousands of loyal oitions to receive any reply which it may be < your pleasure to make. I will request the 1 Rer. Dr. Reese, who, with the Rev. (4 D Chenowith, was the original mover of this Dinar, hnlnrn lH? ? it >" f g vmvw) ?v ? vavi IV ?V your Excellency." Daring the roading of the document the , President listened with deep end most respectful attention After which the Rev Mr Chenowith made a few remark*, expressing | the hope that, by the blessing of Divine Providence, and the wise aad disorect polioy of the 1 Executive, peace and order might soon be restored to the country. Upon the conclusion of Mr. Chenowith'? address President Linooln responded as follows: " Gentlemen?I am happy to see you. but j having no previous notice of your coming, I do j not feel altogether prepared to reply to the papers and addresses you have presented me in suoh terms as they merit. Allow me to say. I however, that I have the highest regard for the numerous and influential Christian body 1 whom you represent. I am profoundly impressed with the influenoe you are exerting as a Church on the morals of the nation, as also i with the loyalty of your people to the Government of the United States. I thank you, gen- < tlemen, for your kind words and loyal expres- < sions, and will, at'the earliest moment I can command amid my pressing duties, reply to | you in a more formal manner." a f*? r *?- -? ' iuw >?w uiuniQai. s uesnuory conversation the committee retired, feeling satisfied that the i nation waa governed by tbo right man at the right time The committee have since re- ' oeived from the President the following written reply: Executive MAMMON. ) Wasbi>*8To?. March 18, 1862. J Revs. J. A. Gere; A. A. Reese, D. D.; Geo. D. Ckenowitk Gentlemen : Allow me to tender to yon, and through you to the East Baltimore Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, my grateful thanks for the preamble and resolutions of that.body. oopiea of which you did me the honor (o pre#ent yesterday. These kind words of approval, coming from so numerous a body of in ...?-*)nt Christian people, and so free from all suspicion of sinister motives, ere indeed encouraging to me. By the help of an All-wise Providence. I i shall endeavor to do mv dutv. and I shall pect the continuation of jour prayers for a right solution of our national difficulties, and the restoration of our country to peace and prosperity. Your obliged and humble servant, Ar Likcol*. ____________ ( Trhts Strahobr thas Fictiok.?A friend familiar with the.eircumstances relates the 1 following singular story, the validity of which he aasures us can be substantiated If scores of 1 living witnesses; In the spring of lb60 a young lady and a gentleman (who we will, for the sake of bre- , vity, call Miss E. and Mr. W.), residing in one \ of the border counties of this Stete, after the i usual amount of courting, ease to the very < natural eonclnsion to end the farce by getting married. So the day was designated and all I necessary arrangements made Tor the nuptial ' feast. Unfortunately, however, the verv dav before the weddiog Miss E took violently aiok, | of which she did not,recover for more than a i month, thereby indefinitely postponing the marriage ceremony. It was, however, finally arranged to take place the following fall, which time arrived, new arrangements were made for the eonsumation of the deferred nap- i tial pleasures Bat, by a strange freak of ill- < fortune, the bridegroom, in returning from 1 the village with the linens* in his possession, J was thrown frnn his horse and injured to such an extent that doubts were entertained of his t final recovery. However, by the spring of 1861 be had overoome his injuries and renewed his proposals, which were met by the fair damsel with a sacrificial burst of patriotism for her "dear country," and promptly told * him that her hand and heart couidonly be bis , % >t ? ? ? ? - ? 1 wncn me independence ot tne Southern '" in- v federaoy was acknowledged " Stimulated te r deeds of daring by the Eom of Bach a noble prise, he immediately enlisted in the rebel army. Adverse fortune toon overtook him After ft sofourn of some fix months in Dixie, t we hear of his advent in this city, where he is t now comfortably quartered in a large brick building, with numerous other guests. In the meantime hit inamorato rendered hereelf so obnoxious to the Federal army, by the olrcu- c lation of aews, that they took her into oustody and kindly tendered her an excursion ticket i to visit the new State capital, where she is now I holdioc forth, and ean ocoa?ionallv be u?n J promenading up and down Market itreet, with { a momentum too gr*at for *legane*. When the** two unlooky matrimonial aapir* , anu will h? able to maka tha oonnootion w* t are not pr*p?*d at prtt*ot to mj.~Wh.04i- 5 *?# InUlli&ncr. 1 Ma. stiitor *? tub SoLBiaa'a Mothxk ? j MrmpoaiMi of th* Time* relates tha follow* lac an*cdot* of ? sietarr Stanton : ifcout two we?ki a loco a private in on* of th* i Sew York reglmenta waa hilled while on picket tetfatoor *otpoet* on tha Potonafi. He waa a c yoaag ana. haforad bv hia oompaalosa, aad th* ? aole Sop* *f a wtftow*d "^kr IV ben ehe heard J of hia death ah* hurried 00 h*rr fro*n Roc beater, 1 hoping, through th* atd *f th* Uoveromeat, to . have her Nt'i fimains tent to hia native place. f permit. DUappoiatad, aad with her cap of aor- I row ww lliit to replettea, ahe waa about to re- ! torn aaaaccwaful, whoa a> old army e?oer, Cape o Magulre, mliuNied to aid her through a tetter to the Secretary of War Mr tMaatoa waa ao tto- i p??a?'dwlth her atory that he immediately aeet [ aa order o the proper oAcer, with laatractloae te r have the dead aolater dlalalerr d, properly cot- d flaed, and forward d, with every nemeato of *? i*- poet, to hla hoane,/rM / ckmrgt, to the devo- J ted uiottjer who had offtred hot ail en tfr-*atlar ? of her country. TELEGRAPHIC? NEWS. LATER FROn EUROPE Portland, April The steamer Hiberni* has irrlved. with Liverpool dates to darch 27th The steamers Arabia, City of New York and gorutsla had arrived out. Tbe steamers Sumtar and T'?acarora were *tlll it Gibraltar The English journals criticise the commence nent of the campaign in Virginia. The Dally News eulogises Gen McClellan's actics, and thinks tbe crisis Is approaching, belevlnsr that tbe rebels, although retreating, have ... H J ?L_ ii.i J S ? 4 k.MI. 'T k.^ .JI4.. jrrpnr?-u me una lor ? gifrwi wimc. 4 ucruiwr ejolces at the adoption by the Houle of President Lincoln'* emancipation project as an Immediate itep In favor of human rigtts. The Times believes that the real defenae of the Confederate* trill ** found In the vastness and he desolation of their coiintfy, and argues that If :btyr are really In earnest the North must look for ?oo'leM victories and exhaustless conquests. Geo. Peabody, K#q , has placed ? 150,000 at the lisposal of Mr. Adams, the American Minister, Lord Stanley and other*, as trustees, for the imeloratlon of the condition of the poor of London. The King of the Belgians Is reported to be crltcally ill. The rumors of ministerial changes In France ire authoritatively contradicted. The Bourne Is Irm. Rentes 70f. There are rumors of ministerial modification* it Turin. Various changes are reported, but nothing confirmed A ministerial circular baa t>een Issued, maintaining the rights of Italy to ecognltisn, and asserting tbat Rome should be :he centre of government?affirming the solution )f the Venetian question according to tbe wishes >f Italy to be nccessary to the g?neral peace. A grand banquet was given to Garibaldi at Mi Ian, when be and others made patriotic speeches, Indicative of approaching movement*. The Spanish government has ordered Gen Prim not to negotiate with tbe Mexicans till tbe troop* fnter the city of Meilco. The United States sioop-of-war Constellation bad arrived at Cadiz. Lord Palmerston Is confined to his room by an ittaek of gout. Garibaldi left Milan on the 2fith amid the 'h^Afl ftf t hr II la fnnr f Krnnnli I ^mharHtf w. .?w i^wfcvi am* ?vui ?u> vu^ii mvhiwm'^j I* for the purpose of tirflrig up young men to loin hi* volunteer corp*. Popular demonstration* arc becoming quite frc5u?nt in Venetia Numerous arrest* are reported it Mantua and Venice. (nltmil (At. Livkrpool, March ST.?Floor i?i declining L'orn meal dull and 2d lower Horn Is al*o still lecllnlng. Beet and pork are steady, iiacon active. Laid ]aict and a'tady. Tallow quiet tu s lat*?t Cotton closed dnll but firm; middling *<d alpher. Hreadatufl* cloacd very dull and nominal. Mixed corn continues to decline, sales'?^aVS* 3d. Consols ringed a? London at!?)?,. From Havana and nnlc*. Nitw Yobk, April 7.?The steamer Roanoke, 'rem Havana on the '-id Instant, arrived here toilght. Jud^r Marvin had arrived there. Several Minn! 1 schooners, which had run the blockade, had arrived there with cotton. VeraCruz dates to the vol ult , had reached Havana. Food had advanced there 40 per cent. Spanish troops were at Cordova, Orizaba and Tehuan. Juarez had Imposed a forced ioan in six commercial houses of fdUOjDOU on treasury notes rheallles bad pro tinted in their ultimatum against ihe measure, requiring a nulliflcation of tht loan, & negative answer to be conaldered casus belli. ti vras rumorca luai civil war bad broken out In Mexico, and that Margttez had 1,300 troop* at Cuernavaca. Several conapiratora had been banished from the city of Mexico. The rebellion in Venezuela baa been suppresaert mil the rebel chiefs kil.ed A Are at Mayaguez. P R .destroyed ?200U00 worth of property and several lives The Spanish mail steamer from Cadez was totally lost, Feb. 25, on the Island of Gomera Out of the 800 souls on board only one life was loat A French steamer returned from Matamoraa with her cargo, but would not discharge. There was ii01 over *w uin oi cotton m?*re. wtiich wi? beld at 15 cents per pound A British and French war steamer bad arrived in the Rio Grande river,whose navigation would be kept open at all hazards. The rebel Minister Pickett arrived at Brownsville on the lOtb, en route for Mexico A rebel schooner, with a small amount of cotton, arrived at Cardenas on the 23d, from Apalachlcola. From Gen Banks' < araa. \V; j?chi?t?*, April 7 ? Officers froui Woodstock to-day report that the bridge over stoney creek wu completed yesterday, and to-dav our brigade*, when crowing, were greeted by a lively cannonading from Col. A?hby's battery, but they were dispersed by our gun*, and we are now in full posneaslon of hi* late position?A*hby retiring and taking advantage of every position to retard our progress. Col. AnisaWi, much to the gratification of the constitutional State authorities of Virginia, ha* been restored to the command of the 1st Virginia savalry. Kdinbbbo, April 7.?Three guns were opened from a new position upon our pickets 'o-day, and responded to by Capt. Huntingdon's battery with s rapid fire. Our shells burst In their midst, scattering tbem suddenly. A private of company F, t>f the 13th Indiana regiment, crossed the river at mis piace ana n.ea rrom concealment fifteen round* at a party of Ashby's cavalry, killing two ?f them Col Colgrove, of tbe 27th Indiana, detached to ;uard the supply train to Manassas, returned this (venlng, having accomplished some excellent marching. The bridge acroaa the Shenandoah it Csstleman's Ferry, broke attain on the return, and four men were drowned, also a negro woman We are having a anow ttorm to-day. Frtm the Mountain Depar.ment. VVhxklih>>i April 7.?-A telegram just received lays that tbe rebels are retreating before the forcts if Gen. Milroy, who baa advanced from Cheat fountain and now holds I'unn Ati?cr>uv. :vacuated by the rebela. The enemy hare also alien back from Monterey and Hunteraville, and eem to be almlag for Staunton, where tbcy will lave railroad facilUlea for their escape. Hanera U the ilfid. Cihcimiati, April >.?The killed of thr Mb ihlo Regiment at Wlncheatcr. fifteen in number, irrlved here yesterday, and were laid in Mate at he Guthrie Gray*' Armory, where they were tailed by a large number of citizen* The funcal ceremonies took place to day. t'?aB((ticHt Election. Hartfoid. Conn.. Anrll 7 ?At th* kuic six.. Ion to-day Governor Buckingham waa rc-tlectwl >y a largely increased majority over laat year. Snew Storm at Niautai. Momtkbal, April i.?A heavy anow storm om me need here at aoea, and atill continues. I^Oft A FEW DAYS ONLY.-l ftfcve removed r my fine etoek of Ciothiax from -over ttaiu* lewe.rv titose to J. II. SMITH'S. No. 460 Seviath street, near F, where 1 sbaJl offer it at leaa ban wnoieenle ooet puoea, lor a few dave only. fefr to J. W. KEEP. ?ts s I imo P?n. iwm?ibetween ttheodlthiU. rH& New I L'u!n%we"HMMMon^ SketoKM ftte Sfjpis^ ?.ted8R 2&p- cttA,iLTE mk M-efan #f ?C Mflni. wne. n NOTICE. 1 HE OeMrt*nfci? heretofore existia? between <OVII F- rUIT IM TlOKil D. Dumti I mi diMolrta. au pereoe ladeoted to thV Mid

eJf assywar ?5rakfS TuMT???Sr m LOUIir KB??V. Ha SssjW?fefeiSSff Tto mlfflunr eootmainos. mh 17-l?w?w* . SEEWULLEK A #VN8. OFFICIAL. Department of state, Wa8Hik?tor, January 25, ltf? The Secretary of State will hereafter receive Members of Coaffreaa on bualneaa on Saturdaya, commencing with Saturday, the Irat of next month. J?n?7-tf WILLIAM H. SEWARD. War department, Jakvabt SI, lt?H. Osdikid, That the War Department will be closed Tuesday*, Wednesdays, Thursday* and Friday* against all other business but that which relatea to active military operations la tb? flald. Saturday* will be devoted t? the brnlneo of Senator* and Representative*. Monday* to the bualnaM of the Pnblle. EDWIN M. STANTON, Ja 22-tf Secretary of War. soldiers' Honey~ A KO allotment drafts. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL FORWARD SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES To their F?ini!i?a at any p!aoe on th* line* of theft r.xpresc si a ouarne 01 TWKNTY-FIVE CENTS Fi'i an* sum not sxoekmjo Fiftt Dollar*; An<) a p'oportionate additional charre to p!acf? reached by connecting Expresses. The remittanoe. whether #ioid, Trea??r* Nofe?, or Allotment Oralis, should he eooloesd 11 an on velopeacd securelj sealed, e.-u} have tho full ?d dress (including town, Fost Oflic?, tni ^tate and in citira the utre^t and number) of the j?rT?on to whom to be ?out, and the amount lefiibiy marked thi>renn. V nvelop"* for tku jurpose miy be had at our offioe , . Tofaoilitata rrompt delivery the ohario for re mittanae ihoala be orepai't _rnh * lm aPAM? KXPRE93 COM pany. DEPOT QUARTF.RM A8TKR'* OFFIHB Corner 18xA n*d If rtrtta, Wa?H1!*gtos. li. U.. Mar oh 28. 1862. Hui.m P*?rn?Aie will be reoeived m thiaofhn# iiat!' tue l*th day ?t April, 1862, at 12 o'olook M.. lor delivering :n the city of SV>?hiiJston. lit *ooh a point as the fiepnt i>n&rt?rmMter, mi.\* iireot, the followinic tinned PINK LUMbtF. leet 4 4(1 inoh) onmnon cmluicr, *?.?*> " 6 4 (IX inch > ' " 25.nno " Joint 3 by *>, IP lont, 1?I Sbyfi, M ' " jo.eno *' ? s by e, ti " " 2?i 0?> " scnnti'.rK 3 t>7 4.1A " " 10,<*iO * ' 3 by 4.14 " frjuft ** " 3 by 4.12 " All the Lumber tu lie dahvared within 20 days afi?i aigsing Ui? ooutract, The Lumber A be Inope. ted by an ia*poftrr appointed on the part the Government. PaTmeni to be made apon the satufaotory completion of the contract I'rojoe& i must be plainly marked "I'aoroiai.f FOR 1.SMBER." Tiio ability of the bidder to fill the contract, ?bou!d it he awa.ded to him, must be guarantied i j iwnr ?ponBin.o por8t'r.?, wno?o Binn?mr^8 mo?i be appended to the ?s*r?ntee. The r?spoMiMtity of the icuarantor* must be ehown by the official o* rtificato "f the o>rk of the nearest district uoartar of the l>uiie?l state* district attorney. li <M->ts must In p'pr?->t in p?r*'>n wh.*n t!ie bids are opeued or their p.i/pua s wilt uot bs considered Words, in the form of fiv? thousand dollar*, sign, d by the oontran'or an<* both ol hie cuariui torn, will be required t,f the successful bidder upon eigiunn the contraot. 1'iie riibt to reject auy or al: bids that may be deemed too fcich is reterv.?d by tbe Depot tjnarlermanter. Informal proposals will be rejeeted Form of Uutrantrt ur? -f - ? * a*-*- * 1 vi urowuni' ? * " '?| - , Mil ?, of the oonn'.v of . and State ? f , do hereby (UiraitM ? ia able to fa.Ju a 0011trftct in a^ordnr.oe will Uis t*ra ? of ^i? propoutiozi, a.c Uiat, sli'jUid Hi* propoaittoa bo accapted, he -will at oaoe enter intr * ? >ntr?ot in aoccrdanoe therewith. r-hon'.d theoontrv?t b? awarded lam we are prepared to become rua iec?nti en. (To thia guarantee m??t baapp?udea the eertifioate above mentioned.) I). II. K UCKKR, mh ?3 Colonel aufl Quartermaster. SEAL!- D PROPOSALS Are invited till the 15th day of April. 186?, at Wo'olook m , foraopp yini thfl L'mUd Stitea Sub l>op t w.t? 6 i <M ;i<ad ol 8 KEF CaTTi-E on the boof. Ttie Cattle to be delivered at Washington city, and eech ammai to average 1,3^ ponuda gross weigh:; r.o animal admitted whioh weighs lew man \,VV p undb grc-fl? The <*attle to be delivered at auoti tuns* a-d in ' litnK Auanhhaa I <i/.?rArnno/?..? ??? - -- - - ? - ?wu ^ www -> vviviauivm Uinj l^^tC'Ci Catt.a will be iV^UircJ under Lhi? contract ioun after the oonraot la oloaed. Heiflfcrs and bulla not wanted. A bond, with rood and satisfactory seonrity, will be required. ttovernraent reserve* to itseif the runt to pay in Treaaury notea. Nobiawii bo entertained when put 1-1 b* contracture who have previoualy fai itnl -ocoiupiy wl'h thair oontrac'a or where the bidder ia rot pr?*ent to mtpoud to hia bid an ] all bifla to be accompanied by two guarantiee The n?mea of firma should be atated in full, a uh the preoiae address of ad the ruexn* era of the firm. Bids to )>edireoted to Major A. BgcKWiTH, U.S. U.S. A., Washington. D. C. Form of Uuiramu. We, , of th?? oountj of . and State of , ?ind .of the cc-u^ty of , $tid -tata If . do hereby juar?iitee tnM 1* able to n'fil * oontrsot in aeoordauoe with the tarnn ?f la pcopoamon.andtuat ahouid his proposition be accepted, he wil atonoo cuter into a ooatraot ia aocoidonc? therewith. Should the contrail be awarded h:m we are prepared to beoome hii aeon ntiea, Thia guarantee rauat be appended to eioh bid ?nh as NOTICE. KOPOSAL8, Froji deaJera and miiiert. are invited till the 10th pf April. 1862,for FUHNISJHN9 KLOIIR to the Suh Ml "f the came kind wluoh ha* own reoeUed by the U. S. Oovercmeat, and known m No.l *xt tfempies of this Kiom can be aeen at the Capitol takery in this oity. It i? desired to make acontiaot for SO oro barrel*. Hho.!<t.ho?eTor, ?ry person desire to fur?t?h a lea quantity, he will ata/ j the precise number of barrel* in bia bid. The oontraotor will he repaired to farniah at the rate of t<irr*ls daily until the oontraet u L ed Nq Hour will be iweivsd which doesnotoome up to the standard at the irjfftctioa maae just be I X? the purchase. The Flour to be delivered at the railroad depot In Waehintton or a; any of the warehouse* in Georgetown, V. C tJovrmnent reserve* the rif l>i to rejeot auy bid for adv cause. Payments to be made in Trftaurj noUa, and the bid* to t>e directed to Msjor A. ItrlVJK Wl'rH, O fc..C-3 A i WashiL'tton, 1>. >! inlj25 TO TUK^'erBLIC ^ 1 Jr IN ehNbKAL. %ImF the RE8TAITR41VT, U4T PENNSYLVANIA AVKNUK, SorTH HI?b, (FoiiinrlT of New York,) Hi? the nam* and dime o( beint One of the Best Restaurants in Town ' IH^Cive ? ? ui&i, and judje foi jou aelf.-TTl Every thiBK in the home u tSekBESI lL/~ Don't forget the number? 'J4T i'eiiiiirivatua avenue, .? v . ? , between l*th and iM ?tr?eU.. ail 1Mb eentii aid*, ?HP FURNITURE! fiT m ruitiriTUKis: i FURNITURE t ??tof the trxaof Moi?4. Pao*ainn,'PfcllMYi' 'annhuuaror ana wnolwa'.e&ud Retail Dttir in sft?t ChAira, Collate, Parlor and Bin In* room Furnitujro?Tborn'i Bviidifif, ?- Boronth tract, ftpOT9 v . ' ^ _ . Every Tmrtety of WPttOL8TK*m? ?t0n?Uy ; 4dq noetlj tinTiitwL 7' il-" " wwkwt* Stoi* o?m day and wfrijatf for U?e leoonmadajsgsssk,?' "ja-gg1'HK AMERICAN ^TKLEeRAFH OOM Having re-opened ud re fitted * BUNCH OFFICE in J-V^llakd^ ftmjayaBA ?ORJLa?, hill > ii / Se?erintfeaifi |?>OM HALK -Ou. VMT UM* |WM MA KXn. lusr*5s ira?&^3?HBdfe J ?S KELLY'S ?rooory Storo, Ooruer U4^1m-1 K, Island. m VM* 4IROM ZZAIiZi, S99 PIRNtfLTAilli AVINCB. ENILE DV PRE. Jn?t K-celvM ?n< Opened, A large and BriU'nti tt?ck of rh<>le? * #* P A M I I. V fZnrki'Kt/iuse ? mm. ?*? ? m ? ?* vr v ?i A J* W j road sting ?I: SUGARS, of ail grade*, TEAS, COFFEE, BUTTER, LARD FLOUR, MAILLARPU CHOCOLATE, %. m. A- - au | au. All of which he offers at lowuat eaah | rice*. ??? j ' PIKE'S CELEBRATED WHISKIES. 500 barrels Magnolia, 500 barrel* XXX, 3?1 barrrla Miller* Rye Mennnfrahela, W>o bvrcla Bnr old Rjre, WW barrel* ffoe Old B?uib?n, AT CINCINNATI PHIChS. ' ' ' All the favorite brand* of /? u a m r> a n rj c V -A 41 VI if X* } Muinra Vorxenv, 6r<*? J*?al, HfUlMck, which, bring bonght low, we offer at unusually low rate*. < Also, Pole ArchI for PIRE'8 ARMY CORDIAL. feb liH | *40n bLX. jtSOO MET, *5<M? BKT. 1 THAT DAYTON'* THAT DAYTON'S* ! THAT DAYTON * 5*!.|CKU AfPI K PIM. HLICKD APPLK PlhS, i-LJCED APPLE PIL*, ARE THE BEST AKE THE BEttT ARE THE BEST made \\ washington. made in washington, made in washington. hakehy 4 56 uth st***t. MAKER v 4a? 11th stKIBt, bakerv 4*6 11th ?trkit. mil 2f>-tr ch. rivakt a co. S1LLEKY til A MFACJV]} VEFOT removed to 8. e. Cok.nur or PEji't. AvKJtrg aim !*ixth St.. CI?r?n*!on Hctel Build; nj. Washington. ii. r03ey. aokxt, n*w yak. james molan. ao?f?t, wamisho!", u. c. sherry, port and madeira wines. 1.' i M li 4 \ I l\ o u a v rvvr ? i in il iac t rin n viii/ uaAtii/I anu w niOR X |[7* 4 literal diaoount to dealera. nh 13 f~A DIES' RUBBER BOOTS Li AND SHOES, All aitea, at J. B. PUDNEY'8, 324 Ppcd avenue, t>aok of Cl*s?tt'e Drr Gooda Store. MEN'S RUBBER BOOTS AND SHOES, At J. B PUDNEY'8, fa H tf 334 P.-nr. vr.^Bv:k Room. HOYS7EKS-OV?rE??! OTELS. Raatiiuranu Ma<1 Private Families can be supplied dai.y wi'hOTSrtKS^^ ,?. freihfrom the the!!, dry in^nanra, t at too loveit pr o?. give n? a ?:al! AYRFS A Cl?.. No. 802 Ninth at. hfliween D and At. ID" Oralera of ibe beat *?iali?y o?s#l to ordar. ii.n 33 . I HAIR N KTTS^?B AIR NKTTB. JUST K(*s?ir?<t nn.Himr lot of handsome double Notts. Aito.afcne *??ortment of twiatod s 1;%, ovl CoiJftfi 1U all ctora, at ttieXr!Hiin:nxStcr? of MRS. LOWE. iJ9T |?a. aye., jth mh * 1 UH? KKCMVKD A 1 L. A. HKAI.L A Ca?, ?J No. 361 between 1 and K atreeu, a new atocfc f CUlHIl 6, Kt K RlrUiNG GOODS, TRU?Nfc3. HAT?* a: d CAM. LA BEALL,kC(?'P,No S6I ewvrath aUeet, batr?M l and K. la ib? alaoa to hay your CLOTHING * L R MSHINti HUUOg. rw n it ai ira ?? - - > " - - - nuna^iuiitkiHi UArsti >ew York priOM COMK Or. /NI) ALL Al U A. BEALLA CO.'S, No 3*51 Seventh flree:, between I &uu f, to buy .? . CkOTHINe, FURNISHING GOODS. HAT!* tPd CAPS. NMOW IS ?vJR TIME TO BUY YOUR CLOTH1M*. FtRNiSHING GOODS. HATS and CaI 3 at rerr lOw prioee. ?t L A. BhALL ft C*/"', No. 361 Seventh,between I ted K etreoti*. mhAI Oy*? era I Oysters! ?S? OVivJi CAN I) OYSTER EXPRESS Tnose oyetbr* mrt ao!d II bosra after thej oome fruu. U10 water. ILT Office 40 Market SfftW, below the |WM> How* in-tol 'rHEMbht nANTSKXPRRSS COMPANY 1 BITWIHK BALTlKsAE AND WASHINGTON. Are daili !or?ardinj; (with dispatch) by Cite Wuhinntuk nailroad, M*roh?n-M d im of e*er? ?e?orituon, to any Ma *?&**? Amount thip^OTsiney ree?ire,at?*^^E=^*k the lowest raw*. Agem for Haiti more, JOHN K WILSON, uffcce, N. W. comer Howirn ai>u Omdon lU., oear'.y opposite Camden Statioa B. A "AlkM jiorajr. ICS So*tK Seventh street. I opposite Center Market, Washington, D. C. mh S-l to' A. P. FtTCH. A tout. WE HAVE JUST RECEIVED A LARGE assort mm: of Haveo, H&oon A and Steir.waj A Son's PIANO KdRTh" lHtk known as toe beet now msna<aoteied,*TT mT? whioh we are offering at the lowest factory prtees. Persons m k.%reh ol a re. table Pie to are repeated to eatl and ea&imtte. Aleo, ore 9<yona baud Piano for and one fer aa. Mint naiioetoit ol _ -?? 22 W. G. MJSTZKROTT. We offer oitiientaand Btranfer* a lace anort HBfmpyi ^smsys^ak of ft.) co.ore and aaannaa. e?aal m make aad ttiuili U> Ue t?at ou?lcm work, a ja l'ktT%bA3 tti and ink ?u. pOE PERSONS^IN^MO^KRATKCIRCUM The great bulk or oar etooi of Anerioan and Kuropeen Dry tfo<xU, in all the departmenta e( c-neratand ?recialftsulr waate, wae teleeted aatf irto?i arraoceU to meet the reeaircmenu of the asta^?5:?r ~ PERRY* BtQTUBIl. IfOTJCatU_*MMOTAL, (gajjg^SaianswiSgf * ? . ? wSMBrfSk i J (Mw** t yk wut..-;.-^ -: j.. IX UTfVVT uWn|(MMl, _ ^rsrs:jrj?iL,"Ms:jsi!* THE WEEKLY M'AK. * ThtetsotUrat > in I It t?4 V?? Jwrm-owitailing grMltt ?M.e;y *T liw?tl ? iraAln. than can be fvucd .0 a?tf -? yblfcafcad on PrlAay nmilic TaaiM?? Mngl?> ropr, pe? annum A,..J| (?t Flu oip>w 4 >4 Ten ' ?i Tw?it?-i?n?r?f? .v<? II Invariably rtwt'l*' If ' W??hlnjjtor> hat ha* madr Tk* /)?i -"? r >. e c generally lbrmi;;h<v>t thr -t>" itrlf7* Single copies (i? wrapped/ ten "e pi* rnr?-d at the cotinte*. Imrmxt iU !. *t r> m<.? *4 the paper. FrJce?THRKF. CFNTS PENTI8TBY. iK. t. n. ra.Atio.ji, Lf DENTIST. Att*i:da to a I f ar.?>i?? of hi? ?rofi?Bai<>n *t t moat maona' ir ratPs f< wr |<>od 1^ /VCk "SB? SS ..?? Mtf^n UMi ard 12 b atr???>t? iw ' t >.( tr? Sirkvood UkiiM, IB taitia I ni>uii<( wi'n l'r i?o,? a.4*oc. rr.h ? VI tKKtl. l"l MKWl1. M- P-, ih? ir*f tor ar *fth? Minkhal Vlatf tk>. th. at a fi\ .-Lda rvraoaaUy at hi* oAo? .a Una ?iivmjmmt Man/ perso..aoa& waai tarfh r annc-t vaar ot**r?. *.1 '. o ca- w*ar?ti ? ? vh? cannot wf*r Ut?w?. Peracaa ca...:.< at ruj oto? oaa >*aooo -.<n.->catM rlth a,;y atyte and price *f t>*tf t>>*7 ? ? fr"rrat to tlu>?0 wm arc parti oh tar and via* tnapttrMt, ?.eauo*t, atroaeMt. ai. t i t todcc: 4?:.t u? taat k.1 :; -clc..-. \.? K NKK U? P: ATf wi a mereta"y warraatso. Kl-oiu in ibi* r.ii-Ni>, ?3? i a.a?er.h. .:>eivf* ?tfc aii^ lOtfc ax >'??. t-ct ?"? ' ' ?bia. ?jju J^EW AMI lMPEOV??CP ?N V K"MT10W A^TiiiCLU. CHkOTl 4.JT; tQflB T I E V II, wirso v? MxTAt Puts ok Cutr? DR. A. B lit ;>IW ft" ? -I : ; <n*?i * <? mm, bftw*rm 12?Jk 1>?A ??* , ??>'*?**"??, C? m the of : " r c to tc? i >u*iir ldTtj<'.t|M ?' fc:? ii^>rOT?xl 1. Th"? Tooth of Sir W oT^Jt"' a?**r wruMr nor ootnr It sny^*cx**v Midi, lout throo-fonrtiii tuie. tu* ,*... ?i.;r t. N? teeth Ofjt*"** ' ? ? fftn't"?, ? ?r?? o*t !> my- > to . r^T? *fr. * it* : oot'. W. ...? ' >. ? ; n Mil?. ?. N? twtli a.r* a* pr*n r.e- t cm V i:i--*i ' p r f t 111' ?' ???"?" i i ' '? 'v ? l thr ?;?? in frrn-"' T * '"fifr r k. Thl- w<>rt i?IM b?f?? tail? t?*t- ? OFOT t.T? } ?," 0? *'<? ! ttl? *i ."I "lit--'<3t"*04 : - ' J MCBi'f. IJr. P. *>?* ft'O ?n?-,\^ ?*-< <* "*tr n ?? Ml Bli 'ir, wall ?I.ioL th?nu4 . r? it-' *r.h?l. w,'' ' it r* , ?-/ -*il'v.' % ?" fatw?r>uatl loothon a~r ?<> r??n? % ?*? Uiroi'ihlUrttiiB". ? Tfc? hurt of tivv: ?\o f?r V. W-t* J) l> r?inM, ProfTH.- - of t:- V Jn'ff Wij, ?,o' ^ 5 Au... t lo-' ?>.?i l.-. l-.v i i ' Ml::, I * efiif. to I I* 0\S~FlTTINa *e. An* ituvb * ou. * F. f -cnr** t*'xmta ?U? Ffc?.*4Hl#?C, 9h.: r^i.Att tiVVlP* FT" P'.?ri ??Ilk ?tr?'. f. t?<r f mfc* f># fc?ni a ?o?uf .? *?m;h ??,? 4CHVNJ ' ?JTR.' i <*'-? s* . fc^; WAfKR KlITtHM. _ . r> -r W?a? rirvvtee. K ii*re i? ?tcr?, fcj'? , t i 1 fllTfirtf&rf+Zhl*'T N??w ?'*tlrri.?er O f el? ?>wi FiBi?n.??r*rior isiHy wW-*r?tr<n| *, > M ii, U^i ot?i im. ;v il ?.le u< ..last* tetri It *o Pfcl: anti ?uaui>< ocr ?tork of C** *: WH?,Ki*t?r??.fHSiint ronMoet Vifctva hart t?? "ctfy" tiocr in Wub niur All Work in *ue T'n?i?t ??W't. act Wit ??w rtlf tf> JCVKffS m Pffc > ' 578 tMfSKnriNfl FOB THk vitv | at I,AC(> K We nr* new teoeinac k K A 1) V M A UK OLOIHl.M* 1 ti.o v o . o?K.r* iirif* \ m,.~* from cur rr*ru"twrir-nt ? ? ' ? K-!riBn"*,*.w}.tch Wuflec aiftnteriui^iitt ,< * prices. BVK Tfc liKO.. mh 12 1?,? JXI .1 RUA1>: RKAll!' KI:AO: AND RK ?"<WVI*Ctil? AMU Bn CONVlKOfcO AN!> HK rONV.NCCIt. Estrnrt from tk("S<<irt' F- 'r?ir y ?.'" j-?. Dauoji * Cmcm? *r?? Kzckuam ? m? Hotel tod Heitairtr.t Ke-pers. ?- ?.,er?\ Hiu?? keapsre, ? Gioce sin'j il r<.i la Mipp T of t:i? ior Om-keni F:m. in*r:i fao.ured t>j barton. 4S* 11th *t *a<i H L?*?t? ? n.imufa* iurea t, kwiti* of tak** AOd Cracker* . f tue -. ? I'M ?'. * . ' e* f.y keepe' >n *re>! ?w?r?of the crrat nupor "nt? ofit iatier, w>'Mi fresh Treat t.i? ??! *. to frtm Northern citiea Sutlers wiP trd :t %'<-*tly <> their interest to examine D?M<n/? Crackers uid Piee hefoie pnrohasiac eiaewiiare. We will rkow tb? ua:u?s of mora i.<an a sec re <1 f*nt>r? who r.ave tire'l ?'i?? mn ufa n -rwi ' ? other Pater*, a ad wore obiftu t.? o< n.e to n? lira..?, aud fay >.( Wolu .?'? n. F uwlrel in order :o p?t a art)*.e which o -r<l ??t withoit mak at them sick f\r"% tkc Corrfij "ml- Mt of Iht > v >c* /?i'/'i - . . notice wit1! mot j.**ure ?!> ? ti>pu a; ity of "iir ecW?n*tijj. ' ?' o? 011 z >1 \Dayton, in t 9 Bakery fasts ?? it tnm ?it? D cucoess i.tva ceou *aicevi Ny X\t 'j f. -i.o? . h:? f CKWlg. We Irarn that members of the Pamtary Com eiiUee havsatc of his Pies, aad proi.<>ua?e thru healthfu."; ar.d we most s*r in inetiee. that we lewer partook of mor>4e]iei?NS P-es mini i ! ? fntle's from ever* aoottea awl Kami iN J :u a.: *ua'tiia ol the city, sp&m' J'akery We itrontl* tnrlte famiifeato t*r*?T PIC NIC CllCSrC*. HOSTON CH ACKfcikfc, Sl.ll!KI? Al'l'i.t.' PUH kASPBtAkv'Vrfctt. 1>A\ TON'S Baker;, 4#? fc"ie??r.tL' *irwt, luktt tl Between 9 and M. X1 II I V A T 1U. P R I V A. T B FRIV ATB DR. LA BOKTA hiring removed bitorfi?eu> Room No f, fcij- uir t taeMirday Chronic!* < flics, in WMkmitM Bai'?i inc. Pa avenue, corrcr < : 7th street, ia now remt t? ouro a I Uiiuim < < arrivals Natue, lririthe uae of daogercm or diagasticc d.tucoJ aty kwd. ana no ?nfwffc*-me with ??ir husinee* a?oeatiori hanriac dr??*ed rar whole ma* to U* tuJj anUoure of ft >?e i>i*. &# ?? wf toth e^ie* and to Chrome ?of the W?in>. Ijw, Kidner*, J*tin Brvfoona. *r .end fiaitaboi ia ?i? t>*at aabaui in tto- werl<t, the N?w i 01 k Cj'j o?pit%ie under P *tit Chilton an<J Parker. to whom 1 ?o?? r#?p#0tm!ly r#f*r. I wiij ??* #f ? ' to the pi^ii fnrn*-mnf in* ? - ?4 * J oi tb? fthjve dm nee*. vtuai' 1 o&auot tsf*tiu% t n#ntl? cure, i*t ta* a?ae t?e oni f?r new. .o dieting require-! ; nothing d j**re;*b!? iCW) F*rt ?*t the WMMi Cou??it?Uooa |r*o Kouma v?m priv?t'.. I 3. L\ L'ONTA, Room (firrt Waaliirttou Bet ?ttn?. f< ?rwiaf m< >u it Itet to infcfwt ?ka ?r?v.? tii*t u>?t hue ?k leaded tfc?i- Kxeresa U? Wuki uftnu. ud ?re u.w prepared f? Tr*i gport M*ri>ta*r.<i ?e, Blu k Nokt, * ?... rft'U the Afv#4f?, Vi* hmtimui mnj Wtrmn ?mma m-i Cmm*d*. Cwn"rtiii? wiUi ti?f iwtfPi f \?.C<?#N throuiti. ut tli? countr*. ? Ail . i. . i.~. ?mmtutUltd fmnlititt toU! who may '?* it thoir oatronar*. For %r i iutthfr TlOTta* Uob to F..P SXllTH. AfOOt. Till ri ?t., Sd door N>J?nr P%. *tof a ? )>mm W?i.I* ?* IJJ K C 1 D E D D AUG AINU Lioor Goodi, ? ftaUaaaortntataH kiad? of in* bert ?!IW, KmrtrvitfmM and Pockot HftodlTcht*!*, r ?? ?? Plain Whi'e *l1 Plaid Camtmos *nd Motiui* All of one prf?*t>rh>aUy lov fiiM, tnmjkeo in plain fcgaro*, tn?*al*a. caoti tamUia WfirsfW" r> ithhj.111, at:. ?'. \V Borr ctxrrairie. 1? ? f ? ?? -*-T " * ? largo Mortnent at BoYW ?P17n? OJ.oTHINQ. eubrooiac aMifeitMf nt in!) *a?i iMjHliib wktcii v? aroM '114 vorr h?m w*\jK5a<^? ^ t w it" i 3SflEaR:SEfe'? sr ^BMAXTsSSyssr ?. tfc - M>t ?*t>- '<** fl +*4 t? * ? i-?fk ?* >*!< #;??h4l w e >ju??i <i *2Si 1-1 mp 'iti r Ui' >n? t ?f ? Vni, w D< C.i u?(tMi. tM toir' > ? \ iu tuU J P. m. mk*lm* * 1

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